Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Hell With Politics !

What has happened to our beloved Tanah Air?

The make believe “Perak State Assembly” under a shade tree just about encapsulates the sorry state of Malaysian politics. We are truly a Basket Case now.

Who created all this mess?


Yes, the low-life degenerates eroding the very essence of our existence. We have endured ONE YEAR of hell courtesy of these instigators and subversives who really don’t care about this nation, our hope, our future.

Why should MY welfare, indeed the future of almost 28 million Rakyat Malaysia, be dependent on the whims and fancies, not to mention the grotesque character anomalies of these bunch of dysfunctional social outcasts and assorted psycho cases?

And I'm talking about BOTH sides of the political cesspool here.

We need to go back to the drawing board and take stock of what’s happening to us, to our society, to our nation amidst this unending, crippling political circus. Perhaps we should all be taught the basic protocol of politics, the rules of the game, on the need to get on with life after the election dust settles. Yes, KijangMas may come up with a guide for you dummies out there.

Anyway folks, take a good look at these politicians.

Look at the Pakatan flagbearers: Karpal "Lu Celaka" Singh; Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim; sneaky Unker Kit and his poker-faced son, Guan Eng; Nizar Ayam Steal the EmBee and his Ngeh-Nga TerNgaNga freakshow puppeteers; the sleazoid Tian Chua; the estate thug N. Gobalakrishnan; ….. ok, ok, cukup … apa? … ada lagi … the Ah Soh Brigade commandos, Fong Poh Kuan, Chong Eng, Teresa Kok …… oh Tuhan, I feel nauseated now …

Hey Loh Gwo Burne, why don’t you be useful for once and pass me the darn Mo Far Kor! Yup, Mo Far Kor, the miracle elixir for expectant mothers, sleepy mahjong kakis and nauseated bloggers.

So you think the Pakatan has a monopoly on the preposterous, ridiculous, outrageous and ludicrous? Think again …

Yup, what about the Barisan people? This bunch of incompetent infighting inconsequential ingrates got any hope of returning to their Golden Age where they were invulnerable, infallible, intelligent and inspiring? Yes? No?

Why not?

What? Look at their people as well? Ok, why don’t we let the picture do the talking:-

Ok, ok, cukup ….. I want my Mo Far Kor!

Anyway, what’s with the Barisan Nasional nowadays? What has Pak Lah done to these Wakil Rakyats and Pemimpins and Pembela Bangsas and Perwira Negaras? Why are they all so weak and clueless now? Yes, I know a fish rots from the head, but this is ridiculous. The Alpha Fish must have contaminated the entire container load, all of it, the bawal, selar, buntal, pari, tongkol, keli, lampan jawa and a sotong or two. Semua rosak. Bau busuk; jual tak laku. Kena buang jauh-jauh dalam laut.

The rot in Barisan triggered a socio-political fission chain-reaction of epic proportions and this culminated in the tsunami of PRU12, where the Barisan ikan busuks were swept away and buried by the debris of competing political forces. And from the ashes of this devastation rose a three-headed political beast known today as the Pakatan Rakyat.

Now you see? The Barisan created the Pakatan. Yes, if not for BN’s utter incompetence and the incorrigible and unelectable nature of many of its leaders and candidates, the Pakatan phenomenon would not have arisen. BN laid the groundwork for the spawning and propagation of this Pakatan freakshow.

Yeah, what’s up with the Pakatan?

You see, instead of using the people’s mandate in five states and a big chunk of the federal parliament for the betterment of the rakyat, Pakatan’s motley crew of oddballs and sleazoids and plain freakish lunatics went way off tangent and rewrote the playbook on nation-wrecking. Yup, when was the last time the DAP hate-mongers and their pathetic PAS and PKR stooges have said or done anything of substance about the economy, nation building, enhancing competitiveness, national cohesion, patriotism? Apart from their barrage of cheapshots, juvenile hecklings and seditious rhetoric, what have they done both in and out of parliament?

Look at these parties. DAP is courting self-destruction with its incessant provocations of the Malay Muslim majority; PKR, a platform for one man’s maniacal obsession to be the Prime Minister, is slowly imploding as we speak; and PAS has abandoned much of its Islamic rhetoric to remain bedfellows with the other two in a grotesque exhibition of hypocrisy -- that its hate for UMNO is more than its love for Islam and the Malays. The party’s stand on the fundamental tenets of Islam and the status and welfare of the Malays are sacrificed and obliterated from the party’s struggle just to appease their rabid, anti-Malay, anti-Islamist allies in DAP and PKR. Yes, what has gotten into the PAS people? These people hate UMNO so much that they don’t mind if their Bangsa dan Agama, not to mention their Raja-Raja Melayu are dragged through the mud and compromised and insulted by their fellow UMNO/BN haters, the chauvinist hoodlums of DAP and their PKR stooges.

Come to think of it, only the lone figure of Tan Seng Giaw exhibited a semblance of dignity and relevance to nation building among the Pakatan people. Maybe its due to his refined Kelantanese roots, a world away from the wretched tin-mining and rubber estate coolie mindset of his party compatriots on the West Coast, where their “struggle” is driven by a pervasive, pathological hatred against the Malays and the Malay essence of this nation.

Yes, I know, Pakatan will blame their ineffectiveness on the proverbial UMNO/BN bogeymen haunting their every move. But hey, this is politics lah! It’s a never ending game of power and influence over the ever-shifting mindset of the populace. If one cannot stand the heat, get the hell out and do something else lah. Fong Kui Lin sure look the part and would do well in the Bak Kut Teh business and Chong Eng will look very much at home in Pasar Borong Selayang. And I bet M. Kulasegaran can whip up a terrific pot of parapu to go with "Professor" P. Ramasamy’s parata in their future Roket Tumbang Curry House in Prai. And I’ll hire N. Gobalakrishnan in a heartbeat to be the Chief Hutang Collector for KijangMas’ now distressed loans to family and friends. As for my buddy and fellow Mo Far Kor junkie, Gwo Burne, he'll be better off running a Kedai Gambar for like-minded voyeurs.

Ok, what triggered this mayhem post PRU12?

Many factors.

Suffice to say that the pandemonium was fueled by the intoxicating first taste of power by the perpetual underdogs who suddenly rode the crest of the political tsunami induced by instigators leveraging on the rakyat’s total abhorrence of Pak Lah’s weak, uninspired and incompetent rule. But the single biggest divisive factor was the silly moves by Anwar Ibrahim in his obsessive quest to be the Perdana Menteri at all cost.

What is wrong with Brother Anwar anyway? Why this wholesale sellout of his Malay Muslim credentials just to scrape some support from the lunatic, extremist fringe of our society? And to add some comic relief to this sad picture, these anti-Malay lunatics actually think they are the “mainstream” -- oblivious to the reality of Malaysiana beyond their comfortable suburban habitats. These anti-Malays, inspired by the paranoiac fantasies of malignant narcissist Haris Ibrahim and his zealotrous disciples, now have the audacity to proclaim themselves as the Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Yeah, the Anak Bangsa Malaysia who will fight on the streets to uphold Kwangtung and Tamil Nadu lingua-cultural traits via the menace of the SRJK(C)s and SRJK(T)s and who themselves cannot and will not speak Bahasa Malaysia, let alone partake in or understand the Adat and Budaya of the necessary Orang Melayu backbone that would validate this Anak Bangsa Malaysia in the first place. I pray for these confused, pathetic souls.

So off goes Brother Anwar to join the noisy demos of the Hindraf racist buffoons; marching arm-in-arm with the Dong Jiao Zong subversives; and to instigate and irritate and concoct crisis after crisis after crisis by bringing to disrepute every single institution of Malaysian nationhood, including the democratic process and the position of our Raja-Raja Melayu. Yup, the gullible political novices among the suddenly-empowered non-Malay populace actually bought Brother Anwar’s deceptions – hook, line and sinker … and a kitchen sink or two. Veteran Anwaristas and Reformasi old hands chuckled at their teh tarik haunts as these RPK Junkies and Haris Zealots wasted tons of candles (and stupidly spewed CO2 to add to Global Warming) in their revelry over the sweet-sounding political fantasies wafting from the puckered lips of Brother Anwar. This opportunist charlatan led the non-Bahasa Malaysia speaking self-proclaimed Anak Bangsa Malaysia on their shuffle up the Yellow Brick Road to an UMNO-less Malaysian political utopia that was to emerge on 916. It was indeed a Mo Far Kor Moment to cherish, a kind of Malaysian Woodstock, an aberrative lovefest of rejoicing, hugging, burning of more CO2-spewing candles ……… podaaah!

Mana ada? Lu ingat “Malaysian Politics” is a Cartoon Network production ka? Living life in the make believe?

Anyway, 916 came and went.

Then another date.

Then another date.

Then another date.

Then ano ........ zzzzzzzzzz

Yup, even my Sang Harimau fell asleep .........

The nation was in suspended animation as Anwar plays out his drama to the detriment of 28 million people. Expect more theatrics from Brother Anwar, a man I used to support and admire but now reduced to a political scavenger eating out of the paws of DAP, Hindraf, Dong Jiao Gong and like-minded subversive, cancerous fringe of Mainstream Malaysiana.

Now, talking about Brother Anwar's lompat parti shenadigans, how can we forget the kejar-kejar to Taiwan comedy. Come on lah, if the political fate of our country was really dependent on the persuasive powers of Tian Chua and Elizabeth Wong plus Saifuddin Nasution, then that will mark the end of Malaysian Civilization as we know it! I laughed then and I laugh even louder now. Who in their right frame of mind would believe that 41 well-fed Barisan MPs would fall for the Tian Chua-Eli Wong seduction opera? Don’t look at me but the people who got seduced in Taipei was definitely NOT the BN vacationers!

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Many folks have asked for my thoughts on the Perak Fiasco.
Much has already been said and KijangMas is not keen to add to the pile. Suffice to say that this impasse is not going to be solved easily as long as the main actors relentlessly push the limits of the constitution at state and federal levels into the realms of terra incoqnita. But perhaps this is just what we all need. Test the robustness of our constitution that had gathered dust for over a half century. Get it out in the open. Let the rakyat see what desperate men and women are capable of doing -- on BOTH sides of the political divide. Oh, as in other terra incoqnita situations, don’t complain if surprises sprang from the dark abyss of the Neverland.

What about the Rakyat?

The rakyat, of course, will have a say as long as we subscribe to the ideals of democracy. Perakians must ultimately decide whether they want stability, where everyone can cari makan peacefully within our age old unwritten social norms OR anarchy, where every single institution of governance, from the political process to the civil service to law enforcement to the judiciary all the way to the Sultan himself are brought into disrepute.

Who gains and loses from all these? Nobody gains. Everyone has already lost.

Lessons learned?

Too many to expound here. Suffice to say that the Nizar Jamaluddin administration controlled by the NgehNga puppeteers was untenable due to its prickly, divisive agenda and marginalisation of the Malays, which form a 54% majority in the state.

From Day 1, the DAP-controlled Pakatan government acted like a one-term administration, grabbing whatever it could for its core constituents before its Cinderella clock struck midnight in PRU13. It so happened that UMNO/BN used the same lompat parti tactic touted by Anwar Ibrahim to hit back decisively, took the old clock and threw in another clock that struck midnight immediately, not in 3-4 years. Those shiny new Camrys morphed into pumpkins and it was game over long before the Pakatan gang had their bizarre make-believe State Assembly sitting under the shade tree.

Nizar and his Ngeh-Nga puppeteers forgot that Perak Darul Ridzuan is a Negeri Melayu di bawah Raja Melayu Berdaulat, a sovereign Malay state that forms part of the Federation of Malaysia. The Sultan is supreme. Oh, please lah don’t lecture me on your Ketuanan Rakyat fantasy. In the Malay socio-political realm, the Raja and the Rakyat are one and the same. To think that a PAS boneka controlled by the DAP dalangs could wedge himself between this unitary concept of “Kerajaan” is absurd. Listen you treasonous subversives, if your Raja has no confidence in your gang, for whatever reason, then too bad. You go. You git.

Say out loud the word “Kerajaan.” What’s the root word? Yes, “Raja.” What does this conjure? Yes, the Perak government is “of the Raja” (Ke-Raja-An) in a Kesultanan, the royal administration of a Kingdom. Who’s at the apex of this Kerajaan of the Kesultanan? Nizar? NgehNga? DAP? PAS? UMNO? PKR? Sivakumar?

It’s the Sultan, of course.

What happens when the Sultan has no more confidence (as promulgated in specific constitutional provisions) in a person to lead his Rakyat as the Menteri Besar of his Kingdom?

The out-of-favour person needs to take a hike. And don’t look back. Habis. Tamat kisah. That’s the way in any Negeri Melayu Beraja Berdaulat throughout the ages. And in recent times, Trengganu's Idris Jusoh and Perlis' Shahidan Kassim were purged once they were rejected by their respective Sultans. And they left with dignity and honour intact in accordance with our nation's ingrained Adat and Tatatertib Melayu. And the rakyat rejoice under the new Memandas chosen by these Rajas as everyone go back to their daily affairs.

But Perak?

Why must this state be different?

If anything, the Perak case is even more clearcut. Nizar lost support of the majority of the assemblymen. The Sultan used his constitutional prerogative to ask the leader of the new majority group to form a new keRajaan for the keSultanan in a constitutionally prescribed method his majesty thinks is best for his rakyat.

Game over for Nizar and we all go back to our lives.

But no. Nizar plays by different rules set by his DAP puppeteers, bereft of all the intrinsic Adat, Budaya and Tatatertib of the Orang Melayu essence of this Kesultanan Melayu. Under the telunjuk of this NgehNga of Tongkang Mali stock, Nizar chose to inkar the Sultan's perintah and then exhibited a disgusting pantomime of penderhakaan never before seen in a modern-day Malay Sultanate.

And hence we end up in this scrapheap.

Oh sure, these DAP anti-Melayus don’t mind the current derhaka circus. They don’t have even an iota of attachment or pride or respect of the Raja of the very Melayus they have dedicated their lives to oppose. That’s the no brainer part. But for Nizar’s PAS zealots to riot on the streets on behalf of the very anti-Melayus and anti-Muslims that are sworn to obliterate them boggles my mind.

As if all these bedlam are not enough, along came this swarthy V. Sivakumar fellow from Tronoh who threw in another spanner in the wheels of this runaway political trainwreck. This Wild-Eyed Aney could hardly articulate the specific provisions of the Perak constitution to reporters in his lintang pukang rendition of the English language. I’m sure he would have been able to express his points better in Bahasa Malaysia but the prevailing derhaka flavour of Pakatan’s persona, where all symbols of nationhood, including the Raja-Raja Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia must be contemptiously rejected, preempted that option. Yup, these are the very people Haris and his lunatics want to call the Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Incredible.

So what next for Perak?

Well, this is politics, a power game not for the faint hearted or emotional. Who knows what next is possible? Perhaps it boils down to the mantra of the stronger group wins, by hook or by crook.

Of course, ultimately "power" will need to be endorsed by the governed, Tuanku's rakyat, as well. So what is the rakyat's say in all this?

In PRU12, 871,736 Perakians went to the polls. 400,682 (46%) voted BN and 443,354 (51%) voted what became PR while the rest voted for independents or cast spoiled ballots.

Would this figure remain if snap elections were to be held today?

No. I repeat No.

Many non-Malays may remain in the Pakatan bucket after tasting the delights of "power." But many others have had their livelihoods destroyed by the incessant politicking coupled by the economic downturn, with no federal funds in sight when Perak was under Pakatan rule. The Chinese are, of course, practical people and, apart from an incorrigible racist hard core, many others would vote by their stomachs and wallets.

The Malay majority? How many will recast their ballots for PAS and PKR after seeing the policy decisions of the PR government and of course the penderhakaan to the Sultan? Assuming 70-80% of the non-Malays vote Pakatan, how many percent shift in the Malay votes from Pakatan to Barisan do you need to alter the total votes by the 3-5% needed to change the rakyat's verdict?

Who knows for sure. But victory in a snap election is not a done deal for Pakatan as claimed by the NgehNga gang in their bouts of foolish bravado.

I personally would like to see a snap election. Let the Rakyat decide. Lets see the preference this time of the Rakyat from the Malay heartland of Kerian, Larut Matang and Hulu Perak, the life long UMNO supporters who voted PAS and PKR in their contempt of Pak Lah's uninspiring leadership without understanding the repercussions.

If NgehNga and their puppet Nizar think its going to be a walkover this time, they are in for a rude shock indeed.

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Now on Karpal Singh.

What else is there to say about this flagbearer of Malaysia’s failed social integration framework.

Sometimes I wonder why we take this senile dinosaur seriously. One day he berates Anwar, even beseeching the perpetual PM-in-Waiting to Bertaubat, to repent for all his political sins; and another day he provokes the other side; and the next day he accused UMNO Youth of sending him bullets, followed by his cussing in parliament.

Getting the SinghKing feeling ...?

This two-wheeled Emperor of Anarchy goes around threatening to sue a Sultan and menacingly utter “don’t push me” and “jangan cabar saya” and “jangan main-main dengan saya” to the whole world in an incessant series of foolish bravado. And when the inevitable happened – this time two bullets and a nasty note
who does he blame? UMNO of course. So what happened to the garangjangan cabar saya” rhetoric? Nothing of course. It’s just empty rhetoric, just like the rest of his political soul mates. Oh yeah, bila sudah kena acah, apa kata this self-proclaimed Singh is King? Dia kata: "This is a serious threat and I want the Inspector-General of Police to provide protection for me and my family.” Pigidahh. You think the police got nothing better to do ahh? Why protect you? For democracy? For social justice? For nation building? To honour a patriot? To encourage other instigators? Sudah banyak-banyak bikin kacau, cabar orang, kurang ajar sama Melayu, hina Raja ….. lepas tu mintak di lindungi oleh Polis Di-Raja Malaysia!


I wonder what does the spine-chilling “jangan main-main dengan saya” really mean? Yes, I’m curious because I take threats and counter-threats seriously. Does that mean this Singa can mobilise a bullock cart-load of Bhangra dancers (plus this act) to counter the noisy pendekars of UMNO Youth? See Karpal, again you are challenging people. You are baiting people. You want people to react to your rhetoric. What kind of parliamentarian is this? When was the last time Karpal spoke about the economy, about justice, about anything remotely progressive for the betterment of the rakyat? Its always saya, saya, saya, … “Jangan cabar saya”; “saya di ancam”; “jangan main-main dengan saya”; “saya mau perlindungan polis” … saya, saya, saya. Self-centered selfishness is the hallmark of this insult to democracy.

Oh, about the Celaka remark. Do we all really want to have a swearing competition? “Celaka” is nothing. You want the more definitive ones, the ones that would leave you frothing in the mouth with tail wagging between the wheels of your glorified wheelbarrow? Want to see my compendium of swear words for people like you? Want to hear a sampling of the rich lode of choice taunts and slurs that could be concocted in the context of a two-wheeled, foul mouthed arrogant closet Bhangra dancer?

Nahh, some people are just not worth it; let them live the last vestiges of their wretched life journey of hate, contempt and disdain amidst their own hell-on-earth cesspool of anger and fear.

Anyway, as if Dad’s antics were not enough, along came Gobind Singh Deo, the next-generation provocateur that will haunt us Malaysians for many years to come. This half-past six loyar had the audacity (… no, the utter stupidity) to suggest a directly-elected Prime Minister akin to the American, Indonesian or French system. Come on lah, we adopt the Westminster System lah Baii, where the Prime Minister is picked by the Head of State, the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, from among members of the Dewan Rakyat that his majesty feels has the support of the majority of the Dewan.

What kind of cheap stunt is this?

See people, instigation and more instigation.

Of course, assuming this Karpal junior is not as stupid as he looks (the jury’s still out on that), then he is just being mischievious, a back-door way to hina the institution of the Kebawah Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu by pushing for the preemption of the role of the Malay rulers (as Malaysia’s rotating Head of State) in the selection of the Perdana Menteri as promulgated in the constitution. Is this the type of parliamentarian we need? The ones who swore to uphold the constitution and undivided loyalty to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong?

One more thing about the Pakatan people that makes me sick -- they just cannot and will not take responsibility for anything. Every misdeed, every self-destructing action, every self-incriminating excess are thrown into the all-purpose industrial strength “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.” Every self-induced malady would be attributed to the elaborate, sophisticated political machinations of UMNO, the very people they dismissed as stupid, out-of-touch, lazy tongkat-dependent Malays on the verge of extinction on their own land.


- You send your personal vehicle for servicing on tax payers’ money and gets investigated by the MACC, what do you do? Blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.”

- You buy 46 cows on Selangor government-related company funds (yeah, I know, via a complex web of friendly partner and associated companies) and korban them for your parliamentary constituency not in Selangor but in KL, you get busted, and again you blame the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.” In the meantime, your stuttering and bumbling team of anti-Malay racist greenhorns, UMNO rejects and long-lost ulamaks is fast transforming the nation's industral powerhouse into a banana statelet before our very eyes. Just look at the state of neglect permeating this formerly Golden State, in places like Rawang, Kajang, Ampang: potholes got bigger; roadside lalangs uncut; streetlights gone dead; vandalism, neglect and pilferage galore; and state employees gone rogue. Where are the election promises? What happened to the governance and efficiency? The Selangor Rakyat has gotten sick of silly "corporate moves" over their tanah, air, longkang and elektrik piled on the debacle over lembu korbans and kandang babis.

- You committed bigamy, couldn’t take the heat and left town and your Bukit Selambau constituents in a lurch, and yet again your party blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah bucket.”

- You satiate your physiologic need with a purportedly married toyboy (and who knows who else) and have your tidur kangkang picture splashed in the blogosphere in an ugly lover’s spat, you cry wolf and .... yup, blame it on the all-purpose “UMNO/BN fitnah Bucket”!

Yes, UMNO/BN is somehow to blame in Eli Wong’s gory bedroom misadventure. You people have the audacity to smear others just to preserve your own skins, no matter the repercussions to the nation. THIS is what makes me sick. And Brother Anwar makes a political martyr out of Eli Wong. A martyr and a “victim.”


For Tuhan’s sake, do you know who the real victim is? Eli Wong? This elusive Hilmi Malek?


If this Hilmi fella is married as reported in the media, then the real victim is his wife lah stupid! Yes, Hilmi’s wife is the real victim here. Don’t you think that the hijab-clad PKR and PAS kakaks and makciks that huddled behind and listened to Eli Wong’s unabashed affirmation of her sexuality in her press conference should be comforting Hilmi's wife instead? Bizarre. If their husbands do the same thing to them, would they appreciate the wholehearted support given by political apparatchiks like them to the randy "other woman" ?


Gwo Burne, more Mo Far Kor please …..

I detest people who don’t take responsibility for their own misadventures. Politicians who incessantly blame others are NOT leadership material. And true to form, these Pakatan people has no semblance of governance in any of the five states, with near-anarchy in at least two. Forget the Negeris, Pakatan couldn’t even govern itself. And imagine our Negara di tadbir by these people?

But would the Barisan make any difference? Again, look at the motley crew of characters led (or rather un-led) by a clueless Pak Lah, the Prime Minister who had long ago lost the plot. What about Najib Razak? Can he exorcist the disastrous lemah, lembik, kaku persona of Pak Lah from the Prime Ministership? Does he has what it takes to reenergise UMNO and whip up the Barisan into a cohesive political force able to conclusively sweep the bumbling Pakatan from the corridors of power come PRU13? Yes? No? Or has he morphed into another Pak Lah, a distracted weakling further debilitated by the bizarre cast of infighting, unelectable long-written off characters hollowing-out UMNO and Barisan from within?

What can we the Rakyat do?

Should the rakyat allow these characters on both sides of the political divide to continue with their antics and lead us further into the socio-political and economic abyss?

Where did these characters come from anyway? What is their true agenda? What is their role in the overall picture of nation building and the institution of checks and balances in the Malaysian political process?
Where did our political system go wrong to allow such people access to our esteemed political institutions and political processes?

As of now, these collective insult to governance and leadership, not to mention ethics and morality, are leading their contingents of megalomaniacal misfits, opportunists, confidence tricksters and outright perverts in a nation-wrecking demolition derby of unprecedented proportions anywhere on earth.

Maybe when the dust settles, we may welcome some sort of assertive rule by a nationalist leader who will reset the trajectory of our nation. One thing is certain, this country cannot sustain this present state of chaos and semi-anarchy much longer.

Social implosion is not good for health and the pursuit of happiness.

What is the end game? You tell me. But the rakyat will bear the brunt of the cost -- the social and economic cost -- for many years to come.

Those in power must focus on administering the 13 states and the nation as mandated by the people and affirmed by the respective rulers and the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

We the Rakyat demand a stop to this bizarre politicking. The circus must end NOW.

Let’s go back to work and improve our livelihoods and communities in these challenging times.


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Anonymous said...

Cayalah Demi Negara!!!


Go to hell with all those anti Melayus celakas!

Dah pandai nak cabar, lepas tu kecut telurrrrr...


Kaplabanar singh

Anonymous said...


U mentioned Haris Ibrahim. how relevant. i used to follow his blog. but not anymore. ever since he published an article saying that ayah pin and his followers are peaceful people who became victims of the government. he also mentioned that the qadiani is a group of people with good intentions. what a cockamimmy. i lost my respect to him back then. i know the people in people parliament is monitoring your blog DM so i wish they can see this comment of mine. i do not understand why haris, a muslim is tolerating ayah pin and the qadiani sects. they are proletysing muslims to lose their faith about islam and believe is something else! ayah pin is a freaking lunatic for saying that he went to the sky and met Allah! what an idiot. a band of muslims believed him too! and this is the people haris ibrahim is protecting??? in the name of what? frreedom to profess any religion? haris ibrahim is too stupid to realise that as a muslim, it is BERDOSA BESAR to be syirik. and certainly the govt must not be part of this musyriks. what then? we can eat bak kut teh? you think haris ibrahim is worse? PAS is equally worse! how can the bersekongkol with haris ibrahim over this???? time and time again PAS supporters would glorify haris ibrahim. these type of people make me sick la DM!

sincerely yours, TANDUK EMAS

Anonymous said...

