Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Education and the Invasive Species

Bro SatD highlighted to me something interesting a couple of days ago. 

Remember Teeny Weeny? Yup, the cherubic crybaby who threatened to lodge a police report against the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua grassroots movement started right here in DN. 

Now, this very same Teeny Weeny recently launched (in his capacity as the Deputy Education minister) the Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan Sektor Pendidikan 2012. The catchy tagline for this month-long observance is none other than the SSS's own Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara. Yes folks, the very same motto emblazoned in the SSS logo.


This is indeed a fortuitous aberration wrapped in a delicious irony stuck up the ass of Teeny Weeny. So Teeny Weeny, SSS is not going to go away. It would hit you in similar cryptic ways in the time to come.  

Below is the report, in the gutter media no less!

As for the Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara tagline, it occurred to me in a dusty diner on California Highway 41 literally in the middle of nowhere between San Luis Obispo and Fresno not far from James Dean's crash site. I had driven my trusty Hummer H2 (not another Michael Chia gift lah; this beast was bought used for US$35,600 four years ago) up from LA to view some ranch land offered for a song, a distressed asset hard hit by America's real estate meltdown at that time.

Between sips of bad coffee and soggy burrito in a place chock full of people, I observed the American berbagai bangsa tapi satu bahasa phenomenon in action. You see, Americans come in all colours and origins. My Santa Monica zipcode alone has over 120 ethnic/national groups. Malaysian diversity is nothing compared to these parts. But unlike confused Malaysia, these people proudly speak in one language -- English -- although less than a third of Americans have English-speaking ancestors. 

Back to the diner scene, I observed an Asian chap, with Hispanic chick in tow, heartily discussing NFL football with a couple of White guys -- in English of course. Standing in line was a half dozen ethnic-Korean LA high school kids Americanized to their kimchi core trading banter and teenage lingo in perfect San Fernando Valley twang.

My business associate in that trip, Andy (actually Andrei, an immigrant from Belarus) shared with me that intriguing scene of a multicoloured, multicultural huddled mass of humanity interacting proudly and boldly in one language. By his own admission, Andy himself has long foregone his Russian/Belarusian except for the occasional phonecall to Minsk.       

I told Andy, "hey its interesting to see these people, irrespective of colour or creed, communicating clearly and confidently in one language, as one proud patriotic nationality, in one country" - hence, Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

 Multiple colours and creeds. 
But one school, one language, one nation.


But what do we have back in Malaysia? 


Yes, absolute, unadulterated language and cultural confusion.

And it's going to get worse, people. Much worse.  


Well, PM Najib Razak's government itself is now a perpetrator of an unconstitutional outrage - the overt approval and recognition of vernacular schools.

You see, where other nations, even the multicoloured, multi-everything USA, have pushed a one school one language agenda for national cohesion, inexplicably the Najib government is now openly encouraging, financially supporting and perpetuating the vernacular school menace in our country. 

No nation on the face of this earth is doing this.

This one act of stupidity, motivated by sheer political expediency, will guarantee Malaysia's socio-linguistic and cultural confusion in perpetuity. 

PM Najib himself recently proclaimed that Malaysia is:-

... the only country outside China which has got Chinese education as part of the national system. We have recognised Chinese education in Malaysia, and I think that is of great significance ... Please see that in this context, we have recognised Chinese education as part of the national system.

Are we Malaysians supposed to be proud of this anomaly, a one-off phenomenon unseen anywhere else on earth?

Why should we?

PM Najib, why do you think our neighbours abolished Chinese schools decades ago? Do you know what Lee Kuan Yew thought of the Chinese educated? Of their inability to carry Singapore's growth agenda, indeed, to ensure survival of the city state itself? I won't elaborate on the Thai and Indonesian actions on Chinese schools as I have mentioned them many times in the past. 

So why should Malaysia, our Tanah Tumpah Darah, be saddled with this one-of-a-kind burden? Another Malaysia Boleh moment? Yet another weird world's first?    

And this is not even constitutional. 

I challenge anyone from both sides of the political divide to rebut that statement. Show us where Chinese and Tamil schools are allowed in the Malaysian constitution. Where taxpayers money can be legally disbursed for these unconstitutional racket. Where UEC certificate holders can be given scholarships underwritten by our tax ringgits.


Mana ada.

Slowly but surely, our constitution is ignored and circumvented to suit ill-fated political adventurism. Many non-Malays and now PM Najib himself don't take our constitution seriously.

And they will do this at their peril.  

On hindsight, fortunately the framers of our constitution were not vote-seeking political desperados. They were thoughtful scholars geared to please neither the stateless pendatangs nor the Malay masses. They had to forge a practical blueprint for nation-building for an eclectic collection of nine petty Sultanates and two colonial enclaves in a turbulent region quivering from the undercurrents of post-colonialism. Malay Rights and Privileges, status of the Malay language, status of Islam, status of the Malay rulers, Malay reserved lands, and the Malay Regiment were all key pillars of this embryonic edifice of nationhood. National cohesion underpinned by a strong, unmistakable Malay essence was the goal, indeed, the key guarantor of the federation's long term tenability.  

But today?

Political desperation has driven PM Najib to commit this constitutional sacrilege. He thought he could buy Chinese votes by dishing out all sorts of extra-constitutional bribes and goodies. In effect, he is trying to out-Chinese the Chinese, by giving something to the detriment of all to get something for the benefit of few.   

Would these myopic giveaways sway the Chinese votes

No. Absolutely not.
The Indians, having tasted DAP racism and Hindraf implosion, may partly sway to the BN. But not the Chinese. They are hell bent on consolidating their new found political clout in what they perceive as the dawn of a new Malaysia.

No amount of giveaway and sweet talk by Ah Jib Gor (那鸡哥) will change their stand. Indeed, they are even more determined now, having interpreted PM Najib's unprecedented appeasement as a sign of weakness, the manifestation of a stumbling, flailing prey ready for the PRU13 knockout punch.   

