Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robin Returns ... More Conversation with an Alienised Malaysian

I met my friend Robin in PJ recently while on a stopover from somewhere far to Kota Bharu.

Robin seemed more animated this time, more agitated by events unfolding before his bespectacled gaze. He’s more edgy, more amenable to contentious debate, and seemed to have a loadful of grievances in his mind. He mumbled about the one-year anniversary of the “Anwar 916 Scam” -- the stillborn political revolution that was supposed to sweep the self-proclaimed non-Bahasa Malaysia literate Anak Bangsa Malaysia crowd to the corridors of power in Putrajaya. Then he bitched about the Perak political imbroglio, including the state assembly mayhem, blaming everything under the sun on UMNO/BN while oblivious to the root cause and sequence of events that led to the comical scenes, topped by the unforgettable spectacle of A. Sivakumar being dragged kicking and screaming from the Speaker’s chair. He next turned into a pseudo-CSI expert by blaming MACC officers for Teoh Beng Hock’s death, seemingly in denial of the slimy web of deceit and treachery permeating the incestuous relationship between elements of the Selangor Pakatan government and their organized crime siblings. The series of by-election victories for Pakatan didn’t seem to uplift Robin’s spirit. In fact, they just whet Robin’s appetite for more of everything. More power, more rights, more privileges, more concessions, more of everything.

I had three hours to burn at the PJ kopitiam, so I bought him a cuppa thick black local coffee, some kaya-spattered roti bakar and a couple of soft boiled eggs. I had the same thick black coffee and some subpar undercooked Nasi Lemak garnished with oily sambal, limp timun and burnt ikan bilis.

But fine cuisine was not on our minds.

Between voracious mouthfuls of roti bakar with kaya drooling on his thin office worker fingers concurrent with loud slurps of kicap-soaked soft boiled eggs, Robin mumbled a series of grievances befuddling his social universe. Perhaps he longed for my retort, a sort of self-inflicted spiritual masochism to exorcist the ghost of failed expectations haunting his inner being.

I was intently inspecting the Kopitiam’s grotesque rendition of the Nasi Lemak, a Riau Malay staple, when Robin abruptly blurted the first of his gripes. He protested, “You think it’s easy to speak Malay as a non-native speaker?” I took Robin’s outburst almost as a reprieve, an excuse to at least delay the partaking of the Nasi Lemak. Half distracted and switching focus from food to friend, I asked, “What do you mean?” Robin clarified, “You see, the Chinese here spent their childhoods immersed in their ancestral dialects and, in many families, English as well. Then they go into the Mandarin-centric world of the vernacular schools.” He added, “The rich kids proceed to private schools and an overseas education, bypassing the Malaysian educational system altogether. As for the rest of us …” I interrupted, “Yeah my friend, what happened to these people?” Robin incredulously said, “Haiya, they all must go to government schools lah. They must cakap, tulis, kira and baca in Melayu maah!” I said, “Yeah, so? What seem to be the problem for these fellow Rakyat and Warganegara Malaysia?” A flustered Robin interjected, “You think these poor kids can easily adjust their mind to think and learn and converse in Malay after a Mandarin and English-centric existence all their young lives?”

Before I could reply, Robin unleashed another burst, “What kind of country is this? You repress us from all angles; even our kids’ education you purposely impose learning impairments via language to ensure they are only as smart as the dumb kampung …...” I assertively stopped him in mid-tirade and said, “Robin, why don’t we both shut-up and eat first. Then we’ll talk. I’m hungry, this Nasi Lemak is a disaster and I better order something else before my hunger-induced urge to hunt for edible wildlife gets the better of me right here in PJ.” Robin ignored my pleadings and repeated his point. My primal instinct was to grab his scrawny neck and let go an uppercut to solve his problem, and then hunt for edible wildlife while I’m at it. But he’s a dear friend, albeit woefully damaged by four decades of societal conditioning. Hence, I will bear with him and collectively unravel the issues contributing to his inner grief.

I pushed his hand aside, quickly grabbed and made short work of the last piece of his roti bakar, gulped down a glassful of air suam and looked at him straight in the eye. I said, “Robin, why are you crying to me and blaming the government about the fallout of your own community’s stupidity?” His attempt to rebut was met with an even more forceful brush-off from a jet-lagged, hungry KijangMas and he wisely stuffed it and quiveringly slurped his kopi-o while half-staring at the inquisitive gaze of some noisy Hokkien cussword-obsessed dyed-haired Leng Chais at the adjacent table.

I asked Robin wasn’t it the decision of the ethnic-Chinese in Malaysia to insist on a separate education stream based on Mandarin, the national language of the People’s Republic of China? Why complain when many of these shortchanged Chinese kids later couldn’t adapt to the mainstream Sekolah Kebangsaan? Didn’t the government since the era of TDM attempted to gradually integrate these SJKC and SJKT kids with their Sekolah Kebangsaan counterparts, with the first step being the Sekolah Wawasan concept of shared canteen and recreational facilities? I said, “So Robin, who resisted this measure and rendered it an utter failure?” See, you people not only demand a separate educational silo, you also fight to maintain complete social segregation from the rest of Malaysian society at the crucial formative years of your young people. Of course, by the time these kids become adolescent First Formers at the integrated Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, its already too late. They would find it hard to adapt with the mainstream, where every facet of life language, culture, identity and self-image seemed so different, so alien.

Robin seemed stumped at the very obvious answer, perhaps reflective of his social group's abject irrationality on matters of education and social integration, where even the simplest, obvious answers are smothered by their collective prejudices and eluded their consciousness. With Robin in a state of logical incoherence, I inquired why it is o.k. for his two nephews in Perth to go to the Aussie equivalent of our Sekolah Kebangsaan and his wife’s kid brother likewise in Vancouver? Why no insistence on SJKCs in Western Australia or British Columbia? Forget these faraway places, what about Johor’s old Pulau Singapura? Any more “Chinese School” in Kiasu Country? Nope. No "Chinese School" in Singapore. Sure, they have Mandarin "Mother Tongue" classes, but that's it.

I asked, “Hey, I heard some bloggers initiated a campaign for unified schools …” Robin interjected, “Haiya Bosz, this was started by that baby rusa with RPG maah, rusa mas or Bambi Rambo or something.” I said, “You mean Bambo?” Robin said, “Yeah. He should show his face lah.” I added, “Well, maybe that’s how he actually looked like?” Robin replied, “Could be la Bosz, and we won’t laugh if he’s ugly maah. Bloggers are all fat or ugly one what, true or not ah Bosz?” I said, “Ya kah? And some are probably maladjusted psychos too.” Robin nodded and made a quite convincing impression of a “cyber-psycho” while loudly slurping his soft-boiled eggs. He mumbled, “I heard this rusa mas used to serve with Baby Doc Duvalier’s Tonton Macoutes in old Haiti.” I said, “No lah, where got? I read in a subversive blog that he was sifu for the 12-year old twins that led the whacky, now disbanded “God’s Army” in eastern Myanmar? And then his ragtag guerillas launched an insurrection somewhere in Thailand.” Robin queried, “Waulau Bosz, you know a lot about this baby rusa; you know him ahh?” I ignored Robin’s inquiry and continued to probe his mindset, asking why he seemed to resist Satu Sekolah. Robin then went on and on about cultural preservation, ancestral relics and heritage pride and the importance of maintaining the roots and origins and vestiges of some glorious past.

I asked Robin, “Waah, if your peoples’ past in your medieval ancestral domain was so great and worthy of worshipping and emulation to the traumatic extreme by fifth generation Malaysians, why did your ancestors jettisoned themselves from this glorious land of culture and heritage and underwent unimaginable risks and hardships to start a new life with nothing more than a cangkul in a hot tropical neverland claimed as their own by "racist Malays”? Robin protested, “Haiyah, I don't know what happened in the past, but now that we are here, we must defend our language and culture and identity maah!” I asked how come only descendants of immigrants in Malaysia worry soooo very much about “Cultural Preservation”? In California, the first thing foreign students and economic migrants from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Indian subcontinent would do is to throw away their Cultural Baggage (clothing, mannerism and language) and metamorphose into a California Beach Bum celup faster than I can say Gong Xi Fa Cai! And these people crave acceptance even as they are ridiculed on American national television.

Yeah, just last week I met and barely recognized “Bruce Liow,” a 20-something Perakian who is making a small Ringgit fortune as an illegal kitchen hand at Benihana in nearby Torrance using his cousin’s Green Card and Social Security number. Well, the old kuaci-junkie Liow Siew Meng is gone just six weeks after he absconded from his Tour Group at Disneyland. I’m sure even old madam Liow in Bidor wouldn’t recognize her son, with his dark glasses, baggy bermudas, oversized sweatshirt, hush puppies, chewing gum and all. I don’t see a dire need to maintain any Chinese cultural roots and ethnic identity and linguistic heritage in this Bruce Liow @ Liow Siew Meng. Why only in Malaysia? Why is this “need” to uphold some obscure Kwangtung heritage and Fukien pride, this pathological need for ancestral language and identity prevalent only in Malaysia, but not in America, Britain, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere? I don’t see cries for cultural preservation and vernacular schools in these places? Why?

I told Robin, “Come on buddy, just look at Kylie Kwong. She talks and acts more Australian than the typical Aussie from the outback!” I added, “And you yourself adapted well to your old Australian college and job and lifestyle, with no demands for Chinese anything? Then how come you morphed into a grotesque ethnocentric monster when you returned to Malaysia, demanding Chinese rights over everything? Is it because the Malaysian government is a pushover, soft and clueless and blinded by a misguided adherence to some twisted socio-diversity fairytale parroted by anti-unity racists out there, exacerbated by abject ignorance of the history of nationbuilding in the world through the ages?" Robin kept quiet as he digested my inquisition. Really, out of the 200
plus nations on the face of this Bumi, how come this “must have Chinese school or else” compulsive obsessive disorder afflicts only Persekutuan Malaysia? Yeah, nowhere else on earth. So Malaysia proudly joins China and Taiwan to form an exclusive Mandarin-centric SinoSuperSpecial Educational League. Now you tell me how can this make sense?

I said “Malaysia Boleh!” Robin said, “please lah Bosz, I hate that phrase.” Huh? Now you add another item in your ever growing bucket of Malaysian symbolisms and instruments of nationhood that you took it upon yourselves to become allergic to? I told Robin half-jokingly, “I have a cure for your PatrioPhobia affliction; I’m gonna make you put on a Songkok and hold a Keris up in the air and shout ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ on the chair of this kopitiam. Then you sing Negaraku out loud with tears of patriotic joy streaming down your cheeks.” Robin smirked and let out a pained laugh and said, “Haiya, Negara Lu lah Bosz, not Negara Ku. Bukan aku punya.” Before I could digest this profound statement, Robin sprang to life and blurted, “You know what, even our 31st August Merdeka Day is not for all, non inclusive, and meaningless to the Sabah and Sarawak people.” I’ve heard this subversive spin before but feign ignorance to further harvest the contorted nuggets from the dark recesses of this Alienised Malaysian’s psyche. I asked: “Huh, where did you get this anomalous logic, the Pakatan gang?” Robin affirmed it energetically, and with new found vigour and conviction said that his DAP and PKR friends are now unraveling the many fallacies created by UMNO over the past half-century. With pride and fervour, Robin proclaimed: “I will never accept 31st August 1957 as Malaysia’s National Day” and gurgled and gulped down the last of his kopi-o with gusto.

My amazement at Robin’s near malignant political impairment was smothered by hunger pangs exacerbated by my refusal to consume the Nasi Lemak. Upon my repeated hyper-gesticulation with deft use of the global sign language to depict “mana gua punya order?” and “lu mau kena hantam ka?the sour-faced overworked Rohingya illegal worker let go of his filthy mop and brought much needed sustenance, this time Teh Tarik Kurang Manis, and he made sure his filthy paw got imprinted on the spilled condensed milk near the rim of the glass, yup, the spot meant for your lips. Likewise for our Roti Canai Banjir where his thumb was half-immersed in the parapu. I gesticulated my disgust at his unhygienic ways and this pendatang (who would probably carry a Sabah-issued MyCard by next year) hurriedly disappeared into the crowd and came back with two small bowls of soft-boiled eggs and a tall glass of Iced Coffee which we did not order. Visibly irritated by this distraction, Robin said at least the Iced Coffee came with a straw and he didn’t see any thumb sticking into the soft-boiled eggs when it was dumped on our table. I agreed. So its soft-boiled eggs as the main course for me then, washed down by the Iced Coffee.

Energised by the dose of protein (… and cholesterol), I asked Robin if he’s a regular at this joint? He said, “Of course; good food maa. Cheap somemore. And can feast the eyes for free at the clubbing Ah Mois, sniggering with a typical HamSapLo twinkle in his eyes.” I wondered where are these Ah Mois? All I saw that evening were pathetic, lonely Ah Sohs lamenting the loss of their Ah Peks to the leggy China Mali wallet busting "tourists." And I began to sense a correlation between Robin’s degenerative political logic with the frequency of his consumption of detergent-, dirt- and bleach-laced food and drinks at that busy kopitiam. So I told a bemused Robin, “Hey you can be a good subject for a simple linear regression model here, where I can correlate the frequency of your visit to this kopitiam to the deterioration of your political mindset.” My attempt to inscribe the elegant equation of the Robin-Kopitiam PoliRetard Coefficient on the serviette was interrupted by our Rohingya floor cleaner cum dirty-hands food preparer who dumped another two plates of the infamous Nasi Lemak on our messy table. I asked this shifty-eyed PATI, which I Christened “Tyrone,” who the heck ordered two more plates of this insult to my culinary senses? Tyrone’s hand gestures and garbled talk implicated a surprised Robin. I asked Robin to start gesticulating wildly that he did not order the food, and sniggered in schadenfreude anticipation of Robin’s impending communication calamity in sorting out this mess. Well, Robin nonchalantly uttered to Tyrone in Hokkien – you know the Boh Liao stuff – and this filthy-pawed brute kinda curtseyed and merrily hop scotched and skipped away to deliver the two plates to a couple of busily gossiping Ah Sohs! Well, I’ll be darned. I asked: “Hoi Robin, these new pendatangs also go to the SJKC kah?” Robin replied, “No lah Bosz, it's straight from rickety tongkang to kopitiam two months ago for this guy” in a rare show of wit and humour that got me laughing.

The sideshow now behind us, Robin spiritedly repeated the glorious platinum-class DAP-concocted rallying point that 31st August is not the National Day for all Malaysians, this time convinced that I would not be able to rebut him. While gazing at the sight of his lips touching Tyrone’s sticky pawprint on the slimy Teh Tarik glass (further reaffirming the empirical evidence of the stillborn Robin-Kopitiam PoliRetard Coefficient), I asked: “O.k., based on your logic, 37 American states should not accept July 4, 1776 as their independence day then.” As Robin continued slurping the bleached-enhanced Teh Tarik, I told him that since only Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia signed the declaration of independence, the Americans would need to celebrate the 4th of July PLUS 37 other dates for the other states of the union. Does this make sense? The 49th state Alaska joined the American union only on January 3, 1959 and 50th state Hawaii joined as recently as August 21, 1959, almost two centuries after American independence. I asked Robin whether Alaskans and Hawaiians celebrate these dates? Before Robin could muster a spin to his answer, I told him, “Heck, they don't even know about these dates.” So I asked whether these late entries make them less American than a jock from Connecticut? Obviously not. Then why the opportunists of the Pakatan gang want to poison the minds of our Borneo brothers by creating an issue out of nothing, by isolating 31st August as if it symbolised some Tuhan-forsaken UMNO-designed non-event, and not a symbolic beginning date for the emancipation of the various Kesultanan Melayus and Negeri-Negeri Selat and later the Wilayah-Wilayah Borneo that coalesce to ultimately form the Federation of Malaysia? My point suddenly snapped Robin from his mental block induced by the political subversives infesting his ethno-cultural community. I cynically asked Robin perhaps the American’s singular Fourth of July date was the work of the UMNO people as well? I said: “Hey buddy, you better open DAP cawangans in the 37 other states and instigate their populace against this “unfair” date. Who knows, maybe UMNO had a hand in the selection of the Fourth of July date over 230 years ago?”

Our animated exchange was suddenly interrupted by the deafening sound of broken pottery, overturned chairs and tables, and a dull thud akin to a fallen sack of potatoes. Wau-lau-eh, Tyrone had slipped on the slimy floor and laid waste to three fresh, piping-hot bowls of Curry Mee he was ferrying to a bunch of rowdy men with walkie-talkies, probably car repossessors ubiquitous in the current economic malaise. The Leng Chais on the next table burst out laughing as a dazed, blushing Tyrone rearranged his splayed butt and picked up pieces of crockery amidst the splattered noodles, kerang, tauhu goreng, fishballs and taugeh oozing in the pool of curried slime. I couldn’t help sniggering myself at the ridiculousness of the scene, and commented to Robin on the subpar quality of recent pendatangs. Robin surprisingly roared back amidst the din, “Come on lah Bosz, you Melayus are also pendatangs what?” He added, “I read somewhere that you come from Sumatra and Java and all those little pulaus and curi this land from the Orang Aslis.”


This guy has some kind of a deathwish or what? I’m still hungry, may miss my flight, and this old friend has just opened a Tong of Ulats that may trigger quite a few more broken bowls of Curry Mee plus tables, chairs and some faces.

But my anger turned to pity as I stare into Robin’s glazed eyes, and contemplated how far my old friend has been manipulated by the relentless DAP and PKR propagandists.

Time for more food.

I summoned a limping Tyrone and ordered additional refreshments. Bolstered by a fresh bowl of Curry Mee to complement Robin’s Char Kuay Tiau, I throttled a series of what I call logic modules into Robin’s mangled mind. I asked Robin, “If you perceive the Malays as fellow pendatangs, then why demand rights and concessions and giveaways from a group who are in the same 'boat' as you? Why should a fellow, albeit senior, 'pendatang' who had fought hard to stake his claim on this land amidst a millenium of competing claims by regional rivals and global colonisers, and administer it via age old customs, laws, and social norms give you anything?" Yeah why? What do you as a junior pendatang give in return?

Faham ka?

Folks, understand this point clearly. Your act of demanding all kinds of goodies from the Malays shows that you implicitly recognise the Malays as the owners of this territorial domain, this Negara, and its corresponding laws, rights, privileges, land and resources.

Betul ka? You can only minta from a tuanpunya. So your act of demanding a whole bunch of stuff from the Malays (freehold land titles, cultural freedom, linguistic rights) demonstrated your recognition, pengiktirafan, of the Melayus as the owners, the Tuan, of this land. Hanya tuanpunya boleh memberi kepada si peminta. How can one give something that one doesn’t own?

I told Robin that he cannot have it BOTH ways. If he wants the Malays to agree they are pendatangs as well, than he has no right or reason to demand anything from a fellow pendatang. So every pendatang for himself and herself now in the land of the pendatangs. BUT if Robin wants the Malays to give him stuff, then by implication he ackowledges Malay OWNERSHIP of whatever he is demanding, be it land, scholarships, cultural freedom, language rights, and so on. Betul ka?

Robin nodded in apparent agreement and dejectedly stared at his half-eaten Kuay Tiau. See folks, the single biggest strategic blunder the non-Malays can commit in their overall quest for relevancy in this land is to convince the Malays that they are fellow pendatangs, on the same tongkang as the various Chinese suku kaums, Tamils, Keralans, Punjabis and Bengalis. You see, the minds of pendatangs anywhere on earth are calibrated differently, guided by strong survivalist imperatives spawned by the ancestral displacement that permeates their soul for many generations. Pendatangs grab and hoard and grab and hoard whatever opportunities they could find. Their lives revolve around the search for jalans and lubangs and short-cuts that they can kao tim their way into to get at the largesse at the other end of the “transaction.” They don’t share with other pendatangs, even with members of the same tribe. And this trait is readily demonstrated time and again by our fellow countrymen still trapped in this pendatang mindset. Often, the only thing they’ll share with their neighbours is the unsolicited 3am loud barkings of dogs guarding their hoard or the spillover chaos and mayhem caused by their quest to grab and hoard more than their fair share of the economic and now political pie.

Look at the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy of December 2008. I was there on many occasions to assist loved ones. And you know what? Practically all of the hundreds of volunteers were Malay Muslims – with heroic efforts by groups such as Jamaah Islah Malaysia. Yes, this is the same JIM vilified by the debilitatingly ignorant Ooi Chuan Aun @ “Jeff Ooi.” You see, the bigotry of this fledgling politician blinded his ability to differentiate between Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) and Jemaah Islamiah (JI), the purported regional militant group. This is the problem with chauvinists like Jeff Ooi. While spewing empty rhetoric on cultural diversity in a multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multi-everything neverland in their sporadic delusions of self-grandiosity, they themselves show little tolerance for anything different from their pathetic China-centric little beings.

