Tuesday, April 26, 2011

End of Representative Opposition ....... plus Some Thoughts on the Malai Lembus

First, my take of the recent Sarawak polls. As I've expected, the Sarawak electorate dealt a knockout blow to Pakatan Rakyat.  Pakatan's 15 seats out of 71 (one-fifth) is hardly the performance of a self-proclaimed incoming government riding a sea of change. 

For all their noise, bravado and high profile  campaigning,  including parading Baru Bian as the Chief Minister-in-Waiting, Brother Anwar Ibrahim's PKR garnered only three seats out of 49 contested. 

Meanwhile, PAS' mullahs jived and shuffled in longboats and longhouses and brought back a big round Omega-3 Egg on their return flight to the peninsula, having obtained all of one percent of the vote.

Yeah, I know, the Cina Totok areas chose to remain perpetually alienated from the mainstream by voting DAP.  But that's just typical of this lost tribe, who has now succeeded in turning themselves into an isolated island of irrelevance in Sarawak affairs. With only two Chinese left standing among BN's 55 reps, Chinese presence in Taib Mahmud's new cabinet is now inconsequential.  Well, Ah Kow, don't go bitchin' if your people have no direct say in Sarawak state affairs. Enjoy your five-year stint in the political wilderness.

So was PM Najib Razak's pandering to the Chinese minority in Sarawak worth it? 


These ethnocentric beings have been infected en masse by the DAP  hyper-racism virus, and have distanced themselves from the nation's socio-cultural mainstream and BN's politics of consensus and moderation further than ever before.  

The estrangement-by-choice attitude of Malaysia's ethnic-Chinese minority is also a damning indictment of Najib's 1 Malaysia fantasy. Listen up Jib, the Chinese have no desire to be part of the large happy multicultural, multilingual, multiphonic family of your dreams. Likewise the various sub-groups collectively tagged as "Indians." Only the ever-hospitable, charitable and magnanimous Malays are embracing 1 Malaysia with a myriad of compromises and dilution of their lingua-cultural essence in their own land, and they do this to their own detriment as the nons tenaciously push their  singular agenda of self-alienation and zero linguistic, cultural and religious compromise. 

I've stressed many times in the past and I will repeat again:-
The nons are gone.

Forget this dwindling fringe group. Let them languish in their cesspool of social inertia and political irrelevance. 

I said this exactly two years ago:-

... the non-Malays have berpaling tadah en masse to Pakatan. They have tasted the intoxicating nectar of power and it is beyond Najib or anyone else to turn them over to the BN in the foreseeable future. Whatever goodies and giveaways thrown at these people now would just be wasted trump cards earning nothing in return. And these concessions are politically almost impossible to retract or take back once they are dished out.

My advise to Najib and his team is to lay off these wayward non-Malays for now. Ignore and forget these hopelessly seduced bigots and chauvinists and let them tango and cha cha and joget to their hearts content with the Pakatan gang until the honeymoon ends in a self-destructing calamity of scandals, failed expectations and infighting that would mushroom as PRU13 inches closer.

That statement is even truer today. Piles after piles of cash, concessions and conciliatory cuddles showered by Najib and his Barisan Nasional government failed to turn-over the nons, not in the peninsula, not in Sarawak. I've also said in the past that even if Najib speaks nothing but Mandarin and eat his favourite ikan patin masak tempoyak with chopsticks, the nons will still vote DAP/Pakatan.

So why bother? 

Do you persist in serenading a woman (... or a man) who despises you and who will not be your mate no matter what?

Tak malu ka?

Cukup lah. Leave the nons alone. Let them languish in their chauvinistic, anti-Malay, anti-national, anti-everything little cocoons  tucked in their isolated enclaves. We as a nation need to move on. No more costly political serenades, with millions of tax-payers' ringgits given to unconstitutional schools, not to mention language and cultural appeasement bordering on the treasonous.

Dah la tu Jib ..... kalau dia orang dah tak mau, tak sudi, kau nak goda apa lagi?

Talking about goda, Anwar Ibrahim's seductive power over Malaysians clamouring for change has all but dissipated. 

The Malays are finding this character too elusive, too unsavory,  indeed politically too tiresome and complicated.  Even the whacky collection of Malay Apologists, the Melayu Liberal and the phony, plasticky  pseudo-intellectual Malays have increasingly jettisoned themselves from his wayward, way off-tangent political bandwagon.

Brother Anwar's residual supporters these days are the rabid anti-Malays who see in him the perfect Malai Lembu, the archtypal Malay stooge who will sell his soul to the nons in order to achieve his worldly desires. Brother Anwar to these subversives is nothing more than a glorified Class F contractor who, for a pittance or a Chinese hooker or two, willingly fronts the Chinaman's bid for the bina longkang tepi sekolah contract. Of course, in the DAP/Pakatan scheme of things, this longkang Brother Anwar and his band of Malai Lembus help build is a network of open sewer oozing with toxic racial politics infecting the heart of this nation, contaminating the social ecosystem with an epidemic of racial bigotry and religious animosity.  

Hence, no amount of character flaws radiating from Brother Anwar's persona  and no amount of lurid scandals and controversies afflicting his personal life  will turn away his hardcore anti-Melayu benefactors. You see, to these subversives, the moral and ethical defects are part and parcel of the mentality of their Malai Lembu proxies and frontmen. The more morally defective the stooge, the better.

Sampling of the Malai Lembus favoured by the subversive forces.

Where are we heading then?

Do we now have a genuine two-party political landscape?


What we now have are two parallel universes pulling this nation apart along racial lines. 

The UMNO/BN nationalistic Malays and Borneo Bumiputras are now openly challenged by the large majority of the nation's nons who, via the DAP's persistent prodding, have morphed into bands of stressful, frustrated anti-Malays bent on subverting every conceivable facet of Malaysia's socio-political and economic essence. Of course, whenever tactically necessary,  these DAP-led subversives will piggyback on the PAS and PKR Malai Lembus to concoct a semblance of "multiracialism" to their perverted, nation-wrecking cause.

The Sarawak elections is an obvious example of the subversives' cunning tactic of publicly riding the Malai Lembu frontmen while playing the racial card in the Chinese enclaves. While Brother Anwar imperiously shuffles around his now tummiless torso amid his usual delusions of grandeur, talking about his party's  upcoming control of the Chief Ministership and whatnot, and while the white jubah-clad PAS mullahs foolishly court free-spirited Dayaks in comedic scenes taken right out of The Simpsons, the well-oiled DAP anti-Melayu machine efficiently mops up Chinese support in their urban enclaves. Hence, almost expectantly, the DAP secured 12 seats while big talking PKR scraped through with only three seats and the PAS mullahs brought back nothing but  exaggerated tales to their ignorant flock of their sojourn in headhunter country. The local BN-component Chinese-based SUPP was decimated, with only two seats won by their ethnic-Chinese candidates. The other four SUPP seats  were won by Dayaks.   

DAP's Sarawak performance and the anemic showing of PKR and PAS there marked the end of the Pakatan Rakyat as a viable nationwide demographically representative counterweight to the Barisan Nasional. For all intents and purposes, except for pockets of the medieval Malay heartland ruled by 8th century mullahs,  the Pakatan is now firmly non-Malay (read: Chinese)  in soul and character.

What does that mean?

It means that without wide ranging Malay/Bumiputra support across the national landscape, Pakatan Rakyat has turned into nothing more than a DAP-led Chinese chauvinist front abetted by a dwindling pool of PKR and PAS Malai Lembus.

And their chances of taking over Putrajaya in PRU13 is about equivalent to seeing Nik Aziz Nik Mat riding my Ducati Multistrada 620 to KL's Hard Rock Cafe clad in a Fruit-of-the-Loom t-shirt and tattered Levi's Buttonfly 501 topped by a Confederate flag bandana.  Yup folks, zilch.

All I can say is: "party's over, subversives!"     

I hope you malignant Malay haters enjoyed it while it lasted. Yeah, I enjoyed it too. I enjoyed the side splitting laughs upon seeing you people talk big in the ceramah circuit and the subversive blogs, where you actually think you have a say in national politics, in charting the course of this nation's future, as if you can launch a Malaysian political revolution without the Malay nationalists and  likeminded nons of the patriotic kind. 

Lu olang ingat boleh ka?

Anyway, I will cherish the entertainingly delusional anti-Melayu cyber battlecries. A sampling:-

"Putrajaya here we come."

"Goodbye UMNO BeEnd."

"Our good Malays (read: Malai Lembus) will take over from the UMNOputras."

"We the people (read: groups of Chinese chauvinists and clueless aneys) will ensure the  destruction of the UMNO monkeys and their MCA/Gerakan/MIC/PPP running dogs." 

Oh, and of course, a new twist to this grand cyber-delusion entailed the creation of a "Third Force," where some council of bored flaccid middle-aged nons would hand-pick the "most suitable candidates" (read: impeccable anti-Malay, anti-NEP, anti-153 credentials) to contest and win seats come PRU13. Wow, talk about delusional thoughts. Haiya, Uncle Aloysius, so easy one ah? Just pick and win, pick and win. Pilih dan menang. Ini macam lu punya itu scratch-and-win scam ka?

Parti Cinta Malaysia contested in Sarawak as a Third Force-type alternative.  Now, how many votes did Parti Cinta Malaysia got in Sarawak? Tak tahu? How about less than a half-percent of votes cast. Deposit pun hangus.

Like this how?

Still think the pick and win, pilih dan menang approach can work?

Solli uncle, the political landscape is changing lah. Thanks to the politics of unadulterated racial sentiment by your DAP comrades and the never-ending maladies of your numero uno Malai Lembu, the Malay/Bumiputra mainstream are returning to UMNO/BN.

Do your math lah uncle. The 12 state seats won by the DAP in Sarawak translate only into 4-5 seats in the federal parliament come PRU13. 

Boleh bikin tsunami ka? 

Air longkang mungkinlah ......

Listen, the Pak Lah-induced socio-political aberration of the past half-decade, which culminated in the PRU12 tsunami that gave a sense of political empowerment to a bizarre collection of Malay haters, anarchists and assorted bigots, crooks and tricksters riding on the backs of clueless Malai Lembus  have boiled over. It has run its course.

The flimsy Pakatan house of cards built by the rabid DAP anti-Melayus on the fragile Malay Apologist foundation of the chameleonic Anwar Ibrahim and  half-asleep medieval mullahs are crumbling faster than Anwar's alibi in the SexOmega Saga.. One by one, the nuts and bolts of this phony political edifice pops out of the fragile Malay base as formerly diehard Anwaristas  -- Fairuz Khairuddin, Sallehuddin Hashim, Zulkifli Nordin, Zaharin Hashim -- and Malay opportunists such as Zaid Ibrahim left the circus, effectively diluting Pakatan's Malay essence.

What then for Brother Anwar?

Well, between Sodomy II, the SexOmega Saga, a crash diet to flatten his breadbasket and damning revelations by erstwhile Pakatan chief cyber cheerleader, RPK, I would think he has his hands full.

I've received many e-mails from the DN diaspora seeking my thoughts of the sexcapade caught on infrared CCTV.

Well, what more can be said about the SexOmega Saga?

The physical resemblance and subtle mannerisms of the towel-clad male subject have led many Malaysians to believe that he is indeed Brother Anwar. I think more crucially, Anwar's (over)reaction to the whole matter enhances this conjecture among nonpartisan observers. And his inability to produce the Omega watch effectively wraps up the case in the eyes of many.

It may or may not be him. But the damage's done. And Brother Anwar's meltdown with the reporter in Sarawak over the Omega watch issue unraveled a troubling, unsavory temperament not befitting a PM-wannabe. 

Logic dictates that if I'm not involved in the lurid scenes with the Chinese hooker,  I would enjoy a hearty laugh at the video "evidence" and would be the first to insist that it be shown to everyone everywhere, including in parliament and on stadium bigscreens at halftime of Malaysian Super League matches. Yeah, why give a hoot if it was not me drooling over the Chinadoll in the video? And this would quickly douse the flames of the Datuk T trio. I would also scoff at the Omega watch issue ..... and would either quickly show the real Omega watch or recall the moment my family and I discovered the watch missing, preferably long before the purported  February 21st date of the video.

I would also make fun of the "actor," critiquing that his impersonation is subpar and then volunteer impromptu tutorials with press cameras blazing on how he could be me.

I would crack jokes about the video at every opportunity and milk the issue dry  until the "other side" cannot take it any longer and crumbles under the weight of their own falsehood and treachery, with the key perpetrators ending up in the slammer on a long charge sheet.   


All these actions are within Brother Anwar's talented grasp. 

He is a born performer, indeed, he is a master of the theatrics, with an uncanny ability to convincingly mimic back pain and to seamlessly switch between languages and dialects and impersonate such freakish luminaries as Samy Vellu and Rafidah Aziz.

Master Impersonator.
Anwar doing an impromptu Ronnie Liu.

So what's the problem?

Why didn't Anwar do just that, by using the "fake video" to his advantage and turning the table on his political enemies?

Well, unless .............., yeah unless ......?


This is no laughing matter, people. We are talking about a purported Prime Minister-in-waiting here, the man who must steer the Malaysian ship of 30 million people to greater heights and not into some bottomless pit of chaos and mayhem.

Pakatan's infamous hugging moments.
Talk about unholy embraces, but this is getting ridiculous.

Many people asked me, what's Anwar's future?

What future?

It is more apt for the brother to be referred in the past tense. And I'm sure genuinely "reform" minded Malaysians would agree that Anwar Ibrahim's time is up, he's window of opportunity closed, and he is well past his sell by date. September 16, 2008 was indeed a political milestone, not in the formation of a Pakatan Rakyat federal government. It marked the end of Anwar's political credibility and ability to lead a viable, truly representative alternative to the Barisan Nasional.

Anwar's obsessive quest for the PM-ship is now backed predominantly by the left-wing hard core anti-Melayus and the usual collection of anarchists and anti-social rabble rousers. To these rabid racists masquerading as liberal "democrats" and "free speech" advocates, Brother Anwar is still the perfect Malai Lembu -- the simpleton, malleable Class F contractor -- to be the Melayu frontman for their nation-wrecking agenda. A quick browse of the subversive blogs readily reveal this sentiment. Quite understandably, they see no other personality capable of integrating the disparate, seemingly incompatible and irreconcilable ethno-religious political parties into a force capable of challenging UMNO/BN.

As for Anwar Ibrahim, he will go down in history as the most divisive, deceptive, degenerate, deceitful and destructive, not to mention deviant, political animal ever to slither in the confused, tangled web of the Malaysian social zoo.

Adding to the troubles of this Malai Lembu Alpha Male is RPK, the erstwhile heroic, almost mythical cyber-flagbearer of Anwar's rabid racist anti-Melayu support base. How times have changed, with RPK now merrily dancing to the beat of a different drummer, talkatively snitching on his old comrades. 

I saw this coming long ago. 

This RPK character is nothing more than a bored, identity-challenged middle-aged guy who got himself immersed ever deeper in a political high stakes game infested with deceit and treachery way beyond his depth.

As he alluded in the TV3 expose, he was manipulated to undertake increasingly  bizarre -- indeed, kamikaze -- acts as the line between cyber-rhetoric and the real world got blurred amidst the prompting of political opportunists coupled by  the cheerleadings of Malaysia Today's choirboys.

My comment on the RPK misadventure way back in October 2008:-
… RPK … was gradually emboldened by the ceaseless cheerleadings and promptings of the MT junkies. Ever more sensational stories were churned but these could not satiate the hungry hordes. RPK then did the ultimate – he himself became the story … With RPK in the starring role, who needs third party revelations? He is the story! He can craft his own play and act in his own drama. He has reached the nirvana of SoPo blogging ... A sense of invulnerability descended upon the Malaysia Today cyber-habitat and the mystique of RPK’s infallibility permeated his congregation.
The vast majority of RPK’s supporters are just armchair quarterbacks and fair weather cheerleaders and people with nothing better to do who … outsourced and sub-con their political activism to this poor chap from the airconditioned comfort of their homes and offices, from their cosy beds and plush sofas, cybercafés and chic gourmet coffee joints. They are not even representative of the country, in terms of demographics, dispersion and political inclination. These junkies are more akin to the lunatic fringe than to the mainstream of Malaysian society ... RPK … [was] conned by these people … These parasites and blood suckers ruined his life ...

RPK himself is not really a grave threat to national security. His incoherent rantings and pathological animosity towards BN/UMNO and prominent UMNO personalities are old news. RPK is a known loud-mouth, a prickly irritant with a penchant for the dramatic. For many, his revelations and cyber activism are no more than pure entertainment, melodramatic political gossip … a much needed comic relief from the socio-political quagmire of the past 3-4 years under Pak Lah’s disastrous watch. But RPK’s real fault lies in his propagation of Malaysia Today as a cyber platform for assorted bigoted and racist characters to spew their venom against the Malays and, in more than one instance, to ridicule Islam ...  Indeed, MT Junkies are the bigger threats to national security. These racists, bigots and cyber-misfits hide behind their anonymity to flood Malaysia Today with venomous racist postings, instigating hatred for the Malay majority, ridiculing Islam, and spewing seditious spins to various national issues.
Finally, where is Anwar Ibrahim? What is his stand on RPK’s detention? RPK gave his life, metaphorically speaking, to uphold Anwar’s “ideals.” RPK bet the ranch on Anwar becoming PM on 916 and came out a loser, a pathetic flat broke loser. Has Anwar and gang even addressed the RPK ISA issue? Indeed, his silence is deafening. What about Lim Kit Siang? Once Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew reporter got out, Unker Kit has disappeared as well. What about PAS? Do you think either the old ulamas or the younger Islamist cadres have anything in common with RPK? Do you think they like RPK? ... you expect PAS to sympathise with RPK? You expect PAS to fight for RPK amidst Malaysia Today’s anti-Islamic postings and its readers’ rabid rantings against Islam?  In a nutshell, do you think the Pakatan Rakyat gives a hoot about RPK? No. He was a useful tool. But he was also a disposable tool. RPK is no use to them now. Indeed, he is now a distraction. They want to govern the nation. They have no time for this old chap. To them, RPK is just a lost soul who threw too many dices in his own little crapshoot. Their focus is on 27.5 million men and women. Not one guy who spoke and wrote too much. And they won’t glorify, deify or make a martyr out of RPK either. That’s already reserved for one man.
Let this be a lesson to other bloggers. Do not get caught in your own demagoguery, in a propensity to over-fantasize your relevance to the political process and role as some sort of a “peoples’ hero” based on the digits of your blog’s Hit Counter and a bucketful of readers’ comments.

By his own admission, RPK is nothing but a pawn in a high stake political chess game.  Yup, a gullible pawn, a compliant oaf harnessed to bulldoze through the anti-Malay agenda of his deep pocket benefactors.

RPK is the latest in a long line of Malay Apologists who -- via the hard way -- finally saw the  true nature of the subversives, the self-alienising species driven by an obsessive anti-Malay agenda and bent on wrecking the very essence of this nation -- her history, lingua-cultural identity and other key symbols of nationhood.

Like other "liberated" ex-Malai Lembus, RPK in the eyes of his former "users" morphed from beloved Demigod, a veritable cyber deity, to a pariah cyber-untouchable. The spiteful remarks cluttering the subversive blogs reflected the sentiment of these beings.

Mild sampling:-

From here:
“…  now rpk stupidly whacks pr, and u know what that means lah. He’s lending support to bn, at this crucial timing, he was bought over. Haris, deny this if u have the proof. What rpk did was just like what the frogs did. He’s cash strapped, he was bought over. He is clearly sabotaging Sarawak. Bloody idiot. So many Ppl are damn angry with him. Haris, pls fire this lunatic if u want any support. U back him, u will be viewed as another traitor. Be a hero and dump that mix breed coward into the dustbin. For those still believe in rpk, use ur head and ask: what is rpk trying to achieve? What’s his motive? The answer is that poor wretched man needs money, and he took it …”


and here:
"RPK's mother, an Englishwoman was an ice cream parlour girl - the lowest rung of the British working class. One step above a fish wife. So he did not get good breeding from his mother. His Chinese wife Marina was a mahjong parlour girl. Both have no integrity or honesty. The husband and wife team now work for money. His confession now is more proof that he works for money. He is also lying again. Many people heard him say that the PM's wife was there at the plantation and she personally shot Altantuya Sharibuu. Now he says he never said such a thing. Shafee Abdullah was right - RPK is a pariah. Now he has even exposed his friend Din Merican. When the ship goes down, the rats jump off first.”

See how fast the "fans" and cheerleaders turned into pathological haters. See the superficiality of the anti-Malay anak manja mindset? The moment they couldn't get their Malai Lembu to play ball and be subservient to their beck and call, they will turn around to condemn these lembus as the worst form of life  imaginable. To the Malai Lembu tegar out there, be prepared for your day of reckoning, the day your subversive taukehs do a Maoist-style public condemnation the moment you gather enough guts to finally say enough is enough to being used by these SOBs. You are already losers either way.

Talking about losers, RPK implicated his Malai Lembu comrade in arms, Din Merican, in his TV3 pecah tembelang piece. Haiya, no honour among thieves  ka? 

As for this Din Merican character, yeah I know; Karma folks, karma. 

This s/o Merican@Maraicar fellow, the prototypical Keralan-in-Melayu-clothing, is the same sleazoid who pushed plagiarised cyber-vanity to new heights of infamy with his bizarre curi-KM's-post-insert-his-name-and-reposting-it-in-his-blog antic. Apparently, his repertoire of cyber tricks come in many variants, all geared to rectify his state of irrelevance in this universe. And true to form, this master plagiariser and social fake of the parasitic kind out-chameleoned Brother Anwar sometime back by abandoning the sputtering PKR ship and creeping stealthily into UMNO's bosom for his share of the crumbs and handouts. Typical Malai Lembu Class F contractor. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Bargain Basement Malai Lembus.
50% off While Stocks Last.


So that's the state of our political landscape today: A Chinese-controlled Malai Lembu-fronted Pakatan Rakyat facing a re-emergent Barisan Nasional weaning itself off the support of the Chinese and other nons. This is the reality of Malaysian politics today as we hurtle towards PRU13 more divided, more fragmented, more segregated than ever.   


satD said...

welcome back bro KijangMas

Bilo nok sebelih lembu?

Time to upgrade your Duc man!

1200 is the way to go...

What is crucial is someone must define the key parameters of Malay or Bumi Unity..

It can be Language, Religion and Custom to start with and then go into deeper social economics issue such as Inclusive Growth and Economic Empowerment

Time to move ahead... somehow I just don't see any potential credible Captain leading the ship forward...

Compass macam masuk Bermuda triangle aje

Naif said...

Haha, had a good laugh reading this. Well that was a walk down memory lane. The whole Din Merican inserting his own name thing was just an "epic fail" moment for a lack of a better term. Those were good times.

"So that's the state of our political landscape today: A Chinese-controlled Malai Lembu-fronted Pakatan Rakyat facing a re-emergent Barisan Nasional weaning itself off the support of the Chinese and other nons. This is the reality of Malaysian politics today as we hurtle towards PRU13 more divided, more fragmented, more segregated than ever."

This last paragraph is spot on. What a damning state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into. I think there is no better time for Malays, of all political inclinations, whether lembus or not, TO AT LEAST unite on the SSS campaign. The SSS should be a rallying cry for all malays especially language nationalists (where are these ppl btw when we really need them?) to unite under a single banner, for how long are we going to tolerate these aliens? Najib needs to grow a pair and pull off a David Cameron, tell them non malays to integrate, master the national language or migrate somewhere else.

Or conduct a referendum like you suggested, on whether we should keep vernacular schools. He does this, he gets my respect.

Naif said...

SatD wrote: "Time to move ahead... somehow I just don't see any potential credible Captain leading the ship forward..."

Edmund Burke - "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Or to quote Lee Iacocca - where have all the leaders gone?

This is just a thought, but I think KM should run for parliament.

mekyam said...

best take of anyone on the current political situation by far, km!

everything becomes better defined for me after reading this piece. thanks!

p.s. merçi bien satDee, mon ami, pour le heads-up!

Mat Cendana said...

Woke up in Desa Jaya Kepong (not the previous Mukim Kangkong, Pasir Mas)...sip of teh-o...a grain of subuxone (precaution to stay out of trouble)...a self-rolled Taste vanilla-flavoured cigarette...checked Guardian Football (Schalke 0-2 Man Utd Yaay!)

...quickly scanned Facebook updates sambil-sambil bangun (belum Subuh. Yeah, kena hisap rokok dulu)...heart thumped; sat down again: satD's update says "bro KijangMas is back!" YAAHOOO!! A quick glance... pleased that it is long. The `dakap' pixs... HAHAHA! Great caption! But I felt Setan's grip: elbowed it (ADOI! ni setan malay-medium) and remembered subuh.

Now the Patriots and Knights on blogosphere feel a surge of energy and renewed determination. For me, this post arrives at the best possible time: satD, Jebat Must Die and KijangMas are mentioned in the comments section of PKR confident of bigger win

Apparently, `someone' felt driven to walk into a lion's den... and treating it like his own place! A few bared their fangs at this someone; expecting him to run for his life. But this wasn't your typical someone: he went in, remembering, still impressed and influenced by satD's astonishingly brazen coup at the end of 2008/09 where he nonchalantly went to attack and kick around a certain teapot at its home turf and surrounded by its flunkies! WOW! And so this someone, on seeing the bared fangs, used his feet. Not to run, but to drop-kick, flying kick and also launched a Roberto Carlos style freekick. The bared fangs: they are now bare and scattered.

This is just my intro to alert the Three Kings about the romantic (not of the Romeo & Juliet kind but`idealistic and unrealistic') and fanciful narration of "The Watershed High-Noon on Blogosphere": the current most hated and most unpopular writer at Free Malaysia Today

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM,

Why tuan quiet so long ? Very good that you come back now. Everybody talk about Perjuangan but everybody also like biskut, now you see it now you don't.

Everytime the boss eat the biskut, the perjuangan also gone. This Perjuangan Biskut so very anti climax.

We need someone who can teke the Perjuangan all the way.

What's your take on this 1M1B movement and alKitab issue, can you say something ?

Thank you Sir.

Tam Dalyell said...

Berketurunan yang sama
Di hutan jadi pengganas
Membunuh membakar untuk mendirikan negara kominis
Di bandar jadi DAP
Membelot mengkhianat mencetuskan 13Mei demi 13Mei
Untuk menghapuskan kedaulatan Melayu mendirikan repablik.

"...Dah la tu Jib ..... kalau dia orang dah tak mau, tak sudi, kau nak goda apa lagi?..."

women724 said...

Way to go Sir,

We are right behind you!
Just tell us what you need us to do.

Demi kedaulatan bangsa dan Negara yang tercinta!

Salam sejahtera.

Anonymous said...

"As for this Din Merican character, yeah I know; Karma folks, karma.

This s/o Merican@Maraicar fellow, the prototypical Keralan-in-Melayu-clothing, is the same sleazoid who pushed plagiarised cyber-vanity to new heights of infamy with his bizarre curi-KM's-post-insert-his-name-and-reposting-it-in-his-blog antic."

Deminegara, no "Keralan-in-Melayu clothing" will call him as one of them. He is not a "prototype" of the community, but instead he is an outlier.

Concerned Reader

Kenn said...

Tuan KM,

Melihat kejayaan Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud di dalam PRN Sarawak baru-baru ini, saya tidak dapat tidak, mahu membandingkan kepimpinan Pehin Sri dgn kepimpinan Najib di Semenanjung.

Siapa yang "menyerang" Pehin Sri di dlm PRN baru-baru ini?

1. Of course DAP.
2. Kaldai PKR dari Semenanjung
3. Lembu PAS dari Semenanjung

Tidak boleh tidak, disenaraikan juga:-

4. Cauvinis cina MCA/Gerakan ("kawan" BN) dari Semenanjung - of course secara "gunting dlm lipatan" atas semangat penyatuan cauvinis cina.
5. DS Najib sendiri dengan membawa "politik melutut"nya dari Semenanjung ke Sarawak - kedengaran suara-suara sumbang menggesa Pehin mengundur atas alasan "dinosaur".

Tetapi Pehin Sri muncul sebagai JUARA dengan sokongan padu serta meningkat dari kaum BUMIPUTERA dan MELAYU Sarawak. Of courselah cauvinis cina sudah sepakat menolak serba serbi yang bukan cina.

Apa bezanya kepimpinan Pehin Sri dgn DS Najib?

Pehin Sri membela kaum majoriti BUMIPUTERA & MELAYU Sarawak. Percaya kepada mereka. Tidak bermakna Pehin Sri selama ini mengabaikan kaum-kaum lain di Sarawak. Pehin Sri sama sekali tidak pantas "melutut" kepada tuntutan-tuntutan dan suara-suara cauvinis cina.

Banding pula dengan kepimpinan 1-Malaysia DS Najib, yang lebih percaya kepada undi minoriti cina dan pantas "melutut" kepada setiap desakan kaum cauvinis ini sehingga mengabaikan kaum Melayu, kaum majoriti Semenanjung yang mana beliau sendiri adalah presiden parti politik Melayu terbesar. Pelik bukan?

Apa hasilnya.

Pehin Sri mendapat sokongan padu walaupun diserang begitu hebat dari dalam dan luar.

Sarawak sekianlama kekal menjadi "fixed deposit" kepada BN Semenanjung. Tak malukah BN Semenanjung?

Hasil yg diperolehi oleh DS Najib dengan mengamalkan politik "melutut"nya.

- buatlah apapun, cauvinis cina tetap mengencingnya
- kini MCA/Gerakan pun menikamnya dari belakang dan seiringan suara dengan DAP pula
- kaldai Melayu dan lembu Melayu tetap menjadi baghal tunggangan DAP
- yang teruk sekali, yang menyokong UMNO semakin tawar sokongannya akibat dari politik "melutut" DS Najib yang menatang puak cauvinis cina bagaikan anak emas, dan menyisih kaum Melayu dalam dasar-dasar yang kononnya liberal itu. Liberal atau li-baghal melutut?

