Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Conversation with Robin (A Serial on Malaysiana) ………

I have regular chats with a casual non-Malay friend whenever I can. I will call him Robin.

Robin is a typical 40-something middle-class ethnic-Chinese citizen of Malaysia. Born in Penang. Studied in Australia on a PaMa scholarship. Worked there as an auditor for a decade and returned to Malaysia to work in a smallish MNC in Subang Jaya. His wife is in advertising. They have no kids. He was a product of Chinese vernacular schooling, but his preferred home language is English.

He has never uttered a proper word of Bahasa Malaysia in all the years I’ve known him, although I know he is sufficiently conversant in our national language when I “caught” him in a mobile phone conversation with an IRB officer on some tax issues (it went something like: "… ya Puan, saya sudah isi semua punca pendapatan saya di dalam borang B …") a few years ago.

He was a BN-type fellow until a couple of years ago when his views became more “radical” and he became more opinionated on issues a typical ethnic-Chinese Malaysian would hitherto never touched, at least not publicly, and especially not in the presence of a Malay. His views are essentially a repackaged a la carte smorgasbord of typical ethnic-Chinese grievances littering the blogosphere.

I will relate these views and my conversation with Robin in an occasional serial in this blog.

The subject today is police corruption, a classic grievance of the ethnic-Chinese and a main topic in NameWee’s Negarakuku racist garbage.

Robin told me that the Chinese are victimised by the (Malay) police, with regular RM50 kopi money expropriated from them at every opportunity. He went on and on about these injustice and parasitic affliction reflective of the Malay “tongkat” culture.

I finally decided to engage Robin, to dissect and synthesize the core logic of this Chinese urban legend.

So I asked him:-

- When the traffic cop pulled him over, he must have broken the law – speeding, illegal U-Turn, entering a no-entry zone. Robin admitted that much, protesting that he had to cut queues and drive fast to be at work on time after the notorious Subang crawl.

- I said that the fine is typically RM300. He agreed.

- I told Robin that he could always accept the ticket and pay the full fine. But no, he decided to bribe the cop RM50.

- I told him that this is not extortion or expropriation. I don’t recall any story of Malay traffic cops getting RM50 from ethnic-Chinese motorists at gunpoint. Robin voluntarily gave the RM50 to settle the issue – in his own words, to Kau Tim. See, Kau Tim -- to selesai the easy way out -- has become part of the Malaysian vocab, courtesy of our ethnic-Chinese citizens.

- I told Robin that I regard traffic policemen -- irrespective of ethnicity -- who take bribes as crooks and lowlifes that must be weeded out of our society.

- But I also told Robin that he was the bigger crook, in fact by a factor of six. You see, Robin bribed the Malay policeman RM50 in order to cheat the nation of RM300 in uncollected revenues. Multiply this by potentially thousands of transactions per day and thats a pretty hefty amount of revenues foregone. No wonder Robin can splash on many of life's comforts while bribing his way through the fast lane of the Rat Race.

- I told Robin, I’ve never bribed a policeman in my life. When I get pulled over for speeding, two possibilities ensued: The policeman either gives me a verbal warning which I accept quietly; or the policeman gives me a speeding ticket, which again I accept quietly. No money asked, no money offered, no money given. I told Robin of my rule of thumb when I get pulled over anywhere on earth: When the cop starts to write a ticket, just shut the fxxk up. Game’s over at the street level. In fact, when it comes to the LAPD, you better not twitch lest Officer Tweedledumb might suddenly discharge his Glock 22 .40 caliber in your pretty face.

- Within the 30-day compound period, I would make my way to the district traffic police headquarters to plead for a reduction in the compound, and usually the RM300 goes down to RM80. I duly go to the counter, pay the compound, take my receipt, and continue with my life. That is part of life lah! Same thing anywhere on this planet.

- Bottom line: I broke a traffic code, I got busted, I faced it like a man. I saved RM220 legally. The country gets RM80 in revenue.

Robin interjected, “Haiyaa like that susahlah. Where got time? I need to earn a living maah. Just pay-off the cop lah.”

Come again ….? What is wrong with this picture? Can you see the disconnect here?

Who’s fault was it again?

The Malay policeman? The “repressive” law? UMNO people? PAS people? Dr. M? Khir Toyo? The “country”? Global Warming?

I interjected: “Or maybe, Robin, it was just tiny little infinitessimal …….. YOU!!” Yes -- Lu. Engkau. Hang. Awok. Mung!

YOU are THE factor that crippled the system. Your quest to cari lubang keluar without paying your true dues induced this breakdown. But would Robin admit to this fact hanging out like Dog’s Balls for all to see? Of course not.

To the ethnic-Chinese of Malaysia, they are beyond reproach. They are the embodiment of the perfect being. This state of kesempurnaan is tampered only by the thick undergrowth of Malay mediocrity that curtails the Chinese quest for wealth and fortune. Thats their standard issue gospel from the time Robin entered Standard One at the SRJK(C). Amen. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

I said ........ Podaah!

You Chinese are crippled by "thick undergrowth" alright ……. by the thick poisonous weeds of your own make-believe ethno-chauvinist propaganda. You have become a race of whiners. You complain about everything in this blessed land called Malaysia. You view yourselves as a race that has done and can do no wrong. You hate the police, but you use the police and ask for police protection. You condemn the law, but you use the same law to sue people. You tell the world that Malaysia is undemocratic, but you partake in the democratic process
like an addiction.

You have become a race of contradictionists living in ambiguity underpinned by a dichotomous existence. In other words, you are a confused lot.

But what do you do?

blame it all on the Malay majority.

See, our ethnic-Chinese citizens view the World from their Chinese-tinted glasses, where they are always betul while the Malays, the government, the laws, the constitution, indeed, the country are always salah.

Lets go back to Robin’s case:-

They break the law – by speeding.

They break the law – by bribing the policeman.

They break the law – by depriving the nation of this “social revenue.”

They break the law …. again … by speeding away in disgust after the payoff.


They break the law -- by spewing seditious spins to the above stories for all the world to read.


They think they are the victims.

They are persecuted.

They are discriminated.

The Malays need their duit kopi to survive.

They think they are model citizens and above even an iota of criticism lest they will throw tantrums that reverberate across the world with shrills of "help us world, the Malays are repressing us, we got no rights."

In other words, they are the new untouchables of Malaysia – hypersensitive, hyperprotective, hyperdemanding, hyperselfish, hyper-ethnocentric, hyper-chauvinist .......... yeah, and jump queue at the Hypermarket as well!

Question: is this mindset sustainable? Is this the kind of people our founding fathers envisioned as Malaysian citizens? What actually went wrong?

Well, since the non-Malays nowadays take pride in their frankness and think there are no sacred cows in our complex socio-political framework, I will be frank as well. When the Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu agreed to the wholesale dishing out of Malayan citizenships -- even inexplicably waiving Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests -- to a million and a half unwanted, abandoned stateless Chinese (and Indians) in 1957, could the Duli-Duli Tuanku have envisioned that the descendants of these desperate huddled masses would after 51 years become an unintegrated community of lawbreakers; a community infested by crooks and thieves and counterfeiters and pimps; a community that not only tidak terhutang budi to the Duli-Duli Tuanku for the precious kewarganegaraan, but now had the audacity to challenge every single tenet of Duli Tuanku's instruments of nationhood, not least the Bahasa Malaysia and Adat-Adat Melayu and the keris and the songkok and the sacred principle of Negara Dalam Arca Melayu held dear by Duli-Duli Tuanku.

Should we treat these pathological lawbreakers leniently? Give more muka and perhaps a piece of our peha on top of all the tanah, bukit, balak, pasir, sungai, and timah that they have siphoned away for the past abad or so? Do we need to kumpul and cuci anymore sampah, sisa, hampas and habuk in the bumi gersang and padang jarak padang tekukur left in their wake?

They deserve to be viewed as equal partners in nationbuilding? Heck, they don’t even recognise or comprehend the fundamental tenets of nationhood of our Tanah Air Tercinta.

What then?

You tell me ……..


Ariff Sabri said...

dear kijangmas/deminegara
i have finally met a blogger who has the guts and the intellectual firepower to argue the case for his race. i take it, from the small banner about bangsa patani, you are a nationalist first and foremost.
my salutations to you.
looking forward to meeting you in person.
with warmest regards/sakmongkol

Unknown said...

nak berbudi berpada pada

guna kekerasan jika budi bahasa tak laku

kadangkala kesopanan, kebesaran hati disamakan dengan kelemahan

bila kasi muka mereka nak duduk atas kepala

Unknown said...

dari mula lagi harus diberikan kontrak pekerja asing, selepas tamat kontrak, boleh pulang

jika nak sambung, kena pastikan rekod pekerjaan sempurna, baru boleh sambung

seharusnya dikenakan sewa kerana menggunakan Tanah Melayu untuk mencari mata pencarian

ataupun dipersilakan "masuk melayu" ala nonya dan baba

zooky said...

And I thought your Mystique Unravelled was your opus magnum.
Watch out, haters, the blogosphere playing field is about to get level.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am flabbergasted. CONGRATS Deminegara. Hopefully it gets those ingrats and haters of anything Malay thinking.

Also, I think there is no need to be nice and 'sopan santun' anymore to these people because they don't deserve it. Right now, have to BLAST them off like you did.

The Chinese/Indian schools in Malaysia should be abolished (ask LKY of Singapore on how to do it - he did it with the Malay/Indian schools in S'pore). They should be asked to adopt Malay culture and change their names like Indonesia and Thailand. They have to be assimilated into the Malay culture and psyche, if not voluntarily, then by force like those 2 countries. Right now, they are very 'sombong' or should I say 'bodoh sombong'. And for those who refuse to do it, the Malaysian government should follow Apocryphalist's idea in one of the blogs that he wrote ie. to have a department that deals with EMIGRATION of unhappy Malaysians to other countries. They should be given a red carpet and good 'ang pows' for wanting to do so. Also, I might add, that the Malaysian government should have big boats and aeroplanes on standby for these people to go to China, India, Taiwan etc ....for GOOD
!!!! Please do not charge them for that.

Hello UNGRATEFUL alien Malaysians, when you are in Rome do what the Romans do ....vous comprenez (you understand)???? like me I am in France, ...I learnt their language, customs, their psyche - to understand them etc and be like them ...if not I won't be able to work here. I have to adapt myself in a different country. Do you think I speak English or Malay for my job interviews here, in France? There is no Malaytown like you have Chinatown or Little India anywhere in the world, to help you guys out within your own communities. I have/had to struggle on my own. What I am saying is that you alien Malaysians, you have to understand your host country, learn their language etc. How come after 2/3 generations in Malaysia, you guys still do not know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia properly? - like this Chinese Malaysian girl whom I met in London. I thought she was someone from Hong Kong 'cos she speaks Cantonese till someone told me that this girl is a Malaysian. She does not speak Malay nor English, only Chinese.


Again, FELICITATIONS Deminegara !! You are a true MALAYSIAN NATIONALIST.

Paris, France

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am flabbergasted. CONGRATS Deminegara. Hopefully it gets those ingrats and haters of anything Malay thinking.

Also, I think there is no need to be nice and 'sopan santun' anymore to these people because they don't deserve it. Right now, have to BLAST them off like you did.

The Chinese/Indian schools should be abolished. They should be asked to adopt Malay culture and change their names like Indonesia and Thailand. They have to be assimilated into the Malay culture and psyche. Right now, they are very 'sombong' or should I say 'bodoh sombong'. And for those who refuse to do it, the Malaysian government should do what Apocryphalist's idea in one of the blogs ie. to have a department that deals with EMIGRATION of unhappy Malaysians to other countries. They should be given red carpet and good 'ang pows' for wanting to do so. Also, I might add, that the Malaysian government should have big boats and aeroplanes on standby for these people to go to China, India, Taiwan etc ....for GOOD

Hello UNGRATEFUL alien Malaysians, when you are in Rome do what the Romans do ....vous comprenez ???? like me I am in France, I do what the French do ...I learnt their language, customs, their psyche - to understand them etc and be like them ...if not I won't be able to work here. Do you think I speak English or Malay for my job interviews here, in France? There is no Malaytown like you have Chinatown or Little India anywhere in the world, to help you guys out within your own communities. I have/had to struggle on my own. What I am saying is that you alien Malaysians, you have to understand your host country, learn their language etc. How come after 2/3 generations in Malaysia, you guys still do not do not know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia properly? - like this Chinese Malaysian girl whom I met in London. I thought she was someone from Hong Kong 'cos she speaks Cantonese till someone told me that this girl is a Malaysian. She does not speak Malay nor English, only Chinese.


Again, FELICITATIONS Deminegara !!

Paris, France

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with what you said.

But I believe many are too arrogant to swallow the bitter truth.

Think, who is the champion of all the vice in this country? From sport toto, brothel, illegal/legal gambiling outlet, nombor ekor, rumah urut, pub, disco, kongsi gelap, pirate cd, you name it. Who is behind these? And trust me, behind every corrupt Malay there is a Chinese briber.

This people represent almost everything that is corrupt in this country and yet they have the gut to demand for a cleaner society.

Nothing being racist about chinese, just can't stand the shed demonstration of hypocrisy by a segment of our society.

p.s. I am not Malay anyway.

profit said...

Well said,their loyalty is to money.
They are here because of opportunity,without it, they just sail away to another country and build a new generation.

Saya... said...



....if the Malay cop had the balls to whip out his Glock and press it against the cheek of the bribe offerer each time the Chinese guy tries to buy him off or... orders him to get out of the car, spread his other cheeks, frisk him, cuff him(or is that style in American TV shows only...haha) shove him into the lock-up and make him miss his time-is-money meeting...then everyone would know their

Kenapa maruah Melayu/Islam senang sangat dibeli...?

Why give amno to people, in other words?

Just givin' the other side ah...

Anonymous said...

Incik Demi Negara

Nko dah cakap apa yg org melayu selama ni pendamkan

Akutak sabar nk tgk puak puak ni berputar belit kasi statement depa lak

Anonymous said...

hi kijangmas!

i agree that people who give or offer public servants bribes are as crooked as those public servants who accept bribes.

i also agree that those malaysians who have no qualms about bribing the police when caught in a misdemeanour because it is expedient and then have the gall to turn around and complain about being victimized by corrupted "malay police" are not just crooks but the worst kind of hypocrites.


a blanket admonishing of the entire "ethnic-chinese citizens" of malaysia for the racism of some, with an equally racist rant yourself somewhat devalues this whole entry for me.

i came here rather eager to sample your thoughts and writings after reading a couple of glowing references about your blog.

hence, i'm quite resolved not to let this initial disappointment stops me from reading you further.

because... as they [whoever "they" are] say, one swallow (or in this case, one robin) does not a summer make! ;D

Tam Dalyell said...

Couldn't wait for your next Serial.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad garbage; can I apply for the first post at jabatan emigrasi?

Anonymous said...


Assalamualaikum wrt bh.

I started reading your blog a few weeks ago through a pointer from a comment in the che.det blog. I read all your articles with much enthusiasm - be it in Malay, or English, or in plain kelate dialect. To my surprise, your grasp of these languanges to convey the arguments startled me: I said to myself, wow, not only they are elegance, but as Sakmongkol put it down, with 'the guts and intellectual firepower....'. Suffice to say that you have showed to the non-Malays how to write well; very well indeed. By the way, it is a myth that Indians and Chinese speak and write good English; of course some do, but many are just -my wife says it best - horrendeous.

Yes, it is too obvious that non-Malays, Chinese in particular, are becoming more and more vocal in their tones. 15 years ago, when I was a student in England, one well-known politician came to our campus and reminded us that Malaysian Chinese would never stop asking for more from the Malays - no matter how generous we are as the Tuan of this blessed land. They are indeed the ungraful lot.

Yes, there are too many Robins among them; in fact I have not come across a non-Malay who would not resort to offering duit poket whenever they get caught by police. Similarly - since I am in Sales - as far as I can remember, I cannot recall a single soul among them who could close a business deal without some forms of bribery. And then they would curse those people. Like you, I too do the same. If a traffic cop approaches me, I will simply smile, explain myself in a proper manner, acknowledge their authority, and accepts the consequence: whether they let me go with or without a ticket. But to offer them a bribe is never an option. Kalau dah buat salah, and kena bayar saman, bayar lah. Berani buat berani tanggung.

Well, enough said for now and I look forward to reading more and more of your 'literary' articles in the future

Cheers :-) Azahari

ps - I am a professional Malay and half of my blood hails from Pasir Mas Kelantan.

Anonymous said...

End of the day, a person entrusted with authority shouldn't accept or even comtemplate accepting bribe.

Have you heard of 'entrapments', ploys devised by cops to create traffic confusions to 'fish' in innocent drivers?

Cops fav saying;
Bolih tolong lah, hari raya sudah dekat. Encik tahu macam buat apa. lu senang, gua pun senang.

No s**ts.
P.S Most of my friends prefer to pay the fines.

Anonymous said...

Whose offence is greater? The briber or the bribee.

The briber in the first instance would not dare to 'offer' one if not 'encouraged' to; fearing being charged with bribing offence if u do. Never know if u come across an honest

In most cases, the bribee demands the money, even determine the amount required coz his accomplishes wants their share too.
And mind you, u don't mess about with someone with his accomplishes around keeping watch & armed for that matter! Very intimidating at times.

S**t brick lah!

PS - There'll be no briber is there's no bribee. Cheers,

balan said...

Can't agree with you more.

This is an example sheer Malaysian Hypocrisy.

Read my take on this.

Anonymous said...

That’s just a tip of an iceberg.. Lets share my experience here..

Apek operates chinese food restaurant and laid out 40tables along the sidewalks and parking areas; Semasa APEK tengah kuat mabuk… semua rahsia keluar…

GERAl YANG DILETAKKAN”.. Majlis kenakan
RM500.00 sebulan bagi 1 hingga 30 meja
RM 30.00 tiap tambahan 1 meja selepas 30 meja
Total per month RM500 + RM300 = RM800= RM9600/year
Tapi gua manyak pandai kasi semua olang hapi:
1. Saguhati kasi tutup mata penyangak @RM100 catu bulan: RM1,200
2. Gua keluarga Tour package to Mainland China:RM8400

Kita lakyat Malaisia mesti cama cama kongsi, penyangak hapi, gua lagi manyak hapi. Semua hapi hapi. Tiam tiam jangan bagi tau Kerajaan boloh.

40meja gua bikin tambah lamai olang mali, lagi bole bikin satu meja ali ali RM50 bersih x40x30x12 = RM720,000 bikin satu tauuun… Tiap tauuun gua boleh beli satu kedai 3tingkat, olang semua bolo, wa kasi lia RM1200 satu tauuun, wa dapat satu bangunan satu tauuun…

Kawan rapat APEK

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Kijangmas,

My apologies for painting all cops as corrupted. I like to believe that most are decent people making an honest living.

Only a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch. The trouble is most of us tends to generalise, me included (at first), this is not a very conducive idea, to have a meaningful debate.

Likewise, I do hope you find it in your heart to apologise too for implying / generalisin all chinaman are like your mate Robin.

Not a S**t stirrer.
PS - above comment should be accomplices, not accomplishes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Kijangmas,

My apologies for painting all cops as corrupted. I like to believe that most are decent people making an honest living.

Only a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch. The trouble is most of us tends to generalise, me included (at first), this is not a very conducive idea, to have a meaningful debate.

Likewise, I do hope you find it in your heart to apologise too for implying / generalisin all chinaman are like your mate Robin.

