Saturday, October 11, 2008

The RPK-MT Postscript

My posting on the mystique of Raja Petra Kamarudin and his Malaysia Today SoPo portal apparently stirred a hornet's nest of sorts in the blogosphere. I find the varied reactions across the Malaysian political continuum rather enlightening and thought provoking.
(Note: Go to the Comments section of the Unraveling the RPK Mystique post below for the readers’ feedback).

The Malaysia Today zealots – I call them the MT Junkies -- were understandably distressed. Perhaps they were outraged by the "audacity" of the post, especially the “profiling” of their flock into five rambling cyber-tribes. They also condemn the sacrilegious act of debunking the many myths of RPK and MT, and view this as a desecration of the iridescent image of their infallible, sacrosanct cyber-deity.

This impertinence, indeed, this outrage, ruffled the MT flock. A big dosa had been committed. How dare of Demi Negara to insult their idol, their hope, their saviour, their shining light to the path of political enlightenment! Whoaa, whoaa, …. take it easy disciples. Sit!

I think these MT Junkies should sober up and
read this before this dewa-nization mania gets out of hand. I’m a keen student of political history, and I know that personality cults invariably lead to troubling conclusions – for both dewa and congregation.

Let me just say that I have nothing against RPK. In fact, I acknowledge his early contribution to the struggle for justice and press freedom. His many exposé over the years made compelling reading and encouraged critical thinking among ordinary Malaysians. I was an early fan and revel in his epic David and Goliath skirmishes with the state. He was the quintessential hero of the common folk. But the flavour of RPK’s struggle changed through the years, from a popular movement for all Malaysians to a sick, anti-Malay, anti-Islam lair infested with anonymous racists, chauvinists, psychopaths and sickos. A core group of not more than 30 junkies began to dominate the postings and -- without the necessary Malay and Islamic counterpoints (these were moderated away wholesale as mentioned in my RPK Mystique post) -- terminally infected MT with racist hate, contempt and vengeance almost unrivaled in any of the world's major SoPo portals.

RPK’s rather noble intentions were hijacked and re-synthesized by these dark elements of our fragmented society. This was facilitated by RPK’s ongoing feud with his UMNO adversaries, where RPK gradually equate legitimate dissenting Malay points of view as “UMNO Cybertrooper propaganda” and hence not to be given the light of day on MT. Conversely, posts blatantly insulting to Malays and Islam – but under the guise of anti-UMNO, anti-UMNOputras, anti-NEP – were allowed and these snowballed into an orgiastic fiesta of one-sided Malay-bashing. The anti-Malay rhetoric puked time and again by these racists and bigots typically revolve around the penchant of the Malays (tagged as “UMNOputras” of course) to be corrupted, lazy, stupid, ignorant, weak, foolhardy, and totally dependent on canes and crutches provided by the “UMNO government,” lest they will shrivel and collapse under the weight of their own pathetic beings.

Wow …. betul ka? Lu olang pecaya suma ini ka?

Lu ingat gua olang tutuk lumah cakap ini macam ka:-

"Ibu, ibu … I feel sooooo weak and helpless. I’m a Malay you know. Where are my crutches? Gimme my tongkat. Has the gomen credited my free money into my ASB account? Aduuh, the dividen only 45% this year ka? I need the free money to put the RM100 booking fee on the rumah I'm getting at 30% discount paid by my 110% gomen loan. Oh ya, has the free baja, free diesel, free perahu and free kain pullicat arrived? I'm selling them to Ah Seng for this month's wang segera to pay the bunga of last month's hutang to Tamboopillay."

As P. Ramlee would say: "Pigidahh!" "Kepala hotak bejambol" (no, that's Ahmad Nisfu's line).

Anyway, in the world of the MT Junkies, anything achieved by the Malay is attributed to the NEP. The failure of a not-so-smart non-Malay (yes, actually stupid non-Malays do exist in large numbers) is also blamed on the NEP. Supersmart, hardworking and succesful Malays are brushed aside as the “children of the NEP.”

The NEP became the iconic three-letter catch-all to explain away Malay success and non-Malay failure.

Isn’t life simple and dandy?

Q: “Ah Chong, why are you hustling all day and not earning an honest living?” A: NEP mahhh.
Q: “Muthu, why don’t you go to school and learn a marketable skill?” A: NEP lah dey.
Q: “Guys, I saw Ali in his new Honda Accord, nice ahh?” A: Haiya, he got it thru NEP lah. You donno ahh?”

Now, who is into slick propaganda? Is it UMNO or is it MT and their phantom benefactors? You tell me.

The shrills of ecstasy and noisy one-upmanship among the MT Junkies in their Malay- and Islam-bashing euphoria jump in your face as you chillingly forage down the Comment sections and wonder how on earth would a Malay like RPK allow these thrash-talk on his own race? To spite his UMNO enemies perhaps? Many of these same junkies spew comments on MT 18-20 hours a day, perhaps reflective of their wretched, maladjusted existence. I’m convinced many would kill themselves if MT pulls the plug as MT is their life, a reason to exist, a sole source of empowerment, their conduit of hate. Go check the comments and you’ll understand.

In a nutshell, RPK’s tolerance of these malcontents and misfits underpinned the gist of my critique. Again, RPK per se is not the issue – and my post is clear on that – but his inability to rein in these racist elements ruined the fundamentals of his struggles and aspirations in the eyes of the vast majority of Malays and by extension Malaysians.


I must, however, thank the Malaysia Today flock for their comments and feedbacks. The Rabid Racists and MT Junkies came out in full force with their racist and bigoted remarks and astonishing perversions of reality so indicative of psychopantic cultists through the annals of history. This confirmed my thesis on this group. These trolls challenged this blog not to moderate their hate messages. Well, Demi Negara will open the floodgates the moment MT and other racist, anti-Malay, anti-Islam sites remove comment moderation on THEIR sites as well. We Malaysians look forward to reading the 500-600 daily comments sent by Malays that gets “moderated away” by MT (in the words of RPK no less).

The antics of the MT junkies validated all the tenets of my quick and dirty profiling of their lot. Their rabid racist attitude and pathological hatred towards this country’s Malay majority and official Islamic faith were in full bloom in their energetic feedbacks.


My hypothesis expounded in the Unraveling the RPK Mystique post was correct. Again, their whole hearted participation is appreciated. Thanks again people. Kam Sia. Toh Cheh. Nandri.


I wrote a lengthy piece in the Comments section of the Unraveling the RPK Mystique post regarding the peculiar action of an MT Psychopant (this is a more advanced form of “Junkie”) named Din Merican.

This gentleman copied-and-pasted my post to his blog, complete with a cryptic Orwellian warning:-
Fellow Malaysians, this is what we are up against, hired writers/apologists for a discredited regime.”
Bravo Deano!
This was promptly planted in MT, which then triggered a significant increase in traffic to this blog. Now, that's what I call a trickle down, double-scoop Friedmanian multiplier effect. Thanks Din. Couldn't do it without ya. You’re an excellent collaborator. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, my piece on Din Merican’s antics in the Comments section deserves a post by itself. So here goes (refined/enhanced for clarity):-

I would like to thank Din Merican for spreading my thoughts to netizens across the land and beyond. It’s not common to have your ENTIRE 3,700-word posting – warts and all -- copied and pasted lock-stock-and-barrel by an established blogging old hand like Din Merican. Thanks again buddy. You made my day.