The impressive display of Malay Muslim volunteerism was matched by the thousands of policemen, bomba, SMART team, tentera, MPAJ personnel and JKR workers who were also almost all Melayus and Borneo Bumiputras. Y
eah, I saw PKR, PAS and UMNO members near ground zero, with PAS cadres the hardest working of the lot, often digging and removing debris with their bare hands. Tapi mana DAP? Mana MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, IPF? Mana itu candlelight vigil junkies? Too rough and messy for you people? You "fight" for freedom and democracy only in clean, tiled squares with cute water fountains and blinking neon lights and within walking distance of your favourite boutique café where you dump your obese torsos and pig-out and gossip for four hours after demo-ing for one hour? And what the heck is this all about? Hey, I thought I've warned you MT Junkies about the hazards of Dewa-nisation? Weird bunch lah, people. And mana itu Hindraf "underdogs" in their bright orange t-shirts? In fact, the very week of the tragedy, Makkal Sakthi-shouting whackos of the Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas or Jerit caused an untimely distraction when their bicycle riding stunt ran smack into the police near Rawang. Precious law enforcement resources, including the Selangor police chief, had to be redeployed north to handle these rabble rousers who were further instigated by the usual provocateurs of course. Why can’t these people use their excess energy to good use? Why cause pandemonium and anarchy on the streets to the great inconvenience of law-abiding citizens when they could be helping out the victims of the landslide tragedy and then promote their cause at the same time? Ayoyo aney, go fight for the rights of your “Rakyat Tertindas” at ground zero lah, where the rakyat were not only tertindas, yang tertimbus pun ada.

I asked Robin isn’t this stark contrast a surprise? He didn’t have to answer. Indeed, the pendatang mentality precludes such acts of altruism, of giving and not expecting something back. Anyway, I had the opportunity to observe the serving of free meals near the disaster zone by local hotels. An Ah Pek and his family there shoved their way to the front of the queue and to everyone’s amazement, the father reprimanded the tudung clad volunteer worker that the hotel food was “too pedas” for his 10 year old son. Wau-lau-eh, I couldn’t just let this outrage of über arrogance and ungratefulness pass by and actually confronted this chap and told him that first of all he should be thankful that Malay Muslim complete strangers were prepared to risk their lives and leave their loved ones and their businesses and studies to serve him for free, and secondly if he or his spoiled brat of a son cannot “tahan pedas,” than he should take a hike and drive off in his tax-evasion underwritten, Ah Beng-pimped BMW E60 to the McD downhill and buy his own food. But no. After sniggering at KijangMas with a “solli ahh, gua tadak paham apa lu cakap” look, he turned around and threw choice Cantonese expletives into the air and proceeded to tapau eight bungkus of the hotel Nasi Goreng Ayam and as much mineral water bottles as his small troupe could angkot in their garbage bags! Remember the pendatang mindset I mentioned earlier? Yup, this is a full-fledged demonstration of that affliction. You know why the Melayus took the trouble to beri pertolongan to mangsas like you? Beyond their inherent cultural rasa belas kasihan and the kerja amal stressed by their Islamic faith? Yeah, because they are the Tuan Tanahs, the pribumis, the hospitable hosts bestowing kindness to the guests, the pendatangs.

Now, imagine if the Malays now believed they are pendatangs just like you, which typically comes with the package of greed, avarice and an inconsiderate disposition as manifested by the food-grabbing troupe above. Would the Malays be as charitable to you in such circumstances? Nope. It will be a case of every pendatang on his own. What do you think? You want that? You like that? Can or not?

Yes, once the Malays assumed the same pendatang (winner takes all, I won’t share, I don’t care about my neighbour) mentality, this country would be in ruins. Yup, the Malays and other Bumiputras would not only NOT give and share what’s already theirs (which is still a whole lot of rights and privileges and laws in this country), they would (like a typical pendatang) want what is NOT theirs as well, guided by the philosophy “May the Best Pendatang Win.” Imagine 68% of the Malaysian populace suddenly morphing into selfish resource-grabbers. I asked Robin, “Lu mau ini macam kah? Lu mau gua punya otak jadi macam lu kah? Tamak, angkuh dan tidak prihatin macam lu? Mau kah?” An undersiege Robin pleaded, “Haiya Bosz, I was only asking maaah. I was repeating what I heard in the Pakatan ceramahs, that’s all” And I replied, “Yeah, and I was only telling you. So you ask and I tell. We are even now.” Robin interjected, “So it’s a Win-Win lah friend?” to which I clarified, “Yes, I win and I win …” Not quite of supple mind to catch the oxymoronic teaser, Robin politely asked, “But Bosz, what about these Orang Asal? What are they? Where do they belong?”

O.k. folks, for the sake of argument, let’s assume we are ALL pendatangs, with the Orang Asli being the only pribumis on this land. Well, apparently the Malay pendatangs of the … well … “Malay Peninsular” (yeah, go concoct another Conspiracy Theory behind this ageless name) must have been eminently more successful than the other pendatangs, having tamed the wild equatorial forests and established major polities beginning from the early centuries AD, including Langkasuka (200-1400, centered in today’s captive Malay state of Patani and extending from the Kra Isthmus to Kedah and Kelantan); Ch’iht’u, sited in the upper Kelantan river basin in the 5th-8th centuries; Tambralinga (Nagara Sri Dharmaraja) of the 8th-13th centuries; Satingpra, the 6th-13th century precursor of the ancient Malay kingdom of Singgora (now corrupted as Songkhla under Thai misrule); not to mention the myriads of Malay civilisations of the lower peninsula, culminating in the Malacca Empire of the 15th and 16th centuries and ultimately the Malay Sultanates of modern Malaysia.

Yup, these Malay pendatangs went on to built ancient empires and forged regional alliances and spawned what became today’s Sultanates dotting the Nusantara that signed agreements in their capacity as undisputed owners of the lands with European Superpowers and regional empires for hundreds of years and engaged in regional military alliances and military campaigns throughout the vast domain, from Aceh to Ligor to Champa to Makasar to Maluku. Yup, these Malay pendatangs were so dominant that even the British colonisers were compelled to recognise them as the “natives,” the sons-of-the-soil, as the original inhabitants of this “Malay Peninsular,” as the Bumiputras.

You see, the very rational Malay pendatangs (although I chuckle at the thought of my Kelantanese-Patani countrymen with a 1,500-year history of documented nationhood on this tanah reduced to tongkang arrivals from Java or Madura or Lombok) have no reason, being the victorious “owners” of the land to go work as labourers for another band of pendatangs, the British.

As eloquently expounded by William A. Graham, the Thai-appointed Adviser to the Sultan of Kelantan in his seminal 1907 book, “Kelantan: A State of the Malay Peninsula”:-

True, the Malay will often decline to work in the particular manner in which the European desires him to do so, that is as a mining cooly or plantation hand in the service of the said European, but the Malay is by no means an idle person. In Kelantan he grows the seventy thousand odd tons of rice which feed the population, he catches and dries fish enough for home consumption and for considerable export, he makes some forty thousand pikuls of kopra every year, he works boats on the river, and, in fact, he makes a very comfortable living, supplies all his wants, and is contented. It is not probable that any European who condemns him would himself continue to work at a tin mine or rubber estate after he had made enough to satisfy all his wants and to be able to realise all his ideals in order merely to satisfy the demand of some stranger for labour.

A British naval officer, Sherard Osborn, compared the dignity of the Malays to the people of another British-conquered land in his 1857 book, “The Blockade of Kedah in 1838: A Midshipman's Exploits in Malayan Waters,” :-
Like spaniels, the natives of the whole sea-board of the Indian [subcontinent] lick the hand that chastises them; not so the Orang Melayu, and we Englishmen should be the first to honour a race who will not basely submit to abuse or tyranny.

See people, Tuan Tanahs are naturally not amenable to become submissive labourers, the coolies, for some strange peachfuzz-faced pendatang bent on pillaging his Tanah Tumpah Darah. Tuan Tanahs just don’t do that. Yes, the British couldn’t get the “cooperation” (or shall we say, couldn’t enslave) the Orang Melayu. Hence, they had to import more malleable groups to do the grunt work of their wholesale looting of Tanah Melayu, yes the very ancestors of the Zuriat Pendatang politicians today who shout that the Malays are as much a pendatang as them.

Thus arrived the Pendatang Mark II, new and improved, hungrier, more rugged, versatile, compliant and amenable to abuse and oppression of the White Capitalist. For the ethnic-Chinese pendatangs, they escaped from the centuries of ruthless oppression by a foreign coloniser, the Manchus. By the end of the 19th century, the immigration door was rapidly closing worldwide for these impoverished Sin Khehs, including the U.S. with its draconian Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which imposed a blanket ban on Chinese immigration and made life difficult for ethnic-Chinese already in that country; Canada, with the Chinese Immigration Acts of 1885 and 1923, which banned Chinese immigration entirely; and Australia's Immigration Restriction Act of 1901, which formed the basis of the White Australia Policy that ended only in 1973. Of course, old Siam and the Dutch East Indies were not much better as the fierce pribumi mobs in those lands devoured, repressed and assimilate the incoming immigrants almost with impunity. Hence, Malaya, the land of the hospitable Malay Tuan Tanahs (except the gedébé parang wielding Oghé Kelaté, of course) became a safe haven, a veritable last chance sanctuary for these wretched masses, the grand depository for all the wandering returned-to-sender coolie-laden tongkangs out of Kwangtung and Fukien. The same story for the Tamils and Keralans. They were nothing more than economic migrants squeezed out of their homeland by abject poverty and crippling caste-based prejudices who found a niche in Malaya's labour-hungry plantations.

I told Robin that we should not be misled by manmade political boundaries and obsessed with coloured maps in schoolbooks. The Malay Stock, in their various ethnic-groups and suku kaums, have been traversing all points of the Malay Archipelago since the beginning of recorded history and are a fungible populace seamlessly linked by shared histories, cultural essence and a common, pervasive lingua franca, Bahasa Melayu. A Patani Malay and a Bugis from Makassar and an Acehnese as well as a Sulu native would have little trouble conversing and sharing complex ideas in their common Malay lingua franca. I told Robin that in the holistic context, the natives of the Nusantara nations are pribumis throughout the archipelago, in their own nation as well as in the adjacent polities, where present-day political boundaries are nothing more than the invention of European colonisers. Hence, to dismiss a son of Javanese settlers such as Khir Toyo as just another pendatang is to show an abject ignorance of Nusantaran socio-cultural history, where the pribumis of these lands have moved back and forth in this vast seamless common domain in concert with the rise and ebb of dynamic political and economic tides since time immemorial. Indeed, a variant of this phenomenon can be seen in contemporary Germany. Under the German Right of Return law as codified in Article 116 of German Basic Law, ethnic-Germans living in Eastern Europe (the so-called Aussiedler) can move to Germany and acquire German citizenship even if their families have not been in any German historical territory for generations. They are perceived as rightfully belonging to the German nation even as third-generation German born and bred “pendatang” Turks and transient gypsies and other non-Germanic peoples struggle for acceptance by the German populace. Same with the Jews and their Western-concocted "homeland." Under Article 1 of the Israeli Law of Return, every Jew on earth has the right to go to that country as an “oleh” or Jewish Immigrant and automatically be given Israeli citizenship. Of course, I'm not proposing automatic citizenship to every Buluh Runcing-carrying Indonesian pribumi who set foot on this land but the Malay-hating politicians in our midst must appreciate the region's socio-cultural history before making fools of themselves on the pulpit.

I told Robin that the Japanese are pendatangs from the Asian mainland and crowded out the indigenous Ainu. The Han Chinese themselves are pendatangs in much of China, having terrorised and supplanted the hundreds of indigenous groups beyond their ancestral Yellow River basin, including the Miao, Bai, Dai, Dong, Uygur, Kazkh, Kirghiz, Lahu, Lisu, Naxi and Zhuang. The persistent violent social upheavals in Tibet and East Turkestan (Xinjiang) are livid examples of this pendatang-isation process, where the Han Chinese pendatangs methodically usurped the power and influence and socio-cultural and demographic essence of these vast once proud conquered nations. Even today, the Han Chinese predominate in hardly half of China's land area, although they make up 92% of China's population. Of course, in Taiwan, these Han Chinese pendatangs decimated the indigenous Formosan people, the progenitors of the Austronesian language group, of which Malay is but one of hundreds of related tongues from Madagascar to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), spanning 60% of the earth’s circumference. And the Tamils and other Dravidians were pendatangs to Southern India, having swarmed the aboriginal Veddoid peoples there.

And don’t let me get started with the English.

I asked a pronouncedly blurred Robin, “You think Eng-Land was the land of the English since time immemorial? And who were there first, the English in England or the Malays in Tanah Melayu?”

You see, the present day “British” Isles was populated by Celts (forefathers of today’s British equivalent of the Orang Asli the Welsh, Gaelic Scots and Irish) a thousand years before the Roman invasion and the much later appearance of the Norsemen, Anglo-Saxons and Normans who arrived on British shores via their glorified tongkangs at a time when the Malay polities of the upper peninsula – Langkasuka, Satingphra, Tambralinga and Raktamrttika/Ch'ih-t'u (present-day Greater Patani, Singgora, Ligor and Kelantan respectively) – were already at their zenith. These newcomers commingled their genes, culture and, of course, languages to concoct a hybridized people known today as the “English.” Robin couldn’t help but gawk at this revelation and blurted out, “Haiya Bosz, those English yobs who gave me a hard time at Heathrow’s immigration counter are also pendatangs ka?” I said, “Yeah buddy, next time tell these fellow pendatangs to let you into London with ease to join them in crowding out the poor Celts from the last vestiges of their homeland. And I want to hear some noise from recent pendatangs there that the English are pendatangs as well in England like what your brethrens are doing to the Melayus in Tanah Melayu.” I don’t think the Englishmen’s reaction would be as restrained as the budibahasa-overloaded and tatatertib-crippled Melayus.

Of course, if we go back far enough in human anthropology, we are ALL pendatangs one way or another in most places of this earth. The Orang Asli themselves were the residual biological vestige of successive migratory peoples – the many waves of pendatangs who journeyed from Eastern Africa to Southern India on their way to populate Papua and Australia and adjacent islands beginning 70,000 years ago. The Amerindians and other “natives” of the Americas did likewise via the exposed Bering Land Bridge towards the end of the last Ice Age, and there exist the possibility that Polynesians and other Orang Lauts of the eastern extreme of the Nusantara may have landed in the Pacific Coast of South America via Rapa Nui (already 90% of the journey), just as they had landed and formed civilisations in Madagascar off Eastern Africa almost two millenia ago, where till this day, the Malay Stock lighter-skinned Merina people form the ruling elite of Malagasy society, as exemplified by the competing presidential claimants.

Robin asked an excellent question, “Bosz, what’s the cut-off point? When does a pendatang become a pribumi?”

Yeah, when this metamorphosis take place?

Proof of length of residency, even if the tribe did nothing for 40,000 yrs? Proof of “civilisation”? Proof of “statehood”? Proof of socio-political organisation beyond concentric tree houses and tribal councils huddled around campfires?

“Yeah Bosz, what?” Robin asked as he slurped the last of his Kuay Tiau in typical … errr … mad-rush pendatang style.

Well, how about recognition by third parties? By other regional polities? By foreign powers?

I asked Robin if he had seen any record of an Orang Asli delegation to the Ming Dynasty court in the 15th century? Perhaps the anti-Malay historio-revisionists should start work on that project. And to find evidence of a Senoi-China trade pact or a Semang Tok Batin letter of friendship with Alfonso d'Albuquerque. Or perhaps this time to re-spin Hang Tuah as a Negrito and Jebat a Jakun? Couldn’t be that hard, certainly more plausible than the Chinese Hang Tuah fairytale. Yeah, any Orang Asli polity that was part of the Srivijayan thalassocracy? Or “claimed” by either Langkasuka or Sukhothai? By Majapahit or Ayutthaya? Any political, military or economic treaties between the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French or British with an Orang Asli nation on the peninsula or anywhere in the Nusantara? To anti-Malay opportunists out there, want to spin some more?

Robin asked, “O.k., how then do you define a pribumi, a native, if you’re neither an “Orang Asal” nor a pendatang just off the tongkang?”

I told Robin that my definition of a Bumiputra is the group that first set up a recognisable polity on the land and historically ruled other peoples of that land, including the aboriginals, the Orang Asli. Since the dawn of Malay history, the Aslian groups are an integral subset, the ruled, under the Malay ruling class. Hence, the KEY determinant of ownership is not so much who arrived first, but who did what first, i.e., who formed the embryonic entities that were recognised by regional historiographies of that era. Same logic applies between the Japanese "Bumiputras" and their Ainu Orang Aslis. In their universe, ethnic-Korean immigrants are the pendatangs, and aren't fully embraced by the mainstream even after many generations of assimilation.

Based on this premise, to call the Orang Melayu a fellow pandatang on par with more recent tongkang arrivals from China and India is not only an indication of utter ignorance borne of a subpar education but is also a mischievious attempt to bring this country’s historical facts into disrepute.

Bludgeoned by my tutorial, Robin naughtily asked, “So Bosz, between myself and this Tyrone here, what’s the difference? When can we become you?”

I told Robin that he himself, and for that matter the likes of Tyrone as well, hold the key to the issue. And collectively his society will determine their ultimate place under the Malaysian sun. The key lies in their own self-image, what they ultimately want to be on this land. To steadfastly cling to and perpetuate their mimicry of the lingua-cultural essence of a distant, faraway ancestral land OR to play their role in the forging of a true, sustainable Anak Bangsa Malaysia as exhaustively expounded in my post here?

Don’t blame the Malays, the majority, the founder of the original polities dotting this land -- just as migrants to Japan, Germany, Britain or France do not blame the respective “Bumiputras” there -- if the Malays do not accept you as a fellow full-fledged citizen of this land called Malaysia UNTIL and UNLESS you assume certain fundamental affinities to the dominant group, namely language competency and awareness and respect of the prevailing Malay-Bumiputra socio-cultural norms beyond your little enclaves. You can be here for ten or more generations, but if you and your descendants insist on exhibiting foreign lingua-cultural traits on this land, you will still be deemed as an “Orang Asing” in perpetuity, and would probably be “overtaken” by Tyrone’s progenies in the Malaysian socio-constitutional pecking order by the next generation.

After much prompting, Tyrone got us the bill and handed it to ……. yup, Robin. I asked this neo-pendatang, Apasal engkau kasi itu bil sama ini Ah Pek?” Tyrone gave the look that said: ”Isn’t that the way, you pompous ignoramous?” Now, that’s a snapshot of Malaysiana right there, courtesy of this unwashed pendatang. I told Robin, “See my friend, even Tyrone knows YOU are the bodek-ful seeking-something Pendatang, and I’m the can-give-something Tuan Tanah, where YOU must belanja me almost as a matter of social norm.” Robin let out a hearty laugh, agreeing to one of the peculiarities of Malaysian society: that the Ah Pek always gets the bill, be it in slimy kopitiams or the Mandarin Oriental, KLCC.

I grabbed the bill from a bemused Tyrone and gave him some crisp red First Agongs and didn’t bother to await the couple of ringgits in change, thinking Tyrone at least deserved a tip for his comedic presence that night. As we parted ways, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Robins of this world, the generation of Warganegara Malaysia that have become thoroughly alienised in their own land, a bitter social group that are unwitting impediments to true nation-building and the formation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia based on a proud common Bahasa Malaysia tongue underpinned by shared values driven by a predominantly Malay cultural essence and sense of shared destiny. As I board my late night “shut-eye” flight to KB, I told myself that at least I’m returning to a foretaste of that utopia in Kelantan, my own beloved ancestral domain of linguistic and cultural cohesion, deep-rooted pride of identity, excellent cuisine, rich history and, of course, the incomparable exquisite damsels.


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Second Born said...

Dear Sirs / Mdm.

When some Malayans work for independance before, some odd voices were heard saying "Apa Melayu mau bikin sama itu merdeka?"

Merdeka achieved.

When some Malays and Friends wanted to build its own motocar, some voices were heard to bad-mouth them saying, "Apa? Motorcar kaaa? Belajar bikin jarum dulu laaaa!"

Cars built.

When they wanted to put together the Multi-Media Corridor, from the same source was heard a sneer, "Its too big for their own good ... they cannot do it"

It was done

Today some kuchi mayong Malaysian start the ball rolling for SSS. Is this voice of the same straine as the above?

