Monday, September 22, 2008

What is your REAL agenda, Teresa Kok?

Miss Kok, please explain, what is the drive that compels you and your racist circus to "attack" an inanimate KL road sign with such gusto? Why are you and a Mah Chai (above) pointing at the Jawi writing as if it was some kind of abhorred "plague" that has triggered your alarm and concern?

You were quoted in this report in The Star as saying:-

"It’s a waste to spend money like this. Apparently this was also done in Bandar Tun Razak. It’s a Malay community there so it’s not really an issue but to do this in Taman Seputeh, where most of the residents are Chinese, is certainly a waste of money."

So please tell us now, who drew the Race Card first?

We don't get it. Why must you equate the original
Jawi writing of Bahasa Malaysia -- which is the
sole OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of Malaysia -- on an OFFICIAL, gazetted local authority road sign as a "Malay" thing and, hence, only applicable in areas with a "Malay community"? And by extension, your argument implies that this country does not need such manifestations of nationhood and national identity in areas "where most of the residents are Chinese."

We are puzzled. Since when did the authorities need the "permission" or "acceptance" of a segment of our society on issues pertaining to official road signs and billboards? Do the 126 ethnic groups in Los Angeles or the myriads of "unwashed masses" in New York City, Melbourne or London ... or for that matter the non-Han Chinese in Shanghai and Beijing ... have a say in the language or script of road signs over there? Why must Malaysia, after 51 years of nationhood, now be a hostage to your twisted ethno-chauvinist inclinations?

Or are you implying that ethnic-Chinese citizens of Malaysia play by different rules, oblivious to their duties as Citizens of this country to not only accept and respect, but to defend with their blood the cardinal manifestations of Malaysian sovereignty, not least Bahasa Malaysia (in BOTH Jawi and Rumi), our language of unity and nationhood?

Ponder the implications of your logic for a while ...

Your charade at the KL street corner unequivocally implies that you do not recognise Bahasa Malaysia (including in its original Jawi script) as THE National Language for ALL Malaysians, which include yourself, your Seputeh constituents and your political party. In effect, you are challenging one of THE cornerstones of Malaysian nationhood, the official language of this country, by your explicit manifestation of utter contempt and disrespect of the original script of the language, by dragging our language of unity into your cesspool of petty communal politics.

Ms. Kok, as a parliamentarian, you of all people should know that Jawi is the original script of Bahasa Malaysia, the sole OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of Malaysia. Are you now questioning the status of Bahasa Malaysia as enshrined in the Federal Constitution?

So, again, what was your complain about? Malaysians just don't get it. Why is this even an issue?

Why must your petty personal parochial sentiment be made into a national issue, which has now inflamed the passion of our fellow citizens?

What is your REAL motivation?

Again, why are you so concerned about this display of national identity on Malaysian sovereign soil?

To further inflame communal passion, Ms. Kok and her DAP cohorts took it upon themselves to break the law and erect illegal competing road signs in six KL locations.

Here's the Taman Seputeh version:-

Ms. Kok then had the audacity to
declare to Singapore's my paper tabloid that "the Bahasa Malaysia-Chinese-Tamil road sign makes perfect sense. I call it a road sign towards a more muhibbah Malaysia." What business does this woman have to talk about Malaysian public policy to a Singapore newspaper?

And on the subject of muhibbah (inter-ethnic solidarity), how can the segregation of our society into various subgroups that do not even share a common unifying language and script, and to relegate Bahasa Malaysia, the language of ALL Malaysians, to be at the level of imported foreign languages contribute "towards a more muhibbah Malaysia"? How can you unite the people if you keep on stressing their differences? I don't think Teresa Kok even understand the meaning of "muhibbah."

Also recall that Ms. Kok's opposition to the Jawi script on KL road signs was ostensibly to avoid wastage of public funds. But at the same time, she is advocating new road signs in three different scripts. Imagine how much it would cost DBKL (yes, ultimately KL ratepayers) to replace thousands of KL road signs with the Teresa Kok-approved versions? What happened to the money wastage argument now?