But I must say that your exuberance to disseminate my piece should not be smothered by your emotional need to “belong” -- your desire to be part of the scene.
What am I talking about?
Well, Din Merican – apart from piggybacking on my post (yeah, I heard it’s a good tactic to divert traffic without investing your own grey matter) – cunningly INSERTED HIS NAME (and for some reason “Farish Noor”) into my paragraph on the “Idealists.” See here (I highlight Din’s insertion -- “Din Merican, Farish Noor” – in blue):-

“The thought leaders of this small but influential group include fellow bloggers Dr. Azly Rahman, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Din Merican, Farish Noor, Dr. Bakri Musa, Harris Ibrahim, as well as writers Karim Raslan, Wan Hamidi Hamid and politicians, Zaid Ibrahim and Tunku Aziz Ibrahim.”

Hmm, what do you call this act? It’s not censorship because you “cut-away” or blank-out content when you censor. Is there a term for unauthorised, cheap shot add-ons?

In geology, there is a term called “accretion,” where terranes (small land masses) get sutured to larger continental blocks over time. Maybe this is a case of “blog post accretion” Din Merican style. This abomination of basic ethics must have something to do with Din Merican’s “need to belong,” perhaps his delusional perception of relevance in the blogosphere, hence, the act of inserting his own name in a perceived prestigious list for all to see. Apparently, Din’s a laughing stock at Rocky’s blog when this was highlighted by someone (no, not me. I was busy fishing) yesterday.

Anyway, if I do get the chance to meet Din, I would utter: Hey Din, apa dah jadi kat hangpa ni? Apasai dok ciplak post aku dan selit nama hang dalam cerita aku. Aku khabak kat ‘Nuar baru hang tau ….nanti sampai Pak Sheikh pusin kepala dok kata “ayoyo si Deano nih, betui kah?” Nampak gaya nya hang kena lah banyak ilék ilék kat Boss hang Ahad nih di Kg. Baru .... Aku pikiaq lebih baik hang pi cuti aja kat rumah hang di Phnom Penh tuh. Nanti tak sedap dengaq orang dok ngumpat pasai hang ni …

O.k., o.k., ... I do empathize with my old buddy Din’s inherent need to be perceived as a peer of a “select group” ….. on a list that I created while ... ahemm ... pontificating in the throne room, yeah the loo. Geeez, talk about being vain, Deano baby.


Anyway, beyond this mind boggling self-promotion, Din Merican somehow saw a hidden hand, in fact a PAYMASTER, behind my blog. To quote him (don’t worry, I won’t insert my name into his writing):-

It reminds me of the heydays of the Cold War when the CIA used novelists, academics and journalists to spread the word. Stalin and Hitler too did the same thing when they temporarily held the reins of power.”
Wow! Holy whatchamacallit! I’m honoured. Danke Schoen. Большое Спасибо.

What is this guy thinkin’? Remember the adage, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”? I guess the iblis must be working overtime in Din’s case.

Din, please come for Raya at my Yalta dacha and my Berghof villa next week. Ketupat and borsch is good. Oh, check out Olga’s lemang sprinkled with beluga caviar. Certainly will give your Nasi Kandaaq a run for its money, yeah the Rubles and Reichsmarks and Renmimbis.

I’ll be quoting your gem of a preamble that you wrote in your blog on top of my posting (that you copied-added your name-and-pasted) in a future book entitled “Confessions of a SoPo Blogger.”

In one fell swoop of your keyboard, I’m now a suspected novelist, academic and journalist. Thank you sir. I guess I’m now in your Deepavali (oops, I mean Hari Raya) A-List now uhh? Wow, I’m now an “Elite”. An Orang Ternama. The multiple “Vs” in the IP.

But again, maybe I’m just a simple paddy farmer in Kelantan with a Darjah Enam education who somehow reads a lot and can write reasonably well in Bahasa Malaysia and English? You never know, do you?

Isn’t it interesting how one simple analysis of a sacred cyber-deity would result in being tagged a hired hand on par with the “novelists, academics and journalists” lapdogs of the CIA, Stalin and Hitler!

A simple blog posting pun sudah menggelabah ka? I cannot imagine how these guys would react to a real national crisis if they are ever in power. Is Din Merican a benchmark of the caliber of Pakatan Rakyat’s technocrats? Now we should all be worried. Lazy lanuns bearing rusty kerises on crutches on one end vs. jittery paranoiac vain conspiracy theorists on the other on a sewage-laden political battlefield of fools and village idiots!

Hey, my uncle Ku Li may have a chance after all! But Ayah Li, do you really want to clear all this mess? I think sipping piña coladas and dozing off to the croonings of Frank Sinatra at your Palm Manor verandah is a better proposition.


I think it is intriguing that Din Merican and the MT junkies equate critical writing with paid literary servitude. Well, as the saying goes, it takes a whore to know one. We know who Din Merican's ultimate paymaster is, right? It's o.k. people. He needs to cari makan as well. That is his rezeki.

But with all due respect and humility, I don't think anyone can afford me, let alone dictate and direct yours truly without great risk to their spiritual and physical well-being. Being the closet UMNO man that he is, Din is giving too much credit to the UMNO people. RPK said (well, since his “word” is gospel, I will believe him here) that the “UMNO Cyber Troopers” under the tutelage of Azalina Othman Said and Norza Zakaria are each paid a princely sum of RM2,750 per month. Sorry sir, I can make many times that sum in a day in my line of business, and this is not “due to the NEP” crap that you MT rabid racists hurl at Malays all the time.

Do you honestly think Azalina and Norza have the intellect, patience and tenacity to search, screen, hire, brief, strategise, monitor and pay a “novelist, academic and journalist” (in Din’s words) to partake in a cyberwar with racist anti-Malay sites like MT? I don’t want to sound like a typical rabid MT anti-Malay racist here, but seriously I don’t think their IQs exceed their bodyweight … in kilos. Thanks for the thought all the same.

Many of the MT junkies theorised that this blog owner may not even be a Malay, perhaps because the "quality" of the analysis and writing would be beyond the mental faculties of the Malay. Well, I guess Malays have IQs of less than 50 (as posted by someone on MT yesterday) and couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, right? See what I meant when I refer to these scums as Rabid Racists? So now Din Merican and gang will need to reconcile the enigma of a non-Malay (yes, one of YOU guys) on the PAYROLL of the dreaded ruling Oligarchs masquerading as a Malay to attack his fellow non-Malays. Now that’s one heck of a putar belit of a plot! More of the nasi kandaaq variety I would guess and beyond my simple straightforward Kelantanese mind. What literature have you people been reading? Something from the Pol Pot College of Deception where Din is purportedly (in his CV) a “Visiting Professor of Global Strategy”? Astonishing!

Anyway folks, I value reactions like Din Merican’s. It gives us an indication of the thought processes of the competing forces of Malaysian politics. Indeed, my future posts may also trigger perhaps even more rabid reactions from the BN/UMNO pahlawans, panglimas, laksamanas and perwiras, with keris and machetes in hand to silence this “paid writer from the Din Merican camp.”

Interesting …….. Din Merican may then have to do a sequel styled: “This is what we are up against: Double Agents.” And for your sequel, please feel free to copy-and-paste my other postings. Be sure to state your source (that’s me lah) clearly. BUT please lah, don’t lah add YOUR NAME in my writings. Bloggers must have ethics


See, beyond your constipated verbiage and giddy rhetoric, you are all the same – whether you’re UMNO, PKR, DAP, PAS, Gerakan, MCA, MIC, SAPP, Kimma, ……… Hindraf, ……… ABC, AEIOU, Yabadabadoo, …… lu orang semua sama la!

