Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Oh Tuhan, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ...?"

What’s all the hoopla about a Catholic publication in this country wanting to use the word “Allah” to signify the Christian God in its Bahasa Malaysia section? This "Allah" connotation would ostensibly extend to Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and at mass and prayer sessions conducted in the National Language.

Why this sudden urge to write, read, converse and preach in Bahasa Malaysia? How come the very people who couldn’t even give you the time of day or simple street directions in the National Language suddenly fight tooth and nail to use the word “Allah” in Bahasa Malaysia Christian publications and Bibles that they themselves will never read, let alone comprehend?

Who would be the end-user of these Malay Bibles? Uncle Ignatius Lourdesamy down the street? What about his extended family who all grew up speaking and reading and writing English (and perhaps some Tamil though they may not admit it) and whose only exposure to Bahasa Malaysia was at school and in filling various borangs and permohonans at the pejabat kerajaan? You truly believe these Christian Anglophiles would be reciting their holy scriptures in Malay? Praising "Allah" and the Son of "Allah" in a language synonymous with Malay hegemony and stuffy government bureaucracy?

“Allah" is the Arabic
word for The God, not just any God, and is thought to derive from the prefix al ("the") and the generic ilah ("god"). Hence, the La ilaha il Allah ("There is no god but Allah") in the first half of the Islamic Shahada. What about Arabic Bibles? Do Christian Arabs use "Allah" in their scriptures? Sure, Arab language Catholic, Coptic and Orthodox scriptures indeed use the term "Allah." But the issue here is not about usage of "Allah" in Arabic Bibles. It is about Christian literature written in Bahasa Malaysia, yes Malay, Melayu, the Bahasa Kebangsaan. And this is about the Malay Bible, the Kitab Injil Melayu.

Shouldn't the Malay language Bible carry a Malay name for this Christian God in view of the unequivocal fact that the Arabic "Allah" has always been regarded as The God of the Muslim majority in this country, not necesssarily in other countries, but in this nation of ours? O.k., what then is the generic word for "God" in Bahasa Malaysia? "Allah"? No, as mentioned, that's Arabic for The God. Would Hindus and Buddhists and Sikhs and Taoists and various traditional faiths dotting our hinterland also regard "Allah" as their God or supreme deity? No. They have their own Gods with their own God-names since antiquity. O.k., then why should some Christian denominations in this country demand the right to use "Allah" in their Malay literature? Isn't there a more accurate generic Malay term for this Christian deity to match the generic English term "God"? Yeah, how do you express a non-Islamic "God" in Malay?

Is this the issue?

Is this what the masalah is all about?

You know why this became a masalah?

Because you church people are largely language retards when it comes to Bahasa Malaysia. Your vocabulary of 200 words couldn't possibly fathom the lexiconical dexterity of our National Language, and with your lazy, cincai and typical tidak apa way to problem solving, you just curi and hantam whatever fits your needs -- in this case equating my Allah
Subhanahu wa ta'ala to your own deity and holy beings.

Listen, the
generic word for "God" in Bahasa Malaysia is “Tuhan.”

Yes Tuhan. Repeat after me: TU-HAN. No not TIU, its TU. Again, TU-HAN.

Cannot be that hard lah. No "r" or "d" or "sh" to twist your short tongue.

You can partake in your Tuhan to your heart's content now. You can pooja as much of this Tuhan as you want, and can knot parables of sons and virgin mothers and assorted miracles for this Tuhan of yours. I can live with that. No issue. In the name of God ... oops I mean, Tuhan, lets all now be productive at work/business and get on with our lives.

So it's settled then. Hallelujah! Praise the ....... errr "Tuhan." Yes. Hallelujah. Praise the Tuhan! Janis Joplin's cult song would now be, "Oh Tuhan, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ....?" I like.

"Like this cannot maaa. Like this where got one ..."

Huh? Apa? Tak setuju?

No deal?
Tak puas hati? Some of you still not satisfied?

You still want my "Allah"?

"Tuhan" not good enough for your supreme being and son?

Still want your day in court? Still want to be an agent for turmoil and conflict in this country?

Hey, I thought the generic Malay "Tuhan" was the perfect literal translation of the generic English “God”? “Oh my God” would then be “Ya Tuhan” to the Christian Bahasa Malaysia speakers. "Son of God" would be the
Anak of this generic Tuhan. Do you really believe "Anak Allah" would make sense, especially to the Malays and Borneo natives that you plan to Christianise?

Why this insistence on "Allah"?

Would the religious experience of Malaysian Christians be less profound if my Allah is not used in your Malay scriptures? Is this a case of God-envy then? You have Malay-envy, NEP-envy, National Language-envy ... and now you are afflicted by a case of God-envy.

Ok, ok, if you really must worship a supreme being you want to call "Allah" to the extent of going to court for this holy privilege and creating a ruckus for the world to see, KijangMas has a solution for your troubled soul. Become Muslims lah! Duhh!

Yeah, you can then face Allah in prayer five times a day and praise and glorify Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate every moment of your mortal existence on this Bumi. Heck, throw in some cultural affinities (on top of your language conversion since you all have seen the holy light and longed for prayers in Malay), you could even be called Bumiputras in your MyCard, and we will be one big happy family, sharing the Tuhan-given social privileges,
free money, discounts, tongkats and all. This marks the end of our Racial Polarisation. Alhamdulillah!

"No way la dey!"

Apa? Also don't want? Masih tak setuju?

Still want to go to court? Haiya, why you fellas like to go to court ah? I thought you people don't trust our justice system? Bias lah, tipu lah, berat sebelah lah. So why still want to go to the Mahkamah? To make a mockery of the issue? To purposely subject my Tanah Air to ridicule in the world press? That I don't like.

Listen up, why don't we do something better than a "bias" Malaysian Mahkamah can do for you. Yes,
we go to your ultimate Mahkamah. No, not the Queen of England lah dey. Itu sudah subcon to the “England Trained Barrister” fruitcakes of Hindraf. We can do better than that. We go straight to Vatican City. Yes, the Holy See, the abode of the Pope.
Happy now? We shall petition Pope Benedict XVI for the Catholic Church to use “Allah” in reference to your God in every bible on this planet, irrespective of language. So not just the Malay version will use "Allah." The English, Spanish, French, Russian, Swahili, Patagonian, Hottentot and Inuit version will use "Allah" as well. Brilliant ah? Don’t thank me. Thank your fellow concerned citizens here.

You think this is a joke? Do you know that similar thoughts had been expressed by no less than a Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands? Yes, Bishop Martinus Muskens of the Dutch diocese of Breda
proposed that people of all faiths refer to God as “Allah” to foster understanding. He said: “Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn't we all say that from now on we will name God Allah?” So what are you waiting for Ignatius Lourdesamy and Ezekiel Tan? Sign the petition!

Ok? Kau tim?

Apa? Tak mau? Tak boleh?

Oh I see, you want "Allah" only in the Malay Bibles but not in the English, Mandarin or Tamil versions? So you can pick and choose your God's name as you like, depending on your target audience? Hmm, how so flexible, so convenient, ........ so sly and cunning.

In that case, I think a dialogue with you people would be futile.

Perhaps it's time for the TRUTH.

Want the truth? Mau tau betul punya cerita?

Folks, you know the REAL reason these zealots are demanding a Bahasa Malaysia Bible complete with the Arabic “Allah”?