Yang membuat seruan bersifat kebangsaan berlandaskan Perlembagaan Negara (seperti seruan Kempen SSS, Artikel 152, Artikel 153) tidak di endahkan. Kebanyakan seruan ini datang dari kaum majoriti Melayu.

Yang dilayan dan diperlututkan oleh DS Najib adalah tuntutan-tuntutan perkauman yang terkeluar dari batas Perlembagaan Negara. Kebanyakan tuntutan ini datang dari kaum minoriti cauvinis cina yang mahu diasingkan dari masyarakat umum apabila menuntut segala serbi serbinya cina. Bahasa cina, sekolah cina sambil mencabar hak-hak orang lain.

Pelik bukan?

Moooo said...

Great analysis. Funny too.

Thk u sir!

ikhwan said...

Salam KM

As others, I fully agree with your analysis.

and as DinTurtle, I would also like to know your take on the 1Melayu1Bumi idea.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.


Wajasetia said...

Salam Bro KM
Dari perspektif melayu memang best baca blog ni. tapi secara realitinya mustahil 60% melayu yang ada ni dapat bersatu. Even BN still seeking hardly for the Non's support.

Back to real life, what should we do? Terus menyokong kerajaan sekarang walaupun berkali-kali mereka memperbodohkan rakyat? Tentunya menyokong pembangkang bukan menjadi agenda saudara. Jadi apakah pilihan yang kita masih ada?

Anonymous said...

It's nothing but racist politics. Of the DAP. Started by Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP when they were in Malaysia beginning in 1963. They were racist even then.

The so-called malaysian malaysia without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is racist. It was and is subversive to that Special Position under Article 153 of the Constitution. It was the reason for Singapoe to be kicked out of Malaysia. It was picked up by Lim Kit Siang and the DAP when Singapore was kicked out in 1965. Now they are racist to the core.

PRN Sarawak was a clear proof of their racist politics. The Chinese have ganged up supporting DAP. Even MCA started to blame BN for that. Asked Taib Mahumud to resign early when it was none of their business to do so. It was strictly a PBB Sarawak decision. And Taib had repeatedly said he was going out.

But MCA had gone helter skelter since the sex video Chua Soi Lek and DAP-aping Wee Ka Siong won the party leadership. They even dared ask the Bumiputera equity target be abolished. Prompting Malays to also ask that their citizenship right be also abolished.

Now they are continuing demanding all sorts from Najib in the name of helping them win back Chinese votes. Even saying in the media that they would not want to be represented in the Government if the Chinese do not vote them in PRU13. Implying a threat. Both to the Chinese voters and to Najib. Instead of they themselves going to the ground, down to the grass roots, the "Class F contractors", sub-contractors, vendors of all sorts. Explaining, justifying, arguing, convincing, requesting and pleading to the average Chinese to support them.

Enough is enough.

Najib must realise that whatever he did to placate the Chinese didn't bring in the votes he desired. PRK Tenang, Merlimau and such were not the votes he desired. PRK Ulu Selangor, Sibu and the urban constituencies in Sarawak were the votes he desired. But did not get.

After Sarawak he must change his strategy and tactis. Alas, it's not likely that he would. Soon after 1Malay and 1Bumi came out in Utusan, he publicly distanced himself, UMNO and the Government from the proposal. Even before a discussion took place in the media. Clearly he wants to continue placating the Chinese.

Muhyiddin, other UMNO Supreme Council members, Divisional and Branch leaders should come out. Say their piece despite Najib having tried to pre-empt it. Some may have gone to Perkasa in support of the concept. But in UMNO is where it can be most effective.

Kapada so'alan Wajasetia diatas, pilihan yang kita masih ada ialah UMNO dengan pemimpin baru. Yang mahu usahakan Melayu bersatu seboleh bolehnya. Cari segala jalan, secara senyap dan cara terbuka, cara terus atau pun melalui perantara, cara pujuk dan runding kongsi kuasa, dengan PAS.

Tidak ada jalan lain. Bila Melayu sudah bersatu, lakukan apa yang sudah selalu dicadangkan. Ia-itu, letak calon Melayu bersatu disetiap kawasan pilihan raya. Bila Melayu sudah bersatu, baru boleh lihat Cina sedar cara rasis mereka itu mesti diubah.


Wajasetia said...

Sdra Aku kata tiada pilihan lain. UMNO dengan pimpinan baru. Kemudian berkongsi kuasa dengan PAS.

Agree with you bro, tapi pada aku itu adalah sekadar impian yang amat indah kalau menjadi kenyataan. Tapi realitinya?

UMNO tidak akan berubah selagi mereka masih lagi mereka masih lagi begitu selesa kat atas nu. Siapa pimpinan baru tu? KJ? Razali Brahim? Reezal Merican? Ada lagi ke pemimpin yang betul-betul berjuang untuk agama dan bangsa dalam UMNO tu? Kalau masih ada pun hanyalah dalam peringkat cawangan. Usahkan nak ke nasional, nak masuk bahagian pun dah kena cantas.

UMNO berada dalam keadaan yang terlampau selesa. Satu perkara je yang boleh mengubah UMNO. Kalah dalam pilihanraya, tentunya yang atas-atas tu semua lari dengan segala harta yang diorang kumpul selama ni. Masa tu yang akan tinggal hanyalah mereka yang benar-benar berjuang untuk agama dan bangsa.

Bro, masa senang sume orang nak jadi kawan. Kawan yang sejati tu kita kenal masa kita susah. Memang perit, tapi itulah hakikat.

Tentang penyatuan dengan PAS, satu je syarat utama yang PAS letak sejak dari dulu lagi. UMNO jadikan Islam sebagai pegangan utama.

Aku bukan ahli PAS, tapi syarat ni aku pernah dengar banyak kali. Even baru-baru ni pun Nik Aziz & Haji Hadi ada cakap pasal benda ni.

So selagi UMNO tak nak tukar perlembagaan diorang kepada perlembagaan Islam, tak mungkin PAS akan bersatu dengan UMNO. By right salah ke kalau UMNO tukar kepada perlembagaan Islam. Sebagai orang Islam, rasa untuk menegakkan Islam tu mesti ada dalam hati kita. walaupun sekecik mana pun perasaan tu. Aku ni bukan la golongan ustaz-ustaz, tapi kan Allah dah cakap, Dia akan jaga orang yang jaga agama dia.

Maaf kalau pendapat aku ni berbeza dengan pembaca kat sini. Tapi kalau kita tengok sejarah-sejarah lepas, Melayu bersatu hanya bila ditekan ke tempat yang paling bawah. Itu dulu. Sekarang ni tak tau la. Aku harap-harap sangat semangat tu masih lagi ada. Kurang-kurang boleh gak pakai time sesak-sesak nanti

Anonymous said...



You are being skeptic when you say that "tapi secara realitinya mustahil 60% melayu yang ada ni dapat bersatu"

As for me, I have always being optimistic that the Malays as a whole will be united just like in the beginning with the Malayan Union.

Without positive attitude, without hope, I believe any dreams would shatter and would never be achieved.

I sincerely believe that without optimism, you would only half heartedly work on something which results on that something not being achieved (In this case that "something" is "Malay unity")

As "Aku" said, our choice now is to work on Malay unity. Be it PAS or UMNO. If the leaders of UMNO is among the stumbling block, we should advise them the right way and if they dont hear us then we should look for a new leader. And yes, the same goes with PAS.

If we have to buang Najib then so be it (I dont see any beneficial in him in comparison to the ousted Pak Lah). If Perkasa can unite the Malay, the why not sokong Perkasa?

One thing for sure, come next election; None of the non muslim and/or chinese will get any of my vote.

And I urge others to the same.


Wajasetia said...

macam yang saya katakan dalam komen kedua, "Tapi kalau kita tengok sejarah-sejarah lepas, Melayu bersatu hanya bila ditekan ke tempat yang paling bawah. Itu dulu. Sekarang ni tak tau la. Aku harap-harap sangat semangat tu masih lagi ada." It's ok bro. No hard feeling, may be you missed that part.

Ia seakan-akan sama seperti apa yang saudara katakan, "I have always being optimistic that the Malays as a whole will be united just like in the beginning with the Malayan Union." dan ingin saya tambah di sini sekali lagi melayu bersatu ialah dalam peristiwa 13 Mei.

"Mustahil" yang saya katakan itu adalah dalam situasi sekarang, dalam situasi yang mana melayu masih lagi berbangga dengan saki baki kuasa politik yang masih ada walaupun berpunca daripada kuasa politik itulah kita kehilangan sedikit demi sedikit kuasa ekonomi. Mustahil ketika majoriti melayu masih lagi berpegang kepada UMNO itu Melayu dan Melayu itu UMNO.

Memang tidak salah untuk bersikap optimistik, malah ianya amat dituntut. Tapi kita juga harus berpegang kepada realiti. Sekiranya boleh, esok juga kita semua mahukan sinar baru dalam kehidupan kita. tetapi adakah itu berkemungkinan?

UMNO, PERKASA dan PKR? Apakah perbezaan di antara mereka? UMNO ada ibu yang melahirkan PERKASA dan PKR. Pada saya ianya boleh diibaratkan sebagai, PERKASA adalah sayap melayu UMNO dan PKR adalah sayap bukan melayu UMNO. Dua pertubuhan yang berbeza tetapi datang dari acuan yang sama. Jadi kemungkinan untuk kedua-dua pertubuhan tersebut untuk menjadi siaran ulangan UMNO amatlah besar. Saya harap kali ini saya tidak dilabel apa-apa kerana sekali lagi saya ulangi, saya mengatakan "BERKEMUNGKINAN". "BERKEMUNGKINAN BESAR" kerana mereka dari acuan yang sama.

abc said...

Salam DN Community.

As usual, your analysis is brilliant, KM. Bravo!

In Malay, we always say this, 'hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong'. This is what Najib is trying to do. He is giving and giving to THEM, yet did he get anything in return? No, Nada, Zilch. So much for his, 'lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu'.

The Sarawak Election had shown that the Nons or ALIENS prefer to stick to their own kind. Not any kind, but THE racist kind. I don't believe in coincidences nor excuses. Either you are a true citizen or an alien, waiting to go home to your motherland, fatherland or grandfatherland. That is why the vernacular education is so important to you, ALIEN. The Nons may have been born in MALAYsia but in their mindset, they belong to the countries of their ancestors. If this is not true, why then they refuse to integrate and move towards national unity?. Why are they condemning themselves and their children to self segregation? Why can't they speak and understand the National Language of Malaysia well? I have met some of these Nons who can't speak nor understand a word of BM. Thought they came from small provinces in China.

Why do they need a Chinese PM from China, to tell them to go for national unity and mix with other races in Malaysia? Folks, I read about this (online) a few days ago and I was kinda shock and surprise that these Nons still regard the Chinese PM as their 'head', to tell them what they must do. Then I ask myself, why, why must they be given the Malaysian citizenship? They are in the wrong country. They should be in China, a really homogenous society, no Malays or other Pribumis to bother them, only Chinese.

It is truly incomprehensible that the Nons are asking first, what will they get by supporting 'their' country, Malaysia. I thought that it was always “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” (a quote from JFK). How could one be a citizen and yet rejects all measures of being one, as a people of that nation. IMHO, I don't see any feeling of Malaysiana in them.

So, Tok Najib, give up lah on bootlicking the Nons. Diaorang tak hendak, jangan paksa lah! It is wiser to go for Malay/Pribumi Unity.

laser blade said...

A good write up by KM.

By the way, those Malai Lembus really look like 'lembus', with their beards, moustache, unkempt hair and untidy outlook. These 'lembus' will do whatever DAP ask them to do because they are brainless. No wonder they are easily manipulated by the DAP. Someone told me that their leader is a paradise gatekeeper. Is it true? He said only his 'lembus' will go to heaven and not others. What a joke.

laser blade said...

I saw some of the pics via various blogs, it is so obvious that the star actor is the Omega Lembu. No doubt about it. But, he is still saying "It is not meeee".

Come on lah, Pakcik, just say it out, the truth I mean. Do you think that we were born yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Salam Wajasetia,

Bagus Sdr mahu berbincang disini. Tapi tidak perlu minta ma'af sebab berbeza pendapat. Rasanya kita Melayu sudah lama sangat asyik meminta ma'af. Dieksploitasi kaum Cina. Dilihatnya kita tak percaya diri sendiri, lemah bila kita meminta ma'af.

Dalam pada itu, didalam komuniti Demi Negara ini ada yang amat kuat sentimen Melayu, perasaan mahu bersatu, bukan sahaja diantara Melayu tetapi juga diantara semua rakyat Malaysia, mahu lihat timbulnya apa yang KijangMas sebut sebagai suatu rakyat Malaysia yang kukuh dan bersepadu, tidak rasis dan berpecah belah. Jadi, bila ada kata kata yang dilihat sebagai cuba menghalang arah itu, mungkin akan timbul reaksi yang pedas. Tetapi, selagi niat kita murni dan menghala keMelayu bersatu dan rakyat bersepadu, tidak perlu khuatir mengeluarkan pendapat yang berbeza.

Impian yang indah bersatu padu kita mesti teruskan, Sdr. Sebab masyarakat yang tidak ada impian akan luput didunia. Adolf Hitler diPerang Dunia Kedua pun ada impian. Sayangnya impiannya arah kelain, berdasarkan benci, akibatnya dia dan Nazi luput. DAP nyata benci Melayu sejak mula ditubuh. Bangkah dan cerca apa sahaja yang Melayu dominan.

Kita Melayu tidak benci kaum Cina. Hanya mahu mereka berpatutan. Berterima kasih diatas budi baik nenek moyang kita sejak Abad 19 zaman pemerintahan Long Jaafar dan Ngah Ibrahim diLarut. Mereka yang membawa Cina masuk keLarut, Perak, tetapi tingkah laku Cina disitu membawa kapada British menjajah negara ini.

British menggalakkan Cina masuk dengan ramai berkerja disini. DiAmerika pekerja Cina buat rel keretapi dihantar pulang berkapal kapal selepasnya, ada Chinese Exclusion Act. DiMalaya, British pujuk pemimpin Melayu secara diplomatik dan secara pulas tangan supaya biarkan mereka - yang hanya "transient" katanya - tinggal disini. Untuk mendapat Kemerdekaan, pemimpin Melayu setuju mereka diberi hak kerakyatan. Sekarang mereka mahu hak memerintah negara ini lebih dari yang sudah diberi.

Realitinya? UMNO mesti tukar pendirian. Jangan meminta ma'af lagi seperti Najib nampaknya cuba buat bila menjauhkan dirinya dari 1Melayu 1Bumi walau pun sebelom cadangan itu dibincangkan.

Tidak semestinya UMNO tidak akan berubah. Dari zaman Tengku A Rahman yang dilihat lembut kapada Cina tapi dieksploitasi Lee Kuan Yew sehingga di"tendang"nya LKY dan Singapura dari Malaysia ditahun 1965, UMNO telah berubah. Selepas berlaku peristiwa 13 Mei 1969, UMNO telah berubah. Sedarkan Melayu mundur dan mulakan DEB.

Dizaman Tun A Razak DEB pesat menaikkan taraf ekonomi dan pelajaran Melayu. Dizaman Tun Dr Mahathir Melayu banyak lagi naik hingga mencapai 18% kekayaan korporat.

Bangsa bangsa lain pun diberinya peluang tetapi tidak diberi muka. Bila ada yang melampau dizaman Mahathir, penubuhan parti parti lain telah digalakkan dan diterima masuk kedalam BN sehingga ada lebihkurang 10 ahli. Dari itu semua, nyata UMNO bertukar dan boleh bertukar corak dan haluan. Hanya mesti digesakan. Dan didesak.

Pada saya, jangan fikirkan budak berhinguih KJ dan gerombolannya. Nyata ada peringkat kedua seperti Muhyiddin. Yang "betul-betul berjuang untuk agama dan bangsa" walau "diperingkat cawangan" pun perlu digesa dan didesak supaya cuba tukarkan haluan UMNO. Untuk mengelakkan "kena cantas", mereka boleh cuba bertindak secara senyap seperti "cadre" DAP, PAP dan kominis.


Anonymous said...

"kita kehilangan sedikit demi sedikit kuasa ekonomi", kata Wajasetia.

Saya sokong sebahagian besar pendapatnya. Tetapi ingin menambah pendapat sedikit.

Sebenarnya kita belom pun ada kuasa ekonomi. Selain dari kuasa membeli barangan pengeluaran dan pengagihan kaum Cina. Tidak besar kuasa membeli itu, tetapi kerana kita majoriti, besarlah jumlahnya.

Bagi memajukan Melayu dalam bidang ekonomi, dan bagi meratakan padang pertandingan demi kepentingan harmoni, aman dan makmur dijangka masa panjang, amat perlulah kaum Cina bertukar pendirian. Bukan sahaja dari segi tidak cuba menghalang atau menyekat DEB dan segala dasar Kerajaan bagi menaikkan taraf ekonomi Melayu. Tetapi juga dari segi proaktif memberi kerjasama dan membantu Melayu dalam bidang ekonomi dan dalam jurusan perniagaan.

Kita tahu kaum Cina kontrol ekonomi negara ini sejak demikian lama. Mereka ada sistem tolong menolong satu sama lain melalui berbagai persatuan suku bangsa dan pertubuhan perniagaan. Yang eksklusif dan Melayu tidak boleh ambil bahagian untuk mempelajari selok belok berniaga. Lebih penting lagi, untuk dapat bersama mengambil bahagian didalam sistem pengeluaran dan pengagihan (production and distribution chain) ekonomi negara.

Kaum Cina tidak langsung mengajak atau menjemput dengan ikhlas dan sukarela peniaga peniaga Melayu kedalam sistem pengeluaran dan pengagihan yang juga dikontrol mereka itu. Perlulah mereka berbuat demikian didalam keadaan sekarang dimana sudah ada yang menyuarakan "Buy Chinese Last". Seperti Tun Dr Mahathir lakukan "Buy British Last" sehingga pemimpin Britain sedar dan berpatutan dengan Malaysia dimasa dahulu.

"The End of Representative Opposition" memberi tanda tanda perlunya berbuat demikian. Jangan pula mereka mahu terus eksploitasi "the Malai Lembus". Itu akan membawa kapada polarisasi kaum yang teramat sangat. Mungkin akan membawa kapada keadaan genting seperti sebelom 13 Mei 1969. Maka pesanan saya ini bukan bertujuan menakut nakutkan. Tetapi sebagai teguran supaya berpatutan dan mengorak langkah menghala ke kesejahteraan negara.


Anonymous said...


Saudara Wajasetia

Absolutely no hard feeling bro, This is a port of discussion anyway, be it the harsh way or the soft way.

You said "Tapi kita juga harus berpegang kepada realiti. Sekiranya boleh, esok juga kita semua mahukan sinar baru dalam kehidupan kita. tetapi adakah itu berkemungkinan?"

My response: If we cant realized the thing that we want "esok" does that mean that we should abandon the idea? Does that mean that we shouldnt work towards them?

Mate, of course, the majority of things in this world cannot just be said "today" and be done "tomorrow". I believe everybody here realized that. Do you think if today I said that I want to build a rocket and send the first malaysian to the moon; that I could make this a reality the next day?

Therefore it is not question of tomorrow, it is question of months and if it take years so be it.

And I could see that you keep on pressing on argument of UMNO, PKR, Perkasa being of the same mould. Well that is just your opinion which I dont believe so. The core issue is not with the Party itself be it UMNO or PAS, it is about the people within them. I believe if we could make the majority of people inside them "enlightened".... those corrupt and/or incompetent leaders such as Najib, Nik Aziz, Anwar would be discarded away naturally.

I would like to stress that to me this is not the issue of UMNO v.s. PAS vs PKR etc etc. What we are facing now is much more significant and beyond the realm of these pathetic political party. To me it is the Islam vs. Non Islam, The Malay/Bumi vs. the Chinese.

You said to "Aku":
"Tentang penyatuan dengan PAS, satu je syarat utama yang PAS letak sejak dari dulu lagi. UMNO jadikan Islam sebagai pegangan utama."

My response: This is the thing that really puzzle me. I can totally accept it for PAS not wanting to join force with UMNO if UMNO dont want to make Islam as its core value on a condition that PAS does not berpakat dengan pakatan syaitan DAP and PKR.

I can totally accept this. Do you think that DAP and PKR has Islam as their core value?. I believe if there is a 50% chance of UMNO having Islam as its core value, the chance of these DAP and PKR having Islam as its core value is pretty much nil!

Dont you think that this is a bit hypocrite!?

Had PAS maintain its Independence status, while maintain championing the cause of Muslim and Malay/Bumi, I myself would have voted them honestly.

So dont talk to me about UMNO, PKR, PAS or whatever else. I have no allegiance to any party. All that I care is the nasib of our Agama and Bangsa.


Anonymous said...

Selepas membaca disini sana berbagai laungan dan desakan bagi Dato Seri Najib memulakan tindakan supaya UMNO bersatu dengan PAS, ini ada berita terkini yang boleh menyenangkan hati mereka yang mahukannya:

Najib Invites PAS To Join BN
Bernama - ‎56 minutes ago‎

KUALA TERENGGANU, April 30 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak invited PAS to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) in efforts to champion the agenda on race, religion and the nation.

Adalah diharapkan dia sudah sedar betapa pentingnya Melayu bersatu bagi menguatkan kedudukannya dalam merancang dan mengimplementasi dasar dasar yang boleh mendatangkan perpaduan diantara rakyat dinegara ini dan bagi menimbulkan suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang kukuh dan bersatu padu. Termasuk mengimplementasi sistem sekolah satu aliran, atau Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS).

1Malaysia nya perlu berlunaskan hormat kapada Perlembagaan negara yang menyatakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa negara ini. Perpaduan dan usaha usaha mencapai tujuan 1Malaysia nya boleh dan perlu melalui SSS.

Semua kaum diMalaysia ini, terutamanya kaum Cina yang nampak dari Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak telah mengikut arus DAP yang anti-SSS, perlu memeluk dan mendokong konsep 1Malaysia.

Saya berharap dan berdo'a panggilan Dato Seri Najib itu akan disahut oleh PAS dengan baik. Telah banyak diperkatakan bahawa PKR dan DAP tidak mempedulikan PAS bila Lim Kit Siang diumumkan sebagai calon Timbalan Perdana Menteri, tidak ada langsung jawatan atau Kementerian dicadangkan untuk PAS oleh sesiapa di PKR atau DAP. Rundingan boleh dibuat sekarang, sebelom Pilihan Raya Umum ke13, bagi memperuntukkan Kementerian Kementerian untuk menarik PAS berkerjasama dengan UMNO atau BN.

Saya sokong jemputan Dato Seri Najib kapada PAS itu.


abc said...

Maju wrote this,

Quote - "The End of Representative Opposition" memberi tanda tanda perlunya berbuat demikian. Jangan pula mereka mahu terus eksploitasi "the Malai Lembus". Itu akan membawa kapada polarisasi kaum yang teramat sangat. Mungkin akan membawa kapada keadaan genting seperti sebelom 13 Mei 1969." Unquote

If May 1969 happens again this time, it will not be Malays against the Nons but Malays against Malays ie. Malay UMNO vs Malay PAS/PKR. The Nons will laugh and clap their hands. They will cheer the "Malai Lembus" to keep on fighting, lying on the roadsides, or to become suicide bombers for an express entry to paradise. Sure, the scenario is scary. Maybe this is what the Malays want in Malaysia, the Armageddon!

Anonymous said...

Salam semua,

Will try not to comment like bambino. Am using the name Sembrono. We are cousins actually, he's the nasty one.

As usual, die-hard anti-UMNO Nik Aziz quickly comes out pooh-poohing Najib's invitation for PAS to join UMNO. The old man must be the first to come out with a negative response. The newsmen must also be running for his negative views as such would make eye-catching headlines.

PAS Muktamar is not far down the road. Najib's invitation is quite timely. Hopefully the ulamaks group will think about the invitation and indicate a favourable response to the perwakilan attending the Muktamar.

Or a courageous leader or two will speak up complaining of being ignored by PKR and DAP, Anwar nominating Lim Kit Siang as DPM candidate, and LKS proudly places his nose in the air instead of suggesting some important portfolio for supposedly equal partner PAS.


abc said...

If the Nons prefer self segregation instead of national unity, then I think only Malay candidates should be fielded as candidates in Malay populated areas.

Forget about putting the Nons in these areas as it is not worth it; it is a waste of time and resources. Do you all think that in a Chinese majority country, the minorities get extra attention? Since when the Nons would share anything they have? IMHO, I see only greedy Nons; money greedy, power greedy etc etc.

Btw, take a look at this:


It is horrendous. (maybe this article is not related to the Nons in M'sia directly but they are from the same species, the DNA is there, so be careful everyone).


PS…......yeah Sembrono is the 'alim' one, goodhearted, pious, 'pijak semut tak mati but kaki tangan dalam perut' type. He is from the Jawa stock, whereas I'm from the Italian stock, hence my name.

Wajasetia said...

Salam semua,
It's good to know that we have agree to diasgree here. What a nica place to stay. I have to admit, you guys are really out of my leaguge. All the facts you guys giving in here raise my eyebrows. And i admire your english too.

Kebetulan, sewaktu kita membincangkan perkara ini, UMNO buat ke sekian kalinya menghulurkan tangan untuk menerima sekiranya PAS ingin bersatu dengan mereka demi perpaduan orang melayu. meremang jugak la dengar berita tadi.

Di kalangan penyokong UMNO dan pendokong penyatuan melayu pastinya usaha ini dilihat sebagai usaha yang amat baik untuk menyatukan bangsa melayu yang selama ini tidak pernah bersatu sewaktu dalam keadaan aman. Ramai orang yang akan berharap agar PAS sekurang-kurangnya mempertimbangkan perkara tersebut. Dan sebarang penolakan daripada pihak PAS akan dianggap sebagai penolakan kepada penyatuan bangsa melayu.

Akan tetapi, besar kemungkinan perkara ini tidak akan menjadi kenyataan. Dan sekali lagi PAS akan dilabel sebagai pengkhianat bangsa.

Mana mungkin PAS akan menerima setelah 2 kali mereka merasa "nikmat" bekerjasama dengan UMNO. Tidak mungkin PAS akan bersetuju sekiranya pihak UMNO sendiri tidak menunjukkan keikhlasan dalam usaha penyatuan itu. Sebaliknya PAS akan dianggap benar-benar bodoh kerana mereka mungkin masuk ke dalam lubang yang sama buat kali ketiga.



Saya amat bersetuju dengan saudara, zaman mahathir boleh dikatakan zaman kegemilangan melayu. Bangsa lain ketika itu tak berani angkat muka. Selepas era 1969 itu adalah seakan-akan kemuncak dalam putaran roda melayu.

Roda yang sama juga nampaknya sedang menuju ke arah yang paling bawah dalam putarannya. Wallahhualam.

Membetulkan UMNO dari dalam adalah tugas yang sukar. tidak mustahil tetapi amat sukar. Perkara ini telah pun cuba dibuat oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan ianya seakan-akan hampir berjaya sehinggalah dia dipecat pada tahun 1998. Selepas itu keadaan dalaman UMNO menjadi semakin parah.

Mungkin juga disebabkan oleh tekanan ekonomi, yang mana kebanyakan ahli UMNO terdiri daripada golongan berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana, maka segala-gala di dalam UMNO adalah DUIT. Majoriti ahli UMNO telah dididik yang segalanya aktiviti yang mereka sertai perlu diberikan imbuhan. Apatah lagi kalau ianya melibatkan undi semasa pemilihan.

Persoalannya, adakah hamba Allah yang bergelar jutawan di luar sana yang sanggup untuk melabur sekian banyak demi kepentingan bangsanya? Tidak perlukan duit untuk undi? PASTI dia boleh melepasi peringkat cawangan, MUNGKIN berjaya diperingkat bahagian tetapi TIDAK diperingkat nasional. Itulah hasil daripada didikan UMNO terhadap ahli-ahlinya selama ini.


Wajasetia said...

Salam sekali lagi


Bagaimana kita hendak berbincang mengenai melayu sekiranya kita tidak masukkan UMNO, PAS, PKR di dalamnya? Sudah tentu untuk memastikan melayu juga yang berkuasa, kita mesti mengundi. Jika tidak 3 parti itu, dan mungkin tambahan calon bebas, siapa yang akan kita pangkah pada kertas undi itu nanti? Terimalah hakikat yang kita tidak boleh lari dari politik bila kita memperkatakan tentang masa depan bangsa kita.

Sebelum ini saya memperkatakan mengenai PKR dan PERKASA adalah acuan UMNO dan saudara tidak bersetuju. Kata saudara bukan parti yang menjadi sandaran tetapi orang yang menggerakkannya. Siapa Anwar sebelum PKR? Siapa Ibrahim Ali sebelum PERKASA? Bukankah mereka anak didik UMNO. Setiap pertubuhan itu ada cara kerja masing-masing. Setelah sekian lama berada di dalam ruang lingkup tertentu, dan apabila mereka mempelopori pertubuhan baru, tidakkah ianya akan mempengaruhi mereka dalam membuat keputusan? Itulah acuan yang saya maksudkan.

"I believe if we could make the majority of people inside them "enlightened". I don't think it just you who thought about that.

Saudara menyatakan, "Do you think that DAP and PKR has Islam as their core value?. I believe if there is a 50% chance of UMNO having Islam as its core value, the chance of these DAP and PKR having Islam as its core value is pretty much nil!"

Pada mulanya saya seakan-akan ingin bersetuju dengan saudara, akan tetapi akhirnya saya merasakan tiada apa yang harus dimusykilkan dengan kenyataan itu.

Dari sudut agama, bolehlah dikatakan peratus untuk ketiga-tiga parti itu adalah PAS 100%, PKR 50%, DAP 0%. Mungkin ada yang tidak bersetuju dengan peratusan yang saya berikan itu, kecuali DAP, tetapi buat masa ini saya biarkan saja angka-angka tersebut memandangkan itulah peratusan yang saya yakini.