You all emerged from the same cesspool of hate and intolerance and delusional aspirations and are actually more alike than you think. The only difference is that you slithered up different slopes of the cesspool, inbred and evolved into mutually-hating organisms. Throw in a couple of self-appointed cyber messiahs and demigods, coupled with a lameduck sleepyhead and some lanuns and a chameleon of a Confidence Trickster and you have the current potpourri of Malaysian politics.

Din Merican went on: “… there are people who are willing to sell their integrity for money and promise of favors.”

Yeah, I agree Din. How much they pay you? C’mon tell us lah. Nak hidup right?

Seriously, your observation is interesting. Can you please give us bloggers a feeler on these paymasters willing to buy our “integrity for money and promise of favors.” Are these “favors” in the form of “sedekah” of China hookers shuffled to my back seat at the Simpang Pulai rest area? Sorry lah, my Ferrari 430 Scuderia has no back seat and only a midget no bigger than Norza can fit into my gizmo-laden passenger seat. Or do you provide dwarf hookers as well? Nahh. But I'm partial to Snow White though. You can partake in Dopey and Grumpy if you want. But Sleepy's booked. I heard in Putrajaya until March 2009.

Pick your choice Deano. Snow White’s mine.
Sleepy’s assigned to Sri Perdana until March 2009. The rest available

There are a lot of starving bloggers holed up in dingy cybercafés out there. Spread the rubles around lah Din. I’m sure the largesse has piled up now, with one paid hand already out-of-service and a few more getting their wings clipped. Geez, these Nazis and Stalinists and CIA bosses give me the creeps.


For purveyors of Free Speech and Freedom of Expression, please read Din Merican’s “warning” carefully. Tolerance for competing views are not his forté. Anyone that makes sense but goes against the grain of his thinking, he will call them “paid hands” and such. So what else is new in our country? Remember my cesspool story above. Yup, Din Merican himself is a living embodiment of the intolerant cesspool organism that he opposes so much.

Comments on my RPK Mystique post in other racist, anti-Malay blogs have been lively as well. Some are calling for this blog owner to be held under the ISA once the PR takes over. See people, my theory's right again. They are all from the same cesspool, irrespective of party. They want to abolish the ISA to get RPK and the Hindraf 5 out, but they still want the ISA to lock up people who have different opinions to theirs. Hypocrites!

The intolerance to dissenting views is much higher among these MT junkies than anywhere else in the real or cyber-world. They fight for Free Speech, Freedom to Demonstrate, Freedom of Assembly ... for themselves and their kind ... BUT they'll be the first to stifle dissent, to want to lock-up people, to insult, suppress and sabotage alternative voices. Well, try sending a pro-Malay, pro-Islamic piece on MT and see what happens. Nothing happens. Someone called "jebatmustdie" (it's that popular blogger I presumed) commented on Din Merican's blog no less that all of his "balance views" sent to MT never got posted, in effect moderated to the trash heap of intolerance and injustice.

Finally, Din Merican said: “There is so much gubberish (sic), like this one for example, out in cyberspace, print media and the air waves, that we need to be careful.”

I don’t quite understand this “need to be careful.” But many Malaysians are now just about had it with the malicious lies and bigotry that clutter our cyberspace. We won’t allow the rantings and racist attacks and utter bigotry go unchecked. Since these chauvinists and misguided souls deemed it fit to “moderate away” competing reactions to their rantings in their blogs, others have no choice but to create their own platform to express their thoughts.

This is just the beginning. You ain't seen nothin' yet. The silent majority had been exceedingly patient and tolerant these past few years. But not anymore. We will regain the sanity and recalibrate the social decorum of our blessed Tanah Air Tercinta. No more biadap, no more kurang ajar, no more naik kepala, no more tak mengenang budi, no more tak sedar diri ... none of these. The anarchy and socio-political decadence of the Sleepyhead Era is over. We will regain the maruah of our Negara, Nusa and Bangsa. Let there be no doubt.

In a way, Din Merican is right. The pengkhianat, the penyangak, the pembelot, the penderhaka, the pemusnah bangsa and the perosak negara do "need to be careful.” Mainstream Malaysiana -- of all races and creeds -- will reclaim our blessed land from these divisive forces of evil as epitomised by the wretched racist slimeballs and lowlifes oozing in the cesspool of Malaysia Today and other filthy anti-Malay, anti-Islam racist blogs and portals. There will be no more sheltered cocoon for the Rabid Racists on MT to spew their hatred and prejudices.

To the MT Junkies and other pengkhianats and penderhakas, that's life. You dish out your venom, you'll get more potent antidotes in return. You play with fire, you'll get burnt. That's life people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking on behalf of the silent majority. Veni,Vedi,

The rabid MT junkies and the "champions of human-rights" cannot even refute a single point of yours without resorting to ad-hominem or embracing their own twisted conspiracy theory.

I have linked your site at your blog will grow and the silent majority that so far has been inundating Dr. M's site will also come here.

bravo man.

Mat Cendana said...

Ah, how glad I am when I saw the RSS feed list at my site: There's a new post from Kijangmas.

It's obvious that you're the type who does a lot of researching and analysis before posting something. As such, one can't expect production at the rate of "one per day". And your replies to the comments here are already posts by themselves:-)

Anyway, I have not read this post yet - have to do something first, and I don't want to read what you write hurriedly. I'll come back again...

P/S: I hope you are a reader of SAKMONGKOL AK47 too(?) Now this is someone who knows stuff about Umno, being "an insider who knows how to write well" (Most others who blog didn't write too much about the inner workings)

Anonymous said...


I almost cried (and died) laughing!

What's your background? I can see the Rabies-infected racists are now falling ovr themslvs to discredit your blog.

I'm not even a Bumi, but I see your points (amidts ur satire) crystal clear. I agree to most of it. The non-Bumi racists (the worst kind)hv finally met their match.

Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make.

Demi Negara was referred to my attention by an obscure blog (Umbraeage or something, really tak laku with 0-2 Comments per post) where that blog attacked your postings.

I came here as an adversary, obviously "poisoned" by Umbreege and MT and their kinds.

But after reading your posts, I've changed my stand. You just make too much sense for me or others to dismiss offhand, although sometimes you hantam us real good! The "MT junkies" and their types are the real enemies of Rakyat Malaysia.

BTW, I posted your link at Lim Kit Siang's blog. But it's not there. Censored away! Where got free speech?

KC Lim
(Foe to Friend)
Sleepless in Setapak

jedi said...

YOu know it is actually quite refreshing to read what you have to say. I find it irritating to have to read through all the crude vulgarities and racist comments on MT. I wish for more constructive dialogue and hope that site owners would take the trouble to weed out those useless commentators and 'trash bin' them where they rightfully belong. Yes demi kebaikan negara, we need to courageously point out what is wrong and advocate constructively doing the right thing. I guess for some, the years of penned up frustrations and hurt over injustices committed on them, have caused them to hit out in the manner that we are seeing in cyberspace. Maybe it is soothing to their demented souls but it is frightening to read and feel such venom and hatred among the races. With regards to MT, maybe the site has grown too big for RPK and company to manage anymore.

Anonymous said...

Once a while you should `allow' MT junkies to post their racist, idiotic thinking here and we'll take on them here on your blog...kito behe dio sapa reboh...

Anonymous said...


There’s a line in the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” where the mob choruses,

Christ you know I love you
Did you see I waved?
I believe in you and God
So tell me that I’m saved.

After dissenting and blogging for so long, Din Merican feels enraged that still he is not part of the who’s who in the MT blogosphere’s cosmos of hate. Heck! Am I not anti-UMNO enough? Did you not notice how with vehemence I shoot down BN and the government in my blog pages? Didn’t you see I waved?

