Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Losers' Luncheon and a 3-in-1 Malaysia

Met up with Robin at a kopitiam yesterday. Will post that most interesting conversation soon.

Meanwhile, KijangMas gatecrashed a Losers' Luncheon last month.

Chitchatted with the guy who couldn't help wanting to be the PM and the guy who needed help when he was the PM.

Just got this from the paparazzi:-

Nothing much happened at that makan, except that the guy to my right (yeah, in tie) devoured everything in sight and the guy on my left lost his appetite.

The MSM later "spun the scoop" into orbit with the report below. Hey Joceline, what's with the "roasted wild deer"?

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Oh, another thing. Our new Prime Minister is touting something called 1 Malaysia. But how come his blog is multilingual? Even got version in the national language of the People's Republic of China. Dalam Bahasa rasmi Tamil Nadu bila lagi?

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I didn't know we have voters up in Beijing and Dalian and Lanzhou?

Memanda P
erdana Menteri, are you promoting 1 Malaysia or a 3-in-1 Malaysia?

In these early days, PM Najib Razak seems to project himself as a neo-liberal almost in the plasticky, superficial Zaid Ibrahim mold in his bid to appease and caress the sentiment of the non-Malays. To me this is an ill-advised stance and, if it persists, would lead to further degeneration of our social order. The undercurrents of discontent to this state of affairs among the Malay majority would be to the detriment of UMNO and the BN and ultimately the nation itself.

As it is, the non-Malays have berpaling tadah en masse to Pakatan. They have tasted the intoxicating nectar of power and it is beyond Najib or anyone else to turn them over to the BN in the foreseeable future. Whatever goodies and giveaways thrown at these people now would just be wasted trump cards earning nothing in return. And these concessions are politically almost impossible to retract or take back once they are dished out.

My advise to Najib and his team is to lay off these wayward non-Malays for now. Ignore and forget these hopelessly seduced bigots and chauvinists and let them tango and cha cha and joget to their hearts content with the Pakatan gang until the honeymoon ends in a self-destructing calamity of scandals, failed expectations and infighting that would mushroom as PRU13 inches closer.

Najib should instead focus his energy on rebuilding the Malay support base for UMNO, and work towards some semblance of "Malay Unity" with PAS within 24 months as PAS drifts away on the choppy waves from the unwieldy, erratic Pakatan ship.

Whether it cares to admit or not, UMNO's future as the political ruler of this land has become inexorably tied to PAS' political machinations and leadership intrigue. If the pragmatic nationalists prevail over the orthodox dogmatists in PAS' own internal powerplay, the party will "see the light" and distance itself from Pakatan. And this would profoundly impact Malaysia's political dynamics.

What does it take to induce this seismic shift in Malay politics?

This is the kind of poser PM Najib and his inner circle must contemplate and strategise, the focal point of his quest to forge a solid political base that would facilitate the pursuance of his agenda for national renewal. Hence, the PM should not waste precious time indulging in Mandarin blogs and embracing untenable concepts touting perpetual social variegation that would further propel this nation into a ruinous existence. Najib need not fall over backwards to portray an ill-conceived and unrealistic pseudo-liberalist persona to a group already seduced and poisoned by the Pakatan charlatans.

I'm also boggled by PM Najib's embrace of vernacular schools. This was first demonstrated when he was DPM during the KT By-elections with his RM50 million gift to the SJKCs. I also sense in him a lax attitude towards language. Yes, we all noticed that his 1 Malaysia blog comes in three languages including Mandarin. Many patriots sent me notes on this, and a gentleman even wrote a strongly worded e-mail to Najib (copied to me) complete with a link to my Racial Polarisation post. Couldn't Najib see the ravages on our social cohesion caused by this cancerous SJK anomaly? Is he that ill-informed, out of touch, blissfully ignorant? Another Sleepyhead in the making? Indeed, is he really well read? Or has he become too dependent on ill-conceived briefing papers and abridged analyses percolating from some obscure basement labyrinth in Putrajaya?

My concern here is the quality of advise Najib is getting. At the moment, albeit still very early days, and as mentioned, he seemed more concerned with garnering non-Malay support than anything else. What do you think is currently going through the minds of Malay Nationalists, the bedrock of UMNO's support across the land?

Yes, Najib's 1 Malaysia concept is still in its infancy and will need further calibration, but thus far I don't see any clear blueprint or roadmap for the forging of a real Anak Bangsa Malaysia as I have exhaustively expounded.

What is the socio-political basis of 1 Malaysia? Yes, beyond the catchy jingoism? Indeed, way before we shout catchy slogans and nifty buzzwords that mean nothing beyond the superficial glitter and noisy razzmatazz, we must first forge a solid ideological foundation, an irrepressible philosophy that makes 1 Malaysia a natural, long-overdue social blueprint that would be embraced by the Rakyat as a matter of rational imperative. And this foundation of nation-building must be able to withstand the test of logical inquisition and critical analysis and prevail and flourish as something so profound, so necessary, so timely in this phase of our nation's existence.

To do this, Najib and his team must revisit the primordial building blocks of our nationhood. They themselves must understand history and will need to communicate to the Rakyat how and why we became what we are today and what needs to be done to recalibrate the trajectory of our social evolution. Explain the flawed prescriptions of the first 51 years of nationhood, including the utter neglect and confusion of the past six years, that collectively created an untenable multilingual, multicultural, multi-identity and multi-everything milieu forged on a brittle palate of overlapping realities pulled apart by the incompatible aspirations and divergent expectations of a mutually-estranged populace. Then expound why we have no choice but to recalibrate our societal dynamics to a new paradigm of shared affinities underpinned by a common, pervasive national language, Bahasa Malaysia, and a socio-cultural mold based on the budaya and tatasusila of the original Orang Melayu essence of this nation.

This is the immediate challenge for the PM and his team.

And my message to the subversive historio-revisionists: ponder and contemplate with much-needed humility the statements below by the pioneering leaders of the minority communities. This one-third of the Malaysian Rakyat has today deviated from their aspired place in our society and has been the main obstacle to nation-building, due in part to their complete and utter ignorance of Malaysian history.

The minorities must be infused with a sense of responsibility (which comes with the Kerakyatan package) to help forge a civil, progressive society, a common, irrepressible Bangsa Malaysia yang memartabatkan Satu Bahasa Satu Negara dan berlandaskan Satu Bangsa Satu Negara.

Quote from a speech by MIC President and Works, Telecom and Posts Minister, V.T. Sambanthan in the Dewan Rakyat on June 1, 1965:-

… in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now what did the Malays do -- since we are speaking on racial lines -- what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship? If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma.

Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indians have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, "We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens." And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens ...

As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have been born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than the Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguard us? I am a 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.

(Source: Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia - An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, p. 60)

Quote of statement by Tan Siew Sin, MCA President and Finance Minister in a local daily titled, "Tun Tan Answers Critics on Special Previleges" dated April 30, 1969:-

The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent of the non-Malays became citizens. This was different to the situation before Merdeka whereas 90 percent of the non-Malays were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.

(Source: Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia - An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, pp.38-39)

So there you have it. In no uncertain terms. In the public record. Unequivocal. Edged for posterity.

Read and reread carefully the profound statements by V.T. Sambanthan and Tan Siew Sin. Need I say anymore? Still want to deny facts? Still want to rewrite history? Still think you owe the Melayu Tuan Tanahs nothing? You exist as Warganegaras with all kinds of Hak and Keistimewaan on this Bumi Tanah Melayu out of your own volition, the sheer briliance of your species, as a natural right bestowed by some higher being?


Reread the two statements. Instill a sense of Keinsafan and Sikap Berterimakasih to the Orang Melayu for your incredible good fortune to be able to live here and partake in your cultural excesses to your heart’s content with little fear or restrictions and even to the detriment of the Melayu Tuan Tanahs themselves. A little Sedar Diri and appreciation of your Asal Usul and Tempat Dalam Masyarakat would go a long way towards the rehabilitation of your groupthink, to cleanse your souls of the inherent mala fide and degenerative inclinations, and provide a glimmer of hope, albeit excruciatingly faint, of your embrace of the tenets of the true Bangsa Malaysia concept that I have expounded many times.

Again, go read the two statements and learn it by hard and repeat them to yourselves whenever you are inflicted by your peculiar primal urge to cause social mayhem and bedlam in my Tanah Air Tercinta.


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Mat Cendana said...

The RSS feed finally showed a new post is in! Had been waiting since around 2AM ever since a lady knight mentioned about "something coming up". Hope I've beaten the crowd due to the slightly "non-mainstream hour" and am the first to comment...

PAS... they are the real king-makers; and they know it. For those who might not know - and this is no `propaganda talk' - this is where I had come from.

Yes, card-carrying member since 1984, after the "Young Turks" headed by Yusoff Rawa dumped Datuk Asri Muda's "more-or-less-Umno-also" PAS... not a `card' that I had received, but a Pajak Gadai-sized certificate of thin, glossy paper - Pohon Buloh, Pasir Mas branch.

And *we*, the `Iran-fervoured', highly enthusiatic and spirited PAS Pemuda had chopped down the rubbertrees from land `wakaf-ed' from a deceased loyal supporter to build that `pondok/madrasah moden' wooden structure for "education" in `84 (haven't been there for 10 years t least!)

Anyway, what I want to say is "the PAS spirit" - this kills Umno by a 3-1 factor at least. That's why PAS can do at least three times what Umno does with the same budget and manpower, or even less. And I don't see how Umno can ever achieve the same - just accept that it won't. So, go find the money to keep on fuelling, all you Umno leaders... If this is interrupted, then it's OUT soonest.

What strategy is PAS having... what cards are they hiding from the other PR partners? Or have they actually sold away the "negara Islam, undang-undang Islam" dream and are now just happy to have a few Minister-ships in a PR federal government?

No, there are the "Iranian elements" always present in PAS; although they are prudently keeping quiet lest they scare the other partners.

The 12th GE and also those by-elections that PAS had won due to the support of non-Muslims/Malays who simply want to spite Umno... Who would have thought this possible?...even before the "2004 Pak Lah feel-good factor"? Many PAS supporters can now also claim this: That the non-Muslims/Malays are also supportive of PAS' Islamic Laws dreams.

"Win-Win" situation then for many - You gain pleasure when Umno is booted off; We are delirious that Malaysia implements Islamic Laws.

vinnan said...

V.T. Sambanthan and Tan Siew Sin are UMNPO balls carrier. Future generations of non-Malays need not follow them . We will keep voting PAS just to shove this point down UMNO's throat. As for the Islamic state bogeyman. Let's just say non-Muslims in PAS ruled states were never harassed over the holding of hands. Selangor which was ruled by UMNO b#$%@&* actually harassed a Chinese couple over this. In Malacca The Cock Minister used the pig breeders as whipping boys in his quest to be the DPM. I have many more examples of how UMNO b)"+*&^% use Islam against non-Muslims for political games. Acknowledge your own racist stupidity and one day the Chinese, Indians along with the Malays MAY vote BN again. If not we will wend you to oblivion come the next GE.

fazilogic said...

Menginsafkan kepada saya sebagai org Melayu/Bumi....

Anonymous said...

The effort of getting back the Non-Malay support is becoming a fruitless obsession for the New PM.
It is not going to work in the short term period.
BN will still get trashed one election after another.
If this goes on and on BN will be history come PRU13 and more state will become Chinese skeleton government in the mould of NIzar's Perak.
Oh Malay! the stupid the gullible idiot.
you want to see Loke Siew Fook as next NS MB?
You want to see the first Chinese MB (another record shattered) maybe first in Selangor or Perak in the aftermath of PRU-13?
Think hard idiot.
The whole Malay archipelagos will be crying for the fallen last bastion of Malaydom because of your support to the Dapsy 'Ulama'.
Najib should just concentrate on the malay unity.
Least we can still talk senses among malays rather than the ah beng and the koliang chauvinist.
Sorry to the real Malaysians of Chinese and Indian descent.
You are not included in that category.

Naif said...

Language, like you said KM is the key. Abolishing vernacular schools should be Najib's main priority.

I dream of the day where the Chinese and Indians in this country are able to speak BM clearly and fluently much like how the Chinese in Indonesia are able to speak Indonesian better than some of the pribumis.

Only then can we have 1Malaysia.

Rantauan Di Terengganu said...


Ini adalah kali pertama ku menulis dalam blog ini. Memang dah lama kepingin pun, cuma tak kesampaian dari segi bakat mahu pun intipati. Iyalah, bahasa baku ku, tak seraya dengan tutur bahasa seharian ku.

Asalku bukan orang Terengganu. Sememangnya, tak ada langsung sebarang hubungan ku dengan Terengganu. Namun, ku lari dari kesibukan kota demi mencari dan mempertahankan usul "kemelayuan" ku, demi kerana anak-anak ku, demi kerana agama ku.

Ku melayari pelbagai dugaan di kota. Iya. Telah ku lalui fasa mewarnakan rambut ku. Telah ku lalui fasa "kumon" untuk anak-anak ku. Telah ku lalui "KidsSports birthdays". Telah ku lalui "golf craze". Telah ku lalui fasa "hip & happening mom". Telah ku lalui perkembangan dalam usahadaya kerja ku dengan cemerlang. Kenaikkan taraf hidup...demi semata-mata kerana mengejar "universality", "sophistication" dan "articulation". Sedikit sebanyak ku berjaya. Namun sesungguhnya, jauh sekali dari tahap artikulasi Saudara Kijang Mas.

Tetapi betapa bodohnya diriku ini. Walaupun ku yakin dengan sistem pendidikan kebangsaan Malaysia, namun anak-anak ku di sekolahkan di sekolah Cina. Ketiga-tiga mereka amat fasih berbahasa Cina, iyalah...dari kecil sampai Tingkatan 5 katakan. Ku masih ingat, betapa naluri iman ku memberontak ketika mereka menaiki tingkatan 1 di sekolah. ku meronta-ronta secara diam, dan berusaha secara terbuka, supaya mereka dibenarkan berbaju kurung dan berhijjab kesekolah menjelang ambang baligh. Semasa permohonan ku dibuat,

"Puan, if you dont like our school rules, you are welcome to seek alternative schools that cater to your spiritual needs. We have been around for 100 years, with similar requests from Malay parents, of which had we wanted to allow, we could have done so, but we refused. You are free to take your daughters elsewhere."

Toe the line - Our line. Buck up or bus out.

Frankly, i dont know where to start. I feel embarassed. Ashamed almost that i write with equal speed (probably more) in English than i do in Malay. The thing is, I am so proud to be Malay, almost as much as i am proud to Islam and muslim. And yet i did all things that went against the very nature of being all that. I sent my kids to Chinese school for crying out loud!! Heck..they even sleep talk in chinese! It was, in my own way, my quest for my idea of 1Malaysia - the harmony of having the Malay giving, gentle, generous nature, the hardworking yet calcultive nature of the chinese, and the passion of the Indians. My so called 1Malaysia, inbred in my children.

The angst and anxiety I feel right now, is how close i came to almost sliding off track and drowning in the deep dark abysmal depths of despair of being a "melayu moden". The so-called universal Malay. 1Malaysia. I ran away from the city. I came to Terengganu in search for the real Tanah Melayu. For the real Satu Bangsa. Insyaallah, its not too late for my children.

And thankfully, i am far enough away from the storm thats brewing.

Tanah Melayu ku tercinta. Although I am not apolitical, I believe the Malays were duped, just like I was (and sometimes continue to be duped!)...via our complacency, via our peace loving nature, via our docility...and our generosity. Above all, via our compelling need to be accepted, admired and revered without much effort. I think, personally, it is our downfall in as much as it is our strength.

For Malays to unite and to take pride in Satu Bangsa, not purely as a matter of right...but more a matter of pride... is to decapitalise our goals in life. Its not about tangible success (i'm just a wage earner in a government entity). Its not about wealth (I'm so broke I cant even laugh about it!). Its about honour, dignity, pride and love.

Dalam mengejar kebendaan, Melayu terlalu leka dalam mempertahankan keperibadian bangsa.

Rantauan Di Terengganu


I probably end up sounding/reading soooooo disjointed....but do pardon me as this is my first effort.

San Peng said...

We hear, see and understand Mat .. understand what Mursyid is .. his multi-planed himmah-hikmah-"rasheed"-guided mind.

We banter on what is apparent - what is seen by everybody's outward eyes. What is kept under the surface should stay hidden - until gestation is over.

What is unseen is billions times more than what is seen. So is our respect for the unseen.

Kemursyidan is part of this unseen ... Kanzul 'Arsh.

Outwardly we may not see eye to eye .. inwardly we are seeing from the same eye.

Salam Alaykum

Anonymous said...

Najib..have you heard him speak in Malay? Lidah pelat giler...he is just too removed from reality. maybe his 3 in 1 concept IS to appease, kecut/no teloq style. But definitely not a good strategy. Encourages more division and non-assimilation mentality and bagi "betis nak lebih dari peha" inclinations. Just see lah now what is happening with MIC and MCA.

Kenot like that wan...velly dangelous...have to put foot down. but before put foot, must also clean his hands (and foot) from all the shit he and UMNO has been playing in to regain credibility, so he can leave a good footprint on these ungratefuls. can be fair to all but must remain big boss on OUR terms la...haiya.

He kenot see the tengokla..anak sendiri pun kerja and duduk kat Englishland, belajar pun Internasional Skools. How can he and kin be in touch with the tanahair like that wan...kenot, kenot...very the susah like that.

BTW, I hope they roasted you more like filet mignon style, rare, so it didn't hurt too much? The lunch I mean. They must be having indigestion now, meh.

malay male

Anonymous said...

MC, bukan Iranian elements...more like Ikhwanul Muslimin, better than PKR ideology, malays are after all muslims FIRST.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear KijangMas

Maybe even print out on cards and laminate them and distribute to all schools as part of nation-building initiatives.


Anonymous said...

The picture of grinning anwar is part of managing perception which is part of brainwashing and also a part of herd mentality ...

THIS can only succeed if majority Malays are uninformed and therefore gullible.


Apocryphalist said...

You mean they weren't talking about Topological Mathematics or Functional Analysis?

Darn! There goes my prize in that peraduan.


Hamba said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Salam to you and to Pakcik Dal and thanking him for the kind words in the previous post. I'm only a small fellow (a dot) participating in KM's blog, doing my bit, like all of you here, in protecting and promoting Malay interests, hopes and aspirations.

Very good post, KM. Those historical facts you put out are spot on. They should instil some sense of gratitude for being Malaysians, a respect for the Constitution and the inherent provisions governing the institution of Sultans and whatever else that represent the Malays, Bahasa Malaysia, the Islamic religion, and acceptance of the special position of the Malays.

As you said, DS Najib's 1Malaysia concept is in its infancy. Now is the time for us to make constructive criticisms and suggestions, and contribute to its development. Good that DSN said in Johor Bahru some time ago that his Bangsa Malaysia concept does not infringe on Malay special rights and privileges, that it means not questioning the special rights of the Malays and that the concept was far from needing change in the Constitution. I think as far as the Malay special position is concerned, there is no such thing as a change in the Constitution. We must protect it to the utmost and protest strongly against any attempt even to discuss changing it. Malays have made it clear at the outset and we must repeat it now. When Johor UMNO in 2006 rejected the notion of a Bangsa Malaysia, it must be the fear that it might lead to a dilution of the rights of the Malays. We must have status quo, Constitution-wise. We must echo DSN's words in JB on 7 November 2006, "If we amend the Constitution, the country would be in disorder".

You have made the suggestion that DSN and his team "revisit the primordial building blocks of our nationhood", that they must understand history in order to effectively communicate to the rakyat the tenets of nation building, the need for a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. The "multilingual, multicultural, multi-identity and multi-everything milieu" that emerged in the last 6 years is certainly untenable and is not conducive to the evolution of a true Bangsa Malaysia.

The vernacular schools tend to undermine the attempts to forge a wholesome and united Malaysia. They are not in line with the Bahasa Malaysia provision of the Constitution. You have argued this throughly in your many postings and comments. The Government must conduct an in-depth, fully independent study of the education system, review the role, if any, of vernacular schools with regard to national unity, and overhaul the education system. Having the no-nonsense Tan Sri Muhyiddin as Education Minister is laudable in this regard.

I may not be a genius or have a high IQ but I think the average Malay can see the divisive aspects of vernacular schools. You have pointed these out many times in the past. We need to repeat them periodically to catch the attention of the authorities concerned and to keep reminding them. I simply cannot imagine how we can get united and how a true Bangsa Malaysia can evolve with the vernacular schools continuing. The interests of all communities must be subservient to the higher, national, interest - the creation of a united Bangsa Malaysia. The interest in having vernacular schools does not appear legitimate in this context. Pandering to the "non-legitimate interests" of the other communities may obstruct, even compromise, all other attempts at building a united Malaysia.

The Government may give regard to "the legitimate interests" of the other communities. Primarily these are in the business, economic and plantation sectors where their interests have been clearly established and promoted for scores of years. Elsewhere the Government has helped the poor and the disdavantaged among the non-Malays. Deserving cases have been given scholarships, lisences, etc. The Malays don't begrudge them at all in getting these and I would ask the Government to continue them. Yes, we have been "generous enough", others must reciprocate, and our interests must be protected and promoted at all times.


Anonymous said...

1Malaysia =
Ethos Consulting =
Omar Ong (Cina menyamar Melayu pasal kahwin Melayu =
Tingkat 4 (including Zaki Zahid as hiden partner) =
Malaysian Malaysia + Neo-Colonisation

Astute Observer

Anonymous said...

Rantauan Di Terengganu you said...

"Dalam mengejar kebendaan, Melayu terlalu leka dalam mempertahankan keperibadian bangsa."

Are you against them?


justmy2SEN said...

Itu yg tak saya paham tu....sibuk sangat nak ambil hati cina tapi mereka mmg dah tekad berpaling tadah pasal diPR cina lebih dominan.

Kalau Najib berterusan mcm ni sampai MECD tu pun dikacaunya, org melayu akan anggap UMNO tak lagi relevan dalam memperjuangkan hak Melayu..maybe kita kena cari alternatif lain spt PERKASA

dah kena kencing dek cina kat Bukit Gantang pun Najib tak sedar sedar lagi...

Anonymous said...


Responding to Erniceda from the previous blog:

I don't know if, and wish Malaysia has, a spy plane. But reading comments on commission-loaded defence purchases and defence publication reports that the Malaysian submarine rescue vessel purchase price went up from 1-2 scores to over 100 million Ringgit, I wonder if there's enough budget to buy one.

Every time I see white RMAF aircraft trails high up in the clear morning skies, I wonder whether their standard of training matches that the Zionist Israeli pilots give to the Singapore AF. One RMAF Chief quite some time back bragged his skills flying with wings almost touching the ground and wings touching the next plane in the air but I felt disgusted that he didn't brag about his and his boys' dog-fighting skills.

I heard about the secret arrangements for stationing Singapore military aircrafts in Taiwan and Hong Kong several years ago from a senior military officer. I have no military expertise but I believe Singapore must, under advice by the Israeli Zionists, want to have a large Air Force. Their game plan must be a
blitzkrieg of the type Israel launched during the 6 Day Arab-Israeli war. A quick push in, decapitate our Air Force while the ground troops move in to secure ground positions, supported with naval bombardment. They cannot dream of winning in the jungles - too vast an expanse. Malaysia is peninsular and Indonesia insular, surrounded by seas. They have submarine(?s) not so much to control piracy in the Straits of Malacca as to be ready to deal with the bigger neighbours.

Their apparent formidable strength may be self-propagated, like Israel may have done, to tell their neighbours not to be funny with them. But Israel has proven itself and their presence in Singapore should cause us serious concern. They have dared, with US connivance, to violate Syria's air space, flew in and bombed a Syrian facility they suspect of being nuclear, in the name of the so-called "pre-emptive strike". Syria and the other Arab states growled and grinned in defiance, the Western powers looked the other way. I hope our military planners have contingency plans in the event of such an atrocious behaviour by anybody and our political leaders take these into account in their policy formulations.

Again, all these may be part of the grand design to cow the Malays in Singapore into silence or obedience and not to think of much help from their kind in Malaysia and Indonesia. In any case, there is the naivity of our leaders in the recent past.

I like to think that my views are not a mere figment of my imagination perhaps derived from reading too many spy novels, espionage stories, books and articles about the incessant Zionist bullying of the Palestinians and the Arabs since the creation of the state of Israel. The Zionists were backed by the US which continues to provide them assistance - now, US$3billion per year. Bloody Hell.


Anonymous said...

sepadu,(i like your sane, substance-filled) observations

Malaysia tak de Awacs. Military dah advise tapi no budget (?). So we can basically shoot down out own planes in war time. We also dont have anough military gear incl night vision, poor/substandard equipment and helmets pun troop killer...(bukan enemy weapons)...and we have only one transport ship...others have to swim to Singapore and elsewhere...and we can hnayut kan tanks etc and hope they reach the war zone safely...sebab kapai tak cukup. (itu satu neglect under Tun despite his otherwise stellar performance...dia tak berapa wardog style, tapi org keliling kita ARE and we cannot afford to overlook that, dear Tun)

Apocryphalist...great one that analysis ;) I read that!

BTW perantau terengganu lady, very sincerely said and revealed and regretted...terlalu ramai org melayu masih memuja2 sistem sekolah cina dan bangga anak2 go there dari sekolah islam yg daif (tak de standard) atau sekolah kebangsaan...sama seperti our elite leadership sending kids to sekolah omputih...only Tun sent anak dia to sekolah local ..depa tak tau ka that they will think and act like the kapiak themselves when they immerse themselves in kapiak environment. tak pikir jauh mak bapak ni...but kudos to you and so well-written from the heart post!

malay male

KijangMas said...

Vinnan (April 16, 2009 7:41 AM) said:-
"Blah blah blah and blah blah blah .... buuurrpp .... blah, blah and more blahs to add to his earlier series of blahs. Hence, lots of blahs to go with the other blahs in a compendium of blahs, which can be expressed as blahahaha."

Ahh yes, this insignificant little turd, the persistent cyber Phee Sai, makes his obligatory appearance.

You see, I’m glad this single-celled amoeba turned up. He has saved my time in trying to depict an example of a typical brain-damaged mutant created by the SJKC menace. Yup Knights, see for yourselves the SJKC Mutant in all its flawed glory. Cantik kan? Oh, marvel at the cocky arrogance derived from a delusional sense of grandeur borne out of a maladjusted existence.

Now semua orang faham apa yang beta maksudkan? Macam mana nak jadi warga 1 Malaysia? Adat dan tatasusila pun tiada? Makhluk kontang budaya dan rendah tamadun sebegini tiada tempat dalam acuan 1 Malaysia, dan tiada tempat di atas bumi bertuah Tanah Melayu.

Terima kasih, thank you, again to "vinnan" for ably demonstrating to us an example of an SJKC CyberMutant. Thank you.

Anyway, here is a psycho-profile of "vinnan":

- Product of the SJKC

- Social outcast. Solitary animal. Subject recently poisoned mum’s pet cat in a fit of rage after missing an episode of SpongeBob.

- Jobless. SJKC education and private college course in Chinese calligraphy not conducive to earning ringgits. Subject blamed the government and UMNO and BN and (for some reason) Fazillah Kamsah plus Samad Said for this.

- Living with mum. Financially supported by mum. Hence, a typical shameless no-balls parasite.

- Daily activities: Apart from eating his mum-financed tapau food and pang sai-ing, spends 24/7 in his 14x14 ft cardboard partition on upper floor of mum’s Chan Sow Lin shophouse to manufacture and copy-paste-repeat dozens of comments in scores of blogs. Subject grins and convulses upon pressing "Publish."

- Why become like this: Beaten up and sodomised with a mop by the Rempits thriced. Inability to relate to the Malaysian mainstream due to his alien SJK education and Mandarin-centric existence. Brought up as a little Ah Moi as a child. Realised he is a Leng Chai only in Form 1 in a jamban stand-off with Gobind Singh Tiu.

- Phobias: Malays, UMNO, Utusan Malaysia, Malays, cops, NST, Malays, mops, kapcais, Malays, Mat Rempits, Bulletin Utama, Malays, Bahasa Malaysia, Keris, Malays, Negaraku, Songkok, Malays, Rukunegara, Azan, Malays, TDM, Jalur Gemilang, Malays, Wau Bulan, RMR, Malays, Rela, Wayang Kulit.

- Code Word for “Malays”: "UMNO B@#*&%d" Yup, being a typical Ah Beng coward, subject wil not hantam the Melayu directly, always use Code Word "UMNO B@#$^%&d" and UMNOPutra and UMNO-this, UMNO-that. ISO-9002 certified yellow-bellied pengecut. Hence, the exodus of Ah Mois and Ah Sohs of the Pukit Lanchan variety to his Mat Rempit tormentors.

- Purpose in Life: Eat, Shit, Ta Fei Kei, Avoid above phobias, Type fantasies in other peoples’ blogs, ... then DIE. Will be cremated with ash mixed with Hell Money in garbage bag and dumped at nearest Pusat Pelupusan Sampah Siber.

- Political Strategy: "We will keep voting PAS."
PAS reaction: "Duhh? Allah Akbar x 3. Terima kasih wahai Sang Kafirun Laknatullah. Tohcheh, Nandri. Muaaahhhhaahhhhaaa .... Takbir!!!"

Oh, one more thing, vinnan: "blah, blah, blah, blardy blah, buleh blah, blalalalala."
Unker Yew’s translation software: "Please keep voting PAS. We will need all the PAS MPs and ADUNs we can get when the Melayus finally unite in one grand UMNO-PAS alliance. So please vote PAS." And send my blahlalablahahaha greetings to your paymasters ....

Jeeez, what a blahdy freak.

Cenderawasih said...

encik vinnan..."V.T. Sambanthan and Tan Siew Sin are UMNPO balls carrier"...????

apa ni encik vinnan? tak baik buruk-buruk nama orang yang dah tiada...salah tu.mereka,V.T. Sambanthan dan Tan Siew Sin adalah contoh orang yang sedar, berterima kasih, dan mengenang budi orang melayu.berdasarkan tarikh kenyataan ini,UMNO ketika itu tidak boleh disamakan dengan UMNO sekarang.jadi V.T. Sambanthan dan Tan Siew Sin sedang berterima kasih kepada orang melayu.lagi pun dalam kenyataan tersebut mereka secara jelas berterimakasih kepada orang melayu...setahu saya encik KijangMas meminta orang bukan penduduk asal menghormati orang melayu dan bahasa budaya melayu selaku penduduk asal tanah melayu serta tidak menggugat pribumi-pribumi lain di sarawak dan sabah,bukan UMNO. oleh kerana nasib orang melayu sangat berkait rapat dgn UMNO, tak salah kan kalau nak tegur dan sokong UMNO.