Sebelum Pakatan Rakyat ditubuhkan, semestinya pelbagai perbincangan telah dibuat yang mana isi kandungan perbincangan hanya diketahui oleh mereka yang terlibat. Kita yang berada di luar ini hanyalah mengetahui hasil perbincangan tersebut melalui media. Saudara dengan sumber saudara, saya dengan sumber saya.

Namun begitu saya tidak terjumpa mana sumber yang memperkatakan mengenai isi kandungan sebarang perbincangan yang telah diadakan, melainkan hasilnya adalah PAS dan DAP akan bekerjasama untuk menghadapi BN dalam pilihanraya.

Pastinya ada perkara yang telah dipersetujui oleh kedua-dua pihak sebelum kerjasama itu dibuat. Dalam hal ini, saya rasa perkara utama adalah menjalankan hukum islam. Mungkin DAP telah bersetuju sekiranya pakatan memerintah, PAS akan menjalankan hukum islam di negeri-negeri yang mereka perintah. Yang mana negeri-negeri itu adalah Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Kedah, Perlis, Johor dan Negeri Sembilan. Maka mungkin atas dasar itulah PAS akhirnya bersetuju untuk bekerjasama dengan DAP.

Berbeza dengan UMNO, parti melayu/islam yang sudah mempunyai kuasa di tangan mereka, menolak permohonan kerajaan kelantan untuk melaksanakan hukum hudud dan qisas di kelantan. Berat hendak saya nyatakan, tapi saudara fikirkanlah, demi nasib Agama and Bangsa seperti yang saudara katakan menjadi keutamaan saudara itu, yang mana akan menjadi pilihan.

Mengikut kenyataan yang saudara berikan, saya berpendapat saudara tidak mengundi ataupun merosakkan kertas undi kerana tiada satu pun parti melayu yang bergerak secara bersendirian bertanding di dalam pilihanraya umum. Dan jika ditakdirkan Ibrahim Ali mempertandingkan PERKASA di dalam PRU13 yang akan datang, adakah undi saudara itu akan bermakna buat Agama dan Bangsa saudara dalam realiti politik sekarang ini.

ps/ admire your written english


Anonymous said...


Salam Wajasetia

This is interesting!

Yes that is logical and I accept that we cannot run away from touching on UMNO/PAS/PKR when talking about Malay unity. But I hope we don’t touch too much on them, what I am/was trying to say there, is that whenever we talked about Malay Unity, why not look at it independently, and people like you? are incapable of making impartial view because you are too much looking from the perspective of UMNO vs PAS vs. PKR.

For example, when it come to the call of uniting UMNO and PAS, the PAS folks (I presume like you) would commonly and typically object with counter like “UMNO ikut Islam baru PAS boleh bersatu”. This is truly laughable when they (PAS) themselves are currently “bersatu” with the Kafir DAP and the questionable “Islamic intent” PKR?

Why are they capable of producing such an answer? It is obvious that they are not looking at this from Malay Unity point of view independently however looking at it from UMNO vs. PAS. They (the leader of PAS notably Nik Aziz) have a huge grudge against UMNO just like how DAP have a deep resentment against the Malay (This is ikhwan universal fact and I think others as well) and therefore the gesture was/is objected and the spinning awkward excuse were given!

Similarly with those obsessed UMNO fans, when we questioned about the 1Malaysia and other UMNO government policy, they straight away jumped on us saying that we are the opposition, we are spinning lies etc etc. Why? For the same reason; the way of thinking of UMNO vs. opposition. They can’t see the issue as it is! They can’t see the trueness of the allegation!

So my friend, let us put the politic aside a bit, let us discuss the issue and if we could resolve them, I believe the political side would follow suite.

And talking about Hudud legislation; I personally do not understand why UMNO did not endorse this. It is God written law so why not just practice them. It is obviously the best law ever! Perhaps why not do a two system base, Hudud and conventional. Those who want to be judge according to Hudud can do so and so does others?. I totally object UMNO in this regard!

And now with PAS….so UMNO rejects Hudud they say!? So what!? You think the cunning PKR and communist DAP would agree for you to do so? Again a hypocritical stand I see. Such a twist and spin could only be produced as results of too much looking from political view rather than honesty. And of course is not because of “Agama dan Bangsa”. This is truly a joke!

PAS used to call for the muslim not to elect Non Muslim as a leader. Please refer to Surah AlMaidah; Ayat 51 and I totally agree with this up to this day. I see a lot of “hikmah” in doing so. Note that this was before they joined Pakatan Syaitan PKR and DAP. What happen to the call now??? Nada? No? Not applicable anymore? Why???

And you said “Dari sudut agama, bolehlah dikatakan peratus untuk ketiga-tiga parti itu adalah PAS 100%,”

My comment: PAS 100% for Agama!!?? Hahaha…. I used to believe this but not anymore…..I think they have put the Agama second and the Putrajaya first. This is evidence from all the contradiction above.

And you further said; “..... Dan jika ditakdirkan Ibrahim Ali mempertandingkan PERKASA di dalam PRU13 yang akan datang, adakah undi saudara itu akan bermakna buat Agama dan Bangsa saudara dalam realiti politik sekarang ini.”

My clarification: This is where I stand for now; On the principle of choosing the one with the less harm, I would prefer to vote UMNO than PAS (PKR is out of question). This is simply looking at which side the DAP is located. There is more harm than there is benefit to our Agama and Bangsa whenever DAP come into play.

With regard to Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA; In comparison to UMNO and PAS; Why Not???

P/s: Thank you for admiring my grammatical prone English.

Anonymous said...

Salam Wajasetia,

Bagi pihak diri saya sendiri, saya mengalu alukan kehadziran anda disini. Sebab anda memberi pendapat yang didampingi dengan penerangan baginya, walau pun kita tidak semestinya bersetuju.

You definitely are in our league, though belonging to a different team. But be prepared for a few of the highly nationalistic ones among us to come out with their zealousness sometimes. For, even the knighted Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson did not look Arsenal's Arsene Wenger in the eyes when shaking hands at the end of last night's game!

And you have good English, too, brother. We here often write in English in order to get our message on national unity across to those who may get it better in that language.

Perlu saya nyatakan bahawa Melayu "pernah bersatu .. sewaktu dalam keadaan aman" juga. Dimasa British cuba cairkan kuasa Melayu dengan cadangan Malayan Union sebelom Merdeka dahulu. British sedar bahawa, dengan tentangan cadangan British itu, betapa kuatnya semangat keMelayuan kaum Melayu sejak masa itu lagi, sehingga disemadikan oleh mereka perkara Ketuanan Melayu, yang dilambangkan dikedudukan Raja Raja Melayu, hak mutlak dan keistimewaan kedudukan bangsa Melayu, diPerkara 153 Perlembagaan negara.

Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu itu telah diluluskan oleh Parlimen dua kali, dimasa Merdeka dan dimasa penubuhan Malaysia. Mulai 1960an mahu cuba dicabuli DAP. PAS perlu sedar bahawa DAP memainkan peranan yang membawa kapada pergaduhan kaum di13Mei 1969. Perlu cuba elakkan berlakunya lagi peristiwa itu. Dan perlu fikirkankan dan bincangkan perpaduan Melayu diMuktamarnya yang akan diadakan tidak berapa lama lagi.

Maka semangat Melayu itu sekarang terjejas. Memang ramai yang mengharapkan PAS sekurang-kurangnya mempertimbangkan perkara tersebut. Dan sebarang penolakan dari PAS akan dianggap sebagai penolakan kepada penyatuan bangsa Melayu. Memang, jika PAS menolaknya, PAS akan sekali lagi dilabel sebagai pengkhianat bangsa.



Anonymous said...



Maka disini saya minta anda beri penerangan dan penjelasan kapada kata kata anda "setelah 2 kali mereka merasa "nikmat" bekerjasama dengan UMNO. Tidak mungkin PAS akan bersetuju sekiranya pihak UMNO sendiri tidak menunjukkan keikhlasan dalam usaha penyatuan itu."

Saya yaakin bahawa jika "PAS akan dianggap benar-benar bodoh" bukan kerana "mungkin masuk ke dalam lubang yang sama buat kali ketiga", tetapi kerana tidur bersama DAP tetapi mimpi berlainan dan tidak akan tercapai. Nyata Lim Kit Siang sudah kata dengan sombong dan angkuh "Never' dan Karpal Singh kata "Over my dead body" kapada niat Hukum Hudud PAS.

Saya juga tidak setuju dengan kata kata anda "Roda yang sama juga nampaknya sedang menuju ke arah yang paling bawah dalam putarannya"

Perlu diingati bahawa semua pati politik ada kelemahannya. Termasuk rasuah, kronisme, malahan penubuhan dinasti. Perlu kita sedari bahawa Kerajaan yang dipimpin UMNO telah cuba kawal rasuah, basmikan politik wang, bawa berbagai kes yang ada bukti cukup keMahkamah, tangkap begitu ramai yang menyeleweng diJabatan Kastam, dan sebagainya. Masakan parti parti lain langsung tidak mengaku ada gejala gejala tersbut diparti mereka. Saya boleh keluarkan butkti bukti berkaitan dengannya jika perlu.

Anwar Ibrahim tidak boleh digunakan sebagai contoh. Dia cakap tak serupa bikin, lebih dari Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng. Bekas pembantunya sendiri ada diberitakan mengata Anwar mengumpul RM2-3 billion dimasa dia Menteri Kewangan.

Politik katak lompatnya bersadarkan wang. Cara "demokrasi" nya dipilihan raya PKR menyebabkan banyak pemimpin PKR cabut lari. Termasuk Zaid yang dihargainya. Bermacam lagi boleh ditulis fasal Anwar tak boleh dijadikan contoh. Dia sebenarnya telah juga dilabel pengkhianat bangsa Melayu. Dan juga penkhianat negara Malaysia. Dengan bermacam macam usahanya menjatuhkan nama negara ini diluar negara.

Cubalah anda berikan bukti bahawa PAS tidak menggunakan imbuhan dan duit dalam politiknya atau tindakan peribadinya. Nik Aziz mengaku menerima pekej Haji bagi keuarga dan setafnya dari kontrekter Kerajaan Kelantan. Bila dihebohkan diakhbar dia "sejuk kaki", tak jadi pergi Haji masa itu. Tetapi terang ternag dia sudah mengaku ada menerima imbuhan pekej haji itu. Dikatanya tidak tahu itu rasuah. Masakan dia ada Penasihat Undang Undang Negeri. Bagaimana yang seperti itu boleh jadi pemimpin.

Begitu juga halnya Nik Aziz digambar menghulur wang kertas RM50 kapada orang orang Asli dikempen PRK Manik Urai(?), Kelantan, yang lalu. Tak tahu juga itu rasuah? Begini kah pemimpin yang pengikut PAS mahukan? Yang melompat tak setuju bila cadangan PAS berkerja sama dengan UMNO diurakan? Yang kata "Saya kagum dengan Karpal Singh" walau pun Karpal kata "Over my dead body" kapada impian Hukum Hududnya?


Tommy Yewfigure said...

LOL Bosz, even Golden Deer need a body-massat...kakaka, shouldn't your RPG be wrapped under the towel too :))


P/S - celaka itu satD for posting the full monty video on family friendly FB :))

Anonymous said...


Some Chinese say they voted DAP in the Sarawak elections because they don't like Taib Mahmud, some say because they don't like Najib, some say because of corruption, bla bla bla.

I say they don't like the Malays, full stop. They are not grateful for the Malays agreeing to their citizenship, whereas they were stateless and had no citizenship all the 100 years during British colonial rule and before. They were not thankful for being able to amass huge wealth and pursue higher education unhindered. They don't even agree that the playing field be leveled, that the wealth of the country and the professional positions created be distributed equitably. They don't even want the Malays to catch up, the Malays who have been left behind economically and educationally due largely to the British colonialist policy that favoured them rather than the local Malays.

The DAP has been clearly racist since its predecessor DAP, led by Maha Chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew coined his so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, that subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah, asking for equality without acknowledging that Special Position. That slogan was picked up by Lim Kit Siang and the DAP after Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia in 1965.

Those Sarawak Chinese who voted DAP bought the line crudely put out to them during the election campaign. One can imagine the kind that was put out during the 1969 General Elections campaign that led to the 13 may race riots when the victory celebrations that followed were done simply in a rude, obscene, racist and provocative manner.

The DAP has been known to be hitting at anything Malay, Peninsular Malay or Sarawakian Melanau Malay, or whatever that is Malay in form, appearance and substance. They hit out the Government, the Civil Service, the Police, the MACC, the Armed Forces where there are majority Malays and which they associate as Malay led and Malay control.

They simply would not accept Ketuanan Melayu, which is imbibed in Article 153 of the Constitution, reflected in the position and the role of the Sultans, and the rights and privileges accorded to the Malays. It is specifically provided in the Constitution, also covering the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah when Malaysia was formed, and no others were mentioned in the Constitution, merely referred to as "the others". And stating that Special Position is not racist because even the British Colonial Secretary told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill in 1956 that the Special Position of the Malays has always been there "since day one".

Of course the DAP do not talk about DAP corruption, DAP cronyism, DAP dynasty-ism, DAP misuse of official position, etc. They are a dangerous lot, as can be seen from their role in the 1969 race riots. The National Operations Council that ruled the country with Emergency powers after the race riots produced a government White Paper pointing out the role of DAP politicians during the election campaign, DAP members and supporters during the unruly victory celebrations that precipitated into riots.

The DAP has clearly been racist. They must be watched closely and the authorities must take action on them under the Sedition Act when they crossed the line. And under the ISA whenever they become subversive, likely to harm the internal security of the country.


Anonymous said...

I think “Cina Totok” is an apt description of the DAP and their supporters. “Totok” denotes clinging to old values, unwillingness to join mainstream Malaysiana, practicing extreme selfishness and greed.

They cannot be anything else but Totok. At 23% of the population, the Chinese are the richest community and occupy most of the professional jobs in the country. Yet the Totoks want more, more and more endlessy. They are unwilling to share the wealth and the number of professional positions with others equitably. They do not want the playing field be leveled. More than that, they want more political power so that they can grab more wealth and other benefits that this country offers.

Yet the Chinese are already sharing power at the Federal level under the BN. These Totoks must must be made to realize that the path towards harmony, peace and prosperity in this country is only via reasonableness, gratitude for being given free citizenship, the right to amass wealth unhindered, respect for and strict adherence to the Constitution of the country.

The DAP has clearly not been respecting and adhering fully to the Constitution that has been agreed to and approved by Parliament twice – once at Merdeka and another time at the formation of Malaysia. The so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan, originally conceived by Lee Kuan Yew and PAP when Singapore was in Malaysia, picked up and hogged by Lim Kit Siang and DAP when Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia, was and is antagonistic to Malay interests as it wants equality without giving regard to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It is subversive and divisive. It creates animosity and is not conducive to harmony and peace in the country.

The Cina Totok do not seem to appreciate that. Perhaps they are aware of it but being Cina Totok, they simply ignore it. Hence the words ultra kiasu have been applied to them. This has been acknowledged by the non-Totok, fellow Chinese themselves.

They should indeed realize that without long-term harmony and peace, there can be no long-term stability in this country. Yet stability is the essence for investment and steady economic development. The disconcerting develomment from the Sarawak elections is that even the Chinese business community appeared to have swallowed the DAP line - line, hook and sinker. It appeared to have become racist. The DAP election campaign was racist. Just like their 1969 election campaign that led to the race riots. Now the Sarawak Chinese have ganged up with the DAP. They should think again.

We must keep on telling them that it is not in their interest to do so. Polarization is not good. Going on racial line does not breed harmony. Without racial harmony, peace and stability, business and investment cannot be carried out confidently and in an unfettered manner.


Anonymous said...

After the Sarawak elections, Najib must re-think. Re-trace his steps to the time he took over power. Remember what it was that caused Tun Dol’s political tsunami of 2008. Recall what he has done since assuming the PM’ship. Check if he should not change his direction. Or methods of achieving his objectives.

Clearly it was the lax attitude towards the utterances and actions of the chauvinists, racists and ultra kiasus. He should be using more at least of the Sedition Act. To stop further racist words and actions by the DAP like happened during the Sarawak election campaign. They have not changed much in their strategy and tactics since the 1969 General Elections campaigning that led to the race riots. Now the Sarawak Chinese have become racist like them, too. Putting out their anti-Melanau Malay and anti-Peninsular Malay line. In words and tone that may not be acceptable even in here.

Najib should realize that all his bending over backwards to the Chinese has not brought the desired results. Right from his restraint on the NEP in his NEM to reiterating Chinese schools can carry on “until the rakyat wants it”, to giving millions of Ringgit to Chinese schools since PRK Kuala Trengganu, Ulu Selangor and Sibu.

Meanwhile, the Malays saw him as not payig adequate attention on protecting Malay rights and Malay interests. When MCA Chua Soi Lek put out the call for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, only the ordinary Malays reacted correspondingly by shouting that their citizenship right be abolished as well. Najib merely made lengthy explanations on the Special Position of the Malays at the UMNO Annual Convention.

Najib should have Chua Soi Lek charged under the Sedition Act. Not taking adequate action had emboldened the DAP goons from the Peninsular, and later, those in Sarawak as well, to become more daring in their racist words and actions.

Najib has to do it between now and PRU13. He has to curb the racist tendencies of the DAP. Reign them in and use the Sedition Act. Otherwise he might lose votes both on the Chinese and the Malay front.


tembeleng said...

Encik Wajasetia,

ce tunjuk sikit, kat mana dalam perlembagaan UMNO tu yang bercanggah dengan Islam?

Ini disebabkan oleh Encik Wajasetia berkata:
"So selagi UMNO tak nak tukar perlembagaan diorang kepada perlembagaan Islam, tak mungkin PAS akan bersatu dengan UMNO. By right salah ke kalau UMNO tukar kepada perlembagaan Islam. "

Saya bukan ahli UMNO (atau mana-mana parti politik pun). Jadi saya kurius. Hat mana yang perlembagaan UMNO tu yang bercanggah dengan Islam?

Harap Encik Wajasetia boleh bantu.

Anonymous said...


A short comment to ask what do we do with the Malai Lembus?

By the laws of the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka some 600 years ago, they should be dragged to the seaside, hands and feet stretched ajar, tied to wooden poles face downwards on the sand, spiked with sharp bamboo spears into the anus Anwar-style. It's called "di-sula".

Now Anwar is doing the spiking with his own short spear onto others. Yet he is one of the biggest Malai Lembus that should be spiked onto.

Another one is Nik Aziz. But because of his age and frail looking, he can be exempted the sula treatment. Just make him sit in front to witness Anwar di-sula.

Any PKR and PAS supporter wants to dispute those two as Malai Lembus?

Hang Kasturi.

Anonymous said...

"the Chinese have no desire to be part of the large happy multicultural, multilingual, multiphonic family" -

Now what is this MCA line that if the Chinese voters don't vote for them, they'll not accept Cabinet posts after PRU13?

What strategy is that? Does that not sound a threat? Are they following the gangsterish DAP ways? Are all of them always thinking that if you don't give me what I want, I will not give what you want? Like the products of Chinese school say to this country? Not having read what US President JF Kennedy said - ask not what the country can give you; ask what you can give to the country.

Is that what the DAP adherents and supporters Chinese want, anyway? It seems to me they are not interested in whether MCA is represented in the Government or not. They have been out to ridicule and humiliate the MCA, a member of BN. They couldn't care less if MCA stays in or stays out of the Cabinet. Has the MCA not thought about this?

Or the MCA just arrogantly pursues the mightier-than-thou attitude? That the sex scandal and money politics Chua Soi Lek and the Wee wee fellows doggedly postulate. The Wee wee fellow having attempted to muzzle the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) proposal, later, with the sex scandal Chua, pushed the proposal that the Bumi equity target be abolished, attracting the counter-proposal that their citizenship right be also abolished.

Son of a gun, these fellows should not be arrogant thinking that the Chinese depend on them and cannot do without them. They should instead be asking for the Chinese voters' support politely, properly and persuasively. No wonder they lost many seats in PRU12. Did not get sufficient Chinese votes at many PRKs since then. In PRK Ulu Selangor their campaigning and election-support machinery went into tatters, Kuala Kubu Bahru campaign posts unmanned, hardly any assistance to the Chinese going out to vote there.

They have a lot of money. So much spent on getting voted into the party committee, as said by the previous party President. Still, they have a lot of money. Why can't they pay their members or trusted others, or even reputable Public Relations firms to go out to persuade the grass roots all over the country to actively support them and get more support for them. Pay the loyal members and the professionals to campaign quietly, by word of mouth, door-to-door if necessary, right from now, day in and day out, until PRU13. Explain, persuade and plead, instead of taking a stand that can be construed and twisted by their opponents as a threat, though of no effect. Because, as their opponents will say, their being in the Cabinet has been inconsequential anyway.



Anonymous said...


Or, are the MCA threatening UMNO? That if Najib does not keep on giving what they want, they'll boycott the Cabinet? Including abolishing the Bumi equity target and whatever the Dong Zong wants for the Chinese schools?

My goodness, if these are what they are implying, and Najib still carries on placating them, I believe this country will go to the dogs in time to come. The Malays will not accept it, UMNO will lose more votes and the cycle of exploitation of the weak and divided Malay position might lead to unhealthy and undesirable consequences.

For goodness sake, Najib, do change your strategy. Do see the implications of the PRN Sarawak results. Do hear the grouses and the sentiments of the Malays, the majority of the population. Do assist the non-Malays but not at the expense of the Malays.

Remember that one scholarship given to the Chinese means one scholarship less for the still backward Malays. After all, the Chinese are the wealthiest community in the country and fill most of the professional posts that exist.

The Chinese have an established and traditional system of helping their disadvantaged via their exclusive clan associations and business guilds. Hundreds, even thousands, of Chinese millionaires have been giving hundreds of million Ringgits scholarship and other donations. To the extent that UTAR even refused RM30 million offered by a Chinese Engineer millionaire some months back.

The Malays want the playing field leveled. Make NEP clear in your NEM. Malays are still far behind economically and in the professional jobs in the country. They want SSS - you do a proper survey or a referendum and you'll find the majority wants it. Don't wait for more votes lost by just saying "Single-stream schooling will be implemented when the rakyat wants it" and keep quiet at that. You need to buck up, Najib.


Anonymous said...


"Remember that one scholarship given to the Chinese means one scholarship less for the still backward Malays." -


and the Bumiputras of Sarawak and Sabah and the unfortunate others.

Those whose communities are not the wealthiest in the country and who do not have an established system or tradition of helping their less fortunate via exclusive clan associations and business guilds.

Remember that the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak also have a Special Position written in the Constitution. And in PRN Sarawak, the Bumiputeras, who mostly live in the rural areas, give their steadfast support to the BN, who after all, have provided them a lot of life facilities, despite the humongous distances involved in bringing such facilities to them, in this, the largest state, of the country.


msleepyhead said...

Kijang Mas wrote (on January 11, 2011 3:37 AM)

How can us super-duper privileged Princes of this Bumi feel "insecure" and "fear the nons" when we have 120k troops; 600 MBTs and APCs; 60 Sukhois, MiGs and F/A 18s; 2 Baginda-Class submarines; 130k police; 500k Rela plus a couple million Mat Rempits ready to run amok all over the land.

May I also add a 90% Bumi civil service.

Looks like someone forgot to tell Utusan Melayu that.

ikhwan said...


I am not sure what is your point for stating that. Perhaps if you could make your intent clearer that would be appreciated.

Looks like someone also forgot to make or to check for proper reference.

You are over exaggerating by approximately 4% there. :) I guess there is no surprise as this is typical of the Kiasu people attitude.

A slight correction from me on your figure:

The break down of civil servant according to races for 2009 (Bernama) are as follows:

Melayu - 77%
Bumiputra - 8.7%
Chinese - 6%
indian - 4%

Now on another note:

I would like to present this news excerpt from Dinturtle taken from the Star 25/12:
"More time for NON Malays to apply for jobs

IPOH: The Perak civil service intake will be extended by another month to allow more Malays to apply for positions in the state government.

There are still 160 vacancies that need to be filled, which are posts for administrative officers, operations officers and financial officers.

To qualify for the positions, applicants need to have at least an A in Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics."

Before the Non keep on whining and cries of injustice;

Let me say a few words here based on the above news excerpt;

Yes my fellow commenters, the government have to go to such extent just to make sure that the Nons filled in the civil services. What the heck is this!??

We are not talking about army or navy here but we are talking about simple/common civil servant.

They blame others for the under representation of their races in the public sector but yet........

Enough said I think.....

Anonymous said...


Not enough said, and not frequently enough said.

When we find they keep harping on what appears to be ultra kiasu issues, we need to keep on counter-arguing them, my friend.

Where they need to, we point out their ultra kiasuness. Of course the DAP members. But their supporters and sympathisers as well.

Including the newly inducted ultra kiasu - MCA, which asked for the Bumi equity target be abolished, drawing the retort that their citizenship right be abolished as well.

Strictly Anon.

Anonymous said...



Correction to my above comment on the Star news. It should have been read:

"IPOH: The Perak civil service intake will be extended by another month to allow more NON Malays to apply for positions in the state government."

Note the "Non Malays" above.

Please be informed

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even the Civil Service they aren't keen to join, closing date even extended. What more the Police and the Military. Yet they criticize the Malay dominance in these places. How ultra kiasu can they be.

1. The vernacular school "graduates" don't have BM passes, can't even speak BM intelligibly

2. Even if they have, the self-isolation mentality immersed into them at vernacular schools preclude the idea of a mixed group working environment

2. The money is better in the private sector, even as mechanic assistants, compared to equivalent posts in the Civil Service

3. If they do join, they'll be denied the excuse to hit at the Establishment, the Civil Service, the Police, the Military

What the ............. racist pigs.

Also Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Remember, folks, the secret societies, thugs and gangsters that first entered a Malay state, brought in by the Hai Sans and the Ghee Hins, were in Perak. During the Communist Emergency time, the state heavily infested by them damn communists was Perak. Them Commies walked in and out of our country through the mountain passes at the border of Thai-Perak. After the Haadyai Accord, the Commie remnants were ensconced in the Betong Salient just across the border of Perak. When weapons caches were found by the Police in recent times, they were in Perak.

The Ngeh-Ngor ADUN blokes who controlled short-term PAS MB DAP stooge Nazir ware in Perak. The goons wearing ADUN uniforms climbing up the table, standing on the table shouting at opponents were in the DUN Perak. Monkeys holding a State Assembly sitting, who sat under the tree, were in Ipoh, Perak.

Don't the above tell the kind of mentality of the Perak immigrants that they won't join the Civil Service? They are largely Chinese because tin mining operations that attracted large-scale Chinese immigrants started in Larut, Perak. The chauvinistic, racist and subversive DAP have always had a field day in Perak because of the above stated mentality. Lucky that the Sultan of Perak applied his discretion on the lack of PR majority after a few katak lompats, and that led to the BN in power now in Perak.

Despite the application period extension, I bet you that the response will still be poor. Maybe Zambry will next go house to house, bend on his knees, to plead the Chinese to join the Civil Service. Zambry was appointed BN leader (and cosequently became MB) by Najib. He follows everything Najib does - without being told - otherwise he wouldn't have been appointed in the first place.

Najib has still not realized that whatever he does to win the hearts and minds of the Commie-like Chinese he failed to win them over. Even the British colonialists, who introduced the Winning-Hearts-And-Minds strategy failed to win the Commies propaganda-ised Chinese - the Malaysians succeeded in getting the Commies put down their arms by the Haadyai Accord.

So what the bloody hell want to extend extend application period sommore?

Exkuzi moar (I know wrong French spelling), KijangMas, Sir. I'm a bit uptight reading about so-called Malay leaders melutut endlessly early this morning.

No fault of yours, ikhwan. One should never kill, should in fact applaud, the messenger, especially when he wants to open up the half closed eyes of so-called liberal but actually pseudo-liberal, intellectually half-baked
Malay leaders. How to be called liberal when they are motivated purely by votes and not paying serious attention on the plight of the majority in this country. To the extent of toning down NEP in the NEM. Damn.

Anon, too.

Anonymous said...


Bumiputera (of Sabah and sarawak) 8.7 % in the Civil Service.

We ask the powers to increase thier number. The Constitution say they has a Special Position also.

Tell Perak bosses no need to extend. Invite non Bumis satu kali cukup lah. Why, they also have special position ah?

Sokong Bumis

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks the nons hardly come in here because of KM’s hard hitting exposes, he’s right. If anyone thinks the nons get scared of the walloping by KM, he’s right. If anyone thinks the nons think practically all that KM writes is correct, he is right.

I sure one that KM allows dissenting views. He allows msleepyhead above. Also some others I read in the past. But there are many cyber troopers in here who share KM’s thoughts. Ever ready to pounce on the unreasonable or incorrect views of the nons. Those who find their way here and say disagreeable things but in an acceptable manner. Of course the ones that rae plainly rude, obscene and seditious are not welcome. But I saw even Kempen SSS published them 1-2 times before. Maybe to show the kind of nons that exist in the country. Of course they got replied to. Still I saw the replies in quite decent and civil manner.

Never mind nor many nons come in here by choice. They spend time at the rogue blogues like MI, Mk and MT where others could not go into because of the blogs’ choice – they often don’t publish our counter comments, wasting our attempts to write some more. I’ll dare more nons to come in here. Where they speak nicely giving dissenting views we will reply nicely.


Anonymous said...

Now that the Google and/or Blogger.com problem that blocked access to many websites for a few days (including this one) has disappeared, I want to say the following:

Why do we have to take the crap the DAP has been producing in this country all this while? Why should we, why must we?

What we cannot do for lack of Sedition Act or ISA powers as ordinary citizens, we can compensate by hitting them out in the media, including in blogs such as here.

It's been largely the chauvinist, racist and subversive DAP that has brought about the situation on the Chinese, not just at the PRN Sarawak, in fact, during most of the destabilizing periods of the history of this country.

Since the day they were born after Lee Kuan Yew, PAP and Singapore were "thrown out" of Malaysia in 1965, they have been putting out their hideous fangs and ugly, chauvinistic, racist and subversive faces. They took over the misdeeds of LKY that had led to him and Singapore being "kicked out". Lim Kit Siang was a member of PAP, of the same breed as LKY.

