Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teeny Weeny Miny Mo, Referendum is the Way to Go

The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua initiative launched by the Demi Negara Community triggered a potpourri of reactions from Malaysians at home and abroad. The vast majority are supportive while, as expected, a fringe group exhibited emotionally-charged resistance bordering on idiotic lunacy. Perhaps the dichotomous interpretation of the initiative between Mainstream Malaysiana and the prickly fringe groups reflects the demographic reality of Malaysia, where every act, every endeavour, every move are viewed from cloudy race-tinted lenses by a race-obsessed populace. The naysayers and resisters manifested in full glory their estrangement from reality, in a gory racist orgy sustained by collective denial of an inevitability.

Yes, I say inevitable.

There is no other way.

Our 52-year experiment of stirring undiluted chunks of foreign cultural-linguistic elements in a Malay soup inside a curdling social cauldron has been an utter failure. We are now estranged, mutually-alienised, moving apart, and caught in a self-destructive game of racial extremism exacerbated by a flourishing anti-national movement stoked by long-dormant subversive forces.

Indeed, the survival of the Malaysian nation itself hinges on the recalibration of our social framework, beginning with infusing the necessary cohesion among our disparate populace. This shall begin with our children. They will determine Malaysia’s future, whether we hurtle into the abyss of social destruction based on the current socio-political trajectory or we emerge reinvigorated in 2020 as a progressive nation of the true Anak Bangsa Malaysia, a nation of patriots cohesive in shared affinities and speaking in one voice – Bahasa Malaysia – the expressive soul of our nation.

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua is the catalyst of this journey towards meaningful, cohesive nationhood, a key component of the blueprint of a raceless Malaysia that has been vigorously expounded in Demi Negara.

As of today, almost 1,600 people have signed the on-line petition, another 1,300 plus patriots became members of the Satu Sekolah Facebook site, and dozens of blogs proudly carry the Satu Sekolah logo. Based on the petition and Facebook sites, Satu Sekolah supporters include cabinet members, prominent politicians, academics, government officials, corporate chieftains and Malaysians from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. These are the people who still believe in the Malaysian Story, in forging a united Bangsa Malaysia of unquestioned loyalty to the land we share.

Who then are the resisters to change? Who are these naysayers?

The usual suspects.

Lets begin with politicians. In this respect, the Pakatan Rakyat has been interesting. Till today, there has not been a single adverse official reaction by either the DAP, PKR or PAS on Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. Maybe they are cunningly calculative, as to oppose Satu Sekolah would be to repudiate their own vision of a unified Malaysia under their Ketuanan Rakyat mantra. And when the Rakyat – the majority Rakyat – speaks of One School, they listen.

What about the Barisan Nasional? Well, we should not generalise, but a Teeny Weeny little Napoleon from a Barisan component party, MCA, made some noise, an act memorable for its humourous ludicrousness than anything else. Interestingly, this Wee Ka Siong @ Wei Jiaxiang chap is a Deputy Minister of Education, in effect a public servant voted by the Rakyat and sworn to serve us Rakyat irrespective of ethnicity or background. Perhaps Teeny Weeny’s actions are quite understandable. You see, Teeny Weeny wants to be the new hope of his stuttering party after their near demolition by DAP and PKR in PRU12, and he gets more than his fair share of bludgeoning in Parliament by
the DAP Chinese zealots who accused him of not doing enough for Chinese schools in this country. Hence, Teeny Weeny's need to be seen as the champion of Chinese Rights in Malaysia today, and prove to his DAP and PKR and even Gerakan detractors that MCA is not a running dog of UMNO. This spawned his foolish bravado of demonising Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua to the extent of threatening a police report for “crimes” only known to him. The MIC didn't criticise Satu Sekolah, but did their part to further polarise our children as well.

Yes friends, we are living in interesting times indeed. You push an initiative to unite Malaysians, you get threatened with a police report by no less than a serving deputy minister of Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia government. But when others spew seditious garbage against the Malays, Bahasa Malaysia, the Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam, NEP, even Malay Reserved Lands, they are feted as heroes by some, by the ungrateful beings who now deify the megalomaniac Chin Peng against all logic and realities of our country’s political history.

With partners like this, what hope for BN and UMNO in PRU13? You see, the non-Malay votes are already lost to the PR, and now the Malays may view MCA with contempt and disgust thanks to the antics of the likes of Teeny Weeny. Do you think Teeny Weeny can retain Ayer Hitam without the Malays who composed 56.4% of voters in the constituency and who would loyally vote for the BN dacing at every PRU irrespective of candidate? We shall see. But I think Ayer Hitam is too UMNO lah, too safe for heroes like Ah Siong. Perhaps BN should field him in Ipoh Timur or Seputeh to validate his gumption. But again, maybe this chap has noble intentions, perhaps misunderstood by many. But how could the Malays, including his Malay constituents who voted him to parliament, connect with his thoughts when his webpage is not in Bahasa Malaysia, but in Mandarin and English? Haiya Ah Siong, is this the way to say Terima Kasih to the Malay voters who made you a YB?

Teeny Weeny’s site also boldly proclaimed: “Speak Up, Make Changes, have NO FEAR.”

Yeah right … we speak up to make changes via One School and we get threats from Teeny Weeny, but I must say we have no fear.

Ok, who else opposed a unified school system for our children?

Well, the other usual suspects of course, the type who oppose for the sake of opposing. Yes, these are the professional opposers. These resisters themselves have NO alternative to whatever they oppose. That would be too brain consuming, quite understandable based on the characteristic dearth of gray matter that made them oppose Satu Sekolah in the first place.

I personally don’t take this motley crew of anarchists and pseudo-subversives and plain vanilla racists seriously. There’s nothing much you can do with people already set in their values and attitudes, what I termed Damaged Goods. As they say down in South Carolina, “it ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.” Yup, let them be, let them holler and shriek and yelp in their isolated dens and nooks and crevices. After all, we are a democracy. Imagine life without this eclectic collection of bumbling jesters? What would KijangMas write about?

Oh yes, some did their best to project an "intellectual" flavour to their futile opposition of Satu Sekolah. I cannot help but laugh at their flimsy, rudimentary and woefully lightweight arguments clouded by a mysterious paranoiac aversion to "things Malay" that afflict their troubled souls. I don’t want to clutter this post with my response to a vain pseudo-intellectual wannabe, but if you have time and appetite for gory literary dyslexia, go here. Of course, the less intelligent types typically just shout obscenities in their desperate lunge onto the path of the Satu Sekolah movement now gaining momentum among the common Rakyat. And I marvel at the sheer hypocrisy of it all as many of them are not exactly products of vernacular schools themselves! See, they use the literacy bestowed upon them by the Sekolah Kebangsaan to hantam the Sekolah Kebangsaan in a grotesque manifestation of the toxic Malayphobia that dominate their lives. Perhaps they should send their own kids to the likes of SJKT Tepi Sungai, Klang as a matter of principle.

Yeah, it gets
more bizarre as you burrow deep inside the cybersleazoid scrapheap. Nothing much can be learned from the emotional rantings of these rabid racists, except perhaps to validate Satu Sekolah's thesis that our children should go to one national school to avoid the very cultural-linguistic estrangement exhibited by these clueless resisters. As for this and this and this, well, their choice of hieroglyphics said it all.

Can we have an intelligent dialogue with fellow Warganegaras who chose to communicate in a script alien and incomprehensible to the vast majority of the Rakyat?

Thanks in part to these detractors, t
he Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign has succeeded in putting the issue on the table. It has catalyzed healthy debate and raised public awareness. And contrary to claims by the forces of disunity, there really is nothing complicated about implementing One School by a sovereign nation. This is not Rocket Science. In fact, it is the norm in 99 percent of the world. It is a national imperative, a necessary component of nationbuilding, indeed, a non-negotiable avenue towards the ultimate creation of a raceless Malaysia for all. The resisters and naysayers above are mere irritants to our larger national agenda that must be embraced by all Warganegaras who pledged loyalty to King and Country, who in school swore to uphold the tenets of the Rukunegara.
Of course, the establishment of One School may be a long process, but we now have the roadmap as promulgated in the memo and a tangible target.

We must ask ourselves: Why should the selfish indulgence of some elements within the 24+7 percent of the populace hold our beloved nation hostage to debilitating social fragmentation in perpetuity?

This anomaly is unheard of anywhere on earth. Why Malaysia so special? Why some people get special foreign language privileges in schools of their own making? Who is dependent on special privileges now? How come I see the proverbial tongkat and crutch galore whenever beneficiaries of this special concession twist and turn and kick and scream everytime the government tries to integrate their children with Mainstream Malaysiana? Wau-lau-eh, sampai bila mau guna ini tongkat sekolah? Masih mau asingkan diri dari arus perdana selepas 52 tahun merdeka? Bila mau jadi Rakyat Malaysia sepenuhnya yang berinteraksi rapat dengan semua kaum dari awal bangku sekolah dan fasih dalam Bahasa Malaysia milik kita bersama? Kalau mau "sama rata," kita harus amalkan Satu Sekolah. Betul? Boleh? Tak mau? Tak boleh? Masih pekat dalam kancah kuno belenggu perkauman yang menjahamkan negara?

So your motto is Malaysia Tak Boleh kah? Haiya, like this how?

Our schools affect us Rakyat more than anything else. We should let the Rakyat decide. We should have a national referendum on vernacular schools. A simple Yes-No answer. Let us collectively decide our future. A referendum is a fair, equitable way to gauge the preference of the Rakyat. We had referendums in the past on matters of more importance. Indeed, the formation of the expanded Malaysian Federation itself was determined via referendums of the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Other democracies have referendums as a matter of choice and necessity. In California, referendums are held for almost anything under the sun, from property taxes to public school funding to same-sex marriages.

Yes, a referendum is the most democratic way. Nobody can argue on the logic and fairness of the process as each of us has one vote irrespective of origin, background, ethnicity or sentiment. This is the epitome of justice, fairness and kesamarataan demanded by the anti-NEP forces all these years. Yeah, in the spirit of kita semua sama, lets vote sama-sama. Satu orang, satu undi.

Let the Rakyat decide.

Demi Negara calls for a national referendum on vernacular schools.



Naif said...

alhumdullilah, KM has written a new article. Been waiting for a long time for this.

"As for this and this and this, well, their choice of hieroglyphics said it all. "

Hieroglyphics lol


Teeny Weeny Miny Mo, Referendum is the way to Go!!




Small Talk said...

Dear Sir, I am here with you through thick and thin. Count me in anytime 24/7.

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua
Demi Agama Bangsa Tanahair!!!

Mat Cendana said...

No more talk, it's the time for ACTION. And let's have it the democratic way. Or is there a better way? Vernacular Schools: Want or Not; Nak ke Toksae?

NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera KM Perkasa & DN,

To be (Malaysian) or not to be (Malaysian)?


but to those "not to be", just pack your things, have the courtesy to surrender the mykads (which belongs to Kerajaan Malaysia). Do leave this Tanah Air for good!



wavedancer said...

i fully support the holding of a real national referendum.dpm as the ed minister should have the balls to tell the whole nation of this referendum and he may speak in english to malaysians as he seems to think that english is the national language of the nation. hey dpm...kalu nak kecek kpd rakyat gak gecek melayu la wei...

Yas said...

With satu sekolah, all the way!

Anonymous said...

Im waiting for this man...

"Bring it on" sori, pinjam kata2 Mr Khoo... Hehehe...


Anonymous said...


There are the detractors (those who try to reduce the significance of our efforts at bringing about national unity and a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia) and the distractors (those who try to divert readers' attention or throw a spoke in the wheel) of this SSS campaign.

But the wheel is moving. Malays, non-Malays, at home and abroad. Some of the comments by those who sign the Petition are very telling.

But I don't understand why people like Wee Ka Siong even threatened to police report it. Apparently without checking the authoritative Kamus that the word "gejala" has more than one meaning. When the intent of the SSS proposal is clearly the bringing about of national unity and a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. When he himself made the announcement in July 2008 that the 2002 Study done by MCA with the assistance of the Ministry of Education showed nearly 25% SRJK(C) pupils dropped out before Form 5/ SPM. When KijangMas, in one of his articles/ comments, expressed sympathy for these children for not being able to speak BM well, many of whom end up plying tapes, CDs and what-nots at shopping malls. Others as workshop assistants, hardly knowing anyone else except those of their own community at work and at home.

Let's have the referendum. Let's do it the democratic and peaceful way.

Let's have this SSS where all children can mix and leave school at least having said a few words with and/or exchanged a few friendly glances at those other than members of their own community. So that when they meet as adults they might want, and be able, to say to one another, "Apa khabar sekarang?" That will foster goodwill and contribute towards national unity and a truly Bangsa Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

For the detractors of this SSS campaign. Please think twice about the outcome of your 'supposed' opposition. Don't you want a more cohesive Malaysia? united, harmonious and vibrant or you prefer to have 'countries' within a country? Please think for the future generations of this country.

For Tuan KijangMas, Sir, I support you and the Deminegara Community 2000% (1000% more than Parpukari:)..)

Yes, let's make it happen.


Anonymous said...

OK. Sounds logical. In fact I want a 1 school system the whole way through the education system.

KijangMas said...

Wooi Unker Yew, go easy on the insults. I don’t think anyone likes to be called “dick,” right dick? Your entry did not pass the Pan-Malayan Blogger’s Union (PanMyBUN) minimum decorum standard towards delete-button empowered blog owners.

As you know, Demi Negara is a wholesome family portal suitable for dainty scone-eating tiny tots and cute little critters in pink dresses. Anglicised obscenities not allowed. However, Kelantanese, Hokkien and Hainanese metaphors for choice parts of the anatomy may be allowed under extenuating circumstances such as flaming silly smitten subversives.

PanMyBUN has also issued a DN Stalker’s Advisory and I’m advised to not publish or narrate sentences that may be construed as “sembelih orang” or putting some human debu under my feet lest it would be copied-pasted and misquoted out-of-context in other blogs by vain loser psychos running lose out there.

Why don't you refine and repost your interesting story here, including your fantasised validation of your manhood with Emily, the AFS lass from Florida, ..... or was it "Gallant Critter" from Pyongyang? Anyway, this poor Emily must have been pretty drunk, huh? Or passed out throughout the gory act? Poor Emily .... heheheh.

Cheers buddy!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Haiya KM, u keep associating me with that HK Bus unker each time u mentioned me & when I react & response in his ‘language / style’, u get offended, like that where can?

OK, I’ll try to comment with decorum as per the more refined Tommy style, i.e. if I can remember what I wrote, so as not to upset your makciks & budak2 bawa 18 fan bases.

I must admit, I’m very impressed with your usual typical KM’s witty/comical responses to KPKhoo and can understand where u r coming from, fair enough rebuttals from your point of view, (just like Kobe Bryant’s MVP performance in LA Lakers win over Orlando Magic in the NBA finals). I especially can relate to the part where u mention the Two Malaysia, the then & now; yes how I missed them good old days. It’s really sad what u see happening today, not to mention the appalling crime rate going up too.

Yes, I can also see the ‘uncanny resemblance’ between our cherub flen & “Dear Leader”…heheh that’s hilarious & should make him our “Gallant Comrade”, the future successor. I supposed his ‘Just Bring it On’ comment likened that of the pom pom Cheerleaders’ chant for give me a ‘R’, give me an ‘E’, give me a ‘F’, etc…….give me a ‘REFERENDUM’ call too.

Hey 2 questions for u;

KM said;
Folks, I hate it when people play dumb, asking the obvious. It’s like the hooker faking affection to an ugly slob of a client.

Tommy Q1: Is this you speaking from experience?haha LOL. Come on let's be honest here!

KM also said;
Then based on what? A child’s cuteness? Haiya, like that you’ll be in standard 2F lah. Oh, now I know why I was in the top classes at the Sekolah Rendah all those years. Must be my cuteness (yeah folks, I admit I was a darn cute little critter ...), and not because I aced all the exams and lompat kelas dua kali.

Tommy Q2: Are u serious u were so smart & cute in your primary school days, or just your 'syiok sendiri' imagination moment? Heheh, lompat kelas dua kali, betul kah? Sure kena bully one if u r so clever & cute then.

Well well, finally in regards to the AFS programme, wah u must be velly2 good then, get to go to California. Alas, I tak qualify but god is fair, I got to meet Emily from Florida in my sixth form year. I think it’s best you & I keep this part of my puppy love at first sight affair with Emily (Marcia of Brady Bunch lookalike) private.


msleepyhead said...

Salam KM and others,

As the SSS plans to unite Malaysians for the 'love of our nation', just wondering what's next say the petition is successful and you get your wish for a one school system.

And as many have asked for everyone to be or not to be Malaysian, surrender their MyKads and all if unhappy about it, just wondering what 'the others' HAVE TO DO to be treated equally, or the day will never come as it is enshrined in the constitution that there will always be the special ones?

Have asked about this equality question in many places but the answer has not been forthcoming.

Maybe the many folks that throng here can spare a thought or two.


Cenderawasih said...

Salam KijangMas,

Selepas penantian yang mendebarkan akhirnya....

Artikel ni sepatutnya dibaca dalam keadaan tenang sambil minum kopi yang bagus bersama-sama makanan manis.Lagi seronok kalau ditiup angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.


belum cuba belum tau,
belum beri dah meminta-minta,
kau minta kami beri,
kami minta kau tak nak bagi,
kau minta lagi,
kami tak mau bagi.

Ini yang berlaku sekarang...

Cenderawasih said...

Hi Unker Yew,

Sorry,tak balas pun pertanyaan Unker Yew sebelum ni.

Minggu lepas saya balik kampung,dah tanya ayah saya.Dia cakap tak pernah cuba pun..jadi Unker memang bertuah la dapat tengok muka toyol tu..

"I supposed his ‘Just Bring it On’ comment likened that of the pom pom Cheerleaders’ chant for give me a ‘R’, give me an ‘E’, give me a ‘F’, etc…….give me a ‘REFERENDUM’ call too."

hahaha,adoi lawak betol..pernah tengok cerita "Bring it On" lakonan Kirsten Dunst?tentang cheerleading juga.

Pendekarlara said...

Salam kengkawan,
Yang paling lucu ialah bila si AhPeng lembik cakap "Just Bring it On!" Kah kah kah. Kalu di sekolah aku kat Ghombao dulu dah hancoss dah si hensem boi ni. Adek pompuan aku si Milah belasah pun dah cukop beb. Gerenti meghaong tak berbunyi si AhPeng ni.

Duniiyaa ... macam2 adaaa!

NJ said...

Salam all,


To me it is quite simple. Stop becoming "others".

Take time to sincerely read and embrace the Rukun Negara and Perlembagaan Malaysia as best as we can.

One example here, about National Language:-

If Malaysians do not glorify their own National Language, who else will? This does not mean to say Malaysians should limit themselves to BM only. I've seen many stupid comments made like this. Everybody here knows the importance of English, there is no denying of it.

Perhaps this would give a clearer picture:-

A Malaysian cannot be excused for not being well-versed in BM but he still can be excused for not being well versed in English.

But some people, fight tooth and nail to preserve the national language of the People Republic of China and some of the Tamil Naidu's. Some so-called Malaysian cant even utter a single word from the National Language, how strange? This is the example of wanting to remain as "other". Who is to be blamed then?

Another sensitive issue is that the Special Privileges of the Malays and Indigenous people (The Social Contract). Before one make seditious remarks on this subject, please do read the Perlembagaan. This issue was mentioned by DYMM Sultan Perak recently. This is one of the issues that "One School" tries to address, whereby the history subject in school should be given its due attention. Prof. Khoo Kay Kim gave some insights on this, here. He said, "we still cannot accept the truth".

"Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung."

Rehearse this proverb day in and day out. Understand it inside and out. Then perhaps we know why people label has labelled us as "others".




Tommy Yewfigure said...

Dear Msleepyhead,

Please get real. Life is NOT fair, bear that in mind. Some people are born smarter than others, some are born gifted while others are born physically/ mentally challenged. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, some are born under less fortunate circumstances, I can go on & on but I think u got my drift. There’s even a handicap system in place in the game of Golf, even in soccer there are Super League, Premier league, first to fifth divisions, etc. Having said this, I’m not implying that the Chinese, Indians & others are more intellectually superior than the Malays; good example is I’m first to admit, KM & many other here are brighter than me, at least in the academic sense.

What I’m really trying to say is there’s always obstacles along the way in life that u got to learn to accept & work hard to overcome, thus please stop making excuses that the NEP / special privileges accorded to others, etc is a hindrance for you to excel. You have to strive to develop a strong work ethic & know how to differentiate between what’s right & wrong.

