Thursday, July 23, 2009

Misfiring MU, Masalam Mystery and Manic Manek plus Malevolent Mullahs, Mesmerising Michael and Maltreated Maids

My three-week semi-sabbatical took me on a slow journey up our beautiful East Coast to my ancestral domain of Kelantan and some points beyond.

Nowhere to go and having all day to get there.
A slow drive on a coastal trail less travelled, near Tanjong Jara.

Dungun river estuary.
Stunning and reasonably pristine.

Soul-soothing sojourn.
Cruising off the beaten track on Trengganu's central coast on a lazy afternoon.

Padi fields as far as the eye can see.
Along a country road between Pasir Puteh and Bachok in the Kelantan heartland.

A lot of things happened in our country and beyond during those three-weeks. I will touch on six of those in this extended post. KijangMas will talk about football, a mysterious death, Kelantan politics, Nik Aziz, maid abuse .... and as if those are not enough .... Michael Jackson as well.

Now, reschedule your appointment, go get a good cuppa coffee, open your mind and later share your thoughts with fellow members of the DN Community.

Misfiring MU

The Malaysian selection (Under-23 players plus four overaged guys) put on a decent performance against a slightly ruffled Manchester United squad on Saturday. This team of young, mostly unknowns made the millionaire stars of MU work hard to carve up a 3-2 win in front of a near capacity crowd at the 100,000-seat National Stadium.

Yeah sure, this is still early preseason for MU; their players were not fully match fit and jet-lagged; the heat and humidity were too much; and most of the stars were on third gear and avoided unnecessary injuries in a meaningless game. But MU is a professional outfit, a veritable sporting institution. Nothing less than superlatives are expected of them and people pay good money to watch the team perform.

The Malaysian selection could have hung on to the 2-2 scoreline if coach K. Rajagopal had not made wholesale changes to the line-up in the final quarter hour, which effectively unraveled the team's balance and cohesion. Haiya coach, stick to your best eleven lah, with only 2-3 strategic substitutes. You cannot field fringe players (in a squad already of second stringers) against MU and expect to prevail.

Why Under-23 team for such a glamour tie? Well, the football competition in the upcoming Laos SEA Games has a FIFA-imposed Under-23 age limit, and FAM used this occasion as match practice for the SEA Games squad. But if you ask me, we should have fielded our full international (FIFA Class A) squad against Rooney, Berbatov, Scholes, Giggs, Owen and associates. Give them the best we've got lah.

Nevertheless, my praises to the Malaysian selection, especially to Amri Yahyah (one of the overaged players) for his two opportunist goals. Not many have scored two against the Red Devils in a single game under any circumstances.

The two teams had a hastily arranged (due to MU's bombing-scuttled trip to Jakarta) and tame rematch on Monday evening, where a reserve-laden United prevailed 2-0 thanks to two early goals. But that's academic.

The future of Malaysian football?

Sorry folks, still bleak. Smileys

The reason?

It's multifaceted. Suffice to say that they are spawned mostly from FAM's administrative incompetence, with league format changes almost an annual affair, and the body's inability to grasp the game's commercial dynamics and external challenges.

Masalam Mystery

PM Najib yesterday announced the formation of two investigative bodies to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock near Selangor MACC's headquarters at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. An inquest headed by a magistrate will investigate Teoh's cause of death while a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) will study MACC's interrogation methods.

Now, please allow the people conducting the inquest and the RCI to do their jobs. My message to the Pakatan politicians, go back to administering the states that was entrusted to you people in PRU12. Enough politicking, curtail your parasitic, opportunist inclinations. Manage the crumbling economic and social affairs of the five states under your care.

Now, these are the facts:-

- Teoh Beng Hock, the young political secretary to Ean Yong Hian Wah, Selangor's exco for new village development and resettlement of illegal factories, was called in as a witness in MACC's investigation of alleged misuse of allocations by several Selangor state assemblymen.

- He was last seen in the MACC pantry at 6am on Thursday (16/7) by Tan Boon Wah, the Kajang municipal councillor who was also questioned by MACC in relation to the same case.

- Tan was quoted as saying,
“He looked tired, but he didn’t say anything to me."

- Teoh was found dead on the roof of Plaza Masalam's 5th floor podium over seven hours later at 1.30pm.

These are additional details forwarded by MACC:-

- According to its
director of investigation, Mohd. Shukri Abdull,
Teoh was brought in for questioning after MACC raided Ean Yong’s office at the State Secretariat building at 4pm on Wednesday (15/7).

- Teoh arrived at
MACC's office, 14th floor, Plaza Masalam at 5pm. He was interrogated until 3.45am early Thursday (16/7) morning .

- He was asked to return the next day with relevant documentation to assist the investigation.

- He was then "released" and free to go.

- Teoh told MACC officers that he was tired and wanted to rest in MACC's premises.

- Tan Boon Wah's sighting of Teoh at 6.00am in MACC's pantry corraborated the story, at least until that time.

- MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan said Teoh was no longer in their custody when he was found dead at 1.30pm on Thursday.

- Ahmad Said was quoted as saying,
"Teoh was let off after questioning. We do not know where he went after that.”

The police had these to say:-

- Selangor police chief, Deputy Comm. Khalid Abu Bakar, said police recorded statements from 33 individuals. The NST said these include 25 MACC officers. The Star said eight of the 33 are MACC officers. (Siapa betul? Take notes and count properly lah).

- He said Ean Yong and lawyer M.Manoharan had been summoned to give their statements. Apparently, Teoh had contacted Ean Yong and Manoharan prior to his questioning.

- Tan Boon Wah, the interrogatee who saw Teoh alive at 6am, lodged a police report against MACC on Saturday (18/7).

- According to Khalid, police acted on Tan’s report but astonishingly Tan refused to give his statement pertaining to his report.

- Khalid said Tan would be compelled to give his statement to the police. According to The Star, he would be summoned under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The NST reported that he would be served a notice under Section 11 of the Penal Code. (Again, mana satu?).

- Tan would be charged for making a false report if he further refuses to cooperate.

- Tan finally gave his statement at the Selangor police headquarters at 9pm Monday (20/7). Tan now denies he was uncooperative, claiming he was in Johor during the weekend, attended Teoh's funeral in Malacca, and then went to the Shah Alam police headquarters at 9pm where he remained until 12.30am.

- Police would also question two other MACC interrogatees who were with Teoh and Tan.

- As for the time of Teoh's death, Khalid was quoted as saying: “If we follow the initial report of the doctor about four to five hours before the body was found.”

- CCTV footage showed Teoh entering the building on Wednesday (15/7). No recording of him leaving.

- Police has custody of Teoh’s Sony Ericsson P1 mobile phone, wallet and backpack, all obtained on Thursday (16/7) from MACC investigation officers.

- Bernama quoted Khalid as saying: "We wanted to trace the calls made by the deceased before he was brought into MACC custody and the short messaging service (SMS) notes received before he was found dead."

- Parts of a window from the 14th floor were found on the fifth floor where Teoh’s body was found.

- According to the NST, police “… also checked the window of the interrogation room on the 14th floor from which Teoh was believed to have fallen. They also took the window latch.”(Italics added).

- The Star reported Khalid as saying police are also investigating underworld links to this case.

DAP appointee, Tan Boon Wah, investigated for supplying flags paid by tax-payer's money to the office of fellow DAP cadre and state assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah for a mesra rakyat event on August 29 last year, filed a lawsuit at the KL High Court against MACC yesterday (22/7) for false imprisonment. Tan claimed
he was made to stand “like a soldier” and stare at a point 200 meters away and was shouted at if he moved his head. Tan complained about being called Cina Bodoh by the interrogators.

Anything else?

What can we imply and hypothesise from these raw facts and recollections?

Not much and too much. The conspiracy theorists would be going berzerk with their giddy speculative conjectures based on different permutations of these raw info, and of course further skewed by their political inclinations.

What we all want to know:-

From what angle was Teoh a MACC "witness"?

- Idealist turned whistleblower?

- Perpetrator being "strong-armed" to become prosecution witness?

- Reluctant know-all political secretary with "keys" to the
state assemblymen's cans of worms?

- Unfortunate inconsequential pawn in a battle involving the underworld?

How did Teoh die?

- Yeah, the fall-induced trauma would be obvious, but what about the "means": suicide or homicide?


- What time between the 6.00am sighting and 1.30pm discovery? Based on the preliminary pathologist report of Teoh being dead 4-5 hours prior to the body's discovery, then his death must be around 9am.

- Did his boss, Ean
Yong Hian Wah, and other
DAP politicians actively attempted to locate Teoh from the wee hours of the morning upon his release until the time of his body's discovery?

- Why was his body "discovered" only at 1.30pm?

No one actually peeked out their office window (and saw the body) from morning well into lunchtime?

- And once the body was "discovered," many clear pics taken from their windows above were posted in blogs by office workers. If it was there earlier (between 6am and 1.30pm), no one saw it from their office windows?

Where did he died?

- We are sure he died at the spot where he was found?

- Let's not get gory here, but the impact point of a human's nine-storey fall on concrete is a heck of a mess.

- Even the "thud" could be sickeningly deafening.

- Nobody heard or noticed anything? Wouldn't that building be teeming with people at the 9am purported time of fall?

- And as mentioned, no one saw the body from their office window from early morning until the 1.30pm "discovery"?

Why? Yes, the motive?

Now, let's assume it is not suicide, who would want to kill Teoh?


- So these people killed their potential whistle blower and star witness and then had to diligently rebuild their case again?

- And assuming they did it, these people were too dumb to concoct a believable story out of their alleged misdeeds, like simulating a proper "suicide" with staged commotion, suicide note and all the trimmings of a terjun bangunan bunuh diri scenario?

- And why do it there, at their own premises? Objectively, make sense ka?

- And why left the body there for 4-5 hours?

- But if reports that Teoh jumped/fell/pushed from the window of MACC's interrogation room are true, then this case could be exponentially more complicated.

- What about Teoh's mobile phone, wallet and backpack? Why were they in the possession of MACC officers? Of course, this just lead to more conjectures: Were these items in MACC's possession all these while (hence, potentially debunking MACC's "released at 3.45am" story) or were picked-up later, either in the pantry, sofa or near a 14th floor window after
Teoh jumped/fell/pushed from the 14th floor?

- Whatever it is, it is clear that Teoh
jumped/fell/pushed from the 14th floor without his mobile phone and wallet in his pockets. Interesting ...


- Why UMNO? How could these people gain from Teoh's death? How?

- Look, Teoh is potentially UMNO/BN's trumpcard, another Saiful Bukhari, if the MACC case against the DAP assemblymen goes to trial.

Who else?

Najib? Rosmah?

- Listen up Brother Anwar, Guan Eng, Unker Kit and gang, don't blame everything on these lovebirds lah. Mana boleh semua hal buruk dalam ini negara dia olang yang bikin?

- TNS, lu punya
erectile dysfunction pun salah JibRos ka?

- Yeah, blame global warming and world hunger and MJ's death on them too. Happy now?

Let's refine the question: Who would stand to gain if Teoh is dead?

- What was Teoh's role again? Key "witness," meaning he may testify on the prosecution's behalf?

- Ok, tell me who would not like to hear testimonies from this potential prosecution witness? MACC? They are the prosecutors lah dey. Teoh will be on their side.

Why the silence?

Let me help. How about those who would be implicated by the testimony? I don't know who, but at least now we have a semblance of something called a motive. Betul ka?

Where do we go from here?

Yeah, any leads?

Potential leads:-

- Teoh's mobile phone records.

- Cross-referencing of MACC officers' and relevant Selangor state assemblymen's phone records with Teoh's.

- Who else spoke to Teoh on his mobile?

- CCTV footage, where available.

- Witnesses accounts, and these include MACC officers, Plaza Masalam security guards, cleaners, adjacent office workers,
Tan Boon Wah, and two other unnamed interrogatees. Home minister Hishammuddin Hussein said 40 more people would be questioned.

- Teoh's laptop and office PC.

- Teoh's family and friends.

What about Ean Yong Hian Wah? Yeah, any leads behind those bespectacled beady eyes? He is Selangor exco in charge of what again?
Ah yes, he oversees new village development and resettlement of illegal factories. How many illegal, unlicensed factories in Selangor? What's at stake here? Any linkages to the ongoing MACC investigation?

I also think this Tan Boon Wah fellow may be able to shed some light. For starters, why was he loitering around MACC's pantry at 6am where he claimed to have seen Teoh? I thought he just filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment? What kind of "imprisonment" is this, shuffling around the office coffee machine and fridge? Based on his yardstick, every mamat who was subject to police or MACC interrogation can also claim "false imprisonment" lah! And there are no soft sofas and well-stocked pantries and airconditioned, carpeted rooms in the balais and lock-ups. At this rate, we'll have tens of thousands of lawsuits in the High Court from all kinds of petty suspects and witnesses. Or this yardstick is special only to the DAP untouchables? Actually, these anak manjas are getting too pampered lah. Tak boleh di tegur; tak boleh di jentik. Haiyah Ah Wah, do you know how the LAPD interrogate people? What about the Thai cops? And try imagining the methods used by police in the land you worship, China?

Yes, Tan Boon Wah can answer many questions as he was there. But he seemed elusive, eager only to politicise his own flag scam scandal with a lawsuit against the investigators.

What about this guy?

Ronnie Liu

Can he shed some light as somehow all these scandals and alleged wrongdoings seem to revolve around him? Do you think old comrade Wee Choo Keong's accusations have some truth? Yeah, otherwise Ronnie and Ms. Kok would not have melenting tak tentu arah. Betulkah? I don't know. And PKR's Azmin Ali seemed anxious these days to reshuffle excos and his own political deck of cards. Why? Min, I know you are UMNO through-and-through. Why still want to layan these subversives?

Ok, what else?

Oh yeah, why this tasteless political leveraging of Teoh's untimely death by the DAP and PKR people? Give this young man the due respect lah people. Mana boleh semua hal lu olang mau jadi modal politik? Betul ka? Tiada adat dan budaya ka? Kalau nak alih pandangan rakyat, guna lah isu-isu lain. Kalau tiada isu, ubahlah sikap. Susah sangat ka mau jadi orang baik?

Yes, the action of the DAP and PKR leaders and their racist goons boggles the mind.


Yes, these subversives are nothing more than racist scums, blatantly playing the racial card (e.g., "... the Chinese and Indians are the only ones persecuted ...") whenever their kind are busted by the law enforcement agencies. See this report by the Pakatan propaganda arm. See how the Pakatan leadership use Teoh's death to the hilt to attack UMNO/BN, Najib, MACC, the police, ... even Malay language newpapers.

And when certain media and the government react to the blatant racism, the hardcore racist, yup, the
Homo überbigotedsapien himself, Lim Kit Siang, turned it around and said: "... it was Umno’s publications which have turned the death into a racial issue." Ahh? We are now in the siapa start dulu game kah? Ok, lets play that game. Look at the comments in the Pakatan bankrolled guttermedia and the subversive blogs from the day Teoh's death became news. Read the thick, gooey racist barkings by these self-alienising Malaysians. See the unbridled hatred? Marvel at the irrational logic loop and self-validating conjectures? MCA's Ong Tee Keat aptly called them "self-fulfilling lies."

But in the twisted minds of these scums, they are angelic, virginal beings, holy cherubs who can do no wrong, never hurt a fly, law abiding, never indulge in the vices, .......... and hence beyond criticism, beyond reproach as they sail through life as certified, p
re-approved occupants of their various syurgas in the afterlife.


These scums are not only racists to their rotten core; they are pathological law breakers and social misfits, not just in Malaysia, but in every habitable corner of the planet. Go travel the world -- starting inside the plane itself and the passport queue -- and you'll understand. Yup, even the darn penguins would be victimised by these parasites if Antarctica was not so darn cold!

The unprincipled opportunists who used poor Teoh's death for their unbridled political ambition include the DAP puppet supreme, Tunku Aziz, and the overambitious Anwarista-in-PAS-clothing recently rejected by his own party, Husam Musa. Yup, these pengkhianat bangsas have the audacity to share the stage with the anti-Malay DAP subversives in an orgy of self-glorification and racist incitement (crudely shrouded as "anti-UMNO/BN" of course) at the expense of a young man's tragic death. See how timely and convenient the "Teoh case" has become to these scums as they deflect the rakyat's attention from their governance incompetence, scandals and internal conflicts? These social toxic wastes make me sick!

Opportunists' Handywork
Hijacking a young man's death to prop a sinking ship. But in spite of all the self-serving hoopla, only a couple-thousand turned up, with over 80% from one ethnic group. Mana itu Malaysian Malaysia ah?

And look at the comments by the Pakatan racist zealots in this piece by the same guttermedia. See how their little minds work, blaming Teoh's death and every malady in this country on UMNO, Najib, and everyone else except themselves without an iota of logic or evidence. These people convinced themselves without a shadow of a doubt that Teoh was murdered by parties ultimately controlled by or related to UMNO.


What proof?

Haiya, these anti-Malays don't need inconveniences such as truth and evidence. That's just too much work lah. The "proof" is in their finger pointing. When enough of these goons repeat the same thing, that will be the "truth." Remember Altantunya? What was the evidence again supporting the Pakatan "truth" in that case? Oh I forgot, the chief "evidence" manufacturer absconded and forfeited his day in court. And of course, these mini-Goebbels tried the same stunt with Manohara, but her momma was so rotten with daily revelations of her evil past that these goons couldn't latch-on to the conniving free-loaders without contaminating themselves. Too bad. Collectively, they would have been the perfect band of bandits. And along came a convenient case to ride on; Teoh's death is now parasitically sucked to the hilt as a rallying point to resurrect the crumbling political edifice of the subversives.

Yes, the Culture of Blame among these people is astonishing. You think leaders and followers like these are fit to govern and lead this country? No way. See how one little Penang Buah Pala is being mishandled? Imagine a few dozen Buah Palas and other Buahs
at federal level? Habislah Malaysia.

KijangMas is as curious as anyone else about this unfortunate incident. Right now I obviously don't have the answer. Possibilities lead to more conjectures. A purportedly idealistic young man on the eve of marrying his two-month pregnant fiancee was found dead near the premises of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission nine hours after reportedly released from a marathon interrogation session. Those are the facts. Now, how do we reconcile the various politically-tinged conjectures with the truth?

Yes, the truth is what we seek.

Manic Manek

UMNO cut PAS' majority from 1,352 in PRU12 to just 65. Now, that's a swing of 1,287 votes in 16 months. PAS squeaked through by less than one percent of votes cast, in fact, less than the 117 undi rosak that could have gone either way. A mere 33 votes out of the 65 would have swung it to UMNO's favour. Of course, PAS and Pakatan leaders put on a brave face to this statistical deadheat, with Brother Anwar proclaiming "a win is a win." But politics is all about trend and momentum and trajectory of political sentiment.

I spent over two weeks traversing Kelantan, my ancestral domain, and stayed there right until after polling day. I travelled to all corners of this Malay heartland, stopping by at the ubiquitous coffee shops, fruit stands and wakafs, and mingled seamlessly with the common folk in palm fringed beachside kampungs.

The undercurrents of discontent among the
Oghé Kelaté are getting palpable. The zealotrous support for PAS so common these past two decades has died down. Some suggest that we are now in the gap period before the next PRU, a time where partisanship is less profound.


Politics is a way of life among the Kelantanese, where a fierce independence streak makes us naturally opinionated. And we are great conversationists as well. The bbua politik in the ubiquitous keda kopi, social functions and family gatherings is a cultural trait, perfected to almost an artform.

The less than enthusiastic support for PAS is an indication of the shifting sands of public opinion. As for UMNO, I can see a more receptive stance towards the party by the Ogh
é Kelaté. But it's long ways yet. Not many have gone around town with UMNO/BN flags and stickers on their cars, trucks and kapchais, unlike the PAS faithfuls. Not yet.

But the tide is definitely turning.


How far can you go with ceramahs after ceramahs after ceramahs on the same issues day after day after day? Yeah, drive around KB and the major towns after Isyak and you are bound to come across a PAS ceramah circus, ..... yes, a circus, with makeshift food stalls and restless kids scurrying around as the transient audience listen intently to the political rhetoric touching on current issues, many eagerly anticipating the comedic punchlines, the subtle sarcasm delivered in the idiom-rich Kelantanese dialect. You see, Kelantanese is the perfect dialect for penceramahs.
Its formidable repertoire of tonal-based expressions tinged with subtleties of sounds, nasal nuances and wickedly delicious double-entendres -- perfected over centuries of dramatic story-telling via the wayang kulit, makyong and folk theatres -- would mesmerise the audience. Hey, a good ceramah is the ultimate Reality TV, with real life public figures shouting themselves hoarse amidst a boisterous, interactive audience with their spontaneous roar spiced with the occasional good-natured heckling.

I attended my fair share, often for the sheer entertainment. In PAS ceramahs, I would also notice a core, familiar group of loyal followers. Yup, these ceramah groupies would faithfully attend ceramahs just like obsessed fans follow Michael Jackson concerts. We'll get to MJ later, I promise.

My KB neighbour, Ayee, recently said:-
é, kawé muok nok mutoh doh denga pok-pok PAH (that's PAS in Baso Kelaté) nih dôk ceghamoh. Guano nih, dôk ceghamoh sokmo? Kécék hok bendo tulo. Siyé malé, pagi peté, senak ceghok. Kalu dôk ceghamoh sokmo gak wéii, lagu mano nok tadbir negeghi kito? Sapoh betambông, dôk pakak tôhôk ikôk dé. Haghak ko naté kambéng maké. Kalu kulék pisé buleh lah maké. Kulék deghiéé nga plastik tok ké nyo buleh mamoh? Rupuk tepi jalé depé rumoh kito pông tok ghajéng kerak."

I interjected:-
ôk haghak kambeng maké jugok ko?"

Ayee resignedly replied:-
"Doh kalu gituh, biar nat
é kambeng la jadi exco, bia mamoh habih pépa-pépa mesyorat nga keghosi méjo. Opéh pông jaghé masôk pok-pok nih. Biar kito bui ko naté kambeng. Ko guano?"

Wow, that's profound, coming from a livelong PAS voter. BTW, if you can't understand the Germanic vernacular above, too bad. Go befriend a Kelantanese near you to assist in deciphering.

Yeah, apart from garbage and goats, larger issues plague PAS today. And Kelantan is ground zero of this PAS ailment. The party's unholy alliance with DAP and PKR at the expense of Malay Muslim interests is discomforting to many Kelantanese.

What is wrong with this picture?

The large and economically active Kelantanese diaspora on the West Coast are experiencing and witnessing first hand the political turmoil in their adopted states of Selangor, Perak and Penang plus KL of course. To many, the sight of kurang ajar non-Malays naik toncang in the federal parliament and the various West Coast state assemblies, including insulting His Highnesses the Agong and brother Sultans and, without proper adat and tatatertib, outrageously questioning every conceivable tenet of the Constitution, is just too much. Many of these out-of-state Kelantanese are now actively enlightening their brethrens during trips back home, especially on PAS' role in this gross erosion of Malay political clout.

And the issue of Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the PAS spiritual leader, often gets embroiled in the conversation. Many now openly question his wisdom in steadfastly opposing any form of rapprochement with UMNO while supporting continued collaboration with DAP and PKR who really are the antithesis of PAS' image, philosphies and political struggles.

So folks, what's up with the Tok Guru?

Malevolent Mullahs

A lot has been said about Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s steadfast stand against any form of talks between PAS and UMNO. To many, this is a sad indication of Nik Aziz’s abject lack of comprehension of the national political dynamics, where an unprecedented four-way-split of the Malay electorate on the back of the political coalescence of the non-Malay minorities have severely diluted Malay political hegemony. This in turn threw off-tangent the precarious socio-political equilibrium of our country as the 23+7 percent of the population leveraged on their empowerment to challenge every facet of our nation's affairs, from economic policies to education all the way to the core essence of Malaysian nationhood.

I was surprised myself at the forcefulness of Nik Aziz’s very public denunciation of Nasharuddin Mat Isa, the PAS deputy president and key initiator of the proposed PAS-UMNO “Malay Unity” talks. This is not the Tok Guru that I know and respected through the years. Patience, diplomacy, humility and other trademark virtues of this man in his two decades of rule in my home state and his stewardship of the Islamic party went out the window in the tirade.

Malay nationalists, plus assorted political opportunists with a sudden “calling” for ethnic nationalism, were understandably outraged, and wasted no time lambasting Nik Aziz, who retaliated with his own barrage of outrageous innuendos, including equating UMNO's nationalist platform with Chin Peng's CPM and, bizarrely, with the loony sect of the dewa-wannabe, Ayah Pin. Well, to oppose the pan-Malay dialogue is one thing, but to dismiss UMNO's three million plus members as the equal of the CPM bastards (who murdered the forefathers of many UMNO and PAS members) and to the Sky Kingdom apostates brings us to another level.

Many privately asked KijangMas, “Bosz, what’s your take? Why is Nik Aziz so naïve about Malaysian politics? How could he blatantly sabotage the political future of his fellow Malay Muslims?” Others also said, “Why would any patriotic Malay, not least the Kelantanese, support this man?”

Adding to Malay incredulity is Nik Aziz's enigmatic thumbs up for Lee Kuan Yew, the living icon of the anti-Malays, during the latter’s recent visit to Kelantan.

Nik Aziz's Ngan Yin Moment
Sealed with a handshake. Is PAS now in the kacang business with Singapore?
Hey, I thought people say, "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"?

Nik Aziz is actually a captive of his pathological, all-encompassing hatred of UMNO. As I’ve mentioned in the past, his faction within PAS hates UMNO more than they love the Malays or Islam. To these people, they will do anything to spite UMNO, hence the bizarre thumbs up for Lee Kuan Yew and the ongoing unholy alliance with the anti-Malay, anti-hudud “infidels” of the DAP and PKR. Whenever UMNO and Malay Muslim nationalists take a stand on an issue, Tok Guru almost by default will take the opposite stand no matter the untenability of his logic.

Remember the hoopla about the usage of "Allah" in Malay-language publications and bibles that form part of the paraphernalia to Christianise the Malays? While federal agencies, state muftis, Malay Muslim NGOs and bloggers expended much time and intellectual resources to comprehensively counter the "Arabic-'Allah'-in-Malay-bibles-BUT-not-in-other-bibles" sandiwara by the Catholic Herald and Christian proselytisers, Nik Aziz dropped a bombshell by proclaiming that it is o.k. for non-Muslims to use the term. The logic? In his sheltered mind mollycoddled cosily in the loving clutch of his pious flock, Nik Aziz theorised that non-Muslims might want to learn more about this "Allah" and may then convert in a happy ending to the story. Yup, if only life could be that simple. But life outside the Tok Guru's little cocoon isn't so rosy. Indeed, the motive of the Christian proselytizers is the exact opposite. To these zealots, equating the familiar Muslim "Allah" with some other deity or collection of deities would make it easier to deceive impressionable young Malays and other Bumiputras.

And in the midst of attacks by subversives on Malay Special Rights (that actually paved the way for the wholesale giveaway of precious Malayan citizenship to the pendatang ancestors of these same subversives), Nik Aziz suddenly jumped in and proclaimed that the "Bumiputra" term is racist. Yup, anything
to spite Malay nationalists, which he simplistically lumped into the UMNO pool. Of course, this instantly made him the lovable pin-up mullah of the anti-Malay subversives who would embrace anyone and anything that fit their nation-wrecking agenda. Oh, remember the Elizabeth Wong tidur kangkang saga, where she blamed UMNO and everyone else except herself? Yup, true to form, Nik Aziz welcomed her in Kelantan (mercifully covered-up in tudung and baju kurung this time), where she was feted like some kind of UMNO “victim.” Her audience with the Tok Guru apparently “absolved” her of all previous carnal sins and perversions. I wonder if Tok Guru ever gave a thought to the real victim, the teranianya Malay Muslim woman that is Hilmi Malek's wife? Sad.

The Tok Guru’s UMNOphobia arose from past bitter experiences during his party’s fleeting infatuation and subsequent power struggle with UMNO in Kelantan over three decades ago, which led to PAS’ acrimonious estrangement from the embryonic BN coalition. A younger Nik Aziz was a key proponent of PAS-UMNO unity in Tun Razak's new BN coalition at that time. The political crisis and federal emergency rule in Kelantan in 1978, which he attributed to UMNO's power-grabbing machinations, left him beaten, ridiculed and humiliated. His beloved PAS was decimated by defections, and prominent dissidents formed splinter mosquito parties in their battle for Kelantan. PAS remained in the wilderness for over a decade and was resurrected only when the Kelantan UMNO government imploded and crippled by MB Mohamad Yaakob's feud with the palace. Fired by parochial sentiment for Tengku Razaleigh's Parti Melayu Semangat 46, the Kelantanese comprehensively voted out UMNO in the 1990 GE and brought to power the Semangat 46-PAS alliance. PAS became the main beneficiary of this Ku Li-induced shift in voter sentiment, with Nik Aziz installed as MB while Ku Li and the Semangat 46 crew focused on the national stage in their bid to unseat Dr. Mahathir's UMNO/BN coalition at federal level.

PAS' political near-death experience and subsequent reemergence on the back of anti-UMNO, anti-federal sentiments starting in Kelantan and now in four other states left an indelible mark that forever shaped Nik Aziz's psyche towards UMNO. Hence, although the UMNO warlords of that era are now either demised or retired, Nik Aziz’s vengeance has not abated. And this man rebuilt his political career on the basis of antagonism with UMNO and continuing portrayal of UMNO as a party of deviant degenerates. Interestingly, his political fortune was also aided by Kelantan UMNO, which took it upon itself to implode repeatedly – in recurrent orgies of cah keting – over the past two decades. As long as most of the common Kelantanese abhor the bungling local UMNO characters, Nik Aziz will continue to rule the state.

Of course, in the national political perspective, PAS' collaboration with DAP and PKR has been detrimental to Malay political interests. Without PAS, Pakatan Rakyat would not be a viable political force and will cling to power only in Penang. But the worldview of Nik Aziz and many PAS members do not extend to such strategic thinking. They are still immersed in localised intra-Malay feuds -- the kafir-mengkafir stuff -- within their cultural comfort zone. Hence, when senior PAS figures started to talk about some “Malay Unity” dialogue with UMNO, should we expect a different reaction from a politician whose “strength” is in Malay disunity? Yeah, why should Nik Aziz acquiesce to the political sanitization of UMNO (especially in his own Kelantan beachhead) by elevating this “sworn enemy” into a group worthy of civilized deliberations? Indeed, a rehabilitated UMNO will be a mortal threat to his group in PAS.

So you see, Nik Aziz’s outburst and opposition to PAS-UMNO talks is nothing more than political self-preservation. Any form of dialogue with UMNO would threaten his political support base, and the Tok Guru will resort to any means to cast UMNO in a bad light. The comprehensive defeat of his slate of candidates in the recent party polls – most prominently, his protégé and neo-Anwarista, Husam Musa -- infuriated the Tok Guru. The victor, Nasharuddin, the spoiler in Anwar’s PKR-isation of PAS, must be punished and ridiculed. Hence Nik Aziz's stinging not very ulamak-like verbal attack.

