Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robin Returns ... More Conversation with an Alienised Malaysian

I met my friend Robin in PJ recently while on a stopover from somewhere far to Kota Bharu.

Robin seemed more animated this time, more agitated by events unfolding before his bespectacled gaze. He’s more edgy, more amenable to contentious debate, and seemed to have a loadful of grievances in his mind. He mumbled about the one-year anniversary of the “Anwar 916 Scam” -- the stillborn political revolution that was supposed to sweep the self-proclaimed non-Bahasa Malaysia literate Anak Bangsa Malaysia crowd to the corridors of power in Putrajaya. Then he bitched about the Perak political imbroglio, including the state assembly mayhem, blaming everything under the sun on UMNO/BN while oblivious to the root cause and sequence of events that led to the comical scenes, topped by the unforgettable spectacle of A. Sivakumar being dragged kicking and screaming from the Speaker’s chair. He next turned into a pseudo-CSI expert by blaming MACC officers for Teoh Beng Hock’s death, seemingly in denial of the slimy web of deceit and treachery permeating the incestuous relationship between elements of the Selangor Pakatan government and their organized crime siblings. The series of by-election victories for Pakatan didn’t seem to uplift Robin’s spirit. In fact, they just whet Robin’s appetite for more of everything. More power, more rights, more privileges, more concessions, more of everything.

I had three hours to burn at the PJ kopitiam, so I bought him a cuppa thick black local coffee, some kaya-spattered roti bakar and a couple of soft boiled eggs. I had the same thick black coffee and some subpar undercooked Nasi Lemak garnished with oily sambal, limp timun and burnt ikan bilis.

But fine cuisine was not on our minds.

Between voracious mouthfuls of roti bakar with kaya drooling on his thin office worker fingers concurrent with loud slurps of kicap-soaked soft boiled eggs, Robin mumbled a series of grievances befuddling his social universe. Perhaps he longed for my retort, a sort of self-inflicted spiritual masochism to exorcist the ghost of failed expectations haunting his inner being.

I was intently inspecting the Kopitiam’s grotesque rendition of the Nasi Lemak, a Riau Malay staple, when Robin abruptly blurted the first of his gripes. He protested, “You think it’s easy to speak Malay as a non-native speaker?” I took Robin’s outburst almost as a reprieve, an excuse to at least delay the partaking of the Nasi Lemak. Half distracted and switching focus from food to friend, I asked, “What do you mean?” Robin clarified, “You see, the Chinese here spent their childhoods immersed in their ancestral dialects and, in many families, English as well. Then they go into the Mandarin-centric world of the vernacular schools.” He added, “The rich kids proceed to private schools and an overseas education, bypassing the Malaysian educational system altogether. As for the rest of us …” I interrupted, “Yeah my friend, what happened to these people?” Robin incredulously said, “Haiya, they all must go to government schools lah. They must cakap, tulis, kira and baca in Melayu maah!” I said, “Yeah, so? What seem to be the problem for these fellow Rakyat and Warganegara Malaysia?” A flustered Robin interjected, “You think these poor kids can easily adjust their mind to think and learn and converse in Malay after a Mandarin and English-centric existence all their young lives?”

Before I could reply, Robin unleashed another burst, “What kind of country is this? You repress us from all angles; even our kids’ education you purposely impose learning impairments via language to ensure they are only as smart as the dumb kampung …...” I assertively stopped him in mid-tirade and said, “Robin, why don’t we both shut-up and eat first. Then we’ll talk. I’m hungry, this Nasi Lemak is a disaster and I better order something else before my hunger-induced urge to hunt for edible wildlife gets the better of me right here in PJ.” Robin ignored my pleadings and repeated his point. My primal instinct was to grab his scrawny neck and let go an uppercut to solve his problem, and then hunt for edible wildlife while I’m at it. But he’s a dear friend, albeit woefully damaged by four decades of societal conditioning. Hence, I will bear with him and collectively unravel the issues contributing to his inner grief.

I pushed his hand aside, quickly grabbed and made short work of the last piece of his roti bakar, gulped down a glassful of air suam and looked at him straight in the eye. I said, “Robin, why are you crying to me and blaming the government about the fallout of your own community’s stupidity?” His attempt to rebut was met with an even more forceful brush-off from a jet-lagged, hungry KijangMas and he wisely stuffed it and quiveringly slurped his kopi-o while half-staring at the inquisitive gaze of some noisy Hokkien cussword-obsessed dyed-haired Leng Chais at the adjacent table.

I asked Robin wasn’t it the decision of the ethnic-Chinese in Malaysia to insist on a separate education stream based on Mandarin, the national language of the People’s Republic of China? Why complain when many of these shortchanged Chinese kids later couldn’t adapt to the mainstream Sekolah Kebangsaan? Didn’t the government since the era of TDM attempted to gradually integrate these SJKC and SJKT kids with their Sekolah Kebangsaan counterparts, with the first step being the Sekolah Wawasan concept of shared canteen and recreational facilities? I said, “So Robin, who resisted this measure and rendered it an utter failure?” See, you people not only demand a separate educational silo, you also fight to maintain complete social segregation from the rest of Malaysian society at the crucial formative years of your young people. Of course, by the time these kids become adolescent First Formers at the integrated Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, its already too late. They would find it hard to adapt with the mainstream, where every facet of life language, culture, identity and self-image seemed so different, so alien.

Robin seemed stumped at the very obvious answer, perhaps reflective of his social group's abject irrationality on matters of education and social integration, where even the simplest, obvious answers are smothered by their collective prejudices and eluded their consciousness. With Robin in a state of logical incoherence, I inquired why it is o.k. for his two nephews in Perth to go to the Aussie equivalent of our Sekolah Kebangsaan and his wife’s kid brother likewise in Vancouver? Why no insistence on SJKCs in Western Australia or British Columbia? Forget these faraway places, what about Johor’s old Pulau Singapura? Any more “Chinese School” in Kiasu Country? Nope. No "Chinese School" in Singapore. Sure, they have Mandarin "Mother Tongue" classes, but that's it.

I asked, “Hey, I heard some bloggers initiated a campaign for unified schools …” Robin interjected, “Haiya Bosz, this was started by that baby rusa with RPG maah, rusa mas or Bambi Rambo or something.” I said, “You mean Bambo?” Robin said, “Yeah. He should show his face lah.” I added, “Well, maybe that’s how he actually looked like?” Robin replied, “Could be la Bosz, and we won’t laugh if he’s ugly maah. Bloggers are all fat or ugly one what, true or not ah Bosz?” I said, “Ya kah? And some are probably maladjusted psychos too.” Robin nodded and made a quite convincing impression of a “cyber-psycho” while loudly slurping his soft-boiled eggs. He mumbled, “I heard this rusa mas used to serve with Baby Doc Duvalier’s Tonton Macoutes in old Haiti.” I said, “No lah, where got? I read in a subversive blog that he was sifu for the 12-year old twins that led the whacky, now disbanded “God’s Army” in eastern Myanmar? And then his ragtag guerillas launched an insurrection somewhere in Thailand.” Robin queried, “Waulau Bosz, you know a lot about this baby rusa; you know him ahh?” I ignored Robin’s inquiry and continued to probe his mindset, asking why he seemed to resist Satu Sekolah. Robin then went on and on about cultural preservation, ancestral relics and heritage pride and the importance of maintaining the roots and origins and vestiges of some glorious past.

I asked Robin, “Waah, if your peoples’ past in your medieval ancestral domain was so great and worthy of worshipping and emulation to the traumatic extreme by fifth generation Malaysians, why did your ancestors jettisoned themselves from this glorious land of culture and heritage and underwent unimaginable risks and hardships to start a new life with nothing more than a cangkul in a hot tropical neverland claimed as their own by "racist Malays”? Robin protested, “Haiyah, I don't know what happened in the past, but now that we are here, we must defend our language and culture and identity maah!” I asked how come only descendants of immigrants in Malaysia worry soooo very much about “Cultural Preservation”? In California, the first thing foreign students and economic migrants from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Indian subcontinent would do is to throw away their Cultural Baggage (clothing, mannerism and language) and metamorphose into a California Beach Bum celup faster than I can say Gong Xi Fa Cai! And these people crave acceptance even as they are ridiculed on American national television.

Yeah, just last week I met and barely recognized “Bruce Liow,” a 20-something Perakian who is making a small Ringgit fortune as an illegal kitchen hand at Benihana in nearby Torrance using his cousin’s Green Card and Social Security number. Well, the old kuaci-junkie Liow Siew Meng is gone just six weeks after he absconded from his Tour Group at Disneyland. I’m sure even old madam Liow in Bidor wouldn’t recognize her son, with his dark glasses, baggy bermudas, oversized sweatshirt, hush puppies, chewing gum and all. I don’t see a dire need to maintain any Chinese cultural roots and ethnic identity and linguistic heritage in this Bruce Liow @ Liow Siew Meng. Why only in Malaysia? Why is this “need” to uphold some obscure Kwangtung heritage and Fukien pride, this pathological need for ancestral language and identity prevalent only in Malaysia, but not in America, Britain, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere? I don’t see cries for cultural preservation and vernacular schools in these places? Why?

I told Robin, “Come on buddy, just look at Kylie Kwong. She talks and acts more Australian than the typical Aussie from the outback!” I added, “And you yourself adapted well to your old Australian college and job and lifestyle, with no demands for Chinese anything? Then how come you morphed into a grotesque ethnocentric monster when you returned to Malaysia, demanding Chinese rights over everything? Is it because the Malaysian government is a pushover, soft and clueless and blinded by a misguided adherence to some twisted socio-diversity fairytale parroted by anti-unity racists out there, exacerbated by abject ignorance of the history of nationbuilding in the world through the ages?" Robin kept quiet as he digested my inquisition. Really, out of the 200
plus nations on the face of this Bumi, how come this “must have Chinese school or else” compulsive obsessive disorder afflicts only Persekutuan Malaysia? Yeah, nowhere else on earth. So Malaysia proudly joins China and Taiwan to form an exclusive Mandarin-centric SinoSuperSpecial Educational League. Now you tell me how can this make sense?

I said “Malaysia Boleh!” Robin said, “please lah Bosz, I hate that phrase.” Huh? Now you add another item in your ever growing bucket of Malaysian symbolisms and instruments of nationhood that you took it upon yourselves to become allergic to? I told Robin half-jokingly, “I have a cure for your PatrioPhobia affliction; I’m gonna make you put on a Songkok and hold a Keris up in the air and shout ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ on the chair of this kopitiam. Then you sing Negaraku out loud with tears of patriotic joy streaming down your cheeks.” Robin smirked and let out a pained laugh and said, “Haiya, Negara Lu lah Bosz, not Negara Ku. Bukan aku punya.” Before I could digest this profound statement, Robin sprang to life and blurted, “You know what, even our 31st August Merdeka Day is not for all, non inclusive, and meaningless to the Sabah and Sarawak people.” I’ve heard this subversive spin before but feign ignorance to further harvest the contorted nuggets from the dark recesses of this Alienised Malaysian’s psyche. I asked: “Huh, where did you get this anomalous logic, the Pakatan gang?” Robin affirmed it energetically, and with new found vigour and conviction said that his DAP and PKR friends are now unraveling the many fallacies created by UMNO over the past half-century. With pride and fervour, Robin proclaimed: “I will never accept 31st August 1957 as Malaysia’s National Day” and gurgled and gulped down the last of his kopi-o with gusto.

My amazement at Robin’s near malignant political impairment was smothered by hunger pangs exacerbated by my refusal to consume the Nasi Lemak. Upon my repeated hyper-gesticulation with deft use of the global sign language to depict “mana gua punya order?” and “lu mau kena hantam ka?the sour-faced overworked Rohingya illegal worker let go of his filthy mop and brought much needed sustenance, this time Teh Tarik Kurang Manis, and he made sure his filthy paw got imprinted on the spilled condensed milk near the rim of the glass, yup, the spot meant for your lips. Likewise for our Roti Canai Banjir where his thumb was half-immersed in the parapu. I gesticulated my disgust at his unhygienic ways and this pendatang (who would probably carry a Sabah-issued MyCard by next year) hurriedly disappeared into the crowd and came back with two small bowls of soft-boiled eggs and a tall glass of Iced Coffee which we did not order. Visibly irritated by this distraction, Robin said at least the Iced Coffee came with a straw and he didn’t see any thumb sticking into the soft-boiled eggs when it was dumped on our table. I agreed. So its soft-boiled eggs as the main course for me then, washed down by the Iced Coffee.

Energised by the dose of protein (… and cholesterol), I asked Robin if he’s a regular at this joint? He said, “Of course; good food maa. Cheap somemore. And can feast the eyes for free at the clubbing Ah Mois, sniggering with a typical HamSapLo twinkle in his eyes.” I wondered where are these Ah Mois? All I saw that evening were pathetic, lonely Ah Sohs lamenting the loss of their Ah Peks to the leggy China Mali wallet busting "tourists." And I began to sense a correlation between Robin’s degenerative political logic with the frequency of his consumption of detergent-, dirt- and bleach-laced food and drinks at that busy kopitiam. So I told a bemused Robin, “Hey you can be a good subject for a simple linear regression model here, where I can correlate the frequency of your visit to this kopitiam to the deterioration of your political mindset.” My attempt to inscribe the elegant equation of the Robin-Kopitiam PoliRetard Coefficient on the serviette was interrupted by our Rohingya floor cleaner cum dirty-hands food preparer who dumped another two plates of the infamous Nasi Lemak on our messy table. I asked this shifty-eyed PATI, which I Christened “Tyrone,” who the heck ordered two more plates of this insult to my culinary senses? Tyrone’s hand gestures and garbled talk implicated a surprised Robin. I asked Robin to start gesticulating wildly that he did not order the food, and sniggered in schadenfreude anticipation of Robin’s impending communication calamity in sorting out this mess. Well, Robin nonchalantly uttered to Tyrone in Hokkien – you know the Boh Liao stuff – and this filthy-pawed brute kinda curtseyed and merrily hop scotched and skipped away to deliver the two plates to a couple of busily gossiping Ah Sohs! Well, I’ll be darned. I asked: “Hoi Robin, these new pendatangs also go to the SJKC kah?” Robin replied, “No lah Bosz, it's straight from rickety tongkang to kopitiam two months ago for this guy” in a rare show of wit and humour that got me laughing.

The sideshow now behind us, Robin spiritedly repeated the glorious platinum-class DAP-concocted rallying point that 31st August is not the National Day for all Malaysians, this time convinced that I would not be able to rebut him. While gazing at the sight of his lips touching Tyrone’s sticky pawprint on the slimy Teh Tarik glass (further reaffirming the empirical evidence of the stillborn Robin-Kopitiam PoliRetard Coefficient), I asked: “O.k., based on your logic, 37 American states should not accept July 4, 1776 as their independence day then.” As Robin continued slurping the bleached-enhanced Teh Tarik, I told him that since only Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia signed the declaration of independence, the Americans would need to celebrate the 4th of July PLUS 37 other dates for the other states of the union. Does this make sense? The 49th state Alaska joined the American union only on January 3, 1959 and 50th state Hawaii joined as recently as August 21, 1959, almost two centuries after American independence. I asked Robin whether Alaskans and Hawaiians celebrate these dates? Before Robin could muster a spin to his answer, I told him, “Heck, they don't even know about these dates.” So I asked whether these late entries make them less American than a jock from Connecticut? Obviously not. Then why the opportunists of the Pakatan gang want to poison the minds of our Borneo brothers by creating an issue out of nothing, by isolating 31st August as if it symbolised some Tuhan-forsaken UMNO-designed non-event, and not a symbolic beginning date for the emancipation of the various Kesultanan Melayus and Negeri-Negeri Selat and later the Wilayah-Wilayah Borneo that coalesce to ultimately form the Federation of Malaysia? My point suddenly snapped Robin from his mental block induced by the political subversives infesting his ethno-cultural community. I cynically asked Robin perhaps the American’s singular Fourth of July date was the work of the UMNO people as well? I said: “Hey buddy, you better open DAP cawangans in the 37 other states and instigate their populace against this “unfair” date. Who knows, maybe UMNO had a hand in the selection of the Fourth of July date over 230 years ago?”

Our animated exchange was suddenly interrupted by the deafening sound of broken pottery, overturned chairs and tables, and a dull thud akin to a fallen sack of potatoes. Wau-lau-eh, Tyrone had slipped on the slimy floor and laid waste to three fresh, piping-hot bowls of Curry Mee he was ferrying to a bunch of rowdy men with walkie-talkies, probably car repossessors ubiquitous in the current economic malaise. The Leng Chais on the next table burst out laughing as a dazed, blushing Tyrone rearranged his splayed butt and picked up pieces of crockery amidst the splattered noodles, kerang, tauhu goreng, fishballs and taugeh oozing in the pool of curried slime. I couldn’t help sniggering myself at the ridiculousness of the scene, and commented to Robin on the subpar quality of recent pendatangs. Robin surprisingly roared back amidst the din, “Come on lah Bosz, you Melayus are also pendatangs what?” He added, “I read somewhere that you come from Sumatra and Java and all those little pulaus and curi this land from the Orang Aslis.”