I grew up in a predominantly Malay kampong, attended sekolah kebangsaan from primary to secondary school and I’m forever thankful for that. The Malays are truly really a wonderful bunch of people, you do the right thing by them, they will reciprocate too like any other decent human would too. Yes there’s always mutual respect both ways, culturally, religiously, they got no problem with my Buddhism & Taoism practises.

I’ve been in & out of Malaysia for the last 38 years, had associated with Mainland Chinese, HK Chinese, Singapore Chinese, Taiwanese etc (left out all the various Angmoh races too) & I’d always been very disappointed to the extent of getting very pissed off with their self centred attitudes. This is why I said I’m thankful to be brought up in Malaysia, learning to be caring, sharing & understanding of other ethnic groups, in a good way as a better person. Enough of me here.

The main point is from what I’ve read in KM’s posts from day one is that he cares & took this initiative to have this SSS plan to unite future Malaysian for the love of the nation, no more no less, albeit in his very own ‘kwai lan / jer seow’ approach. Like him & me, I don’t think we need to have any monetary or material gain from anyone for promoting this cause since we are both at least are self sufficient & fairly happy & contented with our current lifestyle, apolitically, well at least I am.

Yes, this SSS won’t fix the current problem overnight but it needs to have a start somewhere if we were to have any hope. I for one is not an initiator, but at least I’m prepared to support those that take the trouble to get the ball rolling. It might take another 10 years for any real positive to come out of this SSS? By then hopefully, everyone irrespective of races will be treated equally, i.e. everyone would be classified as just being Malaysian & the NEP / special privileges will be accorded to those Malaysians that really need it.

Hope my simpleton tots here make some sense to you.

Unker Yew

P/S – Cenderawasih, unker ni bolih kira ‘young at heart lah’, semua new atau old tak apa; yang penting nya, sihat dan happy ok lah.

Voren said...

Guten tag Onkel Yew.

Mein Geschenk für Sie: Marcia von Brady Bunch.


K-H Vorennisch
Lübeck, BRD

Anonymous said...


You asked a valid question and in a nice way. I can assure you that you'll get full answers and in a nice way, too, here.

I see that some have answered you, including NJ and Tommy Yew up there. I'm a strong supporter of the SSS Campaign and would also like to provide some answers.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to all parties if you would explain what you mean by "to be treated equally"? I note a sense of sarcasm when you asked, "or the day will never come as it is enshrined in the constitution that there will always be the special ones?" So, better for you to nicely spell out your misgivings and we'll try to address them one by one.

You might want to note that what might constitute questioning Special Malay Rights under Article 153 of the Constitution might attract others to question the non-Malay right to citizenship. This is because the Special Malay Rights were in exchange for the non-Malay right to citizenship.

I think it was quite a fair deal, considering what the British colonialists did during their rule. I agree with what the others have said here and elsewhere, and I have also read about the historical facts making me believe that the British didn't help the Malays and mostly helped the Chinese during their rule.

The British gave the Chinese mining leases, lottery and gaming licenses, and later, licenses for rubber trading, etc. They didn't
help or encourage the Malays in business. They built only a few schoos in the kampongs where most of the Malays lived; even so only at primary level. But they built sufficient number of schools, both at primary and secondary levels, in the towns where most of the Chinese lived. So by Merdeka time, the Malays were left far behind both in wealth and in education. The Special Malay Rights were agreed by the non-Malay leaders to assist the Malays in catching up. In exchange for that, the Malay leaders agreed that the non-Malays, who were stateless at that time, be given citizenship after Merdeka.


msleepyhead said...

Thanks to everyone for taking time to reply.

I believe Unker Yew said it best, life's never fair and we have to be pragmatic and know our place under the Malaysian sun.

We may all agree on the principles of Rukunegara and the constitution here but out there, the racial profiling and stereotyping still occurs, if Unker Yew and the likes, despite growing up in Malay neighbourhoods and speaking good BM will be always 'kau' according to Cenderawasih, when will a 'kita' become a reality.

I get where everyone is coming from and my apologies if my questions hinted of sarcasm. Truth is there are some of us already there, but looks like for the moment we are still lumped together with the rest of the 'others' because we look so. And it is this blanket treatment I'm worried about.

Maybe I'm looking too far ahead and SSS is definitely a good start.

Cenderawasih said...

Saya ada sesuatu untuk dikongsi,

Awal tahun lepas,ketika saya masih belajar di U*M dan sibuk menyelesaikan projek tahun akhir....

Penyelia saya seorang pengarah di C****E sebuah pusat kajian tenaga di U*M. Disana kebetulan saya terjumpa seorang lagi pelajar jurusan H**. Disebabkan jurusan kami berlainan,kami berkongsi pengalaman belajar dan projek apa yang dilakukan.

Agak lama kami berbual dan seorang staf Pusat tersebut ikut serta(memang dia ditugaskan untuk membantu kami) dalam perbincangan.

Selepas staf tersebut tahu apa yang pelajar H** tu nak, dia meminta nombor telefon dan bertanyakan nama. Kami berdua terkejut besar,sebab dia berbangsa cina.

Sepanjang tempoh kami berbual,tiada langsung penghalang bahasa(dan lain-lain penghalang). Saya berbual seperti biasa,sama seperti saya berbual dgn kawan-kawan rapat lain. Walaupun sudah tahu dia berlainan bangsa,rasa janggal langsung tak timbul selepas itu. Kenapa?

Puncanya adalah;kefasihan dia berbahasa melayu,membuatkan kami selesa berbual(juga disebabkan dia bersekolah di SK). Kalau kami sama jurusan,kemungkinan besar,kami boleh jadi kawan baik.
Lepas tu,saya tak pernah jumpa dia lagi.

Masalah di U, kenapa pelajar berlainan kaum tidak bercampur gaul?Cuma bercampur bila ada urusan sahaja?Puncanya adalah, mereka tidak pernah bergaul dgn kaum lain sejak dari kecil lagi.

Unker Yew belajar di SK(rendah dan menengah)dan tinggal dikawasan majoriti melayu?patut la ada orang tawar anak dia(Nora),you must be as nice as the guy I met last year.haha.maybe good looking too.

p/s about my last sentence,jangan kembang sangat ok,I am just the way,how we perceive "good looking" is subjective.

Cenderawasih said...


The problem is the numbers of 'kau' overwhelmed the numbers of 'unker yew(kita)' kind.

Then there is a politicians and organizations asking this and that from the malays and championing only their own causes.Because of this kind of demand,malays leader also reacted with stinging statements. Bila nak habis?

If this situation persist, there is no solutions,I mean the best solutions for our social quandary.

But,I think SSS is very good as a first step toward unity.

NJ said...


Personally, I still think that majority of us are Malaysians, even though we are not Perfect 10 Malaysians, but we have Malaysia in our heart.

My former division head, for example, is more 'Malaysian' than me when it comes to board paper drafting.

Years ago, one of my job task was to draft board papers of highly technical stuff. I do mean really highly technical stuff.

I had been doing it for years, some 10 pages, some up to 20 pages, all in English, until this Mr. Th'ng YH came to replace my former division head.

You know what? Mr. Th'ng one day returned my draft paper for finalising with all my english translated into Bahasa Kebangsaan. I mean all of it!

I feel very sad when I see small group out there:-

1. Tidak mendaulatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan, some up to a point of, does not even know to utter a single word of it.

2. Does not know or rather dont care or dont have any sense of respect toward the history of our country. How we became "Malaysia" from Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, and from Malaya.

3. As I said, they "menjunjung langit negara asing, while berpijak di bumi negara kita"

And this small group out there include the Malays and government officials as well!

The fact that you came here and asked for clarifications in here, I know that my hope for One Bangsa Malaysia is still very much warm within my heart.

My apology if I sound as if I am "blanket-treatment" in the previous. Honestly, I dont mean it to be like that.



Anonymous said...


I'm delighted at your cool response and your responsible attitude. I'm proud of you as a fellow citizen. I do want to try and make you feel comfortable being a fellow Malaysian.

First, I want to say that people the world over communicate in very different ways, react in a very different manner, according to differing situations. It's a case of stimulus and response. Given that there are always the odd ones out, often those responses that may appear unfavourable to you may have come out of rather disturbing kind of stimuli. You know, certain issues are sensitive, very dear to certain people, and when raised in a manner deemed questioning or provocative, evoke even harsh words and comments. But overall, those who have no intention of being provocative and sincerely want to have answers to fairly innocent questions would get reasonable responses.

I have read Unker Yew here and there and I think he is a very pragmatic and realistic person. He has travelled and lived abroad and acquired a broad-mindedness that set him apart from many of us. But I think he is happy, has the spirit of give and take and, to me, his attitude contributes toward peace and harmony that we must have for our children and grandchildren. Btw, I think he was referred to as "kau" in a friendly and endearing manner, like close friends; if you read all the discourses that he was involved in Demi Negara, you would find that they joke and pull punches with one another, including with the blog owner, like buddies often do.

Secondly, I would like to assure you that everybody in this world has to find and takes his/her place in society. Look at the most advanced and so-called liberal America and Europe. Different places for different people, not only among the various ethnic groups but also among the various layers of society. The rich who get practically what they want, the poor who didn't even get assistance during natural disasters like Typhoon Katrina. With all sorts of laws they have, the top executives of companies give unto themselves salaries and bonus packages in the range of scores of million dollars, some bleed the companies some more in some schemes like in Enron and the Jewish-run multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme a while back. Yet the public continued to purchase shares; the ordinary shareholders, despite having votes at Annual General Meetings, find their place and follow what the majority shareholders decide.

It's very much like that for all of us, the world over. We the ordinary citizens follow what the political leaders decide. We the minority follow the majority. We the less experienced in business and without any control over the economy, follow the conditions imposed or the trends set by those in control of the economy. And the Malays have for a long, long time been taking their back-seat place in the economy of the country (and still do now).

When will "kita" become a reality? Nobody knows how long it takes. Just as nobody knew that the 30% Malay corporate wealth could not be achieved in one generation, because nobody had tried it before. Just like The Great Wall of China was not completed in one generation, or even in one dynasty of Emperors. But the Great Wall was completed. And we will never know when "kita" becomes a reality unless we try and begin doing it.

And I'm proud of you saying that SSS is a good start, that you appear to be willing to try.

Don't worry about what you perceive as "blanket treatment" of the "others". The gold dust is usually sieved out from the sand first. Apply some kind of curing process and the sand will be used for making concrete later.

I hope what I said above sounds sensible to you and that you feel comforted by it.


Adli Budiman B Ziden@Zaidin said...


The title shouldve been Teeny Weeny WHINY HOE

More catchy

Rowan said...

Thank you I support this motion, it's time to see each other as Malaysians rather than a member of an ethnic group! :)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey KM,

This make me feel so good reading the responses of Msleepyhead, Cenderawasih, Maju, NJ, etc. This is how it should be calm, cool, constructive discussion instead of the usual ranting & whinging.

Msleepyhead, we did had SSS way back then, all was well until the politicians got into the act for their own selfish reasons. It’s important that we allow kids to mingle from a very young age, so that they can develop this unity team spirit, irrespective of ethnicity.

Let me relate my school day story to you. We had this good rugby team back then, even mix of races, we trained, ate, studied & played together. We learnt & appreciated each other differences, strength, weaknesses, we exchange ideas and this I believed made us stronger & more cohesive as a unit. One day, we played against one of those elite Malay colleges team, it was a tense game & one of them did an illegal wild injury intended tackle on me, without any hesitation, Yusuf, my teammate rushed in & whack that guy in the face, this create a brawl, one of them push Yusuf & shouted something to the extent of ‘Hey Mat, he’s only Chinese’. Yusuf immediately retorted to him, “Yeah f**k you, Tommy’s my brother, make sure u know that!”

So, Msleepyhead, do u see the point I’m making above, once u have formed a common bond, the ‘kau’ & 'kita' will just go away eventually to just become kita.

You guys have a great weekend, I’m feeling lucky tonight & will be putting my money on ‘Black’ on the roulette wheel tonight.

P/S – Danke Voren für das Anzeigenfoto von Marcia.

Auntie Florence said...

Excuse me Tuan KijangMas.

Hello Rowan,

Nice meeting you here. As San Peng said, birds of a feather flock together.....

Hope our SSS campaign will help us to be united as ONE, regardless of race and religion.


Anonymous said...

Hello Unker Yew (and all).

Thanks for sharing your experiences and anecdotes of your childhood in Malaysia. They are heart rending, full of compassion and wholesome. People like you should come out more and tell Malaysians about your experiences. The anti SSS/pro segregation Malaysians should read what you have written on what it is like to be united as ONE.

Btw, I have a question. Having seen rugby players in action etc, I observe that they're normally broad shouldered and muscular...are you like that?

Tuan KijangMas, can we compile comments, anecdotes, experiences of non Malays/non Bumi Malaysians like Unker Yew, Rowan etc ...who believe in the SSS for unity?

Just my 2 cents, Sir.


NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera KijangMas Perkasa dan sidang DN.

Dear Unker Yew,

I cannot guarantee that I can be cool all the times.

If someone comes and straight away displays his or her "ke tidak sopanan dan kesusilaan ", I bet that he/she will get the same " ke biadapan " from many here including me. hehehehe!



John Cena said...

Zazaland asked Tommy Yew - "Having seen rugby players in action etc, I observe that they're normally broad shouldered and muscular...are you like that?"

So Unker, how? You got broad, muscular shoulders meh? Must be from lots of hand/arm practise? Both hands ah?


Anonymous said...

Tuan KijangMas, may I ..?

Waahh Auntie Florence! So nice of you to mention me.

Kam sia hoo .. manyak tilima kasih ..

No, I thing master Tommy Yew is skinny and papan-flat like me .. not too fit .. oso like me. But he is friendly .. not too like me.

Soli master Yew.

San Peng

Anonymous said...

The following are very pertinent statements made by the Petitioners:

# 1,636:
7:16 am PDT, Jun 19, Chemeira Nathan, Malaysia
Our parents sent us tu SRJK(T) Kg Pandan. We had difficult time adjusting to SK environment at lower secondaly level. Our command of Bahasa and Eng. was very low. We had difficulties in communicating with others then, except among ourselves. I don't want our children to face our problem at their formative age. They must be given the best opportunity to integrate early as possible as Malaysians. One school is the only way. But we worry ... hope our politicians think like us. Otherwise we are forever at their mercy, starting as pawn and ending as sacrificial pieces on their chess board.

# 1,509:
Jun 9, 2009, Mysara Callif, Malaysia
The MCA reported their 2002 survey findings that almost 25% of SRJK(C) dropped out along the way to form 5. Yet the Wee Kaa Siong wanted take action against this one school for all drive. Is he against us not-too-well-to-do Chinese? Worst still, is he working for segregation? Is he against the 1Malaysia concept? I cannot hope for the DAP to work for the greater good of all Malaysians, but look at the quality of our rep. Did I waste my vote?

# 1,226:
May 25, 2009, Lim A.K., Malaysia
Saya orang tua. Saya minta cucu tulis kerana tak pandai komputer. Saya minta politicians semua tidak main politik mengenai hal ini. Saya sokong cadangan ini untuk perpaduan rakyat Malaysia. Terima kasih.

I am very proud of the kind of Malaysians who speak up wanting a better to-morrow for our country, like the above. # 1,226 even asked his grandson to write for him, not being familiar with the computer. This is the kind of Malaysians we must have in bigger numbers. They are fellow concerned citizens. There must be many more, indeed millions more, out there who have not spoken up. We await their response, their taking a little time to sign in for a good cause. It’s for national unity and the creation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. It’s for our children, grandchildren and those after them.



Anonymous said...


Indeed, politicians must not make us “as pawn and ending as sacrificial pieces on their chess board.” Racial polarization has reached an alarming stage in recent times. You’ll understand it better, even feel it, when you read this blog’s article entitled, “Racial Polarisation And The Forging Of A United Bangsa Malaysia”. You might even feel it yourself on the ground.

It’s understandable that politicians want supporters and votes but please don’t politicize the SSS One-School campaign. Petitioner # 1,509 feels it. Wee Ka Siong must indeed not use it to get MCA Youth support. He is the Deputy Education Minister and this is the future of millions of school children for goodness sake. Don’t do such things as threatening to make a Police report, scaring the rakyat, objecting to the use of the word “gejala” when the Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, the only authority on Bahasa Malaysia in this country, has their Kamus say that the word has more than one meaning. And not derogatory.

The SSS proposal must not be linked with political issues. Matters concerning NEP and Malay institutions of learning should not be brought into the SSS discussion. They come under the Special Malay Right Article 153 of the Constitution, a sensitive issue within the ambit of the Sedition Act.

And what is very important to note is that this is a proposal for the Government to carry out an in-depth study or review of the existing education system. Whether the statements put forward by the promoters are right or accurate or not can be determined by the Committee proposed to comprise well qualified, experienced and independent people.

Let’s have the Study done and we’ll be able to see the good and bad points of the current system, the strengths and weaknesses. The Government has to accept that in any policy, of any Government, there are both strengths and weaknesses, and problems surfacing during implementation. The Committtee can deliberate and recommend solutions to the problems, actions to improve the system. The Government needs to consider the recommendations only upon completion of the Study - which, considering the magnitude of the problems and their importance to the rakyat, may take 1-2 years.
At the end of it all, the Government still has the option of accepting the recommendations or not - in total, in part, or even rejecting them completely. Without the Study, the rakyat will keep on grousing and venting their frustrations on the education system in more ways than one, not excluding at the ballot box.


KijangMas said...

Salam friends, finally got a chance to read, contemplate and respond to the comments here.

Naif, you're a devoted DN fan indeed. Keep the fire burning and pls get your dozens of girlfriends and admirers to sign the petition. Get those SK Sri Aman girls to sign, and that's an order!


DSN, thanks for dropping by. BTW Dato' Sam, saw your comment in FB. Yeah brother, "... pls call my PA & pass me a copy" indeed. Ha ha ha. Can someone pls start a petition to ban PA's and let these YBs work for real for a change?

Sdr Mat Cendana, yup, it's time for ACTION. Excellent follow-up post in your blog as usual.

Wavedancer (June 14, 2009 9:45 AM) said:-
"... dpm as the ed minister should have the balls to tell the whole nation of this referendum and he may speak in english to malaysians as he seems to think that english is the national language of the nation. hey dpm...kalu nak kecek kpd rakyat gak gecek melayu la wei..."

Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, I'm still figuring out our DPM - his philosophies, values, and outlook on language, patriotism and identity. He does seem a tad overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of issues lately. DPM Muhyiddin is supposed to be the "hands-on" no-nonsense COO of Malaysia, Inc., while PM Najib talks grandiose policies and try to be statesmanlike. I'm watching their performance closely and must say that there are room for improvement.

Yas and khairul, thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...


See that Unker Yew, he’s a smart and safe fellow. Even when on the roulette table he plays only black and red. Take only a 50:50 chance. No wonder he can afford going to casinos in Monte Carlo and all over the places. Shrewd man.

Agree with you not to be a high roller, dear friend, because I want you to bring some money back! (I almost typed “dear leader” and Unker would have hauled me to North Korea. No roulettes in Pyongyang, Unker, only the kind with nuclear tips that fly to the south or over the seas to Japan!)

But did I read Unker say once that the casions give him food and accommodation? I worry if that is so. I heard in Genting they do that to those who have contributed their life savings to the uphill cause!

Also I worry if he visits those red light areas in Amsterdam or the shady places in Mayfair, London. I want him back clean minus whatever flu that seems to have beleaguered the human species since time immemorial, including the Vietnamese variety that once seriously afflicted American GIs. He is a good man and I want him well forever.

Jangan marah ha, Unker. You lucky devil, roaming all over the places. And I can’t even go to Zoo Negara this week end – waiting for a friend from outstation who got stuck somewhere.

Cheers, old chap.


KijangMas said...

Unker Yew (June 17, 2009 11:15 AM) said:-
“KM said; ... Folks, I hate it when people play dumb, asking the obvious. It’s like the hooker faking affection to an ugly slob of a client ... Tommy Q1: Is this you speaking from experience?haha LOL. Come on let's be honest here!”

Ha ha ha, I knew it Unker Yew would pick this up. Yeah, KM could indeed be an ugly slob.

Unker Yew added:-
“Tommy Q2: Are u serious u were so smart & cute in your primary school days ... Heheh, lompat kelas dua kali, betul kah? Sure kena bully one if u r so clever & cute then.”