"Future generations of non-Malays need not follow them"
encik vin ...tsk..tsk..tsk..jelas terang lagi bersuluh..encik mengajak generasi muda bukan penduduk asal malaysia melupakan asal usul dan berlaku kurang asam terhadap orang melayu(melayu ok!bukan UMNO)dan penduduk asal lain.

apa kena mengena UMNO dengan jabatan agama ni?PAS ke,UMNO ke jabatan agama tetap berada di bawah Sultan.perlakuan tak bermoral tetap tak bermoral.hmmm mungkin PR lain skit kot nak kongk*k tepi jalan pun tak kisah.berkangkang koyak,tergolek- golek depan teman lelaki pun boleh.hak peribadi.:D

ohhhh pasal menteri melaka tu?kami pun menyampah dengan dia.tentang tauke cik bab?mereka pun apa kurang.mesti sakan merasuah kan.yela, bising gak orang sana pasal kandang tu.mesti sumbat cukup2 kat menteri.entah bila kandang cik bab tu nak tutup..

encik van,
Acknowledge your own racist stupidity.hahaha.hey sepatutnya tu ayat encik KijangMas la. malaysia tak memerlukan budaya asing ok..aa sblum tu..jangan cakap parameswara orang india tau..hujah tu tak berasas untuk menyokong dan mengiyakan kewujudan budaya made in tamil nadu di malaysia.

giliran encik kutu pula, eh silap KURTU...KURTU...ok ok.

encik kurtu memberi mesej kepada penduduk keturunan india lain untuk buat kacau.sedangkan mereka ni hanya nak hidup aman.buat apa nak susah payah demi dua org kutu?aaa maksud saya dua orang pelampau yang sengaja cari pasal nak jadi glemer.


dah berkali-kali saya baca tapi maksud tersirat yang saya fahami tak sama dengan yang tersurat.."jangan mengkhianati kaum anda"...yang saya nampak adalah ni.."jangan khianati UTHAYAKUMAR dan WAYTHAMOORTHY"..alahai buat apa nak penat-penat buang tenaga demi dua ku..aa pelampau ni?siapa suruh cari pasal.tiada beban batu digalas...pelik..


pening la.apa yang encik kutru nak sampaikan ni?malaysia untuk semua?malaysia untuk semua orang rosakan, hancurkan?tak boleh encik.malaysia ni milik orang melayu dan pribumi.tanah melayu milik orang melayu, sabah dan sarawak milik orang iban,dayak,kadazan,orang sungai,penan,melanau,bajau,murut,sulu,tidong,bidayuh dan lain2.nak tinggal di sini?boleh tapi buat perangai elok-elok sikit.

kita mesti saling menhormati antara satu sama lain.tetapi sesetengah pihak secara terang terangan mengutuk dan menghina orang melayu. ini dah melampau, bila UMNO buat salah melayu yang kena hentam?

ok lupa pula.encik vinnan, encik kurtu faham tak bahasa melayu?kalau tak faham hantuk kuat-kuat kepala anda pada dinding..sekian

saya benci kutu-kutu.

salam saudara KijangMas,

saya sebenarnya dah tak sedap hati bila Najib mencanangkan satumalaysia ni.sebab Najib yang canang la saya risau.kita pun tau Najib terlalu berhati-hati.saya pun harapkan gagasan yang mirip cadangan KijangMas. tapi tak habis-habis nak kipas.sia-sia saja,sebab bila mereka telah merasai nikmat kuasa susah nak lupakan.tak boleh nak ubat dah.lagi pun apa 3 in 1 ni?macam kopi segera pulak.

harap-harap Najib berani utarakan cadangan untuk bungkus saja SJK..dan dapatkan penasihat yang sihat kepala otak diorang untuk memberi nasihat.lagi bagus kalau Najib sendiri yang bijak macam Tun Dr Mahathir.tak payah pakai sangat penasihat.

sokongan orang melayu sangat penting,tak guna membuang masa dan tenaga terhadap perkara yang sia-sia.Najib perlu menyelidik asas-asas pembentukan Malaysia dan betul-betul memahami apa yang berlaku dibawah. Najib perlu mengembalikan maruah orang melayu yang hilang ketika pak lah berkuasa.untuk melakukan semua ni Najib perlukan tenaga dan semangat macam Tun Dr Mahathir berkerja.saya rasa lagi kuat kot.

kalau Najib dapat hadapi masalah ekonomi,pulihkan politik malaysia,ubah sistem pendidikan dan betul2 membina 1 malaysia berpaksikan orang melayu..memang nama dia akan tersenarai dalam senarai PM Hebat Malaysia yang keempat.sebab apa yg keempat?bukan kelima!sebab tunku tak berapa sesuai nak masuk dalam senarai PM Hebat@Super PM..kehilangan singapura terlalu besar untuk dilupakan dan dimaafkan sehinggakan jasa dia yang lain pun kelabu asap ja.pak lah?terus buang.hahaha.tak dipertimbangkan pun.


straycat's strut said...

KM, I am not really surprised or irritated at Vinan. Seen that daily in the course of doing business and living a life in what used to be Tanah Melayu. But I am amazed at the Melayu version of Vinnan. The liberal wanabes; those who feel learned because they read Anwar's Asian Renaissance. They feel divine because they heard Mohd Sabu talked. They feel so accepted and elated because they heard one chinese politician quoted from the Quran.

Agree that melayu was working too hard to please. To be accepted. That was why the PAS women hugged Eli Wong and cried the river. It pained me to see that these Melayus worked so hard to be accepted and associated with Eli Wong. Why? Should'nt it be the other way around? And how many times did you witnessed PAS compromised their islamic (OR whatever that is left) to please DAP? I haven't even started on Anwar. Nama Allah pun boleh jadi currency utk beli undi.

That is why I hate the melayu version of vinnan even more. Cukup cukup lah. Liberal lah konon. Tak tau belakang kena gelak, kena hina, kena cemoh, kena perbodoh. Just look at the tongkang face in the paper today being charged for insulting Sultan Perak. Those are the faces who cried and shouted Melayu Racist when they are behind your back. Still think those two are isolated case? Tak sedar lagi? Nak baling batu lagi? Nak Baring atas jalan demi "hak" dia orang lagi?

Why do we have to defend and rationalieze ketuanan melayu or whatever that is melayu? Are we obligated or just too obliging?

I like your offensive style of defense. Its about time. Bersatulah.

Anonymous said...

KM sir,
Carry over your comment from your last post (April 15, 2009 11:48 PM), you said:-

"The non-Malays are now writing their own historical accounts of this land. According to this subversives, ... Chin Peng is now the hero. Bintang Tiga is a patriotic organisation. Heck, even Hang Tuah is now an Ah Pek. Parameswara is an Indian fellow. The old pre-Islamic civilisations were all Tamil outposts. And the Chinaman "open up" much of this Tanah Melayu. Yeah, go read the original Hindraf lawsuit documents. See how these scums insulted the Malays."

Now, thats profound. Somethng must be done to stop this smear campaign by the anti-Melayus. How can these people just do all these openly and get away with it?

John Cena

Tembeleng said...

Mat Cendana:
"Many PAS supporters can now also claim this: That the non-Muslims/Malays are also supportive of PAS' Islamic Laws dreams."

Undi mereka untuk PAS maknanya mereka undi kerajaan Islam? . HAW HAW HAW. Tok sah mimpi lah kut.

Jangan kata cina totok, yang si melayu liberal tu pun tak mahu undang-undang syariah. Apa kes si kaki mabuk nak pergi sokong satu perundangan yang akan sebat dia tiap kali dia togok bir dan beromen atas jalanan?

Tembeleng said...

Cuma ada satu cogan:


Pergi mampos dengan itu 1Malaysia.

Apa yang kita (aku) mahu? Senang aje, apek dan pariah sekalian:

Dalam tahun 1955 segala apek dan pariah diberi dua pilihan (senang, supaya semua pariah estet boleh faham):
1. Baiyyat bahawa tanah ini Melayu punya dan raja tanah ini adalah Melayu; atau
2. Pergi mampos naik tongkang dan perahu kau balik ke mana asal kau.

Apa tok moyang apek dan pariah ni semua buat? Mereka setuju dengan syarat (1). Tunku kasi 1 juta kerakyatan FREE pada mereka, no questions asked.

And now the bastard children of these people want to renege on their baiyyat, and say that any agreement made in those days was not made with their consent. Apa cibai dengan bangsa tongkang ni???

Benda simple aje: kalau tok nenek kau tak terima syarat (1) hari tu, hari ni engkau dan akak-akak engkau dok kutip kupang kat East Anglia atau mati berkurap dalam kapal kontena lah bongok! Itulah masalahnya bila Melayu berdepan dengan bangsa yang tak de adab atau tamadun: benda simple pun dia tak boleh faham. Itu lah pasal kalau tak mahu belajar bahasa Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan KijangMas,

Perjuangan Islam bersandarkan budaya Arab perlu di tukar kepada perjuangan Islam bersandarkan budaya Melayu. Diharap Tuan dapat memberi komen, mungkin agak sensitif kerana berkaitan ugama, tapi saya rasa perlu untuk penyatuan orang Melayu.

Ahli dan pemimpin Umno kini terlalu kebendaan. Jika dianjurkan satu perhimpunan Melayu, atas belanja sendiri berapa ramai orang Umno dari jauh akan hadir ? Setuju dengan MC, bandingkan beberapa perhimpunan ( atau PRK ) yang lepas2 yang disertai ribuan orang Pas atas dasar perjuangan DAN belanja sendiri. Kalaulah semangat yang sama dapat diterapkan untuk perjuangan Melayu/Islam oleh semua orang Melayu Pas maupun Umno, saya percaya tidak akan ada sesiapa yang berani mencabar Melayu !

Melayu ketandusan pemimpin yang berjiwa Melayu. Lihatlah kemelut pemimpin Umno Terengganu baru2 ni..pemimpin2 yang beginikah yang menjadi harapan Melayu ? Mampu hunus keris dengan aksi gagah, bertempik laungan perjuangan .....tapi bila terima sms ugutan, kecut telur !!

Saya impikan perjuangan UMNO yang bersemangatkan PAS !

- Rantauan Terengganu ... i feel u. keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear KijangMas,

Ingin saya menyeru saudara-saudara saya (frankly, deep within me, perkataan “saudara” ni masih belum layak utk saya gunakan di sini) yang memegang kad Pengenalan Malaysia (kalau dulu – KP warna Biru, bukan merah ) yang masih lagi melabelkan diri mereka China , India , dsb.

Saya harap anda semua memahami bahawa hanya ada satu BANGSA di tanahair ini, iaitu BANGSA MALAYSIA. Kita ada pelbagai komuniti & keturunan seperti Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Senoi dsb. tapi BANGSA kita hanyalah satu. BANGSA MALAYSIA . Kita SATU NEGARA, iaitu Negara Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia yang sejati, mana ada negara lain selain dari Malaysia? Mana ada negara nenek moyang bagi rakyat Malaysia yang sejati? Rakyat Malaysia ada bahasa Kebangsaannya. BUKAN bahasa Cina, Tamil, Sikh dsb.

It hurts me when you guys speak in a language which I don’t understand. I am a Malay. If you guys (the ones with KAD PENGENALAN Malaysia) cannot converse in BAHASA KEBANGSAAN, please speak ENGLISH while you seriously (as if you are going to die tomorrow) learn BAHASA KEBANGSAAN. Please learn it fast because I cannot wait forever for you to master the NATIONAL LANGUAGE. If you have mastered the NATIONAL LANGUAGE, embrace it, use it daily. Martabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan itu in all aspects within this beloved country named Malaysia. Dah lebih 50 tahun Malaysia ini merdeka. Please stop putting up your signboards, advertisements etc in a language which is FOREIGN to Malaysia. In this respect, those who works in the Local Authorities, why such signboards, advertisements written in Chinese, Tamils, Arab etc were approved to be displayed publicly di atas bumi Malaysia ini?

Please do forgive me, but kadang-kadang saya ter-outburst juga seperti ini:-

“FOR pathetic STATELESS people, who have no allegiance to the country where they are now, make up your mind first and then choose your country. When you made your choice, BE that COUNTRYMEN at heart and soul. Speak the national language of that country. Embrace the country's RUKUN NEGARA, PANCASILA, or whatever name that country named their Rukun Negara is.”

(Sdr KijangMas – “outburst” saya itu tertulis semasa saya memgemukakan cadangan saya di laman PM, harap DS Najib membacanya, mencadang salah satu cara bagaimana kita Rakyat dapat berinteraksi secara terus dengan Pemimpin-pemimpin (Menteri-menteri) supaya luahan rakyat & maklum balas menteri dapat lakukan secara “direct from horses mouth” seboleh mungkin. Tadi saya dengar di berita, Dato Seri Rais Yatim menyatakan perlunya Kementerian beliau mendekati pihak “bloggers”. Saya puas hati bila mendengarnya walaupun saya sendiri bukan seorang blogger)

Kepada semua Rakyat Malaysia yang sejati, marilah kita perjuangkan demi merealisasikan SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA (lagu Malaysia Berjaya) berlandaskan RUKUN NEGARA dan PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA. Perkara-perkara berikut adalah perlu dalam pembinaan sebuah bangsa, negara & bahasa yang SATU:-

1. Pembasmian Pengunaan bahasa ASING dalam kehidupan seharian (Setiap rakyat WAJIB fasih, no exception, BAHASA KEBANGSAAN dan sepatutnya juga wajib fasih BAHASA KEDUA, Inggeris)

2. Menghalang perpecahan rakyat di peringkat persekolahan lagi. Mansuhkan SRJK. Yang sepatut ada hanyalah Aliran Kebangsaan (selama-lamanya) dan Aliran Inggeris (setakat mana ianya masih diperlukan)

3. Pengharaman Persatuan-persatuan perkauman yang memperjuang BENDA-BENDA yang ASING bagi Malaysia (seperti bahasa asing, SRJK, budaya jelek etc)
Maaf, bagi sesiapa yang tidak secocok dengan RUKUN NEGARA & PERLEMBAGAAN Malaysia, tolonglah beredar dari bumi Malaysia ini. BE GONE!. Jangan buat onar dan timbulkan pelbagai masalah kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Saya bukan rakyat negeri Perak atau negeri Trengganu. Tapi “BENDA BERNYAWA” apakah yang membaling batu, tidur merentang jalan menghalang perjalanan Duli Paduka Sultan Perak? BENDA hina apakah ini? MENATANG apakah yang merentang kain rentang di Trengganu? MENATANG ini lebih gila dari babi gila agaknya.

Ringkasnya, embrace the RUKUN NEGARA & PERLEMBAGAAN Malaysia with all your heart and soul. If not, find other country which has its RUKUN & PERLEMBAGAAN that you can stomach. BE GONE from bumi Malaysia. It is much more respectable of you to be GONE from here rather than creating havoc in this country, DEMI NEGARA MALAYSIA.



Tembeleng said...

Apa sebenarnya "masalah" anak haram apek dan pariah ni hari ni?

Masalah mereka, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, adik-adik manis sekalian, ialah, hari ini mereka tak mampu lagi berdayasaing dengan anak-anak Melayu. Anak cucu pendatang ni pun semakin malas dan bodoh.

Betul. Dulu orang Melayu sering gagal berniaga kerana (1) tak ada modal yang mencukupi, (2) kurang pengalaman dalam perniagaan retail, dan (3) asyik kena sabo dengan tokey-tokey yang suka membisik ke telinga mereka, "Aiyya, lu luluk luma kaki atak ngoyang, kasi wa setel sama lu punya bisnes la, lu jangan bimbang!" sebelum so cina bangsat tu kemudian auta bisnes tu dari rakan Melayu dia melalui manipulasi dokumen ownership.

Betul. Dulu Cina pegang distribution chain di Malaysia, sebab tu mereka boleh kontrol siapa berjaya, siapa tidak.

Tapi hari ini ekonomi sudah berubah ke ekonomi berasaskan ilmu dan perkhidmatan. Dan dalam kedua bidang ini anak Melayu ada advantage yang sangat nyata berbanding anak Cina, iaitu anak Melayu lebih bergeliga otak mereka (tengok seribu cara anak Melayu menggodam telefon awam nak buat panggilan free pun dah cukup!), dan adab mereka juga lebih tinggi.

Sebab itu hari ini tokey-tokey sudah mula resah. Ekonomi baru ini mereka tak pegang remote kontrolnya lagi.

Malah sejak TDM meledakkan revolusi IT di negara ni dulu, banyak usaha ditumpukan kepada menaikkan talent pool anak Melayu, sehingga kini anak-anak Melayu membanjiri profesion ekonomi maklumat seperti programmer, multimedia designer dsb. Dan mereka lebih kreatif daripada anak Cina yang cuma pandai hafal kira-kira macam anak ayam dalam reban.

Maka itulah sekarang masyarakat Cina amat resah sekali.

Dalam tempoh 10-20 tahun dictatorial grip mereka ke atas ekonomi negara tidak lagi akan menjadi relevan, sebab ekonomi maklumat ialah suatu ekonomi yang global. Barrier to entrynya sangat demokratik dan rendah, siapa saja boleh langkau masuk, tak perlu terhutang budi atau ambik hutang di kedai-kedai Cina.

Sekarang mereka terpaksa bersaing dengan anak Melayu yang boleh compete pada level yang sama atau lebih tinggi daripada mereka. Hasilnya, mereka tak boleh lagi memperkotak-katikkan anak Melayu macam anak Melayu berhingus yang dulu mereka selalu halau keluar dari kedai runcit mereka sebab tak de duit.

Jangan terpedaya dengan tipu helah mereka ni. Sekarang anak Melayu sedang berkembang maju. Banyak yang sudah ada business sendiri, bukan lagi bisnes alibaba macam dulu. Dan banyak juga yang sudah mula berjaya tanpa bantuan atau hutang pada tokey Cina.

Sekarang mereka nampak anak Melayu ada potensi untuk menjangkau anak-anak mereka dalamasa 10 tahun lagi. Jangan kau join mereka dalam usaha menarik seluar anak-anak Melayu ni supaya jatuh semula ke bawah tapak kaki tokey-tokey bangsat tak de tamadun ni.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Things to note:

water agreement expiring soon- negotiate for FAIR market prices

resume bridge - improve traffic flow

demolish causeway - allow sediments in the waterway to be cleared, improved water flow

document ownership of islands - those under foreign "management"

turun padang - really help out the rural folks earn a decent living and increase their wealth - promote cottage industry

enhance the communication between the "ruled and the ruling elite" - for an informed rakyat

tackle the Boh Sia teens and the Mat Rempits problems

vernacular schools has to go - singapore did it, do DAP cannot howl

no need for multilingual provisions, no need to apologise

exams to test REAL talent, based on IQ rather than memory - this will filter out the half-past six hardworking "don wan to lose" types

most important, UMNO's money politics must be wiped out - malay votes will come back

this is Tanah Melayu

Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara

Anonymous said...

woi barua

masa pas hanya menang kat kelantan dulu, puak puak korang yang tak henti henti hina melayu pas.... bila dah terdesak baru la korang nak bersatu la itu la ini la....kalau tidak puak haram jadah macam korang ni lah tak henti2 hina dan tindas nik aziz dan orang2 pas... mahataik pencacai tua pengangkat najis ko tu lah yang tarik balik royalti negeri terengganu yang sah.... dasar haramjadah la korang ni..... semoga korang termasuk dalam golongan yang celaka kerana cuba main isu perkauman


Sakai Janda Baik said...

Alahai Jibam oh Jibam. Menyalak tak tentu arah. Hero konon. Ngkau ni Barua si Apek dan keling DAP/PKR kan?

Aku rasa Tuanku KM tak payah lah nak habiskan masa ngan si kera sumbang nih.

Serah aja kat bala tentera DN. Amacam bang Tembeleng? San Peng? Siapa lagi? Sapa nak belasah dulu si pencacai taik si laknat DAP ni?


Anonymous said...


I like Omong's "Things To Note" above, especially that vernacular schools have to go, that Singapore has got rid of them, so DAP - the remnants of PAP and copycats of LKY in Malaysia before - should have no problem in accepting the demise of vernacular schools here.

Allow me to make certain points very clear to the non-regular readers of Demi Negara, especially the big number, world-wide, who don't leave comments. We are not racists here. We are not agitators, we are not trouble makers, we don't look for problems, in fact, we are trying to solve problems and making constructive criticisms with suggested actions for the authorities and others concerned. We are responsible people also out to protect and promote the interests of the Malays.

We want others to respect us, acknowledge that this is Tanah Melayu since ancient times. The colonial British knew it, the Dutch before them recognised it, the Portuguese who invaded Malacca acknowledged it, even Admiral Zheng He and the Emperors of China accepted it. Therefore those others who want to live in this country and enjoy the riches this country, now called Malaysia, can offer must accept it.

They must respect the Constitution of the country that clearly reflects the sanctity of Tanah Melayu, the provisions concerning the Malays, the Sultans, the Malay language, the Islamic religion and the special position of the Bumiputeras. They must not only respect the Constitution but also be loyal to the country. It is only natural and reasonable - not racist - to expect and demand all citizens to do those.

I know some one who was a junior member of a Malaysian delegation led by Tan Sri Raja Mohar meeting Prime Minister Chou En Lai in Peking quite some time back. He and the delegation members heard it directly from the Premier's mouth the advice that overseas (Nanyang) Chinese should remain and be loyal to their countries of adoption, respect and obey the local laws, rules and regulations. And the important thing is this: he said China no longer regard them as belonging to the Mainland and would not interfere in the internal affairs of their countries of adoption. We therefore expect the same of them as Premier Chou En Lai did. That policy of Mainland China has not changed. More so now as China has become a responsible member of the international community.

Of course, local laws include customary laws, precedents, customs and traditions. Every country has those. Any citizen has to respect those. KM has dwelt on those on many occasions in the past.

Questioning early Malay history, begrudging the Malay special position under the Constitution, insulting the institution of the Monarchy, non-respect for institutions that represent the Malay race and interests are not acceptable to us. We therefore speak our minds in protest. Surely doing so is not being racist. So, readers, we insist that we are not racist and we will continue speaking up loudly and endlessly.

It is my earnest wish and ardent prayer that politicians who read these would discuss the issues raised herein at meetings and ordinary conversations so that the more they are talked about, the greater the chances of them being considered for incorporation in policies being formulated by the new government. It is my sincere hope that bureaucrats who read the write ups and comments in these blogs would discuss them at their level and incorporate the relevant points into cabinet papers, policy reviews and whatever else they may be preparing for the political masters. Dato Rais has spoken about the government wanting to get nearer to blogs. Dato Seri Najib has asked the public to provide him with comments and feedback and may not have the time to read as many blogs as he might want to. Politicians and Government Officers can bring messages conveyed here to the top.


Phonont said...

Tembeleng:- "...and say that any agreement made in those days was not made with their consent."

Nak patahkan hujah bodoh diorang yg mcm tu (pertikaikan Social Contract) senang saja. Aku pun boleh cakap, dulu Tunku dan pemimpin UMNO pun buat decision untuk bagi kerakyatan free pada tok nenek diorang without MY consent. Kalau aku dah ada masa tu, takde lah aku nak bagi consent, berunding tunjuk sopan kat diorang. Aku hambat je masok tongkang pi balik tempat asal diorang, supaya anak cucu aku tak payah deal dgn keturunan diorang yg tak tau berterima kasih ni.

Anonymous said...

RukunNegara covers all.

Include this as a paper in UPSR.

Jangan keluarkan IC. Sit for the paper again.


Mat Cendana said...

The essay about "Melayu & IT" - Wow! This is a very good angle, and is the first time that I've read about this it. You have done well in comparing it with the Retail & Distribution industry - It's certainly a thought-provoking and worthwhile read.

Oh, tentang @Vinnan & Company dok undi PAS - Haa, aku tak kira; padan muka dia... Ni aku nak ambik jalan simple dan mudah - oleh sebab diorang gatal sangat nak sokong, nak UNDI, kena kira AUTOMATIC 100% suka, rela. "Lu tarak kasi olang Cina minum arak pun, gua vely OK. Gua love PAS and itu lia punya apa-apa pun!"... @PAS_Dalam_Hati: Allah Akbar x 3. Terima kasih wahai Sang Kafirun Laknatullah. Tohcheh, Nandri. Muaaahhhhaahhhhaaa .... Takbir!!!"

@Muslimat_PAS_Nangis_EliWong: Waaahh! Ni kira buat Elizabeth Wong sebagai role model "Muslimat PAS/PR Version 1.5" ye. Saya setuju dengan apa yang disebut tu - mengenai orang Melayu ni terlalu mudah dan murah; punya nak get accepted by others...

Yang muslimat ni, ke mana pergi fahaman dan pegangan dosa/pahala etc?...Tapi dengan Wanita dan Puteri Umno, yang sama bangsa dan agama, muslimat BUAT MUSUH, kata macam-macam. Apa alasan kali ni untuk beri sokongan kepada Elizabeth Wong? TAK NAMPAK atau BUAT TAK NAMPAK ni? Takpe, saya tolong pasang SPOTLIGHT - ZINA/Takde sebut ke dalam you all punya kitab?... Atau sekarang ni you all pakai "Kitab Ijtimak Ulamak PKR-DAP Version 2.0"? [Ni nak belajar tulis cerpen sikit ye] Muslimat, dengan muka merah menyala seperti markah ujian Matematik dan dengan cekik pinggang, marah tiru style lakonan Ziana Zain: "Jahat betul mulut Mat Cendana ni, walau tuan memang handsome [Iklan: `Dan single']. Tapi dalam agama dia tak salah, dan dia single..."Jangan nak autar lah! Tengok, ni muslimat dah kena salah satu penyakit Anwar Ibrahim - Autaritis. Wei, dalam agama Kristian pun sama dengan kita lah - SALAH. Oh, please jangan nak try buat modal `intellectual', "Catholic, Protestant...ada mazhab-mazhab..."Tapi yang lebih penting ialah - Dia berzina dengan ORANG ISLAM... Dan Bersubahat buat aniaya kepada ISTERI si orang Islam tu. Erm, muslimat ada nangis-nangis dan peluk-peluk tak bila perempuan sesama agama dan bangsa ni diperbuat begini oleh you all punya role model? Atau, "Ini kita tak ada bukti... ada berlaku zina ke?... Mungkin dua-dua tu TIDUR aje, mengantuk; takde buat apa-apa..." HAHAHA!

Oh, tak ingat - "Hal peribadi... PKR punya... kita tak mahu jaga tepi kain/seluar/skirt-yang-tak-di-pakai orang & Eli... BERDOSA! Err, berapa nombor handset Bang Mat Cendana?...nak inform kalu ada updates" Tanya Field General satDHeheh!

@San Peng,
I'm in agreement with you... things that `don't look good' might actually be the realigning and transformations coming into place to create the situations that we will finally be able to see and fathom. And only then will we nod our heads and be in awe...

@Vinnan @KijangMas
Had earlier wanted to don the knight's armour and insignia, plus battle-axe (clean and swift ending). However, after reading the one by KijangMas himself and after witnessing the one thousand cuts... it might be kezaliman to add even just one more small cut:-) So the Knight of the Demi Negara Order takes on a humanitarian role instead... hoping Vinnan will appreciate. Tapi kalu jenih manusio hok tak rethi trimo kasih ni...

Vinnan, KijangMas has provided a most excellent and thorough diagnosis of your problems and the prognosis. This type of consultancy is easily of the US$900/per hour class - but he's done it for free! Well, I'm moved enough by this to also pro bono my own expertise and give you the best way out:

It's a very bad situation and state that you have there. But there are two choices that either one you must undertake with alacrity to end the pain: (1) Take opiates..heroin or morphine. That should deaden the senses. Oh, tak ingat natae ni takdok pitih, tak keejor... lulusae calligraphy; tulis batu nisan boleh lah. ... So it's the next one lah, what to do: (2) Suicide. Yes, that will end your miserable state VERY fast (comes with guarantee certificate). I'll help by giving you some rope... tali yae buat tambat lembu Raya Haji tahun lepah. Darn, I'm so helpful and generous today!

@JIH@ tringat...

Anonymous said...

Sepadu said,

"Again, all these may be part of the grand design to cow the Malays in Singapore into silence or obedience and not to think of much help from their kind in Malaysia and Indonesia."

The Singapore Malays are not ignorant but they are too busy 'fighting' to be with mainsteam Singaporeans. Firstly, they have to make sure that the younger Malays are not going to end up like those Singaporean Malays of the past ie ....ending up as drug addicts. I remember during my kampong days, 90% of the Abangs in my kampong were mostly hardcore drug addicts ....they were a gone case ... When I became an adult, I was thinking maybe the supply of drugs for them was purposefully done, so that they would be more interested in a false Utopia rather than about what actually was happening to Singapore at that time. The other races especially the Chinese were busy studying hard in order to have a better future whereas the Malay youths were busy experimenting with drugs to get really stoned. Lebih stone barang tu, lebih bagus ....ada oommph lah!! We called these Abangs "Mat Smack"....

Heck, I don't believe in coincidences. The Malays, as we know now are gullible and for sure before being "are" gullible, they "were" gullible ...instead of fighting for THEIR survival on THEIR LAND, they 'fought' for their own hallucinated Utopia. Among the races in Singapore, we had the highest number of addicts. Sungguh memalukan. It took someone by the name of Harun Ghani (Allahyarham) to take charge and to change the 'minda' of Malay Singaporeans. By that time, it was a bit late. The socio-cultural atmosphere had changed tremendously. It gave a booster for the Establishment to 'hentam' us yet again. The Singapore Malays had been ridiculed, looked down upon, criticised at, make fun of etc by the Establishment headed by LKY. Every time, whenever he opened up his mouth to talk about the races in Singapore, he would talk as if the Malays were pariahs in their own land. Hence, Singaporeans had the cue from the Government, they answered with their own kind of 'discrimination' against the Malays. Why? 'cos LKY said/says that Malays are/were stupid.

As for me, maybe I should thank him for that because I did work really hard to prove to THEM that I was on par with them if not better. Let me tell you all about one of my personal experiences. Many years ago I worked in an MNC. I was recruited by the two foreign bosses of the company. Apparently, the Financial Manager (who happened to be Chinese) was not happy, he wanted a Chinese to take up that post. Well, it did not take me a long time to realise that I should have a good 'battle' plan to beat this Chinese Chauvinist. He gave me a hard time. It was not good news for me to know that this company had a complicated internal computer system. I told myself that I should do my best to 'master' this system ASAP. Finally, I did it! It took me 3 months to master it ....whereas a Chinese colleague had not 'mastered' it even after 2 years in the company ....Whenever she had problems with the system, she would cry out loud and say "haiya Francis, I got problem with the system lah, please help me can or not?"
(Note: let's call the Financial Manager, Francis, so that I don't get sued by the real person).

Incidently, I helped solve some technical problems too by using the same system ... sometimes even my Chinese supervisor could not find the answer....yes, they were astounded, "how come a Bodoh Melayu can solve the problems and we can't" ....and of course folks, that racist Financial Manager changed his attitude towards me ....he was surpised that my mistakes were minimal compared to my Chinese colleagues....macam lah semua orang Melayu tu bodoh kot...

Btw, let me tell you people here that due to the constant 'attack' from the Establishment, the Malays of Singapore had/have to work extra hard to show that they are not PARIAHS in their own land. What's that about having 'our water face don't fall down'? or in its original Malay translation, "tak jatuh airmuka kita" sebagai orang Melayu Singapura. So folks, we do not have time to ponder about our own 'predicament' as our time is taken up to move forward with other Singaporeans ....we need to survive everyday ...need food for our family ...of course we know that we should fight for our right, but it is difficult now, very difficult unless we do a Fiji...I'm sure you all know what I meant by that ...but that would be very bloody ...we are outnumbered unfortunately..

Additionally, we do look to Malaysia's leaders for guidance. My family watches more of RTM for news than the Singapore channels.

Look, I can't say for all Singaporean Malays but to what I know most Singaporean Malays look up to TDM. TDM was the most capable Malaysian leader who introduced a lot of changes and due to him, the perception of Malaysia had evolved into something better in the eyes of the world (note that I use "had"). We cried when he said his goodbyes ....I can tell you that even old men of 70 yrs old cried .....He was the best for you Malaysians and still the best one around .....So, please do not ridicule TDM for his mistakes ...He is a human being after all ....If he was perfect, he should be an Angel with a halo above his head and he should not be known simply as Mahathir bin Mohammad but Angel Mahathir. As an observer of Malaysian politics, I had that to say about him.