This need to feel a sense of belonging, of being accepted, is an inherent trait in homo sapiens right from time immemorial but in the case of Din, whence Kijang Mas “conveniently forgot” to line his name up with the other bloggers of repute, this need takes on a new vigor. I am still mystified whether it was this non-inclusion, or Kijang Mas’ expose of his eponymous Raja Petra that really ruffled his feathers. But no worry. Din performs a reverse-plagiarism, dissects the offending article and sandwiches his name between some PhDs. Standing from afar and retrospecting this surgery, he rubs his hands and is pleased: he has managed to make the dossier-ripping crime of Gen Colin Powell or the graduate-student-report plagiarism of Tony Blair in the infamous Iraq-War justification case look like a schoolboy’s mid-term exam cheat.

At any rate I suspect Din’s inclusion of Kijang Mas’ viewpoints in his own blog, and the subsequent quoting in other MT-like blogs, is now considered a not-so-smart move. A catastrophe-theory effect, if you will. “You mean there ARE malays who can write, present well-thought-of arguments, able to analyse current issues with substance and yet do not have to prove their worth by being dissentful? I thought their best was just Zahid Hamidi? Who is this guy? Where’s his original website?”

Anyway folks, I put down a twenty-two-ringgit-lima-puluh-sen bet (mas kawin kat negeri melaka 20 tahun lalu)that the next Kijang Mas writing, or any of his derivatives, won’t see another light of day in Malaysia-Today, Din Merican or any other permutation web-log thereof. Why, constantly layaning this Kijang Mas fellow might just instill some miniscule sense to our readers and THAT we don’t want now, do we?

Oh yes I was just like Kijang Mas too, where in the olden days Malaysia Today was an outlet for anger, for frustation, for letting off steam and hadn’t yet metamorphosed into a venue where some people whose datuks rowed in less than a century ago, becomes rich thereby upsetting the economic balance of the local malays and tipping them at the lighter end of the see-saw---now tells the latter that THEY want equality, more privileges and road signs in Hokkien. But interestingly, what really became the downturner was this little (+) and (-) signs at the end of each comment there. It’s hilarious, I tell you. Write something AGAINST the current MT thinking and the other commenters come down upon you like vultures, smacking you with so many (-) credits that you’ll just drown in a sea of negativity. And the ones who go “Yeah! Right On, Raja Petra. You are my idol.” Or “Way to go, Hero! Send C4 upNajis’ ass” Or “Resign, Bodohwi. We believe in Yang Mulia Raja Petra” or such similar filth that make up the daily MT diet will earn pluses. Don’t believe me? Try this Gedanken: Just write a single phrase in their comment page: “Al-Jubury” though darn if I am insinuating or implying anything. If you get many minuses, then you know you are in the right track. If you don’t, and get pluses instead, then perhaps we need to review all aspects of Newtonian Mechanics that we have learnt so far. 

Now you may all laugh at this, but as an epilogue, is there some way we can learn from this MT method of awarding (+) and (-) and create some kind of reality show or perhaps a multi-level sekim-cepat-kaya thing? I won’t know the exact mechanisms but think of the money one can make!!


Anonymous said...

You can't be suggesting that the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality are un-Islamic or anti-Malay. Sure, you can criticize some of the MT comments that go overboard but alot of MT readers firmly believe in the above principles and bear no ill will against members of other races other than those who promote fascism and behave like the Nazi party.

Anonymous said...


The catchwords Freedom, Justice, Equality that you mentioned are Universal Principles. So universal, in fact that all traits of human-inspired “ –isms” quote these very words to justify their causes. Nazism, Jewish superiority movements, Klu Klux Klan, Mao’s Communism: you think they have adages like “Slavery for the Goyims” or “White Supremacy Forever” as their slogans? Nope. They have those very same words that you utter. And what about Bush’s wish to “Liberate the Iraqis” or his insistence on the Guatanamo jailings as a “Fight for Freedom”. If catchwords and buzzwords do not a principle make, these then do worse by having those catchwords camouflage the atrocities or perform the very same actions prohibited by those very same phrases.

But in the case of MT, the falsity of these battle-cries become more apparent when these calls are inter-spersed with the abundance of one-sided bashings of the Malays, and the deletion of some 600 daily rebuttals from them as KijangMas had been so desperately trying to highlight. (Come to think of it, I don’t think there are even 600 “Hidup RPK!” postings daily thereat, which establishes KijangMas’ suspicions about Real Samplings even more). Freedom-Equality-Justice is nice, and we all would want a piece of that irrespective of race or political inclinations. But when such is demanded via denigrating my grandfather’s daulat, and you have distinct and tenebrous phrases for them as can be extracted out from the MT ravings, then it is only natural that you should expect a reaction from me.

I shudder to think that out of all these, future generations will conclude that Freedom-Equality-Justice is not universal after all. That it means different things to different people. Am tempted to quote from Lloyd Weber again, when Anas and Caiaphas sneered JC just before they sent him for lashings by Pilate:-

But what is truth?
Is it unchanging Law?
We both have truths,
Are mine the same as yours?

(Sorry folks. Bukan apa. Just that rummaging through my old collections, I found these double JC Superstar CD lying around and haven’t heard them for quite some time and doing so in the midst of current happenings tend to give fresher meanings to my collection of rock albums. Now next, this old Led Zeppelin collection… but don’t get me started on that!)


Anonymous said...

KijangMas and Apocryphalist,
You guys are a good team.
And Jebat (JMD) has his Lekiu.
The two blogs that I must read daily.
You guys rock and make blogosphere much more interesting with your input.

Anonymous said...

denone_permatang pauh said:"Once a while you should `allow' MT junkies to post their racist, idiotic thinking here and we'll take on them here on your blog...kito behe dio sapa reboh..."

Well denone, I'll give a sneak peek of a "fan mail" sent by a malignant toxic Rabid Racist MT Junkie (Parental Discretion Advised):-

"No Telor to post dissenting views. Go ahead kick all the non-Malays out of Malaysia. You UMNO assholes seem so sure of being able to live on your own shit. Oh I know. UMNO is going to force the pondans of which the Malays form the vast majority to use their oral and backdoor skills to bring in foreign exchange. Then UMNO will truly be UMNO Ba****…. At least the MakNyahs try to make a living for themselves unlike the UMNO bastards who just live off others. I think the MakNyahs of Malaysia have more Telor than the UMNO bastards who hide behind their kriss and the police."

Mind you, the above is just the milder part of this beast's barking. I'll post the rest in some future Case Study into the bizarre mind of the Anti-Malay Rabid Racist vermins that had slithered out of the primordial cesspool and propagated profusely after five yrs of weak leadership in our Tanah Air. Another choice MT Junkie hot-air tirade is approved for all to see at the RPK Mystique post below. Their language and mindset say it all.

p.s. in Old German to Denone: séléké lah béhé naté celako nih puah-puah. Kawé bui lalué. Démo té dulu ...

Anonymous said...

Yup, that MT Junkie line sounds sooo familiar.

And they think they are better than the rest? They are not even civilized!

I say we wipe out these b4st4rds!


Mat Cendana said...

@Apocryphalist October 12, 2008 3:21 PM
That was an excellent "Comments" you had written. I've having the temptation to just appropriate large chunks of it and claim it as mine with a new post. But that will only result in what little credibility I have slowly built up after a month to be massively eroded in a short period. Like the blogger you had mentioned.