Haiya Unker, is there a life-rule that says you must be “smart and ugly” and “stupid and pretty”? I don’t think Ernest Borgnine aced his classes or made any scientific breakthroughs. I think this SmartUgly vs StupidPretty is some kind of old Ah Soh’s tale lah buddy, perhaps to comfort the Plain Janes (or Tommies?) out there. I know a lot of smart and pretty people, and I’m sure there are many in the DN Community.

As for bullying? Naah. I was quite big for my age in the Sekolah Rendah, was in the track team, and spar with my gang with our Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon moves. Oh yeah, when the Muhammad Ali-Joe Bugner circus came to town in 1975, KM and his Darjah Enam buddies all went crazy about boxing and fought our own little bouts (complete with cheap replica gloves) before and after school. I remember my good friend Kamil (now Dr.) landed in the clinic after a stiff KM southpaw uppercut knocked him cold, and KM got "six-of-the-best" from the Guru Besar, H.S. Christopher, although the old exercise book in pants trick made it bearable. He he he .... funny stuff for 11-12 year olds.

Aah,... that same year the Hockey World Cup came to town, and ALL of us got the hockey bug, playing hockey in the padang everyday. And our Pasukan Kebangsaan was darn good as well, finishing fourth after a heartbreak semifinal loss to eventual champions India. Man, those were fun days.

Unker Yew further added:-
"Well well, finally in regards to the AFS programme, wah u must be velly2 good then, get to go to California."

I don’t know about being "velly2 good," but it was a long story that would surely bore the DN denizens here.

Unker Yew also said:-
“... it’s best you & I keep this part of my puppy love at first sight affair with Emily (Marcia of Brady Bunch lookalike) private.”

Ok lah Unker, we’ll keep it private. Your secrets with Emily’s puppy is in good hands. And I sure hope you don’t have any secrets with a Greg lookalike ...

KijangMas said...

Zazaland said:-
"For the detractors of this SSS campaign. Please think twice about the outcome of your 'supposed' opposition. Don't you want a more cohesive Malaysia? united, harmonious and vibrant or you prefer to have 'countries' within a country?"

Well said. Actually, Satu Sekolah is a no brainer as there is sufficient flexibility in the framework, including teaching of mother tongue languages, to make it acceptable to all. Only those blinded by racist political hacks would oppose such a uniting measure.

Zazaland also said:-
"... can we compile comments, anecdotes, experiences of non Malays/non Bumi Malaysians like Unker Yew, Rowan etc ...who believe in the SSS for unity?"

Sure. Pls do. I believe there are hundreds of likeminded non-Malays out there for every Unker Yew and Rowan that took the time and effort to "surface." These two (and others in the petition site) stand out because they are brave and have strong values instilled by good parenting and social environments. Others have been silenced to submission by the relentless racist and anti-national propaganda in their closed communities in a cycle of isolation and exclusion made worst in succeeding generations since the early 80s.

We need the Unker Yews and Rowans to be activists as well. The upcoming dedicated Satu Sekolah website will be the right platform for these anecdotes and will be the forum for further deliberations as we collectively push our vision of Unified Schools for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Perpaduan? a.k.a Forgot my previous nic,

I'm responding here to the 2 comments you wrote to KM's previous article on 19 June.

I don't like the way you bring up the questions. You appear darn selfish and racist.

Either you have a very small brain not to understand or your brain is so demented that you cannot accept the fact that, as explained several times in the earlier article/comments, and above, the Malay Special Rights were the result of the British colonial rulers not helping the Malays much but instead helping the Chinese a lot in business and education such that the Malays were left far behind in their own country at Merdeka time.

The non-Malay leaders agreed to the Malays having those Special Rights written in the Constitution (Article 153) and, in exchange for that, the Malay leaders agreed that the non-Malays, who were not citizens and in fact stateless at that time, be given citizenship after Merdeka. You got your citizenship haven't you? Not only for you but also for your descendents. Why can't the Malays have those rights? For them and for their descendents as well? Bloody selfish, ha?

You should not even question matters that fall under the Malay Special Rights because they are sensitive and there is the Sedition Act. I see that here, those who ask to know in a nice, respectful way, they have been explained nicely. But you start calling people hypocrite, used words like "begging for privileges", etc. They never teach you to be respectful of others, ha?

In answer to your question, I say that we consider as brothers and sisters only those Chinese who understand and respect our Special Rights, who are not subversives, not calling for the return of Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party, who are rational-minded, reasonable and willing to give-and-take. But not you and your kind. You don't even want to acknowledge that by wanting a Bangsa Malaysia under this proposal, we are even willing to forego the name Melayu and instead be called Malaysians in the future.

And if you have any inkling of history, you should know that the Malays have given up the name "Tanah Melayu" by accepting the name Malaya and later Malaysia. And what kind of give-and-take can you and your kind talk about? Always wanting more, more and more, without thinking of what others have given and what you should give in return. Not even a thank you by people like you. In 2004 the Malay leaders have again given - 10% places in MARA to non-Malays. And now you ask the Malays to give up the whole of MARA, etc. In asking for more, what can you give back, you dumbass? It must be a two-way street. Are you willing to give up your citizenship? Remember that your citizenship was in exchange for the Malay Special Rights. Read up and underestand the Constitution, stupid.

Yet you call people racist. You bloody selfish moron!


Anonymous said...

Relaks pejuang2 DN,

Terutama kepada AKU, NJ dan sewaktu dengannya.

Terus terang kata aku hanya boleh terima kritikan tajam dan menghiris hati dari KM sahaja, korang semua tak payah susah2kan diri la, kritikla secara membina seperti cadangan unker yew dan yang telah korang demonstrate keatas komen msleephead.

Minta maaf kalu korang terasa hati ngan komen aku, kalu terasa gak aku hanya boleh bersetuju korang mengkritik secara kasar dan menyakitkan hati dengan tidak bersetuju keatas tindakan korang.


NJ said...

Tuan KM & Sidang DN.

This person that goes by the nick "perpaduan a.k.a. forgot my previous nic" in the previous article isn't worth of my time, frankly speaking.

However, my respect is to Unker Yew, who loves to have good reading here rather than the "ranting & whinging".

Why dont you, "forgot your nic", learn some history lessons of Malaysia (not the Republic China) a bit before you start "ranting" on UITM & Mara?

Do you know what RIDA was? Perhaps it is better for you to save your barking on UITM & Mara, less you become seditious. You ain't worth my free history lesson.

We are talking about schools here, where the 18y.o. and below study; but you roped in UITM & Matrikulasi? You lost that substance in your skull again, huh?!

You addressed me this below:-

"If you DONT consider as chinese as your brothers and sisters, and if YOU THINK that chinese are communists and if you THINK that chinese do not respect rukun negara, you've just proven yourself a racist..... "

1. You have picked up a part of my conversation with one "Alan" without following it through from beginning till end.

2. That piece of "chinese brothers/sisters" was between me and Alan. People with healthy brain will not too quick to "blanket" such statement.

3. But to your credit, (do read your own sentence above over and over) I think you are right! only that you have forgetful mind or you lost your brain somewhere!

- I dont consider chinese as my brothers & sisters. YOU ARE RIGHT! Within the border of this nation, I only consider MALAYSIANS as my brothers & sisters.

- I think chinese are communists. AM I NOT RIGHT? The People's Republic of Communist China - or has PRCC changed her ideology to something like Constitutional Monarchy? Someone, tell me if PRCC has converted to "Shih Huang Ti like" Constitutional Monarch recently? You again must have lost that thing in your skull. Hello! Malaysia is here, and China is there?

- The Chinese respect "Rukun Negara"??!! And because this joke of the century, I now become racist? Waulau weh! It is so, so, so true that someone here called you as "MORON". A real MORON if I may add!

Hello, "you the one who lost your brain" - I believe you have a Malaysian ID card called Mycard in your wallet. That is the property of Malaysian Government. Please surrender that to the Malaysian Immigration before you embark your tongkang, back to where you are supposed to be, the PRCC.

You called yourself Chinese, dont you?

"SATU BANGSA (not chinese), SATU NEGARA (not PRCC), SATU BAHASA (not the one spoken by the chineses)"


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Had read the comments by "perpaduan?" aka "forgot my previous nickname". What else is new from these species? I won't waste my breath explaining the whys and the hows etc as some commentators here had already written in detail about the subject in question.

Hey "perpaduan" aka forgot whatever, either you're a first class racist moron (as someone had just said) or just a plain stupid bugger with a retarded grey matter. Look, we're discussing SSS for primary school children, why are you talking about MARA, matrikulasi and what not? Hey, the SSS should be given a priority first, then we'll talk about other things. By the way, are you a Chinese or a Malaysian? The commentator NJ is right to put you at your place. Think Malaysian for heaven's sake, don't think like a Cheena ('cos you're in MALAYsia and I'm sure you're holding the M'sian IC).

How come you (and your kind) know only how to take take take without giving anything in return? Why are you all so greedy and selfish? You should be reasonable, rational and intelligent like Unker Yew, Rowan and those of the same zone.

Anyway, here's something for you to ponder. "Behave" yourself if not this is going to happen to you too. Stop being a cry baby.
(the articles are in English)

Don't think this won't happen here. The Malays are peace loving people but don't push them too far nor too much.... Remember the word "amok"?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Kerana anda cakap secara agak civil, saya akan jawab secara civil juga. Ini tindak balas biasa dalam perhubungan maanusia yang beradab. Baik di balas baik, biadab pada masa2 nya mesti di balas biadab supaya si biadab tidak terus membiadab.

Saya gunakan perkataan “saya”, tidak “aku” saperti yang anda gunakan; kita tidak kenal, bukan kawan karib, jadi perkataan “aku” itu janggal kapada saya. Biasa nya saya pun mahu juga beradab. Perkataan “anda” yang saya gunakan ada lah sesuai untuk perhubungan secara “formal”, sebagaimana telah di gubal oleh Jawatankuasa Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka. Namun demikian saya tidak marah kapada anda.

Anda tidak faham apa yang di katakan "membina" apa yang tidak. Anda tidak nampak bahawa mempertahankan hak bangsa sendiri ada lah membina. Saya hairan sedikit cara anda berfikir.

Saya fakir anda bahru dan tidak selalu mengunjungi Demi Negara. Saya nasihatkan anda baca banyak makallah2 dan komen2 di Demi Negara, termasuk yang terdahulu saperti “Racial Polarisation And The Forging Of A Bangsa Malaysia” dan “At Last, Someone With The Testicular Fortitude”. Juga, sedikit sebanyak di blog Malaysia To Day. Anda akan nampak dan terasa betapa biadap nya jenis-jenis yang saya maki itu – ingat, saya tidak ada guna “four letter words” dan sebagai nya. Ha-nya kata-kata yang “fittingly describe” mereka saperti itu.

Anda sudah baca kah dua penulisan benda Allah itu di rencana sabelom yang anda baca dan komen itu? Atau anda baca komen kami di sini dan terus menasihat? Saya nasihatkan lagi supaya anda banyak membaca penulisan2 di Demi Negara ini sabelom anda membuat komen saperti anda tulis itu. Kita menasihat biarlah kena pada tempat nya dan biarlah salepas kita tahu secara mendalam keadaan sabenarnya, atau suasana tindak balas sesuatu peristiwa yang kita mahu nasihatkan itu. Tapi, saya tidak marah kapada anda.

Anda harus sedar kami mempertahankan Hak Melayu, air muka Melayu dan maruah bangsa Melayu (baca lah penulisan2 Chedet untuk mengtahui apa makna “maruah” bangsa). Mereka tidak boleh pertikaikan, perso’alkan, lebih2 lagi cakap di foram ramai Hak Melayu perlu di bubarkan. Hak itu termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Negara, hak itu sa benar nya ada lah “in exchange for” hak kerakyatan mereka yang Melayu sudah persetujukan, yang mereka sudah gunakan. Hak itu ada lah sensitif dan di bendong di bawah Akta Hasut Menghasut (Sedition Act). Anda tidak baca kah nasihat Sultan Perak pada 14 Jun 2009 – dia juga bekas Ketua Hakim Malaysia? Luaskan lah bacaan sabelom memberi nasihat.



Anonymous said...



Mereka yang tidak memahami dan benar2 mahu tahu dan bertanya dengan baik, sudah di jawab dan di beri penerangan dengan baik. Tetapi, mereka yang mengatakan Hak Melayu harus di ketepikan, dan menggunakan kata2“hypocrite”, “racist”, “begging for privileges” dan sebagai nya, yang bukan sahaja menjatuhkan air muka Melayu, malah mencerca maruah bangsa Melayu, perlu di permalukan supaya mereka tidak lagi berbuat demikian. Di Kitab Kristian ada di sebutkan, jika orang tampar pipi kiri anda, halakan pipi kanan. Anda pernah lihat, atau dengar, mana2 penganut Kristian berbuat demikian? Kalau anda tampar Amerika, mereka seksakan dan azab sangsarakan anda di Tempat Tahanan Wantanamo Bay; kalau Yahudi Israel, orang Palestin baling batu dia keluarkan kereta kebal dengan meriam 102 mm; kalau Arab atau Iran cakap tak betul, Zionis Israel ugut mereka dengan kuasa nuclear. Saya nasihatkan anda baca lah lebih2, sabelom memberi nasihat. Kalau tidak, keluarkan pendapat biasa sahaja, tak payah beri nasihat. Tapi saya tak marah anda.

Anda harus sedar bahawa dalam sejarah ada bermacam2 kes Melayu merendah diri, Melayu selalu memberi, Melayu “generous enough” kata Tun Tan Siew Sin. Melayu masih generous lagi di tahun 2004, beri 10% tempat di MARA kapada bukan Melayu. Kalau tak berterima kasih pun, orang saperti yang saya maki itu sepatut nya tidak mengatakan Melayu perlu buka pintu MARA dll sapenuh nya, walau pun dalam rangka cadangan SSS, kerana itu bermakna dia mahukan Hak Melayu di bubarkan. Tambahan pula dia menggunakan perkataan “hypocrite”, “racist”, “begging for privileges” dsb nya.

Saya boleh beri penerangan panjang lebar lagi untuk anda tapi cukup lah setakat ini. Rasa nya sudah cukup untuk anda sedarkan diri. Saya kesihankan Melayu “Malay apologist” saperti anda. Anda sama gulungan dengan pemunya blog Sakmongkol AK47. Dia konon nya “liberal” dan “intellectual”; nampak nya tak minat NEP lagi. Tiap kali dia keluarkan pendapat saperti itu, bersorak lah jenis-jenis yang hendak Hak Istimewa Melayu di bubarkan di blog dia. Naik lah tocang mereka di sana, dan sekarang di sini. Nasib lah tidak berapa rugi Melayu sebab dia jadi Wakil Rakyat ha nya satu penggal sahaja. Saya tidak kesana lagi sekarang; jijik tengok Melayu tak minat NEP lagi. Tapi saya tidak marah anda.

Saya harap anda pernah baca penulisan2 William Shakespeare saperti “Julius Caesar”, di mana Mark Antony menyindir dengan berkata berkali2, “Brutus is an honourable man”.


Anonymous said...


Have not been visiting lately -otherwise occupied.

Just a short comment on the goings on above:

It seems to me people often want to link the SSS project with Special Malay Rights, NEP and the like. They should not. The SSS is about schools and the education system.

I think what was and is intended is talk only about schools, the good and bad points of the existing system, suggest improvements; not about politics, Malay rights, etc. Should not mix them because they are separate subjects. Not about universities because they are a higher level.

Also, should not make agreeing to SSS conditional upon people getting what they want. Nobody will get everything they want. Take a bit, give a bit. Think about our children and grandchildren and the future of the country.


Dom Soosay said...

Umm, the anti One School people follow Lee Kuan Yew's "How To Be A Hostile Neighbour" philosophy --> Always LINK the issue you don't want to solve to other unrelated issues until the matter dies down in confusion.

My five children went to govt. schools, mingled with all races, excelled in voluntarism and studies, and are now professionals. My youngest brother absurdly sent his three bright sons to Tamil schools (!) and they (semi illiterates) now end up as grasscutters and lorry drivers. Stupid! And they support Hindraf to fight for more Tamil schools!

Enough Lee Kuan Yew tactics! We must have One School for everyone.


KijangMas said...

Part I

msleepyhead (June 17, 2009 1:25 PM) asked:-
“… just wondering what's next say the petition is successful and you get your wish for a one school system.”

Hello msleepyhead. I believe you’ve been enlightened by others here. Let me just add some fresh angles to the issues you raised above.

You mentioned “... you get your wish.” No, it is not my wish. Satu Sekolah should be everyone’s wish -- mine, yours and every single rakyat Malaysia. The moment one begins a question with “your” and “mine” in a giddy affirmation of self-alienisation, the response will just be a multi-word reciprocation of this estrangement and nothing much would be achieved.

Msleepyhead also asked:-
“… just wondering what 'the others' HAVE TO DO to be treated equally, or the day will never come as it is enshrined in the constitution that there will always be the special ones? Have asked about this equality question in many places but the answer has not been forthcoming.”

You are questioning the very essence of our nationhood, the embryonic building blocks of what makes Malaysia, Malaysia. When we question building blocks, others may also question other building blocks and we end up demolishing the foundation of the nation itself. That we don’t want.

Ok, for your sake, lets skip the oft-mentioned “enshrined in Constitution” and “it’s my birthright” points and do some collective soul-searching. Let’s put the Constitutional provisions aside as they would render your question stillborn. I don’t like to settle issues on “technicalities.” Let’s take this “equality” bull by the horns.

Now let’s examine your statement/question above in practical terms. You see, when you demand “to be treated equally,” you must ask what is actually construed as “being equal” in the eyes of the Malay majority? See, when you asked someone to give (in this case, for the Malays to treat you “equally”), you must also think of what you must give back. The minorities of this country (just like other minorities in other nations) must ask yourselves, “are we doing enough to demand ‘to be treated equally’ by the Malays and other Bumiputras?” See, have you exhibited sufficient linguistic and cultural affinities that would endear you to the majority? Have you shown appreciation and understanding of the budaya and adat and tatatertib of the Orang Melayu that would naturally gravitate you towards the larger milieu, which ultimately induce social acceptance and inter-group cohesion? These are fundamental issues that can only be solved by your community.

You cannot ask “to be treated equally” when your community is doing its best to be different, to be estranged, to be alienated and excluded from the larger society. The opposition to Unified Schools is a classic example of this mindset. Unlike other countries, here the majority wants to embrace the minorities with open arms, in a crucial first step towards kesamarataan that you have been demanding. But what was the general reaction by the non-Malays? Police report! Yeah, to call for a unified society, to embrace the minorities to be “one of us” is a crime in Malaysia according to chauvinist minorities in this country. Who do you blame now?

You see, “equality” does not exist in a vacuum. You cannot have pockets of distinct equal societies scattered upon a divisive social landscape. In the 8,000 year history of human civilization, such a utopia does not exist, and I don’t think Malaysia can sustain being this first experimental unintegrated multi-everything society much longer.

KijangMas said...

Part II

“Equality” covers not just your right to scholarships and discounted houses. “Equality” includes an equal or common language, equal values, equal everything. You cannot just pick and choose the “equality” that only benefits you. That selective equality attitude is manifested in the prevailing freakish Malaysian societal aberration where some groups demand “to be treated equally” BUT concurrently fight to be UNEQUAL in language, culture, mindset and values, with some hell bent on glorifying recently-imported cultural markers spawned by their mass-Mandarinisation of the past two decades.

Boleh kah?

As long as this dichotomous “want equality amidst an unequal existence” mindset prevails, you will never “be treated equally” because that is the exact reaction unconsolidated minorities get from the majority tribes anywhere on earth. Go travel the world and see for yourself. Let me relate a short observation. When I was in a Los Angeles-area eatery, a group of very White Eastern European-type immigrants were chastised by a typical Angeleño crowd of Anglos, Latinos and Asians for not speaking English in the restaurant. See, language and cultural commonalities are more important than race or colour in human societies.

Anyway, we all joined in and advised these newcomers to quickly conform and become part of the social milieu. I saw the same immigrant group three days later and they all spoke nothing but English, albeit broken, among themselves and showed us how proud they were to speak the language of their new homeland. And they were treated as “us” by the Americans, as one of the “huddled masses” who reached their shores for a better life, a brother in arms in a common struggle, ... mom, pop, apple pie, blah, blah, blah.