It says, "My take is, the people who actually care here, Malay or otherwise, who are pressing for the SSS and national unity are in the minority. I may be wrong, but for the general Malay, as long as the status quo remains, they are favoured or 'taken care of' through the provisions in the constitution, policies, 'career-friendly' environment in the civil service, scholarships, housing discounts, etc.. they couldn't care less nor even know of the existence of DZ."

Its gist in meaning can be read as, "Apaaa? Melayu lagi kaaaa? Mana dia sendiri boleh bikin ini macam .. tadak orang Cinaa?"

If I am not mistaken, one esteemed msleepyhead said it.

I wander what is he up to? Wet carpet?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir Mr KJmas,
I came across this blog with posting entitled 'Kesesatan Akidah Umno : Fahaman Kebangsaan dan Melayu Islam'. The URL is

After reading it I got more and more confused.

This posting said that '"Bukankah fahaman kebangsaan Melayu ( MelayuIslam) adalah akidah yang sesat lagi menyesatkan. Akidah kebangsan (Nationalisme) atau assobiyyah telah di haramkan dan dikuburkan oleh Rasulillahu 1.4000 tahun yang lalu . Mengapakah akidah yang sesat ini dikorek kembali dari pusaranya dan dihidupkan semula dan dijaja , diprojeksi dan dipropagndakan ajaran dan fahaman sekular yang sesat ini kepada pengundi-pengundi Melayu ".

I'm a young man of 24. And it seems that whenever people asked me is it against the grains of teaching in Islam to perjuangkan bangsa, I was not able to answer. Seems a rather difficult topic to talk about.

How shall I seek clarification on matters posed? I'm pretty sure many younger people out there are perplexed and some are afraid to entertain such probing. Some having difficulty finding reconciliation between Melayu and Islam.

Thank you


Anonymous said...


Taking an early coffee break, I diligently went thru the links you recommended me to read as well as others given earlier.

On this post alone you have referred to the so many times, as follows: (I tried to go in, 2 attempts failed this am – “did not match”). (Googling this one produces this Demi Negara site which mentions the tinyurl link). (The same result with this one).,

Looks like tinyurl has become your bible, my dear. (Hope u r a gal, if not, I withdraw those endearing words, lest I get accused of you-do-I-do or whatever, like Pak Sheikh or Mat Leather King Anwar!)

But the strange thing is I can't get thru and gave up the attempt as it's time wasting. I hope I have not been taken for a ride.

Assuming the links do exist, you appear to be too one-sided, even when you say you want to convey the opinion of the others. Of course we don't expect you to tell us what Malaysia Today and such people say - we don't have to read them, we already know the views of those hardcore, anti-national, anti-establishment, anti-authority, Chin Peng-promoting, even subversive fellows.

We will hear the views of the non-hardcore, genuinely Malaysian in thinking but perhaps misled or not well equipped with knowledge and information about the country. Those who sincerely want to know, not doggedly ply their unwanted wares in blogosphere.

Coffee break sudah habis, back to work, my dear - jangan u lelaki sudah lah. Kalau lelaki, I'll call u "jantan" for masquerading as perempuan.


msleepyhead said...

@Aku (or Maju or others)

Just out of curiosity, since we are open to asking questions frankly, and in good faith, how would providing uniform education opportunities and a single uniform educational system sans the MRSM, matriculation, boarding schools will be detrimental to the Malays today?

Your reasoning for providing educational opportunities to rural Malay students post-Merdeka and up to the the 1970s or even 80s is understandable and acceptable, but the country has been governed by a Malay government for half a century, that surely it can provide equal educational opportunities for all Malaysians, and in what ways can the minorities students 'threaten' the educational opportunities for Malays, if a merit based system is in place for university courses now.

Everyone nowadays, generally go through the national curriculum that has been set by the MOE since the 1970s, SPM instead of MCE. So everyone is learning the same thing, rural or urban.

msleepyhead said...


I could have used ahref.., tapi malas la. Like I said, I want to see how we can tip them over, obviously they aren't going to do it voluntarily. Yes, my views appears one sided, but they are quite common, and it is this types of views we have to counter. The comments at Dr Rafick's site pretty much speaks for itself.

@Second Born,
Thanks for the lighted hearted post. Wouldn't it be boring without an antagonist or wet carpets once in a while, otherwise we'll be reading the banter between KM and Unker only. Would be glad to be proven wrong.

KijangMas said...

satD said:-
"the current empty sloganeering by the man on top fails to realize the basic fundamental tenets that this fragile nation need to subscribe to ... Sikit2 nak focus on pleasing the non-Malays and also to counter what is being offered by the other side ... lets hope more sane minded visionary leaders emerge to take this nation forward ... Current ones deserves a whack with your 9 iron!"

Yes bro satD, PM Najib is big on sloganeering.

Slogans are a sure way to instill planned obsolescence in an initiative as these slogans are only as good as the political life of the sloganeer.

Remember Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah? And Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan? And Islam Hadhari? And Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang? Yup, all hangus into the sunset with their sloganmasters.

I believe Najib has good intentions, but is deficient in vision and application. His psyche and worldview were nurtured via the rose-tinted lenses of a comfy privileged upbringing of bodyguards, elite schools, brief sheltered corporate exposure and political fast-track. I cannot imagine him squeezed in a KL Bas Mini of the 70s, riding a beat-up kapcai or struggling in the streets competing for resources with the regular rakyat. This "grassroot" origin and experience were the elements that shaped TDM into the formidable personality that he is.

Najib is neither a visionary nor a revolutionaire. He seemed determined to maintain the status quo, to not rock the boat, and to live and let live, soliciting accomodation with the Dong Zong segregationists and reveling in the adulation of the reinvented Pakatan-disenchanted Makkal Sakthi crowd. Hence, his "liberal" approach to national issues, including language policy, Malay Special Position, vernacular schools, and national identity.

The "9-iron whacking" must come from his own party, via critical discourses on nationbuilding and the issues we discussed at length here. Who are these people? Who among the UMNO Supreme Council can/will voice his/her thoughts to the highest echelon? What about UMNO Youth? Too tainted to talk? And has Mukhriz been a tad silent lately? Toeing the line already? So are we left only with my friend and indomitable warrior, Brahim Ali -- not even in UMNO anymore -- to pursue the cause of nationbuilding? Does the future augur well for this nation in it's quest for genuine cohesive nationhood?

KijangMas said...

DieHardKijangMasFan- said:-
"Hey! You should come out with some kind of e-books like JMD did."

Coming soon to a PC near you.

And added:-
"You must be a Ph.D holder? Am I right?"

Hmmm the Ph.D. thingy again? Have we met? ;)


satD said:-
"aik...makin banyak fanclub ni ... Unker kita tagteam bikin outsourcing proposal for bro KM fanclub mau?i bet u manyak makcik2 ur type"

Yes please my good bro. I need help to stave off these hordes of adoring fans, some throwing their polka dot sarongs and whatnot into the cyberstage.

The KM Groupies spike during the monsoon season, and this first wave of floods are bringing them in by the Megabyte-load. Of course lah their adulation cannot be published in gory detail here lest my buddy Naif might think these are also self-created fictional characters a la Tommy Yewfigure.

Oh, speak of the devil, I don't know if Unker can assist here. The old puppy's already up to his eyeballs with the makciks.


Naif said:-
"I wonder if the nation would have turn out differently if PUTERA-AMCJA had the reigns of the country, with the likes of Dr.Burhanuddin Al Helmy, Ahmad Boestamam and the other leftists as our leaders. One of the proposals outlined in the constitution is that "Melayu" is to be the title of any proposed citizenship and nationality in Malaya. A subtle way of forced nationalism!"

Naif, there were many possible political permutations that would have led to Malaya's emancipation. Some of these would probably trigger great civil strife, a violent post-independence shake-up of the very core of our nationhood, and ultimate social stability and cohesion as Malaya rid itself of the ethnic-polarisation ghost concocted by the British divide-and-rule policy.

The leftist Malay nationalist movements would have ultimately clashed with the Chinese-centric CPM (in spite of their common socialist ideals) as the thick racial undertone of these groups could not be reconciled, and sans British involvement, Sukarno would have intervened and from the ashes cobbled the ultimate Pan-Malay nation unambiguous in aspiration and identity.

Of course, there are endless other political permutations involving other third parties with vested interests in Malaya's resources. And we'll never really know what would have happened to this land and to each of us if the drama had played out differently.


GadisSarawak90 said:-
"KijangMas, I love u!"

Hmm ... even if I don't have a Ph.D.?

Salam said...

For the first time I've found a person who shared my point of view and backing it up with some credible facts too. Keep it up bro!!

Naif said...

Aduh susah sangat, kalau kita dah tutup sekolah vernakular, sekurang kurangnye bukak lah UiTM utk orang bukan Melayu. Other Unis too should follow suit and allow more non-malays in. No more segregation at all levels. Oh and BM as medium of instruction for all Sekolah Kebangsaan.

This nation was build on a quid pro quo basis i.e through the "social contract" now too Malaysia needs another round of negotiations with representatives from the three major races.

Mysleepyhead is this what your getting at?

satD said...


"Referring to one question, Muhyiddin said the ministry had no intention at this stage to hold a referendum to seek public opinion on the schooling system desired by the people.

He also stressed that the referendum was not necessary because the suggestion did not come from the government but was a personal opinion from an individual."

Read here

I'm trying hard to understand his he saying that referendums can only be officially suggested by the Government?

How many individuals need to propose for it to become something that the Government can consider proposing to itself? huh? gua bace pun pening statement ni...

Some countries got rules that once a certain number of people propose via a petition then Direct Democracy becomes compulsory...

me no loyar....anyone?

Anonymous said...


After all the explanations given in this blog and elsewhere, you still keep on questioning MRSMs etc, I now think you simply don't want to accept the fact that those institutions are part of the NEP and that the policy was drawn from the Constitutional provision on the Special Position of the Malays.

Despite those many explanations, you still talk about meritocracy ala the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" concept, I think you may even belong to, or are a sympathiser of the anti-nationalist DAP. You even sound like the blogger calling himself "Malaysian Heart" who people doubt whether his heart is really Malaysian - more Singaporean, even US-ean, etc.

Remember, if you keep questioning, by implication or otherwise, the Special Position of the Malays, the Malays can question your citizenship. It was the quid for quo.

Of course, you would also not agree even with Tun Dr Mahathir who has said that there is no equality when there is Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays.

Likewise, you also would not have agreed with what Tun Tan Siew Sin had said in 1969 that the Malays have been "generous enough" not only in agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka but also relaxing citizenship rules for them after Merdeka.

Your stand is what the Malays call ingratitude. You want more, more and more.

I am no longer interested in talking with you and leave you to the others here some of whom have very strong feelings for the Malays and their rights in this country.


msleepyhead said...


Thought we were being outright with each other. I knew it touched on Malay Special Position, but that is the very same reasoning the DZ is giving, that education is important, in their case 'mother tongue' or Mandarin.

Forget about the SRJK(M), I've read the previous posts in DN and others have commented on it in detail. I get the Malay stand on the matter.

I'm asking if there can be a united and equal opportunity education system that takes care of all, and how would a mainstream education for everyone be bad for anyone, let alone the Malays who form the majority in this day and age? Are you saying the national schools are not good enough for everyone that some segments of the populations, e.g. rural Malays/Bumiputera Sabah Sarawak have to be uprooted and boarded elsewhere.

As mentioned, this is understandable when there were still lack of schools and teachers back in the days. We've come a long way since then, so why can't we have an excellent education system available to all, the beneficiaries are the Malays as they form the majority, so the minorities are also taken care of by this system that caters to serve the greater national interest, which would be the moulded after Malay culture after all. This is already happening in some national schools as in the recent JMD post.

It appears you want to have your cake and eat it too.

I think the Malays have progressed enough since Merdeka that they can lead the country by being inclusive of the minorities, without fear that the minorities will take over them in every field especially education. There was a time when I couldn't understand why some of my classmates went to MRSM when we live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school since primary days. I went through the national school system all the way, and later met some of them in university again, and of course some of them were already into their second year because they entered through matriculation which can be a year as compared to the STPM which is two.

Of course, I know what Aku meant by the Special Positions/social contract and how it is already there in the Constitution, but now we're talking about a united schooling system, surely we can bring it to the table or are some things off the table during the negotiation?

Anonymous said...


I think TS Muhyiddin has chosen his words carefully by using the words "at this stage" when commenting on the Referendum proposal.

He also chose his words carefully when first responding to the SSS Proposal months ago. And he has not gone against the thinking of DS Najib who recently even asked the rakyat to give ideas and suggestions to his 1Malaysia blog pertaining to the single-stream schooling discussed in Parliament.

While this SSS subject may not be discussed in Cabinet, I have a feeling that TS Muhyiddin must have talked about it with DS Najib in one of his consultations with the boss. I do not believe they are oblivious to responsible suggestions made in blogosphere, especially when DS Najib himself operates a blog and wants people to read what he says.

The Referendum proposal which you have written about quite some time ago is the most practical and safe steps to take to determine the wishes of the people. It is such an important issue to the nation that it is well worth the money and the effort. It is the most democratic way of deciding on a controversial issue.

The opposition to SSS is really not that big. How ever much membership and support the Dong Zong is said to have. For goodness sake, the Chinese and Indians constitute only 30% of the population. And quite a number of them support the SSS. It is quite clear that there is majority, albeit silent majority, supporting SSS.

Nevertheless, to be "nice" to the others, to be safe in politics, the political leaders of the country can choose the Referendum as a way out. No other sensible way. No one can say the Dong Zong is right. No such thing as "multi-national state". We must have ONE STATE, period. And that state must be MALAYSIA, with ONE BANGSA MALAYSIA, with a strong sense of togetherness, of belonging, of shared common values and ethics, as have repeatedly been stated by the others here.


KijangMas said...

Sepadu said:-
"Malays like Dato Sagor and his followers in Lower Perak were strongly nationalistic and even stabbed to death the British Resident, JWW Birch ... But Malay leaders prior to Merdeka were quite a different breed. Perhaps their arms twisted by the British Imperialists, perhaps in the keenness to get independence and hold power, they agreed to citizenship for the non-Malays who were stateless for all those years under British colonial rule ... Again, after Independence, the Melayu leaders allowed the vernacular schools. And the problems associated with them have been the subject of active discussions ..."

Sdr Sepadu, the British essentially handpicked the Malay group that would "fight" for Malaya's independence, while the Semangat Melayu Malays were tagged as radicals, subversives and leftists and were locked-up or banished or silenced. The British-friendly Anglophile aristocrats were deemed reasonable and willing to share the negotiating table with reps of the not-yet-citizens immigrant communities. The Raja-Raja Melayu may have other ideas but their four representatives to the Merdeka Talks were largely ignored and became obscure footnotes in history.

Of course, acquiescence with conditions of the coloniser could be a strategic stance by independence-seeking nationalists as a means towards expediting the independence process. And once the colonising troops are gone, these leaders would quickly forge political-security alliances with other parties and would then ignore/forget most of the pre-independence pledges/conditions and chart their own nationalistic programmes. The British themselves half-expected this as this was the norm in all their newly independent colonies of that era, where native leaders would tear the old pre-independence agreements (ostensibly agreed under duress) and re-engineer their societies in the image of their historical cultural essence.

BUT the Tunku was the consummate gentleman (I would call it blissfully naïve)and actually honour the various terms to the letter -- including creating warganegaras out of obvious foreigners -- and thus began the dilution of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu into what it is today.

Sepadu added:-
"Let's now look at Dato
Seri Najib's rule, his 1Malaysia concept, his policies, which to me are not yet clear in many aspects, especially liberalism / liberalisation, who benefits from all those, and his statements at UMNO Gen Assembly that the Malays have to also look after the interests of the non-Malays ... The Malays have been left behind scores of yeas economically, educationally, etc, the 30% corporate wealth target not even achieved ... racial polarisation and non acceptance of the Social Contract and lack of respect for the Constitution increasingly becoming evident, and we have to look after the interests of the others as well? What is he talking about?"

Well, I call this the Double Whammy -- sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Not only were the Malays shortchanged immensely upon Merdeka, they are being shortchanged again today by their own leaders -- all in the spirit of "national unity" that is but a figment of Najib's imagination.

I've said it time and again here and elsewhere, national unity and cohesion and identity cannot be left to a population's own devices -- not least in such a complex society we unwittingly inherit from the British -- but must be actively forged by the national leadership. This is what nationhood is all about. There is no such thing as a free-for-all social-cultural milieu where everyone can liberally coin their own interpretation of what the nation is all about, such as the laughable "Multination State" fantasy of the Dong Zong subversives.

Cenderawasih said...


MRSM here, MRSM there..boring la.yawning..what so special about this school anyway?

To rub sleep from my eyes, I search for schools in Malaysia and found this.bilangan sekolah di Malaysia

Ooohh..Interesting,1292 of SJKCs and 523 of SJKTs all over the sultans' realms,Federal Territories,Land Below the Wind, Land of Hornbil,Pearl of Orient and Historical City of Melaka.Total,1815 of SRJKs using Mandarin and Tamil as medium of instruction, non-native language for this region.5795 of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan,which is available to all rakyat and Bahasa Kebangsaan as medium of instruction.

Well, now MRSM(tapi MRSM sekolah menengah??hmmm...hentam je lah)..People keep harping on MRSM, but do we know actually about MRSM?How to apply,minimum requirements,numbers of schools,ethnic fractions in the schools,eligiblity,etc?Please kindly surf this link Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM)

Even if you are chinese/indian, you can apply, as long as you finish you study at SRK(if you want to start early) or SMK(spend just 2 years at MRSM).I believe you all can read it, enough of unnecessary words here.

After so much fuss over these schools, I wonder the numbers of MRSM in our country?500?800?1000?

WHAT???Just FUCKING 32?After grappling and wrestling over this matter?If you anti-single school-stream dullard ever know how to count?oops sorry.Still questioning MSRM,bring to the table during negotiation?Freaking 1815 over meager 32!!!?Not even worth my earwax you DOTARD!!!!BLIND, and RETARD I say!!! oppss, sorry,sorry KijangMas..My "backspace" is not working..and I don't why my fingers disobey my brain..or perhaps it is my brain after all??I should read this book,"Mind Your Fucking Language"...Ehh,dah tukar..Obey Me pulak.Never mind..and please approve my comment.

Now, if chinese/indian can enter MRSM why so much blabering here?You should join your friend instead of bitching about "why my friends left me", "this school is better what,multiracial"?I know its too late just too old for MRSM(chuckle)
Msleepyhead, please forgive my fingers..bad fingers,naughty fingers(slapping and kicking sounds)

Pala Otak Hang said...

Haha...nice one Cenderawasih! Another peculiar thing is why the heck are they so interested to get into the 32 MRSMs? Tak teringin ke masuk SAR sama? Aren't all MRSMs/SBPs managed by the less-than-competent Malays (so said them lah), where most of the teachers are the less-than-competent Malays, and there are doa and Quran recitals during morning assemblies - the so-called Islamization of schools - which those kapiaq anti-SSS people fear so much and allegedly push them over to the SJKs? I believe all these MRSM, SBP, NEP issues are just failed excuses for them to cling on to SJKs. Mana boleh pakai hukum logik dengan depa ni.

KijangMas said...

Aku said:-
"Politics of accommodation, regardless of the time when they could speak from strength. They were strong pre-Merdeka, this is Malay country, the non-Malays were stateless all those years, yet the Malays agreed to non-Malay citizenship. Thinking the non-Malays would be grateful and reasonable in later years. Relaxed the rules on the issue of citizenship certificates on top of that."

Indeed, Aku. Malays form over 80% of the electorate at Merdeka. By the time the dust settled on the Kerakyatan Percuma fiasco, the non-Malays collectively matched the Malays. Throw in Singapore and the Malays lost their numerical superiority on their own Tanah Air. And the political dynamics of the post-independence era, more so after merger with Singapore via Malaysia, attested to this shift in the demographic equilibrium. Singapore was expelled in a lazyman's solution to the problem -- effectively relinquishing Malay sovereignty over such a strategic and symbolic piece of real estate, which has also become an unnecessary external threat to our security -- in a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Aku added:-
"Tengku A Rahman, by character, was an accommodating person. He believed everybody good until proven bad. Unfortunately, by the time he had proof that some were bad, things had gone pretty bad and he kicked Lee Kuan Yew out. In so doing we lost hell of a lot. An island that was given away to the British in 1819, brought back to us in 1963 and given away again in 1965."

Yup, the expulsion of Singapore was the greatest strategic fiasco in modern Malay history. No sovereign nation had ever relinquished control of its own territory on account of tackling a handful of recalcitrant pendatang rabble rousers. We lost our strategic Woodlands naval base, withdrew thousands of troops, and relinquished control of the military and police forces left behind, not to mention foreign affairs and access to half of the tax revenues -- all without a single shot being fired -- to a bunch of PAP politicians in cheap white short-sleeved shirts.