Together with the posts by Kijangmas about "belonging", I have managed to understand quite a lot about the general culture and mentality of many of the bloggers and followers. I look forward to reading your comments here again.


Mat Cendana said...

Kijangmas, I'm happy to see that there are quite a number of not-so-Umno-friendly readers here whose viewpoints are worth nothing and taking into consideration. People like Argonaut, for instance; plus a few others. Should more people like this come to participate in a meaningful way, your site will be very well-balanced indeed.

Actually I'm also curious about some of the "really abusive comments" that you had filtered out. I'm certain they are worthless and do not deserve to clutter up the space here. But I'm of the opinion of a few other people here - Why not let them through too just for "analysis". And maybe some people here might like to "de-stress" by "educating" some of them...?

Unless those who keep repeating the same low-quality abuses - the two-bit cut & paste/template `ninjas' with out-of-ideas replies that serve to reveal their total lack of depth, information and culture. Now these repetitive `replies', please just spare us from the annoyance of the clutterings.

- 17040 Pasir Mas.

Anonymous said...

Biar benor Mat Cendana! Did you really mean “Worth Nothing?” Oh I get it. You meant “Worth NOTING”. Typo error. Don’t take heart, Argonaut. Please keep on visiting.
Ah well, MISSPELLERS OF THE WORLD: UNTIE!! Which brings me the following doubts: perhaps the Malacca government had wanted to give Shah Rukh Khan a DATE?
But no worries. History has seen lots of Freudian slips with much less colourful implications. For example, could it be that perhaps, in light of Emperor Constantine’s conversion and all, the early desert fathers and monks were instructed to CELEBRATE?

Makes you just wonder, huh ….


Mat Cendana said...

Oh my goodness! I wasn't aware of that typo, and how DIFFERENT the meaning could be! Thanks for correcting it. Became aware when an e-mail to this post came in. Have to force myself to re-read comments before publishing them from now onwards (will be difficult to maintain for long when you are always rushing to go read or write something else).

To Kijangmas: Out of curiosity, are you in the US (West) right now? The timezone for this blog seems to indicate so. But then it's also the default in Blogger, and many people have not changed it to their actual zones. Would be kind of amusing if you are actually in Lakloh or Jeli:-)

There are a few lines from your previous post that seem to stick to my mind. One was that about "someone who writes in English (and giving the impression he is educated and working as a professional), might actually be a paddy farmer who had read a lot of books".

That is comical to most, but is a possibility that can't be totally discounted. The "writings" of anyone are, after all, heavily influenced by his "readings".

And why not "a rubber-tapper who is a big fan of John Grisham"? Or "a prebet sapu driver who can retell how Colonel Barclay had died in the `The Crooked Man' story of Sherlock Holmes"? If only more people have easier and more convenient access to English language books - and the desire of course.

Anonymous said...

Since the original post touched on the economy and anti-NEP.. etc, I'd like to add my 20 sen on the issue. Often in the media, many pro NEP people will say 'look at the Chinese, they are so rich, they control the economy'. While that is true, I'd like to show you how other Chinese may view the same scenario. Most middle class Chinese couldn't care less for the few Chinese who are rich like Vincent Tan, YTL, etc. We care about being able to provide our future generations with good opportunities in education and in having fulfilling productive lives. When we are told that our deserving young are denied the education of their choice because we as a race are already so rich, the frustration is overwhelming. Many of us view the wealthy Chinese as having gotten their wealth not through real competitive advantage but through artificial monopolies and relationships with the gov. We can't stand having their questionable success become the barriers to opportunity for our young. We recognize that many Malays live in poverty and it is degrading. It is unlucky to be born in poverty, it is the same with the other races, there are plenty of non-Malays who are poor. Therefore it is important to lift our nation's poor and do it class based rather than race based. It is pointless to have a system where the sons of rich datuks get scholarships simply because of their race, they can easily afford it themselves, it robs the poor of their ticket out of poverty. I cannot understand the gov's zeal to replace Chinese tycoons with Malay tycoons with a system that yet again is based on no real competitive advantage and is based on artificial monopolies. The self made successful people of the West mostly came from middle class families where parents held stable jobs that enabled their kids to have the luxury to spend their time learning, exploring, and developing their abilities. It is this middle class that the gov should develop in order to see real successful Malays rather than create artificial economies for Malay elites that are every bit as fake as the ones they are replacing. I would rather dismantle the conditions that allow current fake Chinese tycoons to prosper and have free markets dictated by open competition while bolstering the middle class so that we have a steady supply of talent to lift the nation.

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree that the crutches are demeaning and insulting.

We don't need the crutches!

Abolish NEP now!

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between giving dissenting views and just spewing moronic comments. It’s good that Kijangmas moderate comments. We don’t want stupid rants and tirades to contaminate this intelligent blog! From the sampling that Kijangmas allowed us to view, it is clear the Rabid Racists do not have the mental capacity to engage in any intelligent dialogue whatsoever.

As Kijangmas says, they are like cockroaches, and I’d like to add, flies. The fly is one of the filthiest creatures in the animal kingdom. In mythology and literature, flies are agents of death and decay. So yeah…the Rabid Racists (aka MT junkies) are like flies.

Those Rabid Racists proliferated because the conditions were just right for them to thrive – weak leadership, greedy yes-men with no balls, opportunistic relatives, friends and foes, etc. The maggots that came out of that cesspool then inhabit another, Malaysia Today. If you come across them, just swat them!

The target audience of this blog is not the Rabid Racists. This blog is for well-educated and open-minded people who genuinely want racial harmony and peace.

Pink Shades

Anonymous said...

Argonaut (October 12, 2008 9:24 PM):-
“You can't be suggesting that the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality are un-Islamic or anti-Malay. Sure, you can criticize some of the MT comments that go overboard but alot of MT readers firmly believe in the above principles …”

Apocryphalist, thanks for enlightening Argonaut. Eloquent as usual. I couldn't have done it better.

Anyway, Argonaut, I appreciate your thoughts.

Look, the quest for "freedom, justice, and equality" has been part of societal/political/religious rhetoric since humans began living in organised societies and struggle (till this day) to strike the optimum equilibrium between Order and Anarchy.

Let me just say that no one person, no group of people, no political party and no ideology has a monopoly on "freedom, justice, and equality." These jargons mean nothing if they don’t exist in tandem with responsibility, accountability, honour and respect -- traits I don't see in abundance in our fragmented society. Having the first package of ideals without the corresponding second package of "enablers" would be a one-way ticket to social annihilation, as explicitly demonstrated in post-Saddam Iraq, Russia's immediate post-Soviet decade, and our neighbours Thailand and the Philippines.

Also, you must get out of this crippling mindset of equating critiques on RPK and MT as a repudiation of the "ideals of freedom, justice, and equality." RPK and MT are not synonymous with the "ideals of freedom, justice, and equality." In fact, I would say that RPK/MT are the antithesis of the said Ideals. Criticisms on RPK/MT are not, by extension, affronts to the said ideals.

See, you own mindset is not free. You need to extricate your psyche from this debilitating holier-than-thou affliction of the RPK/MT congregation.

Read my posts carefully. My critique of RPK/MT can be aggregated into three primary factors:-
- The unbridled “sanctioning" (via RPK's failure to rein in) of mischievious, blatantly anti-Malay, anti-Islam comments by many MT adherents,
- The mass-censorship of Malay viewpoints, giving a false sampling of the portal’s ecosystem and creating an unlevel playing field,
- The propagation of one-sided, defamatory, indeed, slanderous heresays and untruths (sloppily whitewashed as "articles" and "reports") aimed to denigrade various tenets of Malaysia’s nationhood, including the position of the Malays, Bahasa Malaysia, the Malay Rulers, and, of course, Islam.