No. This has nothing to do with cost savings. Teresa Kok's real agenda is to challenge the supremacy of Bahasa Malaysia, to push for the adoption of alien foreign languages and scripts, to reinforce the distinction between Malaysia's Malay majority and the immigrant minority groups, to drive a wedge between the various ethnic groups, to pursue a rabidly Racist anti-Malay agenda that boggles the mind of sensible Malaysians. Chauvinism and bigotry do not care about costs, either monetary or social.

Ms. Kok's actions -- her pattern of instigating ethno-social unrest, her unwavering drive to segregate and differentiate Malaysia's ethnic groups, her incessant provocation of the thus far largely patient Malay majority -- have become a threat to our nation's security. And this is no exaggeration. Time will tell as Ms. Kok continues her one-woman crusade to unravel the very fabric of Malaysia's nationhood.

A question to Ms. Kok. Why do you somehow feel insecure, inferior, ruffled and frustrated by the original script of this country's NATIONAL LANGUAGE? What does being a citizen of Malaysia -- having reaped the fruits from this blessed land, having being given the opportunity to partake in the democratic process beyond the wildest dreams of any other group of ethnic-Chinese in the world, having your free say on issues -- really mean to you? Is being a citizen AND at the same time disputing the very tenets of nationhood of your country of citizenship, indeed the Constitution itself, mutually reconcilable? Sorry, but you just cannot have it both ways.

Or do you see yourself as in the vanguard of dissent from among a belligerent minority that has taken upon itself to disavow and challenge every notion, symbol and instrument of Malaysia's nationhood? Is your irrational irritability towards our national Jawi heritage part of your larger goal to bring into disrepute other indisputable manifestations of Malaysian statehood -- the National Language, the Keris, the Songkok, the Baju Melayu? Do you find it fit to utterly abhor and oppose these fundamental pillars of Malaysian pride and identity because in your mind they represent the Malay race that you somehow feel necessary to hate, oppose and ridicule? So this is another Race Thingy then?

Ms. Kok, why do you and your cohorts keep on pulling the Race Card in every conceivable issue in this country? Why do you keep on baiting the Malays to react? Do you construe their tolerance and seeming passivity as a Carte Blanche for your further instigations? And, honestly, you are so naive as to not expect a reaction from Malaysia's majority race? You actually expect others NOT to draw their own Race Cards to counter your blatant racism?

And when they do react, albeit mildly thus far, you opportunistically "Cry Wolf" in a pathetic political pantomime, where you depict yourself as a virginal, innocent little girl being inexplicably harassed and bullied by Racist Malays. And instead of being a reformed, repentant, responsible politician and citizen upon your ISA release, you now portray yourself as some kind of mythical Tang Dynasty heroine, ever ready to take your battle to an even higher level at all costs to this nation. Perhaps you are just a closet Michelle Yeoh-wannabe, waiting for your own
little (thus far elusive) Chow Yuen Fatt in matrimony?

And after all the mayhem that YOU YOURSELF have created, you have the audacity to complain about having "only" two boiled eggs and some kuah with your rice meals in the police lock-up.
So now this Tang Dynasty heroine is "victimised" by lack of good food while under incarceration in this latest episode of your communal political telenovela? Do you know how many Malaysians in the inner city ghettos and isolated rain forest hamlets go to bed hungry, where even one boiled egg and some kicap, sambal and keropok are deemed luxury cuisine? And for you, Ms. Kok, to dismiss the meals of two boiled eggs and some kuah with rice as "dog food" is an unmitigated INSULT to our less fortunate fellow citizens who consume even less. So now you imply that poor Malaysians are "dogs" eating "dog food"? Sad indeed.

Ms. Kok, again you are baiting for a reaction. You instigate people. And when others react like here, here , here
, here and here, you will again cry foul and nag the World to censure these "Racists." Your cycle-of-hate never ends.

