Monday, September 29, 2008

"I hope the police can give extra protection to my family members ..."

Well, a picture says a thousand words. A crude note with choice expletive creates a thousand pictures.

Nothing much to add here except a sense of irony.

The Polis Di-Raja Malaysia that Ms. Kok had spewed so much hatred and venom, the force that she do not trust and whose professionalism she has brought into disrepute – indeed, the purveyor of the “two boiled eggs and some kuah” haute cuisine in the glitzy Lock-Up CafĂ© – had to be called in to do the usual penyiasatan and pemantauan.

What about perlindungan? Yes, that too. Teresa Kok told Malaysiakini: I hope the police can give extra protection to my family members and also to all political leaders. If this can happen to me, it can also happen to anyone.” Hmm, I thought that was Anwar’s line?

Isn’t that a fast “turnover” in Ms. Kok’s attitude and confidence in the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia? Ms. Kok, you want "protection" from your despised ex-jailors now? Then Hamid Albar was correct after all in his definition of "police protection."

See how much the World can change in one week.

Police custody was not so bad after all, uhh? At least the “two boiled eggs and some kuah” fare could be enjoyed with peace of mind. I heard Molotov Cocktails are bad for health. Something to do with anxiety, no?

We Malaysians hope Ms. Kok would refrain from further instigations. Cukup lah. There are enough nuts out there to spoil your day. Baiting them to do stupid things is downright foolish. Now, finish your dog food and move on. Malaysians want to view a new episode of the political sinetron, this time with fresh-faced buxom starlets. Your bit part’s done. It’s a wrap.


Anonymous said...

What a gem.

Yeah, Ms. Cock here is just a sick hypocrite.

- She is the Mother of All Racists BUT she called others "racists."

- She fought for "justice" for the woman from "China" that was forced to do naked squats in the police station, BUT suddenly fell silent when we found out that the "China" woman was actually MALAY. So no justice for Malays in Cock's book?

- She instigates people. When people fight back, she asks "why me?"

- She condemns the police all the time. Now she wants police protection!

What an idiot! And a spinster to boot.

Podahhhhh !!!

Anonymous said...

She needs protection from herself.

Anonymous said...

What is "Cibai"?

Anonymous said...

To Demi deserve a standing ovation! Nobody can write it better than this!!

TK's looks & name says it all about her. Doesn't even have to open her mouth you'll know what crap is coming out. She seriously needs extra insurance coverage for her mouth! Any takers??

Tickled 2Bits!

Anonymous said...

Just look at that face..look at it...look pathetic, so close your eyes & imagine her condemning PDRM without reservation, imagine her complaining about the "dog food" she had to eat without thinking of the poorer open your eyes & take a good look at her pic again.

I bet you can see clearly now. And that my fellow bloggers... was just the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

I think Cibai is some kind of chilli.

Anonymous said...

moh fah kor....claszz! U move me to tears!!!

Anonymous said...

This is political satire at its best.

Wickedly funny!

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for saying immaculately on my behalf. My sentiment precisely, except my England not so good.

Woof, woof!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

A spinster eh? More a dehydrated vir..

Anonymous said...


u forgot to mention why shes slammed into the locker at the first place..i thought the guys from that masjid confirmed she didn't interfere with the azan prayers??and what about dear dr. khir and utusan's false allegations?nobody did an isa on them..

if u are still reading this comment allow me to express some of my thoughts..i think u are a very intelligent person and a very talented writer..i can't write anything close to u..

however i can't help noticing that your opinions in this post is biased and does not paint the whole picture to the story. maybe u don't know the whole story, which is why i bothered with the first paragraph of this comment.

i understand u are fighting for ur race and ur religion. its a noble endeavor. theres nothing wrong with that and i respect that. but i wish u should have targeted the right issues and the right people. i am non malay (obviously u should have notice by now) but i was very against teresa when she dropped jawi from the signboards. however the azan issue was cleary an unlawful arrest. what more its under ISA and she wasn't given a chance to defend herself before a judge.. therefore she has the right to b*tch coz she was victimized. its very similar to our blogosphere. many of us did the same thing through our blogs. well, shes a politikus.she does what she does and she gets more publicity.

my only fault with teresa is she's a very 'up to ur face' person and is too vocal and she has no good idea of the malay culture and adat. jawi is part of the malay culture and should be upheld. period.

like u i am dedicated to this country and thinks we need to buckle up and move forward. too much energy is wasted over 'rights' and 'ego'. theres a Confucius saying:
"To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right."

