Saturday, October 18, 2008

MT's Propaganda War on Najib ... at the Expense of Hinduism

I stumbled upon this story by the Malaysian Insider on the latest antics of the Rabid anti-Malay Racist on Malaysia Today.

The increasingly desperate racist psychopaths and weirdos of MT have now set a new standard in sleaze reporting. Go to MT ( posting entitled "Oh Guruji, ke mana kau pergi?" posted on 16 October 2008 10:37) and see for yourselves. The profiling of these nut cases in my recent RPK/MT posts, indeed, was no exaggeration.

This well-financed anti-Malay propaganda machine posted a doctored picture of Najib Razak dressed in Hindu ceremonial garb performing a public Hindu religious rite. The obscenity-laden narrative accompanying the picture is unusually vitriolic – a personal, bitter and unadulterated manifestation of unbridled dendam -- even by the low standards of this cyber trainwreck-in-waiting. The accompanying rantings by the usual MT Junkies matched the vile article, and their blind belief in the authenticity of the picture reflect the level (or lack) of intellect among these cultists.

Many of us are not exactly card-carrying members of the Najib-Rosmah Fan Club. And KijangMas counts himself as a fierce Najib critic (due partly to Najib's exasperating reluctance to hasten Pak Lah's departure and his insulting innuendos against my countrymen in PRU12 with his infamous "Kelantan Munduuuuur" speech, which contributed to BN/UMNO's crushing defeat to PAS), but to doctor a photo of him, a Muslim (or any Muslim for that matter), performing a Hindu religious rite is a blatant act of fitnah beyond the limit of human decency. We are well into Tian Chua's territory here.

I just want to ask: where are the Idealists? Where are these self-righteous "intellectuals"
-- the likes of Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim, Azly Rahman and Bakri Musa -- who often shout for human decency, ethno-religious tolerance, fair play and high moral standards in their rambling syiok sendiri articles prominently displayed on MT? Where? These Malay/Muslim Apologists -- tagged "good Malays" by the chauvinist devils infesting the MT cesspool -- are nowhere to be seen even as a bunch of freakish Chinese extremists cut, paste, mutilate and denigrade the image of a fellow Malay Muslim.

On top of the insult to a Malay Muslim, these MT crooks also brought a Hindu religious ceremony into disrepute by stirring Malay Muslim passions against the Hindu minority. These spinmeisters look down on Hindus and used Hinduism as the key element of their plot to denigrade Najib, as if Hinduism is something "bad" and shouldn't be associated with anybody, least of all a Malay politician -- a spin meant to ruffle Malay Muslim sentiments at the expense of Indians and Hindus.

You Indian Hindus out there, wake up! Can't you see the MT Chinese extremists are insulting your religion, by equating your religious rites as "bad" and, hence, using it to cast Najib in a "bad light"? Can't you see you are being used by these psychopaths who cast aspersions on Najib at the expense of your faith? You Hindraf sympathisers, I can't understand why you are joining the MT chorus in this instance when your religion is dragged in the mud with Najib? Mainstream Malaysians just don't get it. What was your struggle for then? Cannot be for the Hindu faith ....?

Again, where are the bombastic literary discourses by MT's "good Malays" to condemn this seditious insult to a fellow Muslim and to Hinduism? And there is not even a whimper from Din Merican, the
self-appointed guardian of the blogosphere perennially haunted by hired hands and cyber propagandists, i.e., his own shadow. What would you call this Din? O.k. for you? Just because it was spewed by your side? You spineless hypocrite!

Anyway, I don’t think I will hold my breath and wait for Din Merican (the self-declared “Professor of Global Strategy” at Pol Pot College) to spew another copy-and-paste job with a “See what we are up against: Doctored Pictures” banner blazing in his DAP/PKR-financed blog. Why won't he say something against this fitnah? Why should he? He himself is part of this propaganda machine, indeed, an unrepentant penyangak of the perosak bangsa variety.

Demi Negara challenge the following Malay/Muslim Apologists -- Azly Rahman, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Bakri Musa, Harris Ibrahim, Karim Raslan, Wan Hamidi Hamid, Zaid Ibrahim, Tunku Aziz Ibrahim as well as the Apologist of the Malay Apologists, Din Merican, to condemn this act of slander and defamation on a fellow Muslim in no uncertain terms. Yeah, you all may not like Najib -- and KijangMas as mentioned has reservations on Najib's ability to judge people -- but I thought you people are guided by principles of human decency transcending politics? Make your stand now and show us your ability to do what's right for the sake of the nation we share, demi negara tercinta.

But I doubt any of you will take action. You cannot alienate your fan base right?

Your inaction reveals to the world your true colours, as nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites and unprincipled opportunists hiding behind a plasticky fa├žade of intellectualism in need of validation from the non-Malays and the international media to overcome your deep sense of inferiority, your inherent need "to belong" in the midst of others.