For the Malaysian Christians out there?


For the types that do their best to mimic what they perceive as “Christian” culture and symbolisms such as the American/Western concocted Santa Claus and reindeer and Christmas Tree and milky white cherubs (
anyway, why can’t cherubs be like this and also contemplate this) and happy little elves running around? The types that take pride in their English, the language of their holy scriptures? The type that either refuse or unable to string a simple Bahasa Malaysia sentence? The type that would only use the Malay language, pidgin style, to reprimand their maids and gardeners and to cuss the traffic cop on the street after dishing out RM50 in order to cheat the nation of RM300?

So suddenly these people underwent a Spiritual Linguistic Awakening, a lighting bolt that gave them the irresistible urge to pray together in their gerejas in glorious Bahasa Malaysia, in the Malay language that they hitherto abhor and oppose? Hallelujah!!! Praise the Tuhan!


Yup, ini semua tipu. Ini semua drama. Ini semua niat tak baik, loyar burok kata mala fide.

You really want to know why we now face groups of zealots bent on inundating our Tanah Air with Malay Injils at all costs, no matter the social repercussions? Betul mau tahu?

Not yet. Tunggu dulu.

Let’s work towards the answer with another question.

Who would likely read a publication, any publication, written in Bahasa Malaysia, in the Malay language?

The Archbishop and his army of priests and nuns?

The current congregation?

Devotees such as Teresa Kok and Charles Santiago and Irene Fernandez?

My old neighbour Maximillian Dominic Putucheary, the Johnny Walker connoisseur who claimed he is more English than the Englishmen?

What about your typical Joshua Nathaniel Luke Ying Siew Heng, the type that carries several garbage bags full of grievances against his “Malay oppressors” who finds solace in his English-language hymns at his Sunday church service up an SS2 PJ shophouse? Huh? Joshua Ying here also has a sudden urge to praise "Allah's" glories in Bahasa Malaysia as well?

Betul ka?


O.k. now the TRUTH …….

They want the Bible to be in Bahasa Malaysia – in Malay – because they want to REACH OUT to the Melayus. Yes, they want the Melayus to be "saved", to be loved, to hear the word of their “Allah.”

Why is this happening now? Why this sudden push to print Malay bibles complete with “Allah” as the Christian God?

Christianity reached our shores with the Portuguese 500 years ago, and throughout the ages (until now) we have never heard of anyone seriously demanding a Malay Bible (at least not publicly) or groups of Christian devotees tenaciously insisting on denoting their God as “Allah.”

Yeah, why now? Why so insistent? For who? Demanded by who?

You want to know?

Actually, this is part of a long-term plan, a global agenda, towards the Christianisation of the World. The Malay Archipelago holds one of the biggest chunks of non-Christians around, what these zealots call the Unreached Peoples. Scriptures in the lingua franca of these people would be a crucial enabler to brainwash and convert them. Adopting the word “Allah” for their deity would be the coup de grace. Why? These missionaries would then be able to run circles and spin fables around this cetakrompak “Allah” in their scam to confuse and deceive the Malays.

How extensive is this movement? How about huge, no make it humongous, perhaps even gargantuan. See a sampling
here, here and here. See how the Malays of Malaysia (and Singapore, Patani and Indonesia) are identified and profiled, complete with geographic range and a summary of their culture, lifestyle and spiritual disposition? Wow, these people know more about the Malays than most Malays themselves! The Malays are now prepped and primed for a spiritual invasion of the zealotrous kind.
And marvel at their colour-coordinated Global Religious Battlefield Map reminiscent of some Hollywood sci-fi flick?

Oh yes, these foreigners are zealots all right. I spent a considerable chunk of my life in the U.S. over the past two-plus decades and have witnessed first hand the excesses spawned by religious zealotry. Yup, the likes of Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, and my favourites Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. These multi-millionaire swindlers live a lifestyle akin to Hollywood, pop and sports stars. Their slick fund-raising circus on TV would make the WWF look like child's play, what with instant miracle cures (one push on the forehead and you're cured, saved by the Tuhan) and toll-free numbers to send your life savings. Of course, many of these swindlers were later either discredited or jailed for their never ending scandals.

These intolerant zealots and TV (and now cyber) charlatans tag non-believers as the
Unreached Peoples. In their gaudy tuxedos with eyes shut and teeth clenched and fist pumping, they claim direct unfettered access to God (
Broadband-ready Tuhan ka?), and proclaim that this God wants them to reach out to the huge Unreached masses (meaning huge lucrative untapped markets) in Asia. Yes, these well-funded zealots will descend on us Unreached Peoples via their army of local collaborators in a multi-pronged assault of love and prayers and ......... if all else fail, legal action di Mahkamah Tinggi.

Get my point? Mau lagi? Cukup dah?

Many here surprised? Angry? Outraged? Sad?

For some, got this shifty feeling of being busted? Exposed? Motif sudah di telanjangkan?

Ok, now maybe we should ask "so what if these zealots want to Kristiankan the Melayus?"

Would the Malays buy it? They are that gullible? Nahh, not likely. Islam is self-evident, an all-encompassing way-of-life that makes more sense the more you unlock its beauty and simplicity.

But is that the point?


The point is: why this need, this persistent tenacious need to use the word “Allah” to connotate this Biblical deity, as if the whole foundation of the Christian faith in Malaysia would collapse without it? How come the generic Malay "Tuhan" is not good enough, although "God" itself is the generic English word for supreme deity. What about other languages? Do they have a specific personal name for God or is it generic as well? Let's see. In German it is Gott; in French Dieu; in Croatian Bog; in Spanish Dios; in Swedish Gud; in Italian Dio; and in Russian Бог. Yup, all generic, a connotation, not a personal name, for a supreme being in their respective languages. So why must some Christian denomination in this country insist on using the Arabic word for The God to connotate the Christian supreme being in a Malay language Bible? Yeah, why use the Arab name in a Malay language scripture? Why not use the Spanish Dios? Or the French Dieu? Why this proclivity, this inherent desire, a burning need, to use the Arabic "Allah" in a Malay Bible although the Malay generic word for such deities would be the perfectly understandable and infinitely more accurate Tuhan?

All these sound fishy and ridiculous? I know. In fact, this is plain, unadulterated bullshit and hogwash of Biblical proportions, the biggest scam since antediluvian times.

My message to these zealots: Stop It! Leave the Malays alone. You go convert some other Unreached Peoples. In fact, there are enough pagans, atheists and sinners in the Western World itself to keep you people occupied till the end of time.

To the Malaysian collaborators, repent! Shame on you people! Enough of the lies and deceptions. No more putar belit of nomenclatures and connotations in your pathetic sandiwara of deceit and treachery. Stop lying through your crooked teeth about your sudden patriotic love for Bahasa Malaysia, of the sudden, inexplicable need to hear the Word of your deity uttered in a language that you had collectively abhorred and denigraded for the past half century.

For Tuhan's sake, enough!


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Anonymous said...

Auf unseren lieben unverheirateter Onkel Tommie Yew.

Verpiss dich? Ha ha ... frecher Junge! Ooh, geh zum teufel! Ha ha ...

Wie geht es dir? Was hast du so gemacht? Mahjong? Ich komme gerade aus Malaisien (Kota Bharu, das staten von Kelantanisch).

Ich komme ursprünglich aus Lübeck, Deutschland, aber jetzt lebe ich in Tok Bali, Kelantanisch.

