Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wee Meng Chee Saga

It was reported here and here that Wee Meng Chee, the man who parodied Negaraku (which he restyled as Negarakuku), the Malaysian national anthem, in a noxious, Racist pidgin Mandarin-Hokkien rap has been called up by the Cybercrime unit of the Commercial Crimes division of the Federal Police Headquarters at Bukit Aman, presumably to be questioned over his Negarakuku gig. Meng Chee's handywork has been actively distributed on YouTube and other video sharing sites, although he himself has removed it after the initial national furor last year.

As expected, ethnic-Chinese political parties and assorted self-proclaimed rights groups swooped down to defend this "innocent little boy who had some fun on

In his song, which actually is quite melodic, Ah Chee started with cryptic Racist-tinged insinuations of corruption by the ethnic-Malay police force, uttering in Mandarin:-

"... we call the police
Mata, its because their mata (eyes) are very sharp. They are very hard working when Hari Raya looms, pen in hand but rarely gives out summons. It's because they are thirsty; they want to drink tea, or Kopi O with or without sugar. If you add "sugar," they will smile at you. As you drive off, they will say Tata."

In a display of mind boggling Racism and religious intolerance, Ah Chee launched a blistering attack on the
Azan Subuh, the early morning Muslim call to prayer, rapping in Mandarin to a background of mosques and Muslim congregations:-

"... there's a Morning Call asking me to wake up; at times several of them singing at the same time, like the duet of a love song, with High and Low notes like an R&B tune, although sometimes some of them are out of tune, although some of them sing with a croaked voice; there are also voices like a rooster's call, but they wake up earlier than the chickens (... cock-a-doodle-do sound in the background). Like this, we'll know the time to get ready for school and work."

The song proceeded with another vile Racist attack on the Malays:-

"... only non-pampered kids (pic of smiling "pampered" Malay children in the background) will survive. There are those who have not stopped suckling until now (again , with another pic of Malay children and a cartoon of a milk suckling baby in the background)."

The Islamic scarf or
Tudung prevalent among Malay Muslim women is not spared by Ah Chee:-

"... those with the
tudung cross the road ever so slowly (with pics of tudung-clad Malay women in the background) . You who drive better be careful. As long as they are happy, as long as they are comfortable. Don't be like the Chinese. Everyday busy, burdened with hardships. We must 'admire' their (the Malays') 'spirit.' Because this is their life attitude. Attitude, attitude ..."

Other issues touched by Ah Chee's rap are lazy,
kuih-eating Malay civil servants and the problems faced by grads of Chinese schools, saying: "... grads of Chinese schools are ignored by the government; the certs can be dumped in the drain like my case."


So how do you define Ah Chee's
Negarakuku gig? How can this not be construed as a sick, Racist statement tinged with religious intolerance of the highest order? Indeed, almost every sentence uttered by Ah Chee is seditious.

But lo and behold, the very champion of anti-Racism, the purveyors of religious freedom and tolerance, the sponsors of a just society, are now rushing to the bullpen to defend Ah Chee. See the hypocrisy of it all.

Lim Kit Siang in his blog here went as far as proclaiming Ah Chee a true patriot!

Kit Siang said: "... Meng Chee’s rap was his expression of his patriotism and love for the country, to make it a better country for all Malaysians."

Say what? Come again? Is there intelligent life up there?

Let's stop kidding here. Unker Kit Siang is defending Ah Chee for one reason and one reason only. Because Ah Chee is an ethnic-Chinese. Period. As long as the accused, even those as guilty as sin, are of "his kind," Unker Kit Siang will charge down from Ipoh Timur to defend these "hapless, innocent repressed people" with full toy gun blazing, twisting facts, context and issues to confuse a gullible populace and an ignorant foreign media. This is pure, unprincipled Racism of the worst kind.

Among some circles, particularly the young ethnic-Chinese citizens of Malaysia, Ah Chee has become a folk hero, a cult figure, a rallying point ............ a fledgling Nelson Mandela and an embryonic Dalai Lama wrapped in one neat little ta pau package ........... a symbol of ethnic-Chinese resistance to "Malay Rule" in Malaysia (do I sense a tinge of oxymoronism here?).

How long can these types of blatant, unprovoked Racism by segments of the ethnic-Chinese minority be tolerated by the Malays in this country? The Negaraku, the beautiful melodic anthem of our motherland, is sacred. NOBODY should even think of tampering with it, nor with the Jalur Gemilang, national crest, Rukunegara or other icons and instruments of Malaysian nationhood. Our soldiers, warriors and heroes -- of all ethnic groups and religions -- have given their blood and their lives in defending the principles embodied in the Negaraku.