Not a S**t stirrer.
PS - above comment should be accomplices, not accomplishes.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. I've just found your site and it's superb. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

i am sorry to see such generalizations coming from an apparently well-educated person as you. you seem to have considerate hatred for the chinese race in general, must have had some very bad experiences with some of them in order to conclude that ALL chinese are ......whatever you wish to call them. there is no need to add more oil to the fire that is burning Malaysia where the atmosphere is getting really tense, your method may be a way to ease your fears about the current atmosphere, etc; because fear is always at the core of anyone's criticism of someone else; however, your comments will not help to solve conflicts, and to solve conflicts by understanding the core of the problem is the more intelligent way, not your way, no matter how intelligently you have phrased it, you can be a politician, swaying people with your flowered poisoned tongue! the Chinese are a going through big changes, they have suffered because they have been uprooted several times from their motherland due to a very long and violent history and some have become extremely successful all over the world, while others make do with what they can, and like anyone, some are weaker, some are stronger. our lives are made of migrations from one country to another in order to find a better life, you can find that in your ancestors, if i understood from history, Malays came originally from Indonesia to what is now called Malaysia, though Malays may have been the first race to officially take over what is now Malaysia, there were the orang asli before, and what have we done with them? if you want to speak of origins, it's a very ambiguous issue for whenever we dig further, we discover that our parents or grandparents or great-great-grandparents came from somewhere else other than where we are born, the issue is survival. and with all that is going on now in Malaysia, Malays and Chinese and Indians must work together, they have made malaysia what it is today. You will surely not post this comment up as it puts you in not very good light, never mind, it is important that you read this. it may not influence you but know this, the world is vast, and so is China and the Chinese race and they have affected the whole world, they will influence our lives no matter if we like it or not, therefore we must make it work to our advantage, not only will we have to learn English(which i see you have done, thanks or no thanks to the British or if you have rich parents who sent you away), but we will have to learn Chinese, if not you, some other Malay will have to in order to find an interesting job, and all the better for him. For the world will change, and in of spite your fears, it will be the Chinese and Indian century, too bad for you, since you seem to hate both races! Don't get left behind with your fears, you seem intelligent enough, unless of course you are pretty rich and can live from your Malay castle with your sect of extreme nationalists, with is SO OF THE PAST, wake up and join LIFE which is in constant transformation, the good old times never lasts. Learn to work and understand people, whether Chinese, Malay, Indian, every race, like an individual has its own emphasis, where the Chinese emphasizes on longevity through material gains, the Indians are fatalists who regard their lives as already pre-determined, and as for the Malays? I see them as being a gentle race (though there are exceptions as always) who are caught up in this fast-moving world and do not know how to place themselves between tradition, Muslimhood, and aspiring modern ambitions. By the way, didn't Cheng Ho, a muslim, introduce his religion to the Sultan of Malaysia(Melaka) at the time...? I do not mean upset you, but it just shows how we are all influenced by different races and the collision of cultures can be advantageous if we channel it that way. It is a question of will, with love at its core, to transform something negative to positive.

Anonymous said...

Slowly and frustratingly, the two chinamen picked up the wads of ringgit notes on the Headmaster’s table and lined them up properly into the briefcase once again, muttering,

“Haiya. Gua satu umul idup pun tatak pelenah jumpa ini macam olang laa. Mana ada olang tatak mau wang”.

“Bukan tak mau wang, En Sim. Tapi ini cara tak betul. Awak kalau mahu derma sekolah, boleh. Bukan tak boleh. Awak taruh sini buku akaun, jumlah yang awak mahu kasi. Kemudian awak sain sini, dan nyatakan derma untuk apa.”

The two chinamen had arrived earlier and had wanted to meet with the new headmaster in this government school, one of the biggest in the state. In his busy schedule, the headmaster, a pink-skinned middle-aged, well-dressed and cultured gentleman had granted their request. He had just taken the rein of the headmastership of this grand school of a thousand-or-so-students, after coming back from a tour of England. The Ministry of Education had sent about six of the most potential teachers or headmasters of smaller schools throughout the nation to be groomed to take more responsible roles in bigger schools in the country, and had hoped that the trip could infuse some new creative and innovative ways of… “headmastering”.

But never did the pink-skinned gentleman expect this as one of his earliest challenges. Upon greeting him, the chinamen had picked up his suitcase, opened it and sprawled its contents on the new headmaster’s table: red 10 ringgit notes rubber-banded together in blocks.

“Aiyyyaaa Cigoo aaa. Cigoo lagi mau kasi pereli pereli sama saya. Ini wang bukan untuk kasi sekolah maaa. Ini untuk Cigoo maa. Ini tanda kita semua sha-li-kat telima kasih sama cigoo. Kalau kita sama ini sekolah bikin bizness bagus, apa salah kita kongsi itu untung sama cigoo? Salah kaa?”

“Eh bukan salah Encik Sim. Itu bagus punya idea. Tapi kalau mahu kongsi untung, apa pasal mahu kasi saya itu wang. Apasal tak mahu kasi sama sekolah? Apasal mahu kasi sama saya?” The pink-skinned headmaster piped.

“Lagi pun Encik Sim, bukan kah saya jadi gurubesar sekolah ini hanya baru satu minggu? Macam mana Encik Sim boleh terima kasih sama saya? Saya satu keping kertas pun belum beli dari syarikat Encik Sim. Macam mana mahu terima kasih?”

The two chinamen shook their heads, whether in disbelief of facing such a naïve character or facing the prospect of being scolded by the boss, nobody knows. They picked the suitcase and went out without uttering a word. They were never seen again.

It was then that the pink-skinned gentleman turned to the pathetic-looking 10-year old boy quietly huddled in the corner of the room watching the scene with his wide, innocent eyes, not understanding a figment of what was going on. The man smiled, rubbed the hair on his son's head and gave him 50 sen to be spent on a 15sen lollipop in the school’s canteen.

It was only many, many years later that the little boy finally understood the incident of that day decades ago, when the pink-skinned gentleman had turned into a pink-skinned elderly man, with old age and and grey-hairs unable to reduce his demeanour of magnanimity. Only occasional bouts of back pain belie what was once a dignified persona, and even then, was to be defeated sometimes: attempts by his sons and daughters to give him money or cash were met with stern looks: “Apa korang dah kaya sangat? Bagi anak-anak korang lagi baik”.

The two chinamen was sent by their boss. Apparently, with the previous headmaster, all students were forced to buy school notebooks and exercise books from this company. But what had cost a mere 20 sen per book elsewhere, the Chinese company had sold them at 1 ringgit each, and that purchase was compulsory. The previous headmaster, an Indian, had gone to another school after being promoted. Now imagine those thousands of students, at least 20 books each, and all those years …

It’s not that I forgot the rest of the change on that 15 sen lollipop: I had spent the remaining 35 sen on roti manis.


Anonymous said...

Assalam mualaikum, Kijangmas.

Discovered your blog by chance at the break of dawn today. "In conversation with Robin ..." was great. I too, had to endure similar stuff and issues with my ex-wife and chinese colleagues sometime ago.

Anyway, I have read your previous postings moments ago. Very interesting. Looking forward to your next post.

Before i end my commentary, have you (or Robin) heard of the Chinese retard? Her parents named her Sum Ting Wong. Also, what do you call a Chinaman with one testicle? Huat Went Wong!

Cheerio, Kijangman.

Bourne said...

dera sir,

seriously well balanced judgement on your part. bravo. I salute your openess. Aku pinjam post kat blod beb.



Anonymous said...

dear kijangmas,

finish reviewing all your entry in 1 day ... good analytical view on things and thank god, you have put in word what i have felt during these critical times especially on the PR, RPK & TK huha's

TK on 'suing spree' ... 1st RM 30mill for the ISA
now another RM 100mill on the cerpen and another RM 30mill to UMNO cheras ...

can't we sue her back .... ooh i wish that could happened soon ...
maybe how about you take a shot on her instead .... list all the things that we can sue her for ... hehehehe

i bet she have previous got a lot of issues started from 'squat china girl' ... feel i'm missing something in between from then until her last antics (jawi/azan/dog food).... there must be more, if not why the title 'Sassy MP' .... puke!!!

well, my fav blogger hav increased from chedet, JMD, Jedyoong, Balan and now you ...

hey you are all cool guys & girls ...


Anonymous said...

I see that you have yet to show your impartial rhetoric and post up my reply to your article.

Well what can I say, your another spineless person hiding behind the facet and disillusion belief of a Malay Chauvinist Pig.

Take quotes from most of the comments permitted on your blog. Aren't you even ashame people of your own race or even country can talk like that?

Pray tell I have loads of Muslims, some Malays some not, friends. I have however yet to find any of them as brain dead in your 1 track minded thinking.

You should sue your parents


Anonymous said...

Speaking about generalization, it is by default understood that in every generalization there are exceptions. When we say that Chinese are hard working, we know there are many Chinese who are damn lazy. But we don't have to highlight each and every time of the exceptions just to show that we do not generalize.

What we are talking about is the major segment of the society, or lest those that are prevalent in the society.

As someone who has deep root in the Chinese blood, I have to admit it. It is not about being racist, but its is about admitting the reality that is happening in our society.

If you tell me that Malays are easy bribe take. I would say yes (generalized but knowing that there are many many exceptions). But in general, yes. We have to admit that it is a problem before we try to seek for a solution.

What is unacceptable is the syndrome of denial. This sort of denial is seriously affecting the rabid racist MT junkies (borrow kijangmas terminology) who seen everything wrong is with other people.

What Kijangmas did was simply exposing the shed reality that you and I already know, but for some reasons are unable to put those into words or writing. So for those who have to swallow the bitter truth, take it like a man.

Anonymous said...

-bun- (October 20, 2008 8:41 AM)
" ... Well what can I say, your another spineless person hiding behind the facet and disillusion belief of a Malay Chauvinist Pig ... I have loads of Muslims, some Malays some not, friends. I have however yet to find any of them as brain dead in your 1 track minded thinking ... You should sue your parents."

Yup folks, a Rabid Racist MT Junkie must have slithered out of his cesspool and ended up in Demi Negara. I did have my Glock 22 .40 Caliber widowmaker trained between his glazed beady eyes, but .... nahh. It will just mess up my tuxedo.

See Mr. "-bun-", unlike your delusional anti-Malay sites where Malay rebuttals do not see the light of day, I DO allow nuts like you here, although I did specifically say that personal attacks and insults are not permitted.

I want my fellow Malaysians to get a feel of your kind, to sense that slime oozing from the capillaries of your wretched existence. Perhaps my Glock would be of help to ease your pain.

Folks, I find it extraordinary that fruitcakes like "-bun-" here can be still be so biadap and kurang ajar to his Tuan Tanah and still unashamedly shuffle around with a MyCard that says WARGANEGARA.

Now, thats the dichotomous existence I was eluding to in my post.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, I am a nationalist.

I cannot just sit back and do nothing while a nation that has given me so much are being ruined by a bunch of thugs, tricksters and anarchists.

We must regain our blessed land and recalibrate its socio-political trajectory to what was originally envisioned by the DYMM Duli2 Tuanku when they agreed to amalgamate their respective Malay States into Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and later Malaya. Demi Negara is my small contribution to this cause.

As for Patani, that's part of my heritage. I've written a book on that captive Malay nation of three million people. Click on the icon and it will lead you to the Patani Book blog.

I'm sure we will meet one day.


Anonymous said...

- To zazaland in Paris, France, thanks for visiting. Yes, we will all work together to change Malaysia into what it was SUPPOSED to be.

- Omong, kesemua cadangan anda membuat saya berfikir. Dan saya memang suka berfikir. Ya, kita harus cari satu formula utk hitung cas "Sewa atas Penggunaan Tanah Melayu" kita ini. Lepas itu kita hantar bil, selit bersama Cukai Tanah/Pintu tahun depan. Penyangak2 Hindraf bolehlah "assign" wang saguhati Ratu Elizabeth terus ke akaun ASB kita semua.

- Zooky, thanks. Yup, these hatemongers better watch out for the Counter Tsunami coming their way!

- Rafiq, as a non-Malay you are more objective in your perception of this racial imbroglio affecting M'sia. And the non-Malay racists cannot accuse you of being a Malay @#$% whatever. I value your thoughts.

- Profit, what you said is indeed the focus of a future write-up that I will be posting.

- M'sian Tigress, noted. Gimme more.

- Justmy2sen, aku tau mereka akan hantam balik di blog2 mereka. Itu sudah lumrah hidup beb.

- Mekyam. You know, sometimes it IS necessary to launch a racist rant in order to pacify these racists. You don't pujuk mereka over a cuppa coffee and some kuih. The only language these anti-Malay racists understand is THEIR language - Racism to the Core.

- tam dalyell. Hang in there.

- Abi/Azahari,thanks for your thoughts. Yes, language is a powerful tool. BTW, its not just English, BM and Kelaté. I used to be active in the Thai language forums as well on the matter of my ancestral state of Patani. Hey, Pasir Mas is great. A boomtown. The Hari Raya traffic jam there matches anything I've seen in Jakarta or Bangkok. And as they say in Old German: Oghé tino Pasé Mah comé2 belako. Oghé jaté panda2 belako. Kawé oghé Kelaté jugok, tapi dok Amerika lamo do'oh doh.

- Balan. Nice blog bro. I enjoyed it.

- "S**t". What the s**t are you writing?

- "Kawan rapat APEK" - cerita kamu tu boleh buat Case Study di BizSchool. Tajuk: Making something from nothing the M'sian Apek way.

- Anonymous (October 20, 2008 3:17 AM). What grass are you smokin' man? And don't they teach you about paragraphs at the SRJK(C)?

- Apocryphalist. As usual, your Comment is better than my Post. Good to have you back.

- Kijangman said "have you (or Robin) heard of the Chinese retard? Her parents named her Sum Ting Wong. Also, what do you call a Chinaman with one testicle? Huat Went Wong!"

Yeah, and the boss of the garbage disposal co. in my area is Mr. Tong Sam Pah. Robin told me he met a hooker named Kam Fak Mi once. But that could be another Chinese urban legend. I don't know.

- DNL. Pinjam boleh. Tentukan anda catatkan "source" nya. Hey, you sure you're NOT Din Merican?

- bleached_4ever. Yeah, I'm gonna sue her RM125m for affecting my eyesight after I look at her face. I think I'm being mean here. But who cares, right?


I think I've answered everyone who cared to leave a name.

BTW folks, this is probably a one off thing. I'm stuck in transit at a faraway airport 15 Time Zones from KL and being sandwiched between two Big Mammas and staring at a rabbi who thinks I have a bomb in my carry-on plus I'm being "harassed" by an underaged blonde who seemed determined to see me end up in the slammer for statutory rape.

Apart from that I'm fine. Maybe I'll give Robin a call. But it must 4.00AM in KL.

Hey Blondie, what's your name ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Kijangmas,

Apart from being racist, you are
also Funny, with a capital F. I laughed my heart out after reading your answers. I am hooked on you, man.

Keep on writing ....cannot wait for your next series ...

zazaland in Paris

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm neither Malay, Indian nor Chinese. However, I am a bit disturbed by your negative generalization of the Chinese as represented by your friend Robin. I know many good and honest Chinese in my daily life just as I know many good and honest Malays, Indians, Eurasians etc. Isn't it racist to just condemn a whole segment of society like that?


Anonymous said...


" cerita kamu tu boleh buat Case Study di BizSchool. Tajuk: Making something from nothing the M'sian Apek way.

Quote… Petronas' total profits before tax, royalty, dividends and export duties from the time of its establishment till March 31 this year amounted to RM570.0 billion…

Agree, DemiNegara, may I suggest IRD together with ACA initiate this BizSchool. Maybe we don’t need to depend so much on Petronas money.

There’s “OIL” walking freely on our land, a PURE source of “HIDDEN REVENUE” . Government should look into more effective ways of how to tap into THIS “OIL”market.

Appoint me as CEO, he he.. I have more the juicy "WELLS" to dig…

Mat Cendana said...

I'm getting left behind again with the blogs. Besides "real work", I've been spending too much time at the Mamasita Mamamia! site - the blog belonging to Sakmongkol AK47's better half. That means I can't allocate any more time to his blog since his wife's blog had used up my time quota:-) Ahh, and I haven't been to yet.

I have just read your post here. Unfortunately, I can't make any meaningful comment since my head is jammed with all sorts of different matters and issues. Besides the cosy Mamasita blog, I've just finished reading Mike's Election Guide 2008 by Michael Moore. If you are wondering what it's about, read the newspaper next week. Seriously (Hint: Hope the "Cendana" name pops up somewhere in the mainstream).

Anyway, I see that you are doing extremely well; what with the content of the new posts AND the comments received. That includes the nastier ones too (I'm sure there are other "not worthy of print" comments that you had filtered out).

Well, what can I say, except a hearty and sincere CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, and especially in getting abusive comments. And I mean it. If anything, that's tangible proof that you have arrived.

If you've noticed, not just in blogs but also on Usenet newsgroups - When people take the time to write abusive comments, that means "you've made enough impact in them ... YOU CAN'T BE IGNORED!"

Conversely, if you haven't received "enough" abusive comments, then "you're still drifting around". I haven't received ANY abusive comments. Hmm...

Anyway, after seeing the number of hits and visitors here, I'm quite satisfied that I was right with my comments and predictions about this blog earlier on! At least I can use this as "proof" of my competency and proudly claim to be "a blog survey-and-evaluation specialist".

Oh, and THANKS for contributing to the clicks to my site/s originating from here - the number is becoming quite significant by the day. Have to figure out how I can further leverage the kind hospitality accorded in your "Blog List" to improve my own site's stature. Plus "create opportunities, branch out and expand in this so-called `New Economy'..."

Yes, this is Angan-Angan Mat Jenin, but with the difference of "actually doing something", and "not climbing any tree right now":-)

Should I achieve something, I'm sure the Gambang people will be mighty proud I'm their alumni, seriously. The officers and counsellors can help encourage the down-and-out, directionless, motivation and confidence-lacking newbies over there (I was one too, I'll always remember that) with a "That Mat Cendana guy; he was here too once. He built from the ground up, one notch at a time.."

Gotta go. This talk about "Gambang" means I'll have to write a new post at Recovery from Drug Addiction

Anonymous said...


Ah, it was quite a nice surprise to see your comments on mine. Wonderful! Yeah, oghe tino pase mah (breed from Salor especially)come2 belako, and that's what the folks there kept drumming into my ears ever since - despite that, kawe still ended up with a non-kelantanese, she who finds the dialect completely incomprehensible whenever we visit my families there :-)

One anonymous (his was posted on 20 Oct @ 3.17) perceived you as a person with considerate hatred for Chinese. Really, I wonder why he (or she!) said so. Your writing is not about hatred; it is about defending Kedaulatan Melayu and, naturally, when one talks about Malay, Islam goes along.

Mr. Anonymous, if you get to know more about Malays, you will find that many of us are gentle and accomodating towards other races. One of our neighbours, a British, who has lived here since 10 years ago, says Malays are generous when comes to dealing with other races and faiths. Be honest, can you find it in another country? I have been to several foreign countries, including India and China (from Shenzhen up to Harbin), and yet to see anything similar. Another example, instead of a Malay, I for one will always ask my Chinese neighbour (who seems kinder and more sincere) to look after our house till we return. So, are Malays really chronic racists? I doubt that.

No, it was not Laksamana Cheng Ho; the Sultan of Melaka embraced Islam through an Arab trader.