Sorry Ms. Kok, double-boiled shark's fin soup, char siu bao and koe loe yok do not figure in the menus of Malaysian police lock-ups. Strangely, you look far from emaciated, in fact, bordering on chubbiness (!) and full of energy in your dramatic post-detention press conference of hate and vengeance. Also, didn't you realised that the people who served you your
two boiled eggs and some kuah and rice for your breakfast and lunches have not had any food or drink themselves as they were fasting? Didn't you have an iota of comprehension of the socio-religious norms of this country of your citizenship? Or is disrespect of Ramadan another anti-Malay thing permeating your troubled soul?

How long do you think you and your cohorts can play this game? Do you think another country would tolerate your constant petty instigations and allow your likes to challenge their fundamental pillars of nationhood? Didn't your ethnic-Chinese brethrens tried it in Thailand and Indonesia? Do you know that they were assimilated into oblivion -- Thailand beginning in 1938 and Indonesia since 1965? Do you really think
your ethnic-Chinese brethrens are treated as equals in Australia, North America and Western Europe, unless they extinguish their Chinese-ness and masquerade as compliant, smiling, subservient Yellow Bananas bending over backwards to master the language and culture of the host country? Look at the likes of Kylie Kwong, the Aussie Chinese chef on TV. Her Australian accent and mannerisms are so thick and so outbackish -- in other words, so totally assimilated -- perhaps to ensure "acceptance" by the Whites. Well, do you foresee the Kylie Kwongs of this world standing at Sydney, Los Angeles or Paris street corners mocking road signs over there? Why then must you and your cohorts do it in this blessed land called Malaysia?

Please explain all these. Malaysians want to know.

Otherwise, your pathetic time-wasting charade at the KL roadsign is nothing more than a grotesque manifestation of your ingrained, self-destructive RACIST psyche that has corroded your inner being in an intractable coalescence of the destructive forces of hate and vengeance curdling uncontrollably in your restless soul.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Well-written with well-chosen adjectives. I'm your fan now.

To Teresa Kok's supporters and other racists - TAKE THAT!!!

Pink Shades

Anonymous said...

Pink Shades


I've been keeping these thoughts for some time now and it's time to "come out" and share it with others.

Something must be done to recalibrate the socio-political trajectory of our beloved homeland, for the sake of all of us.

I do this for the sake of this nation, demi negara tercinta. We must reclaim our blessed land from the assorted crooks and lowlifes of various political persuasions. Enough is enough.

To all patriots, Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Safe.

Anonymous said...

You guys should watch T. Kok's antics on You Tube.

So full of hate, so full of rage, talking Kok all the time.

There is something not right with this woman. I get the chills whenever I see her face on TV. Weird kind of look in her eyes. Always angry at something.

Scarrry man!

Raj Mohan
Kay El

Anonymous said...

Oh I KNOW what Miss Kok needs ....

Yup, a gooood one.

Ron J.
The Far Side

Anonymous said...

ignoramus twats and bollocks!

Anonymous said...

"ignoramus twats and bollocks (sic)!"

Well buddy, I wouldn’t go that far in tagging Teresa Kok and her bigoted gang. But if that’s how you feel, its fine by me.

Now, have a nice life will you.

Anonymous said...

You write so well what I cannot express. I no longer feel like a pressure cooker. Give me more!I like you........!

Anonymous said...

Hope TK & supporters are reading this! yeah..about her stupid remark on being served dog food...err..either she's been SHARING her dog food or she's been feeding her dog boiled eggs & kuah??? Can somebody call the SPCA or PAWS....!

Tickled 2Bits!

Anonymous said...


You are the best!

Superb writing and clarity of thought.

You make complex issues crystal clear.

Great blog. Perhaps THE best.


Alfonz d'Souza

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I noticed some other blogs plagiarized and curi your posts, inc. this T. Kok beauty.

I think it's because you write so well.


Anonymous said...

Teresa Kock is a NUT !!!

Yup, a dog food eating Nut !

Anonymous said...

I was in Bangkok last mth and spent time in Jakarta this Raya break.

An eye opener was the attitude of the Chinese in both cities. They spoke Thai and Bahasa Indonesia by choice and assimilated well into the host societies.

I don't see this constant need to maintain their identity in the host countries. It was refreshing to see no racial tension like what we have to endure here.