Having said that, I would like to know if anyone here has not done any mistakes in life. If you are a perfect human being, please raise up your hands now!!!

You people are busy condemning and belittling him at whatever chance you have that you don't realise what a rare pearl he is. Wake up again, MELAYUS!!

Hapuskanlah PHD kamu tu...Bersatu, kamu akan kuat, tapi bercerai, kamu akan runtuh..Please remember that Malaysian Malays.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuanku KijangMas.

DSN should concentrate on the Malays and other Pribumis. The Chinese and Indians will not vote for BN anymore. Period. Why waste time and energy for that piece of 'worm-infested cake'? Why invest in something when you know that you don't get any good dividends? The 3 in one thingy is a sham from the start.

The Government should be more proactive towards the Bumis (the Malays and other Pribumis of Malaysia). Reactivity towards other Malaysians can be "pushed forward" only after the anak bangsat Malaysia decide to change their stance and become a true anak bangsa Malaysia by adhering to the simple virtues of the Constitution and the Ketuanan Melayu concept as you propagate in your blog.

They should have some respect for the Malays as the 'Tuan' of Tanah Melayu (just like non-Japanese consider the native Japanese as the Tuan of Japan, non-French consider the native French as the Tuan of France etc)....nothing to do with the master-slave relationship...just the respect for the Tuan Tanah, and not to question anything pertaining to the Tuan's religion, his mosque, his azan, his Sultans, his kris, his NEP and anything to do with the Tuan's race.

Henceforth, if these "pendatangs" aren't happy, they can pack up and leave ....go to where they can demand and force the "Natives" to cave-in to their endless demands.

I wish them Bon Voyage and Bonne Chance.

Anonymous said...

John Cena said,

"Now, that's profound. Something must be done to stop this smear campaign by the anti-Melayus. How can these people just do all these openly and get away with it? "

Yup, I agree something should be done to get rid of these 'jembalangs'. Here are some ideas on how it should be done:


Btw, if PR were to be the Big Boss of the country, ISA would be fortified 100 times. No more street demos. I can bet you guys. Just look at PAP, DAP's big brother. They will implement the same thing as what PAP does to silence the Opposition. I suggest if PR sues anyone, do not hesitate to counter-sue. That's the only way....

2) Anyone who slanders or degrade anything that is part of Malaysian National Identity (eg the Negaraku, the Sultan etc) should have his/her Citizenship revoked. No bargaining on this one. That Chinese Malaysian guy who made fun of Negaraku should have his Citizenship revoked and not to let him come back to M'sia. Let him rot in Taiwan.

That goes for Karpal too and HINDRAF leaders. It is not a cruel 'punishment'. LKY would do it, he did it to a Chinese Malaysian PR many years ago because this Malaysian PR (who was an SQ Captain and was involved in the Pilots' Association or something like that), dared to challenge some Government policies. Well, guess what, he was sacked and he had to leave Singapore and his PR status was revoked. So much for insulting the Singapore's Establishment...folks. I heard he had a hard time finding jobs elsewhere.

Malaysia should keep only reasonable, patriotic in the heart, respectful, good natured, conscientous and law abiding citizens in the country. Don't keep the 'hooligans' type, no matter how high their education level is...

Anonymous said...

malay male said,
"Malaysia tak de Awacs. Military dah advise tapi no budget (?)."

oh....give the rakyat a break lah. what about the Airbus plane bought by the former PM? Don't tell me it's price was just 100 ringgit.

how come personal convenience took precedence? What about the country's defence? Waste rakyat's money only.

the govt should think of ways to counter any subversive elements that can jeopardise the country's stability in whatever way possible and not to take the good rakyat for granted.

Anonymous said...

Sepadu said, "They have submarine(?s) not so much to control piracy in the Straits of Malacca as to be ready to deal with the bigger neighbours."

Well, don't forget Singapore is also a base for the US Seventh Fleet albeit a small one. The US 7th Fleet is the Asia Pacific Fleet (if I am not mistaken). So, we have a lot of submarines' activites in our North Eastern shores. I don't quite like it as these submarines release their nuclear debris into the waters and 'swallowed up' by the fishes and other sea creatures ...thus making them radioactive. We, humans, if we eat these fishes/sea creatures, we might develop all kinds of illness and most probably cancer.

Singapore is too small to have too much activities of nuclear type submarines. Therefore, I think the waters off our North Eastern shores are polluted with cancer related agents. Scary huh?

Btw, isn't Singapore has some kind of Defence Agreement with Malaysia? Something like the ANZUK agreement ....Why should Singapore go to war with Malaysia?

Anyway, Singaporeans did not fight to be out of Malaysia but was expelled, so there is no reason to think that we should fight with our neighbours ....right or wrong?

But then again, I think a country should think about how to defend itself when attacked. There should be a blue print on how to save the country if it is provoked militarily. I am not a military expert but I think a country should have the basis for its defence in micro and macro form. It is not only which fighter plane is good or what helicopter is best, but a country should have a good Intelligence Unit.

What about Malaysia's Intelligence Unit? Are they good and formidable or the Tidor On the Job type?

Answer that, then you all know where you stand for the defence of your country.


Anonymous said...

Jokers like "KURTU" are known in our community as Thevidiyaa Poondai Vervaila Molacha Kaalaan.

Sick tamby.

Nalla Peria Karuppiah

Cenderawasih said...



ooo yeke?kalau macam tu Tunku pun tak mewakili kami juga.apa yang diputuskan oleh Tunku tak ada kena mengena dengan kami.kami boleh persoalkan keputusan Tunku.(terima kasih Phonont)

samy? dah berapa lama samy diberi peluang untuk membantu keturunan india?kenapa tiada perubahan?mesti samy tak buat kerja ni.nakal samy ni,mesti dia yang telan.tiba-tiba nak salahkan orang melayu pula.


uhh takutnya...cakap besar betul kutu ni..tak padan dengan kutu.


hahaha.nanti orang PAS hidangkan todi untuk kau.jangan harap!!!orang melayu PAS tak sebodoh tu.tunggu masa saja untuk orang melayu pas untuk sedar dari mimpi.

ketuanan rakyat konon,geli hati betul...sebenarnya kutu ni tak tahu apa-apa pun.dia tak sedar UTHAYAKUMAR dan WAYTHAMOORTHY pun sama jenis dengan samy juga.yang kembung perut UTHAYAKUMAR dan WAYTHAMOORTHY dan ahli politik keturunan india yang lain juga.kutu?kutu tetap macam tu.menyalak lagi,tapi kali ni salak UTHAYAKUMAR dan WAYTHAMOORTHY pula.kesian kutu...

sepatutnya kau kena pecahkan kelapa tu atas kepala sendiri.semoga kau sedar,jangan benak sangat...

kurtu ni taip komen tak ada titik lansung.semua satu ayat.baca pun dah terasa penat.mesti keluaran sjk(t),kalau sekolah kebangsaan tak macam ni.kurtu jangan burukkan kaum india yang lain.

jibam oh jibam... Sakai Janda Baik, saya sambut....

woi barua???

adat mana la jibam amalkan ni.jibam, tak baik maki-maki orang.Erniceda, satu lagi specimen ditemui...contoh melayu berakal sejengkal...

rasanya Tuan KijangMas tak pernah memaki dan mengutuk Tok Guru Nik Aziz..kalau jibam terjumpa orang yang mengutuk Tok Guru, kami tak terlibat,tak terbabit dengan orang tersebut.saya mendoakan supaya Tok Guru sedar taktik kotor cina DAP.amin..

"mahataik pencacai tua pengangkat najis ko tu lah yang tarik balik royalti negeri terengganu yang sah"

jibamm!!!apa ni?mengunakan nama yang kasar untuk merujuk kepada orang yang banyak berjasa.nama kau pun macam j**or tembam je.kalau tak kerana Tun Dr Mahathir lagi teruk melayu kat malaysia ni dipandang rendah,dihina dan dicaci oleh cina dap dan cina singapura..

kami main isu perkauman?bukan ke cina totok dap ke yang mula dulu?

"RukunNegara covers all.
Include this as a paper in UPSR.
Jangan keluarkan IC. Sit for the paper again.


Tongkang,saya kurang setuju...sebab sikit sangat.kalau boleh tambah lagi..lembut sangat.keraskan lagi.tapi cadangan yang bernas..:D

Demi maruah Islam dan Melayu.Demi Malaysia

KijangMas said...


Knights, are we lucky or what? First, we get a free sampling of a LKY-worshipping Cina Bukit Totok in mummy's boy, "vinnan." Now we get an impressive free sampling of a rare SJKT-spoiled retard, yup, a samsu-bathing, toddy-gulping Hindraf "underdog," the lowest form of life in the canine world. Add Mat Jibam, that budah hingusan Si Pembaring Atas Jalan, and we have the complete Pakatan Gang right here, right before our collective gaze. Yup Knights, gawk at them puas-puas. What fine specimens of "Ketuanan Rakyat." Ya, "rakyat" macam ini memang harus ada "tuan" nya. Nanti huru-hara sepanjang masa.

Yes, Sdr. Cenderawasih, just marvel at this little Tamby's inability to write in the lower-case and lack of punctuations. Yup, no periods, no commas, no beginning, no ending - just a bunch of dangling participles spiced with irregular verbs in a celebration of keBUTAHURUFan afflicting his doomed tribe. A grown underdog with Darjah Tiga writing competency. Now you see the damage done to this species by their learning of an alien, punctuation-less script?

Oh, one or two broken kelapas would be good for fish head curry; won't 'hurt" anyone. A few pokok kelapas, maybe.

Hidup SRJK(T). Hidup SJKT. Hey dey Kurtu, you need to Naay Poola Umbu banyak-banyak to cure your ailment, your rasa sakit-sakit. Makkal ... Ammaa, Makkin Sakhit! Manyak Sakhit!

Anonymous said...


Thanking malay male above for his appreciation and input on Malaysia tak ada Awac spy plane, deficient even in small defence equipment. Also responding a little to Erniceda above.

I hope more people like malay male, who may have contacts with the military and/or are retired Military Officers, would come out and make suggestions what Malaysia should have in order to be adequately prepared in the face of the threat posed by the red dot together with the Zionist Advisers down there.

I'm not suggesting anything more than just bringing to the attention of the political masters the need to allocate funds to defend ourselves adequately. I understand that those currently serving must voice through proper channels. But the others can voice them here. It appears to me the situation is dire when our Air Force planes can mistakenly shoot one another and we don't have even night vision equipment. We must feel encouraged to come out with suggestions because Dato Seri Najib wants us to provide feedback and suggestions. As long as they don't compromise secret defence strategies and tactics.

But it's not secret strategy to hide the fact that we don't have the tools to properly defend ourselves. It's not adequate defence if we are not preparing to defend ourselves against the red dot. We must not underestimate them.

I believe the red dot does appear on MINDEF threat assessment list; it's only a matter of the level of threat. I don't have intelligence and secret information on what Singapore's undeclared intentions are. But saying the Malays have no culture, propagating the "Malaysian Malaysia" concept yet not practising "Singaporean Singapore" for the Malays there, having a large Air Force and submarine(s?)for a 20 sq mile island, keenly pursuing and got Batu Puteh island, and, knowing the sensitivity of Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia, yet bringing in thousands of Zionist Israeli military advisers - are these not sufficient to assess Singapore as a pretty high level threat?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not war mongering here. Merely urging our authorities to be on the alert and get the country prepared. As stated elsewhere, we should not be paranoid but we should also not be naiive and placid. The old man down there holds a grudge and a vengeance at being kicked out of Malaysia. His dream of becoming PM of a fairly large country was unexpectedly dashed, instead he became PM of a 20 square mile city state. His interest in becoming Secretary General of United Nations did not materialise, Western powers noting his iron hand and Big Brother kind of rule.

He may have become paranoid after the short-term Indonesian President Habibi referred to Singapore as "a tiny dot in an ocean of ...", obsessed with the idea that his neighbours would want to eat Singapore up some day. He and his successors must have known for a long time the Zionist Israeli terminology of "pre-emptive strike". They may not think of doing it now but would they not have been preparing themselves to do it in the event of an ultra nationalist group emerging as rulers in time to come? Remember, scheming people think far ahead, paranoid ones think farther still. Tun Dr Mahathir said the Jews rule the world by proxy and he is right. Is it far fetched to think of Singapore being a proxy in time to come?


Laser Blade said...

Hoi Kurtu,

You don't get it do you? You are just a pain in Malaysian society. Your kind are good only in robbing people, mabok with todi, filthy dirty, auta-ing all the in your Tamil films....ayoyo appa ilek, amma ilek ......hoo hoo hoo.

yanna dey, you voted PAS? Wah, good lah'll be served your todi lah by PAS ulamaks anytime you see them. Good oso lah, 'cos as a Muslim I'm happy that you accept that M'sia become an Islamic state. What you don't know meh? You should know what, you support PAS, you should know their agenda.....after cannot raba raba your gf in parks you know except if your gf's name is Eli Wong hahahhaha....wah, no problem for you? Good lah....
Hello Kurtusamy, how come you said Samyvelly or Tun Sambanathan not representing your kind? Dia orang dari negeri mana? Apa lu dari Mars ka? Padan lah otak lu ada banyak cacing....Apa lu mau jadikan M'sia ni Tamilasia kah? Dey, balik Tamil Nadu sudah lah! atau macam kata MC, commit suicide style harakiri pun baik......Mamma auta ....

Laser Blade said...

Wah jibam, jibam, bam ......sesat kemari .....baru balik dari bebaring dijalanan ke? Padanlah macam mabok minum todi aje.
Awak sama itu vinnan, kurtusamy from the untouchables sama sama geng ha ....good lah 3 in 1 team, sama sama ngok ngok...menyalak macam anjing gila ..jangan sedap mulut mau hina TDM dan mau panggil orang "barua", apa awak dengan awak punya serban akan masuk syurga ke? pleeezzzz lah, cermin muka tu dulu.....

Anonymous said...

Well, vely good all the kutus kena hentame-ed by the DN Knights.....I am so happy....cheerio ...who else want to kena hentam?

- Flying Cowboy

Anonymous said...

PAS falls into PR’s trap. It should be as desperate as sinking UMNO to stay afloat. Serve both of you right Melayus We knew that PAS and UMNO want to have their way over us non-Malays. But the wish of the Ketuanan Rakyat no PAS or UMNO can defy

Chanderawshi why you pick on me I am only sounding my sympathy for brother UTHAYA and WAYTHA. They teach us how to be wise to the racist UMNO.

Omong you bull shit big time. Iskandar can never got off the ground without Singapore non-Malay. You plan good. Yes like all Umnoputras talk no walk Take away all non-Malay buildings from all towns see what is left Rubbles and dirt That is Umno shit

Tembeleng You sound like a angry kid. Talk big about Malay in business. What business can you do if ur angry like that Learn from the Cinas laaa. They are angry at you. They smile at you. In the end they fuck your pocket and everything. That was how they got Penang. That also how they got PAS in their pocket. Know why I am telling you this? Cause you are too dumb to do anything about it. And Tembeleng stop patronizing me.

Nalla Peria Karuppiah .. please what did I do that you bad mouthed me? I bet you are a racist Indian-marginalizing temple-destroyer typical Malay. ***k you.

And Kijang Mas. Your attack on me was unfair. Proof you are the dirtiest of Melayu racist. You stupid? That kelapa is temple praying one. Not coconut for cooking moron.

P. Kurathu Kumaran (I am no kutu please)

Anonymous said...


I should have added to my 01:44 comment:

Remember, the first Chief Minister of Singapore, David Marshall, was a Jew. Despite there being only a handful of them there at that time. And no thousands of Zionist Israeli military and civilian advisers as there are now.

Some might say I'm over-reacting. But they should remember that the powerful Mainland China (a nuclear power since the late 1960s) jumped up and down at the slightest kentut of fellow Chinese in Taiwan. Until they were satisfied that the "Imperialist Yankees" were reasonably beyond causing potential harm on the Mainland from around the "renegade" island.

When it becomes topical next time, I would like to write about the "Israeli Lobby" with "unlimited power" in the US, its role in starting the Iraq War, creating tremendous frustration and hate among Muslims in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakitan - a research publication by two Professors, one from Chigao University the other from Harvard. It lends credence to Tun Dr Mahathir's remark that the Jews rule the world by proxy. Erniceda, I agree with you that in many ways TDM is an admirable leader.

Btw Ernicedia, I hope you don't mind a small observation: your mentioning of details on your past work experience might enable Big Brother to trace you. I hope they don't do the SQ Captain thing and the like. Do let us know if and when you might be away from this DN community for a long time so that we know you are OK when we periodically hear from you. This might help pre-empt any attempt by them to keep you away or cause you problems. May be a figment of my imagination again, but perhaps it won't hurt avoiding mention of details that might lead them to you. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Sepadu, hi,firstly, I would like to say thanks for your insight. I can see that you know a great deal about the socio-political condition in this area. Yes, me too, I like reading political stuff and like you I like reading spy novels ....I've read many books by Tom Clancy. "The Hunt for Red October" is on top of the list.

We are across the border, yet if we can discuss things like these, in this blog/forum, it is a sure way to minimise any collateral damage if we were to indulge in real warfare .....

Well you said,
"......obsessed with the idea that his neighbours would want to eat Singapore up some day."

He has not changed actually. In fact just a few moons ago, he repeated the same mantra. Are we being brainwashed here in Singapore? Sometimes I wonder if he is already senile....why so obsessed of being attacked? We should love our neighbours, respect them and they will respect us ....isn't it so? Why must behave like the Israelis, saying that Singapore is surrounded by enemies? As a citizen of Singapore, I don't like this stand taken by my Government. The reason is, if anything happens to us, say a natural disaster, who is going to help us? We do not have enough land space ....are we going to fly all the way to Israel to get help from them ....or to get shelter from them ...? I wish people in the Govt should be more realistic and be wise and not shouting that "war slogan" again and again.......enough lah!

Anonymous said...

Why should Singapore go to war with Malaysia, someone asked.

Quite naive I must say. Any sovereign nation worth its salt should be prepared to defend itself in a manner that we can be proud of and be able to fight a GOOD fight down to our last drop of blood.

Singapore/Israel/US alliance sends clear, loud warning bells through any aware citizen. The military men and women of Malaysia must be well taken care of and trained and be a force to be feared.

Fear, awe, respect is the number one defensive strategy. Ever heard of deterrent factor?

We just have our doors wide open. We are a friendly nation what! Anytime is a good time to come in and have a cup of tea while the bloodbath takes place outside.

Lack of LST, AWACS,poor maintenance, morale(?), pay (?) poor equipment (again because of LEADERSHIP corruption many billions yang bocor that we could have used wisely).

Security is overlooked in this nation. It forms the basis of any strong nation. Just see how we deal with our domestic security. Policeforce to population ratio is ALARMING, pay is poor, professionalism is lacking. Nothing seems to be close to being rectified despite acknowledgement.

If we cannot even protect our own citizens from internal anasir jahat, like the thieves and rempits etc, one wonders how we will protect this land itself from foreign invaders.

As of now, people only laugh at us, no fear or respect.

And the main culprit?


We might as well welcome the invaders with a tarian muhibbah/roti canai/teh tarik feast ala Visit Malaysia, because that is ALL we are good at and seem be proud to promote.

And oh...we can probably use the keris against the uranium-tipped and Tungsten bombs ala Gaza rain down on us.

Or call the bloody bomoh rainman ala F1!!! Bombs bombs go away... please come back another day!

(at what price syirik was that episode anyway...hmmmm)

malay male

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah KM,

U so lucky one, got 3 in 1, fell into your fishing crabs (Tiu hai) trap. Macam Clint Eastwood, ‘do u feel lucky, punks?’ Where got CE says; woof-woofed, meow-meowed like that one….haha..Those idiots (sohai memang ‘tai seh’) did not see it coming kah? Unker can smell it a mile away lah. Sniff, sniff what’s that? Roasted Royal Deer meat, yummy!


Unker Yew
P/S – Hoi mana gua punya software licensing fee? Unker oso Spongebob square pants fan too, u know?

Anonymous said...

hi all,

speaking about malaysian military i pray that our military departments does not work the same way some of our government departments work.

in my work i deal with a lot of local authorities and judging by they work i have many reasons to worry if our military works the same way too.


Anonymous said...


Dah siap interview mereka ni nanti, then I will elaborate more OK? Most of them have no idea what RukunNegara is all about.

My neighbours are all Chinese, it is going to be really fun discussing with them on this.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me folks,

My earler references to 20 square miles of the city state should read 20 x 20 = 400 square miles (roughly) of real estate.


Anonymous said...


Hati hati dan janganlah tanpa usul periksa menghina dan memaki orang Malaysia berketurunan india di dalam ruangan comment ini. Sudahkah kamu semua berjumpa penulis yang pakai nick name Kurtu itu? Sudahkah kamu sahkan keturunan Kurtu ini? Yang kamu macam beruk Pak Haji Makye terus melompat lompat dan maki seranah semua orang keturunan india di Malaysia ni kenapa? Kata nak jadi pembela bangsa melayu konon, tapi bila kena jolok sikit dah terlompat lompat hunus keris. Lemah sangat lah kamu. Di mana wisdom kamu? Kamu letak kat kepala lutut? Pernah dengar operasi "disinformation"? Pernah dengar "divide and rule" ?Siasat dulu lah. Mungkin Kurtu ini adalah seorang melayu PKR yang memang sengaja nak jadikan tarian sumbang kamu semua itu to their advantage? Atau Kurtu ini adalah seorang opportunist Cina yang mahu ambil kesempatan memusnahkan terus saki baki perpaduan yang masih ada antara kaum melayu dan kaum india di Malaysia ini? Atau Kurtu ini adalah ejen negara asing yang ada agenda dia sendiri? Tuan punya Blog kenalah buat "judgement call" yang baik dalam menangani perkara ini. Be more responsible. Sudah siasat kah makna dan tujuan upacara "pecah kelapa" di kuil diaorang tu?

Salam untuk semua.

History Buff said...

Put history back in expert hands
HERE'S a view of history that is sure to cause some anguish among certain quarters: this country's independence did not come when power and control of Malaysia was handed from the British administration to the people of Malaysia, but when power was handed from the rulers of the Malay states to the people of then Malaya.

This view of that totemic pass in national history is advanced by the doyen of Malaysian historians, Tan Sri Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim -- but it's not in the school textbooks.

It's just another example of how the textbooks are not written by experts like Khoo, while those hired to do so are deficient in their understanding of history (see interview on next page).

Those who decide the content of textbooks do not understand legal concepts such as de facto and de jure, Khoo says, and they have no grounding in the basics of the Constitution.

"The British often used the law and sometimes broke it when they wanted to interfere with the affairs of the nine Malay states, so one must know how the law works to teach about what went on.

"The agreements signed between the nine Malay rulers and the British never specified that sovereignty or kedaulatan would be handed over to them.

"So the sultans were always the de jure (in law) rulers of all their holdings," Khoo said in an interview with the New Straits Times.

Though the British advisers to the rulers had de facto (actual but not legal) power, the exercise of that power had to be done with the consent of the ruler.

The sultans, Khoo notes, were absolute rulers who owned practically every inch of real estate in their spheres of influence, and theirs was the prerogative of granting permission to live on, extract riches from and develop these lands.

Understanding how "rule in law" worked when it came to the relationship among the Europeans, the royal courts, and the waves of immigrants who made up the royal subjects is crucial when teaching school children about the various races that came to settle in Malaysia.

The narrative in textbooks of natives being dispossessed by foreigners brought in by a "colonial administration" does not hold water when one remembers that the rulers always had de jure power.

"For instance," Khoo points out, "the assumption is that the Chinese were brought in by the British whose authority superseded that of the ruler. In fact, the Chinese were brought in by Chinese towkays with the permission of the ruler."

Khoo does not have a problem with how history is revised in school texts to create a "Malaysianised" point of view, instead of the Eurocentric one that prevailed in the 1950s. "What is wrong is when you write and ignore historic facts," he says.

"The problem now is that if something in the Eurocentric view was black, it automatically becomes white in the so-called Malaysianised view. You must have proof to back something up."

Another example is how the textbooks say the British practised a "divide and rule policy", which ensured the communities were segregated, to breed suspicion and hostility among the races.

"There was no such policy by the British, and I challenge those who disagree to show me the proof.

"In fact, they tried to get the Malays, Chinese and Indians to integrate. It was the races who refused to do so."

Khoo laments that many textbook writers and history teachers these days have not even seen primary documents, such as the treaties signed between the British and Malay rulers.

As last week's NST report on history illustrated ("Whose story is our history?" -- April 11), there is an underlying presumption throughout much of the textbooks that non-Malays are not as patriotic as Malays.

Professor Dr Mansor Mohd Noor of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has been researching inter-ethnic relations for years. His findings suggest that this erroneous presumption is widespread in Malaysian society.

"The Chinese are usually blamed for not being patriotic, but in reality the feelings of patriotism among them are just as high as the Malays," he says.

"Patriotism is not based on ethnicity."

The teaching of history, Mansor says, must be inclusive and move beyond ethnic calculations and toxic assumptions, such as whether one community is more "patriotic" than another.

Most importantly, says Khoo, it must be put back in the hands of experts.

Anonymous said...

Sepadu you said,

"Btw Ernicedia, I hope you don't mind a small observation: your mentioning of details on your past work experience might enable Big Brother to trace you. I hope they don't do the SQ Captain thing and the like. Do let us know if and when you might be away from this DN community for a long time so that we know you are OK when we periodically hear from you. This might help pre-empt any attempt by them to keep you away or cause you problems. May be a figment of my imagination again, but perhaps it won't hurt avoiding mention of details that might lead them to you. Cheers."

- Oh......don't worry about it. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your 'fatherly' concern. I know Big Brother is watching. Anyway, I did not mention anything that can jeopardise myself. And, I'll try to come here as often as possible.

Anyway, it is not a secret of what we Singaporean Malays have to endure sometimes. At one stage, even Fandi Ahmad contemplated of migrating to South Africa, the birth country of his wife but he was criticised. The reason he gave was that he thought his children would not be able to cope in Singapore. Whether this was his real reason, only God knows.

I heard about that SQ Captain too. Yes, he was trying to act tough and unfortunately, he was axed.


malay male, I did say, "Why should Singapore go to war with Malaysia?"

Well, to tell you frankly, I said it in a tongue-in-cheek way....have to take it with a pinch of salt ...It is true that this question sounds naive, but I know for a fact that we might go to war if the conditions become very very bad in our bi-lateral relations (I won't discuss this now)....I know also for a fact that it would be good for the military industry to earn big bucks if there's a big war somewhere ...(maybe sepadu can write on this, I know he gets the drift clearly here ...)


Btw, Tuanku KijangMas, am I glad that I started this whole thing with my write ups on Singapore at your previous comment section. At least now we can see some people starting to be worried and anxious about the state of the Malaysian military machine.....whether they can perform or not when the time comes to defend the country. This is a good wake up call for your MINDEF. I think someone should 'shake up' your Minister of Defence for more infos and to check on things....


Anonymous said...

A kutu said,

"Iskandar can never got off the ground without Singapore non-Malay."

Frankly folks, I don't understand these so called Malaysians. They are so intoxicated with Singapore ...I don't understand why they are still here....

Malayan Peoples' Anti Pakatan Army said...

That Kutu Kumaran and Anon (April 17, 2009 9:06 PM) are one and the same.

Kutu attacks, and when Kutu kena hantam, this Anon appeared and (pretending to be a Malay) insults those who attacked Kutu. Wahh, manyak pandai belit these pundeks.

I smell PKR dirty tricks here.

*** MPAPA ***

Anonymous said...

I have never read a blog which almost content i agreed wholeheartedly except your blog KijangMas. I thank you that you exist and write stuff which we always wish we could but you put it more clearly. You are my inspiration.

Just a bit of typo in your writing,

learn it by hard (heart).

Tam Dalyell said...

Friends and all. Seronoknya membaca intelligent discussions by such DNKn as Sepadu, Dot (which is more than a dot actually.) Pn Zazaland and Enriceda, History Buffs, Cenderawasih, tak lupa Bang Mat Cendana (yang kelecik idea-idea dia macam Super Mokh kelecek bola di stadium seantero dunia) dan ratusan DNK dan Anons yang lain .. seronok berkongsi dengan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan ini.

Tiba-tiba datang Anon bernama Kurtu atau P. Kurathu Kumaran – though some of what he said is true (I suspect he sourced them from some of chedet’s comment) – he somehow designed it more to irritate or destabilize rather than to invoke a sense of healthy self-realization as done by Tun. I don’t know what his game is, but I cannot help but detect that he is suffering a deep sense of unfulfillment – unrealized orgasm like – something that he should have decoded eons ago – but left unsolved till the present.

Kutu Kurthu Kurathu , I humbly appoint myself to rungkai masaalah dalaman sdr. Ya sdr ada MASAALAH DALAMAN yang sdr malu nak share. (May I speak both in Bahasa and English campur-campur cendol sana sini? – heh heh tak kisah, aku nak cakap apa pun, bagaimana pun, belasah je)

You see Kurthu, your profession is panjat pokok kelapa ambil upah petik buah kelapa. I diagnose this from Tuanku KijangMas’ comment. He highlighted ‘batang’ kelapa. Tiap kali turun batang kelapa you melorot. Year in year out you melorot turun batang kelapa.

1) Akibatnya ‘batang’ you kat situ tu haus. Hilang digesek, diparut dan diraut batang kelapa. Waktu nak kawin ko takda ‘burung’ lagi. Anu ko dah hilang dimakan batang kelapa. INI MASAALAH DALAMAN KO YG PERTAMA.

Shaman Sami ko nasihat – cari tiga biji kelapa buntat – (alaaa kelapa yang matanya satu tu – semua kelapa mata tiga – tapi buntat satu jer). Dah dapat pun. Shaman Sami ko ajar step one, sambil pecah one coconut you must shout out, “kasi keluar kuat punya”

2) In your excitement you shout out, ‘KARI KERUAR RAPAT HARUNYA’. You mod the line – asking for baru punya. These combination mantra causes your ‘anu or burung’ to TUBMUH RAPAT-RAPAT SELURUH BADAN you. Harunya ko ketika tu.

In the dark of night you stole into you Pawang Sami’s room to ask for help. In his fright he beat you up senseless.

To cut short, you have to waste sebiji lagi kelapa buntat to get rid of the hundreds of cute ‘burungs’ that nobody dare try. Ok, now all burungs cleared.

You have no choice but to entrust your last kelapa buntat to Shaman Sami to correct your deficiency. Kutu, you did right. This time you sure get it right.

3) While flinging your last coconut to the ground your Shaman invoked, ‘chuuunnnnik .. dulu punya’. Excitedly you finger your anu. Smile. You unzip. Grab your burung. Your face paled. What did you find? Ya. Burung dulu punya .. baby size .. you got dulu zaman baby punya chunik.

MASAALAH KEDUA KURTHU .. AWANGNYA SAIS BAYI. Itu sebab ko cerita pecah kelapa kuil kat sisi. Itu cara ko mengadu … sembunyikan masaalah peribadi melalui mencaci masaalah orang.

Ko akan terus merayau-rayau mencari kelapa buntan selagi masaalah burung ko tak selesai. THIS IS THE THIRD PROBLEM YOU ARE FACING.

Go on looking. When you get your next three kelapa buntat, don’t go to that phony shaman again. Please do come to us. We shall be most happy to entertain you.

Anonymous said...


Saying hi to Zazaland who had some time ago allowed me to call her "endearingly" as Zaza, to the chagrin of Unker Yew. Also hi to Tommy. Would Unker Yew not place satD under PS otherwise Mat Cendana would also protest as they are very good friends. Hi satD and Mat, too. I like the periodic friendly banter KM always allows for short breaks from the serious discussions in his blog.