See! Language conformity was a miracle social elixir for these immigrants. Instant acceptance and brotherhood. Yes, only then would the Americans think of treating them as equals. And I can imagine their children would be English-speaking Americans just like the group of immigrant-sourced Anglos, Latinos and Asians who were chastising them earlier. See how the inbuilt, self-calibrating social compass allowed the newcomers and minorities to be absorbed into the larger society, maintaining cohesion, and inducing “equality” among “fellow Americans.”


Need I say more? Go to a typical kopitiam and listen to the languages spoken by 4th-5th generation “Malaysians.” You expect me to treat as an “equal” someone that I cannot even understand, that is hell bent on and proudly exhibiting his utter differentiation from myself? Why should I? See the disconnect here? See the mismatch in demand and output, in what you want and what you give in return?

In the most practical sense, Malaysians who are determined to exhibit linguistic and cultural inclinations of faraway foreign nations would never “be treated equally” by the majority group, just like the group of Eastern European immigrants were not “accepted” by the LA public as long as they manifest their foreign linguistic-cultural essence. Satu Sekolah is the first, baby step towards this one-ness, this inclusiveness, this commonality among all Malaysians. Only then can we even think of unraveling the tenets of the Constitution on matters of Malay Special Rights and non-Malays citizenship rights.

Don't carry these "inequality" and "special rights" chips on your shoulders. It is beyond you or me or even large groups of people to alter the nation's fundamental constitutional building blocks. What your social group can do is to bridge these language and cultural gaps and find commonalities in your quest to be accepted and "to be treated equally" by the majority. The constitutional part would evolve naturally as you and your descendants integrate into a seamless Malaysian society.

The first step begins with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dominique,

It's so heartening to hear you say those things. They are not all happy news (and I feel sorry for your brother and his children) but they are examples of people being misled by irresponsible others. They include those with sarongs and skull caps lying on the road blocking the Perak Raja Muda's path in Ipoh some time ago.

And I'am glad that you want to share such knowledge in the interest of the future of our country. Let's build it together and do whatever we can for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Of course our enemies include those outside. They are subversive people with tactics somewhat akin to the communists' - Mao Tze Dong's "Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward" and the like. They sow seeds of distrust, create confusion and they benefit from it.

Lee Kuan Yew's nasty tactics have even led Tengku A Rahman to kick Singapore out of Malaysia. I disagree with that action because being outside, he can cause further damage to this country. Subtle, undeclared actions. Many of us don't even realise them. Of course, the remnants of his Party when in Malaysia before even worship him. We need to talk about them often and expose their irresponsible acts and omissions in order that the innocent rakyat realise.


NJ said...

Aiseyyy maaannnnn!!!!

sdr. khairul baru saja bertandang ke DN ni ke? Semasa menulis komen ini, saya nampak baru dua komen dari sdr. di sini.

hmmm… sesudah sdr. diberi penghormatan oleh Tuan Rumah ni (“thank you for stopping by’) sdr. terus hentam saya, “Aku” dan rakan-rakan saya yang “sewaktu”.

Macam geram aja pada saya seolah-olah kita pernah bertegur sapa sebelum ni?

Ataupun sdr pernah ke sini sebelum ni?

Mungkinkah sebelum ini sdr. pernah menggunakan nic “azrudi”? Atau “pak hijau”? atau yang “sewaktu”?

Tapi, saya juga boleh faham “kembang hidung” sesetengah orang sampai tak dapat mengawal perasaan megah bila menerima penghormatan.

Apa lagi kalau penghormatan itu datangnya dari Tuan Rumah seperti Sdr. KijangMas Perkasa ini.

Saya tak kisah, kalau sdr. ingin mengambil alih tempat saya di sini untuk berdepan dengan serangan-serangan anasir subservif tanah air ini yang kasar bahasanya. Bagus juga kalau sdr. dapat berhujah dengan lembut dan penuh budi bahasa dalam menghadapi serangan-serangan anjing-anjing liar itu. Boleh saya beralih medan untuk menyerang anjing-anjing liar itu di dalam kandang mereka sendiri pula. Tidak payah saya nak lapik-lapik bahasa saya bila berhujah nanti.

Sdr menulis “ Terus terang kata aku hanya boleh terima kritikan tajam dan menghiris hati dari KM sahaja,…..,.

Terkejut juga bila dituduh pernah mengkritik tajam & menghiris hari oleh “org baru” di sini.

Lainlah kalau sdr. pernah disepak-terajang oleh saya dan rakan-rakan “sewaktu” sebelum ini.

Dua tiga kali saya scroll balik komen-komen di sini mencari komen-komen yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai “tajam dan menghiris hati” yang kononnya ditulis oleh saya & rakan-rakan “sewaktu” terhadap sdr. khairul.

Ada ke? Maaf saya tak nampak ada, tetapi kalau saya terlepas pandang, tolong tunjukkan yang mana satu agar saya dapat menelitinya semula. Yang ada saya nampak adalah komen-komen yang seperti sdr. sendiri maksudkan di sini; … kritikla secara membina seperti cadangan unker yew dan yang telah korang demonstrate keatas komen msleephead.….. So yang mana satu ni sdr. khairul?

Saya sendiri tidak terasa hati cuma terkejut bila dituduh pernah memberi kritikan .. secara kasar dan menyakitkan hati … kepada sdr. sebelum ini.

Maafkan saya kalau terkasar bahasa saya ini.




KijangMas said...

Salam saudara NJ,

Jangan endahkan suara-suara sumbang yang kadangkala terpercik di disini.

Teruskan perjuangan. Pantang undur.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tuan KijangMas and DN Community,

Please read this article : "Wanita merengkok dalam penjara kerana disangka pendatang asing ",

SEREMBAN: Seorang wanita dari Negeri Sembilan mengalami kejutan apabila dituduh sebagai pendatang asing dan disumbat di Penjara Kajang, Selangor selama dua bulan sejak April lalu.

Wanita yang berusia 37 tahun itu dikatakan teraniaya disebabkan kegagalan pihak Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) untuk menyemak kes pengenalan dirinya secara terperinci sehingga terpaksa merengkok di dalam penjara, sebelum diselamatkan oleh Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan MIC Negeri Sembilan, Datuk T Rajagopalu, semalam.

Menurut Rajagopalu, wanita yang mempunyai tujuh orang anak itu memberitahu bahawa dia dituduh menggunakan kad pengenalan palsu ketika mahu memperbaharui kad pengenalan lamanya kepada MyKad pada 15 April lalu di JPN Seremban.

"Keadaan diburukkan dengan kegagalan wanita ini untuk bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu dengan baik kerana tidak pernah bersekolah dan hanya tinggal di kawasan estet di Pahang sejak kecil, sebelum berpindah ke Mantin selepas beliau berkahwin kira-kira 10 tahun lalu," katanya hari ini.

"JPN juga tidak sepatutnya terburu-buru dengan menyumbat wanita ini ke dalam penjara seolah-olah wanita ini melakukan kesalahan jenayah," katanya.

Katanya, terdapat banyak bukti yang menyokong bahawa wanita itu adalah warga negara Malaysia.

"Mendiang kepada bapa wanita ini iaitu Kuppasamy, atas sebab yang tidak diketahui meletak nama anak sulungnya ini sebagai Vasandy Sandaram ketika mendaftar kelahiran anaknya.

"Sedangkan di rumah dia dipanggil Shanti dan kesemua empat adik beradiknya yang lain menggunakan nama ayah mereka sebagai Kuppasamy," katanya.

Rajagopalu mendakwa ketika mahu membuat MyKad, JPN menemui dua nama Vasandy di dalam sistem komputer dan atas kekeliruan itu akhirnya mengambil tindakan menahan Shanti.

Suaminya, M Balakrishnan yang terkejut dengan penahanan isterinya lalu meminta pertolongan MIC untuk membebaskan isterinya.

Shanti memberitahu, dia tidak dapat membela dirinya kerana tidak fasih bertutur bahasa Melayu.

"Walaupun layanan yang diberikan oleh kakitangan penjara adalah baik tetapi saya tetap dilayan seperti seorang warga negara asing," katanya melalui jurubahasa. - Bernama

The article above is an example of a "Malaysian" who is not able to speak Bahasa Kebangsaan or the National Language. What do you all think of this person? Is she 'qualified' to be considered a Malaysian at all? She is not able to speak Bahasa Malaysia, she speaks only Tamil. This person definitely studied in SJK(T) or she might even just arrived from Tamil Nadu! How are we going to know if she was telling the truth?

Is it surprising that she was put in jail and treated as a "pendatang asing"? I wonder if this case is isolated or if it's a norm in this country...God knows...

SSS will be able to help solve this problem as Bahasa Malaysia will be the language of instruction....and we'll be able to differentiate between a real Malaysian and a fake one. Insyallah.

msleepyhead said...

Dear KM,

Thank you for taking the time to personally answer and explain the questions, and sharing your experience, your wisdom shows. Same goes to the others who've shared their views in response to my queries.

Your clarification on the equality issue is gold. It's an article in itself. If not for the social contract and unique circumstances our country was founded, whereby the majority was not the dominant in every front things would have been different. In the States, it's probably different as English was already at the forefront and important for education and economic opportunities.

The Peranakan is probably the closest example we can have of assimilation, but what of they? Still classified as Chinese despite their hesitation. If we look in urban areas, then we shall find quite a number, maybe small, of non-Malays who only speaks Bahasa and English. This is probably due to their upbringing in English, and hence no longer speaks in their ancestral dialect. This may be the modern version of the Peranakan, whereby they adopt a mix of Malaysian and Western values and culture. Again, what are they but classified based on their genetics in a race-based system at present.

Anyway before derailing further from the issues at hand - SSS, IMHO , the current cultural practices of the non-Malay community members were accepted as part of the social contract. Going by your example of the kopitiam chatter, it's no different how MCA conducts it business, don't think it's in BM,so like it or not politics are involved in every aspect of Malaysian life. It will also be applied to the SSS, despite several comments saying this is apolitical.

And perhaps that needs to be factored in, taking into account the biggest opposition will come from the political parties first before the communities itself. Please stop targeting the vernacular schools or even the communities directly as it is not up to them to decide on what happens. Looking at vernacular schools in Sarawak for example, some of them are mostly attended by Ibans because that's the only school in the locale, same here for certain schools in rural areas in the Peninsula.

If we want SSS to be successful, then we need to wake up to the reality that it all depends on political will, just like how the education portfolio is appointed based on that system.

Having said that, I'm all for it and have also said elsewhere that if the government really wanted to, all they have to do is to make the national schools the type of schools parents will lineup a kilometer long to sign their children in. The question is, will they and do they want to when all they think about is how get votes by playing the racial card, which vernacular schools come under.

Many thanks again for your detailed reply and for allowing the debate. It definitely cleared up the matter.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

So KM, u sudah admit u r an ugly slop. Must be just like that ‘broad shouldered & muscular French rugby play Sebastien ‘Caveman’ Chabal, that ZZ tot about. Hey ZZ, unker look more like the NZ All Blacks player Dan Carter in my younger days, same built, height, weight & of course lah Good looks too. Ask Voren to post u some images..heheh.

TQ to Cenderawasih (Wuzzy), unker sure kembang with your compliments what, where got shy one? Hey u go see who signed petition on # 1577.

Maju, as per your comment ‘I lucky to be roaming all over the places’, unker ni fated, written in the stars, destined to travelled & be served by the orang putih lah, what goes around comes around. My grandfather served their grandparents in the dark colonial days what, true or not? Now only fair their grandchildren serve me what.

John Cena, u behave yourself, else I let loose Jeff Hardy & CM Punk (Drop kick sleeper hold) on ya on ‘Afterburn’!

Stay cool NJ, not worth the stress.

Unker Yew.

Cenderawasih said...

Unker Yew,1577??bukan kelentong punya?
jadi kena mengakui la,'you must be nice and good looking fella'.


Kesian kat perempuan tu,SJK masih relevan sekarang?Anti SSS macam mana ni?

Rakyat yang menerima akibatnya,bukan ahli politik.
Ahli politik yang ikhlas dah termasuk dalam kategori 'spesis terancam'..

Anonymous said...

Cendrawasih, you said,
"Rakyat yang menerima akibatnya,bukan ahli politik."

Yup, my dear, in my humble opinion the politicians are the ones who refuse to change their outlook on vernacular education. Why? 'cos they get their votes from the "graduates" of these schools....These schools are the bastions for their power base. Power corrupts. Who want to let go of this "power"? That is the reason why we have objections for our SSS campaign. I don't think the politicians of this country really care for the Rakyats. They are all the same. They care for Power and Money. When they say Power, it is actually Absolute Power. When they get Absolute Power, they'll be able to enrich themselves, doing anything they like, giving contracts, projects to their cronies etc....Here, I'm being unbiased, I'm talking about politicians of all spectrums....Most if not all politicians are corrupted. Also, as you said, "Ahli politik yang ikhlas dah termasuk dalam kategori 'spesis terancam'.." so, what hope do the Rakyats have?

Yes, 'kesian kat perempuan tu...', I agree... She is a victim of political manipulation by unscrupulous politicians of her time. Period.

So people, wake up and let's change something for the betterment of the country. The first step is to sign the petition for the SSS. Let SSS help M'sians to be united, cohesive and evolve to a real bangsa Malaysia. Let's be smarter than the politicians of this country.

Anonymous said...

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

One school is definitely good. Don’t we want to let our children mingle with others of different culture background?

I studied in Malacca High School, yes it started out as a missionary school and English was the medium of instruction then. But during my time, in the late 80s the school had had it switched to the Malaysian Language (”Bahasa Orang Malaysia aka Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia”) this however didn’t stop parents from enrolling their children there because of the quality had still been preserved.

We had almost 50% Malay students, 40% ethnic Chinese students, 8% ethnic Indians and 2% of Others. (from my loose observation). Until today my close friends come from various cultures and I am always thankful for that.

Remember, this was a National School I am talking about. The school that still remains as it was and I am proud of that.

Now, I see the task on enhancing and improving National Schools is shouldered by the Government namely UMNO, ALONE. Yes ALONE. You may not like it but it is the fact.

Any effort to make the national schools better is always opposed by the other BN components namely MCA and MIC.

Shouldn’t it, when we talk about improving the national school, the task should also be shouldered by the MCA and the MIC? They represent the Government as well, don’t they?

Sadly this is not happening. You have one minister from UMNO and the deputy from MCA who will always oppose anything to do with enhancing the National Schools (well this at least I read in the newspapers). One being a minister is fighting for the national interest and the other one is fighting for the ethnic chinese’s interest!
Doesn't the Deputy/Assistant know that his task is to assist his Head aka Boss? Then what's the deputy is there for?

We can bla bla bla condemning about the quality, the facility, the imbalance composition of races among the teachers BUT WHAT DO WE DO AS MALAYSIANS TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

Please think, when it comes to national interest’s assignment or task, this so-called ‘burden’ or task should and must be carried out by EVERYBODY of the nation regardless of race.

Please do not just make complaints if we do not or cannot contribute (we are not talking about tax paying here) to the task of making national school the best choice for all Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM dan hulubalang-hulubalangnya..

Saya ambil karangan tuan kepada msleepyhead dan letak di themalaysianinsider. Ada sebuah artikel dari mereka berkaitan kesamarataan. Kredit diberikan kepada blog tuan.

NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan KijangMas Perkasa dan sidang deminegara sekelian,


Saya juga pernah terbaca akhbar tentang perkara yang hampir sama, tahun lepas (?).

Seseorang ini ada masalah di sebuah pejabat imigresen kerana tiada bersamanya mykad. Orang ini mengatakan dirinya warga negara, tetapi langsung tidak boleh berkomunikasi dalam bahasa kebangsaan negara ini. Bayangkan anda adalah seorang pegawai imigresen yang berhadapan dengan orang ini waktu itu. Apa tindakan anda? Apakah persoalan yang sedang bermain di kepala anda ketika itu? Pasti anda akan ragu-ragu tentang taraf kerakyatan orang itu bukan?

Tetapi yang saya terkilan adalah, pihak berkuasa pula dipersalahkan kononnya memberikan masalah kepada orang ini, sedangkan dia sendiri yang tidak membawa mykad, apalagi tidak tahu bertutur dalam bahasa kebangsaan negara yang dia sendiri dabik sebagai seorang warga? Apakah bangsa orang ini yang agak rendah, saya kira budinya apabila menyalahkan orang lain sedangkan ianya berpunca dari diri sendiri?

Jika benar dia ini seorang warga negara yang sah, sampai bila pula dia ini harus diberi TONGKAT bahasa. Jangan hanya tahu menuding kepada kaum pribumi sahaja. BAHASA itu perkara ASAS kewarga-negaraan seseorang itu jika dibandingkan dengan taraf kedudukan ekonominya dalam hal "Tongkat" NEP ini.

Sesungguhnya, SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA, adalah suatu usaha untuk melahirkan semula anak bangsa yang BERBAHASA, agar bangsanya itu mempunyai JIWA. Seperti ungkapan yang tertera di kaca TV:-

"Bahasa adalah Jiwa Bangsa"



P/s: Thank you Unker Yew for your most "HEALTHY" advice. Aiyahh... mau manyak-manyak intim sama itu amoi, but cannot! dont understand the language la... stress lagi!

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Saudara KijangMas,

Saya ingin menzahirkan sokongan saya terhadap usaha ini (Petition #1590).

Sokongan padu dari saya demi Bangsa dan Tanah Air tercinta!

"Negara ini Negara Berdaulat!"

Semerah Padi

Cenderawasih said...

anonymous June 25, 2009 12:39 AM

atau watever di malaysian insider..

komen dia ada kat sini

haha,merapu betol komen balas bangang2 kat situ."our strength is through diversity" konon.tak tau la logik apa dia pakai.berdasarkan logik ni kot?
sekolah asing2,bila besar baru bercampur..

hasilnya,yeaa,"behold,super united malaysian,questioning everything about malay,yee haa".
fuhh,such a melting pot,sizzling hot..

sebelum p MI,tarik nafas dalam-dalam dulu k,dan bersedia untuk gelak.sebab mereka memang kelakar..

Anonymous said...


Mereka yang mengatakan "strength through diversity", "unity in diversity", "going in parallel lines at the same time achieving unity" dan sebagai nya itu tidak memikirkan sapenuh nya apa makna sabenar nya rangkaian2 kata tersebut. Sedap cakap sahaja, slogan kosong sahaja.

Coba lah fikirkan: boleh kah garisan2 selari (parallel lines) bertemu, bersatu? Boleh kah kita kuat atau bersatu jika kita berbagai jenis, tiap satu jenis mengejar tujuan dan mengikut haluan yang berlainan? Kita ajak mereka bersatu melalui SSS, mereka cari helah bermacam2.

Mereka tak suka ada borang2 Kerajaan memerlukan sebutan bangsa, menomah Kerajaan mahu membeza2kan bangsa, menggalakkan perkauman, mahu memberi keutamaan kapada satu kaum yang terpilih, konon nya. Sekarang kita ajak mereka usahakan supaya timbul suatu Bangsa Malaysia, supaya satu masa nanti tidak akan perlu lagi ruang "bangsa" di nyatakan di
borang2 dan dokumen2 Kerajaan. Mereka buat helah lagi. Apa macam ini? Apa jenis mereka ini?

Ada pula yang mengatakan bila mereka sudah dapat apa yang mereka mahu, bahru mereka berikan apa yang negara mahu dari mereka sebagai rakyat. Ini langsung tidak masuk akal. Pendirian saperti ini boleh menjahnamkan negara. Mereka perlu di beri tahu atau di peringatkan bahawa di Amerika Syarikat, negara yang di katakan paling liberal di dunia ini, Presiden nya J.F Kennedy, pernah berkata, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country".

Kita sudah beri berbagai penerangan berkenaan betapa jauh nya orang2 Melayu ketinggalan akibat penjajah British tidak memberi pertolongan atau galakan Melayu berniaga, meraut kekayaan, melebih beratkan persekolahan di bandar2, tidak di kampung2. Kita sudah memperingatkan mereka berkenaan Kontrak Sosial, yang pemimpin2 Melayu dan bukan Melayu sudah persetujukan di masa Merdeka, bahawa bukan Melayu di beri kerakyatan, dan, sebagai balasan nya, Melayu di beri Hak Istimewa Per 153 di Perlembagaan. Sekarang mereka perso'alkan Hak Istimewa Melayu itu, walhal Melayu belom perso'alkan hak kerakyatan mereka itu. Ini semua perkembangan tidak baik di negara ini.