The pro-unity group within PAS, people like newly re-elected president and deputy president, Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin, are more appreciative of the national political dynamics in their capacity as MPs in the federal parliament. They are necessarily pragmatic, less parochial and understand the deleterious impact of Malay political disunity, not just for the Malays but for the country as well. Over one year of political wrangling within the unwieldy, inherently untenable Pakatan Rakyat made it imperative for the Hadi-Nasha tandem to recast PAS’ anchor in the choppy Pakatan sea. A dialogue with UMNO would curtail DAP’s chauvinistic excesses and strengthen PAS’ hand in the Pakatan powergame as the alliance would collapse without the Islamist party.

But why Nik Aziz cannot see the light?

You see, Nik Aziz is essentially a glorified localised politician. His comprehension of the national political scene is clouded by a very thick haze of strategic ignorance and a worldview tinted with hearsay and factual distortions dished out by fawning simpletons. Add of course his history-tinged UMNOphobia and basis of political existence and you have an uncompromising character further emboldened by the unconditional adulation of his taksub followers.

Of course, Nik Aziz can indulge in bashing fellow Malays because he can politically and socially afford such decadent fratricide. He lives in a totally Malay universe in Kelantan, the oft-cited Cradle of Malay Civilisation. Yes, Kelantan is 97% Malay. The handful of minorities – ethnic-Chinese and Thais – are long ago assimilated linguistically and culturally and even foreign nationals exhibit their mastery of the local dialect as a badge of honour. It is a land where the occasional Indian is but a novelty and the Punjabi Sikhs and the Dan Lain-Lains are nothing more than flickering images on TV screens. Any “threat” from these Cino kito? Nope. The Teresa Kok and Ngeh-Nga Ternganga China-worshipping Cina Totok species are absent in Kelantan as the linguistic-cultural dominance and sheer numbers of the hardy Oghé Kelaté are detrimental to the propagation of such aliens.

This is Nik Aziz’s little social paradigm.

“Race” as grotesquely manifested in the West Coast does not exist in Kelantan. Everyone’s a Kelantanese – the Malays as well as the tiny ethnic minorities. And there really is no racial division of labour in this homogeneous land, as the tenacious and versatile Kelantanese Malays are involved in every aspect of the economy. They are the goldsmiths, roti canai men, hardware store owners, restauranteurs, building contractors, rubber tappers. They are the rice merchants, Ah Longs, electricians, paddy farmers, fishermen, cowherds, vegetable farmers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, … heck, even the “road bikin” crew cooking asphalt in the hot sun are Kelantanese.

Logically from his viewpoint, there is no “ancaman kepada Orang Melayu dari kaum lain” as there really is no recalcitrant “kaum lain” to “ancam” the Oghé Nnayu of Kelaté. And “kita Melayu perlu bersatu” appears to him as nothing but rhetorical sloganeering from a desperate UMNO. Well, anyone cocooned in such a tight-knit self-contained society would feel the same way. Indeed, Nik Aziz eat, sleep, talk, pray, work, think and give speeches in a wholly Malay universe. Yes, not just Malay, but the peculiar unadulterated, uncontaminated, cohesive variety known as the Kelantanese. In this rich agricultural and cultural heartland (which actually encompasses 35,000 sq km from southern Songkhla in Thailand to Setiu in Trengganu), one can blissfully exist and thrive from cradle to grave very much without uttering anything but Kelantanese. And one’s worldview and mindset are forged from this specific social conditioning.

Imagine talking about an Asian or Hispanic “cultural threat” to a farmer in lily White North Dakota or Montana. Yup, the multicultural challenges plaguing New York or Los Angeles would not strike a chord with inhabitants of America’s White heartland. And no gubernatorial or congressional candidate running in these states would go far campaigning about issues specific to New York, LA and other cosmopolitan social hotspots. The same principles apply in Kelantan. Remember Manek Urai? 99.2% Malay Muslims! Now that’s as homogeneous as you get anywhere on earth.

Nik Aziz's inherent parochialism is perhaps indicative of the psyche of the Kelantan masses. The Kelantanese traditionally are wary of central authority. Their extended social realm was partitioned into two halves by external powers with the advent of the 1909 Anglo-Siamese Treaty, where Kelantan fell under the British sphere while its sister state of Patani was annexed outright by Siam. Hence, till this day, four million Kelantanese speakers (two million in-state and at least an equal number in other states) on the Malaysian half are cut-off from three million of their brethrens simmering in the four Thai-controlled provinces of Patani, Singgora, Menara and Jalor. Indeed, momentous geo-political history beyond petty Malaysian politics shaped the psyche of the Kelantan-Patani people, who necessarily view external forces in negative light: The Riau Malays out of KL for the Kelantanese and the Central Chao Phraya Basin T’ai of Bangkok for the Patani people.

How does this translate into Kelantan politics?

To the Kelantanese, PAS and UMNO represent two different things. Through the years, PAS has been viewed, perhaps justifiably, as the political platform that epitomised the unshackled, maverick and independent streak so inherent in the Kelantanese. PAS excelled in painting itself as the parti kito, perfectly playing up to the deeply ingrained anti-federal, anti-Oghé Lua sentiment of the hyper-clannish Kelantanese. And this UMNO Oghé Lua bogeymen is further embellished by PAS as the culprit, the guilty perpetrator of PAS’ abject failure to administer and develop the state. Again, not wholly untrue, UMNO is accused of withholding federal development funds and other economic injustices. Kelantan’s request for a regional TV station to cater to its linguistic and cultural specificities was long ago rejected, although even Thailand’s Channel 11 beaming out of Jalor (Yala) has news broadcasts and entertainment in Kelantanese-Patani Malay. And then we have the oil royalty fiasco. A lot can be said about this matter and I will leave it to a future post, but suffice to say that this will be yet another political timebomb of UMNO’s own doing.

UMNO, born in the Riau Malay heartland of Johor, is viewed as the political front of centralist forces bent on extending their political tentacles on far away Kelantan. Everything about UMNO is "federal." Everything radiates from some mysterious, powerful pusat -- kuasa pusat, kerajaan pusat, pentadbiran pusat, perancangan pusat. "Pusat" means "control," control by the central authorities -- the weird sounding Oghé Lua from distant Putrajaya.

Hence, PAS’ strategy in Kelantan is simple. “We are the Oghé Kito party that will keep these uncouth Oghé Lua at bay. As for election promises, the PAS approach is simple as well.

Promise nothing.

Yeah, nothing neatly wrapped in a box of inconsequential intangibles. PAS has perfected the art of disseminating this nothingness via a fatalistic disposition juxtaposed on spiritual holiness spiced with vague allusions to some corollary divine blessings that would be “felt” only by the true believers.

How could one argue against that?

My friend Robin called recently and asked, "but Bosz, didn't UMNO/BN ruled Kelantan in the past? Why so susah to regain your state? Waah, this PAS that good ah?"

Look, UMNO flourished in Kelantan in the seventies on the back of Tengku Razaleigh's stature in the party and government, as the creator and initial driver of our national treasure, Petronas, and as the all-powerful Finance Minister under PM's Razak and Hussein Onn. Ku Li propelled Kelantan politics to the national centre stage, with a very distinct possibility of him becoming the PM for ALL Malaysia, an Anok Kelaté at the helm of our nation. Of course, there was a minor inconvenience of someone named Mahathir Mohamad in the way and the rest is history. Ku Li formed Parti Melayu Semangat 46 in the aftermath of the 1988 UMNO deregistration fiasco and fought UMNO/BN in two GEs before folding in 1996. Ku Li’s political machinations profoundly recalibrated Kelantan’s political dynamics. UMNO's influence in the state faltered and never quite recovered till this day as the post-Ku Li leadership stuttered and stumbled in their bid to regain Kelantanese support.

Of course, Kelantan UMNO is not helped by the disposition of its main cast of characters. Justifiable of not, the likes of Annuar Musa, Awang Adek Hussein, Fatmi Salleh and Sazmi Miah are not exactly bankable. Many ooze sleaze. Some are slimy to the touch. Others, such as Zaid Ibrahim, jumped ship to another party after earlier being canned for money politics and then failing to win even his own little branch elections, let alone the General Election. Zaid now swaggers to the Pakatan beat in his pantomime of false relevance with fellow opportunists in PKR. Perhaps the lone figure of dignity in Kelantan UMNO is Mustapa Mohamad. Datuk Pa is a good man, a technocrat, almost an accidental politician. But how much can one bland, uninspiring good man do to reverse UMNO’s fortunes in Kelantan?

So how then? How can UMNO/BN recapture Kelantan?
How to counter the PAS propaganda machine appealing to Kelantanese parochialism and borderline irredentism?

Go back to the
Oghé Kelaté. Back to the grassroots.


Kelantanise the state UMNO.
Yes, a Kelantan UMNO by the Kelantanese for the Kelantanese focused on Kelantan issues. Kelantan UMNO will tackle PAS head-on on specific LOCAL issues, LOCAL grievances, LOCAL needs, LOCAL concerns.

No need to send too many Riau Malays, mamaks, celup Malays, semi-Malays and pseudo-Malays to confuse and infuriate these finicky Malay heartlanders of linguistic and cultural homogeneity. And please lah, no need to fly in the likes of Samy Vellu, Tee Keat, Tsu Koon, Kayveas and other extra-terrestrials to Planet Kelantan.

No more Najib PRU12 "Kelantan munduuuuurrrr ...." and "Tahun Merawat Kelantan" insults. And don't repeat the
Padé Doh disaster of the un-Kelantanese-like budok hité that was the final nail on the UMNO keranda in PRU12. The UMNO Riau Malays often thread a fine line of local propriety in their canvassing of Kelantanese votes at every PRU. Often, a couple of non-Kelantanese sentences uttered perhaps subconsciously to critique Kelantan's perceived backwardness irrevocably turned off the audience. Another constituency lost. And this happened again and again in every PRU, where ignorant non-Kelantanese UMNO ministers unwittingly imposed their intrinsic prejudices on the Oghé Kelaté crowd.

Yes, Kelantan’s distinctiveness warrants a revolutionary approach to its politics. If Najib and UMNO/BN genuinely care about the welfare of the Kelantanese, then they should think outside the UMNO box and seriously implement measures beyond their political comfort zones that have failed miserably for the past two decades.

As for Nik Aziz, should the Malays worry about him?


He is the last vestige of a past generation stuck in a historical timewarp and oblivious to national political dynamics, unable to even remotely comprehend the external pressures on his Malay race from a fast evolving regional geopolitical arena.

Let him be. Let the Tok Guru indulge in his tantrums and cynical rhetorics on Malay Muslim issues.

We must focus on the new crop of leaders -- of all parties -- who will determine the strategic direction of this country's Malay Muslim backbone. Let there be dialogue, not just an UMNO-PAS lovefest, but a healthy holistic discourse across the panacea of Malay society as we collectively rein in the excesses of the past half decade induced by a perfect storm swirling around an incompetent Malay leadership buttressed against a toxic cocktail of a lunatic fringe bent on dismantling the very essence of our Tanah Air in cohort with a chameleonic charlatan desperate to occupy Seri Perdana at all costs.

Stable and cohesive Malay political leadership are the ultimate determinants of Malaysia's viability as a sovereign, progressive nation. And this "leadership" transgresses mere political parties. It is all-encompassing, with all Malays as stakeholders. Can UMNO assume the lead with PAS? We shall see.

Now, what has Nik Aziz got in common with Michael Jackson?

Nothing. Except perhaps the Tok Guru leads the charge for the moon party while MJ moonwalks to stardom.

Now for my little closure on Michael Jackson.

King of Pop: 1958-2009

I received an early morning (KB time) text message from a friend in Santa Cruz, an hour’s drive south of San Francisco. It read:-

Bosz, MJ, the King of Pop is dead. Heart failure. Wow. RIP.

A quick online check confirmed the news, as it spread like wildfire in news portals, social network sites and blogs, with many sites "choked" by the sheer volume of MJ-related queries. Yes indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson, the pop icon of my 80s generation, died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50 in his rented Holmby Hills estate, a 15 minute drive via the Santa Monica freeway from my alma mater in a part of Los Angeles as much my “kampung” as KL and KB. The exact cause of death has not been conclusively determined and subject to rigorous toxicology tests, although all indications lead to the usual substance abuse prevalent among troubled stars. MJ's precarious physical state contributory to his untimely demise is subject to media speculation around the world.

I was a fresh faced college freshman in California when Michael Jackson took the music world by storm with his Thriller album. Of course, MJ was already a child prodigy in the early seventies. But Thriller, released in late 1982, proved to be a milestone in the evolution of American pop culture. The music bridged the ethnic divide as Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all colours in between hummed to the tune of Human Nature and The Girl is Mine and shuffled and gyrated to the beat of Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller and the rest of his 37 U.S. Top 40 hits. Millions of people around the globe were touched by MJ's music. And I can still recall his memorable U.S. TV commercial for Pepsi, co-starring a young Alfonso Ribeiro of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame.

MJ's concerts were spellbinding, with the audience mesmerized by his sheer energy and prodigious talents. Oh yeah, KijangMas was there, swaggering to the beat in two concerts, although I could never master the Moonwalk ...

Those were the times when upscale Rodeo Drive shops shut their doors to the public to cater to the shopping safari of MJ and his unwieldy entourage of hangers-on and parasitic sycophants. The mercurial pop icon was a travelling circus alright, attracting huge crowds wherever he went. I myself caught glimpses of Jacko upclose and in the flesh a couple of times while buried in a frenzied, gawking crowd of fans and curious bystanders caught in the contagious mayhem.

During graduate school, I lived for a while in Studio City, a bohemian commune of budding starlets and entertainment industry workers just off glitzy Ventura Boulevard and a stone's throw from Universal Studios. The neighbour across the street, Mike, wrote jingles for TV commercials, plonking on his piano for hours on end. Adam, a cultured African American chap, was a stuntman on such shows as The Fall Guy and The A Team. Another neighbour worked as a budgetting exec for 2oth Century Fox. I occasionally visit an Arab coursemate in his rented dilapidated haunted mansion-type bungalow near downtown LA where almost a dozen Hollywood "extras" camped out in spartan conditions waiting for their big break.

I don't think anyone made it to stardom.

The closest any one of these out-of-state Americans got to being a "star" was Jim with his cameo role as a mental hospital attendant who chased MacGyver and got nailed real good by an improvised booby trap. At least 20 of us cheered in front of the TV when Jim became a "TV star" for 42 seconds in that popular 80s show. It was a real ROTFL moment for me upon seeing poor Jim making a complete fool of himself on TV in a showbiz career that ended with a good whacking in the face by some unbelievable gizmo assembled from stuff out of a garbage can in the usual MacGyver style. Jim told us he went through four takes to get the shot right, meaning he had to run across the “hospital hallway” (actually a studio prop in a Burbank backlot) and then get knocked by flying planks swung by off-camera stage hands four times. And Jim had the bruises to prove the reality of the routine. Man …. the price people pay for 42 seconds of fame.

The Hollywood motion picture industry is traditionally heavily unionised, which prompted many cash-strapped American productions to cast and shoot across the border in Toronto or Vancouver. Of course, every other waitress, handyman and car jockey you meet in a 10-mile radius of Hollywood is a card-carrying member of the 200,000-strong Screen Actors Guild, the film and television performers union. Some made it big, such as ex-waitress Mariah Carey, ex-carpenter Harrison Ford and former obscure back-up dancers, Madonna, Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez.

Living near Hollywood through the years also gave me the opportunity to view and study these stars up close in their natural habitat. A post-midnight trip to the convenience store on Wilshire, La Cienega or Santa Monica boulevards could spawn interesting chance encounters with personalities worshipped by fans across the world, including many in Malaysia constipated by their hilarious mimicry of Ameringlish viewed on cetakrompak CDs. Jack Nicholson, who famously proclaimed "I only take viagra when I am with more than one woman," is the consummate American HamSapLo, and he comes across to me as a cool albeit borderline psychotic hombre. He is often seen with budding young starlets in tacky overpriced eateries dotting the Sunset Strip and is a permanent fixture at Laker basketball games. Jack would occasionally oblige with a firm handshake and cheeky grin, characteristically uttering, "Hey man, long time no see. You been scoring much lately?" "Score" what Jack? I leave that to the imagination. And now imagine Bette Midler or Barbara Streisand without makeup buying milk and cigarettes at 3am. Not a pretty sight.

But nothing beats an encounter with The Godfather of Soul himself, the late James Brown (here marshalling the only joint stage appearance by MJ and his 80's rival Prince in a one-of-a-kind 1983 footage) at a somewhat rundown but famous diner off Figueroa Street in downtown LA. He sportingly allowed us to snap pictures while I marveled at his humungous platter of barbequed ribs, double order of hashbrowns, tub of
Häagen-Dazs plus what looked like a barrel of Devil's Juice ..... and he said those were just for starters. Yeah James, I'm sure you feeeel gooood.

Well folks, the eighties was more than just Michael Jackson. It was a paradigm shift in the musical affixation of an entire generation. To me, the eighties was the Golden Age of pop culture, with new musical genres spawned in an explosion of talent and creativity enabled by the fusion of musical rhythms and beats in an embryonic borderless world. A young MTV came to my living room in 1982. Yeah, you eighties junkies out there, recall this piece.

My favourite 80s musician? I'm a big fan of Bryan Adams. His works such as this, this, this and this define the Californian KijangMas. Who else? The late Paul Davis was excellent though underappreciated. Sample this and this. And then we have the usual standardbearers across the different genres such as this, this, this, this and this.

But there is only one King of Pop -- Michael Jackson. MJ lives on in his music, and will set new heights in popularity and commercial success even in death. And this is his last hurrah.

Thank you Michael. R.I.P.

Maids and Mad Dogs

I get sick to the stomach whenever I stumble upon yet another picture of an emaciated, shivering and badly mutilated Indonesian maid. What kind of warganegara Malaysia would do such things?

To the sadist perpetrators, you are nothing more than animals; no, you people are below that as even animals have proper rules of conduct among their kin.

Haiya Auntie, apa sudah jadi? Ini sudah lebih. Apasal lu orang hantam itu pembantu rumah sampai separuh mati? Sampai paksa makan babi, makan nasi dalam longkang, kasi cacat dia orang punya badan? Tapi gaji tadak bayar. Kerja free kah? Dia orang lu punya hamba kah? Lu apa jenis punya binatang ah? Atau mungkin makhluk lain alam ka? Mana planet lu mari? Mana punya bahagian Cilakalah (bukan Cakrawalla) lu terbang mari senyap-senyap masuk ini bumi Malaysia? Waulau, banyak syiok ah? Hantam lain manusia cukup-cukup? Lu orang punya pasal, satu Malaysia sudah busuk nama. Sampai negara jiran serumpun pun sudah mau perang sama ini negara. Basket lu. Lu bikin kacau, semua orang kena tanggung. Bikin semua orang susah. Ada patut kah? Ini macam boleh jalan ka? Ada ngam kah? Tadak! Dari sekarang, lu orang kena ikut lain syarat kalau masih mau pakai pembantu rumah. Lu Tanya apasal? Sebab, rakyat Malaysia yang berbudaya tinggi dan bertamadun halus Nusantara macam gua boleh pakai syarat-syarat sedia ada. Tapi haiwan buas dari lain planet macam lu kena ikut syarat-syarat yang sesuai untuk lu punya kepala otak dan hati perut. Lu tak suka, lu tak setuju, itu bukan gua punya hal. Lu jenis makhluk aneh tadak terima kasih sama orang. Kita lagi tolong, lu lagi jahat. Kita lagi kasi, lu lagi mau. Ini macam boleh tahan ka? Sekarang lu sendiri kena masak, kemas, cuci dan kasi jaga itu suami, datuk, nenek sama anak cucu. Kalau tak boleh bikin, apasal dulu lu kahwin? Betul ka?

Demi Negara urges the Malaysian government to institute the following maid-hiring rules with immediate effect:-

- Employers and maids must be matched by their cultural and religious backgrounds.
- Malaysian Bumiputras may hire fellow Pribumi maids from the Nusantara.
- Chinese Malaysians may hire maids from China, the Phillipines and Vietnam.
- Indian Malaysians may hire maids from India and Sri Lanka.

What’s that?

Did I hear some noise from that corner of the Cilakalah or was it some Ah Pek humming a James Brown tune?


No deal?

Tak setuju? Tak adil?

Adil? Lu faham ka itu "adil" apa?

Lu paksa pembantu Islam makan babi “adil” ka? Lu kasi curah air panas atas muka orang “adil” ka?

Auntie, hari-hari gua dengar lu orang bising bikin kacau mau simpan lu punya identiti “keCinaan” sampai hari kiamat. Jadi lu kena pakai pembantu dari China lah. Betul ka? Baru lu betul-betul patriotis kaum Cina … baru “matching” sama lu punya semangat. Lu boleh puas-puas lah belajar itu original Cina punya bahasa dan budaya dan masakan dari lu punya pembantu dari Dalian, Szechuan dan Hubei.

Excuse me Auntie? Did you just mumbled about the “danger” of the China-Mali maids? What danger? Ahh? Unker might be seduced? So you admit to the utter lack of budaya, kesopanan, etika and tatatertib (not to mention keimanan teguh and maruah diri) among the pembantus from the land that you worshipped and deified as your pristine linguistic and cultural mecca worthy of exaggerated emulation by your people here? How do you know your kids in the Mandarin-centric, China-driven SJKCs will not copy the values of these China-Mali people? Waah, ini macam hancurlah masyarakat. No wonder Michael Chong is a very busy man.

I’m confused now.

This is getting more challenging than Prince keeping his shirt on in a concert.

You mean to say that the maidens from your self-proclaimed ancestral homeland are sooooo untrustworthy and of low moral character that they would grab your limp Ah Peks (and whatever other two-legged mammals with testicles in your homes) in no time if they are allowed to roam and forage in your kitchens and bedrooms as maids? Wow? And you also imply that you cannot trust your grinning Ah Peks, smiling kid brothers and wide-eyed sons with a young maiden from China in your home while you are out playing Mahjong? Go set up your own Rukunrumah lah. Most of the tenets of the Rukunegara can be used maah …

Print and paste this on your fridge:-

- Kepercayaan kepada tuhan: You mess around with these China Dolls, you end up in hell … on earth with me (yeah, YOU lah Auntie) as the tormentor;

- Kesetiaan kepada Isteri dan Ibu: Ah Pek and the anak jantan better be setia to the wife and mother maah; otherwise habis lah;

- Keluhuran Peraturan: ALL rules set by Auntie are cast in stone. Otherwise, your name Ah Pek will be carved on the tombstone;

- Kedaulatan undang-undang rumah: Yeah, ALL guided by rule of law set by Auntie;

- Kesopanan dan kesusilaan: Ah Pek and sons MUST be on good behavior at all times. The China maid to be on strict dress code. Chastity belt standard accessory.


Still don’t want?

Like this how?

Hmm, let me see now:-

- The China-Mali maid cannot be trusted.

- The husband cannot be trusted.

- The son cannot be trusted.

- The male relative cannot be trusted.

- The male neighbours cannot be trusted.

- Anyone with balls hanging within a 10km radius of the maid cannot be trusted.

Then how?

But how come the O
NLY unhappy party in this transaction is YOU Auntie, plus other likeminded insecure, paranoiac wives! No wonder lah your pin-up gal has been so vehement in resisting government measures to allow China-sourced maids to compete with the Nusantara kind to lessen our dependence on a single, monopolistic supplier. Well, I would have done the same if I look like that! Scarryyy man ..... makes me want to put on a chastity belt!

Hey, you people like to talk about meritocracy lah, level playing field lah, equal opportunities lah, borderless world lah … then how come you are denying your standard-issue rhetoric to poor women from China who wanted to earn an honest living as maids here?


Auntie, why you laugh when I said “honest living”?

Why you assume ALL maidens from China will end up in vice and organized crime? Haiya, how can you generalize whole groups of people like that? Not fair maah. When I critique your group’s peculiar traits, you people had a field day condemning KijangMas as racist lah, anti-this lah and anti-that lah. But how come you can just sweepingly accuse each and every rambut karat long-legged maiden in short skirt from China with names like Candy and Apple of being involved in some kind of vice? Haiya, they need to be lazy and ugly like YOU kah in order to be certified vice free?

Unker, I see you nodding behind that sneaky grin.

Apa? Ya, betul Unker. Who knows, maybe some of these China “dolls” are pursuing advanced degrees in thermobionucleardynamics of the digestive system of the endangered nocturnal scar-faced bob-tailed opossum endemic to the Cheras-Pandan red-light district? Yeah Auntie, why just assumed they are into vice just because they are prettier than you and you somehow had some premonition that your Ah Pek might be caught with screwdriver and crowbar outside your prospective China maid’s bedroom? I'm sure the good Unker was just “testing” the strength of the lock and key maah, true or not ah Unker?

Whoaa Auntie, are you trying to do the moonwalk or are you convulsing in epileptic rage?


Oh, still want to have Indonesian maids to bully, to be the “proxy hate figure” for you to physically vent your pathological hatred of the Malays who were dumb enough to charitably embrace your latok-nenek from the Cilakalah blackhole in space?

Ok, listen up. Dengar sini. Kalau lu mau pakai pembantu Pribumi Indonesia, lu kena jadi macam Bumiputra Malaysia dulu lah. Betul kah? Lu kena cakap Melayu, sopan-santun, tolak ansur, berbudi bahasa dan bertatatertib dengan orang; bukan hantam sana, tibai sini, lesap depan, curi belakang, kambus bawah, roboh tepi, … semua lu sapu mau kaut itu wang. Haiya, faham kah?

Folks, am I being unreasonable here?


Name me a place on earth where whole groups of people can terrorize female foreign guest workers with impunity and almost as a matter of socio-cultural imperative? Where? The Gulf Arab countries? Yeah sure. I also call on these petty fiefdoms to go find their own khaddams and marjinas in the oasis of Sudan, Chad and Mauritania. But would they dare beat and ravage these tough nomads like what they do to poor little Indonesians and Muslim Filipinas?

Anyway, let me restate my call.

Maids and employers in Malaysia MUST be matched by culture and religion. It's just basic common sense. These people live in our homes 24/7, cook and eat our food, take care of our families. It is imperative for the culture and spiritual beliefs of both parties to match.

We are supposed to be a modern nation, currently inundating the world with all sorts of liberalizations and empowerments and enablers and what not. This socio-economic rationalisation must include guidelines on cultural compatibilty and abolishment of legalized slavery made more profound when these poor Pribumi women from a fraternal neighbour become captive proxy-targets and easy punching bags of the subversive anti-Malay lowlifes and parasites.


Anonymous said...

Speechless. Respect yr eloquence. Bravo. MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera Kijang Mas Perkasa,

Saya berhenti sekejap membaca artikel Tuan kali ini untuk menjadi penterjemah ala kadar bagi siapa-siapa yang memerlukan... heheheh...

"Abé, kawé muok nok mutoh doh denga pok-pok PAH (that's PAS in Baso Kelaté) nih dôk ceghamoh. Guano nih, dôk ceghamoh sokmo? Kécék hok bendo tulo. Siyé malé, pagi peté, senak ceghok. Kalu dôk ceghamoh sokmo gak wéii, lagu mano nok tadbir negeghi kito? Sapoh betambông, dôk pakak tôhôk ikôk dé. Haghak ko naté kambéng maké. Kalu kulék pisé buleh lah maké. Kulék deghiéé nga plastik tok ké nyo buleh mamoh? Rupuk tepi jalé depé rumoh kito pông tok ghajéng kerak."

Abang, saya dah cemuh sampai nak muntah dengan puak-puak PAS (iaitu PAS dalam bahasa Kelantan) yang asyik berceramah. Bagaimana ni? Sentiasa asyik berceramah saja? Bercakap perkara yang sama. Siang malam, pagi petang, setiap pelusok. Kalau sentiasa asyik berceramah saja, bagaimana nak mentadbir negeri ini? Sampah bertimbun, masing-masing buang merata ikut suka. Berharap kepada (nate=binatang) kambing yang memakannya. Kalau kulit pisang, boleh lah makan. Kalau kulit durian dengan plastic, mana boleh nak kunyah? Rumput tepi jalan depan rumah kita pun tak pernah dipotong.

"Dôk haghak kambeng maké jugok ko?"
Masih berharap kepada kambing memakannya juga ke?

"Doh kalu gituh, biar naté kambeng la jadi exco, bia mamoh habih pépa-pépa mesyorat nga keghosi méjo. Opéh pông jaghé masôk pok-pok nih. Biar kito bui ko naté kambeng. Ko guano?"

Maka, kalau begitu, biar kambing la jadi exco, biar kunyah habis segala kertas-kertas (?) mesyuarat dan kerusi meja. Puak-puak ni jangan masuk pejabat pun. Biar kita beri kepada kambing. Macam mana?




NJ said...

Woiii Alan!!!

Mung maghi sini. Jange dok buat gedebe do'oh lalu. Magi tulong gghobek sigheh ni! Ambo buke nok sughoh mung gnganggoh sigheh ni pong!

So Alan. Do you understand what I have just said to you? Did I just complement you or did I just say bad things about you?

Are you suspicious now? Can you trust me saying good things or cant you?


How does that compare when you spoke chinese?

Can you now appreciate the need of "common" language among fellow Malaysians?

When we understand each other by speaking a common language, we'll be less "suspicious" toward each other i.e. more "trusting".

When we understood each other, there will be tolerance, not just simply "have to", "need to", "give and take" kinda of thing. The bond between us as Malaysians become even more solid.

Now, why dont you come here and translate those "kelantanese" (which I have "translated" into Bahasa Kebangsaan) into "English" for the benefit of those foreigners whom we cannot expect them to be fluent in Bahasa Kebangsaan.




satD said...

Salam Abe KijangMas

moonwalking is a must for all in the 80's......i'm disappointed :(

Sedih mikir pasa tok guru...guano dio boleh jadi sapa gitu.....






Naif said...

I think its safe to say now, that of all political commentators we have, you understand malaysian politics the best. Hats off to you Tuan KM for another mouth watering post.

Sigh I just wish those dumbasses who give comments on malaysia today/kini/insider would come and visit ur blog once in a while.

Funny story about the ManU match. I got an interesting 2 day job offer prior to the event. Friend of mine told 20 of us would be workers that we would be ushering the ManUnited players inside the stadium. RM10 a hour. The pay was the least of our concerns though, we were more interested in getting to see the players. Turns out what we got instead was a job coordinating the events OUTSIDE the stadium, at the soccer "karnival" ( if ur not sure what im talking about, its the ad in astro with the 2 african guys) where the performances are held and where some of us had to man the booths surrounding the main stage. None of us ended up watching the match, we were too busy working. Lesson to be learn here? Dont work for somebody who works for somebody who works for Astro.

Ahh yes, one last minor thing-Your comments on the PPSMI issue?

