Saturday, September 18, 2010

Perkasaphobia ....... and UMNO

I hope everyone had a joyous Aidil Fitri, with family ties enhanced and old friendships rekindled amidst the waist-expanding delicacies and bouts of duit raya hemorrhaging partly soothed by comical scenes of grown men indulging in neighbourhood firework duels (with KM guilty as charged).

Talking about ties and friendships, UMNO members got a pre-Raya gift from the Sec-Gen, Teuku Adnan Mansor, who announced the party's emphatic disassociation from Perkasa, the erstwhile surrogate soul of the sputtering party.

I don't know if Teuku Adnan had a meaningful conversation with PM Najib Razak before he proudly lambasted Perkasa in front of the media. If he did not, then Najib or DPM Muhyiddin Yassin better rein in this relic of the Bastardised NEP. If he did, then UMNO is in deeper sh*t than I thought.

Ok, now that UMNO has courageously estranged itself from Perkasa, let’s hear MCA/DAP/Gerakan distancing themselves from Dong Jiao Zhong, and let's hear MIC/PPP distancing themselves from Hindraf, and let's also hear chameleonic PKR distancing itself from both Dong Jiao Zhong and Hindraf on top of their contempt for Perkasa.

And with all that sorted out, we can all go back to more merriment and three more weeks of Rumah Terbuka ...


Tak boleh?

Tak mau?

Like this how?

Let's see now. Once-mighty UMNO has been compelled by it's coalition partners to unhinge itself from Perkasa (presumably to regain non-Malay votes for its hidup-segan-mati-tak-mau sidekicks, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP) BUT on the other hand these race-based non-Malay parties are excused from making their stand against the hard core left-wing rabid racist segregationists of Dong Jiao Zhong and the tragic comedians of Hindraf and its loony offshoots.

A'macam Soi Lek, Tsu Koon, Samy, Kayveas?

Tak mau jugak?

Ini macam boleh tahan ka? Ada ngam ka?

And of course lah I don't expect Kit Siang and his SuperUltraRacist DAP to let go of Dong Jiao Zhong or Hindraf or any other Malay-hating group as these assorted lunatics and damaged goods form the supporting bedrock for this socially-deviant, race-obsessed party.

By their inaction, these
Perkasaphobes are implying that Perkasa is more "racist" than Dong Jiao Zhong and Hindraf? I didn't know that defending Articles 152 and 153 of the Constitution against incessant attacks by the anti-Malay racists is in turn a "racist" act? Unless you rabble rousers are saying that our Constitution itself is inherently "racist" and must be challenged and opposed, in which case you people have become bona fide treasonous subversives that must be countered by all patriotic Malaysians, with or without Perkasa.

Apa? Lu gua lu gua apa?

Oh yes, solli ahh, I forgot. Only Melayus can be racists while you Cinas and Indias and the dan lain-lains can only be the victims of racism even when you sing, shout and curse yourselves hoarse with racist, anti-Malay, anti-Islamic garbage across the land and in cyberspace.

Lu tak mengaku? Lu tadak itu sikap jahat perkauman? Betul il

Ok, sample some fresh racist trash by these maladjusted clowns. Yeah, I know, some of their post headlines are downright hilarious and probably scribbled amidst a state of drunken stupor. But the racism against the Malays (codified as "UMNO" of course) boggles the mind. And you pathetic manipulative little cissies have the audacity to say Perkasa is racist?

Hey, I thought you people are big on kesamarataan? So let’s sama-sama distance ourselves from ALL race-based groups mushrooming across this turbulent land.

Masih tak mau? Masih mau pura-pura jadi mangsa perkauman selepas lu tak berenti serang orang Melayu dengan kata-kata dan sikap perkauman yang amat jijik? Jadi lu hantam gua boleh sebab lu kata itu kebebasan bersuara dalam suasana keterbukaan. Tapi bila gua hantam balik -- jentik lu punya telinga sikit-sikit saja -- lu olang terus berguling-guling menangis dan report sama itu United Nations (haiyaa ...) dan itu Ratu Elizabeth (ayoyo ...) kata lu sudah jadi mangsa perkauman yang dahsyat oleh Melayu si penindas.

Gua ingat lu olang sutah jati macam watak-watak celita kartun maa. Realiti sama imaginasi sama mythology semua lu kasi campur haduk, puson sana puson sini sampai jatuh tongkang masuk longkang maa ...

Tapi bila lu kasi auta manyak olang ini satu duniya ahh, misti ata olang pecaya punya. Betui kaa?

Yes, I must say that the anti-Malays are much smarter propagandists. Their ability to weave fantasy into reality and spin facts to suit their agendas shape the mindset of not only their fellow non-Malays but many Malays as well.