Look at the century-old Thai occupation of the 20,000 sq km Patani Region with its 3 million indigenous Malays. Any indication of PM Abbhisit "expelling" Patani as a measure to quell the brutal insurrection against Thai misrule? No. Countries go to war to preserve their territory, no matter how they acquire it. And today we see 50,000 Thai combat troops armed to the teeth plus 40,000 police and irregulars fighting it out with thousands of Malay insurgents in a battle to the death with no end in sight.

But Singapore?

Read LKY's memoirs for a compelling picture of the day Singapore was expelled. Read his account of being visited by a battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment under federal command that was ordered by the Tunku to ensure his safety (and not to seize him as he initially suspected) in his short trip to the broadcasting station to make his tearful announcement to the Singapore people. See the Melayus? Ever the nature's gentleman.

Aku also said:-
"Malays have been weakened during the 5 years of misrule ... We now have a new leader and we certainly have not seen any ballism yet ... I nevertheless believe that the time will come when a Malay leader with "testicular fortitude" (to borrow your words) will emerge to put things right."

Yup, I'm sure we are all waiting with bated breath. But I believe this leader with iron-clad testicles will emerge only in a time of great adversity to the Malays and the nation itself.

Cenderawasih said...

extracted from here


I assume that the "clans" you are talking about refers to the "hometown associations" found in major Malaysian cities, divided largely along dialect and geographic lines (there are no other significant "clan-like" organizations other than your everyday trade guilds, by the way). Then these questions can be answered as such:

1. The clan associations used to be very significant, but are rapidly declining in importance in the recent decades. Today, membership has been mostly declining, and the financial aspects are mostly limited to scholarship for children of low-income members and cultural/festive associations.

2. No. And nothing clan-related. Hometown associations may help in organizing fundraising efforts of local schools, but the majority of school funds are either collected from students' parents as operational supplements on a flat rate, or raised directly abd voluntarily from local communities. DongJiaZong coordinates the testing and curricular standards of schools nationwide and sometimes coordinate fundraising efforts, but is large incapable of doling out funds itself.

3. No.

4. No. And it would be hard to imagine the seniors killing time with mahjong in the association buildings will be involved in any serious gangs, anyway.

Using the word "cling" might not be a good idea if you want to ask "in good faith", by the way. The questions are amusingly anachronistic, and I do wish you success in spreading the facts to people unaware of them.


you missed the last paragraph msleepyhead.

when problems persists, people just can't hold it anymore..after blatant hypocrisy,circumlocution,mumbojumbo,excuses,selfish demands,chauvinism,multi-state-self delusion popinjay with long eyebrow hairs,so-called malaysian,PRC/Taiwan/Hongkong mycard bearer and all sort of that for bloody 52 YEARS.

"cling" just a sign of frustration.early symptom of "kemeluatan" maybe?well for this moment but what future brings?we shall see.

NJ said...

Good revelation, very well said Cenderawasih and Pala Otak Hang on the 32 nos MRSM versus thousands of SRJK.

Sometimes, I am just "speechless", so much greed, so much self-centred, all they want is just to take! take! gobble! gobble! not an iota of thought cross their mind to even consider giving a little to others. Unbelievable !!!! And you want to have a round table discussion, negotiation with this i-dont-know-what-to-call-beings?

These beings dont even deserve to set foot on this planet called earth!



Third Born said...

Why you bad people bad mouth bad msleepyhead so much? He is ugly what. Ugly is good. He said so. The one-km ugly kiasu donkzonk streak in hi so enamured many that they fall head over heel for the slighters glance of macho heel. makkal sakti. makkal sakti. I guess should this tamil hero dies, the patrons here sure will burn down this theatre like they do in india. Heros in tamil pictures should die. Makkal msleepyhead sakti.

People said he has another secret identity though. Something to do with malaysianheart; whatever that means. Between them two he is out to disjoint good brotherhood brotherliness between the country's citizens by instigating anger hate dissatisfaction of one ethnic against the other. This macho elastic man should join uthayakumar of hindraf fame. Oooooo I loooove this dude. I wander how good is this tamil hero in bed .. can his kk last that long? Or is he a she? Still and if so, how much of a nymph is she? Oooooo I looove this cleo too.

Because of him&her soooo many got their hard-on and orgasm in secret.

Anonymous said...

Belit, jangan tak belit sleepyhead, "what to do, you mau cari makan punya pasal"...

Unker Yew, we are having a huge BBQ party soon, my Amah nak pinjam you punya uniform, boleh ker..

Ni sorang lagi, berangan, keep on dreaming..



Tam Dalyell said...

Actually all these argumentation forwarded by msleepyhead and others like him is the excuse for inability to work. It is the deception of the dark side of the minds which tend to lead and indulge in such talks aimed at disruptions, discord and final occupation. This is true, as true as the existance of disciplines that thrives on chaos, aiming at unbridled power as its ultimate acesess and controll. Its latent hidden intense and camouflaged abhorance, if not hatred for all rules and scheduled scheme of things that are not theirs is all too apparent.

But the real meaning of the Negara Ku or the Rukun Negara is that nothing should be allowed to contaminate and pullute the sanctity or Kedaulatan of the Negara. All PMs did that, some less, whilst some to a more degree ... except one who made such contaminants as msleepyhead or vinan or ruyom or dpp etc etc possible. Because of the workings of these dark minds, the spirit of the National Anthem or the Rukun Negara, are contemptuously trempled beneath innocent heels. The defenders of such past times are grey luminaries such as Lim Kit Siang, Anuar Ibrahim etc, translated into to-be-law by the Bar Council and applied on to the ground by their foot soilders such as Haris down to sewer ninja turtles such as msleepyhead, ewo, ruyom, vinan etc etc.

KijangMas said...

Mat Cendana said:-
"... there seems to be a problem with the RSS feed from here - my blog didn't get the latest. Has deleted and set it up again in the hope it'll work. But doesn't seem to.."

Salam and good to hear from you Mat.

Yes, I noticed the anomaly. Somehow the DN RSS feed on your blog stopped at the "Teeny Weeny" post. Must be a persistent bug. Bro Rezuan Asrah, if you're reading this, perhaps you can assist.


Abu said:-
"The MCA Youth must not, like they said in their 9.12.2008 statement criticising Professor Khoo Kay Kim on the one-school concept recently, call for the abolishment of the New Economic Policy - That kind of statement may invite similar calls against their citizenship, which was the quid pro quo for the Special Position of the Malays. And that’s not good for anybody."

MCA? MCA Youth? These bunch of infighting has-beens still relevant in today's socio-political realm?


Their meaningless rhetoric are just bottom-of-the-barrel fishing for crumbs of Chinese support by appealing to the inherent hardcore chauvinism of their kin. But as I've said many times before, the Chinese votes have gone enmasse to the subversives of DAP and PKR. Heck, many Chinese would rather vote for PAS than for MCA as a means to defy UMNO/BN and to prop up the crumbling Pakatan.

At least many Indians have turned the corner after realising the futility of their silly cavorting with the hard-core closet Indian-haters in DAP. But not the Chinese. And MCA will do whatever it takes to woo these lost souls, even if they make further fools of themselves in the process.


Tommy Yewfigure said:-
"Hey KM, I wud have come in earlier if not for MC hogging the PC ;))"

Haiya, get your own lah Unker ... Can't you see my main man Mat is busy with his blogs and whatnot? Anyway, who does the chores in your joint digs?

Unker added:-
"Oh and the good old Cherry vanilla Dr Pepper, good drink but taste a lot like Breacol Cough Syrup lah. Strong enough tho to wash your budu down!"

Yeah, and try consuming the Dr. Pepper and budu with a couple of panadols and some tapioca tapai, topped off with a freshly rolled Tembakau Cap Nanas rokok daun. That ought to squeeze the creative literary juices out of your cerebral cortex.


Mat Cendana said:-
"@Tommy Yewfigure ... No hogging possible - I have TWO laptops now. Received a new Acer with Windows XP Pro last week."

Yeah Mat, lend Unker your older laptop and do monitor his clandestine activites in the lonely makcik blogs. He's apparently a celebrity in those parts nowadays, a pseudo-cuddly mascot feigning some sort of Ph.D. persona ..... hey, maybe I should join the fun there as well. Woi Unker, move aside, Dr. Pepper and budu on me ......!


Cenderawasih said:-
"... about azly rahman,I think he should undergo a conscious and mandated ubahjantina surgery.anyone?did someone mentioned about kapak before?maybe azly suffered permanent head damage to be exact, not kuldeep thingy."

Aaah that Azly Rahman fellow again. This is half of the husband-wife team that consumed RM1.2m of our tax money for their decade-long overseas education and then bad-mouth anything-Malay and the government and refused to return to serve their UUM paymasters on account of flimsy excuses reflective of their GuaMaluLayu species.

But he's a prophet for the anti-Malay subversives though. Go figure.

KijangMas said...

satD said:-
"... GuaMaluLayu High Priest Mr.Teapot cant even answer a straight question if he is a Muslim ... I got no problems with other religion but with folks pretending to be Muslim and try to sesatkan orang Islam thats another story altogether...."

Yeah Bro satD, I've done the forensics on this wayward Keralan in Malay Muslim costume and each of the half dozen loyal sycophants in his blog.

Won't elaborate but what a sad and twisted lot. The discourses in his blog are good indicators of their woefully distorted view of Malaysiana beyond their cosy boutique cafe cocoons. A couple are closet DN Groupies, able to paraphrase and denigrade old KM anecdotes in an instant to garnish their subversive designs on our Tanah Air.


satD said:-
"ape cita perak ooi....dengar ade tamby semangat nak pakai songkok sampai berebut dengan polis"

Ya bro, inilah yang anehnya. Dulu makhluk-makhluk anti-Melayu nih sanggup mati dari pakai songkok. Di Johor, sampai kena terajang buang dari Dewan atas arahan Al-Sultan. Tapi bila songkok menjadi simbol kekuasaan, bermati-matian pulak nak pakai. Ya, sampai bergelut dengan polis tak mau pisahkan songkok dari kepala. Macam dah terlekat kat dahi guna Krazy Glue. Nasib baik tak tercabut kepala sekali songkok hari tuh si tamby nih!

Apa dah jadi dengan dakwaan akan terhakisnya budaya jatuh tongkang bawang kalau pakai songkok?


DrWho said:-
"By the way,where is DPP?
No sign of him commenting in the usual blogs.Must have an opponent to remain sharp."

Doc, in real life, a good penampar or tempeleng from me would make one sick for three days and disoriented for a couple of weeks. I don't know the equivalent in cyberspace, but I guess the inability to type coherent sentences (not that it was fully coherent in the first place) after a good KM whacking in DN would last two weeks or so.

The pundek should be as good as new now. But may not have the guts anymore, like the rest of them now reduced to whispering among themselves in their pitiful dungeons and shitholes.


NJ said:-
"... the words "single stream" has now reached the Parliament. That is an achievement."

Yes Sdr NJ, and they are here to stay -- in parliament, on the streets, in our homes, in the kedai kopis, everywhere. There's no turning back. The genie is out of the bag now after 52 years of hibernation in the political back burner.


Omong said:-
"Looks like the SSS campaign may just bear fruition. Alhamdulillah, syukur."

Yes Omong dear. Praise be to Allah Subhanahu wata'ala. It's a long way to the promised land, but we are on the right track. I for one will never relent. Push forward we will. We shall prevail; the nation shall prevail. SSS is the future for the people of this land.

msleepyhead said...

Aduih! Guess I saw that coming. Sampai mencarut-carut. Should have heeded Aku's warning. Been away for a while and others taruh juga, bertubi-tubi somemore. haha.

I'm not the Sakit-Manis type nor am I into S&M, you have your points, and I get your frustration as it's a recurring theme. But I am sincere, and I stand by that. Or else I would have been one of them hit-and-runs. A dark force I am not, if you're into that whole Jedi-Yoda thing.

Either I'm asking all the right questions and pushing all the right buttons or I'm stirring the hornets' nest, am I right?

A bigger picture is emerging I believe, and something good may come out of it after all. Thanks for the penerangan link, suppose you're no member of Ansara if you have to point me there.

It's a matter of perception, and if we follow the conversations here and especially here, you'll understand why MRSM/SBP is such a big deal.

More background reading here, here, and here if anyone's interested, although the last one is the most recent, I don't appreciate the racist tone in the writings, but it gives an idea of what is inside the head of the others and why MRSM is often brought up, because it is not only just merely a school, it is a gateway to higher education, scholarship, a secure pathway, etc. The articles and comments in those link are self-explanatory.

I did intentionally left out the last paragraph from Coltz as it was addressed to me, firstly, and I believed it would have caused further misunderstanding by escalating the issue as it is merely pedantic, IMHO.

The bigger picture, for me at least, is now there is 1Malaysia with three, four or even more schooling systems, depending on who you ask, but more importantly different perceptions of what the reality really is.

Be right back about the reality part later. Gonna apply some minyak cap harimau to the lebam-lebam. Adeh!

I'm no shit-stirrer, nor am I throwing smoke bombs to divert your attention, I'm merely hoping to engage all you so that you will also see beyond your Malay-nationalism tinted views, as this is what this blog and its sister blog is mainly about. I'm not testing anyone's patience, nor am I challenging your authority, my personal believe is the country is already yours and sooner or later the minority population will dwindle even further, but the general feeling I get here is things can't be debated openly and every other opinion is seen as a challenge/threat/attempt to disrupt the harmonious camaraderie going on here.

to be continued...

Anonymous said...


Your feeling that "things can't be debated openly and every other opinion is seen as a challenge/ threat/attempt to disrupt the harmonious camaraderie going on here" is unjustified.

I see that there have been occasions when others have engaged you in a normal manner. The problem starts when you appear to be "one of them". You know lah, the "them" refers to the chauvinistic, non Articles 152 and 153-respecting, anti-national, even subversive, Chin Peng-supporting, anti-authority group of the ungrateful, never-satisfied, wanting more, more and more so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" DAP crowd. Maybe they don't see all of those adjectives applicable to you but a few may be.

If you don't make your stand clear and continue to put out comments that lead to such a perception of you, you can't feel the way you said you feel with justification.

Of course we are Malay nationalists. But we are also Malaysian nationalists. That's the difference between us and "them". How can you be Malaysian nationalists when you want to have a "multi-nation state", when you insist on multi-educational systems whereas people are talking about national unity and a united, cohesive Bangsa Malaysia?


msleepyhead said...

Thanks for the comment Dot.

Suppose I'll have to make my stand here and now. I'm all for a one school system and my comments/opinions/discussion have always centered on education and I try to look at things from all side.

I'm calling out the elephantS in the room and am simply calling a spade a spade. I've never been a communist sympathizer or have supported and attacked any political party on both sides when it comes to the education issue as both sides seem to want the continuation of a vernacular system.

I believe there is a culture clash firstly, and things have got to such a stage due to our history that what we may perceive as constitutionally wrong, the continuation of vernacular schools, is now accepted as part of the Malaysian way of life. Ok, so how do we reverse it - the SSS is of course a start and it has got people from talking, and more importantly making headlines.

The DN community say that the descendants of immigrants are clinging on to this alien system and are selfish to not want to contribute towards national unity, and I'm trying to present that point of view without being a supporter of that system as I have never been through it personally therefore I do not even have any sentimental attachment. I'm merely bringing it all up from an observer's point of view and am trying to add to what I see is already a united opinion (and shall I say judgment) here by whether the likes of Maju, satD, SP, you, and the rest.

Also I must add that most of my points are speculative backed by sources wherever possible to try and understand why people do things the way they do here in our country.

And speaking of reality, I think, and again this is speculative, the people of all races perceive the reality that is Malaysia differently, and this may be the source of the problem. KM is proposing a Nusantaran ideal, a sort of back to roots thing, of where we came from geographically and culturally, all the way back to Srivijaya, but reality is the people has changed, and the very idea he so fondly spoke of over and over again may only be true to certain parts of the country or some people. The urban Malay is a different people altogether than the rural one, and so are the other races depending on where they are and the people the interact with on a daily basis.

As a people we have been told and convinced of so many things that our idea of, again, what this reality of Malaysia is really depends on who we hear it from. People in the Chinese community, may listen to it from their leaders (political, community, etc) and are told that it's ok to have vernacular schools as we have agreed on it in the Cabinet or wherever for example.

So there are other underlying reasons why people are opposed to the single school system rather than opposed to the idea of unity through education. If you have read the accounts of BTN and personal stories of discrimination than you'll understand the paranoia on the non-Malay side. So their reality is shaped by these experiences, whether they experienced it themselves or even if it was not true.

And it is the same when the Chinese is often painted as some economic genius, when in truth you'll find that most of the businessmen/women do business because they might not be good in studies and go on to higher education. Some people were slighted by the use of 'superior' or 'advanced' culture, I apologize if those terms are not PC, but I only used them in the strictest relative fashion when referring to these circumstances where the Chinese are perceived as having a hand up somehow due to our history. That may be applied up to the 1970s but then now surely it'a already a level playing field, educationally at least, because the education system in the past twenty if not thirty years have been Bumiputera friendly, and with the Malay Special Positions in place, a whole new Malay generation should have been created by now whose children can go to through a universal system.

msleepyhead said...


A lot of the views here are not taking into consideration the worries and concerns, legitimate or not, of why these vernacular school groups are clinging on to their system.

KM's call for a renaissance of the Nusantara spirit is right and when achieved will lead this country to greater heights. Be generous, be inclusive of the minorities and keep them in check if you want (we're not America) offer their kids scholarship so they will serve the country, set the bar high, be fair to everyone, please do not equate the Special Positions as the rights to mediocrity in education.

My question is, why in this day and age, still the Malays are 'afraid of' or 'sidelining' (for lack of better words) the minorities in education? IMO, even if we have a single education system who is fair to everyone in terms of opportunity, the Malay representation, if you are worried about how a merit based system will affect them, will surely be taken care of by itself merely by their numbers. Same goes to helping poor students.

To lighten up, I watched this on youtube and understand why KM speaks greatly of the American way. He was also on AlJazeera, and I was blown away by how articulate he is. Despite the comedy, there are some strong messages in it such as how things are really not what we perceive it to be and we need to take a step back and look at it, if not then at least be able to laugh at it. Boy, that Bahasa Melayu Apek is sure fodder here. ;)

satD said...


tinted views you say?....

i think most of us here see clearly the path and "sacrifices" this nation needs to make for it to truly be a nation of Malaysians....

on a lighter note check this out..

since you have state your position on SSS if i may ask what does folks from your racial group think of your stand? (here i'm assuming that you are not Malay) Do you publicly declare your position? What does your community thinks of leaders from their own race when it comes to positive stance on SSS?

Anonymous said...


A short note -

Perhaps if you state your stand every time before you raise touchy issues, the Malay nationalists might not get uptight right out.

You said, "Be generous, be inclusive of the minorities" - you don't accept Tun Tan Siew Sin's words, even as long ago as in 1969, that the Malays have been "generous enough"?

And generous some more by allowing 10% intake in MRSM. Want more, more and more? Do you realise that for every one place given to non-Malays, one place is denied the Malay - the places are not limitless, are they?

You also said, "please do not equate the Special Positions as the rights to mediocrity in education .. My question is, why in this day and age, still the Malays are 'afraid of' or 'sidelining' (for lack of better words) the minorities in education?" Now, that's a touchy thing. You don't seem to accept that the special educational institutions are part of that Special Position and that if you and your descendants can get citizenship forever, the Malays must have the Special Position (the quid pro quo) forever, too.

You have to accept the fact that, as Tun Dr Mahathir has said, there is no equal rights in this country when the Constitution has Article 153 giving special rights to the Malays. When you don't accept that, life would be miserable and tension will continue. So, have SSS.

I must commend you that your English has become better almost every time you make long comments. If there is no one behind or with you in producing them, then I like to compliment you on that score.

Did I say a short note?


msleepyhead said...

'Tinted views' wasn't used as a negative term and all of us in some ways view the world and our 'reality' through some tinted lens created by our experience and hope for the future. In most of the views here, it's coming from the Malay nationalist perspective and same goes for the vernacular school guys who are clinging on to their system. As to your question, I couldn't speak for them as an insider, merely as an observer. Their views are filtered through the Chinese papers, leaders, and whomever again through their tinted views that they miss out on the good stuff in SSS, not just the unity part but also the whole review of the education system.

Chappelle is good, saw some of his other gigs but not this one yet. Thanks for sharing. Even our neighbour Down South has their stuckups in education.

Wah, practice makes perfect as they say, but I'm just learning as much from the writing style of everyone whom have kept their comments well written and civil. Even from those who wouldn't want to engage in me anymore, haha.

