Friday, December 4, 2009

Haiya ... Why So Susah One?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Alien as:-

1. Belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing
2. Strange
3. Relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government
4. Foreign
5. Differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility

and Alienation is:-
Withdrawal or isolation from other people, rejection of the values of one's family or society.

The gritty opposition to Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua by Chinese educationists and the Chinese community at large is to be expected. In a way it is understandable. Who are we fooling here? The self-segregating, self-alienising inclination of this minority group is out there for all to see in our daily life.

Yeah I know, the excuses spewed by the Dong Zong
(United Chinese School Committees Association) people are beyond the absurd, and the high priest of this Chinese Segregationist movement, Yap Sin Tian, scaled new heights of oxymoronic idiocy. He said that "instead of promoting national unity, the implementation of the single stream school system would hamper unity and create racial tensions."

Ah? Apa? How?

Is this the kind of twisted logic taught in the SJKC?

Let me get this straight.

In this Yap fellow's convoluted mind, a unified school environment -- where our children attend the same school, learn the same subjects, and experience the same joy, pain and challenges of scholarly and co-curricular pursuits -- is an impediment to unity and spawns racial antagonism. And Yap's logic would infer that a three-silo school system, with National schools co-existing with distinct and separate Chinese and Tamil schools, would not hamper unity and not create racial tensions. Yeah, I know, this hard core segregationist's logic is fatally flawed as manifested by the malignant racial tension permeating our confused polygot society caused in large part by the inability of the alienised SJKC and SJKT products to fit-in with the rest of us, with the other 70% of the population.

Why so susah one?

Dong Zong's
insult to our intelligence indicates one thing: the Chinese Segregationists are now totally bankrupt of reasons and excuses to perpetuate this societal anomaly.

Indeed, the only way Yap's statement would make sense is if the races never mingle from cradle to grave, with the minority communities languishing in their own self-sufficient cocoons insulated from practical interaction with the mainstream.

Is this possible anywhere on earth?

No, unless Chinese Malaysians form their own separate racially-homogeneous region where everyone from the garbage man to tollbooth attendants to policemen to bureaucrats are Chinese. Likewise the Indian Malaysians.

This type of Racist Utopia exists anywhere?

No lah. Where got?

South Africa's apartheid policy collapsed under the weight of its own ludicrousness a couple of decades ago. But the Chinese cannot be blamed for not attempting their own brand of apartheid as manifested in their ubiquitous Chinatowns the world over. Is this what PM Najib's 1 Malaysia is all about? Islands of racially-segregated Chinatowns and Tamil ghettos scattered over a Malay ocean where the races and tribes don't mix lest it "would hamper unity and create racial tensions" as claimed by Yap Sin Tian? Is this the "multi-national state" fairytale concocted by Yap Sin Tian's convoluted mind in his pathetic defense of Chinese schools in this land called Malaysia?

Haiya Ah Tian ... apa sudah jadi?

Lu mau sendiri punya negara dalam ini negara ka? Mana ada "multi-national state" dalam ini dunia? Semua negara ada satu "national" identiti maaa. Semua negara ada satu saja "national" museum, stadium, football team, flower, anthem dan lain-lain. Jadi dalam lu punya multi-national state, Malaysia ada satu Melayu punya negara, satu Cina punya negara dan satu India punya negara ka? Itu Iban, Kadazan sama Orang Asli amacam? Boleh kasi mereka sendiri punya "negara" dalam Malaysia ka?

Apahat lu pikir ini macam? Ada ka satu negara dalam ini dunia kasi dia punya tanah picah jadi 3, 4, 5 negara-dalam-negara? Lu ingat ini Malaysia macam kopi segera ka? 3-dalam-1 "multi-national state" kasi bancuh dalam air panas? N
egara China ada bikin ini macam ka? Sana lagi ada macam-macam jenis kaum dan ugama dan bahasa dan budaya. Kurang-kurang sana boleh bikin 50 biji negara-dalam-negara wohh. Boleh ka Ah Tian? Mana boleh maa ... Sana semua orang kina pergi itu sekolah cakap Mandarin maa. Itu kawasan negara China sudah kasi ceroboh dan takluk macam Tibet dan East Turkestan pun kina cakap Mandarin wohh. Mana ada SJK Tibet atau SJK Uighur sana?

Itu China tadak kasi hak sama dia punya kaum minoriti lu takpa. Lu diam-diam duduk saja. Tapi lu mau paksa Malaysia kasi lu orang benda lain negara dalam dunia tadak bikin punya. Ini macam ngam ka? Adil ka?

Jadi lu mau Malaysia jadi satu negara aneh dalam ini alam ka?

Atau lu orang memang suka bikin lain orang susah? Amacam?

Ini macam boleh tahan ka?

Why so susah one?

Back to this "multi-national state" fairytale, the nation of Malaysia according to Yap Sin Tian plays host to Malay and Chinese and Tamil nations, each with their own schools, values, historical narrative, national agenda and identity.

Ada ka? Boleh ka?

This is what happens when even terminologies are distorted by alien concepts and interpretations spawned by Maoist thoughts induced by sole literacy in the national language of a foreign nation, a nation that hitherto backed the destruction of our Tanah Air during our vulnerable, embryonic hour, a nation that harboured the CPM murderers of our troops and innocent civilians for decades, but now don a plasticky façade of laissez-faire trade and commerce to shroud a ruthless intolerant one-party regime. This is the same intolerance, the grotesque chauvinism infused into these Mandarin-centric SJKC products.

The segregationists would parrot the need to protect Chinese "culture and heritage and identity" in their opposition to unified schools.

What is heritage anyway?

What exactly is the heritage of Malaysian born and bred ethnic-Chinese? Are these peoples' love for sambal belacan and durian and kari kepala ikan and empat nombor ekor part of their heritage? Or does "heritage" means assuming thick, imported cultural markers from China that was never part of the adat and kebudayaan of the local Cinas of Malaysia? For a start, come on lah people, Mandarin is NOT a heritage of Chinese Malaysians on the same basis Hindi is not a heritage of Indian Malaysians and Indonesian-mutilated Bahasa Indonesia is not a heritage of the Malays here. And if these defenders of the phantom "bahasa ibunda" took the trouble to read and understand the SSS Memo to the DPM cum Education minister, it was explicitly stated that the minorities should attend compulsory "bahasa ibunda" classes at the Sekolah Kebangsaan.

Why so susah one?

And still on this "heritage" poser, hey Dong Zong, what about my Kelantanese heritage? And the Kedah, Johor, Trengganu, Perak, et. al. heritage of the others? And of course the Iban, Kadazan, Melanau, Bajau, Kelabit, Penan and Murut heritage of our Borneo brothers? I don't see our heritage being eroded by our attendance in the Sekolah Kebangsaan? On the contrary, my Malaysian "heritage" was enriched by my appreciation of the cultural specificities of my Hakka, Hainanese, Cantonese, Tamil, Punjabi, Minangkabau, Javanese and Bugis buddies in my old hyper-cosmopolitan SK. BUT according to the SJKC-huggers, their kids' Chinese heritage would be lost if they attend half-day of SK five days a week during the school term.

Betul ka? Boleh pakai punya cerita ka?

Hey Chinese Segregationists, you saying that your culture and heritage would be lost, obliterated from the face of the earth merely by your kids' attendance in a unified school for all? What kind of culture and heritage is this? So weak, so fragile, so vulnerable to external exposure and stimuli? Hey, I thought we are talking about a dominant state of being here? What happened to the thousands of years of civilization? So effortlessly obliterated by the Sekolah Kebangsaan cikgus ka? So the simple SK Cikgu achieves what the Mongols, Manchus, Japanese and others over thousands of years could not do? Astonishing.

You are implying that Chinese (and Tamil) culture and heritage are outsourced exclusively to the SJKCs anf SJKTs? No community activities to enhance your language, culture, heritage, heirloom and whatnot during non-school hours? So your proud cultures are actually dependent on the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaans for dear survival? Isn't this a dangerously precarious situation you've got yourselves into?

Why so susah one?

Tapi ini betul ka? Atau mungkin ini lagi wayang dongeng punya cerita?

I thought schools are for learning and for students of various ethnicities and backgrounds to commingle and interact as the Anak Bangsa Malaysia in a common language for all?


You mean to say that you people learn your lion dances and who-knows-what-else exclusively in the SJKCs and nowhere else? Hence, if the SJKCs (and SJKTs) get absorbed as SKs, there will be no other platform and avenue to partake in your culture and heritage? So this explains your stubborn defense of vernacular schools as the primary medium to preserve your apartheid inclinations, as exemplified by this Leng Chai's incoherent ramblings, complete with inalienable rights under the UN Charter! I sure would like to upheld this "right" to a Kelantanese mother tongue education for my countrymen in Los Angeles. What dayya think? Would Herr Gov. Schwarzenegger oblige, even as he himself had to forego his native
Österreichisches Deutsch
and adapt to English like everyone else?

Why so susah one?

Actually, the "need to protect our culture and heritage via the SJKC" stance of the segregationists is just a smokescreen to hide their real motive of complete social segregation from the Melayus and others as their kids are pepped for life in the wider Chinese Universe centered on China with anchors in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore and strategic phalanges in their cosy little Malaysian enclaves, in a system that inevitably produces more Namewees, Yap Sin Tians and likeminded subversives to further wreak social havoc in our negara?

Ini macam boleh tahan ka? Boleh benarkan ka?

Look, vernacular
schools are not simplistic institutions for the learning and preserving of “mother tongues” and “cultures.”

Not that simple.

This phenomenon is the root cause of the worsening ethno-social fragmentation afflicting our nation today. You see, when you adopt a foreign language as the anchor of your inner soul, you’ll be immersed in the mindset and values spawned and shared by purveyors and practitioners of that foreign tongue. Indeed, language is the key determinant of social-group identity and the whole ecosystem of culture, values, aspirations and group cohesion, and these transcend man-made borders and geography. The Mandarin supremacy agenda of the SJKCs are relentlessly pursued at the expense of our national language and English. The pupils are immersed in a thick Mandarin-centric universe of foreign books, literature, arts, culture, philosophies, historiographies, values and self-image totally alien and incompatible with our national aspirations.

Indeed, the essence of Malaysian nationhood is subordinated to a Mandarin-laced China-centric paradigm as these SJKC products find it hard, if not impossible, to reconcile their foreign-sourced attitudes and outlook with Malaysia's national narrative. Hence, the creation over the past three decades of a new generation of re-alienised Chinese Malaysians stuck in their angry little cocoons estranged from the social-cultural mainstream, as typified by the bucketful of belligerent under-40 politicians in our midst elected solely on a toxic, race-based agenda by their alienised constituents. Yes, I'm talking about re-alienised Malaysians such as this and this. Come on lah people, after 52 years of Merdeka, we are still producing these kinds of ethnocentric little monsters attacking every single symbol and instrument of our Negara in their eloquently mimicked Beijing Putonghua Mandarin?

Why so susah one?

What about the government? Has PM Najib Razak's administration done anything to address this societal decay?

Yes? No?


They themselves add to the pile via financial support of these unconstitutional schools?


Using my tax money?

Like this how?

So PM Najib is condoning three Malaysian school systems (yeah, in congruence with Yap Sin Tian's nation-states within our nation looney fantasy) while inundating us with his 1 Malaysia pipedream? Can someone enlighten my simple Kelantanese peasant mind how the production of three distinct, mutually antagonistic groups of Malaysians out of 3 school systems fit into Najib's 1 Malaysia?


Got formula ka?

Is it 1+1+1=1 or is the 1 in 1 Malaysia a cumulative derivative of some weighted fractional aggregation of the 1+1+1?

Or is it in reality three 1 Malaysias in a sort of parallel universe right out of The Twilight Zone, with 1 Malay Malaysia occupying the same plane but in a different dimension from the 1 Chinese Malaysia and 1 Indian Malaysia realities?

Why so susah one?

Well, PM Najib did say that he will leave it to the Rakyat. What does it mean, people? "Leave it to the Rakyat" to decide how? In pitched battles accross the land? Let the court jesters, clowns and village simpletons in Parliament debate it out with their wrong facts and incoherent expectations?

The "Rakyat decides" based on what basis?

Majority rules?


Can any society reach consensus on anything? Can we reach consensus in our neighbourhoods, our streets? Heck, what about in our immediate families where even the weekend outing can be subject to tempestuous debate among siblings and parents? Yeah, where can find consensus in life? Some souls out there cannot even find consensus within themselves!

Isn’t this where Leadership comes in? To forge a united stand towards a common goal? To seek the best solution prescription? Couldn't this be PM Najib's finest hour? His long-lasting legacy? At last reining in the ethnocentric excesses of the past half century starting with his push for a single school under one roof for young Malaysians?

Or are we still captive of the easy-way-out Melayu mentality? The way the Tunku dealt with Singapore's PAP politicians?
Or a grotesque manifestation of the obscene Kaw Tim culture?

Why so susah one?

Remember my call for a Referendum? Is there a better way, short of forcing people at gunpoint or via the painful end of the bamboo stick the Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram way?

No. There is no way around this except via a Referendum of the Rakyat. One Rakyat One Vote, fair and square, adil dan saksama, tunggak kesamarataan demanded by these SJKC products all these years. Lets now practise this kesamarataan with a Referendum.

Apa? Tak mau? Tak boleh? Apasal?

So now Referendum also cannot ah?

Why so susah one?

So you demand democracy and equal rights BUT reject and condemn the very embodiment of these principles when you sense potential "loss" of your interests? Haiya, you treat democracy the way you conduct your business ka, where you deal only when you have overwhelming odds of obscene gains enabled by various shades of legality?

How now people?

Can a selfish segregationist minority hold the rest of us captive? To our national detriment? Until when? Until the majority conducts its own "referendum" on the streets?

Actually, it is not the government’s business to seek consensus on matters of strategic national interest. You don’t seek consensus at times of national emergencies, at times of social conflict, at times of war. And yes, we are at war. At war with ourselves. A war of attrition between forces of unity and a resistant group whose mindset is clouded by a different narrative of the very essence of this nation.

It seems the
ever benevolent Malays are eager for unity. The others are adverse to it and are hell bent on segregating their social universe from the mainstream even as they loudly advocate kesamarataan and keadilan when it exclusively suits them.

Listen people. Humans migrate from one end of the earth to another BUT a feature inherent in the act of migrating and resettlement in another land is the immersion of the newcomers into the lingua-cultural essence of the host land. Malaysia should be no different. Unless of course these re-alienised descendants of migrants intend to preempt and usurp the status quo and plant their own linguistic-cultural markers on this land.

That I don't like.

As for vernacular schools, these incubators of re-alienisation -- no matter how they cut it -- will not and cannot last in this country for the simple reason that the fabric of Malaysian society itself could not cater to this alienising medium much longer. It's no more a matter of what Dong Zong or Chinese Segregationists want; it's a matter of what Malaysia will accept.


Unknown said...

yup.All race in Malaysia should be taught in Malay.We all agreed that BM suppose to be the national language and yet other races want their own language.If these situation still continue, the core objective of achieving one malaysia will never be a successful one.Is it so hard?i think it's not.BM is not a tough language to learn.If Indonesia can do it, why can't we?

Unknown said...

Hey KijangMas

Why so senang one?

Your cartoon strip says it all. Like they say a picture paints a thousand words.

Anonymous said...


I simply don't understand the intransigence. I cannot fathom the convoluted logic of those who choose to alienise themselves.

However, I note that The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education merely said that "the Government has no plan to hold a referendum" on the proposal to change the country’s education system to single stream school.

The Sin Chew article you linked pointed out, "He stressed that before implementing any policy, the Government must first look at the problem from different perspectives and take into account the wishes of all races". This certainly does not mean that the Government has closed its doors to Sekolah Satu Aliran or the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS).

In fact, it is the opposite. It must be pointed out that the subject, which was taboo at one stage, has been raised and discussed in Parliament. The Deputy Prime Minister himself has suggested that discussions be continued elsewhere. And the Prime Minister has asked the public to give views and suggestions to his 1Malaysia blog. Suggest we have: here, at 1Malaysia and elsewhere - referendum, etc.

I am cautiously optimistic that the Government would heed the majority voice. There is a silent majority out there. The only way to know is via a referendum. Planned and executed like general elections, carried out by the Elections Commission.

The minds of the people should be prepared for the referendum The Ministry of Information and Mass Media can use allits wide-ranging resources to explain to the people what a referendum is and what issue is being brought to the public to state their preference.

Like all general elections, the Police and the security services can play a role in maintaining public order before and during the referendum process.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2.

But what perplexes me is the Sin Chew writer's skewed understanding of the principle of democracy. He said, "In fact, even having a referendum would be a direct manifestation of democracy". Then he said "it does not mean a real democracy". He tried to argue incoherently, "It is because the spirit and principle of democracy do not limited to the principle of the Minority Subordinate to the Majority".

Does anybody understand what he says? Has anybody heard anything more than the "principle of the Minority Subordinate to the Majority"? The majority voice must supersede that of the minority. Is he trying to imply the opposite? Again, it sounds like the incongruous, unheard of "multi-nation state" the Dong Zong talks about at a time when people are talking about a single, united and cohesive nation.

The fellow says "the majority must also respect the minority". What is he trying to say? The majority cannot do anything the minority objects to? Incredible. Nonsense. Even the principle of democracy practised in Mainland China (whatever democracy there may be in a communist system) says things can be done when the majority says so. Unless he means that perhaps in communist China, the minority voice i.e that of the Chinese Communist Party must be obeyed.

Does the writer mean that when a minority objects, nothing can be done? Ludicrous. Totally anathema to the concept of majority wishes, majority rule so basic in any democracy. Whether practised in the interior of the African continent or among the tribes of Papua New Guinea.

And the fellow said, "A referendum may easily resulted in the suppression of the minority by the majority. "It looks like democracy but in fact, is lack of the spirit of democracy." What the hell is he talking about? What books does he read, what scholarship articles, what academic papers has he been exposed to? Not even the ever-changing Wikipedia, which can be edited by practically anybody anytime, says that. Ridiculous.

Is it the Mao Tse Dong type of "democracy" that he wants to preach? During the so-called "Cultural Revolution" in communist China in the late 1960s, Mao allowed the burning of books, and professors, lecturers, teachers and even parents were dragged on the streets "denounced" and humiliated by youths and school children who roamed across the country for years, involved in factional fights resulting in millions of deaths. They involved the changing of established concepts, of dogma and doctrine, of so-called "culture". Is this what this writer is thinking about when he says those? He cannot be doing so because of the disastrous consequences as proven during Mao's "Cultural Revolution".

See how he twists the concept of referendum using his half-baked English, "Having a referendum to deal with the issue of basic educational rights involving different racial group is in fact a “majority hegemony” in which the so-called democracy is actually a suppression of the fixed “minority” by the fixed “majority”. It looks like democracy but in fact, is lack of the spirit of democracy."

What "majority hgemony", what "fixed minority", what "fixed majority"? Again, what the hell is he talking about? A lot of high flutin’ mumbo jumbo! I wonder if he has ever heard himself talking.


Tam Dalyell said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas;

" ... Well, PM Najib did say that he will leave it to the Rakyat. What does it mean, people? "Leave it to the Rakyat" to decide how? In pitched battles accross the land? Let the court jesters, clowns and village simpletons in Parliament debate it out with their wrong facts and incoherent expectations? ..."

So much truth in so short a paragraph.

Could it be that everybody is afraid of something?

Or could it be that everybody is waiting for everybody or something?

Anonymous said...


To complete my comments on what the Sin Chew article writer wrote, here goes:

He said, “As for the single and multiple stream controversy, if there are people who do not agree that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are having their own sovereign rights in making the final decision for the education system .. " Precisely what “sovereign rights” is the fellow talking about? Sovereign in the Oxford English dictionary means: 1. supreme, as in “supreme power” 2. supreme ruler, esp. monarch. Are these merely mistakes of translations or are they mistakes of his mind, his intention?

Article 152 of the Constitution concerning Bahasa Malaysia only gives “the others” the right to learn and speak their mother tongue. Mandarin is not even the mother tongue of the Chinese. Yet nobody opposes them learning it so long as it is in schools having BM as the medium of instruction. What “sovereign rights in making the final decision for the education system”? Utter nonsense. Only the YDP Agong has the sovereign right, expressed through the duly elected Governement, in making the final decision. Understand that, fellows. It’s plain and simple. No other way. No one else has “sovereign right” except the YDP Agong, who, in our democratic system, relegates that right to the Government.

What basis does he use in saying “multiple stream education system are a strength, rather than a burden, for Malaysia” or, “multiple education system will not affect the national unity”? There have been tons of counter-arguments in this blog and in over 150 blogs supporting the concept and displaying the SSS logo. He mentioned that “the issue of implementing a single stream system will continue being speculated or even being used as a political capital” without condemning it, implying that he condones it, trying to project the Dong Zong line of cowing under the umbrella of a few politicians wanting to gain posts in the party and such like.

Again, I fail to comprehend what he means by saying “keep faith in the negotiation, toleration and pluralism system”. I agree with the fella fully when he said “We must work hard to promote mutual respect” but what “mutual learning, mutual exchange and mutual integration among all racial groups” is he talking about. How on earth do we get “mutual integration” if Dong Zong appears to be going separate ways, having different hopes and aspirations for themselves and for this country?

Finally he talks about “equal opportunities to freely develop in economy, politics, culture and education”. Here I think he is touching on Article 153 of the Constitution, about the Social Contract, about the need to be grateful for the Malay leaders at Merdeka agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays who were stateless for about 100 years even under British colonial rule, in exchange for which the then non-Malay leaders agreed on the Special Position of the Malays. Again, tons have been written about this here and in other blogs. The arguments must continuously be hammered in time and again as and when necessary.

For now, it is hogwash for him to say “the ideal of the so-called racial unity and racial integration must be built on the basis of mutual love and respect, instead of allowing only the development of one or certain racial group and high-handedly force other racial groups to abandon their own cultures.” This fler does not appear to understand what “racial unity and racial integration” and even what “culture” means. He doesn’t even know that nobody wants anybody to abandon anybody’s culture, or wants force - assimilation the Thai, Indonesian or Filipino way. Yet he appears not to respect Articles 152 and 153 of the Constitution. That's being too much, don't you think?


Semerah Padi said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan Kijang Mas,

Negara ini telah terlebih memberi muka kepada kaum-kaum subversif ini.

Saya kira, hanya di negara ini sahaja tiada tindakan tegas diambil apabila kaum-kaum subversif ini, hari demi hari, mengikis, mencelarukan serta memporak perandakan identiti Bangsa Malaysia apabila mereka dengan biadapnya menuntut hampir keseluruhannya supaya berkiblatkan China. Bahasa, adat resam, tingkah laku, cara hidup dsb tanpa langsung mahu cuba menyesuaikan diri mereka dengan masyarakat tempatan.

Mereka dalah orang China. Mereka adalah pendatang. Kaum mereka langsung tidak disebutkan di dalam perlembagaan tetapi mereka berlagak lebih dari orang asli, bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak serta orang Melayu. Lebih biadap lagi, mereka membuat onar dinegara tempat mereka mencari makan. Ringkasnya, mereka ini kaum gelojoh, tak pernah kenyang, biadap serta kurang ajar, tiada rasa pertimbangan, rakus, tidak mengenang budi, etc.

Persoalannya :

Najib? Hishamuddin? Apa cerita ini semua?

Kaum yang saya maksudkan di atas tidak termasuk orang-orang keturunan China yang hidup harmoni sebagai Bangsa Malaysia yang sejati, yang menghormati Rukun Negara dan Perlembagaan.


Semerah Padi

SSS for life said...


I think I've read it here some time ago that soon car stickers, t-shirts and other SSS paraphernalia will be made available. How is it progressing? I can't wait to get my hands on them. I think that's a great way to generate more awareness among the general public and will indicate the wishes of the rakyat to our ball-less leaders when they see SSS logos proliferating both the cyber- and real worlds. It will be a glorious sight.

Anonymous said...

Ya... memang bangsa hipokrit mereka ni... nak perpaduan tapi nak mengasingkan diri, tak ke pelik tu. Oh.. baru aku faham, perpaduan bagi mereka adalah dapat lebih banyak peluang dari segi projek kerajaan atau bahagian dari sumber alam dari negara.


Unknown said...

Dengan haq Ismul 'Adzam pohon tutupkanlah ya Allah segala jalan DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj ini.

Demi keagungan Asma-u-lhusna pohon ya Robbana lumpuhkan DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj ini.

Dengan Nama Tuhan bagi Muhammad dan sekelian Nabi Rasul a.s.w.s.; minggir engkau (noor-M-mu) hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... gelap seluruh sudut mu hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... tersumbat seluruh rongga mu hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... dipohonkan bantuan bagi kaum yang (mengaku) kelemahan.

Nazri "MikhQail" said...

Quote from Lum Chih Feng blog

"… atas nama perpaduan, segala-galanya atas alasan yang mulia ini, dan juga yang terbaru, 1Malaysia. Saya tidak menolak idea ini.

Walhal ini kurang tetap, kita tidak boleh membenarkan fikiran membelenggukan kemajuan kita."

Can anybody make out what Lum Chih Feng is trying to say as mentioned above? (Ada sesiapa yang boleh perjelaskan apa yang saudara Lum Chih Feng cuba sampaikan seperti yang ternyata di atas?)

hoqni said...

I like this!

NJ said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan KijangMas Perkasa & sidang DN sekelian,

"Heritage" - bagi saya adalah penting untuk mengetahui perkara yang lampau untuk kita belajar darinya. Bukan untuk cuba mengubah apa yang telah berlalu, tetapi untuk belajar darinya supaya kita dapat menyesuaikan diri kita dengan persekitaran yang sekarang ini.

Sudah banyak yang telah diperkatakan tentang asal usul seseorang. Tidak kurang juga cubaan untuk memutarbelitkan sejarah. Tapi bukankah ini semua perkara yang telah lampau? Bukankan kita patut bertanya diri kita pada hari ini, sekurang-kurangnya, "Siapa kah aku?", "Di manakah aku"?

Untuk diri saya, saya akan menjawab "Aku orang Malaysia" dan "Aku sedang berdiri di bumi Malaysia".

Jadi dalam isu yang DN sedang perbincangkan ini, tidakkah ianya nampak sangat janggal apabila seseorang itu bertegas,

"Aku berdiri di bumi Malaysia dan aku memegang myKad. Tapi aku orang China dan aku mahukan segalanya China di sini"

Renungi-renungilah mereka-mereka yang berpendirian sebegitu, kerana kamu hanya akan mengundang kebencian masyarakat tempatan. Dan tentu sekali, kamu akan dilihat sebagai ORANG ASING di bumi ini, walaupun tidak se asing makhluk dalam imej yang dipaparkan oleh Tuan KijangMas di dalam artikel ini.

Sekiranya kamu berterusan mengasingkan diri sebegini rupa, maka akan jadilah kamu seekor makhluk asing yang wajar dihapuskan (yakni berhijrahlah kamu ke negara China, di tempat yang sesuai, untuk kamu menjelma semula menjadi orang kerana selama ini kamu telah menjadi makhluk asing dek berpijak dibumi yang salah) kerana berterusan menimbulkan rasa tidak harmoni dikalangan masyarakat Malaysia.


Kenn said...

Dear Sir,

Lum Chih Feng also wrote, Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa, mempertahankan bahasa ibunda selari dengan semua kepercayaan kaum dan juga Piagam Hak Asasi Manusia Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu, UDHR (OHCHR merupakan pejabat hak asasi manusia PBB).

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa - which Bangsa?

Bahasa Ibunda - Agreed. However, do we "defend" the mother tongue to be the National Language of Malaysia?

Which mother tounge?

1) Orang Asli ? (Senoi, Jakun, Negrito etc etc.. which one?)

2) Orang Melayu (Jawi, Kelantenese, Kedahan, Riau, Ganung, Den, Hang, etc etc ... which one?)

3) Bumiputera Sabah (Kadazan, Murut, Bajau, etc etc ... which one?)

4) Bumiputera Sarawak (Kelabit, Dayak, Murut etc etc .. which one?)

5) Lain-lain kaum (Tioghua, Tamil, Sikh, Mandarin, Telugu, Cantonese, Hindi etc etc ... which one?)


Every damn mother tongue there is in this land to become the language of Malaysia, written, spoken, displayed publicly at will by each and every "rojak and lost" citizens?


simply Bahasa Kebangsaan among Malaysians and English when a Malaysian is interacting with a non-Malaysian? (Why there are still many foreigners after 50 over years of Independence?)

I am sure UN is not promoting a "Bangsa" having many "Jiwa"s in its declaration.

Or are we just looking for every single damn thing as excuse to justify our "alien being-ness", here in Malaysia?

Tam Dalyell said...

When we read the in-between-the-lines of the goings on in public, it is Yem See Eh and the Yem Ai See who stand firm behind these segregationists. These are the people more often than not through the back door who torpedoed any meaningful attempt at integration.

And when we so much as fall in step to their segregationist tune, they label us as discriminating. Then they demand for unity in diversity. Any such thing as unity in diversity. Can there be white while it is black?

Then they smuggle in the nation-within-nation idea. In total they are as poisonously dangerous as the "Malaysian Malaysia" of DAP, if not more so.

The present lopsided liberalism mode of governance encourages further the spread and deep-rooting of discomfort to one side and greed to the other side as proven by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and what he did for LKY.

We fervently pray Najib is different.

Anonymous said...

Are these people not being unreasonable wanting to continue with SJKCs when they can learn Mandarin as elective subjects, when nobody asks them to abandon their culture, only abandon Mandarin as the medium of instruction in schools?

Aren’t they not respecting the Constitution when the Constitution says that Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of the country and no country in the world allows other than the dominant language of the country as the medium of instruction in schools? Isn’t BM the dominant language here since time immemorial, spoken by the majority of the people, used in official business of the Government? Aren’t schools an official business of the country?