This guy has some kind of a deathwish or what? I’m still hungry, may miss my flight, and this old friend has just opened a Tong of Ulats that may trigger quite a few more broken bowls of Curry Mee plus tables, chairs and some faces.

But my anger turned to pity as I stare into Robin’s glazed eyes, and contemplated how far my old friend has been manipulated by the relentless DAP and PKR propagandists.

Time for more food.

I summoned a limping Tyrone and ordered additional refreshments. Bolstered by a fresh bowl of Curry Mee to complement Robin’s Char Kuay Tiau, I throttled a series of what I call logic modules into Robin’s mangled mind. I asked Robin, “If you perceive the Malays as fellow pendatangs, then why demand rights and concessions and giveaways from a group who are in the same 'boat' as you? Why should a fellow, albeit senior, 'pendatang' who had fought hard to stake his claim on this land amidst a millenium of competing claims by regional rivals and global colonisers, and administer it via age old customs, laws, and social norms give you anything?" Yeah why? What do you as a junior pendatang give in return?

Faham ka?

Folks, understand this point clearly. Your act of demanding all kinds of goodies from the Malays shows that you implicitly recognise the Malays as the owners of this territorial domain, this Negara, and its corresponding laws, rights, privileges, land and resources.

Betul ka? You can only minta from a tuanpunya. So your act of demanding a whole bunch of stuff from the Malays (freehold land titles, cultural freedom, linguistic rights) demonstrated your recognition, pengiktirafan, of the Melayus as the owners, the Tuan, of this land. Hanya tuanpunya boleh memberi kepada si peminta. How can one give something that one doesn’t own?

I told Robin that he cannot have it BOTH ways. If he wants the Malays to agree they are pendatangs as well, than he has no right or reason to demand anything from a fellow pendatang. So every pendatang for himself and herself now in the land of the pendatangs. BUT if Robin wants the Malays to give him stuff, then by implication he ackowledges Malay OWNERSHIP of whatever he is demanding, be it land, scholarships, cultural freedom, language rights, and so on. Betul ka?

Robin nodded in apparent agreement and dejectedly stared at his half-eaten Kuay Tiau. See folks, the single biggest strategic blunder the non-Malays can commit in their overall quest for relevancy in this land is to convince the Malays that they are fellow pendatangs, on the same tongkang as the various Chinese suku kaums, Tamils, Keralans, Punjabis and Bengalis. You see, the minds of pendatangs anywhere on earth are calibrated differently, guided by strong survivalist imperatives spawned by the ancestral displacement that permeates their soul for many generations. Pendatangs grab and hoard and grab and hoard whatever opportunities they could find. Their lives revolve around the search for jalans and lubangs and short-cuts that they can kao tim their way into to get at the largesse at the other end of the “transaction.” They don’t share with other pendatangs, even with members of the same tribe. And this trait is readily demonstrated time and again by our fellow countrymen still trapped in this pendatang mindset. Often, the only thing they’ll share with their neighbours is the unsolicited 3am loud barkings of dogs guarding their hoard or the spillover chaos and mayhem caused by their quest to grab and hoard more than their fair share of the economic and now political pie.

Look at the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy of December 2008. I was there on many occasions to assist loved ones. And you know what? Practically all of the hundreds of volunteers were Malay Muslims – with heroic efforts by groups such as Jamaah Islah Malaysia. Yes, this is the same JIM vilified by the debilitatingly ignorant Ooi Chuan Aun @ “Jeff Ooi.” You see, the bigotry of this fledgling politician blinded his ability to differentiate between Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) and Jemaah Islamiah (JI), the purported regional militant group. This is the problem with chauvinists like Jeff Ooi. While spewing empty rhetoric on cultural diversity in a multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multi-everything neverland in their sporadic delusions of self-grandiosity, they themselves show little tolerance for anything different from their pathetic China-centric little beings.

The impressive display of Malay Muslim volunteerism was matched by the thousands of policemen, bomba, SMART team, tentera, MPAJ personnel and JKR workers who were also almost all Melayus and Borneo Bumiputras. Y
eah, I saw PKR, PAS and UMNO members near ground zero, with PAS cadres the hardest working of the lot, often digging and removing debris with their bare hands. Tapi mana DAP? Mana MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, IPF? Mana itu candlelight vigil junkies? Too rough and messy for you people? You "fight" for freedom and democracy only in clean, tiled squares with cute water fountains and blinking neon lights and within walking distance of your favourite boutique café where you dump your obese torsos and pig-out and gossip for four hours after demo-ing for one hour? And what the heck is this all about? Hey, I thought I've warned you MT Junkies about the hazards of Dewa-nisation? Weird bunch lah, people. And mana itu Hindraf "underdogs" in their bright orange t-shirts? In fact, the very week of the tragedy, Makkal Sakthi-shouting whackos of the Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas or Jerit caused an untimely distraction when their bicycle riding stunt ran smack into the police near Rawang. Precious law enforcement resources, including the Selangor police chief, had to be redeployed north to handle these rabble rousers who were further instigated by the usual provocateurs of course. Why can’t these people use their excess energy to good use? Why cause pandemonium and anarchy on the streets to the great inconvenience of law-abiding citizens when they could be helping out the victims of the landslide tragedy and then promote their cause at the same time? Ayoyo aney, go fight for the rights of your “Rakyat Tertindas” at ground zero lah, where the rakyat were not only tertindas, yang tertimbus pun ada.

I asked Robin isn’t this stark contrast a surprise? He didn’t have to answer. Indeed, the pendatang mentality precludes such acts of altruism, of giving and not expecting something back. Anyway, I had the opportunity to observe the serving of free meals near the disaster zone by local hotels. An Ah Pek and his family there shoved their way to the front of the queue and to everyone’s amazement, the father reprimanded the tudung clad volunteer worker that the hotel food was “too pedas” for his 10 year old son. Wau-lau-eh, I couldn’t just let this outrage of über arrogance and ungratefulness pass by and actually confronted this chap and told him that first of all he should be thankful that Malay Muslim complete strangers were prepared to risk their lives and leave their loved ones and their businesses and studies to serve him for free, and secondly if he or his spoiled brat of a son cannot “tahan pedas,” than he should take a hike and drive off in his tax-evasion underwritten, Ah Beng-pimped BMW E60 to the McD downhill and buy his own food. But no. After sniggering at KijangMas with a “solli ahh, gua tadak paham apa lu cakap” look, he turned around and threw choice Cantonese expletives into the air and proceeded to tapau eight bungkus of the hotel Nasi Goreng Ayam and as much mineral water bottles as his small troupe could angkot in their garbage bags! Remember the pendatang mindset I mentioned earlier? Yup, this is a full-fledged demonstration of that affliction. You know why the Melayus took the trouble to beri pertolongan to mangsas like you? Beyond their inherent cultural rasa belas kasihan and the kerja amal stressed by their Islamic faith? Yeah, because they are the Tuan Tanahs, the pribumis, the hospitable hosts bestowing kindness to the guests, the pendatangs.

Now, imagine if the Malays now believed they are pendatangs just like you, which typically comes with the package of greed, avarice and an inconsiderate disposition as manifested by the food-grabbing troupe above. Would the Malays be as charitable to you in such circumstances? Nope. It will be a case of every pendatang on his own. What do you think? You want that? You like that? Can or not?

Yes, once the Malays assumed the same pendatang (winner takes all, I won’t share, I don’t care about my neighbour) mentality, this country would be in ruins. Yup, the Malays and other Bumiputras would not only NOT give and share what’s already theirs (which is still a whole lot of rights and privileges and laws in this country), they would (like a typical pendatang) want what is NOT theirs as well, guided by the philosophy “May the Best Pendatang Win.” Imagine 68% of the Malaysian populace suddenly morphing into selfish resource-grabbers. I asked Robin, “Lu mau ini macam kah? Lu mau gua punya otak jadi macam lu kah? Tamak, angkuh dan tidak prihatin macam lu? Mau kah?” An undersiege Robin pleaded, “Haiya Bosz, I was only asking maaah. I was repeating what I heard in the Pakatan ceramahs, that’s all” And I replied, “Yeah, and I was only telling you. So you ask and I tell. We are even now.” Robin interjected, “So it’s a Win-Win lah friend?” to which I clarified, “Yes, I win and I win …” Not quite of supple mind to catch the oxymoronic teaser, Robin politely asked, “But Bosz, what about these Orang Asal? What are they? Where do they belong?”

O.k. folks, for the sake of argument, let’s assume we are ALL pendatangs, with the Orang Asli being the only pribumis on this land. Well, apparently the Malay pendatangs of the … well … “Malay Peninsular” (yeah, go concoct another Conspiracy Theory behind this ageless name) must have been eminently more successful than the other pendatangs, having tamed the wild equatorial forests and established major polities beginning from the early centuries AD, including Langkasuka (200-1400, centered in today’s captive Malay state of Patani and extending from the Kra Isthmus to Kedah and Kelantan); Ch’iht’u, sited in the upper Kelantan river basin in the 5th-8th centuries; Tambralinga (Nagara Sri Dharmaraja) of the 8th-13th centuries; Satingpra, the 6th-13th century precursor of the ancient Malay kingdom of Singgora (now corrupted as Songkhla under Thai misrule); not to mention the myriads of Malay civilisations of the lower peninsula, culminating in the Malacca Empire of the 15th and 16th centuries and ultimately the Malay Sultanates of modern Malaysia.

Yup, these Malay pendatangs went on to built ancient empires and forged regional alliances and spawned what became today’s Sultanates dotting the Nusantara that signed agreements in their capacity as undisputed owners of the lands with European Superpowers and regional empires for hundreds of years and engaged in regional military alliances and military campaigns throughout the vast domain, from Aceh to Ligor to Champa to Makasar to Maluku. Yup, these Malay pendatangs were so dominant that even the British colonisers were compelled to recognise them as the “natives,” the sons-of-the-soil, as the original inhabitants of this “Malay Peninsular,” as the Bumiputras.

You see, the very rational Malay pendatangs (although I chuckle at the thought of my Kelantanese-Patani countrymen with a 1,500-year history of documented nationhood on this tanah reduced to tongkang arrivals from Java or Madura or Lombok) have no reason, being the victorious “owners” of the land to go work as labourers for another band of pendatangs, the British.

As eloquently expounded by William A. Graham, the Thai-appointed Adviser to the Sultan of Kelantan in his seminal 1907 book, “Kelantan: A State of the Malay Peninsula”:-

True, the Malay will often decline to work in the particular manner in which the European desires him to do so, that is as a mining cooly or plantation hand in the service of the said European, but the Malay is by no means an idle person. In Kelantan he grows the seventy thousand odd tons of rice which feed the population, he catches and dries fish enough for home consumption and for considerable export, he makes some forty thousand pikuls of kopra every year, he works boats on the river, and, in fact, he makes a very comfortable living, supplies all his wants, and is contented. It is not probable that any European who condemns him would himself continue to work at a tin mine or rubber estate after he had made enough to satisfy all his wants and to be able to realise all his ideals in order merely to satisfy the demand of some stranger for labour.

A British naval officer, Sherard Osborn, compared the dignity of the Malays to the people of another British-conquered land in his 1857 book, “The Blockade of Kedah in 1838: A Midshipman's Exploits in Malayan Waters,” :-
Like spaniels, the natives of the whole sea-board of the Indian [subcontinent] lick the hand that chastises them; not so the Orang Melayu, and we Englishmen should be the first to honour a race who will not basely submit to abuse or tyranny.

See people, Tuan Tanahs are naturally not amenable to become submissive labourers, the coolies, for some strange peachfuzz-faced pendatang bent on pillaging his Tanah Tumpah Darah. Tuan Tanahs just don’t do that. Yes, the British couldn’t get the “cooperation” (or shall we say, couldn’t enslave) the Orang Melayu. Hence, they had to import more malleable groups to do the grunt work of their wholesale looting of Tanah Melayu, yes the very ancestors of the Zuriat Pendatang politicians today who shout that the Malays are as much a pendatang as them.

Thus arrived the Pendatang Mark II, new and improved, hungrier, more rugged, versatile, compliant and amenable to abuse and oppression of the White Capitalist. For the ethnic-Chinese pendatangs, they escaped from the centuries of ruthless oppression by a foreign coloniser, the Manchus. By the end of the 19th century, the immigration door was rapidly closing worldwide for these impoverished Sin Khehs, including the U.S. with its draconian Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which imposed a blanket ban on Chinese immigration and made life difficult for ethnic-Chinese already in that country; Canada, with the Chinese Immigration Acts of 1885 and 1923, which banned Chinese immigration entirely; and Australia's Immigration Restriction Act of 1901, which formed the basis of the White Australia Policy that ended only in 1973. Of course, old Siam and the Dutch East Indies were not much better as the fierce pribumi mobs in those lands devoured, repressed and assimilate the incoming immigrants almost with impunity. Hence, Malaya, the land of the hospitable Malay Tuan Tanahs (except the gedébé parang wielding Oghé Kelaté, of course) became a safe haven, a veritable last chance sanctuary for these wretched masses, the grand depository for all the wandering returned-to-sender coolie-laden tongkangs out of Kwangtung and Fukien. The same story for the Tamils and Keralans. They were nothing more than economic migrants squeezed out of their homeland by abject poverty and crippling caste-based prejudices who found a niche in Malaya's labour-hungry plantations.

I told Robin that we should not be misled by manmade political boundaries and obsessed with coloured maps in schoolbooks. The Malay Stock, in their various ethnic-groups and suku kaums, have been traversing all points of the Malay Archipelago since the beginning of recorded history and are a fungible populace seamlessly linked by shared histories, cultural essence and a common, pervasive lingua franca, Bahasa Melayu. A Patani Malay and a Bugis from Makassar and an Acehnese as well as a Sulu native would have little trouble conversing and sharing complex ideas in their common Malay lingua franca. I told Robin that in the holistic context, the natives of the Nusantara nations are pribumis throughout the archipelago, in their own nation as well as in the adjacent polities, where present-day political boundaries are nothing more than the invention of European colonisers. Hence, to dismiss a son of Javanese settlers such as Khir Toyo as just another pendatang is to show an abject ignorance of Nusantaran socio-cultural history, where the pribumis of these lands have moved back and forth in this vast seamless common domain in concert with the rise and ebb of dynamic political and economic tides since time immemorial. Indeed, a variant of this phenomenon can be seen in contemporary Germany. Under the German Right of Return law as codified in Article 116 of German Basic Law, ethnic-Germans living in Eastern Europe (the so-called Aussiedler) can move to Germany and acquire German citizenship even if their families have not been in any German historical territory for generations. They are perceived as rightfully belonging to the German nation even as third-generation German born and bred “pendatang” Turks and transient gypsies and other non-Germanic peoples struggle for acceptance by the German populace. Same with the Jews and their Western-concocted "homeland." Under Article 1 of the Israeli Law of Return, every Jew on earth has the right to go to that country as an “oleh” or Jewish Immigrant and automatically be given Israeli citizenship. Of course, I'm not proposing automatic citizenship to every Buluh Runcing-carrying Indonesian pribumi who set foot on this land but the Malay-hating politicians in our midst must appreciate the region's socio-cultural history before making fools of themselves on the pulpit.

I told Robin that the Japanese are pendatangs from the Asian mainland and crowded out the indigenous Ainu. The Han Chinese themselves are pendatangs in much of China, having terrorised and supplanted the hundreds of indigenous groups beyond their ancestral Yellow River basin, including the Miao, Bai, Dai, Dong, Uygur, Kazkh, Kirghiz, Lahu, Lisu, Naxi and Zhuang. The persistent violent social upheavals in Tibet and East Turkestan (Xinjiang) are livid examples of this pendatang-isation process, where the Han Chinese pendatangs methodically usurped the power and influence and socio-cultural and demographic essence of these vast once proud conquered nations. Even today, the Han Chinese predominate in hardly half of China's land area, although they make up 92% of China's population. Of course, in Taiwan, these Han Chinese pendatangs decimated the indigenous Formosan people, the progenitors of the Austronesian language group, of which Malay is but one of hundreds of related tongues from Madagascar to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), spanning 60% of the earth’s circumference. And the Tamils and other Dravidians were pendatangs to Southern India, having swarmed the aboriginal Veddoid peoples there.

And don’t let me get started with the English.