Cheers :-) ABI

ben said...

Mr KijangMas:

You have said your piece though... and beautifully crafted, with regard to those anti-Malay chauvinists. Most are ungrateful lot, especially the post-Merdeka generation. Nevertheless, that's only a partial expose of societal pluralism in the Malaysian society.

Now, how about creating another literary master-piece, akin to 'self-criticisms' (or rather 'self-appraisal', if you would prefer) of the Malays themselves - especially on those in high places who had betrayed the Malay cause; abused their power; corrupt; leaders with low morals; the greedy-lot who had broken the cycle of poverty and thrived sky-high in wealth creation, mostly due to government preferential treatment, but undermining genuine (government) efforts to somewhat level off the playing-field...

By so doing, you could neutralize your critics, who are now quite inclined to label you as another UMNO/PAS cyber-trooper 'junkie' on their pay-roll. Suppose, you need intellectual redemption.

- External Observer

Unknown said...

Hey Kijangmas

You are one golden writer, very witty and shrewd.

Enjoyed all your postings.

I'm already an addict.

Never stop blogging.

You are sure a lot of fun in an intellectual way.

Anonymous said...


i salute you kijangmas,

susah nak cari golongan profesional melayu yang mahir dalam meng godam golongan racist cina ni...

Huat Weng Hong ? emmm ni kena report kat Husin Lempoyang ni...

Anonymous said...

Allahu Akbar. Pls forward this article to all Malay politicians (regardless of party affliations)' professionals, and U students. They in turn are requested to forward to at least one of their good "Robin"-friends. God-willing Malaysia will be peaceful

Anonymous said...

what do u want? A race war? you think its going to be a wipe out dont you? trust me, the ratio is 60:40. u may kill alot of us, but not before we take many of you with us. bring it on. we are ready. i know people like you are itching and dying for it. for even 10 cina you kill, we will kill 3-4 malayus with us.

Anonymous said...

Ok, i have been reading some of your postings and notice that you have conviniently stroked all other races with an ultra malay overtone generalisation. What do you intend to do here? create racial conflict? is your goal a race riot? hatred towards other races?

DO you think that we are mice? that we can be simply pushed around by a certain race, namely your race? Do you think we are scared?

Heres what i can tell you. With your same method of generalisation, i can do the same and this is whats happening on the ground ;

1) Chinese are fed up with many cases of rape and murder ala canny ong, by a certain race

2) Indians are fed up with the degrading racist terms and riducule provoked by a certain race.

3) Orang asli (the real ones) are fed up with their tribe names being used as degrading terms by a certain race (jakun, sakai etc)

4) All races are fed up with their hard earned money being snatched by snatch thieves of a certain race

5) All races are fed up of being mugged by drug addicts of a certain race

6) All races are fed up of being mugged by kutu lepak of a certain race at places like central market and pertama complex

7) Penan's are fed up of their women being raped by lorry drivers of a certain race.

So dear supreme race, who holds a majority of 60% vs 40% of us, do you think it will be a walk over genocide? Do you think we are going to sit back while you plot to kill our women and children? You can be arrogant with all the protection you have now by the institutions, but come anarchy , which you advocate, there will be no help from your dear gomen.

Bring it on. If thats what you want. Bring it on, we are ready. We are ready to die ...and we will take a good number of you with us. 60% vs 40% of us combined, you think you can bully us with your racist rhetorics? 6 vs 4 ...remember that.

You may kill 10 of us, but we will take 4-5 of you with us. All of us are sick of your attitude, arrogance and ignorance. you think that because we have been quiet that we can be bullied like how groups of you used to bully us in secondary school? Bring it on. WE ARE READY. We will combine forces and make a stand. We will see how your keris stands against our samurai swords, parangs and guns.

If its a racial war that you want (which is obvious from your postings) , you will get one.. just give us a reason to retaliate.

GO ahead.. you have been talking all this crap all this while.. follow up with action and just give us a reason...

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
what do u want? A race war? you think its going to be a wipe out dont you? trust me, the ratio is 60:40. u may kill alot of us, but not before we take many of you with us. bring it on. we are ready. i know people like you are itching and dying for it. for even 10 cina you kill, we will kill 3-4 malayus with us.

October 21, 2008 3:36 PM

bodoh punya olang.

tak da sikolah.

read one more timelah.

ni olang pun ada ka?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (October 21, 2008 6:10 PM said:-
“Bring it on. WE ARE READY. We will combine forces and make a stand. We will see how your keris stands against our samurai swords, parangs and guns … If its a racial war that you want …, you will get one.. just give us a reason to retaliate … GO ahead ... follow up with action and just give us a reason ... Bring it on.”


Jackie Chan has arrived from his Donkey Kong video game fantasy. I think it takes more than your “samurai swords, parangs and guns” to fight these or hurt these and you would need more than rocks and kites to touch these and these and these. But I digress …

Take it easy buddy.

Don’t be such a hypersensitive untouchable, melenting tak tentu arah at the slightest discomforting revelation of issues plaguing your community. Face facts with honour lah. Rebut the points and argue your case with your own logical viewpoints. We are not impressed by your cartoonish “bring it on. we are ready” and “we will kill 4-5 malayus” trash talk here. Don’t tell me the SRJK (C) plant these types of suicidal ideas as well? And I thought these schools teach good mathematics? It's not 60:40 bud. It's 68:23:7:2. At 3 to 1, the odds doesn't really stack in your favour uhh?

I think you are threading very dangerous waters with this kind of talk. I won’t even get into the gory details of the repercussions of such talk 39 years ago and what may happen again if we hurtle into that ultimate Malay-friendly option.

I don’t like to over-generalise, but the reaction of these people disappoint me. They either throw filthy, obscenity-laced insults or spew something like the irrational rants above. Take this Robin post for example. I have yet to see a coherent reply that rebuts my contention that the ethnic-Chinese citizens of Malaysia indulge in a blamefest on issues (e.g., police corruption) that they themselves have a major hand in creating.


All I get is profanity garbage reminiscent of a child brat spoiled rotten by doting parents yang kena tegur in school for the first time. Tantrums galore is what I see. And this from a race of supposedly infallible superhumans? You people disappoint me. I’ve overrated your group. I was beginning to believe your super-race propaganda. But in reality: Cakap aje banyak. Habuk pun takde. Tong kosong.

What the heck, I'm gonna rant as well:-
Ha ha .... si kerdil ni nak ajak lawan pakai pedang Samurai bila orang ada bedil dan meriam yang boleh lumatkan dia orang sampai jadi abu. Yup, confused lot indeed. Si Ah Chai ni tak tahu sejarah Nusantara. Bila si pribumi dah bengang dan mula mengamok, si Ah Chai ni terus lari cari lubang tikus, mengau-ngau mintak maaf. Itu belum lagi si Mat Komando keluar ratah daging manis Ah Chai yang dah lama di idam-idamkan tu. Lepas tu baru lah nak Muhibbah. Nak cakap Melayu. Nak pura-pura bersalam-salaman. Dah lah Ah Chai. Lu tak payah tunjuk berani lah. Gua tau lu habuk pun tadak. Dengar orang melaung pun dah tutup rumah dan beli beras. Takut mati kebulur.

Listen up, it’s time you get out of your Anak Manja cocoon and smell the air of change descending upon Malaysia. Yup, you keep prodding the Malays to wake up and throw away their tongkats and what not. And they are doing exactly that by the thousands every day, many snapping out of their slumber and beginning to reclaim their land and their rights and relooking at the very issues that you foolishly raised, such as Social Contract, language policy, etc. So – again -- don’t blame others for what you yourself triggered. The tongkatless reawakened Malays now want YOUR pie as well (not just a small piece, but your whole pie) because you told them to throw their tongkats and fight it out in the competitive free market out there. Who do you blame for this?

And listen up, the LAST thing you want to suggest to the Malays is a “race war.” Don’t start this type of talk and plant silly ideas on the sea of restless Malay, Dayak and Kadazandusun masses out there beyond your cosy Nepali-guarded gated enclaves, not least to the increasingly pissed-off a couple of hundred thousand Malay servicemen who had to plough through vermin infested jungles on a pittance wage while your bleached hair, long pinky fingernail kind peddle cetakrompak everything in the cool comfort of Low Yat Plaza totally oblivious to your obligation to your country of citizenship. Mana ada ini macam punya “national security outsourcing contract” dalam ini dunia. We must relook at this state of affairs.

Turn off your Donkey Kong and read world history for a change. Understand that throughout history, weak defenseless minorities with foolish bravado usually ends up in a biblical exodus to nowhere.

Someone suggested a Jabatan Emigrasi. I'm beginning to salivate at the idea.

Saya... said...


All that firepower you were directing in warning at that berani mati will they differentiate between Melayu, Paki (like moi), Cina , Hindraf terrorists, Indians, Kadazans etc etc?

Is there some new technology I haven't heard about yet?


Jangan marah.

Wah...Chinese also got berani mati. I thought only Muslims were suicide bombers?

Oh Obama has to open two fronts when he gets erected, eh elected (don't men get a hard-on when they get powerful?)

Obama is to the real danger he poses. But itu cerita lainlah.

Don't sue me Obama.

Anonymous said...


I thought you don't allow "Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language." You bagi that weirdo through, apasal?

Wah, si Apek ni mau lawan pakai pedang samurai. Kah kah kah. Lu ingat lu Rambo ka? Mau mati katak ah?

Ini Comment no.1 paling lucu dlm blog Deminegara.

Bodoh punya Cinapek! Pedang samulai ..... kah kah kah.

Anonymous said...

Kekeke, lepas PRU 13 tak habis2 kisah racist2, penat dah tkdak cita lainke. Aku tahu semua ni angkara DSAI and yahudi2 belakang dia korang agree dak?

Saya... said...

By the wayyyyy...

Anon who wants a racial war...aduh.

Cuba la tengok cermin. Your words.

Pure kebencian and blanket accusations on Malays.

What have your leaders been doing? Have they spoken out against the low wages of estate workers, the ah long scourge, the indians dying in detention etc etc? The Ling Liong Siks. The Vincent Tans. Robert Kuoks. Anandas. Samy Vellus.Tony Fernandeses.

Or had they simply smiled, became yesmen and made hay while the sun shone?

I bet money and power blinds to the realities of the sufferings or grievances of others, eh?

Now that their money-making opportunity ie Umno/BN partnership is under siege,

they can talk cock lah.

Do you really care about the poor and oppressed of all races?

Or do you just do it out of boredom over lattes in your American-god owned cafes and in between ecstasy popping in techno-jinjang head banging clubs?

Everybody is pissing me off.

I want to share a story for my Malay friends.

I had a fellow MRSM student and good friend, Yen who is a chinese.She got in through the quota for non-bumis. She was a hard-working student and passed with top marks together with other Malay hard-working students. Sadly, when the time came, she didnt get a scholarship like the rest of us. Yet she didn't threaten to wage war or whine and moan. She found a way. She got into a local university and her not-so-well to do parents struggled to pay for her fees. She graduated as an eye specialist and after serving the nation at the Selayang Hospital, she opened her own private practise.

We have an ex-mrsm e-group. She is part of that e-group. One day a group of my Malay friends got excited about some racial issue and started ranting about cina babi (in the same way that the chinese rant about malays AND indians)

Then in the same breath, some malay guy asked..."eh sapa ada nombor Dr Yen, aku nak bawak anak aku jumpa dia...masalah mata".

I told him, "I have the number, but I am really sickened by how you people rant without thinking about how Yen would fell reading the racial taunts, and then turn around and ask for HER, a "cina babi" for help."

Just think about it everyone.

Aren't we ALL hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

Kekeke, lepas PRU 13 tak habis2 cerita perkauman, tak dak cita lain ke? Ni angkara DSAI dan konco2 Amerika belakang dia...and aku tak sokong UMNO gak tapi aku lagi tak suka DSAI. Penipu besaq aku percaya Allah akan balas balik atas kejahatannya...faham2 jela..kat orang dia boleh menipu kat depan Allah nanti siap dia...

Saya... said...

Anon 8;18,

Anwar tu bukan la terer sangat sampai plan besar2an macam tu...(pada pendapat saya yg jugak tak terer tapi nak kasi pendapat gak)

Dia tu cuma ghairah nak jadik PM...dia kempunan sangat, putih mata, sampai tak nampak dah apa dia buat, sampai tak nampak yang dia hampir jahanamkan negara dia sendiri.

Dia patut tanya diri dia sendiri...betui ka dia nak jadi PM sebab nak selamatkan negara..atau sebab macam pompuan mengandung kempunan sangat nak jadi PM.

Dia kena tengok cermin dan tengok dalam hati dia tu...


(Sori ye Kijangmas...banyak plak membebel kat blog ni, nak meriahkan majlis...betui la agaknya ada dua tiga orang mengata saya syok sendiri)

Anonymous said...

wahai kawan2 semua,

Di akhirat tiada lagi bangsa, cuma pegangan agama kita & tingkah laku kita di dunia.
Jgn buang masa dgn isu2 yg tidak produktif, byk lagi masalah yg melanda negara kita.
Sail or sink together. Itu hakikatnya.

Anonymous said...


Great putdown! That Ah Pek really got chewed. Kesian…….NOT!

Your message is crystal clear. I hope these people will sedar diri.

Pink Shades

Saya... said...

Hamba Allah,

Betul tu... the point here is that will our ability to practise our Deen be threatened ultimately by those with a rabid hatred and bigotry....?

That is what most here mean, tapi Islam is a dirtier word than Melayu...

Anonymous said...

Hati2 sebut SAMURAI, orang Jepun musuh tok moyang APEK. Don’t drag JAPANESE SAMURAI into this blog eh…

…During the occupation of China in particular, the Japanese Imperial Army acted in a brutal and cruel way, killing an estimated 10 million civilians and 2.5 million soldiers in China alone (the Chinese government officially claims that 30 million of its citizens were killed by the Japanese)… forced labour, sexual slavery ("comfort women"), mass looting and biological wafare experiments on live human beings (such as Unit 731)
…Sino-Japanese relations Written by Maciamo on 18 April 2005

… Kalau tok moyang adalah dari kalangan PAHLAWAN NEGARA, takkan sanggup tinggal kampong halaman, BERTERABOK kayoh tongkang tuju ke Tanah Melayu.? Tak sedar diri!!

Kita sedang bincang hal Korupsi, kenapa melenting tak tentu arah ni??

Kenapa ni? Takut Hamper Deepavali/Christmas/RayaHaji/NewYear tak laku ker???


Saya... said...

"Well, since the non-Malays nowadays take pride in their frankness and think there are no sacred cows in our complex socio-political framework, I will be frank as well. When the Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu agreed to the wholesale dishing out of Malayan citizenships -- even inexplicably waiving Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests -- to a million and a half unwanted, abandoned stateless Chinese (and Indians) in 1957, could the Duli-Duli Tuanku have envisioned that the descendants of these desperate huddled masses would after 51 years become an unintegrated community of lawbreakers; a community infested by crooks and thieves and counterfeiters and pimps; a community that not only tidak terhutang budi to the Duli-Duli Tuanku for the precious kewarganegaraan, but now had the audacity to challenge every single tenet of Duli Tuanku's instruments of nationhood, not least the Bahasa Malaysia and Adat-Adat Melayu and the keris and the songkok and the sacred principle of Negara Dalam Arca Melayu held dear by Duli-Duli Tuanku."

I can well understand what Kijangmas is getting at from the above statement.(malays too have been unfairly blanketed with the lazy, corrupt, stupid, tunggu makan saje tag, so I feel its fair of him to point out the realities that cut across races)

Being in the position of keturunan "pendatang" if you may (those who helped fight for the nation), as well as having a father with the foresight to actually go to the courts to get bumiputera status for me and my siblings, based on our acceptance,religion and understanding of Malay customs and culture, I have the privilege of seeing things from the both sides of the coin.

I can well understand the need for the Malay/Muslims (I prefer Islam as the unifying factor here, but it as as I said a dirtier word than "Melayu" and misunderstood too) to protect their rights and sovereignty and "ketuanan" for want of better word, but I also understand the legitimate sentiments of the second, third generations of "pendatangs" who do not see themselves as anything other than Malaysian citizens with nowhere else to go.

They pay taxes, they contribute to the economy, to education, to the healthcare system, the security of the nation, etc2 too, and they do feel rightly sidelined being still considered pendatangs with "less" rights and privileges. Take that simple example of Dr Yen I gave earlier.

The problem lies with the "race" card. Playing the "race" card will always stir up emotions.

The leaders could do better, focussing on just rule,transparency, freedom from corruption, extravagance, patronage and the like and convey equal concern and care for all the legitimate citizens of Malaysia, while protecting what they feel is necessary to bring up to par those "left behind". Islam after all is a just and fair religion.

It is the perceived abuse of this "protection" of the special rights by a few that is in question and raises the ire of many. The detachment and the arrogance of some oversatiated leaders who underestimate the patience and intelligence of the people.

And of course, there exist too, pure racists and bigots from the other races who just can't hide their disease and wrap it up in a cunning, deceiving package.

(am i making sense or am I already merepek and meraban here...)

Anonymous said...

Kijangmas said - "I cannot just sit back and do nothing while a nation that has given me so much are being ruined by a bunch of thugs, tricksters and anarchists."

Please don't try to blame this country's failures on others. Your blog makes it like the Chinese are the cause of all your troubles. Well I don't see any Chinese in UMNO and based on all the news reports I've read (MSM and alternative) corruption and dishonesty is rampant in UMNO. So I guess it's ok in your eyes for the Malays here to be corrupted? Money politics and screwing the average Joe is OK? I'v also met many Malays who are just as eager to bribe the mata-mata to let them go. I'm a Chinese and I have never offered a bribe to the police when they have stopped me for breaking the law. I have also met some bad Malays, who have asked my Malay partner outright for a bribe to secure a contract but that doesn't mean I paint all Malays with the sme brush.

I guess you and some of the commentators here must just be unlucky to have met some really bad Chinese who have tainted your view of the race.

At the end of the day we are all Malaysians. I am a 4th Generation Malaysian. I went through the National School system and I speak Bahasa Melayu on a day to day basis with my colleagues.
I don't think that the words "alien" and "immigrant" refer to me at all (too bad for those who think otherwise).

Anonymous said...

Hi Assassin, gone cold??????

My previous post 'too' harsh for u to publish?

Little school yard bully bit off too much that he can chew? Arse kena lastick by Little Chong, run crying back to mummy/daddy to immobilise all her troops. The C.I. Chief will probably tell you to get stuff, grow up & clean up your own shit u created!

Kijangmas -> filed; Chicken shit basket (case closed)!

Anonymous said...

Mat Cendana,

Appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, the response to my blog has been good. I think my postings somewhat articulated long repressed views of the Silent Majority out there and touched the raw nerves of some.

Oh, the abusive comments do come in bucketloads at times, usually sent by a few nuts over and over again. I've decided to "let through" a sampling here to spice up the proceedings.

As for public attention, Demi Negara has become one of the blogs to hate among the Anti-Malay Racists. One blogger (X Blogs) actually set-up an Anti-Demi Negara Comment section!

Indeed, you were spot on in your prediction about this blog. I will vouch for your uncanny blog appraising ability. Perhaps you may want to start a Malaysian Blog Info Service, with structured statistics (hits, page views, etc.)of the myriad of blogs across the dozens of genres. As for the commercial derivative? Well, in business, information is key. With blogs outstripping the MSM in viewership, a large slice of the advertising pie would naturally come this way. The one who can integrate this phenomenon into a compelling commercial ecosystem via arbitraging the unaddressed disconnects will beat a path to the bank. Yeah, I've expressed it vague enough to confuse would be emulators. I will not dwell further. A wise man once said: One should not disclose a business plan to a blog infested by thousands of raving rabid racists, right?