Perkasa is a case in point.

The anti-Malays across the political spectrum have effectively isolated Perkasa as an extremist, racist fringe group. Even the mainstream media nowadays refer to Perkasa as "right-wing" and "radical" and giving an impression of an intolerant hate group bent on harassing and victimising non-Malays via extra-judicial and unconstitutional means.

Betul ka?

Firstly, and in an ironic opening twist to this ongoing saga, Perkasa was the “creation” of the rabid anti-Malays themselves. Yes, you Chinese segregationists and Hindraf cock-talkers and DAP/PKR historio-revisionists provided the primeval amino acids and basic life ingredients that gave rise to an embryonic Perkasa out of your own gooey cesspool of intolerance and degenerative political culture.

Perkasa was formed in the aftermath of BN’s PRU12 carnage, where a 3-way split of the Malay votes concurrent with a unified non-Malay voting bloc triggered the infamous political tsunami which saw an emboldened non-Malay populace revealing their gory racist inclinations for all to see and left unchecked by a crippled government. Perkasa filled the gaping communal vacuum as the Pak Lah and now the Najib administrations seemed woefully incapable of stemming the relentless anti-Malay, anti-unity, anti-Article 153 attacks by the likes of Hindraf and Dong Jiao Zhong, with the communal ambers fanned by opportunist hate mongers in DAP, PKR and other non-Malay political parties.

Secondly, from its inception, Perkasa's raison d'être was to uphold constitutional provisions impinging on the rights and special position of the Malays and other Bumiputras. Perkasa does not advocate any erosion of the inherent rights of the “lain-lains.” Perkasa acts only when the lain-lains encroach on Malay issues and challenge the Malay special position as enshrined in Article 153 of the federal constitution, yeah the quid pro quo for the kerakyatan percuma given to your stateless latok nenek which, of course, now enabled you people to have this discourse with me in the first place.

Hence, I don’t understand how the MCA, Gerakan, DAP, PKR, non-Malay NGOs and assorted chronic Malay haters could define Perkasa as an extremist, racist group when Perkasa’s sole purpose is just to uphold the Constitution, nothing more than that. I don't recall Perkasa calling for the expropriation of Chinese wealth, ill-gotten or otherwise; or for the forfeiture of non-Malays' right to vote on account of their obstinate refusal to master the national language, Bahasa Melayu, at a level expected of voting citizens; or protesting the Najib government's dishing out of hundreds of millions of tongkat-ringgits to support Chinese and Indian-centric facilities and causes and the lavish government spending on national level Kong Xi Fa Cai and Deepavali and Christmas parties although the constitutionality of these spending binges on the tax-payers' account could be questioned?

So why all the excitement?

Yeah why?

It is because Perkasa is now the sole viable cohesive Malay force to counter the incessant communal assault by the non-Malays who had sensed a once-in-a-lifetime socio-political celestial conjunction where a vain sissy helming UMNO, sleepy mullahs running PAS, and a crooked imposter leading PKR, collectively cast a long slow eclipse that effectively weakened Malay political clout in this country.

Hence the intense heat on Perkasa. Like it or not, Perkasa has emerged as the last bastion for the Malay masses as their Tanah Air gets trampled and hollowed out by others right from under the noses of a fang-less UMNO.

Perkasa also became the symbolic target, a new pseudonym for the hated Orang Melayu, as non-Malay parties fell over each other to prove the radicalness of their anti-Malay stance to appeal to the prevailing sentiment of their new generation of aggressive vernacular school educated constituents.

Take the MCA as an example. This irrelevant race-based party is reinventing itself into some kind of poor man's DAP, complete with anti-NEP, pro-Cina rhetoric lifted right out of Kit Siang's old playbook. Its desperation to remain relevant and rid itself of the UMNO running dog tag is readily manifested in the public rhetoric of the current ringleaders.

When party president Chua Soi Lek was called up by police to give his statement on his seditious attacks on the 30% Bumi equity target during MCA's inherently racist (after 53 years of Merdeka!) Chinese Economic Congress, vice-president Chor Chee Heung defended Chua by stating that ”… as the leader of the Chinese community (see people, isn't this opener so blatantly ethnocentric and racist? Oh I forgot; only Malays can be racists ...), Dr Chua was simply making a constructive suggestion to the Government to ensure that non-Bumiputra could also be given the opportunities to participate in the country’s economic activities.”

Apa? Tokpék nih kécék ggapo wei? ผมไม่เข้าใจ เข้าใจไหม? No comprendo, señor.

Apa ini “non-Bumiputra could also be given the opportunities to participate in the country’s economic activities”?

Haiyaa, what have you people been doing all these years?