Why are these people behaving like this? What are they thinking when they doggedly insist on Mandarin as the medium of instruction? What do they mean by “multi-nation state”? Is there any such thing in the whole wide world? Why do they want to alienate themselves so?

Why can’t they join mainstream Malaysiana, live as full-fledged, Constitution abiding, loyal Malaysian citizens?

Do they know that proof of loyalty is respecting, abiding and living by the Constitution? How else does one prove one’s loyalty to the country? By saying I love the country endless times? By paying tax when even foreigners in this country also pay tax? When even the menial foreign workers pay a "levy", which is a form of tax?

Don’t they realize that even in Mainland China people have to conform? That there it may not even be conforming to the will of the majority? That in communist countries, they adopt different methods of elections such that it is questionable whether those running the Government are really representatives of the majority like in democratic countries? That in Malaysia we are asking them to conform to the will of the people by agreeing to a referendum to be run by the Government fully elected by the people?

Why are they not conforming? Even suggesting that people want to force integration, stubbornly ignoring that people have not asked for assimilation the Thai, Indonesian or Filipino way, where they have to change and use local names, etc? Why don’t they be reasonable when the others have been reasonable to them right from the time they agreed to citizenship for them that they were stateless all those years under British colonial rule, and even earlier?

Am I making sense when I write by way of asking questions only? No doubt it’s unusual but don’t they see the reasonableness, or otherwise, of all those things stated above? Aren’t they not being unreasonable?


Anonymous said...


To the many questions put out by Deano earlier, here are facts and arguments, many extracted from “China: A Short Cultural History (600+ pages), by Professor C.P Fitzgerald (the book has been referred to in this blog in the past), which I think provide some of the answers.

However, these cannot be excuses for not respecting and living by the Constitution of this country, Malaysia:


China has “3,000 years of recorded history” says Professor Fitzgerald. 3,500 years say some others. 4,500 years say those who look at it from “traditional history” i.e including myths and fables. 5,000 years yet some others say, looking at such things as archaelogical finds though some are still being discussed. Even in the matter of the length of China’s history, there are those who choose that which suits their convenience.

Prior to 841 BC, much of Chinese history is “traditional history” i.e no written records, based on oral traditions, myths and fables. Arcaheology as a science in China became recognized only in recent times.


Professor Fitzgerald says China has not been a unity, geographically speaking. Divided by mountains and rivers, the 18 provinces south of the Great Wall are divided into 3 groups of 6: the northern group (Yellow River and tributaries), the central group (Yangtze basin) and the southern group (from the West River to Canton and Fukien).

Unity in respect of language and culture can be gleaned from their origin and character.


The origin of the Chinese people is a “vexed question”. It is “in itself a misleading phrase ... The inhabitants of the northern provinces are now, and probably always have been, to some degree mixed with peoples from the Mongolian steppes.”

As to the Chinese character, the following is the observation of the Professor who lived in China for 5 years researching materials for his book:

“The northerner is slow, well-balanced, shrewd but not quick witted. The Yangtze people (central region) are nervous and exciteable, their minds are agile, but their tempers are short. They are eloquent, adaptable, but perhaps less reliable than the sturdy northern people”.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2

As regards the southerners, whom Malaysian Chinese are mostly descended from, the Professor gives legthy explanations. They have vast differences of character, defined by varying dialects. These suggest that unity and loyalty among them has always been a problem. They were often disgruntled and disloyal against the Manchu foreign rulers who they perceived as treating them unfairly, despite giving them 25% quota in the Civil Service. Secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism were used in clan warfare and in attacks against the Manchu rulers.

The varying social groupings of the southerners, which for a long time were hardly united (the Hakkas were, for example, resented even until modern times) were as follows:

1. The Fukienese, “darker and shorter than other Chinese, are certainly a separate stock, only slightly mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley (central China). They speak “the most peculiar” dialect.

2. The Professor records “A distinct people who are not regarded as “Chinese” by the other inhabitants of the (Fukien) province are still found in the mountains.”

3. Cantonese – “not so much an alien language as an old form of Chinese. The Canton area became part of the Chinese empire in the 2nd century BC, “but the “colonization” was not thorough until the 7th Century.”

4. The “aboriginal” tribes of Kuangsi, Kueichou and Yunnan “which once occupied the whole of south China”, have now retired into the hilly regions. In Yunnan and Kueichou, the tribesmen at one time numbered nearly half the population. The Miao, “often wrongly called by the Chinese contemptuous diminutive “Miao Tzu”, were once a very numerous people covering the whole of the southern and and central provinces of China.” There has been Chinese immigration into their area. Those unwilling to become Chinese subjects and adopt Chinese custom fled to the hills.” To-day, the Miaos and other aboriginal tribes are restricted to the south-west. But “a large proportion of the population of the south calling itself “Chinese” is, in fact, descended from one or other of the aboriginal races.”

5. The Muslims of Yunnan are descendants of mercenary soldiers from western Asia introduced into the province by the Mongol Emperors in the 13th century. “Although these soldiers must have intermarried with the women of the country, whether Chinese or aborigine, the Yunan Muslims have still a very distinct physical type, recalling the Arabs of Syria”.

6. The Hakkas of Canton and the Kuangtung province – a large community of “guest families” as the other Chinese refer to them. “They speak a peculiar dialect, do not marry Cantonese – by whom they are despised – but in other respects not differentiated from the ordinary Chinese population.” They are descendants of northern Chinese who migrated south in big numbers to escape the terror of the Mongol invasions in the 13th century. They didn’t mingle with the locals, “probably on account of their peculiar dialect”.

Nevertheless, Mandarin has brought about unity among the Chinese in China. Now in Malaysia, why can’t they accept BM as an agent of unity and agree to single-stream schooling? They claim to be Malaysians, for goodness sake!


msleepyhead said...

Another great article hitting all the right spots. Have said all I wanted to say and asked what I wanted to ask in the previous post (crossed the line one too many times on that one) and got the answers needed. Can only add that thanks to your expose, they are being cornered now and like all cornered creatures, watch out for acts of desperation as they try to save their skin.

The next GE is just around the corner so expect this to be capitalized to the hilt.

SSS, full steam ahead!

Anonymous said...

Life is... one continuous learning process.

...there are times when we have to learn some new stuff... like German grammar, as in , "...Österreichisches Deutsch."

mind you, German grammar is very, very complicated.

but, to cut a long story short, since the noun, Deutsch, is masculine, so, any adjective that preceeds it must have an "er" ending... though NOT always!

see what I mean by very, very complicated?

then, there are times when we already know stuff, but, we just can't see it for what it's worth... as in, "...They themselves add to the pile via financial support of these unconstitutional schools?..."

maybe, just maybe, the direction the DN commmunity should take is... via the courts.

take the Education Ministry to court for violating the constitution... and keep it simple!

keywords... mother tongue & native language.

the best part is that, winning is not the ultimate objective!

although, with the numerous idiots we have masquerading as Public Prosecutors... winning is almost assured!

anylorong, the main objectives are:
1. to promote awareness and educate the masses.
2. "free" publicity.

so, sleep on it, and see if it's still doable, in the morning.


Semerah Padi said...

Tuan Kijang Mas,

Ramai juga yang buat kecoh tentang asal-usul seseorang atau sesuatu kaum itu. Suara-suara sumbang yang mengatakan orang Melayu bukannya penduduk asal, datang dari Yunnan dan pelbagai lagi.

Untuk apa hujah-hujah ini semua? Untuk menjustifikasikan diri yang tidak mahu menjunjung langit di mana bumi di pijak? Menjunjung China di bumi Malaysia?

Kalau terlalu kecoh sangat, sepertimana yang telah tertulis sebelum ini, ingat sajalah semuanya berasal dari Adam yang turun di SATU tempat, sebelum manusia bertebaran di muka bumi.

Dalam konteks ini, yang penting adalah waktu sekarang, bukan waktu dahulu. Benda yang telah lepas, kita sudah tidak dapat nak ubah lagi. Tapi pada hari ini, waktu sekarang ini, kita masih boleh membuat pilihan. Nak jadi org Yunnan kah? Nak jadi orang China kah? Nak jadi org Afrika kah? Atau nak jadi orang Malaysia? Jadi tanyalah diri sendiri, siapa kita ini?

Orang Malaysia kah?

Orang China kah?

Senang bukan? Orang Malaysia menjunjung langit negara Malaysia berpandukan Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan.

Orang China, menjunjung Negara China dlm serba serbi termasuk bahasa, adat resam.

Sila faham maksud "menjunjung" di sini. Menjunjung lebih bermakna meletakkan di hadapan identiti Malaysia, bukannya bermakna menghapuskan sama sekali ciri-ciri nenek moyang.

Saya respect orang China kerana mereka menjunjung negara mereka dan mereka adalah rakyat China, seperti juga saya yang menjunjung negara saya.

Tapi saya benci kepada orang yang mengaku rakyat Malaysia, tapi menjunjung segala apa yang dijunjung oleh rakyat China yg sejati. Bagi mereka-mereka ini, yang berpijak dibumi yang salah apabila menjunjung langit negara lain, janganlah terasa apabila ada orang menyarankan kamu pergi ke nagara China. Cermin diri. Pegang myKad dan jadi rakyat Malaysia dalam ertikata sebenarnya, atau pohon saja kerakyatan negara yang kamu julang itu.

"Dimana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung"

Semerah Padi

Anonymous said...


I must say I'm proud of your stand now. I'm proud to be associated with you again as a fellow Malaysian and a fellow member of the DN community.

I think I can speak for the others in urging you to participate in the discussions at the Kempen SSS blog as well. I think you have left 1-2 comments there before but let us now make a concerted effort at providing as many explanations as possible to those disagreeing with the SSS Proposal.

We need to explain to them in more ways than one, in a more varied language phraseology and syntax, from as many perspectives as possible. You certainly can provide them a perspective perhaps more readily acceptable to those with the same ethnic background.

My only hope is that both here in DN and elsewhere you would also be plugging the respect-the-Constitution line. There's no other way to national unity and togetherness, my friend, than respect for, abiding by and living with the Constitution. Much has been written here and elsewhere about the paramount importance of the Constitution in any country. How else can one prove one's loyalty to the country. Not by saying I love Malaysia, I pay a lot of tax, etc. It's by living with the Constitution which has been agreed by the representatives of the various races and approved by Parliament.

In the interest of unity and the creation of a strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, I think everybody would not mind anybody asking questions - so long as they are honest and sincere ones. The phrasing of the questions is important. In phrasing it, one should not include one's stand, especially if disagreeable. Asking what is abc or what role abc plays in the context of the a to z of things is perfectly acceptable. But asking if abc go separate ways, would a to z rearrange themselves or stay put allowing the divergent ways is reflective of asking a question but with the questioner's disagreeable stand stated therein.

Where the questions are interpreted as dishonest and insincere, they would tumble down. Other members of the community, including yours truly, may land hard on the questioner. In this context, I must clarify that all those vexatious utterances you find here are not aimed at the Chinese community as a whole, but on the anti-unity, self-alienating, non-conforming and non-Constitution-respecting fellows.

I hope that whenever you provide links to views unfavourable in the said context - if and when you feel a need to do so - you would also state the arguments against some of them.

This is not intended as a sermon but as a sincere advice to a fellow Malaysian and a fellow member of the DN community.


Anonymous said...

Salam, tuan KM dan warga DN...

Saya mengikuti perkembangan kempen ini dengan penuh harapan semoga ia terlaksana. Namun apabila saya membangkitkannya kepada kenalan berbangsa Cina dan India, ada yang mempersoalkannya dan dalam masa yang sama menuntut supaya Maktab Rendah Sains Mara dan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh dibuka kemasukannya kepada semua bangsa tanpa sebarang kuota yang berasaskan bangsa.

Bagi mereka tidak adil jika hanya sekolah rendah sahaja yang diseragamkan namun dalam masa yang sama diskriminasi masih berlaku di peringkat menengah, matrikulasi dan universiti (terutamanya di UiTM). Seperti biasa, saya dilabel sebagai "racist" (macam dalam comic strips tu... hehe.. tapi saya tak ada RPG lah... ) ... Tsk tsk...

Mohon respon daripada KM dan warga DN sekalian terhadap reaksi mereka ini. Adakah penyeragaman ini wajar dilanjutkan kepada peringkat yang lebih tinggi atau memadai sekadar di peringkat rendah? Sekiranya ya, bagaimana kesannya terhadap perpaduan yang ingin dicapai? Sekiranya tidak, apakah jalan keluar yang terbaik dalam membentuk masyarakat yang lebih baik di negara ini?

Saya dahulukan dengan sekalung penghargaan...


Anonymous said...


Saya tertarik dengan minat Sdr dalam perkara ini. Saya alu-alukan so'alan-so'alan yang boleh menambahkan pengtahuan, meluaskan pandangan dan kebolehan Sdr menjawab mereka yang ragu-ragu atau sinis dalam perkara ini.

Sdr boleh mendapat penerangan yang
lebih lanjut berkenaan cadangan Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) ini diblog Kempen SSS.

Sementara itu, Sdr boleh gunakan hujah-hujah berikut bila berbual atau berdebat dengan mereka yang berkenaan:

Bukan sekolah rendah sahaja yang perlu diseragamkan tapi juga sekolah menegah. Ada 61 buah sekolah menegah Cina yang dijalankan dengan wang mereka sendiri sekarang. Mereka perlu menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar sebab itu bahasa kebangsaan yang termaktub diArtikel 152 Perlembagaan negara. Perlu ada hanya satu sistem (bukan tiga, iaitu termasuk SJKC dan SJKT) demi kepentingan perpaduan negara.

MRSM, UiTM dan sebagainya timbul dari Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) yang di gubal mengikut Artikel 153 Perlembagaan negara, ia itu Kedudukan atau Hak Istimewa Melayu. Hak Istimewa itu adalah balasan (in exchange for) pemimpin Melayu dimasa Merdeka menyetujui penduduk-penduduk bukan Melayu diberi kerakyatan salepas Merdeka. Mereka bukan rakyat di masa itu dan sabenarnya tidak berkerakyatan atau "stateless" lebih 100 tahun dibawah penjajahan British dan sejak mereka mula datang secara ramai keMalaya dipertengahan abad 19.

Mereka tidak boleh sungutkan Hak Istimewa Melayu sebab Melayu boleh sungutkan hak kerakyatan mereka dan anak cucu mereka jika mereka berbuat demikian. Ini tidak baik untuk sesiapa pun.

Melayu jauh ketinggalan dalam bidang ekonomi dan pelajaran akibat pemerintahan kolonial British. British tidak ada membantu atau menggalakkan Melayu dalam bidang perniagaan dibanding dengan bantuan tanah lombong, lesen berniaga bermacam-macam yang di beri kapada kaum Cina. Ditahun 1970 Melayu mempunyai hanya 2% kekayaan masakan mereka majoriti di negara ini.

British membina hanya sekolah rendah dan jauh diantara satu sama lain dikawasan kampong dimana majoriti Melayu tinggal. Tetapi mereka bina sekolah yang cukup, diperingkat rendah dan menengah dikawasan bandar dimana majoriti Cina tinggal. Diakhir tahun 1960an hanya ada dua pakar bedah Melayu dibanding dengan berpuluh, malahan beratus, bukan Melayu. Dengan adanya MRSM, UiTM dan lain-lain institusi pelajaran khas untuk Melayu, dapatlah jurang perbezaan itu dikurangkan dengan kadar yang cepat.

Dengan adanya Hak Istimewa Melayu yang telah disetujui pemimpin bukan Melayu dimasa Merdeka, dan dengan Hak istimewa Melayu serta hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu itu tersurat diPerlembagaan negara, tiada siapa patut mengungkit yang satu atau yang lain itu. Semua rakyat mesti hormati, patuhi dan ikuti Perlembagaan negara kerana itu adalah kewajiban minima bagi setiap warga negara dan bukti kesetiaan kapada negara ini.

Saya fikir tidak ada jalan lain untuk mencapai perpaduan selain dari menhormati dan hidup dengan Perlembagaan negara. Tidak ada cara lain untuk negara ini dapat bersatu dan maju selain dari setiap warga negara membuktikan kesetiaannya kapada negara. Marilah kita bersama mengajak semua rakyat memahami keperluan itu dan menuju kearah tersebut demi kepentingan masa hadapan negara kita.


msleepyhead said...

Terima kasih. The issue for me is much clearer now, thanks especially to you and the others who responded to my questions with facts and taking the hard stance when necessary. I will definitely try to do my part to advance the SSS cause whenever possible just everyone here.

On another note, independent and vernacular schools just got another boost from Tai Kor Tai. Looks like they go way back. The tree that was planted a decade ago is now ripe for picking. Who would have thought.

Maybe one way to extend the olive branch to those who still have the love of this country in their heart and the reasonable ones in DZ (definitely not Ah Tian in KM's article) is to get them on board in mainstream education committees for the national education system. If the link above is right about some of the qualities like 'spirit of industry and hardwork', then buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih as we say and incorporate the ones that will make an even better national school system.

Naif said...

Pfft, vernacular schools are overrated. All this talk about how they produce top notch graduates, my arse. I'll be glad if they do enter all those Chinky universities you mentioned.

Because I keep seeing them in our local private colleges, unable and/or refusing to mingle with the rest of us normal Malaysians. My favourite Chink university? TAR college. Nuff said.

Are they really smarter than the average going Sekolah Kebangsaan student? I dont think so. If there is an exception, it's one or too. Boleh lah, when all you do is memorized the whole f*cking text book day in day out.

In fact I know several dump sites for these ex SJKC students. Yeah I see them all the time in places like Petaling Street, Low Yat and Sungei Wang. Oh yeah those guys behind the counter in your local sleazy cybercafe I bet is a SJKC graduate too.

No, I do not want to buy your 2nd hand god-knows-where-it-came-from cellphone biatch. Not until you speak proper BM or proper English for that matter.

Dont even get me started on Tamil schools. I know of one SJKT in Kelana Jaya. The condition of the school is terrible, I dont think it should be even called a school in the first place.

Like you said KM, these guys are so fixated with culture and language, they adopt a total different outlook of the world far different from ours.

And you really expect them to assimilate once they're adults? No chance in hell.

I'm glad I went to SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN Seaport in good old Petaling Jaya. And then proceeded to finish off my form4 and form5 in the VI. It's places like these that I met true Chinese Malaysians, one of them happens to be my best friend till today.

msleepyhead said...

How do you reply to this?

The present leadership of Dong Jiao Zong leaves much to be desired.

But still it misses the whole point and did not answer the question about national unity.

Unknown said...

The same Kua Kia Soong who wrote "Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969″??

Well 'Jebat Must Die' has written at length with regards to this man.

pala otak hang said...

I laughed my ass off reading msleepyhead's latest link.

I mean, is this the type of "Dr." that chinese schools produce? When challenged to name chinese school graduates of world calibre, this self-proclaimed "noted social scientist, author, educationist" "Dr." Kua Kia Soong replied with a list of China nationals Nobel laureates! How stupid is that? He obviously has no example of local SJKC products to come up with, so he twisted by saying that it's the quality of education that matters. Typical pendatang mentality who's always looking at the motherland china. So "doc" pray tell me, if the SJKCs are actually trying to emulate the excellence of China's schools by using Mandarin as a medium of instruction, then where the heck are our home grown Nobel-Prize-winning leng-chais? After 2 hundred years and tonnes of tax-payers money dumped in still no chinky Einstein? What a dumb ass.

And I do notice that his is one of the many pissed-off replies to Prof. Khoo Kay Kim's comment on chinese school's emphasis on memorization and rote-learning, and hence producing copycat graduates. Haha. Any literate kid can memorize their textbooks and vomit them out during exams. So I tend to agree with Naif on this - that SJKCs are over-rated up to the nauseating level of syiok sendiri. This copycat method of learning is the the very reason why their people have little appreciation of intellectual property. And the more IT-savvy of them will find the keys CTRL C and CTRL V as their best friends.

Pendekarlara said...

Lagi sorang bangang lepasan SJKT!

Rhino Rin said...

Does this stray cat DAP really has nine lives? Is it really that charming that its arch enemy PAS is head over heel in love with it?

Can it be just good joss? (that they burn in their temple) But communists has no need, no belief for such opium in life.

ACAP said...

kadang kala kita yg melayu yg tersepit dan seperti ditindas di negara sendiri. kaum lain suka hati mak bapak dorg aja mintak mcm2. bila kita tak bg, dia kata kita rasis.

Anonymous said...

Pendekarlara said...

..Lagi sorang bangang lepasan SJKT

Sob sob stories of being conned?


Actually these Chinese/Indians, they know the job/permit situations overseas, VERY WELL VERSED..

In actual fact, they go there to intentionally work illegally, overstay and return only SHOULD they be caught! Otak keluaran SJKC macam dia nih, lebih kurang sama taraf otak PATI kat Malaysia..

Agent kat sini dah brief them "the right pathetic words" to use should they be caught..


msleepyhead said...

No wonder his name sounded familiar. Thanks for pointing that out. Read the JMD rebuttal on 513 a long while back.

@Naif, Pala Otak, others.
Like national schools, SJKs are made up of good and average ones. VI for example, is in a class of its own, which also points out that national schools are not culturally homogeneous because a lot of the missionary schools that are now classed as national schools have their own tradition due to their heritage. They have things like a strong school spirit, what with their Latin motto, marching bands, well established societies and uniformed groups, it is not merely a school but also students get a feeling they are part of a special fraternity. A lot of this still carry on till today.

The issue here is medium of instruction towards unity and the use of national language as per the Constitution, and if we really want them to nationalize then more attacks on the quality of their students or the way they do things are counterproductive. One, they follow the same curriculum generally, two, all students attend secondary schools with BM as the medium of instruction (apart from the 61 private independent schools which I feel can do whatever they please because they are private and they know the outcome of not being accepted into national universities) and three, with the dropouts and fallout rate of students that end up at say Petaling Street are taken into account, the majority turn out as everyday Malaysians if the 8 or 9 out of 10 rule is correct.

The national education system can be improved as recognized by the SSS and essentially if no Nobel laureate is produced, it only reflects on us as a nation, not so much to do with the 3 in 1 system.

An interesting question arises, can we allow their respective school culture - whether rote memorization or overloading their students with homework and generally way of doing things to continue, if they use the national language and curriculum like those missionary schools?

Isn't that the whole point - language and curriculum towards national unity?

Anonymous said...

Rhino Rin,

They also work in mysterious ways. By no means the godly implication. Far from it, but in ungodly ways.

Look for example at the PR Government in Kedah, of which DAP is a key player. They are now appearing to play funny with the Malay Reservation land issue. Read the well-argued latest post at Ideotique blogspot

They think we are not aware of the hidden agenda - trying to erode NEP and marching in from Penang to gradually take over ownership of Malay Reserve land, changing its status to housing development projects and trying to offer 50% allotment to Bumiputeras. Piece by piece Malay Reserve land lots would be gone under the guise of housing development projects of which 50% goes to non-Bumis.

Those in authority should check the legality of selling away, even exchanging Malay Reserve land lots in the outskirts of town with lots far-flung in the rural areas, which in any case is not an equitable proposition. No doubt land is a state matter but there is the National Land Code under which control over such acts by PR state governments could be effected.

UMNO in Kedah must also look into this and find ways to stop attempts at stealing away Malay Reserve land.

Such Malay Reserve land was decided upon by the British colonial masters long before Merdeka and does not even fall within the ambit of the Social Contract and not connected with the NEP. It has a special place of its own and nobody should disturb the status quo as far as that is concerned. It'll incur the wrath of the Malays and when the Malays realise the full implications of it, they are likely to get worked up and it might be too late to do much about it.


ben said...

Salam Sejahtera Si KijangMas/Pembaca Yg Di Hormati:

Kerajaan memang telah terlalu bertolak ansur (memberi muka) kpd kumpulan2 seperti Dong Zong, dll - sehingga mereka berani naik tocang...mana ada negara lain yg toleran seperti M'sia. Gejala ni tidak wujud di US, China atau India. Sudah tiba masa nya pihak yg berkuasa lebih tegas dlm menuju kpd sistem pendidikan SSS - demi masa depan negara.

Amir Hamzah said...

Saudara KijangMas,

Mengenai "rote-learning" seperti yang komen Prof. Khoo Kay Kim terhadap SRJK (C), Merdeka Center telah pun juga melakukan survey.

Saya petik, komen saya sendiri semasa memberi komen di blog Malaysian Heart pada July 2009 dahulu mengenai perkara ini:-

"Do read a survey titled "Education System Perception Survey" by the same Merdeka Center organisation - Page 17 "Perceived Learning Method".

The finding of this survey was "Again we found marked constrast between the views offerred by chinese respondents than that of other ethnic groups".

They (chinese respondents) are more likely to say that schools continue to emphasize on "ROTE" learning. (ROTE by means fixed, habitual, routine, from memory, without thought of meaning)"

(Link komen saya)

Prof. Khoo adalah seorang ahli sejarah & akademik yang tidak akan bercakap sekiranya tiada fakta untuk beliau landaskan. Lagipun, beliau bercakap mengenai negara Malaysia, tiada kena mengena dengan negara China.

Beza orang China dgn ORANG ASING ataupun MAHLUK ASING seperti yg Sdr KijangMas paparkan dlm artikel ini adalah, orang China patriotik kepada negara mereka sendiri sepertimana juga kita, orang Malaysia yang patriotik terhadap negara Malaysia.

MAKHLUK ASING (ORANG ASING) adalah orang mengaku dimulut sahaja sebagai rakyat Malaysia tetapi serba serbi yang lainnya itu termasuk bahasa, adat resam masih berpaksi kepada negara China.

Wajarkah MAHLUK ASING ini hidup di bumi Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Friends and foes,

There was a time when the Malays didn’t know much and naively trusted the others fully. They agreed to citizenship for the non-Malays thinking that they would be reasonable with the Malays. After Merdeka and the non-Malays having taken citizenship, they kept saying things like,

“biarlah sekolah Cina sekolah India tu, dulu orang putih pun habaq depa pun bukan nak tinggai lama disini”, or

“Tak apalah tawkey, lu boleh angkatlah ini balang, itu balang, gua caya sama lu, lain bulan tawkey kilalah, belapa boleh kasi, lu kasilah sama gua”.

These happened in so many kampongs, even in not so kampongs. And the Hakka kedai kopi Ah Tong tawkey got one piece of Malay land after another. So did Ah Long, Ah Yik and others. Unemployed Malay kampong youths went to the towns looking for jobs, squeezed up 5-6 to a room in Kg Bahru and elsewhere working as “jaga kereta boys”.

Then May 13, 1969 occurred. Tun Abdul Razak and the Emergency-situation National Operations Council deliberated, looked for solutions to problems that have violently shaken everybody up. Malay backwardness, lack of economic and educational opportunities were politely (Malays were, even after May 13, always polite) referred to as “the huge disparities between the Malays and the others”, pointing out the need to lessen “the identification of race with economic functions”, and such things.

Finally, Article 153 of the Constitution stipulating the Special Position of the Malays was invoked. It was designed to help the Malays improve educationally and economically. The New Economic Policy started.

More Malays got educated. Many came to realize that, contrary to “apa orang putih habaq”, the non-Malays want to stay put. Yet many never said a word of thanks except people like Tun Tan Siew Sin. They want more, more and more. They disregard Article 153, abused Perak royalty, some even call for the dismantling of NEP. Yet the Malays continue to be polite. No one retaliates. No one calls for the dismantling of the non-Malay citizenship right, which was the quid pro quo or in exchange for the Special Malay Right.

But as more and more Malays get educated, some have become vocal and are now starting to ask,

“If the non-Malays have their citizenship right forever, why can’t the Malays have NEP forever?” or even

“If the non-Malays want to question the 30% Bumiputera corporate equity ownership target (not counting other forms of wealth), we should ask for 70%”. (One young Oxford graduate said this at an UMNO Youth Assembly or elsewhere in connection with it). Or

“Why can’t the Malays have wealth proportionate to the population ratio in ALL aspects of the economy, not just corporate wealth?”


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2.

The Malays tried to do something about the three systems of education (SK, SJKC, SJKT) which they let be at Merdeka time thinking the others would be reasonable when the need for unity may demand otherwise. The Tun Razak Report, the Education Act showed attempts at streamlining the education system for the sake of unity in the country. But until now the others are adamant about it. The Dong Zong and others.

Some even have the cheek to say that it is their “sovereign right” to choose the type of schools. As the number of educated Malays have grown, some laugh at such a stupid claim, some simply told them off. No such thing. The Constitution merely gurantees the right of the others to learn and use their mother tongue .

The Malays are still polite and reasonable. They say,

“OK lah, although Mandarin is not your mother tongue, you are guranteed of your right to study and use Mandarin. But not as a medium of instruction in schools. Only as an elective subject.”

The Dong Zong are still intransigent. Talking about such nonsense as “multi-nation state”. When others are talking about a unified and standardized medium of instruction, curriculum and syllabus. They are bloody unreasonable, aren’t they?

But they must know that the Malays today are no longer the “tak pa la, gua caya lu lah towkay” of old. Kita olang sutak atak baca sikit la, Ah Pek! So long as you remain adamant, you must hear our ceaseless tirades against your unreasonableness until your ear drums burst.

Vernacular schools are not your right. They exist merely because the good-natured Malays let it be so. It is wrong to have three systems of education. It does not augur well for unity and long-term harmony in this country. What is wrong over 50 years ago is wrong even hundreds of years from now. Get that fact straight. We now have a need to forge a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. Racial polarization is at its height these days. Don’t blame the NEP, so-called lack of equality etc. Thre’s no such thing as equality when there is Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays. You have to respect that as your leaders at Merdeka have agreed to it in exchange for your citizenship right.

If you disregard and don’t respect the Constitution – especially Article 152 on the position of Bahasa Malaysia and Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays - you are not loyal to this country. For, how else is loyalty judged if not respect for and living with the Constitution of the country? If you are not loyal, why the heck do you remain in this country? The country cannot be sustaining disloyal, so-called Malaysian citizens.