I like Zaza's suggestion that Dato Seri Najib concentrate on bringing about the unity of the Malays rather than waste time on those who would vote the opposition anyway. The hardcore ones, both Malays and non-Malays, the type who demonstrated in Ipoh, who LKS said "would not give an inch", are incorrigibles. They find almost everything wrong in Malaysia, everything correct and inspiring in Singapore, yet don't want to live there.

I don't understand the drift of History Bluff's or Professor Khoo's arguments as quoted in the 12:54 comment. Is he/ they trying to say the Malay rulers had power or authority during British colonial rule and could control immigration? This is the first time in my entire life I hear about the sultans under British colonial rule being "absolute rulers .. (having) the prerogative of giving permission to live on, extract riches from and develop these lands". Are these the Professor's opinions or facts of history? If opinions, what is he trying to get at?

If they were "absolute rulers" why did the British functionaries go about the kampongs placing notices of British tax proclamations that led the Malays to kill Perak Resident JW Birch while bathing beside the Perak River? Why did the tax collected not go to the Sultan? Why the Sultan get "salaried" after Pangkor Treaty? Why did Capt Speedy and his platoons of white men and sepoys coming from British India answer to the British Resident, not the Sultan?

"The Chinese were brought in by Chinese towkays with the permission of the ruler (who had absolute power?)". What crap this is.

True, Long Jaafar asked Penang towkays to operate his mines and the towkays brought clansmen, secret societies and gangsters into Larut (that led to British Intervention in 1874). But that was in the initial stages of the tin mining "industry" (the Malays did crude, rudimentary mining by themselves much earlier) and the Larut population numbered only a few thousand. But when tin and rubber were the buzzword of more wealth-seeking towkays and employment-seeking Chinese, they came in by the droves brought/ allowed in by the British colonial masters, totalling hundreds of thousands until Merdeka time, the Sultans not having any say at all. Those were the Chinese who ran away from miseries and intolerable conditions when the British
gained a strong foothold in China after the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. And Indians from India where they were established as colonial masters in the latter part of the 19th Century. The British wanted big revenues from rubber and tin in Malaya to support their economy at home where the booming Industrial Revolution started tapering down.

I must have been reading accounts of British colonial immigration policy that are different from those the Professor read. Folks, herein lies the danger. So many different versions of history. As KM has implied, next they might be saying the Sultanate of Malacca was Chinese and Admiral Zheng He was Malay! It may be convenient to do so because he was Muslim and many Malays look Chinese. What the heck ..

Folks, this comment already too long, will continue soon after this.


Anonymous said...


Pl allow me to continue my above comment, a little more:

According to History Bluff, Prof Khoo said the British had no divide and rule policy which ensured the communities were segregated. I don't know about "ensuring" but they certainly developed only the towns by providing facilities only there where the Chinese benefitted and thrived, left the Malays to their own devices in the kampongs. Most importantly at that time, they provided secondary education only in the towns, only a smattering of primary schools in the kampongs, Malay children walking barefooted 3-4 miles to school, the odd few lucky ones on the carriers of fathers' rickety bicycles, pedal-powered even on empty stomachs up to 20 miles to the secondary schools in town. No attempts made to help Malays gain employment or learn a busines or two and mix with the Chinese in towns. Are these not part of the unwritten divide and rule policy?

He also quoted the statements of Prof Mansor of UKM on the patriotism of the Chinese. While not belittling their patriotism in certain areas, I must point out that other, even Western historians (which they call Euro-centric), have pointed out that the Chinese, as a race, having experienced the rancours of incessant wars, clan and communal fighting throughout their history, have developed a strong distaste for them. Only a handful join the Police or the Armed Forces in Malaysia. Patriotism is often associated with these areas of oocupation.

I have no problem with the apparent lack of patriotism of one race in one area but manifested in other areas. But I think most Malays have a huge problem with those who have unacceptable versions of Malaysian history that lead to the undermining of our Constitution, non-recognition of the Social Contract, questioning the special position of the Malays and so on.

Prof Khoo was quoted as saying that the teaching of history must be put back in the hands of the experts. But we must be cautious when determining who the experts are. Remember, the Zionist Israeli experts say the Arabs were not an organised community and took their lands to create the state of Israel. The Iranian experts say the holocaust or World War II mass-murder of Jews did not take place.


Anonymous said...

History Buff,

I apologise for wrongly typing in the "l" in your name. I was aware of your correct name but the subject matter must have carried me away when typing the comment. Sincerely, no offence intended on you.


Anonymous said...


That piece by History Buff was in today's NST centre spread, interview wth Khoo Kay Kim. There was also a piece on the dilemma faced by teachers teaching history. One Teacher Lee I think his name was, who was trained in Malay Literature, bemoaned that the main problem of the kids was "poor grasp of malay" and thus they had to teach in vernacular languages which did not full impart the full impact, and furthermore, the brightest students only aimed to scores A's, encouraged by the exams which instead of encouraging critical thinking and discussions, only encouraged mindless spouting of facts and figures and thus the IMPACT and AIM of learning history was not achieved in Malaysian students. Add to that, the crammed syllabus, world history and Malaysian history in 2 years.

So PM Najib, nak galakkan lagi vernacular schools yg perpetuate lagi poor grasp of Malay??

Prof Khoo also observed that it wasnt the British divide and rule policy that encouraged division and non-assimilation, but the REFUSAL of the races to INTEGRATE.

Education Minister, take note of the teachers' observations and act to rectify the situation.

malay male

San Peng said...

No Sepadu. Nothing wrong in your typing. The 'L' should be there in capital letter.

Heh heh professor History Bluff. Welcome aboard.

Sell your kacang puteh alongside Kutu.

Hey Kutu, you got a friend to pair you up in auta-ing big time.

San Peng

Hollywood refugee said...


I am enraged knowing that the Malays were even then, complicit in "silencing" the true Malays rebel warriors. I was reading RPK's rebuke on Che Det latest post, and bumped into this image :- Malay policeman next to the hanging body of Tok Janggut, was supposed to be the policeman that arrested Tok Janggut, as RPK suggested. ( Is this true? )

Closer shot on Tok Janggut's face :- do they called the pro-British Malays circa 1700 - 1800 ? Do they have an organization? What about the "rakyat" sentiment on these pro-British Malays, especially the Malays ordinary folks back then?

Kerana, sejurus sahaja kita mengenali Melayu seperti ini, jesteru, tidak susah untuk kita mengenali Melayu seperti ini pada zaman sekarang.

Orang-orang lama kat sini mungkin boleh berkongsi pengalaman?

Hollywood refugee said...


If you really are living in Singapore, perhaps it might be a good idea to surf anonymously, especially if you want to express your thoughts on sensitive issues like right now.

The trick is to use proxy. Here's a how-to tutorial from my blog :-

KijangMas said...

Anonymous (April 17, 2009 9:06 PM) – (too obstinate to follow DN’s no anonymous rule), said:-
”Hati hati dan janganlah tanpa usul periksa menghina dan memaki orang Malaysia berketurunan india di dalam ruangan comment ini. Sudahkah kamu semua berjumpa penulis yang pakai nick name Kurtu itu? Sudahkah kamu sahkan keturunan Kurtu ini?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, ...... sudah berapa lama kamu mula berkecimpong dalam alam blog? Setengah hari? Dua jam? Hujah kamu ini amat mencuit hati, dan melambangkan kecetekan kefahaman kamu tentang ciri, budaya dan fungsi blog. Menjawab soalan songsang kamu, sudah tentulah tiada insan di sini ”sudah berjumpa” dengan si ”Kurtu” itu. Bukan hanya ”Kurtu,” 99 peratus para penyumbang di sini juga tidak pernah berjumpa, tidak pernah berbicara dalam telefon, apatah lagi bersua muka, dan jauh sekali dapat menentukan kesahihan keturunan, agama, warna, asal usul, tempat tinggal dan jantina masing-masing. Adakah kami semua tahu kamu siapa? Manusia ka? Beruk ka? Mustahil nak di sahkan atas penjelmaan secebis penulisan di alam maya.

Jadi mengikut logik kamu, setiap komen yang mengutuk kaum kamu, agama kamu, bahasa kamu, negara kamu harus di anggap sebagai suatu helah licik yang kamu tafsirkan sebagai ”Melayu PKR yang memang sengaja nak jadikan tarian sumbang kamu semua itu to their advantage?” (Whatever that means folks??). O.k., setiap kali “vinnan” hantam orang Melayu cukup-cukup, kita harus berdiam diri atas alasan ini adalah suatu helah “Melayu PKR yang memang sengaja … blah blah blah …” Bila si delCapo, Eyes Wide Open, Bright Eyes dan makhluk-makhluk yang sewaktu dengan mereka mencaci dan mempersenda agama, bangsa dan bahasa kita, kita juga tidak harus bertindakbalas kerana pada fikiran aneh kamu, ini suatu helah “Melayu PKR yang memang sengaja … blah blah blah …”? Oh, bila tentera Singapura sudah lantang menceroboh ruang kedaulatan negara tercinta, mengharungi pantai Kuala Sedeli, menikam ruang angkasa Mersing dan menerjah rimba Gunung Pulai, perwira angkatan bersenjata kita juga tidak boleh bertindak atas alasan ini suatu helah “Melayu PKR yang memang sengaja … blah blah blah …”? Dan bila si Ah Beng mencarut kat muka kamu di pasaraya besok, kamu juga masih enggak bisa menangani nya karena si Ah Beng sepet ni juga mungkin suatu helah “Melayu PKR yang memang sengaja … blah blah blah …”?

Aneh sekali insan kerdil ketandusan intelek yang bertopengkan Melayu ini.

Tidak kah kamu tahu bahawa ”anonymity” adalah lumrah paling asas dalam alam blog? Kamu tidak faham ya? Kamu sangka kami semua harus berkenalan intim dahulu sebelum bertukar pendapat di sini atau di mana-mana blog di alam siber? Jadi Che Det udah ketemu kesemua beratus ribu nick dan nama samaran dalam blog nya? Begitu ya? Ya, DN Knights, terpesong banget pemikiran insan minda daif ini.

More self-flagellation by this Anon:-
”Yang kamu macam beruk Pak Haji Makye terus melompat lompat dan maki seranah semua orang keturunan india di Malaysia ni kenapa?”

Hujah kebudak-budakkan apa ini? Jadi kamu umpamakan warga DN ”macam beruk Pak Haji Makye” dalam usaha kamu membela seekor makhluk yang begitu lantang memaki, mencabar dan menghina kaum kamu sendiri? Memang aneh sekali manusia ini.

And more self-deprecation tendencies by Anon:-

”Kata nak jadi pembela bangsa melayu konon, tapi bila kena jolok sikit dah terlompat lompat hunus keris. Lemah sangat lah kamu. Di mana wisdom kamu? Kamu letak kat kepala lutut?”

DN Knights sekelian, sorotan di atas adalah suatu jolokan yang amat ”typical” bagi segolongan umat Melayu yang sudah terpesong minda nya, suatu jenis makhluk yang saya istilah sebagai ”Melayu Perosak Bangsa.” Lihat bagaimana insan ini dengan penuh semangat merendahkan martabat kaum nya sendiri. Lihat bagaimana dia perlekehkan perjuangan murni warga patriotis di alam siber? Lihat bagaimana dia menghina keris -- mercu tanda keramat kepahlawanan Melayu -- dan mengguna keris sebagai bahan lawak dan sindiran nya?

Lihat jolokan nya: ”Lemah sangat lah kamu.” Inilah pemikiran suatu Melayu Perosak Bangsa. Ya, bila kita baru mengorak langkah, tiba-tiba muncul si Perosak dengan sindiran nya ini. Ya, soooo typical. Inilah anasir yang selalunya mematahkan semangat juang kerabat kita. Inilah anasir yang menanam sikap kurang dayasaing, kurang percaya diri, kurang ilmu, kurang prinsip, kurang jatidiri yang kian menular di kalangan anak muda kita. Manusia sebegini lah sebenarnya dalangnya, suatu barah halus dalam selimut yang harus di hapuskan dari minda masyarakat kita di bumi bertuah ini.

More verbiage here:-
”Pernah dengar operasi "disinformation"? Pernah dengar "divide and rule" ? Siasat dulu lah. Mungkin Kurtu ini adalah seorang melayu PKR yang memang sengaja nak jadikan tarian sumbang kamu semua itu to their advantage?”

DN Knights, if like this, how? Setiap kali malaon-malaon ni bantai, kita tidak di benarkan bertindak kerana si Anon ni kata ini bukan perbuatan kaum mereka, tetapi adalah perbuatan orang “Melayu PKR” – kaum kita sendiri. Bak kata Jimmy Bob Schweiger, jiran ku di LA, "Far out man!" Ya Jim, "Far out, indeed." Luar biasa banget donk.

Ya, memang ramai orang Melayu kita yang berfikiran seperti si pengomen ini. Dia merasai diri nya sudah cukup sempurna, cukup arif, cukup bijak dan kerap memperlekehkan kaum nya sendiri, menghina keris dan menyamakan kaum nya seperti ”beruk.” Tetapi sebenarnya, inilah makhluk yang amat buntu pemikiran nya, jenis cetek ilmiah, minda terpesong, dan telah menjadi gerompolan paling bahaya dalam masyarakat kita. Lebih bahaya lagi dari si Kurtu atau mana-mana “Penyagak MT” yang kerap ber-sparring dengan kita di sini. Si pengomen ini adalah duri dalam daging, musuh dalam selimut, najis subahat dan pencacai gerompolan makhluk perosak. Dia ni sanggup menghabiskan masanya untuk menaip suatu hujah panjang untuk menimbulkan syak wasangka dan melemahkan semangat kerabat nya sendiri.

Sebenarnya, si ”Melayu PKR” yang dia gembar-gemburkan dalam komen nya adalah tak lain tak bukan dia sendiri. Ya, ”Melayu Perosak Bangsa” sebeginilah yang menjadi tunjak saf Melayu PKR.

More conspiracy clutter here:-
”Atau Kurtu ini adalah seorang opportunist Cina yang mahu ambil kesempatan memusnahkan terus saki baki perpaduan yang masih ada antara kaum melayu dan kaum india di Malaysia ini? Atau Kurtu ini adalah ejen negara asing yang ada agenda dia sendiri?”

Ya Anon. Kesemua ini ada kemungkinan nya. Dan mungkin ada kebenaran nya. Sepertimana mungkin kamu adalah seorang Mawas (yup, Mawôh, a Bigfoot-type creature in Kelantan-Patani folklore, sort of like satD’s Blogger pic) yang di asuh menaip hujah-hujah Melayu kePKRan oleh Pokcik SnoHéng Sengéh Sengoti, si dukun Kemboja terkenal di belakang bengkel bas SKMK Dabong, Kelantan? Atau kamu ini adalah penjelmaan maya professor berkacamata scuba berpakaian avant-garde dari Institut of Cannot-See-Future Studies yang kepinginan mencungkil intipati minda blogger Melayu di alam siber? Atau kamu ini adalah si Vel Pari, anak montel Semi Value yang mahu di calonkan di PRK Penanti nanti? Atau mungkin si Semi Value dan Mawah Dabong adalah makhluk yang sama, di jaga dan di belai oleh dukun Snohéng itu? Betul? Ya, ”Far out” .... and Who knows and Who cares??Yet more clutter here:-
”Tuan punya Blog kenalah buat ’judgement call’ yang baik dalam menangani perkara ini. Be more responsible. Sudah siasat kah makna dan tujuan upacara "pecah kelapa" di kuil diaorang tu?”

”Judgement call” apa yang kamu maksudkan? “Judgement call” supaya tidak benarkan komen-komen sebegini, supaya kita menidakkan pendirian dan pemikiran kaum lain di negara kita hingga kita semua buta tentang sentimen dan intipati perjuangan mereka? Jadi kita benarkan hanya komen-komen syiok sendiri yang memuji dan memuja tuan punya blog? Kita tidak beri ruang kepada kaum lain bertukar pendapat di sini, walaupun hujah mereka terpesong dan berunsur hasutan? Tidak kah ini namanya blog, di mana segala pendirian dan pendapat di perbahaskan secara terbuka? Kamu mahu orang macam Kurtu pergi menangis dan melaporkan ke blog-blog sehaluan mereka tentang sifat pengecut tuanpunya blog ini yang tidak berani menempuh pendirian yang berbesa dan bersenjatakan hanya kunci ”delete” dalam perjuangan nya? Kamu mahu begini? Kamu suka cara ini?

Siapakah kamu sebenarnya?

Kamu suruh ”siasat”? Jadi semua penghinaan dan kebiadaban yang di lontar oleh orang sebegini harus di ”siasat” dulu? Bagaimana? ”Siasat” dengan kaedah apa? Minta nama penuh dan nombor MyCard Kurtu? Minta bantuan CSI cawangan mana? CSI Pasir Mas?

Oh, jadi kamu seorang pakar dalam ritual ”pecah kelapa” di kuil? Kenapa kamu pula yang "terasa" bila isu pecah kelapa timbul di sini? Tidak kah kamu baca dan lihat bagaimana tertimbulnya isu "pecah kelapa" ini? Dan dalam konteks apakah si Kurtu menggunakan istilah ”pecah kelapa” nya? Adakah kamu faham apa yang Kurtu maksudkan bila dia kata ”I WILL BREAK ONE OR TWO TEMPLE COCONUT ON YOU TO CURSE YOU”? Kamu tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris ya? Mungkin sudah terlanjur dalam ketaksuban ruang hiburan dan gossip artis di zaman remaja ya? Saya faham. Ada ramai insan sebegini di Tanah Melayu ini. Tandus minda, cetek intelek, ... tapi, lantas menjatuhkan air muka kaum nya sendiri.

Biarlah saya terjemahkan hujah kesat Kurtu itu. Maksudnya:”Saya akan pecahkan satu dua kelapa kuil atas kamu untuk melaknati kamu.” Adakah itu suatu ayat sopan? Kamu tiada masalah bila orang hina kamu dengan ancaman hendak sumpah laknat kamu dengan memecahkan satu dua biji kelapa kuil atas kepala kamu? Aneh sekali orang ini. Ya, cukup aneh dan menimbulkan berbagai jenis persoalan tentang motif sebenarnya di sini.


DN Knights, we have to be wary of these types of characters as well. These are Melayus who hate themselves, who hate their race, who look down and condemn their own race in concert with the anti-Melayus. Oh yes, the DAP subversives absolutely adore these types, and would place them on a pedestal and parade them as a prized poli-deity, garlanded and garnished with giddy posts and pompous titles when they join the party. And PKR loves them. I know a number of these types through the years. The likes of this Anon are a subset of this Malay Apologist species, of a lower form, and adept at infiltrating the young Malay mind with their neo-modernist Malay pidgin style narratives prevalent among the Malay-centric impressionable younger set today. These “Melayu Perosak Bangsas” are less-educated and are chronic under-achievers, often blaming their own race for their own abject failure in life, hence the all-encompassing hatred of their own kind as lividly manifested by this Anon.

Weird? You bet it is. How to handle these types? My prescriptions may not be good for the faint hearted and anyway would mess my finely manicured finger and toenails and meticulously coiffured hair. I guess flagellation by a stout pelepah kelapa or batang ubi kayu by Pakcik Dal (... or Sanap) at his Janda Baik lair would have to do.

NJ said...

Salam sejahtera semua,

Saya diminta untuk "paste" kan email terbaru saya kepada Dato' Seri Najib diruangan komen blog DEMI NEGARA ini.

Ini hanyalah suatu token "terimakasih" yang amat kerdil jika hendak dibandingkan dengan Nilai tulisan Sdr. KijangMas dalam aspek pembangunan negara yang tercinta ini.

Email tersebut adalah sebagaimana yang di "paste" kan dibawah ini.



Y.A.B. Dato Seri,

Lanjutan kepada respon saya kepada 1-Malaysia dalam bahasa Mandarin tempoh hari, saya "paste"kan satu komen dari NG LUM YONG (saya tidak pasti samada beliau ini rakyat Malaysia ataupun rakyat Negara China)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

《马来前锋报》今日打出的头条标题“起来吧,马来人!Bangkitlah Melayu 这项头条标题可能会被错误诠释,这将会摧毁各族之间良好关系,因为不同的诠释是会引起各界的混淆及误解。 “《马来前锋报》必须对他们的新闻道德负责而谨慎报导。我对一些人士炒作这课题感到失望及沮丧,因为这将对社会结构带来未知的破坏。马来西亚人必须了解及尊重我国社会是由多元种族所组成,所以不该为了本身的利益而做出与国家实况有冲突的言论。” 前锋报是在今日打出“起来吧,马来人!”封面标题,并在文中第一句就呼吁马来人团结起来面对其他族群越来越过分的要求的标题(Orang Melayu perlu bangkit dan bersatu dalam berhadapan dengan tuntutan kaum lain yang kini dilihat semakin keterlaluan)以延续副首相兼巫统署理主席慕尤丁指责华人不懂得感恩以及国大党不满内阁人事安排的风波。与“一个马来西亚” 背道而驰《马来前锋报》的这个举止也和首相纳吉所倡导的“一个马来西亚” 概念背道而驰,所有人民必须停止做出足以混淆及破坏“一个马来西亚” 概念的动作。 “我们应该给时间首相来贯彻并落实这个概念。首相昨日在参加锡克族瓦萨奇庆典上,也再次提醒说,对国家未来,每个人都有共同的责任,没有任何人会被排除在发展洪流外。这是首相对于国家宏愿一个非常强烈的呼吁,因而我们必须与首相共同朝这个目标前进,而不是搞破坏。”

Dato Seri faham apa yang dia tulis?. Nampaknya dia memberi komen terhadap satu berita yang tersiar dalam akhbar Utusan. Saya tidak faham apa yang dia tulis kerana dia menggunakan bahasa ASING. Ada lagi beberapa komen dalam blog Dato Seri yang di tulis dengan bahasa ASING yang sebegini rupa. Inilah contohnya yang menggambarkan luahan hati saya yang amat tidak bersetuju dengan Dato Seri yang seolah-olah membiarkan BAHASA KEBANGSAAN semakin dipinggirkan dengan memberi ruang kepada bahasa ASINGi.

Ada seorang lagi yang memberi komen yang meminta Dato Seri adakan blog Dato Seri dalam bahasa Tamil. Agaknya selepas ini ada pula dari kaum Sikh (Iban, Kadazan, Senoi, Jakun, how about loghat Kelantan juga, Dato Seri?) yang meminta perkara yang serupa.

Dato Seri, selagi MALAYSIA masih lagi belum menjadi SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA & SATU BAHASA, komuniti Melayu dan Bumiputera lain adalah lebih berhak daripada daripada "Kaum-kaum Pendatang ini" yang berterusan degil untuk menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang sejati. Kenapa Kerajaan masih berterusan mahu mengambil hati mereka ini? Lihatlah pilihanraya yang telah berlaku, di KT umpamanya. Kenapa komuniti majoriti "was taken for granted" - Anak di rumah mati kelaparan, kera di hutan di susukan? SRJK (C) - Elemen pemecahbelah bangsa Malaysia sejak dibangku sekolah lagi diberi "gula-gula" dan orang Melayu (majoriti pengundi) tidak langsung diambil hatinya?

1-Malaysia dan SRJK (C) ?? Amatlah sangsi SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA - 1Malaysia ini akan tercapai. Sama juga di Bukit Selambau di mana majoriti komuniti Melayu. Sayu sangat hati saya bila Melayu (pemegang majoriti) was taken for granted tetapi sebaliknya kaum minoriti diberi gula-gula. Kaum ini melabelkan diri mereka orang Cina, org India sememangnya masih lagi mengagungkan negara nenek moyang masing-masing dan bertutur dgn bahasa nenek moyang masing-masing di bumi Malaysia (yang ASALNYA Tanah MELAYU!!). Jika mereka ini sejati, mereka akan melabelkan diri mereka Org Malaysia yang bertutur dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia dan "embrace" RUKUN NEGARA & PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA, bukannya buat onar di TANAH MELAYU ini.

Suatu proses "NATURALISATION" perlu dilakukan sebagaimana dilakukan di negara Amerika Syarikat dan mana-mana negarapun di atas muka bumi ini. Hanya Negara Malaysia yang memberikan taraf kerakyatan percuma kepada kaum pendatang China & India, tapi anak cucu mereka (tidak seperti nenek moyang mereka) berpatah arang, berkeras dengan bahasa nenek moyang mereka. Itu mereka. Apa pula kita ini orang Melayu, rakyat MALAYSIA - biarkan sahaja, malahan menggalakan lagi penggunaan bahasa ASING ini di bumi Malaysia? AMATLAH saya tidak faham sama sekali!

Beranikah Dato Seri mengarahkan Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Pihak-pihak Berkuasa Tempatan supaya membetulkan balik semua papan tanda, papan iklan, iklan-iklan bercetak supaya menggunakan BAHASA KEBANGSAAN dengan prominent dan di susuli hanya dengan bahasa Inggeris bagi yang tidak faham Bahasa Kebangsaan. Bahasa Cina, Tamil atau bahasa asing tidak dibenarkan sama sekali digunakan mulai sekarang. Berani Dato Seri? Saya menunggu untuk melihat perubahan ini. Kuat kuasa PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA kita dalam hal ini. Boleh?

Untuk renungan Dato Seri lagi,

Saya berharap, Dato Seri dapatlah merealisasikan harapan SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA & SATU BAHASA - 1MALAYSIA. Mungkin ini dapat diambil tindakan yang sewajarnya oleh Dato Seri Rais Yatim (melalui Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Budaya, Bangsa Malaysia, bukan bangsa asing) yang telahpun menyatakan harapan kementerian beliau untuk mendekati para bloggers.

Sanjungan yang tinggi saya simpulkan untuk Sdr KijangMas yang memperjuangkan Bangsa melalui tulisan-tulisan beliau, DEMI NEGARA! Jutaan terima kasih Sdr KijangMas.

Sebagaimana sebelumnya, saya minta Dato Seri sendiri (soal 1-Malaysia), atau Dato Seri Rais Yatim (soal Perpaduan) dan juga Tan Seri Muhyidin (dalam soal SRJK ini), ataupun setidak-tidaknya pegawai-pegawai Dato Sri untuk meneliti SEMUA tulisan-tulisan Sdr. KijangMas ini, DEMI NEGARA dan Bangsa.

Ampun dan maaf saya pinta Dato Seri, sekiranya luahan saya ini melebihi batas kesusilaan atau ringkasnya "kurang ajar".


Anonymous said...

Rezuan Asrah, thanks. I think it is interesting. I visited that address you gave, I think I'll give a try later. Btw, what about vtunnel? are you familiar with it? is it safe?

ps .....nice to know that some people care for me here ...

Anonymous said...

P. Kurathu Kumaran,

OOOO oh oh, sekarang aku tau siapa duk curi buah nyiok kat kampung aku malam malam dalam gelap! Ni mesti hang punya kerja..

Nak tanya sikit. Itu India punya orang, caste system consider racist, or religoun or adat?

Apasal 1000tahun pun tarak boleh lari, tonyoh sental berus besi pun itu DNA tarak mau hilang?

Baca dalam Net, tak berapa faham apasal banyak kuat itu pengaruh, boleh kasi terang disini?


Anonymous said...


these people don’t interact well or with sincerity with the Bumis, so they are 50years out of date with our exceptional progress over the years.

My family is blessed with 3Doctors (heart, kidney and dental specialists), 2 Accountants and an IT specialist, all running their own business.

Amat bersyukur, coming from relatively poor family background..

Of cos people like Kutu nandek and Apek MaoJiang will never swallow these as they are too busy knocking their heads with coconuts;

and the Apeks trying to look busy with their outdated traditional business ways. (Banyak kelentong only type of business).

Go on sulking bruder..

Islam mengajar kita supaya sentiasa bersyukur dan amal sifat rendah diri.. So let them go wail wail for all we care..

Poor insecure restless souls!!


Anonymous said...

Leng Chai Vinnan,

Mulai sekarang saya call you brother Mao2. Number one, someone called monsterball..

Saya juga mayak syiok sama you, tapi saya tau you tarak campur sama orang Melayu. Saya mahu cerita melayu punya hal sikit. Melayu BANYAK;

1. rajin/kuat kerja - hen tek khung
2. pandai - chong min
3. baik - hen hau
4. banyak kaya - hen fat tak
5. banyak cantik - hen mei li
6. saya bapa banyak hansem - leng chai macam Naif Ton Rasa
7. tak pandai tipu olang - puk phien ren
8. Tak kaki mabuk - yaaaaaam cha
9. tak main nombor - mar phiau
10. tak melacur - bo kua
11. banyak bersih - puk ang chang
12. kuat sembahyang - tor pai sen
13. tak pandai mencarut - puk chow huak
14.. tak makan bak kut teh

Semua orang Melayu sini satu Malaysia mayak baik hati. Itu pasai semua olang takmau lari dari Malaisia, fat tak koa chia, fat choy dan pemimpin semua hen hau macam saya juga.

Talak potong kepala haiyooo puk chak thou!!

Pai pai chai chen brother Mao.


Tam Dalyell said...

Salam kawan No Kod Anon April 17, 2009 9:06 PM ---

Apa nak periksa-periksa lagi. Apa pun niat Kurtu ni, kalau begitulah terjahnya, tendang terajangnya masuk majlis orang – sudah tentu dia kasar, tak sopan, tak santun, biadap, celupar, hitting under the belt, dan menyembunyikan niat tak baik.

Anon9:06, kalau sdr sedang buat kerja (apa kerja pun), tiba-tiba datang satu mala’un masukkan sebiji primed hand grenade ka dalam poket sdr, sdr masih tanya dia sapa nama, sapa bapa emak, datang dari mana, apa mau, apa dalam poket ni, apapapapapa ... ?

Malangnya survival kit yang kita pakai ialah shoot first ask questions later .. If you don’t do that ... you are bound to repeat the Singapore saga.

Dalam kes Kurtu ni kita tak boleh pakai survival kit kejiranan kemelayuan yang Tunku pakai ... iaitu kera di hutan disusukan, anak di pangkuan mati kelaparan. Tunku pelopor tragedy anak Melayu dan kera Singapura.

Tak boleh juga pakai survival kit sopan santun Melayu tuan rumah yang Pak Lah pakai ... iaitu ayam di kepok padi mati kelaparan, itek di air mati kehausan kerana sibuk melayan tetamu seperti Kurtu. Sikap ini menjadikan DAP PKR PAS cacing naik ka mata. Pelopor kesantunan tuan rumah yang mengundang tragedy Ketuanan Rakyat ini ialah Pak Lah. Dia dah rehat dah. Kita dok tanggung ayam dan itek peninggalan dia. Dan kalau dibaca tanda-tanda at ground zero, pewaris Pak Lah masih menyusukan kera di hutan lagi.

Dan kamu Anon9:06 secara sedar atau tidak adalah pendokong perjuangan kedua-dua pelopor itu. Kalau begini siapa lembik. Bersungut “Lemah sangat lah kamu” konon.

Si Kurtu ni tiba-tiba melompat depan kita lalu melepaskan penumbuk ka muka .. mana sempat nak tanya itu ini .. kita lepas laa pukulan angin nafas kanan kat muka dia, kita lepas jugak laa jurus pites kat organ dalaman dia .. lepas tu baru tanya “Hang pa apa khabak .. awat buat lagu tu tadi .. ?”

Nyata kan? Tak henti-henti dia datang lagi. Dengkus macam kerbau balau, mengiau macam nyamuk, membebel macam Anon9:06.