Schicken Sie mir bitte katalog Toyota Camry?

Verzeihung, M-B und Audi und BMW sehr gut. Das gefällt mir.

Danke, bis später

Karl-Heinz Vorennisch

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Unker,

Txs for thinking about me. Hope u're not having a mistaken identity again ....mistaking me for someone else ..I've been busy repainting/renovating my house.

Oh, do come and visit me...bring as many people as u want ...Drinks on the house and food on the roof ...but I serve only air zam zam and tonic cap gajah ...good for early stage alzheimer and backache ....Just click on my icon unker and you will be directed to my abode .....see ya!

- zaza

Anonymous said...

Based on what I can decipher in Voren's piece above, its true then that KM's fellow countrymen, the Kelantanese, do speak German.

Bravo Das Kelantanisch!

Mat Cendana said...

I can understand the request by Naif. I've been following the comments through email (excellent feature by Blogspot), and when I actually come to the site, there's now a new screen (Comments exceed 200)!

But I also understand the writer here (KijangMas) - and elsewhere too, including myself. You can see it this way - that many of the Replies by KijangMas here are actually Posts. Try trace back and see just how many.

Then there's one not-so-realised reason why it's a good idea that KM doesn't write new posts too often - for erm... humanitarian reasons. Yes - some people might het heart attacks or high-blood pressure.

I've discovered that at some blogs, people actually mention that they refuse to read KM. Something like "I was shocked to read the racist slurs by this KijangMas!" by the `sophisticated and cultured, of the `celup' kind (who somehow couldn't see the racial deceit against the Malays and Muslims at their blogs despite being so sophisticated).

Well, actually THEY DO READ the new posts by KM... and their hearts would THUMP, blood rising; a mixture of anger over being exposed plus shame they could not reply. And they go on HURTING for days...

So, please consider: Can their hearts take this on a weekly basis should that be the rate of posts here?

[To the `monitor lizards' using the email or RSS of the comments here: When will the t-shirts for "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" come out please? Or has the committee not written the working paper yet? Hope they will come out before Raya Puasa - would like to see how many minutes I can wear them in Pasir Mas town before being assaulted]

Anonymous said...

To day's news says they have allowed the use of the word Allah provided they print the words "For Christians Only".

I don't understand.

Why can't they just leave things as they were until the Court decides?

Now the lawyer has another argument - this is singling out the Christians, not the Sikhs, etc.


Mat Cendana said...

The Home Ministry has allowed the use of the word "Allah" by Christian publications to refer to God, in an approval given by minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar on Feb 16. See Bibles allowed to use "Allah"

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Sorry for this late reply, have to wait for MC to finish his long winded blah, blah, blah....hehe..maaf Mat!

Dear Voren, (Heinz Baked Beans?)

Sorry, I can never can understand u jerries. Mahjong? Yes & poker too. All the education I need in life skills comes from my gambling upbringing; this Kenny Rogers song best sums it up for me;

On a warm summer's evenin',
On a train bound for nowhere
I met up with the gambler.
We were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a-starin'
Out the window at the darkness.
When boredom overtook us,
He began to speak.

He said, Son, I've made my life
Out of readin' people's faces.
Knowin' what the cards were
By the way they held their eyes.
So if you don't mind my sayin',
I can see you're out of aces,
For a taste of your whiskey,
I'll give you some advice.

So I handed him my bottle,
And he drank down my last swallow.
Then he bummed a cigarette
And asked me for a light.
And the night got deathly quiet,
And his face lost all expression.
He said, If
You're gonna play the game, boy,
You gotta learn to play it right.

You've got to know
When to hold 'em,
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away,
Know when to run.
You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done.

Now every gambler knows
The secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away
And knowin' what to keep.
'Cause every hand's a winner
And every hand's a loser
And the best you can hope for
Is to die in your sleep.

And when he finished speakin',
He turned back toward the window,
Crushed out his cigarette
And faded off to sleep.
And somewhere in the darkness,
The gambler he broke even.
And in his final words I found
An ace that I could keep.

Tigress, whatever makes u happy, I’m happy too. xxx

Zaza, how sweet, u a tree hugger too, same as unker. U can chain yourself to unker’s balak anytime.
Unker’s future is invested into carbon trading lah, do u know?. I will drop in to your blog one fine day, promise! No air zam2/tonic cap gajah 4 me, red bull with vodka wud do ok!

Hoi Moh Fah Kor, that unker’s unker portrait on the packet (good for pregnant women). U got ask permission to use our copyright name or not. Yes the Kelantan folks spiks German coz they see all the re-runs of Hogan Heroes mah. Oso during WW2, the krauts parked their U-boat at Pulau Perhentian for R&R before heading for the mission down under & at the pacific ocean. Bet u didn’t know that!!!

Danker & cheers,
Unker Yew

Anonymous said...

So disappointing with the recent development regarding the issue! portray our pathetic Islamic leaders Syed Hamid Albar….a disgraceful to all Muslim around the world especially those who’s live in this tanah tumpah darah. So shame being malay right now…!

Anonymous said...


Ten doors away, one of my neighbours is a devout Catholic.. Sons teach Bible during his spare time, plays the piano for the church choir and helps around the Church on Sundays. Very very active Church volunteers.

Dared not even to watch "The Da Vinci Code", out of curiousity, had me briefed them about the movie!

Would sure love to SEE their reactions when I use the word "Allah" the next time I speak to them.

I will come back with the results soon!


HeroTamil said...

Hamid "kodomo lion" albar mengalah...

Saya... said...

Ah, memang semua sandiwara jer selama ni...the biggest traitors to the Malays/Muslims are the Melayu leaders.

Andrew (the Herald editor) said the new order is still a violation of religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution because Christians will not be able to use any literature that does not carry the statutory warning on the cover, including a lot of imported material.

Oh...we can see where all this is heading next.

Saya... said...

Opps...sorry, potong bawang jap tadi...tengah buat Kimma...

Ok, back to where its heading. We can see now that the next stage of the quarrel they have is the requirement of the disclaimer "For Chritianity/For Christians only" on the masthead of the Malay version because that would defeat their purpose of evangelizing to the bukan Christians ie the Melayus and the other unreached.

Even though Syed Albab has rescinded the ban, albeit with the stated requirement on the masthead, the Herald is still intent on pursuing the case, because now, that requirement they say, is infringing on the right to religious freedom as stated in the Constitution.

But, how far does the Constitution allow for freedom of religious practices?

To the extent of crossing the lines of the sanctity and the supreme position of Islam in this nation?

O, NO, NO...sorry but take it or leave it lah...can always Hijrah! Meaning move. Even our beloved Prophet SAW moved when was persecuted instead of buat kacau bilau and kecoh. BUT THERE IS NO PERSECUTION HERE, MEH IN MALAYSIA. You can practise but don't kacau us, ok? Fair or not?

Ok, with my thoughts on my possibly burning kimma, I should get back to the constitution.

While Article 3(1) enshrines the status of Islam as the religion of the federation, and allows for freedom for other religions to be practiced in peace and harmony, it should not mean that it is an absolute freedom. There has been no attempt to enforce/impose Islam as the common religion, BUT that does not mean that anyone can freely proselytise, confuse and obfuscate others ie Muslims and keluar masuk Islam ikut suka hati dan bini/laki Mat Putih. (come on lah...don't lie, pretend that it isn't just that...I have already posted a comment on the devious manner of preaching by the "evil" Christians...there ARE good and honest ones, so I am differentiating here as mentioned in the Quran itself... say what you want, I don't care, because its the truth...cuba bace balik taktik2 penipuan....shows that they don't believe in their own religion , having to resort to lies and deceit laaa)

So now,

Will our Melayu leaders also buckle under this next effort and sell Islam to the highest bidder like everything else?