I asked a pronouncedly blurred Robin, “You think Eng-Land was the land of the English since time immemorial? And who were there first, the English in England or the Malays in Tanah Melayu?”

You see, the present day “British” Isles was populated by Celts (forefathers of today’s British equivalent of the Orang Asli the Welsh, Gaelic Scots and Irish) a thousand years before the Roman invasion and the much later appearance of the Norsemen, Anglo-Saxons and Normans who arrived on British shores via their glorified tongkangs at a time when the Malay polities of the upper peninsula – Langkasuka, Satingphra, Tambralinga and Raktamrttika/Ch'ih-t'u (present-day Greater Patani, Singgora, Ligor and Kelantan respectively) – were already at their zenith. These newcomers commingled their genes, culture and, of course, languages to concoct a hybridized people known today as the “English.” Robin couldn’t help but gawk at this revelation and blurted out, “Haiya Bosz, those English yobs who gave me a hard time at Heathrow’s immigration counter are also pendatangs ka?” I said, “Yeah buddy, next time tell these fellow pendatangs to let you into London with ease to join them in crowding out the poor Celts from the last vestiges of their homeland. And I want to hear some noise from recent pendatangs there that the English are pendatangs as well in England like what your brethrens are doing to the Melayus in Tanah Melayu.” I don’t think the Englishmen’s reaction would be as restrained as the budibahasa-overloaded and tatatertib-crippled Melayus.

Of course, if we go back far enough in human anthropology, we are ALL pendatangs one way or another in most places of this earth. The Orang Asli themselves were the residual biological vestige of successive migratory peoples – the many waves of pendatangs who journeyed from Eastern Africa to Southern India on their way to populate Papua and Australia and adjacent islands beginning 70,000 years ago. The Amerindians and other “natives” of the Americas did likewise via the exposed Bering Land Bridge towards the end of the last Ice Age, and there exist the possibility that Polynesians and other Orang Lauts of the eastern extreme of the Nusantara may have landed in the Pacific Coast of South America via Rapa Nui (already 90% of the journey), just as they had landed and formed civilisations in Madagascar off Eastern Africa almost two millenia ago, where till this day, the Malay Stock lighter-skinned Merina people form the ruling elite of Malagasy society, as exemplified by the competing presidential claimants.

Robin asked an excellent question, “Bosz, what’s the cut-off point? When does a pendatang become a pribumi?”

Yeah, when this metamorphosis take place?

Proof of length of residency, even if the tribe did nothing for 40,000 yrs? Proof of “civilisation”? Proof of “statehood”? Proof of socio-political organisation beyond concentric tree houses and tribal councils huddled around campfires?

“Yeah Bosz, what?” Robin asked as he slurped the last of his Kuay Tiau in typical … errr … mad-rush pendatang style.

Well, how about recognition by third parties? By other regional polities? By foreign powers?

I asked Robin if he had seen any record of an Orang Asli delegation to the Ming Dynasty court in the 15th century? Perhaps the anti-Malay historio-revisionists should start work on that project. And to find evidence of a Senoi-China trade pact or a Semang Tok Batin letter of friendship with Alfonso d'Albuquerque. Or perhaps this time to re-spin Hang Tuah as a Negrito and Jebat a Jakun? Couldn’t be that hard, certainly more plausible than the Chinese Hang Tuah fairytale. Yeah, any Orang Asli polity that was part of the Srivijayan thalassocracy? Or “claimed” by either Langkasuka or Sukhothai? By Majapahit or Ayutthaya? Any political, military or economic treaties between the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French or British with an Orang Asli nation on the peninsula or anywhere in the Nusantara? To anti-Malay opportunists out there, want to spin some more?

Robin asked, “O.k., how then do you define a pribumi, a native, if you’re neither an “Orang Asal” nor a pendatang just off the tongkang?”

I told Robin that my definition of a Bumiputra is the group that first set up a recognisable polity on the land and historically ruled other peoples of that land, including the aboriginals, the Orang Asli. Since the dawn of Malay history, the Aslian groups are an integral subset, the ruled, under the Malay ruling class. Hence, the KEY determinant of ownership is not so much who arrived first, but who did what first, i.e., who formed the embryonic entities that were recognised by regional historiographies of that era. Same logic applies between the Japanese "Bumiputras" and their Ainu Orang Aslis. In their universe, ethnic-Korean immigrants are the pendatangs, and aren't fully embraced by the mainstream even after many generations of assimilation.

Based on this premise, to call the Orang Melayu a fellow pandatang on par with more recent tongkang arrivals from China and India is not only an indication of utter ignorance borne of a subpar education but is also a mischievious attempt to bring this country’s historical facts into disrepute.

Bludgeoned by my tutorial, Robin naughtily asked, “So Bosz, between myself and this Tyrone here, what’s the difference? When can we become you?”

I told Robin that he himself, and for that matter the likes of Tyrone as well, hold the key to the issue. And collectively his society will determine their ultimate place under the Malaysian sun. The key lies in their own self-image, what they ultimately want to be on this land. To steadfastly cling to and perpetuate their mimicry of the lingua-cultural essence of a distant, faraway ancestral land OR to play their role in the forging of a true, sustainable Anak Bangsa Malaysia as exhaustively expounded in my post here?

Don’t blame the Malays, the majority, the founder of the original polities dotting this land -- just as migrants to Japan, Germany, Britain or France do not blame the respective “Bumiputras” there -- if the Malays do not accept you as a fellow full-fledged citizen of this land called Malaysia UNTIL and UNLESS you assume certain fundamental affinities to the dominant group, namely language competency and awareness and respect of the prevailing Malay-Bumiputra socio-cultural norms beyond your little enclaves. You can be here for ten or more generations, but if you and your descendants insist on exhibiting foreign lingua-cultural traits on this land, you will still be deemed as an “Orang Asing” in perpetuity, and would probably be “overtaken” by Tyrone’s progenies in the Malaysian socio-constitutional pecking order by the next generation.

After much prompting, Tyrone got us the bill and handed it to ……. yup, Robin. I asked this neo-pendatang, Apasal engkau kasi itu bil sama ini Ah Pek?” Tyrone gave the look that said: ”Isn’t that the way, you pompous ignoramous?” Now, that’s a snapshot of Malaysiana right there, courtesy of this unwashed pendatang. I told Robin, “See my friend, even Tyrone knows YOU are the bodek-ful seeking-something Pendatang, and I’m the can-give-something Tuan Tanah, where YOU must belanja me almost as a matter of social norm.” Robin let out a hearty laugh, agreeing to one of the peculiarities of Malaysian society: that the Ah Pek always gets the bill, be it in slimy kopitiams or the Mandarin Oriental, KLCC.

I grabbed the bill from a bemused Tyrone and gave him some crisp red First Agongs and didn’t bother to await the couple of ringgits in change, thinking Tyrone at least deserved a tip for his comedic presence that night. As we parted ways, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Robins of this world, the generation of Warganegara Malaysia that have become thoroughly alienised in their own land, a bitter social group that are unwitting impediments to true nation-building and the formation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia based on a proud common Bahasa Malaysia tongue underpinned by shared values driven by a predominantly Malay cultural essence and sense of shared destiny. As I board my late night “shut-eye” flight to KB, I told myself that at least I’m returning to a foretaste of that utopia in Kelantan, my own beloved ancestral domain of linguistic and cultural cohesion, deep-rooted pride of identity, excellent cuisine, rich history and, of course, the incomparable exquisite damsels.


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satD said...

To be or not to is a choice.....the "gravitational" pull towards a common central idea of nationhood....subscribing to its fundamental values will define how this land of Diversity in Perceived Unity will fare over the next 100 years......

The question is can the state cultivate the "gravitational pull" without the nation suffering/sharing a 'common great experience' together where all of us stood side by side in the face of a great calamity/or something la maybe war/economic hardship etc etc.....

Good to have you back bro KijangMas!

NJ said...

Tuan KijangMas Perkasa & sidang DN sekelian,

Again, I am speechless to yet another presentation of Demi Negara’s masterpiece. Not that the things written are so uncommon to the so-called "Malaysians". They are right there, everyday, before our very own eyes to see; yet how many of us, the so-called Malaysians do really care about this country named “Malaysia”?

With tireless and passionate efforts by KM, “the hands that build this Nation, Demi Negara!”, I hope more of the pseudo-Malaysians will start to open their eyes. Start “seeing” not just “looking” with empty, soul-less stare at the issue of being “true warga Negara of Malaysia”.

Let me loose...

He knows that this is not the wealthiest country in this world…

He knows that this isn’t the mightiest too..

He also knows that his feet are not standing on the greatest place on earth!

Yet, this Nation is the dearest to his heart and soul..

He arises, stands up tall and proclaims to the world…

“There is only Malaysia. This is the greatest Nation of all there is!!”

For his visions and dreams about this Nation, never lie to him!

So, how now all the pseudo-Malaysians compare to him? I shall refrain myself from answering this. They should look at themselves in the mirror.

I like to quote what KM’s has written above:-

”Your act of demanding all kinds of goodies from the Malays shows that you implicitly recognise the Malays as the owners of this territorial domain, this Negara, and its corresponding laws, rights, privileges, land and resources.”

Now before you get angry with someone who called you as “pendatangs”, take a good look at your self first. Take a hard, long, good look at yourself!

Now, excuse me for I like to continue reading this latest masterpiece by Tuan Kijang Mas Perkasa.



Naif said...


Judging from that picture, I assume you guys were at old town white I right?

Anonymous said...

Dear KijangMas

Always waiting for your latest posting...

My story is about the Indonesian maids who were transfered back to the agent by their first employers.

The moment I stepped into the maid agency, there were 3 chinese staff behind the counter.

They were SHOUTING instructions to these maids all this while.

So I asked the youngest staff, "Is this the way to get them to listen to instructions? You mean, if you don't shout, they will not obey you?"

The youngest staff said, "Yes, otherwise they will not listen."

The oldest staff then interjected that they only use a stern tone of voice to the stubborn ones, not every maid.

So I said, "Oh Ok, next time my maid gets stubborn, I will shout, then they will listen."

She just gave me a look of annoyance.

I interviewed some of the maids. These are some reasons for transfers:

One was asked to clean 3 houses.
One said that her father informed her that the remittance did not get credited into his bank account in Indonesia, she felt that her employer tried to cheat.
Another one was asked to clean up after 12 individuals and told to sleep at the balcony as there were not enough rooms in the flat.
She also said that they called her unpleasant names.

I did not get to interview the rest.

BTW these chinese staff could CONVERSE very well in Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia.

When it pays to learn BM, they will do it instinctively.

Anonymous said...


You have done it again. A fantastic story that encapsulates all. The mouthfuls for Robin to digest. Be it just at the usual kopitiam. Tyrone and the greasy curry slime to boot.

We readers join in to share the thoughts and the arguments. An all encompassing dissertation, in your own style, on how the recent arrivals should regard themselves and the place they occupy in this political entity called Malaysia and this society called Malaysians.

There's no other way but for all Malaysians to know the early history of the country and its development to the present-day situation if we are to pull together as a united and strong nation.

The sincere and honest recent arrivals must be aware of and not be misled by the incorrigible and divisive so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" diehards, and start asking to know such things as the rationale and the counter-arguments against the 31 August annual Merdeka celebration date, rather than just gulp their propaganda and anarchistic attention-seeking or subversive devices line, hook and sinker.

Your research on the early history of the civilisation known as Langkasuka is interesting, your arguments on the Tuan Tanahs and those connected with the terminology "pendatang" are formidable. There is absolutely no valid reason for the recent arrivals to object being called "pendatangs". There is ample evidence that those who have been here since Langkasuka days or even earlier are the Tuan Tanahs.

There is a small percentage of Mykad-carrying Malaysians who are being unreasonable. My wish is that the number would diminish with better knowledge of Malayan and Malaysian history and a mindset that can evolve through the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) being proposed by the Demi Negara Community and being pursued further at the Kempen SSS blog.


Cenderawasih said...

Two 'budak cina' in malay household

contoh orang malaysia..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Bosz, u got Phd in Anthropogenesis from UCLA or UC Berkeley ka? Gua percaya sama lu lah. Lain kali gua take itu kopitiam bill, u can settle sama itu bill Mandarin Oriental, OK? Ini lah patutnya sebagai the generous Tuan Tanah..muahaha.

You make me feel like Robin lah and the fact that u know our ‘Chikikuchiki’ culture & mentality, makes me feel so ashamed. But then again, I’m not your typical Apek, I’m neither here nor there, sometimes think like Chinese, sometime Malay, sometime Omputih , I very confucious / disORIENTATed! Guess it was good I managed to adopt all the positive & good points from various cultures along my evolutionary journey.

Ok, I’ll let u go enjoy your R&R in KB and, of course, the incomparable exquisite damsels.

Unker Tommy

Bourne said...

salam bosz...

again right down the gutter .... straight to the pot... well done...

N_Sulong said...

Dear KMP,


I know i'll be the odd one out with this comment, but please take it in good faith.

I notice that almost all the posts in this blog is in the same vein as this one, and I am moved to respond now.

I have a concern. It is quite disconcerting that a very intelligent individual like you, and some of your respondents, unquestioningly adopt the view that the other races in Malaysia must follow certain aspects of the Malay way, or it's 'the highway'.

My concern is that the discourse you are adopting is full of the issues of dominance on the basis of owning political authority and of superior demography (greater numbers of the malay race).

Is this perspective just? is it Islamic?

This is precisely the same narrative occupying the minds of the far right in European countries and the US, the Zionist regime, Thailand, China, India, Russia and others when it comes to
dealing with their Muslim minorities.

This perpective you expound is underpinned by thoughts of dominance and superiority. And an underlying, and ready, violence available to uphold it.

How can we stoop so low, so full of sin and corruption in our hearts to be grouped, even in philosophical affinity, with these other unjust occupiers!? How can we say we can hold such views, when, in the same breath, we say that others should not and are unjust when they do? We've lost all moral authority the instance we adopt such views!

The muslims as a community will never give up their identity in any of the places they are minorities. Neither should we expect the Indians and Chinese, or other minorities in Malaysia to give up theirs. They are large minorities and will not likely disappear. We must deal and engage and grow as a people WITH them.

May I humbly suggest another approach?

As muslims, please remember to keep in our repertoire of tools to deal with the problems of this world the Prophet's (SAW)actions and speech.

He and his followers became 'pendatang' too in Meccan society when they believed in Islam. Sociological theory has shown that the 'pendatang' label can very quickly extend to people of the SAME race when they do not behave the same way as the majority of the race.

He and the Muslims assumed authority only based on superior morals! Not at all by threatening others that the muslims had some vague right to be respected and obeyed.

Only by superior morals.

This is, in my opinion how we must move ahead.

Persisting in the approach you mentioned will only lead to the other races resisting or leaving.

Just because most, if not all, other races have, before and subsequent to our prophet, adopted similar ways in dealing with their minorities does not make it right or just. It only shows that it is indeed a very ancient and ingrained human thing to do with regards to those we think of as 'the others'.

Need we necessarily do the same? Why don't we reach for a higher and nobler goal that, God willing, brings us closer to Mardhatillah.

Wallahu A'lam.

Semerah Padi said...

Sdr. NJ,

"So, how now all the pseudo-Malaysians compare to him?"

They dont have the sense of belonging. They dont belong to this Nation. They should return to where they think they belong.

"Ini Tanahair Ku"

Semerah Padi

ayah said...


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I sat spellbound throughout; no one has ever come out with such arguments before.

At 65, and a student of history, I am learning more and more.

Once again, thank you. I look forward to your next piece. Please don't take too long. I think we have taken all we can from people who try to rewrite history in their own image and to fulfil their own agenda.


Patriot Garang said...

I'm always waiting for your new postings.

You did it again Sir, one of your masterpiece.

Keep it up sir.

SSS supporter.

Naif said...

In my opinion (again MY OPINION), for a REALISTIC approach to this whole SSS issue, the government should gradually stop funding vernacular schools (at the long run the only existing chinese and tamil schools will be private) and at the same time change the medium of instruction of national schools back to English like in the good old days.

Non-malay parents who wants to send their children to National schools (they will have to eventually coz SJKCs are going to be expensive) must ensure that their children are already fluent in Malay. Maybe a compulsory entrance exam in BM.

These measures may sound counter intuitive. But the best way to enhance the status of Malay language is to ensure that Malays are fluently bilingual, in Malay and English. Were that to happen, fluency in English will lose its competitive edge, to be replaced by those fluent in both languages.

Worst come to the worst, at least bring back English schools to rural areas.

Wah Al-Subangi said...

slm bro kijangmas,

made coffee n as as usual was glued to the post n never got the opportunity to take a sip until done reading, the coffee already cold :(.

tq for walking us or me at least, through history and round the world, laying down the cold hard FACTS and telling the TRUTH as it is. guess it troubles u hah bro N_Sulong! try dispute the FACTS not stretch the discussions in many different directions with assumptions and generalizations.