No doubt about the TunTSS quote.. gratitude, citizenship, social contract, Article 153, etc. I'm with you on those, and even if I don't there is nothing I can do about it out there by writing about it here when all the policies are implemented by Malays in reality. It will be like barking at the moon. It all comes back to perception - ok, we get that the Malays have enshrined rights as natives of the land, but the perception is that even that is not carried out fairly, and that is what is meant by 'being generous', by giving people their dues where it is deserved. I'm not referring to the segment of the population like the Apek who complained the fried rice is too spicy and grabbed everything for his family, but the system must learn to distinguish the genuine ones from these selfish kiasu types, just as much as it needs to help genuine poor Malays and let the rich ones pay for their own way through.

Why do we still hear about non-Malay kids in national school being discriminated, although those are isolated cases, it is enough to distort the views of the vernacular school guys. Likewise, for every rich Malay who is let through by the system, a poor non-Malay is left out.

The Malays of the Merdeka generation have been generous to grant citizenship to the stateless immigrants but that is no excuse for some of the sidelining of fellow citizens we hear about now. Why can't everyone win? How can the progress of all citizens be detrimental to some? Even with the exchange for citizenship and the Special Positions in place, surely things can be carried out fairly so that we share a common 'reality' of what Malaysia is.

On a last note, the 'tone of the conversations' of the previous links here and here is a sample of the different realities out there. The first one is confident, to the extent of being spoilt for choice, and the second one seems to have a different idea altogether what those institutions stand for, which led to some resentment.

No one is really right or wrong in those cases, but clearly there is such a huge difference in perception that we have lost touch of the common vision that is Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Let us not go so far away, but look to places closer to your hearts, where probably your grandparents or parents can give you their hands-on true experience.

India and China (or maybe Indonesia), may I presume your forefathers once came from these countries.

They have over 1billion citizens each, and without your presence or contributions, are now progressing well.

Maybe you should try and analyse how these 2 countries (closer to your heart) standardise and unify their educational systems, special privileges (if any) given to its citizens and children of migrants?

Why do you need to compare to American standards?


Cenderawasih said...

msleepyhead, forgive my fingers..such a bad fingers.

well actually I am a reasonable person but not so for my fingers.For my firts comment(early part of it), I refer to all anti single stream school lads(not particularly you,you are not one of them right?).Sorry for "cursing", hehe.My fingers just went berserk, at mere display of 32 and 18** schools number.And the last part, if you all noticed there is quite a number of msleepyhead's comments moaning about his friends leaving him for MRSM. A little bit iritating when the same words displayed on your screen.that's explained my fingers further outburst I think.

Yes MRSM and SBP is a gateway for higher learning. If Chinese and indian want to joined the throng, go to national school then.just simple as further straighten the knot, discard SJK. Half of our national problems will simply vanished,poofff,gone,vapourized,diluted. Government no longer have to think about colonial relics.most of the checklist in JPA, MARA and IPTAs filters will disappeared.

Because now, most of chinese/indian lads failed to speaks proper BM(standard or dialect).exactly like a foreigners..just admit too failed to understand them..haha those poor souls..I bet most of them not even know about BM in Jawi and roman script.let alone to differentiate it.

Cenderawasih said...

my bad, my bad...

"I bet most of them not even know about BM in Jawi and roman script."

about roman script BM, I mean history behind BM in roman script..


Sumo Piar said...

And the wise msleepyhead said, "..for every rich Malay who is let through by the system, a poor non-Malay is left out"

No. He should have said, "going by the ratio of (approx 63:26:11 of B:C:I) for every 1 Chinese billionare the syatem should let through 3 Bumis, and everyone should work patiently for that no matter how long it takes. This is the so called win win situation. Everyone is made happy. Except the greedy ugly kiasus.

msleepyhead said...

Just posted this at satD's, unless MOE releases actual figures, maybe there's something to chew on for the moment. Let's wait for satD to comment, he does numbers for a living after all.

According to wiki, which quoted the Jab Statistik Negara, as of Sept 2008, the population is said to be at 27.7 million, let us round it up to 28 million. And if we look at the percentage of those below 15 years of age - 32%, we can assume that the school going population is about 9 million. Chinese and Indians are said to make up about 30% of the population, so if we round it up again, we will see that it makes 3 million non-Malay school going children and if the 90% number of those going to vernacular schools is true, then it's about 2.7 million kids in them. If we take Cenderawasih@DN's MOE number (1292+523) and round it up to 2000, then each school is accomodating about 1350 students. Which is about the same for SK with 1000 each (6mil/6000). Does the numbers stack up?

And referring to the same the MOE school breakdown, in the Peringkat Menengah there is no SMJK, which I assume is already classified under SMK because the medium of instruction is already in BM.

But if we interpret the data, using the number of classes for both SRJK(C+T) sesi pagi: 16902; sesi petang: 251; and sesi pagi&petang: 7246, and if each class has 50 students then the total student population for SRJK(C+T) would be (16902+251+7246) x 50 = 1,219,950 or 1.2 million students. Even if the sesi pagi&petang classes accomodate another round of students, then it will be (16902+251+(7246x2)) X 50 = 1 582 250, or 1.6 million students. And 1.6 million out of 9 million forms around 17.8% of the school going population or 1.6million out of 27.7 million is 5.7 percent of the population. Is it significant enough in 10 years time if this for this segment of the population to cause disunity?

It seems we may only see the effects of the present generation in say ten years to come with the way things are going at the moment - the 2.7 million (or 1.6 million) kids continue to SMK and BM already being a must pass subject for PMR and SPM.

If we keep to the aim of the SSS which is to convert primary vernacular schools to national schools, then it may not be such a big task afterall. So how do we tip them over?


I just read this and it just may answer your questions. The only reason I brought up America is truly only because I wanted to expand upon what KM shared, and I tried to explain why it didn't or couldn't happen here. I am neutral about the article an as all my readings are in English only, I can't really comment much about the China's education system.

In hindsight, it wasn't necessary to bring up MRSM at all as the SSS is only mainly about SRJK. My bad too, but it raises interesting points didn't it. On a less serious note, I did have my share of alif ba ta tha in primary school but don't know why they scrapped it when KBSR came in.

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Kijang Mas,


"In most of the views here, it's coming from the Malay nationalist perspective.."

How about getting your perspective right and see that it is really a Malaysian nationalist perspective, rather than "Malay nationalist".

I guess, it is quite blurry to you because you are seeing things from the Chinese nationalist perspective while claiming to be in the same boat with us but just trying to point out the views from different perspective. The longer you remain like this, the more you are being non-Malaysian. So dont blame Awang Selamat if he called people like you as "Pendatang".

Why do we still hear about non-Malay kids in national school being discriminated,...

Is that of any wonder? the kid is being taught to say "non-Malay" rather than "non-Malaysian". Perhaps the parent go on speaking in chinese with the kid, telling the kid "..we are chinese, he is Malay, that one is Indian..ahh!! there is Ah Chong our neighbour, go and sit beside Ah Chong in the class.."

Is that of any wonder? Who discriminate who? You chinese are discriminating yourselves from the rest of the Malaysians. I am telling you this from my own experience how we treated our dear "keturunan china" Malaysian friend compare to another "keturunan-china" but remained to be Chinese. Of course none of us Malaysians gave a damn to this Chinese. As far as we (including our dear "keturunan-cina" Malaysian friend) concerned, this chinese lost soul can rot by himself in one corner of our school. We didn't care since he was a Chinese, not a Malaysian!

There is a great difference to see a Malay and a Malaysian from your Chinese-squinted eyes!

"Negara Ini Negara Malaysia"

Semerah Padi

Naif said...

mssleepyhead wrote:

"But if we interpret the data, using the number of classes for both SRJK(C+T) sesi pagi: 16902; sesi petang: 251................."


You lost me at data

Unknown said...


Firstly you should be commended for your tenacity. What I'm about to share is basically just my personal viewpoint.

1. "stuckups in education"
a. 30 years to realize, nnaahh, most likely, it is consciously implemented for political reasons, Tamil for business in India, anyone?

2. "but the perception is that even that is not carried out fairly, and that is what is meant by 'being generous', by giving people their dues where it is deserved"
a. A contract dictates a give & take situation = the Malays give free citizenship and take the Special position. The word ‘special’ connotes discrimination albeit an affirmative one.

3. "let the rich ones pay for their own way through"
a. Rich Malays are Malays too.

4. "non-Malay kids in national school being discriminated"
a. How about real discriminatory employment recruitment where Mandarin is insisted even though work is not China-centric.

Unknown said...

msleepyhead - part 2

5. “sidelining of fellow citizens we hear about now”
a. Details required here …

6. “How can the progress of all citizens be detrimental to some?”
a. Can of course, when the minority remains the largest economic power. And if progress of all citizens still means the playing field is NOT leveled out.

7. “surely things can be carried out fairly so that we share a common 'reality' of what Malaysia is”
a. See, this is the CRUX of the matter, when the minority demands that the reality of Malaysia takes on the mould of the little red dot, or the Greater China or India – therefore the reality will NEVER be common at all.

8. huge difference in perception that we have lost touch of the common vision that is Malaysia
a. So can we point fingers at the vernacular schools that should have been abolished 50 years ago? This is actually an icon of the ‘pendatang’ psyche. The initial objective had expired upon the birth of the social contract.

Anonymous said...

Whether the Chinese learn to speak Malays or not may be irrelevant soon if OTK keeps bringing the MCA down, now with the latest "Train of Bullshit" story.

Read the whole story at:

satD said...

aiyoo sleepy...y u go and copy paste numbers here....pening la orang semua....

have responded in my blog to u..n will reproduce "DN mix" style here...

my post was about the National Literacy Rate for Malaysians...back in 1957 on average close to 70% folks of all ages were illiterate in National Language(no race breakdown)....if further ask for data on performance of Nat Vs Vernacular...sape rajin pi bace sendiri kat blog gue...

lu pun datang kasi bikin reverse the end of the maths exercise end lu selit....

"And 1.6 million out of 9 million forms around 17.8% of the school going population or 1.6million out of 27.7 million is 5.7 percent of the population. Is it significant enough in 10 years time if this for this segment of the population to cause disunity?"

so gua pun kira la pakai jari kaki dan tangan gua....kalu 1.6 Million goes to Vernacular...dan semua budak2 ni bukan gay...khawin sama orang yg culturally similar yg lebih kureng tak tau cakap melayu jugak.....dapat anak 2 orang..pastu pi hantar anak kat sekolah vernacular lagi....dah jadi berape tu?

1.6 M + Bini& Suami + dapat anak 2 orang satu family = 6.4 Million of orang macam ni la kut....

kate la gua congak population malaysia jadi 36 juta ...bukan ke tu dah jadi 18%.....try extending that to the 2 kids.....

Anyway none of the numbers in your comment answers my original query...

but here are some leads to the numbers and I hope that we can get our hands on the Reports quoted here

and especially this one done by Gerakan in 2003

Unknown said...

You are a let down msleepyhead. I invested on you. Rather you are my investment. Aiya manyak laku. Tapi turun harga. Robek sana koyak sini.

Why? Of unsustainable value. Something fishy/wrong with this msleepyhead product. Canned junk food boxed in colourful jinseng-labled egg-cardboard. China-made can opener stamped "Made in Germany". Ha ha ha imported quality.

But the "inferior anak orang asli" are can work wanders with their blow pipes to open whatever canned junk food there is.

On investigation, the can contains assorted live worms. So they stick to blow-piping flying monkeys - no compelling need to blow-pipe a worm.

Anonymous said...


sleepyhead appears to be hardcore non-accepting Article 152 and 153 of the Constitution.

After so many patient and lengthy explanations, she, obviously running out of valid arguments, now talks about the "perception" of the Chinese, or the group she is associated with, or behind her, or with her in this apparent effort to undermine Article 152 and 153.

I don't even know how to refer to "him or her" because someone has suggested that she is a he. I will now refer to "it" as "sleepyhead", no Ms, or as "the fellow".

I no longer wish to engage or address my comments to the fellow but to you. Politeness and civility appear to have been exploited by the fellow. I will revert to my usual personalty. I was the one who put out here the Sir Frank Swettenham's definition of a Malay - decent and mild mannered until being exploited.

I often wondered what has brought about the hardcore and stubborn non-acceptance of Article 152 and 153 among the Chinese. Here's one of my layman's, simplistic and non-academic theories, but based on historical facts derived from academically-written books:

Like other countries, China's long history has the good and bad points. One good point is that there was unity. Once under Emperor Chin Shih Di over 2,000 years ago, another under Mao Tse Dong in the 1960s. Unity was far in between - 2,000 years between those two personalities. Unity was not much of a thing among the Chinese.

The bad point is that they did it through brutal and cruel means. Chin Shih Huang Di burnt books and professors - some 46 professors and intellectuals were sent as forced labourers to build the Great Wall. Mao Tse Dong also burnt books, paraded and humiliated "denounced" professors, teachers and intellectuals on the streets. On both occasions, millions were killed, murdered and butchered.

Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party were definitely not thinking about unity. But they resorted to the terrorism that prevailed during Chin Shih Huang Di's and Mao Tse Dong's time to achieve communist control of Malaya.

Treachery, deceit, greed, stubborn resistance have dominated Chinese history. A disgrunled Chinese general in charge of the country's defences at the border with the then Manchuria practically opened the Great Wall gates for the Manchu armies to simply walk in. Thus history books point out that the Manchus conquered northern China without opposition, only later took the south by force.

Look at the role and the endless intrigues of the consort families and the eunuchs that have made corruption rampant in China even 2,000 years ago, now punishable by death, yet still frequently occurring. Of course, the Chinkies will point out to the Malaysian scenario, to distract attention on their "way of life" practised since their ancestors' days in Mainland China.


(Continued in Part 2)

Anonymous said...

Part 2.

Then you have the attacks on the established order in the country. Anything that represents the Establishment, the Government, the Police, MACC, etc, that DAP and their adherents always find the slightest opportunity to oppose. Exploiting even Teoh Beng Hock's death and the poor soul is now exhumed for another autopsy. Demonstrations here and there. Even lying on the road blocking the Perak Raja Muda's car to pass.

All these rebellious, anti-authority stance reflects the mentality of a people so down-trodden by centuries of foreign, Manchu, rule. It was for a few hundred years until early 20th Century. They resisted and fought. Secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism became prominent. Especially during the Taiping Rebellion and British encroachment into their territories in the 19th Century. Imagine, the British forced them to buy opium and opium smoking became a social problem in China.

Then they brought secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism into Malaya. That rebellious attitude and mentality, and the coercive and gangsterism methods are still manifest to day. Including in the Selangor State Government offices. Alleged by no other than a PKR State Assemblyman and a PKR MP against the DAP Exco.

The greed, the wanting of more, more and more perhaps also arose from the centuries if not millenia of difficult and often desperate existence, the kind that led to them running away from the Mainland. Once finding heaven in this country, there's no turning back, shut their eyes close to anything other than protecting what they have and getting more and more. Heaven it is in Malaysia for them. When compared to Papua New Guinea where they are resented even for opening sundry shops.

Unity, after all, is perhaps at 2,000 years interval in China and some think of Malaysia as transient, like the disloyal British Overseas Citizens who tore Malaysian passports, got stranded, stateless, in UK. The Hakkas originated from north China, ran away from the endless wars and strife there to the south. They were resented even in the south. Many ran away again, some to Malaya. Even in Malaya, they were resented by fellow Chinese, sometimes denigrated for their dog-eating and all-kinds-of-other- animals-eating habit. Some ran away yet again, to Australia, Canada.

As you said, KijangMas, if the Americans had not sent the imported Chinese railway workers and the California gold rushers in the 19th Century back to China by the shiploads, the US might might be full of them and Chinese vernacular schools all over the places.

The Americans did what the Malay leaders at Merdeka didn't. They try to naik tocang. Let's keep them at trying but don't allow their tocang to naik. After all, it was the last Manchu Emperor Pui Yi who had their tocang cut in the early 20th Century.

After all, they already have their rights protected under the Constitution. Let's get them to respect and live by the Constitution. Then Malaysia will be a united and happy place to live in.

There are more such layman's theories based on historical facts that I might write about. But you know what they'll say - thanks for the history of China and then back to undermining Article 152 and 153 of the Constitution. And if they have Wikipedia as their bible or some other re-constructed history, they might even say Mao Tse Dong is great and ask Chin Peng to "come back" (he's not a Malaysian citizen!) to Malaysia. What the ....


msleepyhead said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone and I think I need to take a step back and review the whole situation and what I wrote as well, some of it as a response to others, which resulted in confusion if taken independently. Must do a KM or Unker, and cut down one the comments but come up with more quality ones.

So, sincerely, saya susun sepuluh jari memohon maaf. A lot of the terminologies used - superior, advanced, non-Malays, etc ... were used with no malice and only because of my limited vocabulary.

It appears that a lot of unnecessary tension has been caused from my straightforward questions and at times thoughtless comments, I should have been more aware of the sensitivity of the issue here.

I believe there is a tad over-generalization of people and hence the racial slurs even to me. However, it is interesting to see the plurality of the views even among the people here.

Lastly, I can console myself that in real life I fit in well with the majority and have never been felt discriminated, perhaps straddling the middle ground as an average Malaysian, only a true sleepyhead would. ;)

satD said...


on a conservative but even more scary permutation....

the 1.6 say 50:50 laki pompuan kawin same sendiri get 1 kid = 1.6 + 0.8 = 2.2M

or if 800K guys kawin with Chinese postal order bride....lagi evil..not only the postal order brides add to the dwindling Chinese Malaysian population...lagi la depa tak mau langsung nak integrate with the Mainstream population.....

msleepyhead said...

@Semerah Padi,
I thought it was generally accepted that DN is a Malay nationalist blog, if it is a Malaysian nationalist blog, even the better, my mistake for using the wrong term.

Thanks for the point by point answers. Will accept most of it related to education. As for the economy, if we go on, tak habis cerita, and it is an age old story, my only explanation is that they worship material wealth. A personal experience would be for example at a Chinese kopitiam if your orders totaled RM2.10, the tauke will always have enough coins to give you an exact change of 90sens, whereas with the Malays, they will round it up to RM2, even when they have change to spare or sometimes if the total is RM2.20. I have always been taken aback by such simple gestures. I think it has a lot to do with the immigrant mentality and baggage, that every sen counts for survival, and this is carried on to the next generation when they could have let their guards down now when the environment is less harsh.

I have stated that I'm just merely giving everyone the benefit of doubt, and try to explain things from a cultural or habitual standpoint of why things happen, mostly from an observer's point of view. My apologies again if it appears I'm giving excuses, validating or supporting those behaviours that are out of my control.

Thanks, will get back to you after more reading.

msleepyhead said...

I only saw your post after KM let it through the same time as my apology post, still the same, my sincere apologies. I think the word that you flagged red is 'equal' as in equal opportunity education system. I have previously stated my acceptance of the relevant articles in the Constitution and agreed that it is there for eternity and the Special Positions will stay. Lest I be accused of digging my way out, the word 'equal' was used with all that taken into consideration. I have no complains personally as things turned out fine for me with the current system.

@San Peng,
aiyah, manyak soli lo.

Ok, at least I know what is off the table now and will only comment on how to make the SSS a success, after all that is the sole reason I stuck around.

Finally, thanks to Kijang Mas for allowing all my comments to go through, I must repeat, I am no rabble rouser and have absolutely not the tiniest of intention to disrupt the forum. Many, many apologies to you too.

msleepyhead said...

As for the single and multiple stream controversy, if there are people who do not agree that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are having their own sovereign rights in making the final decision for their own education system

Unknown said...

After aaaall that, can we believe him/her, it, this fellow msleepyhead bowing out like that.

Thought "sleep" is special for Tun AAB.

satD said...


dah habis kira belum....

ni ape cita pulak lu selit

"sovereign rights in making the final decision for their own education system"

sovereign rights???? say what? that cute dear....

Anonymous said...

Bro Satd,

By "..own sovereign bla bla education system .." he may mean his education system within the national education system ... extend it ... a sovereign state within a sovereign state ... a Dong Zong state within our national state.


KijangMas said...

::pakmalau:: said:-
"Saya yakin Tuan sepatutnya curahkan ilmu pengetahuan Tuan dalam kursus Hubungan Etnik yang diwajibkan kepada semua pelajar IPTA. Ketika ini kursus itu umpama kapal tanpa nakhoda."

Terima kasih atas keyakinan tuan. Kepada rakan-rakan disini yang lebih arif, apakah sebenarnya yang di ajar dalam kursus Hubungan Etnik tersebut?


Omong said:-
"... Najib ... did not reject outright the concept of Satu Sekolah ... I take it as him giving the rakyat the GREEN light to form a consensus. If this is what the rakyat wants, he will implement it. This way, he won't be accused of flexing his political muscle. I think he is quite shrewd, politically."

