Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is the only nation on earth where the Head of Government and his cabinet play host to thousands of complete strangers in a uniquely Malaysian phenomenon known as the "Open House." An offshoot of traditional Malay festive hospitality, the Malaysian Cabinet's annual Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri "Open House" at the Putra World Trade Centre welcomes anyone who would care to wade through the sea of humanity and wait patiently in line to be personally greeted by the Prime Minister and his Muslim cabinet ministers. Then you can have your fill of Malaysia's varied cuisine prepared by 45 chefs and go home with a full belly and lots of talking points. Many will do this pilgrimage at least once in their lifetimes and will talk about it for years, embellishing the lore through time.

This year's Open House attracted almost 200,000 people.

But something else happened this time. Between 300-1,000 (depending on who's reporting) Hindraf sympathisers clad in bright orange t-shirts pushed and shoved their way into the PWTC hall amidst noise, mayhem and confusion. Between 40-70 (again, differs among reports) of them met Pak Lah and demanded the release of the five Hindraf leaders held under the ISA.

The Star quoted K. Shanti, the wife of exiled Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy, as saying:-

“Our message is that we want our heroes released. It is an open house and we can come as we want. During Hari Raya, you are supposed to ask for forgiveness. So we forgive Umno’s sins against the Indian community. We just want the detainees released.”


Let me go direct to the points :-

- When you attend a Hari Raya (... or for that matter, Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Gawai Dayak, Hanukkah, or whatever) Open House, you go there as a GUEST -- a tetamu.

- Guests do not embarrass and insult the host, the tuan rumah. When you do that, you are not a guest. You are a trespasser.

- Hari Raya is the one day where people put aside politics and life's ills to celebrate the occasion with family, friends, neighbours and guests, the tetamu.

- Even Unker Kit Siang put on his best clothes and behave himself amidst the throngs of other tetamus. Indeed, Unker Kit Siang and assorted DAP Ah Peks, Ah Sohs, Ah Mois and Leng Chais always behave impeccably in PWTC during Hari Raya Open Houses through the years.

- It is extremely bad manners -- biadap, kurang ajar -- for you to go to an Open House as a tetamu and insult and embarrass the tuan rumah.

- When you embarrass the tuan rumah, you are also insulting the other tetamus.

What's this? "Revenge of the Nerds"?
A handful of RPK supporters turned up as well to
jatuhkan the air muka of the tuan rumah.

For god's sake, this is Hari Raya lah ané! You don't go to people's Hari Raya Open House and do this. It's unthinkable. Jatuh air muka tuan rumah. I don't think Malays like their air muka to jatuh. If you want respect and justice, you must first respect others, not least their happiest day of the year. I suggest you relearn Malay culture and by extension Malaysian cultural norms.

You must first and foremost be a good tetamu to the tuan rumah. Jangan biadap, jangan kurang ajar. This is the first step in solving a lot of issues in the rumah called Malaysia.

Pictures: © Andrew Ong, Malaysiakini


Anonymous said...


Every single tradition and institution of this country is being brought into disrepute.

Now, the Hari Raya open house also kena ambush.

Next what? Merdeka parade?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was there.

Foreign tourists were gawking at the Hindraf gangsterism and commotion.

Malu lah for Malaysia.

How would they feel if people do this to their Deepavali open hse?

Anonymous said...

These idiots have no respect for others. They just hate, hate, hate -- shout racist remarks -- and cry injustice when others fight back.

These are scums. These are NOT Malaysians. Their approach is alien to our way of life.

BTW, I'm Malaysian Indian.

Anonymous said...

PLAIN BIADAP!!!!!!!I am totally disgusted!! In fact I am beyond disgusted. SELFISH! I really don't care if those detained rot! What kind of bangsa are they? Which hole did they crawl out from?

Anonymous said...

Why don't this Hindraf group of people surrender their Malaysian passport, go & be a true citizen of INDIA & behave however BIADAP & KURANG AJAR as they please over there. I am sure being among themselves this kind of behavior will be well tolerated, no?