Don’t tell us you are loyal merely by saying you love this country and pay tax. As has been repeatedly pointed out, everybody in this country pays tax, including the menial foreign labourers who pay a “levy” tax. We are not even talking about patriotism yet – the willingness to sacrifice even your life for the country. For now, just show us your loyalty by respecting and living with the Constitution.

Read the above carefully. I know even you people in Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider, etc read Demi Negara. Understand the above and conform to the need for national unity. If you don’t wish to, perhaps the others are right in showing you the door. The Deputy Foreign Minister has just told Parliament that a few hundred thousand have left this year. To the disloyal ones, good riddance!


Naif said...

Msleepyhead wrote:
Like national schools, SJKs are made up of good and average ones. VI for example, is in a class of its own, which also points out that national schools are not culturally homogeneous because a lot of the missionary schools that are now classed as national schools have their own tradition due to their heritage. They have things like a strong school spirit, what with their Latin motto, marching bands, well established societies and uniformed groups, it is not merely a school but also students get a feeling they are part of a special fraternity. A lot of this
still carry on till today.

And when exactly are we going to have our own version of VI, our own version of an elite MALAYSIAN school without the slightest touch of the colonial past that all of us regardless of race can be proud of, one that is deep rooted in Malaysiana history, Malaysian school spirit, comeplete with a cool Bahasa Malaysia motto, and which students can feel they are part of a special fraternity when the only stumbling block I see are
vernacular schools? When?

For god's sake just get rid of these vernacular schools or convert them into national schools.

It has come to a point where it is possible for there to be a Malaysian of Chinese origin born into a Chinese family, attends a Sekolah Cina, then attends a Chinese seondary school, then a Chinese private college (no extra points for guessing which) marry a Chinese girl, get more chinese kids, read, speak Chinese all his or her life and doesnt even have to shake hands with a Malay or Indian until he or she dies........

oh wait there will be once when they are "force" to. Yeah when they get stop by the Malay traffic policeman. Tu pun nak kasi you know what.

I think I know what to do lah. You people need to be sent to the northern Malay states to get some good brainwashing. Then you can begin to understand the Malay pysche.

I've seen it happen. My Indian friend who shifted to Kedah and attended a school there came back after several months with a thick slang utara accent. He doesnt "lepak" with his own kind now, on the contrary he feels much more at ease with Malays.

The Malays up north are more assertive and insists you assimilate. You either put up or shut up.

Anyways thats a bit extreme though, on a lighter scale I've notice my chinese friends who graduated from National schools dont have a problem conversing in BM nor do they look down on the language.

So what really is the problem?

On another note, Berita Awani is doing a segment on 1 school for all. I think its on Temu Awani if I'm not mistaken. Prof Khoo will be on it.

Prof Khoo is the DA man at the moment lah. He's the lone wolf facing an army of chinese segragationists with their multi state, 3 in 1 nation agenda.

This man needs more support. If someone were to spearhead the SSS movement, it should be him.

pala otak hang said...

Aik? Bila aku bantai hang kata counter productive, abeh tu hang banyak kali sniping tang Perkara 153 tu productive sgt ke? Pundek lah.

Further note on SJKC's copycat products: So really, memorizing textbooks and reproducing them during exams is a no brainer task for any literate kid. What's so great bout cute little xerox machines? At their age, their rapidly developing brains act like a sponge. They'll easily absorb anything and everything that's taught and thrown and shown to them. Some kids can even memorize the whole 114 chapters of the Quran complete with proper Tajwid. This brain-factor is the very reason is why the mastery of National Language needs to be instilled in them at a very young age. And this too is exactly the reason why DZ is so adamant on keeping their SJKCs so that their children will grow up to be racist pricks like they are, not because of cultural preservation as they don't learn lion dance or how to cook sup babi in school. Damn they must be proud of their stellar product. By the time these SJKC kids get into secondary school and college it'll be to late as they'll already have preconceived ideas of "we aren't them, they are not our people" in addition of mamapapa's encouragement to pursue a brighter future as a stateless dishwasher or barber in NEP-less London. Heck, those SJKC kids even got it easy as they're not even using the same syllabus and sit the same exams as SK kids. Superior education my ass.

And this commonly used but utterly stupid argument of saying SJKC's are OK because 90% of the students would later enrol into SMKs anyway is just pathetic. I mean come on lah, the only reason why 90% of them go to SMKs is because there aren't that many SMJKCs around lah! If SMJKCs are mushrooming near every parit and longkang causing pockets of traffic congestions just like their counterparts SJKC's, you think they'd want to subject themselves to one year of humiliating kelas peralihan? Why laa these people always come up with stupid and petty excuses. SJKCs teach like that one ah?

Anonymous said...

If there was an award for “Sell-Out Journalist of the Year” it would go hands down to The Sun’s Ng Kee Seng.
Ng Kee Seng is now the new Executive Editor of The Star after his recent blatantly once-sided articles and news stories in favour of Ong Tee Keat and in complete ignorance of all other points of view.
Leslie Lau of the MalaysianInsider was spot on when he referred to Ng as an "undistinguished veteran journalist".

Naif said...

Sorry a little bit of correction- Prof Khoo is on "In Frame" alongside Dr Tan Seng Giaw of the DAP. Its on channel 501 Astro Awani. The topic of discussion is 1school for all.

No brownie points for guessing which of the 2 is againts SSS.

msleepyhead said...

@pala otak,

bantai tetap bantai. ingat nak bagi depa jalan keluar juga. saya dah cadang kat tuan admin sss supaya terus saman je pasai keputusan mahkhamah baru-baru ini dah tunjukkan yang Akta Bahasa Kebangsaan boleh diamati kalau hendak, kalau tak nak tu seribu satu dalih la.

Tapi tuan admin yang suruh rileks.. "Cadangan menggunakan saluran Mahkamah bagi menyelesaikan perkara ini mungkin nampak keras diperingkat ini. Biarlah kita teruskan usaha pujuk memujuk dan debat mendebat sehingga mendapat reaksi Kerajaan yang lebih jelas."

rasanya kalau nak tunggu kerajaan, agaknya kena tunggu lepas PRU. tak lama tu, ada orang kata dalam 2 tahun ni.

Anonymous said...

Salam KijangMas,

I wish all the best in this grand effort to unify our country.

I am tired of having meetings and having a group speaking chinese only excluding the Malays and Indians from their discussion.

They may no longer be PenDatangs; but they sure are PengAhSengs.


Unknown said...

In Singapore, problems affecting the Malays are considered "the Malay problem".

And the "successful" Malays are supposed to solve these problems affecting the less successful.

It is not deemed as the country's problems to be tackled and funded by the government of the day.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the definition of Alienation as:

Withdrawal or isolation from other people, rejection of the values of one's family or society.

It is indeed self-alienation when the Dong Zong and others want their children to attend schools where the attendance is usually not mixed. It is self-alienation when they reject the values of the Malaysian family or the Malaysian society.

That the vernacular schools are attended mainly by either Chinese or Indians only is an undisputable fact. That the values the education system tries to impart in national schools are Malaysian is also a non-arguable fact.

How can they argue against Bahasa Malaysia being the medium of instruction in all schools in the country? Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia has been pointed to them countless times.

How can they argue they have a right under that Article to have schools with Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction? The right spelt in there is only under the proviso that no one shall deny them the right to use and study their mother tongue languages. Indeed, nobody has denied or will deny them that right.

We also agree that, while Mandarin is not a mother tongue and is the official language of the People's Republic of China, it can be used and studied in this country. But what we are saying - and I believe the silent majority in this country agrees - is that Mandarin and Tamil cannot be the medium of instruction although they can be studied as elective subjects in schools all of which must have BM as the medium of instruction, the same curriculum and syllabus as the national schools.

I also agree that it is not the government’s business to seek consensus on matters of strategic national interest. It is strategic national interest when the foundation of the country might crumble as a result of non-action or non-resolution of this problem of three systems of education - SK, SJKC, SJKT.

There has been increasing racial polarisation in the country brought about by attitudes and a mentality developing from self-alienation, rejection of the values of our Malaysian society. These values are contained in the Constitution of the country. Non-respect for and non-abiding by the Constitution has brought about much of the racial polarisation.

Irrespective of whatever they say against those in authority or the policies that have been adopted since Merdeka, the fact remains that the Constitution must be respected and abided by. The Constitution is the foundation of any country. Without a Constitution a country cannot exist - only bands of people or a hotchpotch of human beings living under the laws of the jungle where the fittest survives, the others suffer miserably endlessly. We must protect the Constitution at all costs. When the well being of the Constitution is threatened, it certainly is not the business of the Government to seek consensus to act.

One such situation of threat on the Constitution, indeed on the peace and stability of the country, is the questioning of Article 153 pertaining to the Special Position of the Malays recently made by N. Kulasekaran, Vice-President of DAP as reported in Utusan Melayu. One NGO calling itself Badan Bertindak Penyatuan Ummah has reported the matter to the Police, calling the Home Minister to have him arrested and his citizenship withdrawn, threaten to bring supporters to confront the DAP VP in his office if no retraction of his statement or an apology is made within two weeks.

Article 153 is a sensitive matter and is protected under the Sedition Act. The Government certainly doesn't need consensus to act on this. The laws are very clear.

Likewise, the Government does not need consensus to act on the proposal for Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) which calls for the vernacular schools to be absorbed into the national education system, all schools use BM as the medium of instruction, the same curriculum and syllabus as the SK.


msleepyhead said...

Some readings to share:

1. Tai Kor Tai speaks again, cementing the protection and hoping to harvest the fruits come the next GE.

2. Found this from de minimis's blog. It is like a Malaysian-Chinese version of KM. The ideas and style of writing are obviously different, but the clarity of thought and ability to not hold back any punches are similar. Not the same, but similar. And I meant it as a compliment to Tuan KM.

Well, if the predictions are right, then it is only a matter of time (15-20 years) before the country automatically becomes a Malay dominant one.

Anonymous said...

There are several languages proven the control of the world economies. English, Japanese, Hindi? German, Chinese, Spanish? and not sure what else.

In US, its encouraged the student to take a 2nd language and for them, many took Spanish, french & now chinese.

For Chinese, its a bit chauvanistic of them because it is known as a language that influence the world civilization like Sankrits, Arabic, Latin.

As you know, before Malaya, people of this region write in Sankrits, it show how powerful this language about. And the word bumiputera is of Sanskrits origin. Later our country follow Arabic because Arabic become influental and later we follow the Romans using alphabets because it also gain prominence via spread of English colony. And our Bahasa is follow using Romans spelling.

Language is a cultural identity and it is very difficult to let go of an old identity to adopt a new one, especially not proven in commerce, science, philosophy etc. Because languages where people gain ideas, knowledge, history from.

To be fair, all the SJK follow the guideline establish by the ministry of education to conduct their teaching with only emphasis of using their own languages. Their result get the same accreditation from our education board and recognized. Later, these group of student can later merge into Secondary level and mix others.

Look at India, even with their mother tongue, 2nd in command language is English and they have to be proficient for opportunity due to history. Hindi is their main spoken by majority but they revert to English.

For Chinese, they have 1 billion people using the same style of written language and that is almost 1/5 of the world population. And they also going for English, Russian & Japanese as their 2nd mastery to conquer the world economy.

Malaysia, we also have to revert to English to survive in the world. For Chinese Malaysians or other etnic Malaysians, is that they are uniques because they learn more languages then others as we're melting pot of many different culture. For a typical chinese in Malaysia, commonly he/she knows Mandarin, Bahasa, English. The 3 Major language to survive and be competitve. They can be more expert in one or the other....but they ensure their marketability 1 Billion chinese market, 400million English market and 300 million Bahasa market. For English although natively there's around 400 million speakers but its huge influence in science & technology so access to these are guranteed as well.

Actually following 1 school shouldn't be a problem, but what are the criterias and how to handle can be long discussion to ensure we don't lose out.

msleepyhead said...

The internet is full of surprises, yesterday a Chinese Malaysian version of KM, today a Chinese Malaysian version of Dot, Aku and Maju combined.

May I present 'The Malaysian-Chinese Dilemma':

1. Prologue
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2a
4. Chapter 2b

Written by a doctor also trained in Singapore, a coincidence? The biggest surprise for me is the dates those were written.

Some quarters would label him a traitor or an apologist no less, depends on which side you are on as always.

antuTAIKOR said...

Najib the Ta Kut Tai

ALAHAI Najib ....."

Harapkan Najib? ummm Alahai...!!!

Cenderawasih said...

kua kia siong memang bijak membelit kenyataan.buku 13 mei beliau sudah cukup bagaimana Dr ini bijak memutar-belit dan membuang peristiwa penting yang lain.

dia juga gagal memahami tujuan sebenar SSS, kecemerlangan akademik buku matlamat utama SSS.beliau menulis dengan panjang semata-mata untuk menutup kepentingan perpaduan.

msleepyhead, link dalam komen terakhir tak berfungsi..

anon 4.43

"As you know, before Malaya, people of this region write in Sankrits, it show how powerful this language about.And ................................. it also gain prominence via spread of English colony. And our Bahasa is follow using Romans spelling."

anon, NO,people of this region never use sanskrit as we use english or BM today.Sanskrit only served religous purposes.people of ancient tanah melayu and sumatera use old malay. if you say heavily influenced by sanskrit, i would say yes.malays ADOPTED pali script and mostly used by royalties.NOT TALKING IN SANSKRIT.

what follow arabic??use arabic script yes, with additional script added.

anon 4.43 para 5.

so now BM is useless?SJK must continue?malays just a bunch of barbarian?malays use sanskrit to trampling across SEA?People of SEA are stupid, never heard of trading and commerce let alone philosophy?SEA people never build civilazation?

para 6,

SJK does follow ministry of eduacation guidlines, but M of E does't follow constitution. "later merge into Secondary level and mix others"??too late, look at this
this and
she has the chance to futher her study at UMT, and still vilified malays, look at her friend's reply..poor girl.she
apologize nevertheless, but damages already done.glaring example of racism she is,her friend too.

para 7,

india revert to english??you used wrong word to explained your point.still, they speaks in hindi, no?

para 8,

your point is "you must succumbed to China hegemony by discarding BM, let SJK flourish and bow to local chinese" right?if not,I am sorry.SSS asked Mandarin to be taught as selective subject, and kids from all races can learn it together.
para 9,

we can achieve that via SSS.if that happen all malaysian can speaks in three, economically better than only chinese can master 3 languages..or you have something else in your mind?I don't think typical chinese are good at BM and english.sorry.

yes, SSS is the best way for malaysian kids, not 3 aliran.

Alahai Najib said...


Cuba baca ni:-

Aku sangsilah dengan Najib ni, ye lah, 100 hari pemerintahannya orang Melayu merintih apabila Najib umumkan dasar liberalisasinya.

"PM:We are liberal on Chinese school"

Apa maksud liberal ni? Tendang org Melayu, dakap org China? Bila Prof Khoo bercakap pasal Sekolah Satu Aliran, ramai yg menyokong termsuk bloggers pembangkang. Tapi Najib? Nak juga sekolah China?

1Malaysia Najib got delayed.
"It is understood that the strongest objections came from Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Rais Yatim.


(Najib, kau turunlah dari kerusi UMNO, ganti Ong Tee Keat kat MCA pulak! heret si Nazri tu sama)

Aku tak turun ngundi. Tak tau mana satu parti Melayu aku nak pangkah!

AntuMALAYSIA said...

Saudara Cenderawsih,

Ong Siang Ying telah memohon maaf dengan mengemukakan alasan yang TIDAK JUJUR.

Tetapi sebelum itu, jangan kita terlepas pandang kepada SEEKOR BABI yang diberi nama LIANG CHUA yang berkeliaran di FB itu. BABI CHINA RASIS ini telah menulis malay pigs.

BABI RASIS LIANG CHUA ini patut dihumban kedlm tongkang dan dihanyutkan ke laut. BABI ini sememangnya PENDATANG HARAM di bumi ini.

Ong Siang Ying telah memberikan alasan berikut:-

"I would like to apologize abt wat Iv said. The dislike i meant b4 is NOT dat i dislike malay people. Jz bcz my Bahasa Melayu isnt good so feel difficult to communicate wif malay -- this is actually wat I dislike. All is my fault. My Malay is not good.

Being an UMT student, having lived 20 years in Malaysia, she gave the excuse of "my Bahasa Melayu isn't good..


1. How did you pass Bahasa Malaysia in UPSR? PMR? SPM? Were you product of SRJK (C) which has different BM syllabus?

2. How did you get a place in UMT then? Your Bahasa Melayu isn't good?

3. Are you a Malaysia or a PENDATANG HARAM? 20 years living in Malaysia, you still not fluent with Bahasa Kebangsaan?

One consoling act by Ong Siang Ying was that, she realised her stupid mistake and take effort to correct the situation, but she blundered by making that "my Bahasa Melayu is no good" excuse.

She was being RACIST and got heated up by her RACIST ATTITUDE and started to try to cool things down. She is a little bit better than the RACIST PIG LIANG CHUA.

AntuMALAYSIA said...

continuing the comment on Ong Siang Ying and RACIST PIG NAMED LIANG CHUA, above I would like to touch a bit on the link provided by Saudara Alahai Najib above:-

PM:We are liberal on Chinese school"

Quoting what Najib said:-

“When we learn the languages of other races, we learn more about each other. Only when we respect and honour one another can we become true Malaysians who support the 1Malaysia concept.”


the ALASAN TIDAK JUJUR Ong Siang Ying (I dont know Bahasa Melayu):-

I say:-

Najib's 1Malaysia is ONE-WAY road to China! Najib got the cheek to ask Malaysians to learn Mandarin. What about his chinese rakyat who dont even know Bahasa Kebangsaan?

Najib is more chinese than a chinese!!!

Eloklah saranan Saudara Alahai Najib supaya Najib keluar dari UMNO dan ganti Ong Tee Keat sebagai Presiden MCA.

Parti politik untuk Orang Melayu yang merestui penubuhan Malaysia hanyalah satu-satunya UMNO asal (bukan KJ & the gang). Tidak wajar ianya diterajui oleh orang China yang bernama Najib.

Gerakan, MCA, DAP adalah parti-parti politik yg memperjuangkan kemahuan orang-orang china? Tidak RACIST ke ini? Kenapa UMNO saja yang RACIST?

Parti Ultra Melayu yang bertopengkan AGAMA, yakni PAS.. tidak RACIST ke parti ini? Kasi "take beer" sikit habis semuanya tunggang langgang, tercabut semua serban & jubah, depan belakang semua tibai, seks bebas dgn laki org pun kira orait. Tak layak pakai nama Melayu si lembu-lembu dungu ini!

PKR? Alahai.. kuasa sama "hobi" masuk pintu belakang yang dibutuhinya.. lagi ranaplah Malaysia ini dgn gay-gay semua tibai..

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Kijang Mas,

Baca kenyataan RACIST dari seorang China Pendatang yang bernama Lim Guan Eng.

Mana Melayu-Melayu TONGONG yang masuk parti DAP dan menyokong DAP? Mana Melayu-Melayu BENGONG PAS? Mana Melayu-Melayu PKR yang gila kuasa? Mana Melayu-Melayu yang masih tidur?

Sila baca kenyataan Orang China Lim Guan Eng ini.

"Semenanjung Tanah Melayu akan kembali"

Semerah Padi

Semerah Padi said...

Sdr Kijang Mas & Pembaca sekelian,

Harap Maaf. Ini agak panjang.

DS Najib dan Hishamuddin, kemana kamu menyepi selama ini ?!

Baca "copy-paste" ini.

(Bahagian 1)

Daulat Tuanku
Dr Novandri Hasan Basri

Di sini penulis sertakan salinan penuh kenyataan akhbar khas berkenaan yang dikeluarkan oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja, Engku Tan Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah pada 16hb Oktober 2008.

Secara peribadi, kenyataan tersebut amat perlu untuk memperbetulkan kembali persepsi rakyat Malaysia terhadap hala tuju dan pegangan asas yang mesti diikuti di dalam negara majmuk ini.

Tindakan sesetengah oportunis yang memperalatkan serta memperbesar-besarkan sentimen perkauman merupakan satu usaha yang tidak patut disokong sama sekali.

Yang dipertuan Agung dan Raja-raja Melayu telah bertitah dan sepatutnya selepas ini, sudah tidak ada suara-suara sumbang kedengaran lagi.

Ikutilah :-

“Kenyataan Akhbar Yang Dikeluarkan Oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Mengenai Peranan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Duli-duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-raja Melayu berhubung dengan hak-hak keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan atau kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, agama Islam, Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain mengikut Perlembagan Persekutuan.

“Raja-raja Melayu yang menghadiri Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja telah berunding mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar khas bersama pada hari ini.

“Raja-raja Melayu mempunyai peranan perlembagaan untuk melindungi keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, melindungi Agama Islam, bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia.

Semerah Padi said...

(Bahagian 2)

“Tindakan pihak-pihak tertentu mempertikai dan mempersoalkan perkara-perkara tersebut yang menjadi asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia dan termasuk dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah menimbulkan kegusaran dan keresahan di kalangan rakyat.

Sebagai tindakbalas, beberapa pihak terutama pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu sama ada yang berada dalam kerajaan atau pertubuhan bukan kerajaan dan orang perseorangan telah menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati dan marah terhadap pihak yang membuat kenyataan dan laporan dan menganjurkan forum-forum berkenaan.

“Antara sebab-sebab yang dikenalpasti berlakunya perkara ini ialah kedangkalan pengetahuan pihak berkenaan terhadap latar belakang sejarah mengapa peruntukan-peruntukan tersebut dimaktubkan dalam Perlembangaan Persekutuan dan pengaruh prinsip-prinsip kesaksamaan dan keadilan yang cuba diimplikasikan di negara ini tanpa berjunjungkan latar belakang sejarah dan keadaan sosial negara ini."

"Kepentingan politik sempit juga merupakan penyebab berlakunya perkara ini."

“Gejala ini jika tidak ditangani dengan segera boleh menyebabkan negara terjebak dalam kancah perpecahan dan persengketaan antara kaum yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian dan keamanan yang selama ini telah membawa kemajuan, pembangunan dan kejayaan kepada negara.

“Justeru, adalah perlu Majlis Raja-Raja menegaskan dan memperingatkan semua pihak tentang peruntukan-peruntukan perlembagaan tersebut di samping memberi penekanan tentang jaminan perlindungan hak-hak sah kaum lain."

"Perlu ditegaskan bahawa setiap peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah melalui proses perbincangan, pertimbangan, konsultansi, pengorbanan dan sifat tolak ansur yang sangat tinggi nilainya bagi apa yang telah diperjuangkan, diperbincangkan, dipertimbangkan, dimanfaatkan serta dipersetujui oleh semua pihak yang terlibat, sehingga wujudnya peruntukan-peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang dikenali sebagai Kontrak Sosial.

"Kontrak Sosial ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar memperingatkan supaya isu berkaitan Kontrak Sosial tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar.

“Sesungguhnya, angkatan pemimpin di era prakemerdekaan, berfikiran dalam - berpandangan jauh. Raja-raja Melayu telah dibawa bersama semasa rundingan menuntut kemerdekaan. Institusi raja dikekalkan dan dimaktubkan secara perundangan dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia Merdeka."

Semerah Padi said...


"Institusi raja diberikan kemuliaan, ditempatkan di puncak kerajaan, sebagai Ketua Negara dan Ketua Negeri, laksana payung pelindung, menjamin berlakunya kesaksamaan di kalangan warga.

Institusi raja berperanan sebagai faktor penyemak dan pengimbang, untuk merungkai sebarang kekusutan, sekiranya berlaku."

“Raja-raja Melayu juga membuat seruan kepada orang Melayu supaya bersatu-padu untuk mempertahankan keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, melindungi agama Islam, bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan."

"Penekanan juga perlu dibuat bahawa agenda ini adalah lebih penting dan utama dari kepentingan politik atau kelompok."

“Kaum bukan Melayu tidak perlu merasa khuatir dan bimbang tentang hak-hak sah mereka kerana hak-hak tersebut telah dijamin mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan peruntukan-peruntukan yang terkandung dalam Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri-negeri di Malaysia yang termaktub dalam Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

“Adalah diharapkan dengan penegasan tersebut, segala kekeliruan berhubung dengan perkara ini di kalangan rakyat jelata dapat dibendung dan suatu suasana yang harmoni, aman dan sikap saling hormat menghormati di kalangan rakyat dapat terus diwujudkan demi menjaga ketenteraman negara.”


1. Pejabat Urusetia & Pertanyaan- Tel :03-2142 4947 Fax:03-2142 2080

2. Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja- Engku Tan Sri Dato Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah- Pejabat:03-2148 1418 Fax:03-2148 5330

3. Penolong Setiausaha Majlis Raja-Raja- Sabtu Awab Dato- Pejabat:03-2148 5325

Semerah Padi said...


Hormati Penduduk Asal Nusantara
Utusan Malaysia

SEJARAH tidak dapat diubah sewenang-wenangnya. Oleh sebab itu, asalusul setiap kaum di negara ini mesti sentiasa jelas difahami oleh segenap lapisan masyarakat tidak terkecuali kalangan ahli politik.

Namun, apa yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya. Apa sahaja berkaitan orang Melayu termasuklah kedudukan mereka sebagai penduduk asal negara ini pun kerap benar dicabar dan dipersoalkan.

Hakikatnya, bagi Prof. Madya Datuk Zainal Abidin Borhan, orang Melayu bukanlah pendatang memandangkan Malaysia sendiri adalah sebahagian daripada lingkungan Nusantara yang merupakan wilayah kebudayaan Melayu. (Utusan Malaysia, 14 Oktober 2008)

Oleh hal demikian, kenyataan 'buta' sejarah hanya mengguris hati dan perasaan masyarakat Melayu. Malah, seakan-akan mahu memadam konsep Dunia Melayu yang telah lama digunakan dalam kerangka epistemologi antropologi oleh sarjana antarabangsa.

Sebelum kedatangan penjajah serta wujudnya sempadan geopolitik seperti hari ini, seluruh rantau Nusantara ini dihuni dan dimiliki oleh orang Melayu secara total.

Wilayah gugusan kepulauan Melayu (The Malay Archipelago) yang diduduki oleh rumpun bangsa Melayu ini sebenarnya mempunyai banyak persamaan dan memiliki ciri keperibadiannya tersendiri dari segi asal-usul, bahasa, adat istiadat, sastera dan budaya.

Ini semua berbeza benar dengan ciri-ciri budaya orang lain yang diwarisi dari China dan India hari ini.

Menurut Wan Hashim Wan Teh (1991), sejak awal kurun Masihi lagi orang Melayu sudah memiliki sistem pemerintahan tersendiri bermula dari Kerajaan Campa (kini Kemboja) dan Funan (selatan Vietnam) sehinggalah ke Langkasuka, Sriwijaya, Pasai, Temasik, Melaka, Johor-Riau dan Acheh.


Sekitar awal abad ke-16 pula, Tome Pires dalam bukunya Suma Oriental juga sudah menyebut tentang pemerintahan raja-raja Melayu Langkasuka dan Pattani.

Kini, dunia Melayu merangkumi Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapura, Kemboja serta wilayah selatan Siam dan selatan Filipina.

Malahan menurut sarjana Guillermo Q. Roman dalam kertas kerjanya yang dibentangkan di Seminar Dunia Melayu Ketiga pada 1988 menyifatkan rakyat Filipina bukan sahaja mempunyai hubungan dengan dunia Melayu bahkan sebahagian daripada dunia Melayu itu sendiri.

Tokoh kebanggaan Filipina iaitu Jose Rizal itu sendiri pun merupakan orang Melayu.

Begitu banyak bukti dan kajian terperinci daripada pelbagai sudut yang membuktikan orang Melayu adalah penduduk asal wilayah Nusantara ini.

Sebaliknya, tidak pula ditemui kajian konkrit oleh para sarjana terdahulu mengatakan bahawa orang Melayu adalah golongan pendatang sama seperti kaum Cina dan India.

Apa pun alasannya, para pemimpin terutamanya bukan Melayu perlu lebih halus budi pekertinya, tidak menyinggung perasaan, peka dan menghormati sensitiviti orang Melayu.

Mereka perlu 'belajar' untuk tidak bersikap kurang ajar seperti mana desakan mereka agar orang Melayu menghormati kedudukan mereka sebagai rakyat negara ini.

Mengapa apabila orang Melayu bercakap isu kaum kita dianggap sebagai perkauman sedangkan sekiranya orang lain bercakap hal yang sama tidak pula dianggap begitu? (klik di sini)

Sukar benarkah untuk memahami perasaan orang Melayu dengan sedia bertolak ansur dan saling menghormati?

Oleh itu, para pemimpin bukan Melayu diseru agar berfikir terlebih dahulu sebelum melontarkan kata-kata.

Paling penting, mereka juga harus memahami dan menghargai kebudayaan orang Melayu sebagai penduduk asal dan pentakrif jati diri negara bangsa ini, bukannya diremehkan sesuka hati.

Kenn said...

Dear Sir,


"Saya berharap semua ahli DAP berhati-hati dalam menjalankan gerakan kita. Kita semakin hampir dan DS Anwar Ibrahim tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa. Ingat, gerakan kita adalah untuk anak bangsa kita yang selalu dikeji oleh Melayu. Ayuh, bangsa Cina, kuasai dan rebut apa yang Melayu tidak mampu. Jangan kita terhutang budi dengan Melayu...."


msleepyhead said...

Terima kasih Cenderawasih.

Cuba lagi, Dilema Orang Cina Malaysia:

1. Prologue
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2a
4. Chapter 2b

Sekiranya pautan di atas masih gagal:

Setuju dengan balasan kamu kepada anon 4.43. Saya susah nak faham apa yang dia nak kata sebenarnya, tapi kalau isu asal-usul bahasa di rantau ini, rasanya dia main taruh saja tanpa kajiselidik terlebih dahulu.

Tambahan pula saya malas nak balas kepada anon yang tak bernama.

Salam Awal Muharram dan Selamat Hujung Minggu.