At what cost? The last time they sold our soul was for RM50 million a piece?

(Kimma anyone? With raita and pickles...wash your own plates after)

Saya... said...

Burp...(ooops sorry)

Kes ni kan...betul2 lah KM, embody the Melayu saying..."bagi betis, nak peha".

Lepas bagi peha, you get screwed.

Anonymous said...

Dear KM,

i'm so sad ...

thinking, what else that they want from Islam after this ... ?

commercialize HOLY WATER?

damn ...


Anonymous said...

These makhluk perosaks and their Melayu baruas will not be satisfied until Singh is King becomes the Head of State, Kit Siang becomes PM, a PKR Indian becomes DPM, and our Tanah Air is renamed The Republic of Chindia, with the capital city at AnwarJaya.

Mau ka? Mau bagi muka lagi ka? Demokrasi = Semua Kasi ka?

I think it's time the YDP Agong and the Raja-Raja Melayu seriously ponder their options before our Tanah Air's downward spiral in the hands of the makhluk perosaks zuriat tongkang hanyut breaches the point of no return in the next couple of weeks.

Sudah Tiba Masa Kita Bangkit.

Malayan People's Anti Pakatan Army


Saya... said...

Anti Pakatan fella,

sorry ah, jangan marah tau, bukan personal...very impersonal nih...yang luluskan lesen tu sapa? Orang Pakatan ka orang UMNO? Yang kasi Datukship kat Pakiam sapa?

Saya tak dak la pilih kasih antara Pakatan dan UMNO/BN...sebab dua2 saya tak kasih...tapi saya tengok kan...korang macam tak dak yang sedar2 lagi apa kelemahan UMNO/pemimpin Melayu...masih nak tegakkan yang dah layu/meloyakan...betulkan lah apa yang tak betul tu dulu, kalau tak sapa nak hormat/takut/gerun?

respect is earned la...has anything fundamentally changed at all? musuh akan cari kelemahan, dan sememangnya, politik kotor/pemimpin2 kotor/tak berwibawa/tarak vision/tarak plan untuk ekonomi kita/bangunkan negara senang nak dijatuhkan.

A house made of dirt can just be kicked into a pile of ummmm....dirt?

(That's a wise Punjabi saying, first said by this Punjabi)

Anonymous said...

bagi betis nak peha...
mungkin lepas ni holy water di terjemahkan kepada air zam zam hahahhaha
but it's not funny


Anonymous said...

Hey, where are those pemuda umno? why only polis report and summon on Karpal...
Now is your time to saman Menteri Dlm Negeri and KDN, for decision to allow menghina islam, menghina Allah. The order was seditious and against the Malaysia constitution that protect Islam as the official religion. Where is your discretionary power Mr. Menteri KDN, no matter what argument the herald put forward, if you find it seditious and can be misleading to Muslim.. you have the power to ban the use of the name Allah by the herald. Hey, I was one of the legal officers in KDN during TDM time, we were never lembik like this....we would fight to the end ..we never surrender and yes we use every means including ISA….to protect Islam and this country…

Anonymous said...

Unker Yew,

What's the colour of a tree? It is green (except the stem). Green is life. At the moment the ozone layer is diminishing little by little ....that's why we have climatic and environmental changes.

Btw, Unker, you're too late. I've sold my "house" yesterday and I've retired. Now, I can only serve you air kelapa. Satd and his monkey friends are going to pluck the coconuts for you...

Have a nice day, Unker Yew.

Anonymous said...


Tak lama lagi banyak dari depa ni akan mula tukar nama ARAB pula!!

Tengok saja bila sampai ke generasi lain, silap2 tukar nama MOO MOO pula...

Hai, ini ler kaum yang tak berAKAR tunjang. Sekadar menempek sana sini, mana poyi, terpaksa menempek.


Saya... said...


now they have blanket approval to use even solat, kaabah, baitullah! And they didnt have to ask...

Kristian boleh guna 'Allah'



Mahkamah Tinggi (Bahagian Rayuan dan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas) hari ini diberitahu bahawa penggunaan perkataan Allah dalam penerbitan berkaitan agama Kristian bukan lagi satu larangan.

Keputusan itu terkandung dalam Perintah Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (Larangan Dalam Penggunaan Perkataan Tertentu dalam Dokumen dan Penerbitan) 2009 yang baru diwartakan oleh Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN).

Menurut Peguam Kanan Persekutuan, Nizam Zakaria, perintah bertarikh 21 Januari lalu berkuat kuasa serta-merta setelah ia diwartakan pada 16 Februari lalu.

Perintah tersebut berbunyi : ''Percetakan, penerbitan, penjualan, pengeluaran, pengedaran dan pemilikan sebarang dokumen dan penerbitan berkaitan agama Kristian yang mengandungi perkataan Allah, Kaabah, Baitullah dan Solat adalah dilarang melainkan di muka hadapan dokumen dan penerbitan itu ditulis dengan perkataan 'Khusus Untuk Penganut Agama Kristian'.''

Nizam memberitahu demikian semasa sebutan kes semakan kehakiman (undang-undang) oleh Gereja Katolik terhadap larangan penggunaan perkataan Allah dalam penerbitan Herald - The Catholic Weekly di hadapan Hakim Lau Bee Lan.

Sehubungan itu, Nizam berkata, permohonan semakan kehakiman kini telah menjadi akademik (tak terpakai).

Peguam Porres P. Royan yang mewakili pemohon Gereja Katolik memberitahu, dengan perkembangan terbaru itu, pihaknya akan mengadakan perbincangan dengan Jabatan Peguam Negara bagi mendapatkan penjelasan.

''Permohonan kami dibuat melalui Akta Percetakan dan Penerbitan 1984, oleh itu kami perlu mengkaji perintah yang dikeluarkan kementerian tersebut sama ada ia boleh dimansuh atau dibatalkan dan kesan selanjutnya,'' katanya.

Menurutnya, jika pihaknya menerima baik penjelasan tersebut, sudah tentu kes semakan kehakiman itu tidak akan diteruskan.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, adalah terlalu awal untuk membuat keputusan mengenainya dan pihaknya akan memaklumkan kepada mahkamah jika terdapat persetujuan kes itu secara baik.

Dalam pada itu, mahkamah menetapkan 28 Mei ini untuk mendengar permohonan Gereja Katolik bagi mengetepikan permohonan tujuh Majlis Agama Islam Negeri, Persatuan Cina Muslim Malaysia (Macma) dan Majlis Gurdwara Malaysia sebagai pencelah dalam kes semakan kehakiman itu.

Tujuh Majlis Agama Islam Negeri terbabit ialah Terengganu, Wilayah Persekutuan, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah, Johor dan Melaka.

Hakim Bee Lan juga menetapkan 7 Julai ini untuk mendengar permohonan sama ada kes itu perlu dirujuk ke Mahkamah Persekutuan.