Anonymous said...


You didn't get it, did you? Despite, as you implied, having read past postings as well. Pity.

KM has been saying all along that the Malays first inhabited this land, owned it, became the Tuan Rumah and the Tuan Tanah. Others who came later need to acknowledge that fact and respect the Malay ways. As Lim had pointed out in that article linked by Cenderawasih up there, you don't enter a Malay house with shoes on or sit on the chair when others sit on the floor, do you?

I don't understand and cannot accept your statement, "very intelligent individual like you, and some of your respondents, unquestioningly adopt the view that the other races in Malaysia must follow certain aspects of the Malay way". What do you mean by "unquestioningly"? KM wrote very lengthily at times, even put it by way of anecdotes like I think he did with regard to Robin in order to get the messages sink in, giving all the historical facts and solid arguments, and you said "unquestioningly"?

And so did many of "the respondents" in the past - they provided facts and arguments that they have thought and thought about before penning them down. But have you? Thought and thought of your words before pressing the "Publish" button?

You said, "the discourse .. is full of the issues of dominance on the basis of owning political authority and of superior demography (greater numbers of the malay race)". Isn't your own "intelligence" questionable by this statement? Did you not see that KM laboured on the historical facts of Malay civilisations starting from Langkasuka in the north of the Malay Peninsula as proof of Malay early occupation and ownership of this land? And that this was the basis "of dominance" (your words) - not just numbers and political authority?

Justice by whose standards are you talking about? You asked if it is Islamic, but have you not considered the wars of Islamic expansion that have spread the faith from Mecca to the northern coasts of Africa, to Spain, Persia, India and elsewhere? KijangMas and the Demi Negara community have never spoken for assimilation the Thai, Indonesian and Filipino way, so you should not bring violence, force and wars into the picture.

You talked about "the far right in European countries and the US, the Zionist regime, Thailand, China, India, Russia and others when it comes to dealing with their Muslim minorities". You mention about Islamic values. Are you now suggesting that we adopt the Christian value of being so accomodating as to offer the right cheek when slapped on the left cheek? Do the Christians even carry out that aspect of their teaching these days?

What "stooping so low, so full of sin and corruption" are you talking about as far as "these other unjust occupiers (Palestine, Western China etc) are concerned? Are you saying the Palestinians or the Uighers should just grin and bear the situation? What kind of liberalism do you subscribe to? The American kind that still has not resolved the issue of detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay?

In the Middle East and elsewhere there are many "Pengkhianat Bangsa" among the oppressed and exploited people. I'm afraid you run the risk of being called one even though there is no oppression in this country.

Are we not suggesting that we "grow as a people WITH them" when we ask them to acknowledge the Social Contract, respect and live by the Constitution of the country, follow the democratic way of proposing the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) by writing a Memo to the Government asking an in-depth study of the education system be done? And not force anything on anybody?

You bet you are the odd one out with this comment. I'm taking it in good faith but I simply cannot understand or accept your apparently pseudo-liberal views.


antubengong said...

Haiya!!! Ada orang confuse and argue di antara "Muslim" dengan "Cina" dan "India"..

Tak nak bagi hujah antara "Buddha, Hindu, Kristian" dengan "Melayu" ka?

Orang dok berbincang pasal "Bangsa Malaysia", dio dok mencarut pasai "Bangsa Muslim"..??

bengong betul..!!! otak udang buat malu orang Muslim saja si bangang ni!!

Bengong! said...

BENGONG sampai tahap ni!!!

Sepit la juga gambar Wan Siti Farihan!

pakpandair said...


I throughly enjoyed your writing, brilliant and forthright in unmasking some of the prejudices unjustly leveled at the Malays all these while.An original endeavour at historical reconstruction. To boot, a penetrating analysis of the socio-political impediments to nationhood.Judging by some comments though,there are some who failed to see that, at least as I understand it, KijanMas is not criticising all immigrants on racial lines. He is laying bare a perculiar human type of certain mentality and character traits. This is borne out by his point that it is not a question of time before you become a Malaysian but the change in your mentality and outlook.An excellent piece ought to be read by all Malaysian intellectuals. Salam hurmat Pakpandair

Kenn said...

I think a person with a normal thinking mind would have not argued, the status of "migrants" who came to a land and established a "government" (a system), over the status of natives who were already there. These natives were also "migrants" in that sense if you pushed the timeline all the way back to Adam and Eve era.

A migrant who came to a land where there was already an established government, (like Malaysia)

- but refused to conform to the "way of life" of the locals will remain as "Pendatang"

- but willing "to become / blend with the locals" will become "Malaysian".

If not for the name of "Dr. Oong Hak Ching", a historian, I would not have known that he is a "Chinese". He speaks impeccable Bahasa Kebangsaan, and he doesn't look like a "Chinese" at all! (I saw him on ASTRO a couple of times)

He is not "Chinese" at all! Far from carrying the label "Pendatang"! He is a true Malaysian in this respect!

Anonymous said...


Another masterstroke from Tuan Kijangmas. Spot on and well done!


askar melayu said...

What can be said.....

Tam Dalyell said...

Salam sekelian ahli Sidang DN.


Dari perspektif "Robin Kembali" ini, nampaknya dapati, yang paling dominen ialah betapa pemurahnya si "Tuan Tanah" yang lumpuh dek ketata-tertibannya; dan betapa rakusnya si pendatang jenis Robin yang bermati-matian mengekalkan status 'pendatangnya' tapi, pada masa yang sama berlicik-licik-akal-kancil-Abu-Nawas menuntut menjelma menjadi "Tuan Tanah" sama.

Kalau begitu nampaknya apa yang dikatakan '1Malaysia' ialah manifastasi kepada fenomina ini ... atau satu majlis sembah tari dengan lagu "Selamat Tuan Pendatang".

Bagaimana pula hendak mengasingkan gandingan wujudnya serentak fenomina "Robin + 1Malaysia" ini adakah ia satu ujian atau satu bala.

Tapi pulak, apa bezanya antara ujian dengan bala?

Tapi juga, keterbukaan si Tuan Tanah, dibalas dengan kerakusan si Robin ... itu satu ujian ... juga si Robin itu sendiri ialah satu bala.


Ujian atau bala?


Mandi tolak bala dengan air jampi TGNA pun tak cukup nampaknya ni.

Lipan Bara said...

Hello N Sulong;

".. Is this perspective just? is it Islamic?"

Why twist it? This is the so called democracy. This is democratic. This is what you want. Because it is democracy and democratic to do all these they say.

Islam? Islam is not democracy. Read the Qur'an. You'll find it there. Here you find what you look for ... democracy ... muahahaha.

San Peng said...

Salam Sir KijangMas;

May I ..

I think 'ujian' is designed to test, to upgrade or to be legible to move up to a higher standing etc.

'Bala' is designed to give warning or worse to punish. But to some people, a 'bala' is misconstrued as an 'ujian' or 'nikmat'

Firaun and other 'bads' were/are given power and wealth, and he was blinded by it to think that it was 'nikmat'. It turn out that it was a 'bala' to him for it was the cause of his ignoramus end.

Likewise, all the prophets and the good people were/are tried/tested or giver 'ujian' with all sorts of hardships, which in the end were the steps to their strength and etc.

I might be wrong.

But this I'm sure.

The SSS is definitely a 'bala' to Robin, his handlers or the likes. But to those who love peace, harmony, etc. etc. the SSS is an 'ujian' for a better bangsa negara.

First Born said...

N_Sulong ... wow wow ... sure as my knee that has no brain you have successfully made the blog master as "the other" (to quote your coinage) whilst he has never made any attempt to be part of your struggle (if any).

Sure as day that is the opposite of night, your ramblings failed to impress that you are of a material of "higher moral" (again to quote your coin) for it failed to sell. Nevertheless you succeeded to magnify the real you .. or almost the real you .. behind this N-Sulong nic.

We thought you people are the one who welcome and embrace the crap which says "agree to disagree".

Apocryphalist said...

Dear friends and colleagues,

Allow me to address N_Sulong. Address him I must, not for the ascetic purpose of refuting a dissident view in an otherwise fully factual and punctilious setting, but because I feel I am addressing a phenomenon. For what else can I call it, whence with a full spirit of cacoethes carpendi provided by their “partners in crime”, a multitude of Sulong-like ideas permeate our political landscape, hanging purgatorily between a spiritually-flummoxed desire to stand on the revered principles of Islam and the seemingly-logical calls for “Equality, Freedom, Justice” marking the battle cry of the Pembangkang, esconscing an otherwise deeper aim and purport to take control of this Tanah Melayu through nice captions and neutral phrases. Unfortunately, the Sulong-phenomenon allows its upholders to be drawn into the abyss of deception, where to them, Islam means Freedom and Equality and Justice, even if it is at the expense of menggadaikan your own tanah pusaka.

But is it true? Does Islam allow the shutting up of one eye, the faithful eye, in order to cater for the wishes of those who don’t even believe, in the first place? It depends. And this is where confused, infantilistic, Sulong-like entities miss the mark. They opine that the universality of Islamic fairness encompass even those situations where the establishments of this very same fairness has not even been built yet. Specifically I mean this: at the time during the prophet’s reign and those of the rightly-guided caliphs, Islam was in the upper hand. The task of conveying the message in that vicinity was over, and the next task was to build the Islamic Society based on the fairness principles of Islam. During this course, the dhimmis’ rights were preserved because they were not in a position to cause any vindications or social harm to the Islamic system of governance. In fact, just before the recapture of the Holy lands by the Crusaders and after the Muslims had relinquished power over Jerusalem to the Christians, the Jewish population had preferred to STAY to be ruled by the Muslims as opposed to the Christians, after experiencing Islamic fairness in action for hundreds of years in the Holy Lands.

But then is it right, to equate the same formulae into our current socio-political setting here, at a time where the hatred of Islam shines forth unabashedly from the eyes of Ronnie Lieu, of Karpal Singh, of the Lim Sekeluarga (and I don’t care if they read the Quran or quote Umar Abdul Aziz towards their own ends)? A few years back, the remaining family of the Muslim Sultan in Singapore has been asked to pack up and take all their belongings and scram out, because the PAP government coveted their land. Yes the DAP is not PAP, but it shall be, if they have the same power. And now what. Islamic fairness and equality warrants that we give the other cheek also?

It is very saddening indeed that we see Sulong and Sulong-like callow ways of thinking still existing in our current scenarios, (irrespective of how this NJ_Sulong fella suspects he might be accepted in the DN as an intellectual simply by using impeccable English that belies some underlying naïve, half-ripe sociopolitical views). He quotes the Quran and the hadith and the lessons drawn for the Seerah of the Prophet hither and tither, but they are all disjointed, incoherent and …. outrightly purposeless. Besides, of course to be just another demonstration of his arguendo.

Yes, we have a long way to go. And baggages like Sulong, inchoate though they may be, are hindering progress.


satD said...


Mr Bombastic...semi fantastic!...

your england make me go dictionary 3-4 times beb...

Tam Dalyell said...

Tuan Apocryphalist,

So .... the Sulongs are another bala besides the Robins?

Banyaknya bala ... ada balak melintang, balak hanyut, balak berpuaka ... balak haram (setinggan) pun ada.

Kesian Malaysia ditimpa banyak bala ... semua kerana beria-ia nak buktikan yang rakyatnya paling accommodating ... sampai kera di hutan pun disusukan.

Anonymous said...


Setuju with what you said.

Here’s what the Robins and the Sulongs should know (the terminology “Malay Apologists” were not yet coined at the time this article was written):


Extracts from “The Real Malay” by Sir Frank Swettenham, in Malaya since 1871, became British Resident in Selangor and Perak, Resident General of the Federated Malay States, Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner of the Malay States in 1901:

“His (the Malay) disposition is generally kindly, his manners are polite and easy ... is proud and fond of his country and his people … he has a proper respect for constituted authority …

A Malay is intolerant of insult or slight; it is something that to him should be wiped out in blood … It is this state of blind fury, this vision of blood, that produces the amok … (Note: The word “amok” has even been adopted into the English language; it exists in the Oxford English Dictionary).

He (the Malay) is courteous and expects courtesy in return, and he understands only one method of avenging personal insults …”

Note: The above are the observations of an Englishman who lived 30 years in this country, including Singapore, which was then a part of Malaya.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, you certainly are eloquent and full of facts. We need more Malays of your calibre and eloquence to articulate our aspirations more forcefully.

msleepyhead said...

Salam KM and others,

Nicely done and if there is still anyone who would argue or bring up the pendatang excuse, then we can just point them here.

What you and others have written corroborates the clash of culture discussion I have had with Maju. The Malay - gentle, polite, easy going, kind, accommodating.. just like in the Sun article about the two Cinas in a kampung.

The pendatangs - came solely to escape their hard life, political oppression, starvation, economic hardship, etc. have stronger motivations and 'painful memory' to break free from their previous life. Hence, their sole interest in grabbing whatever opportunity to uplift themselves which led to money chasing in some instance, as that's the only measurable indicator of success since they are in a foreign land.

You were right in your reasoning of why there is no reason for a tuan tanah to work for the Brits as coolies in deplorable conditions - maybe no different than the kongsis at construction sites in the 90s building Putrajaya or the many shopping malls all over the country. Oh, how they've forgotten that they are only one or two generations removed from that position.

I don't believe the pendatangs have so much an issue with the word 'pendatang' (despite the brouhaha) or even bumiputra as to the selective interpretations for it. For example, if a Malay lady were to marry an Englishman, their children will still be a bumiputra (as obviously the man will have to convert), but if a Sarawakian native lady were to marry a fellow Chinese Malaysian man, then the bumiputra status no longer applies to their children.

The same may also apply to Siamese Malaysians who are considered bumiputra, but it seems that as long as their children keep their names even if their wives are Chinese and they practice Chinese culture, still they get the bumiputra status.

Aside from that, a most important point from the posting is that it's not really who came first, but who did what with the land? Malays were here earlier than the Orang Asals (proto Malays who still live by the jungles with their simple lifestyle) but established polity, government and ruled over them. Could we also apply the same to the newer pendatangs, who grabbed the economic opportunity as the Malays for one reason or another does not seem to be interested in it just like the Orang Asals are not interested in establishing empires?

rexuan said...

enjoy reading your post. profound and informative yet very interesting.

BaitiBadarudin said...

return to history, return to pre-colonial nusantara ... ? I didn't realize how much i miss malaysian weather, cuisine, charms, even its appallingly silly raya tv programs until I've been away some time

Kenn said...

Dear Sir and Readers,

Please do excuse me for posting something out of topic.

Please cast your vote for this survey:-

"SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship ?"


(Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE TO VOTE)

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...


Let's talk about the British Overseas Citizens (BOC) Alienised Malaysians who have absconded, that Kenn has brought to our attention above and asked us to vote in his blog. I voted that they be not allowed back into the country.

I read that there are up to 1,000 from Penang and Malacca who carried Malaysian passports, went to UK, tore their passports, renounced their Malaysian citizenship, asked for permanent stay, were refused and are now stranded, becoming stateless, many ending up as restaurant dishwashers, including one Penang architect.

They demonstrated on London streets recently, bad-mouthed Malaysia in order to get public sympathy and wrinkled in agony, quite a number in British Immigration airport detention centres, having torn their passports but not allowed to enter and could't leave. Serves them bloody right.

They were wrongly advised of good chances of gaining permanent stay, and eventually British citizenship, based on the BOC status (traceable to British Straits Settlements days), if they were to renounce Malaysian citizenship. But the British Government's policy concerning this matter had changed since 2002 and British Overseas Citizenship no longer means British Citizenship.

I join the others in several blogs in expressing my disgust at such goings on. What appalls me is the attitude of the Malaysian Foreign Minister who said that this may not be a case of disloyalty, and of private individuals like Edmund Bon of the Bar Council even asking that they be taken back and given Malaysian citizenship again. Ridiculous! Utter nonsense!

I agree that these fellows have not only been disloyal in wanting to leave the country for good but are also traitors by any definition of the word in the dictionary. Imagine, tearing out passports, the symbol of Malaysian nationhood overseas, deliberately renouncing their citizenship by filling up and signing renunciation forms issued by the Malaysian High Commission in London, then bad-mouthing the country.

They must not be allowed back into Malaysia at all costs. They must not be given any temporary documents to enter Malaysia. Far from it, they must never be given Malaysian citizenship any more. We'll be licking their spits if we do so and it is extremely undignified and not self-respecting for Malaysia to do that.

More than that, there's no telling what these traitors would do if allowed entry into this country. Their hearts are certainly not for Malaysia and they can betray the country in more ways than one. Some one has suggested that they might even become Fifth Columnists in times of external aggression. I share that concern.