Najib views SSS from a dichotomous and mutually irreconcilable viewpoints, i.e., to push this key nationbuilding enabler vs his active courting of estranged Chinese votes. Ultimately, it boils down to what matters most to his political fortune (based on his own perception of reality). And he will be judged by history as either the leader who forged the key template of the real Anak Bangsa Malaysia via SSS or the PM who failed to reform and re-synthesize our society at the last window of opportunity before we collectively hurtle into the abyss of mutual alienation and communal conflict. Indeed, Najib's legacy is in his own hands.


Naif said:-
"Hey KM, I'm interested in hearing your comments regarding the recent arrest of to give your 2 cents ($2000 should be more like it) worth?"

Sure Naif ma main man. Send me the $2000 first (in unmarked notes) and then I'll give my comments plus a couple of jokes thrown in.


Maju said:-
"One wonders what next. What measure the PM would use in determining the wishes of the people. What yardstick he would use in doing so ... Why then not the PM choose referendum as the best and most reliable way of determining that? ... You have advocated for it and I fully support it. Let us now urge others to join us in calling upon the Government to go the referendum way. It's the fairest and most visible way of determining the wishes of the people. The results of the referendum would give the mandate ... for the Government to implement the SSS Proposal."

Yes Maju, Najib's "leave it to the people" could only be construed as a referendum ... unless the "people" that matters to him are the 30% of the population who refused to conform and integrate with the social mainstream but perceived as Kingmakers and crucial determinants of BN's fortune in PRU13.

Whatever it is, and one way or another, the SSS would be determined by the Rakyat, either via referendum or when the government's hand is forced after the curdling societal cauldron boils over big time across the land.


Lipan Bara said:-
"We have done our part. We have voted them in. We have chosen them the the leader. Now lead. Why shove the plate back to us when it comes to SSS ... Action. We want action. Lead as you menteris are meant to. Do what you are all meant to do. Act. Stop talking."

I hear ya, Lipan. But the problem with our politicians on both sides of the divide is their need to remain in power at all costs, even to the detriment of society and our collective welfare.

SSS will be the litmus test for them, not least PM Najib, DPM Muhyiddin and their cabinet colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum sidang DN sekalian.

Saya tidak pasti sama ada ini telah diwar-warkan kepada anda semua, tetapi di Utusan Online sekarang ada satu undian tentang SSS

KijangMas said...

... 1 of 3

M.Sleepyhead, I know you’ve atoned for some of your past “excesses” here, but I will still respond to your points to instill some closure.

M.Sleepyhead said...
“The American Dream is 'pursuable' for everyone irrespective of race and religion. As long as you're willing to work hard, you have a good shot at the whole shebang - white picket fences, etc... you know better than me. It is a modern ideal not one that is religio-racial-cultural centric, but rather universal values.”

No. You are incorrect.

As I type this from Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405, I can categorically say that you are delusional on this score and probably misguided by superficial anecdotal evidence.

Listen, conformity to the dominant English-speaking culture wrapped around definitive American Values is a prerequisite to your romanticised narrative. Before the “work hard and you’ll have a good shot” mantra kicks in, everyone in the American rat race -- local-born, naturalized, non-resident alien -- must first conform to the American Way lest he/she would be ridiculed, isolated, mocked, abused and plainly dismissed as freakish.

And what “universal values” are you inferring here? Do you think the typical American jock even understand what “universal values” mean? “Values” to these people are “speak English, pledge your allegiance to the Star Spangled Banner, pay your share of taxes, sacrifice your child to America’s military adventurism, and nuke them Commies and Mullahs and darn Red China and the rest of the Axis of Evil.”

Try chattering in Cantonese or Tamil aloud like in “intolerant Malaysia” in an American public place and see what happens. Mr. Huang, the grocer from China a block away forbids his wife and three kids from speaking anything but English not only in his shop but at home as well. I’ve had many chats with this ex-engineer and he said that is the only way his family can succeed in America – complete and utter immersion in the American lingua-cultural realm. Same thing with the other immigrants in my midst: the Vietnamese, Armenians, Gujeratis, Thais, Ukrainians ... No demands for SJK-OwnLanguage from these people.

Now imagine if Yahoo!’s Jerry Yang manifests a Chinese-centric state of being and Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia insists on speaking Urdu and Google co-founder Sergey Brin throws his weight around in Russian. ALL would have ended up as failures and outcasts in the social scrapheap.

And talking about getting the “whole shebang,” who gets a disproportionate amount in Malaysia? The Malays? The Indians? Who do you think predominantly patronise the decadent boutiques, the opulent spas, and indulge in obscene conspicuous consumption? Yes, you people. Still not enough? Want some more? Don’t want to share with the other 77%? How much is enough? Multiple houses and cars and China Dolls and lavish weddings and 10-course Tai Thong feasts and repeated trips to Macau casinos and Hong Kong whorehouses? Still not “free" enough, although you people can partake in your habitual gambling, drinking and the flesh trade not to mention maid abuse to your heart’s content like nowhere else on earth? Still want to complain about not getting the “whole shebang”? Still has the audacity to cry injustice while living the lifestyle and comfort and security most other Chinese could only dream of in other parts of the world?

KijangMas said...

... 2 of 3

Your American fantasy story by insinuation painted a grim picture of Malaysia where the “repressed minorities” are denied the opportunity to progress in life and the pursuit of wealth and happiness. Weird. Last time I checked, the Chinese are getting richer fueled by the “whole shebang” of economic activities, legal or otherwise. And even Indians nowadays – in spite of cries of injustices, etc. -- are obviously well-fed, many woefully obese and cocky and living the good life beyond the dreams of their kin in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

So please lah M.Sleepyhead, spare us the “universal values” in your American Dream fantasy. You as a socio-ethnic group cannot escape from comformity with the will and values of the majority anywhere on earth. Indeed, in your Mother China herself, Han Chinese linguistic-cultural dominance over the minority races is all-encompassing in a grotesque rendition of Ketuanan on steroids.

M.Sleepyhead added:-
“Anyone can be President of the US of A as long as you're born there. If your children are born there and your wive is citizen, they have a shot. Obama yo! (and we may have a future Malay American President)”

Yeah, as long as this person is a 100% unadulterated out-and-out unequivocal English-speaking American patriot who stands at attention during the national anthem; and serves his/her family turkey at Thanksgiving; celebrates Halloween, partakes in baseball, basketball and grid-iron football; and gyrates to the tune of Willie Nelson; and worships John Wayne and thinks the USA and the American way of life are God’s greatest gift to mankind. Then his/her colour would not matter, whether it's blackish, orangy, brownish or various shades of turquoise. But if this person acts like a Lim Kit Siang or Uthayakumar or Karpal Singh -– insisting on his ancestral lingua-cultural “roots” from some obscure homeland and denigrades the English language and anything-American at every opportunity -- there’s no way in hell he/she would be elected to any office, let alone be president. And that “future Malay American president” sure as heck ain’t gonna be elected by them rednecks and ghetto brathas and all shades in between by speaking Malay in his songkok and batik on the pulpit. See, it goes with the territory. You want to be somebody in America, you conform, and you better conform fast.

More M.Sleepyhead:-
“The 'white' population as a whole knows where their roots, despite being 'Tuan Tanahs' ... so the American ideal is not one based on the founding fathers' cultural practices or even the Native American ones, but that which is continually evolving and accommodating without the fear of being threatened or replaced.”

Yeah bud, “continually evolving and accommodating” as long as people speak English and go to their high school prom and attend baseball games and listen to Rock & Roll and R&B music and are superpatriotic and willing to nuke Kim Jong Il’s Commie ass and hate the guts of immigrants who speak bad English. What else is new?

KijangMas said...

... 3 of 3

As for “without the fear of being threatened or replaced,” what fear? You insinuate the Malays “fear” you minorities? Hmm, who concocted this urban legend? Oh let me guess, your old SJKC.

M.Sleepyhead added:-
“... to take another observation from nature we can say that the invasive foreign species which is more aggressive is now disrupting and changing the whole game for the native species who used to play by a different set of rules in their habitat. In the land of the blind the one eyed is king, but here comes a two eyed one.”

Wrong again. Haiyah, don’t give your species too much credit lah. Otherwise you people won’t be soooo threatened of losing your so-called culture and identity if SSS is implemented.

And said:-
“… your grouse is that the foreign species must play by the same rules in order to live harmoniously in its new habitat …”

Isn’t this the order of nature? You see, when a foreign invasive species -– such as rabbits in the Australian outback or the talapia in Florida rivers -– don’t play by the same rules and consume everything in sight and obliterate the environment and upset the biological equilibrium, what do you call them? Yes, pests. How do handle pests? Allow them to go to pest-only schools, to exaggerate their pest culture, to accentuate their pest language –- and let these pests thrive and multiply and usurp the habitat from the native species? Again, what should we do to such pests?

More fantasy-talk:-
“If you want it to be Nusantaran-Malay-Islam, then it is either through forced assimilation, becoming such a dominant one that fears no external threat (or even its own shadows) but is accommodating and fully confident that its rich, cultural legacies can bring it forward into the future.”

Non comprende senor. What are you trying to say here? What “fear” of “external threat” and of “own shadows” are you talking about here? What fear? The only group living in fear is yours my friend, with your locked gates, guard dogs, grilled windows, alarm systems, and suspicious glances behind curtains. What do you possess that we should fear? Your penchant for vices? Your barbarianish eating habits? Your lack of refined budibahasa and tatatertib? Your sly business practices? What?

Self-believing propaganda here (bold added):-
“You have to admit that when there are institutionalized mechanisms to protect/help/give privilege to the majority against the minority (because they are perceived as 'stronger', and opinions to justify it like the Chinese and their thousand year old civilization, as if it's encoded in the DNA; I also wonder if the Hispanics feel daunted by the white's European legacies), it does make one wonder what is the incentive for the minority to abandon their 'stronger' self-identity and assimilate into the majority ..."

Again you are parroting this twisted SJKC indoctrination that you are “stronger” with your “old civilization” as “encoded in your DNA”? Why this need to trumpet this fantasy of being "stronger” than others? A touch of inferiority complex?

Listen, nobody is being protected from your “stronger” whatever or live “in fear” of your kind. Malay Special Rights is not a protection mechanism or a fear-allaying tool. These rights and privileges are inherent and inalienable in the Tuan Tanahs who originally owned 100% of the land and who magnanimously allowed the pendatangs to tumpang berteduh in his domain. These penumpangs cannot now begrudge Malay ownership of special rights and privileges that were part of his social milieu looong before these penumpangs set foot on Tanah Melayu the same way Indians and Pakis don't question Gulf Arab privileges in the UAE and Turks don't begrudge German hegemony in Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

M.Sleepyhead, I suggest you widen your horizon before throwing flawed SJKC urban legends in here to prop your untenable arguments.

Anonymous said...

Kijang Mas,

At first I wondered why you even bother to reply people like msleepyhead. I seldom bother about any thing he writes, and from whatever stuff I gather that make up his zat, (and even then I obtain only via people's comments about him), his is a non-issue.

I think he is made up of a patchwork quilt of phrases and catchwords he reads elsewhere, without understanding what they mean, and string them up into intelligible sentences that he thinks will promote his agenda to infiltrate and make-kacau to intellectual malay-centric blogs like yours. Heck they know that MalaysiaKini and MalaysiaToday is not representative of the total malay intelligentsia, where the real rakyats are prevented at times from voicing, so what more natural move than to infiltrate blogs like yours.

Even then you can clearly see, from his lack of intelligent acumen that accompany his ramblings, he just wants to be heard, to be read, irrespective of whether other people explained and demolished his points countless times.

But then I think bagus jugak you reply. Not a reply to this obnoxious character per se (less he bloats himself into thinking he is worthy of attention by KijangMas), but to what he represents. To the people backing him, to the racist ethnicity he is a part of, to the general populace who has sleepyhead-like ideas of still insisting on an issue whence it has already been answered before.

But the question is will he do a dontplaypundek? A EyesWideOpen? A BrightEyes whence, after getting all the "penoktah-hujjah" salvos from Kijang Mas, disappears therefrom, never to be heard again, with or without tails hanging between their balls?

We hope not. We need these pseudo-intellectual-wannabes to graze these pages. If not for a chance to read more about KijangMas' zany RPGs, then it is for humour.

Libation Bearer

Anonymous said...


They may call us ultra Malay nationalists or extremists. But we shall march on with our efforts at bringing about unity in the country, getting the pendatangs to conform to local conditions, respect, abide and live by the Constitution.

Rest assured that this blog is well read and participated. Sooner or later, some if not most of what we say will knock some sense into the hardcores.

The hardcores of the Mainland China variety have been instilled with a different set of values. Let's keep exhorting that those values must now be Malaysian. No other way. No Malaysian should have Mainland China's or Tamil Nadu's values. All Malaysians must stand at attention at the raising of Jalur Gemilang, the Malaysian National Flag, sing Negara Ku, the Malaysian national anthem, respect and live by the Perlembagaan Negara, the Malaysian Constitution, and pledge undivided and undiminished loyalty to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Supreme Ruler or King of Malaysia, and no other.

Saying, "Give me what I want, then only I'll do all those required of me" is utter rubbish. Completely unacceptable. Bloody business-minded attitude that must not be applied to matters of King and Country.

Comparing Malaysia with the "Little Middle Kingdom" (otherwise known as the "Red Dot") or the US reflects unrealistic thinking and mischievous mind. Politics, freedom of speech (Big Brother on the Wall etc) and the realities on the ground in those countries are not comparable to Malaysia. US preaches justice but practices detention without trial (equivalent to Malaysia's ISA) for years, practices equality but look at their treatment of the Blacks, the Hispanics, etc.

Nobody can get everything that they want, not even some of the time. The world is not just for one group of people only. Even for Malaysia, it's not even just for the majority, the Malays only. If the Malays have accepted this - the granting of citizenship to non-Malays, its embodiment in the Constitution, the economic position of the Chinese, etc - there is absolutely no reason why the non-Malays cannot accept fully and live by Article 152 and 153 of the Constitution concerning Bahasa Malaysia and the the Special Position of the Malays.

The Pendatangs have to conform. Everywhere else in the world, pendatangs have to conform and do conform. You have explained in detail what the pendatangs have to do in the US to become American, including the Red China-mari grocer.

Conforming may be difficult to the Chinese because of their history and tradition of opposition to the foreign, Manchu, government for hundreds of years in Mainland China. Opposition may be in their blood. It certainly is in the DAP blood. But this is the 21st Century, the Malaysian Chinese are many generations away from the last generation opposing Manchu rule.

Perhaps there was the influence of the communist uprising and the revolution that erased all vestiges of foreign rule in China. Chin Peng and the defunct/ banned Malayan Communist Party certainly had that influence. But this is Malaysia where there is no foreign rule. The Malays have been the Tuan Tanah since time immemorial in this land. You cannot "perceive" them as foreign just because they are not of your colour and religion. That's skewed, warped mentality.

You cannot think of the Malays as also pendatang. You need to know and accept the established history that this is Nusantara, where members of the Rumpun Melayu have been plying in and out of one territory or another for nearly two millenia and that the Malays have established a kingdom called Langkasuka in the northern part of Tanah Melayu over a thousand years ago.

You have to conform to the local situation. Especially now that you have been granted citizenship and your forefathers have agreed on the Constitution of the country. Respect that Constitution and live by it. It's the only decent and Malaysian thing to do.


msleepyhead said...


Thanks for taking your time to explain in detail as you did before. I would agree with all of it except for the SJKC part, because I'm not from one. Pardon my ignorance on America, that was why I added that 'you would know better'. I had gone overboard with some of the earlier comments which I guess treaded the thin line of sensitivity and I appreciate your tolerance in the spirit of debate. Your comment also answered a lot of the questions that the others posed to me, I hope it would lay the issue to rest.

Itu bukan gua brader, 'sovereign' is a big word for me. Unless I suffer from selective memory loss or my schizophrenic personality took over, it appears that the phrase was taken from here.

I better sign in from now on.

Unknown said...

Salam Tuan Mat Cendana;

Lama tak jumpa. Rindu. Suara masih macam dulu. Tak berubah sikit pun. Ramah. Friendly.

Raya Haji, jom kita pekena teh ke kopi ke for old time sake and friendship.

Sekelumit saya belajar darinya, he is forever my sifu.

Unknown said...

Salam Libation Bearer;

Long time no hear. One year? One century more like it.


Here to celebrate too? Heh heh. The friendly silent snarl of the denizen of the deep - The White Shark.

Cenderawasih said...

thank you msleepyhead for your funny words "sovereign rights"
mr kitty I understand mr kitty, you can't help it, just laugh ok.
mr horsy, me to can't understand it, that's justified dong zong's words perhaps.multi-state?hahaha, delusioned subversive.

from sinchew?by lim mun fah?
little eli, careful you might hurt yourself
hohohoho, great!!I never know such a selfish person does exist, now we know the extend of damages done by SJK.

msleepyhead said...

Imposter alert! The November 17, 2009 2:19 PM comment was not by me.

A study of UPSR performance between SK and SJKC in Tawau, the only one I could find so far here. I am still digging for a more representative national survey if there is one.

Make your own conclusions, I have learned my lesson and do not want to be accused of peddling my pseudo-intellectual multi-sovereign state agenda.

Head to satD's for more links if anyone is interested. I will just try to share reliable data from now on.

Cenderawasih said...

salam kijangmas,

berkenaan apa yang diajar dalam hubungan antara etnik..

kursus baru yang diperkenalkan di U sebagai syarat untuk berijazah.dah 2,3 tahun kursus ini ditawarkan.

sebelum ni hanya ada TITAS(tamadun islam dan tamadun asia), dua kertas yang berlainan dan ditawarkan pada semester yang berlainan, TITAS 1 dan TITAS 2, titas 1 tentang tamadun islam, titas 2 tentang tamadun asia.

tetapi kelas TITAS ni besar, beribu-ibu pelajar ambil, kedatangan tak dapat diambil.ada pelajar yang pergi kelas pertama dan kelas terakhir saja dalam satu sem, hahaha.untuk exam,fotostat nota kuliah dari budak-bidak skema.

disebabkan pemalas-pemalas ni, TITAS 2 dimansuhkan dan diganti dengan Hubungan Etnik.kelas ni ada kuliah juga kalau tak silap, tutorial(20-30 orang) pun ada.Jadi penyakit pemalas macam lembu pun terus hilang.kedatangan wajib, assignment(wajib) pula berkenaan perayaan,adat, apa-apa yang berkenaan tentang kaum-kaum yang ada di malaysia.kalau tak buat jangan mimpi nak berijazah.

Tapi biasa la kan, pasal assignment macam ni kacang putih ja, internet ada.lagipun dah 12 tahun terlambat la.kesan sikit sangat, buang tenaga saja.

Cenderawasih said...

guys check this link.

encik wee had objected to the proposal three times..

too much for equality?

Anonymous said...


No please don't compare SK and SJKC in Sabah. My kid attended their kindergartens, run by professional Taiwanese and next to a Catholic church.

The SJKC in Lahad Datu, even their library then was airconditioned.

Each year they will have fun- raising activities where the APEK or their representatives will go on stage to cut the ribbons (RM50K-100K contributions). Each row of seat will be marked by colored ribbonss, RM50K, RM30K, RM10K, RM2K.

I was a committee member, so sat along the nuetral row, kalo tidak habis lor, kena duk belakang sekali.

Lau Gek Poh Foundation.. huge contributions to promote education there.. And City on..

Their kids get silently sent to Australia to further education (they even have homes in Australia).. When they come back you will notice their Australian slangs when they speak in BI.

I was the PIBG committee member, so sat along the nuetral row, kalo tidak habis lor, kena duk belakang sekali.

Oh no... do not compare Sabah SJKC and SK!


Mat Cendana said...

No really connected to this post's title. I just would like to tell you folks that Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak has joined Facebook. His page is at this link -

‡• There's also this one by, erm... Mat `T-Bag' Cendana Blog, Twitter & Facebook: Najib’s foray into social media

Some might be wondering why I'm doing PR work for him (Najib lah, not T-Bag). Am I being paid?...Or cuba membodek... punya rajin, sampai delete yang previous comment untuk add info hal Najib. That's like what one or two Semauns•¹ who, when takder modal tapi amat panas dengan points tajam & pedas KM, wildly accused KijangMas in the past... of being "a paid writer", "mercenary writer for Umno", "paid Umno gunslinger".
?•¹ dimwit, dolt, dullard, dullhead, nincompoop

That's desperadoes class, semi-pro division. If you want to accuse him or anyone here of being a paid writer for Umno, please put in more effort. Pemalas betul! At least provide-lah some `evidence'... a fake invoice badly done with a template in Microsoft Word would have added some quality.