Dalam permohonan yang difailkan pada 19 Mac lalu, Gereja Katolik menamakan Kementerian Dalam Negeri sebagai responden pertama dan Kerajaan Malaysia responden kedua.

Gereja Katolik memohon perintah bahawa keputusan responden-responden pada 12 Februari 2008 berhubung larangan penggunaan perkataan Allah dalam penerbitan Herald - The Catholic Weekly adalah salah di sisi undang-undang.

Gereja Katolik juga memohon perintah bahawa pihaknya berhak menggunakan perkataan Allah dan perkataan Allah tidak khusus kepada agama Islam.

Nak salahkan siapa?

Anonymous said...

What a sorry state.

Why so lembik? After all the hujah hujahs and quotations from the kitabs, it comes down to this...

Sad, sad...

Saya... said...

Laaaa...Zaza, apsal tutup blog...baru buka dah tutup, isk isk isk....lotih den pi umah dia...

Unker Yew,

your balak comment is disgustingly want to retch, but at the same time you want to laugh.

Anonymous said...


Sorry lah have to close shop due to some secret reasons .....cannot tell....but thanks for dropping by anyway....

- zaza

ps.....btw zaza prefers to pretend not to understand unker's stupid ramblings....he's what we call 'rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari' type plus he's very nyanyok as he's having his err ...andropause ...orang tua dah nak gol....leave him alone in one corner ...dah lah.....habis citer...

(andropause = menopause for men)

Saya... said...

Syed Hamid Albar Gerun Dibogelkan dan Disula Dikhalayak Ramai Disebabkan Kejahilannnya......berita terkini!!!

ABOUT TURN! Hahaha....

Mistake in gazette, Christians still can't use 'Allah'
Sun, Mar 01, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia: A Feb 16 government gazette lifting a ban on Christian publications to use the word "Allah" will be rescinded.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said a gazette would be issued as early as tomorrow to cancel the earlier gazette.

He told reporters here yesterday that there were mistakes made in the drafting of the Feb 16 gazette which stated that Christian publications could use the word "Allah" provided the words "For Christians" were clearly printed on the front cover.

"The government's stand on the ban has not changed.

"There is also a judicial review challenging the ban," Syed Hamid said.

He said the government had no intention of pre-empting any decision of the courts on the judicial review brought by the Malaysian Catholic church publication, the Catholic Herald.

Acknowledging that more care should have been taken, he said since mistakes were made "we will now have to correct them."

Syed Hamid said a gazette to cancel the Feb 16 gazette is needed to clear any misunderstanding over the matter.

Apart from the word "Allah", the ban for the Christian publications also covered the words "Kaabah," "Solat" and "Baitullah".

The ban on these words are not aimed at preventing other religions from being practised.

It is just that the government wants to avoid any confusion, Syed Hamid added. -The Star/ANN

KijangMas said...

"Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said a gazette would be issued as early as tomorrow to cancel the earlier gazette. He told reporters here yesterday that there were mistakes made in the drafting of the Feb 16 gazette ... Acknowledging that more care should have been taken, he said since mistakes were made 'we will now have to correct them.'"

This is the embodiment, indeed, the grotesque manifestation of a trait known as the BODOH SOMBONG.

With friends like these, who needs enemies.

Perhaps "celaka" would be proper here.

Watch out for my upcoming post on the fools on both sides of the cesspool leading our Tanah Air to ruin. Previews available on request. Call 1-800-No-Celaka now.

Saya... said...

Celaka is just...

too mild a word...

for these


cannot say here lah....said it my place already, meh

Anonymous said...

What about adam, can that be used??

How about Ibrahim?

How about daud?

How About Isa?

Which came first? Christianity or Islam? Was it not Muhammad himself who said that hes talking about the God of Jews and Nazerenes?

Saya... said...


We know Islam is a natural/final progression from the original message preached by Jesus...we just don't like the trinity blasphemy to be associated with ALLAH.

Because the devious ones bukan nak preach the same message as Jesus originally brought, that is to worship the ONE...depa ni nak confuse orang pasai tuhan hak tiga sekawan nih...nak samakan dengan Allah..masa lain korang cukup menyampah nak disamakan dengan orang Islam.

tak masuk akal la...tu yang kita nak stop all this rubbish from being propagated!


depa ni tak bace ke komen2 sebelum nih!

mak aih! lotih jer monaip....

Tembeleng said...

"bangsa Arab menjadi mulia dulu sebab blablabla..."

Sorry, dude, tapi pasca Kulafak ar-Rasyidin masyarakat Arab masih juga cauvinis. Pernah kita bertanya, kenapa antara sahabat ada yang bergelar "Al-Farisi" (denoting mereka datang dari Parsi asalnya)? Bahasa ini sama cauvinisnya dengan terma "Kui" dikalangan masyarakat Cina.

Kalau mengikut turutan sejarah kekuasaan cauvinis Arab akhirnya tamat riwayat dengan tumbangnya kerajaan Abbasiyah selepas hamba-hamba mereka dari bangsa jajahan Turki memberontak. Kemudiannya kita lihat pula rentetan kerajaan Islam yang didominasi bangsa-bangsa tertentu.

Dan sejarah juga melihatkan bahawa bangsa Arab tidak pernah senang dengan kekuasaan ke atas mereka oleh bangsa-bangsa lain itu. Mereka berusaha sehinggalah mereka berjaya turut membanting tulang menjatuhkan kerajaan Islam terakhir. Sebagai hadiah, bangsa-bangsa Arab itu dihadiahkan jajahan-jajahan takluk.

Unknown said...

Tiba-tiba dada berdebar-debar memikirkan diri berada di medan perang memperjuangkan ALLAH.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Tumpang lalu Bosz,

Look like u r passionate enough to be chained to hippie unker balaks so that the BULLDOZERS do not clear them off. While u r there, can u oso hoist some of ur kimma to me up at my tree house, perhaps we can share a joint too…hehe…

Zaza, unker plants lots of trees to offset the carbon footprints left behind by all u ppl, especially ‘Da Bosz’ by all his jet-setting lifestyles from Beverly Hills to Kota Bahru, not to mention his cruising around in his cabriolet Ford Mustang from Santa Monica Blvd to Hollywood Blvd picking up Ah Moi at the Grauman’s Chinese Threatre. So u see unker is not senile lah, carbon credit is the business of the future.

How can u sleep when ur bed r burning?
Unker Yew

satD said...

Unker...wea got ma!!

Carbon credit is the biggest scam!!

Europe n North America who are technically net buyers of credit are getting "free credit" by way of regulations....

All this UN sanctioned "Con"sultan also kencing only to "structure" the deal for this side of the world..the Upfront cost of creating a carbon project is too costly....eventually the structurer will buy the thing wholesale to undertake market making....and the potential annuity income from credit is still not "high priority" in the minds of shareholders to push companies to go into carbon
projects....unless a wave of Corporate Social Responsibility flu hits the companies in Asia ..then only will take off big time or if governments TAX big time for pollution then maybe ma..until then this monkey remain sceptical ....

Eh wat joint u smokin there..Nothern Lights ke?

Anonymous said...

unker, satd,

why not use lembu's pooh pooh....good what, very natural ...good way to recycle any shit meh, like this what comes around goes around bio hazard...remember the world is too polluted ...

Saya... said...