Let these traitors rot in Britain. Good riddance. It's not our problem any more. We have so many other problems and we have work to do in respect of the other Alienised Malaysians still in the country. You have explained about them very well in your current and earlier posts.

I urge all right-thinking Malaysians to sign the vote taking at Kenn's blog stated above.


donplaypuks said...

Dear DN (part 1)

KJ’s recent call to the Malays to abandon the siege mentality could not have been timely than now.

For a people who actually control the Government and employment in the Civil Service, Armed Forces, Judiciary, Police. MACC, Universities, Schools, Colleges, Statutory Bodies, GLC’s, you name it, it is extraordinary that you should raise what is essentially the Ketuanan Melayu issue again. And in so doing, you think it appropriate to insult the Chinese and Indians left, right and centre.

“Like spaniels, the natives of the whole sea-board of the Indian [subcontinent] lick the hand that chastises them; not so the Orang Melayu, and we Englishmen should be the first to honour a race who will not basely submit to abuse or tyranny.”

And who is this luminary whom you quote so liberally? A famous British Leader like Hastings or Lord Mountbatten? No, it’s an obscure naval officer whom even the most prominent of British historians would be hard put to remember let alone quote in the footnotes of history books.

Oh sure, colonization of Malaya took place because the ‘Orang Melayu’ openly and bravely resisted them to an extent the Europeans decided to stay put for 450 odd year. The cowardly Indians on the other hand accepted British rule in India because, oh, well, of course it’s because they were just snivelling cowards!

This is prime horse manure from you!

You seem to oh so conveniently ignore that it is the Malays who are mainly voting against UMNO/BN and that the relevant issues are corruption, abuse of power, misgovernment and plunder of the nation’s coffers by the few against the will of the majority!

When you can’t admit or fight that, you will then scurrilously raise the Ketuanan Melayu issue over and over again.

So, it is not DAP or the Indians or the Chinese who are questioning Article 153 or special rights of the Malays or the position of the Sultans at all; all they are asking for is the relevant portions of the Constitution guaranteeing their rights be not ignored. They have not for fifty two years refused to study Bahasa Malaysia or accept is as our National Language; in fact quite the opposite. Most non-Malays today converse and communicate better in BM than in the mother tongues their parents were familiar with!

Ask yourself who are the people who have been Prime Ministers and Ministers of Education and been flip-flopping with the language issue? The Chinese and Indians? My foot!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


donplaypuks said...

Dear DN (part 2)

It’s clear that It is you and this new breed of pro-UMNO bloggers who can’t seem to get the stuck needle off its groove in the record. So, you keep playing the same song over and over again ad nauseum ad infinity.

That's because that is the only way you know how to save face and conveniently avoid taking to task UMNO/BN, the Government you voted into place, for its years of neglect, poor performance and abuse of the NEP for the benefit of a few!

“And the Tamils and other Dravidians were pendatangs to Southern India, having swarmed the aboriginal Veddoid peoples there.”

As far as the evidence goes, the Indian Tamil was there in the South as far back in ancient times as his Vedic counterpart was in the Indus Valley in the north and north east. It was the Vedic people who moved southwards. I really don’t know how you can shoot from the hip with such shallow knowledge of Indian civilization. Modern Hinduism is an amalgamation of Vedic Hinduism/Brahminism with the myriad of south Indian Gods.

We now come to your proposition that the Han Chinese were ‘pendatangs’ in their own country. One can only laugh at it.

If that were true, then you are actually asking many of the Malays of today to accept that they too are ‘pendatangs’ here. That would be a complete volte face from what you are actually trying to prove i.e. that by your self-serving definition of who is a Pribumi, they are the ONLY lords and masters of all they survey in M’sia today, common citizenship notwithstanding, which also conveniently ignores the Sarawakians and Sabahans!

In short, the entire thrust of your diatribe is that everyone must acknowledge a Master-Slave hierarchy, which is ultimately the sword on which you will flounder.

For, in the final analysis, respect has to be earned. It cannot be commanded or enforced by fiats; not for long, anyway!

So, DN, discard your siege mentality. You can’t blaze a glorious trail or forge a great nation with a crutch! No sireee, you just can't!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Kenn said...

Jitu, Sir.

I believe, whether or not these BOC being advised (rightly or wrongly) regarding the British citizenship, it seem they have made up their mind to leave Malaysia. It seems Malaysia is some sort of burden to them and they despised Malaysia so much, as much as tearing apart the Malaysian Passport. They only mention "Malaysia" again when they realised that they are stranded, that is, in difficulty and in dire need of help.

Each of us, Malaysian, who have a passport. Please look at your passport. Can you find something like this is written?

In the name of the King...

The Ruler of Malaysia, YDP Agong, have requested all foreign countries to accord good treatment and care for the bearer of the passport when he or she enter the country. The King spoke and made a request for your sake!

And these BOC tore the passport? If they had any respect for the YDP, they would have politely surrender the passport to the Embassy, NOT TEARING IT APART !!!

So, anyone who call for the 'offering of Malaysian citizenship' to these ungrateful beings, shall be viewed as in the same boat. This include, a bar council member named Edmund Bon.

These beings are NOT MALAYSIANS, they failed the Rukun Negara, at least, at the part of showing respect to the Ruler of the Country.

NJ said...

Tuan KijangMas Perkasa & Sidang DN yang dihormati,

Saya berharap agar Pak Menteri Anifah Aman berjaya membantu BOC ini untuk mendapatkan taraf kerakyatan British (bukannya taraf kerakyatan Malaysia). Anifah adalah Menteri Luar dan wajar membantu dalam hal-hal ehwal luar negara. Jangan pula cuba menjalankan tugas Menteri Dalam Negeri pulak. Menteri Dalam Negeri dah kata, BOC ini kenalah pohon nak jadi rakyat Malaysia sebagaiman proses biasa. Haraf Anifah faham bidang tugas masing-masing.

Walau apa pun, saya memang berharap Anifah berjaya membantu mereka ini. BOC benci Malaysia dan nak jadi rakyat British. Kalau mereka berjaya, kurang la sikit bilangannya orang-orang yang kononnya bergelar rakyat Malaysia (hanya pada gelaran), tetapi, hati perutnya langsung tiada ciri-ciri orang Malaysia. Kita tidak mahu adanya "musuh" dalam selimut di negara ini.



Semerah Padi said...

At least these BOC have the guts to leave Malaysia.

What about others, the pseudo-Malaysians who are still roaming around this Tanah Melayu stirring unrest among MALAYSIANS?

Embrace Malaysia or GET LOST! That's the choice you have.


Semerah Padi

Anonymous said...


Now this 1 Human Race fellow again. Showing up here hawking his queer 1 Race slogan. He was kicked out of Big Dog's blog some time ago.

Now he says, "it is extraordinary that you should raise what is essentially the Ketuanan Melayu issue again. And in so doing, you think it appropriate to insult the Chinese and Indians left, right and centre." I don't see any insulting. What were stated were merely the facts of history. And opinions based on those facts. If they cannot accept being called Pendatang, that's because of their lack of knowledge or wrong interpretation of historical facts pertaining to the early history of this country.

He simply does not know history, yet wants to accuse others. Which history of Malaya says of the "colonization of Malaya ... the Europeans decided to stay put for 450 odd year"?

Does he not know that from the 16th Century until "British intervention in the affairs of the Malay States in 1874", colonisation occurred only in Malacca, Singapore, and later, Penang? After that the British additional rule was only in the four "Federated Malay States"? The colonisation of the entire Peninsular only began well after that?

Don't be so brash if you don't know the history of your own country, man. That's why the Demi Negara Community has proposed the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) with history as a compulsory subject. But of course, he doesn't agree with that, does he. Come to think of it, one wonders what are the things that he and his kind agree on. According to him and his group of people, the Government is bad, UMNO is bad, the Police is bad, MACC is bad. Almost everything that is associated with Malay majority is bad. Following that fact (do the lawyers use the words ipso facto for this? - see when people aren't sure, they ask!!), the Malays are bad. Because they form the majority and are so in the Government, the civil service, the Police, the Armed Forces, MACC and all. Mana ada logik this Mr 1Race fellow!

He is representing the views of those who are anti-almost everything, including anti-authority, as represented by the Government, the Police etc - those who can be called anarchistic or having anarchistic tendencies. Sad that the country has this kind of people.


Unknown said...

There was a case recently of a Singapore PR who flew back to China to take part in the national day parade in China.

She also said that she is proud to have participated.

What to make of this?

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyyaa donplaypuks pundek lu atak mali kaaaa. lu bulun mati kaaaa.

lu mali sini juai lu punya tosey kaaa. heiyyaa donplaypuks tasey tatak main laaa

apa ini cilita gwa lingar lu bikin sana chedet punya timpat. itu olang putih kasi bom atom olang jipong 300,000 mati ... olang jipong salah lu cyakap.

itu macyam arrrr, gwa kasi poton lanchau lu ... lu salah laaaa. lu mali sini pusing pusing cilita gwa kasi lu taik makan ... lu salah laaa.

kaninnabucibai lu

Barubhasa Al-Jawiyun said...

donplaypuks said,

"And in so doing, you think it appropriate to insult the Chinese and Indians left, right and centre."

It is appropriate to hammer the message through the thick heads of indian & chinese nationals who are making chaos in Malaysia. It may sound as an "insult" because these indians and chinese feel hurt when they are not accepted as "Malaysians".

Who is there to blame but themselves? They behave like "PENDATANGS", they be-fit "PENDATANGS". Their elder generation had long left India and China, and these "lost" indians and chinese are using the "birth place" ticket in their noisy-but-hollow-tin-can claim of being Malaysian. They ignore the fact Malaysians can see right through their skin that their heart and soul remained firmly stuck to India and China.

As long as there are still these indians and chinese parading making chaos in this land while wearing the Malaysian uniforms, the Tuan Tanah, who is Orang Melayu who had first established governance in this region, will not sit tight, but to "sheltox" out all of these "PENDATANGS".

donplaypuk, it is more respectful of you to seek your return to India if you continue to pundek-behaving like this.

Semerah Padi said...

Sdr Omong,

Di mana-mana atas muka bumi ini, terdapat pengkhianat seperti itu. Di Malaysia, Kanada, Amerika dan lain-lain.

Ini jenis orang tamak haloba dan amat mementingkan diri sendiri. Cari makan di negara orang sebab di negara China mereka susah nak cari makan. Kat mana-mana perangai mereka ini adalah BIADAP, berebut-rebut, tidak ikut giliran dalam barisan, menggondol kesemua yang ada untuk mereka sendiri, menyalahkan orang lain apabila mereka cuba "kau tim" (yakni memberi rasuah) petugas kerajaan hinggakan budaya amat jelek menular di mana-mana mereka berada. Tapi, walaupun membuat onar di negara orang hinggakan memaksa kerajaan asing memberikan taraf kerakyatan kepada mereka, pengkhianat-pengkhianat ini tetap China, sepertimana yang Saudara telah kongsikan di atas.

Sdr. donplaypuks,

Jangan terikut-ikut perangai petualang di negara ini. Nada tulisan anda sebagai seorang Malaysia adalah sumbang. Saya bukan pro-UMNO, jangan membuat tuduhan sebarangan. Dalam anda membenci UMNO, anda mengambil kesempatan untuk menghina Orang Melayu. Sekiranya anda masih menegakkan ke-india-an anda di bumi Malaysia ini, maka saya akan bangkit sebagai seorang Melayu!


Semerah Padi

anti-penyamar-lebai said...

Dey DPP aka Lebaikudin,

Happy Deepavali.


Unknown said...

Dear Barubhasa Al-Jawiyun

What these pendatangs fail to realise is that China and India have no "allocation" for them in their nationalistic plans.

These pendatangs are more or less considered overseas chinese and indians - treated much like outsiders.

In Malaysia, the government are not duty-bound to allocate funds for the vernacular schools (VS).

The proponents of VS are happy to allow dropouts to form cheap labour for them.

The highly educated chinese and indians are english-speaking survivors.

The SSS campaign is a noble initiative as it is basically an INCLUSIVE concept.

The other OPTION is to quietly channel funds into SK by getting great teachers and a dynamic curriculum plus a reliable assessment methods to sieve the able from the 'midnight oil burners'.

This will ensure the products are the elite core to form the next generation of leaders.

Anonymous said...

Dontplay pundek has been out-classed, out-manouvered, out-witted and, as if that phrase is too unfamiliar to him, outcasted as soon as he opens his mouth within the Deminegara Community. Because do you know what happens when this slimy vermin does so?

His thinking faculty experiences a total shut-down, his discernment of the Vista of a United Malaysia undergoes a reverse takeover of his Reasoning, and his demeanour as a (normally) elderly man worthy of respect and admiration (he is into the 50'-60s but is not contented with fellow former Victorians his age who while away their time on golf courses waiting for the kubur-kata-mari-rumah-kata-pergi calls, perhaps unable to do so financially) weather a most unfortunate case of what Jethro Tull calls "Too Young to die, too old to rock and roll".

He slashes, he smashes, he writes and he bites, all the while equipped not with factual reasoning or researched-facts, but only with hatred and spite towards anything malay, anything BN and anything government, reminiscent of empty drumrolls permeating an equally empty landscape of a drumhead.

I have hunted this vermin of a paria species for quite some time, asking him to clarify certain things notably here, and there. Of course, a clever recourse for any dalit-class entity with Mouth to boot, would be to just ignore and keep shut and continue with mindless ramblings. This explains the continued display of most unsavory, fruitless, conceited, factless, uninformed arguments whenever an issue crops up that he has to participate in.

Look at Kijang Mas' foray into a discourse of this nation's history: what more could be more clearer, more informative, more revealing and more educational than that. But noooo. Not for the Pundek Vermin. To him, there is one task and one alone: to disrupt as much as possible any sensible blogsites, any worthy intellectual debates that seek to expose the falsity of the arguments brought about by the oppositions.

Read the current DN's writing. Does DontplayPundek care to even kupas the historical assertions of Kijang Mas? Nooooo... Instead he unleashes a torrential tirade against UMNO as if Kijang Mas is UMNO and we the defenders of Bahasa Melayu and Ketuanan melayu are all UMNO.

Let me put up a note here. Not to Dontplaypundek, but rather to his political masters. Please send someone else. If you all want to forward someone to champion your cause, the usage of disrupters without facts and without knowledge, or one who is oblivious to facts and knowledge and totally rely on insensible ramblings just for the sake of rambling, will only hurt your cause more.


KijangMas said...

Part 1

Hey, this little Don’tWannaPlayMyPukie has finally revealed his true rotten racist self in full gory Technicolor!

Interesting. After tirelessly projecting a phony plasticky pseudo-intellectual raceblind persona, this common, run-of-the-mill aney -– in a fit of rage emboldened by liberal consumption of festive liquor -- is exposing his old scam for all to see. Yup people, this aney is nothing more than a frustrated, angry racist scum at wits end to counter the cold hard facts in DN and other patriotic blogs that have pummelled the subversive aliens in our midst into cyber-oblivion. And true to his false sense of relevance to the affairs of this country, he took it upon himself to scurry in here and take on the Tuans in an act of arrack-fueled foolish bravado.

Let’s marvel at the last stand of this delusional drunkard. See how his alienised psyche dissect Malaysian socio-politics. See his pathological fear-induced loathing of anything Malay (yeah, as usual clumsily shrouded as UMNO and Ketuanan Melayu in the usual doublespeak of these unwashed aliens).

Dey Pukie, what happened to your “We are all of 1 race, the Human Race” tagline? Or does your “1 race” exclude the Melayus that you hate soooooo much? Like this cannotlah aney. You must embrace ALL races, especially the very race that legitimized the Pendatang Haram status of your stateless ancestors; gave them and now you shelter; and provided a caste-less social platform for your species to crawl out of the dark bowels of ignorance and illiteracy to the point where you can actually type semi-coherent sentences on your cheap PC to amuse us here.

But instead of a hearty terima kasih Tuan, what do we get? Yup, bite marks on our hands. And darn, this old mutt's gnashings have left pronounced marks on my not quite sawo matang complexion.

Anyway, how come this little Pukie became soooo terasa by the content of this post? Let’s see, the quoted British naval officer (Sherard Osborne) was comparing the disposition of two foreign peoples he encountered. Why must this Pukie feel slighted? Ayoyo Pukie, aren’t you the race-less and race-blind purveyor of the “We are all of 1 race, the Human Race” turd that’s been soiling every corner of the blogosphere day in day out 24/7/365? So why suddenly melatah tak tentu arah when someone commented on the mentality of a population in a faraway foreign land? So you -– purportedly a Malaysian demanding all rights under the sun and a loud advocate of the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia yang tidak boleh cakap Bahasa Malaysia circus of the lunatic fringe of the blogosphere -- feel slighted by this guy’s remarks on a foreign people in a foreign land that has nothing to do with you?