My favourite business "philosophy" was uttered by Lim Goh Tong. Unker Lim said to a group of bankers many years ago, "Gua Nampak Lubang, Gua Masuk." That mantra has guided me ever since. See, KijangMas is not anti-Chinese after all. KijangMas abhors only the Rabid Racist Chinese. Lim Goh Tong was a good citizen. His language of choice in meetings and functions is Bahasa Malaysia (he didn't know a word of English and his Anxi, Fujian dialect was incomprehensible to others). His budibahasa and tatatertib to the Malays were impeccable. His dressing: smart casual batik. And he was not even born here ....

I've browsed your other blog. Inspiring indeed. Brought a tad of tears to my eyes. That experience makes you a better person, with inner strength that could only be mustered in adversity.

I went through a somewhat analogous trauma when I only 16 many many years ago. I almost died (in fact, declared dead-on-arrival by the hospital Emergency staffers) after my motorbike and a car met head-on in a horrific crash. I was "fortunate" to have been on a big, reinforced-steel motorcross two-wheeler. If it was a Kapcai ....

I broke six bones,including a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula (for the uninitiated, the shin bone jutted out through my jeans) and a shattered femur (thigh bone).

I underwent excruciating multiple surgeries (some semi-conscious)to reset the bones and to insert a steel rod inside my crushed femur plus assorted plates and screws everywhere. It took me a year to recover and I endured painful physiotherapy to relearn how to walk. But the traumatic experience made me a better person, with inner strength only inherent in those who went through a mati-hidup-balik experience. My mental strength, my intrinsic survival instinct, my tolerance to adversity grew exponentially after that. Nothing seems impossible.

Barely a year after I recovered, I was on a plane on a one-way-ticket to California to begin my adventure in what I deemed my second life. And I've never looked back ever since.

Remember, never underestimate the hikmah di sebalik sebarang keperitan yang di tempuhi.

Hang in there Mat. You're doing fine. I consider you a brother in arms in our life journey.


Now, anymore Rabid Racists out there ...? Come on down!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (October 22, 2008 8:21PM),

Yes, I love you too man.

Anonymous said...

I find it weird that some aliens complain about what you wrote Kijangmas, but really, they started first or they forgot THAT !!!! Who started to condemn Malays/Islam, TDM etc ...the derogatary names that they use to describe an honorable statesman like TDM makes me 'very geram'.

They are just getting their own medicine back via Deminegara. You reap what you sow, aliens. So, don't get angry or show tantrums or want to start a fight/war ...How can Malays let you guys 'hentam' them all the time ....have to understand their feelings too. It is what we call mutual respect.

Deminegara is the answer to their racist / bigot blogs like MT, Malaysiakini etc. Read the comments in these blogs; I feel like vomiting ALL the time. I don't read MT or Malaysiakini anymore. Full of BS.

For Deminegara, keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

Wow there Anon 'Bring it on' October 21, 2008 6:10 PM ... and others

you are funny man or 'kid' ...

clearly we can see now the how low mentality that you have and also awed at your 'keberanian'...

i can see the headlines
'kaum2 cina di Malaysia minta pertolongan Negara China utk menghalang kaum2 di Malaysia dari pembersihan etnik'....

yup bro, that will happened if you keep 'jolok sarang tebuan'

grow up la bro, there is no such intend of fighting among the races in Malaysia .... we are not sarajevo, bosnia or somalia ...

there is no need for Malays to go ahead and start a war would be sheer stupidity (so PKR supp, do do this)

hell, if we want we can start a war without dropping a single blood...
by replacing NEP with more Malays dominant policies .... we can and will strip all the wealth from any ungrateful chinese bastards and let them feel how sucks is to be powerless ... you know why, democracy - majority will have the final say ....

but nah .... 99% out of 60% of the Malaysa & bumiputras won't agree on that ... you why?

because we acknowledge your race and other races ....

we acknowledge your contributions ...

we do want to live in peace and harmony ....

acknowledge = respect = tolerance = peace

but we have our own limits ....
apparently there is fraction of your 27% Chinese are hardcore racist and did not even care to respect, acknowledge or tolerate with us Malays .... which is wrong ...

if the Malays is really really bad... what do you think still stopping from seizing your wealth and freedom?

is it your bravery? or your financial control? or pedang samurai?

we have provide other races their share of wealth and freedom in Malaysia ...

FYI, many Malays doesn't believe in the evolution theory 'survival of the fittest', it contradict our religion ... so don't start on that (cause i can see it coming from your kind)

And please do not be so proud of 'Negara China' ... the country will not give a damn for the 'Cina' in Malaysia unless they see it is at their advantage ...

we acknowledge that your race is Cina .... but being absorb by 'China' mentality is not good man

Be a Malaysian 'Cina' with your forefather traits of tolerance, peace-loving, 'cari-makan' attitude, respect other ...

acknowledge = respect = tolerance = peace

i also believe that out 27% of chinese population ... only 1-2% are RACIST .... are you one of those ?

Kijangmas, good work on providing us with good 'smacking' article and also for a place where we can 'bash and get bashed' without blowing out of proportion ....


Anonymous said...

Per my previous post,
whilsts i think your simply STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE for all your posts and comments,

I do feel comments like 'bleached-4ever' are valid and present proper and what I call coherent criticisms on matters such as this.

Just to add;


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (October 22, 2008 6:56 PM)said:-
“At the end of the day we are all Malaysians. I am a 4th Generation Malaysian. I went through the National School system and I speak Bahasa Melayu on a day to day basis with my colleagues. I don't think that the words "alien" and "immigrant" refer to me at all (too bad for those who think otherwise).”


Ahaaa, you have touched one of THE KEYS to sustainable nationhood. A common main language.

Bahasa Malaysia (not Melayu, but MALAYSIA – for all) is THE key to your doorway of acceptance by the Malay majority. See, you are a product of the Sekolah Kebangsaan. I’m also a product of the Sekolah Kebangsaan. I have many many close non-Malay friends who came out of the 70s-era Sekolah Kebangsaan. They think just like me. They are the mainstream.

BUT, sadly, the products of the SRJK(C) evolved into something else. They became Malay haters; they worship China/HK/Taiwan/Singapore; they feel they don’t belong to this “Malay Country” and suffered internal anguish as most cannot just pack-up and leave this land; they view our national language, Bahasa Malaysia, with contempt and worked hard to perfect the diction and style of their Mandarin to the Beijing variant; and they are totally immersed in a Chinese-centric world of Wah Lai Toi, Hong Kong movies, Taiwanese pop music and China books. And these start at a very young age. You will see these ethnic-Chinese kids scurrying in our malls in their own little Mandarin-laced China-comfort-zones, where they would stare uncomfortably at a Malay face as if this is an invasive foreigner breaching the sanctity of their fairytale existence.

With their inability to express their thoughts in a common language with the majority of the populace, and combined with their hyper-parochial mindset, these Cina Totok languish in enclaves and thrived in their own self-contained make-believe universe on an “alien” land. These people don’t like what they see outside of their cocoons, as it is different from their comfort zone. Hence, they are trapped in an “us vs. them” world where Mainstream Malaysiana – the Malays, public agencies, the police, government servants, teachers - are viewed with great suspicion and disdain, reinforced by their own ever-mounting prejudices, hence, perpetuating the vicious cycle of linguistic-cultural alienation and social displacement.

How to end this cycle of pain? Stay tuned ….

Anonymous said...

Msg to zazaland; So terror wan, working in Paree.Am I supposed to be envious??

I'm truly dissapointed for someone who claimed to have travelled so much to have such pea brain mentality / views. I guess it must be all the 3somes, excuse my french, 'Menage ger toise' or whatever, or was it the cognac or gay sex, since he's so much into "when in france do what the french do", custom, culture, psyche.

Don't lah go down to that Donkey Kong level - Shameful & pathetic lah.

Baise Moi.

Anonymous said...

-bun- (October 23, 2008 12:44 AM)said:-

My dear Bunny. I think you need help.

Read this to understand your ailment.

It's o.k. Bunny dear. It is treatable. But you cannot drive or write Comments in blogs with your medication.

Be safe and god bless

On behalf of the Demi Negara Community,

Anonymous said...

A message to Anonymous, Oct 23, 1.25 am.

1/ Do not put France, my adopted country, into this 'discussion' ok. Anything happens in Malaysia has got nothing to do with France.

2/ The one with a pea brain is you, ie. by showing your lack of understanding of what I was trying to say.

3/ Get a life !! I will not translate your last message. Too 'kurang ajar'. Is this how you react all the time, - by using bad words. So, Deminegara, you are RIGHT with regards to these morons.


Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I hv to say tat ur posting is one of best entries.Agree with u...i love d way u look at things in tis blog..CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Anonymous said...

hello kijangmas

Dont you get it? some of us are not racist. we are against institutionalised racism in the guise of protecting malay rights. we are against bumiputra enrichment policies being used and abused by over satiated-well connected people.

being against a malay based party and its mechanisms does not equate being against ahmad, karim or aziz.

You have to admit, that the system is flawed. some of us do not call for the abolishment of special rights to poor malays. some of us feel that special rights should be given to all malaysians. is that being racist on our side?
We call for the review of the policies and its implementation to minimise, if not , to curb all together the abuses that is occuring now.

You must be blind to not see the abuses by the powers that be, that so happen to be dominated by a malay party. Malays have been led to believe that they are at seige. "Hak bumiputra" that has been sold to the masses have nothing more but a tool for personal gain by the ruling elite. How many hardcore poor malays are getting poorer? too many. And here people are getting all emotional about protecting a failed policy. All because of the lies that they have been fed by the ruling elites.

Are you going to sit back and let them keep playing this racial tone and benefit from the emotions of the masses with make belief security?

The economy is going to the shits and what do we see in the mainstream press? Not a plan, not contingencies, not new policies to tackle the looming recession and protecting the poor from becoming hard core poor.. but more racial undertones..why?

Saya juga anak malaysia generasi ke empat yang bukan berbangsa melayu. Dan jika malaysia diserang kuasa asing, saya sanggup ke barisan hadapan untuk pertahankan tanah air ini.

You will see me and another non malay friend of mine every saturday and sunday for 3 - 4 hours without fail at Ulu Klang's Rumah bakti - an orphanage with 99% malays. We give tuition for free to the children there. We have been doing it for 5 years already. I teach maths. I dont live in a cave like how you make us out to be. I am offended from your responses to the bigots.

I know many non malays who are like me. Go back to china? india? pakistan? portugal? come on man.. Do you think such a suggestion is realistic? We have a problem here in this nation..many problems. All of us have a role to play, big or small. Are people like you going to join us who care and try to right the wrongs? or are you going to join the ranks of the bigots that you dispise and become part of the problem?.

help those who really need and deserve help. that is what people like me are calling for. come on, dont play into the hands of some of the comments here. If you do, you lose.

There will always be fools around us, no matter how hard we bitch or complain. Writting and spewing hatred does not make them go away. Think about the non malays like me who sincerely try to make this nation a better place for everyone to live in regardless of race the next time you make a posting or when respond to the critics.


(sorry , i may not be as profound. I cant do linguistic gymnastics like you..i did say that my forte is maths :P .. but this came from the heart)

Anonymous said... are afraid to reply to any of my comments... hahah
i sincerely thought better of you..


Anonymous said...

Kijangmas when you say "You will see these ethnic-Chinese kids scurrying in our malls in their own little Mandarin-laced China-comfort-zones" have you considered the possibility that these maybe tourists from China? Oh dear and the Government is trying so hard to increase the numbers of such tourists.

Local Chinese whom I know usually speak Cantonese or Hokkian.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (October 23, 2008 9:29 AM)said:-
"... have you considered the possibility that these maybe tourists from China? Oh dear and the Government is trying so hard to increase the numbers of such tourists."

No. Tourists from China don't have Indo/Filipina maids in tow. And very few actually visit Malaysia with children. If at all it will be a solitary kid due to China's one child policy. I'm talking about ethnic-Chinese Malaysian families with at least a couple of primary-age kids here.

Also, the govt. should actually tabulate the types of "China tourists" coming here. I'm a regular KLIA visitor, and I don't regard the groups of rusty haired slender, long-legged young women from China as "tourists." I've seen large groups of them barred entry at LAX and SFO airports in the U.S. under rather chaotic scenes.

Our airport entry points are astonishingly porous, all in the name of "encouraging tourism."

Mat Cendana said...

THANKS for that long reply to my comment. I often wonder how you manage to do all these things - doing whatever you're doing "during regular work hours", plus still managing to write such excellent posts, AND ALSO answer all these comments with such depth and length! It's a major achievement if you manage even one post a week, what with all these other `duties'.

I notice that people like Rocky Bru and Susan Loone (who just left a comment at my blog WooHoo!) would just let comments against them go unanswered (unless they feel the points raised are "too important" to leave unanswered). Heck, if Rocky were to answer all the comments that criticise him, he wouldn't have any time left in the day to do anything else - and that's assuming he can do without things like sleeping and eating! Hmm, maybe you can take the cue from Rocky Bru and let some of these just "syok sendiri" and "perasan" that they have "clobbered you"...?

And speaking of which - this Anonymous "bun" or "bunny" whatever with the ala George Bush-post-Iraq invasion 2004 "Bring it on" comment and follow-ups. I don't like to provoke and add salt to the wound (honestly I don't); but this is a case of someone being in denial - of desperately wanting to believe that he "had licked Kijangmas good" with what he had thought was "a well-crafted" comment. And was probably rubbing his hands in glee and self-satisfaction.

But only to be shocked by the response!...finding that HE is put to the sword, and realising it impossible to extract himself gracefully. So he now sends in all these "Waiting for your answer" comments as a desperate face-saving attempt. Plus to try regain his self-confidence and mend the badly shattered ego. Kesiae jugok. I'll bet his future appearances here might likely be under a newly-minted identity since the old/current one has been executed.

BTW should he be angered by my evaluation here, please go and leave the abuses at my blog, not here (I'd love some extra traffic. Plus it'll help to validate my own blogging career - abuses and nasty comments do help to lift one's status by a few notches).

And another thing too - Thought it should be mentioned that I don't agree with some of your writings here, and that I do share some of the thoughts written by Mekyam, Lazaroo, Malaysian Tigress, Balan especially. Which parts? Not too important. There'll be time enough at other future posts perhaps, where I might have the time, inclination and mental strength to engage in addressing whatever the real topics and issues here are instead of just simply coming over to say "Hi!" to you and everyone else like what I'm doing now.

Anyway, another thanks for sharing that experience here. I'm trying to wonder what it must have been like to have suffered that kind of life-threatening incident. It's of a different nature from my experiences because, for one thing, mine was "self-inflicted" - the "you reap what you sow" kind. And my physical self was not threatened - most of the time anyway.

And that period after your accident, in dealing with the treatments to set you right again and post-trauma; what with all those physical disabilities and all... And seeing you as you are now, all I can say is that, "It's inspiring and heartening, this thing of human spirit".

Your insights into this "New Economy" confirm some of the things that I've been hearing from some other sources; which also validate and strengthen what I'm trying to do here.

Yes, it's not earth-shaking and only "peanuts class" - right now. But one has to start somewhere, and I'm doing it from "Zero". "Little and small" they are, but there are people looking to me to help lift their lot too (also of "the Gambang alumni", most of them). If I manage to do something for them; why, I'm sure they'll hold me in higher regard than they do of Bill Gates even:-)

Anonymous said...

this in reply to lazaroo who wrote, "...being against a malay based party and its mechanisms does not equate being against ahmad, karim or aziz..."

using the same argument it would also be valid to say that being against a Chinese based party and its mechanisms does not equate being against Ah Chong, Ah Moi or Ah Hong, correct?

he went on to say, "...Dont you get it? some of us are not racist. we are against institutionalised racism in the guise of protecting malay rights..."

funny thing is... they say an alcoholic ceases to be an alcoholic the minute he/she admits to be one!

so, you still maintain to be a non-racist?

it could very well be that you are not only a closet racist but also one that does not know what he's on about.

take your statement as an example, "...You have to admit, that the system is flawed. some of us do not call for the abolishment of special rights to poor malays. some of us feel that special rights should be given to all malaysians..."

to be fair... yes, you got it right when you said that the system is flawed... however the problem is you have absolutely no clue as to where/what that flaw is!

but, before anything else, let's start from the very beginning.

who, exactly, is this some of us you've been talking about?

PKR? DAP? PAS? Hindraf?

and, please define what you mean by a Malaysian?

it's also worthwhile to ponder on the question as to whether your definition of a Malaysian would be similar to that of... say... an Australian/American/Indonesian or, a Thai.

get my drift?

for the sake of brevity... if you, and this some of us you've been raving about, really want to make yourselves useful, for a start just do this...

just call for the abolishment of Chinese/Tamil schools.

you see... this way the Malays could not be accused of being racists.

and, let the Malays fight over who among them are poor and are deserving of these special rights.

you see... this way you and your some of us could also escape being labelled racists.

then, in a couple of decades, we'll all have at least ONE thing in common... then we can decide who among us are poor and are deserving of these special rights.

as it is... the traits we share in common are, to name a few: selfishness, self-righteousness, idiocy and putting chillies into everything that we eat!

and, more worryingly, idiocy is in the ascendancy!

proud to be a Bangsa Malaysia, are you now?

so, you and your some of us do your part and the Malays will do theirs.

this way nobody gets to be called a racist.

in a nutshell, we now know where/what that flaw is... you and your some of us have been trying to do the job of the Malays and the Malays are having to do your job... that's why we are all racists.

God, or Gods if that's your persuasion, have given each of us a brain... use it.


Anonymous said...

you go bro!

please continue writing - we need ppl like you to challenge propaganda of those whiners, bigots, and racists.

believe you, me, there are a lot of ppl out there whose thoughts and opinion echo yours and willing to fight for this bumi bertuah of ours.

Anonymous said...

aiya lazaroo u people no need to reason with the malay racist la . tthis is lost cause . u think this people got brains meh? after 40 years of NEP also still getting their butt kicked says alot lorrr..

let them live in their own world. We know what to do , and have been conquering the economy for decades even in an uneven playing field. of course they wont want even playing field lar.. uneven field also kena tapau..if even field all kena cream ady leyy..

u see they can never lose tongkat mentality. even british oso say this ppl not the sharpest tool in the shed.. just allow them to feel this cosmetic sense of achievement lorr.. like having an malay angkasawan (hahaha) or malay A1 driver, or non executive chairman roles in our company.. we chew what really matters lorr.. for example 9 out of the 10 richest people in malaysia are non malays..

let them feel like they are in control leyy.. they are the ones in their cocoons.. give them their UITMS and kolej2 larr (which most of them sign up to do drugs and have free sex anyways).. then when they come out to work in our multinationals, we see if they can land a job.. haha..

no need to reason with them. just keep your silence. they all gaya lebih la.. normal la..

gaya lebih, bising2 macam tin kosong lorr..end up as mat dispatch.


Anonymous said...

Salut zazaland,

The way u reply I can assume u r a lovely lass. Excuse me, French is such a sexy language & I tend to get carried away & horny each time I hear it spoken or written.

