Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Hell With Politics !

What has happened to our beloved Tanah Air?

The make believe “Perak State Assembly” under a shade tree just about encapsulates the sorry state of Malaysian politics. We are truly a Basket Case now.

Who created all this mess?


Yes, the low-life degenerates eroding the very essence of our existence. We have endured ONE YEAR of hell courtesy of these instigators and subversives who really don’t care about this nation, our hope, our future.

Why should MY welfare, indeed the future of almost 28 million Rakyat Malaysia, be dependent on the whims and fancies, not to mention the grotesque character anomalies of these bunch of dysfunctional social outcasts and assorted psycho cases?

And I'm talking about BOTH sides of the political cesspool here.

We need to go back to the drawing board and take stock of what’s happening to us, to our society, to our nation amidst this unending, crippling political circus. Perhaps we should all be taught the basic protocol of politics, the rules of the game, on the need to get on with life after the election dust settles. Yes, KijangMas may come up with a guide for you dummies out there.

Anyway folks, take a good look at these politicians.

Look at the Pakatan flagbearers: Karpal "Lu Celaka" Singh; Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim; sneaky Unker Kit and his poker-faced son, Guan Eng; Nizar Ayam Steal the EmBee and his Ngeh-Nga TerNgaNga freakshow puppeteers; the sleazoid Tian Chua; the estate thug N. Gobalakrishnan; ….. ok, ok, cukup … apa? … ada lagi … the Ah Soh Brigade commandos, Fong Poh Kuan, Chong Eng, Teresa Kok …… oh Tuhan, I feel nauseated now …

Hey Loh Gwo Burne, why don’t you be useful for once and pass me the darn Mo Far Kor! Yup, Mo Far Kor, the miracle elixir for expectant mothers, sleepy mahjong kakis and nauseated bloggers.

So you think the Pakatan has a monopoly on the preposterous, ridiculous, outrageous and ludicrous? Think again …

Yup, what about the Barisan people? This bunch of incompetent infighting inconsequential ingrates got any hope of returning to their Golden Age where they were invulnerable, infallible, intelligent and inspiring? Yes? No?

Why not?

What? Look at their people as well? Ok, why don’t we let the picture do the talking:-

Ok, ok, cukup ….. I want my Mo Far Kor!

Anyway, what’s with the Barisan Nasional nowadays? What has Pak Lah done to these Wakil Rakyats and Pemimpins and Pembela Bangsas and Perwira Negaras? Why are they all so weak and clueless now? Yes, I know a fish rots from the head, but this is ridiculous. The Alpha Fish must have contaminated the entire container load, all of it, the bawal, selar, buntal, pari, tongkol, keli, lampan jawa and a sotong or two. Semua rosak. Bau busuk; jual tak laku. Kena buang jauh-jauh dalam laut.

The rot in Barisan triggered a socio-political fission chain-reaction of epic proportions and this culminated in the tsunami of PRU12, where the Barisan ikan busuks were swept away and buried by the debris of competing political forces. And from the ashes of this devastation rose a three-headed political beast known today as the Pakatan Rakyat.

Now you see? The Barisan created the Pakatan. Yes, if not for BN’s utter incompetence and the incorrigible and unelectable nature of many of its leaders and candidates, the Pakatan phenomenon would not have arisen. BN laid the groundwork for the spawning and propagation of this Pakatan freakshow.

Yeah, what’s up with the Pakatan?

You see, instead of using the people’s mandate in five states and a big chunk of the federal parliament for the betterment of the rakyat, Pakatan’s motley crew of oddballs and sleazoids and plain freakish lunatics went way off tangent and rewrote the playbook on nation-wrecking. Yup, when was the last time the DAP hate-mongers and their pathetic PAS and PKR stooges have said or done anything of substance about the economy, nation building, enhancing competitiveness, national cohesion, patriotism? Apart from their barrage of cheapshots, juvenile hecklings and seditious rhetoric, what have they done both in and out of parliament?