We are still having so many problems in our society and yet we are bickering over road signs and special rights and privilege. just take a drive in the weekend to the bukit bintang and look at the junction at maybank. think about rempits, snatch thieves, sub standard uni graduates, corruption, rise of crime, vice(mostly PRC girls), ah longs, rapes, incest, kidnaps, u name them we have them..theres no end to it..these are the immediate issues we need to counter.

i've been reading ur blog quite a while and im quite a fan of ur writtings..but lets face it, honestly bumiputras run this country, with 65% of the pop., more than 95% of the government servants including armed and police forces, not forgeting DYMM, NEP..u can't be more in control than that and u can't be insecure as well. the only thing left to do is actually
"put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right."

yes u wanted to assimilate the non malays..u wanted to emulate thailand, the US and indonesia. actually u should include the Philippines too..but take US off the list..the locals(indians) are left roting by the 'pendatangs'..u wouldn't want that.

will assimilation makes us more united? yes! will it make us stronger and better? not necessary.why? put it this way..with all due respect we know what race most rempits are..last check they were 40k of them. with 65% of the population u get 40k, with 100% of it? well, u do the math..same goes for ah longs and vices too..lets face it, we all have our real problems. the trick is we need to address these real problems at the core..being racial about it won't help..the governments needs the will to do it. its as simple as that. solve all these problems, strengthen the race, close the economic and education gaps, and integration will happen,naturally. integration, not assimilation..i didn't say that, his royal highness Raja Nazrin did.

that was what the US did. french, italians, english, germans, russians, enemies at the old world but friends at the new world..they became one without even noticing it, bcos their lives got better and better, theres not one race having more rights than another..of course their last stumbling block was the blacks which is coming to an end seeing obama in office..but of course in the process they fucked up the locals too. we can't do that.

don't emulate the thais or the indons..look at thailand now and remember indonesia in 97/98..yes, the huakius or tionghuas were integrated but what happened when political instability and economic crisis came? they turned violent against the huakius..the problem is not that they are chinese cos chinese have done their part..the problem is the economic disparity and inefficiency of the corrupt government..conclusion is forced assimilation does guarantee unity only if faced with a common enemy, but its not handy when faced with an economic or internal political crisis..indonesia has realised this, they allowed chinese become chinese after 97/98 and just passed an anti racial act recently..thailand and indonesia is hardly a good example for a budding nation..south korea, japan and our little 'friend' down south are pure miracles. watch out more for them.

im not a religious person. my concern is not with the afterlife or with the survival of my religion. to me if there is a God it is an omnipotent God. so God can take care of Godself. my concern is the survival of not my race but for my species..yes for u and me, and anyone else in this world..humans have fought each other ever since humans are humans. now we face extinction from our own actions. just look at our climate crisis, polar ice, ecological crisis..everything is happening now. maybe God is trying to tell us something.

yes we are different races and have different believes and adat..but all adat and cultures are products of one race, which is the human race. its just that its beyond our capacity to practice every each one of them cos we lived far apart and that made us different..but i have as much right to practice silat and kuda kepang as u have to practice kungfu and lion dance. but none of us have rights to criticize malaysia we are blessed to have this environment that allows this freely, or do we?

i may not believe in afterlife but at the end of the day i know none of these race, culture, ego, money matters when i die..

this is abit too long for a comment..apologies for my ramblings and if u are still reading, thanks a million!!


Anonymous said...

Ref: Anon November 25, 2008 8:51 PM Who said ..
“. . .think about rempits, snatch thieves, sub standard uni graduates, corruption, rise of crime, vice(mostly PRC girls), ah longs, rapes, incest, kidnaps, u name them we have them..theres no end to it..these are the immediate issues we need to counter.”

I agree with you totally. Rempit? Yes they are T Kok’s paid goons. Whenever rempits gather, you’ll find TK half a km down the road clothed in Gothick Black. This is her agenda to smear the police and DBKL further. Yeah we should confer on her datokship for coordinating rempit activities in major towns of Malaysia.

Snatch thief? Oh yeah. Their HQ is somewhere in Jln Ipoh. Kok’s parents look after them. But after the molotove incident, these snatch thief relocate themselves at the backyards of Seputeh. After Kok was awarded ISA, no more snatch thiefs. Not needed any more. Kok gets her millions from her spree of litigations.