Till this day, PM Najib does not understand the inner workings of the Chinese mind. These descendants of the hardy sin kheh respect strength and decisiveness. And they can smell a calculative rat bearing false gifts from a mile away. Unless of course you are Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, the chief Malai Lembu who has sold his soul to the DAP tokongs, indeed to anyone else and at any cost, to aid his quest to be Prime Minister. You see, the Chinese can also smell political sleazoids like Brother Anwar, this time from two miles away. His psychotic obsession to be PM is also viewed by the Chinese as a weakness. And they are exploiting this weakness to the core, as the golden opportunity for them to grab Putrajaya albeit embedded inside a malleable Malai Lembu façade.

Either way, they have gained concessions beyond their wildest dreams. 

Let's be frank here.  The Chinese is an invasive species wherever they set foot on this earth. Even China was not so "China" until a thousand years ago when Chinese hordes radiated out of their Yellow river habitat to crowd out adjacent ethno-cultural groups, from the Manchus of the north to the Tibetans and Uighurs in the far west to the various southern ethnics of Yunnan.     

Like snakeheads and Asian carps in America, this invasive species, given half a chance, would devour and obliterate everything in its wake. In Malaysia, politics is their new frontier, the ultimate guarantor of their preferred ecosystem in this foreign land. Malay preeminence, indeed the very essence of this nation, is relentlessly challenged. Riding on the backs of the dumber-than-dumb Malai Lembus of PAS and PKR, this invasive species will not relent until they supplant the divided Malays and govern this nation by proxy. 

Part of this process involves wholesale troublemaking, to destabilise the status quo, to agitate the masses, to rock the habitat by provoking the admittedly complacent Malays into innumerable little skirmishes over race, language, religion, education, culture and everything else under the sun. Everything must be questioned, unraveled and brought into disrepute. Heck, even the origin of the Malays has become a point of contention. A typical SJKC-minted cyber nut would openly declare that the "Malay Race" does not exist! In their ching-chong ching-chong cyberchats, the Melayus are just a random collection of transplanted Nusantara transients with little history of pre-colonial nationhood on this land that bears their name. Oh yes, Parameswara was an Indian fella, Hang Tuah was a Chinaman soldier of fortune, and "Melayu" means to "run away" in some obscure pre-Sailendran Javanese idiomatic nuance. Suddenly, Ms. Kum Hia Nao, a lambut kalat bimbo in a dingy unisex salon with a form three education morphs into an expert on Malay anthropology in her Facebook postings. Likewise, pimply-faced Sekolah Menengah-dropout Thong Sum Pah who failed Sejarah in Form One remove class has become an eloquent expert on the political history of the Hinduised Kingdoms of Southeast Asia, merrily typing away (atrocious grammar notwithstanding) fairytales of Malay history he picked up among likeminded cyberfriends.

Hilariously ridiculous as it may seem, this reflects the thought process of the invasive species. I can argue with these SJKC-minted cadres that my ancestors have ruled Kelantan since 1190 (over 200 years before Melaka existed) and our progenitor Langkasukan civilization (centered near present-day Yarang, Patani) dates back to 200AD per imperial Chinese records no less. But no. Not good enough. Their inner soul has already been shaped, fine-tuned and calibrated at the SJKC and Chinese Independent High School to abhor anything Malay, to dismiss Malay history, to dismiss their Malay Tuan Tanahs as lazy, tongkat-dependent numbskulls devoid of culture and identity. To these SJKC-poisoned crowd, the Malays, including PM Najib, is only one degree removed from the Indo maids and labourers they have been exploiting and mistreating all these years. 

Once the prey is shed of its social status and dignity, with its history and culture stripped bare, relentless political offensive follows.

That's the modus operandi of this invasive species.

First they stealthily slither into a pristine new habitat. Like the invasive snakehead fish dubbed fishzilla that is terrorising American rivers, they would methodically out-hunt, out-eat and out-breed the endemic species. 

Then they would crowd out the natives who will be banished to less hospitable niches towards the road to oblivion

Go to any supermarket check-out counter. Typically, the Chinese would be a minority in these lines, perhaps 4 to 6 out of 20. But notice who makes the most noise, the most obnoxious in manners and disposition, with the baddest, noisiest and meanest kids imaginable. Yes, this invasive species. I was in line at Ikea, Mutiara Damansara, last month. The aggressive shopping cart maneuverings and high volume ching-chong-ching-chong by four famiies, yes four, completely dominated the scene. The other 20 odd families waiting in line -- mostly Malays, a couple of Indians and some Mat Sallehs -- were reduced to nothing more than sedentary, captive audience forced fed a grotesque show of kurang ajar-ness. In loud pidgin Cantonese or Hokkien, the Ah Sohs would liberally throw comments about the stupidity of the Malay cashier, the old Mat Salleh's brown ass girlfriend and the frail Makcik impeding their rush to the exit. Yup, ching-chong-ching-chong all the way to their luxury SUVs (... so much for a "repressed minority" eh?). 

Same thing in a typical office or apartment elevator. You see, where you have six Malays and one Chinese, the ride would be blissfully quiet. You add just one more Chinese in the mix and you'll have non-stop ching-chong-ching-chong from the 42nd floor all the way to Basement 3! And the Malays, typical of endemic species, would just look down, shut up and tolerate the noise pollution.     

See the trend, the behavioral trait? Invasive species, though smallish in number, would typically expel the natives though sheer social turbulence and distruption of the habitat and food chain. 