Anonymous said...

Saya reda sedikit pemikiran bila membaca komen yang ditulis Antu Taikor, Cenderawasih dan Alahai Najib di atas ini.

Saya fikir sudah sampai masanya Najib dikritik dengan hebat. Malahan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO diminta buat sesuatu untuk memesongkan 1Malaysia dari hala melebihkan kepentingan kaum Cina. Sehinggakan dia berhemah ramah disekolah Cina masakan Budget hampir ditendang diParlimen. Fikirkanlah, salepas "distress calls", menang hanya dengan 3 undi. Nampaknya, diParlimen pun imejnya sudah terjejas. Tidak dapat menguasai dan mendisplinkan Wakil Rakyat BN. 1/3 sahaja yang mempedulikan Budgetnya dan datang mengundi. Sungguh haprak.

Dia Presiden UMNO, pemimpin orang Melayu. Dia liberalisasikan ekonomi, liberalisasikan sistem pelajaran. Nampaknya kaum Cina yang meraih faedah dari liberalisasi ekonominya. DEB nampaknya diketepikannya. Ekuinas yang disebutnya tak tahu kemana. Omar Ong disumbatnya kedalam Petronas, walau pun salepas di heret keMahkamah kerana tidak memenuhi tanggung jawab pinjaman pelajarannya. Jangan pulak Hassan Merican mahu dikeluarkannya.

Liberalisasi sistem pelajarannya nyata menyenangkan hati orang Cina. Bergelora mereka sekarang dengan Najib mengatakan Sekolah Cina boleh diteruskan. Bukan sahaja sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah juga. Dia siang dan malam dijunjung diSekolah Menengah Cina yang dilawatinya itu. Malam bermakan malam sehingga Budgetnya nyaris telungkup. Apa ini?

Sekolah Satu Aliran sudah ditimbulkan diParlimen dan dibincang. Dia kata rakyat boleh keluarkan pendapat dan cadangan kedalam blognya 1Malaysia. Dia kata boleh dilaksanakan jika rakyat mahu. Sekarang dia umumkan kebenaran meneruskan sistem sekolah Cina. Apa dia sudah buat keputusan rakyat tidak mahu Satu Aliran? Apa tidak ada rakyat memberi pandangan dan mencadangkan Satu Aliran dan Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua diblog 1Malaysia? Mustahil.

Mengapa dia begitu angkuh sekali dengan mengenepikan pandangan begitu ramai rakyat yang mahukan SSS? Mesti lebih ramai dari yang mahukan sekolah vernakular. Kalau ikut peratus rakyat sahaja pun, mereka hanya 30%.

Mengapa dia begitu angkuh sekali sehingga mengenepikan Artikel 152 Perlembagaan? Sistem yang ada sejak 52 tahun yang lalu tidak semestinya betul. Berbagai hujah telah dikeluarkan disana sini berkenaan perlunya, logiknya dan seimbangnya dengan Perlembagaan konsep Satu Aliran atau SSS ini.

Dia juga angkuh dengan menyimpan Nazri didalam Kabinetnya. Berbagai kejian telah juga dikeluarkan terhadap Nazri dan terhadapnya menyimpan Nazri. Nazri kurang ajar kapada Tun Dr Mahathir, menggunakan kata-kata begitu kesat terhadap sa-orang bekas pemimpin yang banyak jasanya kapada negara. Kata-kata dan tindakan Nazri menyebabkan pihak pembangkang bertepuk tangan. Di Parlimen dua hari lalu pembangkang nyaris lagi menang.

Tidak malukah Najib? Tidak sedarkah dia ramai Melayu sudah marah? Najib nampaknya menyokong mereka yang mahu meng"alienise"kan diri mereka sendiri. Lapan bulan memegang kuasa sekarang semangkin nyata pendirian dan pemikirannya. Kita mesti kejikan pendirian dan tindakannya itu dengan hebat. Kalau dia angkuh dan tidak hiraukan kejian itu, kita minta Majlis Tertinggi UMNO mengambil tidakan. Hak dan kepentingan kaum lain dinaikkannya dan sebaliknya hak dan kepentingan Melayu merosot.


Antu Seruan Nusantara said...

Saudara-saudara ku!

Marilah kita jadikan Ma'al Hijrah ini sebagai bibit bibit penyatuan semula orang orang Melayu.

Saudara-saudara kita yang tidak berparti, atau berparti bebas, yang dalam UMNO, yang dalam PAS dan yang dalam PKR.. di mana jua.. marilah kita bersama-sama membimbing saudara-saudara Melayu yang terkeliru sehingga telah menjadi ahli DAP, saudara-saudara kita yang telah termakan pujuk rayu tipu helah Malaysian Malaysia, yang berselindung di sebalik meritokrasi dan berbagai helah itu..

Ingatlah, secara politiknya kita hanya ada UMNO dan PAS yang tidak bertegur sapa..

Secara politiknya puak-puak pelampau mereka sudah diam-diam bekerjasama. Mereka ada DAP, Gerakan, MCA, Gabungan 7 persatuan yang amat kiasu..

BANGKITLAH MELAYU.. bersama-sama keturunan cina, india dan lain-lain yang cintakan negara ini.. Bangkitlah.. kita lenyapkan golongan ultra kiasu yang sedang merancang untuk menerajui negara ini..

Anonymous said...


You asked a very relevant question – Why so susah one?

One reason is that they are bent on promoting their own selfish interest that contradicts the national interest. It contradicts Article 152 of the Constitution and the interest of a united and peaceful nation.

They even go to the extent of trying to re-write history, of writing accounts of what happened in the past according to what will serve their selfish interest. In blogoshpere, in newspapers, magazines and journals. And of course, in the ever-changing Wikipedia that can be edited by practically anybody, anytime. Yet we see Wikepedia is frequently quoted here and elsewhere.

Reliance on Wikepedia, “the free encyclopedia”, can be misleading, even dangerous. Wikepedia itself periodically indicates the questionable reliability of the articles submitted. On one article regarding Overseas Chinese in March 2009, Wikipedia states very clearly
“This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. You can help. The discussion page may contain suggestions. (March 2009)”

On another article concerning the Kapitan China in Larut, written in December 2007, Wikipedia pointed out the following
“This article's tone or style may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. Specific concerns may be found on the talk page. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. (December 2007)”

The danger is that when people quote Wikipedia when writing their comments, the kind of caution stated above is not stated and readers may take whatever is stated in Wikipedia as gospel truth or the correct, established history. Your readers must be cautioned on these.

Yet these people even dare to write the history of the country. That which academicians, researchers and those specifically qualified in the study of history take years to write, these people may be writing them in a matter of weeks. Or even days! It’s called the”re-writing of history”. A very dangerous trend. Adolf Hitler tried that prior to World War II. He sent people to parts of Mongolia to trace the origin of the Aryan race and project it’s so-called “purity” to the outside world. And the whole world knows where it led to – the extermination of Jews in Germany.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Because some people want to promote their selfish interests, often we find articles submitted to Wikipedia that are biased, containing opinions rather than pure facts, opinions that project their selfish interests. The following are examples:

This fellow began his “history of the Larut Wars” by saying

“Larut War was a series of four wars started in July 1861 and ended with the signing of the Pangkor Treaty of 1874. The conflict was fought among local Malay chieftains and Chinese secret societies over the control of mining areas in Perak.”

Look at the second sentence. Saying the Malay Chiefs fought the Chinese secret societies. Yet immediately below it the fellow wrote:
[edit] First war (1861-1862)
The First Larut War began in July 1861 when arguments over control of watercourse to their mines escalated and led members of the Hai San Society to drive the members of the Ghee Hin society out of Klian Bahru (now known as Kamunting). The Governor of Straits Settlements, Colonel Cavenagh intervened and the Mentri of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim, was made to compensate the Ghee Hin with $17,447 on behalf of the Sultan of Perak.

[edit] Second war (1865)
The Second Larut War took place in 1865 and was sparked off by a gambling quarrel in June of that year between members of the two opposing secret societies. The Hai San members took 14 Ghee Hin as prisoners, 13 of whom were killed. The 14th escaped to inform his clan and the Ghee Hin retaliated by attacking a Hai San village, razing it to the ground and killing 40 men in the process. The battle continued back and forth and spread to Province Wellesley and the island of Penang while other secret societies started to join the fray. Both sides were later exhausted and finally decided to come to terms. An official inquiry took place and both the Hai San and Ghee Hin societies were fined $5,000 each for violating the peace of Penang and their leaders, banished.

The above two paragraphs show that the conflict was fought between the Hai San and the Ghee Hin secret societies and gangsters. These are clear examples of the dangerous line this fellow tries to poject in the introductory paragraph, which readers usually take as the theme of any writing. Saying the Malay Chiefs were responsible in the Larut Wars. The very Malay Chiefs who brought the Chinese from Penang to mine tin and develop their land in Perak, making many of them wealthy. In the very introduction of his “history of the Larut Wars”.

Imagine saying “The conflict was fought among local Malay chieftains and Chinese secret societies over the control of mining areas in Perak.” When the next paragraphs show otherwise. How misleading he can be, how incorrect he is. How self-serving he can be to his or his group’s interest. How irritating it can be to Malays. How ungrateful they were in 1861 and how ungrateful they still are as reflected in this writing. Terrible.

Folks, do be cautioned and be aware of the nature of Wikipedia writings and of the questionable reliability of Wikipedia. Especially when people quote or provide links to Wikipedia. Even on non-controversial matters. Especially now when racial polarisation is on the increase. And when people take a “so susah" stand on important issues.


Tam Dalyell said...

Dinturtle tinggalkan komen ini:

Ur take on the Dap strategy is very much possible to happen come PRU. Malah baru ni sewaktu undi bajet yang dikatakan BN hampir tumbang... bayangkan jika ia terjadi..... Melayu masih teraba2 hala tujuan, sibuk berpolitik, sibuk mempertikai siapa lebih Islam sedangkan Dap walaupun belum bersedia menjadi govt of the day, mereka lebih tersusun dan berdisiplin, dan yang lebih menakutkan mereka lebih licik.

One way or another, jika tidak ada perubahan drastik dalam senario politik negara, kemungkinan Dap berkuasa secara direct maupun secara proxy amatlah besar. Dan dalam kita memperkatakan apakah yang bakal terjadi selepas itu, ada baiknya kita cuba realistik, sedikit demi sedikit kita cuba gambarkan langkah2 yang bakal Dap lakukan. Kalau main perang2 ni walaupun ia tidak mustahil tapi agak ekstrem dan the whole thing would be taken as a joke.

Dap walaupun satu species dengan orang seberang, they would rather be the 'owner' of their own country rather than be charity to spore. And no point in winning a spoilt and unproductive country. They would built a 'better' and 'richer' Malaysia, very merit based approach to everything, everything so democratic. No more protection whatsoever. A role model of a democratic country !

Because in doing so, they have ALL to gain ! Everything would be done under the guise of equitability, fairness regardless of race and PAS could not refuse because those are the values of Islam that they've been promoting all these years (without taking other factors into account which gave birth to all the affirmative actions/DEB)

Slowly but surely, Dap would literally take over the country, power and soil !

My point is, the 'blueprint' must be as real as possible. Then we can all be in solitary and imagine the REAL threat thats facing us. Kalau ada pro Pas yang baca, pleasela, jangan kata Allah akan jaga umatNYA. Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib satu kaum kecuali mereka mengubahnya sendiri ! Ingat Bosnia? Itu dah ekstrem, tengok Singapura dah... rasa2 setelah beberapa lama Dap berkuasa, agak2 Pas ada lagi tak ? Mungkin ada, tapi ditumpukan pada kampung2 Melayu dan bilangan kerusi yang mewakili kampung2 tersebut tidak akan membawa sebarang makna di Parlimen.

Tam Dalyell said...

Lagi satu dari Dinturtle

1- against Raja2 - yes, mereka tidak merasa apa2 pun akan fungsi raja2, hormat mereka hanya luaran. Raja hanya berguna bila nak dapat title Datuk, Tapi mereka sedar Melayu sensitif bila sebut Raja makanya mereka - oklah, takde hal, nak hormat pun . bukan rugi apapun. Tapi bila kuasa Raja tiba2 menempelak mereka semasa kes Perak, mula2 mereka melatah ( waktu melatah inilah mereka menunjukkan diri sebenar mereka ) kemudian cool down, sedar mereka tidak ada gunanya aggresive jika tidak mendatangkan hasil. Tapi perasaan tidak puas hati terhadap institusi Raja2 sudah mula membengkak dalam hati. Makanya sekali sekala mereka test water juga. Tapi untuk menghapuskan institusi Raja2, mereka akan bersabar. Sehingga mereka telah yakin Melayu dalam tangan, barulah mereka akan bertindak. Risiko terlalu tinggi sekiranya Melayu memberontak. All their strategies are within the law, to be defended by their legion of lawyers. Jika Melayu memberontak atau mengamuk, pastinya tidak akan mengikut undang2 ! Mereka akan amat berhati2 dalam hal ini.

2- 'use that power to oppress'... yes and no. Oppress agak keras bunyinya tapi oppress they would but secara halus. They would control the economy and politics. Mereka akan menentukan hala tuju negara dan bagaimana mentadbirnya. Pada mata kasar atau pada orang luar, apa yang mereka hajati itu adalah demokrasi sebenar yang harus dicontohi dan dipertahankan. Disini mungkin campurtangan asing akan masuk - bukan untuk mengambil alih tapi menjaga keamanan status quo tika itu. kerana waktu itu pelaburan asing akan masuk dengan banyak sebagai sebahagian strategi Dap. Demi kekayaan dan pembangunan negara DAN keselamatan kerana negara2 pelabur akan 'memastikan' pelaburan mereka yang banyak dinegara kita terjamin. Dengan itu, Dap akan punya 'sahabat' yang akan campurtangan sekiranya kedudukan mereka tergugat.

3- seperti saya katakan dalam komen terdahulu, tidak ada gunanya mereka mengambil alih negara yang kacau bilau. They are 'peace loving people', they just want everything to be FAIR. Tidak ada kelebihan pada mana2 kaum. Itu saja - true democracy ! Semuanya terpulang pada merit. Masalahnya jika itu keadaannya, Melayu akan ketinggalan. Ada sesiapa yang berani katakan Melayu mampu bersaing malah akan meningkatkan lagi % ekuiti sekiranya tidak ada lagi perlindungan ?

4- Semuanya mengikut undang2 ! Tidak ada kapal perang atau jet atau bunyi tembakan meriam malah tidak akan kedengaran walau satu das tembakan pistol pun. Melayu yang bersekongkol dengan mereka, pada mulanya akan bersorak gembira meraikan kemenangan. Malah segala perubahan2 yang bakal dilakukan Dap juga akan mereka sokong kerana waktu itu semuanya kelihatan adil, untuk semua tanpa mengira kaum. Seperti sekarang , apakah pemimpin merasa kepayahan yang terpaksa dilalui rakyat dalam mengharungi kehidupan harian ?
Makanya, tika perubahan2 itu dilakukan, pemimpin2 Melayu yang bersama mereka tidak akan sedar keterlanjuran mereka sehingga sudah terlambat. Kerana segalanya mengikut prosedur undang2 !

5- Setelah berkuasa, mereka akan memastikan kuasa mereka tidak tergugat. Bagaimana mereka lakukan ? Pastinya mengikut resepi yang telah terbukti berjaya di Singapura. Ya, Singapura akan menguasai Malaysia tapi bukan dalam bentuk menjajah tapi dalam bentuk cara pemerintahan yang sama.

Segalanya yang saya tulis diatas amat berkemungkinan terjadi dan amat menakutkan. Ia pernah terjadi diSingapura dan tidak mustahil berulang di negara kita. Tika itu Melayu sudah layu dan tidak mampu berbuat apa2 kecuali memberontak... malangnya untuk memberontak pun sudah terlambat kerana ruang untuk memberontak pun akan mereka tutup. Seperti saya yang cuba menggambarkan apa yang bakal terjadi, mereka juga akan menggambarkan apakah reaksi Melayu terhadap setiap langkah yang bakal mereka lakukan. Ini bukan lagi zaman keris atau lembing dimana kekuatan fizikal mengalahkan yang lemah.

Maaf Tuan Dal, panjang sangat. Tulah, yang pergi tulis benda yang sensitif pada saya ni kenapa ?

Tam Dalyell said...

Salam Ku Kijangmas;

Minta izin. I also would like to ask as sdr Shamsul Yunus.

I ask PAS, what good has DAP done for our Tanah Tumpah Darah and orang Melayu amnya sehingga PAS lupa bangsa dan agama sendiri? Apa sumbangan DAP kepada Tanah Melayu. Kepada Melayu?

What good has Communist DAP done khasnya untuk PAS and Islam sehingga bersekongkol syaitan pun dibolehkan.

Orang PAS, yang ulama' dan awam, sila senaraikan supaya kami minat ikut DAP.

satD said...

Salam Bro KijangMas and DN

Nice post! Sori banget nih baru bisa mampir k DN sibuk trus...

the Bold Anon welcome back...lame tak nampak... i tot u went italics n got lost in large capland...

bro KijangMas this Susah is becoming very universal now especially among the tarak telur politicians and policy makers...

msleepyhead said...

KM, Dot, Aku, Maju, anyone..

What is your take on the TUDM scandal and the bigger question on how to curb corruption and abuse of power in the civil service?

This is not a racist issue but certainly one of circumstances and people put in power despite knowing they are not of good character.

Auditor General's report have been saying the same thing year in and out.

One would have thought that with the Special Positions, NEP, and other policies helping to alleviate poverty, civil servants who are already doing well for themselves in top tier or middle management positions would not need to plunder the country's resources by going for the easy cash which they are entrusted with.

In the past corruption has been associated with the Chinese towkays bribing their way to grease deals or get away with things, but now it seems to have spread through the entire country and we are joining our neighbours Thai and Indonesia in making it a norm. Luckily we still do not need to bribe our way through simple procedures like getting our passports done or renewing our driver's license, though getting car registrations and passing the driving test is a still a shady deal as some of us would have experienced it.

Anonymous said...


A bit of a rush but here goes:

1. No other way but to get the Police go thru their investigation fully. The culprits must be treated like the Al Maunah weapons theft years back because the fighter jet engine is also part of a weapon. Though less severe than the attempt to rise against the YDP Agong i.e treason, it must meet the weapons theft level of severity.

2. This is not abuse of power per se. It is plain and simple common criminal act plus the severity in that it involves weapons.

3. I hope DSN will pursue corruption in the civil service as vigorously (subject to interpretation here) as done on money politics. He deserves credit in showing some will power in instituting changes to UMNO election procedures. More needs be done. The setting up of the IPCMC that was recommended by the Police Commission of Enquiry under flip-flopping and sleepy Abdullah Badawi's time needs to be looked into.

4. There have been traitors in the Armed Forces of all countries since time immemorial in history. One disgruntled Chinese General in charge of the defences of north-eastern China a few hundred years ago practically opened the Great Wall gates that allowed the Manchurian invaders to literally walk in wihtout much opposition. It became recorded in history as the Manchus having conquered northern China by walking in and southern China (later) by force. The then foreign power, the Manchus, ruled China for a few hundred years until early 20th Century.

No excuse for Malaysian Armed Forces to have treacherous blokes in their midst. The Armed Forces Council, their Discipline and Promotions Board must comprise people of unquestionable integrity. Kick their bloody asses with rifle butts or what have you, irrespective of whther a General of a miserable buksy private if their honesty and loyalty to King and Country becomes doubtful at any time. This goes for disloyal civilians who do not respect the Constitution, too.

The politicians sent to be Defence Ministers should also be in the firing range if there is proof of cover up. Problem is very difficult to get proof. More so noe, maybe because 6 years under no-direction, "Fourth Floor Boys'" mismanagement of the country have really weakened the entire moral fabric of Malaysian society. We need to keep on hitting at corruption, utter disregard of Auditor General's reports and comments. Take out the specifics and hit them. No two-way about corrupt practices in the country.


Continued in Part 2

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Plundering is not exclusively limited to only Malays with NEP benefits. Chinese history would tell you that in China bribery and corruption was rife even over 2,000years ago. It still is rife now despite the very severe penalty of death, the rigid and dogmatic communist system of doing things. China has become capitalistic in recent decades and corruptiojn has not abated. The firing squad is never free there.

Corruption knows no racial barriers. But the fact remains that, according to historical records, the Chinese had been at it for over 2,000 years. All Chinese knew that they can get what they want if they bribe the eunuchs, the Consort families, the Provincial or Municipal Officials with gold - for a long period of time, they accpeted nothing other than gold as the consideration. It became a way of life. Even the Chinese who ran away, including those who came to Penang, Perak, etc in the 1860s knew corruption as a way to getting what they want. Now the Malays have joined in the foray, as evidenced by money politics in UMNO, the Immigration Director General arrested with big cash in his pockets and in his houes. Also former Inspector General of Police, Tun Hanif Omar, saying in his newspaper column in 2008 that, according to a Director of the then ACA, about 40% of the officers in the Federal Police Headquarters could be arrested just on grounds of living beyond their means alone.

There is a new man as the Chief Commissioner of MACC now. Of course DAP and anti-national elements, who have put blame on MACC regarding Teoh Beng Hock's death even before the Police fully launched their investigation, would continue to discredit and try to weaken people' faith in the organisation. But we as responsible citizens must do our bit by trying to shit the anti-nationals down and help the MACC and the the 60% good Police officers to hit hard and rid the country of the corruption scourge.

Like prostitution, you can never rid it totally. But like hell we must do the utmost.


Antu Jet-Ski said...

1. It happened some time back (2007?).

2. The Army/TUDM was (and still is) doing something, not just kept quiet, sit back and relax.

3. The public did not know then. Some argued, should all the Army/TUDM's details be made public? What if all the jets really do not have any engines inside and the enemies came to know this when it was made public? All in the name of transparency?

4. Again, some argued why the "hush-hush"?

5. The hands at work - Who first made it public? NST? Who first wrote the news piece? Who are the people behind the news and also the scandal? Who is (or was) the Chief Army, The Minister, and the rest?

6. The timing - Why now, why not then? why not wait a couple of weeks, months or years later?

7. The story - RM50 million each, thus RM100 million for the 2 engines? How much is the cost of the jet proper, each? Did the engines left the place or only its papers? The Auditor failed to pickup these in their annual review?

Nevertheless, the sense of security of this country has somewhat being breached. Does it help to further breach it with selfish agenda? Let the authorities get all the people behind the scandal, whoever they are. Trust must be placed first and see the results afterward. Do not condemn the Army blindlessly like some people condemning the PDRM.

msleepyhead said...

Thanks for your detailed reply Aku.

The Chinese is notorious for corruption and their antics are legendary. This is part and parcel of their culture as you mentioned, recorded at least two millennia back. As long as it's money making they are willing to do anything, let's not forget gambling along with prostitution as legalized Down South. They have no regards even to their own kind like the melamine milk poisoning not too long ago.

What's a little corruption for people who're willing to chop off their pee-pees just to get a chance at official position, to get ahead in life. Migrating and sneaking into foreign lands to work as cheap coolies even.

Though I wonder if it contributes to their renowned entrepreneurial skills and drive, I personally doubt so.

Anyhow, coming back to our tanahair circa 2009~10, whatever happened to nation building and founding as KM put it. The Chinese are mainly in the private sector so whatever goes on there will affect their business competitiveness and profit but when it happens in the civil service, one wonders where the system broke down, even if there is no fear in men, is there no fear in God? The nation's resources which are for development and to provide for our future generations to come are stashed away like some personal belonging.

All Malaysians must do the utmost to fight this evil like you said.

Anonymous said...

Back to SSS.

My son attended "orientation" day at his new school. Came home and silently asked me, is there any other school where I can go to?

- Window panes 30% missing
- Tables and chairs all shapes and sizes, - BROKEN and neglected. I wish they can send it to Putrajaya and use it to furnish the Ministers' office.
- ceiling fans, anytime will drop on the students head..
- Toilets, shameful!

What nonsense! How can the Kementerian treat our kids this way? Show some dignity la, they are our future leaders!! Macam ini ker Kementerian Pendidikan treat anak2 Bumiputra kita?

How come they are giving such big allocations to the SJKC/T when our own SK's deserve to get all the funds for such basic needs as a proper classroom.



wak segen said...

Nazri Kaki Kencing againts single stream school system...

Read here:

Tuan KM ..SatD had given his piece , what about you Sir?


Anonymous said...


May I suggest you drop in and talk to the school Principal. Find out why and what the problem he/she has been facing.

If you fear wrongly understood for enquiring and recrimination on you child there, perhaps ask someone on the Persatuan Ibubapa committee to raise the matter.

It's utterly shameful and must not be allowed to continue. Even if there is a high percentage of poorly brought-up children and vandalism there. The disciplin teachers must do something. The Principal must hold responsibility at the schoolo level. The Education Dept at the District and State Education Dept level. They can't all be sleeping. To the extent it has demoralised your son's spirit of going to school there, it is simply intolerable.

I personally know there are some schools where the teaching staff are lax in enforcing discipline. Teachers are engaged in politics or money-making activities like private tuition. There are schools where gangsterism and drug-taking activities are common. To the extent discipline teachers are harassed, their tyres punctured, their cars scratched. The Principal concerned, and the Education Dept if need be, must be able to work things out with the Police to control such activities.

Failing those, can try to get the relevant NGOs mobilise peaceful and with-permit demos against the Ministry of Education. If all those complaints are genuinely due to age-old non-replacement of window panes due to wear and tear etc, the Government certainly deserve to be demonstrated against.


Unknown said...

Sdr Tongkang

There is the option of parents' petition if you need to initiate a change and request for PROPER maintenance of school facilities.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of SSS, Sun2surf today published an article about Najib's hatchet man Nazri Abdul Aziz saying he is against the proposal for single stream school system as "we cannot force other (non-Malay) races to sacrifice their characteristics and become Malays (Malaynised)".

What is this fellow talking about? Has he got any clue at all about what people are talking in Parliament and elsewhere with regard to the Sekolah Satu Aliran or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS)?Does he read at all what the others have been saying? Such a big pity. Such a big folly in having him as a Minister. What a big shame.

Nobody is talking about "forcing other (non-Malay) races to sacrifice their characteristics and become Malays (Malaynised)". One thing about not agreeing but it is a big nono for disagreeing based on complete and utter lack of knowledge on the subject. It's inconceivable that these are being said by a Minister. What the f...

Najib is losing votes every day he retains such a stupid bloke. Last time it was his Minister of Foreign Affairs on the BOCs from Penang etc renouncing their Malaysian citizenship by tearing their passports, ending up stranded and washing dishes in UK. That Minister said it may not be a case of lack of loyalty and suggested looking after those disloyal and no-longer-citizen blokes. Now this Nazri fellow. What is Najib doing by retaining this kind of fellows in his cabinet?

Obviously Nazri has no clue about the existence of those who can't communicate in BM when he said "Bahasa Malaysia .. is the national language with which (Malaysians of) various races communicate and interact with one another to promote unity." He also has no clue on the state of "unity" in the country and the efforts people are making to promote that, including those promoting the Sekolah Satu Aliran or SSS.

He said Malay parents should encourage their children to study in Chinese schools to learn an additional language. He has no clue that the Sekolah Satu Aliran or SSS proposes that Mandarin and Tamil be taught and can be learnt in national schools.

"Education should not be racialised" he said. Every so often he talks from his nose not from his head. Just like when he calls Tun Dr Mahathir ultra racist.

Then he said, "Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country where the various races enjoy the right to learn their own languages." He is so dumb as not to know that nobody is stopping anybody from learning anybody's language and that what people are saying is that all schools should use BM as the medium of instruction and Mandarin and Tamil can be learnt as elective subjects. Woe betide the loyal and unity-seeking citizens of this country when we have such fellows in the Government.

God, please help this country.


wak segen said...

Tuan KM..

The Ultra Kiasu pendatang types are now clear to us to spot on..Thanx to you...So are the groupie gangs described in your `Unraveling the RPK Mystique' posting.
But the likes of Nazri Kaki Kencing...gua betol tak paham..Macam mana punya bodoh macam ni boley duduk jadi Menteri..
Before this I was just contented to being on the sideline as observer/suppporter of SSS. But because of this nuthead minister..gua betol2 tak tahan...
tolong la Tuan explain kan sikit..

Anonymous said...

this lks and crons.. never been interested in malaysian malaysia actually. theyre just hypocrite. they are aiming for a just another form of colonization. just like the british before. only this time, its within the country itself.

SSS Admin said...

Kepada e-Patriot SSS,

Sempena kita melangkah ke tahun 2010, kami di Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) ingin menghulurkan setinggi perhargaan dan terimakasih kepada Tun/Tan Sri/Puan Sri/Dato Seri/Datin Seri/Tunku/Tengku/Tuan/Puan di atas sokongan padu yang kami terima terhadap kempen SSS ini.

Kami juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk kita sama-sama menyemarakkan lagi sokongan terhadap kempen ini dengan melibatkan saudara mara dan sahabat handai yang masih belum lagi menandatangai petisyen kempen ini di SINI dan juga para bloggers untuk menzahirkan sokongan masing-masing dengan mempamirkan logo SSS di laman blog masing-masing.

Terima kasih sekali lagi atas sokongan padu yang diberikan. Kami amat menghargainya.

Salam Sejahtera,

Admin SSS

Mat Cendana said...

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera to KijangMas and Readers.
Forgive me for being out of topic with the title here but I feel it's something I have to mention. That's because "many things are intertwined" - with the current post, or with something within it, or with the blog owner, or with me, or... anything else.

Anyway, it's about that RM800 million High Court decision against the Kelantan Government. What I'm exasperated with the most is people like exco Datuk Husam Musa putting the blame squarely and solely on Umno. And of course, the `Pas taksub' in the kampung agree 100%.

However, anyone with an IQ just a bit higher than "Village Idiot" class would see that it isn't that simple. And see how people like YM Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen, despite being in the Federal Government, did more than his fair share to help offset this heavily biased original agreement.