1. U brought in french first, with u Voila / vous comprenez in ur first post. Not very nice lah to tag people as aliens & wanting to chase all out from their birth place. During the not so long ago riots in Paris with all the bastille day fireworks, french economy was disrupted for weeks, did the French government charge all these rioters on ISA? Did they deport these people back to Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan etc...The point here is I got great hope for young uns like u will learn how liberal 'Western' democracy are in regards to human rights, so that u can go back to m'sia to practice them to make Malaysia a better place for all.

2.Fine, I concede I'm pea brain too, for use of a better word a 'La coone'. See I'm a 'Sticks or Stone may hurt my bones' type. No worries.

But if you look closely on what u have written, it's quite hurtful to uneducated coone like me.If I were to response in a lovey dovey manner, u wud not notice or hear me. So steady lah.

3. Sorry for being kurang ajar, kurang santun, biadap etc...but like kijangmas says 'It's sometimes cruel to be kind' And this is the language that racist can understand. So beribu-ribu minta maaf.

Parting short; u don't have to follow the French 100% lah, just obey their laws & pay their taxes wud do. Be proud & true to be who u r, A Malay & A Muslim, nothing wrong with that.

Hey Malaysian Tigress,

How's the going? I love the way u write & fully agree with your balance liberal stance.

Anyway I was not meant to be rude. "Baise Moi" was the actual title of an award winning film made by the French last year very culturely uplifting & meaningful & I tot zaza wud have appreciate that movie & no it's NOT a porn movie ;)

Merci beaucoup.
Za Yew Suk (my chinese name lah), just joking, no offence.

Anonymous said...


I allowed the last two posts to again demonstrate to the world the mentality of these Rabid Racist Anti-Malay MT Junkies that I've been talking about all these while.

One question.

Do you think these people are amenable to dialogue? To reasoning? To a muqadimmah?


Perhaps we should just say ... "ah, to hell with it, lets just blast these ungrateful curs from the face of Tanah Melayu and solve this sickening racist circus once and for all."

I don't know.

My Thai friends told me the second option is the only way, having done it themselves via Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram's Thai Ratthaniyom policy of the late 1930s, where all Chinese schools, newspapers, culture and names were banned under penalty of imprisonment. Within one generation, the 30% ethnic-Chinese population became fully Thaicized. Thaksin, a Chiengmai Chinese, is a prime example of a fully-assimilated Chinese Thai.

My Indonesian business patners -- who are themselves of Chinese descent -- have the same feelings. Their forefathers went through rigorous assimilation in the 1960s, with a total blanket ban on anything Chinese - no Chinese schools, language, names, culture. Even CNY was banned. And anyone caught wth a single Chinese alphabet would be hauled in court. Even the Chinese characters in adverts of foreign mags (TIME, Newsweeks, etc.) would be blacked out with ink. Today every ethnic-Chinese is indistinguishable from his pribumi counterpart in terms of language, nationalism and mindset. And one should never question the nationalism of the Tiong Hua Indos. They will die to defend IndonesiaRaya.

As for Malaysia? I don't know. I have this lingering feeling -- and further bolstered by the Rabid Racist posts above -- that Malaysia may have no choice but to go the Thai and Indo way. One can even argue that its a matter of national survival. This is not a trivial matter. Our very existence as a Negara Berdaulat for the next 50-100 years would hinge on this policy decision.

I also have the lingering feeling that the incoming Najib/Muhyiddin Administration may synthesize fragments of this policy, with the degree and extent of its application dependent on the reaction and cooperation of the non-Malays.

Again, based on the above anti-Malay rants and of course in their own blogs, I believe something would have to be done beyond the pujuk memujuk stance of the present administration. Malaysia cannot afford any more of this nonsense. It has led us and will lead us to nowhere.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your views.

But sorry, I think you don’t get it yourself. I don’t understand why you equate my critique of anti-Malay racists and the propensity of ethnic-Chinese Malaysians to blame others for their misdeeds as a validation of (in your words) “bumiputra enrichment policies being used and abused by over satiated-well connected people.”

These are two distinct, mutually exclusive issues. Why must you create a link? The flavour of this blog – thus far – has been to counter the hitherto unchallenged rantings of the anti-Malay racists, the likes of Teresa Kok; the “MT Junkies”; Wee Meng Chee and his Negarakuku; Hindraf; as well as to challenge the Malay Apologists to articulate their ideas amidst the social upheaval afflicting our nation. How you and some others construe these as a defense of unscrupulous Malay opportunists beats me.

Of course I’m not going to defend crooks and criminals of any race. Nor am I going to justify any political maneuverings that obscenely enrich small groups of party apparatchiks without any effort of their own. I worked hard all my life; it’ll be stupid of me to defend these people.

BUT at the same time, the non-Malays should not attack Malays, the NEP and Malay privileges under the guise of attacking the abusers of the policy or a particular political party. This is the trap that destroyed Malaysia Today’s and Malaysiakini’s credibility, where unfettered Malay-bashing mushroomed under the guise of criticisms against the UMNOputras and their cohorts.

Let me just briefly say that the dynamics behind the formulation of the NEP are multifaceted and multidimensional. The government … or rather the military-backed junta … of that era were faced with two options: either forcibly assimilate the non-Malays once and for all like what Thailand did in 1938 and Indonesia in 1965 (which could have solved the problem today four decades later) OR allow the non-Malays to maintain their ancestral identity in exchange for specific affirmative action to improve the lot of the Bumiputras, who would otherwise create future social upheavals.

From a nationalist standpoint, perhaps it was the wrong choice. Perhaps the Thai and Indonesian assimilationist prescription – Satu Bangsa, Satu Bahasa, Satu Negara -- would have been more tenable. Whatever it is, the current framework is not sustainable. To survive and thrive, a nation must have social cohesion, unity of purpose and sense of shared destiny. Malaysia is still very much a work in process. And I hope we all work out the solutions. I will post my thoughts on this issue soon.

You must understand the point in time when the NEP came into being. This nation was already beyond the brink, with KL/Selangor in anarchy, and with battalions of the Royal Malay Regiment and the Sarawak Rangers keeping order the only way they know – shoot on sight. The NEP saved the nation. It was the only way to pacify the Malays, who had gained the upperhand after less than a day of horrendous carnage. The non-Malays were powerless and at the mercy of the Malay mobs and the RMR.

This is not the forum to discuss this. But we must know history. Otherwise, we will repeat the tragedy again and again until there will be nothing left to divide.

You are an intelligent person. Try to rise above the crippling antagonism towards the Bumiputra privilege abusers, where your view of Malays are blurred by this unbridled hatred and sense of injustice. Understand the options and repercussions we have as a nation.

Finally, I salute your stand here:-
“Saya juga anak malaysia generasi ke empat yang bukan berbangsa melayu. Dan jika malaysia diserang kuasa asing, saya sanggup ke barisan hadapan untuk pertahankan tanah air ini.”

You are already on the right track. We must be proud of our nation. We must be proud of our Bahasa Malaysia. Of our identity as Bangsa Malaysia.

Saya... said...


You can blast me if you want...I got many scars already.

You know why people like Apex berani komen macam tu? It is because the Malays have allowed themselves to be stepped on and bought and spit on by their own conduct.

Saya pun meluat dengar komen org2 macam dia, tapi from my observation, much of what he says rings true. Reality bites.

Orang Melayu sebenarnya telah banyak jugak bertolak ansur. Chinese, Indians etc have more freedom to practise their religion and culture and language here than in any other nation in the world. Just count the number of temples, tokongs etc2 even bawah pokok. Open crematoriums,vernacular schools etc2. Bunyi bising mercun mase CNY sampai terkejut separuh mati pukul 3 pagi, bakar benda2 untuk sembahyang merata2 (and some want to complain about the azan).

Melayu/Islam majority memang banyak bertolak ansur. Babi diternak dan dijual merata2. Arak, kelab karaoke, syurga pencetak/penciplak rompak, tempat pelacuran berleluasa. Cuba pergi France atau US and see all the various restrictions they have. Nak pray in school pun tak boleh. Nak pakai headgear Sikh pun tak boleh.

Malaysia has been good to all races. Discrimination exists everywhere in world.Bigotry is everywhere, even in the White Ass Idols of the ignorant masses, the USA, and Europe and the UK.

Some valid points have been raised by the non-malays on issues affecting them here. But ultimately, we have had a lot to be grateful for here in Malaysia.

If the ungrateful act this way, it is because the Malays have allowed them to. There is some truth in the realities brought up by the apexfella.

Melayu/Islam must get their priorities straight. Start from the basics.

Why are our people seen the way they are?

What can we do to correct the situation?

We still have hope.

Because unlike the Apex-type rabids yang berpaksikan dan bertuhankan duit sahaja at all costs tanpa pikirkan halal, haram, etika atau kebenaran...kita berpaksikan ALLAH DAN AL-QURAN.

KHALIFAH DI BUMI ALLAH. The best that we can be. Many just aren't right now.

That sense of direction and belief in Him is seriously missing in our lives and our people.

Our kids are lethargic and lost. Our leaders reek of corruption.
Our people are just drifting along, cukup makan dan pakai. The highlight of the masses is the latest season of AF. That makes their days and nights...


(don't use the bazooka...that one my flak jacket cannot tahan)

Saya... said...

To Baise Moi,

"Liberal" is not me. I don't subscribe to any stance. I only subscribe to the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Quote kijangmas;

I allowed the last two posts to again demonstrate to the world the mentality of these Rabid Racist Anti-Malay MT Junkies that I've been talking about all these while.

One question.

Do you think these people are amenable to dialogue? To reasoning? To a muqadimmah?

Hold on, kijangmas, i beg to defer on your above quote.

What u call me a Rabid Racist Anti-Malay MT Junkie?????????? Blurred lah gang, macam mana? I'd read it again; there's no personal attack, no insult or any threatening language. Maybe abit of cheeky tongue in cheek bantering which I had oreadi minta maaf.

If u read your response, threathening to change my name, let loose the RMR; what do u call that???? I post your question above back to you.'amenable to dialogue'???.

Please enlighten me with which part of my post is racist?

Maybe truthful Malaysian Tigress or any fair minded reader out there can adjudicate.

Cheers & have a good weekend.
Za Yew Suk or Baise Moi, whatever.

Hope u post this in good faith.

Anonymous said...

malaysian Tigress,

u talk as though Malays = Islam and islam = Malays.

Dont forget some of us are non malay muslims too.

And not all malays , though born muslim are muslim in practice. Yang lahir Islam tak semestinya akan mati sebagai org Islam.

Dont make the same mistake as many malays here. When a saudara baru accepts islam, they will say he "masuk melayu"


Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

Im not Malay either...I am trying to get across a point here...about race, religion and the ultimate unifying factor...(like I said, Islam is a dirtier word...scares people more)

Never mind....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Malaysian Tigress,

I know you'll come through.That was what I was trying to convey. I kurang pergi sekolah, don't know how to articulate too well mah. Sometimes abit of knowledge can be quite dangerous & misconstrued.

Make my hair stand each time some body tries to give hints that they'd been abroad & somehow are better than all of us.

Worst are those who speak with a Cockney, American or Aussies accents. No lah not jealous, Hey, I'd been around too (berlagak sikit ok, can or not?) but somehow when back in M'sia my original pasar Manglish will come out lah.

Cheers, you & everybody here; have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Tigress,

So far you have been saying that islam is a dirty word. 3 times already in this comment section. No one else has said anything about this matter.

Anonymous said...

"But would Robin admit to this fact hanging out like Dog’s Balls for all to see? Of course not."

Bang, mulai hari ini saya akan check out blog ini hari-hari


Anonymous said...

Apex said...(.. then when they come out to work in our multinationals, we see if they can land a job.. haha..)

You must be someone who attended Chung Hwa schools and was not born in east coast of Malaysia. Otherwise you wouldn't talk with such disdain. Oh really? Is that a fact? I have spent nearly 15 years of my career with MNC apex ooiii. Some of these are the ones that dictate what goes in your daily life. My first job was with AT&T, and then I moved to Ericsson. People like KijangMas and of his calibre could tell you more about these companies.

Throughout these years, none of your people brought in more revenues that my people did. Even now, at my current office, with multi-ethnic professionals, revenues generated by your people is way below mine. You know what your people excel at MNCs? Conducting meetings, presenting flashy slides with bombastic marketing jargons and scheming.

And do you know why we Malays let those 9 at the top spot? Go to Indonesia, or Thailand, or China. No, just visit Singapore - it is much nearer.

MNC konon...pergi lah tengok lah dunia luar tu, nanti you jadi pandai sikit and boleh ajar anak beranak you macam mana nak beradap dengan orang Melayu.


Saya... said...


You tarak faham apa saya mau cakap pasal itu "islam is a dirty word" tu tak pa...saya sendrik faham pun cukuplah...banyak susah mau kasi orang tak faham2 itu faham...yennadey!

Saya mau cakap sama ini orang2 sini terang2, nanti semua lompat lagi macam kera kena belacan...amaaa?

Anonymous said...

To Za Yew Suk

Nice to see that you could write in a 'civilised' manner. I'll respond in the same way. Yes, I am a lass, not like what Malaysian Tigress painted me out to be. That is why I don't like that parting shot of yours, even though it is only a title of a film. And for people who do not know the French culture scene and who try to translate it, then it would become a different meaning altogether. I know about that film but I don't appreciate it. It is a contemporary type of film and it is considered violent even by French standards. It was screened in obscure and not popular movie theatres.

Fyi, when the sons of French immigrants created havoc in France, there was a talk / suggestion about sending them (and their family) back to where they came from. These ideas were mooted by the extremists from the French Right. If you know about France, then you should know about Le Pen, Phillipe de Villiers and the likes. The French establishment and the 'pribumi' want assimilation, nothing less. And they are not diplomatic if they think that you are not up to the standard with regards to your profiency in the French language.

At this moment, the French Government is very strict and stringent with their immigration procedures. Anyway everybody knew that the moment Sarkozy took over. Don't worry about me, I pay my taxes and I follow rules (with regards to law and order).

Btw, it is 'con' for male and 'conne' for female.

Nice to know also that you have a love for France, so, should we say, VIVE LA FRANCE !!!


Anonymous said...

My, my, what’s this? Been gone only four days and already you girls are behaving so badly. I fire up this site again after being on the road (unlike jetsetting KijangMas who breakfasts in LA and lunches in NYC, I was only to Batu Gajah looking for benih buah sukun) and what do I see? Vitriolic responses to an otherwise sensible Deminegara writing, with some people wielding Samurai swords and others exaggerating some population statistics. And these people passed their SPM’s?

Well okay, actually if I had my way, I wouldn’t have mattered or bothered that much against these infernal Jinjang Joes/Jinjang Jins who I think watch too much Kung Fu DVDs after a hard day’s work at the “Kin Lian Auto Repairs”. You know what? If push comes to shove, we will just let Samseng Ali handle all these Samurai brats and oriental ninjas. And trust me folks: we do NOT want to bring in Samseng Ali. When Ali or his father Kiai Sameon the Kampong Baru Gedebe get involved, (and THIS guy is still reeling over the fact that his paghe teghebe could not be tested to good use when the MAGERAN solved the May 13 incident 40 years ago) it’s gonna take slightly more than just MAGERAN. Am I afraid? Of the consequences, Yes. Of the idea, Hell No. So please, no talks about Pedang Samurai, about killing 3-4 Melayus or about “bringing it on”. Only uncivilized people, unable to logically and coherently dispel all the factual onslaughts shot at them will resort to these brute-force threats which, ostensibly, really aren’t.

But before that, hey, how come too many commenters using incognito identities? Come on people, put some names. Just for quoting, you see. It’s so difficult to answer to comments to ANONYMOUS OF OCT 13, 2.48 PM when I had really wanted to comment on ANONYMOUS OF OCT 24, 9.02 AM. How can you people be trusted to be brave enough to “fight and kill 3-4 MALAYUS” if you are not even berani to use SOME kind of identity. I wonder why the blogosphere still do not regard anonymuses as ignoramuses.

Ok from the cornucopia of slingshots I gather from all the comments here, I terdaya only to highlight the following cream-of-the-crop:-

” We are pendatang, alright. But you MALAYUS are pendatang too. The only indigenous people are the orang asli.”
Oh! Would that anthropology be feast for all! Cut out this uneducated crap about mentioning the Senois, Jakuns and Negritos in such light as to make the Malays and Chinese to be on equal footing as far as this Tanah Melayu is concerned. We are NOT! Indigenous peoples are everywhere around the world: the Ainus of Japan, the Inuits of North America, the Aborigenes of Australia. But one should discern between pure autochthonous inhabitants and culture-building civilizations. How long was the Malay Sultanate present before the coming of the first Portuguese colonialists? Perhaps you may want to try this: apply for emigration to the United States and then if immigration officials there try to be hard on you, remind them that they are as much pendatang as YOU are and only the local Iroquois are not. But errrmm before you do that, can you will your handphone over to me please?

“The Malays easily take bribe, but there are exceptions to that.” Noooo! That’s not even true. It’s actually the reverse: The Malays generally have this deeply-entrenched religious values in them and it is only in exceptional cases you find some bad apples in the lot. The story I told you about my father and that coupla chinamen, trust me, was NOT an isolated incidence. I have similar incidents and experiences involving briber non-malay and bribee malay which would make me proud to be my race, prouder than perhaps Hugh Hefner becoming celibate for an entire week. But as Kijang Mas had pointed out, the Briber is a much more abominable creature than the bribee. So there you have it.

But what you can’t deny is the following fact: It was only via the massive and entrepreneurial power of the smart-acumened Chinese business populace that almost all known vices of humanity are introduced to this country. And do not regard as racist something that are so glaringly obvious: The 4 digit booths, entire Gambling Empires, Prostitution Syndicates. Who own these? The Horserace Tracks, the Skim Cepat Kaya, the Pyramid schemes. Who own the “rumah urut”, the health spas with dubious “activities” therein? Who sells pornographic DVDs at the corner streets, the entire Pirating Syndrom of foreign films, music and other copyrighted materials? Who are most likely to approach you to scratch and win whenever you park near the supermarkets? How come too many sultry-looking maidens from China come to Malaysia as tourists but touring is the last thing they do here but end up in massage parlours instead? What are they doing? And most importantly, what people brought them here?

And what about the Malays? Well I will tell you where the Malays fit in this grand scheme of diabolics: they are at the losing ends of the rope. There was a show in TV (you can smell there’s another real-life Apocryphalist story coming up now, don’t you?) a couple of years back where they showed young malay kids getting hooked on sniffing glue. The reality TV caught them in action, getting high and even traced them to where they get their source: the local mom-and-pop hardware store owned by Mr and Mrs Good Citizens, nudge nudge wink wink. These people: they know that these kids are buying those glue to get high. Kids don’t come in droves to buy that stuff in order that they can mend their broken house armchairs or cupboards. But yet, our two entrepreneurial couple readied the stuff to be sold and ladled them into easily-snuffable plastic bags which they had pre-packaged earlier. I can almost feel the burning hatred they had when they prepared those glues in exchange for that which they love most: money. “Burn, you Melayu burn! Go sniff out this stuff until the DNA of seven of your generations got snuffed into oblivion! Die you wretched race! Die! Die! Die! Hahahahaha HAHAHA.”

I’d like to write more. But a strange concatenation of lugubrious rancor is overwhelming my very brain now. And it has nothing to do with the Batu Gajah trip.


Bung Karno said...

Bagui blog ni.

Tajuk ceroita : Robin, seperti semua ethnic Chinese Malaysians, penyebar budaya rasuah.