The very concept of so-called Malaysian Malaysia they inherited from LKY dan PAP has been nothing but chauvinistic, racist and subversive. How can it not be when it subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. How can it not subvert when it talks about equality without acknowledging that Special Position.

How can that be tolerated when the Special Position has been enshrined in the Constitution of the country, cannot be questioned, amended or changed, nay, not even be discussed. It's clearly protected by the Sedition Act.

The DAP has been flogging their subversive "Malaysian Malaysia" concept in such racist and at times inflammatory ways as during the 1969 election campaign that led to the race riots of 13 May. It is said so in the White Paper produced by the National Operations Council that administered the country during the Emergency Rule imposed after the riots.

Now the DAP oppose the proposal to commemorate 13 May for that, oppose History as a compulsory subject in schools for that, one bloke even wrote a book trying to exonerate them from blame and deflect readers attention to some others as the cause of the race riots. Damn.

At PRN Sarawak they plugged the same chauvinistic and racist line. In the Peninsular they have made MCA, a member of the ruling coalition, copycat them by promoting a seminar resolution asking for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, drawing the reaction asking their citizenship right be also abolished. At PRN Sarawak their racism was embraced by others who had helped them get more seats.

And now the MCA has adopted a peculiar merajuk instead of an aggressively persuasive stand. Saying they would not participate in the Cabinet if the Chinese voters don't vote them at PRU13. Implying a threat to the Chinese voters, even perhaps to UMNO to give in to more of their demands.

When what they should be doing is to go out all over the country quietly and relentlessly to persuade the Chinese voters to support them and vote them. They should do that from now until PRU13.

DAP must change their policies for the sake of long term unity, peace and prosperity. MCA new leadership must change their stand pre- and post-PRN Sarawak for the sake of BN solidarity in the first instance but also for harmony and national unity in the long term. The situation now is simply unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

The Malai Lembus include those who think they are liberal. How can they be liberal if they don't have a complete and proper picture of the country. Looking at the country upside down maybe. Or from squinted eyes. Or from corners where secret societies, thugs and gangsters prowl.

They don't know the history of this country. They don't read the Constitution. They don't understand the needs of long term unity, peace and prosperity. Some do but simply don't care. Some do but are dictated by their lust for votes.

Good that History will be made compulsory in schools. The Panel appointed by the Ministry of Education is re-looking at the existing history syllabus for schools. It's heartening that the Panel is being chaired by the President of the Historical Society of Malaysia. He was also a former Director (Deputy Director General?) of the Education Ministry.

I like to believe our interests are safe with him. The Historical Society is a well respected institution. It was established during the British colonial times. Intended to provide views of the locals and expatriates sympathetic to the hopes and aspirations of the locals. Different from the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society whose journal caters mainly if not entirely the views of the expatriates in then Malaya. The first President of the then Malayan Historical Society was a Malay. Examples of British Colonial Officers who joined was Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard, a Muslim convert who chose to stay and became a Malayan citizen. He set up Muzium Negara from scratch.

But whether the findings and recommendations of the Panel on History syllabus will be watered down by politicians or not remain to be seen.

During Tan Sri Muhyiddin's time as Minister of Education, favorable and highly responsible decisions include the standardizing of BM pass levels between the vernacular and the national schools. And making History compulsory in schools. These are landmark decisions and Muhyiddin deserve strong praise.

I hope the History Panel's recommendations would be inspiring and not watered down by the politicians. The Ministry and the Minister must not allow Deputy Minister Wee to do such things as speak out publicly about his disagreeing at Ministry meetings on the decision to standardize BM passes.

Wee can shout at such meetings for all I care. But once decided, he should just shut up and, at most, say it was a collective decision. He must respect and be seen to respect his boss, the Minister. He is in the Education Ministry, for goodness sake. He has responsibility in inculcating values of respect and rules of decency to school children. Any further grouses should be taken through the BN. Not in public and sounding rebelling or gangsterish.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Tun Dr Mhathir says a two-party system, one led by the Malays another by the non-Malays, is not good for the country. I haven't read any detailed reasoning by him.

True, it'll mean the country will be developing along racial lines and generally it should not be encouraged. But if the Chinese appear to want to go along racial lines, support DAP racist politics, and MCA tries to ape the DAP's gangsterish methods by such things as calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, and now say they would not want to accept Cabinet posts if the Chinese don't vote them in PRU13, why the hell must Najib and UMNO be pleading to them?

After all, political parties in this country have started and have been developing along racial lines. UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS. Of course, DAP, Gerakan, PKR etc claim they not race-based political parties but do we believe them to be so in reality? Even the idea of direct membership to BN has not gone anywhere.

So, why not Najib concentrate on getting together with PAS one way or another. Offer PAS the Cabinet posts that are now being held by the Chinese. The other non-Malay parties who want to remain may do so and UMNO go on the basis of a "coalition of the willing" like the Americans did on the Iraq War.

We don't have to look for weapons of mass destruction or WMD in this case. We just go by the extreme greed and the intransigence of the Chinese. They appear to want this country for themselves only - extreme wealth, control of the economy, dominance in the educational and professional fields, and now political power. They must be told and shown by acts and deeds that they cannot do that.

The circumstances are clear from the Sarawak PRN and the words and actions of the MCA pre and post-Sarawak PRN that the Chinese want to go their separate ways, so let them be. Najib must double his efforts in getting PAS and UMNO together.


ikhwan said...


This was what I wrote to blogger KoolMokcikZ who asked similar question like yours with regard to Dr M remark.

I think I know the angle of which Dr M made his comment on.

And if that is the case, I dont think there is any confusion at all for I actually agree with what he said.

Here is my take on Dr M opinion;

I think he is looking at a Malaysia with a pure 1Pribumi and 1Cina v.s. a hypothetical Malaysia where all races bersatu i.e. a Malaysian.

Looking from the above angle; I think it is obvious that a truly 1 Malaysia (Not Najib 1Malaysia) is better than a two separate 1Melayu/Pribumi and 1Cina.

However given that the predicament that we are facing right now; which is apparently 1Cina (Note: They dont often call themselves 1Cina but everything that they call for and every single action that they take is anything but towards and the benifit of 1Cina) v.s. the pecah belah Melayu and Bumiputera; it is obvious the call for 1Melayu1Bumi is the best to fight this uprising 1Cina.

Therefore on this note, I respectfully agree to disagree with Dr M opinion as I have done in many other subject as well.


Let us proceed with the call of 1Melayu1Bumi.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Najib must double his efforts in getting PAS and UMNO together." Should in fact treble or quadruple them.

Jangan ingat segan malu nak pujuk diorang la. Or tak nak orang kata hidung tak mancung ... Peduli apa. Kan adat Melayu, yang tua beri tahu dan cuba pujuk yang muda. Kan UMNO lebih tua. UMNO the first effective Malay party what. PAS definitely after UMNO. Because only after some UMNO members left UMNO, wanting the Islamic angle in their politcal pursuit, was PAS formed.

Talk quietly la. Pasang kaki. As many kaki as possible. Especially when Anwar the pengkhianat bangsa and pengkhianat negara will likely not be on the political scene druing the coming general elections. The Court has just decided there's a prima facie case against him, he has a case to answer and his trial will go on.

Anti-Pengkhianat Bangsa.

Anonymous said...


I think Tun Dr Mahathir fears the prospect of another 13 May if a two-party system based on Malays and non-Malays exist in this country.

He had in the past explained that his Sekolah Wawasan concept, an attempt at the single-stream schooling (SSS) concept of multi-racial togetherness at school, failed because of lack of support by the proponents and adherents of Chinese schools. He said to enforce the single-stream schooling concept in a firm and harsh manner would lead to bloodshed.

But I think he said those because he himself was after the Chinese votes. Despite after being able to stay in power for a few terms. He even allowed his then Minister of Education to push through Parliament the Education Act. One that empowers the Minister to exempt certain schools and higher educational institutions from having Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction.

That Minister was Dato Seri Najib. He saw the power to influence votes vested in the Education Minister. Now as PM, he also sees the number of votes in the hands of the Chinese school parents, promoters and supporters. Saying "Single-stream education will be implemented when the Rakyat wants it" appears for now to be a ploy that he thinks allows him to spend time wooing the Chinese votes with many kinds of overtures to Chinese schools, including cash grants that are totally unjustified.

Clearly, while TDM made an attempt, he was not firm and aggressive in bringing about SSS during his 22 years in power. In the end, opposition to his rule was not so much from the Chinese and traditional enemies like DAP, but from within UMNO, particularly the impatient, ungrateful and destructive Anwar Ibrahim.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

(Part 2)


TDM's advice of avoiding a two-party system along Malay and non-Malay lines is, I think, for the same reason of avoiding serious racial conflicts that he believed possible had he been aggressive in pushing his Sekolah Wawasan concept during his rule.

But I think the fear may not be realistic or insurmountable. We need a leader brave enough to do it. We need an infrastructure that does not depend excessively on inter-communal votes, or cowed down by the demands of one community or another – a system that allows the implementation of those measures stated earlier on - for a period of time until such an infrastructure and all relevant measures are firmly in place.

A system that allows democracy, a continuation of the existing Parliamentary system, administrative and bureaucratic procedures. Practically the same set of players but in a different form. After all, the MCA has already said that they would not join the Government if the Chinese do not vote them in the coming General Elections.

We need to build an infrastructure for long lasting harmony, uninterrupted peace, progress and prosperity. The creation of a united and cohesive Malaysian nation. And a loyal, Constitution-respecting and abiding Bangsa Malaysia. Efforts at bringing about that have failed in the last 54 years.

A long list of examples of ingratitude, arrogance and racist tendencies shows the need for a Government that is willing to enforce unity measures like the SSS, leveling-the-playing-field measures like continuing the NEP, ensuring-loyalty measures, whatever they may be to make all citizens respect and live by the Constitution fully.

We need a Government that will take full advantage of the laws that are in place, including the Sedition Act and the Internal Security Act. One that does not allow, for example, MCA to support a resolution calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, or the DAP to keep on playing their racist line like they did during the period prior to and immediately after the 1969 General Elections, that led to the race riots. They have done it again and again, the last one being racist at PRN Sarawak.

We must avoid such racial disturbances as May 13 at all cost. A Government under a two-party system needs not be hesitant in nipping problems in the bud. Keeping a tight lid on racist slogans like the so-called Malaysian Malaysia that is racist and that subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Note that being racist is being antagonistic towards another race. Subverting that Special Position is antagonistic and racist. Calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished is antagonistic and racist. Calling for Bumiputeras to unite under 1Malay, 1Bumi is not.

However, in the event of serious racial conflicts occurring, the authorities have the institutional or departmental experience, and can quickly dig the records on how to deal with them. The mechanism for dealing with the 13 may 1969 race riots can be quicky put in place. Or the mechanism for dealing with politicians out to create instability in the country, like adopted in Kelantan previously where a State of Emergency was also declared and troops sent in to assist a Director of Operations quickly appointed to rule in an interim period.

Indeed, a two party-system can even be considered as an interim measure. Which may be modified or changed after ensuring all those measures explained above have been put firmly in place.

Yes, I agree with you, ikhwan. Let us proceed with the 1Melayu 1Bumi as has been called.


Anonymous said...

This old and tiring propaganda of the nons of so-called lack of equal rights, lack of democratic principles practised in this country, allegedly pushing investors away or not attracting foreign investors to the country, is all hogwash.

Where in Heaven's name do you find a sizeable proportion of immigrants to a country getting free citizenship and enjoying such freedom as to become the wealthiest in the country and the most in the professional field, yet retaining their nons identity. Controlling the economy of the country, and well represented in the power sharing arrangement that now exists. The question has often been asked: What more do they want? Are they being reasonable?

Investors always look for greener pastures, whether it is cheap labour, easier access to raw materials or wider market in the area. In recent times Vietnam was the place investors flocked to, in years to come it may be Timbuktu. The aircon makers that had made Malaysia their base in the region and made this country the largest producer of air-conditioning units in the region (world?) moved to Thailand to take advantage of the growing market in Indo-China. The richest Malaysian, Sugar King Robert Kuok, went to China to build hotels there not because of unattractive investment conditions in this country but because he wanted to catch the benefits of the fast growing economy in that country and diversify his investment places.

The Chinese want more and more. Not realizing that there is a limit to what they want and what they can get. Not enough with economic power, they want political power as well. Clearly they want political control though they are only 23% of the population, trying to get it with the Malai Lembus abetting them. They need to remember that even when the immigrants are in the majority and won the elections like in Fiji, they could not rule the country, because the Army grabbed power.

They should value freedom and democracy that they are already enjoying in this country, having freedom of choice in many aspects of life, instead of life under military rule. They should be reasonable and not create ill feelings that harm goodwill and harmony.

They should remember that even 1 1/2 years of Emergency Rule backed by the the Army after the race riots of 1969 had caused a lot of losses to their businesses as curfews and tight control on movements were enforced.

The Chinese should not be racist and gang up with the DAP like in the PRN Sarawak. The MCA should not ape the DAP by trying to be racist in asking for the abolition of the Bumiputera equity target, as the Bumiputeras react by asking their citizenship right be abolished as well. That is not good for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Further to my comment above, here is the Star's report that came out hours after that:

Published: Thursday May 19, 2011 MYT 9:41:00 AM

PM: US companies to invest billions in Malaysia

NEW YORK: Several multinational American companies will invest between US$5bil (RM15.1bil) and US$6bil (RM18.14bil) in Malaysia over the next two to three years, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the investments would flow into the advanced electronic, renewable energy, oil and gas, information and communication technology, health care equipment, pharmaceutical and services sectors.

In fact, he said Motorola, which has been operating in Malaysia for the past 37 years with about 7,000 employees, would invest about RM4bil to set a Global Excellence Centre at its Pulau Pinang plant to provide service support for customers throughout the Asia Pacific.


My only complaint is that Motorola does it in Penang.

Perhaps it's due to facilities being available there that they have built up over many years prior to and not during DAP rule - they began investing here 37 years ago.

Damn it, DAP will exploit this. Damn it, let DAP go into the sea and Motorola shine on land even in Penang.


ikhwan said...

Dear All

Just want to share this good news from Australian News Paper, TheAge 19/5/2011 regarding our Malaysian Proton Cars

According to the NRMA (Top Australian Car Insurance); Proton Persona G is the car with the least expenditure per week in its category defeating other well known cars like Hyundai i30 and Suzuki SX4 while in Light Vehicle Category; Proton S16 (also known as Proton Saga)is the third cheapest car to run only topped by the other two Suzuki models.

These results are shocking to most Australian, because Proton is not just cheap to operate but it is also among the cheapest to buy in comparison with other top brand like Toyota, Ford, Hyundai etc.

So my fellow Malaysian, please be proud of our own Malaysian made car which is headed and managed by our own Malay Muslim.

To the Ultrakiasu, rabid anti everything that is Malaysia and Malay; please stop demeaning Proton Cars. They are indeed much much better than what you people portray them to be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ikhwan. Proud that the national car has been well spoken of overseas. Should be able to compete with Japanese cars.

Proton still regarded as the national car? Should be, because a vast amount was invested in various types of plants producing the major components of the car in this country. Until it can be be rightly claimed as the national car. And other car parts industry also grew.

Yet Tun Dol allowed Naza to assemble Korean cars in this country. And the protection on Proton (tariffs etc) was somewhat affected if I remember correctly. OK if both can progress indefinitely.

Of course, the racist ultra kiasus will find all sorts to put down the national effort which they perceive as a Malay enterprise. Poor performing auto windows etc. As if Japanese and American cars don't have faults. Even major ones that led to hundreds of thousand units being recalled from the market. The recall of serious- brake-problem Toyatas(?) occurred only recently.

Hope Proton will move on to higher levels progressively as the years come by.


Anonymous said...


Crazy write-up. For you guys to read.


ikhwan said...


yeah.... agree and disagree with some of the points in the article...

But what more interesting is the comment section.....

Just go on and read....

As a Malay and Muslim, I just dont understand, how on earth, my fellow Malay and Muslim in PAS and PKR could have comprehend to have an alliance with this group of racist bigots!

This is the group that make the vast majority of DAP supporters.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the long list of reasons the Malay who works abroad gave as a reponse to The Malaysian Insider (TMI) asking people to write on the subject. He blames Chinese chauvinism/ racism a lot. But I don’t undertand why you say it’s a crazy write up. If you disagree, I’d like to hear your reasons for them.

I’m surprised that TMI prints this article. Maybe because the first reason given hit them on the head and they want to prove otherwise. Maybe because this is the first article they receive after putting out their request for readers to write on the subject. TMI’s intention was of course to show the Government’s faults for the so-called brain drain.

The Bumi writer says he “work and stay overseas” but TMI exploits it by saying he is one of those who have “migrated”. Maybe TMI wants to obliquely tell the Malays it’s OK to migrate. I think Malaysians like ikhwan stay and work overseas for a host of reasons other than migration, like in pursuit of business opportunities, business expansion, which also brings foreign exchange income to the country. TMI blokes may not have heard the concept of sogososhas and business conglomerates that Tun Dr Mahathir was, during his rule, calling Malaysians to adopt. They may not even know that not just individuals get income but our country can gain foreign exchange from Malaysians working or doing business abroad.

I would certainly welcome views by others on this, especially ikhwan, whose views I always find heartening. Note that KijangMas himself spends a good part of every year overseas on his many businesses conducted internationally.

In fact, some of the comments in TMI also agree with many of the reasons given by the Bumi writer, including some Chinese themselves. I feel the article and some of the comments are good for discussion here. Hopefully KijangMas will agree that they be reproduced below.



Why I work and stay overseas — A Bumi

MAY 19 — I am a Malay working overseas. I find working in Malaysia unattractive due to the following reasons. I don’t want to belabour the points, so I list them down in point form:

Chinese chauvinism/racism

• Most private organisations including TMI are dominated by the Chinese and/or their political agenda.

• Chinese people have a tendency to assign negative stereotypes on other races (especially the Bumiputera races).

• They exhibit cliquish, insular, secretive and calculating behaviour.

• Chinese people favour fair-skinned people even though fair skin is disadvantageous in Malaysia’s sunny climate.

• They admire China’s achievements, despite China’s oppressive regime.

• Malaysian Chinese use the Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien etc.) to isolate their discussion from others while in their presence.

• The Chinese are not honest about failures of ethnic Chinese leaderships in Philippines and Thailand.

• Tokenism is rife in Chinese companies.

• Chinese will use changing criteria to judge people of other ethnicities; one day it is academic merit, another day it may be “character.”

• The Chinese favour their own kind over others, even when other kinds are of equal stature.

• Malays fear to voice out against Chinese for fear of repercussions especially with respect to their employment prospects in the private sector.

• The Chinese still hold strongly to their ethnic heritage.

• They diminish the achievement of other races, especially the Malays.

• Harp on Bumiputera affirmative action even though Chinese people still continue to succeed at all levels of Malaysian life (even government).

• Any Malay who has strong academic background is denounced as attaining it due to “Bumiputera privilege”, even though he graduated overseas with his own money.

• Use their overseas Chinese connection to gain unfair advantage, but pretend the advantage is minimal.

(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

(Part 2)

• The Chinese always make unfair comparisons of Malaysia with other non-Muslim, post-industrial countries.

• Chinese people don’t recognise the special position Islam has in Malaysia.

• Enjoy talking bad about Malaysia (even when working/living overseas) as if Malaysia is on the same level as Zimbabwe even though Malaysia is far from it.

• Highly critical of institutions that are Bumiputera-dominated (ie. government), but non-critical of institutions that are Chinese dominant (like gambling).

• Show no desire to partake in patriotic activities (e.g. serve in army), but cry foul when other people point out their lack of patriotism.

• Show lack of understanding about Islamic religion, but enjoy taking Quranic verses out of context to further their argument.

• If pushed to think “outside the box”, the Chinese would favour Western ideals above Islamic ideals.

• The Chinese show lack of respect toward Malay leaders, but accord unnecessary respect to their Chinese community leaders, even though they hold no significant position in government.

• Always speak about “brain drain” but still keep Malaysian passports.

• Willing to spread disingenuous claim that Bumis have already achieved economic parity with the Chinese.

• Use Indians who have achieved to further their claim that Indian community is ahead of the Malay community.

• Comments in support of Chinese chauvinistic agenda are allowed to be posted in TMI, while others are censored.

• I can go on and on with more example, but I grow tired and annoyed.

PAS religionism

• Holds only their interpretation of Islam to be the truth.

• Willing to associate themselves with and be used by non-Muslims while creating enmity toward other Muslims.

• Use religion as a political tool to win arguments and foment discord.

• Ritualistic mentality.

• Have a simplistic idea/concept of the world and its affairs.

Umno nationalism

• Partake in bully politics.

• Enjoy seeing minor issues such as sexual improprieties take over the national discourse.

• Willing to give in to fervent Malay nationalism.

• Must “ampu” within Umno hierarchical structure to get to higher positions.

• Anti-intellectualism.

• Unwillingness to adapt and change to satisfy changing political climate.

Indian shiftiness

• Willing to change their allegiance due to changing political tide.

• Belief that Indian subcontinent will help them, like mainland China helps Malaysian Chinese.

• Dishonest about their caste and other internal problems.
Malaysian culture as a whole

• No proper understanding of logic and reason.

• Has not understood to segregate religious thinking from secular reasoning.

• Lost sensitivities towards other religions/races.

• Still admire Western culture, without studying their obvious weaknesses.

• Always sidetracked by minor issues rather than seeing bigger picture.

• Media not mature to show all sides of the story, media is all very partisan.

• Partisanship is being promoted at all levels from the family microcosm to the national level.

* A Bumi who chooses not to provide his identity, and who has worked in a China-man company as a token executive.

(Continued in Part 3)

Anonymous said...

(Part 3)

Here are some of the replies to the "Bumi Write-up". Note that there are 1-2 comments suggesting that the write-up could even have been written by TMI writers themselves. This could be true as no mention of anger at DAP, PKR and PR in general - no offer of solutions, as noted in one comment.


Andrew Tan•

I agree with you on some points about the chinese... but this particular point really raised my eye brow.

Highly critical of institutions that are Bumiputera-dominated (ie. government), but non-critical of institutions that are Chinese dominant (like gambling).

As if the malays (muslims) are able to set foot in such institutions. So why even bring gambling as an example when you are not allowed near it.

Orang Melayu•

I used to work in a private sector own by a Malaysian Chinese in KL. I faced similar situation as described under the heading Chinese chauvinism/racism. What to do? Sigh!


I appreciate how you attacked all parties. Though there are points I disagree with, being able to take the rational approach of seeing the true picture instead of blinding yourself to everything but what you want to see is a step in the right direction that TMI commenters should learn from.

Mkini Reader•

I believe the above is written by Aku Melayu, who is very much in the country!

Mat Rempit•

75% of your arguements can be accepted. Bro, please be an open-minded person. You gives all the negative points without giving the solutions or suggestions. I will be happy if if you can offer some.


A truthful summary of the Malaysian fabric of races, cultures and religions.


I agree with your views, especially on Chinese chauvinism/racism. You hit the nail on its head. Plenty of TMI readers will definitely 'TERASA'!

Asha Iyengar•

I agree with A Bumi 95%. As much as some non-bumis who go around advocating meritrocracy and other what have yous, the reality is they should look at themselves too!


i totally agree with Bumi....so many hypocrites in Malaysia


Probably written from some one inside TMI- considering who the new owners of TMI are.


The comments to these posts merely prove the point made by the writer.

I agree wholeheartedly. When a Malay person tries to intellectualise the issue, his naysayers are unable to respond in an objective and intellectual manner. Half of these responses are half-baked and doesnt address the point which the author makes and that is this: you -drive-him-out-as-much-as-the-current-system-drives-you-out. It's not that he doesnt recognise those flaws but that YOU are unable to recognise your own flaw. Sheeesh, typical malaysian. Everything becomes emotional, logic cease to exist.


The article is self explanatory, wouldnt be rated highly for its message/content or its arguments. But i am just so curious... why TMI selected this particular ones to be published? What message TMI trying to convey? Unless this is the BEST article for a so called "Malay reader"? Hhmm..


Hey I'm not (try my best not to be) a racist here...but can any Chinese in this country absolutely reject the arguments listed in the first ten bullets above? I have worked in the private sector...promotions given to unqualified Chinese newcomers while those who sincerely worked for years are asked to train those newcomers...annual appraisals are just eye washers, salaries are skin-color dependent....a new Malay engineer is paid RM500 less than a new Chinese technician, academic qualifications never mattered....never had the thought that it is rude to speak in a language others could not understand in a meeting or a formal discussion....to hell with their chauvinistic agenda...

Bencana Nasional•

TMI ... TMI ... transparency please. Why are my comments questioning whether TMI has validated the identity of the contributor all withheld?

(Continued in Part 4)

Anonymous said...

(Part 4 – Comments on the “Bumi write-up”)

J Singh•

My expereience in Msia/Growing up in Penang w the Chinese

- Switch language when they want to talk something in secret, right in my presence

- Asians are mad about skin color, worst among Indians,for aesthetics, but growing up, Chinese around me tend to make it seem that its 'dirty' to be darker

- Tauke, tailoh, pimps, whatever you may call it they all have a good sense of entrepreneurship, CEO's in their own right theyll rub their social class and materialism flamboyantly. Everyone does it when they can- but theres this "air" of forcefulness. Either youre a commodity, make them money, good "inside" contact, else youre just "the other"

- Either Chinese this or Chinese that, no sense of wanting a melting pot, to forge a unique multi-racial non-bumi identity.

- Just like some airhead Indians, have this believe that genetically their people are superior because of past civilization, etc etc.

- I never got the idea of Chinese schools- yes theyre goverment and anyone can go if they so wish but the culture is so isolated from Malaysia

Despite my gripes growing up, I have learned that my generaition and peers of Chinese now acknowledge this, that it is perpetuated by their parents and this craziness to conform and wanting to "preserve" their culture (but not studying what is adaptable and what isnt).

Today, most of my chinese friends, despite their language barrier, want a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. I've been there done that complain about bumi this bumi that - it is STILL effed up but I do implore the non-bumis to think that were no angels either. Just because we're competing for survival US vs BUMIS back then doesnt mean we should believe half-truths about racial-superiority, total dominance, "conformity" and what have you TODAY.

I can go all day about the pro-bumi issue, institutionalized reverse racism (LOL!) and all that - but Im not saying Im better or he or she is better - ALL I WANT IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Not every Chinese is rich, not every Malay is stupid, and Indians, I dont even know where to start aha.

-J, Los Angeles


Saya setuju dengan beberapa pendapat Bumi tentang orang Cina. Saya sendiri terasa racism di masa sekolah menegah. Semua kerana saya ni, lebih suka cakap dalam bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Malaysia.

Mereka juga anggap bahawa sesiapa yang fasih dalam bahasa Inggeris memang bukan orang Cina, manakala di anggap seperti ‘banana’… kulit kuning diluar tetapi putih di bawah.

Fikiran saya juga lebih kepada segi professional dan rasional dibandingkan dengan kebanyakan orang Cina pada masa saya sekolah dahulu yang lebih kepada bisnis dan kaum sahaja.

But today, I think it’s different. Because, those businessmen’s children grew up as doctors, lawyers and engineers… they will consider political and economic issues from a more rational point of view than the racial.

But I think the number of Chinese that think in western rational ideologies and Malays that think in western rational ideologies are still few in Malaysia.

For Malaysia to succeed to retain any capable person of any race….you gotta be fair.


Folks, let's discuss the Bumi write-up and/or the comments published in TMI. They have a bearing on KijangMas' post on the Chinese ganging up in and post-PRN Sarawak.

These issues need to be addressed. We have been saying here that Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) is the way to go for the creation of a united and cohesive Bangs Malaysia. The attitude of the Chinese as put out by the "Bumi writer" is a strong impediment to that.

Some of you readers may think the other reasons given by the writer are also impediments. Do say them out here and let's discuss.

Btw, I'm not Aku Malaysia that one comment referred to above.


Anonymous said...

The Bumi wrote,

“They admire China’s achievements, despite China’s oppressive regime.”

It has been pointed out in the past but needs pointing out every time relevant, in order to get Malaysians understand and to get the Chinese balance their perspective, adjust and avoid such things as

“use the Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien etc.) to isolate their discussion from others while in their presence.”

China has had a long, turbulent history full of wars, conquests, revolts and rebellions. In the latter half of the 19th Century when the southern Chinese started coming to Malaya in large numbers, China was fighting foreigners encroaching upon their territory, notably the British who went to the extent of forcing the Chinese to accept opium brought from British India as a commodity to balance the trade under which they took a lot of silk, porcelain and pottery products out. It led to what became known as the Opium War and a Period of Unequal Treaties resulting in Hong Kong coming under British rule for 100 years, returned to China only over a decade ago.

Wars, revolts, rebellions, deceits and treachery of all sorts took place in the attempt to oust the British. The institution of secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism started from that period. But it led to the Chinese to keep them until now, brought with them wherever they went. This kind does not know the rules of decency, talk and behave gangsterishly in the presence of anybody.

The arrogance, antagonism, skulduggery, harsh behaviour, lack of respect for authority, law and order and for the rights and the sensitivities of others developed. But these must not go on endlessly. In Malaysia the Government spends hundreds of millions Ringgit annually to maintain the Secret Societies Section of the Police Force to keep the secret societies and gangsters under control.

DAP politicians even resort to them. Gangsters took part in the 13 May 1969 race riots. Last year Selangor DAP Exco members were alleged to have had meetings with “the Underworld” even in the premises of the Selangor State Government. DAP Exco member Ronnie Liu behaved like a gangster, banging MACC and the Klang Hospital Mortuary doors after office hours in connection with Teoh Beng Hock’s death.

By and large well-educated Chinese have respect the laws and follow the moderate, law-abiding path. But it is disconcerting that even MCA tried to go the racist and gangsterish DAP path. They asked that the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, drawing a counter call that their citizenship right be also abolished. I think "admiring China’s achievements, despite China’s oppressive regime" also exists among this kind. It reflects on the regard they have for their country of adoption.