Wah Al-Subangi said...

bro kijangmas,

made coffee as u suggested but forgot to take a sip.. was glued to ur post - menghambat perhatian, the coffee was quite cold when i was done. profound insight on nik aziz, the kelantan political scene and what needs to done, will do umno a lot of good to take heed. no riau malay ts muhyidin yasin next time hehe! but i thot he did ok.

bro brotherhood, said...

As-Salam Bro KijangMas,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..a very mind provoking articles wth a head on approach,..wakaka,.. luv d way u wrote bout d fer Haji Mikaeel Jackson aka Michael Jackson pls do visit my blog
and listen to his last singin of "Give Thanks To Allah" & do read an email I received on a conspiracy theory to murder MJ who spent his 3 yrs hiatus in Bahrain learning bout Islam,.. wat else can I say..(,")

Firdaus Johari said...

"And the body's inability to grasp the game's commercial dynamics..."

So true, the body lack business minded, marketing savvy, sports passioned entrepreneurs. Is it because the job market lacks people with those qualities or just because internal politicking gives the wrong jobs to the wrong people?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what can I say? As usual Tuan KijangMas is way above any ordinary blogger. I enjoy reading this piece until the end....Bravo Tuan KM.

Thanks NJ for the translation. Appreciate it. Want me to translate into French?.... :)

Have a good weekend everyone.

sumoberek12 said...

Nok balik KB malam nie cari buah mokte.

Bagitahu Ayee suroh sabarlah. Lagu PAH dok main lo nie , napok ore ramai tok suko, pakat tunggu PRU 13. pakat pakat preboh PAH.

Nik Aziz tu kalu biar mace Nuar Musa dulu, bezo 3 kerusi ADUN takut nok buat apo apo, dok main biar dulu pasa Nik Aziz ado, tunggu dia tak dok. last last Nuar Musa dulu takdok.

Tapi kalu tok jadi , pakat tunggu PRU 14, 15 16 ....

keno kerjo kuat dan sabar

~pemborong payong nasi lemak

Anonymous said...


Nampak nya pemikiran Tok Guru ni terkongkong. Tidak luas. Tidak memikirkan kepentingan Melayu keseluruhan nya. Sedih.

Atau dia simpan dendam kerana di perkenakan UMNO dahulu. Tetapi dia kan Islam, Tok Guru pulak. Saya hairan mengapa dia dendam mendendam hingga berpuluh tahun. Tidak sejajar dengan watak pemimpin Islam. Lagi sedih.

Atau ada kah dia "political animal" biasa? Pentingkan kedudukan dan jawatan nya sebagai MB? Hingga sanggup melayan "the naked cow", dari kumpulan "46 cows of the Selangor MB". Dan mengiklankan kacang goreng Mengelembu dengan Lee Kuan Yew. Sampai ke situ sekali dia membalas dendam. Amat Sedih.

UMNO patut lebih gunakan Tok Pa di Kelantan. Beri dia bantuan wang dan tenaga yang cukup. Saya terbaca dia diam diam adakan kursus komputer, kelas tambahan dalam kawasan nya. Ini lah Melayu yang kita harap ada banyak dalam negara kita ini. Terutama nya sekarang ini. Saya fikir dia jujur dan ikhlas. Bukan jenis yang cari nama dan korupsi. Ameen.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

Right on !! Keep me smiling thru out... not only because it's funny but more importantly, Tuan dengan sempoi je telah membuka satu persatu pakaian yang menutup isu2 yang di perkatakan, macam strip tease gitu, and behold - the plain truth. So simple , no holds barred and made those 'to whom it may be concerned' looked stupid !

Love to read your take on TGNA. For the first time theres someone whose brave enough to take him on, dissect him and showed us that Tuan Guru is also a normal human being. Thank you, you showed me 'the real person' behind his 'above all' persona.

Orang gaji cina ? Bukan sebab mereka tak sanggup nak dera orang kampung mereka sendiri tapi lebih takut kalau orang Melayu akan dera orang sebangsa mereka !Mereka rasa mereka lebih mulia, takkan nak izinkan orang sebangsa, biarpun dari negara lain, menjadi 'hamba' kepada orang Melayu. Lebih mulia jadi Gro atau pelacur dari kena bekerja jadi orang gaji, menurut perintah dan dimarahi orang Melayu !


MANTOL said...

Satu lagi pendapat yang tidak jemu dibaca kerana olahan yang padat dengan fakta dan sindiran.

Patutlah aku suka blog kau! Macam boleh baca2 je apa yg aku fikir.

Now that u revealed more bout yourself, I realized we got so much in common.


Anonymous said...


Two Thumbs Up!!!

- parti jahat, kato eh -

Singh Is Kinng said...

KM Sir,

What can I say, KM is always extra ordinary.

Abe, ambo pun raso mace SatD, sian tengok tok guru jadi lagu tu.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah KM, this time u ‘pao kah liow’ 6 topics in 1 post, man of many hats! Travellers Guide Writer, Sports Commentator, Sherlock Holmes, Political Analyst, Human Right Activist, Rolling Stone Columnist, what else?

The Mad ‘Advertising’ Man too; First it’s ‘Moh Far Koh’, now ‘Ngan Yin’, what’s next? Pagoda underwears? Heard they are popular in Kelantan, not Fruits of the Loom that only the elites like u wears.

KNN, somehow I’ve got this bad feeling that u r taking the piss out of me when u mentioned that ‘unker nodding in agreement behind that sneaky grin’.

Unker cannot do Moonwalking but can give anyone a good In Your Face Mooning anytime.

Anyway, gua percaya sama lu lah.

Unker Yew

P/S – Breaking News; This device would have save that guy from getting stabbed by the missus for coming home late after the MU game.

Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women's breast implants.

The iTit will cost between $499.00 and $699.00 depending on speaker size.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them….heheh.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KJ,

Chinese maids/Amahs, you will be surprised, they are the most organised, lovable, protective and dedicated helpers at home.

Adat. budaya and Agama, they will know exactly where they stand. And we learn a lot from them about theirs too.

Even will dress in Baju Kurung and tudung should we have functions at home.

They will get insulted if they see the tuan rumah doing any of their chores, very professional. And ALL my other Chinese neighbours employ only Indon or Filipinos, I am puzzled?

Had been employing them since the 70's and now have one old Amah who just refused to retire "kalo saya tatak keleja saya mesti telus mati", and she is 76years old and fit as a fiddle.


Unknown said...

Dear KijangMas

The photos here (especially the maids abused by chinese employers) if compiled together with others may just show who are the real racists in Malaysia.

Others may include the "chinese" woman jail squatter, teresa kok with the jawi signboard and the roasted pigs, etc.

Pictures paint a thousand words.

Retrogina said...

An excellent read. Enjoyed ur tribute to MJ. A cuppa wasn't enough. Had tea, macaroni cheese and sambal ikan bilis sandwich.

When i was a kid, my parents employed an indian helper as a maid. It was great cos she taught me Tamil and i helped with her english. Mala, where ever you are, hope you are well.

NJ, thx for the translation.

KijangMas, i hope we don't have to wait forever for your next post.

NJ said...


Merci. Peut-être des chèvres et du Kelantan "Comité exécutif" sont les mêmes? Ai-je fait d'accord avec le français? J'ai mieux coller à l'anglais! Merci beaucoup!

Am I making any sense? hahaha..


My pleasure. Terima kasih kembali.



Anonymous said...


Commenter named Mantol above signed off as a supporter of SSS. The blogger Malaysian Heart commented against SSS - again. In wanting Mantol to feel comfortable with his support, I’d like to take up Malaysian Heart here, if I may.

He pointed readers to his earlier article which praised US values. There have been comments against his stand published here earlier on and he has not defended them anywhere. Perhaps he sees the logic in that Malaysian history is different from US history and that a nation must progress based on the values derived from its own history rather than others’.

Again he quotes the Merdeka Center whose website doesn’t name the “professionals” nor the methods of carrying out the opinion survey that he heavily relies upon for his arguments. I think some one has pointed out in this blog the connection of Merdeka Center with the Opposition.

Reliable and respected survey organizations are hard to come by in this country. Even research and so-called think-tank organizations like the Sungai Way Group-funded Asian Research Institute some years ago published a “research finding” saying that Bumiputeras have achieved over 40% of corporate wealth. They were laughed at, withdrew their finding and apologized when the Government said it was only 18%.

Again he quotes Dr Aneez Rahman, a British citizen who suffered and fled madman Idi Amin’s Uganda, who gave a speech at UKM some time ago. He quoted the britisher talking about “multiple identities” in ways that suit his (MH) arguments, never explaining (despite being challenged) what to him being loyal and patriotic means, apart from merely saying the words and carrying the name “Malaysian Heart”.

He conveniently did not quote the aspects of Dr Aneez’s speech that were in favour of the actions taken to bring about unity in this country. For example, Dr Aneez did compliment the “affirmative action” being taken to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. This was reported in the newspapers as well. Of course Dr Aneez said these; he was speaking about the rich-and-poor divide being an obstacle to unity. He had seen and experienced the difficulties when trying to settle down in UK after running away from Uganda.

I would therefore urge Mantol and other supporters of SSS to be patient and resolute. The SSS is a sensible proposition and will come into being in the not too distant future. There are its opposition like this MH fellow. But their arguments are airy fairy wishes of following the US ideals of justice and equality. They do choose to ignore, like MH did on Dr Aneez’s support for affirmative action in Malaysia, the fact that injustice even occurs in US in such things as Guantanamo Bay detention without trial.

They find all sorts of excuses, bring the NEP and special Malay rights into their opposition to the SSS proposal. They choose to ignore the fact that their forefathers have agreed to the Special Position of the Malays in exchange for the Malay leaders agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka time.

These are people who take and ask for more and more. Many point out that they have given by way of paying tax. As if the Malays have not paid tax. They choose to forget that the higher tax amount they pay is largely used up for the maintenance of peace and order, the tens of thousands additional security enforcement personnel required to control the secret societies, thugs and gangsters that they brought in and cultured since the days of the Hai Sans and Ghee Hins in Perak in the 19th Century. Now the Selangor government is alleged to be embroiled with the Underworld.


Sakai Janda Baik said...

Salam Tuan KM,

Lihatlah betapa angkuh dan kurang ajar si zuriat bukit ni.

Tuanku, saya syorkan kita benteras makhluk-makhluk perosak ni sehabis-habisan di Bumi kita sebelum terlambat.

- SJB -

Anonymous said...

Salam Maju,

This "malaysian heart" fellow is a hypocrite. His nick shows a lot of himself/herself when he/she writes. He is not much a "malaysian" when he seems to be leaning toward a particular race. But he is trying to be smart though to be sounding like he belongs to another race.

This kind of hypocrite racist, will not make his way here because he will know long before he reaches here, something have been lost in the pants. Two balls (if there is any) will be rolling back in shivers back to the den where they will feel safer, never mind the hypocrite master!

- anti hypocrite

Anonymous said...


I support Maju’s comment earlier on and I have read the Malaysian Heart fellow’s comment against SSS.

He now accuses “KijangMas & Co” of “pedaling intolerance and chauvinism”. What is he talking about?

What intolerance? Not accepting Bahasa Malaysia after 52 years of independence? With a Constitution clearly spelling out BM as the Official Language? Promoting the national language of the People’s Republic of China and of Tamil Nadu? Where is this man’s heart yet calling himself “Malaysian Heart”?

What chauvinism? Asking for respect of the Constitution with the provision on the Special Position of the Malays? Not asking for total assimilation like the Thais, the Indonesians and the Filipinos did? What ingratitude. What lack of consideration of the amenable stance of the SSS promoters. Asking for respect for the history of Malaya/ Malaysia which shows the Malay ways and culture have been in this country since even before the Srivajaya Empire of the 7th Century – is this chauvinism? What yardstick is he going by? Is he not chauvinist of the highest order when he does not recognize and accept all the above?

He said we are “implying (without evidence) that people who do not support SSUS are not patriotic or "Malaysian" enough”. Does he know what “patriotism” is? Can he even distinguish what “loyalty” is from “patriotism”. He appears intelligent enough but I wonder why he didn’t look those words up in the dictionary.

Yet he talks about American patriotism built up from wars, etc. During the “war” Malaysia had after Independence and the non-Malays had become citizens – the fight against Chin Peng and the Malayan Coommunist Party (which was mainly Chinese) - the fighting was done mainly by the Malays. During the other “war” – the “Confrontation” with Indonesia, the fighting was also done mainly by the Malays. What patriotism is he talking about? Where is his “heart” if he keeps extolling US values and not appreciating the positive aspects of things Malaysian?

Then he talks about evidence. Without explaining what he thinks loyalty and patriotism are all about in the first place. What “evidence” is he talking about? Loyalty means “being faithful, love or obligation, allegiance, loyal temper or conduct”. Patriotism means “defending one’s country, being zealous about one’s country’s freedom or rights’. Against being trampled, internally or externally.

Is he being faithful to the country when he admires other countries? Wants the values of other countries brought in log, stock and barrel, without due consideration for the history, the special circumstances, like the Social Contract (which he apparently does not recognize) in the development of this country. Not respecting, abiding and living by the Constitution of the country which embodies the ingredients of the Social Contract. Yet the Constitution is the very foundation of the country, the pillars on which the country rests. It’s the highest set of laws for the country, all other laws stemming from it. Take away or disregard the Constitution, law and order crumbles and anarchy prevails. Is that what he wants?

Bahasa Malaysia is the thrust of the SSS argument and if he does not accept that, does it not mean not respecting the Constitution? Is that not “evidence” of not being loyal – or what he calls (I suppose he dreads the word loyalty) not being “Malaysian enough”? What a “Malaysian Heart” fellow! I didn’t hink he was the trigger-happy type, a loose gun, but it now appears he is.



Anonymous said...


Then this “Malaysian Heart” chap is aided by a fellow called anomie. He spoke about “multi-layered history”. I’ve read him asking people to read the memoirs of Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party. Multi-layered history my foot! This is a fellow who wants history to be written the way he approves, not accepting the established and well-documented history written by Professors and learned people. I bet he’d dispute Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng’s statement that, from historical records, Chin Peng was not even a Malaysian. He is a dangerous fellow, this anomie. Speaking for the Communists.

He tried to chide one commenter called Amir Hamzah. I support Amir’s arguments. Yet the anomie fellow starts to digress from the facts that have been established and written into the Constitution by talking about the Reid Commission. He does not want to accept what has been written into the Constitution and passed into law. He says all sorts of things as long as he can justify the “multi-layered history” and his claim that “No single source is The Truth - they r all circumspect caused by events that r un-controllable & yet chaotic. “ Ridiculous. Prepostrous. So folks, throw away all your history books. Nothing is the truth except what this fellow says! Crazy. Watch out, he’s going Chin Peng way.

We will pursue the SSS attempt to bring unity and a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia despite this kind of fellows throwing spanners into the works. Now there are PKR allegations of DAP links with the underworld in the Selangor state government. Secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Ah Longs, massage parlours, unlicensed internet cafes and joints of all sorts. Let the furore over this takes its course first. We’ll keep steady with the SSS proposal.

I’ll pursue his other arguments to show that this “Malaysian Heart” fellow may not really be Malaysian at heart.


Semerah Padi said...

Salam Saudara KijangMas,

Saya yakin majoriti warganegara ini, tidak kira apa kaumnya, adalah rakyat yang baik-baik apatah lagi penduduk asal Semenanjung yang terdiri dari kaum yang terkenal dengan budi bahasanya yang tinggi.

Saya pernah terbaca, sewaktu darurat dulu, ada beratus pemuda kaum cina yang turut serta dalam perjuangan menentang komunis apabila pihak british membuat saranan. Keturunan patriot-patriot inilah yang menambah lagi kemakmuran negara ini.

Walaupun ada juga sebilangan besar (dalam ribuan) yang cabut lari meninggalkan kerana tidak mahu menyambut saranan british untuk mempertahankan negara, tetapi mereka semua itu telah lari kembali ke negara asal. Sekurang-kurangnya mereka itu sedar yang mereka tidak layak duduk di negara ini.

Tetapi ada segelintir kaum pendatang ini yang tidak sedar diri, menyalak tak tentu fasal, membuat huru hara di negara orang. Siapa mereka ini? Keturunan ghee hin dan hai san ke? atau keturunan yang dulunya cabut lari kemudian menyeludup masuk ke negara ini setelah negara sudah aman dari ancaman komunis?

Lihat sajalah budaya anjing-anjing liar yang segelintirnya masih sesat di negara ini membuat huru hara. Sejarah tidak pernah tahu, kalau bercakap pasal sejarahpun, mereka ini cuba memutar belit fakta. Shah Alam dulu sunyi dari rumah urut, sekarang ini katanya dah bertaburan pusat-pusat maksiat ini. Seperti yang Saudara dedahkan, perangai "makhluk" ini yang menyusahkan seluruh negara bila menyiksa manusia yang menjadi pembantu rumah "makhluk" ini. budaya gangster, underworld, pelacuran, perjudian, along dan macam-macam huru hara lagi. Dulupun ada cheti, tapi tak lah sehuru hara along yang rantai orang dalam bangunan. Dengan budaya "kow-tim"nya, habis rosak segala budi pekerti sehingga parti pemerintahpun jadi hina dina dengan politik wang. Ada yang mengatakan Tok Guru pun nampaknya "menghalalkan" politik wang di Manek Urai semata-mata untuk mendapat undi.

Tok Guru adalah bukan lagi seseorang yang saya pernah kenal dulu. Saya kesal apabila seolah-olahnya tidak apa baginya apabila terdapat cina berkulup menghina ayat-ayat Qur'an yang dijadikan sebagai modal politiknya. Ada Melayu yang nak bangunkan ladang babi yang canggih lagi besar di Selangor. Kerana apa? Kerana wang? Orang Singapura yang nak makan khinzirpun tidak mengadakan ladang kotor sendiri.

Di sini saya ingin bertanyakan rakyat Malaysia yang mengangkat orang-orang yang berperangai buruk ini sebagai pemerintah? Kamu semua nak negara ni jadi negara sial yang penuh dengan segala maksiat ke? Terutama sekali orang Melayu yang mengangkat PAS dan PKR yang terang-terang tidur sebantal dalam ertikata politik, yang menghalalkan secara cara maksiat, budaya kow-tim, politik wang, menghina agama dan lain-lain. Tidakkah kamu renung barang sejenak?

Dalam Rukun Negara ada "Kesopanan & Kesusilaan".


Semerah Padi

KijangMas said...

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73, thanks for dropping by and the kind words.


Salam Sdr NJ, terima kasih atas inisiatif saudara untuk menterjemah ayat-ayat tersebut kepada bahasa Melayu Johor-Riau yang juga Bahasa Kebangsaan kita semua. Penterjemahan nya tepat sekali!

Kawé laték sedaro jadi penterjemoh Baso Kelaté resmi DN.

Nih nok ghoyak skik. Kalu jamé kawé budok skoloh dulu, tokpék macé Ronnie Liu nih keno goddé kkawé doh. Naté beghôk nih keno nyépak mauk Tokku Kerghmo atah muko baghu tauu. Dé nyo keno gak weii,... lekak badi tujôh ketughuné.

satD nga Singh, guano? Nok ikuk abé gi tté pok-pok tokpék kuré aja ...?

(NJ, tok soh terjemoh. Utôk gu kito sajo).


Bro satD said:-
"Sedih mikir pasa tok guru...guano dio boleh jadi sapa gitu....."

Pasa banyok do'oh ceghamoh la jadi gituh. Sapa semo bendo nyo gi buak lawok jenako. Hukom agamo pông buleh uboh ikuk selero politik. Hok hudoh dio kato comé. Hok busuu' dio kato wongi. Hok tokleh dio kato buleh. Pelôk tokpek anti-Nnayu tokpo. Nok jupo nga Nnayu UMNO tokleh. Jahak do'oh ko oghé Nnayu parti laing? Sapa lagu tuh dio buleh hino. Nih ulamok ko pok tôlô?.

(NJ, nih pông hok gu kito).


Parpu Kari said:-


Anonymous said...

Salam anti-hypocrite,

I don't mind so-called Malaysian Heart defending his race. But when he says others are racist, he is being a racist of the higher order.

But I do mind strongly his claiming to have a Malaysian heart yet admiring US and other countries. Yet not acknowledging the facts of Malayan/ Malaysian history, the Social Contract and not respecting the Constitution of the country wherein the elements of the Social Contract are embodied. Yet finding all sorts of excuses and red herrings not to abide and live by the Constitution of the country. Anti-SSS which is about respecting Bahasa Malaysia and creating a united and cohesive "Bangsa Malaysia".

What "Malaysian heart" is that?
That surely is hypocricy of a high order.

You, on the other hand, choose the correct name to write about him - Anti-hypocrite. Very apt.


Anonymous said...


The Malaysian Heart fellow accuses us of “preferring prejudices & preconceived notions why vernacular schools should be abolished”. If only this fellow sits down and seriously, sincerely (he calls himself Malaysian Heart) thinks of what he has said.

What “prejudices” is he talking about? Has he not read Dep Min of Education statement in 2008 that the MCA studies done with Ministry of Ed assistance from 2002 showed that the drop out rate of SJK© was as high as 25%? Did he forget that that fact was repeated time and again in Demi Negara and other blogs?

Oh yes, he does read Demi Negara. He said so in his blog. Did he therefore simply choose to put that glaring aspect aside? Like he did in so many other instances, like when the British immigrant/ citizen Dr Aneez (who I think would not mind being referred to as “immigrant” though he subsequently became citizen) complimenting the “affirmative action” policy of the Malaysian Government. He chose only those suitable to his “multiple identities” line.

Btw, isn’t “multiple identities” akin to “multiple personalities” who shrinkers in US and elsewhere have written a lot about? He adores US values and he must know about the latter as well.

Of course he relies on opinion polls by such doubtful and possibly politically biased organizations as Merdeka Center or the infamous Asian Research Institute. The credibility, or lack thereof, of these organizations have been lamented in earlier comments. This man has to accept the fact that even in the US, his grand idol, not all survey, research or think-tank organizations are reliable and credible. Has he read of the “Jewish Lobby” in the US? Pro-Zionist Israel and anti-Palestine. Of course he may even be supporting them, even admire their stand and activities. I think he admires Singapore and would be happy about the Zionist Israeli presence in the Singapore military and strategic defence planning there.

Now, it is those 25% drop outs that KijangMas has expressed pity on in one of his writings. These poor fellows without adequate knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia and English, ending up as sales assistants or workshop hands. Mixing mainly if not wholly among themselves and members of their own community. This last part is generally the case even among most of the other 75%.

Hear, Mr Malaysian Heart, we have made these observations over a period of many years and in more ways than one. If you disagree, you should come out with reliable and credible data. Not the Merdeka Center or Asian Research Institute kind. Quote cases of the successful, open-minded and well-rounded (in terms of mixing with members of other communities) ex-SJKs, like 1-2 have done in this blog earlier. With verifiable information, not mere claims. Provide the links.

Is that not a fair challenge? By saying such things, are we showing “prejudice and preconceived notions”? Come on, man. Be a man. Be responsible in your statements. I dare you. Take this challenge. Remember, verifiable information.


NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera,

Tu'e Ku, jelah sudoh peghetoh Tu'e Ku. Ambo pon, hanyo ake tergjemoh hok dale "blog entry" sajo. Itu pong kalu ghaso patut.

Peghetoh Tu'e Ku ambo junjong. "best" jugo jadi tuke kaghut resmi ni! hahahaha!

Saudara Dot,

"Multi-layered-history" ini adalah satu frasa yang digunakan oleh pengkhianat-pengkhianat negara dalam usaha mereka untuk memutarbelitkan fakta sejarah dan akhirnya "memadamkan" asal usul Tanah Melayu.

Kalau zaman dahulu, bangsa asing menggunakan kekuatan bala tentera untuk menakluk sesebuah negara. Tetapi sekarang, bangsa asing ini menggunakan anasir-anasir subversif seperti ini, tidak ubah seperti propaganda komunis suatu ketika tidak lama dulu.

Ada musang berbulu ayam di negara kita ini.



Kama At-Tarawis said...

PHEW! Worth waiting la KM!
(lembek lutu' baco

NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan KijangMas Perkasa dan sidang DN sekelian,

Misfiring MU

Remember when we are ‘MALAYSIAN’ and we play soccer?

Read “Now, how about football?” here - Racial Polarisation and the Forging of Bangsa Malaysia.

Masalam Mystery

Did his boss, Ean Yong Hian Wah, and other DAP politicians actively attempted to locate Teoh from the wee hours of the morning upon his release until the time of his body's discovery?

- Interesting…

No one actually peeked out their office window (and saw the body) from morning well into lunchtime?

- Getting more interesting…..

And once the body was "discovered," many clear pics taken from their windows above were posted in blogs by office workers. If it was there earlier (between 6am and 1.30pm), no one saw it from their office windows?

- No one peeked? No one snapped pictures from 6am to 1:30pm? Mr Sherlock! Have not read these elsewhere before!

Even the "thud" could be sickeningly deafening.

- Nobody heard or noticed anything? Wouldn't that building be teeming with people at the 9am purported time of fall?

- If there were less “shoutings” and “pointing fingers at the very top of the voice” by a certain party, the very minutes after 1:30pm discovery, one may have “calmer” mind to notice what our Mr. Sherlock Holmes has “pointed” here.

Manic Manek

Ku Li (interviewed at Bukit Jalil) - “Kita kalah tipis dengan MU”

Ku Li again (interviewed again at Kuala Krai) - “Kita kalah tipis di MU”

Malevolent Mullahs

Tak mahu komen lebih, bagi peluang orang PAS komen pulak:-

1) Kafir mengkafir sesama sendiri walaupun berlainan idealogi politik

2) “Demo bui kito amik” – Politik wang halal kat MU

3) Si cina menghina Qur’an buat modal politik di Perak

4) Bersekedudukan dgn suami org dapat pembelaan makcik-makcik PAS yang bertudung

5) Ladang khinzir besar lagi canggih – Bela rumah potong khinzir haram di Kedah

6) Gangster, underworld link dengan YBs DAP

7) Isu bersumpah dgn Al Quran – Pak Nik kita sebelum dan selepas Saiful bersumpah

8) Upacara candle light “virgil” oleh Nizar PAS

9) Rumat urut, pusat pelacuran yang semakin pesat di Selangor

10) “Langkah mayat gue dulu” – isu Negara Islam

11) Perkataan “Allah” dalam Injil

12) … dan… dan…(letih nak taip dah!)

King of Pop: 1958-2009

… it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white….

Maids and Mad Dogs

Apa lagi kerenah yang nak “diperkenalkan” di bumi Malaysia ini oleh makhluk-makhluk “MAD DOGS” ini?

Budaya KOW-TIM?

BerTuhankan wang? Along? Kurang ajar, biadap?... Malaslah nak cerita panjang…




Semerah Padi said...

Salam Saudara KijangMas,

Saudara NJ,

Saya kirimkan suatu CERPEN RAKYAT buat Saudara sempena Malevolent Mullahs yang dimuatkan oleh Saudara KijangMas kali ini.

Saya juga adalah di antara salah seorang yang merasa kesal di atas kepudaran seorang tokoh yang dulunya saya gelar Tok Guru.

Salam hormat.


Semerah Padi

Donplaypuks® said...

TBH. A couple of things.

There was a report that an MACC officer or staff spotted TBH sleeping on their couch in the MACC lobby area at 6.30 a.m. The person who said it and the person who witnessed it have not been identified.

Who has to gain? One possibility is that TBH's death was not planned; it MAY have been due to a sudden use of excessive force from a momentary loss of temper by an interrogator i.e. an accident!

I believe many deaths of suspects in the custody of authorities arise from this. The Autopsy Report at the inquest should reveal this, although it may be masked by the mutiple injuries arising from the fall to the 5th fllor of Plaza Masalam. But make no mistake, there are (foreign)Experts who can clearly identify injuries aring from a high rise fall and those incurred otherwise!

Once TBH was dead, no one would risk carrying his body and be seen along the staircase, lifts, car parks and corridors of Plaza Masalam which has security guards, car park attendants and not to mention the general public who would have been many, by 9 a.m.

Besides the shopping mall and surrounding commercial areas, there is also a branch of the Nat Reg Dept there. So, the chances of being spotted carrying a dead or wrapped up body would be very, very high!

Thus, throwing the body out the window would seem to be the 'safest' option. As to suicide and involvement of Triads - this is hogwash and misdirection by those hoping to make political capital out of it or divert culpability elsewhere.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human race. That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it"

<>Der Fuhrer - Adolf Hitler<>

Now Adolf Hitler is dead! Adolf Hitler never set foot here too!

So, anyone would like to make a guess on who "Adolf Hitler" is ("Adolf Hitlers" are)? now here in Malaysia and still alive?

Maybe these clues will help?

1. The monkey who jumped the gun in TBH case making the "story" so "BIG" and "LOUD"

2. The monkeys who keep it simple saying "MACC! MACC! MACC!.

3. The monkeys who keep saying it over and over

4. The monkey who posts the BIG, SIMPLE and REPEATEDLY everywhere in hope to eventually make the public believes in his monkey accusations!

Sorry mate! We are NOT Der Fuhrer here!

So dont play it punk! Yes you! donplaypuks!

- Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP Antu)

Anonymous said...

I see this fella donplay whatever here and there trying to appear he is on a moral high ground. He is speculating. All sorts of speculation.

Since he is in the business of speculation, I'll entertain myself a little by saying a few things to him on this dull Sunday evening.

My dear chap, what report are you referring to? There was also a report that the PKR appointed Kajang Councillor/ Exco contractor met TBH in the MACC lobby area at 6.30 a.m.

If, as you said, "the person who said it and the person who witnessed it have not been identified", why the hell are you speculating?

You want to place the blame on MACC, accidental death whatever. You talk about "one possibility" and that "it MAY have been due to a sudden use of excessive force from a momentary loss of temper by an interrogator i.e. an accident!" There are all sorts of possibilities, man!

You said, "I believe many deaths of suspects in the custody of authorities arise from this." Now, what makes you believe that? You heard that from thin air? From DAP or PKR radio? Just say only, without substantiating, ha?

Then you sound instructing, "The Autopsy Report at the inquest should reveal this,". Yet you placed a little caveat "although it may be masked by the mutiple injuries arising from the fall to the 5th fllor of Plaza Masalam."

Then your moral high ground came into the picture. Almost a warning, saying "But make no mistake, there are (foreign)Experts who can clearly identify injuries aring from a high rise fall and those incurred otherwise!" Are you among those who gawk in admiration of foreign experts, ha? You claim in your profile that you are an accountant trained in UK. Maybe you also believe that you are not a good accountant? The British or some other countries' accountants are better than you are?

I thought of going thru all your points here. But after this streak of self degradation expressed by you, I want to puke. Like this, who is going to take your arguments seriously, boy?