And to consolidate their hold in newly won habitats, the invasive species require strong reinforcements from subsequent generations. This is where Chinese schools come in, as the supplier of fresh young aggressive cadres with little exposure or affinity to the native Malays. These next-gen ching-chongers stick out like dog turd in the crowd. Go to any McDonald's, even in Kota Bharu (near the UMK campus) in the Malay heartland. A few members of this invasive species would wreak havoc. In no time, the pleasant, relaxing ambience would degenerate into noisy, chaotic Pasar Borong free for all. Many Malay families would quickly consume their meal and leave the premises with a sense of anger and bewilderment.

Again, invasive species wins.    

The cadre pipeline, Chinese schools, are the lifeblood of this invasive species. No SJKC, no more nasty little pests to push the invasion. Hence, it is not  surprising to witness their determined stand on Chinese schools.  True to their nature, these invasive species would fight tooth and nail to maintain their cadre production line, the means to expand their alien footprint in a new habitat at the expense of others.  

 Malaysia Boleh!
Nowhere else on earth.
Three parallel educational universe underpin 
an angry, confused society.

So who's the culprit behind this unprecedented SJKC building boom?

Kit Siang or Guan Eng. No. 

Brother Anwar? No.

The long-skirted mullahs in flip flops. No.

Teeny Weeny? The chief alien, Donkey Kong's Yap Sin Tian?

None of the above.

Then who?

PM Najib Razak.

Yes, PM Najib is the single biggest catalyst for the spread of the ching-chong-ching-chong invasive species in this country's history. 

 Down payment towards a chaotic future.
RM3 million down, another billion to give. 
Do you think that grinning Ah Pek will vote BN?

And the sad part is that all of his efforts -- the hundreds of millions of taxpayers' money squandered, the nation's future compromised -- would come to zilch as the Chinese would still vote DAP, PKR and their subservient Malai Lembu stooges of PAS. Yes, all the compromises, appeasement, giveaways, bribery and promises for nothing!

Go here for a taste of the arrogance and ungratefulness of this invasive species. 

Boleh bincang sama ini macam punya manusia ka? Boleh kawtim ka? Boleh tolak ansur ka? Ya lah Jib, dia olang tolak, lu ansur-ansur undur.

Seriously, PM Najib must be a borderline compulsive obsessive delusional twit if he thinks he can seduce the emboldened Chinese with gifts and promises. Sorry lah Dato' Seri, you don't figure in their plans post PRU13. Sure, being the predatory invasive species that they are, they will sapu and tibai whatever gifts you throw at them. They might even say talima kasih latok sili  to your face in front of the cameras. But they are already deadset in their political roadmap, and you are not in the picture. 

Meanwhile, the invasive species marches on, gaining more ground as the hopelessly divided Malays reel under the weight of their own political stupidity. More SJKCs would be demanded. More independent Chinese secondary schools would be demanded. The banishment of non "Chinese language qualified" teachers, even teachers of Bahasa Melayu, would be demanded. More of everything would be demanded .... and more would be given to them.   

"We want more, we want more, we want more of everything. 
Chinese schools are enshrined in the constitution."
Yeah right Ah Seng, the constitution of what country? People's Republic of China?

So how now? Macam mana sekarang bang?

Sorry, its already too late for the hows and the macam manas.

We rakyat tanggung saja lah.

As for the Melayus, don't blame the invasive species. You yourselves created this problem. 

According to the 2010 census, Malays and other Bumiputras make up almost 70% of the population. Yes, almost three-quarters! Yet your behaviour and mindset is akin to a powerless minority, outmaneuvered on all fronts by the cunning invasive species constantly threatening your livelihood and unsettling your way of life. Even "Allah" must be shared now. You don't even have a collective agenda. You bicker among yourselves over petty stuff, often reduced to juvenile name calling and taunting -- Khalid Gagap, Khalid Gereja, Si Kitol, Imam Selipar, Si Kemetot, Mike Tyson, B.A.B.I., Isa Doraemon, Semi Value, Mahafiraun, Tokong, Al-Kataki, Musang Hitam, Big Mama .......macam-macam ada. You see, when your take on national politics is reduced to the level of TV3's Melodi, you are in trouble, big time!

You have become tools of others. Nik Aziz, the PAS Chief Mullah, would regularly sanitise and "halalkan" racial and religious insults thrown by the DAP subversives. And UMNO is silent when MCA's Soi Lek took it upon himself to repeatedly chastise hudud although it has no bearing on him or his fellow infidels.   

Since the collapse of the Srivijayathalassocracy at the end of the 13th century, there has never been a true Pan Malay leader, an empire builder, someone who could inspire, unite and mobilise the Malays into a cohesive socio-political force. Even during the Melaka Sultanate, Malays on both sides of the Melaka Straits were chopped and diced into little fiefdoms ruled by constantly conspiring potentates. The far away invasive species, the Portuguese, conquered Melaka with less than a thousand men and a dozen ships. How? Well, not often mentioned in history, they were aided by Malay disunity in the Melaka realm. If the Malays were united then, you seriously think a few hundred seasick soldados crowded in creaking carracks and caravels from Cochin and Goa could sail alive through the lanun infested straits and, laden with heavy arcabus matchlocks and espadas, could wade past the muddy mangrove to storm the stockades and subjugate thousands upon thousands of pahlawans and perwiras led by laksamanas on war elephants? It would be practically impossible.

Add in the double-crossing Chinaman and Indian element and Melaka met its doom. You see, in the heat of battle, true to their nature, the local Chinese merchants -- who had greatly prospered under the hospitality and security of Melaka's Malay rulers -- gave the Portuguese five large junks complete with crew and provisions plus logistical details and battle secrets -- Melaka's troop strength, firepower, encampments, stockades, even the Sultan's bunker! The local Indians (known as Klings those days) did their part in Melaka's downfall as well. Nina Chatu, a wealthy sleazoid and favoured confidant of Sultan Mahmud Shah,  secretly passed letters from Rui de Araújo, one of 19 Portuguese held by the Sultan, to Afonso d'Albuquerque, detailing Melaka's riches and fortifications. This became a catalyst for d'Albuquerque's attack. Nina Chatu (and his Melaka Kling clansmen) would later vigorously assist the Portuguese in minting coinage and administering the city. For his collaboration, Nina Chatu was made Bendahara, a position later made hereditary for his lineage. 