Politic is the most important segment in our lives. If we appoint the right leaders, we would prosper and be respected. Like the case of North Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Our children would be guaranteed a secure future. But if you turn your back on politic, don't blame the system that fails you. They ( the leaders) dare to fail you because you just don't care what they do to us including to use our hard earned money to enrich themselves and cronies.

What a lost!

Saya... said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you KM for writing this ...

your writing reflects what have been in my mind & soul since the CIRCUS comes to town ...

i wish and pray that the BN goons will learned their lesson and work hard to make Malaysia peace again ...

i wish that PR to be a good opposition ... the ones that help to check and balance the government ... not the one that are 'gila talak' and trying hard to topple the government ...

i pray that the corrupted BN & PR leaders will get their dues ...

i pray the BN 'cucuk hidung' yes man and PR 'taksubers' to reflect back on what they have done since GE 12 ... shame on you all ...

i pray that PR taksubers to stop perasan that they are representing the RAKYAT ... or majority ...

i pray that the RACIST, anti-malays to go to HELL ... opps no laaa ... hope that they will not be RACIST anymore ...

well, i pray alot .... let us pray together


Anonymous said...

Spot on Demi Negara.

Perhaps, this posting will atrract lots of proPakatan readers. For pro Pakatan Rakyat, if you sincerely do it for RAKYAT, respect what you have and what the other side have. Rule your states accordingly, not trying to grab some ass before PRU13.

For both Pakatan & Barisan, stop clowning around. Rakyat's future is in your hands. Do your job as Yang Berkhidmat (as taglined by some Pakatan leaders once). Respect Rakyat's choice.

Lead by example. When Obama won the US Presidential, Pakatan love to quote the USA Presidential Campaigns. But you all forgot one thing..McCain respect people choice. He kept quite and let Obama do his job. However, pakatan on the other hand doing the other way...

Please..stop politicking and do your job for Rakyat, not for your power..if you serve rakyat well, rakyat will put more trust in you..pakai akal la weh

Anonymous said...

Bulls Eye!! Demi Negara..
You should start articles for news papers.
I am totally fed-up of these self-proclaimed Rakyat bearers, The pakatan goons, over and over keep publishing misleading claims of having malay support. And the malays are changing.
I have been a rabid PAS supporter all my life, always hating UMNO, but after march 8, I feel utterly disgraced as to what PAS has been reduced to, Its shames me and pains me.
I still hope, if they have some dignity please cut the chord with the pakatan and enter some unity govt with BN.
If MCA making noise.. Hell with it.. They can get lost if they want, what have they given anyway, they did not even bring in any votes.. they can just exit BN and end their political careers, cos DAP has taken all they can have.

Anonymous said...

you sincerely believe ppl like Haris Ibrahim can even be called Muslim. They are those beer guzzlers, shirk perforing, who in reality dun give 2 sens about islam, start up a blog claiming to be real muslims and start influencing masses..
cos if ppl (muslims) truly know what they really are in reality, no bugger is goin to giv 2 shits abt what crap he writes..

Anonymous said...

You UMNO started this shit a long time ago in 1969 now we intend to end it for you.

HeroTamil said...

Wah la brader...

Caya lu.....
i have never trusted these "Barisan Alternatif" or what so ever they call themselves now.

And i hate what Abdullah did to us too.

So what did i do, during the last G.E??

Di telan mati emak. di luah mati bapak?? .... muahahahaha....
Yang gatal masukkan dalam mulut pasal apa??

So i just do choose not to give them my vote. Gua purposely kasi rosak my undi.

Yep.... 1 of those more then 300,000 votes yg rosak.

But also to no avail lah... they dont understand why after the 12th G.E ... masih banyak undi rosak.

Apa?? Ingat susah sgt mahu undi ka?? Apa?? Org Malaysia tara pigi sekolah ka??
Mahu pangkah pun susah ka??

Like i say lah... dia orang tak mahu fikir kenapa 300,000 undi rosak. These VITAL undi that WIN/LOST the states.

Isshh... Haiya!!
I think Era Abdullah nie...
Otak, most of the POLITICIAN ikut tidur sama Abdullah lah!!

Anonymous said...

to hell with malays! Islam comes first.. the rest are second.

Anonymous said...


Ur such a crap! Eh no lah. I agree wit u. Saja je nak bg penyokong fuckatan rakyat naik semangat sket!
Harris Abraham is such a pain IN HIS OWN ASS! Perasan nak jadik law minister plak tu kalau anwar autar jadik PM nanti.
Kalau agenda lu cuma nak mansuh ISA supaya ayah pin tercinta boleh naik teko pi langit baik takyah. U & your ayah pin can kiss my ass.
There, that's how much I respect u.
As for anwar autar abraham, u & ur brother zaid abraham can go to hell too. Zaid is so pompous he let a whole village search for him a more
comfortable chair for an hour! Stupid zaid.
Lim kit siang and karpal singh are a couple of Malay haters. They hate the monarchy too. Toksah la nak menipu. Mcm ni punya org yg nak hapuskan institusi diraja pun
korang semua nak sokong ker?
Fuckatan rakyat can die in theirown crap.
I wish they impose darurat on Perak. Baru padan muka depa. Mengarut sgt tak nak dgr ckp raja, nah amik ko! Biar askar melayu ni semua belasah aje racist racist
yg benci melayu. Apa? Sultan bodoh? Apa? Nak kena belasah dengan buntut senapang askar? Penakut semua penyokong fuckatan rakyat ni. Ni askar melayu belum keluar lagi ni.
Kalau anti melayu haprak ni bersuara kurang ajar lagi, kita kurung dalam jel je bg taubat.

Apa? Zionist? Apartheid? Korang mmg tak kenal budi. Tunggu la kalau ada darurat nanti. I'll teach u what
Zionism and Apartheid reaaly mean.

'Wo jiao lu peduli apa'

satD said...

Salam Bro KijangMas

for something that was born out of the weaknesses of BN..will it remain relevant if BN becomes stronger and eradicate the rot from within? What tunes will they be singing then?

So far this kawin mutaah between PAS, PKR and DAP have shown to us what they are made of...the so called principles are nothing more than rhetoric with no clear execution strategies.

BTW did politics originate from Hell?

Cause most of the current practitioners seems to be perfect candidate with advance booking for a one way ticket express service straight to hell

Anonymous said...


What we have now is largely due to weak leadership. Weak leadership stems from money politics and corruption. Corruption is the root of so many evils in our society.
Those wanting to remain in power buy votes and appoint the corrupt ones to positions of importance. The net result is corruption all round.

We must speak up more to get those in power produce the political will to combat corruption and those in authority start prosecuting the corrupt big guns and the money politicking politicians. The old ACA had the power to prosecute but often left it to the AG. The new MACC should have the power to prosecute but still refers to the AG. The 46 cows have resulted in politicians digging each other's dung. So much time is spent on these kinds of shit that little is left for proper thinking and administring. Even resolving the issue of the naked cow had to wait for an audience with the Sultan.

In the absence of instructions from the political masters, bureaucrats are reluctant to take action because they are not sure whether it might displease the masters. Especially when the UMNO group had harassed the MACC. However, one positive aspect is the increasing role of the Sultans in the system of check and balance that has now become more necessary than ever.

It has now become clear that PR gained strength from PRU 12 because of public disgust at BN. The so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" supporters and chauvinists have become emboldened in their stand on Bahasa Malaysia, Malay rights and NEP. Some even made a mockery of the Prime Minister's Hari Raya do. They even showed extreme disrespect for the Sultan in Ipoh recently. These will continue for so long as the government is weak. It does not augur well for peace and racial harmony in the country.

Will a strong leadership emerge? Will Najib be a strong leader? So much has been said about his exploits with women. He has even been alleged to have been involved with the Mongolian Altantuya and his wife with the murder. There have been accusations of money making from defence purchases. If true, these cannot be signs of strong leadership. UMNO is said to be corrupt to the core. Even the ordinary delegates have been asking money for votes. Najib got so many nominations from the divisions. Was he so popular as to rule out vote buying? For so long as money politics rule, strong leadership can hardly emerge. Without a strong leader, no political will to rid corruption can emerge. We the people need to speak up more against corruption and money politics so that a strong leader with the political will to do it can appear.

Best wishes.

Mat Cendana said...

STATUS: Mat Cendana the scientist is doing an experiment with the entry below at digg. (Fuh! Jadi macam Facebook pulak)

There's the "digg it" button to increase the number of diggs. There's also the "Bury" button to suppress it... something like what MalaysiaToday has.

"What's the purpose of this experiment?" Answer: TOP SECRET RESEARCH

Malaysia: KijangMas - To Hell With Politics !

KijangMas of the DemiNegara blog - the patriot and nationalist feared and reviled by closet anti-Malays and anti-Muslims as "extremist", "racist". He was responsible for exposing the deceit undertaken by the closet racists since March 2008 to undermine the country.and had single-handedly taken them on. However,there are dedicated supporters now.

Mat Cendana said...

THANK YOU for writing this post, KijangMas. To me, it's an event when I see the RSS announcing a new post at Demi Negara, for based on previous records, the posts here have always helped to enlighten me on new insights. Or "old insights" seen from a different angle and perspective.

The "Benci nak mampuh Kijaemah" zombies are gonna hate this; their curled lips and "dah la sedia tak handsome" faces scowling and glowering - so angry with this KijangMas for revealing the deceit in their hearts...

... remembering how their prized fighters were sent to thrash this "hollow, empty and nothing blogger"; and the horror and humiliation of seeing them return with tails behind their legs. And missing limbs.

Remember those seemingly `elegant fencers' debaters?...loudly insisting`Touche!' `Touche!' with their `perasan' sharpness on KijangMas. And hearing that whistling sound for a split second before an arrow passes clean through.

And seeing the comments here in rage and fury...but trying so very hard to fake a "hey, I'm cool... nothing-lah this KijangMas; just an anonymous blogger, a paid Umno mercenary."

I've not read everything here slowly and thoroughly yet - just a first scanning. But even then I could immediately see and understand how you interpret events and people.

There are a few things here that I don't quite agree with. But that's not too important - the main thing here is that you are blessed with this ability to deliver things so sharply and accurately, and with variety. This is some arsenal you have here: sometimes it's like you using a handgun and delivering a few crisp shots at close range.

Then there are the "pump-gun moments" - like that scene in "Terminator" where Reese blows the cyborg through the glass display.

Yeah, I know what the slimy Demi Negara haters are thinking on reading the post and comments here...

"People like this Mat bab*, satD anj*ng all giving support, praising the KijangMas bast*#d. Things not like this before the anj*%g started his blog... Can write say things about Melayu bab* and hide behind Bangsa Malaysia; nobody challenge us. But this KijangMas cela#a go and expose everything, they got leader;.. now so many, these tough Melayu bab*".

Yes, can't blame you deceitful snakes for this sheer hatred of KijangMas. And FEAR too! HAHA!... just like the bogeyman - some can't even read beyond a paragraph! KijangMas, your Nightmare on Raintree Dewan Pass Motion Street

"The Demi Negara Way" is the real Bangsa Malaysia... the one that is honest, sincere, with mutual respect, cooperation and genuine acceptance of the races and religions.

Just dump your fake and deceitful charade and pretensions - only the t-shirt is real. Come join and fight with the real deal, friends - The Demi Negara Bangsa Malaysia

- Mat Cendana: Knight of the Demi Negara Order

Saya... said...

The only one who can attempt to stop all this nonsense is the King.

If his only major worry is about the next endurance race, then it could probably be his last.

Because there won't be nation to rule over in less than five years if this fiasco and game of political one-uppance continues.


Banana ringgit cannot buy good Arabian endurance horses.

Only bananas. Or maybe carrots. But no more horses to feed the carrots to.

We could soon see a Romania-type revolution and the end of the BN-Pakatan rotten apples. Maybe a carnival type-thingy for the masses and instead of shooting ducks,they can have some live target practice.

Bila rakyat dah tertekan dan terlalu muak, nahaslah. (Of course I'm not suggesting such, but history has shown time and again).

Pemimpin Umno/BN ni, bukan nak berubah sincerely after the loss, far from that, they have dug their own graves (and the nation's) in preparation for the next PRU. (of course Anwar tu pun single handedly contributed to 50 percent of the destruction efforts sebab gian nak mampus)

They are too blind to the realities of the suffering of the common man/woman, because they are already obscenely rich, benefitting from their positions.

I was disheartened to read how callously they pushed aside the suggestion of temporary benefits for the now unemployed, saying that conditions are now too prohibitive, ie: "pandai2 la korang idup, kita org dah ade at least 100 million each, pedulik apa anak bini korang tak makan".

Shouldn't they have planned a proper social security net masa we were flush with cash from the oil price commodities boom? Tak belajar langsung ke daripada history ie: prophet Yusuf's rule?

At such an extremely disastrous period in current history for the whole world, Malaysia's leaders/pemimpin (if we can call them that) are totally without a game plan fro the nation.

Orang buta pun boleh nampak.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

KM, about time u start this new posting too. The rakyat r getting restless for a fix!

Hey TANDUK EMAS, u sure or not Harris PeePee (PP) & gang r monitoring my buddy KM’s blog kah? If u r right, I’ll like to send my cheerios to all them ‘we r the children of the revolution’ fiends especially to Helen, Farida, EWO; ‘Ni Hao ma’, Apa khabar’, ‘Wannacum’, oso not to forget a ‘G’day’ mate to the wannabe skippy wanker Shar010.

Tigress, too early in the morning for orgasm lah. Make me feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

satD, lu tak tau itu semua gangsta ‘Hell’s Angel’ kah….hehehe…

Have a good weekend everyone.

Unker Yew
P/S- KM, LOL on ur nauseating smiley; so cute!

Mat Cendana said...

This comment is of special significance:
Monroe March 5, 2009 6:33 AM

"I have been a rabid PAS supporter all my life, always hating UMNO, but after march 8, I feel utterly disgraced as to what PAS has been reduced to, Its shames me and pains me."

Yes, I know the Pakatan people who are monitoring this blog silently (and with a lot of `geram', tapi penakut nak mampus; sebab tahu TENTU akan kena sembelih) - especially the PAS sympathisers - would dismiss this comment as "nak psycho... Ni orang Umno yang pura-pura".

HE'S GENUINE... And you'll see this too if you take off those blinkers and the Anwar Ibrahim-issued rose-tinted glasses of "Everything is A-Okay!".

Just change the "Monroe" name to "Mat Cendana"; and the date... I see MYSELF there; never seriously thought "there would be others too".

The difference is that mine was around October... the `bad influence' of Sakmongkol AK47, KijangMas, Jebat Must Die, Shamsul Yunos...

And I am from the 1983 generation; like Napoleon's "Old Guards". Or Iran's "Revolutionary Guards". You can carve on the tombstone: "1983-Oct 2008". Julia was one too; so that's already three of us. "Who's Julia??" Eh, adalah...

Can't say that it's "Left PAS to join Umno" - it's more like "Joined Umno *too*". Or maybe it's more accurately "*Be* with Umno"... Bersama dengan Umno.

Why? Because of the deceit, manipulation, pretentiousness, dishonesty, insincerity, hollowness of many Pakatan leaders and supporters.

BTW would anyone like to hear me curse? Okay, just mention and espouse something about "the ideals of Bangsa Malaysia that we in PR are striving hard for"... BUT*H!

Generally, PAS' leaders and supporters are the best of the lot, of all. My fantasy is - PAS takes over Umno, put the PAS people as the division chiefs and in the Umno Supreme Council. Now this will be a rock solid "new Umno" that's the best deal for Malaysia! And Husam Musa as Deputy Prime Minister... Kelantan Chinese, Thais are Bumiputera, as a start...

But back to reality: PAS... why are you so stupid with this losing relationship? Is getting the post of Menteri Besar and a few exco seats outside Kelantan that very important? PAS ni dah jadi gila glamour ke?

Saya... said...

(mujhe ap bhot pesande desi munde bhangra nachde! bhot acha he! oho video link tusi rekhiya engrassen budhia nachde nei thik he!)

Tembeleng said...

Guapun dok tunggu jugak. Masa kempen dulu kan depa kata depa ni alternatif. Penyokong depa banyak orang profesional. Pemimping depa semua -- melainkan posmen dan jurugambar sorang dua -- pun berpelajaran belaka.

Jadi gua ingat pehhhh, lepas pilihanraya tu tentulah Selangor, Perak dan Pulau Pinang tu akan naik sama taraf dengan Singapora cara pentadbirannya. Tak de pun? Ide-ide dan program-program yang keluar setakat ni semuanya yang bekas kerajaan dulu punya. Mana dia alternatif?

Pastu mesti dia kata dia tak leh buat program baru sebab duit tak de. (Sebut bersama saya) UMNO LAH PUNYA PASAL!

Tapi pada gua lah, kalau duit tak de pun, takkan otak pun tak de sama? Takkan otak pun kena sabotaj dengan UMNO juga? Apa kelas punya intelektual macam tu, kalau dengan UMNO pun boleh kalah?

Walau duit tak de nak buat projek pun, mana idea untuk projek-projek yang patutnya setara dengan apa Singapora boleh buat tu? Tak de punnn?

Anonymous said...

Proven maa..Inilah politik orang PR dari "dulu, kini dan selamanya". Bila ada masalah terus tuding jari pada BN. Ha, ha, ha..thanks KijangMas for exposing the tips and tricks by the PR dalam menghadapi so called serangan dari BN.

Bila la orang PR nak belajar bertanggungjawab. Bila ada apa-apa kes "face it like a man" lah.. Khalid bila kena tuduhan rasuah bukannya nak bekerjasama dengan SPRM tapi kata former menteri besar lagi banyak tuduhan rasuah. Apasal nak divert attention pada former menteri besar? Zaman dia dah habis apa. Sekarang bila orang tuduh awak, bagi la kerjasama habis cerita (cerita Khalid ni boleh kita samakan dengan cerita kawan KijangMas si Robin tu, bila kena saman dan terpaksa bayar rasuah terus blame polis)

Kes Eli satu hal lagi. Dah gambar kena sebar kat internet lagi nak blame orang BN. Chua Soi Lek takde plak kata orang DAP atau orang PKR. Apasal orang PR tuduh orang BN buat camtu. Saya rasa photographernya mungkin si Loh kot. Orang BN mana ada videographer cum photographer jadi wakil rakyat. Yang ada cuma orang PR je. Yang sebarkan video Linggam tu kerja orang PR.

So kepada orang PR, belajarla untuk menerima kenyataan. Jangan asyik hentam orang lain je. Pada PAS pulak, baik la anda bertaubat sebab lepas anda kafirkan orang UMNO sebab berpakat dengan MIC dan MCA anda pulak mengkafirkan diri sendiri sebab berpakat dengan DAP. Apa hukum orang yang kafirkan orang lepas tu mengkafirkan diri sendiri plak.


Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoJo In The House said...

Congrats for the long writing review about Malaysian Politic Circus, great stuff! Sincerely I’m agreeing with you! I’m sick of it! All this gila kuasa, sidang bawah pokok,916 lah, celaka lah, hina sultan lah, nak buat system presidential election lah (padahal Negara Malaysia mengamalkan system demokrasi berparlimen)show how stupid this fella bg idea(mana law school dia p study dulu), camry xreti nak bagi blek and many more,jemu beb!
For me I’m believed that every good thing comes from god and most of the bad thing comes from us. We are the khalifah in the earth, but sometimes we spoil it with our own theory, ideology and propaganda, History never lies but people do always! Look what happen to the great ancient civilization, leader are spoil with power, pride and greedy, and this element had destroyed most of the greatest empire. Learn the history!!
Nowadays, some of us the taksub so call the leader that believes there are the voice of rakyat seem always blame to BN/UMNO. Some of them sengaja menuang petrol ke api, about racist, DEB,Bumiputera, Raja, Islam..why?? kenapa dangkal?why to make riot and anarchy?? Tiupkan api lagi.. You guys pro PR actually can behave as a good citizen not the joker in Batman movie,rite? Do you guys ever heard about Rwanda, or perhaps Sierra Leone. There they using the term of short hand and long hand, do you know what is mean? I’m too scared after knowing about it, is that what the reformist of the stupidity politic tries to ended in our beloved country? Please for god sake, don’t be so anger, emotional, hater, racist about what we have accomplish after all, don’t destroy our motherland because of some lunatic wannabe PM idea. We are the countrymen; we are the backbone of the country even pro PR or BN.
But sometimes I lepak kedai mamak, I’ll will heard the bijak pandai spoken about politics..Saying this and that, xbetul ini, dan itu, haram dan halal, akan jadi 13 mei, bloodbath, become hater in their speech,I’m so scared, because nobody will win in that kind of war.. menang jadi arang,kalah jadi abu. I know some of my bother feel anger about what happen rite now, very annoying, but for god sake please do not start any stupidity chaos act, just live your life..
My conclusion is, maybe Malaysian love politics rather than to improve their lifestyle. Wake up my brothers’, today we have a hard time in our economic, let’s united and holding hands together to lighten the burden… Because we are Malaysian!!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Thanks KM for promoting Mo Far Kor, the organiser of the coming General Assemble had given me a multimillion ringgit contract to supply them to each & every delegates & their W.A.Gs, on proviso I drive him to Sunset Blvd to see Divine Brown at Easter. Can I borrow ur pad at Santa Monica around this time?

Kamsiah manyak2

Unker Yew.
P/S – satD, u’ll be please to know; u can roll Mo Far Kor up for a joint. See info from KM’s miracle elixir. Must try some it tonight.

Anonymous said...

This all mess started by that old Shit head who was so stupid senile and will to stay bugging our malaysian lives. He has forgotten all the sin that he made, started with the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas.

Anonymous said...

''I wonder what does the spine-chilling “jangan main-main dengan saya” really mean? Yes, I’m curious because I take threats and counter-threats seriously. Does that mean this Singa can mobilise a bullock cart-load of Bhangra dancers (plus this act) to counter the noisy pendekars of UMNO Youth? ''

You kidding me? The Sikhs was brought into Malaya as soldiers, they took care of the communist, the Malays use to fear them like hell.. and thats not just in Malaya. Those guys who harassed Karpal was dickless bastards, whats the price for one rempit? RM5? RM10? I can just take out 5k and get 500 of them, Karpal can easily fork out 1 million, and that can't match up to the 20 dickless fucktards who was so low and cheap that they went after Karpal. And then, funny enough, when his son Gobind came down, this Malay guys started to move away..kenapa, takut? If you really have pemimpin berani mati yang boleh mengorbankan diri demi kedaulatan dan kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara, then why wasn't Hishammudin or that Mamak Khairy Jamaluddin there? Mana pemimpin berani Melayu? Why send 20 guys to go after a old OKU Singh? Why not KJ or Hisham call Karpal untuk ''masuk gelanggang'' satu-lawan-satu? Takde bola ke?

my 5 year old kid pun boleh bayar.

Hey Mr. Bigot,

Control your racism.

I hope you will take my comment like a real man and not delete it.

Anonymous said...

Puak Barisan, cuba renung dan duduk semeja!

Senaraikan dengan ikhlas semua mereka yang kaki RASUAH, yang terlanjur sampai dah jadi darah daging anak ke cicit…

Bawa ke Mekah, minta mereka bertaubat dan dengan ikhlas serah balik kekayaan dari Rasuah..

Bagi hadiah lumayan dan protection kepada mereka yang tampil hadapan dengan bukti.

Hebahkan muka BERUK semua nih. Khaskan satu Pulau pemulihan bantu sembuh penyakit hidup mereka. Nah! Ini baru akan kembalikan keyakinan kepada SEMUA RAKYAT.

Yang Apek/Aney/Bai/AhKow/AhMoy/Tambi/ yang kesetiaan kewargaan mereka mencurigakan, siasat asal usul mereka macam mana datang kat Tanah air ini. PLEASE PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS MATTER SERIOUSLY.

Guarantee ramai bukan dari generasi yang diberi Kewarganegaraan secara SAH . Biasanya puak ini lah yang tak ada arah tujuan hidup… TIDAK BERAKAR, kehidupan sana tak kena, puak sendiri disana tak terima, datang merempat kat sini as parasites and opportunists, these are the REAL instigators.. HALAU KELUAR!!

Kiranya asal usul datuk moyang bermoyang MOYANG jati asalnya dari Tanah ini, tak sanggup kita melihat apa yang sedang berlaku sekarang!!


Anonymous said...

"Don’t look at me but the people who got seduced in Taipei was definitely NOT the BN vacationers!"
Where got one, wanna get smashed or what?

Fakatan Gampa*g

Anonymous said...

looks like almost every single problem in this country is caused by either a slant eye apek or a wide eye aney..

if only they could adopt the finesses of kebudayaan melayu that KM is trying to preach..

Anonymous said...


Just as I figured. I’m a flabbergasted and confused man now. So if that is the main agenda and objective of these politicians they have suceeded with me. Before I lose all semblance of sanity allow me to please write down this puisi : Thank You

dulu basikal buruk
tersandar didada ku
rimnya reput berkarat
kerana sudah tidak berguna lagi kepada tuannya
maka dicampak kesitu

sampah sarap tin kosong
botol plastik
pernah berselerakan
memenuhi ruang perdu
rumput dilaman ku
jadi ragutan kambing dan lembu

dalam kedewasaan aku
berbagai karenah alam
telah ku alami
malah disuatu ketika
aku nyaris menjadi mangsa
kerakusan pembangunan
namun nyawa ku panjang

semalam di bawah lindungan kereduhan ku
sultan mana
raja mana
telah bersemayam
bersama memanda menterinya
membicara masalah negara

darjat dan pangkat ku kini dijulang
aku dibahasai sekarang
sebagai yang teramat mulia angsana di raja darul ridzwan ?

Anonymous said...

Buat apa di sini Tok-ki?
Tinjau medan perang KijangMas.
Long, harimau mati ...
Tinggalkan belang.

Manusia mati .....
Tingalkan nama.

PKR mati?
Tak bersisa.

Kenapa Long?
Tak-ki tak nampak ke?
Harimau Uncle Kijangmas tu.
Kekenyangan laaa...
Makan PKR bagi abis ... takda sisa langsung.
Iiiiya laa kau ni Long ....
Betul Tok-ki; Uncle kata itu harimau jadian.