Then you try to spread the message here and there, "We are all of 1 Race, the Human race. That is all that really matters." I suppose you also believe that we all have one shit? Grow up, boy. Face realities. Otherwise, talk only the nice things of everybody, of all organisations. Don't speculate and make bad inferences.


the speculator said...

Ok, my turn now to speculate.

TBH was killed by that DAP/PKR appointed Kajang Councillor/Exco contractor ...what's his name again? This councillor was given the instructions to kill TBH by DAP's underworld/RL.......follow my drift everyone?

Remember, they met at MACC's pantry at 6.00 am ...a lot of things could happen between that time and the time when TBH's body was found.

The other camp is getting the heat now and trying NOT to help the police in any ways to solve this mystery ....It does not help that Pakatan supporters like DPP and co. are shouting for everybody to hear that MACC, the Government agency was the killer.

Hello Pakatan goons, just leave the police to do their work la, boleh tak?

Don't waste your precious time of misinforming the rakyats. I'm sure you all have other important things to do than spreading lies...and manipulating the masses.

It won't work ...we, the rakyats aren't gullible idiots la.....

satD said...

now my turn.....

If he was a key "informer/witness" how come NO protection of his identity??

MACC has its own Complaints committee to handle complaints against its procedural activities why the need for RCI to look into its "investigative" for the potential criminal case involving his death specific provisions in the law already provides enough powers for the respective institutions to conduct its function....

So Mr PM why must you bend over backwards all the time and let the tak sedar diri racist take charge of the bagi betis gua guarantee dia telan betis lu pastu kerat kepala lu....

Abe KijangMas....ambo siak....baru lepah gosok steel-toed DocMart

Anonymous said...

A P.S for Donplay whatever:

Since you are so keen about a 1 Race, why don't you join the Demi Negara community's effort at bringing about a united Bangsa Malaysia? They propose it be done thru the SSUS proposal. The posting before this deals with that.

The 1 Human Race idea is idealistic. It can never exist. The Satu Bangsa Malaysia proposal is practical. It is necessary. It is imperative, especially under hightening racial polarisation now.
It has to happen otherwise your grandchildren and mine will suffer.

How about it? Can I see you sign the Petition attached to the previous posting? If you say your idea of a 1 World/ Human Race is achievable, what more 1 Bangsa Malaysia. It's only logical to start from a 1 Bangsa Malaysia. I challenge you Mr Donplay whatever.


Anonymous said...

DontplayPundek asks:

"Who has to gain? "

And then he answers his own question:-

"One possibility is that TBH's death was not planned; it MAY have been due to a sudden use of excessive force from a momentary loss of temper by an interrogator i.e. an accident!"

Such is the vile nature of this vermin called DontPlayPundek. While everyone else inherently knows the answer to this question, namely the DAP underworld connections, he twists and turns his benang basah to deflect to some other theoretical concoctions.

I have already dealt with this Pundek here .

The rest of his rantings: I can equally demolish his "intended diversions to the truth" but feel too meluat to even do that.

In the same way, people: if this Malaysian Heart goon that you all quote here does not comment in this here blog, I suggest you leave him be and do not even mention or quote, less he thinks mistakenly that he is so good that he is worthy of mention. Nak tahu worthy or not kalu, come in here and give your thoughts here in Demi Negara.

Supaya tahu tinggi-rendahnya tanah bumi melayu ni. And Paraphrasing Tukartiub, Lelaki Komunis Malaya Terakhir: Kah Kah Kah.


KijangMas said...

Naif said:-
"... I just wish those dumbasses who give comments on malaysia today/kini/insider would come and visit ur blog once in a while."

Don't hold your breath, Naif.

Like locusts and termites, these subversives will infest only cybercesspools bubbling with viewpoints they want to hear. These makhluk perosaks congregate at these guttermedia in a toxic, incestious orgy of hate reflective of their chronic, self-induced alienisation in our country.

The time for intellectual discourse with these pests are over. How do you handle locusts and termites? Well, "talking" is not an option.

Naif added:-
"Dont work for somebody who works for somebody who works for Astro."

Ha ha ... agreed.

I always wonder what goes on in the minds of the Astro people. Their latest ads are a farce. What are they trying to portray by depicting a Chinese woman talking Tamil; a Malay stallholder (by far, the poorest and most pathetic looking of the lot) taking pride in her rudimentary English; an Indian speaking Cantonese; a Chinese proudly proclaiming something in China's Mandarin; and so on. Then we have the schoolkid version of jumbled languages by hopelessly mutually-alienated children.

Apa semua ni?

Why portray our national language, Bahasa Melayu, as some kind of street dialect eeking out a wretched existence among the other tongues? What's so great about an Ah Soh talking rubbish in pidgin Tamil or an Indian lost soul sounding like Ah Fatt the kereta potong dealer? How and where do all these bits and pieces fall into place in Astro's grand vision for Malaysia? 27 million linguistically confused people with a half-dozen different terms for each and every thing and act in their daily lives? I need to personally ask the minister responsible, Rais Yatim, about this.

And I want to see that Tamil-speaking Ah Soh discussing concepts (beyond "lu sutah makan ka?") with the Bloken Inggris Makcik and the CantoneseConfused Indian macha.

Apa bahasa mau guna?

See, the Makcik can speak Malay and some English; the Ah Soh can speak Tamil and a Chinese dialect; the macha can speak Tamil on top of his Cantonese. Ok Messrs Astro, tell us HOW the three will communicate? What common tongue?


The odd-one-out Makcik must learn Tamil to facilitate the tripartite conference of aliens? So the Jaffnese Tamil owners of Astro is pushing a Tamil agenda now?

Is this Astro's convoluted idea of Najib's 1 Malaysia fantasy?

Ini macam habislah. Thank tuhan we still have Kelantan.

Naif asked:-
"... one last minor thing-Your comments on the PPSMI issue?"

Many have asked me the same thing. This is my short answer: The reversion to BM for science and mathematics, no matter how noble, has been contaminated by the fact that the SJKs will ALSO revert to their "mother" tongues for these subjects. Hence, the various pertubuhan memertabatkan Bahasa Melayu have unwittingly thrown a lifeline to Dong Zong, Jiao Zong and Donkey Kong and Tamil language advocates who now have a free rein to jubilantly destroy the future of a third of our children with foreign language-based instruction that not only sabotages national integration, but also churns out thousands of semi-illiterate dropouts every year that wreak havoc on our social order as readily seen today.

Donplaypuks® said...

To all you 'pundek' Anons,

Do get it right.

It was DM who asked 'Who has to gain?' That was speculative and I gave my answer to DM who invited and accepted my reply and authorised publication in his blog.

Something wrong with that?

The Kajang councillor saw TBH in the pantry of MACC at 6 a.m. He had a very brief conversation with TBH who was not very responsive.

Someone else spotted him lying on the MACC couch at 6.30 a.m. This was in the MACC statement, Malaysiakini, MI etc. when the news of TBH's death broke. THE MACC did not specifically identify which of their staff was involved.

Anything wrong with that?

But really, the day you all start getting personal, I know I'm winning and you are just blowing hot air with Triad and DAP for which there is no basis whatsoever!

Remember that TBH was in MACC custody and last seen alive in their premises. So, its up too them to clear their name and provide clear cut explanations instead of disjointed statements and time lines.

Play the ball, not the man, because sticks and stones......

And remember, without ideals, we would not know what to aim for. 'A man's reach must exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?' Sure we are not perfect, but we can try to get as close as possible as we can to the ideal, can't we.

Anything wrong with that Anons?

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...


why nothing about pkfz or khir's bungalow? cos they don't start with 'm' ?? it does la..its all about 'm'oney..


memang saya tak paham semua baso kelate tu..paling banyak pun paham 30% la..tapi ok jugak..kalau tak paham takkan nak salahkan nj pulak..kalau nak paham kena la belajar kan?

bukan alan

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Sapa nak tengok DontPlayPuki kene balun abis-abis kat commenter, pegi sini.

Adoiii. Kadang2 kesian jugak tengok penjilat DAP ni cuba nak jadi hero dalam blog melayu. Kene sekali, sampai lidah ke-ke-ke-lu.

Ish duniaaaa, dunia.

aiyaa nostladamus kaa said...

heyyaa blother donplaypucks. lu tatak kasi olang play pucs, lu singkili manyak kuat play pucs. hangtu punya olang.

itu teoh arrr ciakap ciakap kasi itu gomen cilita, sapa sapa dap punya kongsi unterworl punya olang. lia kasi cilita sama itu psrm arrr apa lorni atak bilkin sama itu gomen punya luit. lia atak sinpan manyak punya cilita lalam lia punyia komputar mau kasi psrm.

waaaa ini maciam arr taiko punya olang manyak malah woooh. itu gomen punya olang manyak sukak woooh.

itu teoh punya mulut misti kasi tutup. teoh sutak kasi mati. sapa ungtong? gomen manyak lugilaaa. taikor dap manyak ungtonglaaa.

lu apa ciakap. lu donplaypuc apa bikit kasi ciakap gomen kasi mati itu teoh?

teoh abit intologesen sama itu psrm pukut jam tikak malam. hsopitat ciakap teoh mati pukut jam simbilan pagi. apa maciam lu ciakap ini suma psrm punya kilija? lu mintak itu tan laaa .. lia last ciakap sama itu teoh apa?

lu cilita kincing laa dppuc. lu siapa mau kasi kincing? lu satu olang mbolo kaa suma olang mbolo.

elo belader kincing donkeyplaypuc. lu mana mali? lu ciakap summa olang silale abang alik blader blader .. tapi lu mau kasi kincing kita olang. lu pigi balik lu punya timpat. lu sana kincing lagi babut. niamacau... punya olang.

Anonymous said...


What was wrong was your intent. Your intent was to blame as many authorities as possible. I see at Big Dog blog you are being accused of anarchism and of bluffing.

You wanted to blame MACC from the moment you conjectured on the accidental death theory. Then you amplify that intent by blaming other authorities. This can be seen from your statement "I believe many deaths of suspects in the custody of authorities arise from this."

Of course you have no proofs. It's easy to just say you "believe". But people can also believe all sorts of things about you. I'm not a Government running dog or whatever but I don't like those trying to erode public confidence in authority. I've enough of Communists, subversives, secret societies, thugs, gangsters and the whole ginbang of underworld menace to society.

Then you chided our local experts. You said "But make no mistake, there are (foreign)Experts who can clearly identify injuries aring from a high rise fall and those incurred otherwise!" Wasn't that nasty thinking and bad intent?

If your comments here and there are mostly anti-authority and anti-Establishment, isn't your intent to weaken the Establishment and to facilitate the pushing of whatever agenda you might have? You could, even while conjecturing, have analysed the whole Teoh at MACC episode and pointed out 1-2
"neutral" (if not positive) points. But you didn't.

Come on, man. Even in US, UK and Europe there are all sorts of weaknesses of the Government. No doubt, we must not condone the weaknesses. But at least, while condemning, say also a few of the good deeds, or attempts at doing them, la. Then nobody will call you "having anarchistic tendencies" or something like that.


Semerah Padi said...

Saudara donplaypuks®,

Merely speculating, is not grossly wrong. But if you keep repeating your speculations everywhere and everytime whenever there is a discussion on the late Teoh’s case, you seems to be misleading or “make believe” of your story. This tantamount to misleading the public, that is, to me, very wrong. My friend, you may be bordering to “menghasut”, and I don’t want you to be in trouble with the “Akta Hasutan”.

donplaypuks®, has been seen commenting no less than 92 times (not counting the donplaypuks without the registered trademark), everywhere in the blogosphere. In those comments, I believe donplaypuks® carries the same theme that he carried here on Teoh’s case.

Theresa Kok of DAP speculated, made false stories and accusations, started the ball rolling in the media, regarding the “ketuk ketampi” incident, ignoring the plea to let the investigation be completed first before anything. You know the outcome and not a single apology from Ms. Kok to the malay lady involved, when the truth came out. It nearly caused uncomfortable relationship between Malaysia and China.

Immediately after the discovery of Teoh’s body, Lim Kit Siang/Lim Guan Eng of DAP immediately speculates, making accusations at which stage, even the police hardly had any chance to start any investigation as yet.

One may ask, was Ms. Kok truly fought for the “ketuk ketampi” victim? Do LKS/LGE truly fight for justice on behalf of poor TBH? If so LKS/LGE are truly for the victim, why not a word on Wan Siti Farihan ? Why not Ms. Kok apologize at least to the malay lady? Or is there an agenda behind all these? I don’t think LKS/LGE are so absent minded not to learn from the lesson of Ms. Kok!


Semerah Padi

NJ said...

Sdr. "bukan alan",

Dont be as simply as saying ..
why nothing about pkfz or khir's bungalow?

Can you seriously say "nothing" ka? As far as my understanding, those two things (and many other) are still on-going.

On bahasa, betul kata Sdr. bukan alan tu...nak faham kena la belajar kan?

Tapi, dalam soal bahasa Kebangsaan, kita sebagai warga negara Malaysia tidak boleh sekadar "nak faham", malah kita "mesti faham" bahasa Kebangsaan kerana ianya menjadi syarat kewarganegaraan di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Bahasa-bahasa lain, termasuk baso kelate, bolehlah kita belajar kalau kita "nak faham". Kalau tak nak faham pun tak apa kerana ianya bukan disyaratkan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.




Donplaypuks® said...

Semerah Padi and Anon 5.22

We may stand on the opposite of the divide, but I appreciate your civilized style, non-vulgarity and language in presenting your views.

You also comment on my views as opposed to launching a personal attack on me. Again, that is appreciated.

As to the nemerous other Anons who use 'pundek' and other vulgar words, they make me laugh when they get personal! But it should be recognized they started it, not I.

But, I am only one guy trying to present my views so that the truth is not spun beyond recognition by pro-UMNO bloggers, politicians and MSM who account for a lot of the information that goes out to the masses.

One person alone, an unknown like me, cannot cause such erosion in the respect for the authorities. Besides, blogosphere is open to all to make all the comments they want. On this blog comment alone, I am outnumbered 1-44!! So, what are you really worried about

If you open eyes, you must see that public confidence in these authorities is at an all time low. Why is this?

I reckon its due to incidents like the Zakaria Mat Deros, Kugan and over a hundred deaths in custody without carrying out mandatory inquests, 2 RCI's, Perak fiasco, Altantuya case, Toyo's Disneyland trips & $ million residence, Balkis, ISA arrest 'for your own safety' etc., etc., etc., - all NFA!! And in the thick of all this the TBH case happens and MACC gives many conflicting statements!

The perception is that the authorities are not neutral,and in fact have shown their political bias. You seriously dispute this? Besides the TBH case last week, there were two other deaths in custody, 1 of which is being disputed at Haris Ibrahim's blog.

So, PDRM, MACC etc., must all go back to first principles - they serve the People, not the PM, UMNO/BN, Pakatan, DAP or anyone else.

We all, and I, want to respect our Malaysian police and anti-corruption officers. If they acquit themselves well, I will be the first person to congratulate them.

For me there is no issue of race. I did not say 'TBH, a Chinaman, died while in the custody of and/or interrogation of Malay officers' nor did any reasonable person I know of. But many have introduced an element of racism in it and that cannot be allowed to gain ground.

Similarly, there is clearly a move to link the whole of DAP to Triads and the TBH case, when all we have so far is Wee Choo Keong's unnamed persons and unconfirmed allegation.

Now there are allegations of the proliferation of massage parlours under Pakatan/DAP in Selamgor. But who has been issuing these licences for the last 30-odd years before GE 2008. Did vice activities suddenlly spring up out of thin air in late march 2008? And what are the statistics?

If you go to T4TBH website at you will see that the math on the 1st invoice is wrong. This is the kind of 'Proof' that many bloggers like Unspinner and Parpu are swallowing?

So, to cut is short, you present your case, I'll present mine. Let the chips fall where they may and if my reading of events is wrong, I'll admit in openly.

As to chiding local experts, that is a wrong perception. I made no disparaging remarks about any local investigator. The point about foreign experts was that much expertise in these areas exists overseas that can be tapped, especially where there may possibly be 2 sets of injuries, 1 of which may be masked by a fall from a high rise. These kinds of deaths do not occur much here. If our local experts are capable, then we need look no further!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heyyaa donplaypuk

lu mana mali? bilapa manyak tuak sama todi lu sutak mingnum? lu lima kali spin arrr?

ini butut punya cilita.

1 teoh volunteered his information,

2 sutak tintu olang mau kasi lia satu kali mati,

3 sutak tintu mukan MACC, sutak tintu MACC mau lia hilup selibu tawun

4 sutak tintu manyak olang tatak mau kasi teoh lagi manyak ciakap secret

5 sapa ini olang?
sutak tintu lu donplaypuk todi satu olang
itu dap lagi satu olang
itu dap punya flont lagi satu olang

ok lu manyak ciakap pusing punya pundek. sikalang lu kasi jawab ini cilita.

Anonymous said...

We Came, We Saw ....
Part I

Waaa… Dontplaypuk suddenly sound meekly sanctimonious, as if the entire body molecules of his are made up of holier-than-thou substances conveniently hiding his deeply entrenched abomination on the malay race, conveniently camouflaged by his UMNO-phobic tantrums. He hides behind the 1-Malaysia phraseology, something, he thinks, is familiarly close to the Malaysian-Malaysia banderole trumpeted by his equi-skinned anti-malay cahoots.

But credit must be where credit is due, folks. Dontplaypuks is smart, I must say that. If not thick-skinned, that is. Why do I say so? Simple: He knows the places whom he used to visit and comment on the malay issue vehemently before, namely MalaysiaKini, MalaysiaToday, MalaysianInsider and other equally venomous sites do not epitomize the Malay psyche at all. Apart from pure Chinese-centric anti-malays, he knows that those sites are made-up of an amalgam of screwed-up malays like religiously-confused Harris Ibrahim, Daddy Par-Excellence Raja Petra, shunned-by-society Zaid Ibrahim, duped-by-pak-sheikh Din Merican. Some, having married the wrong kind of foreign wives, like some doctors and self-promoted thinkers who reside overseas, are even ashamed to even admit they are malays, and feel at home joining the ultra-chingkies who applaud them on to write something bad about their own race. Even Father-extraordinaire Raja Petra even admitted once that he used to delete 500-600 pro-malay commenters daily, giving a false sense of security to his supporters into thinking that the voices of dissent that they used to shout about IS the actual voice of the rakyat.

But Dontplaypuks is smart. Either that, or extremely diabolic: he realizes that to reach the heartland of malay intelligentsia, it is not enough to just bellow into MalaysiaToday. He must be where the malay intellectuals are. The REAL malay intellectuals. And thus he goes on a rampaging spree spreading venoms in EVEN relatively smaller blog spots. As long as there are malays voicing out pro-government or ones who even try to QUESTION the sanctimony of the Opposition Cahoots, you will see him there.

He then religiously admonishes people for “vulgarity”. Well I tell you what. When a certain people sense that their own dignity, their own hak, their own maruah, in fact their entire bumi melayu has been challenged, been ridiculed, been jeopardized, well then brother---vulgarity is the LEAST you should be worried about. Oh by the way yes. If vulgarity is a crime here, then I stand to admit guilt. Just that I will continue being so if to me it means speaking out my mind in establishing the kind of deep despise I have towards those who ridicule my own race.

Be aware also that your crime and guilt, Dontplaypundek, is more serious, more diabolical, more subtle and more grave.


Anonymous said...

... But We Got Beaten Up
Part II

One repeating theme of this PlayPundek is his insistence on speaking “for the rakyat”. His arguments are strewn with phrases like “public confidence in these authorities is at an all time low” or “The perception is that the authorities are not neutral”.

Public? Which public? Perception? Whose perception? The DAP? I am a public and I certainly do not conform to this thought of yours, and I certainly do not tally with your perception. I am a rakyat too and be known that there are more rakyats that think like me than there are that think like those portrayed in your Malaysia-something anti-malay sites. In fact, when it has been announced that there are going to be some kind of Pro-ISA rally, Pro-ISA group to be set up, I felt relieved. I for one, will definitely sign in. And lots more rakyats too, I assure you.

I feel some kind of remorse writing this way, for fear that this DPP will stop writing or visiting this site. There had been detractors before, like Eyes Wide Open, Malaysian Heart, and lots of other pundek-like vermins whose battle cry used to be “I came, I saw, I was Demolished by Demi Negara” and thereafter stopped visiting or writing, unable to bear the brunt of the “Malays-that-Matter”.

Or perhaps they are all one and the same person, whose names have changed but whose values have not.


Malayan Peoples' Anti-Pakatan Army said...

Haiyaa, these anti-Melayus are damned stupid and gullible one maa.

They renounced their precious Malaysian citizenship (... cannot be retracted one) and went on a wild goose chase to secure British nationality.

You think the Brits want these people ah? You think any other country want to import parasites ah?

Only 500 already demo-ing and causing mayhem in London. Here we have how many?

"Stateless" like those in Britain. That's what they ALL should be.


Semerah Padi said...

Saudara donplaypuks®,

Yes, to me it is healthy to have one on the other side of the divide as long as both sides are being responsible. We need a responsible opposition to point out the 'irresponsibility' of a government and vice-versa. We certainly do not need 'irresponsible' party, from either side to cause havoc.

My personal opinion is that Ms. Theresa Kok was utmost irresponsible as an apposition in the 'ketuk ketampi' case. Now, LKS/LGE are showing the same traits in TBH case. I do not see, for example, Tan Seng Giaw, is making such a loud noise on this TBH's case, anyone heard him making such fuss? To cut it short, just ask yourself (no need to answer it here), Was Theresa Kok all for the victim? Are LKS/LGE truly for the justice of TBH?

I think everyone agrees that the authorities like PDRM, MACC must serve the people not any political master. People on this side of the divide have a fair share to not be satisfied with the authorities as well as with the people on the other side. There are many cases and to make a one 'lump' opinion on people based on just one or a few cases, sound rather not entirely fair to me. The people who may not see MACC as the 'evil' in this TBH may not necessarily see MACC as 'angel' on other case, say for example, on whatever happened on the UMNO's youth wing election. Perhaps, marahkan nyamuk seekor, seluruh kelambu dibakar maybe of relevant here.

On TBH case, I came across comments, people claiming not having any confidence whatsoever in the PDRM for example. Whatever PDRM has to do in their line of duty, has been dismissed as 'cannot be trusted' even before PDRM complete their work on certain case. To this people, I like them to play a mental game by themselves. Say if them were being robbed or their lives are at stakes, would they not call for the PDRM whom they have lost whatever trust they had before? I remember Theresa Kok (or someone else?) asking for police help when she was threatened by 'molotov caocktail'? (sorry, cant really recall the incident). But i hope you get what I am trying to point out here. PDRM is the Polis DiRaja Malaysia, appointed by the country. If anyone having so much hatred against the PDRM (in blanket wise manner) please ask help from other police in some other countries. There are many other countries in the world.

You are also right when you pointed out the math was wrong in the invoice as posted by T4TBH website (I didn't check but I'll take your word for it). So, are you having in your mind that this T4TBH people was cooking up evidence? In your mind T4TBH people is 'irresponsible'?

In this respect, kindly consider what I have in mind on the worng math hand written invoice, something like this:-

The authority take the handwritten evidence (the invoice) and investigate. Hand-writing experts were called in. Now, whose hand writing is this? the T4TBH people? Teoh's? Ronnie Liu? Teoh's boss? Which does matter? The wrong math or the one who wrote?

In your thinking, it seems that you tend to give an idea on who is at fault. In my thinking, I'd to see a clearer picture before I would raise my finger to point.

Can we not wait for investigation in TBH case before pointing out fingers?

Of course, the ball has been rolling and rolling in TBH case on both side of the divide. But who started first? (you have asked this question too)


Semerah Padi

Unknown said...

Dear dppFOE

I like your style.

dpp is into dictionaries, so let's remind him of the origin of the word 'amok'

Taken from

"Running amok, sometimes referred to as simply amok (also spelled amuck or amuk), is derived from the Malay/Indonesian/Filipino word amuk, meaning 'mad with rage'

NoMorePundeks© said...

DPPuks - "On this blog comment alone, I am outnumbered 1-44!!"

Yup, isn't THAT the life story of you Tamilians? Outnumbered, outgunned, outfoxed, outmaneuvered to become the UnderDogs of not only this land but everywhere else on earth.

DPPUKs - "If you go to T4TBH website at you will see that the math on the 1st invoice is wrong."

So? Only now you noticed ah? This salah kira is sooo typical of the Chinkies and Tamilians lah aney. Typical SJK products. Even among their kinds, they will still cut and fill and siphon here and there. Look at a typical handwritten bill in a mamak shop --ALWAYS never adds up! And don't get me started wih the Chinkie workshops.

So why you complain when the DAP bastards do their math wrong? In fact, the very fact that the math is wrong further indicates the authenticity of such documents. You see, counterfeiters always double-check their creation and pass copies that are more "authentic" than the original. If some people actually doctored these docs, they will not make such elementary mistakes.

In this case, that wrong math is a smoking gun that leads straight to the DAP underworld goons.


Donplaypuks® said...

"Waaa… Dontplaypuk suddenly sound meekly sanctimonious, as if the entire body molecules of his are made up of holier-than-thou substances conveniently hiding his deeply entrenched abomination on the malay race..." Anon 8.59 a.m.

Only scumbag racists will equate criticisms of UMNO with 'deeply entrenched abomination of the Malay race. By YOUR token, any criticsm of MCA or DAP must be 'deeply entrenched abomination of the Chinese' and criticism of MIC 'deeply entrenched abomination of Indians'!! You seriously accept that?

Then, we must all be sit back meekly while many plunder and rape our Nation, because any criticism of any organization or public Institution will hit a Malay, Indian or Chinese? You seriously buy this line of arguement?

I don't think we have ever met or know each other, yet you make all kinds of surmises about me based primarily on your own bigotry.

Wake up man, wake up!!

Just present your case logically and without racist and bogoted elements. I believe in the ballot box, not the bullet.

And as to your accusation of 'abomination of the Malays', you have not a clue as to what you are talking about!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Donplaypuks® said...

NoMorePundeks© said...

If all you have to offer here is racism and vitriol, I humbly suggest you start your own blog where you can fill it up 100% with all your bigotry. Let's see how many will visit you.

Your comments are a waste of space!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Donplaypuks® said...


People like you are all talk and no trousers. Like schoolboys. Your fadder ah, my fadder ah...

Another waste of space!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that matters.

Anonymous said...


As a fellow commenter, I don’t mind at all you giving dissenting views here and elsewhere. We here are democratic. In proposing the creation of a strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia thru the Satu Sekolah untuk Semua (SSS) proposal, we have been democratic, asking for studies be done, for a referendum and all. We don’t espouse the Thai, Indonesian or Filipino way of forced integration. We hope others appreciate that and support our cause.

But I think many of us in the DN community are strongly against those who do not respect, abide and live by the Constitution of our country. It’s the very foundation of our existence, that which has been agreed to and passed into law by our elected representatives when we became independent 52 years ago. It’s the basic criterion for our loyalty to the country.

The position of Bahasa Malaysia, for example, is something which we will never compromise on. The Constitution says BM is the Official Language of the country. No doubt the leaders after Merdeka allowed vernacular schools but it doesn’t mean they were right and that those who continue to propagate other languages for use as a medium of instruction in schools or during public intercourse, are right.

We will oppose and continue to oppose. It’s written so clearly in the Constitution. There’s no two way about it. Besides, as repeatedly said by us, Mandarin and Tamil are the official languages of PRC and Tamil Nadu respectively. It’s not about culture – Mandarin is not even spoken at home among the Chinese here, or by the vast majority of Chinese in PRC. It's the policy (not an inherently born historical tendency) of the Government of PRC many hundred years ago which helped bring about unity among the people. And we have never spoken about banning them. It’s about respecting the Constitution of Malaysia, abiding and living by it.

It’s not a question of being outnumbered or being worried about it. We will respect those who sincerely want to put out their views, especially those who ask questions instead of putting out what to us appear as mischievous statements. If you read the earlier comments, you’ll notice that disposition of ours. How we react to those views or statements that we percieve as mischievous depend on the seriousness of the subject, the tone, the language used by the commenters, etc. Usually, those who explain – rather than just accuse in short comments – indicate their intent and where the intent is honest, we have no problem with them.



Anonymous said...



I must comment on your point that PDRM, MACC etc. must “serve the People, not the PM, UMNO/BN, Pakatan, DAP or anyone else.” All Government organizations must, of necessity, serve the Government in power. Whoever they may be – UMNO, DAP, PAS whatever. That’s the way it has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. That’s why Kings, Emperors, political parties in power have been changing but not those organizations. Except that the new people in power may change the top personnel, even scrap the entire organization if they so wish.

That’s why in US, with a new President, a new team moves into all the relevant organizations – not just a cabinet change but several of the top bureaucratic personnel of Ministries (they call Departments) as well. There are such things as “political appointees” among the bureaucrats. These are being tried here since some years ago – what Tun Dr Mahathir calls “the Fourth Floor boys”.

But PR in Perak and other former Federated Malay States cannot expect the State Secretary to follow their orders becaue he is a Federal Officer and must follow the policies of the Federal Government. He, by law, has to stick to his written schedule of duties and responsibilities. He, by necessity, has to know which side his bread is buttered.

But if you start changing too much, the parties concerned may become restless. I don’t even understand why the Police Complaints and Management Commission that the Royal Commission of Inquiry recommended many years ago has not been set up until now. I agree with the opinion that the past administration has been on auto pilot, etc. But I'm hoping for the emergence of astute thinking and robust action from the new administration. These I think we can call for, comment on. These are not matters of statute but of policy.

Regarding the allegations of the proliferation of massage parlours, yes, what are the statistics? I do notice the marked increase during the PR rule in Selangor. But, until some one reliable does the sums, we’ll continue barking at one another. But get reliable fellows to do the surveying and counting please. Not the Merdeka Centre or the Asian Research Institute whose credibility has often been questioned.

I agree with your statement “you present your case, I'll present mine. Let the chips fall where they may and if my reading of events is wrong, I'll admit in openly.”

Have a good day.


Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyya donplaypuk pundek

sikalang lu apa macam ciakap? summa olang kasi hintam sama lu apasat?

itu kamping apa ciakap? satu kali lia ciakap pundehehehk

gwa atak baca sini tumpat itu cilita kamping ciakap pundhdhdhed. lu sana cali itu cilita, kasi bedtime sotoli sama lu punya ane.

lu sini latang arrr sikit kasi holomat laa. lu sini nenggili luluk holomat sikit kasi sama summa olang laaa. itu maciam arr summa olang atak holmat kasi lu.

lu ciakap summmmma olang salaah; lu singkili butut kaa? itu maciam kalu lu bili laaa lua loli tanah pasier sama lornie samsing, lu bikin singkili lu punya ninggili sana tingah lawut. sana lu luluk tiam tiam. lu tangnam satu pokok kalapa sutak ciukup bikin todi sangpei lu mati.

sikalang lu apa maciam? atak belani sini mali kaaa?

gwa ciakap sama lu arrr. lu sini mali cakap selupa abang alik laa. tapi arrr? lu mana tau abang alik punya hal? lu dulu sikolah srjkt. belakang lu pigi siri lanka training sama itu tiger elam. balakang lu sini mali join hindilaf sama pkr. tatak ciukup hindilaf lu join kominis sama itu dap.

belakang lu sini mali lu ciakap pusing pusing selupa kling kalam lalam lawut.

tapi arrr lu manyak babut. lu tatak mali kalu arrr kita olang atak sikit sunyi. tilima kasi arrr. kam sia kam sia orrr.

lain tawun lu latag arrr?