Now, I doing this because... he's the Prime Minister of OUR COUNTRY. Regardless of one's personal opinion and sentiments on political personalities, parties and ideologies, take note of the POST and COUNTRY here. If anything, have respect and deference for these.

If this post is held by Abdul Hadi Awang, Lim Guan Eng or Michael Owen, respect for the post and attached country doesn't/shouldn't change. Cursing and uttering obscenities against them THE PERSON, while not encouraged by me, won't be prevented either.

But I'm aware of the pengkhianat kind, who only have bad things to say about all things Malaysia. But yet keep their fat arse in this country instead of shoving off elsewhere.

This is the kind who can't speak the national language, keeps harping on "Obama this, USA that" while expounding on vague notions of `justice, equality, fair play'... when it suits them.

And they think by merely professing to some ideal, like wanting to create some bangsa or whatever, burning candles in the public occasionally and wearing some specific t-shirt, they are the best of Malaysians, of mankind. And despite accusing this and that person of various `wrongs'... without providing any real evidence.

Anyway, there's something good about Facebook from my 15 months of experience there - you can build relationships. But what has this to do with Dato' Najib? It's this: Your participation at his page might be the closest you'll ever get to delivering your message about things.

So, rather than shouting yourself hoarse at the coffeeshop, banging the table and uttering obscenities (and adding to your blood pressure while not hurting Najib one bit) why not engage and deliver your opinion IN A CIVIL MANNER, and at appropriate moments?

Maybe we can make a difference... if we really have noble intentions.

satD said...


thank u for d link....

gile babeng siut.... gua sampai mati ingat SRJK vs SK tu belajar benda sama tapi bahasa lain aje....

ini sudah lost in translation...apekelancau different standard ni....

mana kita tau depa punye subject lain pun senang sikit so that dia punye sekolah nampak macam bagus.. now apples Vs botol kicap ke...

Mat Cendana said...

@Tam - Waalaikumsalam.
Yes, it's been too long. I've suddenly realised how long it is. I hope you won't mind my using English despite your Reply being in Malay. That's because I can't afford to lose this "in English mode" mental state until I finish the work waiting to be continued immediately after this reply to you. If I lose the state and rhythm, I'll need some time to get back in the groove. And I'll hate that, because I intend to go to sleep after finishing the work.

"Ramah. Friendly"?? Despite the aggression and flak against the "jenis sial" type who think they are `too good' to be Malaysians? Well, if you say so:-) Yes, would have to try do that during Raya Haji. Still feeling like Raya Puasa was only just a few weeks ago - and discovering Aidiladha is... just eight days away!

Naif said...

Went through Najib's profile and became a fan for the fun of it. I posted a link to the SSS website at his wall but it automatically disappears!

I cant imagine him doing FB quizzes and "poking" Datin Rosmah........hmmm

msleepyhead said...

@Tongkang, satD, Cenderawasih and others.

Read the news at JMD's yesterday. Already commented there that it was a selfish despicable response by the DZ and especially Wee. The MOE must not budge and start imposing the same BM standard across the board. It is only fair for all students.

Thanks for sharing your experience Tongkang. Didn't know that certain parts of Sabah are well ahead even in primary education. Is it the duit balak money factor? Buying the best teachers and facilities? Man, that was actually a doctorate thesis that contributed very little if your personal experience in Lahad Datu can be applied to Tawau too.

Another research comparing UPSR performance in general, but I suppose the data is skewed now that we know SJKs do not sit for the same standard BM paper.

To further breakdown the data on vernacular schools, according to this research, almost half of the SJKs are considered Sekolah Kecil, meaning they have less than 150 students, and almost 80% of this sekolah kecil has less than 100 students and are only concentrated in certain states like Perak, Johor, etc. (Jadual 1 dan 2). Coupled with the first research paper, we can assume that these schools are either located in small towns or estates in the case of SJKTs.

Which brings to mind several things to think about:

1. Start with the conversion of these Sekolah Kecil by offering funds in exchange for the nationalization of these schools.

2. The location of schools and the majority local population will also determine the student makeup based on ethnicity. Which may also mean 1. is hard to be carried out because the SJK is associated with local community-ethnic identity and even if some of the smaller SJKs are converted into SK, there won't be any mingling of students from different ethnicity because the majority student population is from one ethnic group because of the community.

3. Previously read somewhere that in certain pockets of Sarawak, the only school available is an SJKC, so the Iban children have no choice but to enrol in one. Therefore, a data on the geographical spread out of schools both SK and SJK will reveal a clearer picture.

4. According to this Ucapan Parlimen by Ong Tee Keat last year, in 2007 there are about 750,000 students in both SJKC and T combined. Given the number of vernacular schools did not increase greatly, we can safely assume that the total number of students currently in SJKs are less than 1 million.

4. So perhaps it may be a better idea to train our guns on medium and large sized SJKs which are most likely located in towns or urban areas where there is a sizeable population of all ethnic groups. But then even if the SJKs are mainly of one ethnic group, they still would have been exposed to Malay and other cultures outside of school because of the community makeup.

Cenderawasih said...

saya ada satu lagi link.SatD, link ini menyedapkan lagi link sebelum ni.

link penambah perisa

daripada link diatas, kita boleh meneliti kupasan mutu jawapan UPSR(KMJ_UPSR).nampaknya BI dan BM ada KMJ masing-masing untuk jenis sekolah.

KMJ tersebut dalam format JPEG didalam fail zip.tengok-tengoklah.

msleepyhead said...

Some great points here.

Despite it being wrongly interpreted by the haters as usual.

So when did the national language lose its importance?

Out of curiosity when you call a bank or some phone support in Indonesia do you get an English language option?

Anonymous said...


I am relating to contributions of these kind made to schools in Sabah, and LGPF is based in Tawau.

Not so much of the Unker Yew kind of contributions.

You will be amazed had you the opportunity to meet the late Tan Sri, simple, humble and very giving!


NJ said...

Salam Tuan Kijang Mas,


Just grabbed a McD Big & Tasty, to go.

Looked at the box. That "I'm lovin' it" (?), catch phrase was written all over in what, 5, 6 languages? English, French, Arab ?, Chinese, etc.

None printed "Saya menyukakannya" or something like that.

Looked at the bottom of the box. It says, "Printed in Malaysia"

Do they have "English" when you called a bank?

I've come across this when I called a bank:-

- Press "1" for English
- chinese sounding instruction
- Tekan "3" untuk Bahasa




msleepyhead said...


Thanks for the link. You must have had great personal experience to speak highly of him, but it is an amazing story how the late Tan Sri Lau Gek Poh could succeed in what is said to be one of the states with the highest poverty rate today.

I took up your lead and looked around and according to a loose translation by Google:

Yu Bo Founder Holdings

LIU Yu-bo was born in 1917 in China Chao-Long Township, is tamanami(?) Holdings founder. He was in 1935 due to turmoil in his hometown, with the elders south, in the British North Borneo Sandakan settled.

Because he had received a private school education, he was employed in a firm when the secretary, food and clothing was kept a venture capital, three years later with his friend set up a joint venture in Tawau grocery store, "Katsushige." (?)

World War II broke out, Lau's grocery store was forced to close, the full three years of hard work go down the drain, but his wife to sell part of the gold after the war funding, he was re-opened grocery store with a friend, and named the "composite company." A successful grocery business, later to enter the logging industry, business is booming, Mr. Liu enjoy "Sabah timber king" reputation, the business to open up overseas, rich.

Is also the first one listed company has a sigma East Malaysia businessmen LIU Yu-bo, investment throughout Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Canada and other places.

People like Tan Sri Lau and Tan Sri Loh appear to have extraordinary lives like no other, a few amongst the many, many immigrants who came to this land searching for a new beginning. Is it the immigrant factor? Perhaps KM may be kind enough to offer us his thoughts on that in his future piece.

But if we read through the stories of the two Tan Sris, it seems they gave generously to Chinese education and schools. Perhaps due to their personal experience of not having the opportunity to further their studies or some other factors. But why they mainly supported the Chinese vernacular schools rather than helping across the board. May be it is simply because they were born in China and still feel connected to their roots.

Another interesting observation is that most of these Tan Sris/Chinese Malaysian tycoons made it big back in the post WWII pre and post Merdeka period. Perhaps owing to the vacuum created by the British as they have opened up the country and built basic infrastructures, roads waiting to be filled by motorbikes as the country was in the embryonic state of development, but that's a another theory altogether.

So it appears DZ's history is also in some ways tied to these Tan Sris contribution, may be that is why they are clinging to it. Yet times have changed so hopefully they will have a different perception of things, now that the government is also giving money to private Chinese schools. Another Tan Sri in the making?

On a lighter note, now we need "'Sealegs' to safeguard the sovereignty of our nation"

sovereignty lagi, like satD said ape cite?

Anonymous said...


This endless talk about Dong Zong is a bit of a bore. The only talk that can be valid is that they and their supporters are chauvinists, non-conformists and uncaring to the need for unity in the country.
Talk they will and oppose we must.

They want to promote the national language of a foreign country, want schools be allowed to have Mandarin as the medium of instruction. And they demanded more and more. They have been so consumed with greed of a certain kind as to want a different syllabus and a lower standard of Bahasa Malaysia for SJKCs. And quietly, too, such that many people expressed surprise when the issue became public early this week. How can such things be allowed in the past? Why should grants be given them in the past?

For goodness sake, man, the Constitution says BM is the national language, it has been the official language and schools are the official business of any country. Mandarin and Tamil can be taught as elective subjects in national schools. So the Government should absorb them into the national schools system as proposed by the SSS promoters.

Good that the Government wants to standardise the BM syllabus and standard in schools. That the sekolah satu aliran was discussed in Parlimen. That Tan Sri Muhyiddin encouraged the discussion be continued elsewhere. That Dato Seri Najib invites the public to give views and suggestions on the sekolah satu aliran to his blog 1Malaysia.

The Government must stick to its decision on standardising the BM syllabus in all schools and implement the policy forever. The Government must not flip-flop like sleepy Abdullah Badawi's time. The Government has integrity or "maruah" and must protect it. No back tracking ever again. Malulah. Mana mahu taruh muka? Government, bukan budak-budak.

No such thing as claimed by the Dong Zong people as making the lives of the SJKC kids' lives difficult having to master three different languages. Their parents, and people like Dong Zong, put them into that situation in the first place. They can avoid that situation by merging the SJKs with the national schools. Mandarin, Tamil and other languages deemed important can be studied as elective subjects.

Can't these Dong Zong people not realise that they have ostracised themselves by clinging to schools having Mandarin as the medium of instruction? The number of attendees and the non-multi racial nature of such schools doesn't justify their continuance and calls for their absorption into the national education system.

The fact that they have existed for over 50 years doesn't mean that that system is right. Not for the need of national unity. The fact that there have been grants made to such schools doesn't mean that the politicians responsible for such grants were or are correct. Often such grants were associated with elections. Such grants are therefore based on political expediencies, not on solidly upheld views on the existence of such schools.


msleepyhead said...


I think "Saya suka!" would have been a more catchy translation for the McD campaign and would attract more bumiputeras, who are the biggest market in this country, to McD. hehe.

Apart from the language diss, otoh it is a good thing because we don't want an unhealthy population do we. Hope you're not one of their frequent customers, ;)

Looking at Dot's and probably everyone else here's frustration with DZ, it comes back to the gaining votes along ethnic lines. Apart from major towns, possibly the majority of vernacular schools are located in a single ethnic majority area, which as we all know means the school issue (getting Federal funds, repair, etc) will affect voting trends. No political party is crazy enough to jeopardize their own survival in the present situation. As DZ is politically affiliated and backed, the current political climate may actually be to their benefit.

IMHO, to get to DZ, we need to get to their masters.

Anonymous said...


They need not be tycoons or Tan Sris, but donate to Chinese schools, all did their part in the QUIET..

My neighbour's grandpa donated RM50K to one small SJKC in our kampung. Now all his grandkids are in SMK...

What they do is, all the time grumbling, no chairs, no tables, no facilities.

Get them to cough out RM50 for sportsday? Not a single sen and they will BARK like hell..

OURS IS OURS ONLY YOURS IS OURS TOO Sad eh, what they are doing to our Nation!

I know them soooooooo well..


msleepyhead said...


Ya, it is a sad situation when we all know we could achieve so much more, resource and education wise, when we band together, after all we just want our kids to have a decent education and do well in life.

I know I will get more flak for this, but people have been saying that the same principle should be applied to tax payers' money too, not to the benefit/development of only a certain group of people.

"OURS IS OURS ONLY YOURS IS OURS TOO", this phrase sounds all to familiar.

And of course it leads to the same cycle of "there is no true equality when their forefathers accepted the Special Positions in exchange for citizenship, ...quid pro quo, social contract, Article 153, etc." I get that, and probably so does your next door grandpa who rooted for what he thinks is the underdog.

Let us not go there anymore, more inflammatory keywords is not going to help the situation. IMHO, we need to correct the misconception that the government just looks after the rights of a certain group of people. How about renaming a local school after TS Lau or any worthy Tan Sris, for example SMK Lau Gek Poh, after all he has already racked up numerous state and national pingats. Then your next door grandpa types will also give generously and quietly to national schools.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

** Permission for an out-of-topic reporting*

The following poll was conducted over a month ago (invitation was submitted to this blog earlier).

SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship?

1. "Yes"
2. "No"
3. "Dont care"

The result:-

About 97% (427 votes) voted "NO"
About 1 % (5 votes) voted "YES"
Less than 1% (4 votes) said "don't care".

Details can be read HERE.

Do read THIS NEWS too.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

msleepyhead says, "but people have been saying that the same principle should be applied to tax payers' money too, not to the benefit/development of only a certain group of people."

The tax you pay reflects the salary that you earn, which means the super rich will pay a hefty sum BUT it is only a fraction of their earnings.

Here's a counter proposal, would you prefer being rendered as FOREIGN WORKERS instead.

Pala Otak Hang said...

Here we go again..same old shit on different day.

Oi, lu ingat tax payer's money pergi ke Melayu saja ka?

What about this, this and this?

Pundek betoi. Dah lah unconstitutional, pakai duit aku pulak tuh!

msleepyhead said...

@Pala Otak,

memang pundek betoi diaorang, link kita memang sama, tengok komen aku pada November 20, 2009 6:45 PM.

takleh harap betoi orang camtu, dah bagi kat srjk tak cukup, skarang dia bagi kat sek vernakular swasta pula. pookie mark depa, ingat duit rakyat diaorang punya mak bapak punya, buat publisiti murahan nak tarik undilah tu.

haram betoi!

Anonymous said...

"Singapore was expelled in a lazyman's solution to the problem"

I am still baffled, angry and disgusted with Arwah Tunku's action on this.

I was born in Mahathirs era, but thinking and hearing about this over the time makes me sick! It was shocking decision!

Perhaps, Tuan KM could do a little write-up about this?


Anonymous said...


I'm glad to read Hanif's reaction above. This young man is sensitive to a very lamentable historical fact that could repeat itself, yet again.

It had repeated itself already - Singapore was given to Stamford Raffles in 1819, handed back in 1963, given away again in 1965. As far as I'm concerned, this was a traitorous act of the highest order and our history books must point it so, in order that current and future leaders will never even think of such a stupid and disastrous act.

Let's not think that it won't happen. Leaders like the flip-flopping and often sleeping-at-meetings Tun Dol badly handled the disputed Pulau Batu Putih and it now belongs to Singapore. The stupidity of Malaysian leaders seems endless. Present and future generations must be made aware so that they would become vocal if and when another horrendous mistake on territorial integrity is in the making.

Yes indeed, KijangMas. You might want to consider a write-up on the giving away of territories like Hanif suggested. There has been untold suppression of anger, bitterness and frustration on the acts and omissions on the part of what Tun Dr Mahathir refers to as the "Little Emperor" and the "Little Middle Kingdom" all these years since the so-called kicking-out of Singapore 44 years ago.

Right now they appear to be adopting an aggressive posture with their defence policy. Employment of Zionist Israeli advisers in the midst of Muslim neighbours, purchase of submarines, acquistion of sophisticated attack aircrafts, alleged secret agreements with Taiwan and/or Hong Kong for the stationing of aircrafts there. Like Zionist Israel, the Little Emperor may be thinking in terms of a "deterrent factor" but we must be on the alert against any evil design on our national integrity.

We have to also remember that we have many alienised Malaysians in our midst many of whom have their hearts in Singapore. Some are calling for communist terrorist Chin Peng to be allowed to enter Malaysia. He always had his heart in Communist China, wanted this country to be under the suzerainty of that country, now wants to enter our country merely to be buried beside his father.

But, as the eminent historian Tan Sri Professor Khoo Kay Kim has pointed out, the bloke is not even a Malaysian citizen. He had committed terrorism and atrocities of the kind that merit his being brought before the International War Crimes Tribunal, not to Malaysia as a free civilian. Never. However, we may honour the Haadyai Accord and let him rot in Betong, south Thailand.


msleepyhead said...

Hi folks,

Education but not SSS related, or may be is.

This undated report has implications, depending on how you want to read it.

As I have mentioned previously, the progress of this country will depend on the progress of the overall majority, and if there are still some stuckups in the system despite it being designed to uplift them by providing various opportunities and programs, then it will continue to create a general population of mediocre graduates/citizens that will not be able to contribute much to the country.

KijangMas said...

Semerah Padi said:-
"Multi-national state? Jadi Malaysia ini Malay-national state, indian national state, chinese national state to say the least? ... Anjing kurap ini sudah bengong ... Mana ada negara lain dalam sesebuah negara dalam dunia ini? Mana ada frasa "multi-national state"? Memanglah mereka ini pengkhianat negara Malaysia kerana cuba mengiktirafkan mini China dalam negara Malaysia."

Ya, Sdr Semerah Padi. Golongan ini sebenarnya tidak ikhlas. Mereka langsung tiada minat untuk menyumbang kepada keharmonian sosial atau membina sebuah negara yang serasi, utuh dan jitu. Bagi makhluk ini, Malaysia bak suatu ruang legar sementara untuk mereka bermastautin dengan selesa, membikin seberapa banyak wang (dengan apa cara sekali pun) serta mengamalkan bahasa dan budaya mereka sepuas-puasnya tanpa apa-apa tanggungjawab dan peranan dalam masyarakat. Jika mereka bersuara pun, ianya hanyalah untuk kepentingan puak mereka sendiri. Contoh: mereka menyalak dan mengaung riuh sekampung bila penjenayah sebulu dengan mereka di padamkan oleh Polis Di-Raja Malaysia, seolah-olah si penyangak itu tidak bersalah, malah seakan malaikat suci yang di bunuh tanpa sebab oleh pihak polis. Yang anehnya, bila mereka menjadi mangsa bunuh, samun dan rompak, pihak polis pula di tuduh lemah dan tidak cekap membanteras jenayah. Aneh!

Mungkin kita semua hanya mengejar illusi dalam usaha untuk membina saf baru Anak Bangsa Malaysia yang sehati sejiwa melalui SSS. Ya, Orang Melayu yang budiman beria-ia untuk bersatu dan memeluk puak zuriat pendatang ini sebagai saudara kita dalam keluarga Anak Bangsa Malaysia. SSS ialah suatu contoh keikhlasan kita. Tetapi apakah reaksi mereka? Ya, begitu buruk sekali, dengan berbagai helah aneh dan tipu muslihat.

Mungkin sudah tiba masanya kita terima hakikat bahawa golongan ini tidak mahu apa-apa hubungan atau pertalian dengan masyarakat am negara ini. Mereka lebih senang berinteraksi dan lebih akrab dengan spesis sejenis di China, Singapura, Hong Kong dan Taiwan, dimana haiwan laknat seperti Wee Meng Chee terhasil.

Mungkin kita lupakan sahaja mereka dan fokus ke aktiviti membina jatidiri dan dayasaing Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia tulin.

Anonymous said...

KM sir.

When can we get our hands on your DN e-book?


-Mangkuk Hayuner

Anonymous said...

1. there is no political will. For once I’d agree with the DAP when they say that the Malays are also pendatangs in this country. It takes a whore…. Look at the top echelon in the country and tinker what to expect from a Bugis-Riau-Turk combination… BuRiTur?
2. SSS referendum vehemently opposed by the subversives for obvious reasons (being paranoid stiiinnngy chinkies, they want to stay segregated and do not wish to share the wealth they grabbed in any way with non-yellow Malaysians)
3. the other option is to challenge the legality of the vernacular schools.
In one fell swoop the malujadimelayu pendatangs would not be able to exaggerate Multicultural multiass to encourage top echelon pendatangs to dish more help to the chinky pendatangs to further polarize Malaysians…If the Jiao Zong people think that they’re in a separate nation-state, they can ask Donkey Zong to pay their salaries and bonuses

Unknown said...