Ini bangkai apa ni Tok-ki.
Kaki di kepala ... tangan di kepala .... perut dia pun di kepala.
Itu kutu laaa to Long.
Bukan Tok-ki ... ada misai ... rambut panjang ....
Hissshhh ... itu Haris Beraim.
Kenapa mati dia macam ni Tok-ki .... lebam mukanya.
Mati tak sempat ngucap laaa gamaknya.
Dia handal orangnya Tok-ki.
Mana Long tau?
Guru dia naik langit jumpaa tuhan.
Sapa tu Long?
Ayah Pin. .... Handal-handal pun kalah dengan Uncle KijangMas ... Apa ilmu Uncle pakai Tok-ki.
RPG kuasa nuklir aja.

Siapa SinghKing tu Tok-ki.
Kan tengah kena panggang tu ... lauk laaa.
Muka dia macam betik Cameron Highland aja ... kan baik buat basuh mulut.
Dia bukan buah. Buah dia dah ilang ... kena sergah budak-budak ... mana boleh buat basuh mulut.
Kalau gitu, macam mana nak tau pokok betik itu jantan atau betina?
Kau cerita apa ni Long?
Jawab laa dulu Tok-ki ....
Ok. ... Pokok betik jantan ... bunga panjang-panjang ... tak berbuah. Pokok betik betina berbuah.
Mana boleh Tok-ki, ..... yang jantan laa berbuah; yang betina tak.
Kau cerita betik atau apa Long?
Cerita SinghKing aje ... hilang buah kena sergah ...

KijangMas said...

Kaplabanar singh said:-
"Go to hell with all those anti Melayus celakas! Dah pandai nak cabar, lepas tu kecut telurrrrr..."

Biasalah. Cakap saja banyak.

Yang turun padang selalu nya ialah Melayu PAS/PKR lawan Melayu UMNO.

Si Zuriat Tongkang Mali ni mulut saja keras. Kena melaung kat muka pun dah lari report polis.

"i know the people in people parliament is monitoring your blog ..."

Good for them. I welcome this bizarre collection of lost souls and social misfits. Part of DN's goal is to rehab these pockets of subversives in our midst for them to become patriotic, law-abiding citizens who would be able to rectify their malignant BM linguistic disability and crippling cultural alienation and contribute to nation building and socio-economic progress.

"haris ibrahim is too stupid to realise that as a muslim, it is BERDOSA BESAR to be syirik."

I think it's already a lost cause with this character. Let him be. BUT it is OUR job to make sure this poor excuse for humanity do not corrupt and pesong the akidah of other Muslims. That's a wajib.

TANDUK EMAS also said:-
"you think haris ibrahim is worse? PAS is equally worse! how can the bersekongkol with haris ibrahim over this???? time and time again PAS supporters would glorify haris ibrahim. these type of people make me sick"

Well, Tanduk, what can I say?

The hatred many of these PAS people have over UMNO are more than their love for Islam and their own Malay race.

What a lost! said:-
"If we appoint the right leaders, we would prosper and be respected. Like the case of North Korea, Taiwan and Singapore."

I think you meant SOUTH Korea there. I cannot imagine you or anyone here want to live under Kim Jong Il.

Hmm, come to think of it, maybe Dear Leader would be able to accomodate a Perak Pakatan Government in Exile somewhere IN the 2km wide DMZ. Oh, Nizar and his NgehNga minders better keep an eye on the landmines though; otherwise,... kaboooom!

bleached_4ever said:-
"i pray that PR taksubers to stop perasan that they are representing the RAKYAT ... or majority ..."

Hallelujah. Let's pray hard.

But the only divine intervention that would be understood by these taksub cultists is a bolt of lighting ....... preferably up their fat asses.

bleached also said:-
"i pray that the RACIST, anti-malays to go to HELL ... opps no laaa ... hope that they will not be RACIST anymore ... well, i pray alot .... let us pray together"

Your prayers are answered as we speak. These racist anti-Malays are now living in their Hell on Earth, a wretched existence enveloped by hate, anger, fear and crippling paranoia of everything that creeps beyond the gates of their guarded enclaves. Take a good look at their glazed, beady eyes and you know what I mean.

Ondastreet said:-
"Pakatan love to quote the USA Presidential Campaigns. But you all forgot one thing..McCain respect people choice. He kept quite and let Obama do his job. However, pakatan on the other hand doing the other way..."

Yup, of course, the American political parties ooze class in defeat. Indeed, the losing candidate traditionally would rally support for the victor as both sides close ranks and work to address common issues for their communities and nation.

But here?

Just look at Brother Anwar's antics. The anti-Melayus and their Malay stooges egged him on, and this support emboldened this opportunist to concoct greater heights of fantasised glory, leading gullible anti-Malays towards their cherished Seri Perdana in the magic kingdom of Putrajaya.

These pembelots were cocksure of 916 and their arrogance was evident in their cyber-cesspool at that time. As Anwar faltered, the subversive websites (MT, PP, etc.) were cluttered by bizarre, desperate appeals ("DSAI, you better make sure 916 is a reality; I cannot stand any longer ...") by the fooled congregation.

Of course, these same people today cry foul and act like the spoiled brats that they are when the table is turned against them by UMNO/BN in Perak. Pathetic hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Salam KijangMas.

Oops did it again. This time you really knock them all...They get what they deserve from you..

Travelling in the Nusantara right now, I realise that non Malaysians are intrigued by fiasco after fiasco in Malaysia (or scandal after scandal). In fact, people on the street are laughing so hard at the predicament in Malaysia. They say that Malaysian politicians are childish in their manner. Well, what can one expect from the perps who are mostly old senior citizens, who are having their second childhood ....

Congratulations, you political imbeciles (from both spectrums), Malaysia is the laughing stock in the region already, it will go beyond for sure, thanks to you ALL!!

Am listening to 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' by Elton the same time I'm sipping a Diabolo Citron ...can't help but listening to the lyrics properly and thinking about the situation in Malaysia....sad, very sad ..


ps ....hello Long ...apa khabar Tok-ki?

Unknown said...

Feel like reading one of JRRR Tolkien's books. He he he. I've got nothing else to say. Erm... on second thought, perhaps... here here!

Saya... said...

Moh Far Kor bukan depa cakap tahi idung kering ka? Eeeewwww....urban legend which could be true meh...cheaper than herbs...apek must make money by cost cutting...kah kah...but on the other hand, too many noses to pick lah.

Anonymous said...

Kijang Mas,

Biar aku mencarut sekejap…..

Hello..hello..helllo.. wakeup lah people. Yes, we can blame the politician for the fiasco in this country but you the people are also to blame. Why worship those stupid politician, just follow eh buta tuli. If politician ask you to eat taik…you gladly put some chili sauce on the taik and eat it like puddings.

UMNO pun satu, makin bangang. What with this KJ guy campaigning for KP post and claiming to be the savior for UMNO and the Malays. For your information mr.KJ, your father in law started this fiasco with his attitude of I have my own way, his stupid way. And while he is busy being stupid and sleeping you mr.kj quietly siphoned all project and make tons of money with your cohorts. Your 4th level buddies with Oxbridge degree destroy the economy thinking that they are the cleverest people in Malaysia. You think your theory and thesis form your Ivy League universities are good enough to rule Malaysia eh... Hey those people in USA have better degree than you pun dah hancur….

Alahai Mr KJ you are part and source of the problem and now you claim you are also the savior…chicken and egg situation or berak dan makan situation ker. ..which one come first? You makan first then berak or you berak first then perut dah kosong baru you makan…or maybe you makan while you berak.

Ketelusan lah konon, transparency lah konon. The only transparent thing that I can see is Pea.Lah brain. A leader should do just that , lead..perintah, rule….but what did you do? Mmm ye lah..what did he actually do? me one thing…..oh yes dismantling ….everything . So if you need a contractor to dismantle your house, your car, your motorcycle (Italian one is easier to dismantle) your bridges, your railway line…better dial this toll free number 800-8OD0WI. If nobody answers, you can call his son in law. He is listed everywhere, but please don’t call them if you want to build anything ok, not even your reban ayam.

What about DAP? PKR? Or PAS?......these people are useless people. Do you seriously think we can change their mindset? Make them happy and they’ll be your friend? Give them freedom and they’ll shower you with love? You better bela anjing kurap lah…at least anjing kurap will be loyal to you and will jaga your house from would be thieves.

PAS Islamic value? Hudud? Lets practice hudud now….rejam sampai mati that Hilmi guy who slept with Elizabeth Wong. Sebat won’t be enough because he is a married man, only rejam will do justice. Yes lets do what Allah tells us to do, don’t be like UMNO secular masuk neraka. What about Eliza? Will she be sebated (because she’s still single) …of course not she’s not a Muslim. Then she’ll cry if her lover got stoned to death. Ahh…don’t worry , the PAS muslimah will console her by hugging her…and quietly whisper “ Eliza..dont worry la..I’ll introduce you to Mat Sabu..ok my dear”..

Nik Aziz? Alahai tok guru…..why don’t you reload your prepaid phone lah….everytime we ask you to call said takdak credit. Nevermind la I’ll reload for you but please promise to call Nizar as soon as possible, tell him jangan buat malu..very ridiculous la…lepak2 bawah pokok.

What about Anwar? His Air Anwar tagline was “Now Everyone Can Jump” but now he changed it to “Now Everyone Can Jump to me only”.

Maaf Kijangmas…..terbebel sekejap.

KijangMas said...

Monroe said:-
"I am totally fed-up of these self-proclaimed Rakyat bearers, The pakatan goons, over and over keep publishing misleading claims of having malay support. And the malays are changing ... I have been a rabid PAS supporter all my life, always hating UMNO, but after march 8, I feel utterly disgraced as to what PAS has been reduced to, Its shames me and pains me ... I still hope, if they have some dignity please cut the chord with the pakatan and enter some unity govt with BN."

Well, Monroe, a significant chunk of Malays DID support PAS and PKR in PRU12, mostly due to their absolute disgust with Pak Lah's leadership and UMNO's own arrogance. But these same Malays now bear the brunt of the repercussions as PAS and PKR are both subsumed and outmaneuvered by the subversive, anti-Malay, anti-Muslim DAP cadres, esp. in Selangor, Perak and Penang.

Based on my own wide-ranging discussions with many Malays thoughout the Pakatan-ruled states, the Malay tide is pronouncedly turning away from PAS and PKR. This would unravel the fragile three-headed Pakatan monster in the upcoming 3-4 yrs leading to PRU13.

Of course, a unity govt. involving PAS and UMNO/BN would spell the doom for Pakatan. PKR would likely be reduced to a freakish collection of angry outcasts of the Tian Chua-Class led by an obsessive compulsive PM wannabe as their now powerless opportunist Malay members (of the Perak lompat parti variety) would scuttle to UMNO/PAS faster than Karpal could say Celaka. The DAP bigots would revert back to their customary role as the tong kosongs of the state assemblies and federal parliament.

And then, maybe, just maybe, we could all go back to our lives in peace ........

vinnan said:-
"You UMNO started this shit a long time ago in 1969 now we intend to end it for you."

Ha ha ha ….. leng chai, you want to “end it for you” with WHAT?

CO2 spewing Candles? Bhangra dancers? Silly make-believe paper lions climbing rickety chairs to tangkap ang pows bergayut on ceilings (Haiya, menari pun mau kena sogok ka …)? A bunch of ham sap lo instigators who cannot even tahan a sucker punch from some faggot leng chai?

Mulut keras, body lembik. Typical pathetic low life. Kena penampar maut KijangMas baru tau. Baru tersedu-sedu nangis kat Ah Soh belakang kedai.

Anyway, vinnan, why only one line here ah? You seemed to be everywhere, peppering civil blogs with your crude anti-Malay instigations every hour of the day everyday. Those bloggers are too nice to rebut and you take advantage of their timidness.

Why don’t you spew those same sh!t here and see what happens. Let me and my compadrés ajar you kaw-kaw on good behaviour in the presence of your Tuan. Faham?

HeroTamil said:-
“i have never trusted these "Barisan Alternatif" or what so ever they call themselves now. And i hate what Abdullah did to us too. So what did i do, during the last G.E?? … So i just do choose not to give them my vote. Gua purposely kasi rosak my undi. Yep.... 1 of those more then 300,000 votes yg rosak.”

Yes MGR, the amount of Undi Rosak in PRU12 was abnormal, esp. at a time when the Rakyat is almost 100% literate and the task as simple as it gets. Cuma pangkah kotak kosong sebelah simbol saja.

These spoiled votes are protest votes by UMNO/BN voters – fed-up with Pak Lah’s government BUT not endearing to the PAS/PKR/DAP alternative as well. Some even told me that they couldn’t make up their minds right at the polling booth and ultimately cakar Mickey Mouse or P. Ramlee or some protest obscenities on their precious ballot paper before depositing it and walking away in disgust.

But come PRU13, these 300,000 “silent protestors” would have a better idea on who to vote, after enduring the travelling Pakatan circus making the rounds throughout our Tanah Air.

'Wo jiao lu peduli apa' said:-
“I wish they impose darurat on Perak. Baru padan muka depa. Mengarut sgt tak nak dgr ckp raja, nah amik ko! Biar askar melayu ni semua belasah aje racist racist
yg benci melayu. Apa? Sultan bodoh? Apa? Nak kena belasah dengan buntut senapang askar? Penakut semua penyokong fuckatan rakyat ni. Ni askar melayu belum keluar lagi ni. Kalau anti melayu haprak ni bersuara kurang ajar lagi, kita kurung dalam jel je bg taubat. Apa? Zionist? Apartheid? Korang mmg tak kenal budi. Tunggu la kalau ada darurat nanti. I'll teach u what Zionism and Apartheid reaaly mean.”

I understand your anger brother. These treasonous idiots throw jargons like “Apartheid” and “Nazism” without even a clue to what these terms conjure in reality. Maybe they should encounter it first hand …

Keangkuhan dan kebiadapan si puak penderhaka ni telah lama sampai ke tahap parah. Jangan lah kita terkejut jika angkatan bersenjata negara kita, yang telah bersumpah keramat untuk menjaga kedaulatan Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Raja-Raja Melayu dan kestabilan Negara, mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya demi memperbetulkan kembali lunas dan intipati Rukunegara yang kian di persenda, di hina dan persoal oleh makhluk-makhluk perosak ini.

KijangMas sokong sebarang kaedah yang di perkenankan oleh Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu untuk mengembalikan Tanah Air kita ke pangkuan rakyat patriotis sejati, berlandaskan kepada prinsip Rukunegara.

And I’ll be first in line of the Tentera Rakyat with my nifty new RPG ...

Ladyhawke said...

KM, you’re such a bad ass! I like!

And you brought up a very important point – the fact that PAS’ hatred for UMNO is more than its love for Islam and the Malays.

Padahal bukan kah lebih baik jika kasih sayang PAS sesama umat Islam dan bangsa Melayu mendahului kebencian PAS pada UMNO?

Or perhaps PAS’ lust for power precedes everything else?

What is their true intent?

What code do they live by? Me first, bangsa second, negara last? Oh wait, that may be Anwar Ibrahim’s code.

KM, you said “Well, this is politics, a power game not for the faint hearted or emotional.” You’re right.

But what do we see? A lot of the faint hearted and wildly emotional trying to play this power game. Tu la pasal Malaysian politics is now a basket case.

Nice choice of photos of the politicians. And the awfully cute snoozing shweet!

KM, you are so kelakar – Karpal Singh’s spine-chilling “jangan main-main dengan saya” ......wooooo...I’m shaking in ma boots! ..... Eli Wong’s gory bedroom misadventure and tidur kangkang .....! He he he hu hu ahak ahak! (Damn, it’s hard to convey laughter in writing...).

As always, I enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

KijangMas, pls book for me a copy of your upcoming "For Dummies" book.

It'll be great. I can just imagine the content. Ha ha ha.

BTW how much?

Anonymous said...

Mohamed from Bangi SAID:

Saya memang respek la artikel-artikel daripada tuan sorang ni.

Saya ingin mengucapkan LIANCIAU terutamanya kepada saudara BABI dan kuncu2nya yang macam saudara BABI jugak perangainya.

Saya tak pernah jadi ahli mana-mana parti politik tetapi disebabkan oleh saudara BABI aku dah daftar online jadi ahli UMNO.

Saya sudah menyampah dengan perangai puak BA ni. Dah tahap celaka namanya ni.

Berani buat berani tanggung.. Jangan ingat lu boleh selamat..

Lu pikir la sendiri BABI

Anonymous said...

Alahai KM,

Macam Vinnan tu tak yah layan sangat.

The first thing he will do is ca alif ba wau ta!!


Unknown said...

Dear Kijangmas

It could be my observation only but it seems like Malaysian politics was dull and boring when anwar was in jail.

The moment he was released, all hell broke loose ...

The weirdest so far was chin peng as a hero and the most bizarre was that Najib is supposedly a Hindu.

It seems like a long well-laid out political plot as an attempt at land capture - Negara Malaysia that is.

Tam Dalyell said...

New Gene said...
“This all mess started by that old Shit head who was so stupid senile and will to stay bugging our malaysian lives. He has forgotten all the sin that he made, started with the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas”

Wow New Gene, it either your observation is cock-eyed or that you are not too bright or that all Malaysians have cow shit for a brain to let one senile “old shit” to bug their lives. Methinks it’s you … that you are both cock-eyed and not too bright.

KijangMas’ community is of the opinion that all of the citizens of Malaysia are sane, intelligent, sober, mature, balanced and open minded except the penderhaka, anti-Malay, anti-Islam, and the chauvinist closeted communist found in DAP, PKR. PAS and Gerakan, especially you, yes you, the insignificant gnat living off the blood of a rabid vampire bats that make dark caves of Perak and Penang their habitat, who by fluke and an accident of nature found you way here.

You and all of your kind consider those who worked for and build Malaysia as the No 1 enemy, while at the same time you consider those who sow discords, those who tear the legal governance apart, those who make jokes of the country’s constitution, those who make fun of everything from ethnicity to royalties, all these anti-social anti-establishments poisonous elements you consider them heroes. Yes you even pressure the government to pay compensation to the communists who at one time massacred the innocent citizens of this country.

Yes you are none other than the descendants, the new gene of Chin Peng and gang who are forever lusting for sufferings, destruction and blood of others around you. The present sufferings and anomaly of Malaysia never happens. It start to bug Malaysian right after the birth of accursed PR … never never as you claimed.

Anonymous said...

Damn, so much too read,so little time. I've been gone a week and this is what happens. Judging from all this brouhaha, I can see that i've been missing out a lot.

Neways, as usual, brilliant post Tuan KM. I know you get tons of compliments but what the heck, another one from me wouldn't hurt.

Man I would love to see all those RPK fans out there reading these comments put up here. Their reaction would be priceless! My msg to these idiots-If you have been reading all these chilly comments above-hey no lah, we're not that cruel! You're still welcome to our houses during Hari Raya. By all means have our ketupat and rendang. Senapangs, keris and Askar Melayu aside, we Malays are actually very nice people. HOWEVER-pls keep in mind we tend have a short fuse when in comes to Islam, the Monarchy and the country in general. All the above statements are testament to this. I'm sure you lot know that the work "amok" derived from the malay word "mengamuk". And you know what happens when we run amok. Have a nice day!

Saya... said...


sedih betul la bace some of your commenters nih.

Balik2 dok tunjuk hero maki-memaki parti2 terbabit. Waving their puny, wilted "kerises" and sikh turbans and whatever it is the Chinamen wave. Can't they all try to close ranks once and for all and strive for the nation's future?

This is where the King should step in. He is the uniting symbol of the nation and the people. Buang negara je anasir2 yg tak habis2 merosakkan negara dari both sides. US ni dalam negara perosak dunia nombor satu pun, memang betul, time nak pull together for their own people, they close ranks. Sweden's opposition and ruling party masa banking crisis early 1990, pulled together:

The politics of Sweden’s crisis management were similarly tough-minded, though much quieter.

Soon after the plan was announced, the Swedish government found that international confidence returned more quickly than expected, easing pressure on its currency and bringing money back into the country. The center-left opposition, while wary that the government might yet let the banks off the hook, made its points about penalizing shareholders privately.

“The only thing that held back an avalanche was the hope that the system was holding,” said Leif Pagrotzky, a senior member of the opposition at the time. “In public we stuck together 100 percent, but we fought behind the scenes.”

Ini asyik nak menjatuhkan sesama sendiri, nak tunjuk sapa bos...kritikan membina pun tak nak ambil kira langsung. Like a group of spoilt children. Memang patut Tuanku order depa2 ni semua disula jer, then advise a new team under his discretionary powers. Susah2 pakai army je belakang Tuanku, enforce. Dah terlampau lama dah this never ending rot and infighting.

Yang seorang tu, asyik2 dok blame "senile old man", tak sedar2 yang masa Tun Mahathir la Malaysia maju. At least we had some semblance of dignity and prosperity. The weaknesses were there, the rot and patronage of the UMNO-style politics were there, but still, he brought a lot of good to the nation and he REALLY WORKED HARD unlike the Najib-Pak Lah types. Yang dok kutuk dia "senile" tu lah dok seronok berclubbing dan berlatteing when times were good.

Yang senile tu sebenarnya orang yang dah lupa apa jasa orang.

Tun wasn't perfect, but he LOVED the country and did his best.

Anonymous said...

Hello auntie Zaza, Long ni. Baru hantar tok-ki tinjau medan perang uncle KijangMas.
Tok-ki bersungut. Tapi senyum-senyum kambung. Semua abis hancur musnah kena bantai uncle. Takda sisa langsong.
Tok-ki kata uncle KM pakai ilmu. Semua makhluk celaka, perasan, pemabok dan sewel to tak kan berani datang lagi.
Sebenarnya Tik-ki pun penakut. Pegi perang konon .. waktu semua dah selesai. Dah tu bawa sudu da garpu pulak. Katanya untuk cungkil mata si badut yang tak mau mati .. kalau ada.

KijangMas said...

satD said:-
"for something that was born out of the weaknesses of BN..will it remain relevant if BN becomes stronger and eradicate the rot from within? What tunes will they be singing then?"

Salam Bro satD, this Pakatan circus is already irrelevant now even though BN is still grappling with its own multifaceted problems. That's why these subversives pursue their agenda to instigate and provoke the rakyat via communal politics and outright deception to keep their fire burning.

The direct fallout of this incessant politicking is the utter neglect and decay that are befalling the Pakatan-ruled states. As I've mentioned, there is a fundamental breakdown in governance and accountability at all levels of administration in these states, with civil servants tussling with the Pakatan politicians and their groupies in a daily battle of wit and tenacity -- all to the detriment of the tax-paying and rate-paying rakyat.

satD also added:-
"BTW did politics originate from Hell? Cause most of the current practitioners seems to be perfect candidate with advance booking for a one way ticket express service straight to hell."

Yup, brother, hell would be a very crowded place indeed.

Anyway, on the issue of politics, someone -- I couldn't quite remember whether it was an old rabbi or a self-professed TV evangelist -- told me this joke on one of my flights to nowhere some time ago:-

A little boy went to his dad and asked, "What is politics?"

The Dad thought for a while, and then said, "Well son, let me try to explain it like this. I'm the breadwinner of the family, so you could call me Capitalism. Now think about your mum - she's the administrator of the money, so we'll call her the Government. Now your mum and I, we're here to take care of your needs, so we'll consider you to be the People. The maid works very hard, so we'll call her the Working Class. And lastly, your baby brother - let's call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense!"

So the little boy went off to bed and spent all evening thinking about what his dad had told him.

Later that night, the boy heard his baby brother crying, so he got up to check on him. He found that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. So the little boy went into his parents' room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he went instead to the maid's room. Finding the door locked, he looked through the keyhole and to his surprise saw his father in bed with the maid. He gave up trying to wake anyone and went back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy said to his father, "Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now."

The father replied, "Good son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about."

The little boy said, "Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit."

Now, Gwo Burne, where the heck is my Mo Far Kor!

Anonymous said...

Hey, for once I agree with you on a solution to the bullshit in Perak.

Call a damn election statewide...

Of course, the results might be... ahem... little different than what you expect. If that happens, don't bitch.

But whichever way it goes, both of us should accept the result. Okay?

KijangMas said...

BrightEyes said:-
"Of course, the results might be... ahem... little different than what you expect. If that happens, don't bitch ... But whichever way it goes, both of us should accept the result. Okay?"

Wau-lau-eh ... this Si Fat Kwai is so cocksure of victory ah?

Terror wohh ... got klistal bol to pledik the future ka? Must be damn te-li-fik klistal bol maaa, ... but YOU got your own balls ka? Fish balls?

Wah, your klistal bol still pledik the Perak Malayus kena tipu dua kali ka? And to undi for the penderhakas to their Laja ka? Lu ingat Perak = Chao Hai New Village, Chemor ka? Semua olang sokong NgehNga TerNganNga punya geng ka?

As for the results, of course lah everyone must accept. The Perak people will deserve what they vote for. BUT I don't think you sei bak pors will accept a loss. As usual lah, you will cry foul and blame the good old UMNO/BN fitnah bucket -- election commission lah, undi hantu lah, tipu kira lah, ...... you will blame everyone and everything except yourselves.

Saya... said...

Weh KM,

You sure that joke was told to you by an American evangelist ka? Because someone also sent it to me via e-mail last month but it was an Indon maid that was being dikerjain...

KijangMas said...

An-Nimr said:-
"... someone also sent it to me via e-mail last month ..."

Waulaueh, this jet-setting evangelist also got your e-mail address ka? Praise the dewa; or is it: may the dewa have mercy on this evangelist ...

Anonymous said...

Talking about PR people can't accept a loss, even after they've won Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim still blames the EC for tipu2, unti hantu, tipu kira:- if not, he said he's oredi the PM.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Long, masih cuti lagi ke? Enjoy tak duduk sama Tok-ki? Auntie harap Long tak kasi Tok ki marah kat Long aje...Alah Long, Tok-ki bersungut aje tapi dia bangga kat Uncle Kij tu... Uncle Kij bantai si sewel-sewel tu single handed aje tau....Dia pakai ilmu 'harimau menurun' - selepas aje dia bantai diaorang, dia pun tidor lah ....terlena dibuai mimpi ..penat tau kerja membantai orang ...selepas tu dia 'menurun' lagi ...Si celaka, sewel, pemabok dans perasan terus takut nak datang sini ...Kita tunggu-tunggu pun tak datang jugak ...Tapi diaorang tu hentam Uncle kat medan pertempuran yang lain ...Auntie dah suruh diaorang datang kat sini, diaorang tak mau, bermacam-macam alasan diberi tau ...