Kita perlu teruskan usaha2 memberi penerangan2 itu, memperingatkan yang tua, memberi tahu yang muda. Itu juga sebab nya SSS itu merangkumi cadangan supaya Sejarah di mestikan di sekolah2, agar dengan pengtahuan sejarah yang cukup, kesemua Bangsa Malaysia di masa akan datang akan sedar peranan dan tanggung jawab tiap2 kaum asal/etnik mereka di Malaya/ Malaysia ini. Dan dengan itu tidak memperso'alkan hak sesiapa, dan sampai satu masa nanti, bila suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang tulin sudah terjalin, semua rakyat Malaysia akan merasai hak yang sama.

Mari lah kita teruskan usaha2 memberi penerangan dan peringatan kapada semua rakyat Malaysia. Demi kepentingan keamanan, perdamaian dan kemakmuran negara yang kita cinta ini.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan Anonymous 25 Jun @ 12.39am,

Saya harap Tuan letakkan mana mana tulisan yang baik itu di mana mana tempat yang Tuan fikir perlu. Saya rasa Tuan KijangMas dan hulubalang nya tidak ada halangan. Itu usaha murni.

Kita kena beri sebanyak mana dan seberapa selalu penerangan kapada mereka yang perlu di beri. Walau pun ada yang susah nak tukar pendirian, tapi sekurang kurang nya kita beri pandangan yang lain (alternative view points) kapada pembaca pembaca mereka.

Saya pun sudah buat begitu.


KijangMas said...

Unker Yew (June 17, 2009 4:31 PM) said:-
“Yes, this SSS won’t fix the current problem overnight but it needs to have a start somewhere if we were to have any hope. I for one is not an initiator, but at least I’m prepared to support those that take the trouble to get the ball rolling.”

Words of a wise man. To you anti-unity, anti-Melayu, Chinapore-worshipping Leng Chais and Ah Mois out there, try to understand and appreciate Unker Yew’s stand. Don’t be misled by subversive charlatans bent on wreaking havoc on our complex society to your ultimate detriment.

And Unker, your rugby brawl story (June 19, 2009 3:19 PM) is mirrored in my own experiences at the old Sekolah Rendah. The only time race came into the picture in the many sports brawls that yours truly partake in was when we “collided” with the hardcore “SRJK Cina” teams. It was like playing against a far away foreign team. I did my share of protecting the Ah Siongs and Kumars on the field against these Chin Pengites who viewed them as traitors and government sympathisers.


Rowan (June 19, 2009 10:46 AM) said:-
“Thank you I support this motion, it's time to see each other as Malaysians rather than a member of an ethnic group! :)”

Thank you Rowan. I’ve visited your blog and see the product of excellent upbringing. Your thoughts mirror what we’re trying to achieve via Satu Sekolah. You represent the hope of a future Malaysia.


Berita Harian piece quoted by Zazaland (June 22, 2009 6:12 AM):-
“Keadaan diburukkan dengan kegagalan wanita ini untuk bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu dengan baik kerana tidak pernah bersekolah dan hanya tinggal di kawasan estet di Pahang sejak kecil … Shanti memberitahu, dia tidak dapat membela dirinya kerana tidak fasih bertutur bahasa Melayu ... saya tetap dilayan seperti seorang warga negara asing," katanya melalui jurubahasa.”

3rd-4th generation "Malaysian" talking via a jurubahasa.

What can I say?

Who’s at fault here? The government? The “system”? Yeah, these people resist precious education in fully government-funded national schools. Then when the proverbial sh!t hits the fan, they will turn around and blame the government (in this case, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) for treating a clueless non-BM speaking person as a foreigner.

And that little MIC Hero Tamil, T. Rajagopalu, had the audacity to blame everyone else for a broken system spawned by HIS party’s utter neglect of the Indians in all its years in the Pahang state and federal governments.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more such cases in the deep innards of new villages and estates await media exposé and, in an MGR-like twist to the plot, used as fodder for attacks on the authorities by opportunistic political parties.

Cenderawasih said...

Salam Izham,

Boleh saudara berkongsi 'link' dimana saudara telah letakkan komen KijangMas tersebut?

Kami amat menghargai usaha saudara.Terima kasih

Lipan Bara said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas;

Lama tunggu. Komen yang pedas-pedas tak ada masuk ker tuan? Semua komen boleh dikatakan jinak-jinak sekarang.

Agaknya dia orang dah habis dan bertobat kerana selalu kena sumbat lemak cili api dan asam pedas kot. Selalunya tuan jamu dia orang dengan hidangan-hidangan santapan diraja yang tak terperi lazat-lemak-pedas-dan-manisnya siap berulam sekali.

Ulam yang paling best ialah pucuk gajus apabila dicecah dengan budu. Kita yang tidak turut menjamah santapan itu pun dah puas dapat baunya sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Salam dari Melayu Bersatu

Dengan kerana BABI--- DAP tikam belakang PAS
DAP sanggup tikam belakang PAS hanya kerana satu rumah lapah babi

Mula Mula Lim Guan Eng memecat Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai Johari Kassim yang dikenali sebagai seorang ahli majlis yang ikhlas bekerja keras untuk membersihkan MPSP yang dikatakan begitu kusut dengan pelbagai permasalahan.

Johari dipecat walaupun PKR Pulau Pinang memohon agar belau tidak dipecat kerana beliau seorang yang kuat bekerja. Malah TKM1 yang baru dilantik pun meminta agar johari tak dipecat...

Tak layan.. pecat juga... malah katanya kalau suka, boleh suruh PKR cuba lantik Johari semula... begitulah bongkaknya Lim Guan Eng dari parti Roket.

Kemudian dituduhnya, kaum India yang bakal kehilangan rumah mereka sebagai bodoh dan katanya Hidraf sudah menjadi boneka BN...

Eh wahh sedapnya mulut,
dulu masa nak kan sokongan Hindraf, langit dan bumi bulan dan bintang dijanjikan,

Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala a.k.a. High Chaparral yang marahkan Lim Guan Eng - jawab Lim Guan Eng: merekalah yang bodoh kerana tak ambil pampasan- sekarang nak susahkan aku pulak..Gambar oleh Star Online

Tak cukup dengan itu, DAP sanggup keluar dari pakatan Rakyat demi kerana rumah lapah babi YANG DIDIRIKAN SECARA HARAM di kedah dirobohkan. Ait satu rumah lapah babi punya pasal pun boleh tinggalkan pakatan... macamana ni... BACA RENCANA THE STAR DI PENGUHUJUNG POSTING INI

Bila PAS nak berbincang dengan Umno untuk satukan Melayu dia kata macam macam kat PAS, sampai ada yang suruh PAS keluar dari pakatan kerana khianat... NI DAP sorang kat kedah to tak Khianat Pakatan Rakyat ke.. or more specifically, tak khianat PAS ke?

DAP bukan sekadar memaki hamun pas tapi meninggalkan pakatan hanya kerana sebuah rumah lapah babi, apa agaknya reaksi mereka kalu PAS betul betul mahukan negara Islam

DAP begitu lantang menghina Haji Hadi Awang kerana mahukan orang Melayu dan Islam bersatu kononnya ia mengguris perasaan Cina dan bukan Melayu yang lain, tetapi di Kedah mereka tak hiraukan langsung perasaan orang Melayu. Yang peliknya Nik Aziz setuju cakap DAP pulak tu... entahlah

pikir pikirkanlah wahai orang Malaysia

msleepyhead said...

SJK boy makes good.

From the Star:

The school's site:

which remarkably does not have an English version, what more in BM.

But still that didn't stop him from going all around the world and now become the PM's Pol-Sec.

Anonymous said...


Blogger Malaysian Heart commented on SSS and called for “real conversations” on how to create a “Malaysian Dream that will make us proud of ourselves & our Nation”. As a strong supporter of SSS, I wish to respond here. He reads Demi Negara, anyway.

Unfortunately, in the next sentence he said, “This is too important a question to let the likes of Deminegara decide for us.” I find it strange that, having begun nicely, he has to say this in the next breath. The problem, quite often, is a lack of understanding and jumping to conclusions without asking or getting the pertinent facts. He should understand that the DN Community only proposes an in-depth study or review of the existing education system, the Government decides whether to carry out the study, then begins the whole process of selecting and appointing a qualified, experienced and independent Study Team, gathering of facts, the checking on records, the interviews and discussions, the formulating of a Study Report and Recommendations. The Study Team recommends but the Government decides. I wonder what his motive is in saying not “to let the likes of DN decide for us”.

MH next compares Malaysia and the US. I find this a very strange comparison; for one thing, the US has hundreds of years of history after colonization, whereas Malaysia has only 52 years after Merdeka. He picks up even the jalur gemilang of our national flag being similar to the US flag and I don’t understand his purpose in doing so; of course we are ethnically diverse but what good would talking about the flag bring at this day and time.

He spoke about the different set of American “values and ethos” that emerged from their War of Independence, about patriotism, national identity and all. But he has to recognize the stark difference here. There might not have been many non-British settlers who took part in the historical event called the Boston Tea Party, but most of the European settlers took up arms during the War of Independence.

The stark difference in the then Malaya was that the Secret Society Hai San Kapitan China of Larut signed a petition with 44 of his thugs and gangsters asking the British Resident in Penang to help regain their tin mines lost to the rival gang Ghee Hins and this led to the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and British colonial rule. There was no war of resistance against the British. The Chinese, who were increasing in numbers in later years, fought the British under the MCP but Chin Peng wanted Malaya to be China-aligned. The Chinese generally welcomed British colonial rule and benefited a great deal from it until Merdeka. In fact, the British assistance to the Chinese by giving mining leases and all sorts of licenses to do business, and by building sufficient schools at primary and secondary level in the towns where most Chinese lived, resulting in the Malays being left far behind economically and educationally by Merdeka time.

When the Malays resisted against the British and Dato Sagor had his men plunge the keris into the British Resident JWW Birch on the banks of Perak River, they did it on their own and suffered the consequences by themselves. Clearly then, it is not comparable to the US case.



Anonymous said...

PART 2 (re: Malaysian Heart).

True, wars of independence, of maintaining freedom, of spreading democracy etc create a potent force of espirit de corps, a strong sense of togetherness, of unity of purpose. The US also had their Civil War, War of Expansionism to the Wild West and Mexico, World War I & II, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Even then, unity, national identity and patriotism didn’t come naturally, automatically. For a long period of time, the blacks were not allowed to be at the battle fronts, battalions of them were sent to build the long and treacherous road to Alaska, in warships they were given menial duties like cooks and cleaners. So, where is the so-called “their pride in fair and equal treatment of all groups in society.” These things are still going on now. There are voluminous records of the lack of assistance for the mainly black victims of the recent major natural disaster – Typhoon Katrina. Not all is sweet and rosy in the US.

There is a significant number of Chinese in America to day, many descended from railroad construction workers over 100 years ago. But look at their sense of belonging. reports a study that examined the national identity of expatriate Chinese in the United States. It revealed four categories of national identity among expatriate Chinese in the U.S.: Old Chinese (Laozhong), internationalism-oriented Chinese, American-oriented Chinese, and state-oriented Chinese. Are these a reflection of a sense of belonging, of nationalism, of patriotism to the country of adoption? Again, not all is sweet and rosy in the US.

This thing called the “American dream”. MH said, “What motivates them to strive for success in all fields is the American Dream itself. Their human rights & freedoms are protected by their democracy ... Americans are patriotic because they have something worthy to believe in & fight for, not because they have been coerced or psycho-ed into patriotism.” I don’t understand what he means here. Is he implying that Malaysians have been “coerced or psycho-ed into patriotism”? And here we are, all the time talking about a peaceful, democratic, not militaristic or forceful way of creating a united, strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia through the SSS. He must learn to differentiate the chaff from the grain.

I agree with him fully when he said, “I believe that what set America apart from the others is how that common language, education system, constitution and law came to be, which in turn reflects each country's values & ethos.” Now let’s apply that to Malaya and Malaysia, accept them and practice them. The fact is that in Malaya we started on the wrong footing with the Hai San Kapitan China calling in the British and, under colonial rule, the British gave a lot of economic and educational assistance to the Chinese than to the majority Malays. Thank goodness some Malays had some higher education to differentiate the good from the bad and negotiated for the Special Malay Rights in exchange for the citizenship rights for the non-Malays. Together with these, the Malays also asked for Bahasa Melayu as the official language. THESE ARE HOW THE CONSTITUTION, THE ULTIMATE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY CAME TO BE.

If the non-Malays accept these, there is no reason for them to begrudge BM, Special Malay Rights, and start unreasonable demands. Some not only don’t accept but started questioning the sensitive Article 153 of the Constitution. Hence, occasionally the “balik negeri” reaction. Yet the Malays have not questioned the non-Malay right to citizenship, which was the quid pro quo for the Special Malay Rights.



Anonymous said...

PART 3 (re: Malaysian Heart)

One commentator to the MH blog said that he would give what the country wants from him ONLY AFTER HE GETS WHAT HE WANTS FROM THE COUNTRY. One can only imagine what he wants – presumably more, more and more, most of which would be at the expense of the Malays. Since MH is so keen about the American dream and patriotism, he should have told the feller the famous President J.F Kennedy’s quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. He has not done so. Yet he wrote so much about patriotism. American patriotism, that is.

Where is loyalty, sense of belonging and patriotism if you don’t respect the Constitution of the country? Where is loyalty and patriotism if you talk of “getting” first before “giving” to your country? This kind of attitude is mind bogling. It smacks of a total lack of a sense of feeling for the country. Well educated people, like MH appears to be, should be pointing out things to his commentator. Yet he didn’t. Does he also feel the same way? Very sad for this country if he does.

This MH person must appreciate that Malaya was not like America where the Red Indians were not recognized to be rulers of the country when the Europeans flocked in to settle there, and they shot the Red Indians like animals. In this country, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British all recognized that the Malays were ruling this country, negotiated, cajoled and forced their way with guns and cannons in Malacca, Johor, Singapore, Penang, Larut and so on.

MH talks about homeschooling, private schools, etc. I hope he has read this in wikipedia homeschooling: “.. the Runyon Court (US) held that: "The Court has repeatedly stressed that while parents have a constitutional right to send their children to private schools and a constitutional right to select private schools that offer specialized instruction, THEY HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PROVIDE THEIR CHILDREN WITH PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION UNFETTTERED BY REASONABLE GOVERNMENT REGULATION”.

So, what do we do in the absence of a strong sense of belonging, of unity, of nationalism, of patriotism? Surely we can’t just keep quiet? Or put out high-fluting ideas about rights and freedom, when the very rights that are written in the Constitution are not respected? Is it right to criticize attempts at bringing about national unity and a national identity through the SSS? Put aside the occasional shouts of “balik to countries of origin”; you might get bogged down and miss the bush for the trees if you dwell on such things. To that MH I say: let’s have a “meaningful and explanatory kind of discussions” if you are really interested in searching for a Malaysian “solution”.

Let’s find the correct premises so that we can get the meaningful arguments. If your premise is wrong, you’ll never be right. Surely the Constitution is the correct premise for our arguments –it’s the highest set of laws of the country. The Constitution of Malaysia, that is.

Our history differs and our approach must differ from other countries. We must grow and develop on the basis of our history. Nobody gets everything they want in this world. Not even the majority Indians in Fiji; the indigenous Fijian military grabbed power after elections that enabled the Indians to rule the Fijians. Let’s accept historical facts and adopt a give-and-take stand. Don’t you see that the DN Community are even willing to give up the Malay identity and call everyone, including the Malays, a Bangsa Malaysia?


Anonymous said...


I have been unable to get thru to the Star link you provided.

It's good that the man has achieved considerable success.

If only we can get reliable data on the overall SJK success rate. Even so, it may not negate the finding regarding about 25% SRJK(C) drop outs that Wee Ka Siong revealed in 2008.

I'll try that link again. I'm interested in the other factors/ the additional efforts made by the man that may not be available to the average SJK pupil.


NJ said...


By the normal "a tic for a tac" response (or shall I say reaction, here?), I am expected to say something like below to counter your latest posting.

"SK boys & girls make even better. Here (so many info links) and here (so many school website links) which remarkably does not have English version, what more in CHINESE.

But still that didn't stop them from going all around the world and now become the Mr & Ms this & that."

By the normal "tic for a tac", msleepyhead would then come up with even more evidences of her SJK.

So, why should I waste my time here when the only real difference I can see when I wrote "..what more in Chinese", I was a Malaysian and setting my foot in the country named Malaysia.

So, who and where are you when you wrote "...what more in BM"?

I guess, most of us here know what really you were saying behind your "SJK boy make good" posting. "msleepyhead is holding tight to her SJK and CHINESE while setting her foot in Malaysia". Isn't that the more direct meaning behind that SJK boy posting?

I dont know whether you really understand this or not:-

"di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung"

wait a second, see if my buddy can assist me here:-

"凡dipijak地球,在那里的天空思考 "

Is that it?!

I'm sorry, my buddy of same ethnicity as you also have problem, because "I am Malaysian, not Chinese!", he retorted, when I scolded him for not knowing the chinese character for "dipijak" above. (My buddy is my kampong folk)



P/s: perhaps, here in Malaysia, we are not "SATU" mssleepyhead.

Anonymous said...


Blogger Malaysian Heart called for “real conversations” but I call for “real discussions” on the SSS proposal. “Conversations” include ramblings whereas “discussions” imply responsible, well thought-out statements, however disagreeable they may be.

In his latest article he said, “In May 2009, blogger Kijangmas and his friends submitted a memorandum to the Malaysian Minister for Education”. He didn’t even know that the Memo has not yet been sent and he didn’t bother to enquire or read DN sufficiently to know. Can his statements and opinions against the SSS proposal therefore be trusted?

He appeared to have just rambled on his sarcasms and innuendos against the DN Community by, for example, saying on 20 May 2009,"It is refreshing to see commenters raise the level of discussion & support their arguments with evidence, instead of the usual assertions, dodgy logic, rumours & hearsay, followed by more assertions”. Obviously he has not read the Memo fully, the preamble to it and the many comments giving evidence, quoting the Constitution and the Education Act. He is thereby misleading people into opposing the proposal designed to bring about national unity and a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, getting even dangerous, is he not? And in his next posting or comment he might say I’m making “more assertions”?

On 1 June 2009 he said, “I support one school stream for all too, but not this SSUM by deminegara. Its foundations are intolerance towards our fellow Malaysians”. Is he not making an assertion himself there? An invalid one at that? We have been quoting no less than the Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong who revealed in 2008 the 25% (approx.) drop-out rate from SJK© schools and you KijangMas yourself have expressed in one of your many articles/ comments your sympathy for those drop-outs not being able to speak BM well, unable to get better jobs than as sales assistants at shopping malls or mechanical assistants at motor workshops. In criticizing, this man obviously chooses only the chaff and refuses to pick out the grain. He is misleading his readers.



Anonymous said...

NB: This is a re-do of a previous one which may have disappereared in the process of submission.

PART 2 (re. Malaysian Heart):

And, this Malaysian Heart said, “I would propose a one school for all based on equality, fairness & mutual respect for the cultures & contributions of all Malaysians”. This is the standard statement (not argument) used by the SSS detractors. I have dealt with “equality and fairness (US-style etc)” by lengthy explanations in my previous comments. But for the benefit of the casual visitors, I will briefly explain them again here.

You see, these people would not be talking about equality and fairness the way they do if they respect the Constitution of the country and the Social Contract entered into by the leaders of the various communities at Merdeka time. The Malay leaders agreed that citizenship be given to the non-Malays, who were stateless at that time, and, in exchange for that, the non-Malay leaders agreed that the Malays, who were left far behind in their own country as a result of very little assistance given (when compared to the Chinese) by the British colonialists, be given Special Rights.

The non-Malay citizenship right and the Malay Special Rights were embodied in the Constitution. They can’t talk about equality and fairness when they involve eroding or taking away the Special Malay Rights because the Malays would then talk about non-Malay citizenship right in the same terms – the one was in exchange for the other.

He talks about “mutual respect” but does he respect the Malays and the Special Malay Rights? He appears intelligent enough to know that “mutual” means two-way. Does he even respect the non-Malay leaders who have agreed to those Special Rights written in the Constitution? Does he respect the Constitution? In the light of the specific provisions of the Constitution, what does he mean by “equality, fairness and mutual respect”?

