Saturday, October 18, 2008

MT's Propaganda War on Najib ... at the Expense of Hinduism

I stumbled upon this story by the Malaysian Insider on the latest antics of the Rabid anti-Malay Racist on Malaysia Today.

The increasingly desperate racist psychopaths and weirdos of MT have now set a new standard in sleaze reporting. Go to MT ( posting entitled "Oh Guruji, ke mana kau pergi?" posted on 16 October 2008 10:37) and see for yourselves. The profiling of these nut cases in my recent RPK/MT posts, indeed, was no exaggeration.

This well-financed anti-Malay propaganda machine posted a doctored picture of Najib Razak dressed in Hindu ceremonial garb performing a public Hindu religious rite. The obscenity-laden narrative accompanying the picture is unusually vitriolic – a personal, bitter and unadulterated manifestation of unbridled dendam -- even by the low standards of this cyber trainwreck-in-waiting. The accompanying rantings by the usual MT Junkies matched the vile article, and their blind belief in the authenticity of the picture reflect the level (or lack) of intellect among these cultists.

Many of us are not exactly card-carrying members of the Najib-Rosmah Fan Club. And KijangMas counts himself as a fierce Najib critic (due partly to Najib's exasperating reluctance to hasten Pak Lah's departure and his insulting innuendos against my countrymen in PRU12 with his infamous "Kelantan Munduuuuur" speech, which contributed to BN/UMNO's crushing defeat to PAS), but to doctor a photo of him, a Muslim (or any Muslim for that matter), performing a Hindu religious rite is a blatant act of fitnah beyond the limit of human decency. We are well into Tian Chua's territory here.

I just want to ask: where are the Idealists? Where are these self-righteous "intellectuals"
-- the likes of Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim, Azly Rahman and Bakri Musa -- who often shout for human decency, ethno-religious tolerance, fair play and high moral standards in their rambling syiok sendiri articles prominently displayed on MT? Where? These Malay/Muslim Apologists -- tagged "good Malays" by the chauvinist devils infesting the MT cesspool -- are nowhere to be seen even as a bunch of freakish Chinese extremists cut, paste, mutilate and denigrade the image of a fellow Malay Muslim.

On top of the insult to a Malay Muslim, these MT crooks also brought a Hindu religious ceremony into disrepute by stirring Malay Muslim passions against the Hindu minority. These spinmeisters look down on Hindus and used Hinduism as the key element of their plot to denigrade Najib, as if Hinduism is something "bad" and shouldn't be associated with anybody, least of all a Malay politician -- a spin meant to ruffle Malay Muslim sentiments at the expense of Indians and Hindus.

You Indian Hindus out there, wake up! Can't you see the MT Chinese extremists are insulting your religion, by equating your religious rites as "bad" and, hence, using it to cast Najib in a "bad light"? Can't you see you are being used by these psychopaths who cast aspersions on Najib at the expense of your faith? You Hindraf sympathisers, I can't understand why you are joining the MT chorus in this instance when your religion is dragged in the mud with Najib? Mainstream Malaysians just don't get it. What was your struggle for then? Cannot be for the Hindu faith ....?

Again, where are the bombastic literary discourses by MT's "good Malays" to condemn this seditious insult to a fellow Muslim and to Hinduism? And there is not even a whimper from Din Merican, the
self-appointed guardian of the blogosphere perennially haunted by hired hands and cyber propagandists, i.e., his own shadow. What would you call this Din? O.k. for you? Just because it was spewed by your side? You spineless hypocrite!

Anyway, I don’t think I will hold my breath and wait for Din Merican (the self-declared “Professor of Global Strategy” at Pol Pot College) to spew another copy-and-paste job with a “See what we are up against: Doctored Pictures” banner blazing in his DAP/PKR-financed blog. Why won't he say something against this fitnah? Why should he? He himself is part of this propaganda machine, indeed, an unrepentant penyangak of the perosak bangsa variety.

Demi Negara challenge the following Malay/Muslim Apologists -- Azly Rahman, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Bakri Musa, Harris Ibrahim, Karim Raslan, Wan Hamidi Hamid, Zaid Ibrahim, Tunku Aziz Ibrahim as well as the Apologist of the Malay Apologists, Din Merican, to condemn this act of slander and defamation on a fellow Muslim in no uncertain terms. Yeah, you all may not like Najib -- and KijangMas as mentioned has reservations on Najib's ability to judge people -- but I thought you people are guided by principles of human decency transcending politics? Make your stand now and show us your ability to do what's right for the sake of the nation we share, demi negara tercinta.

But I doubt any of you will take action. You cannot alienate your fan base right?

Your inaction reveals to the world your true colours, as nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites and unprincipled opportunists hiding behind a plasticky fa├žade of intellectualism in need of validation from the non-Malays and the international media to overcome your deep sense of inferiority, your inherent need "to belong" in the midst of others.


Pak Zawi said...

Fair comment. Agree fully with you.