Look at these parties. DAP is courting self-destruction with its incessant provocations of the Malay Muslim majority; PKR, a platform for one man’s maniacal obsession to be the Prime Minister, is slowly imploding as we speak; and PAS has abandoned much of its Islamic rhetoric to remain bedfellows with the other two in a grotesque exhibition of hypocrisy -- that its hate for UMNO is more than its love for Islam and the Malays. The party’s stand on the fundamental tenets of Islam and the status and welfare of the Malays are sacrificed and obliterated from the party’s struggle just to appease their rabid, anti-Malay, anti-Islamist allies in DAP and PKR. Yes, what has gotten into the PAS people? These people hate UMNO so much that they don’t mind if their Bangsa dan Agama, not to mention their Raja-Raja Melayu are dragged through the mud and compromised and insulted by their fellow UMNO/BN haters, the chauvinist hoodlums of DAP and their PKR stooges.

Come to think of it, only the lone figure of Tan Seng Giaw exhibited a semblance of dignity and relevance to nation building among the Pakatan people. Maybe its due to his refined Kelantanese roots, a world away from the wretched tin-mining and rubber estate coolie mindset of his party compatriots on the West Coast, where their “struggle” is driven by a pervasive, pathological hatred against the Malays and the Malay essence of this nation.

Yes, I know, Pakatan will blame their ineffectiveness on the proverbial UMNO/BN bogeymen haunting their every move. But hey, this is politics lah! It’s a never ending game of power and influence over the ever-shifting mindset of the populace. If one cannot stand the heat, get the hell out and do something else lah. Fong Kui Lin sure look the part and would do well in the Bak Kut Teh business and Chong Eng will look very much at home in Pasar Borong Selayang. And I bet M. Kulasegaran can whip up a terrific pot of parapu to go with "Professor" P. Ramasamy’s parata in their future Roket Tumbang Curry House in Prai. And I’ll hire N. Gobalakrishnan in a heartbeat to be the Chief Hutang Collector for KijangMas’ now distressed loans to family and friends. As for my buddy and fellow Mo Far Kor junkie, Gwo Burne, he'll be better off running a Kedai Gambar for like-minded voyeurs.

Ok, what triggered this mayhem post PRU12?

Many factors.

Suffice to say that the pandemonium was fueled by the intoxicating first taste of power by the perpetual underdogs who suddenly rode the crest of the political tsunami induced by instigators leveraging on the rakyat’s total abhorrence of Pak Lah’s weak, uninspired and incompetent rule. But the single biggest divisive factor was the silly moves by Anwar Ibrahim in his obsessive quest to be the Perdana Menteri at all cost.

What is wrong with Brother Anwar anyway? Why this wholesale sellout of his Malay Muslim credentials just to scrape some support from the lunatic, extremist fringe of our society? And to add some comic relief to this sad picture, these anti-Malay lunatics actually think they are the “mainstream” -- oblivious to the reality of Malaysiana beyond their comfortable suburban habitats. These anti-Malays, inspired by the paranoiac fantasies of malignant narcissist Haris Ibrahim and his zealotrous disciples, now have the audacity to proclaim themselves as the Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Yeah, the Anak Bangsa Malaysia who will fight on the streets to uphold Kwangtung and Tamil Nadu lingua-cultural traits via the menace of the SRJK(C)s and SRJK(T)s and who themselves cannot and will not speak Bahasa Malaysia, let alone partake in or understand the Adat and Budaya of the necessary Orang Melayu backbone that would validate this Anak Bangsa Malaysia in the first place. I pray for these confused, pathetic souls.

So off goes Brother Anwar to join the noisy demos of the Hindraf racist buffoons; marching arm-in-arm with the Dong Jiao Zong subversives; and to instigate and irritate and concoct crisis after crisis after crisis by bringing to disrepute every single institution of Malaysian nationhood, including the democratic process and the position of our Raja-Raja Melayu. Yup, the gullible political novices among the suddenly-empowered non-Malay populace actually bought Brother Anwar’s deceptions – hook, line and sinker … and a kitchen sink or two. Veteran Anwaristas and Reformasi old hands chuckled at their teh tarik haunts as these RPK Junkies and Haris Zealots wasted tons of candles (and stupidly spewed CO2 to add to Global Warming) in their revelry over the sweet-sounding political fantasies wafting from the puckered lips of Brother Anwar. This opportunist charlatan led the non-Bahasa Malaysia speaking self-proclaimed Anak Bangsa Malaysia on their shuffle up the Yellow Brick Road to an UMNO-less Malaysian political utopia that was to emerge on 916. It was indeed a Mo Far Kor Moment to cherish, a kind of Malaysian Woodstock, an aberrative lovefest of rejoicing, hugging, burning of more CO2-spewing candles ……… podaaah!