Why must the non-Malays here demand segregation -- of language, education, philosophy, identity, etc.? This stance is just not tenable. No nation on earth will allow it.

BTW, I'm part Chinese (and Kadazan). I and hubby insisted on Bahasa Malaysia as our household language and my 5 kids are proud products of the Sekolah Kebangsaan. They now have successful carriers and blend well in Malaysian society.

My sister's daughters meanwhile went to Chinese schools and grew into angry, frustrated adults as they could barely communicate in proper Bahasa and seemed so out of place away from their core Chinese-educated clique. I pity them and blame my short-sighted Sis for insisting on such misplaced "nationalism" (of China?)!

Common people, we must unite thru language. Go see the Chinese in Thailand and Indonesia. They are so well integrated with the native Thais and the Pribumi.

Angie Malikun-Lee

BaitiBadarudin said...

I do wish there are more like people like Angie - di mana langit dijunjung di situ bumi dipijak?

Anonymous said...

Whoosh...this is the best we've had so far. Ever since blogs come into being, the Malays have been the punching bag and the target of many chinese chauvanist bloggers and the stupid half(-past)-malay like RPK. Now, it's time to us to bounced...well done Demi Negara.

Anonymous said...

I am your fan! A very well-written piece.

Anonymous said...

Not to spoil your RPK-esque tirade, but there was no basis for her ISA detention. Complaining about bad road signs is not the same as being a CPM terrorist.

Just for a sense of balance, what do you make of Ahmad Ismail's reported outburst and why the journalist who reported his remarks detained under the ISA, and not Ahmad?

Unknown said...

she is living the malaysian malaysia concept ala singapore

she forgot these two are already divorced

Unknown said...

perhaps the silent majority should not be silent anymore

sometimes good manners is mistaken for weakness

elegant silence is mistaken for consent

Anonymous said...

Was reading jebatmustdie ... you are referred to ... found you to be another front-liner together with the likes of him and che det.

Some of my friends said they can live on sunshine ... and ... your pieces such as these .... haha

Thank you.

Dal Yasser

Anonymous said...

Teresa kok is the type of contagious sickness we irradicated in Singapore a long time ago. So we enjoy racial harmony.

This sicko Teresa Kok apparently dont know that her hero Chin Peng disemboweled a 15 year old and left him holding his guts in Segamat, as a warning to other families to get their teenage sons to join the pig Chin Peng's communist movement.

I am not a malay, neither am I chinese.

Wishing Malaysia racial harmony.


Anonymous said...

On Sep 22, I posted this in another blog,I thought was non-partisan

"Dear Michelle,

Give that man a medal. Bahrudin Maskor, the muezzin of the mosque is the peoples' man.

Throw out Theresa whoever. She should have handled the matter discreetly, in the first place talking to Bahrudin. Thats what we do in Singapore.

We dont make cheap political mileage and scream foul.

I have lived thru two race riots. That was largely because of the indiscretion of politicians, the likes of Theresa.

Wishing Malaysian more enlightened people like Bahrudin.


Anonymous said...

T. Kok, your silence is deafening ... Kijangmas is 100% right then. I suggest you should pass a motion in parliament to abolish all vernacular schools in Malaysia. Anuar should be able to do it better than LKSiang or KSingh.

Dal Yasser.

Anonymous said...

Her REAL Agenda?

Soon she will fight to have Bahasa and Tamil totally erased and come up with this:

Melelong semua Rakyat Malaysia Bangsa lain.. GOOD LORD TERESA...


Anonymous said...

Demi Negara from your writing , it clearly shows that you have benefitted from a sound english medium education, foreign based I would venture to say.

It is undeniable that there are many many others like you around because of the govt's policies and I have no quarrel with that.

From my observation, some 38 years down the road from 1970, Malays have benefitted immensely but sadly, the noble policy started by Tun Razak has now been hijacked and turned into a lopsided, dicriminative policy again other Malaysian.

Instead of helping all less fortunate Malaysians , the govt is mainly catering to a particular group of Malaysian which they now want to be called as Tuans /Masters.

In fact , this has a similarity of the Bhramin caste in India's caste system or the Apatheid system in South Africa.