Instead of making grandiose statements without justifications, he should have listed out all the contributions of Malaysians that he thinks have not been stated in the established historical records and books. Not all wikipedia history is authoritative and reliable; it is subject to edit after edit by almost any Abu, Chong and Thamby. Likewise, not all the stories put out by the descendents of the anti-British Dato Sagor can be taken as history. Certainly not those glorifying Chin Peng and the MCP terrorists as nationalists. They didn’t “contribute”; they set back the development of the country by decades.



Anonymous said...

PART 3 (re: Malaysian Heart):

In trying to justify his argument,
Malaysian Heart quoted the "Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research" whose website claims themselves to be a "firm established to concentrate the capabilities of a team of dedicated social scientists and professionals in the field of economics, political science, communications, marketing management and civil society." But there is no registration number given (if the "firm" was ever registered under the Registrar of Companies or Businesses). And there was no listing of any of the "social scientists and professionals" to indicate their reliability.

MH appears intelligent enough to know that a few years ago a Sg. Way Group-funded Asian Research Institute or something was laughed at and apologised for its "finding" that the Malays have achieved well beyond the 30% corporate ownership NEP target when the Government stated that it was only about 18%.

For all his good English and well-mannered posture, he sems to be twisting things a bit. He said that the DN Community "believes (promoting Mandarin and Tamil) is against the Federal Constitution". Surely he is responsible enough not to fool his readers into thinking that we don't know the Constitution and that what must have been meant was that promoting Mandarin and Tamil was "not in line" with the Constitution.

He did not quote the name, nic, date and time of the comment (like I did earlier) for us to check. Not having done so suggests that he says things out of convenience.

I have so far not come across any statement of his indicating what he thinks loyalty to the country means, what constitutes respect for the Constitution and what he thinks of the agreement among the leaders of the various communities when fighting for Independence from the British. Indeed, I don't even know what "Malaysian heart" is. I think it's time he explains what having a "Malaysian heart" entails, how people should manifest their feelings of love and commitment to the country in peace time.

He spoke at length about American patriotism, fighting for their country in wars, but during our "Confrontation" with Indonesia, the fighting was done mainly by the Malay Regiments.


the bee said...

Maju said,

"He spoke at length about American patriotism, fighting for their country in wars, but during our "Confrontation" with Indonesia, the fighting was done mainly by the Malay Regiments.



Well, the other day I came across a comment in Dr. Sid's blog about an alien Malaysian who had no qualms of 'handing over' Malaysia on a plate to any invaders. In other words, of being a traitor to the country that gives him/her a state instead of being stateless and being sent back to his/her Motherland wherever it is.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure that this person is not the only alien who has this inclination of being a super subversive. Hatred for the Malays is numero uno in their psyche and thinking. Period.

Talking about why SSS is not their "plat du jour" only enhances the fact that they are PENDATANGs to the brim, therefore there is no desire on their part to be integrated/assimilated/united with the big masses (via education) out there as I'm sure one day they'll leave this Tanah Air and when that happens, I'll say good riddance. Unity in Diversity? my foot....We don't need traitors nor people with no patriotism in their hearts. So, when are you leaving Malaysian Heart? mssleepyhead?

Lipan Bara said...

Malaysian Heart? Whoa! SSS scares the shit out of this spineless one-celled amoeba of a freak that subsist on Malay-hating paranoia. The SSS first brings the Malays together. This in turn encourages all non-Malays be together. History shows the togetherness of the Malays brings blessings to all inhabitants sharing their lives in this blessed land.

Remember the Malay Union saga? How it caused the Malays to move and voice out as one? Which then moved them to negotiate to liberate Malaya? Which then brought the non-Malays under TSS and VM to join the Malays under TAR to move and voice out as one to wrestle Malay out of the British hands? This resulted in the happiness and bliss for all Malaysian till three four five years ago.

So too the SSS. It will bring all the children of Malaysia to study under one roof and to play together in one field.

This will bring all Malaysian parents to celebrate their children's success from under one roof and to join their children to flex their stiff muscles together in one playground.

The synergy of these SSS activities are shared life, mutual respect and trust all leading into one happy Malaysian family.

All these frightens MH and stupefy him witless, for it will drive him out into the wilderness of exile and estrangement, all because of his own undoing. So its no wander that he is doing his best to frighten everyone away from SSS.

Anonymous said...

I write in support of Amir Hamzah at Malaysian Heart blog - in between the Wimbledon Tennis finals. I am also a strong supporter of SSS.

I must say that the blog quoted so much of Dr Aneez Esmail but is he the authority on race relations? The blog didn't say what the Medical doctor himself said and what the Star Online reported:

- "Much of what he shared are from his personal encounters."
- "Admitting he knows little of the Malaysian situation, he nevertheless says relations in this country are constrained by the emphasis on race."
- "Although (his) family can afford private education for the children, they go to state school. 'We want them to mix ..." (Though he talked about rich and poor mixing, his point was children mixing in schools for better race relations)
- In the UK, "the Race Relations Act has not solved the issue of racism because like most legislation, it tends to focus on processes and not outcomes. Quotas and affirmative action tend to produce better outcomes."

Are we on the wrong track in Malaysia then? Even this Medical doctor who has a lot of personal experience (his family was ousted from Uganda by Idi Amin, settled in Britain) says better outcome from quotas and affirmative action (NEP)than all sorts of "processes".

It has to be, because in this country, the aggrieved party has always been the Malays who, in their own country, were poorly treated (compared to the Chinese)economically and educationally by the British.

The others should not feign grievances of inequality, injustices etc if they accept and respect the Constitution of the country, the quid pro quo concerning citizenship and special rights, which have been explained many times.


Anonymous said...

the bee,

"a comment in Dr. Sid's blog about an alien Malaysian who had no qualms of 'handing over' Malaysia on a plate to any invaders." -

Many in the DAP so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" crowd would - to Singapore.

Many among the Chin Peng- and MCP-admiring subversives would - to People's Republic of China.

Many among the Hindraf extremists would - to the Tamil Tigers.

Some in the PAS group which joined in obstructing the Perak Raja Muda’s path in Ipoh would – but would they know who to hand over to? Ya Allah!

People who do not accept the Social Contract entered into among leaders of the various communities when fighting for the independence of the country, who do not fully accept the Constitution of the country that was drawn up after the agreement of those leaders and passed by a Parliament comprising democratically elected representatives of the people, who do not respect and live by half a century-old Constitution of the country, who have no sense of belonging and love for the country, really have no justification to continue living in this country.

We have to be vigilant against these fellows. They are potential Fifth Columnists and traitors. They have no clue about nationalism, patriotism, feelings for the country that they live in year in and year out. Some have, but the feelings lie in a foreign land.

The grass is always greener the other side. Some have gone there, even lived there, but strangely came back. Wonder whether they are paid to live here to do things that would serve the interests of the foreign Government(s). And we know that from time immemorial, Kings, Emperors, Fuehrers, Presidents and Prime Ministers have quietly and secretly, through paid, patriotic or treasonous agents, tried to put down neighbours and others, for one-up manship, for personal glory, for diversion of their people’s attention on their domestic problems, for unknown, hidden agendas.

I am not a Prophet of doom. In fact, as a concerned citizen, I want to do my bit to help the country steer away from doom. Listen to what a commenter in CheDet blog has to say in Part II below.


Anonymous said...


Here's what Zainal, a commenter in CheDet, said on June 25, 2009 4:33 PM:

"… the findings below might seem to show that this little middle-kingdom is the hidden hand for much of the dissent we see here in the Malaysian political sphere ...

The IP: points to a popular Malaysian blog portal which is being hosted by a Singapore serTver named ReadySpace Network Pte Ltd - ReadySpace Network have very big clients including the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)Sigapore and as well the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)Singapore. One does not need to be a genius to know that a private company in this little middle-kingdom who has such big clients also serve its clients-interests."

They won't go and live where their hearts (Malaysian Heart?) may be, perhaps because deep down inside them they fear Big Brother always on the wall; as CheDet pointed out, in Singapoe now they can be accosted by the Police for just standing quietly alone, and in PRC, where the real communist system still prevails, the ruthlessness with which the Government acts would not allow any manja-manjaing by the 1.2 billion populace.Imagine in one instance (reported in a foreign TV) a TV crew being accosted by uniformed Policemen, told not to film, then followed by plainclothes Policemen with a camera, recording the actions of the TV crew.

The mainstream political parties in this country have been riddled with money politics and corruption. The Government has in recent years become so weak that the opposition has been exploiting every little weakness that they find. The economic situation adds to the problem. The disgruntled (they always exist in any society) joined in the chorus. Even the unity- and peace-seeking SSS proposal is attacked. The Social Contract and the Constitution of the country is ignored. They talk about equality and justice as if the Constitution does not exist. Mutual respect is not much seen. And we have a pretty volatile emotional balance among the populace.

The authorities took concrete action on Hindraf. But I wonder what message they got from the release of ISA detainees earlier in the year. Let’s hope and pray that the mischief makers, including from the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia”, chauvinist and subversive groups, took it in positive and behaviour-mending ways. We as concerned citizens must continue to bring to the notice of all parties any words, acts or omissions coming from them that may appear to disturb the current fragile balance that may not be conducive to the maintenance of peace and stability in this country.

Have a good day everyone.


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Tumpang lalu KM,

Haiya,msSleepyhead, I tot I made it very clear with my “Life if Not Fair’ comment on June 17, 2009; 4.31pm. And you were cruising along nicely until u go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like (July 2, 5.43pm)….that! It’s that sort of disillusioned self centred ‘pride & prejudice’ comments that irritate people. Please lah grow up & have some proper ‘sense & sensibility’ towards your fellow Malaysian.

This SSS issue is not about one-upmanship (I bet NJ/Maju/sepadu/KM, can come up with 10 or more similar examples easily too); SSS’s all about pulling our kids resources together, let the kids learn & appreciate their differences under one curriculum, bounce off innovative ideas between them; to enhance future race relationship amongst each other, not just in Malaysia but also make it easier for them in the future where they will no doubt go out to face/ compete with other “kids” from other cultures/countries in our globalised world.

This SSS will also help our populace to communicate with one voice, one language so that we don’t feel awkward when dealing between one another. End result of this, we may finally get some long awaited peace & harmony too. You may ask why not use English? Well my answer is so simple, three quarter of the people already speak BM, 75% of the remaining quarter I’m sure can speak passable BM, so it’s not only pragmatic using BM but we can also hit the ground running instead of starting from scratch. And here I tot the Chinese are pragmatic people, the least inconvenience the better. Come on lah, average Tommy can do it, why not smart cookies like you? I’m your living proof what; I can still speak a few Chinese dialects, my BM, Mandarin and English pun bolih pakai lah. So msSleepyhead, "Don't let me down".

Life is beautiful, simple and I don’t understand when u want to make it so difficult & complicated? Look if 7 of my friends want to go for a football game, 2 want to go to the casino, 1 want to go to the pub; by consensus, all of us would end up going to the football game & have fun there, screaming referee kayu. The 2 can still go to the casino on their own later on, the last fella probably got drunk already by then..heheh.


P/S; Hoi KM, Karen Kong melts my heart with her voice lah. Yeah very embarrassing for rugged macho man like me to admit I like those type of slow cheesy song. I think, her “Cinta Hello Kitty (Kij)” is written especially for u…kakaka. Berbulu I ni.

Unknown said...

Well, there will always be this recalcitrant minority who won't buy any argument no matter how persuasive or invincible your rebuttals are.

So what say, bring it to the silent majority who matters ... car decals, t-shirts, posters, coasters, retail outlet stickers, caps, word of mouth and of course internet access.

Blog access alone may not be enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Omong’s suggestion to “bring it to the silent majority who matters ... car decals, t-shirts, posters, coasters, retail outlet stickers, caps, word of mouth and of course internet access.”

Perhaps the SSS promoters already have these plans in place, that it’s a matter of the right timing to launch them. The SSS should really fit in well with 1 Malaysia. Alas, I have not seen it being accepted as such yet.

It’s still difficult to tell what the 1Malaysia concept is really about, the policies aimed at getting there. Jebat Must Die latest posting asks very pertinent questions.

Perhaps the leadership is still waiting for sufficient feedback from the people to formulate policies clear enough to the people. But it begs the question: after PRU 12, you keep on asking for feedback or you already have think-tanks and clear-cut policies in place? Also, is the “Fourth Floor boy” Mustapha Ong and his Ethos track record (also discussed at JMD), plus his non-acceptance by the entire Petronas Board of Directors (they are people of substance, mind you), a good player to bring the economy back on track, votes for PRU 13 and the 1Malysia concept?


bogey said...


Somebody in BigDog said Nizar is to DAP as Najib is to MCA.

But I think the Malays (who voted for him) are beginning to feel that they are being betrayed ... by another Abdullah Badawi?

May be its time that the Malays should not rely on anyone, not their "leaders" ... these small Melayus ... not even fit to balik kampong ... where you got kampong one?

Anonymous said...


I don't understand what you mean by saying "May be its time that the Malays should not rely on anyone, not their "leaders" ... these small Melayus ... not even fit to balik kampong ... where you got kampong one?"

I hope you are not being nasty there. I wasn't.

You appear to be insinuating something objectionable when saying
"the Malays should not rely on anyone" and "where you got kampong one?" What are you talking about? What exactly do you mean? What are your intentions in saying those?

Let us talk in a responsible way and express our opinions in a civil manner. Think before saying and writing. Don't be inciteful. Others can do the same to you, you would not like it and it won't be helpful to anybody.


Anonymous said...


Really, the SSS proposal is synergistic with the 1Malaysia concept if all parties accept and respect the Constitution and if the politicians are not so carried away with vote-catching programs and activities.

The Constitutional provisions for Bahasa Malaysia, the right to citizenship of the non-Malays in exchange for the Special Rights of the Malays, the protection of the Malay Special Rights and of the “legitimate interest of the others” have been frequently discussed here.

I think now the issue of liberalization in the name of improving the economy and of potential votes for PRU 13 needs to be discussed here. That discussion would still be relevant to the SSS proposal as many dissenters in the past raised similar issues.

Liberalization includes

1. Companies going for public listing no longer required to offer 30 per cent of their shares to Malays. Instead, they will reserve only a minimum of 25 per cent of shares for sale to the public and only half of that to be sold to Malays. That works out to 12.5 per cent for Malays, and if there are not enough takers, the requirement will be put aside.

2. the scrapping of the Foreign Investment Committee which oversees Bumiputera participation in businesses.

3. Earlier this year, he liberalised 27 sub-sectors of the services sector, and the financial sector.

4. A week ago, he announced the creation of a merit-based National Scholarship.

To start the discussion, may I just reproduce some of what has been said by others, as follows:

1. “… the liberalisation process would stifle the progress of bumiputeras in the country … The fact is that the bumiputera quota has not been met, while that of non-bumiputeras has been increasing, and the new policy introduced will only worsen the situation,” – Tun Dr Mahathir, re: Bernama 6.7.09.

2. “I think it's a kind of move more designed towards becoming popular. I don't know if it will help the economy, because Malaysia has been growing since independence. …Now that there is a lack of growth, this is due more to external reasons. It's not about internal things ” - The Star newspaper on its website quoted Dr Mahathir as saying.

3. “He has no choice. Malaysia needs to be more competitive and of course, he needs to win back support for the Barisan Nasional …He’ll find it very hard to keep a balance.” – Rita Sim of Insap, the think-tank of MCA, as quoted by Carolynn Hong of NST.

4. “Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin admitted that there are rumblings on the ground … Meanwhile, his (DSN's) critics remain sceptical about his ability to implement the changes” – Carolynn Hong, NST.

5. The Malays are not ready for PM Najib’s liberalisation policies - says one well-known blogger. See his arguments at


msleepyhead said...

Salam KM, NJ,Unker Yew and others,

The last comment was a 'as it is' report that I wanted to share with the people here.

I thought it was related to our topic and found it interesting that the article actually reported which school he went to. Which led to Googling of the school, and lo and behold, they do have a website but is only in Chinese, which I can't read because there's no English, again I say, 'what more in BM', as msleepy is also from SK lah.

Anyhow, it wasn't meant to glorify SJK, far from it. In fact, it just goes to show that he may be an outlier as he has gone on to master several other languages, and surely it has nothing to do with whether he went to SJK or SK. A person like him would succeed no matter where.

It is about doing what we want with what we have, like Unker Yew pointed out. Overcoming challenges and achieving what we want no matter who we are, where we come from.

Some of our forefathers were ill treated by the Japanese, but what has that got to do with us now.

I think when we start labeling ourselves and actually believe in it, then we box ourselves in, thinking we can't do this or that because it is destined in the stars.

Just off the hat, some easy things that the people in power could have done to improve language proficiency, or any subject for that matter.

1. Have language TV programs or even on radio. Where they teach English, Mandarin, Tamil, Arab in Bahasa Malaysia. Ain't no shame in it. That is the cheapest way to reach out to the masses (Whatever happened to TV Pendidikan?)

If so many people can tune in to AF, it is baffling why it could not be done. RTM is free and watched by the whole country presumably, even the remotest village in Sarawak. Maybe the content has got to be contemporary, get AF kickouts to teach? It is much faster than training a new batch of teachers and much easier to spread.

2. Have exchange programs for urban and rural school kids.

3. Holiday camps for languages.

4. Have volunteer English teaching program.

IMHO, what we are seeing now, is the education system continuing in the same mode since forever, building schools, sending in teachers, but nothing beyond that.

Word just out that, Science and Maths will be reverted to the old system in phases, back to square one?

Anonymous said...


"Word just out that, Science and Maths will be reverted to the old system in phases, back to square one?"

Yes, back to square one. And how much loss there would be when products of the old system would lack proficiency in absorbing, disseminating and applying scientific and technological knowledge. How to expect scientific and technological advancement at reasonable speed?

The politicians must bear the responsibility. But the technocrats must, too. A lot of decision-making depends on the recommendations of the technocrats.

And of course the lobbyists, the vested interests must also take the blame. Don't underestimate their role. One blog talks about the racket going on among the publishers, translators, technocrats and others. A part of it was quoted in another blog, Jebat Must Die. One wonders how many of them joined in the street demonstration participated by Sasterawan Negara etc some time back. There's a lot of money in book translations and corruption exists even among the "bookish fellows", too.

Now our leader is trying to please everybody. I hope he won't come to the stage of pleasing nobody. The diehards can never be pleased.

Corruption has been so rampant. Pak Lah won handsomely in 2004 GE as a "Mr Clean" and promising to curb corruption. Why can't our leader pluck up enough courage, tackle corruption by the horn and campaign on the number of prosecutions MAAC bring up?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

If you don't mind me going off topic a litle bit, which in this regard I wanna touch on the PPSMI issue.

I believe we must firstly, differentiate the difference between the need to empower the knowledge of maths and science and empowerment of English in students. The two must be dealt differently.

With regard to our concern with students lacking in English, I believe we should make analysis the teaching of English itself. Like any language in the world, students must be made to love the language in order to master it. I believe the infusion of literature studies(reading Steinbeck's The Pearl, short stories of Henry Lawson, Roah Dahl etc) should benefit everybody, because students will be made to familiarize with the style of writing, and how to improve their expressions, grammar, and punctuations effectively.

With regard to the teaching of maths and science. we must focus entirely on the contents of their syllabuses. In recent years we witnessed the dumbing down of the standard of maths and science taught in schools.

I strongly feel that the issue of mastery of scientific knowledge and mastery of English language should be treated separately.
Anyway this is just a personal opinion of mine and I stand corrected.
What do you think sir?


Amir Hamzah said...

Salam Saudara Kijang Mas,

Saya ingin memohon keizinan Saudara untuk memaparkan komen yang saya tujukan kepada "MalaysianHeart (MH)". Ini adalah kerana:-

1. MH telah menulis beberapa artikel membincangkan soal pembentukan Bangsa Malaysia, dan beliau merujuk kepada blog Demi Negara ini.

2. Saya telah mula memberi komen kpd MH di artikel terkini beliau (saya kira artikel MH tidak selari dgn Demi Negara, terutama sekali mengenai Kempen Satu Sekolah UNtuk Semua, di mana saya adalah salah seorang yang menyokong)

3. Saya kira, Saudara adalah pemula Kempen ini?

4. Saya dapati ada juga beberapa pengunjung di sini yg memberi komen mereka masing-masing terhadap artikel MH ini. (Terima kasih Saudara Anon, Dot kerana menyatakan sokongan)

5. Saya ingin memaparkan komen terbaru saya (akan saya post selepas ini) kepada MH yang telah saya buat 2-3 hari lepas tapi masih belum dipaparkan. Agaknya MH sibuk dengan urusan lain.