Planting jagong and ubi kayu and collecting buffalo dung in Ulu Kelantan while the Melayus controlled the economy?

What more “opportunities to participate” do you people want? Until you sapu everything in sight, including producing sacrilegious Raya ads and peddling "halal" food where the only thing halal is the nasi putih and air suam?

The greed of these people is amazing!

Can still feign economic deprivation and repression even after totally dominating virtually every factor of production and distribution and retailing and credit, where suddenly a kilo of ayam almost doubled overnight a few days before Raya, where the gula and tepung and minyak masak vanished in occasional bouts of profiteering by their tightly-controlled wholesaling cartels and retailing oligopolies.

See the skillful doublespeak bought wholesale by many, including the socio-mutants known as the Melayu Liberal. Hence, when Soi Lek seditiously demanded the abolishment of the 30% Bumiputra equity target that by extension challenges Article 153 and in which Perkasa reacted with a police report, he and his race-based party -- the perpetrators -- are spinned as the victims, as the fragile angelic economic underdog being trampled upon by the “Malay racists” of Perkasa. Before we know it, Brahim Ali becomes the bad bully while an "innocent" Soi Lek wafts in the air like a violated virginal cherub with tears soiling his ballerina costume, rabbit tail and all .... uggghhhh. Hoi Gwo Burne .... drop that drumstick and gimme your KFC barrel. I wanna puke! Oops, too late ...

And this phenomenon happens again and again and again.

While the race-based MCA and MIC and the one-race centric DAP and Gerakan and other anti-Malay mosquito parties bark race-based issues at every turn and degrade the Constitution as a matter of course, Malays and Malay organisations are preemptively labeled racists even before they could react to the racist outrage from the non-Malays.

So would these non-Malay parties -- whether in BN or PR -- unequivocally disavow Dong Jiao Zhong and Hindraf and likeminded lunatics on the fringes of our society?

Don't hold your breath people.

The non-Malay parties are not going to distance themselves from these divisive racist groups. They won't and they can't as these groups mirror the mentality of their constituents in the current climate of hyper-racist posturing by everyone.

Ok, then why the heck did this Teuku Adnan UMNO character dismissed Perkasa with such contempt and arrogance on the eve of Hari Raya?

Well, I don't really know what goes on in the minds of the UMNO people, if anything at all. But the Melayu term bodoh sombong readily comes to mind. And I would throw in bangang and angkuh and tak-sedar-diri as well for good measure. Perhaps, udah jel
ék goblok lagi would be an apt observation. Of course, padan muka might be appropriate after PRU13.

Many of these UMNO warlords are woefully out of touch with their own Malay constituents. They still think they have a monopoly on Malay issues, even when their main leader has morphed into a neo-liberal Malay Apologist right before our very eyes. Apart from appeasing their useless non-Malay coalition allies, some elements within UMNO, yup the selfish, sullen face egocentric types, saw Perkasa as a competitor for Malay attention and support, instead of appreciating the NGO's complementary role in rallying support in the Malay heartland, and not to mention the fact that tens of thousands of Perkasa members are also UMNO members.


We can trace this political hara kiri to the peculiar malady of the Nusantara pribumis known as hasad dengki. Yes, envy and jealousy. And this is usually followed by sabotage and reprisals and chaos which ultimately produce the village amok, and in the aftermath of the mayhem, in the ashes of their devastated kampung, everyone looses everything and revert to their state of blissful ignorance as the lain-lains expropriate their land and resources almost by default. Oh yes, and then the very same Teuku Adnan and Khairy Pad
é Doh and Nazri Aziz and their coterie of fat asses rolling in luxury SUVs would go to the kampungs to lecture the Melayus they had betrayed and abandoned to change their minda and sikap and whatnot ...

So you see, the few fat slobs in the UMNO leadership, not the grassroot members, have allowed their hasad dengki, their chronic jealousy of Perkasa and wariness of Brahim Ali, get the better of them, as they attack Perkasa while half-aware that this will be to the detriment of their party and the Malays who they have now succeeded in dividing FOUR ways. At this rate, only the four old Unfederated Malay States may see strong Malay leaderships come PRU13, and we can thank the likes of Teuku Adnan and Khairy Padé Doh and Nazri Aziz and Khaled Nordin and others afflicted by Perkasa-envy for this state of affairs.

The Malays are truly at the crossroads today. UMNO has long overshot its own crossroad and is hurtling down a winding road to oblivion. Unless, of course, someone swiftly takes over the steering, retrace its socio-political route and steer the UMNO ship back on its original trajectory of leading the charge to firmly forge a strong, cohesive Malaysian nation amidst the challenges borne out of our nation's founding legacy.