Another collaborator is Utimuti Raja, leader of the large Javanese community who secretly sent presents to d'Albuquerque and provided safe passage for the exhausted Portuguese force through Melaka's Javanese quarter and joined the invasive species in the conquest. BTW, this Utimuti Raja character was later executed by the Portuguese when he got involved in too many deals and double deals with all sides of the conflict. See, invasive species have killer instinct and destroys any semblance of treachery among fellow predators.       

Five hundred years later and not much have changed.

Look at Malaysian politics. Just like Melaka of a half-millenium ago, you Malays cannot see the threat of the treacherous invasive species on your own land and cannot rise above your trademark affliction of dengki, dendam and tamak haloba that has split your race three ways and with your lot now hurtling towards the abyss of political and economic oblivion. You are disunited in your own little habitat that is already under siege by today's version of the Melaka Chinamen, Nina Chatu and Utimuti Raja. And again akin to history, you Malai Lembu types collaborate with the invasive species to your utter detriment, which you are too stupid to realise until nasi sudah menjadi bubur down the road. And you the PM throws taxpayers' money at SJKC alien-production lines as if this is your only ticket for another five year stay in Seri Perdana. 

Baca sejarah lah kengkawan! Bila dah di ulangi jangan pula menyesal ...

So people, as PRU13 looms, Malaysia has not one but TWO men desperate to be Prime Minister at all costs: the can-give-everything incumbent and the will-give-everything challenger. Either way, the invasive species gains. Indeed, they have gained more in the last four plus years than the previous five decades.

Jadi bang, PRU13 undi siapa? Jembalang yang mana satu?

You decide.

Looking beyond PRU13, can this invasive species be contained, with the socio-economic and political ecosystem made amenable for the endangered endemics as well?

It is for the Malays themselves to answer. The old adage, Bersatu Tegoh, Bercerai Roboh would be a good guide. Add in a sense of Berdikari liberally spiced with Bekerja Keras and we may have some hope yet.

Would the Malays evolve out of practical necessity to out-maneuver and out-compete the invasive species? Would this sedentary native prey mutate and reload to mimic the survival traits of the ruthless predator?

We shall see. 


Bintangjauh said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas Demi Negara,

TerimaKasih sesungguhnya dengan entry ini yang berisi dengan ulasan yang mantap seperti mana yang sudah dijangka kan selalu, sebuah pandangan bertaraf gagah perkasa yang padat dengan maksud pengertian yang ingin disampaikan... namun semakin dibaca semakin rasa membara diminda karena perihal Satu Bahasa&Satu Bangsa&Satu Negara ini umpama menyimbah curah air didaun keladi... jadinya kesudahan itu dimana?

Bagi saya, wahai Tuan KijangMas... species ching-chong ching-chong ada lah sejenis manusia yang hanya berpaksi arah hidupnya semata-mata untuk $$$, itu sahaja tujuan&tumpuan hidup mereka dan selainnya lansong tidak ada dikitab benak diri mereka karena kini semakin jelas sejelasnya species yang berkepala ular ini sudah membiak luas meneroka disetiap pelusuk dunia, seperti contohnya apa yang terjadi di Africa sekarang ini.
Jadinya, jika pemerintah kita hanya bersikap beralah/beri muka tanpa mengira harga maruah bangsa negara sendiri dan jangan menyesali mudharat besar bernama kemusnahan sebuah bangsa akan menjadi nyata, berterusan ditindas secara terang benderang tanpa sesiapa pun peduli atau bersikap separuh peduli namun tiada siapa yang berani berhadapan dengan kenyataan ini... jangan sampai berulang lagi peristiwa kejatuhan kemartabatan sebuah negara yang bermohor kuning diraja pudar sepucat lesi tanpa seri purnama...

Apa kah maruah Melayu yang dijunjung tinggi senang dijual borong sebegitu sahaja dengan wang ringgit tanpa sedikit pun tercuit dengan kesedaran kepada diri bahawasanya kewibawaan sesebuah negara itu bermula dari seorang pemerintah yang bertaraf Merdeka yakni tanpa ditakluk oleh masa'alah pucuk pimpinan yang asasnya kemelayuan kita yang semestinya didahulu kan dan diberi perhatian tanpa persoalan dimana tiang pendinding asalusul Melayu yang tertera jelas warisannya...

Salam sejahtera.

KijangMas said...

Salam Bintangjauh

Terima kasih kerana sudi berkunjung dan bertukar pendapat di sini.

Masa depan dinamika sosial negara kita makin kabur.

Kedua-dua belah gerompolan politik -- BN dan PR -- bertindak bukan untuk kepentingan negara. Bagi politikus Melayu dikedua pihak, mereka hendak meraih undi semata-mata, hingga sanggup menggadai maruah dan martabat bahasa, bangsa dan agama.

Bagi BN dan PR, undi bukan Melayu amat tinggi nilainya, seolah-olah satu undi Cina bersamaan dengan 10 undi Melayu. Jadi si Cina sekarang angkuh dan megah dengan persepsi status mereka sebagai kingmaker.

Orang Melayu memang buta sejarah. Ini mungkin kerana orang Melayu turun-temurun sering mencampur-hadok fakta sejarah dengan dongeng-dongeng alam khayalan.

Bila kita sudah keliru sejarah, tanpa iktibar dari peristiwa zaman silam, kita akan sesat dalam menempuh cabaran masa kini dan masa depan.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KM,

Setuju dengan jawapan tuan diatas. Cina menggunakan politik demi memperjuangkan bangsa sementara Melayu menggunakan bangsa demi politik.