NoMorePundeks© said...

DPPuks - "... I humbly suggest you start your own blog ... Let's see how many will visit you."

I donno how many will visit BUT I know that you, The Mother of All Pukies, will be a regular. Yes, YOU will be the number one fan because maggots like you are naturally attracted to racist talk. It's in your black blood.

Now, go finish your source of shitiration and give us more racist garbage to gawk at.

Tapi ingat aney, kalu minum satu botol, jangan cakap sama orang lu minum sepuluh botol ok? As my Ozland mate Trevor said, "one bottle is all it takes to undo these chimps."

And talking abt the land down under, see what's happening to your blood brothers there. Read this looong thread abt the shit you people sow among the Aussies. Of course, unlike the AFUNDI-softened Melayus, the Aussies are nipping this scourge in the bud.


Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 1.47 and Semerah Padi

You both have made some valid points.

Here's somrthing I posted at Dato Kadir Jasin's blog on bilingualism on 19th July"

"I am not per se against total BM in schools, including kindergartens, right up to Uni level. I welcome it to achieve national integration.

But having English as a mandatory
2nd second language right from kindergarten, is also imperative, including in the vernacular ones.

The real problem all this while has been the half past six mannner in which poorly qualified, trained and remunerated teachers have been let loose on our poor kids!

Good command of English, as the lingua franca of the world, is essential. This can only be attained if we have adequately qualified teachers who approach the subject from basic grammar, vocabulary, sentence and essay and precis construction topped with English literature and poetry.

In the absence of a serious effort from the Ministry of Education in the teaching of English, then, the policy reversal in teaching Science & Maths can only spell disaster for our children, in the long-term.

We need very good leadership and well thought out policies to achieve real progess in this area; not jingoistic reactions!"

Not all of us on this side of the political divide are against everything UMNO/BN as asserted by the likes of donplaypundek and nomore pundek. All we ask for are consistently applied policies. The Education issue has been hijacked by the politicians, not the People.

I think I have gone as far as possible in discussing issues in this posting of DN and the issues have become a little stale.

So, let's wait for DN's next posting to 'cross-swords' again.

I am glad we are all talking. As Churchill said "Jaw, Jaw, not War, War!'

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Donplaypuks® said...

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa and NoMorePundeks©

Both still a waste of space.

I couldn't care two hoots what's happening down under.

And that's the trouble with people like you. When your house is on fire, you're too busy worrying why the guys house in the next village is on fire and in the meantime your house is razed to the ground.

Moral of the story? Go figure it out!!

We are all o f 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Godisuno said...

I'm afraid that most of Malays in Malaysia do not actually comprehend what is actually happening around them especially the young generations. These young generations of Malays are too absorbed in their fake world with the entertaining peers who knows nothing but to enjoy life. The young Malays today has lost their patriotism. They don't stand up straight anymore when Negaraku is played, they laugh and make joke at the national anthem and they don't take their future seriously, they don't know about history, they don't care about their country and the most sickening one is that they don't perform their Salat. A study by one Malay scholar has shown that only around 15% of Malay Moslems student perform their 5 times a day prayer. It makes we wonder and thinking deep...what would happen to the next Malay generation? would they be slaves in their own motherland?

NoMorePundeks© said...

DPPuks - "I think I have gone as far as possible in discussing issues in this posting of DN and the issues have become a little stale. So, let's wait for DN's next posting to 'cross-swords' again."

Thank god for life's little mercies. At last, we can all go back to more intelligent discussions.

DPPuks - "When your house is on fire, you're too busy worrying why the guys house in the next village is on fire and in the meantime your house is razed to the ground."

Yeah aney, my house. NOT yours. You're nothing more than a delinquent tenant, a transient penumpang who kinda lost his social bearings and actually thought he has a say in the affairs of my house.

Now, kindly be dignified enough to settle your dues and leave via the back door and take your RM3.99 one way ticket to Chennai courtesy of the Tamilian-who-thot-he's-a-White-Man Airline.

Cherio aney


Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heyyaaa pundek donplaypuk

sikalang mau lali kaa

apasat lali? lu punya pundek sutak hancos kasi olang hantam kaa?

tapi wa fikit arrr, lu pundek hancos sibab lu tulun pokok kelapa manyak laju. itu pokok kelapa arrr kasi gosok lu punya pundek kasi abit orrr.

lu tatak picaya kaa? lu baca itu cilita kutu sini timpat? lu cali laaa? misti jumpa punya.

itu atak cilita bonus kasi lu. cilita apasat kutu/kurthu kasi picah itu kelapa? ooooiii lu tatak picah sembayang punya kelapa kaaa?

waaa lu manyak eksyen arrr? lu tulis "We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters"

gwa tatak paham apa itu lu tulit. lulu wa punya pak kasi wa baca itu srjkc. wa tatak baca babut. wa melayu kaaa inggilis ka manyak pok kai cilakak.

itu lu human lace apa macam? atak selupa itu naidu punya timpat mana lia olang bikin lumah pakai taik lumbu kaa? gua dingar cilita itu lumbu lu punya tuan alah. itu maciam arrr lu mingnum lumbu punya ait kincing lagi babut. lu jali selupa tuan alah. manyak kuat.

ooooo patut lu satu kali ciakap sini tumpat lu satu olang kasi lawan ampak pulu olang.

sikalang itu maciam arrr wa tatak mau itu cin ping wa punya helo. gwa mau angkat lu jali wa ppunya helo.

hilo pundek donplaypuk. hilup hilo pundek donplaypuk.

sikalang lu balik lomah, kasi obat itu summmma sakit luka luka, bilakang lu mali sini. kita maiin maiin pantat kelapa kaaa, picah kelapa ka .. tapi wa takut lu kepala kasi picah.

jaga baik baik.

Donplaypuks® said...


Errata. An absolute total complete waste of space!

NoMorePundeks© said...

DPPuks - "An absolute total complete waste of space!"

Agreed. Whatever you said here and elsewhere has been an absolute total complete waste of space.

People like you amazes me. A poor, defenseless tiny minority that you are should be the last soul to antagonise the all-powerful majority that gave their name to this country. You are fighting a silly war that you'll never win. Instead of joining the majority in our nationbuilding quest, you stupidly collaborate with the other minority group (albeit not as poor and pathetic as yourself but doomed nonetheless) to destroy, piece by piece, the social fabric of this nation.

The Malays are about to wake up from their Anwar Ibrahim-Nik Aziz induced trance. They now see the true colours of the PKR and DAPig anarchists propped by their PAS peons. Mark my word, the Malays will close ranks.

What happens on Aug. 1 may be the turning point.


Donplaypuks® said...

Donplaypundekfoe Quote "Apart from pure Chinese-centric anti-malays, he knows that those sites are made-up of an amalgam of screwed-up malays like religiously-confused Harris Ibrahim, Daddy Par-Excellence Raja Petra, shunned-by-society Zaid Ibrahim, duped-by-pak-sheikh Din Merican. Some, having married the wrong kind of foreign wives, like some doctors and self-promoted thinkers who reside overseas, are even ashamed to even admit they are malays, and feel at home joining the ultra-chingkies who applaud them on to write something bad about their own race."Unquote.

So, all these other Malays - doctors, ministers, scholars, intellectuals, teachers, lawyers, engineers - who havea different worldview of Malaysian politics, Govt and economics afffairs are STUPID, misinformed or 'derhaka'?

While you, with your racist leanings, 'katak dibawah tempurung' existence and jingoistic signature rant, are representative of the majority of Malays? You are the enlightened soul, THE ONE who will deliver?

And pray do tell us what would be the right and ideal foreign wife for for a Malaysian Malay. A Nation awaits with bated breathe!

Phew, do you read the stuff you write at all?

Some 45% of Malays & Malaysians disagreed across the board with your philosophy at GE 2008, or were you stuck in the slime at the bottom of the well to notice? That's a sizeable minority who beg to differ from your opinions. BN has lost 4 out of 5 by-elections (80%) in the last year and don't tell me the tide turned at Manek Urai.

Wake up, wake up!

We are all of us Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Purple Haze said...

"This is a non-partisan forum for all Malaysians to share opinions and discuss issues in a civil, intellectual setting. "

After reading thru 70-odd postings in this thread, some of the replies to dontplaypuks don't seem to meet the criteria above that is set by DN, other than a couple like "aku" and semerah padi.

One may not agree with his viewpoint but at least refute the opinion but not the person. Otherwise, that is not encouraging alternative views.

On the Teoh Beng Hock case, I agree with DN that the PDRM should be allowed to conclude its investigations. Last week, S'gor CPO had already said that they were 60% complete and with TBH's cellphone and other personal effects that were in MACC's custody being handed over to PDRM. let's see what the next step is.

Anonymous said...


It’s good that you also talk about solat and the afterlife. But I’m most concerned about the present life.

There’s a book complaining that, when India showed signs of remarkable economic progress about 40 years ago, social values changed dramatically. People became so busy that they no longer had the time to spin a yarn with the next door neighbour, to bring up their children properly, etc.
This has been happening in the advanced countries since the Industrial Revolution mid 19th Century. This has been happening to Malaysia since quite a while ago. What more, globalization has brought in “Western TV values” and the like. Almost everything has been imitated by our youth. Including drug taking and Mat Rempitism.

I was hoping that Pemuda and Puteri UMNO would do something about it. Mobilise the youth into useful and productive activities. Computer classes, gotong royong of all sorts. Where are they, what are they doing? But then, can’t expect much of a corrupt, wanna-be-PM-by-40 Pemuda UMNO Head. That leads us to money politics and corruption in UMNO. The enmity among UMNO, PAS and PKR. Malays getting disenchanted with the leadership of all the Malay parties. Get exploited by the non-Malays. (The non-Malays have their fair share of problems and got exploited, too – the MCA quarrels, the DAP internal disagreement on Anwar’s PR leadership, DAP embroilment with the Underworld, etc). Increasing racial polarization. Made worse by the auto-piloting of Pak Lah. Price increases, increasing unemployment. Where, therefore, got time to properly bring up children, to teach them good values?

Let’s do whatever we can to try and improve things. The Demi Negara blogging community put in our bit by proposing the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS), which is aimed at bringing about unity among the ethnic groups, awareness of history among the school children so that, with unity, lasting peace and harmony, there can be greater social order and time for parents to inculcate the desired social values into their children. Hope you can join us by signing the SSS Petition at the previous post and getting others to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM, dan saudara2 panglima DN :),
Tumpang mencelah ya (siap bongkok ngan tangan lurus kebawah, bahaya main masuk2 je kat sini)

Menyentuh tentang perpaduan Melayu,mahu atau tidak terpaksa mengambilkira penyokong Pas sebagai kumpulan kedua terbesar orang Melayu. Perpaduan tidak akan tercapai tanpa persefahaman kedua2 Umno dan Pas. Mereka yang tidak berparti pula, seperti saya, sedikit sebanyak mempunyai kecenderungan untuk memihak salah satu parti walaupun dari luar.

Bagi saya, sekiranya dapat kedua2 pihak menerima perjuangan kedua2 parti - satu kearah memperkasakan martabat bangsa melayu (bangsa kedua2 ahli parti) dan satu lagi kearah keagungan Islam (agama kedua2 ahli parti), persefahaman itu bakal menjadikan kita bangsa yang bersatu, dan itu yang paling ditakuti 'mereka'.

Bagi saya, salah satu jalan kearah perpaduan Melayu adalah bagi mereka yang pro Umno, bagaimana saya dapat menerima perjuangan Pas dan bagi yang pro Pas, bagaimana saya dapat menerima perjuangan Umno. Sebagai seorang yang berbangsa Melayu yang beragama Islam. Tidak semestinya dicantumkan tapi menerima kedua2 asas perjuangan itu dalam waktu yang sama.

Saya sebutkan 'asas' perjuangan, bukannya seruan2 perjuangan oleh para pemimpin yang bermotifkan politik, yang telah mengkaburi perjuangan asal kedua2 parti. Seorang Melayu dapat 'relate'kepada kedua2nya. Jadi sememangnya wujud 'a common thread' antara kedua parti yang dapat dijadikan asas kepada perpaduan antara kedua2 ahli parti dan mereka yang di atas pagar.

Terbayang satu keadaan dimana semua orang Melayu menjadi ahli kepada parti Umno, dalam mempertahankan hak2 dan ketuanan Melayu di negara sendiri, DAN turut sama menjadi ahli parti Pas, dalam menjadikan nilai2 Islam sebagai panduan hidup. Dua2 pemimpin Pas dan Umno, Melayu sokong, sebab ahli2 nya adalah orang yang sama !

Jom orang Umno, pakat ramai2 masuk Pas. Dan orang Pas, ramai2 masuk Umno ! :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM, dan panglima2 DN semua,

Tambahan sikit pada komen saya diatas.
Ia umpama waktu kita sekolah dulu, waktu kepala masing2 masih suci gitu, belum tercemar dek idea2 politik atau tercemar dengan idea nak cari makan dengan politik.

Seorang pelajar Melayu mempunyai kecenderungan untuk menjadi ahli Persatuan Pelajar2 Islam, ( ialah sebagai seorang Islam, seharusnya secara otomatis kita menjadi ahli. Kenapa perlu daftar ? ) juga menjadi ahli Persatuan Bahasa Malaysia ( secara amnya boleh dilihat sebagai perjuangan bangsa kerana bahasa itu kan jiwa bangsa ). Dua2 kita boleh relate dan relevan kepada diri sebagai seorang pelajar Melayu yang beragama Islam.

Kenapa kita tidak boleh menjadi ahli kepada 2 parti sepertimana kita menjadi ahli kepada 2 persatuan diwaktu sekolah dulu ?

Apa yang penting - lihat pada niat perjuangan kita, dua2 pun boleh maa...

msleepyhead said...

Salam KM and others,

An interesting article. Clearly related to the SSS.

Again, just reporting as it is.

Maybe the others can comment on the article and expand on it.

justmy2SEN said...

Nobody could've said it better than you...

Sampai sekarang masih pelik dengan mereka-mereka (termasuk ulamak tau ularmak dalam PAS) yg tak sedar parti DAP is racist to the core...

The recent threat by si Khalid Ibrahim sampai nak guna duit Baitulmal utk buat jambatan kat Sg Kelang just proves the INCOMPETENCIES of the state government..

dah keje main politik je mana nak jaga financial Teresa Kok tu tak bawa masuk investment ke?..Aku ingat terer sangat..

janji nak kasi diskaun cukai pintu hanya tinggal janji...dan tak reti buat keje tu rombak je Exco Selangor...

ps: nyesal tak sudah aku undi PKR dulu...

Anonymous said...


Good to hear from you again.

I hope I have gone to the correct link that you provided - the one concerning Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP).

My initial response (I've quickly run thru only the DBP aspect of that interview) is that as long as we distinguish the tools from the system I think we are alright. DBP represents the system - of the promotion of the official language of the country as stated in the Constitution. The officials are the tools.

Often it's the tools that are faulty - rather than the system. This happens everywhere in the whole wide world. Even in PRC with its rigid, disciplinaire kind of communist system of government, the tools are still faulty - one Minister was given the mandatory death sentence not long ago for corruption. Despite the very stiff penalties and the stringent regulations.

Here in Malaysia, when the issue of the use of the term Bahasa Malaysia was brought to the attention of the Minister of Education (who has jurisdiction over DBP), he ruled that the term can be used. That's important. An official stand was made. Whether action was taken on the DBP official for disallowing its use and victimising the writer for non-compliance is another matter. Possibly another fault of the tools.

Yes, the rakyat can voice their dissatisfaction over such things. In the proper way and thru the correct channel, right to the Minister. We must not allow boisterous protests and demonstrations, breaking laws, rules and regulations governing the right to assembly, free speech and so on.

And now that right to free speech and freedom of action appears to be muzzled by secret societies, thugs and gangsters. One Selangor PKR Assemblyman and one PKR MP have alleged that a few of the Selangor State Government Excos are linked with the Underworld. That may be a matter of defects both of the tools and the system. More important than the DBP case,
action must be taken on this one.


NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan KijangMas Perkasa dan sidang DN sekelian,


With due respect to the blog owner, Tuan KijangMas, on the subject of rules and regulations of comment posting in DN.

Frankly speaking, sometimes, I’d like to open myself to a somewhat moderated “no-holds barred”, “anything goes” kind of discussion in here as long as it remains in here and we don’t take it out on the streets. There are still rules to be observed but don’t let them be so rigid that people may find it difficult to express themselves fully.

Looking on the positive side of this “no-holds barred” thingy, perhaps I can say these:-

1. It gives people an “outlet” to let out their “steam”

2. Perhaps we can understand it better why people has such “steam” building up in them when they “burst” and we can learn from it in order not to contribute in “generating” this steam in the future. Perhaps, unknowingly, we are actually the very reason for causing people to have the steam building up.

3. Sometimes, being the so called “uncivilized” in commenting can also mean true feelings are being unleashed, and it could not be conveyed any better by being strictly “civilized”.

4. People should be matured enough to be fully responsible. They should sufficiently know what is categorized as “U, PG13, 18SX, 18G, X, Triple Xs” and what nots.

5. Personally, I think, this is a good “tool” for me to gauge my level of “patience”. At what point I can still hold on and at what point it will “burst” me. Once “burst”, I can be better prepared next time, thus contribute in elevating my patience level in the future.

6. It’s an “echo-effect”, isn’t it?

Having said so, it is the prerogative of the blog owner to allow or disallow the comments being posted. This is his “house” and he has the final say. I am sure that, when the comments getting “X” or “XXX” sounding, the blog owner would disallow it. I myself, if being “X” or “XXX” by anyone, would most likely retaliate with my three “Axes”, the kapok kecik, kata orang Kelantan.

Just think about it, but don’t misunderstood me, such that I am trying to encourage the “not-civilised” thingy.

This world is full of colors, not just “black” or “white”.

Salam all.



Semerah Padi said...

Salam Saudara NJ,

Saya bersetuju dengan komen Saudara mengenai “no holds barred commenting” itu.

Mursyidul Am PAS, Dato’ Nik Aziz himself was seen on TV to have uttered, ”Pergi jahanamlah UMNO!” with such anger in his face (as I saw it on TV the other day).

He has uttered such words in such manner, therefore, it is up to me to interpret it as:-

- He is one angry “Tok Guru”


- UMNO is such a damned political party that it needs a “Tok Guru” to unleash a “non-civilised” word publicly

Kawe pong ado kapok kecik. Kalu do’oh lalu kughe aja gak, kawe katok mapuh demo nih!”


Semerah Padi

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

salam selaler nj sama semerah padi

gwa olang cin masuk mulayu. satu kali kinna poton itu balang, wa minjilit orrr. manyak sakit.

itu jyam mana atak pigi hospitat kasi poton. summm kilija tok muding kapong woooor.

itu gwa minjilit “non-civilised” kaaa.

gwa punya apak angkat kasi wa baca itu sopan santun mulayu. manyak ciantek orrr. satu kali sini mali itu donplaypucks bikin gwa manyak hati panat.

gwa mintak angpon sama lu olang sabab sutak “non-civilised” kasi lia.

Yusuf Nur said...

Salam tuan kijang mas.artikel yang sangat bagus..wohoho.pasal penderaan tu, huh.memang kejam gila.mungkin tak dapat nak buat begitu dengan orang melayu Malaysia..cri yang serumpun..kasi hantam sama dia..rupa lebih kurang sama.
p/s: ini olang memang jahat woo..jenis tiala pelikemanusiaan..itu mama papa jaga dali kici aaaa..nanti sula besat, lia hantal pigi lumah olang tua..minoliti saja lalam ini negala, tapi kalo pasat kuantiti li lumah olang3 tua..wuyooo..majoliti..manyak jahat..musuk punya olang..

NJ said...

Salam Nostladamus,

Aiyah! Sekurang-kurang anda cuba bertutur dalam bahasa Kebangsaan walaupun manyak bloken maa! hehehehe...

Saudara Semerah Padi,

On the jahanam issue, between "one angry Tok Guru" and "one befitting of a Tok Guru to utter such", the difference is a world apart even though both were on the very same event.

Did I see Nik Aziz utter such word with a smile or "less tension" facial expression? Sort of "gurau-gurau" like? No. I did not.

I too saw him with some degree of anger expressed via his facial expression with some "seriousness".

So, it is most likely I will interpret it that Nik Aziz did really mean what he had just uttered, meaning, it was not merely a lip service but perhaps involved the heart as well.

Now the word "Jahanam" to a muslim, is a name of hell, the bottomest pit of hell (I am not religious, do correct me if I'm way out). Neraka Jahanam is place for setan, iblis, the worst of creations, you name it!. Jahanam just summarized it all! And to Nik Aziz, on that incident (taken in this context), UMNO was such creature.

Now when you utter the word "Jahanam", it doesn't really sound Triple X at all but; if you take all the "things" that summarized into one word "Jahanam" as explained above, than it does sound the mother of Triple X, to me.

So some of us, especially the "straight-talker", would not have any any qualm at all to retaliate against this "Jahanam" with equal degree of Triple X's. So who start-what first?

To me a Tok Guru, would have, being the least, reached the level of conquering "Nafsu Mutma'innah" (again, please do correct me)

To utter the word "Jahanam" in such a manner, would bring about the question:-

"How come a so-called Tok Guru can still be consumed by Nafsu Amarah, being the lowest level of Nafsu?"



Anonymous said...


May I address Msleepyhead on the item she reported earlier on.

As the then Minister of Education has said, it’s certainly alright for people to use the term “Bahasa Malaysia”. “Bahasa Melayu” is the terminology written in the Consitution as the Official Language of the country.

Before the advent of Malaysia it would have been alright to also refer to it as Bahasa Malaya, meaning the language of the country. But there was hardly any need to do it; there was no change in the political entity of the country to require doing so. But, after the formation of Malaysia and the incorporation of other states including Sabah and Sarawak, there was a need to accentuate the reference of Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Malaysia, meaning the language of the newly formed Federation of 13 states.

I must say I like the Award-winning writer Uthaya Sankar’s attitude as stated in that article. He is the kind of Malaysian I’m proud to have as fellow Malaysians anytime. He is critical but responsible. He is loyal and patriotic about his country. Obviously he respects the Constitution which spells out the position of the national language. He may even be angry when asked about his excellent command of Bahasa Malaysia. He proudly says, “Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. I regard Bahasa Malaysia as my first language.” Bravo, my friend. I think the DN Community and the SSS promoters would be happy to associate with you.

I support Maju above in saying that there is always a difference between policy and policy implementation. The fact that the NEP implementation is faulty (cronyism benefits, etc) does not mean that the policy is wrong. Similarly, the fact that one official insisted on something that was subsequently corrected by the Education Minister does not mean that having the DBP as a policy is wrong. I concur with Uthaya that, “It’s the mentality of the people involved that should change.”

Uthaya certainly has a responsible attitude and disposition. Despite rather strong disagreement with the DBP official, he still attends DBP functions and give them his support. It’s unlike some in the country who always find faults with the Establishment and go about rallying and demonstrating, putting out banners that are sometimes even inciteful and seditious. The Sec Gen of DAP jumped up and put out a letter blaming the MACC even before the Police is half way into their investigation. Now two PKR Wakil Rakyat have alleged Selangor DAP Exco members of links with the Underworld, and one Johor DAP Wakil Rakyat even confirmed the existence of the Underworld in the DAP in Johor.

I wish DAP people are as responsible as Uthaya. Criticise, but in a responsible manner. They should stay away from the Underworld; conversely, they should help bring them down.


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah KM, u got some tough new rookies joining your community. See how NJ shows his leadership capability in calming the stormy weather. I like NJ voice of reasoning, especially the ‘outlet to let out steam’ part. I recalled Zaza once said she knew what ‘steam’ meant, hmmm don’t know whether it’s still taken as such? I’ll hate to see NJ burst his steam, it’ll be ugly & real messy….heheh.

Hey NJ, good idea the ‘no holds barred’ suggestion, unless we r all matured enough then it’s ok but when u see people like donplaypuks, No More pundeks, Nostladamus have a go at each other, it’s like worst than mud wrestling. (John Cena oso got no hope there). When u throw mud, sad to say some will stick for good. This will become more like Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill one & two or even Vin Diesel XXX.

Steady guys, best regards to Maju, sepadu, msSleepyhead, satd (good to see u back safe & sound). Where’s Wally (Waldolf), oops Alan?

Unker Yew.

P/S – Hey, KM, if I sunat, will I really gonna speak & sound like that Nostladamus fella? God have mercy!

satD said...

unker let me do the honors with my kapok kecik...don't worry will not chop off your extension....

KijangMas said...

furydose said:-
"... the body [FAM] lack business minded, marketing savvy, sports passioned entrepreneurs. Is it because the job market lacks people with those qualities or just because internal politicking gives the wrong jobs to the wrong people?"

It's the internal politicking. The FAM is infested with failed but vainly ambitious politicians and for-life office holders -- the worst possible combo for any organisation. These people know nothing about football beyond photo ops with Sepp Blatter and world superstars; free VIP passes for loved ones; and the usual stupid acts.

Look at our national team. Time and again, raw greenhorns are thrown into the deep end in Class "A" Full International matches. Logic? "To groom them." Groom? Lu ingat pokok orkid ka, boleh groom groom? Hence, this group of clueless youths (many just reserves in state and club teams) masquerading as full internationals are duly trashed by all and sundry.

In the past two decades, we see repeated groups of "youngsters being groomed" obliterated by full-strength national teams. These boys not only ended not being groomed, many vanished altogether from the sport, perhaps overwhelmed by the unnecessary pressures so early in their careers.

Remember Yap Wai Loon, Gopinath Naidu, S. Thanasagar, Akmal Rizal Rakhli? Yes, they were "groomed" in Class "A" matches as raw youths and ended up never fulfilling whatever perceived potential they had. How many in the current crop of youngsters will be around as full internationals on their own merit in 3-5 years time? Not many. By then, FAM would be "grooming" another crop of "promising youths" in Class "A" matches as the cycle of stupidity continues.

My advise to FAM: Understand the hierarchy of international football. When we play a FIFA Class A international, we must field the best squad in the land, irrespective of their age. If a 38 year old is the best goalkeeper in the league, then select him. You don't throw in a raw gangly 19-year old into the team just because you think he has potential. His time will come if he's any good. Look at the England team. Who gets selected time and again? The best 11 of course. And the next best tactically are the subs. That's the way.

The world's top national teams are invariably stable and thrive on continuity, with players replaced gradually. That was the case for Malaysia during our football heydays of the 60s-mid 80s. For a decade, the backbone of the team was at the fingertips of any fan worth his salt. Arumugam, Chin Aun, Santokh, Shukor, Mokhtar and Isa were fixtures. When Selangor's Santokh Singh was ruled out of the Merdeka tourney in 1977, Kelantan's rock in defense, Nik Fauzi, deputised sterlingly. Same in goal. KL's Rashid Hassan and Kelantan's Hamid Ramli patiently wait their turn behind Selangor's Spiderman, R. Arumugam. Continuity, that's what we had.

Beyond the full internationals, the next best crop of players, irrespective of age, are the "B" internationals, the back-up to the full international team. If a youngster is good enough on his own merit, then give him a spot in either the "A" or "B" squads. In the late seventies, Malaysia fielded both A and B teams in the Merdeka tourney and even our B team (loaded with players like Khalid Ali, Ong Yu Tiang, Hassan Sani, Yunos Alif) held their own against the regional "A" teams. We then have the age-group national teams, usually the Under-15, under-18, Under-21 and Under-23 teams -- all geared to compete in their specific age-group competitions. Europe for example has its Under-21 championship. And FIFA has the exciting Under-20 World Cup. The point is -- we shouldn't throw-in our Under-23 boys in a Class "A" match or against the likes of MU.

Football and sports are my passion. Maybe it's time for a sports blog.

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

itu tommy yewfigure olang cin gentelmen olang intilek atak sikit malu pasat gwa cingna bukit sini mali bikin busuk kasi nama olang cin.

gwa busuk ciakap pasat itu kling kwai donplaypuks satu kali mali ciakap selupa todi mingnum punya olang.

gwa kila arrr tommy itu olang cin kasi dela lia amah itu maciam lagi busuk orrr. itu amah arrr sapa? kucing kaa? itu summa olang cin sapa? tuan ala kaaa? kasi sakit lalah lia amah itu maciam? summa olang cin paktut atak sikit malu laaa orrr kasi bikin itu maciam kasi itu ammah.

manyak ini maciam bikin sapa bikin? manyak jiahat punya olang. angjing pung tatak bikin itu maciam. ini olang arrr tintu lagi lindah lali itu angjing orr.

kita olang maa tingki lali angjing. tapi olang arrr atak olang tingki atak olang lindah. olang intelek gentlemen tingki. olang kangpong bukit lindah.

sini tuan lomah gwa atak baca sana atak olang panggil lia tuanku. lia tingki ahti orr kasi tilima olang lindah maciam gwa. manyak tilima kasi. tuan ala kasi lu ungtung busat kasi panjyang umut.

itu selale nj manyak babut punya olang kasi sambut gwa salam.

itu donplaypuk kasi ignor sama gwa pasat lia olang busat singkili butut summa olang tatak butut.

KijangMas said...

3Abdul said:-
"... will do umno a lot of good to take heed. no riau malay ts muhyidin yasin next time hehe! but i thot he did ok."

Bro 3Abdul, yeah, actually Muhyiddin the consummate "Riaunese" did o.k. and blended right in with the oghé kapông in his simple
Baju Melayu and kain pullicat cap Gajah Duduk.

Many wouldn't have given a second glance if he were to hawk durians on a Manek Urai street.


Bro Brotherhood, thanks for visiting. Interesting blog you got there.


Zazaland, appreciate your kind words. Yeah, how about a French version of the KM-Ayee chat?


sumoberek12 said:-
"Bosz,... Bagitahu Ayee suroh sabarlah. Lagu PAH dok main lo nie , napok ore ramai tok suko, pakat tunggu PRU 13. pakat pakat preboh PAH."