Walaubagaimanapun, pandangan sdr. Anon9:06 akan kita programkan juga ka dalam software pertahanan kita ... untuk masa depan ... untuk diaplikasikan mengikut input semasa.

Phonont said...


May I offer a word of caution:- while surfing behind a proxy is a common method to surf anonymously, it still caries a certain risk especially if you're using proxies of unknown integrity. The server might be able to record every data you send and receive through it, thus, Internet banking transactions, private e-mails and mencaci Sultan Perak are definitely a big No-No via a proxy. Big Brother's everywhere these days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon April 17, 2009 9:06 PM standing by my side against these called so much DN knights They gang up hounding me like pack of dogs Dal by your name I think you are an Indian but turned traitor For no reason you make fun of me or my profession. You are an Indian turned racist umnoputra How much they pay for you to get away from the Indian people Dal. You waste your young life joining up with these fuba Dal you are a mamak bastard I middle finger at you.


Mat Cendana said...

@jibam April 16, 2009 10:00 PM

This one looks like what I once was - the hardcore and loud-mouthed Pas supporter and Umno hater who's more into politics than religion, and very little of spiritual (rohani). But since he/I support Pas, "which fights for Islam", then I suppose I'm a very great guy in God's eyes regardless of how loutish I am. And that anyone who isn't with me in giving his full support to Pas is definitely, totally, a munafik... especially if he supports Umno; even if he fulfills everything as required by Islam. And my brothers, saudara are anyone and everyone who are against Umno - including Jews and Zionists. Betul tak, Jibam?

Ni nak tanya; yang engko tulis "barua" tu, engko refer ke sapa? Kat aku ke? Atau sapa? Cuba spesifik sikit dan rujuk kepada comment mana yang engko dok refer tu. Atau, engko refer kepada tuanpunya blog ni?? Aku nak cakap sikitlah - lagi baik engko kata kat aku dari kata ke Tengku KijangMas dengan perkataan begitu. Sebab kalau engko atau natae mana keluar benda gitu kat dia, aku kira boleh buat benda ni jadi personal...

Ya, aku masih ingat Umno dan Mahathir dok serang Kelantan sejak 1990 tu. Aku pun tersinggung dan marah jugak orang kata macam-macam kat Nik Aziz. Dan salah sorang dari mereka ialah Anwar Bin Ibrahim...

Tapi aku tak nak bawak benda-benda ni sampai aku mati. Yang lepas kira lepas, sebab ada benda-benda yang jauh lebih penting yang kena hadapi sekarang. Itu sebabnya aku rasa menjadi tanggungjawap aku sebagai orang Melayu dan Islam supaya bagi sokongan kepada Umno pada saat ia hadapi berbagai serangan. Aku tak keluar dari Pas sejak dari Okt 08 tu, setelah membaca hujah-hujah KijangMas dan Sakmongkol AK47... cuma aku "turut sokong Umno". Sebab apa? Sebab, kalau engko guna kepala otak dan tidaknya emosi, kepentingan agama, bangsa dan negara terletak kepada situasi di mana Umno tidak hilang kuasa.

Atau adakah engko yakin Anwar dan PKR ni akan perjuang dan membela nasib orang Melayu seperti mana Umno? Atau engko yakin Pas akan buat? Dalam keadaan di mana pucuk kepimpinan berubah, dan orang bukan Melayu dan Islam mendapat lebih banyak kuasa, akan mula terhakis semua ni... Dan akan jadi huru-hara. Cuba lihat apa yang berlaku di Perak - MB Pas punya begitu enthusiatic nak tunjuk "Islam ni baik"... Beliau seorang yang baik, tapi jenis ni lah yang akan diambik kesempatan oleh orang lain... sampai meluluskan berapa ribu ekar tanah mudah-mudah ke freehold.

Kalau perintah satu Malaysia; agak-agak camana jadi ye?

Helmy said...

Akhirnya, muncul juga artikel DN. what took you so long? nevermind.

it's Najib's turn now. so hopefully things will get better over time. anyway, by-elections cost too much money so PR needs to STFU and do your job. dont quit your post easily. BN too.

i think PAS+UMNO=BIGfOOT. because everybody talking about it, some people swore it exist,dreamt about it but others laugh at it. so we need to plan ahead to capture this elusive creature. to prove that it exist.

terima kasih kerana menulis, KM.

Anonymous said...

zazaland said...

Frankly folks, I don't understand these so called Malaysians. They are so intoxicated with Singapore ...I don't understand why they are still here..April 18, 2009 4:33 AM

..Emak pergi shopping kat sana, emergency terpaksa sewa bilik 2jam, buat kerja macam EliWong dalam bilik, mau cover tambang dan shopping expenses.

Lupa pakai condom, pulang Malaysia, 8bulan keluar anak macam ex BkSelambau kes..

Ini anak, born in Malaysia but made in Singapore!

Father's name: QUICKIE WONG


Anonymous said...

Apabila kita fikirkan dengan sebaik-baiknya, di negara kita ini tidak ada apa masalah besar yang boleh merosakkan negara. Rakyat di negara kita secara majoritnya dapat menikmati hidup di dunia ini tanpa masalah besar yang memudarat. Sistem yang kita amalkan sejak dulu sebenarnya merupakan sistem yang baik. Sistem perkongsian kuasa yang diamalkan kita telah berjaya memacu negara kita dengan jayanya.

Tetapi sebaik selepas pilihanraya umum ke-12 yang lalu, semuanya berubah. Kenapa? Kita dapat lihat ini semuanya berpunca dari politi melayu yang sekarang berpecah. Perpecahan berlaku akibat perbezaan ideologi. Perbezaan ideologi ini pula akan dibawa kepada undi-undi yang menyaksikan undi kita berpecah. Perpecahan undi bermakna perpecahan pengaruh kuasa.

Jika kita lihat pada zaman Rasulullah, perbezaan pendapat tidak membawa kepada perpecahan kerana budaya berbincang yang diadakan. Situasi yang sama boleh dibandingkan di Malaysia. Perbezaan pendapat sesama kita Melayu/muslim membawa kepada perpecahan akibat tiadanya perbincangan yang boleh membawa kepada titik pertemuan sesama kita. Adakah ini Islamik? Jika maksud Islam itu bermakna patuh, maknanya perpecahan yang berlaku itu tidak Islamik. Kita umat Melayu/muslim tidak patuh akan apa yang telah ditunjukkan oleh Rasulullah lebih 1400 tahun dahulu. Perpecahan itu adalah sunnatullahnya akibat pilihan yang kita ambil. Di sini pemimpin politik Melayulah yang perlu menjawab kepada Allah s.w.t nanti. Ingatlah. Dunia hanya tempat sementara dan hina.

Perpecahan pengaruh kuasa ini membuka peluang kepada kaum bukan Melayu untuk menyuarakan pendapat mereka supaya diberikan lebih kuasa politik dan ruang di negara ini. Adakah ini salah? Sekiranya kita perhatikan, kuasa politik sedia ada yang diberikan kepada kaum bukan Melayu ini sudah cukup besar. Tidak ada negara bangsa seperi Malaysia yang sanggup untuk berkongsi kuasa dengan kaum imigran sehinggakan ada satu negeri di Malaysia diketuai oleh bukan bumiputera. Dan sekiranya hendak dijadikan ruang sebagai alasan, kebanyakan kaum bukan Melayu di Malaysia mempunyai pendapatan isi rumah yang secara puratanya lebih daripada kaum Melayu. Hak-hak asasi mereka seperti kebebasan beragama, berbahasa ibunda, memiliki harta dan lain-lain tidak ditindas. Jadi apakah rasionalnya tuntutan mereka?

Saya fikir, jika hak-hak mereka untuk hidup sebagai manusia di muka bumi ini tidak dihalang, kita sebagai muslim tidaklah perlu melayan sangat kerenah mereka. Kerana sesungguhnya mereka ini tidak akan berhenti sehinggalah kita bersetuju dengan mereka. Mereka tidak akan berhenti meminta sehinggalah tertubuhnya republik sekular di bumi Malaysia ini.

Iya. Walaupun mereka akan berkata itu adalah hak mereka untuk meminta tetapi kita jangan lupa adalah itu dalam konteks negara tafsiran mereka. Mereka kaum bukan Melayu tidak mempunyai taraf yang sama sebenarnya di negara kita kerana perlembagaan memperuntukkan keistimewaan orang Melayu di Malaysia. Di dalam konteks negara pada zaman Rasullullah, kaum bukan muslim diberikan taraf orang yang dilindungi, bermakna mereka ini akan dilindungi selagi mereka tidak menentang negara. Sekiranya mereka menentang, mereka akan menjadi orang yang perlu ditentang. Jadi sebenarnya secara tidak langsung, hak keistimewaan orang Melayu itu sama seperti taraf dhimmi pada zaman Rasullullah.

Peristiwa demi peristiwa yang berlaku di Malaysia sekarang semakin bercelaru. Kelemahan politik orang Islam semakin hari semakin tertampak. Langkah-langkah awal sekiranya tidak diambil hanya akan memburukkan keadaan. Kita tidak mahu negara kita musnah hanya kerana perebutan kuasa antara kita. Kesemua entiti politik Melayu/muslim perlu berganding bahu untuk negara kita kembali stabil. Yang keruh kita tinggalkan dan yang jernih kita ambil.

a) Perbincangan untuk kesemua entiti politik Melayu dengan YDP Agung menjadi pengerusinya

b) Memansuhkan hak mengundi kaum bukan Melayu secara umum. Mereka hanya berhak untuk mengundi wakil mereka ke dalam kerajaan

c) Pendidikan agama Islam kita dirombak untuk diberikan lebih penekanan terhadap penghayatan agama kita

d) Budaya ilmu Islam diterapkan untuk kita berusaha membangkitkan sebuah tamadun Islam di rantau Nusantara ini

Ini adalah sebahagian langkah yang boleh diambil tetapi ia tidak menjurus. Banyak penafsiran boleh dibuat. Tetapi akhirnya, apa yang hendak saya sampaikan dalam langkah-langkah itu ialah Malaysia untuk orang Melayu.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mat Cendana said...

@Anonymous April 17, 2009 9:06 PM
There's one thing that I'll agree with: Please don't make statements that are insults against people who are Indians.

Despite us reading so many posts, comments and news of Indians making low brow, derogatory remarks against Malays and Muslims (try going to the `BangsaT Malaysia' blogs), there are many Indians who are decent.

Right now, I'm in debt and am grateful to one Indian woman in her 50's in particular - Sheila - who has helped me a lot when it comes to work AND personal matters. So, whenever I read sentences that are insults to Indians as a race, I feel quite uneasy about it and I wish to disassociate myself from being party to these.

So, unleash all that you folks feel like on *individuals* who deserve it due to their "bangang", but please, not on "Indians". And I consider Indians to be brothers DN knights too if you subscribe to the Rukun Negara and the Constitution - proof that you want to live and coexist in peace and harmony and has not thrown your lot with assholes whose route will lead to chaos and hardship for ALL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phonont.

It makes me more and more "scared" by your revelations.

Anyway, as you can see, I've deleted my blogger ID.....I'll just sign in at the end of my comment like before.......hope no one will "ciplak" my identity...


Anonymous said...

kepada mat cendana

sudah lah...tak payahlah tipu diri sendiri...mengaku je lah ahli umno....tak yah lah nak bohong kat pembaca semua.....macamlah orang tak kenal sape ko sebenarnya.....kenapa nak bodohkan diri sendiri? atau ko ni memang bodoh tahap cipan....baghal nak mampus...lupa identiti sebagai ahli umno...baik ko masuk hospital bahagia cepat2.....kalau tidak virus bodoh ko tu lekat kat ramai lagi ahli umno....tengok macam mahathir tu sekejap ingat sekejap lupa....ko jangkit dari dia ke?


Pennie Buntali-Bumburing said...

Hey people, my buddy just e-mailed me what she called "a brilliant new write-up on RPK by Sarah J. Brooke of some unknown Borneo blog."

I went to the link ( and read it and realized that this "brilliant write-up" was PLAGIARIZED from DN's Unraveling RPK Mystique post, with some new lines here n there. In very small print, DN was mentioned as the source but I don't think any one wud notice.

FYI Mr. KMas.

KijangMas said...

DN Knights, I laughed and fell off my Ducati 1098 upon reading the latest rant from the tamby, Kurtu (April 18, 2009 9:21 PM) on my ruggedized laptop.

Kurtu, thanks for giving us a good laugh. Now we know lah; you are actually a kena buang kerja joker, Si Badot, hired to write funny trash here.

Knights, enjoy the soon-to-be-classic punchlines from this clown:-

Funny Line #1
"They gang up hounding me like pack of dogs"

Yes, ... growl, woof, woof, woof, growl, woof, woof, ... you better run faster lah Tamby before the Rottweilers get a piece of your sooty ass ...... ngaappp, ooops, too late.

Funny Line #2
"Dal by your name I think you are an Indian but turned traitor ... You are an Indian turned racist umnoputra How much they pay for you to get away from the Indian people Dal."

Ha ha ha ... ROTFLMAOSHIPIMP ... this is really funny man. Pakcik Dal, orang kuat beta, apa dah jadi ni? Macam mana pulak Pakcik dah jadi ahli kerabat si Pariasamy ni? Adakah ini "side effect" akibat terpegang umpan udang Janda Baik?

Funny Line #3
"You (Dal) waste your young life joining up with these fuba."

He he he, this is just tooo much. Pakcik MuthuDalsamy kini menjelma pula sebagai seorang anak muda segak, tampan bergaya, a "young life." Wah, dua biji kelapa si Tamby ni benar-benar mujarab lah.

Funny Line #4
"Dal you are a mamak bastard. I middle finger at you."

Aikkk? Dari Ayya MuthuDalsamy menjelma jadi Baby Dal dan menjelma lagi jadi "mamak"? Hellooo Naina Dal Merican a/l Ghooolam Faroooque Seeddeeque Merican.

Woi Kurtu Tamby, berapa biji kelapa lu kasi picah itu hari ah? Dua ka dua puluh? Cilaka lu. Banyak belit belit ah? Apa lu sudah bikin sama kita punya hero, Pakcik Dal?

Oh ya Tamby, beta mau tiga puluh biji kelapa, besar-besar, mau hantam atas lu punya kepala kasi picah. Gua mau "young life" seperti BabyDal. Tapi engkau better make sure kulit mulus aku tak tukar jadi arang macam engkau ah? Otherwise, ... nah, nampak ni? Can you say Glock? No, not Golok lah stupid ...


Anyway Tamby, your black ass is toast. O.k., your 15 minutes of cyberfame is over, you're three posts and out. Now get the hell out of my space, you bad excuse for human evolution!

Mat Cendana said...

Heheh! I know KijangMas is laughing when he reads Jibam's comment here: "Some idiot is gonna get it!"

Memang SAH - engko ni samada penyokong Pas yang BUTA, atau pengikut Anwar Ibrahim yang PEKAK Haha! Kalu PKR, memang patut pun kena ketar lutut - bila grassroots Pas naik jemu dengan brader, PKR ni tentu MAMPUS KERAS. Oh, ada lah kalu kat kampung tu tinggal dalam... 2 orang. Pas 562, Umno 601. So, yang mana satu engko ni, malaun? Ataupun mugkin DAP ni... dia nak benarlah orang Melayu/Islam ni berpecah. Kena check engko punya `anu' tu - ada kerat ke? Haha.

Kalau Pas, memang engko takkan boleh terima reality yer... bahawa yang dok dipuja-puja tu "mungkin tak betul". Aku boleh agaklah yang ni, malaun - sebab aku sendiri ikut dia jauh lebih lama dari engko. Cuma beza aku dengan engko - yang paling ketara ialah IQ. Berdasarkan comment-comment yang aku baca, yang engko punya tu aku rasa... dekat dengan kategori orang TERENCAT AKAL Haha!

Okay PEKAK: Aku boleh cari at least satu orang yang kenal aku, dan yang ada nama dan kredibility kat blogs ni - dia boleh akui segala apa yang aku kata sini adalah benar. Sebab, aku ni bukan macam PEMIMPIN AGUNG korang - Anwar Ibrahim. Ni orang yang anytime boleh certify aku - Mekyam. Tak cukup credibility ke dia ni?

So, engko pulak - Sapa yang boleh certify yang engko ni Melayu/Islam?

Anonymous said...


This is a very early morning thought of mine concerning Bangsa Malaysia, vernacular schools, teaching, textbooks, the importance of history and the education policy as a whole:

Subject to your OK and the support of others by way of response to this comment, I'm thinking of drafting a letter in BM, in the name of the Demi Negara community represented by you and to be signed by you in whatever manner convenient to you, addressed to YAB TPM merangkap Menteri Pelajaran, calling for an in-depth and fully independent study and, subsequently, a review of the existing education system.

I propose to put the draft out as a comment in your post for other members of the community to input their thoughts and suggestions. The final draft would of course be subject to amendments by you.

That letter would be expressing our wishes on the concept of Bangsa Malaysia as expounded by you in past posts and comments.

The in-depth study and subsequent review of the education system should have the objective of building a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia and should cover:

1. medium of instruction
2. national and vernacular schools
3. institutions of higher education
4. curriculum (to consider the
need for history to be made compulsory, perhaps civics as an optional subject)
5. textbooks (the need to ensure
that history textbooks are relevant for the purpose of creating a united and cohesive
Bangsa Malaysia, that the Committee for the selection of writers of texbooks and the choice of textbooks comprise of well qualified, experienced, non-
partisan and non-corrupt individuals, and that the writers of text books should be reputable, objective and non-partisan academics)
6. Teachers
- selection criteria
- training syllabus & curriculum
- ways to attract the good and
dedicated ones to teach in rural
areas, including extra
remuneration and benefits
7. Teaching aids and facilities
8. Any other heading(s) as may be
suggested by the DN community

No doubt the TPM merangkap Menteri Pelajaran is capable and the Education Ministry is staffed by qualified and experienced officers capable of thinking out all the above. But we need to stand up and be counted, our views seriously considered, and hopefully incorporated in policies being formulated by the new government.
The issues are so important that, in addition to hoping the authorities come to this blog, we bring our views directly to them in the form of a letter.

I would begin writing the draft after getting your OK and the response from other members of the DN community, expressed as comments in this post of yours.

What say you folks?


Mat Cendana said...

@Pennie Buntali-Bumburing
I went to check immediately, especially after seeing it's also coincidentally named "knight-"... Say, maybe we should try extracting some royalty payments - knights have to BUY nasi kerabu at breakfast too, and the money will come in handy Haha!

But seriously; the blogger did credit Demi Negara CLEARLY at the very beginning - and provided a link too.

And "Brooke"... Say, could this REALLY be from the White Rajahs...? This is intriguing.

Mat Cendana said...

@Pennie Buntali-Bumburing
I went to check immediately, especially after seeing it's also coincidentally named "knight-"... Say, maybe we should try extracting some royalty payments - knights have to BUY nasi kerabu at breakfast too, and the money will come in handy Haha!

But seriously; the blogger did credit Demi Negara CLEARLY at the very beginning - and provided a link too.

And "Brooke"... Say, could this REALLY be from the White Rajahs...? This is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

You know people, I have heard so much being leveled at even Nik Aziz by people who are not even Malaysians, calling him munafik, maki dia macam2, terkejut dan sedih betul I baca on SatD's esteemed blog...not by him (ie Satd), but his commentators...and org yg komen tu sendiri jahil agama dan tak pernah jumpa Tuan Guru yang terhormat...I have issues with PAS punya alliance with PKR, but I can only say, PAS mungkin terpaksa, sebab UMNO kotor sesangat...PAS is not stupid either, with the ever cunning and ever aware Hj Hadi...and they have many brilliant intellectuals and professionals within the party.

Jangan hina membabi buta Tuan Guru yang amat dikasihi, who might not be aware of the larger impact of berbaik dgn org kapiak dalam DAP KijangMas mentioned once, stail kelantan lain, bukan macam stail west coast non-malays, and Husam needs a slap on the face so his head will clear enough to advise Tuan Guru better.

Janganlah terlampau ghairah maki hamum anything associate with Islam, or their image/clothing...samapi janggut2 pun commentator tu hina dalam comment dia...pikir dulu pakai agama, bukan dengan otak yang dah contaminated wth foreign views.

Ugama dan state and politics (if there exists such in Islam, I prefer to call it governance) CANNOT be separated like in the foreign nations you are so proud of.

Anon is me

Mat Cendana said...

Kurtu is OUT?
Please have mercy, KijangMas! No, not on Kurtu, but on US!...where/how can we find so easy a target and a source of so much hilarity?! This guy's a BORN BADUT - I'll bet the laughter scale would be at 10/10 when he expounds on things like "Rukun Negara" or "The Constitution".

Kurtu: See how nice I am?...sticking my neck out to plead for you. Now bow three times in front of your cheap laptop with the pirated Windows Vista (sucker!)

Anonymous said...

Salam dari Anonymous (April 17, 2009 9:06 PM)

Uiiiii..... takutnya saya dengar marah dan maki hamun dari Tuan KM. Tahniah juga kepada tuan kerana very adept at profiling me.I'm not being sarcastic but really, I was taken aback with the sheer accuracy of the profiled face. I opine that you are indeed exceptional and truly not the ordinary layman on the streets. I must say i have much to learn from you. Boleh izinkan saya buat profiling tentang diri tuan? Tit for tat lah..Saya rasa tuan ini memang sifatnya pemarah begini akibat kesan sampingan peristiwa zaman lampau bila dia selalu kena dera dan kena ragging dengan senior dia atau pegawai atasan dia serta, maaf jika saya terkasar, mempunyai bapa yang terlalu garang dan bengis kepadanya. Tanpa tuan sedari, tuan mewarisi perangai itu.Kesian pada anak cucu yang juga akan mewarisi sifat garang ini. Tuan merasa kepuasan yang amat sangat bila dapat mengeluarkan kata kata lucah dan nista ketika marah pada orang. Puas hati melihat orang yang kena marah itu tunduk diam macam tikus lebih lebih lagi kalau dia subordinate tuan. Kira puas macam masturbate lah. Oh yaa. I think you are paranoid of your so called pathetic performance and thus are addicted to ingesting a myriad of aprodisiac pills every day, without fail.Your motto, Lelaki kalau di luar nampak garang mesti jugak garang kalau toooot. Very insecure. Mata sangat terang kalau tengok sweet young thing tak kira siapa. Kalau zaman dulu dalam locker penuh gambar lucah tapi sekarang koleksi CD blue film dan pornography penuh dua tiga briefcase. Ini tak apa sebab for own consumption, bukan ada kacau orang. Either you are a Military Intelligence wannabe with a limited amount of military background or a make belief elite aloof with your arrogance. Only you are the best, others are bastards including your own knights, without them knowing.

Having finished with the foregoing, i must congratulate you for the redo loop on your judgement call by kicking out that kurthu and while you are at it please, with all the immense power bestowed upon you, you are also at liberty to banish me too.

Do not reveal too much on the location of your area of operation in this page,lest al-mossad may follow the lead and do the S&D thing.

Salam untuk semua.

Gagak di Rimba

Anonymous said...


i am definitely behind you, 100 percent. the deputy minister today announced that the curriculum will be revised beginning 2010, and now is the time for input...we can set up a citizens group to push for better and more cohesive education system and more involvement/say/improvements.

do it, please, speak up for all of us who want a better future for our kids and nation.

thank you, sepadu.

malay male

KijangMas said...

Sepadu said:-
"Subject to your OK and the support of others by way of response to this comment, I'm thinking of drafting a letter in BM, in the name of the Demi Negara community represented by you and to be signed by you in whatever manner convenient to you, addressed to YAB TPM merangkap Menteri Pelajaran ... The issues are so important that, in addition to hoping the authorities come to this blog, we bring our views directly to them in the form of a letter ... I would begin writing the draft after getting your OK and the response from other members of the DN community, expressed as comments in this post of yours."

Salam Sdr Sepadu,

Yes, by all means, draft the letter.

I think its an excellent idea. The DN Community should, indeed, evolve beyond cyber-rhetorics and take our endeavour to the next level. Together with like-minded nationalist blogs (already too many to list here), we are collectively the Patriotic Voice of our Tanah Air Tercinta in the front line against the subversive front, and we will win this struggle to regain our Motherland.

I commend you for your dedication. I can see you’re well-read, experienced on matters of governance, meticulous and an unflinching patriot. We need more Sepadus in our midst.

Yes, carry on.

DN Knights, do support sdr. Sepadu in whatever way you can.

satD said...

Salam Bro KijangMas and Greetings to all DN Community.....

All these pseudo-Malaysians of Non-Malay origins would happily shed their culture to be American, Canadian or Australian...this one i can bet my top dollars they can do it in a month max.

Just ask them to go back to their motherland, within 5 minutes of leaving the airport they will know that they are less Chinese/Indian than their homeland counterparts..they are nowhere..neither here nor there..more of a BASTARDIZED version of Chinese and Indians.....

I see no logical explanation anymore to sustain a foreign culture from an "official" perspective as you have argued extensively in your earlier post...
so far NOONE have been able to provide a reasonable counter argument on this particular issue.

Its the 'culture' aspect that we need to apply ZERO TOLERANCE if we ever want to become a single unified race. Race and Culture are two different things, to identify oneself as Chinese or Indian and to subscribe to such foreign culture after 50 odd years is an INSULT to the Malays.

This two most populous nation in world is endowed with below average penis size...which kinda explain why they breed like rabbits(in their homeland)...To the Well Hung Brothers out there lets breed and make them an INSIGNIFICANT Minority in our Tanah Air.

Every little comment we make about their race leads to brands of Racism on our side.....gempak sangat ke lu punye bangse....gua mau tanye same lu.. orang bisu panggil lu punye bangsa macam mana? Itu macam satu dunia orang bisu racist ka?

i think bro DinTurle "Perjuangan Islam bersandarkan Budaya Melayu" kinda summarize the gist of the required action plan.

Islam and Melayu are two things that are intertwined for hundreds of years in our Tanah Air, something that cannot be treated as two distinct subject matter......

KING OF LANGKASUKA...Cap Locked you keyboard ke? Either that or ur shouting at everyone all the time..BTW selamat datang

Dey Vinnan Kuratu Kumaran dont bring ur coconut smashing crap here la....nanti gua panggil Kujat Anak Ason to put a dick on your forehead...

Bro Sepadu n Ms Erniceda..the number of times Spore have committed act of war against us is berlambak lambak....the whole reclamation shit was even designed to make it tight for ships to go to PTP...

That tiny dot down south got nothing n will eventually be an insignificant dot once greater intra-regional economic activity pick ups...what will be left is just financial market activities.....If you take out Petroleum industry that economy would me make them insignificant ... cause they got nothing except for geographical positioning within the trade route , which lead to port activities, back to back Letter of Credits which then lead to Foreign Exchange Activities and financial markets (duit haram of Regional Chinese..large chunks of Indonesian fruit of corruption sits there)

....take them out bit by bit.... we can start by peeing up river.....and whats up with the Cinapek Singapore Army stationed in Johor "to Guard" the Water Supply...... kelakar la brader..back to 3 in 1....once kita campur air there's no way to go back to its original state if Najib wanna serve us a 3 in 1 Malaysia.....better start boiling now.......

satD said...

bro Sepadu
9.Verbal Test on National Language and Other languages

Good idea bro Sepadu but will Najib or Muhyidin have the balls to face the issue head on within this next few years?

Anon is me (bro KijangMas mohon izin on this)

i do not moderate and expect them to apply self moderation while exercising their "rights" in cyber-space....i hope that u could point me to the particular comment

Mat!!....Ambo jadi General Nih!!!Wohooo

Baris!!!Baris!!!!!Sedia!!!!!!Kornar Kiri......Tukar Langkah!!! Baris ease..ehem ehem...

Pokcik... Mokcik, Abe, kakok,n Adik2 sekalian bukan perang main main....this is the real thing..for years we have been silent and kena pijak kepala...this is the time for collective action..consolidate our collective might and put these pengkhianats where they belong...

NJ said...


My full support. Kita teruskan perjuangan, DEMI NEGARA!.

"Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara, Satu Bahasa"


KijangMas said...

Lawak kera sumbang bernama Jibam muncul lagi.

Alahai si Jibam. Kesian, oh kesian.
Hidup kau kesunyian, tiada pendirian, tiada ilmu pengetahuan, tiada harapan. Muka pulak tidak rupawan. Perangai macam setan. Susah hendak cari makan. Bila udah menempuh kesusahan, berbaringlah si Jibam di atas jalan. Baringlah di tengah Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan, dekat ngan persimpangan Bukit Lanjan. Biar lumat kau di kerjakan. Tergolek macam bangkai haiwan. Hanyut di bawa ke tepi jalan. Tamatlah kisah seorang insan. Kesian, oh kesian. Kan, kan, kan?

Kera ni kononnya pengikut Parti Islam. Tapi Tatasusila ilek. Tatatertib ilek. Budi bahasa ilek. Mencarut memang kegemaran nya. Ya lah, kan dia ni si pelacur siber. Rela gadai maruah, agama, bangsa dan negara kepada mana-mana mala’on yang buang lima ringgit ke muka mangkuk jamban nya.

Kesian kau Jibam. Kesian. Dulu mak engkau suruh pergi sekolah, belajar rajin-rajin, tuntut ilmu, cari pekerjaan, dapat rezeki yang halal, engkau tak ikut. Sekarang tengok apa dah jadi dengan engkau nih? Hidup merempat, sampah masyarakat, kutuk kaum sendiri, gadai agama dan negara sendiri, jadi badot alam maya, si pencacai gerompolan anti-Melayu, bertopengkan agama, tapi berhati iblis.

Dahlah Bam, bergolek lah engkau kembali ke tapak kaki Tuan NgehNga engkau tu. Melutut lah engkau kat dua durjana itu. Tundukkan kepala, hulurkan tangan, minta habuan dari Tuan NgehNga engkau.

Tamatlah kisah si Jibam, beruk upahan mala’on DAP. Nyah kau dari sini. Pergi lah ke pangkuan kera setongkang kau, Kurtu, si Tamby Pemecah Kelapa. He he he, loser bitch.

satD said...

Gagak D Rimba /Anon April 17, 2009 9:06 PM

So What?

Lu dah bace ke belum ape bro KijangMas tak paham?

Straight nak masuk kelas lompat ke..darjah satu tak pass lagi....

Ini macam la, lu bagi satu komen masuk akal ade value sikit untuk orang engage...feel free to disagree but provide logical facts with referential integrity....

Gua paling menyampah Anon tukang belit macam lu, sat jadi Anon sat jadi Gagak....lepas ni lu nak jadi ape BABI

KijangMas said...

DN Knights, let the good times roll!

Another badot just came in on the heels of Kurtu the Kelapa Smasher and si Jibam kera sumbang. This time, it’s the Ms. Anonymous of April 17, 2009 9:06 PM, now reincarnated as “Gagak di Rimba.”

O.k. let the show begin. In the immortal words of my favourite actor (after Arnold SusahNakEja), Ahmad Nifsu: “Ready ... and ... action!!!”:-

”Uiiiii..... takutnya saya dengar marah dan maki hamun dari Tuan KM.”

Marah? Itu pun kau dah kata marah? Itu baru saja secebis luahan manja ku. Takut dah? Gementar dah? Kesian. Lemah. Lemah lesu nya si insan ni.

Gagak tergagap:-
”Tahniah juga kepada tuan kerana very adept at profiling me.I'm not being sarcastic but really, I was taken aback with the sheer accuracy of the profiled face.”