Certainly, you and your kind will deny it as it gives you people benefits. For example take the scenerio where both are teachers, one, because of his colour can buy the same type of house at 10 % discount but the other cannot!.

Malays today in general are in a state of denial, a denial that they have robbed the rights of other Malaysians in many ways.(On purpose I would say - Umno did it for political purposes)

Also please stop quoting the few non Malays who have made it through their contacts with Umnoputras (like Ananda Krishnan and Lim Goh Tong etc etc )and deem that the average non Malays are all as fortunate as those few. (This is the favourite excuses of the Malays that only the Malays needed help)

You are good with your language skill as I have observed but not all of the things you have written is fair to the others too if one reads critically .

You blame the vernacular schools for the problem of polarization and lack of unity in the Malaysian society, but to me that is just a lame excuse.

If you were to open your eyes wide and perceive properly, It is the govt's lopsided policies and radical Islam rearing its head that is the main cause of the problem. See what Biro Tata Negara is doing to encourage polarisation.( I am sure you have read posting of complaints about Tata Negara in the blogs)

I can see that if all non Malays have Malay as their mother tongue, polarisation will still occur. You may deny it .

After all what is the purpose of a language other than for communication ?. Almost all non Malays have a fairly good command of Bahasa Malaysia for daily use.

Not even all Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia at home.

My perception is that the Malays want the non Malays to discard their heritage . From the many blog postings I have read, the essense put forward is that the non Malays have to "become" Malays and embrace Islam though not in those exact words. Just like how Mahathir discard his Allah given roots.

Anonymous said...

Anon of December 9, 2008 8:46 PM ref:

“called as Tuans /Masters.” ---

You twisted that definition so that the Malays look bad and hated.

When you first landed on these shores the Malays and Sultans were there, made to wait for you by the Orang Putih. The Malays were (and are) Tuan Tanah. The Sultans were (and are) Tuan Kedaulatan. Tuan punya tanah. Tuan punya kedaulatan.

When 1 million of your forefathers were given free kerakyatan, it was GIVEN BY THE TUAN PUNYA KERAKYATAN. That is what we meant by tuan.

But if you insist to mean "Tuans/Masters", its your wish. Not ours. Don’t you dare to put your ‘wish word’ into our mouth.

”--- Bhramin caste in India's caste system or the Apatheid system in South Africa.”

Noooo. You are wrong. We don’t want you to be ‘pariah’ to ‘Brahmin’, nor slaves to ‘Apatheid’. We want you to be of us. We want you to assimilate. We want you to masuk Melayu.

That way you enjoy all what the Bumis enjoy. No this 10% discount house that you grumble about. No NEP. No special this or that. No quotas.

The last half a century you have been actively segregating yourself in all counts possible under the sun. You discriminate yourself. We love you. That’s why we let you stay. You hate us. That’s why you blame us over all counts of your so called misfortune.

“---You blame the vernacular schools ---“

You get us wrong. You can never understand the chemistry of the Malays.

We 'blame' the vernacular schools, so you say, not because of anything, but because you selfish ready-made polarized non-Malays segregate your young ones right from the beginning of their schooling lives on whatever holy pretext you can think of from under the sun.

When comes time for secondary schooling, these children of yours are six years BEHIND their siblings from national schools, simply because they cannot communicate in Malay, the language of instruction in national schools.

So no communication (you said language is only for communication remember?) -- no learning takes place. When these children failed to make the grade comes Form 5, you blame the national schools.

Helooooo friend Anon, since you landed on our shores, we see that you have contributed nothing to my motherland except blame.

You blame the Sultan, blame the government, blame the UMNO, blame the menteri, blame the police, blame the keris, blame the songkok, blame the negarakuku, blame the morning prayer calls, blame the global warming, blame the river, blame the floods, blame rising cost of everything, blame the JPJ, blame the Immigration Dept, blame the transport system, blame the piped water, blame the rubbish you make, blame the NEP, blame the education system, blame the national schools teachers, blame the speeding traffics, blame the fire department, blame the religion of others, blame the local councils when the hills slide, blame the hospitals for giving free treatments, blame the BN for giving free education, blame the SPBT for giving free text books, blame the drivers for causing traffic jams, blame the highways for collecting Tolls, blame the tortoise for crawling, blame the sun for rising from the east, blame Malaysia for not like Singapore, blame the Biro Tata Negara, and blame everything except blaming yourself.