Eh, janganlah Long kata Tok-ki penakut...Dia dah tua ..Badan pun selalu sengal-sengal ...alah kadar aje cukup lah ...Dah bagus tu, dia ada semangat berjuang .....

Long, dah habiskan satay tempoh hari? Kesian Tok-ki takde gigi ye....jom, ikut Auntie dan Uncle naik pokok kelapa ...bolehkan Uncle Kij?

KijangMas said...

sepadu said:-
"What we have now is largely due to weak leadership. Weak leadership stems from money politics and corruption. Corruption is the root of so many evils in our society. Those wanting to remain in power buy votes and appoint the corrupt ones to positions of importance. The net result is corruption all round."

Yes sepadu, agreed. What we have here is a bunch of corrupted fools. In the past, the corrupted were at least endowed with splashes of brilliance here and there. But today, we just have plain, lazy corrupted party parasites with a misplaced sense of self-grandiosity demanding to be respected and worshipped while pontificating in their lazy armchairs in ill-fitting suits and bush jackets with buttons strained from their bulging briyani-laden bellies.

If one takes a cursory look at the UMNO leadership, from President down to Supreme Council, at least 70% needs to get their fat asses hauled off PWTC. The degil ones should be given a good whacking by a pelepah kelapa and asked to take the stairs down the 30-odd floors.

These are the maggots that created the rot in our socio-political paradigm. And this gave rise to the Pakatan scums that slithered out of the political cesspool created by these bunch of corrupt relics.

How the heck could long-written off Kit Siang and Karpal and such weirdos as Tian Chua and Gobind Kaur and Teresa Kok and Loh Gwo Burne thrive and flourish in Malaysian politics IF these lanuns had behaved even half-decent in the yrs leading to PRU12.

Najib needs to undertake a massive, truly massive overhaul over the next 12 mths. Can he do it? Is he himself a vestige of this corrupted animal? Does he has the wherewithal, the influence, indeed, the guts to do the necessary? If not him who? Teuku Adnan? Rafidah? Shahrizat? Azalina? Rahim Tamby Chik, Mike Tyson? Hamid Albar? Azeeez Raheeem? Annuar Musa? ..... sorry, but these are the very relics that would get my pelepah kelapa cukup-cukup, part of the failed model that allowed a bunch of DAP and PKR subversives and their PAS stooges to run circles around them in PRU12.

Yup, Najib has long days and nights of hard work (the type of work only TDM could endure) over the next 3-4 yrs, and I sure hope he has a good crop of advisers and strategists (of the financially-independent, non-butt kissing types) to assist him as the battle of PRU13 looms over the desolate horizon.

Mat Cendana (Knight of the Demi Negara Order) said:-
"'The Demi Negara Way' is the real Bangsa Malaysia... the one that is honest, sincere, with mutual respect, cooperation and genuine acceptance of the races and religions ... Just dump your fake and deceitful charade and pretensions - only the t-shirt is real. Come join and fight with the real deal, friends - The Demi Negara Bangsa Malaysia."

Mat, yes, we need to snap these bunch of deceived Malaysians out of their trance in the delusional fantasyland of candlelight orgies (oops, I mean vigils) and an utterly obnoxious self-righteous attitude that make them believe in some dewa-given predestined role as the always-correct-civil-guardians of the hilariously misleading Anak Bangsa Malaysia preached by their prophet, Haris SkyKingdom Al-Qadiani.

On the matter of Anak Bangsa Malaysia, I've said it many times in the past, and I will repeat it here: There will never be a unified Bangsa Malaysia as long as we are not united by a common, pervasive national language, Bahasa Malaysia, and as long as many of us still identify with ancestral lingua-cultural relics from Kwangtung or Tamil Nadu or the Punjab. This Bangsa Malaysia, by definition and in practical terms, must be forged against the backdrop of the adat and budaya and tatasusila of the Orang Melayu and other pribumis of this land. The religious preferences of the populace are safeguarded provided it does not transgress the dominance and supremacy of Islam as the official religion of this nation.

Is this the Anak Bangsa Malaysia being touted by the MT Junkies and PP Zealots out there? Or is their rendition of Anak Bangsa Malaysia just another pathetic smokescreen for PAP's (and now DAP's) laughable Mandarin and Tamil-speaking Malaysian Malaysia insult to our sense of nationhood?

Anyway Mat, I'm a fan of your Recovery Blog, the only blog that has reduced this old warrior to tears ... of joy, keinsafan and kesyukuran over life’s precious little gifts.

An-Nimr (March 5, 2009 5:40 PM)
"We could soon see a Romania-type revolution and the end of the BN-Pakatan rotten apples. Maybe a carnival type-thingy for the masses and instead of shooting ducks,they can have some live target practice ... Bila rakyat dah tertekan dan terlalu muak, nahaslah. (Of course I'm not suggesting such, but history has shown time and again)."

Yeah, form them into two tribes: Bangang and Bahalol. Buang atas pulau, bagi parang satu sorang, basic cooking utensils, a few karongs of beras hancur, some ubi kayu, some benih, and see how long they'll prevail before they start to gnaw and chew on one another. The last man/woman/transvestite standing would be feted under the Ipoh raintree with a sumptious 10-course Tai Thong feast ... and then given a job as the Chief Poo Collector at Taiping zoo.

Tommy Yew said:-
"... I’ll like to send my cheerios to all them ‘we r the children of the revolution’ fiends especially to Helen, Farida, EWO; ‘Ni Hao ma’, Apa khabar’, ‘Wannacum’, oso not to forget a ‘G’day’ mate to the wannabe skippy wanker Shar010."

My oh my, Unker Yew, look at the people you hang around with. Habislah ini macam. Hancos whatever little reputation you had in the blogosphere. No amount of Mo Far Kor is gonna cure you once you've been infected by the hallucinogens spewed by the delirious fantasies of these bunch of unrepentant psychopaths. I suggest you get back on your bus ... and lay off the young punk seated behind you.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to see people like KM in UMNO?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Waulau eh KM, kici kurup Unker where got reputation like u, Iconic Status with cult following.

Hahaha…Tigress caught u with ur pants down like Hugh Grant at Sunset Blvd on ur Capitalism screwing the working class analogy. Boy, she’s up there with all the ‘sei bak pors’ from Chao Hai New Village. BTW how do u translate ‘Chao Hai N/V to Bahasa Malaysia? Kamping Baru N……..B…..????? Better u explain it to the likes of Zaza, nanti unker kena belasah big time.

Hey Tigress, Desmond Tutu sent me this email;

While on safari in cannibal country, a traveller came across a café in a clearing in the jungle. The sign out front advertised: Fried Missionary $5, Boiled Hunter $4.50, Grilled Safari Guide $6.50 and Stuffed Politician $25.00. When the traveller asked why so much for the politician, the chef replied, “ Have u ever tried to clean one?”……hehehe….

Unker Yew.

P/s – U watched too much reality TV by suggesting ‘Survivors’ for choosing the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Sorry KM, geli hati sikit,

...MOHAMMAD Nizar Jamaluddin bersama para pemimpin pembangkang mengangkat tangan semasa melancarkan tugu peringatan di bawah sebatang pokok di Lebuh Istana, Ipoh, baru-baru ini... Utusan M...

Tak lama kemudian puak ani akan pasang banyak colok bawah pokok ini, atas pokok bela ular, jadikan tempat keramat, telek nombor ekor.

Sudah lah Nizar, berapa sangat seat kamu? 6? per 59? Belajar kat mana MATHS kamu, kat SJKC? 10% tu grade F tau. Macam mana nak jadi Headboy sekolah kalau dapat F?

INI KAN PULA NAK JADI MB? Nak pimpin puak orang dewasa?

Mai kita congak NgaNga pula, dapat grade apa? 16 per59 = 27% pun F juga!! Cuba congak UMNO berapa?

Cis, bukan sekadar guru besar tolak, murid-murid lain pun tak terima Headboy macam ini.


Saya... said...

Fried Missionaries sure come cheap, meh? Coz they full of hot air only! One pin prick and Pfffffft!!! can batter and fry already.

Tongkang-types....apsal korang tak hormat pilihan rakyat ek? Kita org dulu dah muak sangat dengan si UMNO/BN punya rot, nak jugak testing sama ada si Pakatan ni boleh perform ke least give us the choice, good or bad! We gave you the mandate for decades and you got arrogant and lupa daratan, Pakatan belum lagi setahun, mana nak tunjuk performance?? Kasi lah tak malu betul...rakyat dah ludah korang, korang nak rampas gak mandate dari tangan rakyat cara KOTOR. The same reason why you buggers lost the 5 states in the first place.

Look, I loathe that Anwar and his frog attempts, but stooping to the same gutter level is not going to win you the next election. I voted for the PR, but only to teach the arrogant BN a lesson and push for a change that never materialised, it seems. I even called the Pakatan MPs that I knew and told them (warned my own MP) not to support Anwar's immoral attempt at a power grab which did not respect the people's legitimate will.

Playing an endless tit-for-tat game for syok sendiri purposes will only ruin the nation.

Macam budak2 tak bersunat perangai pemimpin Melayu dan supporter mereka ni. Tal baligh. Tak pakai akal!

BTW, 10 billion 2nd stimulus package? ZZZZZzzzzzz.....nak beli spendar pun belum tentu cukup lagi

KijangMas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Why do you delete most of the critical comments people leave on your blog, and why do you write your own comments?

I thought your so bright that ppl can say anything to you can you can smash their argument down easily. But nothing-takda, cakap tak serupa bikin,

KijangMas said...

Ron Jeremy, Jr. said:-
“KijangMas, pls book for me a copy of your upcoming "For Dummies" book. BTW how much?”

Interesting name you have there. Hmmmm?

How much? Three kartus of my old favourite Tembakau Cap Nenas (... “Sekali Rasa Pasti Tak Lupa”) and two crisp blue Yusof Ishaks.

Naif said:-
“Man I would love to see all those RPK fans out there reading these comments put up here. Their reaction would be priceless!”

Man, you don’t want to see their reaction. Messy and yucky. Imagine a bitch-in-heat tied to a pole reacting to a hulking, strapping male Doberman strutting nonchalantly across the street.

An-Nimr said:-
“Waving their puny, wilted "kerises" and sikh turbans and whatever it is the Chinamen wave.”

Chopsticks? Fifty Ringgit notes?

An-Nimr added:-
“Tun wasn't perfect, but he LOVED the country and did his best.”

Yup, unlike these subversive b*st*rds, the likes of the two-wheeled old goat, Bro. Anwar, and the DAP Chin Peng-lovers.

Long said:-
“Baru hantar tok-ki tinjau medan perang uncle KijangMas. Tok-ki bersungut … Semua abis hancur musnah kena bantai uncle. Takda sisa langsong. Tok-ki kata uncle KM pakai ilmu. Semua makhluk celaka, perasan, pemabok dan sewel to tak kan berani datang lagi.”

Hello Long. Dah buat homework? Uncle pun dah buat tadi. Habis satu kelongsong 7.62mm ...

Nak kata ilmu, tak tau lah. Tapi selalunya, si sumbang yang berdepan dengan Sang Kijang ni akan tiba-tiba rasa sengal-sengal geli gatal sana sini. Ubat nya? Tapak kasut Fung Keong yang kadang-kadang Uncle pakai bila pergi buru si makhluk sumbang ni ... tapi kena betul-betul atas dahi baru sembuh.

phonont said:-
“Talking about PR people can't accept a loss, even after they've won Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim still blames the EC for tipu2, unti hantu, tipu kira:- if not, he said he's oredi the PM.”

Exactly, phonont.

And about Bro. Anwar, I must give him credit for his uncanny ability to fool so many people at the same time – the Ipoh mali Sin Khehs, the Hindraf tambys, the Bhangra dancers, the clueless Mullahs. Stunning.

Now we shall see the spectacular dismantling of this house of cards in the months and years to come as Bro. Anwar runs out of tricks and scapegoats in his pursuit of the rent-free Seri Perdana pad.

zazaland said:-
“Long, … jom, ikut Auntie dan Uncle naik pokok kelapa ...bolehkan Uncle Kij?

Boleh. Tapi bukan pokok kelapa.
Uncle nak naik pokok raintree di Ipoh. Long boleh tak gayut-gayut atas pokok nih? Biar NgehNga ingat ada Jin Barisan yang menunggu. Kenalah si malaon nih buang nenas lah, limau lah, belimbing lah ………… makan buah free lah Long kali ni. Tok-Ki nak ikut?

Unker Yew said:-
"Hahaha…Tigress caught u with ur pants down ..."

He he he, come on lah Unker, please don't permeate my thoughts with the grotesque repercussions of such a malady. "Eunuch Blogger" readily comes to mind ...

Unker Yew blurted:-
"Boy, she’s up there with all the ‘sei bak pors’ from Chao Hai New Village."

I didn't say it. So we want to have a Eunuch Unker to go with the Eunuch Blogger now?

Unker Yew (on cheap vino) on a roll here:-
"BTW how do u translate ‘Chao Hai N/V to Bahasa Malaysia?"

Kampung Baru Lembah Wangi.

Unker Yew again:-
"... Desmond Tutu sent me this email ..."

A-ha, now I remember. It was this dwarfish Tutu b*st*rd that was the evangelist I met on the flight. Jeez, Tutu's been sending naughty jokes to you as well ah? So you kena itu Tutu too?

Tongkang said:-
“MOHAMMAD Nizar Jamaluddin bersama para pemimpin pembangkang mengangkat tangan semasa melancarkan tugu peringatan di bawah sebatang pokok di Lebuh Istana, Ipoh, baru-baru ini... Utusan M … Tak lama kemudian puak ani akan pasang banyak colok bawah pokok ini, atas pokok bela ular, jadikan tempat keramat, telek nombor ekor.”

Ya Tongkang, adegan lucu dalam politik ke-kartun-an Negara kita dimasa ini.

Biasa lah tu buat geng NgehNga ni. Bila ada pokok, mesti harus puja. Yang di puja siapa? Latok Malayu sang penunggu pokok. Inikah Ketuanan (atau KeLatokan Melayu) yang di tafsirkan oleh Pakatan?

Ubat nya? Naaaah!!!

Saya... said...

Unker Yew blurted:-
"Boy, she’s up there with all the ‘sei bak pors’ from Chao Hai New Village."

I didn't say it. So we want to have a Eunuch Unker to go with the Eunuch Blogger now?

Unker Yew (on cheap vino) on a roll here:-
"BTW how do u translate ‘Chao Hai N/V to Bahasa Malaysia?"

Yo KM,

Apa si Wino tu panggil kita? Tolong translate?

Hmm...if its nasty... someone tidur malam pakai chastity belt ek? I'm sharpening my sickle...yes..nice, glisteningly sharp...oops, I mean yesss!...I just drew blood while caressing the blade....

KijangMas said...

hh (March 9, 2009 12:33 AM) said:-
"KM, Why do you delete most of the critical comments people leave on your blog, and why do you write your own comments?"

hh, you some kind of RETARD or somethin'? Mana mari si anjing gila nih ah?

Since WHEN did I delete anyone's comments? Where and what comment got deleted? Where bahalol kera sumbang? Where?

- Yeah, there's one on March 5, 2009 4:52 AM that An-Nimr/Tigress wrote and deleted herself (that's why it says "... removed by the author" and not by the "administrator", you STUPID ASZH*LE!!!)

- And there another one today (March 9, 2009 12:05 AM). That was my own comment that I deleted MYSELF after I inadvertently pressed enter before I finished writing my response to other comments.

So si kera sumbang bangang, mana lagi lu nampak? Dalam lubang j*bo engkau mungkin lah, you inbred retard.

As for An-Nimr/Tigress' habit of deleting her own comments, what the f*ck can I do, stupid? Whack her? Go ask her la.

And what do you mean "why do you write your own comments"? You some kind of TaFeiKei self-immolating f*ck*ng celaka b*st*rd ka? You think others think like you ah? Lu sudah HINA all of my friends here, the people who care for the country, and who took the trouble to agree and to disagree on issues, unlike a cheap pelacur like you, who has NO value to add to this forum whatsoever.

Muka hudoh macam p*nt*t belanga, kepala sewel, sedar diri la sikit si kera jubo kurap.

Is this "hh" SOB MF an example of what these fooking MT and PP aszh*les have been reduced to? Resorting to Cyber Prostitutes to stir the pot? Pathetic.

No class. No wit. No nothin'. Just instigate, provoke, cucuk, tikam belakang, main belakang ........ P*K*MAK LU lah si bangsat!

Now git out of my blog and go cry to your MT and PP paymasters.


Saya... said...

Aiyah, relak la brader KM... they cannot read la...they dunno difference between "deleted by author" and "removed by blog administrator", the latter meaning you removed the comments. They only sekolah Cina/Tamil remember or not?

Sheesh...I thought only women angin certain time of also ka?

Haiya komen kritik all one still KM kasi lepas meh...

I delete my own comments which I see send Unker Yew into the wrong kind of frenzy meh. I don't want him to stalk me.

Now KM, go take a Mustang for spin...then you can smile again unlike us poor sods driving Protongs...kah kah

KijangMas said...

An-Nimr said:-
"Aiyah, relak la brader KM..."

I'm fine. I batuk sikit aje tadi. Takda marah pun. Kalau boleh taip maknanya masih belum marah. Anyway, a pissed-off KM is not a pretty scene ......

An-Nimr counseled:-
"Now KM, go take a Mustang for spin...then you can smile again ..."

Tigress, tadak baca betui-betui ka? Now where got Mustang? Sudah "totalled" already. R.I.P.

Now I just have a modest ride to get from point A to point B .......... and C and D and E and ....

Saya... said...

Erkkk! That's not a car. That's an American monstrosity!

Anonymous said...


Ko ni mana datang tetiba nak tuduh tak tentu arah!
Ko ni mesti si dajal Haris Hibrahim kan?
Tak pun si Horror Hunmasked.

Kalau takde apa nak komen, janganlah gatal tangan nak menaip.

Bodoh tahap cipan la ko ni.

Kalau taknak kena maki lagi camnih, make sure komen ko tu bernas skit. Paham tak??!

Ex Anwaritas

lordapes said...

"Don’t look at me but the people who got seduced in Taipei was definitely NOT the BN vacationers!"


hehehe. right on. anytime my reader said DemiNegara has a new post, it's like a mini orgasm for me. hehe.

keep up the good work!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Aiseh man KM, your March 9, 2009; 2:44am response to hh; unker wud be forgiven to think u graduated from SRJK(C ) Kampung Baru “Lembah Wangi”….hehe..wink..wink.. What’s with all the expletive? All your makciks followers wud wish to wash your mouth with chlorox! Unker betta go get some Windex to wipe my screen.

Anyway Pahang MB says to give u his warmest special “high five”. LOL. Hey my Mo Far Kor, downpayment was hijacked on transit by MACC lah…celaka..

Unker Yew.
P/S – Tigress please don’t play with sharp objects.

KijangMas said...

No Unker. The fine, cultured Usrah-attending, church going, TauPekKong worshipping makciks and aunties and ah sohs wouldn't mind my sporadic demonstration of linguistic eloquence and application of our civilisation's rich lode of idioms for the occasional unrepentant retard morphed from maggots left by the cowdung of passing bullock carts.

This is a blog lah Unker. You must give as much as you get .... and then some. You must didik and tunjuk ajar these SRP dropouts from the SRJK(C) Chow Hai N.V. on the basics of refined culture and this is best communicated in a language they readily understand, as manifested by the Two-Wheeled Old Goat and High Priest of The Order of the Celakas in Parliament.

Here's a High Five for the road on your bus trip. Enjoy.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

OK KM, kautim, explanation accepted this time. U got pressure, I've got pressure.

That High Five photo, if u zoom it up unker is hidden somewhere there amongst the crowd. Have fun finding 'Where's Wally' or as u yanks call it 'Where's Waldoft'.

Unker's off to see some lovely pussies pictures at Puteri's blog. Betta be careful with my comments there, else get misconstrued big time, English is a tricky language to master, so betta stick to BM for science & maths....kakaka..

Chai Chieng,
Unker Yew

Saya... said...

See hh? I can kutuk KM's gas guzzler of Rahm Emmanuel-look alike ride and still he post what.

Btw KM,

What do you think of a unity government? Check out But thing is, we will still have all the same old goats and no new fresh ideas from the same ole mindsets. Where are our young, educated, optimistic and bersemangat new generation of leaders? Pemuda Umno is NOT young, so forget themlah....The only old man with a still functioning brain is Tun, but we cannot freeze him cyrogenically and hope to revive him later when his time is up.

The country needs truly qualified and competent experts in the relevant fields, not mere politicians who only tau main politik and wayang, that's all a no brainer-job. This is the future of the next generation we are talking about and the continued existence of this nation and its people.

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KijangMas said...

No Unker, you got pressure; I only got pleasure. I solve pressures with this.

Gukita said...

Stimulating, hillarious, head-banger, down-to-earth, cynical (that's too timid a word to describe this write-up). I'am your fan... Kudos!!

Tam Dalyell said...

Heloo hh

Heh heh. Just came back from menjala ikan along the rivers of Janda Baik this long week end .. dead tired .. and this morning .. full of anticipation .. drop myself into my most favorite blog deminegara (not too much favoured beside my own syok sendiri blog hehehe ..) and what do I find? An ikan baong bawah bangkar .. by the name of hh .. grumbling to himself (that’s what ikan baong does best, .. you can hear its grumblings .. but can’t pinpoint it where .. as it makes deep hollow recesses in river banks its home).

There is a species of half-life half-animal half-poltergeist 10%-shit-for-brain creature evolved from freak-lightning-struck Frankenstein-based-experiment conducted by rogue mad pseudo-scientist call Heliesh-o-Ebbrreheimn working furtively in the darkness of abandoned MT-Lab.

You see, this creature was programmed to reproduce itself – amoeba like – for it was not equipped with any sex organ. But due to that freak lightning bolt accident, one of its many malfunctions is in its inability to judge others .. all by its own yardstick.

If it feels it can reproduce itself, it assumes that others can too .. thus it grumbles and accuses KijangMas of reproducing his own comment.

When it has shit for its brain, his inability to reason and be rational causes it to think nobody is better than him. Thus he won’t understand what everybody is talking about .. let alone fathoming the subtleties of KijangMas’ arguments, the parry and thrust of his pen made light readings out of heavy materials by his witty by-lines.

If he is freakishly formed (can’t you see? .. his head grows from his kelengkang .. where normally his other head hangs to his knees).. he simply could not accept that other beings are beautiful .. especially those who formed deminegara’s community ..

Hey .. yo hh, please come with me next weekend to Janda Baik. My orang asli friends there would like to end your miseries by cutting you up to small pieces, then to scatter these minced meat along the rivers to attract all the udang galahs before dijala. At least you can be put to good use .. and save us from sharing your miseries.

Anonymous said...

Hey you hh,

"putain de merde", oui, TOI !!!

(sorry guys I won't translate here, get someone else to do it .....).

How dare you come here and insult the intelligence of Deminegara's think KM just do copy and paste of his own "comments" izzit???

In your craggly, wormy, stupid opinion, KM has nothing else to do IZZIT ???....

You are one bloody ar*e of a hole, get out of here and don't ever come back !

Whoooosh ......I feel good ....I knew that I would .....ok who's next, who else want to kena bantai from me.....I am in a BANTAING mood today, folks, unker, you better be nice to me ....

Tembeleng said...

Cik/Puan An-Nimr,

1. Baru setahun jagung memerintah tapi kokok sudah bergema-gema bukan main, bukan alang-kepalang gagahnya, solah-olah banyak sungguh jasa yang sudah ditabur melebihi kerajaan lama. Oleh sebab mereka sendiri meminta untuk diadili dengan pembaris yang lebih tinggi, maka itulah kita tunaikan permintaan mereka.

2. Dalamasa setahun kualiti perbuatan sesuatu entiti kalaupun masih tidak boleh dilihat, namun tak ada apa yang menyekat kualiti pemikiran mereka daripafda diperlihatkan. Tapi kalaulah bawah pokok taraf pemikiran mereka, maka apalagi yang hendak dikata.

3. Pengalaman perbibadi saya bekerja dengan suatu projek kerajaan negeri di bawah kerajaan baru ini, sudah masuk bulan Februari namun mereka masih belum ada perancangan untuk tahun 2009. Jangan kata rancangan, ide pun tak ada. Ohhh betul mereka sudah ke negara sini sana mendapatkan ide. Tapi semuanya setakat tiru-tiruan semata-mata dan merupakan ide-ide kasar yang tidak (atau tidak mampu?) dijuruskan menjadi suatu pelan yang boleh dilancarkan.

Jadi setahun jagung atau tidak bukanlah suatu alasan yang ampuh. Mereka sendiri mengibar bendera mengatakan mereka lebih bagus, lebih bijak. Mereka alternatif kepada kebengapan kerajaan sedia ada. Malah tindakan penganut mereka masih menunjukkan aksi riak itu.

Sebab itu kita wajar mengukur mereka dari tahap yang lebih tinggi. Kalau kita masih mahu mengukur dari tahap sebelumnya, apa gunanya? Lebih baik saja kita simpan kerajaan bengap terdahulu! Sekurang-kurangnya sudah 52 tahun mereka berjaya juga -- waima kebengapan mereka -- menubuhkan sebuah negara yang agak kukuh asasnya dan aman penduduknya.

Mat Cendana said...

hh March 9, 2009 12:33 AM
Why do you delete most of the critical comments people leave on your blog, and why do you write your own comments?

Oh, No!! I have finally met my match: this brilliant hh (hacker hebat) has broken into the Demi Negara blog... and has seen me, KijangMas, deleting most of the comments, which are negative. And how I spend so much time writing my own comments and using other nicknames... Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I am no different from what the zombies at Peoples Parliament do.

It's time to come clean: Yes, I am KijangMas (Or should that be; KijangMas: "Yes, I am Mat Cendana"...? ah, never mind). I admit satD is me too. There's just no use hiding from hh the hacker hebat. And coupled with the powers bestowed by Ayah Pin's Deputy Senior Nabi (1), he is just unbeatable.