Perhatikan APA SAJA isu besar sekarang ini ... pasti ada melibatkan samada BN atau PR.

Tapi dalam isu sama yang TIDAK melibatkan parti lawan, tidak ada siapa mahu perjuangkan. Kepada mangsa - ikut pandai mu lah nak hidup !

Semakin dekat PRU13, semakin kronik perkara ini. Kekadang itu ketahap memualkan politik orang Melayu ni !

Ingat baru ni Umno dan Pas berebut status sebagai Pembela Survival Melayu .... KEDUA2NYA SENYAP bila peniaga2 Melayu ditindas dan cuba dihalau keluar dari Suria KLCC.....

Dalam isu sekolah cina pula, KEDUA2NYA berebut2 menonjolkan diri sebagai Rakan setia Sekolah Cina.

Kedua2nya HIPOKRIT ! dan seperti biasa, kita pula terpaksa pilih pihak mana yang kurang kehipokritannya ....alahai..

Anonymous said...

Kajian sejarah yang berani bro dan akan menimbulkan kontroversi (I LIKE!).

Di peringkat individu aku beserta dengan isteri, kami masih mengekalkan sifat santun dan berhemah orang Melayu tetapi kami akan bertindak sebaliknya jika ada seekor 'invasive species' pun kami akan berubah menjadi 'highly competitive', jika ada yang menolak-nolak semasa beratur kami akan maki 'in the face' dan masa tuh mereka ini akan buat muka tak bersalah dan jika mereka mula bercakap dlm bahasa chong-ching mereka kami akan maki dengan suara tinggi pula, kebiasaannya mereka akan senyap dan pandang tempat lain sebab tak berani rupanya..

Kepada anak2 kami pula kami akan galakkan mereka untuk berebut dengan 'invasive species' nih dan sopan santun dengan bangsa kita sahaja!

Kami sepakat tidak akan biarkan mereka2 ini buat sesuka hati mereka dan kami amat2 berharap Melayu lain juga tinggal2kan sifat malu2 alang dan segan tak bertempat anda tu dan mula bersaing dengan mereka ini, terus terang mereka takut apabila kita bersikap kasar terhadap mereka ini kerana mereka hanya faham cara kasar. Bagi mereka cara sopan dan berhemah adalah petanda lemah dan boleh di pijak2!

Kepada Ah Jib Gor, ko ni memang memalukan lah.. tulang belakang dah dicabut oleh bini hang agaknya??

Naif said...

Salams KM. Awesome awesome post as usual. It always astounds me that despite living so far away, you're able to precisely pinpoint the central issue in our political discourse, putting to shame all our political "columnists" in TMI or Malaysiakini. You have a knack of brilliantly articulating what so many Malaysians feel deep inside. I still have a few questions for you though.

The argument seem to be nowadays, is that SJKCs are providing an alternative for parents who do not want to send their children to what they perceive as a very fast deteriorating government schools. So how would you respond to the allegation that because the quality of government schools are dwindling, with the exceptional few, parents, especially non malay parents are just doing whats best for their children by sending them to chinese schools. SJKCs are just filling that void.

There are also now a significant number of international schools in the country. And not surprisingly these schools are the preferred choice for the upper class. This just adds further justification for parents who see the double standards practice by politicians who tout government schools in public but personally send their children to international schools. Your response?

Should the short cut way be perhaps to reintroduce the english medium in government schools like how we had them in past? This idea seems to be gaining ground even with Malays. Check out the heated arguments in OutsyedtheBox blog for example. Indeed, for Malays in the Klang Valley it seems to be a no-brainer, because they've seen the value in english education having gone to these schools in the 60s 70s. I think you have answered this in the past, but I would love to hear again your thoughts on this.

Last thought, a bit off topic - but when are you going to contest for parliament? Kidding.

enta omri said...

Adindaku Bintangjauh dan Tuan KijangMas,

Sesungguhnya kita orang Melayu semua mesti 'berjiwaraga Merdeka' Baru aman damai negara tercinta kita ini. Kita semua ada peranan memasing, maka, kita mesti pergiatkan peranan kita didalam kalangan kelompok kita. Sebatang lidi dikumpul sekali diikat tali akan menjadi penyapu yang berkuasa men-nyahkan sampah sarap dan kotoran didalam rumah dan di halaman rumah, ditepi jalan malah disemua tempat corok dan dinding.
Itulah usaha kita semua.

Khas buat adindaku seorang siBiontangjauh --kekanda berharap bahasa Melayu adinda dapat drendahtahap ke bahas Melayu Moden hendaknya memandangkan ramai dikalangan anak muda kurang arif dan kurang faham membacanya.


dari kekanda yang berada dikampung halaman.

KijangMas said...

Salam Sdr Dinturtle

Sokongan padu saudara saya hargai.

Ya betul, setiap isu di negara kita sekarang akan dipolitikkan oleh BN dan PR. Agama pun jadi isu politik. Buka kilang pun jadi isu politik. Tayangan filem pun jadi isu politik. Pendidikan pun jadi isu politik. Kemajuan hartanah pun jadi isu politik. Bekalan air pun jadi isu politik. Lebuhraya pun jadi isu politik. Korban lembu pun jadi isu politik. Kutip sampah pun jadi isu politik. Jemputan nikah kahwin pun jadi isu politik. Sukan pun jadi isu politik. Hingga iklan Deepavali pun jadi isu politik!

Kita sekarang berada ditahap dimana setiap isu perlu dipolitikkan jika mahu meraih pembelaan.


Berkenaan dengan penindasan peniaga Melayu di Suria KLCC, perkara ini sudah satu dekad berlarutan. Saya ada pejabat di PTT dan saya tahu azab yang diterima oleh peniaga Melayu disana.

Kedai gambar Pn. Sharifah di tingkat LG yang teruk ditindas oleh pengurusan Suria KLCC itu adalah antara perniagaan Melayu yang terakhir di sana.