Anonymous said...

These apes need to be put back in their cages. The police should have stopped them on the road.

I blame Pak Lah. He is a pathetic weakling. The scums of our society are not scared of him - and by extension of the Malays. The minorities are now so kurang ajar and biadap! Look at their faces. Angkuh!

Day by day, bit by bit, the Malays are getting pissed off. Malays are a sabar lot. But for how long?

Next Hindraf attack where? Pak Lah at Friday prayers?

Anonymous said...

Kenapa si kxxxng ni suka cari pasal?

Apa lagi lu mau?

Melayu skrng dah sampai 95% tahap sebelum meletup!

Helo Hindraf, lu yg mula, bila kena lu tanggung!

Anonymous said...

No brain. No life. No manners! equals Hindraf. Are these the kind of "MALAYSIAN" people we want to associate ourselves with? God forbids! Yucks!

Anonymous said...

They have the nerve to say "kita pun rakyat Malaysia.." Hello...! Hindrafs...we MALAYSIANS are not brought up that way, so BIADAP, so KURANG AJAR!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Damn teruk ...MELAMPAU ...Biadap manners. It shows what kind of race they are..I agree that anyone who is not happy being in Malaysia should surrender his or her passport and LEAVE Malaysia. For Hindraf people, they should go back to INDIA. Until when the Malays in Malaysia can be silent and patient ..Hello minority people don't push the Malays too much. If the Malays fight back, don't accuse them of being racists ok !!! Respect begets respect, UNDERSTAND !!!

Orang Melayu Malaysia sudah fed up lah.

Btw, I am not Malaysian, just Melayu from Nusantara (Malay Archipelago).

Anonymous said...

Damn teruk ...MELAMPAU ...Biadap manners. It shows what kind of race they are..I agree that anyone who is not happy being in Malaysia should surrender his or her passport and LEAVE Malaysia. For Hindraf people, they should go back to INDIA. Until when the Malays in Malaysia can be silent and patient ..Hello minority people don't push the Malays too much. If the Malays fight back, don't accuse them of being racists ok !!! Respect begets respect, UNDERSTAND !!!

Orang Melayu Malaysia sudah fed up lah.

Btw, I am not Malaysian, just Melayu from Nusantara (Malay Archipelago).

abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

jenis tak pakai otak... macam tulah manusia jadinya

Anonymous said...

No time for literary finesse here:-

Si kera hitam ni, kalau dah paria tuh tetap paria.

Tengok lah muka dan tingkahlaku si kera2 hitam dlm gambar2 dan clip itu, benda ni memang tak boleh di bagi muka langsung.

Inilah kumpulan se paria paria nya di India. Org panggil "Harijan" atau Untouchables.

Apa jadah kita bagi muka ke si paria2 ni sampai naik masuk PWTC kongsi se bumbung dgn kita? Di India, si paria2 ni di halau dgn penyapu mcm anjing2 paria tepi longkang.

Cukuplah kita berbuat baik dan berdemokrasi dgn kera2 paria ni.

Usir mereka dari rumah kita, dari kedai kita, dari ofis kita, dari bas kita, dari teksi kita, dari kampung kita, dan dari Negara kita!

Malu kita ada "rakyat" hitam, hodoh, busuk, kafir, penipu, perompak dan jahat mcm ni. Paria habis.

No more parias in MALAYsia. Lu tak suka, lu boleh belah!!! Sapa ckp ini lu punya negeri. Lu gila ka? Kepala hotak nenek lu lah, paria bangsat. Muka hodoh hitam mcm tapak selipar aku, tak tau malu.

Berambus dari gua punya tanah air, paria bangsat!!!

Anonymous said...

This group of Hindraf supporters are just asking for it; to be called pariahs. They are by far the mother of all pariahs. They should be thanking themselves for they have shown to the nation their real origins.