I don’t think the Bumi writer ran away migrating from this country. He and some others may want to ride the rough period out, crying out in the meantime, but will somehow return in time to come. They can’t escape the Malay proverb “Hujan emas dinegeri orang mana nak sama dinegeri sendiri”.

But the Chinese who have what may be a tradition of running away - from China to Malaya, referred to by the British as “transient” - who cannot adjust to the country of adoption, are well advised to look at the migration schemes offered by such countries as Australia and Canada that many of them had taken.

They, and especially those “British Overseas Citizens” who went to UK, tore their Malaysian passports in the hope of getting permanent stay, should never be allowed back in the country. They have clearly decided to leave this country, shown their lack of loyalty especially by tearing their passports and have no respect for the symbol of the sovereignty and the Constitution of this country.


Anonymous said...

I praise Bumi writer brave to say all those. I suport because all I agree.

Don't want waste my time go to MI. But dont know if Chinese will defend them here.

If not maybe they also agree?


Anonymous said...


There's no leadership in this country.

Leadership is seeing things wrong, pluck up enough courage, do things to change or correct what is wrong.

Like British PM David Cameroon. Dared to say "Multi-culturalism is dead". Got German Chancellor Angela Merckel to echo him. Two others followed suit.

Like Barrack Obama. Dared tell the damn arrogant Zionist Israeli PM watever his name right in the face that the Palestinian issue must be negotiated on the basis of the 1967 boundary (before the Arab-Israeli War). For 45 years nobody dared say it in no uncertain terms. The joker George Bush merely pandered to the neo-cons. But Obama explained his position to the meeting of AIPAC, the organisation that has been strongly pro-Israel and influential all along.

Is there such a leader in Malaysia as Barrack Obama, David Cameroon and the firm, steadfast and no-nonsense Angela Merckel?

Is there any leadership in this country? Genuinely leading, instead of merely pandering to votes?


imperium said...


Cuba kalian baca apa komen2 bukan Melayu/Islam dalam artikel ini dan fikir masak2 dimana kedudukan kita dan apa muslihat mereka...??


msleepyhead said...

You must be sadlah. I think your readers don't get it, do they? After all your hard work juggling time for companies in different time zones and taking the effort to come up with well thought out articles, the best they could come up with is a bit short of 'mummy, the Chinese these, Chinese that...' If that is not enough, resort to name calling, chauvinistslah, ultrakiasulah, commieslah,.. and I was said to be bitchy.

Again, I'd like to quote the Bosz

How can us super-duper privileged Princes of this Bumi feel "insecure" and "fear the nons" when we have 120k troops; 600 MBTs and APCs; 60 Sukhois, MiGs and F/A 18s; 2 Baginda-Class submarines; 130k police; 500k Rela plus a couple million Mat Rempits ready to run amok all over the land.

And a 77% Malay civil service (85.7% if you include the other Bumis).*

Nama sudah Tanah Melayu, how about start acting like landlords that the Bosz has been talking about? Yakkity yak yak sini kah, kat Kininsider kah, it aint' gonna help the cause. At least satD ada tulis article on EHMG and strategies to counter the bamboo network.

So what's stopping you? Yang kat overseas tu, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Don't be a slave to others, come back to help the cause to fight the bamboo network. we need all the help we can get.

*Thank to ikhwan for pointing out my kiasu attitude in erroneously rounding up the civil service figure to 90% in my earlier post. His keen attention to detail, must be from his overseas engineering training, is a great asset here. Forgive my tardiness, I'm after all a 'kebangsaan' product through and through, dari SK, ke SM dan IPTA (arts course pulak tu). Walaupun kebangsaan tetapi tetap menjadi kebanggaan.

Hope guys like him and Bumi writer and others will be home to join the cause against the Chauvinistic-Communist-Chinese-(and some say Christian) Action Party (CCCCAP), and their ilks.


antusiri said...


Your words of wisdom are very much needed too, to sound those chauvinist chinese yang bersemangat komunis cina and not bersemangat KEBANGSAAN. Speak chinese day in day out, pergi sekolah cina, always mencabar hak orang lain, tidak hormat kepada Raja-Raja Melayu bla! bla! bla!

Not many bersemangat kebangsaan like you willing to voice it out against those chauvinist. You people kinda very silent here in Malaysia. knock! knock! knock! is there anyone out there?

Yang tinggal, mostly the patriotic malays yang dok yikiti yikiti yak against those chauvinist chinese.

Join the forces wont you? Spit out your words of wisdom and teach them the semangat KEBANGSAAN, wont you?

Sorry that your kind also got 'roped' in when they yikiti yikiti yak against the chauvinist. They dont mean to yikiti yikiti yak against Malaysians, but your kind are too silent, like almost dont exist anylonger.

Anonymous said...

Proves the point - the nons do read this blog, although don't comment - perhaps don't dare, maybe fearing an onslaught by othes.

Except sleepyhead. Well done sleepyhead. do go on. Some of your points are valid, I must say.

Must rush out now.

Not sleepy.

Anonymous said...


Menyindir ke, my dear? Adam said you and I have a love-hate relationship. Wonder where we are now. Adam, where are you? Would you like to state an opinion now?

Kita orang nangis la bila ada budak budak jahat nak kacau, kita orang duduk diam diam, ikut mak bapak cakap, dia orang tak ikut. Kita orang nak cakap BM, diorang nak cakap Mandarin ke ape ke dia orang kata mother tongue. Depan kita orang pun dia orang nak cakap Mandarin .. ooops .. Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka etc. Mak bapak kaya raya, kita orang nak biasiswa pun dia orang nak jugak. Nangislah kita orang! Bila nangis, kita orang mengadulah.

Name calling tu biasa lah. Malaikwan lah, apa lah. Bukan you tak tau, sayang. Kalau tak nak pujuk pun, jangan nyindir kan abang dan kawan kawan lah!

If you have read the Bosz saying those, I read about Fiji. Where the nons became the majority, won the elections but could not rule. The Army grabbed power and ruled. Happened only a few years ago.

You talk about Malay civil service, sleepyhead. Don't want to talk about the private sector, Chinese companies here there asking for Mandarin qualification? Civil service constitutes how many percent, Chinese firms how many percent of the work force?

You pun nampak nak exploit the situation ni. Yakkity yak yak about the few Malays who work overseas, who after all, contribute to the foeign exchange earnings of the country.

Btw, apa "bamboo network" tu? Sounds like Iron Curtain, Bamboo Curtain intrigues, treachery, deceits, trickery, all for the preservation of the bamboo culture. We must have a Malaysian culture, my dear. Of the kind Bosz has also written at length about. But I see your point "we need all the help we can get."

Whatever it is, I know you have a strong Malaysian feeling, product of Sekolah Kebangsaan, want SSS and
anything kebangsaan (national, singular, not kebangsaan as in Dong Zong so-called "multi-nation" nonsense), you mix with Malays, Indians and others. That's where I love you, as Adam has observed.

Good also you include religious zealots in the CCCCAP. They must not try to disturb the status quo. The Government even arrests the Muslim Syi'ah sect people trying to convert others in this country. 200 were arrested a few months ago, 4 leaders of one group arrested the day before.

The Johor Catholic Bishop only laugh and ridicule the non-Catholic Christian leaders meeting the PM recently, adding to the divisive situation that has been plaguing the country. When he could have found means to help bridge the gap among Malaysians in the matter of the Kalimah Allah.

For example, help try to convince the public that they have no intention of converting others in this country to Christianity by wanting to use the word Allah. He having worked in the Vatican in Rome, of all people. Unless he is defending a policy of Christian- missionary converting activities that he knows exists right at the very centre in Rome.

But I digress. Though still on the subject of overall unity that the Bumi writer tried to portray. I must thank Adam for bringing the Bumi writer's article to our attention. For I have ceased going to Malaysian Insider when they did not publish my counter comments. And I have since found many others complaining the same.

Have a good day, msleepyhead. Hope you don't take offence at the occasional flippancy in my comment there.


ikhwan said...


Apa ni? Kalau ya pun nak marah..tak payah lah nak implicate Bosz dalam you punya rambling and please lah...dont twist his words.

"Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri...lebih baik di negeri sendiri"

Iyalah msleepyhead...sabarlah sikit...we are here collecting the gold and bringing it back with us to Malaysia....Insyallah kami akan balik ke Malaysia....for me....end of next year I'll resign from my position and then I'll be back home to fight this chinese chauvaninst on the ground with Perkasa :)

You want us to act like landlord!? So far we havent been acting like one. Normally for a landlord, troublesome tenant like you racist ultrakiasu chinese chauvanist racist bigot, would have been kicked out in no time!

I couldnt agree with you more on this...yeah folks...let us all act like a landlord!

Dont like the name calling? Why should I care and Why should I give a damn!? Sometimes the truth is bitter and hurtful!

And I suggest you post this in your favorite blog MI and MT:
"the best the Nons could come up with is a bit short of 'mummy, the Malay these, Malay that...' If that is not enough, resort to name calling, racistlah, pemalaslah, pakai tongkatlah, UMNOputralah, NEP dependant lah....Yakkity yak yak sini kah, kat Kininsider kah, it aint' gonna help the cause"

And sorry to say: you remain being bitchy.

No hard feeling k


button man said...

Kijang Mas. Yours is a great blog. It serves to spur back the pride of being malay, to malays who are going through these hard, racist and somehow 'kuli di negara sendiri' times.

But reading from all the comments above and previous postings, the mentality of the malay guys are still hopeless. While i find hope in reading matured ramblings from you and others, a big chunk of them are still in denial of their sorry state.

Except for the malays, and muslims, mamaks included, NO ONE CARES ABOUT MALAY RIGHTS, SINGLE SCHOOL STREAM, KETUANAN MELAYU, PROTO-MELAYU, MELAYU FROM HAINAN, MELAYU CAME HERE FIRST, or any of that boring crap.

What we have to do, is to pick up arms, join hand in hand, and work together, forgetting our differences whether PAS, UMNO or PKR. I'm sorry, but i'd rather have everyone quit and join UMNO, and whack our UMNO leaders from behind.

And then, whilst being strong, work hard at making sure we have superior mentality, followed by supereior action. Not superior ego, but inferior quality.

Stop denying that we need to buck up, and adapt. We will be recolonised, like Mahathir said before, if we don't wake up and correct our deficiencies.

Initially i was supportive, but after seeing how productive comments are shot down by malays themselves, i just get bored.

Get out of the delusion. Quick, m*%^*fu*&%^rs. Your life is at stake.

button man

Anonymous said...

Have thought of keeping quiet for a while, merajuk for some reason, but cannot allow button man cling-clonging his tin kosong unanswered.

Hitting "the mentality of the malay guys are still hopeless", one wonders if he is Malay. It's his right to determine which are "the matured ramblings from you and others", he hasn't given any example or any arguments to back his remark "a big chunk of them are still in denial of their sorry state".

And I don't understand which one(s) he finds as "boring crap" in his statement "Except for the malays, and muslims, mamaks included, NO ONE CARES ABOUT MALAY RIGHTS, SINGLE SCHOOL STREAM, KETUANAN MELAYU, PROTO-MELAYU, MELAYU FROM HAINAN, MELAYU CAME HERE FIRST, or any of that boring crap."

Unless clarified and/ or substantiated, his tin kosong will remain as a wild and useless allegation.

He would have done better if he had made concrete suggestions as to how to "join hand in hand, and work together", but saying to do so simply by "forgetting our differences whether PAS, UMNO or PKR" is a small boy not understanding Malay politics and not even knowing what the talk about Malay roots "KETUANAN MELAYU, PROTO-MELAYU, MELAYU FROM HAINAN, MELAYU CAME HERE FIRST" could be one suggestion how to get Malays together.

All told, I think this bloke is non-Malay trying to split the Malays some more.

His "i'd rather have everyone quit and join UMNO, and whack our UMNO leaders from behind" is so naiive and not even knowing how UMNO moves.

This statement about "whilst being strong .. making sure we have superior mentality, followed by supereior action" smacks of the nons' frequently alluding to Malay "lazyness" and not being united.

See his words "Stop denying that we need to buck up, and adapt". Without saying how to or suggesting 1-2 concrete measures. Merely quoting "We will be recolonised, like Mahathir said before", when he could at least have quoted Mahathir's suggestion of dumping such destructive Malay proverbs as "Biar mati anak jangan mati adat". Assumimng he is non Malay, of course, he won't know that Malay proverb.

Then he says "after seeing how productive comments are shot down by malays themselves", claiming his comments are productive. My foot. If he is a true Malay, he shouldn't have "just get bored" but speak up on which are boring and put out meaty comments rather than empty cans in here.

Finally, he becomes abusive. That sounds an ultra kiasu non with a disguised obscene word to the many who have written sensible comments in here.

Even if he is a Malay, he still does not contribute to the Malay cause or the cause of unity in here by his cling-clonging, no substance, tin kosong.

belly button.

Anonymous said...

button man,


I am one of those who have been writing about those. I disagree with you strongly.

This blog Demi Negara and its ardent supporters have been ABOUT MALAY RIGHTS, SINGLE SCHOOL STREAM, KETUANAN MELAYU etc. At times the comments ran into several hundreds. These do not include readers who do not leave comments. Your "NO ONE CARES" is not true.

I can assure you that the comments about "PROTO-MELAYU, MELAYU FROM HAINAN, MELAYU CAME HERE FIRST" etc were designed to make the Malays not lose their self confidence in the face of the onslaught of the endless attempts by the nons to encroach upon their rights and interests. Like the racist "Malaysian Malaysia" people and those calling for the Bumiputera target be abolished which, as you know, had been countered by the call for their citizenship right be abolished, as well. The Malays need to be made to feel proud of the fact that this country is their own and not feel being "kuli di negara sendiri".

I also disagree that these are "'kuli di negara sendiri' times". The Malays had hardly 2% wealth when calculated after the race riots in 1970. At the last count, the Malays have 18% corporate wealth. They used to hold less than 5% of the professional jobs in the country. Last I know, in the accountancy field, they comprise nearly 30%. The Malays being the majority, these figures are far from enough. But it's not being "kuli di negara sendiri" either.

You might want to focus attention on HOW to get the Malays united, rather than merely say to the Malays to GET UNITED. Suggestions on the how are welcome, mere rhetorics on the getting united and using the kind of tone like yours make you become suspected as a non Malay trying to drive the wedge further among UMNO, PAS and PKR.

Suggestions have ranged from having more "dinners in KL", like that held at the Istana Trengganu last year where Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Najib and Muhyiddin were said to be present, to sembahayang hajat for all kinds of hajat to get the Malays united. We would like to hear your suggestions here. Please feel free to make such suggestions.

If you suggest that the Government must use the Sedition Act on those fellows, or even use the ISA when necessary, I will support you any time.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

I'm not a follower of The Malaysian Insider (TMI), I was directed to the article by a friend who posted the link on my facebook account.

I mentioned earlier that the write-up was crazy because it highlights over generalizations about Chinese racism. Yes, there are Chinese that are racists. Equally, there are Malays that are racists as well. (let's leave the Indians out of this for awhile). The fact that the article was published in the first place confuses me.

Our society has grown insensitive towards sensitive issues. We discuss racial issues and chant racial abuses over the internet incessantly. Also, we discuss religious issues without impediment. I would expect such articles from racist bloggers, where there are no checks and peer reviews, but to see articles like this published on supposedly news sites really ups the ante.

The Bumi writer obviously had a bad experience with a Non-Bumi company. And those things will happen. But to write up a generalization of his problems, and have it published on a news site? That's what I call crazy.

While still on the subject, are there any other Malays out there who have/are worked/working overseas because of ill-treatment from a Non-Bumi employer? I've interned with a Non-Bumi employer before working overseas and have never had that experience.


Anonymous said...


Good to her from you again, my friend.

The Malaysian Insider called for comments from those Malaysians working overseas, apparently to show readers the "dire economic situation" in the country, the lack of jobs, foreign investments etc.

People have written about psychological warfare that the MI boss may have learnt from Reuters where he worked previously. And Reuters have since World War II been used as a cover for Intelligence activities, which include psychological warfare, winning hearts and minds of people, etc.

From that angle, I don't think the write-up was crazy. The complaints sound so comprehensive that they even appear too good to have come out from a genuine working-overseas complainant. As has been suggested, it could well have been written by an MI "expert psywar" Admin staff.

Yes, as you said they include a lot of over generalizations, perhaps because the "expert" did not experience the actual so-called problems to know enough specifics to write about.

Good that you acknowledge "there are Chinese that are racists" as well as there are there are Malays, Indians and others. Racism may have started since the time God created the third person after Adam and Eve.

I don't think it's a matter of our society having grown insensitive towards sensitive issues. It's just that there is that segment of the population calling themselves DAP, initiatd by bloody Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP when they were in Malaysia 1963-65. They hogged on the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" idea that subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

Wanting equality without accepting that Special Position is clearly subverting that Special Position.
Promoting the interests of one's race is not racist. Promoting it to the exclusion or denial of the rights and interests of another race is racist. Because the dictionary definition of being racist is where there is antagonism. And wanting to question or erode Malay rights and privileges is certainly antagonistic and being racist.

If you read the comments allowed by MI even for a short while, you'd notice the kind of racist tendencies of the Blog Admin people, allowed by, or might even be, instructed by the bossman. Of course, there have been complaints here, in Jebat Must Die and elsewhere, by people whose counter-comments were not published, they choosing only the mild and timid Malay-defence comments placed in.

So, maybe we hold our breath and not just believe that "The Bumi writer" exists but that it could be a figment of the imagination of an MI Admin staff. Of course, the generalizations cannot be denied by and large, but they remain generalizations, sensationlized by MI for a specific purpose to achieve their specific, undeclared psywar agenda.

Take it easy, buddy. Cheers. (And it don't mean downing a Tiger at the Karoake or hotel bar, or JAIS will appear pronto).


Anonymous said...

This comment by "Bencana Nasional" in the MI suggests that the "Bumi writer" could be an MI staff writer or MI Admin guy:

"TMI ... TMI ... transparency please. Why are my comments questioning whether TMI has validated the identity of the contributor all withheld?"


Anonymous said...

The comment by J Singh above attracts my attention. It's heartening to hear the views of a Sikh growing up with the Chinese in Penang. We seldom hear views of others among the non-Malays except the Chinese.

It's not only an international standard, it's apparently also Penang standard, that made J Singh complained about "Switch language when they want to talk something in secret, right in my presence".

Frankly, I didn't know that Chinese also have a dislike for darker skinned people until I read J Singh's comment that "Chinese around me tend to make it seem that its 'dirty' to be darker".

He politely calls it "a good sense of entrepreneurship, CEO's in their own right theyll rub their social class and materialism flamboyantly .. theres this "air" of forcefulness. Either youre a commodity, make them money, good "inside" contact, else youre just "the other".

Other people call this "ultra kiasu" - hah, I run the risk of being accused of talk only, not do!
But J Singh makes the point by saying "Either Chinese this or Chinese that, no sense of wanting a melting pot, to forge a unique multi-racial non-bumi identity". And my saying that was to suggest the Chinese change for "the melting pot", otherwise this country will melt in the pot in the long term.

This one I like - "Just like some airhead Indians, have this believe that genetically their people are superior because of past civilization, etc etc." Some have said having a "superority complex" is a sure sign of "inferiority complex". But talking Ketuanan Melayu is not a complex of any sort. Because it's merely stating a fact, which the British Colonial Secretary had told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill in 1956, has always been there "since day one".

Lest anyone might think Ketuanan Melayu is a Master-Slave thing, I hail it out loud and clear here that it's not. Just Google KijangMas' lengthy earlier writing about this to know fully what it means.

This opinion of J Singh needs to be repeated - "Chinese schools .. the culture is so isolated from Malaysia".

I hope J Singh is right in saying that "my generaition and peers of Chinese now acknowledge this, that it is perpetuated by their parents and this craziness to conform and wanting to "preserve" their culture (but not studying what is adaptable and what isnt)".

It's heartening to know from J Singh that "most of my chinese friends, despite their language barrier, want a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. I've been there done that complain about bumi this bumi that - it is STILL effed up but I do implore the non-bumis to think that were no angels either. Just because we're competing for survival US vs BUMIS back then doesnt mean we should believe half-truths about racial-superiority, total dominance, "conformity" and what have you TODAY."

I don't know what J Singh is in Los Angeles for but I want him back in Malaysia for saying "ALL I WANT IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD".

J Singh Admirer.

Anonymous said...

off topic, sorry...

I hereby nominate deminegara as a candidate for the blogger of the year award.

anybody with me?

email to: nisha27menon@gmail.com

since deminegara came to the blog-scene, there have been many wannabe's but haven't quite managed it... because they lack wit and plain old common sense!

oh... a good command of languages would be a great plus, too!

and, the winner is...

Anonymous said...

Anon June 3, 2011 10:39 AM,

I'd like to support that call to nominate Demi Negara as a candidate for the blogger of the year award. This blog certainly deserves it for it's call on the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia in the many lengthy posts KijangMas wrote in here.

But you haven't explained what the award is about - the organizers, the role of nisha27menon in the email address, etc.

And am a bit weary of the proliferation of computer viruses in recent times and some saying viruses can be spread thru email addresses, no? The most recent cases I noticed involved Blogger.com having to take action on attacks on certain blogs such that some posts and/ or comments disappeared in the process.

Do write more about that award, will ya. Thanks.

DN Admirer.

ikhwan said...

Anon 10:39/ Nisha?

Yes, I agree with you. I second your nomination to KM as the blogger of the year.


You are either truly naive or just a pathetic ultrakiasu lovers or simply an ultrakiasu yourself.

I think you have not got enough whack from KM.

I found myself facing similar question over and over again: "Generalization."!!?

There is no generalization here mate, when we talk about chinese being rich, not knowing Bahasa Melayu, racist, chinese chauvinist etc...we dont mean that ALL chinese are like that. Everybody know this. what we mean is many of them and significant portion of them are like that. This is what causing the instability and trouble in Malaysia.

When we say that africans are poor, does that mean that we meant that all africans are poor??? When we say that Australiana are rich, does that mean that we are saying ALL Australians are rich!? The reality is some are even poorer than some Malaysians.

You must have this in your perspective before we even begin any discussion.

You would not be expecting any ill treatment or discrimination while doing intern....this will only happen when you are truly working with them....where we have levels of promotions like officer, senior, principal, manager, CEO etc...You dont have this in internship....an intern is just that...an Intern.

What some Malays working with chinese are/were experiencing is that they have not been given due recognition eventhough they have proven themselves to be technically competent, with appropriate qualification, experiences an so on. Instead some newbie chinese are recruited and been given higher position (accordingly with higher salary) than them eventhough they (the chinese) would have only but a slightest clue about the work. In some cases, and many of them, it is this under appreciated Malay that has to teach the new "boss" how to do the work. Now not to mention about the discrepancy in salaries given the same position....

Anonymous said...

Best Malaysian online journalist(s) of the year award
Event: NPC-NAZA Awards Night 2011
Date: July 4, 2011
Venue: JW Mariott, Kuala Lumpur

go to rockybru.com.my and read his posting on the above.

fyi, the closing date was yesterday.

KijangMas said...

Salam and greetings to all DN denizens. I appreciate the many interesting points of view expressed here. Will be sharing my thoughts.

Stay tuned ....... and keep the comments and opinions rolling as we jointly unravel the socio-political knots and kinks afflicting our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

There’s so much talk cock by people who ask what Malays doing about themselves especially in economic field.

Where got don’t know the Malays have reached 18% corporate wealth when in 1970 they had not even 2%?

True, not achieved 30% in one generation. But tell me who in the world can tell how fast the Malays can go when they don’t have what people say a culture of doing business. No taking risk as way of life, until now so many Malays will not take risk in so many things in life.

Don't talk about corruption and so on lah, because everybody are like that. In US even got all those, in China they say is much worst.

Taking risk sometimes is like gambling and Malays culture no gambling.

But Malays not sitting quiet. Many got fired up want to be rich, just jump into business don’t even know what a registered business is, what a limited company or sendirian berhad is. Jual goreng pisang you don’t need a sdn bhd company, run one taxi you don’t need a sdn bhd company.

Don’t involve in hundreds of thousand Ringgit purchase this buy that, no orang hutang this tak bayar that, why have a sdn bhd company? Only buy petrol and taxi accidents are overed by insurance what. Sdn bhd company cost at least RM2,000 but a registered company only a few hundred Ringgit.

See, right from the start Melayu already rugi – because don’t know, no business experience, no uncle or auntie or cousin or their friends already in business to advice, only fired up alone to do business and maybe 1-2 bad lawyers not advising them that to run one taxi no need to have sdn bhd company. Sdn bhd company must every year accounts prepared properly, audit, all sorts of company records sommore.

Then no co-operation by Chinese who have been in business so many years. Not only no co-operaion, also want to sabotage. Chinese already richest in the country, control the economy, should co-operate, give sincere advice, help good prices to compete, not Ali Baba, and most bad is say abolish Malay equity target until Malays say abolish their citizenship also.

Must have padang sama rata or what people say level playing field lah. If not, always envy, jealous, grudge until don’t know for how long. Malays envy Chinese wealth, Chinese grudge Malay only tenders and all like that. And people like DAP talk racist until race trouble like in 1969. Co-operate lah, and don’t have any more race troubles. Don’t talk only but real co-operate with Malays for happy future.

Think Future.

button man said...


I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, my merajuking belly button.

If i'm tin kosong for not giving a solution, then you're a tin kosong who sulks. I know, you feel inferior, cause everyday we have to ikut cakap cina pasal duit dia banyak. As much as we talk about other races being bad, we are guilty too.

Who is the one most guilty of making our situation a sad state? It's not the chinese, not the indians, and not omputehs. Its the malays themselves. The more we deny it, the worse of we are.

We dont have strength. We dont have the confidence. And unfortunately don't have the financial capability to make the government and country respect the malay ketuanan. Let alone argue about SSS.

If this blog is supposed to be a feel good blog for malays, then so be it. Just have fun reading, laugh abit. Yawn and sleep. Tomorrow wake up to same ol governmaent incompetency, and look at the oh-so-many comfortable rich chinese making our headlines as the malaysian richest. And somewhat feel the heat of their laughter and mocking of how lowly beings, malays are in their own country.

You asked for solution. Here's a clue. It is ok for us to want Ketuanan Melayu. Every race has a right to claim for survival, territoriality, wealth etc. But claim the ketuanan with competency. No need for facts dating back to the 16th century. What matters is now.

Are we strong enough? When we agree with the leaders, is it for the good of the country.

And you say that i implied about 'malays are lazy'. I have never said that. I'm a strong believer of Prof Ungku Aziz's statement circa the 70's (i think) saying :- "how can you say the malays are lazy? Who wakes up early in the morning during subuh to tap rubber, go to the paddy fields till the sun scorches, if not the malays" Actually not his exact statement but something to the effect of that.

I dont have time to reply to the others. But interesting how we can deny our faults and blame on others. A pure mark of immaturity.

Anonymous said...

"A pure mark of immaturity," button man says. That's the very reflection of himself.

Trying to blame the Malays in here yet not an iota of a concrete suggestion as to how Malays can improve themselves beyond putting out the rhetoric. Again.

Apparently an old man who tried to remember what Professor Ungku Aziz said but not quite. Yet no suggestion beyond saying the Professor said the Malays are not lazy. He could have suggested the Malays open more goreng pisang stalls - at least it'll be a suggestion, though he should be the one selling goreng pisang. Because he has no ideas to sell at all on how the Malays can progress satisfactorily.

And it'll be a waste of time to say any more on this sad sod of a fellow. Not even tolerating talk of ancient Malays in the attempt to perhaps rally the spirit of the Malays.

One even wonders if this button man fellow is a Malay.

And he makes fun of us here. Of course he'll deny it like denying about implying the Malays are lazy. Yet the bloke says, "If this blog is supposed to be a feel good blog for malays, then so be it. Just have fun reading, laugh abit. Yawn and sleep."

What a bloke. What an immature bloke.

belly button.

Anonymous said...

button man must be a senile fellow apologizing for what his feeble mind interpreted as hurting belly button's feelings.

What belly button said was he "merajuk for some reason, but cannot allow button man cling-clonging his tin kosong unanswered." Clearly it was not merajuk at the old button man fellow.

Come on, old chap. Wake up, it's 3:37 PM when you wrote. Or you sleep in the afternoons at old age, do you?

Anonymous said...

Putting aside button and unbuttoned man with no concrete suggestions on how to improve the situation, and giving views that are negatively provocative instead of constructive, let's now talk about the Malay Lembus who, to my mind, have become so because of the ultra kiasus.

Btw, those resenting the term ultra kiasu may comment constructively by saying why and explain fully what he/ she interprets the term to mean, and why it cannot be used.

I'll try to be constructive in my comment on the Malay Lembus by making people understand what and why they are so, in the hope that they and others won't be Lembus.

You see, it started when the fellas started the Dong Zong in the 1950s, promoting Mandarin and ignoring Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Melayu despite it being stated that mother tongue may only be used and studied "other than for official purposes", which schools are. Ultra kiasu-ism has clearly shown its ugly face by that time.

Despite not being mother tongue, nobody minds the study and use of Mandarin so long as not as medium of instruction. This has been the bone of contention of the Kempen SSS. Pssst, did some one mention of an inability to argue the Kempen SSS case? That chap should have read the Kempen SSS blog which has been arguing it out since over a year ago.

Then the bloody Lee Kuan Yew and People's Action Party started the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan when in Malaysia 1963-65. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. When trying to erode the rights and privileges of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, that was clearly racist and ultra kiasu.

After LKY, PAP and Singapore were booted out of Malaysia in 1965, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP took over slogging the racist and subversive line. Fiery speeches, stoking racial sentiments, unruly 1969 elections victory celebrations led to the 13 May race riots. Lim Kit Siang was at one time dragged to the Kamunting Detention Centre but remained staunchly ultra kiasu until to-day.