6. Tujuan saya meminta laluan di sini adalah untuk berkongsi pendapat dengan pengunjung di sini (seperti Dot, Maju, the bee, Lipan Bara dan Anon lain-lain) khusus berkenaan MH dan artikelnya yang telah diberikan pandangannya masing-masing di sini.

7. Sekiranya dapat keizinan Sdr. Kijang Mas, mohon saudara paparkan juga komen yang yang tujukan kepada MH yang setakat ini masih belum dipaparkan oleh MH di blog beliau.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Amir Hamzah

Amir Hamzah said...

Salam Sdr KijangMas,

Berikut adalah komen yang saya maksudkan di atas, yang telah saya postkan beberapa hari lepas di blog MH. Saya masih menunggu paparan komen ini sehingga kini.

Yang saya ingin tonjolkan di dalam komen terbaru saya adalah usaha yang di buat oleh Pendekar Perak mengenai siapa sebenar di sebalik Merdeka Center yang membuat survey sepertimana yang dibincang di blog MH tersebut.

Terima kasih.

Amir Hamzah


"Malaysian Heart,

I prefer to validate any survey that caught my attention with the old fashioned "look, see etc" way (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get)

1. A commentator in Malaysia Today said this "without vernacular schools in malaysia,I would rather go back to where my ancester belong". (Sorry, I could not copy paste the link, but I'm sure you can find it in MT as your article here has been featured there).

I wonder how "Malaysian" the person is, as opposed to your assertion based on MCO's finding.

2. I mentioned "Religion" previously, because I feel that using "Religion" as one of the survey parameter was not at all justified. To me, it looks more like as "pemecah undi". What I am trying to say here is, a survey can be designed to achieve certain result. (questions and answers can be thoughtfully designed, samples can be strategically selected, etc)

3. A commentator in Demi Negara, question the MCO itself, mentioning a professional surveys done (by Americans) supposedly to assist Boris Yeltsin. This caught my attention.

Just go around the blogsphere and you'll some find bloggers did little surveys in their respective blogs. I am not at all interested in politics but just as an example, a crude one:-

Pro-govt bloggers tend to survey something like this:-

"ISA must stay" (Yes or No)
I would expect, the result displayed would be majority "Yes". (think about those who visit the blogs)

In opposition bloggers:-

"ISA must be abolished" (Yes or No)
Again, I would expect a majority "Yes" based on the visitors.

4. A survey can also have a little "story" behind it! (

I like my WYSIWYG method!

Not being able to copy-paste here, does really inconvenient me. I dont know if what I have type before got posted (this very same comment). This is the second time retyping (I lost it just before I hit the "post comment" button)

Thank you.

Amir Hamzah"


NJ said...

Salam Msleepyhead,

Based on your recent clarification (re: sjk boy make good posting), that the posting was "as it is", then I owe you an apology.

I guess, "first impression" does have much impact. It is lucky that we are still on "speaking term" that is, we still understand what each other is trying to say even though at the very first level, surface level. Can you imagine what would happen if we dont have common language between us?

That is one of the reason, I would say National Language is a must for any citizen (no two-way about it) and Second Language also a must to almost all the citizens. Other languages, be it for ancestral, culture, business, education reasons, are preferable but never supercede in such a way that it compromises the status of the National Language & the 2nd Language (of any country in the world).

People are quick to ridicule others who may be "mono lingual or bi-lingual" portraying these people as lower class than those of "multi-lingual".

The question is, do you expect each and every citizen to be multi-lingual or do you expect a citizen to be well verse in his National Language, being the least? (i.e. mono-lingual) ?

Think of basic first, fulfill the basic criteria before embarking onto other "desirous" languages; because a "mono-lingual" person may retort by saying "Are you a traitor since you are well versed in other multi-languages but not of your own and you, in such way, do contribute in doing away with your very own language?"

Think what is a "must" first and do not confuse others with "what is preferable". Ask everyone, and I am sure he/she would say "Oh! I would love to be well verse in all the languages of the world". This is not necessary to be asked at all since everybody knows it, but "Are you well versed in your National Language"?, this to me is a "MUST" question.

Again, my apology mssleepyhead.

Thank you for your clarifications.



Anonymous said...


I wish to say something about what Sepadu writes above, if I may.

I’m concerned about the Malays being “generous enough” endlessly. There must be give and take. It must be a two-way street with the non-Malays. They are mostly not even supporting the SSS proposal designed to bring about national unity and the creation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia.

Our leader must see the limits of vote catching. Consider the limits of being “generous enough”.

In the 19th Century, “Manteri Larut” called the Chinese to operate his tin mines. He even advanced them capital – he had a lot of money from cukai jalan etc under the system of those years. Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters came to control the mines and filled one part of the history of the period.

Before Merdeka the Malay and non-Malay leaders agreed on what has become known as the Social Contract – the non-Malays be given citizenship, the Malays be given Special Rights. In 1969 Tun Tan Siew Sin said the Malays had been “generous enough” – not only in agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka but also relaxing citizenship rules for the issue of certificates after Merdeka.

In 2004 the Malays agreed on 10% places for non-Malays at MARA. Now they want more.

Now the liberalization program of the present leadership. More concessions to the non-Malays.

Tun Dr Mahathir has said that the reasons for the current economic situation are external, not internal. The Government should find solutions to the economic problems accordingly. Not by populist measures. Not at the expense of the Malays.

It must be realized that every concession given to the non-Malays means an erosion of the rights of the Malays. If it continues endlessly, there will come a time when the Special Malay rights are no more. That must not be allowed to happen. We must avoid the Malays questioning the citizenship right of the non-Malays, the quid pro quo for the Special Malay Rights. That would not be a healthy situation.

But the over-generous mentality must change. A spirit of give and take must prevail.

In formulating policies and reforms, political leaders must seriously ensure the protection of the rights of the Malays. They are 68% of the population of the country and their rights are embodied in the Constitution.


Unknown said...

Yes Dot

Buat baik berpada pada

Bersatu teguh bercerai runtuh

Takkan Melayu hilang didunia

NJ said...

Salam Mssleepyhead,

Sorry.. in case you are wondering why was I discussing all these mono-lingual, multi-lingual stuff in a comment I addressed to you...

When I wrote that comment above, I read previously comments by others else where, mentioning all about these "linguistic" stuff.. I did get carried away when I was addressing you.. these "linguistic" stuff actually was not meant to you...

Sorry about that...



Lipan Bara. said...

Manusia seperti MHeart dan Manoharan naik tocang kerana ramai Melayu bergolok gadai dan bertabur urai semata-mata hendak meraikan tetamu.

Berpantun seloka menyambut budaya dan tata susila asing.

Sekarang budaya asing menakloki susila bangsa.

Bayangkan songkok dan baju Melayu dimusuhi dan diserang sementara itu menuntut status Bumi pula.

Dasar jagoan p***a.

NJ said...

Salam sejahtera Tuanku Kijang Mas Perkasa dan sidang DN sekelian.

Further to my comments addressed to mssleepyhead (there is another one before this, still awaiting moderation at this time of writing) and to what have been shared by one commentator by the nick "Ayman", here, I would like to add the following, which having regard to the use of language (I tend to agree with "Ayman").

I have come across comments by others made elsewhere which were made when discussing the topic PPSMI. The comments touched on language.

One commentator began with “What do you call a monolingual?”. One responded as “monoglots?” while another wrote “moron-lingual” when a monolingual was seemed to be compared with bi-lingual and multi-lingual.

As I commented earlier, the question of “multi-lingual” need not asking, but “Are you even a mono-lingual?”, I feel, is a MUST question. Think basic first, and the “desirous” should only come after you settled the basic question.

When I followed the Wikipedia link given for a “monoglot”, the explanation was, “monoglot” seems to refer to those Americans, Australian, British etc where they have a singular language, namely English. Their National Language is also an International Language.

So I wonder why such ridicule against a so-called “monoglot”? I will be very proud when my national language is also an international language.

Now, for a “moron-lingual”, seems like a picture painted over a “mono-lingual”. Let us now compare ourselves with a mono-lingual. A mono-lingual has one language, what about us?

Are we “anything-can-la-but-not-a-single-thing-is-lingual?” Look at ourselves. The National Language is Bahasa Malaysia but everyone seems to be at liberty to speak and uphold any possible language that exists within this country. You, me right up to the Prime Minister! It seems the chineses are at liberty to speak hokkien, cantonese, mandarin etc where as Indians the tamil or what ever else language there is. The Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Bajaus etc have their own languages but at least their languages are the languages of the Pribumis. The Malays seem to have been silenced on Jawi. All of these are in the face of Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia which states the national language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia. Tinggal air liur saja? Cakap tak serupa bikin?

When discussing PPSMI, we seem to get ourselves confused. Are we voicing out for Science & Mathematics or are we voicing out for the use of Language? Are we a “confused-lot” as opposed to a “monglot?” which our “anything-can-la-but-not-a-single-thing-is-lingual”? How moronic are we then when compared to those of “mono-lingual”, the so-accused “moron-lingual”?



Anonymous said...


I think the issue in PPSMI is not “mastery” of the English language. It’s being able to receive, impart and apply knowledge of science and mathematics in the English language well. It’s about saving time, energy and other resources by learning and acquiring the knowledge in the English language at one and the same time.

There are many theories, concepts, doctrines and formulae in science and mathematics. These have been, and continue to be, imparted to us mainly in the English language. When a pupil has to learn science and mathematics in BM, the thought process is quite different: the explanations, the reception and the communication of all of those. Then he reads or watches documentaries in the English language. There is another thought process going on; quite a bit of translation and interpretation is required in his/ her mind. Those not familiar have to take another step: checking with the dictionary, etc.

If taught in English, the product of the system doesn’t have to spend the time and the energy to go through those thought processes, checking and counter-checking the meaning of English words, etc. The understanding and the receiving is automatic.

In school, he/ she simply has to understand what is being taught, including the English language, in order to grasp the knowledge well. That many didn’t do well because of poor English is a matter of the teaching of the English language. If the teaching of the language as a subject is adequate and the pupil has the basic knowledge of English to understand science and mathematics taught in English, that’s good enough. PPSMI is not aimed at excellence in the English language; that is the role of the English language teacher.

How to improve the teaching of the English language? Have special courses and extra incentives, if necessary. In the 1960s there was the Language Institute specially set up for the training of teachers in BM; that was when BM was being propagated as a policy. So now let’s have a policy of enhancing the teaching of the English language. Of course, it should not aim at eclipsing the importance of BM; it should aim at getting specialist teachers in teaching BI.

PPSMI should stay. A decision has been made for implementation of the new system in 2012 but we can still ask the Government to reconsider. There is PRU 13 in between or about that time.

We must be forward looking and forward thinking. Maintain the sanctity of BM by all means and have the SSS proposal carried out. But for the sake of rapid advancement of science and technology in our country, let’s have a populace many of whom can easily understand, impart and apply the latest scientific and technological concepts and ideas.


Anonymous said...


I assume you have been following the PPSMI decision despite your frequent travels and no internet access at times.

There have been suggestions on the exploitation of the PPSMI decision for the promotion of the SSS campaign. As PENA appears to have been triumphant, Blogger for example asks, "Apakah PENA sekarang sudah bersedia untuk menaja kempen SSS ini, demi memartabatkan “Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa”?

Indeed PENA should come out campaigning in a big way against vernacular schools and the decision to allow PPSM in vernacular languages, in the name of "memertabatkan Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa", "Bahasa dalam Perlembagaan" and so on. I would like to see PENA does these.

If hope their leaders and members do so, so that people cease talking about their sincerity and asking whether there were other (vested) interests in their public demonstration and other protestations to get the PPSMI decision.


NJ said...

Salam KijangMas Perkasa & sidang DN sekelian,

Kerajaan pun tidak patut juga di lihat sebagai tidak akan pernah-pernah sembuh dari penyakit "FLIP-FLOP".

Menteri Pelajaran patutlah mengambil kesempatan untuk membetulkan arah-tuju pendidikan anak bangsa (kalau terasa dah tersilap dalam memansuhkan PPSMI ini) dengan mengkaji secara mendalam dasar pendidikan yang ada sekarang.

Bukankah ini yang cuba diutarakan oleh KEMPEN SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA? Harapnya Menteri Pelajaran jangan pantas mendengar cakap orang saja, cubalah teliti dahulu saranan kempen ini.



Anonymous said...

Menurut Muhyiddin, pemantauan Kementerian Pelajaran tahun lalu mendapati hanya sebahagian kecil guru menggunakan bahasa Inggeris sepenuhnya dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik.

Mengapa kah keadaan begini di benarkan? Apa kah tindakan Jabatan dan Kementerian Pelajaran berikutan dengan nya? Bila kah mereka sedar keadaan begini? Apa kah yang di laku kan Pegawai Pegawai yang sepatut nya memeriksa prestasi guru guru? Saya hairan.

Kalau pun nampak ada kurang minat guru guru dengan PPSMI, ini tidak boleh di guna kan sebagai alasan memansuhkan PPSI. Kalau begitu, banyak lah yang boleh di mansuhkan di dalakm negara ini. Saya tak nampak logik nya. Malah saya nampak tak ada logik.

Saya mahukan kemajuan sains dan teknologi. Saya percaya menerusi PPSMI boleh terdapat suatu danau rakyat yang peka, berminat dan berkebolehan menyumbang terhadap pembangunan sains dan teknologi di negara ini.

Penyokong PPSMI.

Anonymous said...

Menteri Pelajaran TS Muhyiddin memberi tahu siding akhbar bahawa peratusan murid yang mendapat gred A, B dan C bagi mata pelajaran Sains dalam Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) 2008 merosot daripada 85.1 peratus kepada 82.5 peratus bagi sekolah bandar dan daripada 83.2 peratus kepada 79.7 peratus bagi sekolah luar bandar.

“Bagi mata pelajaran Matematik, pencapaian murid bandar merosot daripada 84.8 peratus kepada 80.9 peratus manakala pencapaian murid luar bandar merosot daripada 80.9 peratus kepada 77 peratus.

“Jurang pencapaian antara sekolah bandar dan luar bandar dalam mata pelajaran Sains dan Matematik semakin melebar semasa PPSMI dilaksanakan,” katanya.

Pembaca sekelian,

Kemerosotan itu tidak begitu ketara. Ha nya 2-3 % sahaja. Bukan nya 5-10%. Kenapa sehingga memansuhkan PPSMI?

Saya belom terbaca dia atau pihak Kerajaan menyo’al kan konsep dan jastifikasi di adakan PPSMI dahulu itu. Bukan kah konsep itu lebih penting dan patut di bincangkan?

Masaelah masaelah yang di kemukakan ada lah berupa kelemahan implemantasi. Bukan kah patut di cari jalan mengatasi masaelah implemantasi itu dan tidak menghumban keluar konsep nya?

Saya fakir ada motif politik dan kemungkinan kepentingan tertentu (vested interest) dalam keputusan memansuhkan PPSMI itu.

Hai orang orang politik, jangan lah jadikan kanak kanak sekolah mangsa kepenting politik kamu. Tolong lah. Kesihankan mereka. Mereka masa depan kita.

Ayu Merayu.

Anonymous said...

Interesting viewpoints on PPSMI and SSS.

Cikgu Pencen

Anonymous said...

According to the Minister of Education, studies done by local universities show only a nominal increase in the level of command of English – not exceeding 3% throughout PPSMI implementation period.

My goodness. On the one hand he said the 2-3% decrease in PPSMI performance is good enough to justify the discarding of PPSMI. On the other hand, 3% increase is not good enough to speak for its retention. That’s strange.

In any case, is PPSMI about “command of English”? I thought command of English is the job of the English language teachers. Surely PPSMI is about familiarity of science and maths in the English language to prepare them for after-school performance because most of the materials concerning the latest development in science and technology in the world is communicated in English.

Surely the technocrats in MoE would have advised the political masters. One sees more and more the hand of politics in the PPSMI decision making. One can only surmise who the beneficiaries are.

Promoter of
Science & Technology.

Hantu Galah said...

Kita tidak mengharapkan kerajaan sekarang bersifat flip-flop seperti yang sudah.

Telah diputuskan PPSMI dimansuhkan. Proses penumbuh besaran yang diatur untuk alam ini ialah patah tumbuh hilang berganti.

Yang patah tumbuk semula. Yang hilang berganti.

SSS awal-awal lagi dipatahkan oleh dua orang menteri, Menteri Pelajaran dan Timbalan PM. Siapa yang mematahkan dia kena tumbuhkan semula. Kalau tidak pokok tak rindang. Rakyat tak ada tempat berteduh. Takkan pak menteri terghamak membiarkan rakyatnya kering kepanasan di kebun sendiri.

Sekarang PPSMI dihilangkan oleh pak menteri yang sama. Apa gantinya? Kalau setakat pergiat usaha penterjemahan, itu cerita lama. Kalau setakat wajibkan Bahasa Inggeris, menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ka pangkal lengan. Alang-alang cuba itu cuba ini, cuba pulalah ajarkan semua mata pelajaran dalam bahasa inggeris. Bahasa Melayu, India, Cina dan lain-lain semua pun dalam bahasa Inggeris juga.

Anonymous said...

To the power that be, listen here.....Give me 10 very good reasons why PPSMI is being scrapped.

Why are the 2 alien languages (ie. Mandarin and Tamil) are given priorities and not English? When you open up anything in the cyber world, what language is being used mainly, is it Mandarin/Tamil? How come in your good opinion English is not important? Do you think it is easier to translate everything into English? Don't you think it is a waste of time? Don't you think that it is easier for children to grasp the scientific terms in English when they're young ......

Huh, no wonder M'sia can never have a world class scientist due to the short sightedness and the 'bodohness' of its government.

Frankly, it is due to political reasons that the M'sian government is scrapping PPSMI.

Btw, for those so called 'Malay language warriors or defendants' that demonstrated against PPSMI, hey what about fighting for the Malay language to be used in vernacular schools too? If you all do that, then you get my respect, if not it is not worth all your so called 'fighting spirit' if alien languages are being used in vernacular schools. It defeats the purpose of your struggle as you are actually "fighting" for alien languages to be used in Malaysian schools. Remember BM is the National Language of this country and not those 2 alien languages. English is the language of commerce, business, scientific and international communication. Remember that people!

- Anti hypocrites

Siakap Senohong said...

Ya laa Anon July 16, 2009 2:45 AM;

Tepat kata-kata tuan. Itu orang-orang dan NGO yang perjuangkan pemansuhan PPSMI; supaya sains dan math dalam BM sahaja; iaitu pejuang-pejuang BM, lingua franca nusantara, tuan-tuan akan dapat sanjungan seluruh anak bangsa, yang tergolong the silent majority, yang akan bangkit bersama tuan-tuan, APABILA TUAN-TUAN ALIHKAN DAN HALAKAN TENAGA DAN FIKIR TUAN-TUAN DALAM MENDUKUNG PERJUANGAN SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

Perjuangan ini lebih besar maknanya kerana ia bukan sahaja menjurus kepada soal bahasa, tetapi juga merangkul soal perpaduan, integrasi, nation building, identity kebangsaan, Bangsa Malaysia, bahkan jatuh bangunnya hidup matinya Negara Malaysia tercinta.

Kalau dahulu keberlangsungannya Tanah Melayu kerana bangkitnya Melayu UMNO mematahkan Malayan Union, kini tuan-tuan dan NGO-NGO pejuang Bahasa silalah bangkit dan bangkitkan arus lautan mematahkan pergerakan yang kini bangkit dan sedang berselindung dan menunggangi DAP+PKR+PAS+BN yang mempunyai matlamat sama seperti Malayan Union dahulu.

Silakan, jangan berani setakat menganjurkan perarakan ka istana sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Saya tumpang menggesa "pejuang pejuang" bahasa itu membangkang PPSM dalam bahasa vernakular.

Saya terus terang tujukan gesaan ini kapada PENA. Mereka yang lantang membantah sehingga keputusan di buat saperti yang lalu.

Bagaimana sekarang pejuang pejuang sekelian? Ada logik tidak kalian berjuang menentang PPSM di sekolah sekolah SRJK? Atau kalian keluar menyokong SSS yang mahukan SRJK di serap ke dalam sistem SK.

Kami harap kalian tunjukkan keikhlasan perjuangan kalian.

Terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

Pie + tree = ate
chick + chick = tattoo
stomach = stormatch


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Let's unite and fully support this noble effort!

I believe that all Malaysians can speak Bahasa Malaysia very well.It has been 52 years since our independence. So why not, right?

Why don't the SJKC&Ts just use our Bahasa Kebangsaan as the MAIN medium of instruction? Hard to believe...