In the MT cyber habitat, the Malay majority are not given the opportunity to rebut the arguments or to provide alternative viewpoints, hence, the Malays have NO FREEDOM of speech, of assembly, and to seek recourse. Hence, there is NO JUSTICE for the Malays and Muslims as they have no means to defend themselves in that cyber habitat. There is also NO EQUALITY for Malays and Muslims in the representation of viewpoints as only one side is given the platform to spew their hatred and venom in an unbridled, lopsided arena.

So, there you have it.

Your cherished "ideals of freedom, justice, and equality" do not even exist in the small MT cyber ecosystem. RPK and his benefactors cannot even create a “test lab” -- a social incubator -- to simulate the much-advertised Masyarakat Malaysia Yang Menikmati Kebebasan, Keadilan dan Kesamarataan Berlandaskan Dasar Ketuanan Rakyat!

With your own cyber habitat a shambles, what larger application of these ideals are you looking at? Can't you see the inherent hypocrisy? You know, I started Demi Negara out of sheer frustration at the blatant lack of freedom of expression (for the Malays and Muslims), the gross injustice, and the abject inequality in many anti-BN/UMNO, anti-Malay/Islam portals.

My advise: Practise these ideals on MT first; show us your will; walk the talk; and maybe mainstream Malaysia would view MT and its congregation more positively.

Do your part to clean up the place by actively managing the rogues on your side of our societal divide. Come clean and demonstrate your resolve to create a truly just Malaysian society.

Only then should you preach "the ideals of freedom, justice and equality" here or anywhere else.

Start now. Mainstream Malaysia’s watching.

Anonymous said...

good reading here. i like the discussions. good stuff. if i can make a request, kijangmas shld make a commentary on our bn government. what's your take on things? i`m sure it will be useful reading.

Anonymous said...

Mat Cendana,

Yes, California is one of my “hubs.” My globalized existence entails also having bases in KL, Jakarta and, of course, Negeghi Kelaté Darul Naim yang aman makmur di bawah kepimpinan Tok Guru yang amat di kasihi.

As for where I'm posting from, you are partly true as well. I’ve, indeed, posted some comments on this blog from places even more obscure than Jeli, including a place known as Kampung Bucit, Paloh Rawa, just off the Kusial railway bridge, Tanah Merah district. Now, that’s as far from Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills as you can get!

You know, my “Kelantan paddy farmer” analogy is not far off. My “decompression” regime entails chilling out and living the simple life of a Kelantan peasant for a couple of weeks every 2-3 months. I need this "humbling" kick-in-the-butt once a while. It gives back life’s perspective, the much-needed reference point in this rough and tumble world.

So depending on the timing, the future Demi Negara paparazzi may find the elusive KijangMas either goofing around on his farmland in sarong, semutar with a keléwé in hand OR in a dapper power suit on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, notching yet another deal in the cut-throat world of high finance and venture capital.

Well, a downside to this jet and béca-setting life is my occasional tendency to utter my Kelantanese in a U.S. West Coast/California accent and vice versa! Envision ordering the Ayé Percik and Daging Keghutu’ at Yati's Jln. Long Yunos while sounding like Nicholas Cage. For the inverse debacle - Kelantanese-accented Americanish - imagine Arnold SusahNakEja's English in Conan and you get my drift.

Have you heard of the infamous “I Swear” song joke making the rounds in Kelantan in the mid 1990s? It could be before your time, but that scenario encapsulates my occasional bi-lingual slip-up.

As for rubber tappers and prebet sapus being cultured in English literature, you’ll never know. In Jakarta, very well-educated taxi drivers are common. I was once in a cab driven by a very smart and articulate ex-Pertamina petrochemical engineer.

A more profound experience occurred many, many years ago when I was a high-flying finance industy executive. I went for a project site visit with the CEO of the Malaysian ops of a major American bank, at that time the world’s largest. In his sleek chauffeur driven Mercedes S Class, we visited a piece of land – actually a garbage dump/landfill not unlike a bomb crater – in KL’s Golden Triangle. A developer wanted to build a 40 storey office tower on this “lubang.” I was quite skeptical and asked this CEO about the project’s prospects.

This guy said he wasn’t sure as well and nonchalantly asked …… his chauffeur …… Manjit Singh to give his opinion. So Manjit, who was totally silent until that time, suddenly came to life and gave me the most compelling real estate financial feasibility study I’ve ever heard – expounding his “findings” with sublime granularity, including the project’s locational advantages; target market; rental rates; competing RE offerings; cash flow picture, with an uncanny estimation of the amount and tenure of the Bridging Loan; and a host of other nitty gritty stuff.

I was floored, speechless by the spectacle.

The bank CEO than said (to the effect) that “well, since Manjit said it’s a go, we shall proceed and do a full project evaluation.”

Of course, my question to myself was how the heck did this chaffeur know so much about a complex, specialised subject? Later, I actually asked him. Manjit coolly replied: “Bang, dah 20 tahun saya jadi drebar geng-geng banker nih. Dah 20 tahun bawak kereta dalam traffic jam dan kena dengar dia orang bincang hal duit lah, hal projek lah, hal Bridging loan lah, hal Loan Syndication lah, hal cross border currency hedging lah, hal ... blah, blah, blah. Si CEO nih pun saya yang ajar masa dia baru mari KL dari Singapore.”

So there you are. As they say, “Don’t judge the book by the cover.” I say, “Don’t judge the banker by the driver.”

BTW, Manjit is a tycoon himself now. Developed a string of properties in Puchong with his partners (… other chauffeurs of bank CEOs?) and owns a logistics company.

I think I’ll go tend my paddy field now.


Anonymous said...


I agree with Bravo...

Thanks for speaking up on behalf of silent majority who has got fed-up with the dramas and hu-haass as well as hypocrisy by these people who called themselves champion of freedom..ketuanan rakyat etc...

I hope to see more blogger like for me..i'm just happy commenting and supporting the likes of you


Anonymous said...

I am moved to tears. Like that sirih and songel-laden nenek who joins in the amazement and wonder of her thrice-distant cucu baru balik luar negeri , saying, “dah berjayaaaaa ye kau cu” whilst the only thing she knows about England is how to spell it. No, not even that.

A thunderbolt-weaving and jet-setting melayu who is both a bane to Malaysia Today AND a champion of the malay cause. Take that! You melayu-mudah-lupa generation-Z: baru pass diploma in Film Making from MMU dah nak question the NEP, malu nak makan petai and have these rolling “rrr’s” to make your bahasa sound like it came from Lindsay Lohan. Can’t you all be more like Kijang Mas? Heck, the man advises the Tun, trips with him worldwide, but yet he speaks Kelantanese in Kah-lifornia and consumes budu.

Hehehe but seriously folks, no wonder Mat Cendana’s wish to have a “one-per-day” posting from Kijang Mas would be a highly unlikely one: the guy globe-trots! By the way: prebet sapu, Mat? You are not making fun of me, are you? What’s wrong with prebet sapu? You know I can make 20-30 ringgit extra by not having to have licenses and I don’t even have to paint my proton saga red and white!