KM got Mustang ka? Man, I hate him.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Mr Apeman satD,

Aiya, that’s the difference between us la, u all high power executives think & study & analyse & read between the lines too much leh, kepala pening la. Unker have to rely on the feel good, gut feeling, instinctive reaction one. This one Jedi knight code; ‘May the Force be with U”, if u know what I meant. See my photo, that’s the stuff I smoke (grows in my forest, like the rare truffle la), unlike the recycled kretek u smoke over ur place….hehe.. Is that true kah, streetkids picked up these butts for recycling?

Hey Zaza, they still use cow’s patty as fuel in Tigress ancestral home, they knead them with dried grass into a pattie & stick them to dry on coconut tree, later use as firewood.

Hoi Bosz, thanks for letting me have a chat with the monkey boy & Paree Hilton in your space.

Unker Yew

KijangMas said...

Hey Tigress, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.

This WAS the ride. R.I.P.

Saya... said...

Real McCoy

Saya... said...


Btw, demi negara tercinta kami memandu Proton Persona! We support Made-in-Malaysia no matter how crappy it is!

Tak aci! (jeles)

Saya... said...

Unker Yew!

Carbon credit is a sham lah...another broker angin specialty by the opportunists cashing in on world misery.

what kind of rubbish meh...selling excess allowances of emissions? ahahaa..and how will that reduce pollution? by merely transferring it to another?

Yet even as Europe's heavy industry piles into this new financing opportunity, some caution the Continent's steel makers and cement manufacturers could be putting short-term gains over long-term risks. Selling CO2 credits does provide easy capital, but also could leave firms short of allowances when industrial production finally picks up (possibly by the end of 2009). That means companies that sold credits for, say, $12 per metric ton, could end up having to buy back allowances next year at a 20% to 30% markup.

"Heavy industry players are liquidating allowances for cash, but any pickup in [manufacturing] output could leave them scrambling to cover their [carbon] exposure," says one European carbon trader.

That, in turn, could lead to a spike in carbon prices as drastic as the recent two-thirds dip in CO2 contracts. This volatility, though lucrative for financial players active in the ETS, doesn't help companies make long-term, low-carbon investment decisions.

So what lessons does this provide for the U.S.? Firstly, no one is saying carbon-market participants shouldn't have the right to monetize their CO2 allowances. In the end, that's what a cap-and-trade system is all about. Yet many European market-watchers say a more stringent allocation of carbon credits would limit the large-scale price swings that have come to epitomize Europe's foray into emissions trading. Full auctioning, in which companies aren't given free CO2 credits, but instead must bid against each other for allocations, also could stop firms' wind-fall profits from carbon.Most importantly, policymakers must recognize that any form of cap-and-trade system inevitably will lead to unintended consequences.
: from How to raise capital for free, Business Week.

"There's an elephant in global warming's living room that few in the mainstream media want to talk about: the creators of the carbon credit scheme are the ones cashing in on it".

Truth about carbon credit

Saya... said...

CARBON credits are advertised as a way for polluters to offset the greenhouse gases they produce. Just write a check, and someone else will reduce his emissions, so you can keep driving your Hummer or operating your coal-burning power plant without guilt.

Of course, it is not that easy. Even some environmentalists oppose carbon credits because, they say, offsets tend to give the impression that global warming is being solved.

Worse, reports of fraud and abuse are piling up. Most recently, an investigation by The Financial Times found that companies and individuals “rushing to go green have been spending millions on ‘carbon credit’ projects that yield few if any environmental benefits” (

Nah Unker Yew..don't feel like you're saving the world just yet the full NYT article

Bust Unker's Bubble

Better to invest in tangible green products that bring real change than just hot air lah Uncle...Prophet SAW warn us already, trade in intangibles prohibited, but you all refuse to listen meh...just see why the world economy and US bankrupting...all profits by greedy people investing in hot air only...or as the Malay say "berbekalkan air liur".

Saya... said...


Sorry ah...just wanna post another link...can ah? Just an informative piece so people will look at both sides of the issue before considering anything proposed by the Western world as the Gospel Truth.

The case against carbon trading

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Steady lah Tigress, hope it’s just my bubble u r trying to burst not my gulis! Y u always want to go against senior citizen la, no respect mah, very unlike our Asian upbringing. Pls refer to my reply to satD March 3; 7.33pm; re: ‘Computer aided Auto Pilot’ & the ‘Force’.

That’s the beauty of www, u can always search & find articles to support ur arguments. Intangibles? What about our faith & belief in God, Tuhan, Allah? There’re arguments to say the ‘hole in the sky’ is just hogwash too. And people like EWO & the Herald if they search hard enuff , WILL find articles to support their use of ‘Allah’ in their publication.

Anyway it’s an undeniable fact that u r a learned lady, FIRM & FAIR, and not to mention (quote KM), a finely chiselled schnorchel & all….kakaka..sori can’t help meself.

Hoi KM (Nic Cage), I see that u got a new movie coming out called ‘KNOWING’; wah u saving the world from future catastrophes again & again, so terrer one. U r ‘da bosz’!

Unker Yew
P/S – I see EWO had became a monkey on satD’s back, hard time shaking him off!…hehehe..Hmmm I feel like some monkey brain with cognac.

Anonymous said...

Unker Tommy,

Gambar you cun ler... masa muda dulu kerja butler ker?

My pa used to get some boys to help around at home, if we have special guests home for dinners,to help serve food and drinks..

well ehmmmm, thats exactly how they would dress themselves. Very professional, good at laying the tables and exceptionally good at folding the table napkins...

Silap2 you are one of these boys meh??


satD said...


Don't worry about that cikai monkey wannabe on my backside...

this ultimate monkey from Uranus got laser gun to zap that thing into oblivion just wanna pancing and see where that lil piece of crap wanna go...

those who wanna waste some time to engage that crap can come over anytime....remember to wash your hands after k...

Saya... said...


Old folks sometimes think they eat garam and know more, but sometimes terlebih garam, and they get bloated meh, so have to bust them. (see the UMNO old farts?) And I love harassing old men. Get my daily kicks.

WWW is great (but got art also to that) but still cannot replace the good old musty treasure troves called libraries, meh.

Haiya... how can you compare Faith in God with cheating people by some carbon credit Ponzi scheme....what laaa... Apeks always equate everything with commerce and profit, even Faith.

Kantoi la Unker... (carbon credits not accepted by God to offset your sins -or mine)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hiya Tongkang,

Dear, dear, u one of those spoilt rich kid too, anak lord ka? Ada salah ka kalau unker ni butler, kerani, sapu longkang, prebet polis, waiter? Why we do an honest day job kan. Unker not only good at laying the tables but oso good at laying ON the table too if u want to get laid! Jangan marah je.

BTW that’s a Ermenegildo Zegna Tux, D&G bow tie & u can’t see the Vacheron Constantine overseas chronograph sports watch. If your papa not one of UMNO top gun, I’m sorry u cannot afford my service la. Professional service, satisfaction guaranteed. See what u have done now, u stirred unker up to become HK bus unker la, not very nice. I don’t like to talk like that fella, lack of class la.

Unker Yew
P/S; Tigress don't shoot me la, I'm just a good nature lover tree planter.Small fry only mah.

Anonymous said...

Allah (Arabic: الله, '', ) is the standard Arabic word for "God". While the term is best known in the West for its use by Muslims as a reference to God, it is used by Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, in reference to "God".