Then came Anwar, variously described as AlJuburi, Pengkhianat Bangsa, Pengkhianat Negara et al. Failing to do a coup de'tat katak lompat-style on 16 September 2008, he went all out getting Malay Lembus to beat the drums with the DAP ultra kiasus, dragging along frustrated PAS into that crowd as well, even turban fellas in sarongs joining in laying on the street to block the Perak Raja Muda's car.

Anwar has forsaken the Ketuanan Melayu and hogged on the so-called ketuanan rakyat thingy to please the ultra kiasu crowd. PAS has two days ago forsaken their Negara Islam target in the face of the ultra kiasu's strong and terse statements of "Never" and "Over my dead body" to Hukum Hudud, as arrogantly stated by DAP Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh.

What do we do about these ultra kiasus and Malay Lembus? We keep on hitting them hard here in any way we can in the hope that others won't be like them. Never mind repeating what have been said before because there are always readers who may have not have read what have been written before.

Let KijangMas with his superb command of the English language to hit out in dramatic and highly inspiring fashion, but let the average guy like you and me write in our normal ways to get the average others not be ultra kiasu and be dragged by the nose like the Malay Lembus.


HM said...

O Hadi, We Are Most Pleased With You.

When history speaks of him, Hadi dreams that he is spoken of as a reshaper of his father's motherland.

So, we, his children wants to hear his master plan and the way to this new shape.

Instead, like most babblers, the last time he climbed the pulpit, he spoke of the baseness of others. Nothing new. He was reelected president for it.

The enlightened ones see him none better than those he debased. They wish to see real minds of real knowledge. They were disappointed. It's not found in him.

Then he talked about how to be a good sidekick.

In other words, he spells out to his masters-to-be how to kick him around. He cuts for himself a huge cartoon strutting around with a "Kick Me" flyer painted on his back. He was congratulated for this formulae.

His whole speach was a display of an arrogant confidence of how to sell out his father's 50-year-old commitment, delusionally rationalising that this is the new enlightened way to victory and heaven.

His masters, the animals of prey, are most pleased with him, for stray sprigboks make easy prey. He forgets that the weaks of nature find defence in numbers. By straying, Hadi has built for his flock a mechanism for easy picking.

Hadi should tend his flock together with other sheperd tending alike breed of sheeps safe and away from pretenders and wolfs in sheepskins.


bomoh khatan said...

Tuan KM,

What is your comment on the new leadership lineup of PAS, and how would you foresee its impact to PAS and the Malay politics in general? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Ikhwan,

Consider me the voice of clarity in our ever struggling efforts to achieve the same goal, which is a more harmonious and advanced country than what we have currently. I'm neither naive nor am I an ultrakiasu lover or an ultrakiasu myself. Dunno how you achieved the conclusion of me being an ultrakiasu. Please clarify.

Of course I can distinguish the differences in the sentences you mentioned. Yes, not all Africans are poor and yes not all Australians are rich. Those are givens. But what I'm trying to state here is the usage and sensitivity of those broad terms.

I'll break it down for you. Back in the US in the 40s, when the white man said that black people looked like monkeys, was that acceptable? Obviously, it wasn't. OK, now let's reduce the gravity of the accusation. Now let's say that the white man says that black people like to smoke crack. Is that acceptable? How about the white man accuses the increasing crime rates due to black people?

Any civilized sane person would state all of the sentences above as racist. Of course, if you termed the two last sentences above in mathematical averages you might find some truth in them. However, would you say it out loud? No, you wouldn't because of many reasons. For one, people would call you racist. Two, it's really not a nice thing to say. You can figure out other reasons.

Now let's hit closer to home. I see, all the time, in the news and in blogs about people saying that Chinese people are kiasu and cut-throat, that Malay people are stupid and lazy, and to even crazier extents people start bashing other people's religions. This is crazy. This has to stop.

The usage of broad terms is dangerous. We have to be sensitive to these kinds of issues. Use a scalpel in a surgery instead of using an axe.

All I'm saying is that we have to cool down our tones at times. Take a step back, relax, and try to figure out ways to solve our racial divide instead of exacerbating it. And yes, I'm saying it from both sides.


Anonymous said...

Just wanna say I like what HM wrote above.

And I share bomoh khatan's interest in knowing KijangMas' take on the developments in PAS at their Muktamar last week.

I'm truly baffled by PAS discarding the Negara Islam manifesto. Find it abominable that they go to the extent of shedding their long-declared objective and principle to be able to ride the bus supposedly to Putrajaya.

Maybe they just don't have any principle. Having been spurned by Lim Kit Siang tersely saying "Never" and Karpal Singh arrogantly replying "Over my dead body" to PAS' Hukum Hudud, people like Nik Aziz still said "Saya kagum dengan Karpal" and doggedly continue being Malai Lembus. Dog and Lembu?

Yet Anwar had said LKS is candidate DPM. Apparently PAS was not even consulted. And no mention of what post for PAS. Still, PAS sheepishly defended Anwar over Sodomy II and the sex video. While Anwar appeared not to care two hoots about PAS' Muktamar - in Hong Kong supposedly for businessmen conference or investment talks.

I'm also baffled by the role of the so-called Erdogans. Said by some to be financed by Anwar. And where the manouverings between the professional and the Ulama' groups would lead to in the months prior to GE13.

Also, whereto Malay unity? Any ideas as to what may have transpired at the Istana Trengganu late last year? Any truth to the Malaysiakini report quoting PAS sources saying PAS and UMNO reps have met some five times in the recent past and that UMNO has offered three Cabinet posts in a "Unity Government". We note however the false and inaccurate M'kini past reporting to the extent of being scolded by Home Minister Hishamuddin for wrongly reporting what he said.

Perhaps KM already has his thoughts in the pipeline. Maybe this is what he meant when saying "Will be sharing my thoughts" in his comment a little earlier. I look forward to those.


Anonymous said...

Some words of observation on Adam's comments.

I agree on some of the points he made in the latest comment. But can't help the nagging feeling that his English has improved tremendously from the first few comments he made in here. Good for him, good on him.

Maybe he used the Internet mechanism for checking grammar, spelling etc - I'm not even sure it exists. Whatever it is, it's fun to read him these days.

But also can't help that little nagging question if there is more than one person to the name Adam. Hope you don't mind my saying so.

This is because of such statements as "I see, all the time, in the news and in blogs about people saying that Chinese people are kiasu .." Are you yourself not "generalizing" there, Adam? Is it "all the time"? Don't they provide the arguments and the justification for saying so?

And your statement "people start bashing other people's religions". Is your word "bashing" not generalizing? Is that an apt or suitable word to use?

By and large, were they not stating facts when, for example, talking about the Christians insisting on the use of the Kalimah Allah while the word Tuhan is adequate and is even more fitting to describe the Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

If you are the Adam who studied overseas and mix with Chinese friends, it's quite understandable to try and be "broad-minded". But you need to think about being a Malaysian with adequate knowledge on the history of this country, including the left-far-behind situation of your own kind struggling to have a level playing field in the face of the onslaught of the ultra kiasus.

Most importantly, you need to think and feel Malaysian based fully on the Constitution of the country. The foundation, the basis of our thinking, words and actions must be the Constitution that was debated in and approved by Parliament twice - once at Merdeka and another at the formation of Malaysia.

And, of course, not all Chinese are "ultra kiasu". Whether "just kiasu" or not, do check the meaning(s) of the word with your Chinese friends and I'll be happy to hear them here.


KijangMas said...

Bro satD said:-
"Time to upgrade your Duc man! 1200 is the way to go..."

Bro, the 1200 is reserved for the time when I will ride naked around KB's Padang Merdeka (Padé Béng) followed by a reverse one and a half somersaults with three and a half twists from the nearby Tambatan Di-Raja into the Kelantan river if and when Brother Anwar (or his DAP benefactors) can produce his body double/look-alike as so claimed.


Naif said:-
"Najib needs to grow a pair and pull off a David Cameron, tell them non malays to integrate, master the national language or migrate somewhere else."

Nope. Najib is not capable of such a feat ... never was and never will. We must look beyond Jib, perhaps even beyond Muhyiddin and the current crop of fat asses and lazy slobs.

We need tenacious streetfighters, principled nationalists and pragmatic revolutionaires to kick TWO sets of butts:-

1)The slimy butts of the self-alienising nons roving aimlessly in our socio-political milieu;

2)The lazy butts of the sons-of-the-soil and various permutations of Malayo-Indic and Malayo-Aslian hybrids collectively known as the Bumiputra to get off their entitlement syndrome and fight it out with the ravenous nons and pendatangs in the raging socio-economic whirlpool to competitively snare a reasonable piece of the pie/cake/kuih from the snouts of these hungry hordes.


Mekyam, thanks for visiting.

We can have a chat over a cuppa next time I drop by at The Red Flame (W44th/6th Ave) near (I guess) your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Dear Observer,

Nope I don't mind. But I do wonder what makes you think that my English has improved? You know when you're reading comics (maybe you don't) and you attach a certain voice to the characters? I wonder what kind of voice you're attaching to my writing.

I'm pretty sure that I'm one singular person. But if you choose to not believe so I can't stop you.

Back to the topic, you mentioned:

Most importantly, you need to think and feel Malaysian based fully on the Constitution of the country. The foundation, the basis of our thinking, words and actions must be the Constitution that was debated in and approved by Parliament twice - once at Merdeka and another at the formation of Malaysia.

I fully agree with you on this. I've always championed the constitution, and more importantly I adhere to it.

You also mention:

If you are the Adam who studied overseas and mix with Chinese friends, it's quite understandable to try and be "broad-minded". But you need to think about being a Malaysian with adequate knowledge on the history of this country, including the left-far-behind situation of your own kind struggling to have a level playing field in the face of the onslaught of the ultra kiasus.

I only somewhat agree with you on this. In one hand I wouldn't want my fellow Malays to be left behind, but only those who put an effort to advance themselves. On the other hand, I've met some Malays who are ungrateful for what they are given and just squander their opportunities. Eg: I had a friend who lost his overseas scholarship cause he got dumped by his girlfriend in his final year. masalah putus cinta katakan. He decided to drop out so he could go back to Malaysia and win back the girl. Arghh I get so angry every time I think about it.

Having said that, a counter story would be that I have a friend who is Malay, grew up in a kampung, her parents don't earn much, and happens to be one of the smartest girl that I know. She kicked Chinese butt (if I may say so) in her IB getting full scores and is now a practising doctor. Those are the Malays that deserve to "not be left behind".


ikhwan said...


Are you being self righteous :)?

Yours are not the word of clarity instead is actually the word of confusion.

As KM pointed before (or are you different Adam?), the reflexion of your inferiority complex can still be clearly observed from your writing.

The question of "generalization" is indeed out of question. You comparing me and others (generalization of "sentences" not in meaning as you claim you understood) to calling black people "monkey" and "smoking crack" and "source of criminal" is not a fair comparison.

There is no clear evidence to call those black people with those sort of label. If there is, then I would say that it befitted them regardless of how sensitive it is.

Similarly with the Chinese....you can see many evidences from their "general" behaviour, what they are asking for, from their trend of voting, from their comments etc. It only befitted them to be labelled with those sort of labels.

Now I would like to refer you (if you are a muslim) to the word of our God in the AlQuran in regard to the Yahudi. How Allah criticize and condemn them because of their badness. Note the term Yahudi which refers to the race there; Do you see Allah doing "generalization" there!? Of course Allah does not mean all of Yahudi there, infact some yahudi do/did convert to Islam and some were among closest companions of our Rasul SAW. They are much better person than us eventhough we are not Yahudi.

We must confront this sensitive issues to resolve the problem. We must face the fact and we shouldnt take step back!. In fact we should take step forward.

As with your "scalpel" in lieu of "axe"; I would say, mate, sometimes a fire is too severe that it has too be extinguished with explosion instead of water. I hope you got what I mean.

And for the record; to the good and sensible Chinese, I have no intention to hurt your feelings and you are most certainly welcome in this country. All my messages were solely for the ultrakiasu and chinese chauvinist type of Chinese who hold Malaysian IC!

Anonymous said...

Saudara Ikhwan,

I'm not saying we shouldn't generalize at all. If we didn't generalize, there would be no discussion to partake. I'm just saying that we should generalize up to a point where we don't cross the line.

I felt a little guilty when you mentioned the Quran, cause back in MRSM (a long time ago), we would read it daily in the surau. Now sadly my Qurans are gathering a little dust on my shelf.

Mind you, Islam is also a religion of just. When we die, we will be questioned by Munkar and Nakir and every sin and deed that we do sekecil zarah sekalipun will be weighed upon. I think it's important that even when in discussion that we remind ourselves that we do so because we believe in our causes and not because of racist inclinations or political influences.

Anyways, I think your most recent entry describes what I'm conveying myself. That we should be careful so that we are not perceived as "over-generalizing".


Anonymous said...


Just 1-2 additional points, in defence of the left-far-behind Bangsa Melayu.

Good that you "wouldn't want my fellow Malays to be left behind", and agree that "only those who put an effort to advance themselves" be assisted and pushed forward. But the example you gave is the odd 1-2 Malay students - by and large, those given scholarships have not squandered them.

Do remember that Chinese parents have also been complaining about their children not studying, instead get addicted to gambling on the Internet. Read about the parents languishing with tens of thousand Ringgit they have to fork out for their children Internet gambling losses, as highlighted in the news media by the MCA Complaints Bureau.

"masalah putus cinta" and dropping out of university must be extremely rare. I respectfully suggest that you put that aside and don't think or "get angry" about it any more.

There you go, your other Malay friend "kicked Chinese butt .. getting full scores and is now a practising doctor." Who says the Malays are lazy or stupid? Think more of those, and yourself, and the vast majority others who make good the opportunities given them.

What we need are the opportunities to level the playing field. For so long as it is not leveled, the envy, jealousy and grudging of those who form the richest community, control the economy, and fill most of the professional jobs in the country will continue endlessly and a strong, united and cohesive nation will not emerge.

Yet the others cannot be envious of us - the Constitution gives us the Special Position which, the British Colonial Secretary told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill in 1956, was there "since day one". You can read about them in the Hansard or historically continuous record of speeches made at the British Parliament.

We therefore must continue to speak for our rights and privileges and hit out those who want to subvert and erode them. Like the DAP hogging their so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan which does not acknowledge that Special Position. And the MCA which tries to ape the DAP in calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, drawing a counter call that their citizenship right be also abolished.


ikhwan said...


Ohh so now you want to discuss about being generalizing and "over generalizing" !? hehe

Where would you draw this line? Where would this line presumably be? Yours probably would be right when we say chinese is ultrakiasu, racist, greedy etc. Mine would be more relax where when one say unsensible thing like chinese are monkey, pig or things like that. I guess it is a subjective issue.

First of all, as I stated repeatedly, there is no such thing as generalizing the chinese. We have never meant it that way. It may be perceived differently, but I guess it is better to be perceived as bad but the intention is good rather than being perceived good but rather the intention is actually bad.

Just like when the ultrakiasu parties like DAP and MCA trying to potray themselves as the good guys, as the champion of human right and racial equality of all races in Malaysia however what they actually doing would bring even more racial unequality and would denies the right of others.

And I find it really amusing to read your Malay "love story" :). To be honest with you, I personally have not encountered such case among my Malay friends. Such people that squandered the given oppurtunities shouldnt deter us from giving the oppurtunity justly. It is simply out of our control. Nobody in their right mind would have given this guy the scholarship in the first place if they know in future that this guy is about to flop university because of "love".

I just wish that more people like you on the chinese side who would remind them to reflect upon themselves, find their own mistake and weakness and not blaming the Malays. I guess the best candidate for this would probably be msleepyhead :)

And I agree that Islam is all about justice. And I hope you do understand that "justice" is not what your sapi friends nor what the westeners purported it to be.

KijangMas said...

To Sdr Mat Cendana, the heavy censorship of Malay/patriot comments by MT, MK, MI, FMT and other pro-Pakatan sites revealed the true nature of the beast in their natural habitat. They are incapable of handling dissenting views and plurality of thoughts.

Just marvel at the one-dimensional mindset of these subversive zealots. Their hatred of the 70% Malay/Bumiputra majority will forever relegate their lot to the lunatic fringes of our society, where they seek solace in their little make-believe feel good cyber cocoons such as MT, MK, MI and FMT as they helplessly fail to come to grips to living as wretched aliens-by-choice in the Malaysian corner of the Malay/Nusantara world.


dinturtle said:-
"What's your take on this 1M1B movement and alKitab issue, can you say something ?"

Din, any initiative to foster Malay unity is good as the long term stability and, indeed, tenability of the Malaysian nation is contingent on a stable Malay social and political order.

The bedrock of Malaysian society, the defining essence of Malaysian nationhood, are the Malays, be it language, culture, identity and history. When these fundamental pillars of our nation are shaky -- oscillating under the spell of divisive political charlatans and false messiahs in white robes -- then the whole nation becomes unstable.

This is the present state of Malaysian society. Intra-Malay divisions and political fratricide have recalibrated the socio-political environment to the extent that the fate and welfare of the populace (including the disunited Malays themselves) are now in the hands of anti-Malay subversives such as the case of Selangor and Penang.

On the al-Kitab saga, I've said my piece here. The ploy and trickery are so profoundly obvious.

These very people who demand the right to use "Allah" in bibles never personally use or regard "Allah" as their deity. Never. No way. Just look at the scandalous insults on "Allah" on online forums and FB by this very same flock. Try asking a Christian friend "have you prayed to Allah today" and you'll likely get a puzzled, incredulous look.

"Allah" to the cunning tricksters is just a tool, an enabler, a catchphrase, to entice Malay Muslims and pribumi animists to embrace Christianity on account of worshipping a deity interchangeable and one and the same with Islam's Allah Subhanahu wa-ta'ala.

See Din, al-Kitab is yet another example of the brazenness of extremist fringes of our society when the Malays are disunited.


Pakcik Dal and women724 (nice blog!), thanks for visiting.

Ridzzy said...

Saalam Kij
I was just hounded by a bunch of closet PR subversives on Facebook recently. See, I was tagged on a certain person's FB note on a recent article on how Malaysians did not fair too well in an online job site's English Assessment test. This became an opportunity for her and her merry band of friends to start on their racist views on Malays, and this extended to whacking Islam, najib, BN, UMNO and their 'running dogs'. How Malaysia was going to the dogs because we were not fluent in the World's lingua fraca.

I detest racism – Be it against Malays or Chinese or whatever other race – and, I was just being objective when i pointed to them a fact that a recent job ad placed on the very same site by my company saw 95% of the respondents being non-malay, so I questioned who are the ones taking this test, they then shifted to denial mode and went on about how fortunate I am to be given Bumi status just by nature of converting. (what the hell? ha ha ha)

One mentioned how alike I am to a certain (in their words) "Mamak Kutty pariah from Kerala" .. That I am a Chindian wanna-be Malay for the perks from being a Bumi (yeah, this so called non racist have a very nice term for Malaysians of Indian descent). But when I pointed out to them that I have been a non bumi for 30 years of my life and a bumi for only 5 years and all that I have achieved, I had achieved as a non bumi - My education, my employment with a foreign MNC based on merit, and all my acquiring of assets etc -- they then went on about how I am a pro BN stooge.. (huh?)

And off they went on about how BN this lah, UMNO that lah, Malaysia to the dogs la, Malaysia becoming bodoh la, Malaysians are Anglophobes & Malaysians have a katak bawah tempurung mentality with an anti colonialist sentiment based on an inferiority complex—But when I asked if they ever been to places like Germany, Japan, Russia, Korea, France, China etc where they also do not speak English, and asked if they would consider them stupid? Their answer was we cannot compare ourselves to them because they have a mature language of their own and knowledge is available in those languages. I asked them then how about places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and various parts of Africa and South America? Are they considered stupid or Anglophobes then? – Their answer was, “don’t compare to mediocre countries lah” (WTF!!?)

Next argument was how the nons suffer in this country- Marginalised, oppressed, discriminated against, subordinated, etc etc. I asked her how then did she afford a high end house in an upper middle class suburb and a spanking new 4wd? Typical answer – “I had to work so damn hard against all odds, and I pay high taxes to this country”.. Complaining about having to work hard? JOIN THE CLUB LA WEHH! Wanna compare salaries and see who pays more taxes? Besides, what does this have to do with that online survey??
I told them to stop blaming the government for whatever is lacking in their lives. Yes, I too see a lot lacking in this country, but that just means that there is much we have to do for the next generations- as individuals and as society as a whole. When a house is broken, we can either fix it or move home (migrate) – I told them to choose. Don’t just sit on their arses and bitch. When asked what have I done for this country, I told them the various Organizations’ that I am a part of, and some of which I hold key positions in.. basically the argument was now mine to lose but then they shifted and said that I have lost the right to speak for “Malaysians” because I am now a bumi.. My parting shot to them was; “People like you are what is fuelling people like Ibrahim Ali, how can you complain about how your life sucks so bad when I see your well endowed tummy and your rich lifestyle” I was soon after de-listed and blocked from her FB ..

HAHAHA! How lah to educate some of this people??

Anonymous said...


Biasa la. Yes, our country is being fed to the dogs... the dogs that bite the hand that feeds!

The people I see complaining are the ones who are already earning a good amount of money. Some are even government scholars! WTF man. And they think that they are able to get to such heights because they are 'oh so hardworking and oh so smart'.

You don't need to educate these people. They are haters. Let them speak, it's their right, however at the end of the day the vote is what matters. And a person is only allowed one vote.


bomoh khatan said...

Interesting story, Ridzzy. I suspect most of these people who treacherously hantam our country and adore Western countries have never been there pun. Cakap je lebih, pakai script cut-and-paste dari blog Lim Kit Siang. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but what they probably don't see are the higher taxes, multiculturalism-is-dead sentiment, crappy weather, bland food, anti-Asian racism, Islamophobia, etc.

They want to migrate? I bid them good riddance - the other side is always in need of minimum-waged dishwashers. Meanwhile, the Indos will fill up their place here in no time. My Indonesian neighbour who lives in a RM 0.7 mil house is one hell of a capable contractor. Anytime I need anything fixed, I can just shout over to his house and he'll come to the rescue. He charges next-to-nothing, and best of all he tries to speak the Malaysian Malay.

ikhwan said...


Many thanks for sharing that story. It is typical example of a debate between true Malaysian and fake Malaysian.

This people is never at fault and will never admit any fault. That is why they are labelled "ultrakiasu". When facing with the hard cold fact and truth, they will distract and divert from the main topic.

I am truly disgusted with this sort of people.

And by the way, they can call and labelled us anything they like, pandikutty, mamak or whatever. it doesnt matter. You are certainly much better than them and many of us.

I have seen many hardworking people, some doing as much as three jobs in a day but still shackled by poverty. So the notion that hardworking equate to success or richness is just incorrect. It is just one of many factors.

With regard to paying tax, Many of those mat salleh MNC boss in Malaysia, pay even more tax than them....If this is the logic, does that mean they (the mat salleh) deserve to be Malaysian even more than this chinese eventhough they dont even have an ounce of love for this country!?.

Anonymous said...


What you experienced in Facebook can be expected of the lower rung seditionists and subversives who otherwise would have emboldened themselves in the company of like-minded fellows in such blogs as MI. MK. MT, FMT.

They will find each and everything to show they are better than the others, although history may show otherwise, either here or elsewhere. And the whacking of Islam, Najib, BN, UMNO indicates their ultrakiasu DAP background or leaning. Their use of the term 'running dogs' suggest their communist or subversive inclinations, as that was the favourite term used by the Communists in China and written in books about Mao Zedong and communist China which they may glorify in their hearts and minds.

Lim Kit Siang has sometimes been linked with the communists in strategies and tactics of gaining power. He, of course, has called for the communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia despite the fact that the fellow is not a citizen, does not renounce his communist belief, does not even apologize or express remorse for the many thousand people he caused killed, the untold suffering he brought to many others and the many hundreds of million Ringgits worth of property destroyed during the period the Malayan Communist Party terrorized this country.

I think you and bomoh khatan are right in that those complex-stricken (those feeling superior are also complex-stricken) are likey not to have been overseas except Singapore, crossing the 1 km Straits of Johor. These narrow-minded fellows are the kind who would find any argument at all to show their superiority, yet they are called kiasu or ultra kiasu when in the extreme.

They talk about paying high taxes not realizing that a lot of the money goes to maintaining the specialized section in the Police force combating secret societies, thugs and gangsters that have become an institution largely perpetrated by their kind. And in maintaining the security of this country against external threats, an area which their kind hardly contributes in kind.

No way to "educate" this kind of people except by making them understand the history and the Constitution of this country, and by having single-stream schooling. We are on the way there with History being made compulsory in schools beginning 2013, and the Bahasa Malaysia syllabus and grading of passes in vernacular schools standardized with those of Sekolah Kebangsaan schools.


Anonymous said...


Disagree with you that "You don't need to educate these people". I know that the incorrigible and hardcore blokes are beyond redemption but those "hangers-on", misled or simply following the self-alienating ones can be hoped to see the light of day.

You see, many Chinese businessmen, especially the successful ones, are responsible in their attitude and stand. They know full well that their businesses can only prosper when there is political stability. In fact, one of the most important criteria for long-term investment in any country is continued political stability.

People like Robert Kuok, the richest billionaire in Malaysia is balanced in his attitude and is broad-minded. He even allowed his own daughter to marry a Malay. His living even more days in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing etc may be out of business expediency, but he is not known to take sides on the political divide.

MCA used to be a party of such responsible and Constitution-respecting businessmen. But when the money-politics gang headed by the sex video man came into power, they have tried to ape the chauvinistic, racist and subversive DAP. They even dared call for the abolition of the Bumiputera equity target, drawing flak from others who have also called for the abolition of their citizenship right.

Yes, the DAP and MCA copy-catting DAP may be "haters". But we cannot "Let them speak" if it is racist, trying to erode Malay rights and privileges. It's their right to speak for wanting more, but it's not their bloody right to want to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, to subvert that Special Position and - most importantly - to ask for the abolishment of the Bumi equity target without surrendering their citizenship right.

Similarly, it's not their damn right to belittle others like Ridzzy said they tried to do. True, the vote matters but what they say also matters. And, more importantly, what we say to counter such arrogance also matters. We must continue saying things that'll put them in their proper places.

Ridzzy Supporter.

Anonymous said...

bomoh khatan,

I support what you say.

I have a feeling that if these ungrateful, inconsiderate, Constitution non-respecting blokes scram, we don't lose much. Others will take their place. In the construction sector, in manufacturing. And the Government must be stern and firm in ensuring no discrimination in business among those fellows who hold the ropes, who control the economy. Like stopping the undeclared system of two prices - one to Bumis and another to their own kind.

More than that, the Government must bring back the organisations that were set up to help Malays in business, break the cartel and monopolies, including reduce the role of the middlemen. Like Pernas, FAMA etc. Re-organize and give them fresh, new instructions. Charge the corrupt, jail the guilty ones. Including Sime Darby, irrespective of the past positions of members of the Board of Directors.

It would need a leadership prepared to head that way. Having the political will to risk political power. Offer sufficient incentives to PAS to work together with UMNO. Risk the support of the Chinese who have not been bringing BN the votes and the Parliamentary and State seats desired in PRU12. After all, the MCA has threatened not wanting to be represented in the Government if not given votes in PRU13.

What do you think of that? Any chance of that happening? Can we start shouting for that to happen?

I support your opinion that if they want to migrate, I will also bid them good riddance. More than that, I suggest the authorities look into the existing citizenship rules and regulations. Don't wait for them to find the grass the other side is greener. Start charging the seditious ones in court. Where there are sufficient proofs of non-respect for the Constitution, start proceedings to withdraw their citizenship.

They may not be deported as no country may want to accept those deprived of citizenship of any country. But they may be allowed to stay as permanent residents. Like in British colonial times when they had no citizenship for nearly 100 years.

They may be offered citizenship if and when they show proof of respecting and living by the Constitution fully. And a genuine desire to be Malaysians both in words and deeds. Like breaking the trade monopoly in the manufacture and the distribution of various commodities. At the wholesale and retail levels. Complete with facilities like trade credit and flexible payment terms, prompt and regular supplies of gods ordered. No indication of sabotage of any kind whatsoever.

I'll be interested in your and anyone else's views on the matter I spoke above.

Mari Bersatu.

maruthu said...

Why should we learn malay language? It is only practiced by malays, and indons. Two loser groups.

Hell, even malays scoff at their language. Last time Anwar invented bahasa baku and made the whole country follow it. To what cause?

You guys are fooling yourselves, thinking BeEnd can save you. The penangites will never let bn back in.

Half of you guys on this blog are high on drugs anyway, (statistically)

CheenahThamby said...

Wahh Maruthu, can find time to curi-curi write from the police lock-up (statistically)kah? What happened to last night's haul of besi buruk? RM1.50 per kilo only ah? P*ndek lah that Cheenah middleman.

Wokey, so you don't want to learn the Malay language ah? Now you know why you end up with a mop up your black ass in the lock-up? Ya, because you have zero education and zero marketable skills. PMR/SRP Malay also cannot pass one. You became a black dumbass (statistically) with no future, no hope, no nothing but your pathetic face which only your amma could love.

So you end up hating your Malay masters (because you speak Malay to them worst than the dumb Bangla that just arrived yesterday and hence your Malay masters treat you like the paria (statistically) that you truly are).

Dey Maruthu, you said "Last time Anwar invented bahasa baku and made the whole country follow it. To what cause?"

So why now you p*ndeks follow him? Support this maniac? Why?

Ha ha ... don't be so sohai with BN lah p*ndek; you forgot ah what happened to your fellow black asses in Kg Buah Pala, got kicked out by the Penang DAPigs?

Like this ah, politically you black ass p*ndeks got screwed big time lah in Penang - from being coolies and mahchais (statistically) of the UMNO/BN bosses to being coolies and mahchais (statistically) of the DAPig commies.

Either way, depan atau belakang you got your black ass screwed!

KijangMas said...

Concerned Reader (Apr 27, 2011 12:33 PM) said:-
"Deminegara, no "Keralan-in-Melayu clothing" will call him [Din Merican] as one of them. He is not a "prototype" of the community, but instead he is an outlier."