Of course. We have a 25-page dossier on you. We were initially amazed that your hubby left you for the neighbour’s 52-year old Bibik and your own kids call you “Auntie.” Now we can see why. And cukuplah bergayut di telefon tu. Tak baik mengumpat. Buatlah lebih kerja amal. Biarlah ada makna hidup kau ni.

Gagap gawked:-
“ I opine that you are indeed exceptional and truly not the ordinary layman on the streets. I must say i have much to learn from you.”

Hmm, I don’t know about “exceptional” and all that buttering-up, but I do have some titanium pins, rods and plates in me to reconstruct my fine bod after a couple of high speed superbike crashes and a bullet and bomb or two. You think I’m joking here? He, he, he. Anyway, no, I don’t teach to damaged goods. I’ve tried with Gwo Burne. See, 13 months and still bumbling around, rummaging through my fridge for anything edible, and busy voyeuring the neighbour’s cats.

More Gagak:-
“Saya rasa tuan ini memang sifatnya pemarah …”

Betul. Kalau saya ada pekerja bingung macam cik nih, dah lama di teghajang.

Yet more Gagak:-
”... maaf jika saya terkasar, mempunyai bapa yang terlalu garang dan bengis kepadanya.”

Oh my, if only you know what and who you’re talking about here. Ya, garang memang garang. Ayahanda ku memang garang. Datuk ku lebih garang. Moyang ku apatah lagi. Mungkin kau pernah dengar kisah kegarangan mereka? Atau mungkin kau buta sejarah, macam si pencacai DAP/PKR lain?

MC and satD, amacam? Nak buang daerah ke, nak buang negeri ke ….. or just “buang” aje? Pakcik Dal pula amacam? Beta rasa, kita pasangkan Cik Gagap ni ngan Sanap Janda Baik sajalah. Tapi si Sanap ni kenalah ”masuk Islam” kali ke 21, kan Pakcik?

Even more Gagak:-
”Tanpa tuan sedari, tuan mewarisi perangai itu.Kesian pada anak cucu yang juga akan mewarisi sifat garang ini ...”

Tentu sekali Gagak. Dengan megahnya, saya adalah 100% carbon copy (atau dalam istilah sekarang, HP Colour Laser copy) Ayahanda saya. Semua sama. Dan juga dengan megahnya, anak lelaki kecil ku pun sama juga. Bahkan, lebih garang lagi. Anak si Ah Pek yang kurang ajar di sekolah pun habis di tempelengnya, dah tiga kali! Bila bapak budak tu mari tunjuk kurang ajar kat aku, yup, aku turut menempelengnya juga. Dah terjueh mulut baru nak nangis minta maaf di Balai. TNS.

Gagak on a roll here:-
“Kira puas macam masturbate lah. Oh yaa. I think you are paranoid of your so called pathetic performance and thus are addicted to ingesting a myriad of aprodisiac (sic) pills every day, without fail.Your motto, Lelaki kalau di luar nampak garang mesti jugak garang kalau toooot.”

“Toooot”? Kau panggil mende tu “tooot” ka? Ok lah, jadi engkau ni kiranya di hidapi sindrom kurang ”toooot” ya? Kesian. Aku faham. Nak ber”toooot” pun ada adat nya. Harus pamirkan wajah menawan. Tidak rupawan tidak apa, janji pandai menge"toot".

Hmm, kengkawan, kinky jugek betina ni ah? Ha ha ha, ggelliiii gggatallll ya ....? Peluh-peluh sejuk, bulu roma merinding, bibir kering, rasa kebas di tapak kaki kan? Saya faham. Tau tau lah sendiri. Buat lah apa yang patut. Pergilah ke produce section di Giant. Banyak pilihan nya. Yang bisa di belai, di kunyah, di gigit, atau di buat pemukul. Semua ada. Silakan kak. As they say, “you gotta do what you gotta do.” Indeed. He he he. Toooot!

“Toot”less Gagak berkokok lagi:-
“Mata sangat terang kalau tengok sweet young thing tak kira siapa.”

Tepat sekali. Syabas! Tapi ingat, subjek nya harus ”sweet young thing.” Kalau dah kerepot macam kau Gagak, tak ber”toooot” lah aku. Ni pun dah rasa loya nih.

Dan kokok lagi:-
“Kalau zaman dulu dalam locker penuh gambar lucah tapi sekarang koleksi CD blue film dan pornography penuh dua tiga briefcase.”

Wah, tak habis-habis si kak kemaruk “toooot” ni menyimpang ke bende tu jugek. Ni dah kes berat nih. Harus di heret ke pangkuan Pokcik SnoHéng Sengéh Sengoti, si dukun Kemboja tu. Kesian kak ketandusan “toot.” Ada mana-mana DN Knight nak tolong? Unker Yew? Oh, tak boleh, lu belum potong. TNS. Mungkin sdr MC, teruna berhias, bisa membantu? Naif, amacam? Mana pergi si Ahmad Adam ah? Would be a perfect “toot” match for Kak Gagak nih.

Lagi dari si Gagak:-
“Either you are a Military Intelligence wannabe with a limited amount of military background or a make belief elite aloof with your arrogance.

Yeah, no “military background.” He he he. Never used a gun. In fact, wouldn’t know the difference between an RPG shell and a dildo (of course, you are an expert on the latter). BTW, will send you an autographed copy of the 3rd edition of my “How to skin an enemy combatant” manual soon. As for “make belief elite,” well, I did say I could be a paddy farmer. Is that too elitist for you?

Tapi dia puji pulak, sambil bantai tepi warga DN (aneh lah manusia ni):-
“Only you are the best, others are bastards including your own knights, without them knowing.

Ini kes divide and rule ke atau gejala divide no rule? Cobaaaaan …..

Gagak lagi:-
“Having finished with the foregoing, i must congratulate you for the redo loop on your judgement call by kicking out that kurthu and while you are at it please, with all the immense power bestowed upon you, you are also at liberty to banish me too.”

Banish you? Why? I was just about to enjoy your company. Ber”toot” pun belum lagi.

Dan lagi:-
”P/S Do not reveal too much on the location of your area of operation in this page,lest al-mossad may follow the lead and do the S&D thing.”

p.s.: “Area of operation”? Wow, been watching too much Ben-10 ka? What “area of operation” you talking about, kak? Kengkawan, buat perisian blog pun ada istilah “area of operation” ka? Muahahahaha, pompous little simpleton. Kurtu, oh Kurtu Tamby, come back and smash five coconuts on this Gagak Rimba. Gwo Burne, pay attention and sprinkle some Mo Far Kor on the mangled bird, burn some monopoly money and say your TokPekKong prayers while you chew gum and pick your nose at the same time. Hoi Gwo Burne, what’s your hand doing in Gagak’s sarong? Kalian mau ber”toooot” ia?

Anyway, talking about “area of operation,” Gagak, you really can tell where I am? Where? I could well be in a Uruguayan whaling trawler off Patagonia, having nice pina coladas after a rigorous early morning Samba aerobics on deck and typing this amidst the penguins and hot “toooot”-ready senoritas? Or like I said many, many posts ago (my four-star northeast region commandanté, MC can vouch for that), I could well be a Kelantan paddy farmer who somehow could write reasonably well in English. Mossad mau buat S&D of my sawah? Silakan. It needs a good bajaking anyway. Cluster bombs with a phosporous shower are good for rice farming. My sawah needs all the phospate it can get.

Ahmad Nisfu reappears and said: “Cut!”

Ok folks, it’s a wrap. Gagak, your cheque is in the mail, and please don’t call me, I’ll call you. And go easy with the stuff you bought at the Giant produce section. Personally, I wouldn't mess with the ketola. He he he ...

Anonymous said...


Mula aku pindah dikawasan mereka, perkataan ini diguna untuk merujuk kepada Melayu atau iNDIA, freely..

Itu bodoh tak dak otak punya customer, itu bodoh punya MPS, itu bodoh punya Mahathir/Menteri itu ini, itu bodoh punya Jabatan), itu bodoh punya polis, itu bodoh punya Haji…

UnkerGan, wah… macam mana ini orang punya anak.. kalau anak saya, uuuuhhh, 10subjects pun mengeluh..

UnkerGan : Ya lor, 16A, ini 2budak sama belajar memang pandai!.

EEhh, tahun ini 20A, Unker..

UnkerGan : Mana ada! Itu Sekincan Kuala Selangor punya budak Cina dua dua orang 16A!. Dulu tahun pun itu budak Cina dia punya mama jual mee…

Eh, itu budak Melayu anak nelayan, you tatak baca paper ker? (He subscribes daily to 3Chinese papers), aiya, banyak miskin rahsia lagi angkat extra 10papers. You punya paper tarak cerita ker? Dalam SEMUA berita pun sudah keluar..

UnkerGan :Tak tau, tak tau… saya tatak baca paper, tarak tengok TV, tarak masa…(His TV is on 10to10 daily by the counter!).

…..he quickly ACTED BUSY picking up his phone to make a call!! hehehehe. THE END.. BUT..

TO ADD SALT TO INJURY, went back, printed all articles (including pictures) about this wonderful girl, put in an envelope and had my maid deliver it to them.

Jangan main, maid dengan maid suka bisik2 cerita hal dalaman APEK…

Apparently he peeped in and threw the whole envelope into the waste basket!! Hehehehe


Question for UnkerYew.. Nothing mentioned in the Chinese papers? Is this true?

Naif said...


Right behind you all the way. Look we can all discuss here till the cows come home but untill we put our thoughts into actions nothing will ever happen.

Will help in any way possible.

Naif said...


Actually, we need ppl like Gagak to read the content here in your blog. Lets face it, the only blogs they stuff their faces into are MT, malaysia kini, malaysia insider and all other anti-melayu news portal which is quite funny really. They proclaim so much for fighting a better Malaysia but they themselves arent using the national language.

The only time they pick up Utusan Melayu is when they see "bangkitlah melayu" in the headlines. Terkejut beruk dorang. So I think its actually a good thing that they read some of the stuff you've written here. Besides, they provide hilarious comic relief.

Anonymous said...


I don't understand this Gagak di Rimba fellow. What was he trying to do, what did he write his first comment for? Is he very new to cyber space? If so, why didn't he tread softly to avoid getting into lobang babi or jerat babi?

I can understand him trying to give advice without knowing about cyber laws (or utter lack of them for some people), that we can't trace commentators etc, but in his first comment he already called people beruk Pak Haji Makye. Then he started his tirade, ridiculing people. And tried to show dia pandai about "disinformation" and "divide and rule". Dia ingat kita ni semua tak tahu apa, tak pernah jumpa jenis dia - jenis yang selalu nya duduk diam di belakang, alih2 nak tunjuk dia pandai, bangun bercakap konon nya hendak membbetulkan orang tapi cara dia cakap sendiri tak betul.

Datang ke rumah orang, suruh tuan rumah buat "judgment call" etc. Apa jenis maanusia ini? Mula dengan salam, akhir dengan salam, apa dia tak tahu maana salam - peace - yet he tried to create havoc in other people's home. Perhaps a Mossad agent sent to "divide and rule" as he tried to teach us those words?

When he got whacked for buat kurang ajar di rumah orang, dia mula become venomous, calling people bastards, like budak kena maki, tak tahu apa nak jawab. KM, I think this fellow is either immature, trying to be clever in abusive ways, or he has a need for mental check up.

Sorry folks, I've not been like this before in my comments. I am tolerant to the less educated being abusive, but not the fellow who tries to show he is educated but is not.


Anonymous said...

A good one, KijangMas, for your answer to that Gagak.....I laughed till my gigi came out and my saliva drooling like waterfall ..hahaha............

Kudos to you, Rear Admiral ...(Unker is Commander ....hehe)

Toot....toot ...toot

Tembeleng said...

Untuk orang-orang Melayu berbaju hijau seperti Jibam (yang belum insaf) dan Mat Cendana:

Islamis moden sering menggunakan kerajaan Madinah sebagai contoh kerajaan majmuk yang progresif. Ini benar: kerajaan Islam Madinah adalah kerajaan bersifat kosmopolitan, kerana populasi Muslim ketika itu sendiri bersifat kosmopolitan (perhatikan: Bilal bin Rabah, Salman al-Farisi, kaum Ansar, dsb).

Kenapakah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. bertindak dengan drastik untuk menghapuskan sama sekali 3 kabilah Yahudi di Madinah ketika itu? Semua lelakinya dibunuh, dan wanita serta kanak-kanaknya diusir atau dijadikan abdi.

Fikirkanlah. Kerana bahaya yang sama jugalah yang sedang mengepung ummah kita di Malaysia hari ini.

Sesudah kabilah "Yahudi" yang manipulatif itu sudah kita basmi dan mereka tunduk bawah pemerintahan kita, barulah kita patut berbalah laksana Ali dan Muawaiyyah adanya.

Tembeleng said...

Lagi satu, mengenai komen-komen nyamuk dari keling-keling pariah di sini: tak usahlah kita berhangat hati dan tak payahlah cuba nak tepis atau jawab.

Buat aje macam aku buat: andaikan bangsa keling dah pupus dan tak ada lagi di Malaysia ni.

Mereka ni sebetulnya perasan saja sebagai Kingmaker, padahal mana-mana election pun bilangan mereka sebenarnya tak bermakna apa-apa. Jadi tak payah risaukanlah: bangsa keling ni dari dulu sampai sekarang tak ke mana.

Tembeleng said...

Dan lagi satu untuk renungan puak PAS:

cuba kau baca sejarah UMNO dulu. UMNO 50 tahun dulu semangatnya sama saja macam PAS hari ini. Orang UMNO datang ke Kuala Lumpur untuk menghadiri persidangan agung, satu kampung kutip derma dan pajak barang kemas untuk belikan tiket keretapi dan belanja bekal untuk dia.

Jadi apa yang telah berubah? Jawabnya: harta. PAS sebetulnya belum lagi diuji Allah, sebab harta belum lagi melimpah ruah ke dalam saf mereka. Bak kata pepatah tok moyang aku: "Those whom the gods want to destroy, they will first make rich."

Jangan takbur dan bercakap besar selagi kita belum diuji Allah.

Tam Dalyell said...

“… Pakcik Dal pula amacam? Beta rasa, kita pasangkan Cik Gagap ni ngan Sanap Janda Baik sajalah …”

Bole tu bole laaa Tuanku.

Walaupun jawapan standard Sanap bila disuruh berbuat sesuatu, “Aiman tak kesaaaah …'” dia ni milih sikit orangnya.

Dia baru saya kawinkan kat Merak Kayangan dua bulan lepas .. . Itu bininya no tiga. Kalau dia mahu yang ini, seronok jugak dia.

Jangan jangan Gagak D Rimba ni lebam macam ubi bakar tak? Ermmm mau ke dia?

Gini tuan. Kita kawinkan Gagak ni kat Kurtu tu sajalah. Baru sepadan macam pinang dibelah dua. Nampaknya aliran mereka berdua pun sama.

Tapi Kurtu tu … belum dapat kelapa buntat untuk anunya macam anu bayi tu … timbul masaalah “tooooot” nanti. Banyak masaalah dia orang ni.


Abang kita Sepadu tu bagus laa cadangan dia.

Kalau kita boleh tolong jodohkan mangkok ayun Kurtu dengan Gagak D Rimba, tentu seribu kali kita suka tolong Sepadu nak tolong kita.

Anonymous said...

Sepadu, go for it. I give you a 100% support.

Let me know if you need help.

Mat Cendana said...

@Gagak di Rimba
Sorry ye - ni nak kena tulis campur-campur dalam Omputih... sebab kat mukim saya; Kangkong, Pasir Mas memang bahasa standard .

GdR: I am astounded by your writing - no, not the aesthetic, artistic value of it, but the content. NO, it's not of quality (you can stop blushing and smiling now, and replace that with a `papaya-face' frown). It's the Sigmund Freud psychological analysis that you're trying to impress here. Now *I* am blushing - because it shows how OUTDATED your reference is.

Ni kalau zaman Harold MacMichael dan Malayan Union, mungkin cutting edge lagi... Atau kalau dipakai oleh chegu-chegu Sekolah Rendah Dabong. But PLEASE lah - you ingat SAPA ke yang dok mari baca blog ni?... Honestly, if only you know some of these people, your mouth would be gaping... cicak masuk pun tak khabar!

Please listen carefully to satD and take this as a lesson. And satD here is someone whom everyone respect - even yang kena dengan dia... Oh, and his attacks ni, saya nak cerita sikit: You all know apa dia buat?...sampai saya ternganga in awe - dia kering-kering ajer pergi attack Haris Teapo.. err Ibrahim kat People's Parliament dulu. So what does that say about him? And do you think a few people `suka-suka' saja ke gelar "Field General" etc ni?... nak backscratching ke? If only you all know how sharp this guy's mind is AND ESPECIALLY his "proactive ways in making things happen"... all of you would bow or tabek to him. But enough...

So, when he mentioned about "your level", accept that "Di kandang kerbau..." adalah,.. aku tak berapa ingat - yang ada mengaum, mengembek tu. At the blogs ANYWHERE, at groups like Usenet or whatever on the Internet, there's an unspoken rule: Walk softly (don't have to also carry a big stick)... See who, How things are; You don't just barge in. It's the same as in the offline, real-life world - Kat kem askar, penjara, Pusat Serenti, pejabat JKR Besut etc pun macam ni.

And you... as a "Pure 100% Anon" (nickname pun tak taruh!) whom nobody knows; tiba-tiba mari lecture orang. HUH?!! It's like some of the "dakwah dungu" - masuk kedai kopi, orang tak kenal dia and vice versa, pergi dakwah: "Saudara-saudara: Dalam agama, tak elok duduk buang masa sembang-sembang begini...Syaitan mudah hasut. Ni dah nak Asar - mari ikut saya, kita sama-sama pergi sembahyang jemaah..."

Mujurlah sifat orang Melayu ni, dia - walaupun gedebe kampung dan tiga kali masuk jail, dua kali pusat serenti, sekali kena PCO - biasanya akan bagi leeway, benefit of the doubt kepada yang "pakai kupiah, janggut". Paling-paling kuat dia diam, atau sengih-sengih saja. Mat Cendana ni kira exception sikit - tentu mamat wannabe tu kena response yang tajam dan acidic bak keris berkarat. Like:

after five seconds of staring into the eyes, and normal-volumed voice but `words as if being held back with effort': "Lebai tahu dok[short pause] kito dok kecek hal gapo... (Lebai forces himself to continue smiling; but not knowing whether that's a question or what)...kita dok carhi jalae nok bagi tiga oghe anok yatim kampung ni buleh biasiswo... Kalu buleh ngaji molek, buleh masok maktab ko U, esok-esok buleh perho mok hok sakit smacae. Ko lebai kirho kejor satae hok ni?," (with a confrontational, slightly scornful smile...

...which the lebai sees as the que to extract himself; with a forced, short embarrassed laugh and "Haa, kalu kecek benda-benda gitu, Alhamdulillaaahhh. Besar pahala tolong anak yatim ni! Eh, saya nak kena pergi dulu, nak masuk waktu dah Assalamualaikum"... and hurries away.

Actually there's no anak yatim - when the lebai walked in, Mat Cendana was actually talking about some pretty janda somewhere Heheh!

Ah, balik kepada Crow in the Nottingham Forest: That's how it happened here. You may be someone well-known at the blogs, or the webmaster of or the editor-in-chief of Time magazine, BUT with that identity...

And do you know there's a war going on? Not physically - and I hope will never ever be... If you had read from early on, you'll know. BTW the "Knights" term - I had started it - as make believe? Look at the situation - when there are the malicious, the devious, the deceitful who challenge and threaten your agama and bangsa - and in the process, your negara too - what do you do?...Try to dismiss as `paranoid', `exaggerated'?... Be `neutral', `open-minded', `I am above politics?'... HOPE and WISH things will be okay?... Or join the attackers, being their spies, drivers, dobies and general coolies - and get `acceptance' by them as "truly Anak BangsaT Malaysia lah you!"...?

I, We... after defending bitterly, we don't strengthen the fort then - we go after them... we attack., we help our brother being attacked. And we have love and respect among ourselves, of our individual strengths... and tolerance and understanding in covering each others' weaknesses. These are the knights, the lords, the king - find your place.

Sniggering that these are "childish fantasy... romantic"? Well, go ahead... just let us sharpen our weapons and hack bodies and bones AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY! In a war situation, are you going to complain "The general's so rude with his shouts and stern face... no culture and upbringing", while there are explosions nearby? Well, that's what you had done.

So, I hope you'll accept this - everything in good grace. Please, these people have much bigger things to think about than to "investigate and play hide-and-seek with Kurthu".

Lastly, concerning Jibam: I hope no one is saying "he is from PAS". NO. NO... That foul-mouthed, cowardly, low-IQ oaf certainly isn't from MY party - I never left, remember?...despite supporting Umno now. I might go back when things are well and fine. And I certainly don't want this party to be polluted and contaminated with the filthy who smell like rotting bangkai.

Jibam - this is Anwar Ibrahim's monkey... Brader knows without the PAS grassroots' support, he and PKR are DEAD. Jibam - mu buleh order doh batu nisan Nuwar dengae PKR. Mu sendiri tak payah - pakai tahuk dalae laut jah... oghe hok jual bangsa dan agama.

Anonymous said...

Pakcik Dal, you make me laugh ...kerana nak jodohkan si Kartu dengan Si Gagak.....Tapi saya sokong cadangan Pakcik tu ...I have something for the occasion...

Di Deminegara mereka bersua,
Kalau lah jodoh tidak kemana,
Marilah sama sama meraikannya
Pesta perkahwinan kedua dua mereka....

All the best...

Anonymous said...


Assalamualaikum kepada tuan rumah yang budiman.

Saya Anonymous (April 17, 2009 9:06 PM) yang juga penulis bernama gagak di rimba dengan segala rasa rendah hati dan dengan rasa bersalah dan dengan rasa menyesal menyembah ampun dan maaf dari tuan rumah serta para pembaca sekelian atas tulisan serta kata kata kesat dan perbuatan biadab saya kepada tuan rumah yang telah saya sampaikan dalam halaman komen ini.

Saya dengan ini menarik balik semua tulisan saya dan kata kata biadab saya terhadap tuan. Ampunkan saya tuan.Maafkan saya tuan, batin dan zahir. Maafkan saya tuan, dunia dan akhirat.Saya betul betul menyesal atas keterlanjuran dan perbuatan saya yang amat biadap terhadap tuan. Saya teramat rasa bersalah dan menyesal serta tidak dapat tidur malam memikirkan segala kesalahan saya dan kata kata saya yang terlalu keji yang telah saya lemparkan kepada tuan rumah. Saya insaf dan bertaubat tidak akan mengulangi lagi perbuatan saya yang keji ini. Ampunkanlah saya tuan rumah, maafkan lah saya tuan rumah, kasihanilah saya tuan rumah. Saya benar benar menyesal. Have mercy on me. ampunkan lah saya dunia dan akhirat. Saya rasa teramat kesal. maafkan lah saya. Selamatkan lah saya tuan, dunia dan akhirat. Saya mohon beribu ampun dan maaf.

Kepada semua pembaca yang telah saya singgung perasaan mereka saya turut memohon ampun dari mereka semua. Saya menyesal dan menarik balik semua tulisan saya. Saya sedar akan kebodohan saya dan kesilapan saya ini. Maafkan lah saya. Saya berjanji tidak akan melakukan perkara ini lagi. Maafkan lah saya.

Saya berdoa untuk kesejahteraan tuan rumah serta para ahlinya dan semoga mendapat petunjuk dan hidayah dari yang maha kuasa dalam menjalan kan tanggungjawab kepada bangsa dan negara. Amin

Akhirkata, sembah ampun dan maaf dari saya.


Anonymous said...

Ini fakta menunjukkan Umno penjahanam tanah orang Melayu;

* 22,000 ekar ( Ya! Dua Puluh Dua RIBU ekar) tanah kerajaan di gadai kepada gergasi KLK (KL Kepong) di Lekir, Manjung.
5,000 ekar di Bruas 1500 ekar kepada MCA di Bandar Baru , Kampar (UTAR)
* 200 ekar tapak kilang simen Perak Hanjoong (sekarang YTL kerana di gadai oleh pemimpin UMNO kepada YTL! ) Ini tanah rizab melayu di Padang Rengas, Kuala Kangsar dekat Highway!
* Kerajaan Umno/BN Perak gadai tanah kerajaan di beberapa lokasi komersial di tengah bandar Ipoh, Taiping, Bidor , Kinta, dan Perak kepada taukeh-taukeh jika sekiranya BN kembali berkuasa pada 9 Mac 2008 (selepas PRU-12).
* 9 ribu hektar tanah Rezab Melayu di Selangor telah ditukar status kepada bukan rezab Melayu. Hanya 1/3 sahaja (lebih kurang 3 ribu hektar sahaja yang diganti. Selebihnya jin tanah makan.
* Pada tahun 1990, seramai 80 orang penduduk di Pantai Chenang Langkawi yang duduk di atas tanah rezab Melayu dihalau untuk membina Pelangi Beach Resort.
* Pada tahun 1990, sebanyak 930 hektar tanah Rezab Melayu Kampung Mambau Negeri Sembilan telah diambil untuk projek Seremban 2. Sebelumnya terdapat 600 orang yang tinggal disitu.
* 26,000 hektar (dua puluh enam ribu) tanah rezab Melayu di Tanjung Langsat-Tanjung Pia Johor diambil untuk New Town Ship. Projek yang diusahakan oleh Kuok Brother Collabratioan UEM.
* 300 ekar tanah Rezab Melayu di Pulau Redang Teregganu kepada Vincent Tan untuk projek perlancungan.
* Pada tahun 1993, 1000 ekar tanah Rezab Melayu di Kerpan Kedah (tapak sawah yang subur) untuk projek kolam udang.
* 13 Jun 2008 (Utusan Malaysia) melaporkan penduduk sekitar daerah Kota Tinggi, kecewa dengan tindakan pejabat tanah menolak permohonan mereka mendapatkan tanah seluas 182.11 hektar di Batu 15 Jalan Kulai, Mukim Ulu Sungai Johor di sini. Tanah yang sudah dipohon sejak 20 tahun dahulu telah diberi kepada syarikat bukan bumiputera. Ini siapa punya angkara? PR atau Umno.
* Akibat kebodohan pemimpin Umno menyebabkan Pulau Batu Putih pun terlepas yang dapat hanya pulau tenggelam timbul (Batuan Tengah dan Tubir Selatan). Kalau air pasang batu tenggelam, kalau air surut maka Pulau Batu itu timbul. Inilah yang disebut oleh Datuk Rais Yatim Menteri Luar menang-menang. Menang pada Umno ialah Singapura dapat pulau yang tidak tenggelam, manakala Malaysia hadhari dapat pulau tenggelam timbul. Ini lah lawaknya pemimpin Umno yang jaga kedaulatan negara.
* Kampung Chu Badak Sentul Kuala Lumpur, sebanyak 273 ekar tanah kampung Melayu tradisi telah menyebabkan kira-kira 160 keluarga telah dihalau keluar kerana pembangunan mega akan dibuat disitu.
* Tanah rezab Melayu seluas 94 ekar yang diteroka sejak 72 tahun telah terkorban untuk projek Pencala Link dekat Damansara Kuala Lumpur.
Sebanyak 840 hektar tanah rezab melayu di Pahang bakal hilang apabila projek ECER (Koridor ekonomi pantai timur)
* Pengkhianatan Umno kepada orang Melayu telah berjaya menghilangkan tanah rezab Melayu dari 3juta hektar pada tahun 1957 kepada 1.7 juta hektar (1995). Bermakna 44% tanah rezab Melayu yang ditinggal oleh penjajah dengan susut kadar 1.2% setahun. Nampaknya penjajah lebih berhati perut daripada pemimpin Umno dalam menjaga orang melayu. Kalau tidak disekat maka tahun 2020 tanah rezab Melayu hanya tinggal 30% sahaja.


copy dari idris ahmad blog

tolong jangan delete mangkuk kijangmas

Hollywood refugee said...


Kenapakah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. bertindak dengan drastik untuk menghapuskan sama sekali 3 kabilah Yahudi di Madinah ketika itu? Semua lelakinya dibunuh, dan wanita serta kanak-kanaknya diusir atau dijadikan abdi.Betul ke fakta sejarah kau ni Tembeleng? Mungkin ada patutnya kau check balik ..

mekyam said...

Mat Cendana said... Aku boleh cari at least satu orang yang kenal aku - dia boleh akui segala apa yang aku kata sini adalah benar. Ni orang yang anytime boleh certify aku - Mekyam.hi mc,

i won't dare presume on having any credibility, here or elsewhere on the web. but this i can say: i usually malas nak buka mulut kalau takde benda worthwhile nak kata... like the case here.

i most definitely can vouch (in fact, i'm happy to), that since knowing you on the web [what is it, a dozen years now?] you've always said it as it is and as how you see & know it to be true, even when the situation or the truth is not complimentary to you. it mattered not whether a stand is a popular or unpoplular, you always come across as true to your own convictions, something that cannot be said of most people.

p.s. i think almost everyone who've become familiar with you on the web cannot fail to notice the above either. :D

satD said...

Strange indeed mafaker went anon after becoming Gagak......

What next then....gone forever? Or planning to stick around as other Nics...mingling.....instigating..multiple identities....

Jibam...kelakar jugak budak ni...i'm smiling reading his piece at the bottom......jibam jibam......semangat tu!!!...gua ingat lu research sendiri cari fakta tu?Lu dah validate ke belum ke lu main tibai aje....lame gua tak dengar mangkuk...kelakar siut..

sori bro KijangMas..this jibam kinda made my day.........jibam jibam...

satD said...

Salams Mat n Mekyam....

R we going Oprah Mode here...

How u all been?

Pendekarlara said...

Hoi Mangkuk Jamban Hayun Jibam, engkau dok asyik sangat kacau sini apasal? Ini sial punya kacau daun. Aku nak baca pendapat bernas para sahabat sini pun tak syiok sebab tiba-tiba mari lagi si Jibam taik babi ni. Tak habis-habis. Kacau, kacau, kacau. Memang geng Pakatan sial laknat punya macai si Jibam ni. Kuat mencarut si anak haram sumbang muhrim nih. Hantar komen pun yang di ciplak bulat-bulat dari blog lain. Dan lagi, kurang ajar ngan tuan blog. Kesian mak engkau beranak kat babi tonyok macam engkau ni.

Bapok terencat akal macam engkau ni dok mai sebok kat sini apahal ah? Engkau tak tau ke engkau ni tak laku, bangang dan sumbang. Aku dah meluat tengok tulisan bodoh engkau ni. Tak habis-habis jatuhkan bangsa sendiri. Si barua upahan si kui dan si paria! Muka macam jamban taik. Engkau tak paham-paham lagi ke ah? Nah ambik 10 sen, pergi main jauh-jauh. Cibai lu lah Jibam. Kalu aku jumpa engkau tengah jalan, aku bagi flying kick kat muka bapok engkau.

Memang si pembelot dan talibarut macam kau ni harus di hapuskan. Di tanam idup-idup. Sial punya cipan bangsat. Pundek punya haiwan. Kalau engkau mari lagi, aku belasah engkau cukup-cukup.

Nyah engkau dari sini!!!!!

Muahahahahahaha !!!!

satD said...

And folks if Jibam is right...

that would be the first thing we the Malays should do......get back our tanah air.....square feet by square feet...........

Jibam lu sekarang berapa taun umur? gua last dengar mangkuk ade 10 tahun kut.....but then came Pendekarlara with mangkuk hayun.....basuk balik dalam vocab does anybody know when mangkuk started.....

Anonymous said...

Ooops… satD…

You mean mangkuk hayun atau bucket hayun?

When Bucket hayun started?