Ini semua salah siapa? Ya, seperti biasa, salah si luncai Melayu juga. Syarikat Mat Salleh yang mengendalikan mall tersebut telah meyakinkan pengurusan KLCC bahawa kedai2 Melayu tiada "class" dan tidak dalam lingkungan "profil peruncit" yang disasarkan, iaitu sektor "upmarket" dan "international name brands." Jadi dihalaulah peniaga2 Melayu walaupun mereka tetap membayar sewa yang amat tinggi disana.

Mana BN? Mana PR?

Tiada. Kerana peniaga2 Melayu Suria KLCC tidak mempolitikkan isu ini hingga sudah terlambat.

Langkah susulan? Lupakan saja. Si Najib kempunan undi bukan Melayu tidak akan ambil tindakan.


Tentang pemilihan antara BN/UMNO dan PAS/PR, mungkin sudah tiba masanya untuk penjelmaan pilihan ketiga.

KijangMas said...

Anonymous (Nov.9, 2012) berkata:-

"... jika ada yang menolak-nolak semasa beratur kami akan maki 'in the face' ... dan jika mereka mula bercakap dlm bahasa chong-ching mereka kami akan maki dengan suara tinggi pula ... Kepada anak2 kami pula kami akan galakkan mereka untuk berebut dengan 'invasive species' nih ... Kami sepakat tidak akan biarkan mereka2 ini buat sesuka hati mereka dan kami amat2 berharap Melayu lain juga tinggal2kan sifat malu2 alang dan segan tak bertempat anda tu dan mula bersaing dengan mereka ini ..."


Itu sajalah kaedah menghadapi dan membenteras si invasive species ini.

Saya sudah lama mengarahkan keluarga saya berwatak tegas dan bengis dengan makhluk-makhluk ini, bukan hanya yang versi tempatan tetapi juga import-import baru dari China, Iran, Korea dan benua Afrika.

Apabila si invasive species ini mula ber-ching-chong dalam lif, kami akan bercakap loghat Kelantan yang amat pekat sekali sekuat-kuatnya. Makhluk ini akan tiba-tiba sunyi sepi terpegun, tidak terkata-kata lagi.

Bila pintu lif terbuka, kami tentukan -- secara tag team -- mereka hanya boleh keluar selepas kumpulan kami dan penumpang Melayu lain keluar dulu. Saya akan tekan butang tutup sebelum melangkah keluar ... dan si ching-chong ini akan kadang-kadang terkandas dicelah pintu lif. Bila dah tersepit, ngauman makhluk ini amat aneh bak tikus dalam perangkap.

Inilah azab sengsara yang mereka akan hadapi bila "bernasib baik" untuk berkongsi lif dengan kerabat KM.

Kita patut ada gerakan Ching-Chong Busters yang akan pantau kawasan awam yang sering dihidapi oleh gejala ching-chong ini. Tatkala nada ching-chong berbunyi (contohnya dikaunter bayaran kedai), ahli Ching-Chong Busters akan mula bergema dengan omongan Melayu bernada kuat. Biarkan setiap pelusuk tanah air kita berkumandang dengan bahasa Melayu yang jelas lagi indah, di merata tempat dan bukan hanya di stadium bolasepak sahaja.

Inilah satu cara bahasa Cina dipendam dan dipupuskan di Thailand dimana si ching-chong yang pada suatu ketika menjangkau lebih 30% penduduk negara itu telah diserap sepenuhnya dalam bahasa dan budaya Thai.

Anonymous said...

Aduyai .... Muhyiddin pun ikut sama BODEK sekolah cina ...

Telinga dah semakin nipis, dah makin MELUAT dengan pemimpin2 Melayu ni ....

Mungkin sudah tiba masanya kita juga buat DEMAND dengan menggunakan kuasa undi yang ada.

Show us HOW Tuan KM !

satD said...

Salam Bro KijangMas dan Teman2 Semua

Masa untuk berbicara sudah lewat.

Lagikan nama Tuhan yang Maha Agung bisa diheret ke Mahkamah atas dasar keperlembagaan...apakah kita akan diam membisu 50 tahun lagi?

KijangMas said...

Salam Naif. Yes, TMI and Mkini political columnists are pretty much lightweight, just fluff and no substance. A couple are just bitter UMNO rejects given space to vent their dendam kesumat by these anti-Malay portals. The rest are SJKC-minted ching-chongers painting anti-Malay twists to every issue and Malai Lembus who sooo want to be with the "in" crowd with phony American accents infesting Bangsar and The Curve.

The "quality" reasoning non-Malays use to flock to vernacular schools is just a lame excuse to validate their social segregation. Can we honestly say Tamil medium SJKTs are better than the Sek. Kebangsaan? No. Just observe these SJKT products in our midst. No further explanation necessary. As for the SJKCs, the quality vs. govt. schools must be gauged in the end product - their ex-students. I'm sure we have seen these SJKC kids in our malls peddling trinkets. Thousands are illiterate in both Malay and English and are stuck in workshops and various vices. Can we honestly say the SJKCs are better than the Sek. Kebangsaan? No.

As for govt. schools, sure the standard today is below my (and your dad's) generation. During my primary school days in Section 11 PJ, our classes were multiracial with majority non-Malay teachers. My first admirer was a pretty Chinese girl named Sharon in Standard 2! I still have our class pic. Sharon, where are you now? Many of my best friends were Chinese and Indians. We played football together during and after school and on weekends. We shared the same tent in our boy scout campfires. Most of the teachers were excellent and highly dedicated.

Govt. schools may have seen quality erosion but they are not inferior to vernacular schools. Beyond their closed communities, SJKC and SJKT products simply cannot communicate/interact with mainstream Malaysia. Usually, the Malays will need to compromise linguistically and communicate with these people in simplest terms. These BM and English retards in turn accuse the Malays of being bumbling simpletons lacking sophistication and incapable of expounding complex concepts! You see, if you have to speak at retard level with these misfits, how can you discuss concepts beyond “sudah makan ka?” and “sudah siap ka?” and “berapa harga”?