Anonymous said...

demi negara;

I am an ex junkie of Malaysia Today. Without fail, days or night, rain or shine, I will be lurking at Malaysia Today to search for juicy stories about Malaysia's politics. Of course, I get addicted. With constant exposure of slanted articles at Malaysia Todays ...I became a liberal Malaysian instead of a Malay nationalist that I used to be.

With too much Malay/Islam bashing at Malaysia Today, I am afraid that there are not many Malay/Muslim who dare to fight back over there, perhaps lacking the flair of english and also lack of good points.

The Malaysia Today manage to shape the people mind that Malay=Islam=UMNO=BN is the oppressor,arrogant & corrupted to the core while the non Malays are the oppressed people & honest to earn their living here.

Your posting give me another perspective.For the past few days, I have been reading almost your postings.To be frank I am impressed with your flair of English and your intellectual points put forward.

I have to agree with you that we Malay tend to 'beri muka' to the non Malays. Today, we feel inferior and become an apologetic race.

Today we are in this shit because of our forefather good intention but bad mistake.The Indonesian, Filipino and Thais forced other races to be assimilated (no separate school,no ethnic language is allow to fluorished and even their name must sound like the dominant race. It does sound autocratic, dictatorial but it works in the long run.

In the old days, the Chinese and the Indians and the Portugis can become assimilated. We see the babas, the chettys can also accomodate Malays custom and culture. I wonder why now, we are facing this difficulty.

Keep on writing, Demi Negara. We Malays need to rehape our mindset. I do hope you can evolve to become another Malay savior in the making, like TDM through his early work on 'Malay Dilemma'.

Malay Pride

Anonymous said...

zazaland, kalau bangga sangat samapi orgasmic cry "long live France" apsal hang dok sibuk pasal Melayu?

Menyampah aku dengar ko ni. Berlagak macamlah ko sorang epnah pi luar negeri...geli geleman aku dengar.

kawin balak Perancis ke?

Kejap2 pasal France..apa ko sibuk lagi pasal Malaysia???

matdeboq said...

Bravo Bro,
Nice piece, cantik punya dok ada...looking forward for more of the kind, bravo brother...!!

Syabas dan tahniah....!!!

Anonymous said...

To Za Yew Suk ???

6th line from the top down, should be read as 'French cultural'. 2nd para, 3rd line, should be read as 'their families'.

Sorry typo error.


Anonymous said...


wahh u punya malay manyak power ahh

so power sampai kena jajah dgn majapahit, srivijaya, portugis, belanda, british, jepun, and now cina jajah u punya ekonomi

mana itu samseng ali & Kiai Sameon from Kampong Baru masa itu?

mana itu keris? wakakakak

am i affraid of the thought? NO
consequences? NO
because we know that when people are pushed to a corner, we will bite back

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Oct 23, 7.02pm.
U have a brain with worms, your chinese name does not impress me. Tak guna buat baik punya orang !!!

Untuk zazaboom
Maaf kalau saya tulis pasal France aje. Hati saya masih di Nusantara ini. Jangan marah marah ye ...


Anonymous said...

FYI, I have no choice but to banish "-bun-" from this blog.

Why? Excessive trolling, with racist, incendiary remarks and insults galore.

I've earlier advised "-bun-" to take his medication and refrain from operating an automobile and posting Comments on blogs. Obviously to no avail.

The last straw: He conjectured that KijangMas and Apocryphalist and (by inference) Malaysian Tigress, Zazaland, Sakmonkol, Mekyam, Mat Cendana and Balan are ONE AND THE SAME. "-bun-" probably imagined these nics were concocted by a stable of Demi Negara cybertroopers typing away in some abandoned warehouse in Raub.

"-bun-" also accused this blog of "doctoring" his Comments, whatever that means. Indeed, KijangMas would be happy to learn from anyone adept at "doctoring" incoming Comments of others.

BTW, the -bun-Alert has been activated. Future entries by "-bun-" under new nics would trigger the -bun-Alarm which can be deactivated only by a fast click of the Reject option.


To all: Please identify yourselves either as a Google/Blogger acct holder or at least give yourselves a NICKNAME. This will ensure easier reference when others want to reply to your Comments.

KijangMas reserves the right to reject Comments sent as "Anonymous" with no nics at the bottom of their entries.

Dah ........ now please continue bashing and/or show off your literary prowess or better still, bash literarily.

But please lah, no obscenities and threats of killing 4-5 Malayus with Samurai swords and chopsticks. Please go back to MT or other CinaBagus blogs for that.


Saya... said...


Let the Bunny through lah...more fun.

Anonymous said...

เศรษฐกิจในประเทศมาเลเซียโดยรวมแล้วอยู่ภายใต้การควบคุมของชาวจีน !!!

ข่อยฮักเจ้า กรุงเทพฯ !

ปัตตานี = ชาวไทย = ประเทศไทย !


Anonymous said...


Let those messages through Kijangmas.. Keep them coming.. that’s me, that’s how I learn more of their dirty pent up secrets sweetly thrown to our faces day in and day night all these LONG LONG YEARS. Let us learn and know more about their HATI PERUT BUSUK KAKI PENIPU minds.

And they pride themselves being economically superior with ill-gotten income?? Well CORRUPTED MINDS is their DARAH DAGING, its THEIR WAYS OF LIFE and they cannot survive without it. Now most of their tricks are out, susah nak tembelang banyak sangat, we are for once more alert, so their piece of pie is now getting smaller, AND they are squirming LOUD shouting about CORRUPTION!!


The PERDANA – Trengganu FIASCO is an EYE OPENER.. That’s how these workshop APEK’S got RICH. CORRUPTED HOODWINKING MINDS…
So behold, the next time check the net for prices before visiting them. Go to different shops to get the best quotes. After they have done the repairs, send for second opinion to make sure the Original Parts that you paid for are ORIGINALS… not made from Taiwan and charged at the price of ORIGINALS.

Make sure they itemize (not scribbled in Mandarin), so you can file them, check them and compare them.

Kijangmas… what say we propose a nationwide audit JUST on APEK workshops and Cars Body Parts and Accessories APEK shop..

Hemmm recently one got bust.. dismantling stolen cars within the hour and repacking parts to sell for NEW?

This is their method of getting rich, HOODWINKING THIEVES AND CARJACKERS..

Well Kawan Rapat Apek have more juicy news, next on sundry shops and wet markets.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Looks more like embroidery lace decorated on cack covers of elephants used to carry Indian Maharajahs to wedding ceremonies..

OOppss.. now no more Indian Maharajas, and Dalits use bullockcarts?


Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KijangMas said...

Darn, I think I know this "YeahYeahYeah." An old nemesis from another dimension.

Must have strayed from my Patani Book portal and Thai forums. Well, should I or shouldn’t I ...?

Aahh, what the heck (sorry people, dengan izin):-

YeahYeahYeah, เกิด อะไร ขึ้น ครับ?




Now ขอบคุณครับ and ……… ออกไป !!

O.K. ศรกนกกระจง, …… อย่า ใจ ร้อน นะ ครับ.

Fuuuh, I feel much better now.

… occasionally known as ศรกนกกระจง in Thai blogs.

Anonymous said...

Long live Kijangemas!!


KijangMas said...

Malaysian Tigress,

Why did you remove your comments?

You always seem to do this. It affects the flow and continuity of the discussion.

abdullahjones said...

well said bro.

Anonymous said...

Demi Negara...Pls beri laluan..mau kasi hantam YeahYeahYeah!!!


KoopKumKarp....Koon Pai Tam KumTeik Mahanakorn Haidi ttokwan talokkan...

(nookacap -Burung Baik)

Saya... said...



Sometimes I go off topic or I have a bad PMS day, that's why. you can retrieve them from your trash (sob...sob) if you want.

KijangMas said...



But as "punishment," you will need to double your posting rate the next three days.

... and be funnier as well.

Saya... said...



But you have to post issues that really piss me off.

I only get funny when I'm depressed or feeling murderous.

Anonymous said...

Quote "When the Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu agreed to the wholesale dishing out of Malayan citizenships -- even inexplicably waiving Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests -- to a million and a half unwanted, abandoned stateless Chinese (and Indians) in 1957 ..." unquote

Hmmm ... what would happen if The Duli-Duli Raja-Raja Melayu did not agree, and Malaya had its own Phibun Songkhram or Plaek Khittasangkha with a Malayan version of "Ratthaniyom" back then?

But may be, today's individual parts of "Ratthaniyom" can be build up and put into action ... no?

Anonymous said...

Ca va bien, zazaland?

Minta maaf my chinese name don't impress u :).Lighten up lah. Please blame the other commenter & Kijiangmas for starting it with their Sum Ting Wong, Huat Weng Wong, Tong Sum Pah & especially Kam Fuk Mi. Hey there's an actual eatery call "Fuk Mi Chinese Restaurant in San Diego!

I tell u one, Kijangmas got more worms in his brain than me. It weird how it's always funnier when the pie is in the other fella's face.

I'm not offended by these sort of light banter, like they say laughter's the best medicine. Now I can't wait for Kijiangmas to explain to u what "6967" in his latest post means. It'll be hilarious :).

Zazaboom's message to u is same as mine but in a more direct "In your face" type of presentation. So next time can I be more direct like him? Courtesy requires me to Minta approval first lah.OK?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my queries. Nice to see u can analyse that riot situation from looking at the various viewpoint; Extreme right, left & centre; put your shoes on both sides & come up with the fairest conclusion. I think sanity prevails there. It's good for your learning curve & I'm sincerely happy & wish u all the best.

Also thanks for the french lession on what's male & female. Doesn't matter to me about France, so long as I know my bin/binte; Tuan/Puan; Pak Chik/Mak Chik; and to be aware not to receive presents with my left hand or raise my left hand when asking questions. I think my M.C.E Bahasa Malaysia C4 grade (no pun intended) can qualify to be in Kijangmas new world order. Don't lah be like Thailand, Indonesia and Phillipines; those policy didn't achieved too much in term of good governance & economics for them. The disparity between the rich & poor, I mean.

As for watching comtemporary movies, I'm a fan of those Cannes Film Festival types, not your Hollywood blockbuster types. I'm abit slow and need movies with subtitles to understand lah. Sad oso they are only screened in obscure and not popular theatres unlike your hugh 12 cinemaplexs type. I bet your enjoyed "Sex In the City"...........the movie lah, the one starring Sarah Jessica Parker. I manage to watched "Son of A Lion" over the weekend in those small obscure threatre. Movie like these open up my mind & provide Techtronik dance exercise to the grey cells in my pea size brain.

Cheers,u have a good one.
Za Yew Khoo now

KijangMas said...

Tam Dalyell,

Yes, interesting observation.

At least 2-3 of the Duli-Duli Raja-Raja Melayu did have reservations abt this wholesale Kerakyatan Percuma deal. The most gedébé was Kelantan's dashing Sultan Ibrahim (my maternal grand-uncle), who see no reason why this is even an issue. You see, Kelantan remained 98% Malay till this day due to the state's traditional policy of repatriating every single Chinese gold and tin miner (in the Galas and Pulai regions) after their work was "done." Thousands were shown the door and many ended up in Pahang and Ulu Perak. I will not get into the gory details of those who refused to leave -- perhaps another post on this. The Indian railwaymen of the Gua Musang-Kuala Krai-Rantau Panjang/Tumpat lines also emigrated and ended up in Lipis and Mentakab and as far as Gemas and Labis. The few that remained in Kuala Krai became Malay Muslims and has been assimilated into oblivion -- although you may occasionally come across a sireh-chompin', rokok daun smokin' Waytha Moorthy look-alike tending to his paddy fields in the area, whose opening salvo to the strange oghé lua would be Mung Nok Gapo? Hmm, maybe this is the ultimate Hindraf solution: We Kelantanise them!

Many of the Chinese laggards melded into Kelantanese Malay society, became Malay Muslims, moved to the relative safety of Kota Bharu (esp. the Kubang Pasu precinct) and intermarried with the local damsels. Hence, you can see a lot of Chinese-looking Kelantanese Malays in this area. That's assimilation the Kelantan way - di serap terus dlm masyarakat Melayu.

In terms of land ownership, till this day 100% of all land in Kelantan is owned either by the state govt. (technically his majesty the Sultan's land) and by the "Orang Kelantan." This "Orang Kelantan" is defined by law as Kelantanese Malays born in Kelantan or with at least a Malay Kelantan-born father. Even other Malays are technically "aliens" under Kelantan law. The Kelantan-born Chinese may not own properties outright, but may (subject to state EXCO consent) lease a piece of land (say 60 or 99 yrs) from an "Orang Kelantan." So to own property outright, a local-born Chinese must first become an "Orang Kelantan" by marriage+conversion+cultural assimilation. Then no problem because he is now "one of us." So there is no "discriminatory" 10-15%discounts on properties in Kelantan because there really is no such thing as a "Bumputra" and "Non-Bumiputra" in the Kelantan constitution. All you have is the "Orang Kelantan" in an ethno-social framework almost identical to the Thai stance (where once assimilated, you're of ไทย race and citizen of ประเทศไทย. Same thing in Indonesia, where "Bangsa Indonesia" embraces all 200-300 ethnic groups under one language and identity (although they may speak their own dialects in private, but no public displays of "un-Indonesian" culture are allowed).

Again, the Kelantan prescription is exactly what was and is practised in Thailand and Indonesia. The message: You want the same rights and privileges? You become one of "us."

Yeah, potential early Malay Phibun Songkhrams were branded Leftists and Anarchists by the British Colonial Admin. and hence were supressed into oblivion. In the modern era, perhaps Tun Razak was the closest possible incarnation. But his life was short. Hussein Onn was "softer" on the non-Malays. Dr. M was tough, though nowhere near Tun Razak, because Dr. M needed the non-Malays to cooperate in his grandiose economic initiatives. If Tun Razak had survived, say, up to 1985, I'm sure Malaysia would be different today, with a more cohesive social order based on Satu Bahasa,Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

Looking ahead, we'll see. Najib is, of course, Tun Razak's son. We shall see to what extent he may want to apply a Malaysian rendition of the Thai Ratthaniyom policy.

Whatever it is, I'm convinced that there are some elements of the Ratthaniyom that would be applicable, in fact, urgently necessary for Malaysia. The incredibly racially devisive Vernacular schooling is perhaps the most pressing ailment that must be solved. I will have a post on these issues soon. Stay tuned ...

KijangMas said...

Malaysian Tigress said..."I only get funny when I'm depressed or feeling murderous."

Darn, I may have to allow posts by "-bun-" and the Donkey Kong pedang Samurai nut then.

Hey "-bun-", come baaaack !!!

Anonymous said...

Unker Yew hor,
I think you are sick lah unker. The grey cells in your pea brain hor needs to be overhauled ASAP. It is serious you know ....maybe you're having cancer of the brain, after cannot 'hentam' me anymore lah.
I can see that you are getting senile, u 'membebel' aje unker. At least unker, I write actual facts not 'gasak gasak' one you know like your favourite sites, Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini etc. They condemn Malay peeper only, I don't like lah unker. U check lah their comments section. No respect one. U oso want to con me the other time. Mana ada jalan ....

Have a good day, hor.


KijangMas said...

Hey "Za Yew Khoo", lay off the nice mademoiselle will you.

Haiya, Ah Peks and mademoiselles cannot mix lah. It adds to Global Warming. Mlle. Zazaland, stay your ground and whack this Ah Pek(s).

Oh, on the issue of Ah Peks, a Mexican guy in San Diego told me this joke:-

An American guy ordered a bowl of soup in a Chinese restaurant. So the waiter (imagine a Chua Soi Lek look-alike here, yeah, with his cloths on ...) brought him a piping hot bowl of soup. This Yank then saw a large juicy fly in his soup, .... and started to shout "hey waiterrr, I have a fly in my soup!" So this Soi Lek clone came over, have a look, and nonchalantly uttered, "what do you expect? Chicken?"

So folks, beware of Mexicans telling Chinese soup jokes in Eastern San Diego county. Si hombre, me vale madre! Ah Pek un rabo verde. (n.b. Don't bother with "Spanish Phrase" books; this is Mexican slang).

Anonymous said...



Me & bro was discussing trying to get thru your identity. Right on spot.Gotcha..

But I doubt if you've been or lived in Tunku/Sukau/ Sabah. So KAWAN APEK would like to share some insights on the RICH RICH APEKS doing business there. Mind you, some AHKAU after school left for the "Land of the Sacred Mountain", with just 3sets of clean clothes in their backpacks...

WOW, now allealy BIG TIME APEK MILLIONAIRES?.. Vely kelever, HOW ley make big money.. Heeemmm here we come, you lonely married bachelors...

Saya... said...

Bun the Bunny is gone...

I made "satay" out of him/her.



Anonymous said...


APEK CHONG MALLIED PRETTY AMOI FROM HONGKONG AILENE who neither can speak Bahasa nor English. But bloken, yeh, no ploblem, meylem ailene (IRENE in her I/C) is very CLEVER.

Ailine operates a big Music school in Lahad Datu and Sandakan and have branches in other towns too. 270 students in all!!!. (you can meet her there and confirm my story)

She SO FLENDLY SWEET TEACHER, (always give cakes and chocolates to her students) easy to kolek all MAMAPAPA bedtime kelambu stoly from these innocent children.

When MAMA pregnant, where MAMA deliver babies, MAMA FAT lady, MAMA likes beautiful jewelry, MAMA loves STEAK… WHERE PAPA WORKING, PAPA Aniversary, PAPA Birthday, PAPA GOLF/TENNIS and PAPA like KARAOKE. Why PAPMAMA fight at home. Phew…, she hardly met them, BUT SHE KNEW EVELYTHING IN AND OUT ABOUT THEM…

So these thick files go to APEK CHONG, her wonderful HUBBY. APEK CHONG OWNS BIG HARDWARDS SHOPs IN KotaKinabalu, Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau… Wow… OilPalm estates need bolts and nuts, lorryloads of planting materials, manure/ insecticides/oils,changkuls even seedlings…ahhhhh just name them APEK CHONG delivers!!

APEK CHONG knows evelything and become fliend allealy with PAPA, also get to operate Sundry shops in their estates, FOOD SUPPLIES etc etc.. play golf, tennis, fishing, Holidays, takes him for kalaoke, discos, gambling sessions and TIRED, for 4hours romping massages behind the curtains. APEK also supply fulltime MAID-WIFES, bungalow all catered for. PAPA vely HAPI, APEK more HAPI…

MEYLEM AILENE… She makes sure MAMA knows nothing about PAPA and APEK, Sweet sweet laly, arrange for birthday parties/shopping sprees/lunch/dinner .. vely close family friend .. MAMA HAPI, APEK CHONG AND MEYLEM AILENE more HAPI..

Wow, how APEK CHONG AND MEYLEM AILENE managed to get so many REGULAR/ LIFETIME BIG TIME "BONDED" CUSTOMERS . Wanna try their services… Go find Meylem Ailene and the Music School..

BIG TIME CORRUPTED PIMPS.. Not only they make big money for themselves but in the end, destroy the life of those who help them make BIG money... IBLIS...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kijangmas,

Tot u might like to know, I'm just your average Sekolah Kebangsaan guy, brought up in a malay kampung, played soccer & rugby union and even sepak takraw with the neighbourhood gang. Bukak puasa together.Always welcome in all the kampung folks home. Even one mak chik used to tease me; Hey Ah Kau, satu hari u sama I punya Nora kahwin ok? (name had been change to protect my privacy lah)

And u be honoured to know, yours is the first blog I'd commented on, so zazaland, no I'm not ur typical regular MT racist. No I have never given or received any bribes in my lifetime, what little I have is from pure salary only, never had obtained any ill gotten gains.