Point taken. I shouldn't have tagged Din Merican as a "prototypical Keralan-in-Melayu-clothing." His antics shouldn't be construed as representative of Malays/Muslims of Keralan ancestry. This character is a unique species in and of himself.


Kenn (Apr 27, 2011 3:07 PM) said:-
"Banding pula [Taib Mahmud] dengan kepimpinan 1-Malaysia DS Najib, yang lebih percaya kepada undi minoriti cina dan pantas "melutut" kepada setiap desakan kaum cauvinis ini sehingga mengabaikan kaum Melayu, kaum majoriti Semenanjung yang mana beliau sendiri adalah presiden parti politik Melayu terbesar. Pelik bukan?"

Ya sdr. Kenn, memang pelik.

Hati sanubari PM Najib nampaknya lebih selesa dengan kaum Cina.

Ini mungkin hasil pengaruh rakan-rakan Melayu Liberal dan juga adinda CIMB beliau serta pengaruh para CONsultant yang di punggah berlonggok-longgok ke Putrajaya yang secara lantang menyerang DEB dan program2 pro-Melayu sebagai rintangan kepada kecemerlangan ekonomi negara.

Bagi PM Najib, si Cina ini memainkan peranan penting dalam penjanaan sektor swasta. Golongan majoriti Melayu/Bumiputra pula hanyalah bit players dan passive spectators dalam pertarungan ekonomi serantau dan global. Jadi si Cina ini perlu dipupuk, dibelai dan dimanjai dan diberi segala macam kemudahan untuk hidup dan berniaga dengan cukup selesa.

Mungkin pada hemat PM Najib, undi Melayu/Bumiputra lambat laun akan tergolek ke bakul UMNO/BN juga, kecuali mungkin di Kelantan yang dari dulu lagi di sisihnya sepenuhnya dengan investasi prasarana yang begitu minimal.

Pengembalian undi Cina ke BN telah menjadi perjuangan peribadinya. Beliau perlu di "terima", di "hormati" dan di "dukung" oleh si bukan Melayu, suatu ciri keMalai Lembuan beliau yang amat ketara sejak menjadi PM.

Lihat wajahnya di keraian masyarakat Cina. Berseri-seri, senyum simpul dan berhujah bahasa asing Inggeris dan cebisan Mandarin penuh berfalsafah kuno zaman silam negara China menyeru si Cina berganding bahu dengan kerajaan untuk meningkatkan lagi ekonomi negara.

Lihat wajahnya di keraian Melayu/Bumiputra. Berpeluh-peluh, resah gelisah dan serak serati berkhutbah supaya si Melayu ni bercangkul dan menoreh seharian serta berpukat dan menternak semalaman sambil menyeru si Melayu bertafakur dalam kesyukuran atas kenikmatan duniawi yang sudah dikecapi.

Di pentas mana beliau lebih selesa?




Juga tiada.

Kita menjulang dan menakhtakan pemimpin kita, samada Najib, Anwar atau Hj. Hadi; kita sama-sama lah tanggung padahnya.

Anonymous said...

Hey maruku,

Why you talk like that one? You no go school ha? You no learn History ah? You dunno Constitution ha?

Or you really pariah? Coz pariahs know next to nothing. Cannot mix with upper castes, so do not know what others are thinking, about developments in the country. You are like the ultra kiasu alienating yourself. But sorry, perhaps by force of circumstances. Because you are pariah. So, dunno why the rakyat learn Bahasa Malaysia.

Kesian sama awak. Sesat sini pulak. Kena ketok kepala. Sebab bodoh tapi mahu cakap kurang ajar.


ikhwan said...

isk isk


I guess all your false logic and spinning lies has been addressed and exposed by the community in this blog such that you couldnt find anything better to say or argue that you started throwing tantrum ... hehe

I am surprise that you dare calling the Malays as loser while you yourself is just a mere low level PARIAH

You said: "Half of you guys on this blog are high on drugs anyway, (statistically)"

By this, I presume you mean that statistically, the Malays comprise of the highest percentage of drug addict?? Correct?

I am not sure whether a pariah like you has sufficient IQ to follow my clarification, anyway let me tell you something:

This is what we called statistical abuse. It is incorrect to say that statistically in relation to drug addict, the Malay comprise of significant portion. I know that it has been hyped in the media but unfortunately all or most has interpret it wrongly due to this statistical abuse.

Consider Malaysian demographic of 14.7 million Malay, 6.5 million chinese and 1.9 million Indian (Source: EPU 2010). Now refer to the report from Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (for 2008), drug addict recorded in accordance with ethnic is 1198 Malay, 255 Chinese and 187 Indian. Now do your math.....

The percentage of Malay becoming addicted to drug is only 0.00008%, and Indian 0.00009% with the lowest being chinese at 0.00004%. See...which race has the highest percentage of drug addict!? Its your race la mr pariah.

And if you want to be more accurate, look at population demographic between the age of 15 to 64 (99% of drug addict is within this age). You will find that the difference between the three races become even much closer.

So statistically speaking, there is more chance of you being the drug addict in comparison to the Malay.


satD said...

nicely done bro ikhwan

but if u were to include recreational drugs like amphetamines...

Probably the Chinese numbers would be higher...

Peng Tau Peng Tau Party semua monopolised by Ahbengs

ikhwan said...

Yes Bro SatD

Totally agree with you on that.

Even without considering the "unreported case" and different version of the drugs, If we look at the overall statistical result from the correct perspective and interpretation (in my opinion) the overall results from any ethnic does not even exceed 1%. It is arguable given this level of percentage whether anyone could reliably claim from statistical point of view that any one races/ethnic is more prone to become drug addict over another.

I am just dissapointed and upset that these nons like this pariah maruku has resorted to statistical abuse (aside from many other form of abuse) to demonstrate that they are hollier and superior being than the Malay.

satD said...

bro Ikhwan

talking about "abuse"...

kalu pikir "substance abuse" lagi parah....

Check this opposition lap dog site

"Indian Malaysians also have highest the incidence of alcoholism, highest incidence of drug addiction as well as make up the highest number of prisoners in proportion to the population.

Indians are involved in 45 percent of the country's crime.

They also constitute the highest rate of suicide among any Malaysian community, at 21.1 suicides per 100,000 population as compared with 2.6 suicides per 100,000 population for Malays and 8.6 suicides per 100,000 among the Chinese.

More than 60 percent of the inmates at the Simpang Renggam Detention Centre are Indians. Around 40 percent of male Indian youths are involved in crime; 14 percent of juvenile delinquents in this country are Indians; 41 percent of the beggars in Malaysia are Indians" Go here

Buang karan nak validate ..tapi tak lari jauh kut from reality

msleepyhead said...

Nice one ikhwan and satD.

Dei muruku don'tlah come here and mesingan all over but miss all the crucial targets. dolah a bit of homework before typing.

Australia-trained engineer, now Director of an MNC, and future talent corp returnee Tuan ikhwan, will just shred your juvenile comments to pieces. No wonder your community is still statistically in deep shiite. Speaking of shiite, satD, whose brains are the size of planets, according to deminimis, is also working in a neighbouring country at the highest level of economic consultation, i may be off, but he can tell you himself.

Truth be told, these damn folks are everywhere aren't they, India with a population of 1.15 billion and growing and Cainis population of 1.33 billion and also growing. With the human population coming to 7 billion, that makes it 2.5 out of 7 person is either a cainis or injun. dayum. hope i got it right or the two guys above can check the math.

America is sure looking more and more like our Truly Asia muhibbah country these days. steve jobs pun kena jawab kat diorang gak!

wan, i pegi checkout proton persona sbb u kata dapat aussie good review. tp rs mcm tk best pas baca kt cni.

just a taste of some of it by commenter jai (Jun 03, 2010 @ 08:58:51)
persona kite.baru jer balik dr eon kg.baru.masalah lampu break semua xmenyala.ni mslh kedua slps aircond rosak di sbbkan fius thun lepas. td msa mula2 mekanik check dia kate mslh fius.pas stgh jam dia ckp mslah wiring.omg! kene bukak dashboard.n then kene tingal kete 2 3 hari. pastu aku nak g keje naik ape?? slps berbincang n di “pau” spuluh ringit aku nekad bawak blik kete aku nie. skarang tengah runsing coz mslh lum settle lg.note; eon kg.baru servis xbrape bgs. kete aku juga di antara kete persona yg bermasalah. aritu autolock x berfungsi.g kt eon sini dia ckp kete persona b-line xde autolock.(mksd autolock bila kita tekan brek, lock akan auto lock.) wth???? kete aku pakai aku thu la ada ke xde..sangat x munasabah jwpn diorg.

klah aku pun nak gi keje dah.

ikhwan said...


Memang pedas la sindirian kau ni...

With regard to the proton...I dont know....may be they got different spec and more quality control for oversea market. I am just conveying what I read in newspaper...You can check at the NRMA motor insurance website yourself.

Terpulanglah...kalau tak bagus...tak payah lah beli Proton tu.

Anyway, I have actually made technical mistake in my calculation above by two decimal point. That figure if express in percentage should have been 0.008%(Malay), 0.009%(Indian) and 0.004%(Chinese). I am actually waiting for someone to realize the mistake and bash me on it :).

However as you can see above, the conclusion of that crude analysis would remain the same i.e. the Indian has the highest percentage of drug abuse not the Malay as widely "believed".


Anonymous said...

A short note to say that the problem with msleepyhead's predicament might not have been with the Proton car but with the Service Station.

msleepyhead may like to try elsewhere with better service.

Lousy service occurs everywhere. I can personally vouch that Cycle & Carriage Service Dept at one time did not refill my car's engine oil after draining it out and servicing the car. The driver noticed it upon checking when filling up petrol at the end of the day. Lucky that German cars are tough and no overheating despite hours in KL heavy traffic. No leakage occurred after the refill.

Moral of the story is: maybe the repair men, not the Proton car.

I support Proton strongly and have used a few since first produced. Did not encounter any abnormal problem.


Naif said...

"I support Proton strongly and have used a few since first produced. Did not encounter any abnormal problem."

Salam Maju. Really? Not even with the power windows?

Kenn said...

Identiti Negara - Pengalaman Percutian Baru-Baru Ini

Anonymous said...

Salam Naif,

I did not use Waja though a close family member did. His window problem was solved by a mechanic that he had been patronizing for years and years.

But then even the American and the well known Japanese brands have also had many problems, even needing recall of tens if not hundreds of thousand units for faulty manufacture.

Toyota had just recalled one of their models and, if I'm not mistaken, it led to a dip in the company's share value.

Proton is a national car, the company has invested heavily in research and development, had teething problems, faced unnecessary competition by Naza so early in its life, perhaps a victim of Tun Dol and Rafidah politics against Tun Dr Mahathir, whose brainchild Proton is. Talk about Malai Lembus, aren't they the same?

But I'm happy that Proton is doing OK and wish it can lead to world wide distribution. ikhwan has reported earlier of the good remarks by the Australians on the new Saga. I hope to see Proton reach all nooks and corners of this Planet Earth.

Inspired said...

I have always used proton all my life. Mostly to support local economy, though i can afford a jap car.

I recently bought an inspira, and it drives like a dream. Love it. Initiallly wanted to upgrade from my saga to honda civic, but the inspira came timely for me.

Unfortunately, some of my malay friends went against my decision n kutuk me. Yeah, their dads were rich enough to get them nissan fairladies, mazda rx etc. Screw them! who do they think they are? Im sure they enjoyed their uni scholarship from proton taxes too. Kacang lupa kulit. Some of them even wanted to stop me from buying the inspira, cos as of early this year, mitsu lancer gave rebates of 9 k. This sort of mentality makes me sad. I guess i got all this patritism from my dad, who is another advocate of all things local. Even art harun, a prominent malay blogger draws sarcasm when talking about ithe inspira.

Rebadge pun rebadge lah. What, perodua makes their car from scratch?

Proton may not be the best around (and i seriously hope they improve their r n d) but they're more than reliable. The new saga BLM sold very well in aussie, dubbed the S16.

What i could never fathom though is that, why is it in our country, saga is 1.3 whilst in aussie its 1.6? Tak pueh hati betul aku dengar. The security bar also (which is very useful) is omly available overseas.

Why do we get this double standards?

And i also find that the service greatly varies amongst centres. I wish proton would supervise on this. Id be very sad if proton went down.

ikhwan said...

Sorry KM, nampak gayanya we are changing topic to Proton Car for a while. :)


Honestly, Several years back I used to owned a Proton Waja.

Typical problem with my car back then is as you said the power window and the door handle just literally snap.

It is not a noticeable or concerned issue if it only say occur once in >5 years as many other mechanical part do wear out however it occur like once in two years kind of thing.

I believe it is not the problem with the primary component of the Proton Car itself like campro engine and Lotus handling is actually fairly good. You dont get this sort of handling in similar priced car of other brand (I am speaking from oversea perspective though not Malaysia as there is no other car with similar price to Proton over there). I think It is some of the side components that really is unreliable frankly not good at all.

For the power window, normally the faulty come from the motor however it is only sold in set with the window so you cant just replace the motor and because of that everytime this faulty occur, I had to fork out RM300 (from memory) to fix it all

Also I had a friend who bought Gen 2. Only within 1 months, the back light just went off. I think it is truly unacceptable for such faulty to occur for a new bought car.

And the less head space for a short bloke like me at the back seat of Gen2!? to me is purely designed error.

Having said all the above, I would have thought that Proton has learned their lesson and produceed a more reliable car? Arent they?

ikhwan said...


With all the weaknesses and faulty of the Proton, I would still continue buying them. In fact I am planning to buy Proton Saga next year :).

I believe in them for the future and I am still proud of them.

That Proton S16 is sold in two version here (Australia): 1.3L and 1.6L. However currently there is limited time offer that if you buy the 1.3L Proton S16, you get free upgrade to the 1.6L version.

I checked the Malaysian Proton website; They do offer the 1.6L version as well over there in Malaysia.

Katrina said...

My kids and I, been using Proton cars and we find no problems so far except of cos due to old age. Just make sure you send them for regular checks and to the Proton authorized service centers.

Simply educating our kids, their need to buy Malaysian made products, to help support our own industry, for the benefit of our own people. Explain to them, that in whatever little ways possible, they must learn and help build this Nation. Afterall Malaysia is all theirs..Kids today are very intelligent, mature and very2 alert.

Yang dah berumur, susah sikit nak change their ways, will never touch Proton. Ada yang kerana nak bergaya (?), ada yang guna nak berlumba (?), ada yang teruja dengan all products other than Malaysian bla bla..

If one really need a vehicle to feel safe and secure on the roads, accident free etc, the only way is for them to buy the Armoured vehicle.


KijangMas said...

Salam Ridzzy. Yeah, those sad bunch of hopelessly alienised lost souls are incapable of any intelligent discourse. They would bark the same old CPM propaganda among their inbred flock and would weave irrational responses around dissenters, further confirming their skewed, one-dimensional worldview.

As for English competency, when I was actively managing an ICT business in Malaysia from the mid-90s to 2006, the spoken English of the SJKC-educated hires was horrendous. And on many occasions, I see alien Mandarin scribblings criss-crossing English language memos and official letters written in Bahasa Melayu.

Whenever you sit next to them in a meeting or at lunch, you could sense the gross uneasiness afflicting these creatures. They would silently crinch and slide and slither as if they are being subjected to some kind of inter-species torture. They just cannot handle people who are not like them. But the moment this species coalesce in some dingy cubicle, all hell breaks lose, and they would chatter and laugh and curse loudly in a bewildering variety of ching-chongs straight out of the Communist motherland. And on numerous occasions my Western partners and vendors were convinced these MYCard-carrying young people were foreigners, either from China or Taiwan.

So is this sustainable? Should the 70+% tolerate this social aberration unseen anywhere else on earth? Aren't these self-alienising people aware of the social and political timebomb ticking right under their uncleansed asses?

No and no and no.

These aliens are now indulging in a lifestyle and attitude akin to their kin in pre-1938 Siam, pre-Independence Philippines and pre-1965 Indonesia. The moment the soft, decadent pribumi lembu governments of those nations were ousted, the pampered aliens in their cosy little cocoons were rudely re-metamorphosed into obedient little pribumi-wannabes in less than one generation.

This will happen in our country. Not now, not next year, but certainly within our children's lifetime.

As for the blame game, what else is new? These people would blame all their maladies -- mostly self-imposed and a derivative of a wretched, hateful existence -- on the Malays, on UMNO, on Islam, on Najib, on Rosmah, on Ibrahim Ali, on Awang Selamat.

They call the Melayus racists but they are the ones who would denigrade and insult every Mamakish Melayu as if Indian ancestry is such a despicable thing. Look at Hannah Yeoh. She married this Indian chap named Ramachandran A/L Muniandy, hit the sack, gave birth to a daughter, and then declared the child's race as "Chinese." So cute little Shay Adora A/P Ramachandran is not an "Indian" per legal convention, but a "Chinese" as demanded by this DAP lionness. See the unadulterated racism? Apa ni? Love his salami, but not his race? Indians are that bad ah? Why no cries of racism by the DAP rabble rousers?

On perceived superiority, I've met far more stupid Chinese than stupid Malays or stupid Indians. At least many Melayus are honest about their stupidity ("maaf bang, saya tak berpelajaran") BUT the stupid Ah Beng and, oh Tuhan forbid, the stupid Ah Soh don't even realise their utter bodohness. And they hide this stupidity with absolute kurang ajarness. I can write a book of personal anecdotes here.

As for being being "marginalised, oppressed, discriminated, subordinated ...", just shuffle around expensive joints in any Malaysian city and see who are the ones stuffing their fat faces with every conceivable animal known to humankind. Bear claws, tiger balls, rhino horns, platypus pussies, you name it, gulped down with bucketfuls of XOs. Between their shouts of Yam Seng and illegally parking their W-221s and E66s and cursing the poor mata-mata who dared to ask the taukeh to move his car, I cannot fathom the deprivation suffered by this incorrigible lot.

So Bro Ridzzy, just ignore these pathetic creatures. Our nation building proceeds without them.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you people talking about Proton that way.

Including Katrina there - Hi Katrina, do come in here more often and share your tots with us. Even when I don't come out commenting, I always read this inspiring blog. KijangMas always has hard-hitting, provocative yet realistic and what-need-be-to-done tots like in his long posts and in his comment up here.

I only hope the young, the erratic and the wayward ones can spend time educatively (hah, the grammar prompter there shows no such word!) on the computer and read such materials. It would reduce the problems in this country if most of them do. It would also reduce the number of Malai Lembus.

This thing called globalization. It widens one's knowledge but also exposes the young and the uninitiated to a host of undesirable influences. Wrong perception, interpretation and disposition. Ranging from admiration of events in the Middle East to the glorification of mainland China which had just got out of isolation and the pariah treatment Western countries gave them only 1-2 decades ago.

Yet the Middle East simply cannot be compared with Malaysia. Egyptian Hosni Mubarak hang on to the President's post for 30 years relying on Emergency powers. Libyan Muamar Ghadafi did the same thing for 40 years. So did Syrian Assad the senior and now Assad the junior. Whereas Malaysia has had elections every 4-5 years. Tun Dr Mahathir held power for 22 years but also held elections every 4-5 years. Tun A Razak could hang on to the Emergency powers he had after the 13 May 1969 race riots but he handed power back to Parliament only after 18 months. Those who try to draw a parallel between the situation in the Middle east and in Malaysia have wrong perceptions, or are ill-informed or are misled.

Now, are these hoo haa by the so-called Bersih people not an attempt at exploiting the rakyat's exposure to the Middle East mass rallies shown on TV in the last several months? They jolly well could voice their complaints loud and clear through the mass media or even stage a publicized handing over of a memo containing their complaints and suggestions to the relevant authorities. Why the intransigence in wanting to proceed with mass rallies all over the country and over a "minimum" period of 21 days despite Police advice against it?

Is not the attempt by the DAP Penang to hold elections for the mosque committees also along that line? To spread their tentacles into even mosques and instigate the Muslims against the Federal Government, knowing that the Muslims have been watching civil-action developments in such places as Tahrir Square, Cairo, where they come out in full force after every Friday prayers at the height of the mass protests.

Good that the authorities have reportedly asked the YDP Agong to take action in streamlining the administration of religious affairs in the country, presumably with a view to disallow mosque committee elections, and that the Penang Executive Councillor in charge has yesterday postponed the elections that were scheduled to be held today.

That Exco member is clearly another Malai Lembu being led by the nose by Lim Guan Eng who wants the Chinese to look to Sun Yat Sen and Mainland China. Officiating the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen, when the chap has no contribution to Penang or the country at all, shows his wanting the Chinese to look to China and glorifying the motherland, instead of being Malaysian First and Chinese Second as he tried to propagandize himself and his ilk some time back.


ikhwan said...

I guess many commenters missed this statement/link from msleepyhead :

America is sure looking more and more like our Truly Asia muhibbah country these days. steve jobs pun kena jawab kat diorang gak!


What are you trying to say there? Can you clarify that a little bit more?.

I have watched the link you have given. It appears that the City Council members were made of mostly of American from Asian origin (Or maybe it is more accurate to say that it is chinese).

I supposed this is what you mean as “truly Asia muhibbah”. Well it doesn’t seem “truly Asia” to me as there is no equal mix of other races in the council board. Anyway what strike me the most is how American this chinese people are, the way they spoken their English with exception to one old man in there. I reckon if you people (chinese) truly adopt Malaysian value just like how these people becoming Americanised, the same scenario can easily be replicate here. In fact one example is clear like Dr Ridhuan Tee.

KM probably has more to say about this as he is much more well verse with American culture/value and locality.

Anonymous said...

KijangMas, Sir

I see so many Malay Lembus wanting to defend and promote the so-called Bersih campaign. It is so saddening.

Not because of its declared objective. But because of the undeclared one(s) and the method of conveying their message to the authorities.

Yesterday TS Muhyiddin said the campaign may be political in its objective. The Opposition may be hiding behind such NGO efforts as Bersih, trying to topple the government by building a momentum of protests and mass rallies. I agree with him.

I see the hands of the "bukan aku, bukan aku, bukan aku" bloke, the "Never" and "Over my dead body" to Hukum Hudud chaps, and the "abandon Negara Islam" kupiah nad serban-donning fellows in the Bersih milieu.

Today Aliran Executive Council's statement published in Aliran's website 19 June 2011 asks Perkasa to have their demo before or after 9 July. Saying Bersih "is in keeping with the democratic tradition to highlight issues of concern." But are mass rallies, this time without permit - the Deputy IGP has said no permit will be issued - a "democratic tradition" in this country? Or anywhere else for that matter?

The Aliran statement says "This democratic process is intended to draw the attention of the government to grievances that greatly bother the citizens of a country so that their grievances can be addressed." But, when the Police has said no permit will be issued, based on their assessment of the security situation likely to develop with such a mass rally this time around, why can't they just hand over their "list of grievances" in a memo to the authority concerned? Even organise a small group being photographed going to hand over the memo for publicity purposes? Why the intransigence?

That the Bersih 2007 seminar, claimed to have attracted nearly 50,000 participants, did not result in any disturbance of public order is no proof or even a valid suggestion that the same will happen this time around. Don't they know the situation is vastly different now, racial polarization has been increasing since then, this time there are two other organizations and very many more NGOs wanting to counter the Bersih effort? In quite stern and serious tones?

It may be "disciplined and responsible conduct of the protesters then", but can anyone guarantee that now? "clearing and cleaning the streets of all rubbish that littered the streets", presumably after the event, is no guarantee that no one would be unruly, utter provocative or inciteful words, even pick up stones to throw at public or personal property, and "crowd mentality" reactions follow. What "traffic marshals" do they have? What can "traffic marshals" do to "manage the crowd" when it becomes unruly?

What is Aliran talking about? Do they realize that even the highest decibel loudspeakers can't control a crowd which can get excited almost on the spur of the moment by some words, acts, deeds or misdemeanour of the participants?



Anonymous said...


Aliran is asking Perkasa to hold their rally on another date. Yet they use such language as "Perkasa is hell-bent on causing chaos and creating a ruckus". Reading Perkasa's intention as "to wreck Bersih’s peaceful gathering and to create a situation of unrest and agitation." And even saying "Their declared intention threatens the peace and security of the nation." Has anyone read or heard Perkasa's "declared intention" as doing that?

Wat are you talk, Aliran? I thought previously under Dr Muzafar you people were responsible, choose your words carefully, but Aliran is not any more that, are you? Are you a political organization, appearing to make the issue political? Are there Opposition party(ies) elements within your midst? No wonder Muhyiddin spoke about Opposition politicians may be hiding behind so-called NGOs. Muhyiddin must have based his opinion on facts and assessment in Police briefings he receives from time to time. He, as DPM, does receive that.

Of course, Ibrahim Ali is a politician, an MP. But he has been an independent MP for ages. That some of his words and actions appear to be in line with the declared aims of UMNO does not mean that Ibrahim is UMNO or Perkasa is political.

And, most importantly, he is openly known as a member and leader of Perkasa. On the other hand, one wonders how many MPs or card carrying members of Oppositon political parties are in, or closely associated with, Bersih or Aliran prime movers. There must be many, judging by Aliran's statement of today.

Then the statement starts being seditious. Calling Ibrahim's declaration to "fight to the end .. there will be a confrontation ..”
as "words of a trouble-maker and a rabble-rouser .. no respect for the rights of others." Do they realize that others also have rights as much as theirs?

When Aliran talks about "the rule of law", don't they recognize the Police as the ones to enforce law, and Bersih wanting to go against the Deputy IGP's statement that no permit will be issued is the very embodiment of no respect for the law on the part of Bersih organizers and their supporters such as Aliran?

Are Bersih/ Aliran themselves not the ones who are "prepared to descend into lawlessness to create mischief and anarchy"?

And, having known the Deputy IGP's statement of no permit, Aliran still goes on implying Bersih should go on with the rally by saying to Perkasa, "Have your day on the street ... ". Isn't that seditious? Or even inciting?

I'm not prone to quote any Nobel laureate this morning, as Aliran has done. Anyone could Google hundreds of quotes to suit the plain advice that Bersih, Aliran and others should respect the law, respect the Police, and Police statements coming from none other than the Deputy IGP. Going against that is tantamount to belligerence and is inviting ISA etc, including on the Malai Lembus and the Nons Monkeys.


KijangMas said...

Wajasetia said:-
"what should we do? Terus menyokong kerajaan sekarang walaupun berkali-kali mereka memperbodohkan rakyat? Tentunya menyokong pembangkang bukan menjadi agenda saudara. Jadi apakah pilihan yang kita masih ada?"

Tiada pilihan 100% perfect dalam politik. Ya betul, segelintir politikus BN/UMNO memang "memperbodohkan rakyat," terutama dizaman gelap Pak Lah dulu.

Tetapi kemungkaran BN/UMNO tidak seteruk azab yang dilakukan oleh puak Pakatan. Lihat nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang dibawah telunjuk si Cina Totok DAP. Lihat huru-hara Perak semasa dibawah sisa-sisa CPM seperti gandingan Ngeh-Nga Ternganga. Lihat nasib rakyat Kelantan dibawah si lebai olok-olok PAS.

Memang tiada parti yang 100% sempurna dan berkepimpinan maksum. Tetapi, kita dapat lihat didepan mata kita sendiri yang mana lebih prihatin secara menyeluruh diantara BN/UMNO dan gerompolan DAP-PKR-PAS, bukan hanya bagi orang Melayu tetapi bagi seluruh negara amnya.


M.Sleepyhead said:-
"America is sure looking more and more like our Truly Asia muhibbah country these days. steve jobs pun kena jawab kat diorang gak!"

Yeah, but Cupertino and the Silicon Valley (and indeed California itself) are not really representative of American society the same way KL's Brickfields or Petaling Street do not reflect Malaysian demographics.

In any case, Steve Jobs @ Stephen Jandali himself is technically an ethnic minority, being the biological child of a Syrian Arab Muslim immigrant, Abdul Fatah Jandali plus a mother of Swiss German descent.


Katrina said...

Thanks KM and thanks Aku,
I do follow DN and many other very inspiring blogs such as JMD, SatD, BDog, too many to mention here.

We as women may not be able to voice out too loud, however we too can contribute, in our own little ways, where else, if it is not from home.

A group of us (very strong group – bonded since 12yrs old from you know where hmmm), we may be busy baking cakes, goreng mamak mee or tumbuk sambal belacan in our kitchens, (from Perlis to Sarawak, Australia to Jordan kitchens), our networking is huge and we are very passionate and concerned with the goings on in our beloved Nation.

So, always remember, anything..
tiup saja trumpet..

We are always here to contribute.

Demi masa depan Bangsa, Agama dan Negara,


Anonymous said...

Saya tidak terbaca komen Wajasetia dahulu. Ingin membalas komen itu sedikit sekarang.

Kapada so'alan "what should we do?" - yang paling penting ialah kita cari jalan dan usahakan segala apa yang kita terdaya, sebagai suatu organisasi atau pun sebagai seorang individu, bagi mendapatkan Melayu bersatu.

Semangkin nyata perpecahan dan kelemahan Melayu dieksploitasi kumpulan yang dipanggil ultra kiasu. Yang pentingkan diri mereka sendiri terlampau sangat sehingga cuba menggoris hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Bukan saja DAP dengan cogan kata Malaysian Malaysia kononya, bahkan MCA, ahli BN sendiri, memonyetkan DAP, mahukan sasaran ekuiti Bumiputera dihapuskan. Sehingga ada Melayu yang menyuarakan supaya hak kerakyatan mereka juga dihapuskan.

"pilihan yang kita masih ada" ialah menyuarakan dengan lantang supaya semua rakyat Malaysia hormatkan dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara, termasuk perkara perkara yang sensitif seperti Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Juga hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu, yang ada kaitan dengan Kedudukan Istimewa itu bila perkara 153 dimaktubkan kedalam Perlembagaan negara 53 tahun dahulu.