I've written a post about this, with references to pertinent documents - Kelantan’s RM800 Million Bonanza: Which Monkeys Punya Kerja?

Tam Dalyell said...

When Khalid Samad wrote

"... seperti “Wa Kaalatil Yahudu Uzair ibnu Llah” yang bermaksud “Dan berkata orang-orang Yahudi Uzair adalah anak Allah”? " in his blog and infered that, quote "bahawa orang bukan Islam, ...... menggunakan perkataan ‘Allah’, unquote, in the Qur-an, he has blasphemed.

NO ONE beside Allah s.w.t. say or utter the "allah" in the Qur-an.

All words in the Qur-an are Allah's word. It's Allah who say "Allah" in the Qur-an.

None of Khalid Samad's Christian or Jewish frinds has left any word in the Qur-an.

Khalid Samad has said something of Allah that he has no knowledge of.

About this, Allah has turned against Khalid Samad and his kind, 1400 years ago saying (9:30) ".... That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!"
Apabila Khalid Samad menulis

"... seperti “Wa Kaalatil Yahudu Uzair ibnu Llah” yang bermaksud “Dan berkata orang-orang Yahudi Uzair adalah anak Allah”? " di dalam blognya serta condong kepada maksud , "bahawa orang bukan Islam, ...... menggunakan perkataan ‘Allah’, di dalam Al Qur-an, dia sudah melakukan syirik kerana meletakkan hamba setaraf di sisi Allah iaitu menduakan Allah pada perkataan dan perbuatan.

TIADA SIAPA SELAIN ALLAH yang berkata-kata di dalam Al Qur-an.

Semua perkataan di dalam AlQur-an adalah Qalam un Qadiim. Hanya Allah menyebut "Allah" di dalam Al-Quran.

Tiada seorang pun kawan Nasrani atau Yahudi Khalid Samad berkata sesuatu di dalam Al Qur-an.

Khalid Samad telah memperkatakan sesuatu tentang Allah yang dia tiada ilmu mengenainya.

Berkenaan dengan pekerti dan dakwaan Khali Samad sedemikian rupa, Allah telah menghujjahnya 1400 tahun dahulu dengan berkata, "..... Demikianlah perkataan mereka dengan mulut mereka sendiri, (iaitu) mereka menyamai perkataan orang-orang kafir dahulu; semoga Allah binasakan mereka. Bagaimanakah mereka boleh berpaling dari kebenaran?" (9:30)

msleepyhead said...

Sorry to hear about your predicament. With no leakages, re the AG's report of overinflated laptops, screwdrivers, there should be enough to go around for everyone whether in the Peninsula or Sabah.

On another note, DS Dr Fong Chan Onn wrote,

"Let me try to debunk some of these arguments.

At independence in 1957, it was agreed by our forefathers that vernacular primary schools should continue to operate with government assistance, the aim being the children would study in primary schools in their own mother tongues but merge in government secondary schools using Bahasa Malaysia (BM) as the medium of instruction.

However, the 1961 Education Act specified that the Education Minister could convert the medium of instruction of vernacular schools into BM at any time he deemed fit (clause 21.2). This clause was removed in 1996 by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the then Education Minister, under the 1995 Education Act, making vernacular schools a permanent component of the education system."

The rest of the article is not so important because IMHO, the argument now is not so much about the quality of vernacular schools but rather whether the community have the right to continue using Mandarin as the medium of instruction and whether it is contributing to racial disharmony.

So does the unconstitutional argument still hold with the above explanation? After all, the constitution is not written in stone and can be changed according to current needs. Shall another Education Minister come along and change it back to the way it were, then perhaps there is still hope.

In lieu of current developments regarding the usage of 'Allah' by the Catholic Church, they were said to be insensitive to the local scenario and causing disharmony to the social fabric. Looking at the mirror, the current demands of SSS for a referendum could also be said to be doing the same thing. The contention is that there is disunity among the rakyat due to the vernacular school system which segregates children at primary school level. But so far, this is backed not by strong facts or figures but based on the proficiency in BM, UPSR, Kelas Peralihan and so on. The sentiments are strong here at the DN community, but unless we come up with something concrete the SSS is seen as trying to block or deny the right to education using a different medium of instruction than BM, when constitutionally it has been allowed according to DS Dr FCO.

And if we look at DS NTR' actions lately, he has made it clear where he stand on the issue.

Anonymous said...


What are you trying to say? One time this, another time that, depending on who is behind you, around you or whatever passes thru your eyes. Are you on a see-saw?

Make a stand, man. A clear and steady one. Especially at the end of your comment.

Or you have other intentions being in this blog saying one thing and then the other? Or trying to introduce doubts, confuse the issue periodically for the casual readers?


Anonymous said...


....At independence in 1957, it was agreed by our forefathers that vernacular primary schools should continue to operate WITH GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE....

Rasanya bantuan yang telah melimpah berlebihan...

About time our Government start looking inwards and BANTU the National Schools first.. to ensure those attending National schools have the best of everything first, then baru fikir2 nak bantu yang lain..

Monyet dihutan disusukan, anak dirumah kelaparan!!


msleepyhead said...


Just sharing the news man.

Besides, the article was clearly a rebuttal to Prof Khoo's copy-cat comment. He made a move by stating, now look here, the Education Act was amended by the current PM and vernacular schools are here to stay. What are you gonna do about it?

Just being pragmatic and thinking about the consequences of the SSS, now with the other issues. Just looking at the bigger picture man.

I'm behind the SSS all the way. Only pointing out the current political climate and sharing recent developments.

Apologies if my poor writing created confusion.

Anonymous said...


Appreciate you re-stating your stand.

"Prof Khoo's copy-cat comment"? The learned man is a Profesor Emeritus, meaning he is and can be called a Professor for life. He has not only qualified but done sufficiently in his academic life to merit that. A copy-cat? Where are you heading with those words?

It has been pointed out here and there that the PM was grand-standing or playing up to the gallery announcing Chinese schools can continue when he visited one. He is a politician and naturally a politician says what the audience in front of him wants to hear. He has not categorically stated in a statement or at a news conference about it by way of a policy decision. Nobody has done that. Not the Education Minister, too.

You said you are behind SSS all the way. We're glad. But when you "look at the bigger picture", do look at it from a positive angle. Meaning, even if the PM says what he did, think of it the way I explained above. Those are logical and plausible arguments.

By all means point out the current political climate and share recent developments. But when you are not able to state the other side of the coin to non-SSS friendly views or events, perhaps just re-state your stand so that nobody mistakes your intention on what or the way you put them out.

All what I said above are in the interest of a friendly and useful discourse.


Anonymous said...

mengapa tidak:)

msleepyhead said...


'Copycat' is in Prof Khoo's own words.


Right with you there regarding fungding, and as Aku has pointed out about political moves, while the vernacular schools were initially partially funded, somewhere along the line the policies changed. It's a pity students pay the price.

Anonymous said...


What you meant was Professor Khoo's remark about Vernacular Schools practising "rote learning method" making them copy cats who cant think.

I accept that.


Anonymous said...

for a person who thinks too highly of himself and who treats this blog much like his own msleepyhead, is, in a fact, a stupid fool.


...because a stupid fool is slooow to learn or understand things.

in his/her previous posting, msleepyhead concluded, "...So does the unconstitutional argument still hold with the above explanation?..."

and the explanation is, "...At independence in 1957, it was agreed by our forefathers that vernacular primary schools should continue to operate with government assistance, the aim being the children would study in primary schools in their own mother tongues but merge in government secondary schools using Bahasa Malaysia (BM) as the medium of instruction..."

quite naturally, oblivious to the meaning of "mother tongues," which the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines as, the language that one first learn to speak as a child.

so, is Mandarin the first language that a Chinese child learn to speak?

yeah... like I'm the King of Siam.

now you know you A R E a stupid fool, don't you, msleepyhead.

another important factor is the fact that hardly anyone who came from China to work in Malaysia, all those years ago, spoke Mandarin... mother tongue, indeed!

IF Mandarin is the mother tongue of the Chinese, then why is the official language of Hong Kong Cantonese?

IF Mandarin is indeed the mother tongue of the Chinese, then why only 3.2% of Macau's population speak it while a whopping 85% speak Cantonese.

fact is... Mandarin is the national language of the People's Republic of China.

even IF Mandarin is the mother tongue of the Chinese living in Malaysia, then... Tamil schools ARE unconstitutional.


... because the national language of India is Hindi!

a very important point... in the Constitution it says the right to one's own mother tongue but NOT the national language of any particular country.

finally, to the DN community... with a half decent lawyer and a set of solid arguments... the chances are in your favour.

theB O L Danon

Unknown said...

theB O L Danon @ January 6, 2010 5:27 PM says

"finally, to the DN community... with a half decent lawyer and a set of solid arguments... the chances are in your favour."

We'd like you to say, "in OUR favour."

Anonymous said...

minta tolong, kengkawan di facebook MENENTANG PENGGUNAAN NAMA ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM memerlukan bantuan anda yang pandai mengarang petisyen, sila ke untuk membantu... terima kaseh...


msleepyhead said...


Fool-fool not nice lar, KM is espousing Nusantaran ideals, at least here in DN. Just look at the second point of the notice above - No personal attacks.

Now in real life the Nusantaran values are eroding, as Aku pointed out the rest of the rakyats also learned from the Chinese and practiced corruption in almost all spheres of society, even in obtaining a compounded by the police. Thailand, Indonesia, I think you already know.

Well, sorry for digressing and I agree with you and the many others that have commented before that Mandarin is used as the uniting language of the Chinese. If I may add, in fact not only Hong Kong or Macau, but almost every province or small regions in China have its own dialect. So even Mandarin is not their mother tongue except for the people of Beijing, whose dialect and intonation of Mandarin is the standard based on.

As for Hindi, it is NOT the national language of India, but it is the official language in many places and is spoken by about forty percent of Indians (around 400 million) compared to Tamil which is about six percent. There is no national language stated in the Indian Constitution. English is just as much an official language from what I have heard.

Now in India, they actually do have the right to mother tongue education and each state or district conducts its education in the specific language/mother tongue of that area. English is usually their second language and when people from different parts of India meet, you can guess which language they speak in, as not everyone speaks Hindi, unlike China with Mandarin. Not only is the language different, the scripts are just as different.

If you want to argue on technicality, to copy KM, then you are definitely right and that is also what the Catholic Church's argument is based on, so are the Lina Joys, Chin Peng's case and the many others. In fact, I'm with you on going the legal route as I have suggested to the SSS Admin the same.

But it is really not about technicality, is it? but the sensitivities of the communities involved, respect should be equally accorded whether you are in the majority or minority. Sure, some people are kiasu, but there are many ways to skin a cat.

On the blog hijacking thing, if our gracious host KM or even the other regulars here feel I have overstepped my welcome, I will be happy to observe silently. Was just sharing some views and keeping the dialogs alive until the next KM article that is.



Mat Cendana said...

This sub-topic about CORRUPTION - some of the people and comments here are BRILLIANT! Yes, it's something I must say publicly as a tribute and appreciation for the quality and depth of what I had read. In fact, this is for sure one of the very best discussions and polling of opinions on this matter that I've ever read.

I don't have much to contribute. In fact, I don't have anything, unfortunately!..this is a `papa kedana' reader in this sub-topic/thread about CORRUPTION. Anyway, it's my belief that if you can't contribute (`positively', goes without saying), the very least you can do is, don't reduce/siphon/detract... don't get in the way. I think I didn't..although I did `steal some bandwidth' to `tumpang' publish something:-)

Well, congratulations to the people who had created quality here - I had learned more about matters related to corruption from here than I did from all these years of reading about it sporadically in the media! Regardless of heated words or tension, I must say the content generally is superior. Salute to the very informed and opinionated people who contributed, INCLUDING msleepyhead, the bold anon, Aku, Tongkang, Dal,

I've copied these comments... so that in the future, most likely elsewhere, I might be able to contribute. Of course, since there's also merit to the `lembu punya susu' situation, I'll just pass them off as MINE and claim the credit instead of quoting you guys heheh!

Anonymous said...

such a lengthy piece but what are msleepyhead's points?

or, is it just the usual ala PKR attempt to justify msleepyhead's own foolishness?

so msleepyhead wants to argue on semantics?

ok... game on!

what is the difference between a personal attack and fair comment?

go figure...

besides, massive egos need to be brought down a couples notches.

msleepyhead wrote, "...Now in real life the Nusantaran values are eroding..."

what makes msleepyhead want to assume that each and every one of us must possess these Nusantaran values?

besides, this is cyberspace, is it not?

hence, we follow cyber-etiquette.

...and, it's theB O L Danon to you... since when did we become cyber-buddies... and truth be told, I do intend on keeping my distance far, faaar away.

incidentally, are you sure you are not one of those stupid idiots working in the Home Ministry whose complete incompetence has wrought havoc in Malaysia... what with churches being razed down and all.

moral number #1... never complicate a simple issue... in the Home Ministry's case, they shouldn't have argued the case using the Constitution when a Bahasa Malaysia dictionary would suffice.

following the tradition of stupid is what only stupids do, msleepyhead, wrote, "...If I may add, in fact not only Hong Kong or Macau, but almost every province or small regions in China have its own dialect..."

why add?

in any case, Hong Kong and Macau are NOT provinces or small regions in China. They are the ONLY Special Administrative Regions in China... which again is akin to comparing chiku with duku.

anyjalan, the trivial differences between official and national languages are much too petty (simply because there is none worth mentioning) to get into right now , especially, when there is a more pressing issue at hand, i.e. the differences between official/national languages and mother tongues.

then, msleepyhead mused, "...But it is really not about technicality, is it?..."

Y E S S S, it is!

technically, you and the goons at the Home Ministry are stupid foooools... as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary... slow to learn or understand things, which, incidentally, is ironic... slow to learn or understand things yet always trying to complicate a simple situation...


... ala PKR spin... yawwwn.

...forever comparing chiku with duku...

obfuscation is the name of this game... and I ain't playing!

theB O L Danon

mr sammy sami said...

Amenderrrrr laa sibuk pak2 menteri la ni nak pi lawat gereja (latest being Nik Ajis) siap nak bagi duit lagi kasi repair. Sekor2 repeat skrip yang sama ie condemn2 org la, jaga harmoni kaum la. Bosan siul. Bila itu sami gereja naik court galak sangat nak pakai nama Allah, takde sape2 pulak kaum kerabat si sami yg sound dia oi badigol jgn lah buat camtu buat rosak harmoni kaum nanti. Baiknye lah org melayu ni.

Anonymous said...


Since you said you support SSS all the way, it would be helpful if you would try to promote it at the SSS-opponent blogs that don't allow others like us to come in. For example, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini. If they allow you to come in, they may swarm you with antagonistic comments worse than you see here.

If that happens, perhaps move to non-combative blogs that readers mention SSS or Sekolah Satu Aliran from time to time. If you get swarmed in blogs that are likely to allow us to come in your defence, just let us know here at DN and we'll help you counter-argue. There are over 170 blogs that carry the SSS logo (see list in Kempen SSS blog) and they'll certainly allow us to come in your defence whenever necessary.

But I suggest be positive when commenting there. If you bring up non-SSS complimentary issues or comments that others raise elsewhere (like you periodically do at DN), the SSS opponents will clap their hands and the DN community would look at you in a very different light.

Those blogs that don't allow us to enter or don't publish our counter-arguments have a very skewed concept of freedom of expression. The one-way kind. And they say all sorts about free speech, ISA and the like. They won't come into Kempen SSS blog and argue. They'll throw stones and quickly pull their hands to their back, looking left, right and centre nonchalantly.

Don't worry about what Najib said and did at Chinese schools. As some have said, he is grand-standing or playing to the gallery. Politicians are after votes and like to say what their audience in front of them wants to hear. But, to my knowledge, he has not made a policy decision on the Sekolah Satu Aliran or SSS issue. He's letting the status quo remain and wants non-Malay votes for the general elections which have to be held hardly 2 years from now.

However, he is walking on a tight rope. I read the Malay expression frequently quoted cautioning him "Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran". I join the others in echoing that sentiment.


zazaland said...

theB O L Danon, you are the BEST.

You don't mince your words and I like your style.


msleepyhead said...


oh no, you've called my bluff. i am indeed one of those yawning idiots that are ruining the country.

with all the mollies, at least we're gettin' street cred, huh? Malaysia, a moderate Muslim country she ain't no more in the eyes of the world. truly asia with a dash of 'bin ladenesque al-qaeda'.

you mean HK and Macau are SARs, gee, i didn't know that one too. my massive ego needs to be brought down a couples notches. got that one? HK, sars, haha.

anyways, thanks for taking the time, my ego is a few notches down now. guess i'm the ciku or is it duku?


p/s-apologies to KM for my lousy attempt at humor.

msleepyhead said...


Fair enough. I am not seeking credit or claps but will definitely do my best to help out with what we are aiming for.

My sincere apologies to anyone who thinks I might have a different agenda or simply BSing here.

Guess I'm in no league of bold gentlemen.

marcus said...

I agree with the whole idea of a single school system. I for one studied my entire primary and secondary education in sekolah kebangsaan/menengah kebangsaan. I do not speak mandarin ir any other chinese dialects at home or even my friends. However, I think this article is a very biased. When it came to changing science and math into english, it wasn't just the chinese school that protested. the malay schools went against it as well. As for unifying all the schools to ONE system, the so-called 'minorities' or 'pendatang' will not agree to it until the governemnt erases the 'Kaum:' section from all ICs.

How can there be ONE education system when there's still BUMIPUTRA, NON-bumiputra, INDIA, CINA etc. How can there be ONE education system when there is race-based admission percentage in public universities? How can there be ONE education system when the students are still regarded as 'anak pendatang' or 'minority race' in the country. The 'segregationists' are wrong, yes, but they are getting more support from the public due to the government policies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not viewed as a 'pendatang' by the americans. Their government accepts everyone regardless of race and religion. and as such, people do not fell threaten assimiating into their new home.

Anyway, that's another story. My point is, we'll only get our single school system if the government and the people of MALAYSIA will regard EVERYONE as their fellow countrymen..and NOTHING else..

Anonymous said...


When Micheal Jackson died, I think, I saw written on the Death Certificate, the sister wrote: RACE = Black...

He was American, right?

I am proud to tell the world that I AM A MALAY... very often foreigners think that I come from the American continents, very much like the Mayans. In Manila, Thailand or Indonesia they thought I am one of them..

However, I would proudly tell them,
I AM A MALAY... Very nice feeling inside...

One should be proud of whatever race one comes from, our roots and cultures!

Why are you all so afraid?


Anonymous said...


Tune into Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 12 and listen to what Gaby explained this to Juanita !! Adios...


Kenn said...

It's a question of "chicken and egg", maybe?

How to make the Melayu all for erasing the "Bumiputera" thingy when the chinese seems to be very adamant, clinging tight to their chinese identity?

Bangsa Malaysia and Bahasa Kebangsaan is not "Melayu" but based on the Malays. Any body think that Malaysia should be based on other than the "Melayu"?

But politicians, have spun the Malaysian identity, to become the Melayu identity.

Until all, I mean ALL of us, speaks ONE BAHASA, embrace ONE NEGARA, and become ONE BANGSA, I dont think the Bumiputeras are willing to let go when the chinese & indians are clinging tight to their ancestor identities.

Anonymous said...

please let it known that I don't suffer fools gladly... and when one such thingy raises it's uglky head... one must swat it like one does a pesky fly.

by the name of Allah Al-Mighty... how I despise these stupid idiots.

... especially, when they try to pull the ala PKR spin.

marcus, in his/her limited infinite wisdom, mused, ..."How can there be ONE education system when there's still BUMIPUTRA, NON-bumiputra, INDIA, CINA etc."...

what are you?

a racist idiot, of course.


... because a ONE education system is what it is... a ONE education system... it is an education system... U_N_D_E_R_S_T_A_N_D!?

and, it has nothing to do with either race or ethnicity.

but, then again, that's what the true followers of PKR followers are... a motley collection of Über bigots and racists.

... forever comparing chiku with duku.

on the other hand, a non-racist would ask a more logical question, like, "How can there be ONE education system when there are still Mandarin and Tamil schools?"

but, then again, that would mean you'd be supporting the SSS, right?

which, is not the PKR-way, is it?

and, in line with the tradition of stupid is what only stupids do, the Über-racist marcus wrote, "...Arnold Schwarzenegger is not viewed as a 'pendatang' by the americans. Their government accepts everyone regardless of race and religion..."

what a dumbass idiot!

use that brain of yours and think... yes, that's what the brain is for... and for your benefit, it's not what you use to sit on... that is what us, normal human beings, call buttocks!

now that we have enlightened marcus on the basic function of the brain... maybe he/she might realize that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not part-human and part-cyborg but, a Caucasian, born in Austria.

yes, indeed..."Their government accepts everyone regardless of race and religion"...

see, how easy it is for the American government to welcome anyone who is of the same race and religion as them.

also, "Arnold Schwarzenegger is not viewed as a 'pendatang' by the americans"... now we know the reason why they had to stereotype him (Hampered by his impossible name and thick accent, success eluded him for many years. It wasn't until he found the tailor-made role of Conan that he truly came into his own as a performer).

geewiz, great nation this America, huh?

marcus's Utopian state, don't you agree?

go on then marcus... migrate!


Anonymous said...


Good that you agree with of a single school system which we here call Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS). I note that you studied at sekolah kebangsaan and that you do not speak Mandarin or any other Chinese dialects at home or even with friends.

I also accept the fact that not only Chinese schools but Malay schools also went against PPSMI. But as for unifying all the schools to ONE system, the so-called 'minorities' or 'pendatang' cannot disagree just on the ground of of the word 'Kaum:' written in all ICs.

SSS speaks for the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia such that when a genuine Bangsa Malaysia has come into being, everybody will be proud to identify themselves as Malaysians at home and abroad and refer to their ethinicity only when absolutely necessary, for legal purposes like in connection with provisions of the Constitution.

The basis of the existence of any democratic country is the Constitution. The basis of loyalty of citizens to the country is respect for and abiding by the Constitution. In this country, the Constitution is based on what has been agreed between the Malay and non-Malay leaders prior to Merdeka on such things as citizenship for the non-Malays (who were stateless before Merdeka) and, in exchange for that, the Special Position of the Malays. On that basis alone the identification along ethnic lines will have to continue. Nobody can talk about doing away with those - questioning the Malay Special Position will lead to questioning of the non-Malay right to citizenship for their descendants and these are prohibited under the Sedition Act. After all, the Constitution has been debated and passed as law in Parliament which was represented by practically all the ethnic groups in the country.

But all those need not prevent the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. A genuine Bangsa Malaysia can evolve if all citizens fully respect, abide and live by the Constitution. The SSS is aimed at the creation of such a Bangsa Malaysia.

There can be ONE education system if you accept that, in line with the Special Position of the Malays, the Malays are given assistance educationally and economically because they were the disadvantaged in their own country - left far behind by the British colonial rule. Such assistance includes admission to public universities. Remember that even in Mainland China, the Manchu foreign rulers gave special assistance to the less advantaged Chinese for hundreds of years.

There should not be any objection to one education system on the grounds of students being regarded as 'anak pendatang' or 'minority race' in the country. Those are facts of the history of this country, normally harmless to say but become sensitive when such words were politicised. SSS is not political and the promoters are not partisan.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2


I appreciate you saying that "The 'segregationists' are wrong", but whatever support they may be getting from the public is not significant in number and should not deter those who are responsible and genuinely feel for the need for unity and harmony in this country.

Usually opposition political parties oppose the policies of the party(ies) in power or running the Government. This happens every where in the world. But in Malaysia some followers of political parties go to the extreme of finding each and any fault in anything they see as representing the Malays. UMNO, of course, but they also hit out at the Police, the Army, the MACC, etc. But all Malaysians, both in the Government and in the opposition political parties, must respect and go by the Constitution of the country.

I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is clearly regarded as a 'pendatang' by the Americans. He cannot even hope to be the President of the so-called highly liberal country. The US Constitution clearly states that the President must be US-born and Arnold was born in Austria. All countries develop along the needs peculiar to them. So does Malaysia because of the British colonial policy of not helping the Malays in business and in education. They did help the Chinese a lot. Attempts are being made to create a proper balance in those fields.

Although there is the law prohibiting non-US born from becoming President, the US government may, on the surface, accept everyone regardless of race and religion. But it may not be so in practice. Segregation still exists in US - at least in the form of preferential treatment. One example is the utter lack of help and care given to the Blacks during the Typhoon Katrina disaster.

It may be a long way but I think we'll get our single school system when the Government feels it opportune to implement that which has been discussed in Parliament and which the PM has said will be implemented "if the people wants it". It's a matter of how and when to determine that the people wants it. We believe there's a silent majority out there wanting it. Only that the PM may want to choose the right time considering the general elections being not far away.

In response to your closing statement, I'll say that, though I'm not a Government or even an UMNO man, I can assure you that "the government and the people of MALAYSIA will (in fact do) regard EVERYONE (who respects, abides and lives by the Constitution of the country ... and NOTHING else ..) as their fellow countrymen".


Anonymous said...

Post Script:


I need to emphasise that the operative words are "respect, abide and live by the Constitution of the country". I agree with the opinion that those who don't should think of alternative places where they can find conditions suitable to them and perhaps try to respect and live by the Constitution of the country concerned and show their loyalty there.

I hope you find the views given above are reasonable. All we expect of fellow citizens in this country is reasonableness.


Anonymous said...

Dah tonton Desperate Housewives. Season 6 Episode 12? So which character fits you best;

Gaby or

.. wonder what will happen next to Juanita's kids and grandkids..


marcus said...

No I haven't watched Desperate Housewives. I don't hv the time to follow TV series so I don't. Where I am now, I don't hv access to proper TV. Thanks for your reccomendation anyway. As for you being proud to be a Malay, that's good. Many chinese malaysians are proud to be chinese too. Too proud..and there's the problem. Everyone's so busy being proud of their own race and not being proud enough being MALAYSIANS.

Anonymous said...


We are all proud citizens of Malaysia right?

That is what "SSS" is all about. "Lentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebungnya".

Those holding Mykad and Malaysian passports, yet do not have the sense of pride being a Malaysian, the world have a very special name for them,



Anonymous said...

Hardly a few weeks back I was commenting on neglected classrooms and broken fans?

A friend of mine just called up, incident hardly 30mins ago (18Jan - 530pm), a classroom fan (Gombak SMK) just dropped on his son's head... required 2stitches..

Luckily the son was not looking up, otherwise...?

And the HM? Hilang sembunyi diri.. I bet he will sweep this under his carpet. Parents left to quiz the impossibles by themselves!

Wow and I read someplace the Dep. Minister is too busy suing around?


Anonymous said...


"Withdrawal or isolation from other people, rejection of the values of one's family or society."

I cannot understand those who choose to do so. I can't see what they gain by doing so. Isolation begets isolation, generation after generation.

I read about the role of the secret societies, thugs and gangsters brought from Mainland China and into Perak in the middle of the 19th Century and the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans becoming dominant in Perak, Selangor and elsewhere. Theirs was a code of conduct of secrecy, of protection rackets, of so-called collection of money for the running of an organised group, and exploited by uncouth characters often for the purpose of crime. Are these alienised people involved in that?

One also reads about the cruel and often deadly punishments meted out by thugs and gangsters on those not complying with their demands such that many came to adopt a no-see, no-hear and no-talk attitude on anything the secret societies, thugs and gangsters do not wish to be talked about or informed to others. Sush that, to be safe, they alienise themselves. Are these alienised people having this kind of mentality? Such that they simply keep to themselves, prodding along within their own community irrespective of the expectations and the trends in society as a whole? Oblivious to the wider needs of society for togetherness, racial harmony and unity in the country?

I'm at times flabbergasted at the reasons they give for insisting on vernacular schools. Or their ideas of promoting national unity. Like that said by Yap Sin Tian. There is no such thing as unity in diversity. It's a slogan only good for adorning billboards designed for the tourists. You can't have a hotchpotch of ingredients lumped into a bucket and expect a nice, wholesome product at the end of it. The United States won't be what it is today if they don't have English as the common language. Mandarin had played its role in unifying the people of Mainland China who speak scores of dialects.

Here, it is Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia is the national and the official language. There is absolutely no reason for them not to agree to SJKCs adopting it as the medium of instruction. That Mandarin was used for over 50 years doesn't mean it is right. BM is written in the Constitution. All the other reasons and arguments have been given out by the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) promoters, including that Mandarin can be studied as an elective subject and that the SSS does not affect Chinese culture.

Politicians do exploit the issue and appear to be protecting the SJKCs (the ones often spoken about). The leadership of the country appears to be pandering to the wishes of these people in an attempt to garner votes while at the same time racial polarisation appears to be increasing. Perhaps it is now time to also aim our feelings of disgust and displeasure over this subject at the leadership.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lovely surprise..


I was told, on the 2nd day, the HM visited the home of the unfortunate student.

The following day, a group of PIBG committee members visited him, siap ambil gambak jahitan atas kepala (3stitches not 2 as earlier reported!)

Hah! Macam tu ler kasi semangat kat ibu bapa.. Good gesture..tapi jangan lupa..

Kasi maintain sikit bilik darjah. Show our kids some respect, they are our future leaders.. mak ayah kena bayar cukai jugak, jangan lupa!

Mana tau nanti kerusi pula patah, patah tulang belakang anak orang, lumpuh... kena sue RM100m, apa kata Deputy Edu Minister Wee sanggup bayar?


Anonymous said...

mister K

Haiya .. wai so panjang-panjang and lasis wan? I laik wat behkular skool. Wai cannot ma? (4 kolek ingelish wod hehe]

Dewa Rex
[trying out AhBeng and see how good this KM hits back]

Anonymous said...

mister K

Haiya .. wai so panjang-panjang and lasis wan? I laik wat behkular skool. Wai cannot ma? (4 kolek ingelish wod hehe]

Dewa Rex
[trying out AhBeng and see how good this KM hits back]

msleepyhead said...