In Malaya-Malaysia, should ask from elders like LKS or Jibam.

That's why Orang Putih hails them as RAJIN. 3am everyone sound asleep, they were busy collecting these buckets!

Don’t get info from EG/Eli/Kok/NgaNge/ Tian Chua, even Nizar.. too young to remember.

Their time, their ma simply calit pakai surat kabar lama.

In India or estet Orang Putih? Ooh ini must definitely ask our V. Sivakumar. Ini tugas khas mereka.


Anonymous said...


Pl tell me how to upload the draft into your blog.

Any way for you to allow full page appearance there? Currenntly 3 full pages, single spacing. The final copy for submission should be typed double spacing (6 pages minimum) as very busy people prefer the non-cluttered appearing pieces. (I was told Tengku A Rahman preferred half-page memos in double spacing. LKY exploited it, the old man could not counter-argue and gave away Singapore!)

I suggest the draft be floated for 1 week to 10 days for those who want to comment/ make suggestions. It would be good if you postpone your Robin kopitiam posting until after completion of this exercise.


Tam Dalyell said...

If Jibam is right, we must put this to its end. No more pandering by UMNO shit (some of them are – not all – most of them are true blue fighters). The UMNO that snip Malayan Union in its bud were no pandering cowards. So are most of today’s pejuang bangsa be they are in UMNO or PAS.

At that time the “PAS elements” (to borrow Mat Cendana’s coinage) were still within UMNO. For some reason they detached themselves from the parent body, only to be taken advantage of by criminal elements like DAP and PKR – all for selfish reasons.

And Jibam, perhaps we can put our heads together and our differences aside to work together to fight this NEO-MALAYAN UNION IN THE GUISE OF MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA.

Like what SatD said, “And folks if Jibam is right... that would be the first thing we the Malays should do......get back our tanah air.....square feet by square feet ...........” and I add, “before we become a Pattani.”

Our General wants it. Our Tuanku wants it. You and I want it. Only you and I can stop ourselves.

People see that we here work for UMNO. People see that you work for PAS. No. No. No. We, you, I, us work for Bangsa Negara and Agama.

People say that the Cinas work for MCA or DAP or whatever. No. Never. They are working for Cina’s interest. Political parties are just wadah .. bejana – meant to pecah belahkan Melayu yang semulajadinya bersifat Ketol and Mendeliar.

Your method may be different. Our method may be alien. But can we dare say that we are different?

We want to recover what is cheated out of our hands. We want to eliminate the same scum bags.

The obvious step now is let us not destroy each other. Let us test our strength no more. Our combine strength is proven; is formidable.

Brother Jibam, let us put our intelligence together on the table. Let us compare notes. Let us be weary of our common enemy. Let us put trust in ourselves. Let us sing the same tune. And let us build a better future for our yet to be born children.

And please, I’m sure you wouldn’t allow your good self to read this olive branch offering as a sign of our weakness.

Salam Alaykum.

Anonymous said...

woi beruk satD dan pendekarlara

muka macam beruk nak berlagak kononnya ada perbincangan ilmiah kat blog ni



Anonymous said...


With enclosures, the submission might be 20-30 pages. They include extracts from posts and comments, including your Master Piece on the concept of Bangsa Malaysia.

It should be a neat, properly bound memorandum to the TPM merangkap Menteri Pelajaran.


satD said...

Jibam Jibam

gua dah budget lu bingai....tapi gua tak lah budget lu bingai gile...

Memanglah beruk muka macam beruk...

Lu punye one liner classic la beb..ilmiah tu....berapa lame lu pikir sentence tu.......mak bapak lu tak ajar ke kalau nak kurang ajar dengan orang biar la nampak lu tu tau lebih sikit la at least dari orang dah la bingai..kurang ajar pulak tu....anak beranak lu semua perangai macam ni ke....kesian Jibam....

gua tanye dah check belum data yg lu semangat copy paste..tu pun tak boleh nak jawap ke? Simple tu beb takde lah soalan gempak gile...takkan tu pun tak boleh handle Jibam......jibam betul la lu brader.....

Lu datang lagi la jibam..nanti gua jibam sama lu sekali lagi jibam.....ini macam lu tak payah apply gua recommend lu jadi comic relief kat sini apemacam interested? Upah cyber-pelempang sebijik for each of your mind boggling comments.....

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Woi KM, (growl, woof, woof)

Why tak potong cannot ‘toooot’ kah? Don’t u know good exclusive thing comes in special wrappings? No & don’t use the ‘p**** thing against me; I’m immaculately clean lah…hehehe..

On a serious note, u must be awe-struck (being hit with a paddle? kaka..),by Gagak di Rimba comment, she’s good, ain’t she? Here I was, waiting in anticipation for a return bout, but alas not to be. What an anti-climax apology (well written tho but sincere or not, hmmm)

Tongkang, sorry u lost me there, don’t know wtf u r on about. Unker too busy enjoying Chelsea & Everton go thru’ their F.A Cup semi-finals. For ur benefit, unker pray everybody will be pandai so they don’t end up like u…hehe…maaf…no hard feelings ok? Hard-on is definite ok.

Zaza, y u change ur profile from pretty sunflower to an old woman?? I can understand that u feel neglected by all the Rottweilers jantan (kencing kat tiang) that drool over that new Rottweiler betina SIA (Ltd) airline hostess that steal all ur limelight. No worries Unker like u more lah, we go back a long way mah!

Come on Pakchik Dal, I’m still waiting for your respond on the mamak MuthuDALsamy comments. ROTFL… peed on my pants unlike u know who. Ppl who pee on their pants usually have ‘come too early’ problem too.

Hi to my buddies satD, MC Hammer, & Sepadu. Wah u guys being a busy bees. satD u well hung? I tot the size of the brain is inversely proportionate to the size of ur donga. So which is u? God is fair, u cannot have both, u know? MC, y u get someone else to vouch for ur credibility mah, unker can what. Oso u spoke up for Sheila, y not unker? Sepadu, unker ni chagrin???? That’s no very nice lah. Unker forgive u this time since u r more level headed & above average compared to the others. Haiya char bo punya pasal, u backstab me, I’m so disappointed lah.


Unker Yew
P/S – no p/s this time.

Cenderawasih said...

Salam KijangMas dan DN Knights

"PAS falls into PR’s trap. It should be as desperate as sinking UMNO to stay afloat. Serve both of you right Melayus We knew that PAS and UMNO want to have their way over us non-Malays. But the wish of the Ketuanan Rakyat no PAS or UMNO can defy"

Teruk betul kurtu ni.dia memang anti melayu.Dia cuma memperkudakan PAS saja.asalkan melayu semua dia hentam,UMNO,PAS belakang kira.dasar penyangak.

"Chanderawshi why you pick on me I am only sounding my sympathy for brother UTHAYA and WAYTHA. They teach us how to be wise to the racist UMNO."

oloo oloo cian nye...vinnan pun saya hentam juga,bukan kau saja...UTHAYA dan WAYTHA cuma ajar bagaimana hendak menghuru-harakan negara saja,bagaimana untuk dengki kat orang lain,bersikap biadap dan kurang ajar.

"Iskandar can never got off the ground without Singapore non-Malay."

Kalau kau suka sangat dengan singapura,pergi la mohon kerakyatan di sana.Kalau tak puas hati dengan dinasti lee,melalak la macam UTHAYA dan WAYTHA buat.Saya ucapkan semoga berjaya..

"Nalla Peria Karuppiah .. please what did I do that you bad mouthed me? I bet you are a racist Indian-marginalizing temple-destroyer typical Malay. ***k you."

temple-destroyer??Pandai dia ni reka-reka cerita sedih.Aku tengok banyak je kuil-kuil kat Malaysia ni,bukan main mewah lagi aku tengok.jangan nak mengarut la.UTHAYA dan WAYTHA kencing atas kepala pun tak sedar-sedar lagi.

A kutu said,

"Iskandar can never got off the ground without Singapore non-Malay."

Frankly folks, I don't understand these so called Malaysians. They are so intoxicated with Singapore ...I don't understand why they are still here....


Zazaland,bukti paling kukuh dia langsung tak setia kepada Malaysia.Kita perlu membersihkan semua kutu-kutu ni.Yang bagus je kita ambik.

Dah siap interview mereka ni nanti, then I will elaborate more OK? Most of them have no idea what RukunNegara is all about.

My neighbours are all Chinese, it is going to be really fun discussing with them on this.



Jangan lupa kongsi dengan saya..

Dua hari saya tak cek komen,bukan main lagi komen-komen kat sini.Dah dekat 80 komen.Lenguh perut saya gelak.Nak gelak kuat nanti kacau orang lain.adoih...lenguh perut.

Kesian Pakcik Dal, kurtu ni memang ganas main sembur je.Dia bukan tengok kiri kanan,ikut sedap hati je.Sesuai la dengan gagak.nanti boleh la kurtu "toooot" gagak.Hati-hati gagak,kurtu ni ganas.Jangan bagi dia marah,kalau tidak habis kau "punya" di tooooot dengan kelapa buntat.Komen yang melenguhkan perut Pakcik Dal.

Tuan KijangMas,

Hoi Gwo Burne, what’s your hand doing in Gagak’s sarong? Kalian mau ber”toooot” ia?

tak larat gelak...agak-agak saya boleh dapat ke six pack ab lepas baca komen KijangMAs dan DN Knights ni?

kurtu kena kongsi dengan gwo burne ke?harap-harap gwo burne selamat.Jangan lupa bagi helmet kat gwo burne,pastikan yang berkualiti dah disahkan SIRIM.Duit claim minta dengan kurtu.

Sdr Sepadu,

saya setuju dah sokong.

Anonymous said...


I cannot find the languge test linkage you provided.

I also have the same question that you asked about our leaders. But I like most of the statements they made so far. We need to give them time to prove themselves.

Now is the time for us to present our views so that some might get into the policy formulations being made by the new government. Salam.


Tam Dalyell said...

Unker Yew;-- "Come on Pakchik Dal, I’m still waiting for your respond on the mamak MuthuDALsamy comments."

Sabar laa unker ... bagi laa peluang pengantin baru ni "bertooooot" dulu. Kan Kurtu baru kawin dengan Gagak. Semua orang kampong DN kata ok apa. Lagi pun dia kena cari tiga biji lagi kelapa buntat.

Cenderawasih, heh sampai lenguh ketawa? Saya sampai pecah perut golek-golek kat lantai dan keluar air mata ketawa bila baca Tuan KijanmMas punya respon. Komen sdr. yang terakhir ni pun tak kurang lucunya.

Kenapa kebanyakan penghuni quaters tepi rail keretapi ramai anak?

... Kerana setiap keretapi lalu rumah bergegar .. bunyi toooot .. toooooot.

Tembeleng said...

Rezuan Asrah:
gi balik minum bir dengan kawan-kawan tu cukuplah, tak yah nak menempek.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Fai tik, fai tik, meah meah lai, tak bolih tahan lagi lah! Nanti suspence sudah habik...kaka.. u memang orang tua lah, taking own sweet time! Tongkat Ali, u mau kah?

Itu toooot tooot, STEAM engin kah eletrik?

Unker Yew

Cenderawasih said...


Semoga kurtu dan gagak bahagia.Lagi best kalau mereka ada rumah tepi rail keretapi.Tooot tooot..Saya harap gwo burne tak makan hati..

Pakcik Dal,saya kena tahan gelak.Sebab sekeliling saya ada banyak lagi orang.Nanti diorg ingat saya dah sewel.

Tapi saya tewas dengan Mat Cendana.Cuba la baca post terbaru beliau,post yang amat kena sawan saya gelak...

jibam oh jibam..

Ajaib betul.Maki-makian memang lumrah bagi dia..
jibam-tanah-tanah yang diseleweng

Kalau betul apa yang diperkatakan, kita harus tentang.Perbuatan2 macam ni lah yang membuatkan orang melayu dilabelkan sebagai 'corrupted'.

satD said...

Unker....errr how to answer ur question...even if i answer also cannot put hyperlink to validate.

Anyway Unker.. My Tuhan have been veli veli veli d generous one in that department for me and my 3 boys..alhamdullilah shukur nikmat kepada Tuhan yang memberi rahmat...


satD said...

bro sepadu

sori about the link..

refer my two old post one focus on the monitoring tool n the other on adding a verbal test as part of the curriculum.

Do let me know how i can assist.

KijangMas said...


Your thoughts and requests noted. I suggest you do these:-

1) Paste your draft memo here for initial sighting by the DN Community. This will start the group deliberations.

2) At the same time, please work with DN's trusty Mumbai IT Helpdesk supervisor, Brader satDwalla (not related to MuthuDalSamy @ Baby Dal) for the technical mechanics of creating a "full page appearance" (perhaps a URL link to the PDF doc hosted at an online viewing site) and setting-up a dedicated group editing platform.

Bro satD, thanks (mana mau cari Field General cum IT Wizard macam ni? Betul-betul 2-in-1 punya Knight).

In the meantime, o.k., Robin Returns will be KIVed until end of month.

Anonymous said...

Ini Jibam nampak nya orang tidak bertanggung jawab. Tidak boleh percaya cakap dia. Begitu juga Ustaz Idris Ahmad, punca maalumat nya itu, saya sudah baca tulisan nya. Cakap nya itu boleh buat Melayu marah dan jadi seliseh faham. Jangan percaya cakap mereka.

Sepatut nya dia selidik dulu maalumat dia itu. Dapatkan bukti atau nyatakan butir-butir lanjut saperti nombor geran atau nombor lot tanah, pergi pejabat tanah, periksa betul atau tidak tanah tanah yang di sebut itu sudah keluar geran atau surat hakmilik, atau masih TOL (kebenaran duduk sementara), atau tidak ada kebenaran bertulis apa apa, betul ke rizab Melayu, berapa luas sabenar, dll. Tapi dia tulis mendadak sahaja, tidak ada bukti, tidak ada butir lanjut.

Memang senang menyenaraikan kawasan kawasan yang penduduk nya menyuarakan tak puas hati sebab tanah yang di dudukki nya berpuluh tahun di majukan Kerajaan untuk kemudahan awam atau projek swasta. Tidak masuk akal tanah itu rizab Melayu. Kalau rizab Melayu, makna sudah ada geran. Kalau sudah ada geran, tak kan Kerajaan boleh buat apa suka, ambil tanpa beri tahu secara "gazette", yang pemunya boleh bantah sampai mahkamah, atau bayar "wang pampasan" dsb nya.

Kalau tidak ada apa-apa kebenaran menduduki secara bertulis, memang lah tanah itu kepunyaan Kerajaan, mereka boleh buat projek orang ramai atau swasta. Kalau kebenaran duduk sementara pun (TOL), Kerajaan boleh ambil balik bila bila masa - itu memang syarat TOL, biasa nya di tulis di atas lesen TOL itu. Kenapa nak marah? Mohon lah belas kasihan, runding, minta ganti rugi (bukan pampasan yang biasa di beri kalau sudah ada geran)- tapi kalau bantah atau maki pihak berkuasa, mana nak dapat belas kasihan. Kalau buat projek swasta pun, biasa nya Kerajaan pegang saham melalui syarikat Kerajaan atau anak syarikat nya. Ini tak boleh di pertikaikan, melainkan ada bukti rasuah, atau kroni, atau sebagai nya.

Kalau si Jibam atau guru nya Ustaz Idris Ahmad orang yang bertanggung jawab, cari lah bukti sa belom keluarkan maalumat dan kata kata yang tak beralasan itu. Jika bukti nya kukuh dan nyata, ada dokumen dokumen yang sahih, kami pun akan sokong. Kalau macam yang awak buat itu, orang ketawakan, jadi sakit hati, nanti selisih faham. Jika ini tujuan nya, awak dan Ustaz ada lah orang bahaya.

Nampak nya awak nak melaungkan politik PAS. Ayat pertama awak sudah maki UMNO. Nak melaung politik, jangan kat sini lah
Jibam. Kita orang tidak berparti, tuan punya blog sudah kata blog ini "non-partisan", makna nya berkecuali dari politik. Kalau awak masuk sini saperti itu, orang maki, awak marah. Pergi lah melaung di blog Ustaz. Dan minta ajaran yang baik, lunas lunas ugama yang betul. Sebab dia pun Ustaz.

Saya tulis dengan bahasa yang senang. Harap awak faham.


Tam Dalyell said...

Betul laaa Sdr Cenderawasih .. posting terakhir Bang Mat Cendana di blognya ... buat Pakcik terduduk terjongkit ketawa ... tak kesian dia kat oghe tuwo ... ketawa sampai semput ... tekan perut pun tak mahu reda.

Lepas ketawa .. hilang semua sakit kepala.

Unker Yew; Sanap just advised me ... tungkat ali is for the young ones only ..
For old relics ... original Tungkat Sakti is best.

Sorry Pn Zazaland. You don't like mencarutings I know. But I have to be near to this OTG Yew (orang tua gatal) to spike his green tea with ketum.

Hollywood refugee said...


Kalau nak lebih efisyen dalam bab-bab editing document in group, saya cadangkan guna Wikipedia.

Sebab semua orang boleh contribute, dengan syarat dia kena ada akaun Wiki.

Di samping itu, kalau ada mangkuk hayun nak men-dajalkan kolaborasi ni, kita boleh tengok "siapa" edit "apa".

Just my 2 cents.

Tembeleng jangan maki laa. Air nanas campur rum pun sodap.

Anonymous said...

Stop the Presses!

Mahaguru has uncovered something of primeval importance here, and am sending this to all patriotic blog sites. This latest posting either constitutes a crime of the highest degree as far as parliamentary sessions go, or just an insight as to who actually pulls the strings in the Dewan Undangan Negri Perak. Perhaps the Sultan knows about this for a long time, and he has acted according to knowledges that he had.

I am ashamed to read this. Ashamed at the people (especially malay PKRs and PAS supporters) who have put these people up there in the first place. Ashamed at how balless we have all become, how balless Sivakumar has become.

I would like to ask the legal experts in here: can there be some sort of police report made onto the YBs involved due to their influencing the actions and decisions of the speaker AT ALMOST EVERY MINUTE OF THE PROCEEDINGS?? I mean, he even instructed the speaker from the comforts of his own cellphone when to shut off the microphone, when not to give the BN representatives to talk, what to say next, when not to say it, etc etc etc. I mean, reading all these…. makes one so … embrassed at even being a Malaysian. If I feel embarassed, just imagine how much more Sivakumar should!

And there you have it gentlemen: one who dares so much to defy the Sultan, cannot dare to even decide to do or say anything right without the remote-controlled consent or approval of Ngeh or Nga or whatever. And this is all happening just because YOU, PKR malays and PAS members, allow it to happen.

Read, and be embarassed.

Marking Bagpie

BrightEyes said...

KijMas, a few posts back I mentioned that if you guys persist with this sort of behavior, you'll be losing more support from the Rakyat.

That was months ago, if I remember (pretty busy these days). Well, Bukit Selambau & Bukit Gantang has proven my point. And these two areas... happened to be BN strongholds before 2008.

Right now, UMNO is claiming the Malays have "returned to BN", or something like that. But they are now scared to place a man at Penanti, where every 3 of 4 voters there are Malay. Perhaps they fear that claim being disproved, to wake up to reality...

Anyway, let these fellas continue with such daydreams of "BN-ism/UMNO-ism/Tuan Tanah-ism" if so wish. It gives good entertainment, and gives Pakatan votes from all races. Just don't freak out when BN gets booted from power, ok Kij?


Anonymous said...


Herewith the 1st draft for members of the DN community to comment/ make suggestions up to a week or so from now. I’ll make a 2nd and/or a final draft as necessary.

Before submission of letter, you might want to check with lawyers whether any statement in the letter and in the proposed attachments impinges on the Sedition Act. The fact that so many people have openly talked about seditious subjects does not preclude us from facing anything untoward when our views are put in writing and signed, even under a pseudonym. You might need to provide correspondence address if not contact phone numbers as well.

(to be updated to currently used terminology, spelling, etc. Any volunteers?)

Y.A.B Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin Yassin (spelling, titles)
Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia
Merangkap Menteri Pelajaran
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia

Y.A.B Tan Sri,

Menimbulkan Suatu Bangsa Malaysia Yang Bersatu Dan Bersepadu:
Cadangan Supaya Di Adakan Kajian Mendalam
Di Atas Pelaksanaan Sistem Pelajaran Di Masa Yang Lalu
Dan Kajian Semula Sistem Pelajaran Malaysia Sekarang

Dengan hormat nya, kami ahli-ahli kumpulan blog yang bernama Demi Negara, ingin mengemukakan cadangan yang tersebut di atas, demi kepentingan timbul nya suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang kukuh, bersatu dan bersepadu untuk masa hadapan negara kita. Kami bukan lah kumpulan politik; ha nya suatu kumpulan warga negara yang perihatin berkenaan perkembangan dan kemajuan negara.

Kami dapati amat penting di ada kan kajian-kajian tersebut memandangkan kapada betapa banyak nya timbul penulisan-penulisan di alam cyber dan lain-lain, yang di percayai di lakukan rakyat Malaysia, yang menunjukkan kurang hormat kapada Perlembagaan negara Malaysia dan tiada rasa cinta kadapa tanah air. Di antara nya:

- mengabaikan Bahasa Resmi dan mempromosikan bahasa bahasa lain, bertentangan dengan Per 152 Perlembagaan Malaysia
- mencaci kedaulatan institusi Raja-Raja Melayu yang di peruntukkan di Per 181 Perlembagaan Malaysia
- membangkitkan isi-isu sensitive saperti kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu
yang tertera di Per 153 Perlembagaan Malaysia
- menidakkan ada nya suatu “Social Contract” (berkaitan kerakyatan dan kedudukan istimewa Bumiputera) yang telah terjalin di antara kaum-kaum di negara ini sejak Merdeka dahulu
- mengkeji, malah mengatawakan, Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang di gubal mengikut Per 153 Perlembagaan Malaysia
- memperso’alkan pengorbanan bangsa Melayu sejak sabelom zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka dan melebihkan sumbangan bangsa pendatang dalam pembangunan negara ini, lantas mengeluarkan versi sejarah yang aneh dan membahayakan minda anak-anak Malaysia di bangku sekolah
- menyatakan mereka tidak terikat kapada apa yang nenek moyang mereka telah perkatakan di masa yang lalu, contoh nya perasaan terima kasih yang di lafazkan Presiden MIC Tan Sri Manickavasagam di Parlimen dan kata-kata Presiden MCA Tun Tan Siew Sin bahawa kaum Melayu telah “generous enough” terhadap kaum-kaum lain

Kita semua mesti elakkan peristiwa 13 Mei 1969. Kelakuan kelakuan tersebut di atas menimbulkan perasaan marah, salah sangka, benci membenci di antara kaum yang boleh mencetuskan perselisehan kaum saperti 13 Mei. Cyber sukar di kawal; kita ha nya boleh coba kurangkan mereka yang berfikiran saperti itu dengan cara mendidik rakyat sejak masa kecil. Oleh itu, amat lah penting kanak-kanak di bangku sekolah di ajar, di pandu dan di pupuk dengan nilai-nilai yang boleh mengelakkan pemikiran, penuturan dan penulisan saperti tersebut di atas. Satu cara yang paling berkesan ia lah melalui pelajaran di sekolah-sekolah. Dengan itu, sangat lah perlu suatu kajian mendalam di lakukan ke atas pelaksanaan sistem pelajaran di masa kebelakangan ini untuk mengtahui kesan baik buruk nya dari segi penimbulan suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang di hendakki itu. Berikutan dengan kajian tersebut, perlu lah di adakan suatu kajian yang melibatkan kenaikan taraf, pemindaan atau rombakan secara menyeluruh sistem pelajaran yang ada sekarang ini.

Bangsa Malaysia yang kami di kumpulan Demi Negara ingin melihat timbul di negara yang tercinta ini telah pun kami bincangkan bentok nya, unsur-unsur dan ciri-ciri nya, dengan mendalam sejak tahun 2008? yang lalu. Ekstrak-ekstrak penulisan ketua kumpulan ini dan komen ahli-ahli nya berkenaan konsep Bangsa Malaysia itu ada di lampirkan bersama sama ini – Lampiran A,B etc. (Suggest KM choose the relevant extracts from his Master Piece on Bangsa Malaysia, incl. 1-2 comments to show we have really discussed the concept).

Dengan ikhlas nya, kami ingin juga menyatakan pendapat kami bahawa gejala sekolah jenis kebangsaan (SJK atau vernacular schools) ada lah tidak seimbang dengan taraf Bahasa Melayu di negara ini. Malah SJK nyata bertentangan dengan peruntukan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Resmi negara ini. SJK tidak selaras dengan tujuan menimbulkan suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang benar benar bersatu dan bersepadu. Bahasa bahasa lain boleh di gunakan bagi selain dari hal hal resmi; tetapi nyata bahawa sekolah ada lah hal resmi. Masaelah masaelah yang timbul akibat ada nya SJK banyak di perkatakan bukan sahaja di blog Demi Negara, malah di banyak blog bertanggung jawab yang lain. Contoh hujjah hujjah menentang SJK yang di keluarkan di alam cyber ada di Lampiran C. (Request you folks to suggest solidly argued and well-substantiated samples). Dengan yang demikian, kami dengan hormat nya meminta supaya SJK yang ada itu di serapkan ke dalam sistem sekolah kebangsaan dan jenis sekolah itu tidak di teruskan lagi.

Dengan hormat nya, kami juga mencadangkan supaya kajian itu di lakukan oleh suatu kumpulan yang terdiri dari individu individu yang mempunyai kelulusan tinggi, luas pengalaman, kelayakan yang terkenal dan berkecuali politik (non-partisan) sapenuh nya, demi kepentingan integriti laporan yang di keluarkan. Beberapa individu luar negara yang terkenal dan berpengalaman membuat kajian saperti itu, yang tidak ada kepentingan peribadi atau terikat dengan mana mana suku bangsa di Malaysia, boleh di masukkan ka dalam kumpulan pengkaji itu untuk menambah darjat dan penghormatan terhadap kajian dan laporan tersebut.

Kami sedar bahawa Pegawai Pegawai tinggi Kementerian Pelajaran berpengalaman dan berkebolehan menyediakan Kertas Panduan (Terms of Reference) atau senarai aspek aspek kajian yang perlu di kajikan. Namun demikian, izinkan kami mengemukakan bersama sama ini juga suatu senarai perkara perkara yang kami fikirkan perlu di kaji – Lampiran D. (The list in sepadu’s comment 19 April 2009 @ 06:0 - in BM)

Kerana penting nya kanak kanak di negara ini mempunyai pengtahuan sejarah Malaysia yang benar dan cukup, kami juga mencadangkan supaya mata pelajaran Sejarah di mestikan di sekolah sekolah, saperti yang di lakukan untuk Bahasa Malaysia. Kanak-kanak yang mengetahui sejarah negara nya boleh menyedari perjuangan mereka yang lebih lama di rantau ini, mengakui sumbangan setiap suku bangsa di sini, hormat menghormati, bercampur gaul di sekolah yang satu sahaja aliran nya (sekolah kebangsaan), mesra antara satu sama lain. Dengan itu kita boleh berharap akan timbul satu Bangsa Malaysia yang kita idamkan. Selagi tidak timbul Bangsa Malaysia itu, kita akan berterusan sebagai bangsa rojak, sentiasa berdesas desus dengan irihati, caci mencaci dan sebagai nya. Ini tidak sihat, malah ada masa nya merbahaya, untuk masa hadapan negara.

Dengan hormat nya juga, kami mencadangkan supaya buku buku teks bagi mata pelajaran Sejarah di kaji secepat mungkin dan, mana yang perlu, di tulis semula oleh para akademik sejarah yang tidak partisan dan yang tidak ada kepentingan lain dari ha nya mengeluarkan fakta fakta sejarah dari segi penimbulan Bangsa Malaysia yang tersebut di atas. Jawatankuasa yang memilih penulis penulis buku teks itu, dan memilih buku teks yang akan di gunakan berikut nya, juga perlu mengandungi beberapa individu yang berlatar belakang yang sama.

Kami sangat mengharapkan perhatian dan pertimbangan Y.A.B Tan Sri di atas cadangan cadangan yang kami kemukakan ini, demi kepentingan Negara, Agama dan Bangsa Malaysia. Moga moga cadangan tersebut boleh dan akan di laksanakan.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Name – A pseudonym is in order as
this is a community of
PRESIDEN – Title: I propose KM and
trust everybody agrees
KM as President. His
ideas are the best.
this name, subject of
course to KM and you
all agreeing to it.


Resumes / curriculum vitaes of well qualified and experienced foreign academics and educationists may also be enclosed for the Minister's consideration in the selection of a few who might add to the credibility and integrity of the committee and of the reports produced. For example

- members of governmental committees on national integration, review of education system, who are familiar with research and studies done on these
subjects in their or other foreign countries

- members of NGOs and non-profit organizations directly engaged in national integration activities, research and studies on national integration, review of education system in foreign countries

The French model might be relevant; the current French President had raised integration issues during his past election campaign. The integration of Morrocan and other Arabs, the Jews, the gypsies and other minorities into the French mould,
any review of the education system planned or done to meet the integration requirements of the country and the election promises of the President. We appreciate zazaland’s offer to help; perhaps she can enquire about these at
the French government ministry concerned and alert us of any possibility of getting such resumes.


Tembeleng said...

"I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not," Chan said Saturday. "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."

Chan's comments drew applause from a predominantly Chinese audience of business leaders, but did not sit well with lawmakers in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Bwahahahaha. Aku dah cakap dahhh. Dari dulu lagi aku cakap kat member aku: orang Cina ni macam locust -- selagi ada dia akan ratah. Sebab tu hidup mereka tak pernah puas dengan apa yang ada, dan tak senang duduk kalau tengok orang lain ada lebih dari dia.

Rupanya orang Cina yang insaf pun sedar hakikat budaya dia sendiri.

Anonymous said...

woi mangkuk mangkuk hayun sekalian

apalah baghal sangat korang ni....siapa yang bagi tanah genting kat tokey

siapa menteri besar yang kena saman berjuta sebab rasuah balak....

janganlah baghal sangat

pegi tengok berita terkini tentang mb pahang yang kuat mencarut

balasan pertama dah kena....kena saman dengan tokey cina....tu lah....kuat rasuah...masa suka sama tokey cina tak ingat....sekarang baru tahu perangai ahi umno sama tokey cina....sama2 nak rosakkan harta rakyat dan negara

semoga korang semua dilaknat oleh rakyat malaysia tak kira kaum


Anonymous said...

Unker, how do you know that photo isn't mine goodself ....I am 70 yrs more gigi betul ....all palsu ....that's why can come out when laughing so hard need to use wrinkle cream 'cos already wrinkled mah ...too late ....I walk with a tongkat, not tongkat ali lah ....that is only for OTGs ...this is the real tongkat ...backache lah hair as you can see is whiter than the snow .....good combination huh ....kah kah lah believe me? :)

Anonymous said...

Pakcik Dal,

ooohhh masih ingat tu daun ketum ...padan muka dia si OTG tu ...put a lot Pakcik ... he'll be in the dreamland in 2 minutes ....:)

Pakcik, mana Kembara? Long time no see him ....what say you of his disappearance ..? MIA or AWOL?

Anonymous said...

Guys, I find that you all in DN are a bunch of horny warriors :) thing always leads to another .....first the toot, then the potong tak potong, then the toot toot train, now it is the steam .......unker u think I don't understand ka... lol

Hollywood refugee said...

Encik Sepadu,

Saya ada create satu wiki page sebagai platform untuk drafkan artikel anda. Klik sini :- jugak ada betulkan ejaan sedikit sebanyak, tetapi tidak mengubah perkataan untuk mengelakkan mesej dari lari.