Mana ada? Lu ingat “Malaysian Politics” is a Cartoon Network production ka? Living life in the make believe?

Anyway, 916 came and went.

Then another date.

Then another date.

Then another date.

Then ano ........ zzzzzzzzzz

Yup, even my Sang Harimau fell asleep .........

The nation was in suspended animation as Anwar plays out his drama to the detriment of 28 million people. Expect more theatrics from Brother Anwar, a man I used to support and admire but now reduced to a political scavenger eating out of the paws of DAP, Hindraf, Dong Jiao Gong and like-minded subversive, cancerous fringe of Mainstream Malaysiana.

Now, talking about Brother Anwar's lompat parti shenadigans, how can we forget the kejar-kejar to Taiwan comedy. Come on lah, if the political fate of our country was really dependent on the persuasive powers of Tian Chua and Elizabeth Wong plus Saifuddin Nasution, then that will mark the end of Malaysian Civilization as we know it! I laughed then and I laugh even louder now. Who in their right frame of mind would believe that 41 well-fed Barisan MPs would fall for the Tian Chua-Eli Wong seduction opera? Don’t look at me but the people who got seduced in Taipei was definitely NOT the BN vacationers!

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Many folks have asked for my thoughts on the Perak Fiasco.
Much has already been said and KijangMas is not keen to add to the pile. Suffice to say that this impasse is not going to be solved easily as long as the main actors relentlessly push the limits of the constitution at state and federal levels into the realms of terra incoqnita. But perhaps this is just what we all need. Test the robustness of our constitution that had gathered dust for over a half century. Get it out in the open. Let the rakyat see what desperate men and women are capable of doing -- on BOTH sides of the political divide. Oh, as in other terra incoqnita situations, don’t complain if surprises sprang from the dark abyss of the Neverland.

What about the Rakyat?

The rakyat, of course, will have a say as long as we subscribe to the ideals of democracy. Perakians must ultimately decide whether they want stability, where everyone can cari makan peacefully within our age old unwritten social norms OR anarchy, where every single institution of governance, from the political process to the civil service to law enforcement to the judiciary all the way to the Sultan himself are brought into disrepute.

Who gains and loses from all these? Nobody gains. Everyone has already lost.

Lessons learned?

Too many to expound here. Suffice to say that the Nizar Jamaluddin administration controlled by the NgehNga puppeteers was untenable due to its prickly, divisive agenda and marginalisation of the Malays, which form a 54% majority in the state.

From Day 1, the DAP-controlled Pakatan government acted like a one-term administration, grabbing whatever it could for its core constituents before its Cinderella clock struck midnight in PRU13. It so happened that UMNO/BN used the same lompat parti tactic touted by Anwar Ibrahim to hit back decisively, took the old clock and threw in another clock that struck midnight immediately, not in 3-4 years. Those shiny new Camrys morphed into pumpkins and it was game over long before the Pakatan gang had their bizarre make-believe State Assembly sitting under the shade tree.

Nizar and his Ngeh-Nga puppeteers forgot that Perak Darul Ridzuan is a Negeri Melayu di bawah Raja Melayu Berdaulat, a sovereign Malay state that forms part of the Federation of Malaysia. The Sultan is supreme. Oh, please lah don’t lecture me on your Ketuanan Rakyat fantasy. In the Malay socio-political realm, the Raja and the Rakyat are one and the same. To think that a PAS boneka controlled by the DAP dalangs could wedge himself between this unitary concept of “Kerajaan” is absurd. Listen you treasonous subversives, if your Raja has no confidence in your gang, for whatever reason, then too bad. You go. You git.

Say out loud the word “Kerajaan.” What’s the root word? Yes, “Raja.” What does this conjure? Yes, the Perak government is “of the Raja” (Ke-Raja-An) in a Kesultanan, the royal administration of a Kingdom. Who’s at the apex of this Kerajaan of the Kesultanan? Nizar? NgehNga? DAP? PAS? UMNO? PKR? Sivakumar?

It’s the Sultan, of course.

