Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Godless Malay-Haters and the "Allah" Ciplak Saga

. . . . and the weird thing is that the most vocal, most vociferous, most tenacious and most obnoxious instigators of the “Allah” ciplak saga are NOT EVEN CHRISTIANS. Yes people, these filthy scums are as God-less as they come. Indeed, they are pathetic little mortal manifestations of the anti-Christ himself. Their lives revolve around vices, sins and perversions that would doom them on a one-way express ticket to eternal Christian hell. Heck, they wouldn’t recognize Jesus, Mother Mary or the Apostles even if these holy figures somersault and hop scotch and cha cha in front of them. 

Listen up, these Cinakuis and Kelings are as far removed from the Christian faith or any form of Monotheism as anyone could ever be. But who bark the loudest over this “Allah” ciplak issue? Yes, . . . these very same Patong Konkrit, Rotting Tunggul Kayu, Abandoned Culvert and Gua Batu Kapur worshippers who are the very embodiment of the Godless unsaved souls antithesis to Christians and Christianity!

So why are these filthy bastards involved in this stupid battle?

You see, this “Allah” ciplak saga is just another avenue for Malay-hating scums to spite the Melayus. Browse their filth in cyberspace and you’ll know what I mean. Suddenly the likes of Ramasamy A/L Periakarrupiah and See Toh Chee Bai – both as un-Christian as Madonna is un-Virgin -- have “strong opinions” about this “Allah” ciplak issue, morphing into instant experts on Christian Scripture, Paleolinguistics, Cultural Anthropology of the Nusantara and post-SriVijayan Malay Literature in their obsessive drive to spite the Malays. They go all out to force-feed the ARABIC word for the One God into the MALAY Bible although TUHAN YANG MAHA ESA is the exceedingly more accurate form.

These nons provoke, incite and rock the socio-political boat as they capitalise on Malay Disunity. Of course, the exceedingly politically STUPID Malays are hopelessly divided FOUR ways :-

1) Najib’s malignantly unlovable UMNO of bodoh sombong muka-tak-laku pompous old crooks, thieves and tricksters
2) Anything-to-spite-UMNO-and-will-collaborate-with-the-devil deviationist Ular-Maks of PAS 
3) The will-do-anything-to-install-an-obnoxious-asshole-as-PM perverted clowns of PKR
4) The ever growing pool of disenfranchised I-don’t-give-a-dog’s-shit non-voting Melayus. 

Now, the problem with the nons is that their politics is based on one thing and one thing only: their pathological hatred of Malays. These people just hate Malays, period. Their politics is NOT about nation-building, NOT about transparency, NOT about justice, NOT about rule of law, NOT about NOTHING.

Their politics is about provoking the Malays, infuriating the Malays, testing the Malays, pushing the Malays . . . . on just about anything, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. They will hijack and cling to anything even remotely capable of upsetting the Malays they hate so very much. And this “Allah” ciplak saga is just another convenient platform for these mischievous bastards to indulge in another orgiastic hatefest against the Malays at a time when the country is led by a second successive nincompoop Prime Minister and the disunited Malays are at their lowest political ebb since Merdeka.

As for the Christian zealots, by now all thinking Malaysians would have seen their REAL intention, which is to insert “Allah” into Malay Bibles designed with the look and feel of the Al-Quran and laden with Arabic jargons and decorative Quran-like calligraphy as a strategy to confuse the stupid and gullible among the Melayus. The ultimate step is conversion and this is in direct contravention of the Federal Constitution on proselytization of Muslims.

Insignificant nobodies emboldened by support from Godless Malay-Haters 

Now, this Lawrence A/L Andrew and Murphy Nicholas Xavier A/L Pakiam fellows were originally anonymous insignificant nobodies that we had never heard of -- “ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit” as they say in South Carolina -- until, yes UNTIL their cause was hijacked and embellished by the Godless anti-Melayus. These two ayyas were placed on plasticky pedestals, given legal resources and political backing to the hilt, and propped as figurehead puppets by the neo-Commie scums to “lead” yet another pesky front in their all out war against the hated Malays.

And when those filthy Godless Malay-hating devils smother and screw the cartoonish religious zealots, they spawn packs of Religious Anarchist mongrels -- groups of unthinking mutants hating the Melayus with the fervor of religious nuts – the worst possible form of degenerative humankind ! 

Folks, we have now reached a stage where we should not waste any more time in meaningless discourses with pathological Malay-hating law breakers. We are just playing into their hands by arguing about this issue in an infinite circle propagated and sustained by autas and belits and more putar belits. You see, the likes of Murphy A/L Pakiam and Lawrence A/L Andrew are Indian Christians . . . . in my book a lethal combination of religious zealotry AND biological penchant to twist and turn and roll and rumble and lead us all, the whole nation, into an endless cycle of nomenclature and historical putaaaarbelitness till kingdom come. I know many of these types, the kinds that admonish you for “wrongly” wishing them Happy Deepavali and that go all out to explicitly extol their Christianity, complete with out-of-tune carols and half-drunk ayyas who couldn’t even convince blind people they are Santie Claus. These are the typical black-ass types who want to be more Christian than the Omputeh, with the Thangachees often dressed in black thigh revealing sleeveless dresses and stuttering along in ASTRO-style phony American English. Their fervor is surpassed only by the “Malay Christians” of the Philippines, who will go to the extent of being nailed to the cross to manifest their faith, and the “Malay Hindus” of Bali, who spent virtually all of their income to build gigantic offerings to appease innumerable dewas that dominate their existence. 

So people, this “Allah” hijacking circus is nothing but another Malay-hating orgy of the Godless psychotic bastards -- riding on and using self-centered Christian zealot misfits -- to spite, infuriate and provoke the Malays. So let’s quit pretending these scums are rational beings. They are not, never were and never will. No point in arguing antediluvian era religious facts and socio-cultural and linguistic logic to these devil incarnates. 

What they really need is swift, decisive retribution of Biblical proportions, based on the Constitution and Rule of Law of course.

If the Constitution and the Law say “Allah” could not be used in Malay Bibles in Malaya, then that is how it is, . . . no ifs, buts or maybes. Arrest the law breakers, the instigators, the Malay-hating Godless scums who use this as a juicy, convenient Malay-bashing platform. Arrest them all, stuff them in the dungeons, and throw away the keys. Do this until not a single Bible in Malaya has “Allah” in it.

We must return to Rule of Law. No more dialogues. No more discourses. No more gentle caressing of these Godless Malay-hating scums and their habitual law-breaking Christian zealot stooges. 

Enough. No more.

To the authorities, get off your lazy butts and just do this:-


That’s what Malaysia needs right now !