Salé sumoberek12. Mémé koho banyok oghé tok suko ko pok pok PAH nih. Yo lah, nok suko lagu mano? Peghanga sesetengoh pemimping koho pelék daghi haghi ko haghi. Oghé kito buké bodo. Buléh tengok hok mano comé, hok mano kughé comé. Pok-pok UMNO pong keno lah békki dighi jugok, biar ghakyak Kelaté buleh terimo. Tapi hok comé skali ialah kalu duo-duo pok nih buleh bersatu bawoh panji Melayu Islé kito, samo-samo bangunké Kelaté dé tadbé negagho Malaysia tercinto.


sepadu (July 24, 2009 10:45 AM) said:-
"Tetapi dia kan Islam, Tok Guru pulak. Saya hairan mengapa dia dendam mendendam hingga berpuluh tahun. Tidak sejajar dengan watak pemimpin Islam. Lagi sedih. Atau ada kah dia "political animal" biasa? Pentingkan kedudukan dan jawatan nya sebagai MB?"

Salam sdr sepadu. Komen-komen sdr cukup bernas dan sentiasa membuka minda warga DN.

Prinsip saya dalam hal ini adalah mudah: Seorang ulamak tulin tidak akan terjerumus dalam kancah politik. Kenapa? Kerana sudah menjadi lumrah bagi orang berpolitik berdayung diantara kawan dan lawan, sekutu dan musuh. Inilah sikap yg di tonjolkan oleh Nik Aziz.

Justru dengan tersendirinya beliau tersingkir dari tahap ulamak dan pemimpin agama masyarakat kerana penyandang jawatan tersebut tidak boleh bersifat partisan terhadap mana-mana parti politik duniawi.

Anonymous said...

Salam semua.

Tuan KijangMas ada mengatakan yang, "Seorang ulamak tulin tidak akan terjerumus dalam kancah politik. Kenapa? Kerana sudah menjadi lumrah bagi orang berpolitik berdayung diantara kawan dan lawan, sekutu dan musuh. Inilah sikap yg di tonjolkan oleh Nik Aziz."

Saya juga merasakan begitu. Pada pendapat saya TGNA harus lah belajar dari ulamak/pemimpin Syiah unggul dan terkemuka dari Iraq iaitu Ayatollah Al-Sistani. Beliau menolak untuk menjadi "pemimpin" Iraq/Syiah setelah Saddam disingkirkan. Alasannya adalah orang 'ugama' tidak harus menjadi orang 'politik'. Fikirkankanlah dengan mendalam apa yang dimaksudkan oleh Ayatollah Al Sistani. Pada saya beliau adalah seorang yang berprinsip, intelektual dan tidak tamak tentang 'kebendaan' dan 'kekuasaan' didunia. Kalaulah TGNA mengikut prinsip dan pendirian Ayatollah terkenal ini, saya rasa banyak kebaikan yang boleh didapati untuk orang Malaysia khasnya orang Melayu.

Naif said...

Msleepyhead-that link you provided shows a tiny glimpse of the rare breed that is slowly dying in this country, the non malays who speak BAHASA MALAYSIA fluently. Yes you read that right Bahasa Malaysia, not Bahasa Melayu.

In my opinion I wouldn't blame the decay of the national language solely on the non malays. There are couple of reasons. With the focus right now on the english language, its only normal the national language gets neglected. Throughout my schooling life there were a lot of emphasis on both languages. Unfortunately both subjects were taught by incompetent clever-by-half teachers, hence the rojak culture we see today.

However that being said, non malays do contribute to the problem. The way some Chinese and Indians speak BM its as if its beneathe them to speak the language. To them its tak "cool" lah cakap BM. Tatabahasa, sebutan kata, all gone out the window. Moreover, most of these people look down on BM, a condescending view towards the language which they regard as a language that belongs to the Malays and what has Malays achieve anything decent? Therefore no need to learn BM other than to pass SPM.

The irony of it is this, according to Dr.Farish Noor (pakatan's favourite history boy)and I quote-"the common lingua franca that we use is made up of words and terms that come from practically every language in Asia. That is why Bahasa Malaysia has to be understood in a non racialised and non ethnic sense because not a single community can claim monopoly on Bahasa Malaysia". Check out this interview

Then theres also this tiny problem called vernacular schools. Graduates of this school are even better, you cant speak BM nor English with them. They wont understand neither.

Uthaya Sankar is a true Malaysian. If theres one thing we can truly share in this country its BAHASA MALAYSIA a language uniquely Malaysian. Literally.

Its like what KijangMas said: "As a start, we do not even have a proper common LANGUAGE. What is there to share if we can hardly communicate our mutual hopes and aspirations, with the linguistic connection between the racial divide bridged only via gross dilution of syntax and context, and with our true feelings often lost in translation somewhere."

Lets start by abolishing vernacular schools.

KijangMas said...

sepadu said:-
"UMNO patut lebih gunakan Tok Pa di Kelantan. Beri dia bantuan wang dan tenaga yang cukup. Saya terbaca dia diam diam adakan kursus komputer, kelas tambahan dalam kawasan nya. Ini lah Melayu yang kita harap ada banyak dalam negara kita ini. Terutama nya sekarang ini. Saya fikir dia jujur dan ikhlas. Bukan jenis yang cari nama dan korupsi."

Sdr sepadu, sudah se dekad saya kenali Datuk Pa, bermula apabila saya di undangi untuk memberi pendapat khusus kepada Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara (MTEN atau NEAC di bawah jagaan beliau) tentang penarikan pelabur asing ke negara kita pada masa itu.

Kami juga pernah bertukar pendapat tentang program peribadinya, iaitu bantuan baikpulih rumah rakyat termiskin di Jajahan Jeli, Kelantan, kawasan parlimen nya. Sesiapa yang merentasi Jeli hari ini akan melihat tahap pembangunan dan infrastruktur yang baik, walaupun Jeli (terletak di wilayah "ulu" antara Tanah Merah dan sempadan Hulu Perak) dahulunya antara jajahan yang paling mundur dan terpencil di Kelantan.

Ya, beliau harus di perkasakan lagi dengan sokongan para profesional dan cendiakawan.


dinturtle said:-
"Orang gaji cina ? Bukan sebab mereka tak sanggup nak dera orang kampung mereka sendiri tapi lebih takut kalau orang Melayu akan dera orang sebangsa mereka! ... takkan nak izinkan orang sebangsa, biarpun dari negara lain, menjadi 'hamba' kepada orang Melayu ... kena bekerja jadi orang gaji, menurut perintah dan dimarahi orang Melayu !"

Salam dinturtle. Pandangan sdr cukup bernas. Ya, itu satu kemungkinan. Mereka tidak boleh menerima hakikat rumpun mereka di perintah dan di kuli-kan oleh orang Melayu.

Sebenarnya, semasa saya kecil (pra-sekolah), salah seorang dari pembantu rumah kami adalah seorang "ah sam" tua (berbaju samfoo biru, berseluar hitam) yang bertugas mengendalikan segala cucian pakaian dan persiapan budak-budak ke sekolah. Kami semua lapan orang adik-beradik dan ramai juga sanak saudara; jadi si Ah Sam ini sentiasa sibuk hampir setiap waktu.

Tapi itu dulu-dulu di mana generasi lama kaum tionghua sentiasa bersyukur dapat bermastautin di negara ini dan amat peka tentang ketuanan Orang Melayu ke atas bumi Malaysia.


Ya, dunia sudah berubah. Zuriat dan warisan si Ah Sam ini kini sudah menjelma menjadi "tuan" dan "mem" dan di layani pula oleh pembantu pribumi serumpun kita. Dan mungkin ada dari kalangan cucu-cicit puak Ah Sam ini yang kini memaki hamun dan mendera si pembantu tanpa menyedari yang nenek moyang mereka dahulunya hanyalah maid atau amah kepada penjajah Inggeris dan golongan bangsawan Melayu.


MANTOL, terima kasih kerana berkunjung ke sini dan pandangan anda.

NJ said...

Salam Unker Yew,

he..he..he.... here in this place, the are many "Tok Gurus" that I can learn from.

One of them, who once wrote a simple sentence which, to me, contain a great lesson of life..

He wrote .. "Stay cool NJ, not worth the stress..."


I had wished to comment on your post earlier. However, there is no need for me to do so as Sdr Maju and Sdr Sepadu have covered all the things that I wanted to say at this point of time. And Sdr Naif has concluded it for me. Well said Sdrs Maju, Sepadu and Naif.




Cenderawasih said...

Salam KijangMas,

Banyak betul topik masuk...

Tapi topik amah paling menarik bagi saya.Tengok gambar pun dah cukup untuk membuat kesimpulan bahawa majikan2 mereka adalah binatang dan sedang menghadapi masalah psikologi yang teruk.
Apa masalah sebenar mereka?kerajaan perlu membendung gejala ini kerana maruah negara telah tercalar dan akan terus tercalar jika tindakan tidak diambil.

Lagi satu, aksesori tambahan tu nampak menarik,semasa cadangan bawa amah dari China timbul,saya dah terfikir untuk menceburi perniagaan caping(chastity belt). Saya menjangkakan mungkin permintaan akan ada. Siapa pelanggannya??siapa lagi kalau bukan para majikan perempuan yg kurang yakin dgn diri sendiri la. Tapi yen yen pulak buat hal. Melepas satu bisnes.

Satu lagi yang menarik adalah,perbualan saudara dengan Ayee. Bukan sebab politik tapi loghat.Banyak perkataan loghat Kelantan sama dengan loghat utara. Contohnya 'gu','lagu',dan 'dok'.Perkataan ini unik untuk pantai timur dan utara sahaja.

ceghok,ikôk dé(ikut dan),betambông(kelantan),betambun(kedah) dan lain-lain. Kedah dan Patani(kelantan melalui Patani) berkongsi sempadan. Pada masa lampau pula berkongsi pemerintahan(Langkasuka). Mungkin sebab tu kot,ada sikit persamaan.

Kita harus berbangga dengan keunikan orang utara dan pantai timur. Keunikan dan sejarah yang selalu diabaikan,dan tidak dipedulikan jika sejarah orang melayu dibicarakan.

Maaf melalut sikit.

Satu sekolah untuk semua..

CK said...

Salam Tuan Rumah,

Artikel yang bagus. Sebenarnya ada kawan yang menyarankan saya baca blog ni.Bila dah baca,memang tak dinafikan,panas dan pedas..terutamanya berkenaan TBH. Patut la ada orang yang kepedasan kat sini.

Pernah dengar kata-kata ni?

"Dimana ada semut,disitu ada gula"

Kata-kata ni pula mungkin tiada yang pernah dengar kot..

"Dimana ada artikel TBH, disitu ada donplaypuks"

tapi dua-dua pun sama maksudkan?hehehe.

Mat Cendana said...

I'm more than a little late coming in with a comment. Had seen this post since last week but was interrupted more than once from writing. If it's any comfort for my being late, this is the very first comment that comes with my pix attached. Found a 1996 ID tag and took a picture of the image with my cheap Nokia 2630 handphone. You can see that I'm one of the few knights who wear spectacles...

Anyway, right now I, as a self-appointed Special Branch, Vat 69 Police Field Force and also Malay Regiment, am busy fighting with gangsters who might have ties with communists. Either way, shooting is justified.

Speaking of pictures, this blog had looked like something from the Tourism Development Corporation early on:-) I had stopped for quite a few minutes at the pictures - the one of Dungun is stunning! This is the type of photograph that urges me to go to KB Mall right now, buy a digital camera and start shooting. This is one of the great things about digital - you can take as many pictures as you want without worrying about the cost. That Dungun pix - Wonder what the results would be had you placed the camera on a tripod and take shots from the various hours, dawn till dusk.

"I'll be back".

KijangMas said...

Singh Is Kinng said:-
"Abe, ambo pun raso mace SatD, sian tengok tok guru jadi lagu tu."

Salé bro Singh. Abé ghaso doh sapa maso tok guru begheti politik dé buak lebih banyok keghjo amal di pondok dio. Dio mémé oghé warok, tapi ado banyok do'oh sifak dendé dalé dighi dio. Ini bukti takdok menasio hok sempurno belako.


Tommy Yewfigure said:-
"... what’s next? Pagoda underwears? Heard they are popular in Kelantan, not Fruits of the Loom that only the elites like u wears."

Waulau Unker Yew, actually we elites wear nothing underneath the kain pullicat and Levi's Buttonfly 501s.. Tight underwears bad for the pursuit of happiness ... Hey, I thought you are the Crocodile brand type?

Tommy Yewfigure also said:-
"... I’ve got this bad feeling that u r taking the piss out of me when u mentioned that ‘unker nodding in agreement behind that sneaky grin’."

Of course it was you lah unker. And I don't think you'll be leaving the house much if you get to hire this maid to cook and clean for you. But knowing your luck, Auntie Yew would probably select this Ah Sam.

Tommy Yewfigure claimed:-
"Unker cannot do Moonwalking but can give anyone a good In Your Face Mooning anytime."

So, you moon too uh? Now, can you match this?


Tongkang, interesting anecdote you got there on your Chinese maid. Yup, the old Ah Sams. Interesting species.


Omong said:-
"The photos here (especially the maids abused by chinese employers) if compiled together with others may just show who are the real racists in Malaysia."

Oh yes, the Chinese are by far the most racist of the lot. Why? It's cultural. "Chinese-ness" is not inclusive, and these people draw a clear line against others when it comes to culture, language and values. You cannot become a Chinese. You must be born as one. Hence the cultural tendency to affirm this "birthright," which is further embellished in Malaysia by the ongoing struggle over identity and place in the national consciousness.

In contrast, "Malay-ness" is an inclusive, holistic amalgamation of lingua-cultural affinities among a diverse group of peoples, from the distinctive Kelantanese to mamaks and all shades in between. A Chinese or Tamil Muslim can be a pseudo-Malay with relative ease. Can an Indian ever be a Chinese and vice versa?

On Chinese bigotry, of course we have exceptions like Unker Yew who were nurtured in a conducive social setting. But most are pure, unadulterated racists. If only the Malays and especially Indians could understand these peoples' casual conversation. It makes my ears curl whenever they chatter about the Malais and Tauyoons with such contempt, often with impressionable kids in tow. The restless middle-aged Ah Sohs are the worst, and they are the most likely abusers of Nusantara maids.

Talking about abuse, it is not much different in the private/MNC sector, where Chinese-centric racism is blatant and mostly unchecked and often in cohort with the foreign management. I know many brilliant Malay professionals who left as they encounter intractable glass ceilings in these companies. In a large telco, my Harvard MBA Malay friend was asked to leave after he refused to kowtow to the thick anti-Malay weeds infesting the key divisions as he began to unravel various malpractices. He had to find work in a neighbouring country as the unseen corporate triad made sure he is unemployable locally. What political parties do you think these thugs-in-suits now bankroll as they extend their economic tentacles?

This socio-economic phenomenon continues to be under the national radar as our society focused on perceived Malay-centric racism.

black skull waffen said...

melayu hidup...bangsa lain hidup...

Bangsa lain hidup belum tentu melayu boleh hidup.

Anonymous said...

Shukri Ghani,


Selagi keturunan saya masih hidup, MELAYU tak akan hilang dibumi ini!!

So you need not have to worry..


Anonymous said...


Izinkan saya menyentuh sedikit komen2 Shukri Ghani dan Tongkang.

Di zaman Empayar Srivijaya (Kerajaan Melayu Kedah dan sebagai nya) Abad 7-12, Kerajaan Melayu Melaka Abad 15-16, tidak ada masaelah perkauman yang ketara dan berterusan di rekodkan dalam sejarah. Masaelah timbul bila British menguasai Penang (Sir Francis Light) dan membenarkan orang China dan India datang dan tinggal beramai ramai. Kongsi gelap, samseng dan gangster bermula di situ.

Masaelah bertambah bila "Manteri Laroot" mahu memaju dan meluaskan perlombongan bijeh timah nya dengan menggunakan pengalaman pelombong2 China di Penang - mereka kemudian nya memperkenalkan penggunaan enjin dan pemancutan air (water jet - "monitor").

Masaelah lagi bertambah bila pelombong2 China itu mula melombong sendiri dan membawa kongsi gelap, samseng dan gangster dari Penang. Mereka bergaduh, berperang menguasai kawasan sehingga Kapitan China kongsi gelap Hai San dengan 44 samseng nya membuat Petition kapada Residen British di Penang untuk menolong ambil kembali lombong mereka yang di rampas Kongsi Gelap Ghee Hin. Ini membawa kapada British campur tangan dalam hal ehwal negeri2 Melayu dan Penjajahan Kolonial British di Malaya.

Kongsi gelap, samseng dan gangster akhir nya menguasai kawasan dan industri perlombongan di Perak, Selangor dan lain2 nya. Perlombongan Melayu lenyap, akhir nya ada 1-2, menjadi Ali Baba. Kekayaan kaum China banyak bermula dari perlombongan bijeh timah. British memberi kemudahan berniaga kapada kaum China - pajakan tanah lombong, lesen loteri, judi, lesen jual beli getah dan sebagai nya. Juga menyediakan sekolah yang cukup, dan di peringkat rendah dan menengah, di bandar2 di mana kebanyakan kaum China tinggal. Hampir tiada bantuan atau galakan berniaga kapada kaum Melayu dan ha nya sekolah rendah di kampung2 di mana kebanyakan kaum Melayu tinggal. Banyak kampung yang tidak ada sekolah sehingga anak2 Melayu berjalan kaki 5-6 batu sahala untuk pergi sekolah. Akhir nya Melayu amat jauh ketinggalan kaum China dari segi ekonomi dan pendidikan.

Ini lah masaelah yang paling besar di negera ini, yang dahulu di kenali sebagai Tanah Melayu, dan kerana "pengaruh" British, telah menjadi "Malaya" dan sekarang "Malaysia". Masaelah mempersaimbangkan kedudukan ekonomi dan pedidikan kaum Melayu yang berjumlah 68% di Negara ini dengan kaum China yang ha nya 23% tetapi menguasai bidang ekonomi dan di hadapan dalam bidang pendidikan.

Masaelah menentukan kaum2 lain, yang dahulu nya tidak mempunyai kerakyatan, apabila sudah di beri kerakyatan salepas Merdeka, hendak lah menghormati fakta sejarah bahawa kerakyatan bukan Melayu itu di persetujukan pemimpin2 Melayu “sebagai balasan” kapada pemimpin2 mereka menyetujui “Kedudukan Istimewa” kaum Melayu, yang di kenali sebagai “Kontrak Sosial”, yang intipati nya telah di rangkumi di dalam Perlembagaan Negara. Masaelah menentukan mereka menghormati dan mengikuti Perlembagaan negara yang sabenar nya ada lah undang2 yang tertinggi di Negara ini, yang melambangkan kesetiaan kapada Negara yang mereka sudah menjadi rakyat, kerana bila mereka berbuat demikian mereka akan menerima sapenoh nya Hak Istimewa Melayu dan kaum Melayu tidak akan menyo’al hak Kerakyatan mereka yang menjadi balasan bagi nya.

Kita telah dengar kata kata, "Aku mahu hidup sa ribu tahun lagi" (anon?), "Melayu tidak akan hilang di dunia" (Hang Tuah?). Untuk memberi pendapat yang bermaana, komen ini perlu bersambung.



Anonymous said...

BAHAGIAN 2 (Komen Shukri Ghani & Tongkang)

Berbagai kaum telah hilang dari muka bumi ini dalam sejarah. Termasuk kaum2 yang gagah perkasa, gilang gemilang di zaman mereka. Contoh nya, kaum Aztec dan Maya di Amerika Selatan, Khmer di Indochina. Hanya tinggal tugu2 purba mereka, artifak2 kajipurba sahaja sekarang ini. Walau pun di zaman moden kemungkinan pupus nya sesuatu kaum tidak masuk akal, kita harus waspada supaya hak2 dan tamadun kita di pertahankan dan di majukan. Pemerintah dan rakyat jelata sama2 bertanggung jawab.

Kewibawaan bangsa mesti di jaga dan di baikki. Ciri2 kebudayaan saperti cara memikir atau mentality, dorongan rasuah, dadah, kepentingan diri sendiri yang keterlaluan, tamak kekayaan dan tamak kuasa yang melebihi batas.

Melayu pernah di panggil British sebagai pemalas, kemudian di reka mereka perkataan “tidak apathy”, sehingga Melayu mengamok, menikam Residen British JWW Birch di tepi Sungai Perak. Bahru mereka sedar bahawa Melayu, yang biasa nya baik hati dan beradab, boleh mengamok, sehingga mereka ambil perkataan itu ke dalam bahasa mereka sebulat2nya, contoh nya “run amok”.

Kita harus berbangga bahawa, walau pun British tidak menolong atau menggalakkan Melayu berniaga dan membina sekolah yang cukup dan ke peringkat menengah di kampung2, Melayu telah mencapai kemajuan di dalam kedua2 bidang tersebut melalui “affirmative action” DEB. Memang lah lambat, belom 30%, tetapi tidak ada siapa yang boleh menjangka sama ada sasaran 30% boleh di capai dalam tempoh satu generasi kerana tidak ada sesiapa pernah lakukan nya sabelom itu. Namun demikian, kita mesti terus berusaha, singkirkan mereka yang konon nya “liberal dan intellectual” dan tidak minatkan DEB lagi, yang berkata malu kerana sa olah2 hidup dengan hak istimewa saperti Red Indian di US, atau mengetawakan apa yang di panggil mereka “Tongkat”, saperti di dengar di masa pemerintahan yang lalu.

Mereka tidak sedar bahawa peratus kekayaan yang di capai itu boleh merosot bila2 masa. Sabelom Krisis Kewangan Asia, kekayaan korporat kaum Melayu ada lah lebihkurang 23%tetapi salepas Krisis tersebut, tinggal ha nya 18%. Melayu yang mengetawakan DEB itu semua nya pengkhianat bangsa Melayu; mereka sudah kaya raya, akibat NEP, rasuah dan kronism; atau coba meraih undi atau sokongan bukan Melayu dengan cara mempertarongkan Hak Istimewa Melayu. Mereka jenis ini lah yang kaum Melayu mesti tegur dan singkirkan jika kita mahu hidup sa-ribu tahun lagi atau tidak mahu hilang dari mukabumi ini.

Lihat bagaimana politik wang UMNO, korupsi di dalam Kerajaan yang kebanyakan nya Melayu (Ketua Pengarah Imigeresen di tangkap dengan beratus ribu Ringgit di pejabat dan di rumah nya, dan macam2 lagi contoh). Kebosanan kaum Melayu dengan pemimpin2 sehingga berpecah belah di antara UMNO, PAS dan PKR. Gilakan kuasa sehingga sanggup pengikut2 nya di dalangkan DAP, turun beribu2 dengan ketayap dan sebagai nya mendemo anti-ISA, masakan ha nya segelintir ahli2 DAP sahaja yang tunjuk muka. Jika Melayu tidak berwaspada dan mengambil tindakan membaik pulih keadaan ini, kita akan di perkosa lagi saperti di buat British di pertengahan Abad 19.

Mari lah kita sentiasa berwaspada, lakukan apa sahaja yang kita boleh, termasuk mengkeji musuh2 Melayu itu, demi kepentingan bangsa kita, dan demi keamanan dan kemakmuran negara.


Tam Dalyell said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas

Meneliti kepada keindahan alam Tuhan yang tuan muatkan kedalam empat gambar-gambar di atas itu, terasa saya kepada betapa beruntungnya anak-anak yang tumbesar dalam suasana demikian.

Tetapi apabila membaca suasana yang tergambar melalui kekalutan dan kerakusan dalam kisah penderaan orang gaji; ketamakan dan kegilaan yang membawa kepada kematian Teoh; dan kebuntuan benak fikiran akibat wujudnya orang dihadapankan (imam) tidak boleh dijadikan panduan; saya hampir berputus asa akan nasib untung keturunan bangsa di zaman mendatang, semata-mata kerana soalan semudah "Kepada siapa hendak ku serahkan anak cucuku untuk mendidik menjamin kebajikan mereka?" sudah tiada jawapan pasti.

Hendak kepada penguasa? Nampaknya mereka sanggup berbunuh-bunuhan semata-mata untuk sedikit keuntungan.

Hendak kepada orang berilmu? Nampaknya ilmunya hanya untuk sejenisnya sahaja, sudah tidak untuk manfaat sejagat.

Kepada negara bangsaku? Nampaknya bangsaku yang berkuasa sekarang ini pun sudah tidak nasionalistik lagi, malahan coraknya sudah mirip-mirip malaysian malasia pula.

Ada harapankah anak keturunan bangsa kelak? Menilik kepada siapa yang terlibat di dalam demonstrasi terakhir ini - rata-rata amat ramai dari anak-anak muda penuntut IPTA - nampaknya tiada apa-apa cahaya kelihatan di hujung terowong.

Mat Cendana said...

RE:Masalam Mystery - The DAP picking on Zainul and NSTP for the latter's piece in Berita Harian; claiming that Zainul was "racist" - this is another evidence of the party's cynical strategy to play the racial card while faking innocence and deflecting that to Umno.

It took more than two days before Lim Guan Eng finally expressed `outrage' with "racist piece by Zainul". Why the delay? DAP were desperate to deflect the heat after Guan Eng all too quickly had issued a statement that blamed MACC, the government (which means Umno... which means Malays) just after Teoh's death.

This kind of bangang statement in this atmosphere could have started racial riots had some idiots stoked the fire further. Fortunately this didn't happen.

Then there was that matter concerning Ronnie `Capone' Liu - Waaa! Sekali buat flying kick, pintu hospital pecah!

Guan Eng was desperate - so that piece by Zainul was deemed to be `racist'. And some of the monkey bloggers immediately jumped onboard the wagon, nodding their heads furiously screaming their agreements.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hoi KM,

Jangan kasi malu lah, Unker Yew ‘who were nurtured in a conducive social setting’ (as per KM description), cannot be seen dead with pakai crocodile undies’ one leh; it’s Lacoste lah, mind you. Style mesti ada, wang tak de tak pe.

Wah the picture of those maids, what u wish is not what u normally gets as in most things in life. But no lah, unker believe in doing all personal menial task by myself, traits of independence (all by myself) from a very young age; hands-on. If u r not prepared to do it yourself, don’t expect others to do it for u, betul tak?

Hey u borrowed the Ah Sam (pronounced as Ah Sum) photo from Tongkang kah? I think that’s his ‘milk’ nanny, which is why he’s so protective & closed to her and I suppose listen to her a lot too..heheh. And Nostladamus, I think has a few screws short upstairs too; he should be put in a straight jacket. Mat Cendana, somehow that nic photo doesn’t do him justice. It looks more like a humsap Apek instead of the cool Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Ritchie Blackmore type of kaki.

Ok as NJ would normally bid salam,

Unker Yew.
P/S - Regards to Pakcik Dal & Adik Cendy.

KijangMas said...

Retrogina, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, we had our share of local Tamil helpers and gardeners as well. Excellent, loyal workers. But that was 20-30 years ago. I don't know how it is nowadays, with changing values and opportunities and foreign labour everywhere.


Maju, I note your thoughts on this MH fellow.

Actually, when all is said and done, this MH is nothing more than a restless soul immersed in his own bigotry and inability to accept the reality of this country being fundamentally a Malay land in origin, history, identity and cultural essence. Hence, his convoluted depiction of self-concocted fiction and childish fantasies.

This inconsequential character should just be viewed as a "case study" of an alienised Malaysian, someone -- either through upbringing or social environment -- who just cannot adapt to this country's predominantly Malay essence. Whatever he uttered around the blogs are nothing more than incoherent run-arounds of his rabid anti-Malay psyche, albeit shrouded in pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook.


Sakai Janda baik said:-
"... saya syorkan kita benteras makhluk-makhluk perosak ni sehabis-habisan di Bumi kita sebelum terlambat."

Salam Kai. Nak benteras macam mana bila beribu-ribu orang Melayu sendiri yang berdemo dan jadi pencacai dan buruh suruhan makhluk perosak ini? Inilah satu fenomena sosial yang tiada tolok banding nya di dunia, samada di masa kini atau dalam sejarah mana-mana kaum di negara mereka sendiri.

Para cendiakawan di universiti2 tempatan harus mengadakan kajian terperinci tentang minda politik Melayu sebegini yang rata-rata merugikan dan memudaratkan kaum mereka sendiri.


Dot said:-
"I support Maju’s comment earlier on and I have read the Malaysian Heart fellow’s comment against SSS. He now accuses “KijangMas & Co” of “pedaling intolerance and chauvinism”. What is he talking about?"

Dot, actually YES I am intolerant of sneaky anti-national subversives like him.

Malaya gained independence barely 52 years ago. Malaysia itself is hardly 46 years old. Now, that's infancy in the historical scale of nationhood, indeed, shorter than the mortal reigns of many kings. We have not gone beyond the prelims in our nationbuilding, and the journey ahead will be full of obstacles and socio-saboteurs in the MH mold. As a young nation still finding its socio-cultural footing, we can ill afford anti-national subversives and fifth-columners such as MH and his DAP paymasters. Indeed, we are necessarily intolerant of such reactionaries as we map the blueprint and chart the trajectory of our Malaysian nationhood, guided by tenets enshrined in our Constitution.

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Tuan Kijang Mas,

Saya memuatkan komen seperti dibawah di laman blog Sdr. Parpukari. Saya rasa wajar pendedahan beliau ini disebarkan, demi bangsa dan Negara, serta Raja-Raja yang Berdaulat.

Saya berpendapat, tulisan Saudara ini wajar disebarkan kepada anak bangsa Melayu, tidak kira dari manapun fahaman politiknya.

Kita ingin bersatu di bawah panji Malaysia dengan saudara-saudara kita yang berketurunan lain di Semenanjung ini dan juga dengan saudara-saudara Pribumi kita di Sabah dan Sarawak.

Kita rakyat Malaysia tidak sepatutnya berdiam diri apabila terdapat usaha-usaha seperti yang Saudara paparkan di sini, untuk "merampas" tanahair ini dari rakyat Malaysia.


Semerah Padi

Anonymous said...

These maid abusers are mad people.
Mad, precisely as defined in the dictionary -

out of one's mind; insane; furiously, violently; wildly excited; wildly impulsive; lunatic

I think the profile of such mad fellows are:

1. Very poor if not completely without proper upbringing; their parents didn't impart to them good values, sense of humanity, compassion in fellow human beings

2. They have disorganised, dysfunctional families, hence no communication of good values among them, no exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to treat defenceless employees

3. Because of 1 & 2 above, they always have all sorts of problems in dealing with people, with life, at work, in social circumstances, not fitting in with society. If not, they would have at least have received some influence to the extent of knowing that abusing maids is simply not acceptable, intolerable to society.

4. Consequently, this kind of people end up living just by themselves, adopting a routine of going to office and coming back home, cocooned in their own world of office and domestic problems. Quarrels are not infrequent, at work and at home.

5. As a result of all the above, they would have developed a level of stress in life that they are often edgy and short-tempered, periodically exploding into fits of rage and frustration that get passed on to their underlings. Children are easy victims. Of course, maids are the better choice to vent their frustrations on because they not kindred and are plain, simple and defenceless employees.

Damn these maid abusers. They are in at least two categories: the verbal abusers and the physical abusers. Those physical abusers who are reported to the authorities must be sent for psychiatric evaluation to ensure that those diagnosed of really having psychiatric problems are properly treated and others don't become victims of their madness endlessly.