Dapatkan semua pihak setujukan dan buktikan kesanggupan mereka dalam hal meratakan padang mainan atau "levelling the playing field". Bila ini semua sudah berlaku, kurang ketaralah rasa iri hati, cemburu, songot merongot dan tuduh menuduh diantara puak dan diantara kaum. Dalam peroses itu, politik pembangkang tidak akan nampak atau tidak lagi sebenarnya memecah belahkan kaum Melayu dan akibatnya Melayu dan semua rakyat dapat bersatu.

Perlu ingat bahawa perlunya Melayu bersatu adalah juga untuk perpaduan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya. Perpecahan diapa kaum pun tidak baik bagi keharmonian negara. Apa tah lagi diantara kaum yang terbesar dinegara ini.

Dengan kita bersatu boleh lebih senang mengawal dan membenteras musuh negara. Semua yang tidak menghormati dan patuhi Perlembagaan adalah musuh negara. Perlembagaan ada lah asas sesebuah negara. Tiada Perlembagaan tiadalah negara, hanya segerombolan maanusia yang hidup mengikut undang undang hutan atau "the laws of the jungle", dimana siapa kuat dia dapat, yang lemah dan ketinggalan dibelakang atas berbagai sebab akan jadi mangsa.

Mana yang tidak ada lain upaya, boleh hanya secara mengeluarkan suara bagi menyatu padukan bangsa Melayu khasnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya, sebanyak mana yang boleh, berapa selalu yang terdaya, asalkan tidak bercanggah dengan kata kata dan tujuan peruntukan peruntukan Perlembagaan negara.

Ta'at Setia.

Anonymous said...


It’s heartening to know your stand. You find the time to keep abreast with the goings-on in the country and to say out your thoughts despite your busy schedule I’m sure.

I think women can voice out as loud as they can. So long as within the law and the parameters of matrimonial bliss and home keeping obligations.

Those with office jobs like Ambiga can be so loud as to appear going against Police warnings concerning the Bersih rally plan. Those at home can certainly be loud to advise them not to be confrontational, through blogs and the like.

After all, blogs have played a large part in bringing down the “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” Abdullah Badawi. With no less than Tun Dr Mahathir starting what turned out to be a hugely popular blog.

Here is another popular blog, DN. The comments run into hundreds too, but not like chedet.com where one’s voice may get drowned in the multitude of comments. One’s voice does get heard here and I feel comfortable about it. I’m only waiting for KijanMas to send me a complimentary ticket to the moon for complimenting him here!

Am taking your offer of “tiup saja trumpet.. We are always here to contribute”. Am therefore now blowing the trumpet to respectfully urge you and your well-bonded friends to give your views here as and when you are free. Especially on getting everybody to respect the Constitution and be loyal to the country, warts and all. An additional female voice(s) frequently in here would enliven the mood and enlighten everybody’s spirit, I can assure you.

Right now the issue of Malay unity, exploitation by others due to the lack of it, and politics in the Bersih rally are uppermost in the rakyat’s mind I think. I’d be glad to hear your and your friends’ views on those or on any Constitution-respecting and loyalty-to-country matter. I promise to join in the discussion every time you give your views.

Yes, Demi masa depan Bangsa, Agama dan Negara,


Ta’at Setia.

Anonymous said...

Thestar.com to-day reported Anwar saying "I’ll tell Ambiga to stop".

The heading suggests that Anwar has control over Ambiga. Not so. It's just like when he asked for an audience with the YDP Agong in 2008 saying he had enough "katak lompat" to form the government and take over from Abdullah Badawi. It was false, delusional and feeling of grandiosity. Symptoms of mental illness.

This time he said “Najib wants to stop Bersih. I will call Ambiga but he (the Prime Minister) has to guarantee a free and fair election.

“Clean the electoral roll,” the PKR adviser said when addressing party members at its election convention in Shah Alam yesterday.

But, in an immediate reaction, Bersih chairman Ambiga said that the decision was not for Anwar to make. “It is we who will take the trouble to hold the rally.

“We decide on whether to have it or not,” she told reporters before the launch of Bersih 2.0 in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Ambiga's tone above suggests the possibility of the rally being called off. From that report, she did not sound adamantly confrontational.

But I'd like to see a confrontation develop between Ambiga and one of the greatest Malai Lembus of all time - Anwar.


Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of Anas Zubedy's letter to guan eng. Recieved alot of flak from both sides.

Naif said...

Anon 11:41, I posted the article on Facebook and I did tagged KM, pretty sure he read it, and who knows he might just give his thoughts here.

Personally, it just reaffirms my belief that some quarters in this country will never accept that essentially, this country has a Malay core and no amount of revisionist history will be able to change that.

Why single out the DAP alone? Well first of all his letter is aimed at LGE, what else is he going to write about, Perkasa? Maybe at another time he'll write more letters to other parties. But probably the main reason is that, its always the DAP, from the beginning of time who have consistently cari pasal with Malays. From its involvement in May13 to refusing to wear the songkok a few years back. In his article, Anas laid down 7 recommendations on how to attract other races into the party, specifically the Malays:

1.Open acknowledge that we were sired from a Malay polity
2.Appreciate that the Malays shared the land
3.Get to know the Malays
4.Say sorry
5.Lim Kit Siang must retire
6.Be willing to lose out a considerable portion of the Chinese voter base.
7.Merge the DAP and PKR

I think this is a brilliant plan. On the issue of saying sorry, Anas is spot on when he says that Malays are forgiving in nature and in fact, if the DAP were to do this, I think more people will respect the party. I agree wholeheartedly with Anas when he said that the DAP will always be perceived by the majority of the Malays as the antagonist out to wreak havoc to the country. Any Malay worth his salt will never put his sole trust on the DAP to run the country, no matter how liberal he is. The DAP needs to tone down its "Chinese" image and what better way than to openly acknowledge that this country has a Malay spine. If I could add 1 more thing it would be to teach its members to speak fluently in Bahasa, then the Malays could relate. And by the way, doesn't it sound like Anas has been reading some of KijangMas's articles? I wouldnt be surprise if he does.

I've always thought Anas is just some goody 2 shoes. Dont get me wrong, I love his liberal bent, his ads on how we should live together in harmony fairy tale, going on and on about 'oh look at me I grow up in Penang', 'I love all races', blah blah blah, but after I read his article on TMI, I thank God he has the balls to say what he just said.

In all seriousness, I truly believe that we need more people like Anas, a progressive Malay Muslim, at the same time understands the racial dynamics going on in this country, especially our failure in forging a national identity, after all isnt this the core of all our problems?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, I do not believe that we need more people like Anas.

I agree that its always the "DAP who have consistently cari pasal with Malays." Causing May 13 etc.

Anas' points on DAP saying sorry, Lim Kit Siang retiring, willingness to lose out a considerable portion of Chinese voter base are acceptable.

But what does he mean by "Appreciate that the Malays shared the land"? There's no such thing as the Malays "sharing the land". It has always been Malay land since day one. The immigrants are the ones who are sharing the land. The subtlety of that statement must not be lost. Read the books "The Malay Civilization" (2007) and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" (2009) published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

The Malays cannot go on forgiving until kingdom come when the DAP kept exploiting that. They simply have to respect the Constitution and live by it fully. If they cannot accept that, Malaysia is no place for them. They have to remember that in Fiji where even the immigrants are the majority, they won the general elections but were not allowed to rule. The Army grabbed power.

Indeed, the DAP will always be "perceived by the Malays as the antagonist out to wreak havoc to the country". True, "any Malay worth his salt will never put his sole trust on the DAP to run the country, no matter how liberal he is." Lim Kit Siang and his ilk must openly acknowledge and simply accept that "this country has a Malay spine." They have to conform. Not necessarily to the Malay base but to the requirements of the Constitution of the country. Respect all the provisions, including the sensitive ones that, after all, are protected by the Sedition Act. They must not be seditious like prior to and during 13 May 1969. They must respect the Ketuanan Melayu as envisaged in the Special Position of the Malays under Article 153. If they don't, they may be shown the door.

Living together in harmony and peace must be based on the Constitution and nothing else. Loyalty to King and country must be based on the Constitution. No more, no less. People can go on shouting "I love Malaysia", "I love all races' etc, but they must show those not only in words but also in deeds. Then only can they be said to be Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

"I've always thought Anas is just some goody 2 shoes."

I don't mind if he is 2 shoes, brother.

But I fear one foot is pointing in one direction, the other foot pointing to another.

He'll become the comedienne Charlie Chaplin!

Little bit of a laugh on an otherwise dull and gloomy black Monday, KijangMas, sir.

Cheer up folks.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see your thoughts on Bersih 2.0 saudara KM


Anonymous said...

Been busy countering so many pro-Bersih comments elsewhere under Anon (easy, just type, no need to think of any blogging name and press the Publish button), now that the rally venue has been moved to a stadium, am able to comment on Adam's interest in hearing views about it.

I have reservations about the YDP Agong granting an audience to the the so-called Bersih leaders (the dalangs are the Anwar, DAP and PAS politicians some of whom are on the Bersih Committee), as it would create a precedent that others might want to follow - create havoc, ask to see the Agong, then claim they have been successful in their demands to the extent even the Agong listens to them.

PAS Mat Sabu has, prior to the Agong granting Bersih Ambiga the audience, said in Trengganu that PAS has written a letter also asking to see the Agong, and one wonders what he'll do next after Ambiga has been granted an audience.

I also have reservations about Najib offering Bersih a stadium to rally in. I know that Tun Dr Mahathir did say a stadium rally may be allowed but that was before the Agong issued a statement stating his views on the rally and exhorting the organizers to refrain from street demos. Najib should have waited for the Bersih reaction. Indeed, Bersih said after the royal audience that they decided to take Najib's offer of rallying in a stadium.

However, it must be said that a stadum rally is much easier to contain than a street demo. But should any fights occur inside a stadium, casualties might be high simply because of close proximity to one another in a confined space. Nevertheless, those casualties would be the demonstrators themselves, not involving innocent bystanders.

All the same, the risk of the demonstrators getting unruly before entering or after leaving the stadium exists, affecting innocent bystanders and more public property than existing in the stadium. But I think the Police are well prepared to face that eventuality.

The Police have been ready to deal with the threat of a disturbance of the peace by the Bersih demonstrators together with the military - they have set up a joint Command Post that the IGP visited 2 days ago. These two branches of the protectors of our country's security have had good experience in working together since the race riots of 1969. They must have recorded in their text books or manuals the methods and procedures of dealing with crowd control and people running amok, including patrolling on the streets with shoot-on-sight orders during the curfew imposed in 1969. Those manuals would have been taken out periodically during the training of their Officers and rank and file.

I do hope nothing untoward occurs during the Bersih rally inside the stadium, prior to their entering and after leaving the stadium.


Anonymous said...

What happens if more people turn up than the stadium can take? Maximum 80,000 isn't it?

Seriously wonder if they can gather more than that. But some estimates of the 2007 Bersih rally were in the region of 50,000. Betul ke?

I suggest the authorities not allow the car parks be used by the ralliers (correct word?). And kepong that area as well. To allow for the over flowing in case it does. Not only that - and this the Police must have thought out but wanna say all the same - 2-3 hours from the rally time, the stadium Police must alert the entry points or road block Police to divert traffic out a minimum of 20 miles from the stadium premises.

Must try not have overflowing fellows outside the stadium compound.

Pity the Police. Kena tukar all their countering-road-demo plans and prepare new plans at 2-3 days' notice only. But I think they can do it. After all, the Military also on the ready to assist.

Sokong Polis.

Anonymous said...

Najib said he'll talk with bersih about which stadium to rally in. Instead of stating the stadium the Police or the Government wants it to be.

Now Bersih wants to rally in Merdeka Stadium on Saturday, says Malaysia Star. "Bersih has decided to hold its rally at the Stadium Merdeka on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm", says Ambiga. See these people, you give an inch they'll want yards. Exploit each and every available opportunity.

What the hell, who are they to decide? Or was the reporting inaccurate? They should have said the word "propose". Damn.

No doubt, Ambiga said it had yet to receive permission to hold the rally there. But it does sound as if they are the ones who dictate terms, instead of Najib, doen't it? What is Najib trying to do?


Anonymous said...


Najib pakai condom, play safe macam biasa. Votes come first, everything else is disposable.


Anonymous said...

This looks lintang pukang. I don't know what to make of this:

"Home Minister says Bersih still illegal

Malaysia Star - ‎1 hour ago‎

"Just because they met with the King does not mean they are no longer illegal," he told a press conference in his office here Wednesday."

YDP Agong granted audience to Bersih, Najib says will meet Bersih, Bersih can hold rally, now Hishamuddin says Bersih illegal.

So how, folks?


Anonymous said...

See how exploitative the Bersih people are - like the DAP buggers a few of whom are on the Committee:

Stadium Merdeka management rejected Bersih's application to use it on July 9 because of an internal management sports event and renovations being done in the stadium.

Bersih now says "We have decided that Stadium Merdeka is the only location that appropriately meets this criteria, and the Prime Minister must as a matter of honour make good on his offer to let us use an appropriate stadium immediately."

Who the hell do they think they are? Why the hell did Najib allow them to rally and offer them a stadium to rally in?

Agree with you, WTF, Najib still trying to use the condom when it's not necessary.


PS: Rais Yatim was reported as saying the Cabinet has decided that the rally cannot be held in any stadium in KL. A bit of good news there.

And Hishamuddin said Bersih is till an illegal organization, has to apply for a permit to hold the rally. Only 3 days left now.

Anonymous said...

Now what is Najib trying to do or say, I wonder:

TheStaronline quotes Najib as saying it's up to the Police to decide on approval for the Bersih rally.

"If an official application is made, then the organiser must abide by the conditions," he said.

He added that any party which made a formal application for an event must be a registered organisation.

"Bersih remains an illegal entity as it is not registered with the Registrar of Societies," Najib said.

Only 3 days left. To apply to Registrar of Societies to be a legal entity. After a legal entity comes into being, to apply a permit for the rally.

I like the above. Unless like decisions done by Abdullah Badawi and SIL Khairy Jamaluddin rushes the passport to Anwar, 3 days not enough time, Sir. No rally 9 July one.

But I'm not sure of the ramifications.


msleepyhead said...

Wah, Steve Jandali. That's new to this sleepyhead Bosz. You are definitely da man! Thank you for the link.

Amerika also not so much different than Malaysia after all where technically ethnic minorities can be part of the majority as long as they are willing to accept the social and cultural criteria which is made even easier in Malaysia with the constitutionally defined ethnic majority.

But IMHO, we should be open to the fact that accidents do happen and babies are produced either through inter or intra-ethnic shagging. Just think of all the Jandalis and Jobs we have lost to the longkangs, parits and sungais, and tong sampah!

It appears that Amerika is benefiting from all the inter-ethnic shagging. From Jobs, to Thaiger Woods, to Obama, just to name a few. In fact, another one of my fav blogger The Malay Male has been calling for interracial shagging for a long time now. So no reason for Malaysia not to capitalize on our diversity.

spread the love!

come to think of it, we have plenty ourselves - RPK, hotties Diana Daniella and Stephen Rahman Hughes, legendary politicos TunM, Tun Lah, KuLi, Pek Moh's children, siapa lagi ah..so I guess only a matter of time, before we produce one that can conquer the world.

Anonymous said...

Whoever says that Bersih 2.0 isn't politically motivated is either in denial, extremely naive, or just plain stupid. You don't need to look far to know that they are affiliated. Look at the 8 key points of the Bersih rally, the last 3 points are extremely politically driven.

This is one of the huge problems with the opposition. They don't know boundaries. Semua benda diorang nak cuba. First the Sept 16 fiasco and now this. If they can't win via a democratic election they'll try ANYTHING.


Anonymous said...

Saudara KM

I seriously need to read a bersih counter entry from you sir...
Cannot tahan anymore of subversive attacks on my FB page. That old lady auntie anne is a heroine.

I don't know, more and more malays are ashamed of their malayness, just becaouse the govt made some fumbles. Not to mention keeping clowns like hishamuddin around.

I hope someone can help instill to the malays, that it is not wrong to fight for your survival, including by demanding malay supremacy. This bersih is like malays trying to show they dont like themselves, but blame it on SPR pula.


Anonymous said...

Some crazy news spewing on the blogosphere. Can anyone investigate this?


Apparently Rosmah bought a 24 million ringgit / usd? ring.


Anonymous said...

Hello guys. I was just browsing thru comments, and during one of the earlier ones where i think wajasetia points out that if govt accepts hudud it would be good for all.

Well, like PAS today, the 'negara islam is not in the Quran' situation also actually applies here. Hudud is not in the Quran. It is manufactured. A lot of rules which are deemed islam actually are man made. They said it came from nabi SAW, but instead without shame they attribute alot of false sayings to him.
Same situation in PAS now where they conveniently change themes, change principles to accomodate their political power. Negara Islam was the slogan for how long? And Nik Aziz said if UMNO follows islamic rule, PAS will disband (i think around 1990s).
But see how they accomodate DAP like a long lost brother. It doesnt apply anymore because suddenly it is NOT IN THE QURAN.

WAnt me to point out what else is not in the Quran.

At least UMNO has a clear standing, on fight for malay wellbeing, and preservation of malay power. One might be inclined to think that they use Islam as a tool for propaganda. But true Islam does preach moving forward towards wellbeing. And we must not feel like Islam suppresses us. Islam is very liberating.

BTW, do you know that some rules like stoning adulters are actually in the bible, and NOT in the quran? The so-called hadith which nabi SAW said this is really dubious at best.

Anonymous said...

Personal accounts from my friend who met Rosmah back in Uni:

"Well I know she shopped like mad even when najib wasn't pm. Not just us students who had to carry bags. But store managers in KL know. Plus bills paid by various men. The worst part was when we girls got asked by secret service to stay out of sight from nab because SHE will get angry and jealous. She also made everyone wait for her and once yelled at some MB's wife for nibbling while waiting for her to come back for lunch. Nuff said. Don't even get me started about her antics here in official ceremonies.."

My mother-in-law used to live in Qatar, she told me that when Rosmah paid a visit to Qatar she made all the aunties carry her shopping bags (even though they aren't affiliated with BN).

This woman is wretched.


laser blade said...

Been trying to get some answers for these questions.

Why are the Malays so easily manipulated? What happen to the grey matter up there? Why are the Malays so bent on destroying each other instead of being united and become stronger for that matter? Why are the Malays so BODOH? Don't they know arithmetic? Why are they so easily conned with sweet words and nothings?

They wanna be like those people in the Mid East, but do they have nothing to eat? Being killed and tortured like nobody's business? UMNO is being called with all kinds of names but wasn't UMNO that gave lots of opportunities to the Malays in Malaysia? Why are Malays so 'garang' with their own kind and yet so mousy with the other kind, can even be the mules for them?

As I see it, the Malays are actually the type that can be considered as “kacang lupakan kulit”.

I am apolitical and I see things as the way it is. Really hard for me to understand.

Anyone ready to enlighten me?

ikhwan said...

Looks like another "Quran only" club members above like Mr Syed Outside the Box. Why not take both Quran and Hadith Sohih as your guidance. This (in my opinion) would be the right way to go.

I have been trying to engage with Syed outside the box for discussion or debate with regard to his "Quran only" perspective on some of the issue but he keep on avoiding and suppressing my comment.

Anyway I like to discuss these in a specific Islamic forum rather than here.


Yesterday Utusan reported that 95% of those that were caught in the Bersih rally is the Melayu. This could be indicative of the total racial breakdown of those that attend the Bersih rally.

I wonder....where is the samarata dan samarasa that these NONS has been preaching about. Why was there no "equal" representation of the NONS in the rally?

When it comes to education, scholarship, businesss oppurtunity, civil service etc they scream for "equal", 50/50 and so on. They cries of injustice because the Malay seems to dominate this areas or been given preferential treatment by the government.

Now when it comes to the Bersih rally...facing the police and FRU... apparently only 5% of them showed up.

What happen? Where were you (NONS) people?

Tak nak menjerit mintak samarata dan samarasa ke!?

Yes? No?... Only yes when it benefit you? No when it involve hardship and doesnt benefit you etc?

Yeah... let the Malay do all the hardwork while we (NONS) reap all the benefit. Let these people (Malay) rot in their own country while we (NONS) sip our XO in our comfy multimillion bungalow.


Anonymous said...

Bersih got donations from the NDI and OSI. The OSI was founded by George Soros. Hmmmm. Economic hit-man anybody?



laser blade said...

Ikhwan mentioned this,

"Yeah... let the Malay do all the hardwork while we (NONS) reap all the benefit. Let these people (Malay) rot in their own country while we (NONS) sip our XO in our comfy multimillion bungalow."

Right on. The Nons are more cunning.

They would sit in front of their computer, using Google Earth maybe, and started spewing like armchair political analysts, never mind if the story told was untrue. Spinning was the order of the day.

I went to quite a number of pro PR blogs. I did leave a comment at least in one of the blogs, and guess what? My comment was deleted. The blog owner said that my comment was crude, not up to his or her liking. What I did was just to ask him/her to tell the truth about the death of the PR supporter and not to spin about another case and linked it with this unfortunate death. So, what's wrong with that?

Another thing, anybody wanna bet that the M'sian solidarity demos around the world were attended mostly by the Nons?

Personally, my take on last Saturday's circus in the M'sian capital is best described by my favourite M'sian commenter/blogger of all time, Apocryphalist in jebatmustdie.wordpress.com. Here's the link.

Bintangjauh said...

Tuan KijangMas, Sekian lama saya menanti saat ini .. akhirnya, hari ini diTelegraph journal dinyatakan bahawasanya "if you don't speak English you can't belong in Britain"

Rasa perasaan saya begitu cemerlang sekali seperti menang didalam perjuangan bagi mendirikan tinggi maruah bangsa, bahasa juga isi khazanah sejarah negara kita kerana setelah berkurun saya ber-bahas dengan kenalan berbangsa cina kerakyatan Malaysia diPeranchis ini dimana sehingga kini mereka begitu kaudu berkeras hati menolak juga berdegil tidak lansong teringin bercakap didalam bahasa Melayu, samarata alasan mereka ialah bahasa yang tidak punyai class/standard, bahasa lapuk, bahasa yang memalukan dan yang paling hina ialah bercakap bahasa Melayu = Melayu bodoh!! Di-tambah lagi mereka bukan melayu jadinya tidak berfaedah berbahasa Melayu. Saya cubai dengan sedaya upaya dan kudrat saya memberi segala "arguments" yang munasabah berasaskan kebenaran dan logik supaya mereka sekurang nya boleh memahami "sujet" yang dibahaskan malangnya seperti buah-pandangan dari bloggers semua sah mereka ini ada lah species manusia yang terpaling bizarre yang pernah saya kenali!
DiPeranchis juga sama mereka begitu liat berlajar bahasa Peranchis, dan bergaul dikalangan kelompok mereka sahaja.

The Telegraph 28 July 2011.
If you don't speak English you can't belong in Britain!

The inability to speak a host country’s language reinforces dangerous divisions in society – and it is a very reasonable requirement of any immigrant.

Language is central because we can only search for the common good through face-to-face discussion and public debate via the mass media. The simple fact is that if you can’t speak the language, you can’t take part. You can’t belong. And treating the requirement to speak the language of the people you plan to live among as an infringement of your rights gives away a self-centred attitude that is incompatible with citizenship.

Against this background, the least we can do is to learn the language. It does not require individuals to surrender their culture, merely to be able to communicate with everyone else. Language is the means by which we can defuse controversies, offer compromises, and explain our point of view in the hope of finding common ground. Without a common language, interactions become more crude and more likely to be based on sheer emotion, and perhaps a kind of tribalism.

Millions of newcomers have arrived in Britain over the last decade. Avoiding conflict is no easy task at the best of times, but if we can’t even communicate through a shared language we’re asking for trouble.

Terbukti nyata satu bahasa menyatu-kan pelbagai bangsa.


Sudah berabad dan berkurun saya berbahas secara lembut mengenai bahasa ini namun mereka masihi me-label kan bahasa Melayu ada lah bahasa "bodoh" seperti orang Melayu! Jadinya, kepada semua kaum- nya cina yang begitu meng-holy-kan bahasa cina dan English yang selama ini membelakang kan bahasa Melayu akan tetapi tidak merasa malu memegang passport Malaysia kena lah berhati-hati dimasa depan pabila menegak-kan alasan mereka kerana selama ini apa juga system diUK (juga Singapore) adalah model mereka yang "absolue" namun kini saya boleh berbahas keras dan lebih tegas tidak lagi berlembut kerana saya sudah tidak punyai kudrat lagi berlembut dengan manusia yang berhati perut "raciste et discrimination totale" itu.

p/s: setiap kali pulang ditanah-air gejala rumah "bordel/a brothel" urut sana, picit sini, massage cum ?, saya terpegun gejala "Soi Pat Pong" diMalaysia begitu melampau dan memalukan, dimana saja ada merata promosi murah mengenainya, pintaan saya Tuan KijangMas kemuka kan "sujet sensible" ini.

Salam sejahtera.

msleepyhead said...

Salam Bosz KM,

Mana pergi, lama tak nampak?

This one's for Aku, Maju and the gang:-

Dulu kata British bawa masuk kuli murah dari Cinalah, Indialah,untuk kerja lombong atau estet getah. Sekarang siapa pula yang benarkan semua pendatang2 ini masuk? Dengan izin atau tanpa izin sama saja. Kerajaan Malaysia (dan Orang Melayu) masih baik hati sehingga hari ini untuk mengampunkan dan menerima semua dengan hati terbuka. Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Tak lama lagi adalah sekolah jenis kebangsaan Vietnam, Myanmar, Benggali, dan lain-lain lagi.

katrina said...

Dearest KM,

Wishing you

And to all Muslims in Malaysia and around the world.

May Allah bless us all in the years ahead, with peace and prosperity.

katrina said...

Sori typo error,


KijangMas said...

Bintangjauh, thanks for visiting and your thoughtful comment. Delicious blog you got there, with all the tempting, decadent desserts.


M.Sleepyhead said:-
"Mana pergi, lama tak nampak?"

Ada, ..... tetap ada. Kalau kamu tak lihat (betul-betul), macam mana nak nampak?

M.Sleepyhead added:-
"Tak lama lagi adalah sekolah jenis kebangsaan Vietnam, Myanmar, Benggali, dan lain-lain lagi."

Tak mungkin. Anak-anak dan zuriat mereka di sini akan masuk Sekolah Kebangsaan dan dlm satu generasi akan menjelma sebagai rakyat Malaysia utuh yg. fasih berbahasa dan bertatasusila Melayu. 20 tahun lagi, anak-anak ini pula akan melabel si Cina dan India Malaysia yg masih degil mengasingkan bahasa/identiti mereka sebagai "kaum pendatang."

Katrina, thanks for the wishes. Your blog is truly inspirational.

satD said...

Salam Merdeka Bro KijangMas and all in DN

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.


Mat Cendana said...

Selamat Aidilfitri to KijangMas and Muslims here at the Demi Negara Community.

Sorry for my being (seemingly) inactive here over the past few months and more. Have undergone massive changes in life - and all have been positive, I'm happy to say - and only now are things settling down.

From almost three decades in Pasir Mas, I had made a big move to Batang Kali, Selangor; and then to Desajaya Kepong. Now I'm in Kota Damansara, having remarried (wife was born and bred in KL... her parents and siblings were from Kelantan. They moved to KL in the early 60's. Arwah father-in-law was with the Home Ministry. Before that was with the state government during Sultan Yahya Petra's time: it's possible KijangMas might have known him).

I'm now back on blogosphere - and elsewhere. To quote Arnold schwarzenegger: I'll be back.

Bintangjauh said...

Tuan KijangMas, Salam Lebaran dari Peranchis = BintangJauh buat Tuan sekeluarga, semoga perayaan Idilfitri nan mulia ini disambut dengan meriahnya.

Salam sejahtera.

KijangMas said...

Salams and Maaf Zahir dan Batin to my two foremost compadres, bro satD and Mat Cendana and the rest of the DN Community.

I'm jotting some thoughts for a short DN post on current happenings. Insya'Allah out soon.

Anonymous said...

Semalam 12 Sep 2011 dlm Malaysia insider ada cerita pasal puak ultrakiasu dah start buat hati perut busuk pasal kewujudan kedai 1 Malaysia. Dia org complain Kedai 1 malaysia sebabkan peruncit kecil gulung tikar. Korang tengok perangai Cina tak basuh bontot punya sial. Bila tak untungkan dia hilang cerita compatative, merit bla..bla.... Memang perangai Mao Sze Tung..

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Tuan Demi Negara KijangMas, se-ulas ayatan sahaja. Hari ini diJournal mengumum kan bahawasanya,
"Pour devenir Français, il faudra un diplôme de langue.

Deux décrets et un arrêté parus ce mercredi au Journal officiel renforcent le contrôle du niveau de français exigé des candidats à la nationalité française. Ils devront également prouver qu'ils connaissent l'Histoire et la culture française".
To become French, it will take a language qualification.
Two orders and an order published in the Official Journal on Wednesday reinforce the control of the level of French required of candidates for French nationality. They must also proved their knowledge of history ang French culture.

Ternyata bukti yang bahasa serumpun sama adalah national identity terhadap bangsa negara yang tidak boleh dipertikaikan lagi.

Malangnya ditanah-air walau pun berkerakyatan Malaysia keseluruhan dari mereka mengamalkan anti bahasa kebangsaan Melayu masihi menolak lagi berkeras-hati membuktikan yang mereka tidak punyai budi-bahasa yang tinggi lagi dihormati.

Salam sejahtera.

SSS Admin said...


Kajian Semula Sistem Pendidikan bersama UNESCO

Artikel susulan bloggers:-

The Story of The Satu Sekolah Memo

Perjuangan KEMPEN SSS kini berputik!

Terima Kasih.

just another KM fan said...

Salam KM,

How are you doing la? So long oredi never see you kicking subversive butts.

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas, dahului dengan ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru.
Semoga sehat sejahtera hendaknya.
Sekian lama tidak berkhabar berita serasanya seperti tidak dipedulikan, lama nian terbiar ...

Sampai-kan petanda kepada kesemua para bloggers yang setia menanti pembukaan pertama ditahun yang baru ini dari Tuan KijangMas.

Salam sejahtera.