The statistics you see here about hits, visitors - I had clicked on the links myself. Yes, hundreds of times every day I clicked to up the rates... connect, disconnect, re-connect to increase the numbers... my forefinger is swollen from the clickings... Time to get a new RM12 mouse at Kelaboran Computers beside the police-station and near the AADK office. Oh, wait - is my urine okay...?

Well, now that I've made a full confession, I'll be joining you all at your parliament, pretentious that it is. Hot on the heels of "The Democracy Raintree" of Perak, we can hold our own "SoPo Blogosphere" session. Any coconut tree will do.

Hopefully, you all will praise me when I make demeaning anti-Melayu and Islam comments, ya... call me something like "a true Malaysian", "a true Muslim, very liberal and open-minded lah". Maybe introduce me to Elizabeth or any one of the `free-x'(hint hint). Can or not?

Anonymous said...

Unker Yew,

Jangan terlalu relax lor. You tanam balak, lajin pi inspection woo.. jangan sekadar check barisan tanaman bahagian tepi jalan saja…

nanti bila sulah 15taun, rows bahagian belakang semua kena culi dgn lu punya kuli mah…

Next time you potong your balak, contact me OK..

don’t just all the time send your drivers for holidays to collect cash your CASH in HongKong!!

…shhh… sssshhh mai kong lor, nanti pecah rahsia!!

Jangan marah mah... drivers like to gossip too...


Saya... said...

Mat Cendana,

I thought I was you on a failed urine test day...kah kah


Tak logik la Bang nak buat perbandingan 52 tahun dengan 1 tahun...memang betul la kena judge more critically, but if the Federal Gomen keeps working against them, contohnya cuti bersalin lanjutan terbaru ni, dan kes Syabas, camner depa nak cuba buat perubahan.

Tak boleh dinafikan pembangunan di bawah pentadbiran BN/UMNO selama ni mendatangkan kemajuan, tetapi sekarang ni, kekukuhan dan keamanan yang sekian lama diserang dry rot. Nak biarkan roboh saja sebab terhutang budi?

Why can't the Federal Govt work with the opposition held states for the good of the people instead of imposing collective punishment on the people? Rakyat bukan bodoh, rakyat yang akhirnya menilai/mengundi...berilah peluang pada rakyat untuk buat keputusan sama ada terdapat perubahan atau tidak.

If the Pakatan doesn't perform and the BN cleans up its act, the people will give their full mandate again.

satD said...

wow 10 billion spendar...makes me wonder the size or ur booty :)

unker manyak hansome ma!!


kkkkreh ...phtui!!!!!!!
kkkkkkkreeeehh ......phtuiiiii!!!

ni memang bingai gile..of course KijangMas will write his own comment...same like i write my own comment....begok!!...this is how people engage in blog la bingai

as for the deletion blogger has the function to delete forever which will not show at all in the thread..which is not the already explained by the blogmaster....unlike some wordpress blogs with no balls to tolerate dissenting comment...nak approve pun mengelabah....n then hantar cheerleader.....

Saya... said...


Not as huge as the size of the booty accumulated by the corrupt ones so far... ;-)

satD said...

tigress have to agree on that one

but why you like to delete comments?....just let it be...its still in the email updates anyway

terlajak perahu kinda thing ke?

Saya... said...

delete comments?

saje nak buat suey kat KM jer, naikkan darah dia bila orang fitnah dia...kah kah kah

Mat Cendana said...

"I thought I was you on a failed urine test day..."

Will you stop coming up with these SCARY scenarios!...they unnerve me.

The suspense of seeing the lines of the various drug tests after being dipped in the urine... your heart Thump! Thump! Thump! fearing one or more of the lines might be gray (positive) instead of the prayed-for red (negative). If you'd like to know, *my* urine was often sought by some of the others;-)

BTW to KijangMas: A special request... Can you change the GMT of this blog to Malaysia's +08:00, please? Yes, despite the fact that you are likely more often in the wild west of the US than the cowboy town of Rantau Panjang or Mundok, Thailand (been, omigosh!...20 years since I was last here!). It often feels a comment "is older" than it really is due to the time difference, and it gets a bit awkward - to people like me at least.

Mat Cendana said...

Not to kacau your appetites... but about this ikan baung - it has `a reputation' other than that grumblings and the river's master ventriloquist.

It, erm, "makan tahik". Those who do their business at the river should know - those greedy snatches and splashes of what was your previous day's nasi kerabu... that's the ikan baung doing its part in the scheme of things.

Now Dal has likened HH to the ikan baung... Tajam & accurate betul sindiran Dal ni Haha!

P/S: En HH jangan mareh, ye. Saya ni suka-suka ajer - `Hiburan sambil kerja'.

Tembeleng said...

Cik/Puan An-Nimr,

Disclaimer: saya bukan ahli parti politik mana-mana.

Disclaimer 2: saya berpendapat memang patutpun UMNO dihukum kerana semakin korup. Tapi yang menghukum tu biarlah ada merit juga, kalau tak hanya cerek buruk mengata periuk belanga jadinya.

"Tak logik la Bang nak buat perbandingan 52 tahun dengan 1 tahun..."
Memang tak logik. Tapi puak Pakatan yang meminta begitu. Habis tu?

"...but if the Federal Gomen keeps working against them..."
Ennnkkkk. Pakatan propaganda alert. Gomen yang keep working against them, atau Pakatan yang keep trying to work against the Feds? Ataukah huru-hara yang agak tersusun peringkat-peringkatnya dalam negeri sejak pengumuman 916 memang semuanya kebetulan belaka?

Apa macam nak buat kerja kalau 100 hari pertama (malah setahun pertama) fokusnya cuma nak korek dan tayang semua benda yang kerajaan lama buat salah? Bukannya nak buat kerja sendiri. Ambik habuan. Allah bukan suka dengan orang-orang yang riak.

"...camner depa nak cuba buat perubahan."
Seperti yang sudah saya katakan tadi, dimana perubahan dari segi pemikiran mereka? Tak de pun? Bunyi-bunyi dari seberang sana, sama saja dengan bunyi dari seberang sini? Sekurang-kurangnya, dalam 52 tahun tak pernah didengar terma "sedekah seks"?

"Why can't the Federal Govt work with the opposition held states for the good of the people...?"
Hj Hadi buat muhabalah dengan UMNO, siapa yang paling bising sekali hinggakan Hj Hadi terpaksa keluar stetmen untuk menyatakan taat setia pada Pakatan? Bukan UMNO.

"Rakyat bukan bodoh..."
And yet. Menurut hadis Nabi, apabila muncul dajjal, majoriti rakyat akan percaya padanya. Kenapa?

"If the Pakatan doesn't perform and the BN cleans up its act, the people will give their full mandate again."
Unless, of course, semua kepincangan Pakatan adalah disebabkan oleh campurtangan Barisan belaka. Dan rakyat setuju!!! Hmm.

Anonymous said...


Weak leadership in the country has affected political stability, economic performance, and the social well being of the people.

The list of anomalies is very long:

1. lack of cohesion and close co-operation in the ruling alliance and the opposition, resulting in uncertainties felt by the people, local and foreign investors
2. use of dirty tactics, lompat melompat, Parliamentary/ State Assembly seat buying, name smearing, mud throwing
3. political desperation to the extent of attempting to hold a Legislative Assembly session under a tree, resulting in Malaysia becoming a laughing stock to the world
4. money politics in the party and corruption elsewhere to serious levels, politician millionaires and billionaires
5. no political will to rid corruption which has become so rampant that even the peon does it
6. emboldened acts showing lack of respect for the Constitution, the Sedition Act, the established system of monarchy
7. questioning of Bahasa Malaysia, the special position of the Malays, the NEP etc, resulting in ill feelings among the races
8. unrealistic attempt at leaving a legacy of freedom of speech etc to the extent that no action is taken on those who go against the
Constitution and flout the Sedition laws, those who propagate their own version of Malaysian history (including such things as the non-Malays fighting with the Malays against the invading Portuguese in Malacca Sultanate days), their absurd claim that the Malayan Communist Party was a nationalist movement deserving credit in history
9. lack of policies that inspire confidence in the people and investors
10. policies not conducive to national unity and the evolution of a cohesive bangsa Malaysia e.g vernacular schools
11. the attempt to propagate a particular version of bangsa Malaysia based on the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" concept that has been rejected since the original promoter was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965
12. dismal economic performance, as finally admitted by the 10.3.09 announcement on recession
13. price increases and job losses,
the poor feeling desperate
14. loose morals and degradation of social values seen almost everywhere. Drugs, illicit sex, dysfunctional families, disrespect for elders, discourteous front liners among both public and private service providers.

The list goes on and on.

The coming UMNO General Assembly will indicate the kind of leadership we will get in the years to come. Will it be more of the same? With talk of persistent money politics, the kind of candidates for top posts and the mentality of the delegates holding the votes, one seriously wonders if a strong leadership will emerge. I think not and I don't mind being proven wrong in this instance.

We need to keep on expressing our disgust at the situation. We need to do whatever we can within the confines of the law. Hopefully those in authority would take the necessary action to better the situation.

Apocryphalist said...

I dah habaq dah dulu. One would rather wish he were DEAD rather than be on the opposite end of Tuan Dal's Ire.

I imagine kalau Tuan Dal jadi reporter then the following Pundits wouldn't stand a chance:-

To Tuan Tian Chua:
"You smasha my heada I smasha your head too"

To Karpal Singh:
"Singh is King as true as a ring can sing"

To Elizabeth Wong:
"Heyyy whatchaaa dooooing sleeeping with no panties on. Now GIT!"

To Sultan's driver facing confused patriot sleeping on road with Palestinian flag:
"Floor it!!"


There are only two things which are infinte: The Universe, and human being's stupidity. And I am not sure about the former - Albert Einstein

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Betta, I squeeze in b4 MC goes on a row again. I still don’t know why MC does not admit he & I shared the same PC & that he & I r one of the same person. Why lah Mat, u ashamed of unker ka, just coz I tak sunat one?

Tongkang, I give u a hint, KijangMAS, ThoMAS (Tommy) both got MAS, so r we the same person?
Sometimes I’m JariMAS & I don’t supposed my driver ‘Odd Job’ gossip with people like u. Y u want to get laid again? Not happy the first time kah? Hongkong? Where got class there, pick up normally at Monaco leh! High Five to u too!

Unker Yew

P/S- satD, u think unker handsome kah? TQ. Next time I put more sexy foto up. I like it when Zaza plays rough & talk dirty; I’m so excited.

Mat Cendana said...

HAHAHA! Now this one about Unker Yew is really funny! I remember a couple of months ago, KijangMas had implied the possibility that *I* could be Unker Yew!... the posting of our comments had been quite close on a couple of occasions:-)

Poor Unker Yew - I'm wondering what the level of shock over blogosphere would be if he turns out to be... Datin Mamasita having a laugh! Haha!

Saya... said...


Saya pun bukan pro-mana2 parti, just want a change for the better, whoever can deliver.

PS: 60 billion package, better still SatD! can buy more spender, kah kah... but remains to be seen masuk poket sapa dan beli spendar sapa (calvin klein ke, Perla ke atau yang rakyat besa 10 ringgit 3 helai punya)...ade dua tiga yang buat saya nak tergelak...100 million ringgit for skybridge connecting buildings in Golden Triangle....ahaha what the hell for???...compared to only 20 million to help elderly and women.

Daripada buat skybridge, baik tolong commuters/galakkan orang gunakan public transport by upgrading routes/feeder lines/buses and do something about the KL sentral bus station problem yang menyusahkan rakyat yang harapkan public transport (tak pakai VIP escort dan mercedes atau camry). Tak ke indirectly improve productivity and reduce pollution and save money?

Why Throw Out Buses From KL Sentral .

Transit is an NGO that has been actively giving suggestions to improve the integration of the public transport system, saya sendiri pernah tolong bawakan their adviser to a few MPs to bring up in parliament and try set up a select committee to look at the issues raised by all sides but as usual, gomen tak nak engage any citizens' efforts to give the input from THE GROUND by those who are affected by the realities ie yang sendiri naik bas/LRT hari2. In fact, masa budget a year back, the gomen engaged this fella to write a report (for their benefit sebab pemalas nak buat sendiri, never paid him, not that he wanted any monies pun, and then sat on the report after). Itu SATU SAHAJA contoh masalah atitude kerajaan kita yang masih tak menampakkan perubahan.

Just read the mini budget, quite a few cosmetic wastage dari substance (not to say there isn't any good news, but input from the ground would have helped those in their far-removed from reality gilded cocoons make some sorely needed better decisions in some areas).

Why should the tolls concessionaires be paid 480 million? Let them suffer like the rest of us sods lah, or give us a better justification. Nobody is bailing out our companies! Ikat perut la like the rest of us, meh.

Ok, rant over.


Ah, Mat.

Who/where would this knight be without those positive urine tests of the past today?

"Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him."
– Aldous Huxley

And the exemplary man you are today (as a result of your "experiences"), in conduct, speech and character plus an acute sense of perception, sensitivity and empathy for others, and your attempts to make every minute of this life count for something puts many of us to shame.

Saya... said...


Off record dia pi buat public record pulak...hahahah.

That's funny Mat, KM thought YOU were Unker Tommy ek?

Yeah, maybe it's mamasita, or even Apocryphalist, maybe?


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Very funny Mat C, denial is not a river in Egypt, u still floating ka?

Hee hee KM, only the both of us knows in the whole blogosphere whether 'unker yew' really exist or is he just a figment of KM imagination.

Anyway High Five to all the politician.

Unker Yew
P/S - satD, u like this picture of unker in my younger college / samseng triads day in LA or not?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey MC & Tigress,
Don't play play with mamasita, ok! nanti mati kena tembak by AK47; he's a big boy u know!

After his great interview with TDZ & TRH. Why not we ask Sak to interview KM? First question; IS THERE REALLY an UNKER YEW??????

Unker Yew
P/S - I was on a flight to Rome with TDZ long long time ago; he was carrying a set of LV bags full of MR500 notes. Wonder what happened to them notes now.

Anonymous said...

Demi Negara,
Najib has no credibility. People don't want a C4 Prime Minister. Do you take it in your concious some lowlife police "mah chai" has to die for the crime of Baginda Razak??? He is now enjoying holiday in London with his billions of commission in defense crony deals. You can bullshit all you want about Pakatan Rakyat.....but we all know how deep the hell hole BN is in, especially a leader who the ghost of Altantuya would not approve on. Najib should go to Mongolia, and apologize to the King of Mongolia!!!

mekyam said...

zazaland said... "Hey you hh, putain de merde", oui, TOI !!!

astagha! astagha! [urut dada]

omg! je suis bouleversé speechless d'entendre la gentille mlle zzl lâcher un juron comme ça. et quel choiced juron pulak tu! :D

ini semua KM punya bad influence lah ni.

now, now, what sort of example are we showing our politicians, peeps! ;D

Anonymous said...

Unker Yew said,
"I like it when Zaza plays rough & talk dirty; I’m so excited".

- you mean like you're horny ...but this is only my French side, always hidden .....wait lah, if the temperature gets hotter, my Brazilian side will surface'll see my capoiera kick coming out like I always do at the Copacabana Beach in Rio...

satD said...

unker...wah now pic got women on d side eh!!(r u sure its not a blow up)....multiply that one bag you see with a plane load is more like it

mamasita gone loco ...e-bobitting syndrom....

tigress at 10b sehelai guess 1 week supply also not enough for u..must wash daily then!!

Lu orang why kacau Mat...we must encourage him...dontla go and scare him like that

J'ai besoin de votre e-mail s'il vous plaît....merci..the two that i have dont work anymore..unker jangan marah...;0

I think you No.14 is the root of everything....bigger problems are typically made up smaller ones with similar characteristics...

Anonymous said...

Sepadu's list of anomalies under weak leadership -

Those who have or are aware of details under the various categories should offer them here so that we can drum the ears of the authorities until some action is taken.

Also those who have done studies or research for whatever purpose. Share them with us.

Careful though, use such words as alleged, being said, etc (usually so many allegations already made publicly anyway), no direct, clear accusations unless you have proven facts or credible witnesses.

How about it Unker Yew? I read about him buying UMBC shares, very high gearing, problem in sustaining hugh interest charges, was made Finance Minister, made Pernas Sime Darby buy UMBC at a handsome profit for him.

UMBC was raped many times those times, including DSAI's time.

Petronas too, since the time of TRH and the then Bank Bumi BMF billion plus Ringgit bad loan. They were all ..... you know what word to use.

As Finance Minister Unker Tommy's fellow traveller allowed one particular year where people could bring money in and out of the country without restrictions. You know who were the benneficiaries? Take a guess.

Was it around this time you flew with him to Rome Unker Yew? I hope you brought back bundles of 1,000 Ringgit notes - legal those times!

Mat Cendana said...

Oh, jeez!...had thought that was in light-hearted jest until I realised that... feeling my eyes welling up due to a few things.

There's one part at least that you've overrated me, Tehsin. No, this is not false modesty or humility, but "I'm NOT NOT exemplary" (You of all people know what I'm into right now... an exemplary guy wouldn't have that "the thing we YM yesterday").

But that positive urine test on Thursday morning 13 Aug 05 - Yes, I sometimes wonder what I'd be now were it not because of that; which paved the way "for selected people only". Have to copy the Aldous Huxley quotation, because it is so so very true.

And speaking of which, will have to keep that in mind and repeat the attitude of 05-06 NOW... This is the next level. A lot of pain, but now that I remember how I managed to do to a certain extent what Huxley had observed, I'm going to REPEAT it. Thanks for reminding me, and putting the quotation and the failed urine together - I sure need it in the coming weeks.

P/S: And I was also right about what YOU went through and dealt with in mid to end Nov last year. Had mentioned that to Julia back then, of the potential for you. I/She was right. But I didn't realise it could also amplify one's WRITINGS... the added depth and sensitivity to personal accounts and descriptions that would KILL me should I compete against.

Saya... said...

Jap ek KM? Nak tumpang sobfest jap, a touching Kodak moment...hehehe

(Mat hoo hoo...sob,sob,sob...waaaaaaaaaoaarrr)

Ish buruknye rimau menangis...macam nak makan orang...heheh

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mek Yam.

Excuse moi, mais j'avais trop 'chaud'...Mon côté français m'a poussé d'être plus 'dynamique' avec mes mots....

KM, qui m'a influencé ? ça, c'est très drôle...peut être oui, peut être non...c'est clair que je lis tous ce qu'il écrit.

Whatever, jangan salahkan KM, Mekyam. I am above 21 lah.

Take care, Mek Yam (yang zaza hormati), urut dada, jangan sampai dapat sakit jantung sudah lah...

Anonymous said...


sur la ligne 6, il faut lire "c'est vrai" au lieu de 'c'est clair'.


Anonymous said...

hey mr loba loba. you son of a gun you. i think you are hinting that gou burn should be taking najib's place. come on dont be shy.

tell you what. i have a better idea. i will personally nominate tian chua AND elizabeth of taiwan fame to replace najib.

that ok? what? oh how much coffee money for me? errmmm 2cts. what? WHAT? you havnt that much?

aawww .. too bad .. forget it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Loba Loba,

You said "People don't want a C4 Prime Minister". People here, you mean the Pakatan people?

How do you know that Najib is guilty? What about innocent before being proved guilty? or you're just one person (with yr anti Malay/anti Islam comrades) who will go on a crusade to nail anything that is not to your liking?.

What about your "Idol", Anwar? I bet you'll say Anwar is as clean as a baby, no fault not even with his sodomy affairs. Anyway, personally, I know Anwar is only a pawn for the likes of you (and other pengkhianats) to get through to your REAL agenda. Your most suitable person to be PM of M'sia will be without doubt, Lim Kit Siang, right? You guys will be happy only if M'sia is controlled by China totoks with mata sepets, along with Hindraf Kerala Indians.

If you want to play "God" here in passing judgement about Najib then I have a message for you, idiot.

Hey God Loba Loba, you disgust me.

(ps ....don't try to make me angry by calling me an UMNO trooper, you won't like me when I'm angry Mr.)

Anonymous said...

HALLO MR X AT March 6, 2009 4:16 PM!

confused with gurkhas and the sikhs ah?

itu karpal singh soldier ka? berani ckp dalam parlimen saja.. kat luar berlagak macam orang cacat. penakut...

also, you confuse to differentiate mana satu rempit, mana satu pemuda umno ka?

stop being racist la woi! u ingat duit saja boleh bikin benda jalan ka? ini mana punya otak da? otak yahudi ka?

that old OKU singh is a fucktard who is good only in making stupid remarks in parliament. kalau dia kata mak kau pelacur celaka dalam parlimen, ko pun suka jugak la kot.

bangang punya mr x. LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOUR 5 YEAR OLD KID SINCE THE KID HAS A STUPID MORON AS A FATHER(who also is 'wise' enough to bring his kid into this discussion)


(Y for Y u so stupid x?)

KijangMas said...

Folks, occasionally an Ayam Togel rejected by the slaughterhouse would hop scotch into this realm to cock-a-doodle-do its frustrations to KijangMas. I understand. And in the spirit of mercy to abused livestock, I will oblige and provide the required therapy for this wretched little beast.

So let the show begin:-

Mr. X (March 6, 2009 4:16 PM) the headless chicken said:-
"The Sikhs was brought into Malaya as soldiers, they took care of the communist, the Malays use to fear them like hell.."

This "Mr. X" dickhead just rewrote history in the spirit of the ongoing Chin Peng rehab campaign driven by the tak sedar diri, tak terhutang budi anti-Melayu subversives under the auspices of their patron 3-in-1 Saint-Deity-TauPekKong, the maniacal, andropausal RPK.

See the extent these treasonous subversives go to bring even our nation's history into disrepute.

According to Mr. X-hole here, the SOB Chin Peng and his Communist b*st*rds were defeated by a bunch of Baiis while the Malayus were sound asleep in their baby cots?


Hey Mr. X-hole, can you please show some pictures of these Sikhs crawling in the jungle mud of Kroh and Ulu Dong and Temenggor in pursuit of these CPM celaka animals? So these Baiis – how many anyway? – also make up the thousands upon thousands of heroes of the Royal Malay Regiment, the Senoi Praaq, Sarawak Rangers, and various Police Field Force battalions who fought these CPM celakas from 1948 to 1989? You sayin' these Sikhs were the ones who destroyed your kin (one slimy yellow pig at a time) while the Malays and Dayaks and Orang Aslis were flying kites? Wow? Since when did the RMR and Senoi Praaq recruit Sikhs? Waulau, Sikh Malayus and Sikh Sakais also got ah?

Amazing transformation indeed for Karpal’s kinsmen. From kampung mata-matas to legendary war heroes that single-handedly “took care of the communist” while the Malays were out fishing. Now this is what I call a revolutionary interpretation of history. This makes China’s Revised History of the World According to Chairman Mao look like child’s play.

And I presume Leftenan Adnan Saidi, the WW2 hero and legendary last-stand defender of Singapura (only for this island district of Johor to be later hijacked by the PAP triad, but that’s another story), was actually Amrick S. Sidhu according to the 10th Revised Edition of your SRJK(C) Kiu Moh history book? Yup, Left. Adnan and his 41 Malay Regiment perwiras who held Singapore's Pasir Panjang Ridge to the last man against the might of the crack Japanese Imperial Army's Chrysanthemum Division were all Baiis from Punjab. Incredible.

And Malaya was “founded” by a bunch of wild Hakkas with cangkuls plus some escaped Tamil rubber tappers and Sikh war heroes, right? Wau-lau-eh, another Liberia-like freed slave nation story here ahh?

Folks, see the extent of the damage done to the kepala otak of kids who went to the SRJK(C)s? No wonder they seem to live in a dream world, a parallel universe, as reflected by their blank, glazed slantees whenever you terserempak with them in public places, where there exist ZERO affinity or commonality or the possibility of communications between themselves (in their dazed, little Mandarin cocoons) and Mainstream Malaysiana.

I thought Khidmat Negara takes care of these damaged goods? No? Too late? Damage done? So how? What do you do to damaged goods like this Mr.X-hole faggot here? What? C4? Naah, too messy and costly. How about rehab camp? I heard SkyKingdom’s land is vacant? Can build another kingdom ka? No, no more Teapot. How about a giant commode? What’s a commode? That’s just a fancy Victorian bastardised-French term for jamban tahik. Yup, a big toilet to flush down these next-gen perosaks and penderhakas such as this Mr. X b*st*rd here before they infest and propagate and filth our Tanah Air tercinta.

X-Hole added:-
“Those guys who harassed Karpal was dickless bastards, whats the price for one rempit? RM5? RM10? I can just take out 5k and get 500 of them, Karpal can easily fork out 1 million …”

Ha ha ha, I had to reread this dickhead’s rant three times to confirm the content and mental distortions afflicting this basket case that ought to be euthanised for his own safety.

Actually, I sense a lot of anger, a lot of frustration in this b*st*rd’s rant. Perhaps he was repeatedly sodomised by some Malay hunk behind his momma’s Tau Fu Fah stall some years back? Just marvel at the make-believe cartoonish rhetoric puked by this abandoned lovechild of Taram Singh and Ngeh Kiu Moh out of HanSap Plantations, 25th mile Old Bentong Road.

Hey Mr.X-hole, RM5 per rempit to be paid to who? Who’s gonna take out these rempits? Cannot be you since you’re a sissy little faggot leng chai. Then who? Gwo Burne? The NgehNga TerNgaNga clowns? Oh BTW the rempits would trash the shit out of you for free. Yup, just for the heck of it. Yeah, this a free country what? Why complain? Just bend over and take it like a ... ummm ... faggot lah leng chai. He he he, ... pathetic loser.

Gaping X-hole further blurted:-
“... when his son Gobind came down, this Malay guys started to move away..kenapa, takut?”

Ah? Mana punya filem Tamil lu tengok ah? Mana? Lu tengok film clip mana punya parlimen nih? Or maybe this b*st*rd sudah hallucinating after dah kena hantam cukup-cukup by the rempits?

See the delusions concocted in this b*st*rd’s troubled little mind?

We can clearly see in clip after clip after clip how Gobinder Kaur shuffled back into the dark corridor after that son of OmarDin cabar this SkirtSingha to a “satu lawan satu” fight. Go to YouTube and watch. Mana ada “this Malay guys started to move away” fantasy?