1 Bahasa, 1 Bangsa & 1 Malaysia!

Psycho Mantra


Salam tuan punya blog aka demi Negara, pertama sekali, saya ingin beritahu yang alamat blog saya sudah ditukar semula ke

Tuan, saya nak mintak supaya kita teruskan usaha untuk satu sekolah tuan, lagi satu tuan, apa pendapat tuan tentang pemansuhan PPSMI?

Terima Kasih!

Alan said...


Long time no see~
Wow, now going for national referendum~
first time in the country~ for a single topic~ so excited.

how to go? Seem very expensive, can have cheaper method? Now economy bad la, country got no money la. many billions throw into share market already~ don't you see share market so happy now. everyone happy mah, don't have time to discuss serious topic le.

online voting? cant la, many people still don't have Internet. don't know how to audit also.

aiya~~ tough question~


Anonymous said...


Ya, long time no see.

Ya la, now going for national referendum. Suggest in nice way also people giving all sorts of excuses. Referendum will show the majority wants it or not, la.

Never mind first time in the country, for a single topic. The issue is so important, la. Don't you want your children and grandchildren be living in a united, peaceful and harmonious Malaysia in the future? Be excited about that prospect thru the SSS, la.

Don't think about important national issues in Ringgit and sen, la. The cheapest method is to keep quiet about it. But racial polarisation is heightening now, don't you think?

Ya la, the problem with people like you is so much thinking about money, share market, "don't have time to discuss serious topic le" and so on.

Tough question, but have to think about the future of the country oso la, not just money, money only.



Anonymous said...

abang apek and all frens of abang like alan ...

ya laa you come here ony to grab money money naver care about country

what? soli. foget you dont care this country. you neber feel this your country. that why you don care what hapen to this country

teo got kill because he think about this country .. he was not happy with dap. dap not like that. dap got coneksen with underworld

suddenly he died .. just about got married oso

people wander ... wandering meandering lie-mongering finger pointing spinning accusing .. so main ing+ing

so all people waiting .. waiting

Alan said...

Salam Anonymous,

Ai yo, can think deeper 1cm or not? let me explain my post, only 2 main points:

1. i don't think national referendum is workable. (Beside economy issue, It also created more disunity. e.g. Taiwan)

2. i critic government throw billions of ringgit into share market. They should use money wisely. Their purpose seem to let people "feel good".

clear enough? Somebody like to "finger-pointing-and-do-nothing". Grab money & run? see, you have this mind-set, susah la.

i'm so sad about Beng Hock case, this shouldn't happen. "Think about country will get killed"? The funniest statement i heard today, you brighten my day, TQ.

You said is DAP, he said is MACC, other said is DAP+MACC, why keep finger pointing huh? any help to country?



Anonymous said...


When you say like that, a bit different, la. But still, explain a bit about disunity and Taiwan, la. Not every body reads about Taiwan, my friend.

I disagree with you national referendum not workable. Very important national issues can over-
ride economy issue. Racial polarisation can rock the very foundation of our country. We need efforts to bring about national unity, like the SSS.

Your 2nd point should not affect the SSS proposal. You have not explained "government throw billions of ringgit into share market." Anyway, the US throw many more billions, even trillions of DOLLARS into their economy to get it moving. A lot went to AIG that kept on writing fat cheques as bonuses to their key personnel when the company was sinking. Worse than here, isn't it?

It's not a question of "clear enough", la. It's a matter of the arguments valid or not. Don't understand what you mean by saying
"Somebody like to "finger-pointing-and-do-nothing". Grab money & run?"

Agree with you sad about Beng Hock case. I think what our other friend meant was Beng Hock wanted to blow the whistle, do something good about the country but he got killed. That's not funny at all, la. So now who has a mindset? Even if you disagree, don't laugh at people, la. Then people laugh at you back or start calling you names, you wouldn't like it. So, let's talk nicely, man. Talk man to man.

What to me is very clear is that the PKR Assemblyman alleged a DAP Assemblyman of Selangor of links with the underworld. Maybe the PKR Assemblyman is trying to blow a whistle oso. To do something good for the state, for the country. We cannot have law-makers involved with secret socities, thugs and gangsters, don't you agree?

That's not anybody pointing fingers at anybody, la. It's one "Yang Berhormat" against another "Yang Berhormat". That must be serious. Law-makers must not be allowed to have links with the underworld. They have a job as Wakil Rakyat, can blow whistles or do finger pointing. It must be investigated fully. Have a Commission of Enquiry. When the truth of the YB's allegation is determined, let PDRM deal with the bloody crooks.

Agree or not? But when talking thse subjects, don't put in subjects not related, la. Susah to talk like that. The not related subjects can put in different comment, la.



Alan said...

Salam Ali,

Taiwan case for national referendum.

Back to few years ago, Taiwan's "Green" party won the election over the "Blue" party which is an old party like our BN, they never change political party for more than 50 years.

Then "Green" party play a very dangerous topic or mindset - If somebody against the idea of "Declare Independence from China", then this "somebody" must be a spy of China OR betray Taiwan OR they don't love Taiwan at all. (If somebody against SSS, then this somebody don't Love Malaysia at all huh? Sound similar eh?)

Then, they ask for National Referendum, vote for "Declare Independent or maintain current situation". At that time, Taiwan is clearly divided into 2: "Green" supporter(Independence) AND "Blue" supporter(Maintain current situation), the most most dangerous part is, mainly "Green" supporter is original citizen before Civil War, "Blue" supporter is migrated from China during or after China Civil War. This national referendum clearly divided Taiwan into TWO! This is a very dangerous "labeling" , it created more disunity in Taiwan until now.

National Referendum will fire up something which is unexpected. Try use Asian country as an example, don't use developed country as an example. Anyone have more example on National Referendum?



Anonymous said...

Kita tak payah sembang lebar pasai Taiwan or whatever kat sini.

52years, why does it have to take that long for one to be proficient in ones National Language? Bahasa Malaysia is Malaysian National Language, bukan ker begitu?

My Malay friend's kid in SJKC year 2 (20TH JULY 2009), according to him, none of his classmates can communicate in BM.

SSS is about our National Language and national unity. Is this the reason why most of the Chinese kids around my block move around like Zombies.. kerana BUTA Bahasa Kebangsaan, sah tak tau nak communicate?

no wonder when asked for directions, said I, "apek PERGI arah kanan", tiba2 dia pecut arah kiri, then turned back and maki2 I in an alien foreign language, accusing me of giving him direction to jump inside a PERIGI!

Haiiyooo Alan, susah le macam nih kalau tinggal diMalaysia tak boleh berkomunikasi dengan tenang..


Unknown said...

If you notice, Alan uses Taiwan as an illustration.

The Malaysian Indians revert back to India.

Sometimes we wonder if the lack of a unified (national) affinity in Malaysia is due to the diversified languages still in use.

1Malaysia should incorporate SSS + PPSMI.

Other languages become electives.

BM is essential as part of nation building.

BI is the working tool of knowledge acquisition.

Simple mathematical equation expressed in English language.

Alan said...

Salam Tongkang,

Hai ya, saya bersetuju dengan SSS mah - If it's implemented perfectly 50 years ago.

What done is done, so many history events & policies produced the result of today's Malaysia social landscape.

Look at Taiwan, they speak same mother language, are they more united than Malaysia?

Look at us, is it so high priority for us to call for national referendum about SSS? Take the risk to create uncertainty?

I agreed what government is doing now - they prepared some budget for SJK & Independence School to give additional training for BM teachers, make sure the BM teaching in SJK is high quality. Same direction right? Boleh tak?

Ai ya, saya juga rasa susah la, kalau u tak setuju.



Anonymous said...


Jangan rasa susah kalau ada yang tak setuju. Kita perlu kaji sebab dan patut atau tidak yang tak di setujui itu.

You asked earlier, “If somebody against SSS, then this somebody don't Love Malaysia at all huh?”. Bukan don’t love Malaysia because against SSS. I think it’s because they don’t want to have Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction in schools. Because BM is stated in the Constitution as the official language of the country, and schools is the official business of the country, it therefore means that they don’t respect or don't want to live by the Constitution.

If you ask the normal citizen what love of the country is all about, they'll tell you the same thing. It is patriotism, a sense of belonging, pride to be a citizen, a willingness to sacrifice or even die for the country, having very strong feelings for the country.

Have you heard the English expression, “My country, right or wrong!” Of ourse this began hundreds of years ago in England when the country was ruled by Kings or Queens who had absolute power to rule. But it is still applicable to-day. It means that, for example, unless the Government ask us to jump into the sea for no rhyme or reason (which is clearly a wrong thing), if that sort of thing does not happen, then it is still “My country” and we don’t think or admire other countries. Remember, no country is perfect, not even US or Europe. All have their strong points and weak points.

But patriotism is a higher state than loyalty. Loyalty is more basic; it is the minimum requirement of a citizen. Loyalty means respecting the Constitution of the country, abiding by it and living by it. The Constitution is the highest set of laws for the country. All other laws are drawn from it. No law of any kind in the country can go against the Constitution.

It’s the very foundation of the country, the pillars on which the country rests. So if people don’t respct the Constitution, don’t abide by the provisions of the Constitution and don’t live by it, it clearly means lack of loyalty for the country.

So, let’s all of us respect the Constitution, abide by and live by it, shall we? Let’s all, as citizens of this country, think and admire only our own country.
Let's have the SSS because Bahasa Malaysia as the official language is written in the Constitution and we must have unity and lasting peace in the country.



NJ said...

Salam KijangMas & sidang DN sekelian,

Hai Alan!

Long time no see!!! hehehe..

Tak nak cakap banyak. Ada busy sikit. Haiya! bukan stok market munya pasat la!

Anyway, situasi Taiwan, saya rasa tidaklah boleh disamakan dengan situasi yang ada di Malaysia dalam hal referendum ini.

China mahu kekalkan Taiwan sebagai wilayahnya sementara ada sebahagian besar rakyatnya ingin merdeka dari China.

Unless di Malaysia ini, ada yang mengaku warganegara tapi mahu Malaysia ini jadi wilayah kecil negara China? ataupun mau jadikan negara ini sebagai wilayah kecil Negeri Tamil Naidu? Kalau ini kesnya, mungkin ada relevannya untuk gunakan contoh Taiwan itu.

Malaysia tidak ada masalah "penguasaan" dari Negara China maupun Negeri Tamil Naidu. Tapi Malaysia ada masalah dengan sebahagian orang yang mengaku jadi warga negara tapi masih terus menerus ingin kekal sebagai orang China dan orang India dan "menolak" untuk mengamalkan ciri-ciri kewarganegaraan Malaysia.

So Alan, referendum Taiwan langsung tidak boleh disamakan dengan referendum SSS.

Salam Alan.



Alan said...

Salam Ali,

"It is patriotism, a sense of belonging, pride to be a citizen, a willingness to sacrifice or even die for the country, having very strong feelings for the country."

Yeah,agreed! But... are you imply SJK student don't have such feeling? Or, is it your own feeling that they "should not" have such feeling? Otherwise, why are you telling me these huh? Sorry, i cant understand.

I total agreed that BM is the official language, all citizen should talk & use it without any problems.

Salam NJ! yeah, long time no see! Situasi Taiwan tak sama dengan Malaysia la, tapi, mereka pun ada national referendum mah, tak ada banyak Negera Asia guna national referendum, so saya rasa nak tengok macam mana orang lain guna ni lo...Tapi kes Taiwan tak bagus la...



Anonymous said...


".. are you imply SJK student don't have such feeling? Or, is it your own feeling that they "should not" have such feeling?"

Certainly not. We don't say they "should not" have such a feeling. We want them to have that feeling. All Malaysian citizens should have that feeling.

Having explained a lot you said you still can't understand, let me try this way: how do you show that you have that feeling? How do you express that feeling? We have to express it, don't we. It's natural when we have a genuine feeling over something.

Just like we show and express our feeling to our parents or our kids - we hug them, talk nicely to them, if we are not happy about things, we say in the normal way, not shout or yell or do name-calling like many do in the Internet. (And one name-calling invites another in response).

One fellow uses the name "Malaysian Heart" but he keeps talking about his admiration of the US and other countries, comparing the values of what he calls freedom, fairness, etc in US with those in Malaysia. Not realising that the US even practices detention without trial -ever heard of US detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay? Or that many blacks in US were not given assistance even during civil disasters like the recent Typhoon Katrina.

Not realising that Malaysian history (doubt if he knows fully) is different from US history and that a country must develop based on its own history, based on the experiences of its own people, not the experiences of people in US. What "Malaysian Heart" is he calling himself about. When he appears to have his heart somewhere else. People asked him to explain but he didn't answer point by point. Simply rant in general terms.

Susah lah itu macam, betul tak? Kita mesti ada unity for now and for the future. We can talk and argue nicely here.

So now, Alan, why not you try and explain how to show that you have feelings for the country. In other ways than just saying it.



NJ said...


I think, "money" will never be enough, whether you throw it in the stock market or whether you dream for more of it.

Do some soul searching and answer this question to yourself, I mean, truly to your self.

Who is "richer"?

A billionaire who keep thinking there are more money to come


that person who is not really that "excited" to have another 10 sen more in his pocket?

(Not "excited" here does not mean he does not "want" money).

Jangan sampai terjun bangunan kalau stock market crash sudahla..!

To some "money" is everything but there also who thinks money isn't everything.

So what is your stance on the dream on having Satu Bangsa Malaysia yang Utuh Lagi Bersatupadu? To me, SSS is one of the excellent vehicle that can help us to reach there.

You? Sekejap sokong, sekejap "sokong, only if........" Apa ni? Berbelit kalah ular la! Bukankah dulu kau dah sign petition tu?

Memanglah untuk mencapai Satu Bangsa Yang Gemilang itu bukannya senang dan perlu banyak perkara untuk dilakukan. Kalau nak dibuat semua sekali gus, memang tiada harapan la, sebab banyak sangat benda yang kena fikir dan di ambil tindakan, lebih-lebih lagi dalam keadaan negara kita yang agak berkecamuk ini.

Why not kita start dengan perkara yang lebih senang dan tackle satu persatu?

Why not kita bermula dengan satu bahasa yang kita dua-dua boleh faham? Kalau tanya saya, kita mulakan dengan Bahasa Kebangsaan dan Bahasa Kedua (Inggeris). Hentikan bahasa-bahasa asing yang lain. Why not? Agak senangkan?

Bagaimana nak mula? Just get right on practising it right now, right here! Stop the temptation untuk menggunakan bahasa-bahasa lain.

You and me, kita belajar berkomunikasi dengan Bahasa Kebangsaan. We together, communicate in English dengan orang asing yang tak faham bahasa Kebangsaan. Sounds good?

Sambil-sambil tu kita sokong usaha-usaha seperti SSS ini yang mempunyai matlamat untuk melahirkan Satu Bangsa Malaysia yang sejati!



Alan said...

Salam Dot,

Betul! Susah la, kalau semua orang admired negara lain, apa yang baik di Malaysia?

Tapi..saya rasa...from your reply...i only feel lack of trust, you need "prove", you need SJKs show that feeling, because you do not trust them at the first place. How to prove? riding a bike and show Malaysia flag in National Day?

It's a natural feeling, especially when you go oversea and met Malaysian, you feel happy.

You feel shame when Malaysian did bad thing.

You feel angry when Singapore's boss said JB is criminal city.

Do they need to "prove" all that?

I have to agree what our PM said, just a single word: "tolerant".

you think they have no such feeling, you "cant tolerant". you "cant tolerant", so you need prove. simple thinking process which i fully understand.

So...Susah la...apa yang saya rasa sekarang... SJK macam alien/bad citizen sebab u tak nak kasih sikit "trust".



Anonymous said...


Of course we see that it is weird when "Malaysians" insist on learning in their mother tongue in Malaysian schools. The mother tongue as language of instruction? Something is not right. Even in Chinese centric Singapore, English is being used as the language of instruction.

Kenapa mahu mendewa dewakan negeri negeri Cina dan Tamil Nadu/India kan? Kenapa mahu belajar bahasa bahasa yang begitu asing di Malaysia? Bahasa bahasa ini boleh dipelajari sebagai bahasa kedua, cukup lah ....Orang orang M'sia mesti disatukan, tidak boleh dipisah pisahkan....lagi kecil lah mesti dipupuk semangat kenegaraan dalam diri mereka...Ini lah motif SSS yang sebenarnya ...Tak boleh faham ke Alan?

Lagi satu, Makcik sokong Mat Cendana yang mengatakan diblognya yang SJK aliran Inggeris diwujudkan semula, tapi Makcik tak mahu 2012, Makcik mahu sekarang juga diwujudkan.

This can help to reduce racial polarisation as most Malaysians of different colour would definitely send their children to English schools ....Hence, you find Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc in these schools ...not like right now where Chinese prefer to go to Chinese schools, Tamils/Indians to tamil schools ...Oh..oh apa ini macam? Tak aci lah kan..


- Makcik Bedah

Anonymous said...


Yes Alan, riding a bike and show Malaysia flag in National Day can be one of the proofs of being proud of our country.

But also important is what we think, feel and say. We can prove what we think and feel by what we say. If people keep saying only the bad or negative things, very rarely say the good things of the country, then how to say they feel proud of the country, love their country and loyal to the country.

Now, ask yourself and answer very frankly to yourself whether the products of SJKs are like that or not. Or ask whether how many of those often saying bad or negative things about the country are products of SJKs. Be honest to yourself lah, I will not say any more about this now.

Also proof by doing, Alan. Simple things like mixing with members of other communities. Never mind about having close friends, just asking "Apa khabar?" or "Ada baik?". Compare the products of SJKs and those of SKs. Sure you see the difference. So, if just mixing by themselves, how to establish trust. Let them attend SKs lah, mix with others, play with others, so that after completing school, when they meet, they will automatically say to one another, "Awak buat apa sekarang?"

It's good you naturally feel happy meeting Malaysians when overseas. Or ashamed when Malaysians did bad things. Or angry when Singapore's boss said JB is criminal city.

When there is very little mixing, others don't know you feel those. So, express it. By saying it. By doing something about it. Smile or talk to fellow Malaysians when overseas, give a little advice to
the bad fellows or criticise the Singapore boss.

The problem is no advice to the bad fellows. And so much criticising on Malaysia, not on the Singapore boss. Some even praise and admire the Singapore boss. Again, you ask and answer frankly to yourself who are the ones who do those.

Yes, our PM said the word "tolerant". But tolerant is two-way street, Alan. And often it is stimulus and response. Who stimulate it and who responds.

Can talk about trust when there are reasonable signs of feelings for the country. For example, respect for the Constitution where Bahasa malaysia is the Official Language. If people can't even talk in BM, how to say they respect the Constitution? Have feeling for the country?

Tak susah sangat la, Alan. Hati mesti mahu betul Malaysian, lah. Jangan jadi macam orang yang namakan diri dia "Malaysian Heart" tapi selalu kata Malaysia tidak baik, US dan lain negara baik, kita mesti ikut US dan sebagai nya. Macam mana begitu dia panggil diri nya "Malaysian Heart"?

Saya setuju apa Maju cakap di atas.



Anonymous said...


I think if the standard is there, those parents will be scrambling to enrol their kids in, whether it is SJK, SJKC or SJKT. When it is FOC why paid more ? Doesn't make sense is it ? Maybe those parents are brain dead... lol? Well if the prince of the soil rights is enshrined in the constitution, so does the other rights ? What are we talking about here ? Abolishing special privileges and vernacular school for equality, for 1Bahasa 1Bangsa 1Malaysia ? I must be A nobel move indeed if you do care to read the referendum between lines. :)

One thing seems to raise my curiosity, those who started the referendum seems to be converse so well in English. Their English proficiency is marvellous.

Bahtera Tanah Melayu said...

KP Khoo represents the Chinese opposition toward the establishment of Wawasan School, now taking the guise of 1Sekolah, a good initiative. shame about KP Khoo and his bretherens dong jiao zong alike. Maybe they are hiding something...wonder what their ulterior motives could be? as far as i'm concerned, no other countries would bestow you with a citizenship on a goodwill basis like Persekutuan Tanah Melayu did (read real history, folks...somebody gonna start calling me a rascist..yes, I am. I'm a rascist if you are a rascist!) not even the USA that some of these ungrateful phony citizens of Malaysia are so proud of would readily give you US citizenship if you don't demonstrate and prove your ability to speak their national language (English US la) and master some aspects of the US constitutions. do we do the same here?