They have no rights whatsoever to be angry & pissed at anyone for calling them such & putting them in this class of social outcast. They brought it on to themselves.

How Hindraf was formed & came about points back to their selfish behavior & low mentality on that Open House day. The existence of Hindraf is all about "skim cepat kaya". If they claim they are not a selfish bunch of people, so what the hell was the BIADAP behavior all about?

The Hindraf supporters needs to grow up & educate themselves on manners or the very least, look at themselves in the mirror before making any claims.

We can now find enough reasons to look down on them without any guilt & best part, label them pariahs - they asked for it!

Anonymous said...

They thought they were being smart...going to the open house with personal agendas..IDIOTS!what they actually did was degrading themselves. Bravo! Job well done! IMBECILES!

Tickled 2Bits!

Anonymous said...

Itu cuma segolongan pihak yang mengambil kesempatan terhadap kelemahan sikap sesetengah orang, terutamanya Melayu sendiri dan polisi Pak Lah, yang di kecam 'lemah' kerana berlembut dan bertoleransi berlebihan, atas dasar keterbukaan dan samarata kononnya.
Bak kata orang,-diberi betis hendakkan peha,- diberi peha pijak le kepalanye....

Tapi dengan mengujarkan kata2 nista dan kurang sopan tidak dapat menjadikan kita lebih baik dari golongan2 tersebut, 'yg memijak kepala' mahupun 'yang lemah'.

Walau agak 'ter'-kagum & hormat seketika pada Pak Lah kerana sanggup 'melayan' walau 'dimalukan', saya yang terasa lebih malu agaknya. Kepada yang beragama Islam, perkuatkanlah tekad dan ketegasan kita agar tak 'ditindas' begini lagi, kerana kini dimana-mana pun Islam yang dimomok-wartakan terlalu bersifat perkauman dan menindas walhal 'mereka2' lebih dulu menaburkan segala fitnah beserta bukti2 palsu.

-No to Anwar, No to Khairy, No to Karpal, No to DAP, No to EVERYTHING BAD!

Anonymous said...

Apalah you rang nak bising sangat mulut berbuih-buih? Apa biadapnye?

Kalo duit titik peluh sendiri orang datang rumah kita boleh halau!

Kalau tak dapat handle pekara kecil macam ni, apo lah nok jadi Tuan Melayu? Tuan Bulu?

Ni cukai rakyat guna sewenang-wenang! Apa tak manage semua peniaga-peniaga Melayu kecil jual masakann sedap-sedap dan bawa duit sendiri? Ni tuan apa? Tuan lanun? Perompak berselindung di belakang budaya tinggi? hehe!

Baguih lah tu! Bukan orang tertipu! Sendiri ajo! :D

-Pembanci Lanun-

BaitiBadarudin said...

Bahasa (and in this context, budi bahasa) menunjukkan bangsa.

Anonymous said...

I find it's pretty amusing that you're answering your own post.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "I find it's pretty amusing that you're answering your own post."

So you think people are like you? Sending multiple comments under different names?

I don't think it's the blog owner. I think its YOU that have been sending those many "Anonymous" remarks.


Anonymous said...


When 2MISC ships were recently hijacked, hardly within 2months, the crews were successfully brought home, unharmed… with undisclosed negotiations (to protect their safety) and our Royal Malaysian Navy sent to the scene, to help monitor the situation. Because they are RAKYAT MALAYSIA, and MALAYSIA is their HOME. Our leaders did everything possible to BRING THEM HOME.

When the British bundled all those forced laborers into Malaya to work in Tin Mines and Plantations, nobody bothered to come to their rescue?? WHY WHY?? How come?

Squeezing every drop of their sweat and tears… those British fellows just sailed off and abandoned them. WHY WHY?? How come?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Pak Lah. He brought this on to himself.


Anonymous said...

Kalau dah keturunan paria,perangai
pun macam paria la. What do u expect?

Anonymous said...


Anda dipelawa untuk buat komen,walaupun fahaman berbeza