Thanks for sharing. I read somewhere donations are also asked at some SRKs despite being fully government funded. Guess they have their favs:

RM1mil among perks for high performance schools from the Star.

More money goes to schools that are already cream of the crop. How about sparing some change for the neglected schools?

Secret societies are nothing new as depicted in movies of such organizations in American Chinatowns. It's just another facet of East Asian society, where the black market is regulated by their own laws and people. A taste of its rituals and hierarchy is also seen in the various HK films. It can also be found in Korea (kkangpae) and Japan (yakuza). You may regard it as lawlessness or irreligious but you must look at it from a cultural point of view and also how it served its purpose in its own time and maybe still today in various forms. There is also the Italian mafia and Russian organized crime amongst others in the West. All of them are profit oriented.

One may look lowly on them from a moral point of view but they are cleverly organized with their own turfs, logistics, manpower, and code of etchics (or unethics). They simply supply wo/men's base desires for pleasure/addiction - prostitution, drugs, gambling, etc. Such that when the modern western police force came into effect together with middle eastern religions that scorn upon such behaviour, secret societies are driven further underground or worst in cahoots with the corrupt and easily bought officers of the law.

A culture with no secret society may be due several factors such as its people who are subservient to their rulers or are highly moralistic or religious, no black market for illegal goods or services, or even highly controlled states with efficient policing. In some ways, perhaps only affluent or developed societies may have such needs for the black market.

If you look closer, secret societies are just another form of organizations flexing its muscle to gain control over resources - plying activities and supplying substances deemed 'illegal' by modern society. If you've watched the HK film Election, you will know how much they resemble political parties. Now those organizations may not be a secret and are legal, but with their thirst for power, accumulation of wealth for personal gains, and dirty negotiations that goes on behind closed doors, they may not be so different after all.

The only way to overcome such organized powers that are detrimental to the people, illegal or not, is still to be incorruptible at all times, doing right and sensible things that are already spoken of in the holy books of all religions or simply be guided by plain morality.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, why so quiet one? Everybody so busy ha? Where's Unker Tommy Yew? Sudah rindu kat dia, my favourite ngurat-kampong lass, down-to-earth, sound values, but casino-lover world-traveller Unker Yew. Far different from Unker Kit who I detest.

Many may still in mourning for the loss of the late HRH Sultan Johor. I am also in mourning for the late "King Ghaz" - Tun Ghazali Shafie. He has done a lot for the country in terms of bringing about unity - formation of Malaysia, keeping the new political entity intact (former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Salleh spoke about it and King Ghaz was prepared to run Singapore as a Director of Operations like in Kelantan later if Tengku A Rahman had declared emmergency rule there instead of so-called kicking the island state out). He did a lot in terms of re-structuring society for the sake of unity; the New Economic Policy and the Rukun Negara bore his marks. He was heavily involved in building unity for the country, the very same subject we are pursuing now through the single-stream schooling system and finding some "so susah" ones along the way.

King Ghaz, as he was fondly referred to (they say he was slightly demurred when first informed but didn't mind it as it went along), had the job of repairing national unity after the May 13, 1969 racial riots. The National Operations Council - the machinery that ran the government when a state of emergency was declared due to the riots - deliberated and analysed the causes of the outbreak of violence. Though the immediate causes included the irresponsible
election results-rejoicing DAP crowd parading through Kampong Bahru shouting rude words to recent-arrival kampung youths, many billeting 5-6 persons to a room looking for jobs in the city, King Ghaz and his staff found very dilomatic and acceptable words for the happening. Hence they were described in such words as "long-term problems related to the disparities between the haves and the have-nots", "the identification of race with economic functions", etc. Consequently, when formulating the New Economic Policy, those words reverberated in practically all the official pronouncements and government policy actions. The re-structuring of society was and is the hallmark of the much needed government policy.

Of course chauvinist Unker Kit opposed and did everything he could - and still trying to do - to undermine the NEP. He headed the DAP which was formed as a splinter party of the PAP when the bigger chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew was "kicked out" of Malaysia in 1965 mainly for subverting the NEP with his so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan. Over-awed by the "little Emperor" of the "Little Middle Kingdom" down south, the "cengkurik" (small fellow, not so important but wanting to be one) has been aping the Tengku A Rahman bully (even at dynasty creation) and parroting the slogan ever since, although now wants to change the slogan to "Middle Malaysia". Those at Rocky's Bru blog are now giving them the Middle Finger instead, and the well-supported, always keenly-awaited Warrior 231 has made the usual extremely satisfying and heart rendering salvos on the new DAP dildo.

It is my ardent hope and prayer that there'll be more King Ghaz types and less Unker Kit and "so susah" ones in this country in the future. But of course, the Unker Tommy Yew kind is always welcome.

Cheers to you, Tommy, wherever you are. Remember, don't do anything that I wouldn't do!


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Dot, u trying to ‘jack’ Ah Pek or what. Chinese says this is no big no small (Not the 4D type lah), u had just by- pass protocol lah, bro; U should have ask where’s the Bosz Man first mah; else he lose face…hahaha. Ya-lor where r u KM?

Anyway I’m fine, TQ, busy sembang with the makciks & having tea & Scones with my self-exile buddy. Chatting about the weather & general simple stuff is not so stressful to the old ticker lah. I shall leave all the ‘short & curliest’ sensitive issues to u young & fit strong hearted ppl to indulge in.

I’d been busy following the Cricket matches too as well as the Australian Tennis Open, not that I’m keen on tennis (where love means NOTHING, how can like this one…hahaha), just that I like to wager a little bit mah to make my life exciting. My tip’s Andy Murray the Scot will win the men title & Justine Henin to win the women’s.

Cheers to u too Dot, tho I rather it was Cendrawasih who had asked in the first place…hehehe.


P/S Dot, sad to inform u that I AM doing those thing that u wouldn't do.....kekeke.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Dot, u trying to ‘jack’ Ah Pek or what. Chinese says this is no big no small (Not the 4D type lah), u had just by- pass protocol lah, bro; U should have ask where’s the Bosz Man first mah; else he lose face…hahaha. Ya-lor where r u KM?

Anyway I’m fine, TQ, busy sembang with the makciks & having tea & Scones with my self-exile buddy. Chatting about the weather & general simple stuff is not so stressful to the old ticker lah. I shall leave all the ‘short & curliest’ sensitive issues to u young & fit strong hearted ppl to indulge in.

I’d been busy following the Cricket matches too as well as the Australian Tennis Open, not that I’m keen on tennis (where love means NOTHING, how can like this one…hahaha), just that I like to wager a little bit mah to make my life exciting. My tip’s Andy Murray the Scot will win the men title & Justine Henin to win the women’s.

Cheers to u too Dot, tho I rather it was Cendrawasih who had asked in the first place…hehehe.


P/S Dot, sad to inform u that I AM doing those thing that u wouldn't do.....kekeke.

betakappa said...

I agree with most of your points. What do you think of Islamic schools in Malaysia? For example SMAP Kajang and SMAP Labu?

Pala Otak Hang said...

"You may regard it as lawlessness or irreligious but you must look at it from a cultural point of view and also how it served its blablabla..."

Culture? Budaya? Wait seminit lah dey. Pelacuran, peras-ugut guna itu hand grenades, kasi dera itu orang gaji, kasi kurung dan rantai itu orang ada hutang macam binatang, kasi tembak hitman-style itu business rival etc etc BUKAN BUDAYA Tuan-Tuan Tanah di sini. Pergi mampuslah sama kau punya putarbelit dan budaya busuk kau.

Anonymous said...

Is that an endorsement of secret societies, thugs and gangsters by msleepyhead there?

Goodness gracious, explaining away the disgusting, unacceptable and intolerable phenomenon without stating displeasure.

Could we take it than that he/ she takes it as a matter of course, as a way of life, even as an aspect of cuture among his/ her kind? I sure hope not. Otherwise, woe betide the fate of Malaysians, the social values of our young, the direction of our future. No wonder they are practising those at the Selangor State Government premises as stated by the PKR wakil rakyats.

This sleepyhead even defends the system of uncouth behaviour, yeah, even speaks glowingly about it by saying "One may look lowly on them from a moral point of view but they are cleverly organized with their own turfs, logistics, manpower, and code of etchics (or unethics)".

Then he tries to drive home a point - "in cahoots with the corrupt and easily bought officers of the law". Yet he doesn't show proofs or elaborate on that point. Have the secret societies, thugs and gangsters "bought officers of the law"? How are they "in cahoot"?

And he appears to be rubbing the Malay sensitivity in, saying "A culture with no secret society may be due several factors such as its people who are subservient to their rulers or are highly moralistic or religious, no black market for illegal goods or services, or even highly controlled states with efficient policing". What exactly is he trying to say here?

He appears to be condoning the bloody system when saying "secret societies are just another form of organizations flexing its muscle to gain control over resources - plying activities and supplying substances deemed 'illegal' by modern society". And why the hell is he promoting the foreign culture of Hong Kong films to us Malaysians here?

Suggesting we watch Hong Kong films and saying those depicted in those films "resemble political parties ... those organizations may not be a secret and are legal, but with their thirst for power, accumulation of wealth for personal gains, and dirty negotiations that goes on behind closed doors, they may not be so different after all". Again what is he trying to say? Yet, hardly condemning that those so-called institutions are bad.

The only consoling statement he made is the opinion that "to overcome such organized powers .. is still to be incorruptible at all times, doing right and sensible things that are already spoken of in the holy books of all religions or simply be guided by plain morality". This I agree. But he certainly has a lot of explaining to do on the points I raised above, in the interest of mutual understanding and goodwill among us.


msleepyhead said...

@Pala Otak,
Anything you say lah.

I'm just calling a spade, a spade. Not condoning or promoting it. If you can't accept what is out there in the real world like Pala Otak, saying this is not the culture of the tuan tanah, then there is no point continuing this discussion. Merely condemning it is not going to make it go away, so is pretending that all is hunky dory.

Secret societies or its modern day version of highly organized crime syndicates are and will always be a problem to society. Two possible scenarios I can think of,

1. the authorities are unable to stop them - either they are too smart that their activities go undetected or they are too powerful that even nobody dares to to touch them.
2. the authorities are in cahoots. like the illegal vcd/dvd ah beng in broad daylight pumping out music loudly at shoplots or pasar malam. the red light district around the corner everyone knows about. the public 'offers' around the bukit bintang/low yat area.

everything with you is about Malay sensitivities isn't it? how about the good of the entire nation for a change? are there secret societies in Iban longhouses. they used to headhunt, gee maybe that's much better than chaining up people who owes the gang money or trafficking people or prostitution. cultures are not static and the world is certainly not in monochrome.

i've talked before about the cultural differences and clash of beliefs (not religion). if you only wish to look at the world through your point of view and expecting everyone to do the same then you will lose out. look at the history of the native americans, they have no idea of ownership and possession of land in their culture, so they were blatantly ripped off by the europeans, signing on papers and giving off their lands for nothing. closer to home, Francis Light did almost the same.

yes, secret socities/gangsterism/ organized crime syndicates are a menace to society but they're not led by fools and they are ruthless. so are various legal organizations using the law, their influence and financial might to do things their way.

a few centuries ago it was legal and the morally right thing to do was to expand the empire under the orders of the queen. what do you make of that? not our culture? we are peaceful people living content lives so please don't colonize us?

i wish it is as easy as saying pergi mampus and all our troubles will go away.

either you are living in an alternate universe with a country also called malaysia or you are living in a truly wonderful place, if it is indeed the latter, then please kindly tell me where it is because i will like to join you.

apologies to KM for the outburst. it's better to join unker and read about idyllic umbai for a change.

Anonymous said...


Listen man, here's the deal: we do the best we can under whatever circumstances we are in, British colonialism, Selangor State "Underworld" connection or whatever. Otherwise, shut up on the subject and let others say, if they want to do so. If you speak up but sounding condoning or glamourising them, you ought to be looking for another universe, not me.

When Dato Sagor and his men had only the keris and the tombak against the bloody Mat Salleh rifles, canons and the might of the British Empire, they plunged the dagger into heart of British resident JWW Birch along the banks of the Perak River in the 19th Century. Yes, many Malays were hanged as a result but they fought the bloody British colonialists.

And remember reading here and elsewhere that the Chinese brought in by Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim to mine tin in Perak took in secret societies, thugs and gangsters which resulted in them controlling the tin industry? Instead of helping the Malays out of gratitude or co-operation, they fought among themselves, signed a Petition for the British in Penang to come into Perak to help them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs. These led to the bloody British ruling Malaya for nearly 100 years. No sireee, no bloody admiration or adulation for the bloody secret societies, thugs and gangsters anytime, anywhere.

They not only had the means, the organisation and whatever you admiringly said they have. But did they lift a finger to help Dato Sagor and his men against the British reprisals and putting down the nationalistic Malays? No sir, not one bit.

And the history of Indonesia would tell you that the Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters in Batavia (Java) even sided with the Dutch colonial masters in putting down the forces of Sultan Mataram of his time. Damn them. Fishing in troubled waters, exploiting opportunities and engaged in so many other despicable acts.

I don't expect you to start looking for them and wringing their necks, man. But as fellow Malaysians, I expect you to condemn them at least in words to the core. No doubt despite Police vigilance they exist until today and even in the Selangor State Givernment. No doubt they'll merely pooh-pooh your words of condemnation but it's certainly much better than sounding as if it's OK for the Exco fellows to cohort with the Underworld blokes, saying nothing we can do about them individually, therefore let them terrorise, knowing that the cowed down members of the public will say no-see, no-hear, no-talk.

We must continuously criticise and condemn the wrongs of society, otherwise they become the norms and will be that much more difficult to control, like corruption, secret societies, thugs and gangsters are these days. Any stupid fool knows that even the "non-belligerent" act of prostitution cannot be rooted out but it's a stupider fool to say that, Oh, becasue it cannot be stemmed out, let it be.

Damn them, man, detest and abhor those the PKR ADUN and MP spoke about in words and whatever else you can. Especially in the Internet where they can't trace you. Don't glamourise the secret societies, thugs and gangsters by pointing out HK films depicting them and such things. Don't equate them with organisational structures in Government etc and, far from it, don't start accusing the authorities being in cahoot with them unless you have strong proofs and if so, tell us here or go to the Police quietly. And don't start saying no point in doing so for possible lack of action because you haven't tried that, have you?


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2


I'll have you know that I'm looking at the world from a universal point of view. Like Unker Yew, I have travelled the world quite a bit and have lived abroad, mixed with foreign cultures but am finding it difficult to deal with this culture of admiration for secret societies, thugs and gangsters here in my own country.

I have strong reservations about those who talk about cultures "not being static", implying that secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism (started in south China in the 19th Century, according to one Professor of History) can also be a part of one's culture. If that is true, it is certainly a dangerous trend.

We Malays don't intend to lose out and don't have to look for a different universe. This is our country right or wrong, warts and all. And we don't have an agenda of running away to England, Australia, Canada or Papua New Guinea when the going is tough. We curse the corrupt, so do we the bloody secret societies, thugs and gangsters. And I don't like the alienised Malaysians that KijangMas speaks about in his post here, including the no-see, no-hear and no-talk kind.

We may not have extreme greed in our blood, still lack in shrewdness and gullability, but we are far different from the Red Indians of America. We have been "blatantly ripped off" (to use your words) in the past but have no intention of letting others doing so endlessly. That Penang was given to Francis Light and Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew we acknowledge but hey, even China, a huge land mass with vast human resources and 3,000 years of history, was conquered and ruled by the Mongols in the 13th Century, and the Manchus until the last Century, bullied by the British (Hong Kong was returned to China only a decade or so ago) and by the Japanese in the 19th and the 20th Century.

Wonder how much of those were due to the adulation for the secret societies, thugs and gangsters phenomenon and the resultant no-see, no-hear and no-talk mentality.

We must continuously try to disallow that and must stop the "Underworld" activities in the Selangor State Government. We must condemn and damn such activities.


Pala Otak Hang said...

Ha ha ha you call that an “outburst”?...sounds more like a pleading to believe in your utter bullshit. Amende yg tak betulnya bila aku cakap kerje2 laknat tu bukan budaya Tuan Tanah? Lu bukak tv lu baca paper lu tengok sikit...orang lu ke gua yg buat kerje2 haram tu? Budaya lu ke gua? Siapa yg in denial ni? Udah2 le nak kencingkan orang nak kencing tu pun lu tengok2 laa orang dan tempatnye dulu...jangan kencing marata2 ikot sukati lu je...dahlah kencing berak lu tak basuh...itu lagi satu budaya lu olang, busuk siot!

msleepyhead said...


Thanks for your reply. You are definitely right about fighting crime and condemning them in every way possible. I fully agree with you.

Every society has its scoundrels. Case in point, the Indonesians came and helped build our country. Without them, the construction boom of the 90s would not have been possible, Putrajaya would not have been completed in time, maybe even the houses some of use are living in right now. Still, with the good comes the bad, a bunch of them took the easy road of crime, break-ins and rape were done without a care. But that doesn't make all Indonesians bad, in fact many of them are hard underpaid workers taken advantage of by their employers.

I have met some myself, and there was once I chatted up a guy at the bus stop, in a dimly lit area at night. He's a construction worker and turns out we were heading to the same area. Now this is where it gets sappy, back in the days when there were still conductors, he paid for my ticket when the conductor came for the fare, even before I could reach into my pocket. Of course, I returned the favor when I bumped into him another time.

I don't have a moral for this story nor do I know what to make of it, I just know there are good people out there, just as there are bad ones. And you can't paint everyone with the same stroke of the brush.

Have a good weekend.

Mat Cendana said...

Tommy Yew
Tennis, eh? The last time I watched a match live was more than two decades ago when I was young and full of enthusiasm. It was the French Open final between Stefan Edberg and Michael Chang. Had sided with Chang because he was the underdog. And he didn't disappoint; putting up a heroic display to win.

This time I'm siding with the underdogs, as usual - Henin and Murray. I have this nagging feeling they are going to lose, but I hope I'm wrong. The Williams sisters have won the womens double title, which shows how suitable the courts are for the power game.

With Murray, it's fortunate that Federer isn't as dominant as he once was. Right until a year or so ago, it would have been a foregone conclusion with anyone meeting Federer. I can't remember anyone being so dominant in tennis - maybe the closest is Ivan Lendl. Would be great to see Murray win; the greatest hope from Britain after Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski.

Mat Cendana said...

Tommy Yew
The comment above about tennis and cricket brought back a lot of memories. Didn't know you are a cricket fan. I was one. Or maybe still am; except that I just follow the scores nowadays. Don't have Astro. In fact, don't even have a TV now Heheh! Must get one just for the football World Cup. If anyone have a 42-inch LCD to give away, contact me ya.

Was often in Golok in the mid-90's, and would switch the channel to StarSports. That's when I became interested in cricket - loved the swashbuckling Sri Lanka one-day team. They were the cricket equivalent of Brazil in football - not the Brazil of nowadays or even 2002 when they won the World Cup. It was the Brazil of 1982 and 1986 which had Socrates, Zico etc and played an extravagant type of football. Sri Lanka, with Sanath Jayasuriya etc were like that - always going for boundary hits and not 1 or 2 runs taps.

Was solidly behind them during the cricket World Cup in 1996 and was thrilled when they made it to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, during one of my trips to Golok (illegal entry) to watch cricket live, was detained by the police when crossing back. Spent two long weeks in the lockup, and missed the semis and final when Sri Lanka won.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hellooo MC Hammer,

U betul bikin sway lah; now I've got no more angpow this year since both underdogs lost, KNNCCB.

I dah long time, cricket, rugby union & soccer mad, due to my colonial day brainwashing by the kwailos....hahaha

Better not chat too much off topic subject, nanti the other readers get upset, though I'm sure the Bosz man is ok with this..kakaka.



msleepyhead said...


Cultures continuously evolve, therefore are usually never static. Malays were pagans, then Hindu, now Muslims, no?

You yourself said that corruption was not here in the past but now is rampant. This is normal - people, society, civilizations change and grow. But it's a matter of buang yang keruh and ambil yang jernih, not the other way round, or else the culture is consumed by the foreign one, having no semblance to what it once was 'cept for its name.

'in cahoots with' can be loosely defined as being in a dubious collaboration of some sorts. I think this fits the definition well.

I certainly hope you can do something about it, please. Please save the country.

Anonymous said...

aduss.. lamanya nak tunggu post baru atau comments dari tuan kijangmas..mana tuan pegi ye? harap tuan sihat sejahtera walau di mana berada..

-anis zunairah

Anonymous said...

Is KM where I believe he is right now?


Anonymous said...

Perancangan DAP disebalik pembelaan Anwar oleh Karpal Singh ?

KijangMas said...

Salams and greetings to all.

My sincere thanks for your contribution here and the numerous e-mails and personal messages (... plus the handful of intriguing amorous solicitations) on FB and elsewhere.

I am well. Still alive and kicking and wreaking occasional havoc across the real world from Pasadena to Pasir Puteh.

I've been roaming the globe on business tinged with some recreation spiced with stopovers in the odd warzone and places that I've always wanted to visit before this battle-scarred old ruminant becomes too old to climb up stone ruins or swim/paddle across the lochs and skydive over canyons. Oh yeah, those darn anacondas in the Amazon were huge and the piranhas bite but these were no match to the fiery Rio damsels ... but that's another story.

Will try to find time to reply here and share my thoughts on the never-ending Malaysian political circus engulfing our daily lives.

Anonymous said...


On the subject of "Why so susah one?", may I reproduce here what I wrote in the Kempen SSS blog on the Dong Zong's stand on single-stream education:

Wanting a “multi-nation state” reflects arrogance and non-acceptance of the fact that this country has always been a nation state since the dawn of the history of this region.

Read the “Early History” volume of “The Encyclopedia of Malaysia” edited by Professor Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi which includes articles by Professors and PhD degree holders at University of Malaya, University of Malaysia, National University of Singapore, University of Hawai, Australian National University, etc. Additionally, read the book “The Malay Civilisation” by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by The Historical Society of Malaysia, whose bibliography states scores of books written by academicians and others world wide, quoting ancient documents and manuscripts some of which were discovered only in recent times.

Here are some of the points stated in the book that are pertinent to the nation state that we have always been since ancient times:

1. The Malays were the original inhabitants of Malaysia and also of Southeast Asia. A Chinese writer named Ch’en Lun-chiung used the word “Wu-lai-yu” (“Melayu”) in his writings which were completed in 1730. This was acknowledged by no other than the well-respected historian, Professor Wang Gung-wu, in his “Community and Nation”, 1992, pp 158-167. Before that the Mainland Chinese often used the word “barbarians” when referring to ALL others outside “the Middle Kingdom”, including those who conquered and ruled them – the Mongols for about 80 years and the Manchus (Manchuria became a part of China only after World War II) for several hundred years until the 20th Century.

2. According to Ch’en Lun-chiung, people in the following places were all known as “Wu-lai-yu”: the islands of Luzon, Panay, Cebu, Mindanao, Sulu (all in present day Philippines), Banjarmasin, Brunei (in Borneo), Makasar (Sulawesi island), Maluku, Karimon (east of Sumatera), Kalapa (Jakarta), Patani (south Thailand), Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Johor and Malacca. Also, people in the Asian mainland in Cambodia and Vietnam. This was also acknowledged by Professor Wang Gung-wu.

3. The Malay race is a large, ancient family of many groups, each group having its own name, like Aceh, Bajau, Bidayuh, Bugis, Chamorro, Iban, Ifugao Kadazan, Maori, Merina, Suluk, etc. They may therefore be known as Achenese Malay, Bajau Malay, Bidayuh Malay and so on. In Peninsular Malaysia there are those who are of Javanese, Bugis, Aceh etc descent but “Malay” has been an apt description of them. The term “Rumpun Melayu” aptly describes the Malays, the Indonesians and the Filipinos. Indeed, the Filipinos called Jose Rizal, their independence fighter during the Spanish colonial days, as “The Great Malay” and one Filipino history book is titled just that.

4. Many linguistic studies have been carried out by Westerners since the 19th Century and they have concluded that the various ethnic and sub-ethnic groups that settled this vast area known as the Malay Archipelago are indeed of one and the same race – the Malays. Modern linguistic studies started from the 18th Century linguist, Sir William Jones. The family of language is determined by the grammar and vocabulary used.

5. In proto-historic and ancient times there have been various Malay states in Southeast Asia. What has been commonly known was the Srivijaya Empire centred in Sumatra 600-1200 AD. Another Malay state was also established in the present day Jambi area 4th – 13th Cent AD. Malay civilisation centred in Kedah had been active during that period as well. Kedah had appeared in Chinese records in 638 AD when it sent an ambassador to China. “Pan-pan”, believed to be in the Kelantan or Trengganu area, had been in Chinese records even earlier as they were in contact with China in 530 AD and 535 AD.


(See Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2

6. In 607 AD, a Chinese envoy sent abroad by a Sui Dynasty Emperor recorded having passed by Langkasuka (believed to be in present day Patani) and reached an inland kingdom called “Chi tu” or “Red Earth Land”. In 671 AD, a Chinese Buddhist monk Yiqing on a pilgrimage to the brith place of Buddha in India, stayed 6 months to learn Sanskrit in Srivijaya, then sailed to “Malayu” in southeast Sumatra, then to Kedah. “Yiqing clearly stated that his voyages were all undertaken in ships belonging to Malay Kings” – Dr John Miskic, National University of Singapore, Encyclopaedia of Malaysia, pg 83. The Malays have been good hosts since ancient times and that kind nature must not be exploited.

7. The original centre of Malay civiliation is the Malay Archipelago of Southeast Asia – the largest group of islands in the entire world – measuring from end to end longer than the length of Mainland China. This Malay Archipelago comprises Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, small islands in the South China Sea, Singapore, a part of Peninsular Malaya that became part of south Thailand, and several islands south of Myanmar. All these areas have historically been the origins of the Malays.

8. Taiwan is also an island very important in respect of the origin of the Malays. Several studies have been done in that respect.The Cocos/ Keelings and Christmas Island (now a part of Australia) were also part of the Malay Archipelago. Large parts of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Asian Mainland were also centres of ancient Malay civilisation. The Department of Museums and Antiquities held a Seminar in 2004 on “The Campa Malay Manuscript, Heritage of a Malay Civilisation” that existed (and remnants still exist even now) in Indo-China, specifically Vietnam and Cambodia. (The proceedings of the Seminar were published by the Department and is on sale).

9. Among the works of Professors, PhD degree holders, etc used as reference materials in the book published by the Historical Society of Malaysia are: Wang Gung-wu, “Community and Nation”, 1992; Charles F. Keyes, “The Golden Peninsula”, 1977; Wolfram Eberhard, “A History of China”, 1977; Peter Bellwood, “Man’s Conquest of the Pacific”, 1979; Kenneth Hall & John K. Whitmore, “Explorations in Early Southeast Asian History; The Origins of Southeast Asian Statecraft”, 1986; and scores of others.

10. A nation state has existed in Malaysia since ancient times and no one should try to promote the idea of a “multi-nation state” now.


Not wanting a “nation state” (the concept of one country, one race, one culture, one language and a single stream school system)” means non-acceptance of the idea of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia and Bahasa Malaysia being the medium of instruction in all schools for the sake of unity in the country.

Mandarin has been referred to as Chinese culture and there has been supreme pride in a Chinese culture and civilisation perpetrated since ancient times by Chinese writers referring to China as “the Middle Kingdom” and all others as “barbarians”. This view has been refuted in recent times by researchers and academicians who pointed out that Asian studies in the past relied fully on old Chinese documentation and records. They realised that old Chinese documents were heavily one-sided. They discovered that those documents were re-written several times in the course of history such that the validity of the facts became difficult to determine. The supremacy of Chinese culture and civilisation became referred to as a myth. Professor Wang Gung-wu, in his essay “Early Ming Relations with Southeast Asia” pg 36 pointed out that the assumption that only the Chinese were civilised and that others were barbarians was often proven wrong when they later met others who also had culture and civilisation.


(See Part 3)

Anonymous said...

Part 3

According to Wolfram Eberhard in his “The History of China”, 1977, modern studies have shown that all ancient Chinese documents were adaptations of later periods and said “with complete certainty that all historical data recorded in written documents for the period up to about 1000 BC are not correct.” Chinese culture is not as ancient as it was believed to be.

On the origins of the Chinese people, Albert Kolb in his book “East Asia”, 1971, said the Chinese emerged from a mixture of various races and groups of people. Before 1500 BC, the Yangtze Valley and areas to the south of it were settled by various ancient Asian races like Tai, Miao, Yueh, etc. There were no Chinese yet in the southern region at that time. Wolfram Eberhard also stated that the Tai were the largest group south of the Yangtze Valley. To their west were the Tibetan race which also occupied Shensi and Szechwan.

Chinese documents stated the existence of some 3,000 groups of “barbarians”. China came into existence only with the Chin Dynasty in 221 BC. But Emperor Chin himself was not 100% Chinese -according to Wolfram Eberhard, he was a mixture of Turkish and Tibetan races. However, according to Wofgang Franke, the Chinese kept referring to all others as barbarians until the 17th Century. And Professor C.P Fitzgrald in his “A Concise History of East Asia”, 1966, pp 13-14, said that recent archaelogical research shows that the Chinese have no reasons for such an arrogant attitude.


Naif said...

Good to have you back KM.

Got a question. As a member yourself what do you think of Perkasa's growing popularity among malays and how do you see its role in the future?

I've got a better idea though, wouldn't it be better for Perkasa to attract non-malay members as well? Maybe a certain condition must be met before becoming a member, like fluency in Bahasa Malaysia. I know it sounds counter intuitive but with a significant number of non-malays, Perkasa would be an ideal platform to push the 1 Sekolah untuk Semua agenda.

It would be the perfect party for MALAYSIAN nationalists.

Or is UMNO just trying to appeal to the moderates while Perkasa plays the "bad cop" role?

msleepyhead said...

Good to hear that you are doing great.