Corruption? Don’t you know? She paid Anuar to split PAS? You hear about ‘erdogan’? No? Anuar went to Dubai. One top PAS man met him there. When PAS splits, DAP the menace has its day. Thanks to KOK. Now PAS is reduced to ‘yes man’ in PR.

Rise of crime? Read the paper. Get the statistics from Bukit Aman. Ask Samy why he is overly concern. Hindraf was the perpetrator. One Hindraf kingpin is a member of parliament. So who or what is the cause of this rise? Who support Hindraf? Kok and DAP. You want to rid Malaysia of crime? Rid Malaysia of Kok and DAP the menace.

Vice(mostly PRC girls). Who bring them in? Who are the pimps and mother of pimps? Who patronize them? Where are all these sleazy rats and vermin concentrate? Ask Kok. She’ll fix her glassy eyes at you and say, “Why me?”

Ah Longs. Yes, ah longs. They are all, I was told Kok’s brothers, cousins, friends, mother of pimps, kidnappers, rapers, insect u name them we have them. Ya lah Anon. Sadly I have to agree with you. The Jawi writing is all these pathetic Melayu has. Kok is mean enough to take it away from them. So these Melayu has nothing left. So they have nothing more to lose.

Wait, wait. Wait a minute. So that was why Kok asked for police protection for her family.

Former Kok's driver.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 25, 2008 8:51 PM

Gotchaaaa. Why you nyorok here. Takut aahhh. Too much of a cowered to comment at the ‘racial polarisation’ post. Then you hide in Kok’s skirt who crawls back into the police lock-up for better protection against that dud molotov cocktail. Good. Double protection.

Gotchaaaaa. Wahhh. Peeing in your pants already. Wet all over. I get it. You don’t shoot. You spray. So you have nothing between those legs lah. No balls lah.

Oh? You a pondan you say? Itu macam kalu ... hide at the Turkish Embassy lah better, together with you-know-who, keep him company and warm .. that’s more cozy. Got paid some more.

What? You have another reason for hiding? “Ya tuan, I oso takut tuan assimilate. Masuk mulayu nanti kina poton.”

“Apa takut. You punya sudah habis apa. Itu you spray? Tak boleh tembak pun?”

“Ya la tuan. Sutak satu kali poton. Mana bole poton lua kali?”

Lu apa nama? .. Apa? Sam Ting Wong. Ok serupa itu Tong Tar Ikk? .. can I call you STW?

Ok STW. Assimilate tak payah potong punyia. Banyak untung. Lu dapat DEB. Dapat biasiswa. Lu tak payah masuk SRJKC. Dapat itu buku pinjaman. Tak kina masuk HSC STP. Stret masuk metrikulasi. Abis baca SPR direk stret masuk U. Tatak SPM punyia. Cina U 7 tawun. Bumi U lua tiga tawun. Boleh kilija gomen. Lu boleh kilija prevet pasat lu boleh ciakap limau menderen.

Lu cross itu red light polis tatak tangkap. Kalau lu culi polis minta kasi sikit. Bila lu buka lumah ulut kasi feli sama gua. Bila buka lumah ayam, kasi RPK lua kali feli. Beli rumah sikit kasi mullah. Manyak manyak lagi. Mana pun tatak ini macam.

Tapi lu pilih integration.
Setengah abad pun tak mampu integrate. Kegagalan kamu, kamu salahkan kami. Ketamakan kamu, kamu tuduh padang tak rata. Kesombongan kamu, kamu tuduh kami perkauman. Diberi betis, kamu tuntut peha. Kamu minta dan minta dan minta. Kamu tidak pernah ada apa apa. Yang kamu ada ialah apa yang kami beri. Kamu peminta kami pemberi. Si pemberi ialah tuan punya. Tuan punya tanah. Tuan punya kedaulatan. Tuan punya kerakyatan. Tuan punya Negara. Tuan punya kuasa. Tuan punya Ketuanan.

Kalau di China kami peminta. Kamu pemberi. Kamu tuan punya. Kamu tuan.

Di Malaysia kamu peminta. Kami pemberi. Kami tuan punya. Kami tuan. Itulah Ketuanan Melayu. Kamu suka tak suka, itu hakikat. Kamu tak dapat buat apa-apa. Kalau berani, buanglah perlembagaan kami. Tanpa perlembagaan, tanpa ikatan. Bebas tangan tiada sekatan.

Kata pekerja Indon upahan di rumah, “Apa lu ajak gue berantem ka?”