Khas untuk semua di Demi Negara, "Selamat menyambut Aidil Adha."

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam KM & everyone here, may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a 'Selamat Hari Raya Haji'.


P/S - Hey Bosz, I read somewhere that up in Kelantan, they eat every bits of the sacrificial cow including the meat/tendons in the hoof. Wow nothing is wasted.

msleepyhead said...


With due respect, you said: "Mungkin sudah tiba masanya kita terima hakikat bahawa golongan ini tidak mahu apa-apa hubungan atau pertalian dengan masyarakat am negara ini."

Mungkin juga kerana golongan ini kerap kali diingatkan bahawa mereka tiada apa-apa hubungan atau pertalian dengan masyarakat am negara ini.

If this is done at university level, imagine each student going home and telling their family and friends about it. Doesn't matter anymore if you come from national or vernacular schools at that point, whatever perception you have of a harmonious Malaysia as taught in Sejarah Malaysia or Pendidikan Moral is completely altered in a single day's session.

I guess there will be some who will counter that with, but if they had respect for the majority and had blended in better than the BTN would not have existed in the first place. Maybe true.

More hate and stereotyping is not going to bring us anywhere near a united front. If only they were as confident as you, knowing that they are the true Tuan Tanah, with their rights already enshrined in the constitution for eternity, they wouldn't have to justify their paranoia with something like the Jews of Asia. Boy, they really do know how to kill two birds with one stone. haha.

Anonymous said...


Setuju "hakikat bahawa golongan ini tidak mahu apa-apa hubungan .. dengan masyarakat am negara ini."

Tapi kita tidak boleh biarkan mereka begitu sahaja. Kita sudah pujuk mereka secara baik. Sekarang tiba masanya kita gunakan cara lain. Kita mesti kritik mereka, bidas mereka, keji mereka sehingga mereka sedar. Kita tidak mahu mereka jadi musuh dalam selimut.

Mereka pentingkan diri sendiri teramat sangat. Nenek moyang mereka datang kesini lari dari keadaan merana, duka nestapa, bermacam masalah hidup dinegeri Cina, hampir 100 tahun menumpang sebagai pendatang berstatus "stateless" dinegara ini, sudah diberi kerakyatan Malaysia salepas Merdeka, mereka mahu naik tocang. Dipanggil pendatang pun tidak terima. Mahu hidup sekongkong antara mereka sendiri.

Mereka saperti yang tinggal di"China Towns" dimerata dunia. Hidup dalam kelompok mereka sendiri, tidak bercampur rakyat umum, siap dengan institusi kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster yang dibawa dari negeri Cina. Tidak pedulikan kejian, sindiran, ludah benci orang-orang tempatan diEropah, diAmerika, diAustralia dan lain-lain nya. Lihatlah keadaan diMelbourne, diLondon, diSan Francisco umpamanya. Kebencian kulit putih terhadap peniaga Cina diMelbournne pernah dilapurkan diakhbar. Boleh di rasa sendiri bila disana.

Kita telah mengajak mereka bersatu, mainkan peranan membangunkan negara sebagai rakyat, jalinkan perhubungan saliturahim supaya lebih mesra, lebih harmoni perhubungan antara kaum melalui Sekolah Satu Aliran atau Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS). Lihat apa reaksi mereka, apa Dong Zong kata. "Multi-national state" kepala hotak mereka. Langsung tidak boleh masuk akal.

Saya tahu mereka tahu pendirian mereka itu tidak diterima rakyat umum. Mereka hanya minoriti yang kecil. Banyak orang-orang Cina yang menghantar anak-anak mereka keSekolah Kebangsaan. Dong Zong hanya mengeksploitasi keadaan politik yang lemah, pendirian pemimpin yang tak nyata haluannya. Tapi saya mahukan mereka sedar bahawa pendirian mereka itu tidak boleh diterima rakyat sampai bila bila masa pun. Kita akan terus membangkang, mengkritik, mengkeji pendirian mereka itu. Pendirian itu anti-nasional, tidak mendorong kapada pembinaan negara yang jitu dan bersatu padu.

Cuba fikirkan: dari apa yang saya baca, pelombong-pelombong bijeh timah bawa institusi kongsi gelap (secret societies), penjahat dan gengster masuk ke Perak diabad 19. Satu Kapitan China dan 44 orang gengster telah menandatangi Petition meminta Residen British diPenang membantu mereka mengambil balik lombong bijih timah yang telah ditawan geng lawan mereka. Ini menyebabkan British masuk negeri Perak dan telah membawa kapada campur tangan dan penjajahan British di Malaya. Fikirkanlah kederhakaan mereka.

Tidak tahu sejauh mana peranan institusi kongsi gelap dan gengster itu dalam mendapatkan kekayaan dan kuasa ekonomi dinegara ini. Hingga sekarang institusi tersebut masih ada, termasuk di-Ibupejabat Kerajaan Selangor. ADUN PKR dan Ahli Parlimen PKR menuduh Exco DAP ada membuat perhubungan dengan "Underworld" di Ibupejabat Kerajaan Selangor itu sendiri. Fikirkanlah tingkah laku mereka.

Dong Zong pernah mengaitkan pendirian mereka terhadap cadangan Sekolah Satu Aliran atau SSS dengan isu budaya. Apa institusi kongsi gelap dan gengster juga budaya? Institusi ini ada dimana-mana "China Towns" dimerata dunia. Dengan adanya institusi tersebut mereka disekelilingnya biasanya mengamalkan pendirian semuanya rahsia "tidak tahu, tidak ada dengar" fasal pembunuhan, pergaduhan antara samseng dan sebagainya. Apa ini yang menyebabkan mereka tidak mahu bercampur, mahu terus hidup sekongkong, tidak hiraukan Artikel 152 Perlembagaan negara yang menyatakan kedudukan Bahasa Malaysia, yang lojiknya memerlukan semua sekolah menggunakannya sebagai bahasa pengantar?


Unknown said...

Salam Tuan Jitu,

If someone tells me that a mountain has shifted from its fixed position. I can believe him.

If someone tells me that so-and-so has changed its position. I cannot believe him.

If someone tells me that a communist or a kkk DAP or a Dong Zong or a vinan or an msleepyhead has changed its position. I cannot believe him.

Their messages and method of delivary are more subtle but are as poisonous as ever in respect to nation building the Malaysian way.

Anti-cakar ayam said...

Tuan KM said: "Contoh: mereka menyalak dan mengaung riuh sekampung bila penjenayah sebulu dengan mereka di padamkan oleh Polis Di-Raja Malaysia, seolah-olah si penyangak itu tidak bersalah, malah seakan malaikat suci yang di bunuh tanpa sebab oleh pihak polis. Yang anehnya, bila mereka menjadi mangsa bunuh, samun dan rompak, pihak polis pula di tuduh lemah dan tidak cekap membanteras jenayah. Aneh!"

Mereka menyalak pun dalam bahasa asing. Perhatikan chicken-scratch banner mereka - macam itukah adab mereka memohon pertolongan? Dengan bahasa yang tidak difahami oleh si Tuan-yang-dipohon-pertolongannya? Nampaknya target-audience mereka hanya kaum sejenis mereka, jadi jangan salahkan masyarakat umum jika salakkan mereka tidak diendahkan. Sedangkan pelawak Chris Rock pun tahu adab dan tatasusila bila berhadapan dengan polis. Ah malangnya, klip video itu tidak ada sarikata cakar ayam.

KijangMas said...

Tommy Yewfigure said:-
"See lah how KM & I get along so well, tho at the back of his mind he still think I intend to ‘koa sua’ his girlfriend and free load at his Santa Monica crib…heheh."

Ahaa ... no wonder Greta’s been actin' real strange lately, mumbling naughty Hokkien words while eating her taco with chopsticks. Shifty-eyed Robin, that boh tua boh suay fellow, was the prime suspect but now ...? Si noong kia!

And said:-
"... hey KM, do u think I’ve got a mid life crisis? A lot of makciks thinks I do :(("

Unker, you don't have a mid-life crisis; you have a crisis, period ... ha ha ha. No lah, you're fine. Nothing to add. Everything is swee swee boh kay chwee. And the occasional pak chew cheng may help.

Anyway, the good makciks were just pulling your leg maa, in lieu of your other not so accessible appendage ...

Unker added:-
“Childhood school friends always asked me why the Pakcik always give me an extra goreng pisang & not to them. I said it’s becoz I’m a ‘Leng Chai’ what….heheh.”

Yeah Unker, I can just imagine you putting on a cute lil’ Leng Chai face for that extra bit of goreng pisang. I do recall the daughter of the old makcik occasionally giving me two extra morsels but I don’t think it was due to my cuteness ...


Msleepyhead said:-
"It's not really the PM has no guts to implement a one school system, DZ has stated their stand, if it were done, it's only probably by force ala the Constitution and that will likely lead to protests and further destabilization of the country."

"A la the Constitution" here means the enforcement of the Constitutional provision on supremacy of Bahasa Melayu as the Official Language of this nation.

When people protest and destabilise the country in their effort to go against provision(s) of the Constitution, they are out to subvert rule of law and the fundamental framework of our nationhood. These people are defined as subversives. And in my book, there should be no mercy for subversives, the same way there was no mercy for the Al-Maunah subversives and the CPM subversives, although the government has been intriguingly lenient on the Hindraf subversives, particularly the certified traitor known as P. Waythamoorthy who slithers around the world to bad mouth the "genocidal Malay regime." Of course, the pengkhianat bangsa low lifes don't mind stooping to the same gutter level just for a handful of votes from the lunatic fringe.


Claire said:-
"Kijangmas, what do you think of this Bernard Khoo fellow?"

Not much. This old cur is a has-been, a disillusioned failed cikgu who taught in my old PJ sekolah menengah (this rude SOB was just a couple of feet from my teenage face in the gym on many occasions) and who couldn't contain his hatred for Malays and Muslims and key markers of our nationhood in his post-menopausal state. This Zollo fella typifies the type of old fart that spews contempt on society to compensate for the shortcomings and failed expectations of a wasted life.

msleepyhead said...

Salam folks,

Some surprises gathered from casual conversations over the weekend.

1. Malaysian Chinese was used because people thought it emphasized being Malaysian first and Chinese as an ethnicity second. So, the right way to express that would probably be with a hyphen Malaysian-Chinese. The other way round is of course explained by others previously in terms of correct English.

2. Folks who send their kids to primary vernacular schools (I wonder how many here actually spoke to people first hand, rather than reading about it on the net) do it to learn the extra language. Most is of the opinion that one subject is enough without the burden of Science, Maths, etc. being taught in Chinese. Surprisingly, the ones I spoke to agree to a common school for national unity, and this view is generally true at least for the urban population even if they send their kids to a vernacular.

3. Most have no problem with the SSS, should it be implemented with the third language available. They just want a basic level of third language grasp, not great proficiency. As the current system does not have the third language in all schools, the only way apart from spending their own money on outside school lessons is vernacular schools.

4. Another surprise is that there are Malay and Indian children in probably all vernacular schools in urban areas, numbers depend from school to school. This is mind boggling, as there are no shortage of national schools in urban areas.

5. The limited people I spoke to don't care about DZ or what they represent in this day and age. In fact, they seem to think that DZ is being paranoid for nothing, trying to protect their notion of Chinese culture through education when we know even the one in China has undergone tremendous changes with the Cultural Revolution, CCP policies, etc. DZ could be playing up the matter for their own survival and not necessarily represent anyone. They would probably be the same hardcore fundamentalist found in all communities. IMHO, there is validity in their sentimental attachment as the vernacular school system has no doubt contributed to education pre and early post Merdeka, but like most institutions of that era, their role in present day Malaysia needs to change, priority should shift from single ethnic cultural promotion and preservation towards mainstream national aspirations and identity.

6. The reality that we shape here through our discussions is quite different than the one on the ground. Glad to hear that the one outside is not as bad as some scenarios painted here. Hopefully the misguided racial profiling and stereotyping will change.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the opinion that "Dong Zong is being paranoid for nothing, trying to protect their notion of Chinese culture through education when we know even the one in China has undergone tremendous changes with the Cultural Revolution, CCP policies, etc."

They may have 1-2 vote-seeking opportunists defending them in political circles but they should not "naik tocang". Indeed, why allow them to naik tocang? Why should they talk about retaining Mandarin medium of instruction as part of maintaining their culture? In fact, Mainland Chinese had discarded their tocang (pigtail hair) culture even long before Mao Tse Dong's "Cultural Revolution" in the 1960s.

It happened early last century when the last Manchu (a foreign dynasty) Emperor had his own pigtail cut simply because he didn't like it. The citizenry had to follow. That aspect of their culture was put aside not even out of any need for unity or any noble, or higher purpose.

And here in Malaysia we are asking for all schools to have BM as the medium of instruction for the sake of unity, and in the words of you all here - "for creating a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia". There you go. Reasonableness. Responsibility as Malaysian citizens.

If the Dong Zong and the likes of them are so concerned about culture, why didn’t their ancestors in Malaya and they now in Malaysia, away from Mainland China, continue with their pigtails? The Red Indians and remnants of the Aztec and Inca civilizations still do. Even within their own territories, not having run away to anywhere. Yes, the modern ones don’t. But are there any un-modern Chinese still keeping pigtails like un-modern Red Indians, Aztecs and Incas?

Pigtails are indeed culture. It is a way of life, it is attached to their very own body and person. It is unlike Mandarin, which is not mother tongue and spoken hardly one third of the time in their daily lives. The fact they were willing to forego pigtails suggests that they should be willing to forego Mandarin as the medium of instruction in schools.

Here in Malaysia we need unity badly. Mandarin medium of instruction and Tamil schools are not conducive to national unity. Yah, yah, they’ll say it’s because of the poor standard of national schools, no equality and all sorts of other excuses for non-compliance with the dictates and the spirit of Article 152 and 153 of the Constitution.

Goodness, gracious, nobody says they can’t study Mandarin. Only have Bahasa Malaysia as medium of instruction and a national school curriculum and syllabus for the existing vernacular schools. They must be reasonable. They must respect the Constitution of Malaysia. They must be loyal citizens of this country.

How else can you prove loyalty to this country other than respecting and following the Constitution fully. Paying tax is insufficient proof because even non-citizens also pay tax in one form or another.


Anonymous said...


Just a short message to those who talk about "lack of justice" in Malaysia - they should read the following news, quoted even by the China news agency: 2009-12-04
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) --

Malaysia has reiterated that the two Malaysians who are detained at the United States' Guantanamo Bay camp should not be called terrorists before charges, Malaysia's Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillai said.

The two men, Mohd Farik Amin and Mohammed Nazir Lep, could not be called terrorists because they had not been charged with any offense since the Malaysian government was informed of the arrests in 2006, the deputy foreign minister was quoted as saying by local newspaper The Star on Friday.

The Malaysian government was constantly appealing to the U.S. government to send back the two men to face Malaysian legal proceedings, according to the report.


The anti-ISA fellows should take note that while the US does not have the two Malaysians detained in Guantanamo Bay tried in court, the Malaysian Government is already talking about legal proceedings for them in Malaysian courts once returned.

These fellows should understand and accept the purpose of ISA. They are for the communists, subversives and hardcore anti-national elements.


Ms TheresaCock binti Ketuk Ketampi said...

NEWSBREAKER! Dokumen bukti diskriminasi terhadap Sekolah Ugama oleh PR Sngor

Anonymous said...


I am happy to read Dato Seri Najib's statement that he would not meet or entertain the greatest "alienised Malaysian" of all time - communist terrorist Chin Peng.

He is only so-called "Malaysian" - in fact, he is not. Professor Khoo Kay Kim has pointed out that he is not a citizen by virtue of not completing the requirements and procedures for citizenship application. He is not even a British Overseas citizen, a classification of Chinese in the Straits Settlements during British colonial rule. He is, truly, stateless. It is simply inconceivable that the Thais or anybody else would give citizenship to a communist terrorist.

Dato Seri Najib's decision is laudable. That is as it should be. The bloke is a hardcore communist and he adamantly said so as recently as in the last several days. He is unrepentent, does not renounce communism, non-apologetic and has no remorse at all for his sins. Whatever "apology" was qualified and well-guarded, as if it was not meant to be one. On these grounds alone he should not be allowed enty into Malaysia.

Tun Dr Mahathir, in responding to calls by subversive groups to allow the fellow to enter Malaysia, suggested that the authorities clarify the terms of the Haadyai Accord concerning Chin Peng's right of entering this country, if any. I disagree.

Assuming that the terms of the Accord with communist terrorists are confidential, there is no need to declassify their confidential nature. It is sufficient merely to point out to the public that, as Malaysia bans communism and the Malayan Communist Party and has zero tolerance on terrorism, the much-hated and not tolerated leader of the terrorists must not be allowed in this country.

I hope the Ministry of Information and Mass Media are doing all they can to disseminate the correct arguments against the subversives, anti-nationals, supporters and sympathisers of communist terrorists.

Let him rot abroad. Or across the border where all concerned have agreed he should be.


Anonymous said...

The following online news articles show the kind of Assemblymen we have in Perak:

Bernama - ‎IPOH, Dec 4 (Bernama) -

DAP Perak takes responsibility for the actions of several party leaders who had stepped on a poster bearing the facial images of three Independent Perak state assemblymen last Sunday.

Malaysia Star -

Kit Siang apologises for 'doormat' incident

Malaysian Insider -

Perak DAP issues formal apology for 'frog doormat' incident.

Don't they appear like monkeys doing that. They belong to the group that held meetings under a tree.

They are supposed to be lawmakers. What law can be expected of them? Malaysians must think hard before voting for them next time.

This is the result of the endless shouting, demonstrating, opposing and criticising every opportunity they have against established authorities, including the Police, the MACC, even blaming Teoh Beng Hock's death on MACC before the investigations and inquest were completed.

And the use of the "Underworld" (believed to be secret societies, thugs and gangsters) by the Selangor DAP Exco as alleged by the PKR ADUN and PKR MP.

Are they not "alienised Malaysians", too?


msleepyhead said...


you actually have a point. Jackie Chan, of the kungfu movie star fame, created a bit of a controversy when he said the Chinese needs a strong leadership to keep them in check.

Back in the days, emperors held supreme rule, no tocang, heads are chopped off, tocang, heads are chopped off. It's all about toeing the line with very, very harsh rules. Same with the CCP.

So how do you keep them in check? Unless there is no need for them, and if the figures and migration trends reported recently are right, then they will be too small a minority to be of any threat to national unity in the future. So will be the relevancy of DAP or MCA for that matter.

History Today said...

First thing first.

Firstly the Chinese who came to Malaya to work in the tin mine or Lim Goh tong who came with just the shirt on his back came to make money and go back.

Just like the bangla or indon now.

But with the withdrawal of the British the Chinese realised they can make Tanah Melayu a satellite of China which they nearly did by the communists.

But the British, bless their hearts, still held the Malay Sultans to their treaty and when they left they felt it their honour to return it to the Malays and Sultans.

So there it is. It is clear that Federated Malay States is what they are. Malay states with their Sultans and Chinese immigrants being immigrants.

What to do with the Chinese. Some were not interested and left and some with cajoling by taukeh in MCA choose to be citizens.

They thought they can always go back to China but a Malaysian citizenship maybe useful.

So it is up to the Chinese. Prof Khoo Khay Beng had it right when he said assimilate or leave.

You all must think in a few more decades more Malays will be malay based not English based. If you find it hard to assimilate dont close your eyes and think that nothing will happen.

You cannot make the Malays anglicised or westernised.

The Malays are here owner of their land and their culture and their Sultans. You can make your life and everyone else easier to forget your chinese roots.

Pretending otherwise is just waiting for some upheaval. Of course this apply to the Indians too.

They think its good they fly evey month back to Chennai and claim loyal citizenship to Malaysia.

Indians too seemed cannot understand why is there a Malay Sultan who decide who become speaker? Boorish and uncouth, the Indians politicians think they are back in India.

The Malay Sultan is the owner of all land in Perak. The Perak Sultan protested when the British acquired his land to make the New Villages. This was made by the same British officer who demarked Palestin too.

The Sultan is the source of legitimacy of the State Government. No Chinese or Indians or Bangla may be the Chief Minister of Perak.

Why? Because this is Tanah Melayu of course!

No Chinese can be Sultan also. Can a Malay be an emperor in China? Or a Maharajah in India?

The Sultanates defines the Malayness of Malaysia.

Pandak Wira said...

don't forget to mention Orang Asli also "pendatang" from Africa in Ice Age hehe

Anonymous said...

Hope all the 'pendatang' will leave this sad land.
Resource is a curse, it is not a blessing.

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