What happens when the Sultan has no more confidence (as promulgated in specific constitutional provisions) in a person to lead his Rakyat as the Menteri Besar of his Kingdom?

The out-of-favour person needs to take a hike. And don’t look back. Habis. Tamat kisah. That’s the way in any Negeri Melayu Beraja Berdaulat throughout the ages. And in recent times, Trengganu's Idris Jusoh and Perlis' Shahidan Kassim were purged once they were rejected by their respective Sultans. And they left with dignity and honour intact in accordance with our nation's ingrained Adat and Tatatertib Melayu. And the rakyat rejoice under the new Memandas chosen by these Rajas as everyone go back to their daily affairs.

But Perak?

Why must this state be different?

If anything, the Perak case is even more clearcut. Nizar lost support of the majority of the assemblymen. The Sultan used his constitutional prerogative to ask the leader of the new majority group to form a new keRajaan for the keSultanan in a constitutionally prescribed method his majesty thinks is best for his rakyat.

Game over for Nizar and we all go back to our lives.

But no. Nizar plays by different rules set by his DAP puppeteers, bereft of all the intrinsic Adat, Budaya and Tatatertib of the Orang Melayu essence of this Kesultanan Melayu. Under the telunjuk of this NgehNga of Tongkang Mali stock, Nizar chose to inkar the Sultan's perintah and then exhibited a disgusting pantomime of penderhakaan never before seen in a modern-day Malay Sultanate.

And hence we end up in this scrapheap.

Oh sure, these DAP anti-Melayus don’t mind the current derhaka circus. They don’t have even an iota of attachment or pride or respect of the Raja of the very Melayus they have dedicated their lives to oppose. That’s the no brainer part. But for Nizar’s PAS zealots to riot on the streets on behalf of the very anti-Melayus and anti-Muslims that are sworn to obliterate them boggles my mind.

As if all these bedlam are not enough, along came this swarthy V. Sivakumar fellow from Tronoh who threw in another spanner in the wheels of this runaway political trainwreck. This Wild-Eyed Aney could hardly articulate the specific provisions of the Perak constitution to reporters in his lintang pukang rendition of the English language. I’m sure he would have been able to express his points better in Bahasa Malaysia but the prevailing derhaka flavour of Pakatan’s persona, where all symbols of nationhood, including the Raja-Raja Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia must be contemptiously rejected, preempted that option. Yup, these are the very people Haris and his lunatics want to call the Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Incredible.

So what next for Perak?

Well, this is politics, a power game not for the faint hearted or emotional. Who knows what next is possible? Perhaps it boils down to the mantra of the stronger group wins, by hook or by crook.

Of course, ultimately "power" will need to be endorsed by the governed, Tuanku's rakyat, as well. So what is the rakyat's say in all this?

In PRU12, 871,736 Perakians went to the polls. 400,682 (46%) voted BN and 443,354 (51%) voted what became PR while the rest voted for independents or cast spoiled ballots.

Would this figure remain if snap elections were to be held today?

No. I repeat No.

Many non-Malays may remain in the Pakatan bucket after tasting the delights of "power." But many others have had their livelihoods destroyed by the incessant politicking coupled by the economic downturn, with no federal funds in sight when Perak was under Pakatan rule. The Chinese are, of course, practical people and, apart from an incorrigible racist hard core, many others would vote by their stomachs and wallets.

The Malay majority? How many will recast their ballots for PAS and PKR after seeing the policy decisions of the PR government and of course the penderhakaan to the Sultan? Assuming 70-80% of the non-Malays vote Pakatan, how many percent shift in the Malay votes from Pakatan to Barisan do you need to alter the total votes by the 3-5% needed to change the rakyat's verdict?

Who knows for sure. But victory in a snap election is not a done deal for Pakatan as claimed by the NgehNga gang in their bouts of foolish bravado.

I personally would like to see a snap election. Let the Rakyat decide. Lets see the preference this time of the Rakyat from the Malay heartland of Kerian, Larut Matang and Hulu Perak, the life long UMNO supporters who voted PAS and PKR in their contempt of Pak Lah's uninspiring leadership without understanding the repercussions.

If NgehNga and their puppet Nizar think its going to be a walkover this time, they are in for a rude shock indeed.

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Now on Karpal Singh.

What else is there to say about this flagbearer of Malaysia’s failed social integration framework.

