Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Forty Years of Political Lunacy . . . . and we STILL react to this Madman !

For four decades, one single devil-incarnate, a grotesque freak of nature, has driven our nation from one political abyss into another. 

Imagine, . . . ONE divisive, power-mad manipulative little lunatic.

For at least two generations, we have been led into the bottomless cesspool of political stupidity . . . . where otherwise sane and rational Malaysians are reduced to gutter-level petty infighting, reduced to chasing shadows in the dark here and elsewhere, . . . symbolic of our unwitting willingness to lap up and propagate the filth and pestilence left in his wake.

Kajang is just the latest twist in this raving madman's machinations to build his grandiose political edifice, the latest spurt of sporadic anarchic psychosis that started way back in 1974 when Malay undergrads were instigated to riot and rebel against some social injustice concocted in the fertile imagination of this delusional nut. And again in 1998 where tens of thousands of Malays yet again put aside their education, careers and businesses to "fight for reform" on the streets, destroying countless Malay lives and businesses in the ensuing havoc. 

Upon release from his cage in 2006, this beast quickly reincarnated as a self-proclaimed messiah of reform -- a "gift of God" -- to further divide the Malays, this time with dire consequences on the nation's socio-political stability. An inconsequential PAS, hitherto floating towards oblivion in their own make-believe fantasy of fatwas-on-demand and desert Arab mimicry in the tropics, was rejuvenated as they join forces with fellow Chinese ass-kissing Malai Lembus of PKR to fight UMNO, split the Malay vote and ensure dilution of Malay political clout to a level unprecedented in the post-Merdeka era. 

Malay disunity also gave a new lease of life to the Malay-hating Cinakui extremists of DAP, a party-of-hate that was already on their death throes after being thrashed to a pulp in the 2004 GE. The vast majority of nons, products of the world's ONLY school system based on the national language of a foreign faraway land, revealed their true Malay-hating colours and threw their lot behind the DAP racist subversives. 

A false sense of empowerment permeated the soul of the minorities who capitalised on Malay disunity across the land to gain unprecedented political power. Now drunk with power disproportionate to their depleting numbers, they drew first blood with the Malay Mainstream on issues of religion, race, language and identity that will one day prove detrimental to their long-term existence in Malaysia. Hence, Malaysia morphed into a divisive simmering land of intolerant racists, habitual law breakers, self-alienising minorities languishing in their own little racist cocoons and recalcitrant religious nuts obsessed with stealing other people's God. 

In other words, we are fast becoming a BASKET CASE.

And the gory truth staring at our collective faces -- as reaffirmed by the Kajang Gambit -- is the fact that our national political trajectory for most of the past four decades . . . imagine, 40 years . . . has been charted by a wretched, manipulative little man . . . a glassy-eyed borderline schizophrenic who is nothing more than a glorified political Forrest Gump allowed to run amok and create mischief at every turn by a soft, bungling incompetent BN/UMNO. Yes, imagine, the chaos, mayhem, racial tension, religious provocation, indeed, degeneration of the State itself -- one convoluted way or another -- is the toxic fallout from the political machinations of one wayward bipedal primate languishing in our midst. Marvel at the willingness among many to allow themselves to be politically seduced, raped and bullied and rendered concurrently guilt-ridden and inexplicably thankful for the sweet talk and tender mercies of this madman and his coterie of maladjusted courtiers and sycophants. 

Yup, . . . one old raving madman is holding our nation hostage -- dividing the people across the permutation of race, language and religion; with the political process mocked, raped and brought into disrepute; with nothing to offer but more chaos and mayhem across the land.

. . . and inexplicably, we Malaysians zombie-like REACT to this madman's every move, as if obsessed with his lunacy as we wallow in the stinking cesspool either fighting for or against his cause. Either way, we are screwed, bigtime -- used, hoodwinked and manipulated to a chaotic existence by one morally deviant little septuagenarian with an insatiable lust for power.

THAT is the REAL tragedy.