No one should even think of denigrating this symbol of Malaysian sovereignty. No one. Remember, no one. There is zero tolerance on this.

As for Ah Chee, he should pay the appropriate penalty. He must be made an example to other restless, Racist lost souls out there who seemed to thrive on a self-destructive diet of hate and vengeance against the Malay majority, the very people that gave their forefathers citizenship and the right to cari makan in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 51 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Now I know the content of this jerk's Negarakuku.

He must be locked up!

We all should live in peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree with you. Every single word! But some idiot will argue that the imbecile was just exercising his Freedom of Speech (which by the way means you can say anything you like. Whether it's true or not does not matter)

Pink Shades

Anonymous said...

I'm a close observer of Malaysian politics.

This post tops it.

I wonder how the Malay Muslim apologists and defenders of Wee Meng Chee's rights would react if they have access to your translation of the not-so-innocent parody!


Anonymous said...

this is a very good blog... we should give it more exposure... can i say im a non-malay/muslim.. but i feel that what u say is true in certain events(not all)....altough i do hope that you can say that ahmad ismail remarks were racist....

i totally disagree if we fight racism by using more racism...but think its best we expose this sort of thing so everybody knows the actual picture.... alot of ppl like to use others racism as an excuse for their own.... eg pot calling the kettle black :)

Anonymous said...

Lock up that retard!

What he did is unacceptable. It's an insult to me as a Chinese Malaysian that my community did not reprimand this idiot. On the other hand, they support him, make him like a demigod.



BaitiBadarudin said...

Yeah, even my students used the clip as part of their tutorial presentation and dance to it until I gave them a earful!
Would that kind of antic be tolerated in Taiwan itself?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

In total support of Namewee / Wee Chee meng for his Negarakuku composition. its a master piece to my ears but probably ain't your cuppa.
So , do tell us all in fine nitty details.
Exactly which part of the Negarakuku lyrics that you disagrees with or which part is/are not the real truth?

Anonymous said...

Wee had already apologised last year. Why is this being brought up now? By the looks of it, he won't even be residing in Malaysia when he completes his studies, so it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (October 14, 2008 1:13 AM),

- Apology while being unrepentent is unacceptable. Meng Chee's subsequent actions -- literally basking in the glory as a sort of "folk hero" among the ethnic-Chinese community in Malaysia (all for the wrong reasons in his country of citizenship) -- show that he was not serious in his "apology."

- He has completed his studies. And his homebase is firmly in Malaysia (in Johor). He's a budding filmaker.

Check your facts next time.

Anonymous said...

filmmaker? based in johor?

pfft... good luck with that!

Unknown said...

perhaps the descendants should pay up belated rent for using this Tanah Melayu to earn their first hundred, thousand or million??

Anonymous said...

Am disappointed that none of our Malaysian leaders in the government dared to speak out with this kind of convictions.

At best ... cemerlang ... gemilang ... terbilang..... yes as per empty cans.

Anonymous said...

Well he did it again in november 2008, this time offending his alma matter. His bone of contention this time is "why is there no 'Chinese University' in Malaysia?"


He should be grateful that there is a chinese primary, secondary, high school and colleges. UTAR is there anyways. Not officially a Chinese University, of course. Much like TARC which is not officially a Chinese college. But what's the importance of it being official anyways?

Malays don't have their own university either (UiTM was not for Malays only. Ethnic Sabahan and Sarawakian are many, as with Orang Asli). It's just that the delivery language in all local universities are in Malay which happens to be the NATIONAL language.

One would expect such a 'patriotic' demigod would understand the meaning of NATIONAL. (Hint: it's not a brand of electrical appliances!)

If not being able to aplly to local U is his problem, then he should practice what he preach. Work hard at studying the national language. It's prerequisite for entering public local Us, much like English is prerequisite to enter American or English Us, German in German Us and Arabic in Arab Us.

So you know only good Mandarin, therefore you go to Taiwan. If you know good Malay, you can be in local U.

Ask the many Chinese in local U. All of them can speak, write and argue in perfect Malay; not Malay like it was spoken by the chinese immigrants 50 years ago, but Malay as it is spoken by someone born in Malaysia after 50 years of independence.

Anonymous said...

speaking of living in malaysia for more over 50 years eh...

beb...kalau kat sekolah setiap minggu berikrar dengan Rukunegara, you should be able to realize that this boy indeed made a crime. He got a case. dah mumaiyiz. tak paham? bukak kamus.

aku dah broken english dengan harapan supaya faham lah ye...bawaknye mamat ni duduk kat thailand...hahaha...selamat tinggal dunia wa cakap sama lu.