Sometimes I wonder why we take this senile dinosaur seriously. One day he berates Anwar, even beseeching the perpetual PM-in-Waiting to Bertaubat, to repent for all his political sins; and another day he provokes the other side; and the next day he accused UMNO Youth of sending him bullets, followed by his cussing in parliament.

Getting the SinghKing feeling ...?

This two-wheeled Emperor of Anarchy goes around threatening to sue a Sultan and menacingly utter “don’t push me” and “jangan cabar saya” and “jangan main-main dengan saya” to the whole world in an incessant series of foolish bravado. And when the inevitable happened – this time two bullets and a nasty note
who does he blame? UMNO of course. So what happened to the garangjangan cabar saya” rhetoric? Nothing of course. It’s just empty rhetoric, just like the rest of his political soul mates. Oh yeah, bila sudah kena acah, apa kata this self-proclaimed Singh is King? Dia kata: "This is a serious threat and I want the Inspector-General of Police to provide protection for me and my family.” Pigidahh. You think the police got nothing better to do ahh? Why protect you? For democracy? For social justice? For nation building? To honour a patriot? To encourage other instigators? Sudah banyak-banyak bikin kacau, cabar orang, kurang ajar sama Melayu, hina Raja ….. lepas tu mintak di lindungi oleh Polis Di-Raja Malaysia!


I wonder what does the spine-chilling “jangan main-main dengan saya” really mean? Yes, I’m curious because I take threats and counter-threats seriously. Does that mean this Singa can mobilise a bullock cart-load of Bhangra dancers (plus this act) to counter the noisy pendekars of UMNO Youth? See Karpal, again you are challenging people. You are baiting people. You want people to react to your rhetoric. What kind of parliamentarian is this? When was the last time Karpal spoke about the economy, about justice, about anything remotely progressive for the betterment of the rakyat? Its always saya, saya, saya, … “Jangan cabar saya”; “saya di ancam”; “jangan main-main dengan saya”; “saya mau perlindungan polis” … saya, saya, saya. Self-centered selfishness is the hallmark of this insult to democracy.

Oh, about the Celaka remark. Do we all really want to have a swearing competition? “Celaka” is nothing. You want the more definitive ones, the ones that would leave you frothing in the mouth with tail wagging between the wheels of your glorified wheelbarrow? Want to see my compendium of swear words for people like you? Want to hear a sampling of the rich lode of choice taunts and slurs that could be concocted in the context of a two-wheeled, foul mouthed arrogant closet Bhangra dancer?

Nahh, some people are just not worth it; let them live the last vestiges of their wretched life journey of hate, contempt and disdain amidst their own hell-on-earth cesspool of anger and fear.

Anyway, as if Dad’s antics were not enough, along came Gobind Singh Deo, the next-generation provocateur that will haunt us Malaysians for many years to come. This half-past six loyar had the audacity (… no, the utter stupidity) to suggest a directly-elected Prime Minister akin to the American, Indonesian or French system. Come on lah, we adopt the Westminster System lah Baii, where the Prime Minister is picked by the Head of State, the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, from among members of the Dewan Rakyat that his majesty feels has the support of the majority of the Dewan.

What kind of cheap stunt is this?

See people, instigation and more instigation.

Of course, assuming this Karpal junior is not as stupid as he looks (the jury’s still out on that), then he is just being mischievious, a back-door way to hina the institution of the Kebawah Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu by pushing for the preemption of the role of the Malay rulers (as Malaysia’s rotating Head of State) in the selection of the Perdana Menteri as promulgated in the constitution. Is this the type of parliamentarian we need? The ones who swore to uphold the constitution and undivided loyalty to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong?

One more thing about the Pakatan people that makes me sick -- they just cannot and will not take responsibility for anything. Every misdeed, every self-destructing action, every self-incriminating excess are thrown into the all-purpose industrial strength “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.” Every self-induced malady would be attributed to the elaborate, sophisticated political machinations of UMNO, the very people they dismissed as stupid, out-of-touch, lazy tongkat-dependent Malays on the verge of extinction on their own land.


- You send your personal vehicle for servicing on tax payers’ money and gets investigated by the MACC, what do you do? Blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.”