TP said...

Dear Demi Negara

I agree with some of the points in your article and prior ones are right.

However it also seems a trend in your series of article beginning to emerge.

Maybe you should identify yourself on "About Me" so that we all know that you will stand behind your analysis, very much in the same way as Din and others do on their blogs.

No agenda here, just a neutral reader.

profit said...

What a despicable act by these people.If it comes from a muslim guy who did it,then he or she should not be called a muslim.
How can you degrade a person to that extent?How can you make Hindu religion stoop so low to the eyes of the malay muslim?
This guy should be place under ISA.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Demi Negara. If there is one article to be consider the article of the year, I will choose this one.

I read each and every word, mesmerized by the accuracy of the analysis and the precise choice of word to uncovers the hypocritical mask of the rabid racist junkies who have been flooding the blogsphere with their camouflage racist agenda.

I wish this article to be publish in all the main stream media so that all peace loving Malaysia would know the hypocrisy of those so call purporter of the so call "just" Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

People still go visit M'sia Today?

Nothing but one sided rantings by a bunch of crazy idiots.

I stopped going there 3-4 mths ago.

Nak Muntah!!!

Anonymous said...

Demi negara, keep on whacking this people. MT has lost its credibility after RPK could not stand his feet firmly on the ground & drown in the sea of "praises" by those chauvinists and his lunatic fans out there. I have stop reading MT months ago after it was hijacked by those anti malay, myopic politicians that it become so biased, one sided agenda. I hope you will learn this lesson and do not forget your asal-usul when you become famous. Don't be so blinded with Demi Negara junkies. Ayuh kita bangkit menetang this new type of penjajah.

In German, puok-puok bengong nih meme tok reti baso, kure hajar, bui betih nok peho.


Anonymous said...

Bahaya juga orang macam Tian Chua ni.

I cannot imagine the number of other documents scrupulously already being tampered by him. Kalau lah dia diberi kuasa, tambah pula dengan gaya dan cara pandai kelentong, jahanam Negara...

Unknown said...

MT has a role to play, it just reflects the mentality of some Malaysians

their sole aim/objective/goal is to bury UMNO

and then perhaps herald in the malaysian malaysia concept of governance, you know

how to achieve this does not matter, they will use whatever that works

to them, the ends WILL justify the means

to some of us, they are definitely confirming their desperation

Anonymous said...

Just to put you in the right picture. This is a sequel. The first one, some time ago, was entitled "Born a Mulim, Hindu by practice" or something like that. A similar sort of picture.

Anonymous said...

How do you know there are Chinese behind MT? Are you saying that RPK is actually innocent after all?

On the Hinduism part, can it be that it is actually not disgrace but showing off the supremacy of Hinduism?

Well, frankly I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was me alone that thought these guys were nuts. Its good to know that there are others out there. Too bad many of us are so quiet.

Anonymous said...

A well written article and certainly you have given much thought on the matter. Also, for want of a better word, I am perplexed by the lack of reaction from our certain fellow countrymen of Indian descent who proclaimed to be the champions.

Indeed, any attacks which involves the demonisation of a particular religion should not be tolerated. As the common belief goes, the phrase "to each his own" should come into play. Critics of the leadership should bear this in mind. Criticise the person on merits but they should not indulge in drawing parallels to religion.

In my thoughts, it would appear that the current critics of Najib have no respect for Hinduism. As I have said, to each his own and who are these critics to allude that Najib has done wrong by linking practises of Hindu mystics? Perhaps these critics are so blinkered that they would go all out to destroy at whatever and whoever expense... So much about talks of a civilised society, their behaviour oes not denote that.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to look at what life once was in the kampungs when the nation was younger. I had the privilege of being brought up in such a place and I have had no problems with the Chinese or Indians. We tolerated each other well and we know not to cross the line.

I pray for Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Eh, you talk like you know who doctored the photo. How can you be sure it is a Chinese who did it eh? Got signature on the photo kah? If no, don't be so paranoid lah. And what's wrong with the Hindu faith? What do you mean by stooping so low? And your accusations on other politicians not making noise, they got better things to do like investigating the helicopter issue. It is just a photo, tak kan the future PM cannot defend himself kut?

Anonymous said...

i'm no gambler so i will not take a bet.

but i can bet you (haha, can't resist this) the likes of haris, malik, azly and din will not dare condemn this nasty act!

tak berani. pengecut.

if it's not that then, plain ole double-standards...

one for their leaders/icon/blahblahblah and one for umno/bn leaders.

and Njaib? whoa...they want to bury him.....

Anonymous said...

Demi Negara is true to its name, to me, and so far.. Do stay on course, please.

Anonymous 12:16,

I believe this piece is not about asking those people for assistance (to defend Najib), it's just a challenge to cakap serupa bikin. And this is also NOT an issue of whether or not Najib can defend himself. Politicians can always say "it's not true" and it won't be true, regardless of whether or not it IS true. Rather, we just don't want the people of this country getting involved in such low-class acts (doctoring people's photos and claiming them to be real, and even writing an article about it). Come on, we're Malaysians. Show some class. Demi Negara.