Haiya, Mr.X-cstacy, kalau lu mau tipu pun biar lah masuk akal. Biar lah boleh orang percaya. Lu tipu cakap tembak saja mana boleh? Ini kerja orang kepala tak siuman; otak sudah rosak.

More shit-talk from this ungrateful b*st*rd:-
“Mana pemimpin berani Melayu? Why send 20 guys to go after a old OKU Singh?”

That’s to reflect the population ratio la stupid. Actually, there are 100 Malays for every one Sikh. But since we are talking about a two-wheeled tub of ghee here, we kasi discount 80% maa. So it was only a 20:1 ratio. Who said life is fair? That’s the real world, loser.

Tak puas hati? You go complain to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) lah. This is a free country what? You do the complaining, we do the hantaming. I like.

Even more faeces coming from this faggot’s mouth:-
“Why not KJ or Hisham call Karpal untuk ''masuk gelanggang'' satu-lawan-satu? Takde bola ke?”

Masuk gelanggang apa? Wheelchair Basketball? Chapati tossing? Wife beating? Most curse words in 60 seconds? Old goat impersonating contest? Deodarant testing marathon?

Blur man. This is one little confused SOB.

X-Hole one liner here:-
“Hey Mr. Bigot, Control your racism.”

Hey Mr. Faggot, control your tribalism.

Yup, tribalism meshed with NgehNga-type anarchism inspired by zootheism spiced with paganism based on cartoonish zoomorphism.

And yes, I am racist. To scums like you. Yup, I hate your guts ... and your face, your sound, your smell, your shadow, your mere presence in a 100m vicinity of my personal space, your writing, your music, your food.

And what are YOU gonna do about it?


Huh? Why the sudden silence with the soft sobbing sounds in the background? Apahal sedih sangat nih? Sudah kecut telor ka?

Sekarang baru lu tau? Dah mula sedar diri yang lu huduh, busuk, tiada adat, tiada budaya, perangai macam taik, muka pun macam taik, kepala penuh dengan taik? Sekarang sudah faham dan dah mula mau nangis? Lebih baik lu pergi nangis jauh-jauh. Tengok nak muntah.

Yup, I hate the guts of your kinds and I would love to shove the blunt end of my RPG up your butt and discharge my Glock 22 up your flat nose while you sing NegaraKuKu out loud.

Mr. X-ecuted last words:-
“I hope you will take my comment like a real man and not delete it.”

But you’re a damn faggot. I don’t cater to faggots. You need a “real man” in your sack? You go ask Karpal’s gang lah. You’ll find all your blakang stuff there. Not here.

And you some kind of sexist ah dickface? Wow, a sexist faggot.

Why must anyone need to be “like a real man” to take your rant? Any WOMAN can easily dispose of you. No need “a real man.” The Tigress can maul you to pieces in eight seconds; that’s almost as fast as the 0-60 time of my 6.2-litre V-12 Hummer H2. And Zaza, Ladyhawke and the rest of the ladies here would devour your limp carcass (to go with your limp, puny schmuck) in an instant. No need for us menfolk.

No, bapoks like you I tak jamah weh. Eeee,.... jijik bang, sotong melayang. Suey big time. Kena mandi bunga and makan bunga. Ask Unker Yew what happened to his luck after he "touched" the suey sotongs in Haris' PP.

Anyway, this Mr.X-hole’s statement is an insult to women -- to our mothers, sisters and wives -- who worked hard to ensure a better life for their families. So who’s the bigot now?

Yup, this dickface is nothing more than a spineless troll, a loser hiding behind a big X sign to feel good about himself. You know what X’s are for, dickface? Yup, bullseye for target practice. I see a big juicy “X” right between those glazed, beady slantees. A big red “X” with throbbing IP Address waiting to be annihilated by the CowardBlaster shit-seeking missile.

Ha ha ha, watch out headless chicken!

Next .......

Anonymous said...

Mr. X wrote,

"You kidding me? The Sikhs was brought into Malaya as soldiers, they took care of the communist,"

- YOU're kidding me. I can believe if it were to be the Gurkhas ... don't try to change the History of Tanah Melayu. We had our Askar Melayu, pendekars diRaja, to take care of the communists. We did not use any Bai Singh to confront the communists. We needed Bai Singh to make roti only.

"the Malays use to fear them like hell."
- in seeing Karpal's reaction, I thought it was the other way round..Karpal is only 'brave' when he is in Parliament, he thought he could say anything about the Malays (by using the UMNO Youth as a proxy). Hey, we are not BODOH...btw, we have a saying, "kerana mulut badan binasa" - you reap what you sow ...every action has a reaction ..Celaka punya orang..

His son is a joker. Go to the link that KM had listed, see for yourselves. He's more like a Bollywood actor - the kind that do a lot of 'autas' - that it takes nearly an hour on the screen to finish off someone. I take just a few seconds if KijangMas can lend me his Glock (as my .22 is too rusty to be used).

Definitely, you're a retard Mr. X. You don't know how to differentiate between a mat rempit and an UMNO Youth member. Talking about money, how much were you paid just to come here and insult the Malays?

Btw, where's yr brain? If you get insulted by someone, are you going to keep quiet and sob like a bapok at one corner or are you going to ask that person for an explanation?

Come on lah, your species are so pathetic. Your rhetorics are empty. You come here because you have fun in insulting the Malays and to denigrate us as much as you can. Not anymore Mr., not anymore...If you slap us on our right cheek, we are not going to give you our left cheek, we are going to SLAP YOU ON BOTH (your) CHEEKS !!! Ada faham ??

Malaysia should just get rid of these pests before it is too late......Let them seek greener pastures and let them "discover" if they can insult the natives as and when they like without thinking of the repercussions from the masses. I, for one, would like to challenge them to come to France.......

Ladyhawke said...

Waaaaaaahahahaha! ZOMG! Another hilarious response! My, my….he totally deserved it! Why la that barnyard animal X sesat kat sini. Kan dah kena sembelih!

Evidence of human’s infinite capacity for stupidity – Exhibit “X”

(Thanks Apocryphalist for Einstein’s quote)

satD said...

Hoi Mr X

Lubangali sendiri ka, mau gue kasi tanam sama lu.

the bridgage/platoon from Punjabs all cabut lari ma when the Japs came during WWII ...the only thing the sikhs were so called fighting was to jaga banks la with old senapang patah....the sikhs are just a bunch of happy go lucky soldiers enjoying their "holiday" here...they were definitely not like the Gurkhas....they were more happy to be in textile business that to defend my TANAH AIR

camne bole sesat ni, anyway u being an anonymous with no reference point shows how BIG ur balls are....i bet my monkey balls that face to face with any of Demi negara community you'll be reduced to the useless piece of racist crap that u are in ur sad offline world......summore wanna rope in a 5 year old kid...ish ish....sad mafaker u are Mr X

Anonymous said...

he racist monkey Mr. X has come here and dared to leave a comment! The points are so glib and shallow,,,even a teenager can easily rebut them. I see that this monkey has been SLAUGHTERED,,,then brought to life again to have HIS THROAT SLASHED again and again. I normally will show pity when someone gets it this bad,,,

BUT I HATE THIS KIND OF MONKEY,,,THE DAMN RACIST BASTARD whose heads I'LL CHOP OFF without mercy. God, I hope they try something soon. Yeah, the Umno Assembly - I will be there. Mr. X and the BANGSAT MALAYSIA with the candles,,, PLEASE demonstrate outside when Pemuda Umno kicks off. Bring some Aku Anak Bangsat Malaysia banners and chant something. I don't need a machete like Mona Fandey, with my hate of MONKEYS like Mr. X, I will just TWIST their heads off like coconuts. And after that, I'll kick their racist heads like Roberto Carlos taking a freekick and give the mongrel dogs near PWTC a treat.

What really happened today monkey?? You got drunk and thought this was one of the BANGSAT MALAYSIA blogs you usually go to?? You thought this was Jeff Ooi's blog izzit?? KijangMas asked you what you're gonna do about it,,,WHY DON'T CHA CRAWL AND GET HELP FROM THE BANGSAT MALAYSIA!?? COWARDLY CHICKENS!!

Tembeleng said...

Loba Loba:
"You can bullshit all you want about Pakatan Rakyat.....but we all know how deep the hell hole BN is in, especially a leader who the ghost of Altantuya would not approve on."

Ha kan! Riak tak tentu pasal ni, pehal? Pala hotak kau Pakatan tak seteruk BN -- ini belum dapat duit banyak lagi, dah setat ada problem dah, tunggu la sok dapat duit bebanyak. "Sedekah seks" my substantially expanding arse. Yang duit buat banglo besar tu datang mana chek oi; laku sesangat ke klinik bini dokter tu?

And my personal experience, belum apa-apa lagi dah ader sekor mamat PKR aka. menejar syarikat gomen negeri kenen "barang" kat aku kalu nak menang kontrak.

At least sekarang sumer orang tahu BN is in deep shit. Yang orang Pakatan je belum tahu lagi what kind of arse dropping they're standing in. Janji sebelum PR bukan main; lepas pilihanraya? "Kita tak ada masalah dengan kandang babi" -- Dr Lo'Lo' yang laloq. Apa cipan!

Tam Dalyell said...

Mr. X bullshitted
“….You kidding me? The Sikhs was brought into Malaya as soldiers, they took care of the communist, the Malays use to fear them like hell.....” and …
“…And then, funny enough, when his son Gobind came down, this Malay guys started to move away..kenapa, takut? …”

Ellooo xxx rated Teapot star … my 23yr-old grandson Long got me to agree with you.
But why I said. This is the reason … he told me … to tell you this …

There was this peaceful village. Suddenly it was attacked by the foulest of stink ever assailed human nostrils. A shaman medicine-man was called in to cleanse the village. By and by, the villageers were able to breath sweet fresh mountain air again. The foul stink was gone. The shaman advised the villagers not to go near the huge ant hill in the middle of the village, now curiously decorated with carved-in doors at both ends of it.

The next month, as providence would have it, the communist bintang tiga attacked the village. The British sent in a lone hero named Bai xxx Singh … yes he was your late father Mr Xxx senior to guard our village. (Your father must have told you that he singlehandedly dealt with the communists.)

At noon the next day, there was a big commotion at the village main gate. Two shots were fired. Suddenly your farther Xxx Sing sr. came running with four bintang tiga commies hot at his heel. The villagers immediately erect the no-entry sign.

Finding nowhere to hide, your father dove into the ant hill. Suddenly, five skunks rushed out of the ant hill, screaming with tails waving in the air. On seeing skunks rushing out, the communists terrorists hightailed it into the jungle.

The shaman scolded these skunks, “Didn’t I command you not to leave your house as long as the villagers leave you alone?”

“But … but sir, tak boleh tahan.” said the skunks.
“Apa … apa tak boleh tahan”
“Sangat busuuuk”
“Apa .. apa sangat…”
“Singh dalam busut tu”

See Mr xxx singh? The terrorists were afraid of the skunks who were afraid of your father not because he was terrific or something … but because … he was divinely stinkier than the stinkiest skunks.

You also said …
“…Those guys who harassed Karpal was ..”
Actually those so called rempits alleged to be harassing the father-and-son kin or yours were actually trying to graciously throw them out of Malaysia for being too stinking and celaka. If they really harassed you, or them … nothing is left even for the forensic team to get a smear on a cotton bud … except that lingering stinks hanging in the air for weeks or months …

Anonymous said...

This EXACTLY what they are trying to do.

INSTIGATE, cucuk sesame kita kita, then lari sembunyi.

Ahhh tengok saja Aney Kedah dan Amoy Selangor!! Sendiri punya hal, first sign of trouble… LESAP!

My neighbours r excitedly organizing a “Zoom balik kampung tok moyang” holiday. Family n friends, all 42 of them!!

See, depa instigate, kacau semua orang disini, then go off and enjoy them.

Once back FRESH and ENERGIZED, they will huru hara keadaan semula … WITH MORE TRICKS to ensure they can CEKOP as much out of this RM60b…

Relax, sit back and FIKIR MENDALAM, KEMANAkah sebenarnya pergi harta kekayaan Negara kita selama ini?


Anonymous said...

I can see Mr. X sobbing, kneeling and praying to his Dewa RPK after being beaten the racist shit out of him by DM readers.

Saya said...

Haha, you guys are fucking genius!!!

Especially to you KijangMas.

You cracked me up!



Apocryphalist said...

Dollah Siskel and Affandi Ebert go to the Movies: The Lion King in Parliament.

Affandi Ebert: Much has been said about the upcoming film “The Lion King in Parliament” and even as we speak, I hear illegal copies have turned out everywhere and people are just speculating.

Dollah Siskel: Yeah I know. And tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will put all rumours, all misgivings to rest by analysing this grade-B film that is making the waves and give you some snippets of some scenes where….

Affandi Ebert: Do not use snippets, Siskel. Use clips. That word has already been used in Che Det blogs

Dollah Siskel: Well alright then. Clips. At time frame 0:35 Karpal Singh seems very meek, up to the point of being in tears, reminding one of a chicken about to be slaughtered and pleading for his life, upon being confronted by a group of Ketua Cawangans. The Ketuas asks Karpal to repeat back what he said in Parliament regarding Celaka and Bullets that he alleged were sent by Ketuas. Karpal, as if at a loss for vocabularies, keep on saying “This is Parliament, I want to go to Parliament, This is Parliament, I want to go to Parliament” again and again.

Affandi Ebert: Hey my grandma did that too, you know. During the last days of her life. Anyway, nowhere is there any show of disrespect or rough play on the part of the Ketua Cawangans: they simply wanted some clarifications, even calling Karpal “Sir”. There were background voices who said, “Alaaa (Karpal) tak payah pergi Parliament laa… pergi pun bikin kacau saja”

Dollah Siskel: 2:41 Karpal again appears apologetic, meek and almost disowning whatever he said before. I wonder where his son Gobind is all this time

Affandi Ebert: You mean Gobind was not there? I thought they said he came, intercepted and sent the Ketua UMNO scurrying like rabbits termakan cili?

Dollah Siskel: Rabbits my foot. Junior never appeared, not even as an extra. Anyway at 2:50 Suddenly Karpal sheds chickeny-image and began, “You let me go! You can’t do this to me! I call the police”. Meanwhile, his wheelchair usherer seems busy calling and looking out for someone. Seems busier than a stock-market remisier.

Affandi Ebert: Yeah I know what you mean. My remisier made me lose a chunk last year. Anyway to continue, at time frame 3:03 the mayhem starts. Apparently a DAP guy barges in and started saying “Lu siapa, lu siapa”. A few seconds later, his face appeared to be wishing that he had known who is actually the siapa in the “lu siapa”. Err by the way, “Lu?” Are these people from SRJK(C), Siskel?

Dollah Siskel: Nope. They were not. They were from Parliament. 3:38 – 4:21 One Ketua asks “LU TANYA SAYA SIAPA. LU TANYA SAYA SEKALI LAGI”. One DAP guy…

Affandi Ebert: One Botak-headed DAP guy

Dollah Siskel: Can you please not keep interrupting, Ebert? We don’t have all day, you know. And we still have two more films to finish. Well anyway, one Botak-headed DAP guy, apparently realizing that his misplaced heroism for being defender of Democracy, alias Karpal Singh, was not taken as so, backs off, runs up the stairs and was not seen again.

Affandi Ebert: That guy looked like a cross between Phua Chu Kang and Zaibo.

Dollah Siskel: Yes, and we can see from here that what started out as a simple, “Please Repeat what you said, we want to hear” was transformed to a Petaling-Street-at-11pm alleyway skirmish purely because of the DAP.

Affandi Ebert: Did you say Petaling Street, Siskel? You know something, that Rolex watch I gave you for your birthday last year? Well I bought THAT in… ahh… never mind. It was expensive anyhow. Well you are right. Although the DAP has alleged that the UMNO Ketua Cawangans created pandemonium and havoc outside the Parliament, from this clip it clearly proves that it was the DAP who started out being so roguish in behaviour and demeanor.

Dollah Siskel: I heard Lim Kit Siang posted this clip on his website to prove his point about the rudy UMNO behaviour, but later took it down again for fear of showing the real perpretators upon closer scrutiny.

Affandi Ebert: He did, that #@#**bleep$#%# retard? Well f*#%^* him …

Dollah Siskel: Can you please stop that, Ebert? The last time you used profanities in commenting “The Day the Earth Stood Still” we ended up being cut 12% salary. Anyway what would you say to this film: Go or No go?

Affandi Ebert: Thumbs Up. I mean look at those actors. They were so … natural.

Dollah Siskel: Yeah I know what you mean. But then the last time I voted an actor as being natural was Tom in Mission Impossible III and did the judges agree with me? Noooooooooo….

Affandi Ebert: But THIS time they gotta agree with you. I mean, look at that FEAR in Karpal Singh’s face. I almost believed that that wasn’t acting. Anyway, Thumbs up from me too. Until next time, when we review Slumdog Billionaire…

Dollah Siskel: Millionaire, Ebert. Millionaire.They have Rupees there, remember. Not dollars.

Affandi Ebert: Whatever Siskel. Until next time, cheers from us, Dollah Siskel and Affandi Ebert coming to you live from 42nd Street…

=========Ta da da da ================

Ebert (Hits Siskel’s head with folded copy of The New York Times): Why do you have to disagree with me ALLLLL the time, Siskel?

Siskel: Oww! What did you do that for. Oh come on. You’d think NBC would pay us for being in agreement with each other?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

KM, my Real Madrid bookie said; ‘Anda labarte el culo’ to me after Liverpool whipped them. What does that mean?

Zaza, unker’s first in line to get slap on both 'cheeks' by u lah anytime. And don’t forget to take the safty catch when using the Glock, oso be careful, don’t shoot ur own feet, ok. Pretty damsel like u shouldn’t play with gun. Be like unker mah, ‘Lover not a fighter’.

satD, u & ‘Killer of Racist Monkeys’ one of the same? Split personality or what? Just like KM & Unker.

Unker Yew.

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello Unker,

Careful, lu jangan kasi gua marah, nanti gua tembak sama lu at where it hurts most, not your kepala but at your balls ....BOOOOOM...padan muka lu...

Wah, before tembak, cannot take refresher course meh ......practise makes perfect lor ...always go for the eye...I am happy to tembak that X rated bugger and other XXXXXX rated species of his kind mah ..

Au revoir, Oncle Yiou...

- from the girl with the golden gun

Anonymous said...

Herr KijangMas. Wunderbar post as usual. Malaysia must get its act together and stop all these politicking.

These Pakatan people are just trouble makers. They got nothing to contribute to your country. Just trouble and confusion.

I want to say hello in Das Kelantanisch to your good(?)luck charm, that gambling uncle.

Guten Abend, auf unseren lieben unverheirateter Onkel Tommie Yew (Tomas Juden?).

Wie geht es dir?

Zu don't play play with das fraulein Zaza.

Willkommen in Chao Hai New Village in Perak stadt.

Darf ich Sie mit Das Bodyguard für spielführer KijangMas bekanntmachen, das freulein Zaza is gut, ja?

Evakuieren Sie bitte das Gebäude.

Oh, einmal einfach nach Kwangtung bitte - für Onkel Tommie Yew ... Air Asia? Nein. Lufthansa.

Als Nachtisch nehme ich Moh Far Kor.

Danke, bis später

Karl-Heinz Vorennisch
Lübeck, BRD

Saya said...

Sir KijangMas,

Slightly of topic.

I am astounded how this senile blogger(RPK) can attract a lot of readers to MT.

I guess 99.9% of them are malay haters and typical umno/bn-basher bastards.

I had most of the times my posts(comments) were not approved due to my critical analysis towards him or his posts. Even it doesn't contain profanity or obscene words.

At the end of the day, that was my last visit to (MT) shite, since then I found new love in DN(not kind of anwar love) Hihi.

Yeah you can call me MT and Raja Palat Karut(RPK) basher.


Unknown said...

Hey Apo

The clip should be titled "Clash of the value systems".

Singh is King - India
Lu Siapa? - China
Kita terlalu sabar - Melayu

Anonymous said...

Herr Voren,

Guten Tag...

Yup, tell unker not to play play with me....if not, he knows what's going to happen to him more balls!

Me, as KM's bodyguard? Well, if KM pays me well ....if not I prefer to sell nasi lemak

KijangMas said...

Unker Yew (March 6, 2009 3:02 PM) said:-
"Can I borrow ur pad at Santa Monica around this time? Kamsiah manyak2"

Boleh. But there's only ONE bedroom, so either you or I sleep on the couch. And its not gonna be me as I may be predisposed ..... haiya, lu paham ka Ah Pek?

Nahh, fuzzy handphone 1.2MP preview of balcony perched on a cliff just off the Pacific Coast Highway. Good place to test dummy/blank RPGs into the Pacific on LA's wild New Year's eve nights.

New Gene said:-
"This all mess started by that old Shit head who was so stupid senile and will to stay bugging our malaysian lives."

What you need is a good ole RPG round up your butt and out your Mo Far Kor-laden schnorkel. Then I'll salt and save your ears for my pad's and the V12 H2's keychains and flush the other little pieces of your carcass down the commode. Whooooooooshhh ...

Anonymous (March 6, 2009 5:46 PM) said:-
"looks like almost every single problem in this country is caused by either a slant eye apek or a wide eye aney.."

... and a couple of Baiis.

Yup anon, the extent of the relative socio-political damage perpetrated by these minorities have no parallel in this world. Our nation is fast unraveling over the past 4-5 years and only very strong Malay leadership could arrest this slide.

Is Najib this strong leader we have been clamouring for? We will know by year end.

Anon added:-
"if only they could adopt the finesses of kebudayaan melayu that KM is trying to preach.."

As long as the SRJK(C) and (T) menace are allowed to exist, these people could never adopt the cultural finesse of the Orang Melayu. Look at the products of these societal and nation-building outrage and you will understand.

An-Nimr said:-
"Moh Far Kor bukan depa cakap tahi idung kering ka? Eeeewwww....urban legend which could be true meh...cheaper than herbs...apek must make money by cost cutting...kah kah...but on the other hand, too many noses to pick lah."

It depends on the size of the schnorkels lah. Substantial Mo Far Kor could be harvested from the well-endowed Lahore mari variety. So Tigress, mau side income? Contact Unker Tommy Han Sap Yew of the Pan-Malayan Amalgamated Mo Far Kor dealers association for details. But don't over-harvest lah. Otherwise kena teruk punya side effect.

Ladyhawke said:-
"Or perhaps PAS’ lust for power precedes everything else? What is their true intent? What code do they live by? Me first, bangsa second, negara last?"

PAS is the enigma in Malaysian politics today. They were the main beneficiaries of disgruntled Malay votes in PRU12 but instead of playing a dominant role in Malay unity governments with UMNO in Selangor and Perak, the party became third rate stooges of the DAP subversives and PKR rabble rousers.

But thus far, even after all the Pakatan-induced mayhem and scandals which went directly against its Islamist principles, the core PAS leadership continue to prop up the Pakatan circus just to spite UMNO to the detriment of the Malay majority.

This party is fast losing credibility, beginning with the thinking, non-partisan urban Malays, due to its politicization (as an UMNO thing and, hence, no good) of such fundamental issues as the usage of "Allah" in BM Bibles and the NEP.

PAS will go down in history not as a progressive Islamic-based political phenom, but as the key catalyst for the erosion of Malay political power in this country via its bizarre lovefest with its antithesis (DAP and PKR) just to snub its nemesis, UMNO.

Saya... said...

Man, memories of that Highway 1...Santa Barbara, Carmel, Big Sur...Nice pad and view...but I would rather retire in a kampung house overlooking the South China Sea anytime. Nothing beats pulut pagi and nasi dagang et al over good old teh tarik...not even that sumptious (real) crabmeat omelette once had in Santa Barbara...

Anonymous said...



KijangMas said...

An-Nimr said:-
"... house overlooking the South China Sea anytime."

Now, thats MY natural habitat, my ancestral domain. In fact, travelling there tomorrow, with fishing gear, for this school break.

An-Nimr added:-
"Nothing beats pulut pagi and nasi dagang et al over good old teh tarik..."

Ahh? A Kelantan food lovin' Punjabi ka? Bila pulak jadi makéné Kelaté aficionado nih?

Saloh-saloh sumaak, ceghoh perôk laa BiBi nih...

KakWé weii, kalu nok hok real deal mung keno gi maké kkeda Pok Chu Palo Butu' Jalé Kebông Sulté blaké rumoh TokNyé kawé. Baghu ado kelah.

Hok Kolupô, demo paka tuké masok Jawo tok leh gi; tawa hébé. Oghé tok ssohô makéné Kelaté celôp stai Kolupô. Hok jông ngakak pok-pok Boyé nga Batok kawé nok maké pông tok lalu.

Bendo macé nih, mung keno gi tanyo si Mat Zawi, Mat C., MRSM Kalae Chepo, satD nga Herr Voren Das Kelantanisch Mann. Ko guano?

Anonymous said...

Watching the youtube video on Karpal and the UMNO youths is a big f*cking joke. Not to say what those fellas did was right, the joke is more on Karpal.

Why do I say that? Well, for a guy who talks a lot "on behalf" of certain group of Malaysians, Karpal can't even speak the national language properly. His BM is not even up to par with regular joes and janes out there in the streets. The UMNO youths were talking to him as if they were talking to a worker in a kedai mamak. See how good we Malays are? We even lowered the standard of our language just so that you can understand what we're saying. KM was right all along. Do these pakatan people really want leaders who cant even speak BM properply to rule the country? Sigh.

Name je Singh. Lion my arse. You belong to another member of the cat family- the pussycat. You're an embarrassment to all other Baiis, yeah the ones who are not ashame to wear their turban with pride and dignity. I dont give a sh*t if you're a true singh or not. In our religion thats called murtad.

Anonymous said...


My first puppy love was a kelantanese, second love was terengganu royalty (but I didn't want his money...BODOHNYERRRRR!!!!)...back when I was a stunner...kah kah (now even more stunning)

Alah, brader-in-law oghe Kelate (nenek dia anak angkat palace), makcik kite pun Punjabi kelate...ambo meme dok berahi hok Kolupô...hok original belako...