As for international schools, we must first have firm data on the percentage of Ministers and MPs with children in these schools. How many of these politicians are Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. Of course, if a politician shouts rhetoric supporting govt. schools in public BUT quietly sending his/her kids to international or private schools, then he/she should be exposed as hypocrites.

But two wrongs do not make one right. A couple dozen hypocrite politicians sending their kids to international schools do not validate the action of 30% of the population sending their children to vernacular schools. Keep in mind, some govt. officials send their kids to these schools simply because they are in the diplomatic corps, with multiple postings the world over. Does this validate the need for SJKCs?

On English medium schools, pockets in KV, Penang and JB may be ready, but not nationwide. I suspect 90% of Malaysians speak non-English languages/dialects at home and play. We can throw a challenge to the anti-Malay language types. We can impose English medium govt. schools nationwide but in return there will be no more vernacular schools. This is the Singapore way. Boleh ka? I doubt the non-Malays will bite. The pro-English school crowd actually wants English plus Chinese and Tamil schools. Our national language, Malay, gets discarded in this mess.

As for parliament seat, both sides don't appeal to me. BN may be the lesser of the two jembalangs, but PM Najib's anti-unity policies are indefensible. The NGO way can be an alternative. Perhaps a group of professionals - corporate types, lawyers, doctors, etc. - could form a Patriotic Professional Malaysians NGO geared to monitor govt adherence to the tenets of our Constitution.

Najib has to go. Gua Nak muntah tgk keluarga Najib said...

Najib dan Muhyudin. hishamudin semua dapat jadi habuan dari Cina melalui keluarga mereka.

Sebab itu mereka gembira bagi Cina. Anak najib lebih pandai cakap Cina dari cakap Melayu. Presiden UMNO gembira mengembangkan bahasa Cina? Apahal.

Orang Pekan tolong jangan undi
Najib PRU13 ini.

Asalkan jangan Najib!!!!

Hidup UMNO. Najib, Mahathir, Pak Lah Muhyudin ini petualang UMNO dan Melayu.

Hidup Melayu! Hapuskan pemimpin yang khianat.

bomoh khatan said...

Salam dari NJ,

Baru seminggu saya di sini, ternyata benar kata-kata KM mengenai pelbagai bangsa di US yang dapat bersatu dalam satu bahasa dan amalan. Tak kedengaran bising puak ching-chong yang berching-chong di jalanan. Tak dapat saya bayangkan, kiranya Malaysia mengalami taufan Sandy seperti di sini, bagaimanakah masyarakat kita yang begitu kuat polarisasinya akan menanggani bencana sedemikian. Kita mesti menggunapakai kaedah yang digunakan di US untuk benar-benar mewujudkan 1Malaysia. Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

En. Anony 4:24pm + 4:50pm,

Gejala melebihkan cina ni bukan UMNO sahaja malah mencakupi kesemua parti berasaskan Melayu.

Tolong la baca 'a wide spread of news available in the market' sebelum nak bagi komen macam lembu!

KijangMas said...

Anonymous (Nov.12, 2012 4:24 PM) berkata:-

"Najib has to go. Gua Nak muntah tgk keluarga Najib ... Anak najib lebih pandai cakap Cina dari cakap Melayu. Presiden UMNO gembira mengembangkan bahasa Cina? Apahal. Orang Pekan tolong jangan undi Najib PRU13 ini."

Najib amat kurang Semangat Melayu dan tidak berjiwa patriotik. Itulah asas segala keanihan tindakan beliau sebagai PM.


bomoh khatan (NJ) berkata:-

"Baru seminggu saya di sini, ternyata benar kata-kata KM mengenai pelbagai bangsa di US yang dapat bersatu dalam satu bahasa dan amalan. Tak kedengaran bising puak ching-chong yang berching-chong di jalanan."

Ya, saudara NJ. Bila si makhkluk asing mula ber-ching-chong di sana, orang Amerika akan "stare" kearah mereka dan secara spontan akan berkata, "can't you people speak English?" Bila bunyian ching-chong mula bergema direstoran, tuan milik premis dan/atau pelanggan lain akan lafaz, "keep the noise down, will you ..." Golongan Kulit Hitam Amerika memang lantang membenteras penyebaran bunyian ching-chong dan tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menegur makhluk-makhluk ini di kawasan awam.

bomoh khatan (NJ) berkata:-

"Tak dapat saya bayangkan, kiranya Malaysia mengalami taufan Sandy seperti di sini, bagaimanakah masyarakat kita yang begitu kuat polarisasinya akan menanggani bencana sedemikian."

Sudah lama terbukti, setiap kali berlaku bencana di Malaysia -- e.g., banjir besar atau tanah runtuh -- rata-rata orang Melayulah yang akan bergegas untuk membantu si mangsa. Bomba, Polis, Smart Team dan NGO-NGO seperti JIM lebih 99% Melayu. Saya berada ditrajedi tanah runtuh Bkt Antarabangsa 3 tahun lalu. Hampir kesemua sukarelawan adalah Melayu. Si ching-chong ini tidak angkat walau sejari pun. Yang ada pun banyak buat masalah, berkomplen sampai menuduh pihak tentera mencuri isi kandung rumah mereka!

bomoh khatan (NJ) berkata:-

"Kita mesti menggunapakai kaedah yang digunakan di US untuk benar-benar mewujudkan 1Malaysia."

Kaedahnya ialah: Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where the country is heading at the moment. Seems like we have to choose between the lesser of two evils.


ps: may i suggest you get rid of the word verification? it's very annoying.

tebing tinggi said...