As stated above, of all Abrahamic faiths including Christians and Jews use Allah as God. Now, is there a slightest chance that Catholics in Malaysia could read and write in Arabic or Hebrew. If the answer is yes, then, by all means, this is not an issue anymore. The only way is to use BM as their medium in their Bible. What's wrong with a simple usage of terminology? You've got to remember, Muslims, Christians and Jews are technically brothers and sisters because they are of Abraham/Nabi Ibrahim decent. So, you want to deny a fellow brother of different faith the usage of "Allah"? Simple example, amok is used in the English language. Why couldn't the Brits who created the language use uncontrollable rage? So, you want to ban all English newspapers which use amok because you want to claim its YOUR langauge? Amazing way of thinking my friend

KijangMas said...

This Uncle X-Hole is what I would term a Wikipedia-enhanced Bodoh Sombong type, the species currently infesting our cyber realm at an alarming rate.

Look X-Hole, your own logic kills your argument. Lets see now:-

You said "Allah" is the "standard Arabic word for God." Remember your own Wikipedia-sourced point: "Allah" = "Arabic word."

Now, X-Hole, what language bible are your church going to publish in Malaysia? Arabic? Bahasa Malaysia? Aha, yes, BM.

Ok, now close your Wikipedia page and explain again to me why you must use an Arabic word to denote God in a BM bible when BM has a clear, much-used and universally-accepted word for God, which is TUHAN?

You follow the logic so far or is your cranium starting to smoke a little already?

Now, first derivative of this logic module:-
- If you somehow deem the Arabic "Allah" as the name of the Christian God as well, then can you please agree that ALL bibles in whatever language, not just BM, must use "Allah" to denote this Christian deity, and throw out Dios, Dieu, God, Dio, Tuhan, Bog .... etc.? Agree? Why not? I thought you said: "... all Abrahamic faiths including Christians and Jews use Allah as God,” meaning everyone of all languages. See? You contradict yourself.

Second derivative (inverse logic):-
- If like you said: “… all Abrahamic faiths including Christians and Jews use Allah as God,” then can you please explain to me why the English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Korean, Filipino, Spanish, Italian and everyone else (except pockets of Arab Christians) don’t as a matter of course use “Allah” as their God? I don’t recall the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury praying to “Allah.” Again, I though you said: “… all Abrahamic faiths including Christians and Jews use Allah as God.” Where? Palestine and Lebanon maybe? Where in the West? In Australia? In the Americas? Africa? See? Again your argument dissipates into thin air.

Second equation to the root logic:-
- Why is there a rationale correlation between English-language usage of the Malay “Amok” to the BM usage of the Arabic “Allah” in BM bibles? “Uncontrollable rage” is not a specific word. Hence, “Amok” is rightly chosen to denote this particular act as no English word exists, just like Orangutan, durian and rambutan. BUT in the case of BM, the word for God is obvious and clearcut – TUHAN. Hence, your analogy is fatally flawed. Again.

Your wastage of bandwidth here is a reflection of your mala fide driven by a pathological need to instigate and provoke the Malay Muslim majority in this country for no other reason than your own petty little tak sedar diri lu siapa mindset propagated in the SRJK(C) shithole that your stupid parents chuck you into.

No X-Hole, Allah in this country is applicable only to Muslims. You can bitch about it all you want, but the majority rules here. If you want to use “Allah” in the context of Christianity, I suggest you learn Arabic and go pray with your Arabic bible or you float over to Indonesia, in which case you must first change your Tan Mo Kio or Aloysius Ramasamy identity into something like “Angky Sudarsono” or “Budi Santoso” lest the pribumis – Christian or otherwise – would beat you to a pulp as they hate the guts of freakish-lookin' tak sedar diri pendatangs like you.

I suggest you get a life, Uncle X-Hole ...

Saya... said...


Belum habis lagi kaaa? Nah Uncle X, read this lah why we all velly suspicious and don't like your pretensions:

Inconsistent, insensitive translations of ‘Allah’
by Dzulkifli Abdul Razak

THE use of the term "Allah" has captured the attention of the media again. Of late, even a newspaper from down south carried a commentary on the issue. The slant is usually political, and not religious, and does not throw any new light on the issue. It also does not appeal to the intellect; instead, it seems to border more on emotions that further confuse the issue.

To all Muslims the term "Allah" is laden with the concept of Tauhid – that Allah is "the One and Only" as defined in the Quranic language, which happens to be Arabic. Allah cannot be understood without this concept of his oneness. Any attempt to do so will amount to a vulgarism of sort, and an affront to Muslims.

Moving forward, let us briefly try and understand the reasons for Muslim misgivings by using the Bahasa Indonesia version which is translated from the English New King James Version and authorised by Konperensi Waligerja Indonesia (Edition, 2004). Let us randomly take The Gospel according to Luke, translated as Injil Lukas, to briefly illustrate the point.

In Luke, "God" is generally substituted by "Allah", whereas "Tuhan" is commonly used to substitute "the Lord". Note the article "the" applies to "Tuhan," but not to "Allah". Hence, where there is "the Lord God" in the English version, it becomes "Tuhan Allah". "The Lord their God" becomes "Tuhan, Allah mereka". Note the use of a comma!

On some occasions though, "God" is also translated as "Tuhan", though "God" in this example does not carry the article "the" as in "the Lord". So does it mean there is a time when "God" is not "Allah"? Or that "Tuhan" is "Allah" after all?

Yet, on other occasions, "Allah" is used as substitute for "the LESUS." But then, "the LESUS your God" is rendered as "Tuhan, Allahmu" – note again the comma!

Just from these few random examples, one can already sense the complexity and confusion in the use of "Allah" in the translated version.

To make matters even more confusing, the biblical name "Mary" is rendered as "Maria" – when the Quranic equivalent would have been "Maryam"; And "John" as "Yohanes" instead of "Yahaya." Or for that matter "Gabriel" is not even translated but kept as it is. The Quranic "Jibrail" as an equivalent is not even considered! How about "Jesus" himself? Why is this rendered as "Yesus", rather than "Isa"? In the Quran both are the son of Mary or Maryam.

If the worry is that the use of the word "Isa" in the Quran is limited only to him being the son of man and not of Allah; unlike what is understood for the biblical "Jesus" – then should not the same consideration and sensitivity for Muslim feeling be shown when "Allah" is used in the translation, without any concern for the Quranic Tauhidic concept. This inconsistency, indifference and arrogance is rather obvious when it comes to the biblical "the Son of God" and the use of "Anak Allah" as an equivalent in the translation – something which is conceptually outright not acceptable to Muslims. In fact, it tantamounts to the denial of the concept of "Allah" as explained in the Quran, Surah Al-Ikhlas 112: 3 that "He begets not, nor was He begotten. And there is none co-equal or comparable to Him".

The consequence of this translation will be that Muslims will be confronted with blasphemous ideas that Allah has a son; that Allah’s son was born in the manger; that Allah’s son was crucified; that Allah’s son died for all of us. This may have public order implications under section 298 of the Malaysian Penal Code which forbids the wounding of religious feelings.

As it stands, the use of "Allah" the way it is can only arouse suspicions as to why an Arabic word is used for an Indonesia-Malay translation of the Gospel. Why not use the Hebrew or Armenia equivalents, instead?

To add on to this suspicion is why there is no insistence that examples in the fore-mentioned names be substituted with the Arabic equivalent, including places like "Jerusalem" which is substituted by "Yerusalem" which is not the name in Arabic either.