I've live a simple & humble lifestyle, still wear the same plastic Swatch watch for the last 15 years, drive a Toyota. Can lah afford something more branded but what for lah; doesn't make me a better person to the next guy.

Zazaland, thank god I got a clean bill of health record, haven't seen a doctor for the last 15 years. Maybe have to do with good karma & a healthy diet. I have a clear conscience, sleep well at night & never having to look over my shoulder every now & then.

Why I'm overseas? Well it's becoz I'm in an industry that's not available in Malaysia. And no it's not in USA, in fact the brunt of our lunch jokes here are always on G.W Bush. No I did not make all this up. No it's not my intention to hentam anyone, if I did I apologise.

Iwas brought up in a 'Make love not war era" abit playful nakal but never evil. We listened to "Frampton comes Alive", Free At Last", "Bad Company", Marc Bolan, etc. See ur average SRK cina kids don't go for that type of music. Do I sound convincing enuff?

I like to think I come to this blog with a solution rather being a part of the problem.

So there u go.


Za Yew Khoo.
PS - I write like this becoz I got 2 teenage kids who sms me quite alot.

KijangMas said...

OK lah Unker Za Yew Khoo.

Why don't you kacau the Tigress for a change? She needs to be angry in order to be funny (hmm, the last person I knew with this "trait" ended up serving life in San Quentin when she chain-sawed her boyfriend into three parts, yeaah four if you include the weany ...).

Oh, unker, can you also go to my new Ali Rustam posting and explain to Malaysia what "6967" sounds like in Cantonese ... plus the meaning too in your own subtle way? Yeah, I think "11967" would be more indicative of some of our friends here, particularly the Samurai swordsman (you sure its not you ahh?).


Saya... said...

Yeah...too bad they don't have San Quentin ya better watch out Kijangmas...Chainsaw too fast..I prefer a blunt, serrated knife...muahhahahahahaha(maniacal laughter)

I was just joking la deyyy, about the funny part!

Sheesh! Blur sotong jugak si jet setter nih.

(I hope i didn't get rabies btw from that raw bunny)

Haiya, why you giving that poor guy a hard time, that zazagabor's nemesis?

Pity him la. I prefer reading him than Marie Antoinette wannabes. Sounds more like a true blue Malaysian.

BTW, Najib's statements on unity and NEP et al come across as too apologetic and flaccid.

Flaccid is not good. (upset women might do a bobbit)

(No eunuchs allowed)

Except in "eunuch politics"...Huan Guan Zheng Zi (see, there IS something good the UNMO fellas learnt from the Chinese!)

ben said...

Sang KijangMas:

Lets be clear. Bahasa Melayu is Bahasa Malaysia. The former existed long before the formation of Malaysia. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to equate Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Malaysia and there is no Bahasa Malaysia per se.

Anonymous said...

Hello Unker Yew,

I agree with Kijangmas. Why don't you write to Tigress instead. By the look of it, you guys will get along fine.

So, laisse moi tranquille, ok ?!

Thanks, Kijangmas. I appreciate it.


KijangMas said...


Of course lah Bahasa Melayu is Bahasa Malaysia. And Bahasa Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu. Who doesn't know that? And calling Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Malaysia doesn't make it less Melayu at all.

As a race, we cannot be that insecure. And why should anyone be ashamed? Ashame of what? Bahasa Melayu is called Bahasa Malaysia NOT because the Melayu is ashame of his Bahasa Melayu. By calling it Bahasa Malaysia, the Melayus are imposing his language on the bukan Melayu. So there is no element of malu here.

We must assume a more positive self-image. Our identity is not so fragile as to be threatened by mere nomenclatures. See, this is where the Kelantan totok mindset is an asset. We know who we are; we don't feel ashamed of our identity. I make it a point to speak aloud in Baso Kelaté in my suit when I'm in the lobby of KL's premier hotels (esp. when I'm with my buddy Ibrahim Ali, the only Melayu parliamentarian with balls) just to show the phony shy-to-be-Melayu cultural weaklings that you don't have to forego your identity to succeed and thrive in this globalised world.

In the Malaysian nation-building context, Bahasa Melayu (the language of the Malays) MUST be known as Bahasa Malaysia (the language for ALL Malaysians)to indicate its applicability and relevance to ALL citizens of Malaysia. Otherwise, our national language will fall into the Teresa Kok trap, where her actions (e.g., opposing the original jawi script) allude to her effort to demote Bahasa Melayu (untuk orang Melayu) to the same level as Mandarin and Tamil, as testified by her self-made Seputeh trilingual roadsign.

The DAP and other anti-Malay chauvinists think like this:-

Bahasa Melayu = for the Malays
Mandarin = for the Chinese
Tamil = for Indians of Tamil oigin
English = for all. The preferred language for their Malaysian Malaysia mantra.

What should be (based on the spirit and intent of our constitution):-

Bahasa Malaysia = for ALL
Other dialects = use pivately, and secondary to Bahasa Malaysia
English = Important language of knowledge and foreign interactions, but secondary to Bahasa Malaysia.


In nation building, especially in an ethno-polygot polity such as the Federation of Malaysia, the national language must be inclusive, must be seen to belong to ALL. Hence, Bahasa Melayu (the language of the Malays) is more accurately tagged as Bahasa Malaysia (the language for all Malaysians)to indicate its applicability and relevance to ALL citizens of Malaysia.

Defining Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Malaysia will compel the non-Malay populace to understand and accept that this is the national language for ALL -- telling ALL Malaysians that this is YOUR national language -- not just a "Bahasa Melayu" for the Malays.

Of course we all know Bahasa Melayu predates the nation of Malaysia itself -- in fact by over 1,300 yrs (with the first documented Malay writing found on a stele at Kedukan Bukit near Palembang dated 683 AD). But the ROLE of Bahasa Melayu, constitutionally in the Malaysian context, is bigger than just being the language of the Malays. It is THE official language for ALL. Hence, Bahasa Malaysia is the proper term and serves as a wake-up call for ALL Malaysian citizens to understand their obligation to honour and utilise the language.

The same logic applies to Indonesia. In the famous Sumpah Pemuda of 1928, young patriots of the Dutch East Indies resolved to adopt Bahasa Melayu as the Bahasa Persatuan or language of unity for all ethnic groups of what later became Indonesia. Bahasa Melayu became Bahasa Indonesia, the language for all Indonesians (not just for ethnic-Malays in Riau and Southeastern Sumatra).

To forge a cohesive, united nation out of a fragmented society such as Malaysia, we need to view the strategic picture, and not be enslaved by petty, ill-advised sentiments. We are building a nation called Malaysia, in the general arca or image of the Malays. And Bahasa Malaysia is derived from Bahasa Melayu, the language of the Malays. But Bahasa Malaysia is the language for ALL Malaysians.

Saya... said...

Hmmm...I have never been asked to translate into Bahasa Malaysia by local and international language pair has always been Malay<>English.

Is that a new language I should be learning?

Someone getting apologetic?

The Melayus are getting confused. They just don't know whom to please nowadays.

Saya... said...

Ok, I read your answer again. You weren't being apologetic except in the closing? I didn't have my teh tarik yet, then.

"We are building a nation called Malaysia, in the general arca or image of the Malays."

This is exactly what the DAP-types/anti Malays are baring their fangs at. In the image of the Malays? Oh, GOD... out with garlic and the crosses and stakes, people!

The Penang Govt's decision to use trilingual signs, (oh and they included Arabic to appeal to the Muslim sentiments), is a show of disrespect to the Bahasa Melayu as the official language as preserved in the Federal Constitution

The concept of unity and Bangsa Malaysia only goes so far with these people.

As far as in anything "melayu" in all aspects hilang di bumi Malaysia.

The official vacillating (pussy-footing) between "bahasa malaysia" and "bahasa melayu" only serves to strengthen these attacks.

I prefer Bahasa Melayu to be simply known as Bahasa Kebangsaan. National Language of Malaysia.

Is that so difficult to telan?

Bangsa Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia. Utopian dream or thinly veiled attempts to annihilate history? Can't we just be Malaysian citizens who respect and uphold the constitution and laws of the land we live in? Much like our rabid French nationalist Marie Antoinette wannabe Miss Zazaland?

KijangMas said...

M. Tigress said: "Hmmm...I have never been asked to translate into Bahasa Malaysia by local and international language pair has always been Malay<>English."

Then who's fault is that?

Of course these foreigners and local tak sedar diri non-Malays will always call it "Malay" in the same light as "Chinese" and "Indian." This is part of the ongoing "battle" over preeminence and acceptance. When they utter "Malay," they are implying that "Malay" is just one of the 3-4 languages of equal importance out there in Malaysiana. This may be partially accurate, BUT in forging a nation in the Arca Melayu (Yes, this is the intention of our founding DYMM Raja-raja Melayu. No need to beat around the bush), we must synthesize society's view of these various languages. And in this synthesization, "Malay" is Bahasa Malaysia -- the language of ALL Malaysians -- and MUST be preeminent.

It is YOUR job and duty to tell them that "Malay" is not just a street dialect of some poor "niche market" for their product/service. YOU tell these ignoramus that "Malay" should be addressed as Bahasa Malaysia, or if you like Bahasa Kebangsaan, or even as "the National Language."

This is actually symbolic. Nations are built on symbolisms and aspirations. Learn from the Thais. See how they effectively homogenized a nation of numerous races and tribes where the ethnic-T'ai of the Chao Phraya basin constituted less than 40% of the populace in the 1930s. The T'ai language formed the vanguard of their nationbuilding. A new race, the Thai (with the "h") was created in the "arca" -- the image -- of the Chao Phraya basin T'ais.

You know, two decades ago, when I was sent to KL by the then world's largest bank, a NYC-based financial behemoth, I organised a mtg with the Malaysian ops leadership team and advised them to add Bahasa Malaysia to their ATM slips and bank statements. See, they had the audacity to publish only English and Mandarin literature for their brochures and statements and forms. It was my duty as a young patriot to tell them what was proper. And I showed them the Indonesian (100% Bahasa Indonesia) and the Thai (again, 100% Thai) copies of their brochures and statements and ask the mgt why they do business differently here in Malaysia? Their curt reply: "Oh, Mr. Patriot, sorry but nobody asked us to put the national language, unlike what happened to our branches in Jakarta and Bangkok ... and Dubai and Istanbul and Taipei ...."

Language posturing is an important part of nation building, and the Malay leadership has done a very poor job at it. This is a symptom of the non-intellectual, history-illiterate skew in the mindset of the Malay leaders of this nation. They don't quite understand these subtle mind games. And sometimes the Melayus themselves, in their AFUNDI-cluttered minds, lose the plot.

Being a non-Melayu (and perhaps less affected by parochial idiocy), you Tigress should not also lose the plot but instead lead the charge to educate your clients. Tell these Kwailos and Ah Peks that you don't do "Malay" but if they want you can translate to and from BAHASA MALAYSIA, the national language of ALL Malaysians.

Understand and appreciate the subtleties that form the cornerstone of nation building and nationalism.

Saya... said...

"It is YOUR job and duty to tell them that "Malay" is not just a street dialect of some poor "niche market" for their product/service. YOU tell these ignoramus that "Malay" should be addressed as Bahasa Malaysia, or if you like Bahasa Kebangsaan, or even as "the National Language."

Actually, the international clients do not see it as a "poor niche market" as you seem to strangely put it.

Only the local clients do. They underestimate the language and the qualification needed.

International clients understand and accept that the Malay language is a highly progressive and evolved language and much of our work involves highly technical terms and I must say that DBP has done a great but thankless job of putting Bahasa Melayu on par with other major languages.

Anonymous said...

Selamat pagi Kijangmas, MT..oopsie Malaysian Tigress, & my dear adik Zazaland,

Got me wondering too why I 'picked' on Zazaland? Allow me to rugby side step abit here.

She so reminded me of young Nora (My Melody Fair)lah, my first puppy love. She used to send me little notes signing off with acronyms like F.R.A.N.C.E;/ S.W.A.L.K; /I.T.A.L.Y. For the benefit of those not from that era, france stands for Friendship Remains And Never Can End. So cute one :).I'll let u work out the others.

I used to hang around Nora's home where she'll play her fav songs; David Cassidy's "I think I luv u"; Carole King's "Will u still luv me, tomorrow", Mamas & Papas "Dedicated to the one I luv"...and so on, & I did not get the hint then, so kayu punya otak...heehee. Imagine how those uncool music hurts the ears for macho rugged guy like me who's into besides what I'd written in the earlier post, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore...but ok lah so long as the other lelaki members don't know about this.

So back to the main point, u see Kijangmas, MT, we r from the 'baby boomers' generation lah, abit late to change our mindsets and I don't know about u or MT, but I'd begin my journey to fade away gracefully in the sunset, that's why I become so arty-farty on comtemporary movies, stops to smell the roses, tree hugging & I think u get my drift.

We shud hand the baton to the X-Generation like ZZ, who will have a full life ahead of them. We shud help them achieve their rightful potentials, dreams & goals and not to be so consume with anger, hatred, mistrust, suspicion & above all the negative tots. It's such a shame to see young talent given a great opportunity to waste it all.

It's therefore our duty as elders to educate the young ones & guide their generation to a higher platform on critical thinking so that they can become our future leaders. (& oso Don't forget to obey the laws & pay your taxes, ok?)

So ZZ, just think about it. I don't want u to look in the mirror one day & says "OMG, Have I become like one of them". So ugly one.

My mother and Cik Gu in school used to cane me & says it hurt them more than it hurts me. And in my young mind, I'll be thinking yeah right. U know lah, young kids can be quite degil one.

Anyway, time flies so don't waste it by dwelling on all the negatives. Life will always have it ups & downs.And u CAN control what u want best for yourself & your loved ones.

So enjoy your stay in Paree & all the best to your future.

U can see my gasak-gasak writing is not as near good as Kijangmas but hey the idea is there lah. So I better let him explain the 6967 / 11967 thingie to u guys....hmmm...maybe I'll try my pathetic attempt on 11967;

Everyday doing my Chanel #2 with a copy of 'Oui'magazine.
or Everyday flying kite, ulur-tarik x many times.

Unker Yew

zooky said...

Hi Kijangmas,
Know what? I think I'm beginning to like your comments more than your actual posting. We learn we a bit more about you: your age group, bio, etc. This (to me) also helps me to see where you are coming from.

You are only 44, yet you seem to know all the stories that my grand used to tell me, like the pendatang to Tanah Melayu. I do not remember that they taught us this (and I am sekolah kebangsaan type) in school.

I'm already taking up too much space and magrheb is come. But next time I want to share with you why I think, of the three main races, the Malay is the most inclusive. It has to do with "masuk Melayu". Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hello Unker Yew.
U called me 'adik', that is nice but for all u know, I could be Lady Chatterly or a Page 3 grandmother, who knows ?

I don't give a heck about Chanel products, Vuitton etc. I have a handbag which costs 20 euros and it is MADE IN CHINA.

I am happy if I can make sad and oppressed people happy. To forget about their miseries for a while.

I used to go for demonstrations in Paris against poverty, against the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli establishment, against the war in Iraq etc. I am not a leftist nor an anarchist, but a citizen of the world.

I don't go for the French haute cuisine, but I go for the simple Okinawa cuisine - that fisherman's cuisine of South Japan.

I don't go for blockbusters. I like cartoons - yes, those cartoons for children or movies for children like Toy Stories for example.

I envy Kijangmas 'cos he has the opportunity to go back to his ancestral kampong and unwind once in a while. I don't have that privilege. You can describe me as a city girl with a kampong heart.

My favourite journalists are Amira Haas and Gideon Levy from Haaretz, yes, that left wing Israeli newspaper. These two are objective in their reporting, they write about the plight of Palestinians in their own homeland.

What else ? No, I prefer to stop here or I would be branded 'besar kepala', want to show off or being called a Mother Teresa wannabe.

Cheers, God bless and TO EACH HIS OWN. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Grow up people:

Malaysia is rated as "high risk" while Singapore is well-positioned to weather the economic slowdown because of its political and social stability, says Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy.

Truth be told, Malays, Chinese, Indians and non-Malay Bumputeras must realise that in this challenging global economic environment, we cannot cling on to outmoded thinking. The slowdown that is going to descend on
us soon is no respecter of colour. It is going to be more challenging for Malay entrepreneurs to obtain capital; tougher for Chinese and Indian businessmen to find export markets and more taxing for Sabah and Sarawak
professionals to collect their fees.

quotes from The Malaysian Insider

Stop being myiopic and racially prejudiced all of you.


Anonymous said...

It takes 2 to tango....

Why never mention the race of the people who accept the bribe? As someone who is task to uphold the law they are commiting a bigger crime by accepting bribe. Not to mention its a sin.... dosa besar...

Anonymous said...

Hi Zazaland,

First I have to thank KM for allowing us to carrying on our 'domestic' tiff on his blog.

ZZ, doesn't matter how old u r, so long as u got a good heart.
"I will always luv u".- Whitney Houston.

Sometime it's ok to buy/use branded stuff if u personally like them for its quality/style wise, so long as it's coming from your own hard earned money. Like unker likes to wear Polo Ralph Lauren clothing (if u classed them as branded)becoz it's comfortable & more durable than your $20 Wal Mart made in china stuff.

Well without sounding sarcastic, it's nice to see u r on the right track, humility and humanity wise.

Red faced lah unker this time, but I can't wait to see this blockbuster 22nd installation of 007 James Bond "Quantum of Solace". Unker big fan of 007 since 'Dr.No'.

You keep well now.
"Love means never having to say u r sorry" - Love Story (Ali McGraw)

Unker Yew
P.S - No reply necessary but if u insist, ok lah.

Saya... said...
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Anonymous said...

CHINESE AND INDIAN DIASPORA - (Get the whole story in the pages of National Geographic magazine).

To be born a Hindu in India is to enter the caste system, one of the world's longest surviving forms of social stratification. Embedded in Indian culture for the past 1,500 years. A fifth group describes the people who are achuta, or untouchable. The primordial being does not claim them. Untouchables are outcasts—people considered too impure, too polluted, to rank as worthy beings. Prejudice defines their lives, particularly in the rural areas, where nearly three-quarters of India's people live.

Untouchables are shunned, insulted, banned from temples and higher caste homes, made to eat and drink from separate utensils in public places, and, in extreme but not uncommon cases, are raped, burned, lynched, and gunned down.

Mass emigration that occurred from the 19th century to 1949 was mainly caused by wars and starvation in mainland China as well as political corruption. Most immigrants were illiterate or poorly educated peasants and coolies (Chinese: 苦力, translated: Hard Labour), who were sent to countries such as the Americas, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Malaya and other places.

The history of Chinese immigrants around the world is a sad story and is not something to be proud of. . In the past decade tragic stories about Chinese immigrants have made headlines around the world. Since the end of the Cold War, some 181 million people have left their homes to find opportunities elsewhere - 150 countries in all.

…Words frequently used to characterize Chinese living in countries outside of china include foreigners, outsiders, strangers, pariahs, outcasts, visitors, temporary residents and nonnatives. The Chinese have been seen as parasites, arrogantly holding on to their peculiar culture, reserved mannerisms and frugal living habits, incessantly siphoning off the host countries national assets and resources.

… DAYUS AND PENGECUTS, rela being made coolies and slaves of the British, comfort women by the Japanese, maybe these British/Japanese treatment were better compared to how they were being treated got back home by their own much that their forefathers REFUSED to go back from where they came from?