I’m puzzled. Dey, you are a Malaysian or an Indian? Weird lah people. Tell me why should a MyCard carrying, untorn-passport holding Malaysian be ruffled by a 150-year old comment on the people of a foreign land? Again, dey Pukie, you Malaysian or Indian? And aney, if you have an issue with Sherard Osborne (R.I.P.), go sue his heirs and estate lah. Go picket his publisher. So much for freedom of speech and expression uh? Yup, it only works one way .... to hantam the Orang Melayu. The moment this “freedom” impinges on your ugly mukas, you people cry foul and bitch to the whole world.

KijangMas said...

Part 2

This little Pukie quoted -– of all people on the face of this earth –- KJ to embellish his flimsy arguments! Ha ha ha ..... KJ? Siapa itu KJ? A "thought leader" for the Malay masses? Listen up aney, KJ can go fly a kite for all I care. And Najib and Anwar and Nik Aziz and the rest of the loonie gang as well for all I care. So aney, when KJ’s speechwriters coined this “siege mentality” buzzword to metaphorically garnish his meaningless verbiage, you actually bought it hook, line and sinker plus the kitchen sink and actually believed the rhetoric to the extent of quoting it verbatim across the blogosphere? Haiyaaa, shallow lah this lost thamby.

BTW, the only species "under siege" in my Tanah Air right now are of the slimy variety of various shades of dull yellow plus sooty charcoal like yourself. See, day in day out you forage the blogosphere and spew endless putarbelittt crap in other peoples' blogs just to sooth your troubled alienised mind. It's o.k. dey, I understand. There are many similar lost souls out there, with their blank stares and utterances in strange foreign tongues that adds to the noise pollution in our inner cities.

See this typical putarrrbelittt rhetoric from this PlayPukie:-
“Oh sure, colonization of Malaya took place because the ‘Orang Melayu’ openly and bravely resisted them to an extent the Europeans decided to stay put for 450 odd year (sic).”

Huh? 450 odd years? Where? The mouth of the Malacca River maybe lah. So Malacca = Malaya? Malacca = Tanah Melayu? I don’t recall any historical records of the Orang Puteh calling the shots in Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Perak ..... ad nauseam .... “for 450 odd year (sic)”? As for Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis and Trengganu, “British Rule” (which is not much more than a loose "protectorate" arrangement) was a fleeting 44 years (1909-1941 and 1945-1957), hardly a tenth of this uneducated thamby's exaggerated nonfact. Even Perak was colonised for barely eight decades from the time of the 1874 Pangkor Treaty. But this BlackPukie fella simply tarokk “450 odd year (sic)” into his liquor-fueled hogwash!

Haiyaa aney, is the penchant for exaggerations some sort of evolutionary imperative among your species, no? Or perhaps the curried slime between your ears are not wired to count beyond the digits of your filthy paws? See the pattern people? 44 years dah di belit jadi “450 odd year (sic).” See the similarity to Hindraf’s “100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide” lie? I call this phenomenon the Uthayakumar Auta Quotient -- just multiply by at least 10 whatever the real figure is.

KijangMas said...

Part 3

Pukie also said:-
“So, it is not DAP or the Indians or the Chinese who are questioning Article 153 or special rights of the Malays or the position of the Sultans at all; all they are asking for is the relevant portions of the Constitution guaranteeing their rights be not ignored.”

What “rights” are being ignored? Yes dey, enlighten us. In fact, if we really go by the letter of the Constitution, the “Dan Lain-Lain” would have as much “right” as a Shah Rukh Khan in Newark Airport. Yeah Pukie, please list down for us -– item by item –- the specific “rights” under the Constitution that are being ignored. I want to know. Yeah, apply your Uthayakumar Auta Quotient liberally here. I want to see hundreds of specific “rights” that are withheld from the “Dan Lain-Lain.” And while you’re at it and since you have now morphed into an "Indian” nationalist, please show us a single instance where either “Kaum China” or “Kaum India” is mentioned in the Constitution.

Why don't I give a small sampling of extra-Constitutional rights given to the “Dan Lain-Lains”:-

- Vernacular Schools, with hundreds of millions of taxpayers' money dumped to build and enhance these schools: Now Pukie, show us where in the Constitution these outrage to Malaysian nationhood are allowed?
- Govt's RM1 billion Trust Fund for Indians.
- Tamil and Mandarin TV programming underwritten by taxpayers’ money.
- Non-Muslim celebrations hosted by the federal and state governments and underwritten by taxpayers’ money.
- Intake quota of seven percent for Indians in the Civil Service. And your saviour Samy Vellu now demands Indian quotas for GLCs as well! Waah, dah bagi betis nak ...?
- Increasing prominence to non-Bahasa Melayu scripts and languages in the media and advertising.
- Inclusion of foreign cultural elements from China, Tamil Nadu, Portugal and the Punjab into Tourism Malaysia’s rendition of “Malaysian Culture.”
- Bak Kut Teh(!) listed as Malaysia's "national dish" by that Ah Soh menteri. So lauk babi pun ada dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia ka, TNS?

More Pukietalk:-
“Most non-Malays today converse and communicate better in BM than in the mother tongues their parents were familiar with!”

Huh? Again this Pukie invokes the Uthayakumar Auta Quotient. Listen up dey, if that was the case, then why the heck do you think we are all huddled here yesterday, today and tomorrow talking about the state of BM usage and comprehension among alienised "Malaysians" like YOU? O.k., forget the others. Why don’t YOU proof to us by writing only in your country’s National Language from now on. Ya dey Pukie, mulai hari ini, saya akan menyiarkan hanya tulisan anda yang berbahasa Melayu di laman citra ini. Saya mahu melihat kebolehan anda menghuraikan pendapat dan berdebat dalam bahasa kebamgsaan Negara kewarganegaraan anda.

KijangMas said...

Part 4

Pukie trying hard to sound smart here:-
“It was the Vedic people who moved southwards. I really don’t know how you can shoot from the hip with such shallow knowledge of Indian civilization.”

Aah? Yet more belit-ing here. BTW thamby, I don't "shoot from the hip." My Glock 27 BlackSorryAssBuster aims right between your beady eyes ... nice and easy.

So YOU, Mr.Vanto Academy MCE Grade 3 fella, are saying that hypermelanic Dravidians actually pre-dated the short, stout brown-skinned aboriginal veddoids in Southern India? Wow. So the prehistoric Vedda Abo Orang Asal “moved southwards” AFTER your species arrived first? And I'm sure your Tamiloid ancestors predated the Mon-Khnmer speaking Orang Aslis here as well right? And predated the Yanomami aboriginals in the Amazon. And the darn penguins in Antarctica too .... I'm sensing another outbreak of the Uthayakumar Auta Quotient affliction here, people. Ayoyo ayaa, is this what they teach at the SJKT? Jeez, there goes my tax money. BTW dey, I'm sure Dr. Spencer Wells would love to interview you .... and you would probably tell him that your ancestral tongkangs arrived on Hispaniola looong before Cristóbal Colón.

More confusion and putarrrbelittt galore:-
“We now come to your proposition that the Han Chinese were ‘pendatangs’ in their own country. One can only laugh at it.”

Yeah aney, I’m laughing too -- at your pathological ignorance and inability to understand simple English. Go read that section again with a Dictionary and Thesaurus and maybe, just maybe, you would understand a wee bit more. But I doubt that.

More puking here:-
“…respect has to be earned. It cannot be commanded or enforced by fiats; not for long, anyway!”

Absolutely lah dey. YOU of all people should appreciate this fact. We have been marveling at your futile attempts to gain respect in the blogosphere. What have you been doing? You just clutter the blogs with more gibberish and putarrrbelittt talk that actually further exposed you as nothing more than a pathetic alienised SOB angry at the state of his lot in this land he could not quite call his own. Folks, i actually pity this little thamby tua.

Puke’s dying salvo:-
“You can’t blaze a glorious trail or forge a great nation with a crutch!”

Crutch? Yeah, let's talk about this Crutch.

So aney, isn't your act of demanding more rights or equivalent special rights an indication of you needing the “crutch” as well? So we are a nation of invalids now? And there’s nothing worse in my book than ungrateful, unproductive aliens on crutches.

Actually aney, the kayu we carry in our hands is not really a tongkat, not a crutch. These are assorted pieces of wood (teak, mahogany, gaharu, tembesu .... though I'm partial to the cengal myself) that we use to whack the sh!t out of ungrateful kurang ajar alienised two-legged turds like yourself. The snakes and serpents and nagas that occasionally accompany the likes of you are always let off while we train our eyes on your butt. Here's
a sampling of my kayu pukul collection. Pukie, the blackish handled variety in the foreground is my favourite. It kinda matches your butt. But of course my old Nine Iron does the job pretty well too. Robin has seen it in action out of RSGC a couple of times. Yup, nothing like the occasional whoooooossshhhh swing of the old faithful to restore Malaysia's social order.

Anonymous said...

YM KM sirrr!

Another classic rebuttal.

You ROCKKK man.

Cikgu Mae (kawe ggocoh)
MRSM PChepo '81

(p.s. Ku masih dok buak bodi lagi ko?)

Don’tPlayPundeks® said...

Aduuuuhhh ... sometimes I wonder why this drunk pundek would show his face here to get the inevitable thrashing from Tuan Kijangmas and the others.

Cyber-masochist kaa?

Hoi Misterr Pundek, I suggest you change your one-liner to:

'We are all of 1 race, the BlackPundek Race'.

Happy Diwali!

Anonymous said...

After reading KM punya pekenakan that pundek fellow, I naik malu just being ASSOCIATED with him, apa tah lagi BEING pundek himself. Kalau tak malu ... memang sah lah jenis manusia yang bebal.

Ish ish ish ...

A good man is hard to find, but
A hard man is good to find

Anonymous said...

Hey KijangMas

You are most lovable in your rebuttals.

This one is truly classic, coz the butt belongs to the dpp who claims elsewhere to have a beautiful wife.

haha ...

satD said...

On behalf of all those anonymous cyber-entities who are enjoying this..


DPP will come back for more, after doing more "research" to rebut bro doing so he'll be trapped in a viscous circle of talking without any referential integrity....(orang tua ni tak reti sangat nak hyperlink)

DPP then get his "gang" to begin communal kepoci in other blogs associated with everything anti-Malay, anti-Islam etc paint this "racist" picture of bro KijangMas....look at what happened to that piece of crap Mata Luas....sudah sakit otak kut and probably begin roping in the ultimate cheerleader of Anti KijangMas...the one not worth ape benda tu warm spit ke something like that....

Then off they go into the cybersunset in search for more crap to spew n try very very hard to find out the person behind the cyber identity of the hope that they could do a senduk on him......douws....

Anyway would like to thank you DPP from the bottom of my heart for a good sunday to apply for our resident clown post?...jibam resigned about 3 blogpost ago...

antumas said...


si mata luas tu, sentiasa terjegil dan terbeliak matanya apabila saja ada artikel baru dimuatkan di deminegara ini.

macam mulut terlopong, mata terjegil terbeliak tapi tak nampak apa, macam mulut terlopong masuk lalat.

Aku ingat si mata luas ini kena tibai dgn KM cukup-cukup dulu, sampai robek pungkoknya dan tak berani lagi datang sini. Paling berani hanya mengomel kat blognya sendiri.

Bukan dia nak diskus pasal topik org dok bincang, dia nak hentam KM dari jauh.. ha! ha! ha!

mula-mula geram juga aku, adala ke sana bantai dia, tapi la ni.. pikiaq-pikiaq.. biarlah si mata luas ini syok sendiri berseorangan, tanpa siapa yang sudi melawat kat blog dia... heh! heh ! heh!

Anonymous said...


I'm sick and tired of these narrow-minded, half-baked pseudo-intellectuals, claiming to know history and their constitutional rights, putting out half-truths dug out from ever-changing Wikipedia accounts or concocted by their own deluded and self-serving minds, twisting facts to serve their own anti-national, even subversive, purposes.

This kind has penetrated what used to be a society of decent and well-mannered individuals, knowing proper norms of behaviour, always maintaining decorum and reasonableness in words, acts and omissions. The respectability of membership of social and sports clubs have now been diluted by this kind, such that some members refuse to spend time there except only when necessary, no longer by choice or for leisure but on account of social obligations. Just look at what used to be the premier Lake Club or Kelab Taman Perdana. The in fighting among Committee members and ordinary members could not even be resolved internally, instead dragged to the courts, bringing shame and causing the club many hundred thousands of Ringgit.

The kind who speaks loudly, appears to be drunk on just a couple of beers, who tells the Membership Interviewing Committee, "I want to join the Club to promote my business", even Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan products who speak SJK English, are found in other clubs, too. When they have gained a strong foothold in such a club, a few got elected into the Committee, they'll speak for the club membership to be transferable, tradeable, negotiable. Turning a social club membership into a business proposition. These fellows should really patronise the karoake clubs only, where they can shout to their hearts content and show their rowdy behaviour every night of the week. Alas, the Club management, which also has started looking at the Club operation as a business concern, push their candidacies to the Membership Committees, and on grounds of "gaining higher Club revenue", admit such characters.

If the British Overseas Citizens absconding to Britain increase in numbers, they might even try to penetrate the Oxfam (Oxford and Cambridge University graduates) Club in London, wearing clip-on bow ties after table waiting at Chinese restaurants in Soho!

Not much we can do about them except shout at the top of our voices when they appear here. And shout we must. And we do so now. Like in the past and in the future. We must not let them get away with saying whatever they like without being told who and what they are. If they are pendatang, as indeed they are, we will shout aloud that they are so. If they are rude, insulting and twisting the facts of history, we tell them in no uncertain terms.

Bravo, KijangMas. I applaud you. And I'll echo your sentiments, even parrot you, in shouting against their ingratitude towards the citizenship the Malay leaders at Merdeka have agreed for them, at our being polite and decent all these years (except May 13, 1969) as Sir Frank Swettenham had written about the Malays. We will hold back our tendency to amok, the Malay character trait that the one-time British Resident General had observed. We will not break the law but tell such fellows as the non-thinking chauvinist Uthaykumar, the 1Race Pundek fellow, and the anti nationals in their group not to exploit our good nature and our "respect for constituted authority".


Anonymous said...

Kijang Mah;

Allow me to narrate an anacdote of what transpired in "Majlis Dialog Bersama Polis" at Dewan Orang Ramai, Oncidium Sek31, Kota kemuning, Shah Alam, yesterday - Sunday 18th October 2009, circa 10AM.

The panel consisted of representatives from MBSA (Melayu, 2 pax), YB Kota Raja (1 pax, melayu) in flesh, PIC Section 15 Balai Polis Shah Alam (1 Chief Inspector, Melayu), representative of YB Dr Siti Mariah (1 pax, Melayu) and Mr Tan Ah Kaw (MBSA counsellor). So, out of 6 panel members, only 1 is Chinese; rest are Malays.

In the audience, circa of 100 pax, 90% of the residence are Chinese, the remainder are malays and 1-2 person are Indians.

During the dialogue, the panel members (including Mr Tan Ah Kaw) spoke in Malays, whilst all the rseidents who raised questions, issues and comments from Chinese residence spoke in English. None of the Chinese residence speoke in Bahasa Malaysia.

An extract of dialogue that is lost in translation. One of the residence, an Ah Pek spoke in English, brought up the issue insinuating that MBSA only do fogging once in a blue moon.

MBSA representative explained in Malay that MBSA "hanya kan melakukan fogging bila ada kes demam denggi di kawasan tersebut. MBSA tidak akan buat fogging kerap kali kerana di khuatiri nyamok akan menjadi kebal akibat dari fogging yang kerap kali". I thought that was a fair response, and witha bit of medical background could understand the immunity that could occur with too much fogging - a resistance not unlike that of too much antibiotics.

I do not know weather its bebal or not understanding, the next few Ah Peks voice up the same issue why MBSA did not do more frequent fogging....

Its time like this, I hope that these Ah Peks be exported back to Mainland China or go to be the subject of Her Majesty the Queen. But then I am sure that these Ah peks do not wnat to be exported as the moolahs are good here....

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

msleepyhead said...

I've to agree with the others here. Like the anon in the previous post, you interpreted KM's writing to suit your views. Whether we like it or not, we are living in a blessed land where we are free to advance in daily life. The education system, despite its imperfections, provides basic education for so many of us, to such an extent that there is the term brain drain. So it seems we are able to nurture but not keep our talents, but that's a different story altogether.

And no matter how poor or difficult the environment you were brought up in, one can still easily open a stall by the roadside or pasar malam to earn a basic income before moving on to greener pastures.