We are much-too-very-very-very tired of you that we don’t want you any more.

You have nothing to give. Nothing. none. Nano.

But we still love you. That's all we have.


Yusuf Nur said...

Mereka masih menanti, untuk membesar dan pergi..
mungkin menjadi rakyat China, Taiwan, Singa-pura2 atau mungkin Itali (hehe).

Di Sabah, mereka ini menabur racun, dalam kuah yang sama-sama sawo matang kongsi, supaya membenci, supaya iri hati.

Pekerja perempuan dilarang bertudung, malah digalak seksi.

Ada manusia, yang mengguna bahasanya berkata-kata, dengan suara yang luarbiasa kuat, biarpun di tengah2 khalayak. Hakikatnya: mereka dilahirkan pekak.Hak hak hak
(ini bukan sinis, tapi ayat 'direct')

Anonymous said...

bro, im Arif and recently u passed a link in "Barisan Nasional" fb page about ur blog.. and soo i took a so called "visit" it and read it was well written bro!

i couldnt agree more on ur statements regarding with Teresa Kote n her racist dogs.. keep it up!

Unknown said...

..thank made my day..

Anonymous said...

To add on to Lipanbara's response to Anon...

Here are some areas Anon neglect to understand, some lessons in history:
When the British brought the labourers from China and India, they were the subjects of Britain, therefore they were given thousands of hectares of lands per family. They were allowed to educate their children from about 200 years ago. Whereas the Malays whom were the Tuan Tanah were oppressed from everything as they robbed this land. The Malays can't give education to their children up until 60+ years ago? Pre-independence, not more than standard 4? Back then the word apartheid had not been coined yet.

They purposely kept the Malays uneducated so they can rule as masters and servants. Prior to the independence, Tan Cheng Lock had secret meeting with the British to ensure they are given lands before the country was to be handed back to the malays. Why do you think the lands in KL are mostly chinese owned, or Ipoh, or many others, and you want to talk about our 10% discount for properties? Had it not been for the tanah pusaka of the kampungs which later become the bumi gazetted lands, the Malays would not have anymore tanah. Already the chinese developers are sogokking the government to acquire these lands to develop into expensive condominiums.. take Mont Kiara which are encroaching into bumi land of sg penchala and segambut, who are the majority property owners of these high end properties? are they malays?

Oh not to mention, who took the logam of gold and timah from the malays if it weren't the British and the Chinese? how did the chinese get the concession to own all the lombong bijih timah from the malays back then? which countries did these timah helped funding their ailing economies? answer: Britain and China.

"You blame the vernacular schools for the problem of polarization and lack of unity in the Malaysian society, but to me that is just a lame excuse"...did you know that the agreement for independence Malaya was that the vernacular schools are to only be allowed for the first 10 years post merdeka, and to be closed as the chinese and indians would already have assimilated with the Malays by then?

"Almost all non Malays have a fairly good command of Bahasa Malaysia for daily use." I beg to differ. I had to coach so many malaysian chinese to speak malay, they can't even pronounce the basic words, of which my chinese colleague actually asked if they are really malaysian?

"Not even all Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia at home." One of my experience in Jakarta was when the taxi driver told me that the chinese had become biadap of late for speaking chinese in his taxi! and my chinese indo friends had become so assimilated, they sing dangdut songs in karaoke! How many of our chinese malaysians do that?

On the Brahmin's caste system, i agree with Lipanbara, we love you and want you to be one of us, even without changing your name, faith and identity, we still love you and have loved you up till the likes of Lim Guan Eng or Ms Kok turned around trying to change our history underestimating that the malays do not know theirs, then blaming the malay government for all your grouses, when the truth is they are too racist to be under the malay power that it's either the chinese run the country or the mat sallehs, anything but malay.