There may be a third category: the racist abusers. This may be the worst kind. Like those slave masters of the 19th Century and earlier who treat slaves, who were mostly coloured people, like animals. This kind must be obliterated from the face of the earth if possible. Slavery has gone away for many generations. Abusing human beings is plainly unacceptable and intolerable. Racist exploitation of maids must be got rid of. This kind must be put behind bars for as long as possible. This is the 21st Century for goodness sake.


guru-nanak said...


Cuba visit blog

i hope u can do something about it...

ex-Sri Jaya Bus Driver said...

The raving b*st*rds of sjsandteam just deleted their shitblog.

These drunkard tambee cowards are now shivering under their ammas' sarees as the authorities close in on them.

Now you know why we need ISA?

Fauzy said...

Salam, Tuan KM. Thanks for the great piece. Especially the part where you explained about the mindset of most Kelantan-Patani Malays towards their Riau-Malay brethren. I must admit that some of my fellow Kelantanese friends are quite bound to themselves and do not mix well with others. But please don't get the wrong idea, I'm not saying that all the Kelantanese are bad. It's just natural for human being to be closer to those who shared the same culture and lifestyle. Anyway, now I understand the psyche of Kelantanese in general.

However 'Oghe Nnayu' must stick together through thicks and thins, be it whether they are Riau-Malay, Kelantan-Patani, or even the half-Malays (even myself - half Malay, a quarter Ceylonese and another quarter Minangkabau from Payakumbuah clan). But not under the notion of assabiyah (nationalism) which suppresses others' rights. We can always live together without denying our roots. I believe that living in a state away from the Malay Heartland had some impact towards my way of viewing things. But before some hardcore fanatics attacked and labeled me as 'pengkhianat' (i hope not), let me be clear that I am Malay through-and-through, and I do practice Malay customs as long as it does not transgress the Islamic values.

Having saying that, it would be suffice for me to say that I am Muslim first, and Malay second.

Some might say that, you are assaboyah-minded if you champion any of the Malay issues. But I personally doesn't see it that way. Unless you are fighting for special privileges that would somehow deny the rights of others, then it is assabiyah to me. But if it is done to have a fair share of the cake, then i don't see it as assabiyah at all. Unless you are calling bad names to other races and insulting their culture (which can be seen in the comments here as well), then it is assabiyah and racist to me. But if you are fighting to preserve Malay culture and heritage as long as it is in line with the syariah, then i don't see it as assabiyah.

I would dare not to further comment regarding the death of TBH. Let the authorities do their job and hopefully justice will prevail. The same goes to those maids who were abused by their heartless employers. I do agree with your recommendations regarding the rules and regulations upon hiring a maid.

Regarding MJ, i was too young to experience those that you have mentioned. My first MJ song that I enjoyed was Black or White, way back in the early 90's.

Akhir kata, saya teramat berbesar hati melihat kesungguhan tuan KM dan warga DN lain dalam mendepani segala isu yang terjadi di negara ini. Marilah kita berusaha mewujudkan Malaysia yang lebih makmur, aman dan selamat untuk didiami. (Bagi yang beriya-iya nak jadi warga British tu, pergilah. Kami tak rugi apa-apapun. Bukan kalian yang beri rezeki kepada kami. Sebagai seorang Muslim, saya beriman bahawa Allah -lah yang mengurniakan rezeki).

Tidak dinafikan bahawa segalanya bermula dengan pendidikan. Oleh yang demikian, langkah yang drastik wajar dilakukan dalam memastikan agar sistem pendidikan pada hari ini mampu memupuk perpaduan yang lebih jitu. Saya tak nampak bagaimana kewujudan sistem pendidikan vernakular mampu mencapai matlamat sedemikian.

Wassalam, dan salam sejahtera.

Anonymous said...


Izinkan saya membuat sedikit ulasan di atas kata kata Sdr Fauzy di atas.

Saya gembira mendengar dorongan nya supaya kita sesama berusaha mewujudkan Malaysia yang lebih makmur, aman dan selamat untuk di diami.

Saya setuju dengan pendapat nya bahawa segala nya bermula dengan pendidikan dan bahawa sistem pendidikan vernakular tidak mampu mencapai matlamat sedemikian. Mari lah kita sesama menyeru supaya rakyat Malaysia menyokong Cadangan Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua supaya Kerajaan menjalankan suatu kajian ke atas sistem pendidikan yang ada sekarang ini, memantap baik buruk nya dan membaikki keadaan keseluruhan nya.

And now, also in response to his comment, let me say a bit about the Malays - the broad definition, their presence in "the Malay Archipelago" and what the Malays are, other than those defined in the Constitution of our country.

According to Professor Bernard H.M Vlekke in his "Nusantara A History of Indonesia", two anthropological researchers who did years of field work in Indonesia, P and F. Sarasin (brothers), put out the theory of the Proto and Deutero Malays, which was developed by others later on. The Proto Malays were the ancestors of what became known as the Malay-Polynesian group, whose origin was in Yunan. The Deutero Malays came later from the northern part of Indochina, migrating southwards some 300 to 200 BC. This appears to be the group the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia belong to. Thus, according to this, the Malays were here some 2,300 years ago.

Broadly speaking, therefore, we are Malays in Malaysia, Indonesia and even in the Pacific islands. The Professor's map of "the Malay Archipelago" in the 17th Century includes areas from Patani to south Mindanao, Philippines, and the Irian Jaya part of New Guinea.

The Filipinos also call themselves
Malays. They loudly hail in books and elsewhere their independence fighter, Jose Rizal, as "The Great Malay Hero". Of course, religion and imperialism have broken us apart.

We can nevertheless be proud of the fact that we belong to a big "rumpun". The Malays in Malaysia have close religious and cultural affinities with the Indonesians. But we, however, are Malaysians first in terms of respect for the Constitution, allegiance, loyalty and feelings for our country, Malaysia. Let's hope all Malaysians feel the same way.


KijangMas said...

Semerah Padi said:-
"... ada segelintir kaum pendatang ini yang tidak sedar diri, menyalak tak tentu fasal, membuat huru hara di negara orang. Siapa mereka ini? ... Lihat sajalah budaya anjing-anjing liar yang segelintirnya masih sesat di negara ini membuat huru hara."

Salam Semerah Padi. Persoalan nya ialah: siapa yang merestui keadaan sampai jadi begini?

Ya, kita sendiri.

Kesungguhan majoriti Melayu menghentam dan menjatuhkan pemerintahan Dol Si Luncai telah memberi ruang kepada si makhluk-makhluk perosak ini (yang di bantu oleh pengkhianat bangsa sekutu mereka) menyusup masuk ke pesada pemerintahan empat negeri pantai barat.

Kita semua tanggung gejala makhluk perosak ini sekarang.

Sampai bila?

Juga di tangan orang Melayu.

Tapi kini si Melayu ni lah yang cari masalah sendiri dengan berpecah kepada 3-4 kerat akibat dari pemesongan kefahaman politik yang di cetuskan oleh pengkhianat2 bangsa yang bermaharajalela di Bumi kita di masa kini.

Semerah Padi also said:-
"Shah Alam dulu sunyi dari rumah urut, sekarang ini katanya dah bertaburan pusat-pusat maksiat ini. Seperti yang Saudara dedahkan, perangai "makhluk" ini yang menyusahkan seluruh negara bila menyiksa manusia yang menjadi pembantu rumah "makhluk" ini. budaya gangster, underworld, pelacuran, perjudian, along dan macam-macam huru hara lagi."

Penjelmaan sarang-sarang maksiat dan penjualan arak yang berleluasa kini di susuli pula oleh tahap keangkuhan yang menakjubkan oleh si pengendali gedung2 tersebut. Pegawai penguatkuasa dan pihak polis tidak lagi di geruni dan telah menjadi bahan penghinaan bagi makhluk2 ini. Kenapa? Mereka sudah ada Taiko besar di kemuncak kuasa negeri Selangor yang begitu "macho" sekali menendang pintu, menghentak meja dan melaung bila berhadapan dengan pegawai-pegawai perkhidmatan awam. Bayangkan, si anjing yang bernama Ronnie Liu ini dengan lantang mengarahkan pegawai2 MBSA memohon ampun dan maaf dari penyangak dan pendatang haram yang berleluasa jual arak berhampiran masjid dan surau di kota tersebut.

Dan azab yang kini di tempuhi oleh warga Shah Alam hanyalah satu cebisan selingan adegan sebenarnya jika gerompolan Pakatan Rakyat menerajui pemerintahan peringkat persekutuan.


NJ said:-
""Multi-layered-history" ini adalah satu frasa yang digunakan oleh pengkhianat-pengkhianat negara dalam usaha mereka untuk memutarbelitkan fakta sejarah dan akhirnya "memadamkan" asal usul Tanah Melayu."

Ya memanda NJ. Saya memanggilnya "revisionist history." Apa yang berlaku di Malaysia sekarang cukup mirip dengan apa yang telah di lakukan oleh penjajah Thai ke atas sejarah Patani Darussalam.

Sekali lagi: siapa yang membenarkan perkara ini berlaku?

Ya, orang kita sendiri.

Rata-rata orang Melayu tidak gemar membaca bahan ilmiah yang menegakkan jatidiri dan identiti sendiri. Jenama "Melayu" sudah tiada nilai lagi bagi mereka. Bukan hanya setakat "I don't speak Malay," tapi kini sudah jadi trend bagi orang Melayu mengaku "... actually I am not pure Malay; I am part Keralan, part Bawean, part Hainanese and part Portuguese." Alahai Bang Madon, yang part lanun tu kenapa tak mengaku pulak?

Ya, bukan mustahil kalau suatu hari nanti mungkin hanya Oghé Kelaté, Oghé Patani, Oghang Teganung dan Oghang Kedah sajalah yang masih bangga mengaku dirinya Orang Melayu, wallahualam.

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyyaa selala Fauzy,

ini yb loke itu dapsy punya taikor atak tulit lia punya blog, belakang lia kasi padam punya.

loke ciakap
"Nazrin the son of the senile ruler of Perak, take note that democracy is a principle whereby the control of authority comes from the public, and ruler and non-ruler are the same. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of democracy, there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all citizens, not invested with the power to govern, have equal access to power and the second that all citizens enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties.

When these basic freedoms and liberties are robbed of the people, then the only civilized course of action by any responsible citizen who cares about his nation, is to ensure that his voice is heard loud and clear! Get this straight into your ever conniving brain! When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty! If rebellions become the order of the day, the nation is simply ruled by the criminals and the corrupt. Ask yourself whether you and your family members including your ‘guardian angel’, the Agong Najib, have plundered the nation’s wealth and robbed the poor of a bare minimum standard of living!

It is a pity that only in Malaysia, even the right to a peaceful demonstration is robbed of the people! What’s worst, the peaceful demonstrations are converted into lawless mobs by ‘peacekeepers’ who are supposed to protect the peace of this nation.

Nazrin the illegal seller of Perak: Saintly words should never be uttered by a person who has lost all sanity! If you still insist in building an impossible bridge between two mountains, just for that clap of your ‘creativity’, then let us warn you that our actions too will have far reaching consequences; we will destroy those mountains to mere ashes, and stuff your filthy mouth with the last peck of that dust and prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell! (Source: The Might Of Pen)."

sikalang lu mistah fauzy amacam ciakap? lu kasi cilita. ini apa olang ini? lia yb kaaaa?

Anonymous said...


With reference to what Nostldamus Kaa said above, a person is certainly inciteful and seditious when he says

1. "When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty! If rebellions become the order of the day, the nation is simply ruled by the criminals and the corrupt. Ask yourself whether you and your family members including your ‘guardian angel’, the Agong Najib, have plundered the nation’s wealth and robbed the poor of a bare minimum standard of living!

2. "Nazrin the illegal seller of Perak: Saintly words should never be uttered by a person who has lost all sanity!

3. ".. just for that clap of your ‘creativity’, then let us warn you that our actions too will have far reaching consequences; we will destroy those mountains to mere ashes, and stuff your filthy mouth with the last peck of that dust and prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell!"

It's utter rubbish and foul talk to say "injustice becomes law" in this country. He has said nothing to back it up and he cannot back it up simply because it is nonsense. On top of that, it's inciteful and seditious to say "rebellion becomes duty!"

Point No. 2 is simply seditious. This is utter disregard for the position of the Malay Rulers. This is well covered under the Sedition Act. That's the Raja Muda he is insulting. He is bringing the future Sultan into public odium.

Warning readers that "our actions too will have far reaching consequences" and "prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell!" are subversive and sound Communistic.

The fact that he erased the comments is not relevant. What is relevant is that he did put out the comments into the public domain and they have been copied and printed here as testimony.

Exemplary action needs to be taken on this man. He should be prosecuted. If not, others may think it's alright to do like he did. Then it'll create ill feelings and become tinder among the racial groups.


Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyyaa itu lancau loke.s.f manyak cilakak punya cingna dap.

lia singaja bikin ini macyam arrr (1)mau kasi tutup olang tatak baca anwabelahing punya hat, (2) mau kasi tutup olang tatak baca itu teoh punya hat, (3) mau kasi gomen nama busuk bila tangkap sama lia isa punya dalam (4) mau kasi summa olang mulayu tatak hantam pas mingnum beer punya hat (5) mau kasi nigala kacyau hulu-hala bilakang tatak pimbangunan maaa. bila nigala ini macyam kacyau arrr itu mafia unterworld atak manyak jadi gumuk. lagi gumuk ini mafia cingna cinkwai arrrr, lagi kuat kasi ikat summa olang cingna. lagi kuat itu ikat arrrr, tintu tatak lagi mali mca kaaa gelakan kaaa. itu macyam arrr, nanti tintu umno satu kali jyatok mati woorrrr.

sikalang arrrr cingna cinkwai tatak mau bikin kacyau selupa itu 13mei punya pasat arrr 13mei kaluuu habit lorrrr lia. jadi sikalang arrrr lia olang bikin hulu-hala ini macyam laaaaa, selupa taktik gorillaa kaaa selupa telolist kaaaa, summa misti pakei culi punya pukul.

heiyyaa manyak susa mau cyakap. tapi wa ingat arrr, gomen ada belani kaaaa kasi tangkap itu cibai loke? ini cingna cinkwai pok punya hati lalam arrr, sutak lama baca itu mulayu gomen punya olang summa serupa itu anjing bising-bising tatak gigit punya. manyak bising kasi tapi arrrr apa action pong tatak.

sikalang gomen manyak selba sala, mau tangkap salah, tak mau tangkap pong salah.

tapi itu macyam arrrr kita olang biasa manyak susa laaaa. mau niaga susa, mau kilija susa, mau baca sikola susa, mau cali makan susa. bilakang itu lancau cingna cinkwai misti kasi plopaganda gomen kasi summa olang susa.

gwa ingat arrrr, itu macam punya cingna ninkwai arrrr kasi tangkap simpan lalam piti sejuk kasi beku sutak laaaaa. apa mau manyak manyak cilita sama lia. kasi tangkap. kasi tutuk mulut. kasi tutup mata. kasi buang lawut lalam. satu kali cilita habit summa hat. ini macyam bikin wa tabik kasi singkaporrr. sana singkaporrrr arrrr mana atak olang busuk ini macyam cibai loke punya?

KijangMas said...

Kama said:-
"PHEW! Worth waiting la KM! (lembek lutu' baco"

Salam Kak Puteri. Thanks for visiting. "Lembek lutu' baco ..." Ha ha ha, imagine hok nulih; lembek habih kakah dalé ..."

Anyway, enjoyed reading your story on rude restaurant staffers. Had my share of those.


Aku said:-
"A P.S for Donplay whatever: Since you are so keen about a 1 Race, why don't you join the Demi Negara community's effort at bringing about a united Bangsa Malaysia? They propose it be done thru the SSUS proposal ... How about it? Can I see you sign the Petition attached to the previous posting? If you say your idea of a 1 World/ Human Race is achievable, what more 1 Bangsa Malaysia. It's only logical to start from a 1 Bangsa Malaysia. I challenge you Mr Donplay whatever."

Good point Aku. Should we wait with bated breath or is his "1 World/Human Race" sloganeering just rhetorical hogwash?


bukan alan said:-
"km, why nothing about pkfz or khir's bungalow? cos they don't start with 'm' ?? it does la..its all about 'm'oney.."

Waulau, you sound a trite bitter. Why ah? Which of the six MM chillies did you bite? For starters, can you please enlighten us what exactly is wrong with Wak Khir Toyo's house? Yeah, give us the cold hard facts, the empirical evidence, the supporting documents. Show us some authoritative documentation to contradict Khir Toyo's assertions on the cost of his house. Remember, acquisition cost and current market value are two different things.

Folks, the problem with these DAP Spinmeisters is their abject lack of finesse in making accusations, perhaps reflective of their subpar, maladjusted SJKC education. And these wretched fertilised amoebas of the coolie genepool bulldoze and forcefeed issues without an iota of logic or evidence to an increasingly wary and tired public.

Events of the past 4-5 days testified to the self-destructive mode of these DAP subversives. Their dramatic meltdown will be exacerbated as the Malay lembus in PAS/PKR are awaken from their slumber by the excesses of Ronnie Liu, Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, Loke Siew Fook and the rest of the Pakatan freakshow.

I knew this would happen. These parasites just couldn't help it -- their racist inner gremlins are popping out big time now for all to see.

Enjoy the social outcast freakshow, World!


Malayan Peoples' Anti-Pakatan Army said:-
"They renounced their precious Malaysian citizenship (... cannot be retracted one) and went on a wild goose chase to secure British nationality. You think the Brits want these people ah? You think any other country want to import parasites ah?"

Nope. They can hope and plead and lie about their cases, BUT the WASP nations are shutting their doors to these makhluk perosaks.

This species are placed on the pedestal and taken seriously only in contemporary Malaysia. Why? Because too many Melayus are too dumb to understand the socio-political dynamics of vermin-infested societies. These Melayus must now dump their tatatertib, lemah lembut, budibahasa and pathetic sifat mengalah when dealing with such pests.

Throw away the Gila-Gila and turn off AFUNDI and start to understand foreign history lah people.

What do you think happened to the tens of thousands of Chinamen railroad coolies who built most of the American transcontinental railroad in the 1860s? Yup, shipped back to Kwangtung and Fukien by the boatloads. What do you think happened to the couple hundred thousand Chinamen gold miners in the California Goldrush of the mid-1800s? Yup, again pushed back to the Pacific Ocean for the long journey back to TongsanLand.

Otherwise, the states west of the Mississippi would have been conversing in Mandarin by now.


We honestly believe the likes of Ronnie Liu and Waythamoorty and likeminded scums have a role in Malaysia's nationbuilding? Why kid ourselves? Why prolong the self-denial? Until when?

Unknown said...

Hey KijangMas

The quotation "Cast pearls before swines" comes to mind ...

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Sdr. KijangMas Perkasa,

Menyentuh komen balas Tuan yang menyimpulkan bahawa orang kita sendiri, yang menjadi punca kewujudan makhluk-makhluk perosak yang menyalak tak tentu fasal di bumi ini.

Agaknya, ruang lubang hidung sesetengah orang Melayu adalah lebih besar daripada ruang kepala tempat letaknya otak, sehingga begitu mudah dicucuk tali untuk ditarik kemana sahaja.

"Bangkitlah Wahai Melayu!"

Semerah Padi

Anonymous said...

Wah, KijangMas,

I didn't know that the tens of thousands of Chinamen railroad coolies who built most of the American transcontinental railroad in the 1860s were shipped back to China and the couple hundred thousand Chinamen gold miners in the California Goldrush of the mid-1800s were also sent back to TongsanLand.

Perhaps you can write on these more often so that they’ll sink into the minds of the ungrateful pendatangs and the weakling Melayus. Some of them don’t like being referred to as pendatangs, yet they don’t accept the established facts of history of the country, want to write their own history, don’t recognize the Social Contract, don’t respect, abide and live by the Constitution. They should really be sent back to TongsanLand.

Those 500 or so from Penang, Malacca and elsewhere who got stranded in UK and some demonstrated in London being stateless after tearing their passports, renouncing Malaysian citizenship but were refused citizenship by the British government, really deserved it. But I simply don’t understand why the Malaysian Foreign Minister said those fellows were “not necessarily unpatriotic” and wanted to do something about it. Does he understand what loyalty and patriotism is? The Malaysian diplomats and Ministry of of Foregin Affairs officers don’t advise that politician? Is he and the DSN team bending backwards to win the support of the Chinese? This certainly is not the way to win support. Those fellows have torn their Malaysian passports and renounced Malaysian citizenship, for goodness sake!

The bloody British made us take the Chinese in British Malaya and our leaders, in the zealousness to get independence, agreed to citizenship for them. Yet they demand all sorts now, question the Special Position of the Malays that their leaders had agreed to at Merdeka. And the present leadership appears melembik again.

I feel I must repeat your statement - "too many Melayus are too dumb to understand the socio-political dynamics of vermin-infested societies. These Melayus must now dump their tatatertib, lemah lembut, budibahasa and pathetic sifat mengalah when dealing with such pests." I hope to God Malay leaders realise their follies and stop bending to pressures. If they bend too often, the unprincipled anything-goes Pak Sheikh will come behind their back. It’s dirty, foul and whatever else when he does that.

The need to realize includes those being exploited by the ungrateful, trouble making and subversive elements out to get anything they can from everybody and more, more and more from the country. They don’t even agree on many fundamental issues those PAS and DAP fellows. And PKR of course want to ride on them to the polls. Very strange bedfellows indeed.


NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera KijangMas Perkasa & sidang DN,

Kaum Pendatang

- I was born here, but I am Chinese.

- Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language under the Constitution, but I speak and write "Chinese" as much as I can in the public.

- But it appears that greener pasture is not over here, so it is my right to make my living anywhere else. But hey! since I cannot get the citizenship there, you must accept me back because I am "Malaysian". I am (now) very "patriotic!"


I think these so-called "Malaysians" in a way leave some of us no choice but to call them as "Kaum Pendatang". They have just given some of us the avenue to label them such. Why get angry then?



Anonymous said...

Salam to all.

The stateless ex Malaysians in Britain should not be taken back. They hate Malaysia so much, so why take them back. They won't fit in.

Let them be stateless. They are traitors to M'sia. The Govt should not bend just for them. Their case should be used as a lesson for those pengkhianats and ingrates still loitering in this Tanah Melayu.

Look at their kind here in the country. They are parasites to society. Nothing, but only insults for the Govt, Malays and Islam. Look what is happening now...They don't have any respect for the Govt, the Constitution, the Malay institutions and the Sultans. They are becoming more and more arrogant and very very ungrateful. Racists to the core !!

What makes the Govt think that these ex M'sians will be grateful?

Btw, I remember a chinkie commentator in DN saying that he was so happy to throw his M'sian passport into the waters of New York's harbour (or something like that)...yeah, this sort of vermin are all of the same species and mentality. I am sure that these ex M'sians in Britain were as happy as that ex M'sian in NYC when they got rid of their M'sian passport thinking that the British Govt would take them. Wishful thinking I should say..Anyway what turns around comes around....

Why even bother about them? They are "Chinese" or "Indians" aren't they? So, ask the real Chinese or the Indian Govt to take them, their forefathers came to M'sia a long time ago, so they must be returned back to where they came from. With their SJKC and SJKT education, it would be easy for them to blend in with "their" people...speaking the same language etc..And I can bet also that they don't know how to speak M'sia's national language ie. Bahasa Malaysia (as they speak only bahasa China and bahasa India Tamil Nadu).

So, I hope the Govt will think twice about taking them back...It is not a good re-investment, we knew the result already..

My message for these ex M'sians is : if the grass is greener somewhere, please don't come back...please ask other countries to take you all in...

- Hang Nadim

Semerah Padi said...

Salam all,

Look at the photo in the STAR news article here.

I see:-

"Stateless Citizen"
Citizen? Already making claim as if "citizen" already theirs? So jumpy?

The purple colored banner with chinese characters.
Any surprise? Do they expect the Briton to understand their foreign tongue in British soil? Who were making demand here, the Brits or the chinese?

Any wonder why these kind of people are "Stateless"? I think their citizenship-luck should be slightly better in People's Republic of China (PRC) since they insist to be chinese, to speak chinese, to demand in chinese-written characters etc. (Just behave, and dont give any reason for the PRC government to exercise control unnecessarily).

But even more amazing is that:-

The Malaysian government still want to consider to susukan kera-kera hutan ini?!

Hello Pak Minister! Can you NOT take us, Malaysians, for granted anymore?

"Di mana Bumi di pijak, di situ Langit dijunjung"

Semerah Padi

Anonymous said...


Below is a report taken from the Star:-

The second wife of a contractor is suing her husband for neglecting the family after he had an affair with an Indonesian maid, reported Harian Metro.

Ana, 52, said her husband met the woman in 2006 when the maid was working at his first wife’s house.

“Not long after that, the children caught him alone with the maid in her room a few times.
Realising that their affair was exposed, he moved the maid out to a flat and took her to work as a cleaner at his office,” she said.

Ana said he had been neglecting his responsibility as a husband and father since then.

“There are arrears in the housing loan and electricity bills. He spends most of his time with that woman and I have become the target of gossip in the community. This has caused me and my children shame. My son and I tried seeing him at the office but we were turned away by his workers, who even threatened to beat us up,” she said.

Ana said her case would be mentioned at the Syariah Court on Aug 25.

End of report.


Everybody cries foul when Indonesian maids are physically abused.

But the report above clearly shows that an Indonesian maid is also capable of doing something else ie. as a marriage spoiler/breaker.

I have no intention of criticising anyone but just to highlight that maids are human beings like us and definitely they are not angels. And yes, I sympathise with those who were abused but I condemn those who break or who try to spoil their employers’ marriage or just plain opportunists.

Who are the victims by the way? The lawful wedded wives and the children of course (as shown above). There is no difference between this issue and Eli Wong’s case.

My heart goes to these victims and their children. If we can sympathise with Helmi Malik’s wife, we can also sympathise with Ana (and other women who suffer in silence). One can imagine the feelings of these women when their husbands spent more time with the marriage spoilers than with them and their children. Sad.


NJ said...

Salam all,

Pinokio said:-

My heart goes to these victims and their children. If we can sympathise with Helmi Malik’s wife, we can also sympathise with Ana (and other women who suffer in silence).

Yes. I agree. When we consider this on normal human ground or principle.

However, when the politicians politicised Eli Wong & Helmi, I doubt it was done on human ground, therefore they forgot that the real victim may actually be Helmi's wife and family All they care perhaps is to bash out the opponent party, and bash them good up to the extent of forgetting or ignoring normal human ground or principle.

As Pinokio mentioned, if on human ground, we all can come on common stance no matter what political background or skin color etc we have since we are all human.

But certain political party, almost became "inhuman" when they tried to gain "political mileage" taking advantage of any darn issue, as long as they can find an opening to bash their opponent.

In this respect, was it any different with:-

1. Theresa Kok & the ketuk ketampi case?

2. Lim Kit Siang/Lim Guan Eng accusing MACC as "murderer" before people are fully aware of what is going on?

PAS defending Eli Wong, DAP with the ketuk ketampi & poor TBH - can you say that they do what they did in the name of justice to human? in the name of human values? upholding the humanity principles?

Or are they just political animals?



Anonymous said...

Political Animal?

KijangMas said...

Godisuno said:-
"I'm afraid that most of Malays in Malaysia do not actually comprehend what is actually happening around them especially the young generations. These young generations of Malays are too absorbed in their fake world with the entertaining peers who knows nothing but to enjoy life."

Agreed. Now, who's to blame? Parents? Teachers? Community leaders? Media role models? All of them? How do we instill patriotism among the young? Who's more disillusioned with the system? Parents or children? When our children hear our cynicism about the nation's political affairs, what goes on in their minds?

What values and insights are taught to children of PAS taksub parents? To love the country? To hate our founding fathers? What about PKR? "Injustice" all around them? And UMNO? And don't forget the fence-sitting Melayu parents long turned-off by local politics and living life as pseudo-foreigners in their own land who don't even bother to vote.

Where would these Malay kids collectively turn to? Each other ... and instant gratification via mass entertainment as they escape through the labyrinth of Akademi Fantasia and Raja Lawak interspersed with bouts of Mat Rempitinitis.


Purple Haze said:-
"After reading thru 70-odd postings in this thread, some of the replies to dontplaypuks don't seem to meet the criteria above that is set by DN ... One may not agree with his viewpoint but at least refute the opinion but not the person. Otherwise, that is not encouraging alternative views."

Interesting point. I’m amazed myself at the strong reaction to Puks' initial post. Why? What badwill baggage did he carried over to DN? Obviously, his many detractors are just continuing their cyberwar with him from other blogs.

The question is: what has Puks done elsewhere to warrant such adverse reactions from others?


Dinturtle said:-
“Menyentuh tentang perpaduan Melayu,mahu atau tidak terpaksa mengambilkira penyokong Pas sebagai kumpulan kedua terbesar orang Melayu. Perpaduan tidak akan tercapai tanpa persefahaman kedua2 Umno dan Pas. Mereka yang tidak berparti pula, seperti saya, sedikit sebanyak mempunyai kecenderungan untuk memihak salah satu parti walaupun dari luar.”

Salam Sdr Dinturtle. Perpaduan Melayu haruslah berpaksikan prinsip-prinsip asas yang lebih besar dari kedua UMNO dan PAS. Matlamat perdana buat kedua parti dan bahkan bagi setiap insan berjenama “Melayu” di Tanah Air kita ialah pengukuhan kembali kedudukan dan martabat Bangsa Melayu di bumi Malaysia ini yang kian terhakis akibat percaturan politik kurang pandai para pemimpin Melayu sendiri.

Setelah ini tercapai dan terjamin barulah boleh kita beri tumpuan kepada perpaduan nasional dan lain-lain bunga-bunga dan impian cetusan alam kayangan politikus kepartian. Perpaduan nasional yang sebenar dan abadi di bumi Malaysia ialah perpaduan di bawah bimbingan Orang Melayu dalam arca keMelayuan yang sudah menjadi lumrah turun-temurun di Tanah Melayu dan alam Nusantara ini. Tidak ada arca atau model alternatif, samada konsep samar-samar kelabu jerebu 1 Malaysia Najib Razak atau muslihat Malaysian Malaysia nyalakkan puak subversif DAP atau pun lamaran Ketuanan Rakyat yang di taburi pengkhianat bangsa dalam PKR. Ketiga-tiga konsep ini hanyalah dongengan politik cetek yang tiada asas atau “precedent” sejarah duniawi dan bercanggah dengan naluri asas manusia, iaitu kehendak semulajadi untuk memimpin atau di pimpin.

Dalam konteks ini, kaum bukan Melayu di Malaysia harus memilih samada mahu bersaing merebut tunjak kepimpinan dengan Orang Melayu (dan mengambil kesempatan menanam budaya, cara hidup dan bahasa negara asing di bumi ini) – dan memporak-perandakan negara seperti sekarang – atau terima hakikat mereka di pimpin oleh Melayu Tuan Tanah demi kestabilan Negara seperti lazimnya di negara-negara lain di dunia ini, iaitu kepimpinan politik, budaya dan bahasa golongan dominan dan majoriti.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas.