We have to agree to a national identity, that is rightfully a dominantly Malay one, as KM has pointed out, but count our blessings that in reality, the Chinese and Indian Malaysian culture is as much in the forefront so much so that the Borneo pribumis are sidelined.

Recent Nature if anyone's interested in it.
Genetic screening reveals that most Indians today can trace their ancestry back to two ancient, genetically divergent populations. One lineage, Ancestral North Indian, is genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central Asians and Europeans. The other, Ancestral South Indian, is not close to any group outside the subcontinent. The cover image (by Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Lalji Singh & Francis Amirtharaj) shows the locations of the 25 diverse groups sampled for the genetic screen, and a member of each group.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Bosz, I just luv it when u r upset & fire-up..hahaha. I sincerely hope DPP do come again & pluck your short & curlies (bulu kertiak?), 24/7/365, {no sleep, how can, die la like this}. U even got my buddy satD all excited by the mere mentioned of ‘pooki’. Hey satD, I fly BOAC in the old days, u know or not, yes I say let the Brits exile those silly brainless BOC twats {that’s chibai in your ape vocab} fellas to the Falklands.Disgraced to all the good Apek like myself.


P/S – Hey KM, how come u still got the Nine-Iron? I tot u despised the golfing crowds one leh. And oso hor, please put a leash on the psycho Nostladamus Kaa…..hahaha, his uncultureness cracked me up LOL.

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyaaa tommy you figure ... itu dpp mana atak worth kasi olang tinggi olang busat kasi layan sama lia itu pundek dpp.

lu summa olang tinggi olang busat kasi layan sama lia arrr .. lia atak manyak naik tocang horrrr .. manyak eksen orrr ... lai balik lomah cyakap sama lia bini summa olang busat olang tinggi lia kawankawan.

kasi the lowest of the low nostladamus lah bad mouthig itu pundek dpp .. itu macyam lia tatak belani mau report sama lia bini.

ini world punya lalam arrr mana atak olang pandang itu pundek tinggi. lia bini satu olang atak pandang lia manyak tinggi orrr ... dali bawah pandang atas orrrr ... pandang dpp pundek

Anonymous said...

Dear DN Knights,

Let promote SSS in the portal below ...

we want our voices to be heard

please GUIDE them for unity ...


Anonymous said...


A good write up by Sir KijangMas. Good ambiance, people are real friendly. But, there is only one thing that bothers me and that is: Sir KM, can you err something with the forest underneath your armpit? well, if that is really you....I thought you were clean cut, everywhere shaved ...err... sorry eh...jangan marah ... :)

Eagle Eye

Don’tPlayPundeks® said...

Eagle Eye - aww shucks, don't be bashful dear. I bet you'd love to snuggle your snout inside KM's luxuriant ketiak and intoxicate yourself with that (in)famous musky deer pheromone. He he he ...

Anonymous said...


Tekan emergency break,
corner baring nampak?


Tyrone said...


Anonymous said...

Uhh .....??

What are you guys talking about?

I catch no to explain?

Eagle Eye

Cenderawasih said...

hahaha,talking about bulu ketiak.eagle eye,you scrutinized every single pixel of that photo??your nic explained.unker yew,you love plucking bussines? unker,you should set it ablaze instead of plucking,easier and faster.

just my opinion,dont know anything about hairs,since I am a bird,but i do know about feathers.peoples will pay hansdsomely for my feathers..

as for donplaypuks, i hate your comments,be it here or some where else.full with hates and twisted arguments.are you tired of your beautifool(pun intended) wife??

msleepyhead said...

As there are probably no SJK peeps lurking here and giving their POV on the SSS, I looked around and came across these:

Check out the comments and you can see a good, balanced discussion going on. Looks like a good number of peeps support SK for integration but also at the same time validate the importance of SJKs. But in the end it may be a case by case basis, and just like SK, former missionary schools with their long history has a well established environment trumps some new SK in a rural area. So not all SJKs are bad, just as not all SKs are good.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Bosz,

Blardy LA airport gave the same ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ treatment to my main man David Beckham, 4 days ago.How u explain that lah. U got any problem there lately or not?

My friend’s son is having a whale of a time at Malibu’s Pepperdine University but I heard LA is going bankrupt, true or not?

Hi Wuzzy, how’s the going my young lady? Now don’t be ‘chicky’ with unker. If u give me a head lock hold with that bushy armpit, sure my EYES gets WIDE OPEN one leh {worst than smelling salt}….hahaha. Do u know in his younger days, KM fav party move is to put his other palm under his armpit & make all those disgusting farting sound effects by pumping it :).

Oso I had been known to ruffle a few feathers during my time. Hey do u know my Pak chik buddy Zawi, stumbled onto DPP favourite ‘pookie’restaurant at Shah Alam, go check it out..hahaha.


NJ said...

Salam sejahtera Tuan KijangMas Perkasa dan sidang DN sekelian,

"Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua" (SSS) is inline with the thoughts of Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, a historian and academician, whom need not be introduced to every Malaysian who has Malaysia in his heart.

Sometime ago, he quoted from Tagore "To build a Nation, build a school". (read here)

Quite recently, he wrote "To mend the system, start with teachers".(read here)

And now, he has "has called on the government to restructure the national education system and do away with the multiple stream arrangement."(read here)

How "un-malaysian" a so-called malaysian can be?



Anonymous said...

(Sorry people, for the broken links. Err, hope these will work fine).


I know, I know, I should have answered you earlier. You mean I should be doing something like this. What about doing this instead? (btw you have a photographic mind, everything you know one).

Err...... Sir KM, hope you’re not like this as I prefer you to be like this. Look at his bod and his armpit ......ummmmmm...Eat your hearts out people.......!

Unker Yew, please ask these buggers how to “cabut bulu ketiak” ....huhuhu.....These buggers have more grey matter than the homo sapiens species in the country.

And, this is how DPP, the Indian racist and Malay hater looks like after he finishes his rounds insulting and condemning the Malays in pro-nationalist blogs. See the satisfaction on his face......Pighole!!

Hope I don’t ruffle any feathers. Tata!

Yours truly,
Eagle Eye

ps.....Good observation CK, I am Eagle Eye, the eye for details, the eye to observe and analyse (don't play play with me) and the eye to see the inner being of "pengkhianats" like DPP et al. :)

Mek Setiu said...

Whooaaa, what's with all these kinky 18SX stuff?

Ini SoPo blog lah children; you want action, go to Soho lah.

Self-control ma'am, self-control.

KijangMas said...

Bro satD said:-
"... the 'gravitational' pull towards a common central idea of nationhood....subscribing to its fundamental values will define how this land of Diversity in Perceived Unity will fare over the next 100 years."

Yes Bro, this "gravitational pull" must be anchored to an axis of sufficient commonalities that define our nationhood. These include a pervasive common language and a common cultural essence underpinned by a single dominant societal value system.

Without this anchor, without this core defining denominator of the fundamental tenets of nationhood, no nation state, no political entity, no union will last.

Since Merdeka, Malaysia has faced acute social fragmentation induced by the concurrent existence of distinct, incompatible socio-realities competing for the same space. Communities languishing in these distinct socio-realities are pulled apart by strong cultural-linguistic centrifugal forces that make them hurtle away from one another at an ever increasing rate.

This aberrative socio paradigm must be neutralised via socio-policy measures that will re-synthesize the distinct socio-realities into a common plane of sufficient linguistic and cultural affinities across Malaysia’s social landscape.

The single-most important policy prescription? Unified Schools of course.


NJ said:-
"... I hope more of the pseudo-Malaysians will start to open their eyes. Start “seeing” not just “looking” with empty, soul-less stare at the issue of being “true warga Negara of Malaysia”."

Salam Sdr NJ. Unfortunately, some of these pseudo-Malaysians will never see the light, no matter how WIDE they open their eyes. Bila sudah buta hati, mata terbeliak seluas SMART Tunnel pun tak guna.


Naif said:-
"Judging from that picture, I assume you guys were at old town white I right?"

No lah. We went to a real old time kopitiam, not today's newfangled franchised imposters.

It's the type where the semi-decomposed 92-year old Apek in pajamas brews the scalding hot coffee with both eyes closed while mumbling some long-forgotten Hainanese folk song.

The type where you can buy one stick of cigarette, lighted by a thin paper strip burnt from a small pelita at the counter.

The type where the sedentary owner deftly caresses his abacus with the sure fingers of a passionate casanova and contrives the amount due based on algorithms unknown to science.

The type where the roti bakar and melted butter are slowly toasted on the arang .... darn, now I'm hungry.

... Tyrone!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Blogmaster,

Please delete my comment of 10.33 PM.

Apparently, someone is not happy. I know what you're trying to imply commentor of 11.39 PM. And I am not happy with what you were trying to insinuate.

I'll take my leave and SORRY for any hard feelings, no intention of making this place a Soho-like area. Incidently, some people forgot that laughter is the best medicine.

I won't come back here again and I know nobody is going to miss me. I'll go somewhere else to fight the 'baddies'.

Eagle Eye

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Good Lord, KM, your rebuttals leave me breathless..! Letih baca !Welcome back, it's worth the long wait.. :)

Anonymous said...

Eagle Eye,

I read your 10.33 comment and I agree with you that it was not intended to offend and it was in jest.

Perhaps you got slightly confused with or thought of as an associate of Eyes Wide Open, one with chauvinistic hardcore views that the DN Community cannot tolerate and bashed her/him for.

11.39 uses the word "ma'am" which may refer to EWO who, in the beginning, was written possibly by a woman SRJKC teacher.

You see, many among us here are passionate about our country and how it should develop. A few may pound on the slightest indication of trying to belittle us or injure that nationalistic feeling of ours.

Since you have a sense of humour, perhaps you would take the comments against you with humour, too. And it was not that bad, was it? She might even have written it in jest, too - see her opening words.

I personally like your complimenting my friend CK and hitting at the "pengkhianats like DonplayPundeks".

I would not like to see you go just on account of the comment against you. And it's only one comment anyway.

Do stay and join us in hitting the chauvinists, anti-nationalists and anarchists. DonplayPundek included.

Perhaps in future you would like to type in Hahaha or Hehehe like many do to ensure their jovial intentions are not mistaken for offence.

Me? I'm not the jovial type - I just bash when I see ill-intended fellows.


John Cena said...

Yeahh agree with ma main man, Aku, and his wise words:
>>'Since you have a sense of humour, perhaps you would take the comments against you with humour, too. And it was not that bad, was it?'<<

If we make humor and poke others, we must be prepared to receive humor as well. for every action there's a reaction. Dat Unc Yew figure is a good example. He gives and he takes d funny n d obscene and laughs at them.

Learn from my trade. We give as good as we get. We don't get mad; we get even.

otherwise, stay out of d ring. He he he.


satD said...

salam bro KijangMas

the current empty sloganeering by the man on top fails to realize the basic fundamental tenets that this fragile nation need to subscribe to..

Sikit2 nak focus on pleasing the non-Malays and also to counter what is being offered by the other side (eg: Malaysia Day Holiday?? WTF are we celebrating the inefficiency of UN Mission lead by U-Thant?)

At the same time the Minister of Education...ape name tu..Muhyidin. goes around saying that the government policy is to dignify BM refer here

what is the grand strategy in "memperkasakan BM"??

they seem to be very clear on what is needed to be done on the English part but falls short on the detail strategy to Dignify takut?

at the same time he contradict himself by allowing for the teaching to revert back to mother-toungue hence providing a lifeline for the survival of these "jenis"

Blogger pesanan keramat pick up the statement made by Prof Khoo

lets hope more sane minded visionary leaders emerge to take this nation forward.....

Current ones deserves a whack with your 9 iron!

Anonymous said...

To the sage Aku,

Words don't lie. Reading my comment, if one is intelligent, one can understand the gist of it and one can deduce who's side I'm on. I can take craps and all if they were given with intelligence. I take and I give too. My friends can attest to that. Anyway thanks for your wise words. You guys are not my enemies and John Cena, I've said that I am out of DIS ring...Condescending words are not part of my "like" words as they are hard to be swallowed by me (and by a lot of people as well) ...I am fighting the same battle but at a different place.

Eagle Eye

(ps....don't understand why the blogmaster is still keeping my comment here)

Semerah Padi said...

Saudara Eagle Eye,

Sometimes, it takes a while to understand.

But for the meantime, your hint on which side you are on, is good enough, especially when you wrote that you are "... fighting the same battle but at a different place...". Go, if you must!

At least I know there is another someone fighting the battle. Victory shall be ours!

"Ini Tanah Tumpah Darahku"

Semerah Padi

Kenn said...

There is a letter, addressed to the Speaker of The House of Commons, Mayor of London and Directors of Strangers Into Citizenship Campain, written by Concerned Citizens and True Patriots of Malaysia regarding the BOC issue.

Read it here, under POST UPDATES.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kijang Mas,

I'm so impressed with this masterpiece. You did make me speechless!

Hey! You should come out with some kind of e-books like JMD did.

The truth is: I love reading your articles!

You must be a Ph.D holder? Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Dei Dontplaypuks! Cara kau berbahas jauh ketinggalan dan remuk dibelasah oleh Kijang Mas. Jauh betul level Kijang Mas berbanding Dontplaypuks. Kau pergilah tabur propaganda kau di blog-blog picisan dengan dua nama kau tu. Apa? Lebai kudin? Kasihan! Kah kah kah... Apa pun, Bravo Kijang Mas!


satD said...

aik...makin banyak fanclub ni...

Unker kita tagteam bikin outsourcing proposal for bro KM fanclub mau?i bet u manyak makcik2 ur type

kadang2 kita perlu malaun2 seperti dpp ni...kalu tidak sang harimau kita ngantuk.....

Naif said...

I wonder if the nation would have turn out differently if PUTERA-AMCJA had the reigns of the country, with the likes of Dr.Burhanuddin Al Helmy, Ahmad Boestamam and the other leftists as our leaders. One of the proposals outlined in the constitution is that "Melayu" is to be the title of any proposed citizenship and nationality in Malaya. A subtle way of forced nationalism!

Economically though, we would have ventured down the path of socialism. Yikes

Sakai Janda Baik said...

Dahh laa tuu.

Kalau tak boleh di tegur balik janganlah cucuk orang!

Tak payah pancing simpati sini lah. Boringgg siut!

Aku mari sini nak baca tulisan keramat KM dan pendapat wira2 DN. Aku bukan mari sini nak baca luahan emosi merajuk merana yg tak masuk akal dan tiada hujung pangkal.


satD said...


ade bau kucing ke?

Naif said...

SKB wrote:
"Aku mari sini nak baca tulisan keramat KM dan pendapat wira2 DN. Aku bukan mari sini nak baca luahan emosi merajuk merana yg tak masuk akal dan tiada hujung pangkal"
Bro ko cakap dgn sape ni???

Sakai Janda Baik said...

Bang satD, gue rasa si kucing dah jadik helang.


Anonymous said...


A fantastic read that letter to the Mayor of London etc on the British Overseas Citizens = no-more Malaysians.

I want to identify myself as belonging to that Concerned Citizens and Patriotic Malaysians the writer wrote under.

It's bloody good that the British authorities hear the other side of the story. Wish that letter gets published in the papers in London where those disloyal and no-longer-acceptable-as-Malaysian blokes demonstrated and bad-mouthed Malaysia.

I was told the Mayor replied saying the issue would be referred to the relevant authorities in Britain.

It must be important enough and the points in that letter have sunk deep enough for the Mayor to have replied, considering the thousands of daily mail and complaints his office must have received, including from the ex-Architect etc who have now become Soho restaurant dishwashers.

We all must thank the author of that letter and say good riddance to the ungrateful and Malaysia-insulting BOCs.


Anonymous said...

Pandangan penyokong Satu Sekolah dan patriot negara, Prof. Khoo Kay Kim.


Anonymous said...

Guys, please don't associate the kucing and the helang.....btw, leave the helang alone...

- EE

KijangMas said...

Anon (October 9, 2009 2:10 PM) said:-
"BTW these chinese staff could CONVERSE very well in Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia. When it pays to learn BM, they will do it instinctively."

Absolutely. These people will do anything if it serves their larger interests. When I was in Rome some years back, the ostensibly illegal Chinese waiters manning Asian restaurant tables spoke fluent Italian, some even with the melodic Tuscan twang. Likewise in my stopovers in Hannover and Luebeck, where young Chinese workers demonstrated good German language skills and seemed darn proud of it.

Why o.k. over there and not here in Malaysia where these peoples' Bahasa Melayu skills by and large lag behind even recent pendatangs from Bangladesh and Myanmar?

Well, because they are allowed to survive, to thrive, and to proliferate here without the necessity of using or understanding the national language. True to form, when there are no punitive financial or social costs to their BM illiteracy, these makhluks will burrow into their alien linguistic-cultural comfort zones, cocooned from the larger society. Of course, these very people would subsequently question the supremacy of Bahasa Melayu and other tenets of the Constitution itself in a grotesque demonstration of pampered Aliens gone bad.