- You buy 46 cows on Selangor government-related company funds (yeah, I know, via a complex web of friendly partner and associated companies) and korban them for your parliamentary constituency not in Selangor but in KL, you get busted, and again you blame the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.” In the meantime, your stuttering and bumbling team of anti-Malay racist greenhorns, UMNO rejects and long-lost ulamaks is fast transforming the nation's industral powerhouse into a banana statelet before our very eyes. Just look at the state of neglect permeating this formerly Golden State, in places like Rawang, Kajang, Ampang: potholes got bigger; roadside lalangs uncut; streetlights gone dead; vandalism, neglect and pilferage galore; and state employees gone rogue. Where are the election promises? What happened to the governance and efficiency? The Selangor Rakyat has gotten sick of silly "corporate moves" over their tanah, air, longkang and elektrik piled on the debacle over lembu korbans and kandang babis.

- You committed bigamy, couldn’t take the heat and left town and your Bukit Selambau constituents in a lurch, and yet again your party blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.”

- You satiate your physiologic need with a purportedly married toyboy (and who knows who else) and have your tidur kangkang picture splashed in the blogosphere in an ugly lover’s spat, you cry wolf and .... yup, blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah Bucket”!

Yes, UMNO/BN is somehow to blame in Eli Wong’s gory bedroom misadventure. You people have the audacity to smear others just to preserve your own skins, no matter the repercussions to the nation. THIS is what makes me sick. And Brother Anwar makes a political martyr out of Eli Wong. A martyr and a “victim.”


For Tuhan’s sake, do you know who the real victim is? Eli Wong? This elusive Hilmi Malek?


If this Hilmi fella is married as reported in the media, then the real victim is his wife lah stupid! Yes, Hilmi’s wife is the real victim here. Don’t you think that the hijab-clad PKR and PAS kakaks and makciks that huddled behind and listened to Eli Wong’s unabashed affirmation of her sexuality in her press conference should be comforting Hilmi's wife instead? Bizarre. If their husbands do the same thing to them, would they appreciate the wholehearted support given by political apparatchiks like them to the randy "other woman" ?


Gwo Burne, more Mo Far Kor please …..

I detest people who don’t take responsibility for their own misadventures. Politicians who incessantly blame others are NOT leadership material. And true to form, these Pakatan people has no semblance of governance in any of the five states, with near-anarchy in at least two. Forget the Negeris, Pakatan couldn’t even govern itself. And imagine our Negara di tadbir by these people?

But would the Barisan make any difference? Again, look at the motley crew of characters led (or rather un-led) by a clueless Pak Lah, the Prime Minister who had long ago lost the plot. What about Najib Razak? Can he exorcist the disastrous lemah, lembik, kaku persona of Pak Lah from the Prime Ministership? Does he has what it takes to reenergise UMNO and whip up the Barisan into a cohesive political force able to conclusively sweep the bumbling Pakatan from the corridors of power come PRU13? Yes? No? Or has he morphed into another Pak Lah, a distracted weakling further debilitated by the bizarre cast of infighting, unelectable long-written off characters hollowing-out UMNO and Barisan from within?

What can we the Rakyat do?

Should the rakyat allow these characters on both sides of the political divide to continue with their antics and lead us further into the socio-political and economic abyss?

Where did these characters come from anyway? What is their true agenda? What is their role in the overall picture of nation building and the institution of checks and balances in the Malaysian political process?
Where did our political system go wrong to allow such people access to our esteemed political institutions and political processes?

As of now, these collective insult to governance and leadership, not to mention ethics and morality, are leading their contingents of megalomaniacal misfits, opportunists, confidence tricksters and outright perverts in a nation-wrecking demolition derby of unprecedented proportions anywhere on earth.

Maybe when the dust settles, we may welcome some sort of assertive rule by a nationalist leader who will reset the trajectory of our nation. One thing is certain, this country cannot sustain this present state of chaos and semi-anarchy much longer.

Social implosion is not good for health and the pursuit of happiness.

What is the end game? You tell me. But the rakyat will bear the brunt of the cost -- the social and economic cost -- for many years to come.

Those in power must focus on administering the 13 states and the nation as mandated by the people and affirmed by the respective rulers and the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

We the Rakyat demand a stop to this bizarre politicking. The circus must end NOW.

Let’s go back to work and improve our livelihoods and communities in these challenging times.