Thanks for the enlightening anthropological and historical posts. In fact, with modern science more will be revealed on the matter.

Some questions asked in good faith,

1. mandarin is often cited as a unifying language but as already mentioned in india each state uses its own local language for official affairs including education. even english is not the official language of the usa. so why can't or didn't bm become the prominent language on its own without enforcement like in indonesia? (asked because i assume you are an expert in the history of the region based on your writings)

2. if what you said is true that the peoples of the nusantara / south-east asian region can all be grouped as malays from a historical/cultural (and maybe even in the future scientific) evidence, why would there be a need for the constitutional definition of the malays now?

3. in your readings, did you come across any understandings as to why the region did not improve in the materialistic economic sense compared to the west or europe after the medieval ages? western colonization is one thing, but the spread of islam precedes that.

4. last and maybe most importantly, now that we know the history of the peoples and the region in your triplet gem, how can we use this knowledge to improve the lives of the people? looking at it now we can see that many are still living the traditional lifestyle of agriculture or fishing or simply of the land like the orang asli/penan and others. the city dwellers can fend for themselves. even the african continent is homogeneous, but what of that, the uniformity of its people in many ways, didn't get them far in terms of modern knowledge and advancement.

not only Dot but anyone can also have a go at it too. now that we are all in the same boat, i think it's only logical to think about how to get us all headed in the right direction, and fast.


msleepyhead said...

How come donuts get to make the news but child prodigies like these ten year old Irish-Malay and 13 year old Doogie Howser don't?

Thanks to Walla who shared at sakmongkol's.

Anonymous said...


It's largely because of bloody imperialisim and colonialism, my dear.

And the power of guns and canons. Even the Chinese in China who invented gunpowder succumbed to foreign invasions, what more the Malays fighting with just the keris, lembing and tombak.

As to why there needed a definition of Malays and the stating of BM in the Constitution, it's again largely due to the bloody British imperialists and what they did or omitted to do during the negotiations for independence. All imperialist and colonial policies in the world were crude, unfair and one-sided. Designed to protect Imperialist interests first. Millions of Indians and Pakistanis still curse the British for the partition of India, allowing for the creation of Pakistan.

Remember, even the Americans were colonised and had to fight British colonialism in their war of independence. But they were made up of disgruntled British, French, Germans and others wanting better lives in the colonies, who had been exposed to wars in their motherland and had access to guns and canons. So, they beat the shit out of the British colonialists. China was so corrupt and in disarray that the British made them accept opium from India to pay for Chinese goods they brought to Europe. Talk about the poor Sultan of Kedah ceding Penang to Francis Light for a then princely annual sum of RM12,000 (still being paid to Kedah by the Federal Government until now), the "civilised" and great Middle Kingdom Chinese had to cede Hong Kong to the British, returned only a decade or so ago.

So, the wily and "highly diplomatic" British (when they lost their Empire, Winston Churchill and later Tony Blair hung by the coat tail of the American President for strength - listen to what the French say about them even now) weaned and cajoled, persuaded and twisted the arms of "very gentlemanly, kind and generous Malay aristocrat" Tengku A Rahman and his colleagues negotiating for independence year in and year out before 1957. The British even told the Malays that the non-Malays were transient in this country and, even if citizenship was granted to them, not many would stay permanently. In the proces of all those, you got a Constitution that basically is what it is today. Like it or not, all citizens have to respect it and live by it. Otherwise, there'll be chaos and not good for everybody.

Later, I'll get to the details of the origin of Bahasa Melayu, the Malay values on respect for Rulers, had been traders (barter trading) for thousands of years but not doing commerce or business i.e not profit-taking activities - the word business or finance did not exist in the Malay vocabulary of old and non-Malays must not complaint Malays taking a long time to achieve 30% corporate equity under the NEP, etc.

Got to go now.


Unknown said...

msleepyhead @ February 18, 2010 10:43 AM says, "it's only logical to think about how to get us all headed in the right direction, and fast."

Ahhhh ... this keyword FAST is a reflection of the pendatang mentality - work hard, grab as much wealth as possible and do it quick quick quick, fast fast fast, pronto pronto pronto, cepat cepat cepat, 快速的 快速的 快速的, तेज़ तेज़ तेज़ ...

before the bumis realise what is happening (my own interpretation)

The REAL citizens should be in no hurry to RUSH as they are not planning to go anywhere.

Some nations race thru their journey to reach a certain destination, thereby missing out on the beautiful scenery available to these travellers.

Not to mention suffering the multiple blindspots which can be VERY critical (as demonstrated by the little middle kingdom).

True nation building has its own steady pace.

Anonymous said...


Before I get to the subject that I mentioned in my last comment here, allow me to reproduce another comment that I wrote and was published in Kempen SSS blog, as follows -

Further to my earlier comments in this post, here are historical facts that may help the recalcitrant Chinese in Malaysia understand themselves better and perhaps become more amenable to the call for unity and joining the mainstream of Malaysian society:

According to Wolfram Eberhard, in his “A History of China”, 1977, during prehistory i.e before 1,500 BC or about 3,500 years ago, the area south of the Yangtze River in China were occupied by ancient Asian ethnic groups like the Tai (ancestors of the present Thais), Miao, Yueh and others. In this period of time, there were no people that can be said to be belonging to the Chinese race. In the southwest were people of the Tibetan race who also settled in Shensi and Szechwan. What later became known as Chinese were at that time settled in the north, beyond the Yangtze Valley.

The Chinese (in the north) also called those in the south “barbarians”. Ancient Chinese records bear this out. People who were called Chinese came into being only 2,200 years ago when Chin Shih Huang Di united various states in the northern part of present day China. Chinese were then still occupying only the north.

Since the Chinese in Malaysia are said to have come from southern China, it is possible that they are descended from what the Chinese (in the north) called “barbarians”, too, like the Malays and others were called. If they are indeed so descended, then the Chinese and the Malays have a common denominator right from ancient history.

The Tai civilisation is older than the Chinese civilisation. The numericals used by the Chinese are believed to have been copied from the Tais. “The bamboo tree, rice planting and the water buffalo do not represent original Chinese cultural treasure though they have all become an intrinsic core of modern Chinese civilisation” – J.E Spenser and W.L Thomas, “Asia, East by South”, 1971, pg 513. The Chinese were not surrounded by barbarians, but by advanced civilisations with their own individual characteristics. Professor C.P Fitzgerald also pointed out that recent archaelogical studies have shown that the Chinese (in the north) have no reason to think of only themselves as being civilized – “A Concise History of East Asia”,1966, pg 13-14.

Over time, various factors made the northerners move further north into the grazing lands of Mongolia, causing irritation and vengeance accumulating until the fierce and brutal Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, attacked, conquered and ruled China for about 80 years in the 13th – 14th Centuries. The Chinese also moved into the fertile areas of the south, displacing the Tai, Miao and other original settlers. They have taken vast tracts of Northwestern China (Muslim Uighers) and Tibet into their fold. Hatred and resentment have been festering against the Mainland Chinese in those areas until today. They resulted in dangerous conflagrations occurring periodically.

Such situations as the above must be avoided in this country, Malaysia. We must not allow any situation that would justify the military taking over the country like happening elsewhere – yesterday some young officers took over the Government in Niger. We must keenly and responsibly guard our democracy, preserve our racial harmony. Those not happy with and finding themselves unable to respect and live by the Constitution of the country should find other places for them to be happy in. There is no such thing as unlimited freedom and absolute equality. Everybody must be responsible and reasonable in this country.


msleepyhead said...


Thanks for sharing your readings and a reply to my comment. I posted a thank you comment on the same day that must have slipped through KM. A big thanks indeed.

The North-South difference that you mentioned was depicted in John Woo's Red Cliff, though I do not know how true it was to what really happened. I'm sure you know better than me. It is indeed a myth that the Chinese is one homogeneous group of people when even the North-South peoples are different culturally.

Taking a lead from your writings, I came across this page, and interestingly:

"It was originally thought in the early stages of developing Mandarin as the national standard that within 100 years, or by 2030, that the whole nation would be unified linguistically under Mandarin."

As lamented by many commenters already and by satD, if I'm not wrong, that Mandarin is not the mother language of the majority of Chinese Malaysians unless they trace their roots back to Beijing. As most is of the Southern stock, then their mother language will be the Southern Chinese languages like Hokkien, Hainan, Hakka, Cantonese and so on. In this sense, at least the Tamils got it right, or else they will be learning Hindi in their schools. And the South Indian ancestry, I believe are similarly the roots of the majority of Indian Malaysians. Maybe that is why the Sikhs, Punjabis and others do not attend Tamil schools from my observation.

This shows an even diverse group of people in the country and KM's writings have stated also the plurality of the Malays (in Malaysia) like the people of Pattani, the Bugis as recently acknowledged by the PM, and others.

So the question to ask is not only how to unite everyone, as what the SSS is doing, but also to manage the diversity in such away as not to lose the cultural heritage of each community.

In your haste, I guess you missed out the other key words "right direction". You are such a pragmatic optimist to enjoy the view even when we are lost in the wrong direction. I suppose we should also similarly enjoy the underwater scene if we are in a sinking ship. It is noted that we can take our time in nation building, after all Rome was not built in a day as the saying goes. I'm not talking about the journey. But if I know I'm going off track, I'll be quick to check the compass to get back on course.

Unknown said...

Hey msleepyhead

What are the signs that you are in the wrong direction??

If you take TIME planning your journey, likelihod is that you will be going in the right direction.

My point is this - MORE HASTE LESS SPEED, why the big rush?

And don't forget the BLINDSPOTS if you are racing at high speeds. It could be truly CRITICAL. You surely want to avoid FATALITY.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to the Mandarin info.

There is no issue of loss of Mandarin as a cultural heritage - SSS never says do away with Mandarin, only not have it as a medium of instruction, can be studied as an elective subject.

In addition to BM's position in the Constitution, perhaps the following can help some of the recalcitrants give more respect to the language than they do:

The Large Family of the Malay Language -

The Malay language is very ancient and comprises of a huge family of languages. Whereas the Malays (Rumpun Melayu of 350 million people) constitute only 6% of the total population of the world (6 billion people), the large family of Malay languages (totalling 1,268) represent 22% of the number of languages in the world (totalling 6,000).

These are actual languages in the scientific and linguistic sense. If dialects are included, the number is larger still.

Scientists who have studied the family of Malay languages include the following:

1. 1772-75 Dr Reinhold Forster who accompanied Captain Cook in his 2nd voyage to the South Pacific. He compiled a list of words from 11 languages in several islands there and compared them with words of the same meaning in the Malay language and with 3 languages in South America. He found them having similarities with the Malay language but none at all with the South American languages.

2. 1776-80 Anderson, another scientist travelling with Captain Cook studied the numericals used in various islands of Polynesia and in Madagascar and compared them with those used in the Malay language. He found very clear similarities among them.

3. About 1800, a Spanish Jesuit priest, Abbe Lorenzo Herves, confirmed that the Malay language, the language used in Madagascar, and the languages of the Polynesian islands belong to the same family.This priest was recorded as the person who had made "the most remarkable discovery in the history of linguistic studies, being the identification of one family of spoken languages, namely the Malay and the Polynesian languages, which were spread very far and wide from the Island of Madagascar across a 208 degree angle to Easter Island" - L. Andrews, "A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language", 1977, pg 7.

4. Some years after that, a European scholar, William Marsden, also identified the oneness of the languages referred to by Herves and called them "The Great Polynesian" (Language).

5. In 1836, a leading Linguist, William Von Humboldt, carried out a large and comprehensive study, comparing 9 languages in the family of the Malay language - Malay, Malagasy (Madagascar), Javanese, Buginese, Tagalog (Philippines), Maori, Tonga, Tahitian and Hawaiian. He concluded that these languages belong to the same civilization - the Malay civilization.

Given below are the number of Malay languages found in selected areas:

Peninsular Malaysia : 1 (+4 orang asli languages)
Sumatra : 22 languages
Java : 3 languages
Philippines :160 languages
Borneo :153 languages
Sulawesi :114 languages
Taiwan : 23 languages
Madagascar : 11 languages.

The Spread of the Malays -

How old is this Malay race, Malay Polynesia or Austronesia race?

In the 20th Century, various studies have been carried out on the migration and movement of the Malay people who have crossed the
Pacific and Indian Oceans. Linguistic and archaeological studies especially since the 1950s have contributed a lot towards finding the age of the Malay race.


See Pt 2

Anonymous said...

Part 2

G.W Grace, a linguist of the 1960s, placed the origin of the Malay language at between 3,000 BC - 2,500 BC i.e 4,500 - 5,000 years ago - William Howells, "The Pacific Islanders", 1973, pg 104. Isidore Dyen, a linguist of the 1950s, explained that Malayo-Polynesia is a major branch in the Austronesia (Malay) language and is of the opinion that the Malayo- Polynesian language alone is older than the Indo-European language which scholars have said appeared around 2,500 BC. Dyen believes that the Malayo-Polynesian people had started moving around and spread even well before 2,500 BC - William Howells, pg 104.

R. Ferrel a linguist expert on the natives of Taiwan, wrote in the 1960s that the Atayalic language in Taiwan grew out of proto Malay language (the original Malay language) since 4,000 BC-3,000 BC i.e 5,000-6,000 years ago. Ferrel is also of the opinion that the Tsouic language in Taiwan had grown out of proto Malay language at about the same period. The original Malay language is therefore much older.

Many stuidies have led to the hypothesis that Taiwan / south China is the origin of the Malay race. Peter Bellwood is a well known supporter of that and believes that the spread of the original Malay language occurred between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago and that this took place in the centre of the Malay world, i.e an area that could not be identified but in the range of islands between Taiwan, Philippines and East Indonesia - Peter Bellwood, "Man's Conquest of the Pacific, 1979.

This means that the Malay race is one of the oldest in the world.

Linguist William Howells himself had placed the first movement of the Malay people outward at 4,000 BC. So, it is clear that various scholars and linguistic experts have put forward the view that the Malay race is an ancient one and is about 7,000 years old, or even older.

Archaeologists have put out archaeological findings which showed that the Tonga islands were the first settlement of Malays in the Polynesian Islands after they arrived from Fiji Island. Samoa became the second island. These were estimated at around 1,000 BC.

The Malays reached the Easter Island around 500 AD despite it being the only island and so far away. Carbon dating of artifacts had shown that the Malays from Marquesas Islands reached and settled in Hawai around 750 AD - Joseph Feher, "Hawai, A Pictorial History", 1969, pg 27.. By 1,000 AD, the bigger islands of the Hawai chain had all been settled.

They arrived in boats built by inhabitants of the Marquesas Islands; the boats were as long as 18-24 meters and each could carry 30-40 people.

From Tahiti, the Malays moved to Cook Islands and eventually touched the islands of New Zealand around 1,000 AD.

The fact that the Malays had discovered and settled all the islands of the Pacific Ocean, which is so vast, is testimony to the excellence in sailing and navigation skills of the Malays. This is a feat not comparable to any others up to this day. All researchers and scholars agree that all the islands of the Pacific Ocean, however small or isolated, bear marks of having been visited and settled by the Malays in a period of time stretching 3,700 years or a little longer.


See Pt 3

Anonymous said...

Part 3

The Malay Archipelago was the birth place of Malay civilisation. American Professor Wihelm G. Solheim had produced a number of books and notes on the prehistory of Southeast Asia - Mohd Arof, "The Malay Civilization", 2007, pg 22, 96. Professor Solheim said that the Malays had been living a culture of seafarers and traders, possessing sailing and navigational skills that enabled them to traverse the entire seas of the Malay Archipelago since 5,000 BC or 7,000 years ago.

According to Professor Solheim, the specific place in the Malay Archipelago with the highest possibility of being the origin of the Malay people is the area where today is found the Bugis, Bajau and other Malay ethnic groups that have been very active seafarers and traders for ages in history. They have made the Sulu Seas, fringed with the large islands of Borneo (Kalimantan), Sulawesi and Mindanao, as the busiest seafaring area. They spread to the Pacific Ocean, starting from eastern Indonesia, before 5,000 BC. They moved north as traders through Philippines, Taiwan and southern China, reaching Korea and Japan.

Professor Solheim also believed that the Cham Malays who still occupy parts of Vietnam and Cambodia to this day had moved there from the Malay Archipelago after about 2,000 BC. Solheim also stated that the Malay language evolved in the Malay Archipelago at the end of the Ice Age when the Malay Archipelago took shape about 8,000 years ago. The latest research on this subject done by Stephen Oppenheimer, "Eden in the East", 2001, strongly supported the views put forward by Solheim.

Ancient Chinese records written as early as 3rd Century AD mentioned "Kun Lun" people (ancient Chinese terminology for those coming by sea from the direction of Southeast Asia) conducting trade between east and west. Those records mentioned the boats used by the Malay traders. According to those records, the Malay boats were large, about 170 feet (51 meters) long. In the Polynesian islands of the south Pacific, the well known English voyager, Captain Cook, himself saw and recorded boats of about 108 feet (32 meters) which could carry 300 sailors.


satD said...

Dot nice comment.....should be a post on its own...

How u all been folks?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment, satD.

Perhaps among the last in the series of my comments drawn from the book, "The Malay Civilization", published by The Historical Society of Malaysia, here are facts and opinions that should help the non-Malays understand the Malays and, in reference to the New Economic Policy, should not grumble about the length of time taken to achieve the target of corporate equity acquisition, which target, after all, was proposed by the Malays themselves, in 1970.

Incidentally, The Historical Society of Malaysia is not a mumbo-jumbo kind of organisation. It was formed in 1953, with Dato Mahmud bin Mat as President, Dato Sir Tan Cheng Lok and Dato Thuraisingam as Vice Presidents (leading personalities of the time), and Council Members included Mubin Sheppard (an Englishman who became a Malaysian and a Muslim), the first Director of Muzium Negara. They provided views of the locals on then Malaya, unlike the Journal of the Malayan Branch of The Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS), which usually provided expatriate views.

Here are the comments I referred to:

Some Characteristics of Malay Civilization

A civilization of seafarers -

No large-scale evolution of a system of the writing script among the Malays. No records of prehistoric and ancient Malay civilization kept by the Malays themselves. Others have kept some records on them - Indians, Chinese, Arabs and others.

A few original writing scripts had appeared in various parts of the prehistoric and ancient Malay world. Most of them were based on outside influences. Those writing scripts were localised and had not spread far and wide in the Malay world. Examples of such scripts are the Pulau Bohol script in the central part of the Philippines, the Java Island script in the central part of Indonesia, the Woleai script in the Federated States of Micronesia.

On the Asian continent, only the Chinese had devised a system of writing that was spread throughout the country. Even so, it's evolution was considered late (around 1,500 BC) compared to the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Indians and others who have invented systems of writing as early as 3,100 BC. But the existence of the writing script is a major difference between the Chinese (inland) civilization and the Malay (seafaring) civilization.

The Malays, as a race of seafarers, are adventurous. They characteristically moved about in small groups, had not placed much attention on political or military organisation until very late in the history of their civilization. Their realisation of the need for a strong political and war organisation came out when foreign influence reached the Malay Archipelago. Nevertheless, the Malays of ancient times had succeeded in founding a Malay civilization that covered 2/3 of the southern hemisphere.

Professor Khoo Kay Kim, a prominent Malaysian historian, in his book, "Malay Society. Transformation and Democratisation", 2001 pg 25, said, "Adat Melayu tidak derhaka". Treason is a serious taboo, a prohibition of a high order among the Malays in the Malay Archipelago. Loyalty knows no bounds. The case of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat during the Malacca Sultanate amplifies the principle that he who commits treason has no right to get justice even in a duel.

The Malay mentality is based on the spirit of "reasonableness" or "patut". This has been manifested in all aspects of life.


(See Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2

[NOTE: It might be fitting to add here the following which is not stated in the book:

The Malays have always been pleasant and respectful, exercising and expecting in return "reasonableness" from others they were in contact
with. But when, instead of reasonableness, they saw an encroachment on their rights, like when the British colonialists wanted to impose tax on them, Dato Sagor and his men had British Resident JWW Birch stabbed to death along the banks of the Perak River. British Resident General Sir Frank Swettenham, who served in the Straits Settlements
and in Malaya for a total of 30 years until 1901, described the Malays as amiable but may, under pressure, run amok. That word "amok" became adopted into the English language and exists in the Oxford dictionary today.]

A Civilization of Traders

The Malays had been a trading civilization since prehistoric times, especially in the Malay Archipelago. From the economic point of view, this is different from the farming and commercial civilization on the Asian mainland, as clearly exemplified by Chinese and Indian civilizations.

Trading here means "barter" or the exchange of goods, i.e purchase or sale not with the aim of making a profit, or accumulation of assets or wealth. It was only for the purpose of getting essential goods that are not available in their locality. Trading among the Malays was not engaging in commerce or a business with the aim of making profits and expanding wealth. The Malay scholar Zainal Abidin Bin Ahmad, often known as Za'aba, wrote in 1941 that the Malay language does not have words equivalent in meaning to "financial" or economic". It was as if the Malays had no capacity to consider anything as "purely financial in nature" ("sebagai satu urusan kewangan semata-mata") - A.C Mlner, "Kerajaan: The Malay Political Culture on the Eve of Colonial Rule", 1982, pg 25.

This kind of trading (barter, not business) was recorded in ancient Indian, Arabic and Chinese records since the earliest time of their contact with the Malay world, as well as in the records of the Europeans who came later.

Trading (the barter kind) was never restricted or monopolised by anybody in the Malay world. In the19th Century, an English observer in Sarawak wrote that trading was so engrained in the nature of the Malays that the ruler and his children, in every period of their history, were the biggest traders in their territory - A.C Milner, pg 17.

However, wealth accumulation had never become a habit of the Malays. During the period of the Malacca Sultanate, wealth accumulation by Court officials was looked at as a possible threat on the position of the ruler. Those with wealth commanded sizeable numbers of followers. The Sultan of Malacca had Bendahara (Prime Minister) Tun Mutahir killed upon learning he had amassed excessive wealth. The Sultan of Deli confiscated the excessive wealth of his "Shahbandar" (official in-charge of Port) - A.C Milner, pg 22-28.

Barter trading became an ordinary daily activity, only for the purpose of getting daily needs. No large-scale Malay merchants ever emerged even during the glorious days of the Malay Empire, although the Malays fully controlled trade in Southeast Asia, trade with China and trade across the Indian Ocean for thousands of years. During the glorious days of the Malacca Sultanate, the biggest merchants in the port of Malacca were foreigners like Arabs, Indians and Persians, not Malays.

In the Chinese civilization, "business" (profit-taking) activities started early in their history and it spread so wide and so fast that they became an intrinsic feature of the Chinese way of life.

So, the Chinese need to understand why, comparatively, the Malays take a long time to achieve wealth.


msleepyhead said...


A sincere thanks. Terima kasih for the well researched and fact based writing, sparing no details.

It is stuff like these that keeps me coming back to engage in the conversation, and I was misconstrued as trying to hijack KM's comments section.

Will definitely reread and take in not only the facts but also the elegant phrases that is distinctly Dot. Also thanks for listing out the books you sourced from.

I hope somebody will reproduce it in a blog post. *Hint satD.

Thank you very, very much.

Anonymous said...


All quiet on the Western front. The enemy has dug in and stayed low. They don't dare touch our ground. For we do have a strong ground.

Our forces are having a respite. The General is fully occupied. With oncoming attack plans that have a strong bite. The Field Commanders are taking stock of supplies and ammunitions. The battle must go on and on. It's for the survival of our nation.

It's for long term harmony, peace and prosperity of the country. It's for SSS and all it represents. It's nothing to do with SS of the Third Reich that many resent.

We need some light banter, now. After all the seriousness we have been occupied with in recent times.

One can only speculate why everybody is quiet these days. But if I'm in the business of speculation, I won't go to the Stock Exchange. I won't buy shares until DS Najib's policies become clearer. And at least clearly maintain, if not promote, the affirmative action for Bumiputeras. And not appear to be placating the non-Malays too much. With liberalisation, funding and encouraging Chinese schools, etc. And hardly any action on dtermining whether the rakyat want single-stream schooling or not. And merely stating SSS may be implemented if the rakyat wants it. Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa are pressing for such "it" (sorry, can't find the word to rhyme there!)

Not having the skill to create humour, my previous paragraph intended to be humourous turned out to be dead serious. I can't earn a living being a funny man. And I won't try to be one. Merely wanna a break from the stoic atmosphere in blogoshpere. These days when there's economic malaise. And racially we are polarised.

It must be that part of the year. Accounts with December as financial year end may not have been completed. Those closing in March have to be rushed. Those in public services have to submit the KRA and KERA reports. Annual Confidential Reports are due for study by Promotion Committees, Panels, Boards and what-have-you.

Tenseness is in the air. The weather plays its part, too. The current heat wave augurs well for those waiting to burn whatever that has been accumulating since the last rainy season. Another round of shouting and finger pointing. Al Gore will have another chance at whacking culprits of global warming. And perhaps another Nobel prize. Good for him. Never mind us at the receiving end of the open burning.

Alas, we'll wait until better times. When the spirit moves the body to some physical action on the lap top keyboard. Back to arguments and counter-arguments here and elsewhere in blogosphere.

Good luck, everybody. As the pretty CNBC lady says, have a good and productive whatever until we see more of you back here.

Humbly yours
(not often so, I must admit),


KijangMas said...

zanetti_be said:-
"We all agreed that BM suppose to be the national language and yet other races want their own language.If these situation still continue, the core objective of achieving one malaysia will never be a successful one.Is it so hard?"

I have no problem with Malaysians who indulge in their ancestral languages and other languages. BUT it should not be at the expense of BM. Yes, I have a problem with those who are BM retards, those who need tongkats and crutches to prop their stiff tongues and shriveled pouts to string a few BM sentences. Those who are inevitably compared with recent pendatangs in terms of BM competency. I have no mercy for these thick-tongued language retards who have the audacity to flash their MyCards and Malaysian passports but for all intents and purposes are mere transient opportunists subsisting on this land while searching for better "hosts" to infest and hollow-out.

Listen, one's competency in BM should not be compromised by one's need to learn a second, third or fourth language. See, the problem arises when these people use/learn other languages in lieu of BM in a sort of silent manifestation of their inner insecurities and inability to come to grips about their existence as a rakyat of this land.


Aku said:-
"I simply don't understand the intransigence. I cannot fathom the convoluted logic of those who choose to alienise themselves."

Yup, we will have trouble understanding these people if we still perceive them and interpret their mindset with our set of values. That is the crux of the problem. You see, these self-alienising species are driven by different sets of stimuli that would never be reconciled with our sense of society and nationhood.

PM Najib can shout himself hoarse about his 1 Malaysia fantasy and squander billions of RM in the process. But these aliens could not be reined in, be embraced as a fellow rakyat for the simple reason that their very existence as a social group is predicated on the tolerance and magnanimity of others. You see, their "place" in this society was forged at others' expense, dilution in language and social cohesion being prime examples. A mere state of "tolerance" between alienised chunks of a populace has never been a tenable proposition for any nation in the history of mankind.

KijangMas said...

Semerah Padi said:-
"Negara ini telah terlebih memberi muka kepada kaum-kaum subversif ini. Saya kira, hanya di negara ini sahaja tiada tindakan tegas diambil apabila kaum-kaum subversif ini, hari demi hari, mengikis, mencelarukan serta memporak perandakan identiti Bangsa Malaysia apabila mereka dengan biadapnya menuntut hampir keseluruhannya supaya berkiblatkan China. Bahasa, adat resam, tingkah laku, cara hidup dsb tanpa langsung mahu cuba menyesuaikan diri mereka dengan masyarakat tempatan."

Salam sdr Semerah Padi.

Setuju, tapi ini salah siapa? Hos atau tetamu? Hos Indo tidak beri muka, maka si tetamu diserapkan ke masyarakat Indo. Hos Thai tidak beri muka, maka si tetamu diserapkan ke masyarakat Thai. Hos Amerika tidak beri muka, maka si tetamu diserapkan ke masyarakat Amerika.

Tapi bagaimana dengan hos pribumi Malaysia? Ya, bermuka-muka, timbangrasa, lemahlembut, budibahasa, sopansantun dan tatatertib hinggalah sekarang si hos pula sudah mirip "tetamu" di negara sendiri.

Ketuanan keatas sesebuah tanah atau wilayah bukanlah automatis atau kekal abadi; ianya bergantung kepada keupayaan kita untuk mempertahankan dan membela hak tersebut. Kalau tidak, "ketuanan" kita di bumi ini hanyalah impian manis dan memori silam yang tidak di akui atau di peduli oleh si tetamu yang kini sudah jauh berkeliaran tanpa di bendung di setiap pelusuk tanah air kita.


SSS for life said:-
"I think I've read it here some time ago that soon car stickers, t-shirts and other SSS paraphernalia will be made available. How is it progressing? I can't wait to get my hands on them."

Yeah, we need to look into this. Ideas, suggestions, resources welcomed. Do discuss this at the SSS portal.


-koko said:-
"... perpaduan bagi mereka adalah dapat lebih banyak peluang dari segi projek kerajaan atau bahagian dari sumber alam dari negara."

Ya ... dan juga "perpaduan" ini di bayar oleh hakisan hak dan identiti asal negara kita sehinggalah -- sepertimana yang di kehendaki oleh konsep 1 Malaysia -- ciri-ciri asing golongan yang tiada termaktub dalam perlembagaan semakin di arak ke kemuncak pesada budaya dan bahasa negara -- sama tinggi, sama rata dan sama status dengan Bahasa Kebangsaan dan budaya Melayu/pribumi sebagai teras identiti negara.


NJ said:-
"Jadi dalam isu yang DN sedang perbincangkan ini, tidakkah ianya nampak sangat janggal apabila seseorang itu bertegas, "Aku berdiri di bumi Malaysia dan aku memegang myKad. Tapi aku orang China dan aku mahukan segalanya China di sini" ... Renungi-renungilah mereka-mereka yang berpendirian sebegitu, kerana kamu hanya akan mengundang kebencian masyarakat tempatan. Dan tentu sekali, kamu akan dilihat sebagai ORANG ASING di bumi ini, walaupun tidak se asing makhluk dalam imej yang dipaparkan oleh Tuan KijangMas di dalam artikel ini."