Anonymous said...

"...reflect the level (or lack) of intellect among these cultists"

Agree! I thought the photo's a lame joke...bad taste...I don't get what the creator was trying to convey...

But I don't think it was about race, more like religion... Still, I dun understand y they had to involve religion, it just goes to show that they are insensitive...

If he/she doesn't like najib, there are more decent/civilized way of showing dislike...when will our people grow up? Rational debate is the way to go, not personal attacks!

Anonymous said...

I was one of those who used to ready MT daily. I even attended a few of MT sponsored evening meetings and I also was quite attracted to some of the concepts proposed by Haris and the like.

What I realised now is these group of politicians are just not guided by any conscience at all. There is not right or wrong to guide them -- that many of their stories are so ridiculous that it no longer pass the common sense test.

I sure hope there are more rational thinking citizens in this country and this Malay-bashing one sided battle will stop soon.

There is a limit to how much insult people can take.

Sayang Malaysia

sayadahbosan ULTRA said...

These scumbags have the highest level of machiavellianism.

the inclination to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain is the only reason that i could think of.

not to forget pure blind searing hatred towards the establishment.

an eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind -- and this is from Gandhi the man himself.

Anonymous said...

No need to instigate Hindus/ or make Hindus feel insluted by these kind of stories. I have known many muslims who seek devine intervention in Hindu temples and we Hindus don't care or worry if our religion gets 'contaminated' or look at others faith as inferior to our faith.
Hindus generally don't wage war when even another insults them. We believe in law of karma. If any one wants to practise or do things the way we do be it....One does not have to be a declared Hindu to practise Hindu practises or even poojas. Anyone with faith is welcome.
Why bother when (if at all true) Najib did anything Hindu. Its Muslims who are very emotional and think that their teaching is most perfect and its sinful to even acknowledge the truth in other faiths.
So I have seen both Malay Muslim in Hindu places of worship and Hindus in Muslim bomoh's places. So what? its ones personal faith. If one wants to politicise issues there are many to be looked at. I hope our politicians would just do their duty they are supposed to do and act in dignity to prevent these kinds of so called' insult' carried on upon them. Do any of our politicians ever resign when there is a contaversy for example??
No never they grow stronger by making cover ups. How others will lose respect...then come all these so called insult manupulations of photoes, personal life etc etc.
Malaysia still has a looooooooooooong way to call itself a progressed antion. It has regressed for sure now...
God safe the mother land!

Cool Joe

Anonymous said...

Agreed with you. What more can we expect of MT. A no brainer.

Biar betul.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (October 20, 2008 12:16 AM:
"And what's wrong with the Hindu faith? What do you mean by stooping so low?"

Heheheh, Kijang Mas. Uphill battle eh? One DOES get blurred visitors like these sometimes. Goodluck tackling them. There's one in every crowd ...



Anonymous said...


Yeah, this Anonymous (October 20, 2008 12:16 AM) sadly is a typical Melayu Bodoh Sombong. The type that wasted their old schooling days foraging the malls and indulged in their Makwe Gua/Pakwe Lu nonsense and ended up in the scrapheap of academia and the job market.

Then with some rudimentary "England" skills picked up from their occasional jobs, they began to lose their identity (for whatever its worth), began to insert the obligatory "so" and "actually ahh" and "is it" in their mangled Bahasa Rojak, and see being anti-establishment as a "cool thing" among the urbane crowd. I encounter these Kacang-Lupa-Kulit types by the hundreds whenever I go to KLCC or One Utama.

All you need at that point is for simple political seduction by a charismatic chameleonistic mesmerising charlatan preaching a tantalisingly delicious Ketuanan Rakyat mantra, and these Melayu Bodoh Sombong types would turn up in droves to fight for causes that would actually destroy their kinds (being totally uncompetitive, with bad attitude and no marketable skills to speak of), although they are too Bodoh Sombong to comprehend this ultimate repercussion.

And all this while, the likes of the Hindraf Tricksters, Teresa Kok, Unker Kit, Karpal, the MT uber racists and their anti-Malay racist gangs gleefully marvel at the gullibility of these Melayu Bodoh Sombongs who are doing the grunt street-fighting work at their behest. Many of these Bodoh Sombongs ended up in blogs and websites, spewing comments that reflect their sad lack of intellect or even awareness of the anti-Malay agenda of the rabid racist politicians that they find chic to support.

Hence, you will find incoherent, blurred replies such as Anonymous above.


alioh said...

totally agree with the comment that some people that stop going to MT already, memang nak muntah reading all the racist anti malay shit there. I use to follow MT but the longer I read it the more frequent I start thinking. These people are not as smart as they made themselves out to be. Just a bunch of assholes believing they are superior just because they are anti establishments. pleaselah!