On the contrary, there are biblical names that are readily rendered to the equivalent Arabic in the translation. The examples are numerous, for instance: David as Daud; Zacharias as Zakharia; Aaron as Harun; Joseph as Yusuf; Moses as Musa; law of Moses as Taurat Musa (though, more appropriately it should have been "hukum Musa", since there is the specific term

"Torah" for "Taurat").

The final straw is when the patriarch "Abraham" who is the fountain head for Judaism, Christianity and Islam is also not rendered to Arabic "Ibrahim" – but left as "Abraham". Here, the inconsistencies, inaccuracies and insensitivities in the use and misuse of the word "Allah" become even clearer. And this must be the concern of all.

Tan Sri Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak is Vice-Chancellor of USM. Comment:

me said...

Nothing's fishy.

The fact remains that generations of Christians (Christians, who by the way, embraced Bahasa Melayu with a gusto the moment it became their national language) grew up calling God "Allah".

YOU may define the word "tuhan" as the generic for God. But THEY have grown up thinking "Allah" is the generic word instead.

To unilaterally impose your interpretation is what hurts them the most.

Because after all, nobody likes to have something unilaterally imposed on them, no?


me said...

And to add on about the inconsistencies in Bahasa Indonesia bibles, well, they don't necessarily show anything. The cause of these inconsistencies can be anything, an mere speculation is just that.

On the other hand, it may also be argued that the word "Allah" was not used because it was Arabic, but because it has gained widespread use in Malay. Thus it could've been rendered as a English-Malay translation.

Now, this is just conjecture, but unless linguistic history can show that the word "tuhan" indeed the most widespread word used for deities, it will be very hard to prove any conjecture correct.

Izza Arsyika said...

salam, absolutely brilliant piece.

shml10 said...

Christianisation of the World?

You must be joking.

I'm currently in Dublin, doing my study.

Have been involve in Daawah table and projects for quite a while. The truth is nobody believe in Religion anymore. We're talking bout Ireland, one of main pot for Christianity. Everyday, its pub (pub quiz) and alcohol besides the usual working hours (meant to make us feel insecure bout life). Every single day. The only day they cared bout Jesus is Christmas. You should write a conspiracy theory on Freemason instead. They're the one who rule the world. Christianity as much as Islam are threatened by their existence. Wallah Alam

Daniel said...

KijangMas said:-

"Listen people, my cousin’s wife grew up in Tawau and her mother is an Iban from Sarikei. Like her family, she was a Catholic prior to conversion to Islam. In all my years of interacting with her family (since 1979), I’ve NEVER once heard any of them utter “Allah” as their deity. Never. Not then, not now, and I’m sure never in the future. It was always “God” or “Jesus” or “Lord” or “Tuhan” or “Yang Maha Esa” or such words. But “Allah” never. I tested this “Allah” nomenclature on some of them recently and they stared at my pretty face as if I had gone bonkers. Blank! Dazed! Bewildered! Indeed, they felt insulted."

Andrew is correct when he said: "And we native Christian Bumiputeras use "Allah" to refer to God. And we have used "Allah" for years."

I'm a Catholic. For decades, we Catholics uses the word "Allah" to refer to God in our Bahasa Malaysia Mass (Misa Bahasa Malaysia) and also in our Bahasa Malaysia version of the Rosary Prayer. Look at this website to see our prayers:

So KijangMas, I assume that the reason your cousin's wife's family never uses the word 'Allah' when they were Catholic could be because they never went for Bahasa Malaysia Mass and never prayed the Rosary in Bahasa Malaysia? Or could be because they seldom or never attended any Sunday Masses or prayed the Rosary at home, thus they easily lost their Christian faith and converted to Islam?

Ask them again, KijangMas. Ask them about the Doa Rosari and Apostle's Creed (Aku Percaya). I'm eager to hear your answer and clarify my assumptions.

For decades, the Catholics uses the word 'Allah' in our Bahasa Malaysia Masses, both in West and East Malaysia. You may wonder why we have Bahasa Malaysia Masses in West Malaysia. To convert Malay-Muslim? No! To cater to the needs of Sabahan, Sarawakians and Indonesians who come over here for work or study, and to cater to all different language speaking groups whenever we celebrate some big occassions together (we call this Community Mass).

Some are led to believe that the Catholic Church SUDDENLY calls God 'Allah' in Bahasa Malaysia. Fact is, we have been calling God 'Allah' or 'Allah Bapa' for decades whenever we worship Him in BM. It is the Home Ministry and those who issue the fatwa who SUDDENLY banned us from calling God 'Allah'. The authorities pushes us to the limit and infringes our freedom to practice our religion, so we decided to bring this issue up in court to fight for justice. So now do you see clearly who are the one who SUDDENLY created this tension?

Anonymous said...

what about the sikhs who use allah la boss?susah gak kan.jgn pandai mengutuk je

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bang! More powerful than the strongest Nova laser and CERN particle collider combined.

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Dewa Rex

flyer168 said...


Great Blogsite with so many responses on both sides...syabas!

Just to share this to hopefully learn & understand the Holistic picture...

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3. Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

Finally, to share this....

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An Islamic view of the return of Jesus (pbuh) - In English -

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The 'problem' with Islam today -

Listen to what he has to say about Malaysia & the “Malaysian Version” of Islam…

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History will keep REPEATING itself & MAN will continue to be Sheeples aka Goyim!

Yes, sometimes we are the suckers that allowed the System to create our nation's ills as well, so please wake up & get out of the Bolehland mindset to see the bigger picture!

God Almighty, our Creator is Great & we are all His Creation...

You be the judge.


ronnie said...

obviously, you guys have no formal education and no proper upbringing, to know that we must respect each other, religiously and racially. but,because of lack of education, your minds have become narrow. instead you have no minds, reality, no brains.

Mat Cendana said...

Yeah, when someone doesn't even have a clue when it comes to the usage of capital letters, it definitely points to a lack of education. And the glaring lack of ability to elaborate on anything after writing (or is it just cut and paste from some Ah Beng's comment at Lim Kit Siang's blog?) shows how impotent the writer is.

You're way out of your league, la. Just go back to places like Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and the likes and limit yourself to the only thing you're capable of - ticking those "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" buttons.

KijangMas said...

Hey .... a sacrificial lamb lost its way into this 4-1/2 year post.

Like the pioneer DN Knight Mat Cendana noticed, this "ronnie" clown whose rudimentary SJKC/SJKT education did not teach usage of capital letters, proper punctuation and grammar has the audacity to accuse others of lacking in education.

This "ronnie" -- most probably a Tong Sum Pah" or "Solaithamby A/L Periakarrupiah" -- fellow is amazing. On one hand he barked "we must respect each other, religiously and racially" BUT on the other hand he launched a barrage of insults, belittling peoples' education and upbringing and even squealed "you have no minds ... no brains."

Haiya "ronnie", you look for trouble by supporting the hijacking of "Allah" for use by Christian zealots and religious nuts like yourself to subtly convert young Malays by using Islamic terms in Malay language Christian books and films and sermons (which is against the law), and you throw insults after insults here ...... and then you have the nerve to demand respect of other religions and races.

You contradict yourself, you pathetic, confused little nut case! Now shoo out of here before you are reduced to dust by others ....

Niemand said...

Pilih Lord sudah.apa nak kecoh2. Lord mempunyai anak. Xde sapa maw bising.

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