Punjabi ni tak de hal...masak lomak ikan salai, daging salai (den triple amount cili api orang nogori) , gulai tempayak, ikan patin, nasi dagang, rendang jering, kerdas, potai, cencaluk, budu...semua okayyyy jer....

(but gimme dhall turka, ikan tenggiri goreng and acar on a rainy day...itu SOUL food saya...kah kah kah)

Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t is that really ur crib KM?

You're living the big time right there. God bless you KM. Haha

satD said...

weh lo lapa peruk baco komen ni...

tok aci puok puok ni...jala kaki bole beli budu...ambo ni simpae serupo vintage item takuk habih...

so bendo ambo perasan makane kelate hok dok jual kedai di koto baru tu koho lamo koho tok Kerabu Yatie...kupik habih...tok beraso serupo sokmo....nok kato franchise tok jugok....

One thing i miss most is this kue called tepung boko from Kubang Pasu bottom white santan on top...slurp slurp.

The lady passed away years ago and noone took over from her....there's no substitute.....others don't even come close....

uhuh....must share this one...
i was 6 just came to KL....was at a kelantanese wedding.....there was akok(my fav kue till today) as part of hiasan/hantaran stuff.....i wallop the thing until half mum on the other side freaked out..i ran away knowing that she's gonna hantam me for doing that...

thats the power of kelantanese food folks....boleh tok ingat dunio..

KijangMas said...

Ketam (March 6, 2009 12:48 AM) said:-
“to hell with malays! Islam comes first.. the rest are second.”

Yeah, that is PAS' line.

The others?

DAP/MCA/Gerakan: “To Hell With Malays, Chinese Come First.”
Hindraf: “To Hell With Malays, Indians Come First.”
MIC: “To Hell With Malays, Samy Vellu Comes First.”
PKR: “To Hell With Malays, Anwar Comes First.”
RPK: “To Hell With Malays, Chin Peng Comes First.”

Watcamne ni ahh Ketam?

Semua orang béla geng mereka sendiri. Engkau? Sumpah laknat kaum engkau sendiri, sampai dah termakan sumpah sendiri.

Pelik. Tergamak menyalak "To hell with Malays ..." walhal lain-lain puak bersatu teguh sampai berani tukar sejarah negara ini dan mula meratah bumi Tanah Melayu ini hingga ke tahap gersang dan di persada kehuru-haraan.


Unker Yew said:-
“ … satD, u like this picture of unker in my younger college / samseng triads day in LA or not?”

Hey Unker. Sorry lah old chap, but this proxy-picture-poser must end before it gets out of hand and you start to put up Playgirl pin-up pictures in your Blogger ID.

DN denizens, you want to see the REAL Unker Tommy Han Sap Yew? Enjoy.


Mr.Loba Loba said:-
"Demi Negara, Najib has no credibility. People don't want a C4 Prime Minister ... You can bullshit all you want about Pakatan Rakyat.....but we all know how deep the hell hole BN is in, especially a leader who the ghost of Altantuya would not approve on. Najib should go to Mongolia, and apologize to the King of Mongolia!!!

First of all, Mr. Stoopid, Mongolia has no King. All dead and buried looong ago. Even Chinggis (the correct spelling) Khan’s tomb has not been found. Dumbass!

Secondly, I’m sick and tired of people creating a “Saint” and a Martyr out of a blackmailing foreign sl*t, as if she’s the embodiment of a saintly, innocent cherubic little Virgin Mary incarnate that was killed by some Malay politican-cops-gangsters for no apparent reason.

Be real lah.

Foreigners and pendatang harams and pelacurs die everyday in this land, just like any other lands, including Uncle Sam’s turf where 15-20k people are murdered every year, year after year.

Who’s guilty? Who knows. We all have our opinions and personal judgements. You either believe in the legal process or you don’t. That’s it. But if you don’t believe in the system, and complain about miscarriage of justice and so on, then don’t lah go around suing others (like Teresa Kok again yesterday and SivaTronohKumar and Karpal and Nizar and Anwar and Khalid Ibrahim and ... the whole Pakatan gang) using the very system you denigrade and bring into disrepute. Weird lah, people. Dua-dua, depan blakang lu orang mau mana boleh? Betul ka? Kalau menang court case, they will shout: “Hallelujah, justice is served.” Kalau kalah court case, the very same gang would curse: “Oh my god, our justice system is corrupt to the core.”

Back to this Altantunya issue. You don't watch or read Malaysian news ka? Everyday, you’ll see dead Banglas, dead Vietnamese, dead Nepalese, dead Indonesians, dead Nigerians ....... the whole U.N. country list. But why all these hoopla about a lone dead blackmailing Mongol chick? Why so special? Because she’s “beautiful” (not really, because those “pictures” in the web are really that of a Korean model, I heard dead as well now)? Because she represents the spirit of morality and impeccable social behaviour? I don’t think so, with her going berserk at Baginda’s gate (with a cousin and now we heard a “shaman,” a Mongolian Bomoh!) to demand US$500k or whatever on top of the thousands of greenbacks already dished out by Baginda. So why then is this one dead foreigner (as sad and unfortunate as it is) different from the scores of dead foreigners we see in the news weekly? Why?

You know why?

Because this murdered Mongolian woman is just a convenient excuse, a soft target hijacked by the immoral anti-Melayu scums to create some sort of rallying point just like that stupid Ipoh Democracy Tree to mobilise the anti-Melayu masses and world opinion. You see, these people are big on “symbols” and “icons” and larger-than-life representations of humans, leading to ultimate divinisation of the chosen dead person to push the goals of the "sponsor group," in this case to bring Najib’s leadership into disrepute and sow the seeds of more chaos in this country, which they hate with all their guts, heart and soul.

How come I don’t hear of any “Justice for Hendra Parikesit Sutiyoso” who was killed by unknown assailants at Segambut Dalam last week? What about “The Ghost of Ameerul Zaman” seeking justice against the Ah Long scums who burned him and his family to death in Sentul recently? What about “The Spirit of Candy Zhang Xiu-Lin”, the rambut-karat China mali hooker bludgeoned to death by her Chinese Malaysian pimp? Why no outrage? No sympathy? No watching brief by Karpal the SinghKing Celaka King for the Indonesian, Bangladeshi or PRChina embassies? Why no dads in ill-fitting suits flown over to barge into Parliament to confront MPs over these deaths? Why different? A life is a life. No?

You see, even if that Baginda fellow was somehow implicated in the killing of a mongrel, that dead dog would have been linked to Najib and Rosmah and deified as some sort of icon for injustice and blah, blah, blah Pakatan shit-talk, and a Fido Foundation and whatnot would have been set-up by these obnoxious holier-than-thou but tidur kangkang sama laki orang creatures to publicise this “gross injustice” to the rest of the world. Yup, anything, just anything their paws could grasp will do.

Oh, and these are the very same Ah Sohs who come home from their “Justice for the Ghost of Whoever” candlelight vigil and whack the poor Indo maid with various homemaker paraphernalia without batting a slantee eye lid. And these are the same Ah Sohs who hire Mah Chais to harass and rough-up young women they suspect of having affairs with their Ah Peks. Justice my ass. Mana ada “justice” in the minds of these crude, foul mouth species?


So to Loba Loba and other dishonest mala fide scums out there, if you want to fight for justice, make sure you fight for ALL murdered foreign hookers and pimps and blackmailers. Not just one. You go create “foundations” for all of them and go hold watching briefs in all the related court cases and utter “the ghost of (… fill-in name of murdered pendatang tanpa izin…) watches over you” in your CO2-spewing candle light vigils and cheap T-shirts.

You scums can and will do it?

No. Of course not.

These subversives don’t fight for “justice” for some “ghost” out there. They just want to drag the Malay leadership further and further into the cesspool and then transform Malaysia into a happy hunting ground untuk di porak-perandakan by their rabid racist kinds, as grotesquely demonstrated in Perak since PRU12.

Anonymous said...

Depa ni jealous KM,

Deep in their hearts, probably VERY homesick?

We are different. This is our LAND.

Orang menipu, menghina mencaci, memeras, memutar membelit, they can go to HELL for all we care… tapi kita tak perlu berganjak cos

we are here, and here to stay for generations to come. THIS IS OUR PLACE. One and ONLY, in this world where we can proudly say.…

I am a MALAY from MALAY…SIA. Tak perlu explain apa lagi… oh, I thought you are Malay Russian, or Malay French or Malay African bla bla…



I guess this is the main root to all their ketidak puasan hati mereka. With all their wealth, they cannot buy this FEELINGS eh!!

So they go oooooowwww oooowwwww menyalak macam SERIGALA kat HUTAN...


KijangMas said...

Omong said:-
“It could be my observation only but it seems like Malaysian politics was dull and boring when anwar was in jail. The moment he was released, all hell broke loose ...”

You see Omong, Anwar and the anti-Melayu forces converged in what could be termed the “Perfect Political Storm.” Anwar wanted support – from anybody anywhere anyhow – and the anti-Melayus wanted a Melayu front and flavour to pursue their agenda, knowing full well that only a Malay face could realistically be the PM.

This “storm” became a hurricane wrapped in a cyclone when Anwar, buoyed by the newfound support base, succumbed to his primordial instinct and promised the apex of power itself to these frenzied bunch of SRJK(C) totoks, Hindraf thugs, Chinese chauvinists, and just about anyone who has a bone to pick with UMNO/BN, including, interestingly, the followers of PAS.

All hell broke lose when the promised takeover dates didn’t happen and these restless anak manjas and samseng jalanans and si taksubs began to roll over their tilams and start to rock the katil. Hence, we have this scenario – currently sustained by another perfect storm brewing in UMNO’s messy party elections and uncertain on-off-on-maybe off power handover drama.


"INSTIGATE, cucuk sesame kita kita, then lari sembunyi. Ahhh tengok saja Aney Kedah dan Amoy Selangor!! Sendiri punya hal, first sign of trouble… LESAP! ...
See, depa instigate, kacau semua orang disini, then go off and enjoy them. Once back FRESH and ENERGIZED, they will huru hara keadaan semula … WITH MORE TRICKS to ensure they can CEKOP as much out of this RM60b… "

Ya, pandangan saudara adalah tepat sekali.

Persoalannya ialah: Haruskah kita beri puak-puak ini ruang untuk mencetuskan lagi huru-hara di Tanah Air kita? Ya? Tidak? Di bawah hukum alam apa kita di pertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga kebebasan puak-puak ini untuk bersuara dan mencipta berbagai malapetaka buat negara kita? Mungkin kita harus renung kembali tentang lunas-lunas kerakyatan dan perbatasan hak-hak yang patut di beri kepada puak-puak ini, yang rata-rata tidak membawa manfaat kepada Negara, Jiwa dan Bangsa Malaysia.


phonont said:-
"I can see Mr. X sobbing, kneeling and praying to his Dewa RPK after being beaten the racist shit out of him by DM readers."

Hey Phonont, thanks for the scoop pics. So this cult has gotten that bad ahh? I was looking for a symbolic Teapot or something ... and found the icon of anti-Kemelayuan perched right on top of this retard's head - a Petaling Street Red Star communist cap. My gut instinct on seeing that cap was to discharge a magazine of 7.62mm's from my M60E3. BTW, just look at the so-called Anak Bangsa Malaysia congregation. Mana Melayu? India pun ilek. Does this overfed, mollycuddled Bandar Utama crowd represent the Malaysian Masses, leading the way for a socio-political revolution from Perlis to Kelantan to Sabah? Now, that's the biggest joke of all. Sluurp, an RPG round would have been perfect. A big subversive problem solved.


Apo, KarCelakaPal's initial reaction to the group said it all. Typical. Buat lembik, buat lemah, cakap Melayu macam si jaga pajak gadai. And what's with his Sri Lankan wheelbarrow pusher? Dok main handphone nak panggil siapa? NATO cruise missile strike ka? Imagine his pleadings:"... Mayday, mayday, ... BlackAss Down, BlackAss Down. Karpal under attack, Karpal under attack;... please launch Tomahawk, I repeat Tomahawk, at target 3°9′10′′N, 101°42′12′′E. 20 enemy combatants armed with loud mouths and threatening grunts. Reinforcements on the way, ... a botak pimp operating under Code Word 'Lu Siapa' and a black buffalo ..."


Hanep said:-
"I am astounded how this senile blogger(RPK) can attract a lot of readers to MT. I guess 99.9% of them are malay haters and typical umno/bn-basher bastards. I had most of the times my posts(comments) were not approved due to my critical analysis towards him or his posts. Even it doesn't contain profanity or obscene words."

Well, Hanif, this b*st*rd's main selling point is his pathological hatred for Malays and willingness to be the poster boy for these anti-Malay celakas.

Beyond that? Nothing. This loony old prick won't allow dissenting comments as he would lose the argument in a heartbeat. Hence, "delete" is his favourite key.

Don't worry about MT. It's now nothing more than a gossip and hate-mongering cesspool for the anti-Melayus suffering from a case of acute alienation from this land.


Omong (March 13, 2009 11:37PM) said:-
"Singh is King - India
Lu Siapa? - China
Kita terlalu sabar - Melayu"

Got one more:-
Hei natae beghok tuo, mung nok keno pecoh palo? - Das Kelantanisch


satD said:-
"weh lo lapa peruk baco komen ni... tok aci puok puok ni...jala kaki bole beli budu...ambo ni simpae serupo vintage item takuk habih..."

Tokpo lah satD weii. Makéné di JKT pong sedak-sedak jugok. Tapi budu keno ado. Kalu kigho kaelo, budu cap Ketéré di LA maha lagi daghipado Chardonnay Sauvignon 1979 Vintage.

Anonymous said...

dear kamal,

you acutally write very well... shame we couldn't meet up.
I love agreeing to disagree with people..

KijangMas said...

Folks, a piece of dung, an RPK-Cultist and MT Junkie Supreme known as delCapo rolled off the bullock cart into DN with a cryptic message starting with “dear kamal.”

Who is this “kamal” fellow? Could “kamal” be a code word for delCapo’s fellow kapcai riding gayboy partner? Was delCapo jilted, hence, his pitiful “shame we couldn't meet up”?

Unker Yew and satD, please control your laughter, but can someone please tell the Knights of DN here why this bovine dropping sent a personal note to his “lover” here?

The blogoshitoritis epidemic afflicting the self-proclaimed Anak Bangsat Malaysia must have gotten really bad, with this delCapo fellow reduced to foraging for cyber-lovers in other blogs.

I think this CO2-spewing obsessive candleburner has a freakish fetish for tough patriots in a sado-masochistic, the-enemy-turns-me-on kinda way. Sick!

Yup, these anti-Melayu subversives are getting weird, real weird – self-destructing by the day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kamal,

you ACUTALLY write very well...hehehe...

DelCapo, we are aware that you ACUTE(ally)LY have it for a KamalMas.

He is calling you "dear"...hahahah...okayyy give it up KM.....did you break his heart?

satD said...

aiyooo dey delcapo...danny boy...

Lu mana sesat ni....tarak vigil mau pergi ka?

ape pasat lu ingat brader KijangMas itu Kamal dey....tara standard la ini blogmaster mau jumpa sama lu itu kampung baru punya restaurant!!

lu mau bawak lu punya singapore kiasu punya perangai sini ka? kasi naik lu punya motor pi balik lu punya anak bangsat malaysia punya pulau la danny boy....sudah kena fong fei kei sama itu kamal mau cari pasat sini eh?

haiya.....nanti gua mesti samak gua punya keyboard la

KijangMas said...

Ha ha ha Anonymous.

The only thing I'm liable to break here is this Mr. Acutally's face and a couple of ribs and a femur and metacarpal or two.

Anonymous said...

One of our secretary Barbir WENT BERSERK when parents left for India (ziarah Kampung halaman) for 8months.

She threw off her usual Panjabi dressings to MINISKIRKS and tight jeans, cut off her oiled pony tails, permed and coloured her hair.

And her siblings, she chopped off their tennis balls from on the head.

Katanya, lepas geram kerana sangat2 mengidam tapi takut sama Naney.

Then took up swimming lessons - first time in 2piece swimming suit. She got hooked with an Australian, flew there to enjoy.

By the time Naney got home,she announced (from Australia)she had gotten married and now residing there.

Never heard from her but after 3yrs, I received a call from one Barbara Smith, with the dey Australian brawl.

It took me a while to shout back at her… Cis.. kamu Barbir, apake hal jadi Barbara?.

There you go,

He was looking for KAMALA KAUR… not KAMAL!! Sesat sesat!!


Tam Dalyell said...

I have this ugly repulsive feeling. Geli jijik yang teramat sangatnya. But I can’t place it where or when. And I remember of coming across this ominous celaka spelling ‘delcapo’. I remember it vividly because of the ‘del’ spelling. But I cannot remember where when.

“Long. Bila tok-ki rasa geli begini ni?”
“Alaaa. Tok-ki gogoh udang dulu ingat?”

Gogoh udang? Gogoh udang galah? Gogoh udang galah is an art of trapping giant fresh-water-river prawns I learn (and still learning) from the orang asli of Kampung Ujung Janda Baik. Now Kampung Ujung has become Kampong Tengah due to the influx of city sleekers buying up all available lands around this kampong orang asli, to build their istana hinggaps.

Yes. Now I remember. During one of these practical lessons of the art of gogohing udang galah, my hands “trapped” something that feel and shaped like “sotong kering rendam.”

I lifted it out of the water and eyed it quizzically. On it was written ‘d.e.l.c.a.p.o’. My mind grew numb at realizing what it is.

“Tuan …. Tuan … itu telinga babi.” Stammered my orang asli instructer.

My face lost its colour. (Not that it is colourful). I can feel its blood draining down into my throat. My breath got itself caught in my lungs. I know. I felt the pain. Not physical pain. But the pain of being un’suci’. Something like the emotion-feeling of an anak dara who suddenly lost her kedaraan.

Long hit my hand. Delcapo fell into the rippling water.

“Siapa tarok delcapo celaka ni disini?” I bellowed like a stricken bull at my instructer.

"Kami tuan … umpan udang … supaya tuan senang belajar."

"Kenapa pakai delcapo?"

"Telinga babi … tuan … bukan delcapo ..... betul t...."

“Delcapo … delcapo … delcapo celaka bukan telinga … delcapo … delkapo cilaka” I was screaming at him. His assistances drew back one or two steps. I saw that he was trembling. He put the only udang galah caught into his mouth. So that he has an excuse not to jawab me. Also so that he didn’t drop the udang galah from his trembling hands.

“Tok-ki … Sanap betul. Itu ….” Long tried to comfort my instructor. But I cut him short. Now I had two orang baik hati who tried to be nice to me.

“Bukan … bukan. Itu delcapo. D-E-L-C-AP-O … delcapo ... celaka” I screamed at them. I knew that brat Long was hiding his pontianak giggle behind Sanap.

“Pegang babi … tok-ki boleh sertu … suci balik. Terpegang D-E-L-C-A-P-O nak sertu pakai apa? Apa? Apa hah?” I continue giving vent to my rasa geli, jijik, mual, and najis … all the while walking back downstream looking for mud.
Now this unwholesome delcapo in its half stupor, lost its way here. Tuan KijangMas, your blog is now sullied by najis mughalazhoh. You have to employ that shaman medicine man with his skunks to cleanse it.
For the orang asli of Janda Baik, delcapo is good as bait. Here it is only good for … Uncle KijangMas, please may I borrow your RPG? Give me one shot. Please laaa Uncle. Then I will go back to finish my final semester in Oceanographic Biology come July .. deeply satisfied.

Anonymous said...

delcapo may be suffering a severe form of delusion which is probably the side effect of him wearing the magical Quantum Pendant (as advertised on his blog)- the ridiculously pricey piece of rusty scrap metal propagating the pseudosciencey bio-electro-whatever bullshit wave which has the effect of making the wearer falsely believes that his voice represents the majority, and to suffer the uncontrollable urge to indulge in any orgy of self-humiliation and destruction, which includes the RPK-and-pokok worshipping and condemn-whatever-Malay exercise.

Tembeleng said...

Hahahaha. Mamat tu tulis "Acutally" sebab dia nervous tu, tangan terketar-ketar masa menaip surat chenta kat ikon pujaan dia lah tu.

Hahaha DelCapo ke bende wey belum abang jantan sentuh dah terpancut? DelCapo pungkok cipan. Nama bukan main tough, berangan mafioso la pulak tak sedar diri babi ni, tapi ropanya mangkok jamban.

Mari gelak kat dia ramai-ramai. Biar satu dunia tau tak de sapa ketar gigi dengan mamatawek bernama DelCapo Pungkok Sakhti.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction to delcapo's post was - WTF??????

Who the f*ck is Kamal anyway? For a moment there I thought it was KijangMas's real name. Man, of all the weird comments I've read here, this has got to be at the top of the list.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hoi, KM, u bluddy upset Unker with that dickhead photo, y u go & tarnished my good image!!
Bikin manyak sway lah, losing streak for 3 consecutive nites.

That delcaypochi fella got nothing better to do lah, betta go pour some delmonte ketchup on himself so as to look terrer mah. Must be another Verfluchtes Arschloch!

Gesundheit Voren,
I think better u go start a Keantanisch ‘Luftwaffle’ pancake restaurant in Kota Bahru. Unker fren Karl –Heinz Ruin-a many-girl can be your chef & Wolfgang Overdraft can be your financial Controller.

KM, your pad too small lah, no privacy, so I’ll book a suite at the Casa del Mar Hotel down the road.

Hey Zaza, I tot I saw u at the duty free shop aboard the Calais-Dover ferry. U were trying out the fragrances and sniffs at a bottle with the name ‘Viens a moi’. I remember u asked the salesgirl;
“Vien a moi? What on earth does that mean?” “That’s French meaning “Come to me.”, she said. Then u turns to your fren & asked “Come to me? It doesn’t smell like cum to me. Does it smell like cum to you?”……hehehe…jangan marah je.

Tigress,your grandpa photo reminds me of that fella in The Standard Chartered Bank advert a long2 time ago, “Big, Strong & Friendly” & yes bangaliwansolong too.

Unker Yew
P/S - celaka u Kawan Rapat Apek, lu isi itu borang same gua, dibawah 'SEX' lu taruk 'hali hali mau'!! Bikin malu sama gua lah!

Anonymous said...

Bro kijang...your blog reeks of racism laa.Tell me whats your ideal picture of Malaysia..a pendatang-free Malaysia?...chinese-free Malaysia....Indian-free Malaysia..Ethnically cleansed Malaysia?..Arabanized Malaysia...Talibanized Malaysia?...whats your solution to this mess were in?


Anonymous said...

Herr Spielführer KM. Das heißt Onker Yew? Mein Gott, hat die eine Hackfresse. Mit der Hackfresse würde ich nachts die Laternen mann. Wo sind mein sturmgewehr?

KM, 'delcapo' ist einen homofag schweinhund. 'delcapo' - du bist einen Arschloch! Fick dich.

Karl-Heinz Vorennisch
Jetzt im raum sehr schön Tok Bali, Pasir Puteh, Kelantanien

and sayo suko maké budoo nasi kerhaboo. Sedak do-oh! Wunderbar.

Anonymous said...

Delcapo? oh I thought it was a tomato ketchup brand or maybe Gestapo? he does have that chin peng trait alright....and lost in transit some more....hei delcapo, u're having a withdrawal symptom or what? kena kicked out many times kah??? never learnt your lesson or what, still want to kena hentam??

Saya... said...


isn't that REDUNDANT? ;)

OMG...KamalMas...this blog is a reservoir of international are now numero uno in GOOGLE search engine rankings...for swear words!

Congrats?? Heheh...

Guano mung macé nih, saloh hari oghe konpius serupo si Rajo Botak pulok doh.

Anonymous said...

Inikah si delCapo gayboy yg di sebut2 di sini?

Yukkkkkky !!! Betul lah Tuan Dal. Mana selut nak samak mata gua?

Dan kpd Si 'Ahmad Adam' penyokong Anak BangsaT Malaysia yg. takleh cakap Bahasa Malaysia, engko pergi baca ini dulu (jgn malas, baca sampai abis, pakai KAMUS English-Tamil & English-Mandarin kalu engko tak paham tulisan KM). Pastu mari balik dan tunjuk muka engko skali lagi sini. 'Ahmad Adam' konon. Nama sebenar dia ni gua rasa Tan Chee Bai, muka mcm si apek botak 'Lu Siapa' di parlimen.

Tembeleng said...

Ahmad Adam:
"ethnically cleansed Malaysia"

Apa ke lanchau la puak cipan ni suka sangat pakai ayat-ayat besar tanpa faham makna. "Genocide" lah kunun. ""Apartheid" lah kunun. Pungkok mak hang la, babi oi. "Ethically cleanse your momma" amacam? Maybe one of these days the government should give these people what they wish for and ethnically cleanse their genocidally apartheid arse.

What kind of Malaysia we want? Malaysia yang bersih dari pengkhianat tak sedar diri dan tak reti berterimakasih. Patut hantar balik naik tongkang je dulu tu.

Tembeleng said...

yang aku belajar mencarut ni, puak Pakatan tu lah yang dok ajar. Sapa lagi?

Saya... said...

Mak aih...Tembeleng...

Tak dapek den nak nenolon dah jang oi...den nak poi makan lomang...mano nak mencarik malam2 buto ni hah! Yang tak berkorak...lomak, manis...kono ngan rondang nogori..ish ish sodap bonar ...bukak ko tak Pak Ali dopan zoo tu..nak poi Pilah tak kuasa den....tapi den tak gomar Pak Ali tu...abih lomang den kono abuk rokok dio memoton sambil isap rokok, dopan den sonyum jo kek Pak Ali...balik den campak kek sampah...

(tu nogori slang jalandhur)

Anonymous said...

Oooi Ahmad Adam aka Tan Peng San s/o Thambykoolee,

Careful, don't you anyhow say one !!

Your species are damn bangsat ones you know, always making trouble ....liars, traitors, ungrateful lot and BIG BIG morons !!!

Do me a favour lah scumbag, get out of my sight and my Tanah Air NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

ahmad adam smells like black meat who likes blames others rather than blame themselves for their mistakes..

Anonymous said...

Ni Hao Ma Ms. Tigress / An-Nimr.

Thks for holding de fort against tis racist people here.