Sila klik sini untuk "comparison" before & after :- Encik Sepadu fikir benda ni boleh menolong, create akaun wiki, dan nanti saya pindahkan artikel ni bawah akaun anda.

Anonymous said...

sepadu said,

"We appreciate zazaland’s offer to help; perhaps she can enquire about these at
the French government ministry concerned and alert us of any possibility of getting such resumes."

I'll try my best sepadu the moment I'm tied up but I'll be free day after tomorrow, I'll check around .....I know what you have in mind......also, don't forget that I am many time zones away from Nusantara......will try my best to be online at the same time as you folks ......

Good work, sepadu....


satD said...

Salam Bro KijangMas

Ok set the ball..

Folks I've set up a page at writeboard , it will allow us to comment on the document, edit etc etc and be able to monitor the version and compare the evolution of the doc...

Go here

Password = deminegara

PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME when you edit the doc, you may invite people to contribute (if u got the mail..huh are we becoming more intimate now)

Bro Sepadu well done let make it more cantik and laced with some sexy data ( Anybody got data on Education to prove the point that Verna School is problematic??)

Rezuan good effort u made there tapi panjang cerita nak kena bukak akuan wiki n all that jazz, do check out the writeboard n let me know what u think of the platform..

mademoiselle zaza

Unker est de plus en plus excitée nous avons besoin de circoncire lui bientôt

Jibam lu senduk betul la brader menyumpah sane ingat lu bomoh siam ke..Pak Cik Dal dah cantik ajak lu discuss constructively lu balas ini macam..lantak pi lah Jibam lu nak BLAMEStorming tak de hasil beb kambing gua pun bole buat benda tu

Cuba la lu bagi satu point cantik on how for those things not to happen or of how it happened, which control mechanism failed in the process??then only we can work towards something better....

PakCik Dal apa kabar...miss u :)

Anonymous said...

Memang pantang nombor satu. Very sensitive.

1.Don’t know wtf u r on about
2.Too busy
3.So they don’t end up like you


Boloh punya itu cikgu melayu tatak otak,

Boloh punya guru besar, tatau jaga sekolah

Boloh punya SRK/SMK, bulak semua boloh

Boloh punya Menteli Pelajaran, tarak pelajaran punya olang

Boloh punya Bus Sekolah Ali,

Boloh punya itu Makcik cuci jamban sekolah

Their Mindset. Coming from such poor country, mostly without education they have to RECREATE themselves, like our famous Unker Yew and his Paris, Hawaii bla fantasies..

will come to that later… heheheh.

Gua campur sama lu olang mayak lama… dalam poket ini semua temberang!

Which Province were your clans from Unker, we will know more about you?


Anonymous said...

Kalau macam tu at 70, please please come home to Msia. Kasi muda sikit for your age. My mum is 78, still driving..

Masih comel berkebaya labuh. And a damn good sharp-shooter...senapang patah saja..

Loves to tembak tupai masa musim durian kat kebun.

OK Unker Yew, will send some tupai meat for your BakKutTeh! hehehe


Anonymous said...

Brother satd,

C'est vrai, s'il n'arrive pas à se calmer....nous, on n'a pas de choix, il faut faire ce qu'on doit faire.....tant pis pour lui ..hahaha....Voyons, comment on va couper son 'truc' ....avec des ciseaux ou un couteau? hehehe

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


But can your mother do breakdance?

I can shoot too, but with a small pistol ...during my younger days I joined the 'Spy Brigade'....maybe I met Unker Yew already ....long long ago ...Hello again Commander! long time no see.....what's hup?

I'll send you the sanglier meat ASAP for your bakuteh ...can mix with the tupai meat ......sure sedap one!

Anonymous said...

KijangMas, brothers and sisters (if I sound like Marc Antony, I must state I came not to bury Caesar, only to get our points across!),

Am encouraged by the response of the Knights so far. Including newcomer Rezuan Asrah; with that kind of spirit and input, he might deserve a Knighthood in time to come, Your Highness KM.

satD, I can't get to that site. Even using a newer workhorse than my old Sony jalopy. Mybe my deficient browsing skills but the link you gave is not lit up on my screen and "did not match any .." result showing on every attempt.

zazaland, take your time. You have at least a week to do it.


tron said...

Bright Eyes,


The Malay vote went to a PAS candidate and not a Keadilan candidate in Bukit Gantang.

If you guys have no problem with PAS then please support what PAS is advocating wholeheartedly and not get epileptic and allergic when Tn Guru start talking about islamic values, yah.

Don't let it be a marriage of convenience as what you opportunist are known for.

As you very well know when it comes to the crunch - PAS ka, UMNO ka will come back to our islamic and Malay roots whether you like it or not.

If you are all for islamic values then I will more than ever be willing to greet you with open arms.

Hollywood refugee said...

Encik Sepadu,

Wikipedia dah delete page yang saya create tu atas alasan "kurang ensiklopedik" ??

Tapi bro satD dah create another page yang lebih user-friendly dan mudah.

Tam Dalyell said...

Tron .. And perhaps we can adopt a condescending position by humbly contributing our insignificant bit to the magnanimous effort of Sdr Sepadu?

That would be a very good start of measuring our compatibility don't you agree?.

Tron said...


I support Sepadu's effort but I have seen enough the reluctance to embrace Bangsa Malaysia.

Bak kata pepatah, nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih.

Heck, in my business trips to Singapore, more often that not even Singaporean CHINESE speak to me in Bahasa Melayu out of courtesy!

How embarassing is that?

For example, I have a young colleague SRJKC Educated, kepong based and British Uni degree holder who has never had a Malay friend or even bothered to have one until she was 26 i.e. now.

She herself told me that from young she and her chinese friends had been indoctrinated that Malays are lazy, commits incest, bestiality, needs to be spoonfed etc.

When I asked where did she get this from, she replied - MY FAMILY and from SCHOOL.

That was really shocking.

And when I asked her is this true in the context of now where she has opened her eyes a bit, you know the answer.

So who is to blame here?

My parents certainly didnt teach me to be a racist when I was young nor did my school teachers run down other races in classes.

And yes, I was educated in the last few Govt English Medium Primary School in KL (Pasar Road English School - now SRK Jalan Pasar) in the 80s and a Top Fully Residential School later on. All my teachers regardless of race never once planted these thought in our minds on racial profiling.

So you tell me what have these SRKJC products been thought?

These are FACTS from the horse's mouth itself and at the end of the day, they do really look stupid.

So there is no other alternative but to amputate the cancerous limb.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Thanks Rezuan, it's now easily assessible. Kembara politik has offered editorial help, spelling, grammar etc - accepted with thanks.

satD has provided comment section there. Am wondering whether we should all go there on this subject or continue here, going there only when checking status, making proposed amendments, additions, etc.

NJ, malay male, Naif, Cenderawasih, Pakcik Dal - thanks for expressing your support. (Hope have not missed anyone out, other than those already acknowledged). Tapi ada udang di sebalik nyebut nama ni. Any volunteers for pursuing satD's excellent suggestion of including data on Education to prove the point that vernacular schools are problematic, not conducive, even antithesis, to the evolution of a united and harmonious Bangsa Malaysia? Those who can't afford the time may suggest where exactly we can get such data - for example, which section of the Ed Ministry that may have them, to save time instead of going all over the places.

Friends, DO VISIT THE WRITEBOARD; the password is "deminegara".

KijangMas, we have a spirited and well meaning citizenry here that we all can be proud of.


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Tumpang lalu Tai Kor,

Hi satD & Zaza,

J'aime mon phallus trop pour le faire circumsized. Je le ferai si Mme Sarkozy, Carla Bruni veulent imitation comme condition avant des rapports sexuels.

Zaza, if u r 70, unker will trade u in for two 35y.o blondies lah.

Pakchik Dal,
Time’s out. U had ur chance but the window of opportunity had been shut lah for u to response. So u are a confirmed mamak. Full impart sudah podah, elek. But I think Kurtu had a case of mistaken identity. He actually meant the ‘mamak’ fella should be Tongkang not Pakcik Dal. Yeah that pesky pain in my a***, like a rabid Rottweiler snapping on my heels, refusing to let go.

Pakcik Dal, I think “Naina Tongkang Merican Farooque” actually hor drank your daun ketum teh tarik lah. He’s showing all the withdrawal symptom what; mata & hidung berair, sengal2 sendi, mudah marah & last but not least; lemah untuk bekerja. Tongkang, thanks but no thanks for the tupai meat, endangered species u know! WWF nanti not happy.

Unker Yew

P/S – Wah satD, u & 3 sons so blessed one leh. Big dicks & Big heads…oops brain lah I meant. Just joking only bro, jangan marah je. I better main juah2 now, MC want to get on.

Anonymous said...

And may I suggest we conduct a nationwide public awareness daily program (educational) bagi memdapat gambaran sebenar TAHAP kecekapan dan pemahaman Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan kita. (Perlis right to Sabah).

Simple questions such as;


Tembeleng said...

Bright Eyes:
piirah mabok. Dah sepet nak perasan mata cerah kunun. I think it's better if you change it to Double Eyelids instead; suits your face better.

In case you haven't heard, we in here have already given up on the Chinese. Like the Jews of Medina, they have a tendency to go back on their promises. If your people were Muslims you would be munafiqun. But since you're already kafir laknatullah, well...

Enjoy the 20% deviant Malays you have in your fold. They want to be just like you: godless, and without restraint to do whatsoever they wish. Personally, I think you guys look cute togeder-geder.

Anonymous said...

dalam beberapa tahun lagi mungkin ada sultan atau timbalan sultan cina dan india di semua negeri. apa salahnya kan? sambil2 tu, buat la juga lagu negaraku versi bahasa tiong hua dan tamil. barulah sama rata beb


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the support. It's a collaborative effort with input by many DN community members.

Your 1:40 comment is worth considering for inclusion in the Memorandum. Of course, if we can get reports on studies or research made on SJKs done by the Government, NGOs or reputable private research organisations, it would greatly enhance the respect attached to our objection to the vernacular schools phenomenon.

"The reluctance to embrace the Bangsa Malaysia concept" by people you personally know is the very reason why we must get the education system studied, reviewed and overhauled, so that conscious efforts are made to instil ideas on unity, respect for the Constitution and love for the country in the minds of school children so that they would not develop the kind of attitude you talked about. "Melentur mesti di masa rebong", the proverb says.

There may not be much hope for the insolent and incorrigible adults. Therefore, we must imbibe and nurture good values to the young in the schools so that they'll grow into responsive and responsible citizens.

Do visit the WRITEBOARD on the draft Memorandum - use the easy link per Rezuan's comment @ 10:45 above, password: deminegara.


Anonymous said...

Ooops! Unker,

Lu mai ane kuan kong…tampok tampok.

Kan aku dah kata, very sensitive.

TABOOOOOO nombor satu!

Tantrum .. naik berang dah tak dapat dikawal, gerammm hot hot.. Boloh punya Togkang!!

Kalau tak beritahu, mereka tak tahu yang kita tahu…

Tetapi sifat kita sebagai Islam, amat pemurah dan penyabar, very compassionate and understanding knowing jolly where they first came from, so we just make make no no wan la!



KijangMas said...

Sepadu asked:-
"Am wondering whether we should all go there on this subject or continue here, going there only when checking status, making proposed amendments, additions, etc."

Sepadu, why don't we discuss the overall issues here. Revisions to the document proper would be discussed there at Writeboard.

Beyond editing for style and grammar, as Bro satD mentioned, the memo should have supporting data that will vigorously validate the thesis. News reports such as this would be useful as well.

The first draft already substantially says it all and only needs the complementary data and the usual brush over.

A fundamental context to the message is that we are not advocating repression of any minority group, BUT are instilling the necessary and long-overdue framework for social cohesion and academic excellence across the land. And this vernacular school menace is just one of many, many factors in need of overhaul in our collective quest towards nation-building. This is above and beyond racial politics. This is a strategic national vision, a national imperative with ALL Malaysians as stakeholders.

To ensure no time wasting, I suggest:-

Sdr. Kembara Politik is the in-house editor and will work closely with Sdr. Sepadu. Bro satD is the Platform Admin./Technical guru and will review formatting and presentation style and lead in data mining (kengkawan, mari pakai cangkul tolong korek-korek-korek ...). We need to think of Version Control here. We don't want to have 15 differently edited, slashed, burned and ravaged docs in our midst.

Version control authority would be with Sepadu/Kembara/satD. The rest of us can suggest refinements either here or at Writeboard's comments section. Rezuan (the reformed DN Commenter of the month runner-up award winner) would assist where appropriate. 'Zuan, you're on one mth. probation, and no "air nenas campur rum" in the war room.

All Knights can share your thoughts and suggest refinements either here or at Writeboard. Pakcik Dal, cenderawasih, dot, tembeleng, tongkang, zaza, sakai, phonont, omong, and the rest ... silakan. Apo mana? Unker Yew, stay on the backburner with Gwo Burne and make sure he shows you both hands when he's near Gagak.

Going forward, a few Knights should be prepared to appear as warm bodies and meet with govt. officials, even with Muhyiddin himself, where necessary. I would look ridiculous in my deer mask and suit and Doc Martens with an RPG slung low.

Cenderawasih said...


jurnal-jurnal mengenai sekolah wawasan. saya cuma melihat sepintas lalu sahaja.mungkin isi kandungan jurnal ni berguna atau mencetuskan idea baru. kalau tak silap saya ternampak pasal dap, jaguh malaysian malaysian kita mengulas mengenai sekolah wawasan.

hipokrit dap ni

Unknown said...

"Strategies for effective awareness-raising can be developed, in order to change mindsets of
people. Such strategies could involve targeted mass media campaigns, and carefully crafted
media messages, a series of facilitated dialogue sessions, or popularization of social
integration/inclusion in local/regional languages."

Taken from "Expert Group Meeting on Creating an Inclusive Society:
Practical Strategies to Promote Social Integration
Paris, France
10 – 13 September 2007

Kembara Politik said...

Assalamualaikum & hello,

Tumpang lalu Tuanku KijangMas.

Just drop by to say hello to my dear Auntie Zaza :)

Kembara Politik said...

KijangMas wrote:

"Going forward, a few Knights should be prepared to appear as warm bodies and meet with govt. officials, even with Muhyiddin himself, where necessary. I would look ridiculous in my deer mask and suit and Doc Martens with an RPG slung low."

Hahahahaha (ROTF).

Anonymous said...

Hello Kawan Kawan,

Went (French) site visiting just now to check on that project of ours. Found interesting infos with regards to the politics of immigration/integration of foreigners in la belle France. Will do a translation and a short summary later.

Thanks sepadu for giving me one week, I think it is good enough time for me to do this....

Kembara Politik said...

Para pengunjung Demi Negara,

Let's start with this one:

Menimbulkan Suatu Bangsa Malaysia Yang Bersatu Dan Bersepadu:
Cadangan Supaya Di Adakan Kajian Mendalam
Di Atas Pelaksanaan Sistem Pelajaran Di Masa Yang Lalu
Dan Kajian Semula Sistem Pelajaran Malaysia Sekarang

Ada sebarang ayat yang lebih sesuai?

Can we use Melahirkan instead of Menimbulkan? Any other suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Da dua kali hantar comment and nothing. Am I being blocked for some reason ka?

Anonymous said...

Should you decide to invite Unker Yew … hah, you definitely must include me in!

And make sure he is seated next to me.

Dia cuba tembak and try to go out of line with his Balak and Hawaii stuff, ..

I akan pulas telinga dia!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kembara Politik,

Nice to see you around, Chief Editor.

Do come here as often as
possible ... :)
(aaiiii....macam lah blog ini aku yang punya)

Anonymous said...

Kembara, you asked,

"Can we use Melahirkan instead of Menimbulkan? Any other suggestion?"

- What about Mewujudkan? What say you and the rest?

Lipan Bara said...

Anonymous @ April 22, 2009 2:30 AM menangis kerana tak lepas masuk? Ko tak da tikit kot? Atau ko bawa barang seludup banyak banyak sangat.

Jabatan Kastam pandailah nak lepas atau nak kantoi siapa. Atau Kastam sengaja tahan supaya ko naik angin .. bila dah sampai masa .. kat kastam lagi ko dah kena cukai gila giler.

Walau mana pun ko bayar cukai, kita rakyat kebawah duli tuanku dapat hasil gak. Dah lama tak makan hasil dari delcapo ker kutu ker ...

Cuba lagi Anon. Jangan putus asa.

Anonymous said...

KijangMas, Kembara, satD,

I've no problem with Kembara's "melahirkan". I had thought of "membina" but Bangsa Malaysia, like language and culture, evolves, cannot be created. We can only create the environment for it to evolve.

Thanking Phonont for his input and it falls largely in Kembara's domain.

Zaza, you are fast becoming our beloved "agent" in le Paris. Mui bien. (These are the few foreign words I know. Hope KM and his friends in LA & Mexico, and satD would not laugh!).

To all DN community members, as I've said in the Writeboard, you may also make comments and suggestions on adequacy of the arguments, flow of ideas and sequence of thought in the draft.

The thrust of our presentation must be the evolution of a Bangsa Malaysia thru our education system, the creation of a suitable environment for that. It will sell our ideas better that way. I have re-casted and expanded the 5th para as SJK is a very important issue, per below. Let me know if you think anything in there runs counter to our objective:

Demi kepentingan lahir nya suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang benar benar bersatu dan bersepadu, perlu kami menyatakan pendapat kami berkenaan gejala sekolah jenis kebangsaan (SJK atau vernacular schools). SJK tidak selaras dengan tujuan melahirkan suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang tersebut itu. Malahan, SJK boleh menghalang lahir nya Bangsa Malaysia yang di idamkan itu. Ini ada lah di sebabkan beberapa perkara, di antara nya:

* SJK tidak seimbang dengan taraf Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Resmi negara ini. Malah, SJK nyata bertentangan dengan peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan bahawa Bahasa Melayu ada lah Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini.

* Bahasa penghantar di SJK bukan Bahasa Melayu atau Bahasa Kebangsaan atau Bahasa Resmi negara ini. Bahasa penghantar SJK(C), Mandarin, ada lah Bahasa Resmi sa buah negara asing, ia itu Peoples Republic of China, bukan bahasa bertutur mana mana suku kaum Cina yang tinggal di negara ini. Ini amat lah ganjil dan tidak dapat di terima kaum majoriti di negara ini.

* Amat wajar lah Bahasa Kebangsaan di gunakan bagi segala urusan resmi di negara ini. Dan amat nyata lah bahawa sekolah ada lah perkara urusan resmi, bagi mana mana negara pun.

* Dari segi "protection of the legitimate interest of the others", bahasa lain boleh di gunakan di negara ini bagi urusan urusan persendirian penganut penganut nya. Peruntukan di dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia membolehkan sesiapa mengajar dan berlajar bahasa lain, tetapi tidak menyatakan hal mengadakan sekolah sekolah yang bahasa penghantar nya lain dari Bahasa Kebangsaan.

Perkara 152(1)(a) ha nya menyatakan

" no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language:"

Ayat tersebut tidak berupa "mandatory" dan tidak memberi mandat kapada Kerajaan membenarkan, lebih lebih lagi memberi sokongan wang dan sebagai nya, kapada sekolah sekolah yang pembelajaran segala mata pelajaran nya di lakukan dalam bahasa lain dari Bahasa Kebangsaan.

* SJK tidak berbilang kaum pelajar pelajar nya (largely homogeneous) dan tidak sesuai bagi melahirkan suatu Bangsa Malaysia yang bersatu dan bersepadu. Kanak kanak berlajar dalam suasana terpencil dari aliran 'am yang berbilang kaum, mengakibatkan pemikiran terkungkung, penyerapan nilai nilai satu kaum sahaja, tidak bergaul dengan kaum kaum lain, tidak dapat pengtahuan dan pengalaman berinteraksi, kurang memahami adat resam kaum lain, susah menerima hakikat bahawa adat resam dan budaya kaum majoriti di negara ini perlu di hormati, menjadi janggal dan bermasalah menyesuaikan diri dalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum etnik.

Masalah masalah yang timbul akibat ada nya SJK banyak di perkatakan bukan sahaja di blog Demi Negara kami ini, malah di banyak blog bertanggung jawab yang lain. Contoh hujah hujah menentang SJK yang di keluarkan di alam cyber ada di Lampiran C. (Request you folks to suggest soildly argued and well-substantiated samples).

Dengan sebab sebab penting yang tersebut di atas, dan penerangan penerangan yang di kemukakan di lampiran lampiran berkenaan yang di sertakan bersama sama ini, kami dengan hormat nya meminta supaya SJK yang ada sekarang itu di serapkan ke dalam sistem sekolah kebangsaan, dan sekolah jenis itu tidak di teruskan lagi.

What do you think folks?


kopio said...

Kembara Politik,

How about,

"Menzahirkan Suatu Bangsa Malaysia Yang Bersatu Dan Bersepadu: .."

Anonymous said...

Right Tommy Yew give it to him. he got it properly from me that time He cannot deny because all I say about him is true blardy Dal mamak traitor. Why you BN morons terminate all 800 village chiefs pakatan rakyat appointed in Perak We will sue you all dirty UMNO sonofabitch. Now Bro Waythamoorthy is active back, sure finish man you all. Makkal Sakthi. He will form a new Indian party to finish off MIC What Malaysia resulted today is what old man senile DM has created for the past 20 years. Can you deny that People like you all here make it worse.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Zaza'a suggestion: Mewujudkan
Mine: Melahirkan
sepadu: Membina
kopio: Menzahirkan

TQ folks!

I believe sepadu's Membina is quite suitable. I will go for Membina.

Membina Satu Bangsa Malaysia Yang Bersatu Dan Bersepadu:
Cadangan Supaya Diadakan Kajian Mendalam
Ke Atas Pelaksanaan Sistem Pelajaran Di Masa Yang Lalu
Dan Kajian Semula Sistem Pelajaran Malaysia Sekarang

What do you think?

P/S: I never knew this editing job is quite challenging me! Duh.

Gwo Burne, Mo Far Kor pls!


Anonymous said...

Salam all,

Hopefully, semua dapat baca 1st draf by sepadu dan bagi feedback (spelling error, grammar, correction etc etc). Mungkin banyak idea dari anda semua.

Mungkin ayat yang digunakan tidak berapa sesuai. Mungkin anda semua ada ayat yang difikirkan lebih sesuai, so boleh bagitahu...jangan malu-malu ye..hehe

Minta tolong ye.


Tam Dalyell said...

Guess "membina" sounds apt.

Question of getting supportive figures .. I suggest start digging disciplinary data .. Specifically concerning progress, rebelliousness and communication problems among Remove Classes children ..

Guess such data can be furnished by any State Education Departments .. With the properly introduced approach they should be happy to oblige.

If anyone has any mole tunnels into the Edn. Ministry (possibly delinquent dept - or anything related to something like that), it would be of much help and convenient shortcut.


Anonymous said...


I still prefer your "Melahirkan". But I'll leave it to Tuanku to decide on the choices our members put forward.

After this exercise we'll recommend you to be Editor-in-chief of NST! I heard the "Fourth Floor" fellow has divested his interest and influence there!

Don't worry, we'll be behind you all the way. Just holler when you need specific help.

Mat Cendana,

Long time no hear. Just to say hi. I know you have your priorities and need to follow them. Salam.


Anonymous said...


The resumes or curriculum vitaes - I wonder if we need permission to use them from the individuals cocerned? I guess no harm in asking.

Kawan kawan semua,

Any one would like to act on Pakcik Dal's suggestion?


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Pakcik Dal, u very lucky lah, your window of opportunity ‘re-opened’ (kangkang) again. Now u really need to use your Tongkat Sakti……..tooot..tooot….All on board, new dawn had began. Don’t waste time & think too long or too much, just shoot from the head.

KM, I backburner, WTF??? Oh Gwo Burne went off to get more supply of Mo Far Kor, your committee sapu all oreadi. No need to watch his hands lah; he’s not as nifty than JJ mah.

Ee kor si nang kia Tongkang, bor kar si leh, macam mana gua takda tahu lah. Better kee pak chiew cheng.

OK folks back to work. Unker make kopi 4 us, ok?

Unker Yew.

satD said...

Salam Folks..

Sori been tied up of late...

On the document:
Do we want to have 2 documents i.e. one the memo (3 page killer) + an executive brief (10 page details)

If we start to include the key points into bro Sepadu draft, the memo will be around 10 pages(or more). Not sure if TPM will cover the 10 page.

So on the memo suggest as follows:

1. Intro (about us) n Objective of Memo
2. As is Analysis and Key Issues Observed
3. Potential High Level Action Plan (Long Term, Medium + Immediate), so here the immediate action is the in depth Study that we want them to do...for other parts we can brain storm and put in a table of the key structural variable required to achieve the ultimate objective of Bangsa Malaysia.

The executive brief may provide more details with supporting reference materials on the subject. Bear in mind that on the data we may not be able to get them prior to Apr 30 and this work should actually be done by the consultants tasked to do the detail research. Even with data we may have difficulty due to the lack of proper "control population" monitoring i.e. Performance of Kids(Non Malay) in Normal Stream vs Verna (ability in Nat Language)

rezuan..thank u for ur assistance with writepad...good job.

bro Sepadu & Kembara may i have ur email plse (send a comment to bro KijangMas and he will pass it to me without publishing the comment)

Aiyoo Unker...manyak tinggi ur dreams ah...Carla bruni tu!

Zaza we can pass Unker to Mamasita n gang for full bobbit treatment..adeke nak trade in our lovely zaza....tara class la itu macam Unker

Don'tPlayPundeks said...


"Kurathu" and "Tommy Yew" are the same. Just tracked their IPs (thanks Ron for the nifty cookie). Coming out of Perth, Australia. No wonder lah they buddy-buddy as in "Right Tommy Yew give it to him. he got it properly from me that time."

Right ball talking to left ball ka? And the dick does nothing. He he he.

Anonymous said...

wa bukan mau same late.wa mau lebeh.sekalang wa tatak same late sama lu so wa mintak same late.nanti kalau lapat same late wa mau mintak nak lagi lain.mintak lebeh

sebab wa ada usahe bangunkan ini semue a,malas.suka be-rh-syuko saje dan hidup sede-rh-hana

olang-olang kaum wa semua manyiak lajin.wa punye kompeni cuma telima yang bole be-rh-bahase cina sahaja demi memasti kelajinan.ini tidak menidak hak kaum lain.ini hanye memasti kelajinan


Cenderawasih said...


Maaf,link saya bagi terpotong pula.tak mengapa kurang penting,untuk bacaan sahaja.

Betul Pakcik Dal, kita perlukan nombor untuk menyokong cadangan kita..Kalau penuh dengan hujah dan cadangan saja mungkin kurang menyakinkan.Sesiapa yang yang boleh dapatkan data2 tu?

Saya cuba cari jurnal2 antarabangsa(polarisasi kaum,pendidikan vernacular) ,setakat ni belum ada yang berguna.Banyak yang tak boleh buka.Kena bayar..


membina lebih sesuai...
Pernah dengar Penyata Razak dan Barnes?

"Right Tommy Yew give it to him. he got it properly from me that time He cannot deny because all I say about him is true blardy Dal mamak traitor."

"Why you BN morons terminate all 800 village chiefs pakatan rakyat appointed in Perak We will sue you all dirty UMNO sonofabitch."

Bunyi macam kurtu, sekarang dia guna nama kurathu pula. Dia ni tak puas hati lagi tuduh orang pengkhianat.

Wei kutu anak gampang,kau ni bengap ke?Bangang betul mamat sorang ni. BN tak ada kena mengena dengan kami. Kau cakap DM senile?Geng2 tak ada akal ni kalau dia tak puas hati semua dilonggok kat Tun Dr Mahathir. Jatuh lubang taik salahkan TDM,tersepak batu salahkan TDM. Tak puas hati dengan kerja salahkan orang melayu,gagal sikit salahkan NEP.Susah skit salah prinsip meraka-

"jika kita gagal,salahkan apa sahaja disekeliling kita"


brighteyes,blog ni non partisan....

Flaming Dayak said...

Just found out abt this blog and couldn't agree more with the content. Tuan KM, pls allow your Borneo subject here to handle this Kurtu "jai" - this barang rosak.

Dammit, at a time when we are discussing and people here are busy working towards a true united Malaysia under one language and school stream, this Kurathu cowdung turns up. Dah lah masuk sini, kurang ajar lagi. Sikap paria memang susah nak buang.

Hey black pundek, LU SIAPA? Tambi, ari ni penatai nuan? Lubang mana? Sapa enggau nuan? Antu itam? Hoi, ela tingung-tingung! He he. Who are you to come barking here and insult people? Can't you see Tambi that you taik hitams are IRRELEVANT to this country? You are just the filthy leftovers - the sisa-sisa pejal, the contaminated toxic waste - of an unfinished social restructuring scheme, which the group here is determined to see through.

Its laughable that a little group of untouchables like this black pundek here have the audacity to think they have a major stake in this country and can call the shots??! Wahh, udah besar kepala sekarang ah tambi? Lu lucu lah pundek. Thank Jesus we don't have your kinds in headhunterland. But it would have been nice to have a black head to go with my white, yellow, brown and purple ones on the rafter.

This clown is even concerned about penghulus while their own wretched community has been destroyed by a culture of samsu, abuse, educational underachievement and rampant gangsterism.

Ayoyoyo black Tambi, ninga meh, we have now realised that your fast-dwindling 7% is irrelevant to this country - in politics, in society, in everything - and we have given up on you damaged goods. And you can throw your fellow paria MIC into the jamban for all we care. In fact, pls take the PPP tricksters as well while you're at it. Ok Kurtu Tambi? Throw one, throw one free. Same with the near-defunct MCA, Gerakan, and all of the damaged-goods parties.

You see Tambi, the 23%+7%=30% damaged goods of this country have gone to the Pakatan freakshow for good. And we don't want them back. Good riddance, praise Deva Muruga. You blackshit and yellowslime can all stay in that goddamn hellhole and fornicate among yourselves and create the Chindians much sought after by the Brickfield pimps and Miri whorehouses.

Let me share with you a little secret: "You have no place in a future Persekutuan Malaysia." Ok? You don't belong. The Bumiputras (inc. my tribe) have given you five DECADES to conform, to integrate, to be one of us. But no. You people are just tooooo dumb to learn new tricks. Even paria dogs can learn and adapt. But not you two-legged parias. See us, the people of the Batang Rajang, we got no SJK Iban. We all proudly go to the SKs and now integrate well with fellow Bumis of the peninsular. You? No more educational tongkats for you. No more SJKC and T for you rejects and outcasts. You want a taste of my Timang Gawai Amat curse? You want to become fuzzy little black balls for my keychain? Hehehehe ...

In a way I pity unwanted immigrants like you , Kurtu. You just don't belong anywhere. Mother India don't want you. My headhunterland kick you back to our peninsular brothers at the airport. The Western countries hate your black faces and spit on you. And now you have given us reason to relook at the whole failed social experiment of the past 50+ years.

You can take your Makkal Pundek with you as well. Have your next Hindraf demo in Guantanamo Bay and the Unwanted Scums detention centre in the Aussie outback. Ha ha ha, and enjoy being whipped by your White masters there. Ayoyo sirrr, painful sirrr. Amma, appa, yennadey. he he.

I suggest you go to your rumah setinggan and pack whatever stolen goods you have into a gunny sack and go jump into a tongkang and paddle fast. And don't look back or you'll turn to black stone. Ha ha ha ..... perasan punya blackass coward!

Anak Iban Simanggang
- and a proud Anak Malaysia

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