Inilah intipati minda yang kian menghantui golongan subversif ini. Mereka sudah keliru -- dan makin dikelirukan oleh hantu2 subversif Pakatan Rakyat -- tentang siapa mereka sebenarnya dan manakah tempat dan apakah peranan mereka di negara ini.

Selagi mereka berkiblatkan negara asing, selagi itulah mereka akan di belenggu oleh gejala kekeliruan identiti ... dan selagi itulah mereka akan mencetuskan berbagai masalah dalam negara kita dalam usaha mereka untuk mencari paksi dan halatuju hidup mereka.

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Sejahtera Tuan KijangMas,

Saya merasakan hubungan antara kaum di Malaysia semakin teruk. Mana mungkin situasi akan aman sejahtera apabila penduduk asal bumi ini yang juga majoriti tidak berasa selesa hidup di bumi sendiri?

Ianya semakin teruk apabila pemimpin sendiri, bahkan presiden parti politik kaum Melayu sendiri terlalu bersikap apologetik terhadap tuntutan-tuntutan kaum lain. Sudahlah beliau melayan tuntutan-tuntutan ini, beliau juga semakin hari semakin menepikan atau meminggirkan kaum Melayu itu sendiri. Presiden parti ni tidak faham ke asal usul, dasar, matlamat perjuangan partinya sendiri?

Mereka menuntut apa yang tiada dalam Perlembagaan sedangkan sudah lebih 50 tahun mereka sengaja tidak mahu menghayati apa yang telah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan.

Orang Melayu kini bersuara untuk mempertahankan apa yang telah lama ada dalam Perlembagaan, mengikut lunas-lunas Perlembagaan itu sendiri. Orang Melayu belum lagi bersuara untuk menambah tuntutan, selain dari apa yang telah wujud sekian lama kini.

Apa yang orang Melayu tuntut adalah perlaksanaan Perlembagaan. Apa yang mereka tuntut adalah yang di luar Perlembagaan sedangkan Perlembagaan itu sendiri mereka tidak hayati walaupun telah berusia lebih 50 tahun.

Apa DS Najib buat? Membelakangi Perlembagaan ?

"Negara Ini Negara Berdaulat"

KijangMas said...

Dal said:-
"The present lopsided liberalism mode of governance encourages further the spread and deep-rooting of discomfort to one side and greed to the other side as proven by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and what he did for LKY. We fervently pray Najib is different."

Nope, not much hope with PM Najib. He has been so caught up in his plasticky neo-liberal bagi muka to gain non-Malay votes fetish that he couldn't see our society crumbling around him as the subversives capitalise on this softness to challenge every fundamental tenet of our nationhood.

Deano said:-
"Why are they not conforming? Even suggesting that people want to force integration, stubbornly ignoring that people have not asked for assimilation the Thai, Indonesian or Filipino way ...Why don’t they be reasonable when the others have been reasonable to them ... don’t they see the reasonableness, or otherwise, of all those things stated above? Aren’t they not being unreasonable?"

"Reasonableness" doesn't exist in the dictionary of these people. Competition for scarce resources in a wretched, crowded, violent and deprived existence over a millennium forged their mindset. It's ingrained in their DNA. Their intrinsic mantra is: may the toughest, strongest, meanest, baddest creature win. Hence, the silly, complacent and borderline-indolent natives embrace these resource-grabbers at their own peril, as readily seen throughout most of Malaya's west coast.

msleepyhead said:-
"Can only add that thanks to your expose, they are being cornered now and like all cornered creatures, watch out for acts of desperation as they try to save their skin. The next GE is just around the corner so expect this to be capitalized to the hilt."

Cornered creatures have two self-preserving reflex mechanisms -- fight back ferociously (often expediting their demise) OR play dead the stunned rabbit way (and survive another day). We shall see whether the Dongkey Gong fighting tiger is actually a cunning rabbit as the SSS gains steam in public discourse. As for voter sentiment in PRU13, the non-Malays will vote Pakatan anyway, no matter the issue or agenda. Like I said before, even if PM Najib speaks nothing but Mandarin from here onwards, BN will still trail behind PR in non-Malay votes. So Najib, why bother?

theBOLDanon said:-
"... maybe, just maybe, the direction the DN commmunity should take is... via the courts. take the Education Ministry to court for violating the constitution...the best part is that, winning is not the ultimate objective! ... anylorong, the main objectives are:1. to promote awareness and educate the masses. 2."free" publicity."

This is one avenue not fully developed or explored by Malaysian patriots. Challenging the constitutionality of govt. policies and programmes are routine in the U.S. NGOs such as Perkasa should take up this case as the current educational framework obviously violates Art.152 of the Fed. Constitution.

Naif said:-
"Pfft, vernacular schools are overrated. All this talk about how they produce top notch graduates, my arse ... I keep seeing them in our local private colleges, unable and/or refusing to mingle with the rest of us normal Malaysians ... Are they really smarter than the average going Sekolah Kebangsaan student? I dont think so ... I know several dump sites for these ex SJKC students. Yeah I see them all the time in places like Petaling Street, Low Yat and Sungei Wang ... And you really expect them to assimilate once they're adults? No chance in hell."

Yup, the fallout of this self-alienising school system is multifaceted. Career wise, the vast majority of these BM/English-illiterates end up on the scrapheap of the job market and (poked by DAP/PKR instigators) they then have the audacity to blame the "Malay-controlled government" for their self-induced maladies! Astonishing.

Tam Dalyell said...

".... Nope, not much hope with PM Najib ....."

Thank you sir for your kind attention despite your very tight schedule.

Yes. From Pak Lah's time I have placed hope on this son of the late Tun Razak. But no. He seems to have no qualms in disappointing the Malays again and again.

Perhaps the same treatment meted to Pak Lah should be accorded him too.

cucu osman janggut said...

SPM results are out and surprise, surprise, nobody from SJKC and no SJKC made it to the top 10. It's even more obvious now that a bunch of self-alienating, syiok-sendiri dumbasses is what they are.

Kenn said...

Dear Sir,

I'd like to take this opportunity for you Sir and your readers to enter vote regarding our Economy Policy.

Please do vote at:-

http::// or click the below.

Economy Policy - What Do We Want?

Thank you.


KijangMas said...

Tongkang saod:-
"Actually these Chinese/Indians, they know the job/permit situations overseas, VERY WELL VERSED.. In actual fact, they go there to intentionally work illegally, overstay and return only SHOULD they be caught! Otak keluaran SJKC macam dia nih, lebih kurang sama taraf otak PATI kat Malaysia.. Agent kat sini dah brief them "the right pathetic words" to use should they be caught.."

Yup Tongkang. Prior to being caught, there'll be little indication they are Malaysians, with their thick, grotesque mimicry of foreign culture from China and India and the host country. I see tons of these people here in LA. But the moment they are caught, the long-forgotten expired Malaysian passport resurfaces and these scums join the long "we are gullible, innocent Malaysians" chorus line while our Tanah Air gets trashed in media headlines ("34 Malaysians caught in Soho vice raid"). You see, the "we are Malaysians" option is exercised by these people only upon being busted. Otherwise, the only times you'll hear "Malaysia" uttered by these losers are when they hantam and hina our country among their new masters with tales of unparalleled economic horror and social terror.


msleepyhead said:-
"The issue here is medium of instruction towards unity and the use of national language as per the Constitution, and if we really want them to nationalize then more attacks on the quality of their students or the way they do things are counterproductive."

The "quality of their students" gets dragged into these discussions because the raison d'être for the perpetuation of these SJKCs and SJKTs is the "high quality" of students produced by their superior techniques and commitment to excellence. But we all know -- as testified by the latest SPM results -- that these "superior schools and pupils" is nothing more than badly-concocted deception of the Dong Jiao Zong racists bent on segregating their dwindling community from the national mainstream.


Aku said:-
"Look ... at the PR Government in Kedah, of which DAP is a key player. They are now appearing to play funny with the Malay Reservation land issue ... trying to erode NEP and marching in from Penang to gradually take over ownership of Malay Reserve land, changing its status to housing development projects ... Piece by piece Malay Reserve land lots would be gone under the guise of housing development projects of which 50% goes to non-Bumis ... Such Malay Reserve land was decided upon by the British colonial masters long before Merdeka and does not even fall within the ambit of the Social Contract and not connected with the NEP."

The British established Malay Reserved lands in full awareness of the scourge of the immigrant races on the natives of Malaya. We must make an effort to read history. There are voluminous works out there (many online or available on JSTOR) of contemporary British accounts and reports on British Malaya. Read their observations of the social dynamics in that era and we'll understand why Malay Reserved lands were necessary. Of course, it is arguably even more necessary now as the general lack of Malay financial acumen makes their landed assets vulnerable to the predatory tendencies of others.

KijangMas said...

Benj said:-
"Kerajaan memang telah terlalu bertolak ansur (memberi muka) kpd kumpulan2 seperti Dong Zong, dll - sehingga mereka berani naik tocang... Sudah tiba masa nya pihak yg berkuasa lebih tegas dlm menuju kpd sistem pendidikan SSS - demi masa depan negara."

Benj, "ketegasan" ialah satu-satunya perkataan yang sudah tiada dalam hati sanubari para pemimpin kita bila bercakap pasal golongan anti-penyatuan nasional ini. Rata-rata, PM Najib memilih untuk gunakan taktik pujuk rayu dan godaan hidangan gula-gula manis yang di hakis dari hak abadi pribumi negara kita. Malangnya, sifat pujuk rayu ini di tafsirkan sebagai kelemahan oleh si subversif ini dan itulah sebabnya mereka makin lantang mempertikai segala macam perkara dan menuntut berbagai lagi hak yang tidak wujud di negara lain di bumi ini, termasuk di negara asal nenek moyang mereka.


Amir Hamzah said:-
"MAKHLUK ASING (ORANG ASING) adalah orang mengaku dimulut sahaja sebagai rakyat Malaysia tetapi serba serbi yang lainnya itu termasuk bahasa, adat resam masih berpaksi kepada negara China. Wajarkah MAHLUK ASING ini hidup di bumi Malaysia?"

Soalan yang patut diajukan ialah: "Adakah mereka dibenarkan bermastautin - apatah lagi di beri kerakyatan - oleh negara lain jika mereka masih berdegil berpaksikan bahasa dan budaya negara China?" Mana? Amerika? Australia? UK? Thailand?


nono said:-
"Vernacular schools are not your right. They exist merely because the good-natured Malays let it be so. It is wrong to have three systems of education. It does not augur well for unity and long-term harmony in this country. What is wrong over 50 years ago is wrong even hundreds of years from now. Get that fact straight. We now have a need to forge a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. Racial polarization is at its height these days. Don’t blame the NEP, so-called lack of equality etc. Thre’s no such thing as equality when there is Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays. You have to respect that as your leaders at Merdeka have agreed to it in exchange for your citizenship right. If you disregard and don’t respect the Constitution – especially Article 152 on the position of Bahasa Malaysia and Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays - you are not loyal to this country. For, how else is loyalty judged if not respect for and living with the Constitution of the country? If you are not loyal, why the heck do you remain in this country? The country cannot be sustaining disloyal, so-called Malaysian citizens. Don’t tell us you are loyal merely by saying you love this country and pay tax. As has been repeatedly pointed out, everybody in this country pays tax, including the menial foreign labourers who pay a “levy” tax. We are not even talking about patriotism yet – the willingness to sacrifice even your life for the country. For now, just show us your loyalty by respecting and living with the Constitution."

Nothing to add except to say the above statement is worth repeating here and elsewhere. Thanks nono for encapsulating the gist of the patriotic Malaysian stance in your comment.


Anonymous said...

KijangMas and friends,

We need to discuss the New Economic Model that is said to be announced at end of March, allowed for public "airing", then finalised in June. It is a very important subject as it will have a serious impact on the well being of Malaysians for a long time after that.

Things in the country were not well in 1969, the May 13 racial conflagration took place, and the New Economic Policy was devised to try solve the underlying problems. Things are not well now in 2010, racial polarisation appears heightening, and we do not want another May 13. The NEM should help solve the underlying problems. But would it?

Generally, speculation is done only in the stock market but we could do well to do some speculation now in the hope that some of what we say may help pre-empt any aspects of the draft policy that may appear untoward or might further increase racial polarisation. The Zionist Israelis use the "implied threat" of nuclear bombs to pre-empt plans of annihilating them that have periodically cropped up among Arab countries since the time of the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 and earlier. We of course don't wish to annihilate anybody and merely use words to try and ensure protection of important provisions of our Constitution, like Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia and 153 on the Special Position of the Malays, which was agreed to by the non-Malay leaders, in exchange for the Malay leaders agreeing to citizenship for non-Malays, at Merdeka time.

I believe that if the NEM shows any erosion of those rights and privileges that were contained in the NEP, it would further increase racial polarisation. The Malays have not even achieved the 30% corporate wealth target, let alone speak about other aspects of wealth. There have been essays, comments, and even books, written on the Malay culture of "berdagang" (trading in the sense of barter, not profit taking, like in business, that the Chinese culture has been built upon). This mentality or culture of "berdagang" and not "business" existing for thousands of years has not helped the Malays acquire more than the 18% corporate wealth they now have.

In any case, the 30%target was was set by the Malays themselves in 1970 - it was really a guessing game because they had no experience in business. I dare say that even the business-experienced Chinese would not have been able to estimate it correctly because even they have not tried the path the Malays were supposed to take i.e do business without any experience. The Chinese, despite being a "culture of business", had taken ages to get to where they are economically in this country.



Anonymous said...

[Continuation] -

Remember also that the Chinese were helped in business by the British colonial government, whereas no help, not even encouragement was given the Malays by the British. It has been pointed out here and elsewhere that historical records (see Sejarah Kesultanan Negeri Perak, by Professor MA Fawzi Basri) show even the Malays (Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim) helped the Chinese from Penang with not only mining land but also capital to do mining in Larut. They brought in secret societies, thugs and gangsters (notably the Ghee Hins and the Hai
Sans) that eventually controlled the tin mining industry, and Malay tin mines, which at one time numbered 350, disappered into the abyss.

From what has been written by others here before, the Kapitan China and 44 of his gangsters wrote a Petition to the British in Penang to enter larut to help recover their tin mines lost to rival gangs. This finally led to British "intervention" in Perak and British rule in the Federated Malay States. The British helped the Chinese with mining licenses, mining land leases, lottery and gaming licenses, rubber trading licenses, etc - in line with their colonial policy of getting raw materials for factories in England and creating a market for goods manufactured by those factories. They had greatly favoured the Chinese.

The British had decided that the Malays shoud continue being farmers and fishermen. Some of the Britishers called the Malays lazy, perhaps out of spite for their nationalistic, anti-colonialism stand which made Dato Sagor and his men spear to death the first British Resident JW Birch. Hence no English schools and no secondary schools were built in the kampongs where most of the Malays live. The smattering of hostels built in the towns in later years constituted only a tiny percentage of the total number of school childen in the country. The beneficiary of the British colonial education policy was largely the Chinese. The Malays were left far behind the Chinese economically and educationally by the British colonial policy.

Why go into history, some might ask. But sensible people the world over learn from history in order to avoid further mistakes and to get uninterrupted peace and progress in the country. We must learn, for example, that the terrorist acts of the Malayan Communist Party had stymied our progress for decades, that May 13, 1969 that had shaken our spirit and the very foundation of our society after Merdeka, that poor policies and weak governments led to election results that devastated the ruling party(ies) in 1969, and again in 2008. Let us learn that racial harmony is built upon policies that are based on the provisions of the Constitution, on correcting whatever imbalances and inconsistencies that exist.

The economic and educational imbalance and the use of vernacular languages as medium of instruction in schools must be corrected. The New Economic Model must reflect these in clear and in no uncertain terms. We should now discuss in detail here whatever aspects of NEM that may have been leaked out as trial baloons that may appear to likely worsen the racial polarisation further.

We simply cannot afford another May 13. Let's help by pointing out, making suggestions, and asking our leaders to ensure that policies they design will not further worsen racial polarisation and lead to that. Your blog here is a good forum and there are many concerned citizens among the Demi Negara community.

Perhaps you would like to consider writing a special post for this.

Best wishes to everybody.


KijangMas said...

Naif said: “It has come to a point where it is possible for there to be a Malaysian of Chinese origin born into a Chinese family, attends a Sekolah Cina, then attends a Chinese seondary school, then a Chinese private college ... marry a Chinese girl, get more chinese kids, read, speak Chinese all his or her life and doesnt even have to shake hands with a Malay or Indian until he or she dies...”

Very observant my young friend. This phenomenon is more widespread in many west coast Chinese enclaves/ghettos than we care to think. And they start young. Just observe the look of horror among their young ones whenever they lay eyes on the bad Malaikuis and dirty Tauyoons.

Naif added: “You people need to be sent to the northern Malay states to get some good brainwashing. Then you can begin to understand the Malay pysche ... My Indian friend who shifted to Kedah and attended a school there came back ... with a thick slang utara accent. He doesnt "lepak" with his own kind now, on the contrary he feels much more at ease with Malays. The Malays up north are more assertive and insists you assimilate. You either put up or shut up.”

If you think the Malays up north/Kedah are assertive and “insists you assimilate,” try the northeastern/Kelantan variety. There the minorities themselves insist on being assimilated. My old KB handyman, “Mahmud” (birth name, Ah Kiong) keeps on saying “si naté Cino Kolupor béngong” while oblivious to his own ethnicity! Except for his partiality towards the typical vices, you’ll never know he is a non-Malay.

Pala otak hang said:“What's so great bout cute little xerox machines? At their age, their rapidly developing brains act like a sponge. They'll easily absorb anything and everything that's taught and thrown and shown to them ... This brain-factor is the very reason why the mastery of National Language needs to be instilled ... at a very young age. And this too is exactly the reason why DZ is so adamant on keeping their SJKCs so that their children will grow up to be racist pricks like they are … By the time these SJKC kids get into secondary school and college it'll be to late as they'll already have preconceived ideas ... in addition of mamapapa's encouragement to pursue a brighter future as a stateless dishwasher or barber in NEP-less London. Heck, those SJKC kids even got it easy as they're not even using the same syllabus and sit the same exams as SK kids. Superior education my ass.”

Agreed. Go to any "kelas peralihan" and you’ll be shocked at the damaged goods thrown on the SK doorstep after 6 yrs of social, cultural and linguistic alienation. I remember being taken aback by these kids’ mannerisms and lax hygiene upon our first “contact” way back in Form 1. Imagine the cost to taxpayers just to remedy the damage done via special teachers and teaching aids, and this on top of the RM1.8 billion p.a. in salaries paid by the federal govt. to SJKC/SJKT teachers (according to DPM Muhyiddin)! Talk about tongkats and entitlements...

Kiryu said: “I am tired of having meetings and having a group speaking chinese only excluding the Malays and Indians from their discussion.”

I had my share of those two decades ago when I was sent home from NY to be attached to the American bank’s KL branch infested with Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese of the totok-kiasu variety. The dept mtgs were 80% Cantonese/Hokkien and 10% unintelligible Manglish and 10% Malay cusswords and unfunny mimicry of the “dumb Malay” masses. With the NY HQ people, my team (with the M'sian MoF) did quite an effort to “Malaysianise” the bank’s operations, inc. hiring top Malay overseas graduates (who were smarter and more articulate than the pathetic TAR College products) and forcing the intake of Indian Malaysians. Prior to that time, there was not a single Tamil officer in that bank. I don’t know if times have changed in the Malaysian private sector from those Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...


Here are some more historical facts that might help the Malays and the Chinese understand one another better, and perhaps those belonging to the Dong Zong not alienate themselves and become better disposed to Malaysian society. As suggested earlier, there might have been a common denominator between Malays and Chinese in more ways than one in the past.

China came into existence when Chin Emperor Shih Huang Di conquered several states in northern China about 2,200 years ago. South China was occupied by Tais, Miaos etc until the northerners moved south, particularly by conquest during the Mongol invasion in the 13th Century. The Mongols were described as the most cruel warriors in the world (Professor C.P Fitzgerald, China, "A Short Cultural History" (600+ pages). Many in the south fled, or were displaced and moved south west to Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. The Chinese in Malaysia may have been descended from them. It's my conjecture, but some of our ancestors might have met over a thousand years ago.

They may have been in contact with the Campa Malays who had been established as a kingdom in the central part of Vietnam since the 2nd Century AD. Additional discoveries of ancient documents in caves and in private possession in recent times provide additional proof and a deeper insight into the Campa Malay civilisation in Vietnam and Cambodia. These added to those already discovered and kept in museums overseas, including in France, Britain, US and elsewhere. A seminar on Campa Malay manuscripts was held in 2004 and the Department of Muzeums and Antiquities had published the proceedings of the seminar in 2006. They show that the Campa Malays had existed in parts of what are now known as Vietnam and Cambodia for about 1,900 years and the Campa Malay kingdom reached glorious heights until the 16th Century.

From 2nd Century until 1471 they were dominated by Hindu influence. Religious influence from India (Buddhism) also affected China and, according to Fitzgerald, the Chinese from north to south had embraced Buddhism by 500 AD. (Prior to the advent of Communism, the Chinese had been practising a trinity of religion - Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism).

From 1471 until 1832 local religion and Islam dominated the Campa Malays. Kingdoms that emerged during the period were known as Indrapura, Amravati, Vijaya (different from Srivijaya), Khautara and Panduranga. In the 16th Century, Campa Malay kingdoms began to take in Islamic influence until Khautara fell to the Viietnamese in 1653 and Panduranga in 1832. The Campa Malays were estimated at 150,000 in Vietnam and 280,000 in Cambodia. Within that kingdom also lived other ethnic groups such as Rhade, Gia-rai (Jarai), Hoi, Cru and Raglai who settled on the coasts and spoke the Malay-Polynesian language.

Since 1993, Muzium Etnology Dunia Melayu now has its own 164 collections of Campa Malay manuscripts. Since 2003, Campa Malay manuscripts obtained from the central part of Vietnam were estimated at 100 volumes containing 500 subjects and 5,000 pages. It is said that a large number of Campa Malay manuscripts are still hidden in caves in the hills of central Vietnam. Locating and researching such manuscripts are problematic due to political pressure on the Campa minority group and due to bureaucratic red tape.

Manuscripts in the Cam language kept in libraries in many parts of the world are: 453 volumes in France (covering 1,789 subjects and 31,082 pages) , 2 volumes in Britain, 60 volumes in US.

MEDM has arranged for copying those, both in photostat and microfilm form.

MEDM reiterated the view given by
linguists, archaelogists, anthropologists and history scholars as written in the book, "The Malay Civilisation", published by the Historical Society of Malaysia in 2007 - that the "Rumpun Melayu" (The Family of Malays) had existed since between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago, covering the whole of the Malay Archipelago and reaching Madagascar, the Christmas Island, Taiwan, New Zealand and Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

No new posting?


msleepyhead said...

Just here to share the nice conversations going on at The Star's Citizen's Blog by sjzhuang.

Moderate, pragmatic views by a concerned rakyat.

'a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...


As the New Economic Model is going to be unveiled at month's end, perhaps you might want to think of writing about it in your next post.

Many of us are not trained in economics or finance, and would hope to mainly echo the points people like you may raise as to where the NEM may have dropped aspects of the NEP, or may want the Malays to compete in an uneven playing field, or may no longer be protecting or promoting the rights and interests of the Malays. We would like to vehemently protest if the NEM does so.

Meanwhile, the views of Melayu Jati in dinturtle's blog appear interesting (I believe dinturtle has also commented in your blog here). May I reproduce them below:

"Orang lain dah cakap pasal apa yang saya nak cakap ini. Tapi tak mengapa kita selalu cakapkan. Kerana hendak orang Melayu tahu dan sedarkan nasib Melayu. Pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu pun tahu, tapi kita mesti selalu peringatkan mereka supaya, bukan sahaja mereka perlu mempertahankan, tetapi juga memajukan hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Jangan buang ciri-ciri DEB bila menggubal MEB.

Kita sudah teruk dibuat penjajah Bretes, masuk Malaya (Perak pada masa itu) dengan tidak ada kebenaran, gunakan kekerasan askar mereka, paksa Raja Abdullah tanda-tangan Perjanjian Pangkor ditahun 1874, kemudian mula menjajah kita. 80 tahun mereka perintah kita, tak tolong kita dalam hal perniagaan, tak beri galakan sikit pun supaya lebih orang kita berniaga sejak dulu. Mana dia pedulikan kita sebab, kata Professor Zainal Abidin Wahid, UKM, ditahun 1978, bahawa Bretes mahukan Melayu jadi petani dan penangkap ikan saja selama-lamanya. Maka mereka buatkan sekolah Melayu saja dikampong, sebiji disini, sebiji lagi berbelas batu jaraknya, budak Melayu hingga untut kaki jalan 4-5 batu pergi sekolah, 4-5 batu lagi balik sekolah. Mereka beri sekolah Melayu 4 tahun saja, peringkat rendah saja. Melayu diKrian dan diKlang minta Bretes buatkan sekolah Inggeris dikampong, tak dapat.

Dibandar, yang kebanyakan Cina diam, Bretes dirikan banyak sekolah. Sekolah Inggeris pringkat rendah hingga keperingkat menengah.

Bretes bantu Cina dalam perniagaan. Beri lesen lombong, tanah pajak lombong, lesen judi bermacam-macam jenis (senang buat duit, boleh bikin modal untuk berniaga besar), lesen jual beli getah, bijeh dan sebagainya.

Akhirnya, Melayu ketinggalan jauh kebelakang dalam ekonomi dan pelajaran. Sebab lapisan bawah (underlying reason) pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969 adalah jurang perbezaan ekonomi dan pelajaran diantara Melayu dan Cina. DEB digubal ditahun 1970. Melayu tidak banyak pengtahuan dan pengalaman berniaga. Dalam 40 tahun dapat hanya 18% kekayaan korporat. Itu pun banyak diatas nama badan berkanun. Dalam kedaan begitu, mana boleh DEB diketepikan, atau ciri-cirinya dilenyapkan bila MEB keluar? Tidak boleh sama sekali.

Siapa kata Melayu lemah sebab dilindungi DEB, dia tidak faham budaya Melayu kurang pelajaran, tak ada pengtahuan, pengalaman, bantuan dan galakan berniaga saperti Bretes beri Cina. Siapa kata Melayu hilang insentif berniaga dibawah DEB, dia tak baca berapa banyak jumlah Melayu meningkat berniaga sejak 1970. Dia tidak tahu jenis saingan mereka yang sudah maju berniaga, mahu matikan petanding atau pesaing - ini berlaku dimana-mana dalam dunia. Siapa kata Melayu lambat sangat nak capai 30% kekayaan korporat, dia tak sedar tiada siapa boleh menganggar jangka masa yang tepat - walau kaum Cina yang pandai berniaga pun - sebab tidak ada siapa yang pernah coba sabelom ini.

Melayu mesti dapat 30% kekayaan korporat tersebut. Melayu juga perlu dapat kekayaan dalam aspek-aspek ekonomi lain. Melayu majoriti dinegara ini. Cina hanya 23% jumlah penduduk, mereka kontrol ekonomi negara. Pemerintah mesti cari jalan meningkatkan ekonomi dengan cara yang tidak menghiris atau menjejas hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Saya tak rela jika hak dan kepentingan Melayu diabaikan atau diketepikan dalam MEB. - Melayu Jati."

Looking forward to your next post, hopefully on NEM.


msleepyhead said...

Echoing Dot, it takes more than a generation to break through the 'poverty' or low income strata of society as shown here.

A fair economic policy, whatever you want to call it, should definitely be continued for as long as it is needed for whomever who needs it. You can't set a deadline for things like this. If it is true, then we might need another generation to see the effects of the NEP of 1970 on the Malays.

From my observation of the hawker in my neighborhood who sold the same kind of noodles for twenty years till today, just by constantly showing up means his income is regular. Rain or shine he is always there. Although he may not make it big in his lifetime, but at least his kids get a shot at it. He sets the stage and if heaven is kind enough, the fruits of his labor come later in life.

Wake UP! said...

Simply because they are racists. That is why they are keeping their vernacular schools.

Prioritise our own race

Valkyrie said...

The Malays especially have made a lot of sacrifices to accommodate other races since the inception of UMNO in 1946 and the path leading to independence and the formation of Malaysia. Though we are saddened at the departure of Singapore, we have to believe that the political calculations at the time merited the separation.

In any case, even today the Malays are still willing to sacrifice for this nation. Let us exclude the bravery of the men in arms protecting our country and streets. Let's talk about education on this mark. Malays nowadays have to spend the entire day going to 2 schools, one the national schools (sekolah kebangsaan), the other religious schools.

Why can't the other races also have the same attitude towards education? Preservation of mother tongue education and culture doesn't have to tantamount to opening up vernacular schools. We can always provide ample education through the national schools system to cater for all racial needs, including other Bumis like Kadazan, Dusun, Iban, Murut, Bajau, Melanau, Orang Asli, etc.

The insistence of having a separate system based on race in my view is a step back in the wrong direction towards nation building. Are we that suspicious of the national schools' system? Or are we just being stubborn on this issue?

I totally agree that nation building must consider elements for the nation, not just the interests of certain groups of people. Malaysia must always come first above all else. To think otherwise would make all the past 53 years' efforts futile and a complete failure. We must allow interaction between races happen at the earliest possible stage, and education is the key to allow this to happen.

Maybe Penang can be used as a prime example. Despite the number of vernacular schools there, the majority of citizens irrespective of race still send their children to national schools. And they have done really well, and many Penang schools have become known as centres for academic excellence throughout the years.

The real question is not about preservation of mother tongue language or culture, the real question might be can we agree on a meeting point to move forward for the sake of our beloved country?

Azlen Hj Azizli