You our Iron Lady, An-Nimr.

God bless An-Nimr. Hidup PAKATAN!!!


Saya... said...


Danny boy!

Listen up man!

I'm NOT holding up any fort for any Pakatan or the BN.

As far as I'm concerned, they both stink.

Tolonggggg jangan palitkan nama saya dalam lumpur ek....

Pandai2 ko ni...

Claw you then you know....

Saya... said...

orang cakap lain, lain pulak orang faham/tak faham2...back to my lomang...where was i...

Anonymous said...

I know, i know. Tigrees a.k.a. al-nimr is our commando fighteer inside this blog. Hehehe.

Hantam them Tigrees. al-nimr our new Elly Wong!

Billy Wong

Anonymous said...

Hoi apek2. Sapa lu? Buleh belahh!

Tapi gue rasa ada u/c instigator sini. Baca balik post2 lalu. Post-Bikin kacau-delete; post-bikin kacau-delete. Biasa punya taktik diorang ni.



Saya... said...

Pendekarlara yang dah melarat,

Are you referring to my posts yang I delete? Mana u tau apa saya tulis? U tanya sama itu KamalMas apa saya tulis? Ada saya buat kacau ka?

U pergi balik practice jadi penglipurlara lagi bagus... ;)

Anonymous said...


Tsk tsk tsk as usual a typical non intelligent answer from a typical UMNO-Malay types like yourself.Nak aku cakap Melayu boleh kalau tak paham.Macam mana aku boleh jadi cina dan anti Melayu sedangkan aku sendiri Melayu.Nak tengok Melayu maju.Nak ramai lagi orang Melayu yang boleh dibanggakan kerana usaha mereka sendiri.Orang macam kau memalukan kaum sendiri ada la.UMNO,PKR i dont give a damn as long as they do a good job.Ultra-nationalist,racist(whichever colour you are) can kiss my big Melayu-Jawa ass.

Peace out

Anonymous said...

'KamalMas' ni siapa? Mangsa lelaki baru lu ka an-nimr? Habih lah lu si kamal. Kamal oh kamal. Kah Kah KahMal.


Anonymous said...

Kapada "AHMAD ADAM BIN ISMAIL", si barua DAP dan pencacai Hindraf.

Aku nak tau, macam mana engko "handle" si racist Cina dan racist India Hindraf yg bermusoh ngan UMNO mcm engko?


Engko peluk si Racist2 sial ni?

Sila jawab dgn logik yg boleh di terima. Jgn buat aku ketawa kat mukamangkuk engko.

'Peace Out' my foot ...
Stuff your candlelight Peace up your barua Ass

Saya... said...

Ye Pendekar Melarat, Billy, Danny et al...

I just bite off their heads, I don't bother to chew, then spit them out. Because I find they all taste like...gag.

Want to join the next skull hung above the fire in my den? I like the way they glisten in the nite....

Anonymous said...

Apa pun siapa nak kata, I personally thank you very much KM…

Anak saya 2orang akan menjadi pengundi yang akan datang.. Ramai dari kawan2 mereka juga. And are following what is happening very CLOSELY.

Telah membuka hati mereka dengan keadaan sebenar apa yang sedang berlaku kepada Bangsa dan Negara kita yang tercinta ini.

Alhamdullilah… And I thank God that all my children can READ and feel for themselves what others are doing to their future.

Tak kira BN/Pakatan.. FUCK to all of you if your intent is to destroy the peace and harmony that my grandfathers had left for us to enjoy. And HOW dare to those of you who try to take away those beautiful memories or yesteryears, even way before Merdeka, from us!!


Anak generasi sekarang bukan lagi “Kerbau dicucuk idung”, they are very well educated and can analyse VERY WELL.


Anonymous said...

Aduh Sakai bila pulak aku jadi DAP & HINDRAF??
Kalau nak ikut logic akulah, RACISM BREEDS MORE RACISM kau paham.Ini semua produk UMNO MALAY SUPREMACIST kau tau.Kalau semua rakyat dilayan sama rata dan kaum minoriti tidak ditindas takkan ada orang2 macam ini.Dah lah tu jangan cemarkan nama orang-orang Sakai.Mereka kaum yang aman tak macam engkau , mencarut tak tentu pasal.Dan tak payah kaitkan aku dengan mana-mana parti politik.Im apolitical if you know what that means.

peace out Sakai, im a Malay really and proud of it but not too proud for my own good.

Anonymous said...

kurang ajar punya apek, aku tembak kau betul betul baru tahu .....tongue twister!!!

Tam Dalyell said...

Ahmad Adam said...

“...your blog reeks of racism laa…”

This Ahmad Adam in too tempting. Sorry Tuan KijangMas. I know, when you let go at him, there will be nothing left. So please, let me main-main sikit with him … this once.

Hellooo yes, hell-oooo AA. That’s the beauty of it. This “blog reeks of racism” you say. For once you got it right. Kira nasib … beginer’s luck … steeeerike one …. that this IS NOT A RICIST’S blog. It never was. It never is. IT ONLY REEKS as one .. it smells racist but never a racist.

Just like a cow smelling sweet sweet as honey. A honey-smelling cow.

Then comes a freak named AA. Being his first experience with cow and honey, he doesn’t know what a cow or honey is like. But it smells good. Must taste good too.

So he greedily licks it. Lap lap lap lap. At its shit-splattered backside. And he lapped it clean. For half an hour. Gooood. Finger licking good. Ya. Agreed. You deserve the cow’s backside.

It only smells like honey.

AA. You are asking “whats your ideal picture of Malaysia .. a pendatang-free Malaysia? ……” followed by numerous adjectives.

Well. You said that. We didn’t. We never would do that for all our lives. We want Malaysia as Malaysia should be .. not the ugly Malaysia you painted.

You listed all those beautiful adjectives … and your tone slew it into something ugly and sad. Exactly the way you demonized the kris.

Kris is Malay. Malay is kris. If a Malay kisses his kris, he kisses his bangsa. He is upholding his bangsa’s sovereignty.

Now. Who would hate that? Who would demonize that. Who would interpret that as something threatening. Who would misread that as an act of aggression?

The answer is you and all the anti-Malay anti-Islam Hindraf DAP & PKR … err … some in Gerakan.

How many non-Malays were killed by the kris this past 52 years? You are adept at bending minds. That’s what you are, the gurus of deceitful liars.

But. But. But … How many Malays were killed by the anti-Malay Chinese Bintang Tiga?

How many kampongs were razed to the ground by these anti-Malays.

How many policemen were gunned down and police stations burned to the ground?

How many Bukit Kepongs fell victim to kris?

Who gunned down a Malay Inspector General Of Police in broad daylight not even 30 years back in K.L?

A kris-wielding Malay?

A Malay pengantin with a kris on his waist while bersanding on the pelamin?

A mak cik doing the kris-salam-dance in a Raja’s celebration?

AA, if you be a Malay, you are a disgrace.

If you are a delinquent Malay, you have disowned your mother’s life-sacrificial act while giving birth to you.

If you were not the kind being given birth to by a mother, most likely you are a cold-blooded reptile, born out of an egg, after being left to its fate by its slithering hissing spitting four-meter-long mother, hatched out by the warmth of the sun and decomposing vegetation where you were laid.

Right the minute you were hatched, your specialty is in spitting and injecting king cobra venom – just the way you do in your comment.

You stupidly asked, “….whats your solution to this mess were in?”

Well AA. In the first place, this mess is of your making. It was not here or there before the accursed celaka PR came along?

Who created PR? … YOU.

Who waved the Palestinian flag while lying down in the way of a Sultan on his way to do his work? …. YOU.

Who held his Mesyuarat Rakyat under a tree? … YOU.

Who started a one night stand kiosk at BUKIT teLANJANg? … YOU.

Who started “ketuanan rakyat” … specializing in destroying any semblance of rule of law, keluhuran undang-undang? … YOU.

The list is as long as longkang Sungai Bonus along Jalan Ampang … go find out.

YOU bring no good. YOU and your PR buddies bodes not well for this Negara. And yet you have the cheek to struttingly ask, “whats your solution to this mess were in?”

Our job is to put you back to where you belong. To hunt you down till you slither back into the kelongsong telur ular tedung … then burn the heap of bamboo leaves rubbish where usually cobras lay their eggs.

As to the mess you are referring to, Najib has a good grip on things. Ya … the same Najib whom you tried your darndest to destroy … who coolly comes out of the storm you create unscathed … the storm that topples Perak … the storm that is going to rip Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau out of your filthy hands …. The storm that will morph into a tornado to throw any remnants of PR into the sea.

Good bye AA alias PR.

satD said...

Salam & Selamat Sore kepada Komunity Demi Negara and Kepala Lancau kepada Yang lain lain

Now here we have an interesting character slithering through and branded this community as racist…….what say you brothers and sisters are we racist?

Do our discussion and engagement here can be simply branded as reeking with racism?

Have our esteemed blogmaster brother KijangMas through his writing in anyway promote such a notion or has he not been calling for a relook at how this nation came into being and the critical components required to build a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia in which the inhabitants to our beloved country can subscribe to such as the critical need for a single unifying language among others and has he not been critically pointing out where the actual racists are either among the politicians or in the cyberspace and have been persistently reminding us that we need to be vigilant against such divisive forces which is tearing the core values of our nation....

First of all this character Ahmad Adam bin Ismail may not be a Malay as we all know this is the cyberspace and Unker Yew could be Aunti Salmah and myself could be an Indian from Mumbai…

Short provocative statements is typical of someone wanting to cari pasal, and if pasal is what u wanna cari, I can assure you that this community will be ready to engage you intellectually blow for blow. If you wanna have a cursing tournament, then it would be a waste of my keyboard clicks...

Sdr Ahmad Adam bin Ismail…ngak usah gitu kalo mau bicara biar ada adabnya..let us know what you really think….perhaps a couple of para of actual thinking…..your current questions to the blogmaster shows that you have not read him well nor have been following the discussion in the comment section in its entirety

Tembeleng said...

Ahmad Adam:
"Macam mana aku boleh jadi cina dan anti Melayu sedangkan aku sendiri Melayu."

Tsk tsk tsk. As if a Malay cannot be anti-Malay? Tengok cara kau jawab pun dah terjawab soalan bengong kau tu:
"Tsk tsk tsk as usual a typical non intelligent answer from a typical UMNO-Malay types like yourself"

Question: is that not an anti-Malay retort? Sure, it is directed at *some* Malays, but it smells the same from where I sit.

Kalau engkau ni je lah tahap intellectual Melayu, tak boleh nak cakap apalah. Mungkin betullah kata orang Cina Singapura: orang Melayu ni pandai setakat boleh jadi Menteri Hal-Ehwal Ugama Islam saja. Nak latih jadi pilot kapalterbang perang pun tak sampai IQ.

Ahmad Adam:
"Nak aku cakap Melayu boleh kalau tak paham."

Hyeah. You really should write just in Malay, dude, because your English is not so hot. Bad use of punctuation, mixed grammar, etc etc.

But honestly, too much time given to a gnat is too much time away from surfing for porn.

Anonymous said...

Hellloooo “Ahmad Adam bin Ismail”,

Wah wah kau ni datang dari mana, hah? Dari lubang cacing atau lubang kubur? Kau betul betul nak Melayu maju atau kau ni pengampu bangsat bangsat tu? Cina tongsua dan Mama karipap tu ? Hatta, sebab tu orang orang kau berpeluk-pelukkan sama itu Amoy, dan berbaring-baringan dijalan …….Aha bodoh punya orang ….jadi lembu lagi baik lah!

Aku bilang sama kau, jangan kata aku orang UMNO ….kau betul buat aku marah, tau tak? ……..aku orang MELAYU, bahalol !!! Aku tak mahu negeri, bangsa dan ugama aku di gadai kat bangsat bangsat tu oleh orang orang Maha munafik seperti kau !!!

Inilah Melayu tak sedar diuntung, kau dah dapat NEP, kau lupa siapa yang beri tu semua. Madu di beri, tuba dibalas …..Poddaah sama kau, liberal dan progressif konon, nak tulis bahasa omputih konon, nama aku pun salah eja ……...tongong!! Beruk kat Uranus tu lagi pandai dari kau lah……..bodoh nak mampooss..

“Ahmad Adam”, kalau kau mampui besok suruh lah DAP/Hindraf Maha racists tu baca doa kat kubor kau ya, diaorang kan Maha suci dan Maha Islam dari UMNO ........WTF !

Tembeleng said...


But seriously, I have had enough of these arsewipes who like to bandy around big terms that mean nothing to them. Like the Cina bukits on May 11, 1969, they lob these words like grenades, as if their action can brook no response. And then when they do get the predictable, equally violent counter-reaction, they bleat like fecking sheep to protest their innocence.

I say we do unto them as they do unto others.

Unless people agree to these insinuations?

* That the government -- according to Hindraf -- for the past 52 years has been actively pursuing a genocide agenda against the Indians in the estates?

* That the government -- according to DAP -- knowingly pursues an agenda of apartheid through the NEP?

And now some smart-arse Melayu-Jawa comes and casually throws the term "ethnically cleansing" like it is some sort of half-eaten potato he just had for breakfast.

Propaganda is an art of deception cloaked in words of truth. Lie to enough people enough times and they will start to believe it.

Just look at the Lebai Malang who goes by the name of Ahmad Adam. He believes what he's been hearing. He believes the government -- on behalf of the Malays -- have been engaging in ethnic cleansing, which is why the term comes so easily to him. He thinks he is being a defender of truth and reason. We must save poor, English-semi-illiterate sods like Ahmad Adam!

These people, they insult the memories of real apartheid victims in South Africa and Rhodesia, the victims of real genocides in Rwanda and the Balkans.

These people also think they can just use these words to tarnish an entire race of people or segments of people and get away with it. Someone needs to take their arses down, hard. And no language other than gutter language is fit to answer such seditious remarks.

Force must be met with force. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I have been observing, and I have come to the conclusion that it is the only language these bastids understand.

Anonymous said...

Tembeleng:”Apa ke lanchau la puak cipan ni suka sangat pakai ayat-ayat besar tanpa faham makna”.

Lagi satu perkataan depa suka pakai is “Rakyat”, which is nothing but a marketing tool used to mislead and give the impression that they monopolize the support of the rakyat in their every move, eg. Pakatan Rakyat, Merakyatkan Ekonomi, Ketuanan Rakyat, Himpunan Rakyat, Pokok Rakyat, Kuasa Rakyat, etc etc.


Ahmad Adam:“Tsk tsk tsk as usual a typical non intelligent answer from a typical UMNO-Malay types like yourself”.

Yo “Ahmad Adam”, how can you expect and intelligent answer when you yourself are asking a stupid question laa dey? If you ask a bangang question then don't lah expect PhD standard answer. Do you have an iota of idea what does “ethnic cleansing” mean? You asked KM what's his (in fact, our collective) picture of ideal Malaysia. Did you care to read through his many previous posts advocating a united anak Bangsa Malaysia yang "di bentuk dalam arca Melayu, underpinned by adat-adat Melayu, speaking in one voice in Bahasa Melayu"? His ideas are very well-articulated and make perfect sense; kalau lu dah baca itu post, lu tak payah pun tanya soalan bangang lu tu.

Cenderawasih said...

kijang mas,

saya suka dan setuju motif serta falsafah blog ni. sebab tu saya slalu ikut.lagi pun komen2 kat sini lucu2 belaka.meredakan hati yg bengkek ni :D.
pasal politik malaysia ni, memang lucu cam sarkas. tengok saja la org politik ada yg jenis ngantuk, yasman, syok sendiri, katak, cik sue, biskut chipsmore, buta, korek ta*k,naik minyak, gila talak, tunggang kuda,jadi kuda,main pondok2, terdukung biawak hidup...aa apa lagi?..sesumpah, kaki lelaki,putar alam dll.
apa la yg boleh kita harapkan?

Saya... said...

Ahmad Adam,

I like the "talibanized malaysia" concept.

'Em Talibans are damned sexy! Just look at Osama...sigh.

Saya... said...


Ahmad can LOOK at Osama, but please don't touch him...Kamal mas I dunno la...that one between both of you...muahahaha

Anonymous said...

An-Nimr RimauTina + Si Mat Adam anak Ma'el Jowo = Perfect Pair.

Wow, buy one get one free ka?

Hehehe, freaaaakkkkssss!

Anonymous said...

Volks, what is a good ONE WORD tag for this "AHMAD ADAM BIN ISMAIL" schweinhund arschloch?

K-H Vorennisch
Tok Bali, Kelantanien

Anonymous said...

For Pakcik Dal, Tembeleng,
Phonont,Satd and the rest of the 'warriors'; I say Spot on guys, Spot on ......give these parasites a damn good 'beating' till they cannot take it anymore ....

Voren, don't you have other words to use other than 'Arschloch', I'm kinda bored with it already lah.....yawn, yawn ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Adam, sometimes I wonder whether you know how to read...did you read the previous postings written by KijangMas? Did he promote racism per se?? If you have a bit of intelligence, you know that KijangMas does not adhere to what you accuse him of doing is hard for me to believe that you're even a Malay Jawa. Hard for me to believe that you prefer to fight for the 'pengkhianats'......even if you say that you don't belong to any political party ....Hard to believe, in fact I don't believe you at all ...

Btw, tell me, if the minorities in this country are being treated badly, how come the richest man in Malaysia is a Chinese and there are more Indian lawyers than Malay ones for a small population percentage in this country...

You are an insult to the real people who face real racism in Palestine and other parts of the world, also with people who endured real Apartheid system in South Africa, the Blacks of USA in the 60's etc .....I think Martin Luther King is turning in his grave with your definition of racism.....

I suggest you go down to Singapore and see for yourself how the Malay Singaporeans are being treated, no, not what is being shown to the world media, but the REAL thing .....

You don't know what exactly is RACISM Mister...

Inspite of all your rhetorics, I don't find you intelligent at all!!! Your are even struggling to write in English...

Anonymous said...

Adam oh adam,

Thats why, you mess with the DM community you mess with the rest of us. Ko tengok, sampai Satd, an-nimr, Dal, semua dah hantam ko. Ni belum lagi kena from KijangMas. I tell you if you kena from KM, you wont dare to go online anymore. Malu ko nnt.

Btw I think its a good idea for all newcomers to this blog to first read KM's post on "the forging of Bangsa Malaysia" before they comment anything. Or else you get idiots giving remarks like " Ultra-nationalist,racist(whichever colour you are) can kiss my big Melayu-Jawa ass".

Hollywood refugee said...

Yang komen & menghentam Ahmad Adam membabi buta & mencarut-carut, ini lah orang yang akan berlari di jalan sambil memegang parang, menjerit-jerit nak bunuh "Cina" sambil melaungkan "Allahu-Akbar".

Dan bila ahli politik Melayu sekali lagi menggunakan teknik "false flag", untuk mencapai tujuan politik yang kotor, orang-orang seperti inilah yang akan melakukan the "dirty job" untuk sang ahlil politikus itu.

Yup, aku tengah cakap kat kau, Tembelang, Sephora dan seumpamanya.

Iyee. Ahmad Adam itu kawan aku dan orang Melayu. Jadi kenapa perlu menjawab kritikan dia dengan bahasa-bahasa kasar?

Mana budi-bahasa & pekerti Melayu yang kau banggakan tu?

Lagi pun dia tanya KijangMas, bukannya dia tanya korang.

Kembara Politik said...

Assalamualaikum, Hi and Hello;

Spot on!


CELAKA (what a nice productive word Karpal! BTW, thanks!) to Karpal Singh & son, Lim Kit Siang & son, Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan, M Manogaran, the Ah Soh Brigade commandos, P Ramasamy, NgehNga (the puppeteers), Sivakumar...

...dan mereka-mereka yang sama waktu dengannya.

You know who you are!


Adam wrote:
"Tsk tsk tsk as usual a typical non intelligent answer from a typical UMNO-Malay types like yourself."

Wow! You must be an 'intelligent' typical PKR-Malay type then. Guess what? Nice try bro but try again.

Adam wrote:
"UMNO,PKR i dont give a damn as long as they do a good job."

PKR did a good job? Heh! What an 'intelligent' assumption! Errr what job? Tell me.

Adam wrote:
"Nak tengok Melayu maju.Nak ramai lagi orang Melayu yang boleh dibanggakan kerana usaha mereka sendiri."

Please elaborate more on that statement. I can't get you.


Uncle Dal:
Assalamualaikum, Hi & Hello! :)
Send my regards to Tok Ki Long!

Untie Zazaland:
Assalamualaikum, Hi & Hello! :)
I'm here to join you & Uncle Dal.


Mo Far Kor pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Nama sikit2 macam siAdibah Ahmad ni..

Unker Yew? Ata betut ker?

Kalau you minta I isi borang, bahagian tu mesti saya taloh : 3holes in one!

Wow, kalah TigerWood meh!


Saya... said...

Saya sebenarnya amat mengasihani org pengecut macam Ma'el Madura ni...yang hanya tahu menembak curi membabi-buta bersembunyi di sebalik nama samaran yang seperti Mala'un, tanpa melihat dan membaca komen2 saya sebelum ini, mungkin kerana dia sendiri ada kekurangan pada dirinya.

Masih ada harapan lagi wahai Ma'el, untuk masalah mati pucuk. Janganlah rasa terlampau rendah diri hinggakan terpaksa mendapatkan "cheap thrill" dengan mencaci orang lain.

That won't make your limp, expired dick any better.

I can assure you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kembara Politik,

W'kum salam.

At last you're here ....I'm sure Pakcik Dal is happy too as well as KM...

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Rezuan Asrah,

Too bad, if anyone hentam KM/DN, the whole DN community will retort least we don't lie down on the road and hold any Palestinian flag....You're saying Ahmad Adam is an angel? what about his "kiss my big Melayu-Jawa ass"? is that a holy scripture from the PR testament? Podaaahhh!!

KijangMas said...

To all DN Knights, appreciate your presence here while I was predisposed.

I also thank the lost souls who came here to make a fool of themselves and reconfirmed my thesis on the pecularities of their species.

Tembeleng said...

Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dah letak jawatan secara sukarela (ataupun, rela dalam paksa); Menteri Besar Melaka bila lagi? Kalau UMNO mahu dunia percaya ia jujur dalam usaha membuang budaya politik wang yang asalnya dibaja dan dituai Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, maka wajiblah karekter-karekter tertentu -- uhuk, Mat Tyson -- untuk berundur tanpa diminta.

Tembeleng said...

Rezuan Asrah:
pungkok mak kau lah. Ha ambek. Nak lagi? Sua muka lagi la. Bodoh punya cipam. Oops. Cipan.

mana yang betul aku akan sokong. Mana yang salah, aku akan tegur. Itu baiyyat aku.

Anonymous said...

ouchie hahah.Its ok guys, i expected these kind of responses.U can bask in all your glory and have your ego stroked here in DN for all i care.And Kijang Mas i was looking forward to the discussion between u and Admiral Tojo in KG Baru but u stood us up, how disapointing....


Anonymous said...

An Nimr,

You need to be checked by a is obvious that you are unwell ...especially in the offense, sista ...

- PCB Beach

Kembara Politik said...

Rezuwan Asrah tulis:

"Yang komen & menghentam Ahmad Adam membabi buta & mencarut-carut, ini lah orang yang akan berlari di jalan sambil memegang parang, menjerit-jerit nak bunuh "Cina" sambil melaungkan "Allahu-Akbar"."

Perkaitan yang saudara nak buat ni tak relevan lansung memandangkan contoh yang khalayak umum lihat yang mengamuk ini ialah datangnya dari puak2 chauvinist sebelah sana- ye...sebelah saudara. Berapa ratus komen yang memaki Sultan dalam buku Pelawat Pejabat DYMM Sultan Perak? Beratus-ratus atau lebih? Dan yang kena dakwa baru2 ni pun, yang mencarut pada Sultan tu - 2 orang Cina tu, dari gaya penulisan pun macam saudara juga. Pandai berselindung...hehehe..tapi kena tangkap terbongkar juga pekung. Sengaja jadi batu api. Padahal dia jauh nun di Penang. Balaci DAP rupanya. Orang Melayu Perak relax je. Dia plak yang meroyan lebih2.

Rezuwan Asrah tulis lagi:

"Dan bila ahli politik Melayu sekali lagi menggunakan teknik "false flag", untuk mencapai tujuan politik yang kotor, orang-orang seperti inilah yang akan melakukan the "dirty job" untuk sang ahlil politikus itu."

Ahli politik macam Karpal Singh (the Celaka guy), the Ah Soh Brigade commandos (Teresa, Chong Eng & etc), P Ramasamy, Lim Kit Siang dan kawasan-kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya guna teknik apa? Bukan "false-flag" ke? Hehehe. Teknik "true-flag" ye? ehehhehehe. Lawak ke apa ni? Yang lakukan dirty job diorang ni bukan saudara ke, wahai Rezuwan Asrah? Ke dah tukar dirty job jadi "clean job". Kalau belah sini aje..dilabel dirty job...belah sana nampak berkilat berseri-seri (bersih lagi suci) la kot? hahaha.

Rezuwan Asraf tulis lagi:

"Iye. Ahmad Adam itu kawan aku dan orang Melayu. Jadi kenapa perlu menjawab kritikan dia dengan bahasa-bahasa kasar? Mana budi-bahasa & pekerti Melayu yang kau banggakan tu?"

Bahasa yang saya gunakan ni sudah cukup berhalus. Kalau nak bagi sesi kaunseling, elok kiranya saudara Rezuwan Asraf pergi jumpa dengan rakan2 saudara di belah sana yang secara sedar telah memaki hamun Sultan dalam buku pelawat Pejabat Sultan Perak dan tak ketinggalan juga kepada rakan Hindraf saudara yang menyamakan Sultan sebagai anjing? Mana budi pekerti yang saudara cakapkan tu? Nak saya paste URL blog2 PR yang memaki hamun Sultan Perak?

Rezuwan Asraf tulis lagi:

"Lagi pun dia tanya KijangMas, bukannya dia tanya korang."

Aikkkk bila masa plak pembaca lain tak boleh respon pada komen dalam blog ni? Setahu saya dalam blog MT pun bersepah yang beri komen even pemberi komen tujukan khas buat RPK. hehehe. Freedom of speech? :P

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