Anyway I would like to narrate here a happening. It has nothing to do with this thread but since I don’t have a blog-space (no time, and tak reti some more!) let me just tumpang in this here site and share with you all something that happened just recently: last night in fact. I got a call from a best friend narrating an incident that happened yesterday. Let me rewrite his story here (re-narration and melodramatization totally mine):

“Me and my wife live in a pretty exclusive albeit secluded area in the suburbs of KL consisting of a gated community of about 200 homes. Sidewalks are spotlessly clean, guards patrol every hour and visitors are required to register or leave their ICs if they want to enter. As is most communities like that, the inhabitants are about 90% Chinese and less than 10% Malay. Not that we are rich enough to afford such luxurious residence but … the company pays, you see. “

“I came from work and my wife tells me this incident. The old Indian uncle roti man comes everyday on his bicycle with his rubber horn carrying a huge load of bread, keropok and other munchies. Shops are too far for the average kid to go, and the nearest 7-11 is at the town a few kilometers away. Even though the average number of vehicles owned per house here is about 4, still this service of peddling bread every dusk-time is a welcome convenience for all the inhabitants here.”

“Uncle Rajoo tells my wife today that he won’t be coming to sell roti anymore in our community. Why? Because he was instructed not to, and his next appearance at the gate entrance will be met with a stern halau. Evidently, the impetus for this was when this evening, he cycled block to block as usual and it was raining. One nyonya at house #16 shouted that she wanted to buy bread and that he should come inside her compound because she didn’t want to get wet. Well normally uncle Rajoo would just topang his bike at one block and those nearby houses wanting bread would just flock but since it rained today, the nyonya had wanted him to come IN to the driveway for her convenience, you see. “

“Rajoo told her that he couldn’t do that: there were other people waiting elsewhere and if he were to park at every door it would take too long for him to finish his rounds. And it’s heavily raining. Besides, she has an umbrella and he doesn’t. “

“The Madam took offence. She went out with the umbrella, grabbed a few loafs, and as payment, FLUNG some coins at uncle Rajoo, went inside and slammed the door. He picked them up in the heavy rain. Not only that, the madam had called up a few of her neighbours and together they had instructed the guards never to let the bread peddler in again. So Apocryphalist, he says (like he knows Apocryphalist was the name my mother gave to me at birth), is there anything you could do to come over here and talk to the manager here and try to re-install back poor uncle Rajoo?”

Well there you have it, folks. I can just imagine the old man picking up every sen in the thick of the torrent, his day’s earnings, with whatever dignity left in him washed away in the sewers of the rich nyonya’s gutter. People mystified as to what the fuss was about when Theresa Kok regarded the food and egg curry given to her in prison as makanan anjing would never understand or have a feel for this story. They never will: people who have been so bathed in luxury and kesenangan all their life, would never understand what it means to collect a few ringgit per day as that uncle Rajoo does. Probably what Uncle Rajoo earns an entire month is the amount of money that madam blows per afternoon shopping spree in the Curve. I think it was only after being pointed out in blogs or in the newspapers that Theresa Kok and her justifiers got jolted by a bolt of reality: Oh God! Those are not makanan anjing. They are the staple foods of quite a number of Malaysians in the lower rungs of societal stratum!!

What really is happening here? I think I suspiciously know. It is when man has reached a certain degree of life complacency, fueled by his ability to be sybaritic and affordability to be hedonistic, that he finds his fellow men inferior to him (or her, whichever the case may be). He is cheated into thinking that for his existence, the have-nots must always be subservient to the whims and wishes of the haves. Even more affronting is when he loses all sense of rationale and humanity whenever slighted by the most miniscule loss of comfort by those whom he deems inferior. No one knows what went on inside the psyche of Yim Pek Ha when she barbecued the skin of Nirmala Bonet, a poor Javanese girl who came to Malaysia searching for a few dollars to ease up the strenuous family life in Indonesia, with a hot electric iron.

But was this what our founding fathers had in mind during the early visions of a Malaysia sejahtera? That the haves could do whatever he wants to the have-nots? Or perhaps, could it be that this …. kiasu hegemony transcends the individual human and, in the case of this nusantara, really ethnic-related? In the ear-squat incidence, Theresa Kok made all the fuss about the local police (meaning MALAY police) harassing and forcing a drug suspect to do ear-squats when she thought it was a chinese who was being mistreated. She took up a whirlwind campaign, fired up the chinese sentimentality, even so far as to fly to Communist China “reporting” how her very own malay-infested government had mistreated people of their very own ethnicity. Still clouded in this hazy incident, our Prime Minister had to take all necessary steps to make special meetings with his Chinese counterpart over there as a damage control effort and tried to pacify them saying that such incidents would not be reflective of government policies and would you please continue with that investment thing. However when it was finally found later that it was not a chinese but rather a malay who was actually the victim here, the silence of Theresa Kok and the DAP chinese championists became very deafening. I wonder where we went wrong in schooling the likes of Theresa Kok that it had been instilled in her mind that anything other than chinese would not be worth defending about. Notice how rapidly bloggers and commenters of chinese descent came to the rescue of that 22-year old maiden blogger when she unleashed a torrent of anti-indian blurts too terrible to repeat here just because her handphone was stolen. Some people still think this is a tak-apa incident: alaaaa why should we want to harp on this minor incident? There are other bigger issues to be tackled, maa. But to me, presented with all other evidences, it represents a latent, inherent and subliminal psyche of one race insisting that their rights to be comfortable should not be taken away, not even at the expense of the misery of other races in this country, all the while not realizing where they originally came from.


Mat Cendana said...

"People mystified as to what the fuss was about when Theresa Kok regarded the food and egg curry given to her in prison as makanan anjing would never understand or have a feel for this story." ...

"In the ear-squat incidence, Theresa Kok made all the fuss..."

The first one was "lockup" too, of course.
But let me digress from Kijangmas' Post here by mentioning a bit about what Apocryphalist had written there. I've seen a lot worse than those two incidents - and NONE were ever highlighted anywhere near that of Teresa Koks' accounts.

By the way, I have a site called Recovery from Drug Addiction and there's a link to an article (of three) published under the one-off name of "A. ANON" in The Star last June titled Jailhouse blues

(I hope these links work because I'm still trying to get the hang of this "a href" thing. Getting published here would help with the "Hits" counter a bit:-) But seriously, I'm NOT concerned with that at all with this particular site. But I AM concerned with that at my other site of Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics, thank you. After all, I have no shame in saying that the latter is "for professional purposes", although ironically I've unexpectedly gotten "more business" from the former! But that's another story...)

Anyway, before I digress too far: Maybe it's because my standards "are lower" than most, but the two incidents mentioned by Teresa Kok "are nothing" to me. But that should not be taken to mean "they are okay". What I'd like to stress here is that "there are a lot worse things going on but not many seem to care. Probably because "they aren't mentioned by Teresa Kok"(?)

BTW I was in Gambang ("beyond the Stop Oil signboard") when the "ear-squat incident" took place - it was around Nov-Dec 2005, if I'm not mistaken(?) Anyway, when we saw it on television, many of the inmates were of the same opinion as I was/am: "Alah, benda gini pun gaegae doh!" That's Kelantanese with the literal meaning of "What's the fuss about?!"

If people had cared to check and think first instead of simply joining in the chorus to quickly condemn, they'll realise that it's standard procedure and NOT `torturing' (if it IS, what would you say then about my account of the Pengkalan Chepa prison?). The policewoman was just doing here duty, for there have been cases where some women hid drugs and forbidden items in their private parts or anus (men too with the latter. But not with the former, of course:-)

But anyway, to be completely honest, we were also laughing and very well satisfied that the police were getting bashed here. Sorry; with "us then", the police weren't too popular ... not when you have "people who got away with negative urine test results when you could cough out RM500", with compliments of some vulture in the police force.