.. Yang tak sedar diri tu, sekali sekala pulang menjengok sikit kampung halaman tok moyang mu.

..Go and shout there, not here!!

KijangMas said...

Malaysian Tigress said...
"Now Unker Yew, you mau kawin sama kena potong dulu. Love means sacrifice... Kah kah kah..."

How do you know "Unker Yew" is even a man?

He could be a bored Ah Soh floating around the blogosphere between sessions of Mahjong and steam-opening her long-suffering Ah Pek's letters and bank statements.

Thats the magic of the blogosphere.

Saya... said...

Steam opening?

Aiyah..nowadays just hack the passwords Ah Soh!

But then they suddenly change the passwords...damn.

Anonymous said...

..."Looking ahead, we'll see. Najib is, of course, Tun Razak's son. We shall see to what extent he may want to apply a Malaysian rendition of the Thai Ratthaniyom policy."

...but heard tell that boys and girls (ala 4th floor of the present PM) are closing in on Najib even now. He might be rendered impotent then.

Anonymous said...

Dear Unker Yew

It is nice to see that you have ...err... mellowed.

That bag is good and handy. I bought it a year ago. Still tahan until today .....

U are also lovey dovey this time....U kena lottery ke ?

My all time favourite song used to be SWALK - 'Sealed with a loving Kiss', but now, it has been replaced by 'Hallelujah' sung by Jeff Buckley. It is a beautiful song. Check in Youtube. He sings this song with just his guitar (for the music). I love this song, it is melancholic yet profound. Jeff Buckley died a few years ago.

For Kijangmas, thanks for everything.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Another thing Unker, I don't mind watching that James Bond movie
but in cartoon version !!


Anonymous said...


Ahh Yes, the magic of Blogosphere.

Ya-lah, MT don't go spoil the fun by hacking into my password mah.

I can imagine ZZ as the fiesty Barbra Streisand's character (student leader, street demo type in "The Way We Were" & I can konon only be like Robert Redford...hehe..

As for kena potong, I takut lah. Have u heard of the Mohel who slipped & got the sack?....funny..

So keep the magic going lah...MT u can imagine me like Imran Khan lookalike mah. Joke aside, after hearing his interview I think he's the only man capable of resolving this war on terror crisis.

Sorry all this bs, hor, must be due my brain damaged in my younger days puffing the magic dragon or was it coz of Lucy in the Sky with diamonds.

Unker Yew Ah Soh...hmm..sounds abit like a**eshole

Saya... said...
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Anonymous said...

Here lah MT, oso u never say please one...kah..kah..kah...Just gimme like that one, like wank bang thank u mam.

Shows unker not gasak gasak one.

Unker Yew

PS - Can u update ur profile photo can or not? This current one too dark lah, unker getting blind now due to too much 11967.

Saya... said...


You aso never say "PLEASE"...

Thanks for the link.

Kijangmas, what are you running here man? It is a free for all...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I have always check this posting looking for new comments by Kijangmas and the rest of bloggers on this serious subject.

However,lately the discussions were becoming less focus and less serious (you guys are talking about "potong" and Imran Khan etc.)

I think it should be alright for one or two comments but if it going to drag on, I am wondering why should I waste my time visiting this blog.

KijangMas said...

Tigress said:"Kijangmas, what are you running here man? It is a free for all...hahaha."

Ok kids. Lets call this a wrap.

Lets focus on the subject and related issues.

You lovebirds can continue at M. Today with the Rabid Racists and the MT Junkies.

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

It is hilarious really.

The human genome project revealed that we ALL share a common female ancestor.

Adam and Eve, ring a bell??? ( well, except for those who believe in the theory that we evolved from monkeys which if holds water, should see us evolving into rabbits soon at the rate everyone is cheating on one another...yeah2 life experiences color my jugdment, but look pass that lah...or for those who believe we are One with God which I have a hard time cracking my brain trying to understand something so ludicrous since I can't create the billions of Euros I need since I am God, or for those who believe the stork dropped them from the sky onto mama's bosom or for those atheists who we should put on a suicide bomber piloted plane free falling from 30k feet and see them become believers in a second when their preprogrammed fitrah of God-consciousness starts kicking in when they crap in their pants from fear of death)

Allah created us of different nations to know each other, to learn and to live with each other, coming together under one God and one purpose.

To worship Him.

(Truth is always so hard to accept, ain't it, people?)

Anonymous said...


I need the survival training on how to deal with AhSoh.

This happened just last week where I ran into this parent of MT junkies being so rude to an honest demure looking lady at a Jusco J card counter. This MT junkies' parent shouted to everyone around her, blaming some staff at different floor for leading her to the top floor when she actually wanted to go pay her AEON credit card which the lady at the counter lady told her nicely that the AEON card counter is actually located on LG floor.
And she took her case to the manager and another nice looking young lady became her target.

Don't know which new village this Ah Soh came out from. Can't stand her arrogantness as if under no circumstances an honest mistake to be made by whoever deals with her.

Being a gentle malay lady myself, I was always left speechless and not able to react to this kind of situation most of the time.

Share with me on how to deal with these MT junkies' and their parents shld we cross paths again.

These are the ppl who created and promoted the "U kiasu I kiasi culture" in the first place.

- M

Anonymous said...

Dearest M, on TOO many occasions I have seen similar outbursts..

Ini ler produk Sekolah Cina. Buta huruf ABC….DEF…XYZ. Tak tau baca Bahasa Malaysia atau Bahasa Inggeris, Mesti JUSCO terpampang notis merata kaunter. Bukan tak Nampak TAPI tak faham bahasa.

Betina macam ni biasanya pompuan simpanan APEK2 … Imported, kalo tak dari Negera Cina, mesti dari HongKong

Kalo mereka benar2 RAKYAT Malaysia jati, tengok Peranakan Baba, keturunan bangsawan, hah, berbaju kebaya, lemah lembut , masakan rendang cincalok, bahasa Melayu pekat dan manja.

But don’t worry, most of these Ah So, bukan ada duit sangat, banyak yang tunjuk gaya saja, hidup mereka banyak hutang, kuat berjudi.. Biasanya I jelen LIDAH, sambil kembangkan hidung and buat muka slamba and just walk away. Selalu SUCCESS, depa selalu tergamam tengok orang tua JELEN LIDAH.

Heheheheh I am very serious, try this the next time OK?

..useful tips

Anonymous said...


While waiting for Kijangmas's reply, here comes a quick solution whenever you encounter such incidents again: kick them hard where it hurts most


KijangMas said...

Tam Dalyell said:"...but heard tell that boys and girls (ala 4th floor of the present PM) are closing in on Najib even now. He might be rendered impotent then."

Yup, Sakmongkol quoted my remarks on these 4th Floor boys in his blog here.

Najib must be supercareful in the selection of his team of advisors. Already, the Eurocopter debacle leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Will try to find the time, strength and appetite to comment on it.

Saya... said...

Hey, it was a...erm... let's see...1,2,3,4,5, SIX letter word lah!

KijangMas said...

On the subject of handling the rude Ah Soh Bukit, see my comment here.

Match them blow for blow. Pantang Undur.

alioh said...

Thank You deminegara or kijang mas for saying things that we always wanted to say....salute u bro

Anonymous said...

Salam Demi Negara,
For once I've come across a BOLD & OVERDUE arguments that should conterbalance the scale!! Eventhough I hold that people believe what they want to believe rather than the truth, this one would make a lot of non-Malays think twice before taking on the Malays for granted!

Anonymous said...

Truly said,I just want my fellow Malaysian to assimilate the Malay culture. I have friend who can speak Bahasa Malaysia fluently and I already regards him as my family,brother or whatsoever. Assimilating the Malay culture doesn't mean taht you are no more chinese or indian,you are still who you are but the point here,we spend less time talking about the race.

I'm annoyed when some folks claiming to be Malaysian when they can't even speak proper Bahasa Malaysia. And I'm quite interested when some of the commenter mention the word "masuk Melayu".

I like it when the first half of the comment raise temperature,even in this freezing cold red maple leaf country,but it's getting out of focus at the end of the comment.

Some commenter also replied to your post without going to through the comments,in which I spend about an hour going through -it worth it. As a result of a 'komen membabi-buta', ramai yang tak faham dan tak lihat pendapat rakan-rakan blogger yang dan juga kata-kata yang dikeluarkan oleh their respective kaum. Maaf bahasa bercampur-campur,terpaksa kerana sukar diuraikan.

Apa pun,posting anda adalah bernas dan saya mengharapkan kurangnya "offensive word" macam Tong Sam Pah. Janganlah kita menjadi seperti "mereka", racist tak tentu hala.

Anonymous said...

Kam Fook Mi? Fook Yu!!!

Fook Mi: [runs to Austin] Austin Powers! You’re so great and so sexy!
Austin Powers: Thanks, baby! Now what’s your name?
Fook Mi: Fook Mi!
Austin Powers: Can you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Fook Mi: No! Fook Mi! Like this!
[turns away so Austin can see Fook Mi written on her bag]
Austin Powers: Oh! Your name’s Fook Mi!
Fook Mi: Would you like a drink?
[runs away to get drink]
Austin Powers: Actually I have a private bar…
[Fook Mi's twin sister, Fook Yu arrives]
Fook Yu: Here you go!
[gives him drink]
Austin Powers: [thinking she's Fook Mi] Fook Mi, that was fast!
Fook Yu: Fook Yu!

Anonymous said...

.... Finally womebody who has the b***s to bring out what have been on my mind for decades.... the Malay as the Brits once said are 'Nature's Finest Gentlemen'.... ever so obliging.... even at the expense of their own kind..... well enough,is enough..... you can't hack being a Bangsa Malaysia, can't/refuse to speak Malay or be assilimated into the host country, no one is stopping you to migrate (well many have, anyway)... My siblings and I had gone through early childhood without our father at our side most of the time as being a soldier he was in operations making this country safe from the devils of PKM most of the time.... the sacrifices that my mother and siiblings had to make only those who have had fathers in the security services would understand ... and all that just to see the very people he loves , the very race he belongs to being treated like this by the other people(who managed to study, do business,prosper and etc with very little numbers enrolling into the security forces, if they do only in non-combatant role anyway) he protected while putting his life on the line for the country he loves dearly.........

... If the non Malays talk about discrimination.... it is the Malays that are being discriminated... ask any bankers,multinationals.... how easy is it to get a promotion if you're a non Malay compared to being one.... Since the Chinese normally occupy middle and upper management, it is their race that gets promoted fast even if the candidate don't know much.... I have seen it, heard it, noticed it all my working life....... so don't talk about unfair practices....The non Malays are saying that the Government jobs are prone to be given to the Malays but the ones they are referring to are the executive and officer level type of jobs?.,,, they forget to mention that they are not interested in the jobs in gorvernmnt agencies that are in abundance namely the clericals and pembantu tadbir (in short 'office boy la')... Like the nincampoop that claimed he was rejected from enrolling for an Inspector course.... the non Malays are only ineterested in Officer positions and not the front line , 'can get shot' job of police Constables.... and to top it off, I was told by a police detective that some years ago the criteria for non Malays for applying for a Police Inspector was reduced to MCE(before SPM)...where Malay candidates were not given such a luxury......... Talk about tongkat, who is being cradlee now? who is it that is being spoon fed now?..... In business, ask any businessman, you will get cheaper pricing from a Chinese supplier if you are a Chinese compared if you are non Chinese.... no wonder they can give give quality product at cheap prices..... A Chinese graduate are more guaranteed a job in the private sector as most companies (which happens to be majority chinese owned) prefer to take their own race.... open up the ads in the Malay Mail, Star and whatever English newspaper (unless you can comprahend Sin Jiew Poh)... youi'll see a major requirement..... Mandarin speaking ability required or preferred.... except for jobs like storekeeper, generalworker,despatch boy, officeboy or the likes........ talk about fair?.... the Malays should be compalaining not the other way around.....

Phew! Got that of my chest!.... what a relief.... thats all for now.....

Anyway my hats to you, signor....

Anonymous said...

Hulubalang was right. There is no way a Chinese would give a chance to a non Chinese in ANYTHING. I 'saw' the same thing as Hulubalang.

In a tour/travel company where I used to work (belonging to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs), there was this Malay guy; presentable, speaks good English, a good worker and a good STPM/A Level cert with a distinction in English, guess what he was doing ?....he was just a despatch boy. I asked him why he did it, he told me that he had no choice, he had a family to feed.

At the same time, there was this Chinese guy who had been recruited as an Officer. This guy was 'different'. In my humble opinion, he was not even comparable to the Malay guy. Firstly, he was not presentable (as compared to the Malay guy) from top to toe - I won't go into that in detail, his English - just half past 6, not mature (I won't go into that also), of course he speaks MANDARIN and he had lower qualifications than the Malay guy.

So, tell me, you Chinese Chauvinists out there (who think that you guys are being discriminated in Malaysia), was the Malay guy being treated fairly? It was an insult to his intelligence to be offered a job as a despatch boy when he had better qualifications than the Chinese guy, don't you think so? Where is meritocracy?

As for me, I was lucky as my immediate boss had a different mind set, but then again, I was not given the freedom and the chance to develop further in my career. So, I left the company.

This is just one 'off the blocks', but I am sure other people have other 'stories' to tell about the discriminations faced by the Malays in Malaysia and to a certain extent, Singapore.


Unknown said...

to Zazaland

Yup, recently after Obama won, the Prime Minister of Singapore says that a Malay PM will not be a reality anytime SOON!!

he justifies it as racial sensitivities, inclinations (whatever)

get that! in other words "racist mentality" and this is coming from majority chinese population

sopposedly from a FIRST world country - the favourite model/icon of success by the MT junkies (borrowed from dear KijangMas)

some time back a ST journalist wrote a heart rending article on how she was treated coz she wears the 'tudung'

she also related that her dad was not trusted enough to be enlisted into the army

and that was as recent as 2008 national day "wishes"

how now MT junkies - need a fix already??

Anonymous said...

To omong

No, it was not just after Obama won the election, it was way before that, many years ago, LKY said it Malay PM for Singapore.

To 'emphasize' on that, every time he opens his mouth, he would discredit the Malays. For example, just a few months ago, on a visit to the Mid East, he said that Singapore's advancement was/is due to the efforts of the Chinese and Indian Singaporeans, he did not mention the contribution of the Malays to Singapore's development.

U see the Malays are being treated as 2nd class citizens in Singapore - former Tanah Melayu ......I wish all those Malaysian Malays who fight for Malaysian Malaysia and the meritrocracy BS analysize what is happening to Singapore Malays. They are sidelined. The Opposition parties especially DAP are just using YOU guys for their own agenda. And PKR will be hijacked by non Malays when it is in power. Mark my words ......

By the way, Singaporean Malays are not allowed to stay anywhere they like in the Republique ...there are quotas ...If it is over the quota, then they will have to find another block (of flats) to stay. Official reason : to encourage racial harmony .....Unofficial reason for simple people : to easily control the Malay population ....


kalimullah hassan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

kalimullah hassan said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG is this really you?


Anonymous said...

Saya tak suka bagi duit suapan depa... tapi BPR kita ni yang selalu "take no action" itu fasal le tauke2 si robin ni bermaharajalela.

Tapi kadang kala kahsian gak kat polis ni gaji sikit anak bini ramai... Takan sampai hati tengok bini nya kerja "part-time" kat karaoke? Aku tak sanggup.

satD said...

salam Bro Kijangmas

I'm no longer a robin....thank u


sikunen said...


Very well written. Superb.

They are playing psychology. Making us feel guilty by aggravating and twisting facts which in the end forcing us to 'give' more.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Obama won, everyone wanted to know if the minorities in Malaysia will have a chance at becoming PM. Well at least S'pore have made it clear, not any time soon.

What about in Malaysia? Spare a minute & think about this. So now that Obama will be the next President of U.S, so how many blacks are Presidents or PM around the world? The PM of S'pore is Chinese. How many other countries around the world have Chinese as PM or President? Besides India where else can you find Indian PM/President?

Around the world, you can only find ONE Malay Prime Minister & that is the PM of Malaysia. If the rest of us malays still cannot see this, then it's a real tragedy.

Moral of the story, Tun Mahathir was right...Melayu mudah lupa.

I thank god we have people like Kijangmas. Biar putih tulang, jgn putih mata...


Anonymous said...

"In a tour/travel company where I used to work (belonging to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs), there was this Malay guy; presentable, speaks good English, a good worker and a good STPM/A Level cert with a distinction in English, guess what he was doing ?....he was just a despatch boy. I asked him why he did it, he told me that he had no choice, he had a family to feed. "
This sounds very funny--a Malay with a good STPM/A level and a distinction in English not being offered a JPA or a Mara scholarship to further his studies but working as a despatch boy---helo who's leg are you trying to pull. let me tell you this story--this girl who is a good friend of my dauther had been studying at mrsm from form 1 till form 5--she had been consistently scoring a 3.97s in her CGPA. She had always wanted to be a doctor. But just b'cos her father is a convert but her mother is a malay--she was not offered a scholarship--it was only meant for malays--even with 3.8 CGPA. she scored 10As in her SPM--still mara refused to give her a scholarship. But then there was this guy who wanted to do engineering--but was given a scholarship to do medicine.but he turned it down and is now doing engineering at UIA.It is imposibble that a good grade Malay will be left out by the govt.

Anonymous said...

Helo zazaland,

As for your arguements regarding the fate of Singaporean Malays, I don’t agree with your views that imply that they are marginalised,discriminated and suffering in silence. If they are not happy residing in Singapore, they can always migrate to Malaysia and instantly become a bumiputra, and enjoy all the benefits that are accorded to them. Is it not stupid of them to suffer in Singapore, when Indonesians just flock into Malaysia to grab whatever opportunities that are available to them including the prospect of becoming bumiputras. I am sure they will feel more comfortable in our Malaysian educational system–b’cos the medium of instruction is in their mother tongue. Definitely they will gain a lot comparatively. Is it not logical.

Anonymous said...

For Anon Dec 15, 7.30 pm.
No, I wasn't joking nor trying to pull anybody's legs. Don't know where it went wrong.

For Thadiankunda Dec 22.
Good idea but then again we don't know about other peoples' priorities, do we?

Have a good day.

duuude said...

I have a friend who served with the Malaysian contingent in Somalia during the 90s, and yes he is a Chinese Malaysian, but after his long tenure with the Malaysian army, he would not encourage his sons to do likewise. Why? Largely due to the racism that he witnessed during his time. His peers feel the same way. My ex-girlfriend's brother was a leftenan in the army, and his experience was underwhelming, to put it mildly.

There are too many divisive policies in this country dividing the Malays and the non-Malays. I am all for a common ground, and I can agree with some of the points you make. If there were just one set of policies that applied to everyone without exception, most non-Malays would embrace this country, and the unreasonable ones can leave of their own will if they found it unacceptable. Such a situation does not exist here. There are multiple standards and much hypocrisy.

By the way, I don't understand why you accuse the non-Malays of insulting the Malaysian royalty when UMNO was the gang that mounted its full-on full-spectrum assault on the sultans during the 1980s so that their royal immunity could be abolished. And was it not the UMNO members who called the Sultan of Terengganu "natang"?

I wish I could enjoy reading your blog but it doesn't offer anymore fresh ideas other than ever more strident stereotyping, and it isn't even funny anymore.


Anonymous said...

Your thought is simply wonderful without bias.

This is not about racism, but indeed nationalist.