Sdra NJ,

You mentioned that,
"PAS defending Eli Wong, DAP with the ketuk ketampi & poor TBH - can you say that they do what they did in the name of justice to human? in the name of human values? upholding the humanity principles?

Or are they just political animals"

No, to my humble opinion, PAS do not do anything in the name of justice or in the name of human values. PAS has changed their direction and religious convictions. They are more what we call in the West, the Christian Democrats - "religious" in name but secular inside. PAS is way becoming to be like this. There is no more Islamic fervour in their outset now as PAS is "sleeping" with their enemy of yesteryears ie. DAP. There are many things to consider and discuss on this, but due to time constraint, I would prefer to touch on just the basic issues. PAS is anti UMNO through and through and this is due to the fact that its a leader is a vindictive idiot who rejects the Ummah and who is actually becoming more and more senile by the day. His "teachings" have deviated in the sense that his agenda is to spite UMNO as much as possible. Read again what Tuan KM has written in his latest post and we get a clearer picture on the senility of the man. It is not becoming of an "ulamak" to become an "ularmak". Sad, isn't it to see that Islam has been bartered and battered for the sake of idiotic political ideologies of certain people. Political animals they are, yes, I'm gonna bet on it..the picture speaks of that too..

Hence, you find PAS embraces Free Sex with non muhrims, "bersekedudukan tanpa nikah antara lelaki dan perempuan dengan sebebas bebasnya", now we have the liberty to get beer in Muslim's majority area, thanks to DAP....and PAS having consensus on this issue....what else is there to change the "akidah" of our fellow Muslims in Malaysia...I am sick to the brim ..I won't even want to think what is going to happen to this beloved Tanah Melayu. There is a lot of "maksiat" going on now....Hope it is not too late for the Ummah to realise and choose in which boat they want to sail in. God/Tuhan/Allah have mercy on us ..

- Pinokio

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM,

Terimakasih diatas respons tuan pada komen saya, I was surprised that despite ur busy schedule, u actually read all the comments and tried to reply them. I had to scroll up nak ingat semula, it was posted more than 2 weeks ago..cayalah!

Ya tuan, got to admit i did get carried away. Terpengaruh dengan segala permainan politik pemimpin2 kita seolah2 kita perlu meletakkan kepercayaan kepada mereka selaku wakil Melayu/Islam, serahkan pada parti politik untuk menggerakkan perpaduan, hanya mereka berhak menggunakan nama Melayu/Islam. Yes, it goes beyond political parties.

Setiap orang Melayu bertanggungjawap keatas kedaulatan bangsanya. Bukan dengan laungan2 yang berapi2, cabar mencabar sesama sendiri tapi berusaha memperbaiki diri sendiri, untuk menjadi yang terbaik dalam apa jua bidang yang diceburi, dimana secara kolektif akan dengan sendiri, seperti kata tuan
'pengukuhan kembali kedudukan dan martabat bangsa Melayu dibumi Malaysia'.

Secara individu setiap kita perlu berusaha dengan bersih, cekap dan amanah untuk menjadi insan yang cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang kearah merealisasikan Wawasan 2020, menjadikan bangsa Melayu tunggak 1Malaysia...( hmmm kat mana nak letak Islam Hadhari ni...? )

Ur take on this 'Anwar Pengkhianat' thing? Entahla, it seems a bit childish and too political. Umno patutnya meluaskan lagi skop definasi pengkhianat bangsa untuk meliputi sama mereka yang mengamalkan rasuah dan tidak amanah, songlap duit kontrek berjuta2 atas nama rakyat untuk kepentingan sendiri sedangkan bangsa Melayu dan rakyat amnya amat memerlukannya. Takut terkena diri sendiri kot tapi namanya tetap pengkhianat kerana mengkhianati trust yang diberikan bangsa/rakyat. Label pengkhianat untuk mereka ini lebih berfaedah untuk dilaungkan....Kalau setakat Anwar Pengkhianat, takut kemudian hari ditakdirkan beliau 'bertukar arah', kena berdemo pula 'Anwar Hero'

Anonymous said...

Sdr dinturtle,

"Kalau setakat Anwar Pengkhianat, takut kemudian hari ditakdirkan beliau 'bertukar arah', kena berdemo pula 'Anwar Hero'".

Kalau dia bertukar arah pun, kita tak boleh anggap dia sebagai hero. Dia sudah banyak merosakkan agenda Melayu. Saya tak nampak pun apa kebaikan yang dia sudah buat untuk orang Melayu, sama ada di dalam UMNO atau di luar UMNO.

Dengan dia mendalangkan PR, kaum bukan Melayu telah naik muka sebegitu banyak sehingga melanda landa tidak menerima sejarah terkanun negara ini, tidak memperakui Kontrak Sosial yang telah di bina di antara pemimpin kaum kaum di masa Merdeka, tidak menghormati dan melunaskan hidup mereka kapada Perlembagaan negara ini. Banyak yang menjadi subversif.

Hak Istimewa Melayu di perso'al, DEB di ketawakan, sehinggakan kedudukan Raja Raja Melayu di abaikan. Fikirkan lah - mereka baring di atas jalan menghalang kenderaan Raja Muda Perak lalu. Tidak ada kedengaran Anwar marah atau mengkritik tindakan kurang ajar pengikut pengikut nya tersebut.

Dia ha nya mahukan kuasa, pentingkan mutlamat nya jadi PM, mulakan katak lompat, janji nak jatuhkan Kerajaan pusat pada 16 September 2008 juga melalui katak lompat. Dia tidak peduli apa akibat nya, apa kesan tindakan nya itu.

Tambahan pula kes sodomi nya. Sekarang kes kali kedua pula. Kali pertama dahulu, walau pun dia di lepaskan di atas sebab teknikal, Hakim merakamkan pendapat nya bahawa ada tanda-tanda menunjukkan dia terlibat dalam kes itu.

Tidak boleh. Kita tidak boleh dan mesti coba sedaya upaya menghalang dia menjadi PM. Akan jahanam negara di buat nya. Akan bersepai pecah belah Melayu di buat nya. Dia orang tidak ada prinsip. Orang saperti itu kita tidak boleh percaya. Dia akan buat apa sahaja yang sesuai dengan tujuan nya, tidak di atas keperluan rakyat, tidak demi kepentingan bangsa Melayu.


msleepyhead said...

Guess this is what KM has been trying to tell us all along:

Even now we can already see the divide between city and rural folks here, starting with education, views, morality and so on, what more the ethnic communities if things don't get better.

Via The Star's Citizen's Blog.

msleepyhead said...

Salam KM and others,

Forgive me for saying this but it appears that the language, like the people, also needs protectionism policies from outside threats.

What with statements like 'the Chinese/Indians and their thousands years old civilizations', 'the British gave priority to the Chinese', etc. and the constant 'reminders' by TunM, it is a sad day indeed.

Not only is the level of English going down (, thank god they have the good sense to revert to BM, but now it looks like our national language is also under threat.

So where do we go from here?

*The availability of Bahasa Indonesia in Google shows our nusantara brethren may be the true defenders of the language afterall.

Identity crisis lah Malaysia ni!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas and the DN Community.

Thanks mssleepyhead for the article. It is obvious that "unity in diversity" creates more racial polarisation. This happens in countries like UK, Canada etc. After a decade or two, suddenly governments realise that multiculturalism gave birth to ghettos all over the country. This is not a good sign. Hence, what is the difference between a Canadian who can't speak proper English (or French) and a Malaysian who can't speak Bahasa Malaysia? It is obvious isn't it that there is something wrong with the system.

Having said all that, the situation in France is different. The scenario in this Gallic country is actually an antithesis of what's happening in Canada. Here, it is assimilation from the moment one steps on its shores. Anyone who wants to stay in France will have to learn the French language. But still, ghettoization exists within the Chinese community in Paris. Sorry to say this, but I think the Chinese in general cannot survive without any help from its own community or clan. It is in their psyche to be polarised rather than venturing out to be with the main stream of society.

I can see that the commentators are not kind either. Thought they came from Ku Klux Klan, the notorious white facist group. Anyway, what is happening in Canada is a mirror of what is happening in M'sia. Thank God for the two Asian 'wisemen' who can see the danger lying ahead for the country... They should be invited to M'sia to give their views on racial polarisation.

In M'sia, racial polarisation can be minimised by implementing the SSS.

Unity, understanding and respect should be nurtured from a very young age..Let's hope the Government will heed this call of implementing SSS for our children and their children after that and their childrens' children after that etc etc..

Btw, Happy Ramadan to all.

ps.....I hope Nik Aziz will recommend to the Angels that non-PAS Muslims can still go to heaven. Isn't he the one who decides who can enter the gates of Taman Firdaus (Paradise)..??

Tam Dalyell said...

Sdr Dot,

Bukan Anuar pengkhianat dengan agenda menjadi-PM-nya sahaja yang mesti dihalang bahkan ditawar bisanya.

Makhluk perusak yang lain mesti juga dimandikan dengan racun serangga supaya agenda malaysian malaysianya mati pucuk.

Lagi satu yang perlu ditelanjangi ialah kaum yang menjadikan agama itu hak peribadinya lalu agama Tuhan itu sewenang-wenangnya boleh dibuang dan dipakai sebagai kain buruk untuk mengelap dan mengesat segala najis kotoran yang semulajadi adalah permainan sekutu serumah mereka.

Lagi satu yang mesti diikat di pohon kerengga ialah mereka-mereka yang diberi amanah oleh rakyat, lalu menggunakan amanah itu sebagai lesen untuk mereka "to legalise deceit and robbery".

Tidak ketinggalan juga mesti dipersoalkan mereka-mereka yang mempunyai kuasa untuk melindungi rakyat, tetapi teragak-agak menggunakannya, semata-mata kerana dikalahkan oleh hujjah kaum yang menjarah rakyat bahawa mereka adalah rakyat juga.

satD said...

Salam bro KijangMas n DN Visitors

ms sleepyhead thank you for the link.

Just to add a wee bit. Our citizenship requirement actually requires "adequate" knowledge of Malay language

A person is deemed to have an adequate knowledge of the Malay language if it is in the opinion of
the Language Board he or she is able to with reasonable proficiency to speak that language and unless prevented by blindness or other physical impediments, to read and write Malay in the Jawi
or Rumi (Roman alphabet) script

This is where is see the problem in the actual implementation which I dont need to elaborate further as bro KijangMas previous articles have touched upon....

The previous immigrant population (pre-1964 and the residents of Malaya on Malaya on Merdeka day)which were exempted from this clause......and if you were to add the Whole Vernacular Eco-system to the equation and compound that for 50 odd can just imagine the magnitude of the problem

The situation is made worst by chauvanistic Chinese parties like the DAP read the links below and see for yourself…..and also ask yourself will these situation be the same for our SSS campaign??

This apek been going around the country distorting every single fact and stoke racial sentiments pre-13/May……..if I can be more direct this apek is one of the Architects of the Racial Riot in 1969

The same mindset is still there which is why I'm not surprised of the current situation.....

same shit different day...

Anonymous said...

KM serta semua,

Selamat menyambut bulan "Ramadhan".


Anonymous said...

salam ramadhan kijang mas dan dn readers,

saya sangat sakit hati apabila ada ura-ura untuk meniadakan maklumat bangsa pada dokumen rasmi (tak pasti dokumen rasmi yang mana). penangan 1 malaysia.

mana tak sakit hati, kempen satu sekolah untuk semua di tolak mentah-mentah (maksudnya masih mahukan existence of racial identity) tapi taknak racial identity pada dokumen, mana satu ni? saya tak boleh fahamlah.

saya tak boleh terima sebarang toleransi lagi kalau beginilah keadaannya. duri dalam daging.

harap km dapat menghadiahkan satu post berkaitan perkara ini kepada pemimpin melayu yang layu dan kecut sekarang ni. apalah nasib melayu dapat pemimpin yang ada sekarang ni. hampas.


-budak jawa-

Anonymous said...


Izinkan saya memberi sedikit komen di atas rasa risau "budak jawa" di atas.

Pertama, saya rasa bangga bahawa nampak nya dia mengakukan asal usual nya Jawa tetapi semangat Melayu nya kuat. Ini lah semangat yang timbul dari kumpulan yang di katakan "rumpun Melayu" yang ahli ahli sejarah terkemuka telah nyatakan ada tersebar di "Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu", dari Patani ke selatan Philippines hingga ke sebahagian Papua New Guinea. Namun demikian, kita Melayu di Malaysia, sebagaimana juga kaun kaum lain di sini, mesti tumpukan perasaan kasih sayang kapada, dan hormatkan ha nya Perlembagaan negara kita sahaja.

Kedua, saya fikir kita boleh lihat ura-ura untuk meniadakan maklumat bangsa pada dokumen rasmi itu secara positif. Saya rasa Kaum Blogging Demi Negara, khas nya KijangMas sendiri, telah menyuarakan harapan timbul nya suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang betul betul bersatu dan bersepadu untuk keharmonian dan kemajuan negara kita di masa hadapan. Baca lah blog post terdahulu nya yang berjodol "Racial Polarisation And the Forging of a Bangsa Malaysia" dan "At Last Someone With Testicular Fortitude". Ini telah di susuli dengan Cadangan Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS). Ura-ura yang Sdr sebutkan itu timbul ha nya salepas Memo cadangan tersebut di bincangkan di alam siber. Kita boleh berbangga bahawa pemikiran pihak berkuasa dalam perkara ini nampak nya selari dengan pemikiran dan tujuan SSS.

Ke tiga, Memo tersebut masih lagi dalam peringkat perbincangan. So'al "di tolak" tidak timbul. Kami sebagai penganjur masih sibuk memikir dan mengambil langkah untuk memperluaskan kempen SSS itu. Sila lah ikuti perkembangan nya nanti.

Saya sendiri yaakin bahawa walau
pun maalumat bangsa di tiadakan dari dokumen dokumen lebih awal dari yang di jangka, perkara perkara saperti pengagihan faedah faedah DEB masih lagi boleh di lakukan berdasarkan nama dan butir-butir peribadi lain.

Dengan perasaan perkauman yang nampak nya meningkat sekarang, saya fikir tidak ada jalan lain dari SSS untuk mengatasi masaelah perkauman di negara kita ini. Penyelesaian masaelah akan makan masa yang lama sebab banyak bergantung kapada pelajaran kanak kanak di bangku sekolah.

Mari lah kita lakukan apa sahaja yang kita boleh untuk mencapai matlamat itu, bermula dengan menanda tangan Petition Kempen SSS itu dan mengajak dan mempengaruh sesiapa lain yang boleh berbuat demikian juga.


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog via JMD.

I had posted this query earlier and I am hopeful for your response this time.

"Please allow me this opportunity a query upon your good self which is not related to this topic.

This is in reference to your article

I am a Catholic and realise that you have been aggrieved, however I found your article highly critical and malicious towards my religion, the intention of the article notwithstanding.

While all of us will find some degree of resentment towards the action of groups of affiliation whether social, religious or political, one should not directly ridicule and disparage another persons religious belief.

You have punished the sons for the for the sins of their fathers.

My query is whether you are the type of person you had suggested yourself to be i.e. intolerant,
cognitive in the article.

I respectfully hope that you are not offended, in the manner or the term used, for which I have posed this query because it was not my intention to do so.

I humbly and truly seek your reply to my query for my repose.

I admire your punctilious skills and wide knowledge on issues as evidenced in your articles but found this particular article in stark contrast to what you severally espouse.

I am also linking your blog to mine with your kind permission.

For what its worth, I am not in agreement and find no justification (whatever the intention) in the action of my Church in this matter, which was the basis of your article."

Thank you

NJ said...

Salam all and Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims.

Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa,

Freddie is one of those many out there who are good Catholics, who observe well their faith while respecting others' faith. We have many of the Freddies in other faiths too who contribute to the harmony living among ourselves.

However, this does not stop a bunch of so called 'religious' people from becoming 'extremist', trying to force their so-called 'righteous faith', upon everybody else's throats.

I just cannot help but to suspect there was an unholy agenda behind the issue of the word "Allah" as discussed by Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa here.

Christian to my understanding is a religion of the Heart..., Love... to the most part of its preaching. To me, a true Christian will have Allah very close and dear to his heart and "Allah" can or may be "spoken" or "uttered silently within the Heart" by any other word which may bear more "Godly meaning" to a believer.

So when these extremists insist the use of the word "Allah", making chaos out of it up to the extent of challenging the Country on this issue when they brought it up to the Court, then I cannot help but to suspect something "unholy" was behind their move. I mentioned "Country" because we are Malaysians (not other Nationals) who shall live in this beloved land by adhering to the Rukun Negara and the Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

These extremists, to me, are "faked" Christians and "faked" Malaysians too.

Like Freddie (a good Catholic), Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa, being a good Muslim, will not just sit down and say nothing. I am very thankful to Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa for his well written and researched article on this issue.

Such revelation by Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa is to counter the lies and to unearth the unholy agenda of those religious extremists. His article was never directed against good Catholics such Freddie, but against such religious extremists who create unrest among people.

In trying to achieve the harmony living among the many faiths in this Country, we must do whetever we can to minimise the existence of these kind of extremists. Freddie must give words to his fellow "christians", call them back to the rightful path as shown by Jesus, and stop inciting hatred among us, Malaysians, using "religion" to force forward their unholy agenda.



Cenderawasih said...


Bila kanak-kanak diajar secara berasingan mengikut kaum,perpaduan tidak akan terpupuk.

Apa yang mereka belajar pun kita tak tahu,sebab kita bukan faham pun bahasa mereka.

Saya terjumpa bahan yang menarik,baca ni .

Kalau macam ini adalah bahan bacaan untuk kaum mereka.Disekolah mereka,mesti lagi teruk.

Jadi tidak pelik jika mereka berperangai biadap dan sombong,kerana itu adalah apa yang telah diajar.

KijangMas said...

Mssleepyhead (July 29, 2009 1:17 PM), thanks for the link to the piece on Uthaya Sankar SB.

Now, imagine if the rest of the non-Malays (and many Malays) possess the same grasp of and passion towards our national language, Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu.


Justmy2SEN (July 29, 2009 3:38 PM) said:-
"... nyesal tak sudah aku undi PKR dulu..."

Ya, itulah mantra yang kini rancak bergema dari luahan semakin ramai rakyat Malaysia yang pada masa itu memangkah PKR (dan sekutu nya) semata-mata kerana meluat dengan gerompolan angkuh bodoh sombong BN dinasti Pak Lah.


NJ said:-
"... it is the prerogative of the blog owner to allow or disallow the comments being posted. This is his “house” and he has the final say. I am sure that, when the comments getting “X” or “XXX” sounding, the blog owner would disallow it. I myself, if being “X” or “XXX” by anyone, would most likely retaliate with my three “Axes”, the kapok kecik, kata orang Kelantan."

XXX = Three Axes = Kapok Kecik ... ha ha ha ... good play with words Sdr. NJ.

Yup, DN receives a fair share of multiple X outbursts by misguided subversives. A select few of these expletive-laden verbiage by phallic-challenged intellectual dwarfs are canned as I don't have the time to reprise my 800-year ancestral tradition of hunting down and castrating these penderhakas and then having to banish them as barnyard eunuch playthings for the cattle and goats and the occasional over-amorous hulubalang in my sprawling dusun.


Semerah Padi said:-
“Kawe pong ado kapok kecik. Kalu do’oh lalu kughe aja gak, kawe katok mapuh demo nih!”

Kawé setuju. stengoh naté beghôk ni mémé patôk keno kapok kecik lamo doh.

BTW, on the matter of kapok kecik, ni dio the KM traveling shaving kit. It's DAP and subversive-ready.


Yusuf Nur said:-
"... ini olang memang jahat woo..jenis tiala pelikemanusiaan..itu mama papa jaga dali kici aaaa..nanti sula besat, lia hantal pigi lumah olang tua..minoliti saja lalam ini negala, tapi kalo pasat kuantiti li lumah olang3 tua..wuyooo..majoliti..manyak jahat..musuk punya olang.."

Salam Sdr Yusuf Nur.

Itulah sebabnya Chinapore terpaksa buat peruntukan undang-undang melalui Maintenance of Parents Act bagi memaksa anak-anak dewasa menjaga orang tua mereka. Bayangkan, hingga ke tahap itu demi membendung ketamakan dan ketiadabudayaan makhluk aneh ini. Menakjubkan.


Tommy Yewfigure said:-
"Hey, KM, if I sunat, will I really gonna speak & sound like that Nostladamus fella? God have mercy!"

No lah Unker Yew. The foreskin forsaking routine would induce pleasant spasms of linguistic revelation marked by a newfound fluency in Kelantanese and an insatiable appetite for budu and related condiments of East Coast Haute Cuisine.


But my bro satD offered:-
"... unker let me do the honors with my kapok kecik...don't worry will not chop off your extension...."

Uh oh Unker, Bro satD's famed kapok kecik special treatment would transform you into one of the legendary Kelantanese maidens often seen by KM merrily frolicking on the beaches of Bachok, Tumpat and Tok Bali in their slightly raised baju kurung just enough to tantalisingly expose their milky white/olive betis amidst the soft warm rolling waves.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Bosz, this is really uncalled for, hitting under the belt during this blessed month of Ramadhan when u know I won’t retaliate as I’d promised all the makciks; I’ll be a good gentleman this month.

Wah u forming an Axe Gang like the one in the movie ‘Kung Fu Hustle’. I can imagine u as that stoned cold leader doing the poco-poco….hahaha.

Here’s wishing all u ladies & gentlemen and Tongkang, Nostradamus as well, "Selamat Berpuasa"!


Semerah Padi said...

Sdr. Kijang Mas,

Nak sambung soal "Kaum Pendatang" yang disebut oleh Sdr. NJ di sini, kaum nate beghok hok patok katok denga kapok kecik lamo berjame dulu lagi .

Si "Kaum Pendatang" ini apabila kita bercerita pasal sejarah Tanah Melayu, maka sibuklah mereka-mereka ini juga mengeluarkan sejarah-sejarah multi-layer mereka yang mendakwa bahawa orang Melayu juga adalah pendatang di Tanah Melayu ini.

Baiklah, sebagai orang Melayu yang tinggi budi bahasa dan sentiasa menghormati tetamu, saya akan cuba "accomodate" sejarah multi-layered kaum hina ini walaupun ianya dibuat hanya untuk menidakkan hak-hak orang Melayu di bumi Tanah Melayu ini.

Mari kita berlaku adil. Usah kita ambil time-frame tertentu yaknni beratus tahun dulu ataupun beribu tahun dahulu. Kita ambil pada "zero time frame", di mana bermulanya Nabi Adam dan Hawa bertapak di muka bumi ini. Maka kita semuanya adalah Kaum Pendatang di bumi Malaysia ini bukan? Lebih adil bukan?

Seterusnya kita bawa time frame itu kepada hari ini, di bumi Malaysia ini juga. Apakah perbezaannya?

Perbezaan di antara Aku dan kamu, wahai kaum pendatang yang hina adalah:-

1. Aku menjunjung langit ditempat Aku berpijak, dan kamu sesat berpijak di bumi asing apabila kamu menjunjung langit yang lain!

2. Setelah lebih 50 tahun Merdeka, Aku mendaulatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia sementara kamu masih menyalak dan terus degil bersalak dengan bahasa asing dengan membelakangi Bahasa Kebangsaan.

3. Aku menghormati dan juga menjalani hidup sebagai rakyat Malaysia dengan sedaya upaya mematuhi Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan Negara walhal kamu pula dengan jijiknya membelakangi segenap Rukun Negara dengan lidah dan tangan mu bertutur bahasa asing, menghina Raja-Raja Melayu yang sebenarnya Tuan Bumi Melayu ini, memporak perandakan Undang Undang Negara dan bermacam-macam kerenah lagi. kamu ini lebih sial daripada kaum asal kamu kerana kaum asal kamu tidaklah pula membuat onar di negara orang!

Ini bulan Ramadhan. Aku tidak ingin bercerita panjang.

Wahai Kaum Pendatang yang hina lagi sial! Nyahlah kamu dari bumi ini. Hanya mulut kamu mengatakan Malaysia. Hanya tangan kamu yang menggenggam myKad. Tetapi sekujur tubuh jiwa raga kamu adalah asing di bumi ini. Pada hakikatnya, sememangnya kamu ini Kaum Pendatang di bumi ini.

*** Ini juga tertuju kepada Malaysia murtad/Melayu murtad yang meletakkan bahasa kedua melebihi taraf Bahasa Kebangsaan, dan memberi muka kepada bahasa asing, bahasa chinese dan seumpamanya.


Semerah Padi

NJ said...

Salam Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa dan sidang DN sekelian.

Sdr Pinokio,

...PAS is anti UMNO through and through.. Personally I find it very true of PAS especially of late. I also feel sad for not knowing Nik Aziz anymore, like I used to know him before.


Thank you for the article's link. I too think that Malaysia is having identity crisis. We seriously need to address this before we all become truly "rojak". I hope the government pay serious attention toward building this nation, with a true "Malaysia" identity.

Unker Yew,

Dah berapa hari puasa "from" the makcik-makcik? .... when the sun is down, a candle is lighted on a fine romantic dinner.. hehehehee..



Anonymous said...


Malaysia is sliding from bad to worse.....

- A laughing stock now due to the caning sentence of the part time model. There goes Malaysia's image as a moderate Muslim country. Malaysia is so well known around the world, that there is no need for TDC to spend so much money on tourism campaigns. Thanks Kartika!

- Inter-race relation which is becoming more and more stale. I won't be surprised if May 1969 is repeating itself again. Just watch out for it. It is "akan datang", folks! Get yourselves ready for bloody roadside parties.

- Corruption and Murder Inquest with connections to the Underworld which are becoming more like a Bollywood horror movie with plots, subplots, subsubplots intertwining itselves and making it hard for the government to hasten the whole investigation procedures.

- Last but not least, a Muslim clergyman who has connections with the guardians of the Netherworld, who can recommend anyone who wants to enter long as that person is not from UMNO...he must have a share in 'le paradis'!!

Before signing off, here's something from the Bee Gees:


I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
But I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
And I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I’d said.

Till I finally died, which started the whole world living,
Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
And I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I’d said.

Till I finally died, which started the whole world living,
Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps it's time for some more light bantering among us, following yours and Tommy Yewfigure.


Are u the same as the old (pun intended) Tommy Yew or "Unker" before or two different personalities with the "figure" at the end?

Mind telling us what that "figure" means?

I like your "About Me":

* Industry: Non-Profit
* Occupation: Happy Wanderer
* Location: Global Cities

Can we hear some profit at the casinos, Tommy? They need not be declared to Mal Income Tax lah - even the Property Gains tax they have abolished.

True, "you can take the boy out of the kampong but you can never take the kampong out of the boy. Am I still a kampong bumpkin? If u r lazy, just stay in bed!" But if u are too busy, u might be taking away all the profits to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and all. If u have to, take some to Genting Highlands lah, and let those fellows put it in Perth and the like.

"Does the lateral coital position mean having a bit on the side?" Sorry Tommy, can't comment on that until after fasting month.

Your "Interests" are interesting:
"World Peace. Eradicate Poverty. Love to all Mankind." Can u put aside some from your casino winnings to eradicate poverty here, my friend? If u don't know where to send it to, let me know. But no need let us know about the losses! Don't go high rolling, now - the higher u go, the the faster the banks will be running after.

Some of your favourite movies and books listings suggest a 1-track direction. (Not that Beano and Dandy ones lah). But I thought you talked about reaching the stage where the mind is willing, the body isn't?

Jangan marah ha, Tommy. Lama tak celoteh. Cheers.


SSS Admin said...


Maafkan kami kerana membuat jemputan kepada Tuan secara am seperti dibawah:-

Yang berbahagia Dato/Datin/Tuan/Puan/Saudara/Saudari,

Dengan segala hormatnya kami memaklumkan bahawa kami akan melancarkan portal “Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS)” di

Kami menjemput anda untuk melayari laman web tersebut selepas Sambutan Merdeka 12tengahmalam pada 31 Ogos 2009. Anda dipersilakan untuk melayari tab “e-patriot”


di mana kami telahpun menyenaraikan laman citra anda di bawah senarai “e-patriot” (“Patriots displaying SSS Logo”). Kami ingin merakamkan rasa penghargaan kami yang tidak terhingga di atas sokongan anda terhadap Kempen SSS ini apabila anda telah mempamirkan logo SSS di laman citra anda. Terima kasih di atas sokongan berterusan anda terhadap Kempen SSS ini.


It is our honor to inform you that we will be launching "Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS)" portal at

Please visit the website after the 12midnite Merdeka celebration on 31 August 2009 and check out the "e-patriot" tab


We have listed your blog site under the "e-patriot" list (Patriots displaying SSS Logo). We wish to record our utmost appreciation for your support toward SSS campaign by displaying SSS logo at your blog site. Thank you for your continuous support toward the SSS campaign.

Terima kasih.

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

(continuation of my last comment ……)

I purposely enclosed the song by the Bee Gees because this song describes well about various political antagonists bent on toppling the elected government of the day. By doing that, they are actually trying to sabotage (and divide) Malaysians especially the Malay/Muslim entity in the country. The end result is of course anarchy and that is what is hoped for and eventually there’ll be a coup d’état and a new government is formed with these present antagonists being part of it. Hence, I would like to dedicate this song to:-

* DSAI – for being the main actor in his sandiwara feuilletons which are just empty rhetorics and definitely eligible for a slot in Comedy Central anytime. He started all the jokes and the jokes were on him as nothing happened on the 16th Sep 2008. No frogs had jumped over. Meantime he is spinning more and more ‘jokes’.

* Nik Aziz – for saying that UMNO Muslims cannot go to heaven. What a joke! ......he is not God for heaven’s sake.

* TS Khalid Ibrahim, the MB of Selangor – it was a big “joke” when his PR representatives decided unilaterally that they would build a temple in S23 (without even having a meeting with the residents first). Now, as we know the temple relocation is shelved till further notice.

My advice, please do not take the Malays for granted just to please the other side for reasons known and unknown. Period.

Too bad that the jokes are on Pakatan Rakyat now.....the irony is that the ones who were objecting mainly came from PAS, PKR and just a handful from UMNO. But, of course everything is blamed on UMNO.

Next time, have a meeting first with the residents, then decide, a lot of problems could be avoided ......

I shall stop now. There are of course other jokers in PR (and BN) but let me not bore you all further.....


You're Da Man! said...

Dude! Respect man.. I love how you dealt with the maid-bashing vampires! If we do not have bumiputra status, the same would have been committed to our people!

But when offered maids from China they are scared of what their inherently promiscious husbands might get up to when they are not around. Quite amorous for bastards with small cocks.

Although, in my opinion, UMNO will probably lose in the nextr GE, we must fight on despite the fact that this might make us unpopular.