Teresa Kok getting eggs at the lockup? To many of us; why, that's GREAT food! Seriously.

P/S: I hope Kijangmas will do away with this WORD VERIFICATION thing before posting - sometimes the letters are quite hard to read.

Anonymous said...

I believe the squat issue is relevant Mr Mat Cendana. Not so much for the procedure itself, but that the woman's privacy was not respected. I don't think there was any cause to photograph her performing the procedure. Not only that, but the photographs found themselves online compounding the woman's embarrassment. Obviously somebody is not behaving professionally at the Police Station. Even if she had been found with hidden items, I don't believe such humiliation is part of the punishment. I hear RELA is even worse.

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mat Cendana said...

YES, you have focused and stressed on the real issues! And I do agree that THESE are very important.

But we have to acknowledge that when this issue first came out, many (if not most) people were stressing on "Chinese national kena dera by police" (later revised to "Malaysian Chinese", and then "Malay").

It's unfortunate that the policewoman was made to look like an ogre, when she was just doing her job. As I had said, this is NOT "dera" but standard procedure.

You have focused on the right issues - the humiliation brought about when this action WAS FILMED and then MADE PUBLIC.

I'm quite surprised as to how someone could have filmed it. If you have been in a lockup before (thank God if you haven't; literally speaking), you'll see how high the bars are ... can't hold a handphone up just like that. The person who had filmed it must have stood on something (ladder, table) - and only "people who work there" would be able to do that.

There were a few policemen who were pulled up for questioning of how it could have been filmed, weren't there? Does anyone know what happened after that ... actions taken by the authorities etc?

P/S: THANKS to Kijangmas for doing away with the Word Verification. What a relief!:-)

Anonymous said...

If the case was put on the back burner simply because the victim was not Chinese then I am equally disappointed at the PR politicians for not taking up her cause. They will need to be held accountable for that. However, I think cases like these need the victims to press charges and therefore show up in court etc. It would have put her life more in the limelight. She was hauled up in a vice raid right? I imagine if she had wanted to sue PDRM she would have found PR support. But I think that she was thoroughly embarrassed and wanted to shield her family and herself from further scrutiny that pressing charges would certainly bring. If this were the victim's wishes, I guess PR politicians would have to respect that.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Tigress,

Sorry, I must have inadvertently deleted your post.

Luckily I was able to extract it from my e-mail trash bin.

I'm reposting it here.

Malaysian Tigress (October 16, 2008 12:40 AM) said...

OMG, your comments restrictions have definitely restricted me...ok..think, think, think...what to say without crossing all those lines...

Okay! Got it!

What a refreshing blogpost.

My forefathers are also Pakistani pendatangs (who served Malaya in the police force and army) and my dad ( a hardworking pendatang) has always taught me to be grateful for what Malaysia has offered us. Before he died, he pesan, "never mortgage your house for your other words, "don't be stupid, woman"....and "never give up your Malaysian citizenship no matter what".

All I ask for is more transparency and accountability and justice for all the poor (too naive?) so that the detractors and naysayers and other pendatangs who tak bersyukur (unlike moi) do not get the necessary amno to blast off Islam into the stratosphere from this lovely land....

And I love Kelantan too (for giving us Husam the pin-up amongst other things tough he is too soft and accomodating on the PR that explicit?) other place like the East Coast to get back perspective from living and savoring the simple pleasures of life...

Anonymous said...

Apocryphalist (October 15, 2008 6:54 PM),

Wow, thats a series of profound stories.

Thanks Apocryphalist. I really appreciate your time and effort to share these stories with the Demi Negara community.

Yes, I know exactly the type of Ah Soh you're talking about, this Rajoo Tormentor. They would usually barge into the lift before you can even set foot out of the door; they would cut lines at the local hypermarket; they would shout at the top of their voices in pidgin Cantonese/Hokkien/Hakka while gossiping on the phone in restaurants and shops; they would rudely cut you off and talk to the salesperson who was talking to you, .......... I can go on.

BUT you know what happens when they do this to ME? Well, I metamorphosed into the Mother of all "Ah Sohs" - matching them blow for blow in rudeness, in crudeness, in being obnoxious, in being unreasonable, in being pure hell - most back off with their virtual tails between their cellulite-laden legs (yucks!); those who resist, I utter my standard line "Saya Ketua Polis ini kawasan. Lu bising apa hal? Mau bikin report ka?" With visions of boiled egg meals and squats in their beady eyes, they would scurry along quietly while mumbling choice Hainanese profanities that would make a construction worker blush.

So goes another day in the life of our Masyarakat Majmuk.

Saya... said...
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Anonymous said...

i have just one word for this piece, kijangmas...


padaelah puok2 RR dari MT jembo rama2 nok ajok ggocoh.


you wrote... Hmm, what do you call this act? It’s not censorship because you “cut-away” or blank-out content when you censor. Is there a term for unauthorised, cheap shot add-ons?

pathetic embellishment of the hard-up kind? :D

ben said...

Sang KijangMas

I'm no 'blind' fan of RPK...and I dont the privilege of surfing the blogsphere leisurely. Pl enlighten me, in simple lingo, in what way did RPK humiliate/offend Islam/Muslims.


KijangMas said...

benj said...
"Pl enlighten me, in simple lingo, in what way did RPK humiliate/offend Islam/Muslims."

Go to his MT site and browse through his back postings (if they are still there). Self-explanatory.

To me his bigger "sin" was his wholesale opening of the floodgates for anti-Malay, anti-Muslim racists to post inflammatory comments in the guise of UMNO-bashing. At the same time, as he himself admitted, he moderates away 500-600 Malay/Muslim replies that would have countered these anti-Malay/Muslim attacks.

MT became a high-profile Malay/Muslim bashing arena that gave the anti-Malay/Muslim chauvinists a false sense of empowerment as the Malay reaction was effectively censored by RPK.

THAT was his wrongdoing and, in fact, his MT site is getting even more racist now under the control of his Cina Totok wife and gang -- and I'm not going to allow it to exist unchallenged.

Anyway, find time to explore and investigate yourself.

Anonymous said...

yerlor kijangmas,

Who is this RPK anyway?

Coming home for UK entering and soon leaving MCKK is a well known story of those who just cannot compete in education.. MCKK those years fight very hard to maintain 100% score in their LCE and HSC performance. Those who just cannot meet with their standards, voluntarily "faham sendiri" left.. Lulus LCE ker RPK ni?

Someone should get more insight history of who this RPK is..


Anonymous said...

Hats off Demi Negara!!!
I am simply speechless at your plain frank and hitting analysis which has set some fire on the butts of MT junkies.

I have longed for an english blog like yours. I was simply fed up with the drivel these people were steering all around the web..

It only dissilluisoned me with everything, and was wondering where is my bloody brethen, why so much silence.. and out of solitude I found solace of your blog..

You have rejuvinated my mind and restored self-respect..

I would like so much to join and start blogging out my mind, but I am chained down to my duties as a Final year medic to be, and life gets very busy..

Hats OFF!!!

Keep firing your pen on their Butts!!

Anonymous said...

Like most SoPO bloggers, Din Merican feels the need to be seen as having "arrived" in the blogsphere.

A lame attempt by Din....

Anonymous said...

I'm fan.

Thank you. Nak muntah dah baca MT and quit reading like 6-7 months ago. Thank you again for the fine, nonpartisan reading.

Kelakar terutamanya bila baca ghoyak kelate. 'Tok pek' tu lama tak dengar.

- Nonpartisan73