Salam KM

Bercakap pasal satu sekolah untok semua ,ni kadang-kadang rasa letih dan hampa melihat telatah para pemimpin yang ada.
Pada saya satu sahaja ,selagi Malaysia tidak mengamalkan sistem pendidekan satu sekolah untok semua selagi itulah melaysia akan menghadapi masaalah perpaduan kaum dan perkauman yang tiada hujongnya.
Walau apapun teruskan perjuangan.

DLSL said...

Terima kasih atas satu artikel yang menarik lagi bernas. Walaupun saya setuju dengan hampir keseluruhan pendapat tuan, saya tertanya-tanya apa nasihat yang tuan berikan pada PM kita atau tuan rasakan semuanya sudah terlambat dan nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

Saya rasa kita semua faham yang PM bagaikan bertarung pilihanraya akan datang secara sendirian. Kebanyakkan orang kiri dan kanannya tidak boleh diharap dan hanya lebih satu liabiliti dari bantuan.

PM mungkin tidak dapat menarik undi orang cina yg sudah tetap pendiriannya, namun ia sekurang-kurangnya dapat menepis anggapan bhw BN cuma mementingkan satu kaum sahaja. Ini boleh memberi kesan pada fikiran golongan melayu liberal dan cina/india moden yang semakin ramai dewasa ini.

Agak sukar untuk bersatu teguh, bercerai kita roboh bila terdapatnya manusia seperti pemimpin utama dalam PKR dan PAS. Satu bagai di rasuk atau kemaruk kan kuasa, satu lagi degil dan penuh perasaan dendam. Untuk menangi hati mereka instead of orang cina, apa yang PM patut buat? Bagi sahaja jawatan sama si kitul itu dan setuju implement hudud dan lain-lain undang syariah di Malaysia? These people dan penyokong fanatik mereka pun kalau PM berhabis bagi faedah dan wang pada orang melayu dan Islam, tak juga akan undi PM juga kan?

PM perlu lalui pilihanraya kali ini dengan percaturan yg bijak. Jika dia boleh survive buat kali ini, mungkin peluang di masa depan lebih cerah kerana dua-dua pemimpin utama PKR dan PAS di penghujung karier mereka. Mungkin selepas ketiadaan mereka, mungkin lebih senang untuk gerakkan agenda bersatu dan satu sekolah untuk semua. Mudah-mudahan....

Anonymous said...

The Malays and their "Malaise , And, Lazy, Attitude, Yet, Surreptitious. Malays inability to forward thinking and so subsumed by material wealth will as apeople perish if they continue to behave so. Have we no shame of what have become of us? GOD help us help ourselves!!!

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas,

Ucapan sempena menyambut kedatangan Tahun Baru 2013 ini, semoga Tuan KijangMas beroleh kesihatan yang sehat sejahtera dan diberkati senantiasa dariNya... juga hari-hari yang mendatang lagi dipenuhi dengan semangat menegakkan Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua akan menjadi kenyataan dimana perjuangan yang bertaraf usaha patriotik yang tidak pernah putus darinya Tuan Kijangmas selama ini... begitu juga hasrat saya disini semoga disatu hari nanti akhirnya ada seorang pemimpin/pemerintah setulen kemelayuannya akan berjaya sebagai pembela dan pewaris bahasa melayu dipelihara menjadi sebuah bahasa yang utama bagi warganegara Malaysia semua...

Salam sejahtera.

wak segen said...

Salam Tuan KM,
Relating your article to the ongoing RCI in Sabah, why the Malaysian Governemnt just could not say it straight:
1. Yes, Tun M during his rule gave 300,000 citizenships to Bangsamoros,Suluks,Indonesians and Pakistanis.
2. Yes , we gave them citizenships because they are Muslims even if they are not Malays.
3. Yes we want to turn Sabah into a Malay-Muslim majority state.
4. Yes we want to ensure political power in Malaysia eternally remain with the Malay-Muslims majority.
5. Yes Tun M is a pengkhianat as Azmin said it,but definitely not a pengkihianat of the Malays-Muslims but the greatest Malay-Muslim leader.
6. Yes if PM Najib does not initiate the 5 points above,then he will remain " the single biggest catalyst for the spread of the ching-chong-ching-chong invasive species in this country's history" your own words, Tuan KM .

Unknown said...

Saya amat setuju bahasa Malaysia adalah bahasa rasmi negara dan sekolah hanya satu tidak dinamakan sekolah Melayu, Cina, Tamil, Sikh, Amerika, Jawa, dan sebagainya. Rakyat yang cintakan Malaysia hendaklah bersatu serta menyuarakan hasrat serta cadangan mereka melalui saluran yang telah disediakan oleh pihak kerajaan. kalau sekadar bagi pandangan, menegur, membidas pihak-pihak tertentu di sini membuang masa dan menjadikannya lapangan kalut

Maryam Daus said...

hey dont stop writing...!


Richard Semaun said...

Yo Keej, how about one pre-election post from you? I'm sure your readers will appreciate your insights. Tq.

Anonymous said...

Dear KM,

I just bumped into your blog from JMD today, and so I read your past articles. Man O Man you were spot on about the PRU13...... Dang I wish had read this before the election, not that it would have changed the outcome, but It would have opened my eyes and I would have cussed Jibby out standing in the long line to the polling station for bending backwards to the chinks instead of arguing with the 2 dungus who were making baseless accusation against BN. Chinks mana boleh accept yang orang Melayu ni lagi bijak Dari depa? Walau pon yg Melayu lulus oversea depa dok belajaq local depa dok cakap macam la depa ni lagi baguih, buah fikiran depa lagi bernas sbb kalau dak mula la Chingchongchingchong pseudo intellect ... Pasai tu la orang Melayu dok kerja dgn Cina mana depa nak bagi promotion. Yg appoint jd director tu pon sbb nak main wayang..... What has become of my tanah tumpah darah ku.... Bumi dipijak milik orang.....