Whose fault?

Well, their behaviour is to be expected, the norm for such a tenacious, hardy species. In hospitable Malaysia, they don't get whacked by 10-foot bamboo poles by the Culture Police 1930s Thai style or get whalloped by right-wing groups a la urban Europe.

Yup, nothing was done. And weeds thrive when left unchecked. And thrive they did.

I blame it on the Melayus themselves, notably the shortsighted "pemimpins" of the past 52 years who just cannot comprehend the longer-term repercussions of their failure to rein in the aliens in our midst and forge a unified Bangsa Malaysia of sufficient linguistic-cultural affinities.

Is it too late now?

"Too late" for whom? Patriotic Malaysians or these freeloading temp-citizens?

Let's talk about this.

Anonymous said...

Kepada semua peminat Demi Negara (termasuk donplaypuks)!

Bodo juak donplaypuks tok. Tambi memang kedak iya! Nya sorang jak sik sokong. Profesor Khoo sokong! Kamek orang Sarawak sokong satu sekolah untuk semua! Kat sitok ney ada kedak tambi dontplaypunks. Kamek suka baca Kijang Mas empun posting. Best! Sik kedak donplaypuns...sekda orang mauk pergi ke blognya baca...nyalah dia merayau-rayau masuk kat sitok...hahahaha...sekda kerjalah ya...paloi benar!

KijangMas, I love u!

ps: Mun sik faham, tanya pada kawan yang berasal dari Sarawak (kalau tak faham tanya kawan dari Sarawak).


Anonymous said...

Hey Dontplaypundek!

KJ who? Since when you have a deep faith on that budak hingusan? Wakakaka... Well, good luck! :)

We all one race, the human race. So why cant WE accept one school?

Not WE lah...YOU! Yes YOU Dontplaypundek!


Anonymous said...

Aiyyaa, KijangMas

I'm back at this hour after a late nite bash and find one lady in love with you allely.

I'm sooo zealous la. Want to compete oso, cannot speaaak Englais velly gud one. I went to Sekolah Lendah Jenish Kebangsaan China Batang Bejuntai one, you know. True one, no play play taip.

Gud luck and gud nite.

Rolan Yee.

KijangMas said...

Dot said:-
"There's no other way but for all Malaysians to know the early history of the country and its development to the present-day situation if we are to pull together as a united and strong nation."

Unfortunately, the growth and evolution of our historical narrative are stunted by the crippling inertia of official indifference. This country's fragmentation and socio-degeneration are caused partly by our perpetuation of shallow, superficial historiographies.

If we regard 15th century Malacca as the "beginning" of Malay nationhood and civilisation on the peninsula (... and concurrently neglect the significance of many pre-Malaccan Malay polities in Kedah, Kelantan and the northern Malay region up to the Kra isthmus), then we deserve the confusion and disrepute spawned by the relentless subversive historio-revisionists.

If our primary source materials are still regurgitated conjectures of colonial historians and a non-critical wholesale embrace of flowery 17-19th century Riau Malay Hikayats written by hallucinatory palace scribes high on sireh/tapai/nira unabashedly glorifying the genealogy of their royal benefactors, then the Melayus themselves will forever be ignorant of the true role and timelines and impact of their rumpun on Tanah Melayu and the rest of the Nusantara. We still lack rigorous factual and in situ validation of these romantic narratives of our past and have not endeavoured to cross reference the key personalities and dates and placenames with contemporary regional historiographies. Indeed, we are not even sure which brother warrior was killed by Hang Tuah in the famous duel -- was it Hang Jebat (Hikayat Hang Tuah) or Hang Kasturi (Sejarah Melayu)?

Amidst such fuzzy storylines, the anti-Malay subversives have been able to corrupt our scanty Malacca-centric general historical narrative with cunning wordplays and crafty manipulation of homonyms that today spawned fairytales of Tamil rajas and Chinese pendekars and everyone-else-except-the-Melayu role in our historical past. The Malay Hindu Parameswara hence morphed into an Indian prince; the 200-1300AD pre-Islamic Malay polities and settlements dotting the upper peninsula became “Tamil outposts”; even Temagi, the Patani Malay ruler of Temasek who governed as a vassal of Ayutthaya -- and reputedly murdered by the swashbuckling Parameswara in the late 1390s -- is now called a “Siamese Regent”!

Like this how?

We have reached a stage where the Malay Apologist Extraordinaire, Azly Rahman, has become so shy of being a Melayu that he proposed a new name for his race: Sawojaya (“Successful Brown-Skinned People”)! What the ...?! Sawo apo Azly? I think this fella should be taxonomised into his own one-man ethnic group known as the MatSawoDungu (“Stupid Brown-Skinned Man”)! This New Jersey-based neo-liberal nut must be the first human to publicly proclaim his embarrassment at being a member of his own race! See what happened when weak-natured people are not exposed to their own history? Yup, they actually believed the propaganda of the subversives, which obliterated their already fragile sense of self-worth and identity. Pathetic!

I suggest these pengkhianat bangsas be called the GuaMaluLayu race. Yup, bucketfuls of these brain-dead GuaMaluLayus languish in PKR (“... mana boleh ada Hak Istimewa Melayu brader") and PAS (“... nasionalisme Melayu nih Assobiyah bang, tak bagus.”) and turn up in the lovefests of the intriguing I Don’t Speak Malay “Anak Bangsa Malaysia” flock under the tutelage of the GuaMaluLayu High Priest himself, a certain Mr.Teapot who is actually a confused Keralan in roughhewn Melayu skin.

These are all symptoms of what I called Historical Osmosis -- of our historiographical vacuum being filled by others to suit their anti-Malay agenda.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, KijangMas. Let's talk about the Melayus themselves, the shortsighted "pemimpins" of the past 52 years who failed to rein in the aliens in our midst and forge a unified Bangsa Malaysia of sufficient linguistic-cultural affinities. And whether it's "too late" for patriotic Malaysians or for freeloading temp-citizens.

The Melayus have been so accomodating since the time they found tin in Perak and the advent of significant-size Chinese immigration into the country. They brought in Chinese from Penang and secret societies, thugs and gangsters followed. I read that the 350 Malay tin mines disappeared in the face of those secret societies, thugs and gangsters dominating the tin mining industry then and I'm not sure for how long. The "Underworld" is still active now, even at the Selangor State Secretariat, lurking around the DAP Excutive Councillors' offices, as said by one PKR Assemblyman and one PKR MP.

Malays like Dato Sagor and his followers in Lower Perak were strongly nationalistic and even stabbed to death the British Resident, JWW Birch along the banks of the Perak River, despite having only rudimentary weapons in the face of firearms that the British possessed.

But Malay leaders prior to Merdeka were quite a different breed. Perhaps their arms twisted by the British Imperialists, perhaps in the keenness to get independence and hold power, they agreed to citizenship for the non-Malays who were stateless for all those years under British colonial rule. Then the Malays relaxed the rules for the granting of citizenship certificates, language proficiency being not stringently enforced. Hence many of them and their immediate descendants were hardly able to speak even "Bahasa Melayu pasar".

Again, after Independence, the Melayu leaders allowed the vernacular schools. And the problems associated with them have been the subject of active discussions on the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) Proposal in this Demi Negara blog and the Demi Negara community pursued it further in the currently on-going Kempen SSS blog.

Tun Dr Mahathir tried the Sekolah Wawasan but was opposed by the DAP, a party of chauvinists who
appear to be opposing anything Malay, opposing anything in the form of constituted authority, including the BN Government, the Police, MACC, etc. Politics, some say, is a dirty game and one of compromises. But UMNO being strong under TDM, and the Malays, being the majority as they have always been until now, have not had the political will and the gumption to stand up and tell the others of what need be done and have them done on certain important matters like respect for Bahasa Malaysia whose position is stated in the Constitution.

The 5 years under TAAB are not worh talking about as far as good Malay deeds on those matters are concerned. Let's now look at Dato
Seri Najib's rule, his 1Malaysia concept, his policies, which to me are not yet clear in many aspects, especially liberalism / liberalisation, who benefits from all those, and his statements at UMNO Gen Assembly that the Malays have to also look after the interests of the non-Malays.

The Malays have been left behind scores of yeas economically, educationally, etc, the 30% corporate wealth target not even achieved (not counting other forms of wealth), racial polarisation and non acceptance of the Social Contract and lack of respect for the Constitution increasingly becoming evident, and we have to look after the interests of the others as well? What is he talking about?

I urge other members of the DN Community to come in and discuss these here and now, as suggested by KijangMas above.


Anonymous said...


I think it's about the politics that the Malays played. About no-ballism. And about the ingratitude and the unreasonableness among "the freeloading temp-citizens".

Politics of accommodation, regardless of the time when they could speak from strength. They were strong pre-Merdeka, this is Malay country, the non-Malays were stateless all those years, yet the Malays agreed to non-Malay citizenship. Thinking the non-Malays would be grateful and reasonable in later years. Relaxed the rules on the issue of citizenship certificates on top of that.

Tengku A Rahman, by character, was an accommodating person. He believed everybody good until proven bad. Unfortunately, by the time he had proof that some were bad, things had gone pretty bad and he kicked Lee Kuan Yew out. In so doing we lost hell of a lot. An island that was given away to the British in 1819, brought back to us in 1963 and given away again in 1965. Those given citizenship were not thankful; they wanted more and more to the extent of being unreasonable. Now they insist on Mandarin and Tamil being the media of instruction in vernacular schools despite Malay being the official language as stated in the Constitution.

The Malays asked for only 30% corporate wealth after May 13, 1969. Maybe because they had very little idea of how much they could achieve, never having any wealth before, only 2% wealth in 1970, largely backward economically and educationally. Maybe also because of their non-exploitative nature. But the politics of accommodation went on even during the best of times. When Malays are the majority in this country, many policies can be carried out to the advantage of the “the race that has been left behind by the British colonialists” in a more drastic manner, but no ballism prevailed. It was always explained away as having to be reasonable with the others, but are the others reasonable when some even question the Special Position of the Malays that is enshrined in the Constitution, that was a quid pro quo to their citizenship right that the Malays did not question?

There’s the occasional demand by political leaders on even 70% corporate equity (at UMNO Pemuda Assembly), and by the average Malays on other aspects of wealth, like property ownership which, Tun Dr Mahathir said the Malays have even less than 15%. I am quite sure that as the non-Malays keep asking for more and more, the Malays would also be demanding more and more until they have proportionate share of the wealth in this country in all aspects of the economy. The time will come when the Malays find leaders with the balls and the political will to meet those demands. Meanwhile we have to deal with the pengkhianat bangsas, the Malay apologists and the pseudo-liberal so-called Melayus.

Malays have been weakened during the 5 years of misrule or no rule and "auto-piloting" under Pak Lah. We now have a new leader and we certainly have not seen any ballism yet. On the contrary, I see quite a bit of accomodating tendencies that some people attribute to the need to win back PRU12 run-away votes. I nevertheless believe that the time will come when a Malay leader with "testicular fortitude" (to borrow your words) will emerge to put things right. The Malays are the majority in this country for goodness sake and there are factions in PAS that have realised the need for Malay solidarity to bring back Malay strength.

We need that strength and the wherewithal to bring us back on the right footing and the correct path towards a united and cohesive Malaysian nation. The premise for that must be the Malays having their rightful place in their own country. Then so would the others in this country.


KijangMas said...

Tommy Yewfigure said:-
"Hey Bosz, u got Phd in Anthropogenesis from UCLA or UC Berkeley ka?"

Hey Unker Yew, you almost got the university right! Just 20 minutes drive from one of those and bingo, you gotcha, KM’s proud alma mater.

No lah Unker, my on-off-on-and now off again doctorate is in a more mundane field. It goes something like “the empirical correlation between frequency of budu consumption and heightened eye-hand coordination of gasing exponents in Ulu Legéh, Narathiwat.” Yeah, sort of like that.

Anyway, the Ph.D. is not such a fancy designation nowadays lah. Only Malaysians seem awed by it, with many of our politicians and corporate chieftains buying them from diploma mills out of downtown LA mailbox universities. I’m sure you’ve heard all those Ph.D acronym jokes, such as “Permanent Head Damage” and “Probably Headed for Divorce” and “Please Hire, Desperate.” I think those are a tad cruel. At least my old college prof told me that Ph.D stands for Pretty Huge D!ck. Now, that’s more like it. So Unker, you also Ph.D. kaa?

Unker Yew added:-
“You make me feel like Robin lah and the fact that u know our ‘Chikikuchiki’ culture & mentality, makes me feel so ashamed."

No lah Unker, apart from the common occasional HamSapLo tendencies, I don't think you two are that similar. For a start, you are not an SJKC product, and you were well-integrated with the Malays in your growing-up years. I'm sure you even utter Malay phrases in your dreams (of Nora … or is it Mat Nor?) .... and nightmares ("... lepaskan aku, lepaskan aku ..." while being subdued by Kuldeep Singh, Ph.D).

Unker also said:-
"... I’m not your typical Apek, I’m neither here nor there, sometimes think like Chinese, sometime Malay, sometime Omputih ..."

Yup, I know that feeling man.

My Kelantanese soul sometimes gets entangled in my Californian reality….. and even more profoundly when its vice versa.

Imagine my partaking of improvised nasi kerabu and yummmmyyy budu with Dikir Barat "rap music" in the background while soaking in the Pacific Ocean view and breeze and chicks in itsy bitsy polka dot bikinis from my LA balcony. Surreallll stuff.

And imagine getting the urge for Cal-Mexican food right here in KB? I almost blurted something like this at my regular kedai kopi yesterday: “… yeah mokcik, I’ll have some tacos and enchiladas with salsa and roasted jalapeños on the side plus an iced cold Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.” The good mokcik would probably reply: “ Ehh? Mung nok ggapo, bakô lado …”?


To sdr DNL, Ayah and Patriot Garang, thanks for visiting and your kind words. Together we shall strive to regain our Tanah Air.


N_Sulong said:-
“It is quite disconcerting that a very intelligent individual like you, and some of your respondents, unquestioningly adopt the view that the other races in Malaysia must follow certain aspects of the Malay way, or it's 'the highway'.”

I think many others have sufficiently responded to your queries.

Nothing much to add, except that I know you are neither a Malay nor well-versed in early Islamic history, let alone in a position to equate the trials and tribulations of our Holy Prophet to contemporary Malaysian politics.

Like others asked, why you confuse Malay with Muslim? Why make this a religious crusade? Yeah, because you are not a Malay, correct?

Look, you must either talk in the perspective of a Malay-Chinese-Indian realm or a Muslim-Buddhist-Hindu paradigm. You just cannot concoct a Muslim (religion) vs Chinese/Indian (race) argument because you are throwing apples and oranges into the logic pile.

Enough said. Please rewire your thought processes and come back with more rational rhetoric. Note that in the context of this blog, do not confuse “Malay” with the generic all-encompassing “Muslim” pool.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Memang best artikel ni! Mesti puak2 rasis yang tak tahu diuntung tidak tidur lena. Yang tidur pun akan bermimpi ngeri sampai terbeliak bijik mata. Haha! Bravo KijangMas!


Mat Cendana said...

Salam KijangMas & Everyone,
It's been quite a while that I've been here. Have to face life's battles elsewhere; some you win, some you lose and many are seeming stalemates. Anyway Field General satD was briefed and he knows the score. That's what the generals are for... except that he has to be the foot soldier too:-)

BTW there seems to be a problem with the RSS feed from here - my blog didn't get the latest. Has deleted and set it up again in the hope it'll work. But doesn't seem to..

Mat Cendana said...

I had read at a Pakatan blog announcing Oct 28 is `D-Day'. Dungu Day? And some getting paranoid; accusing the government of "Big Brother doing surveillance". Maybe this is a `kes perasan'... as if they are important enough. I hope they seek treatment on Oct 28... Tanjung Rambutan isn't too far away.

Anonymous said...


Let me fill in the part on " rein in the aliens in our midst and forge a unified Bangsa Malaysia of sufficient linguistic-cultural affinities. And whether it's "too late" for patriotic Malaysians or for freeloading temp-citizens" that sepadu and Aku appeared not to have the time or the space to cover.

True, we must have a united Bangsa Malaysia for lasting peace and uninterrupted progress. We already have interruptions like in 1969 and we must not have them again. Those who don't have adequate knowledge of our history or try to rewrite it, refuse to acknowledge the Social Contract, do not respect and abide by the Constitution of the country run the risk of causing such interruptions and must be reined in.

Our authorities must be constantly on the watch for such tendencies, apply the Sedition Act on those who question the special Malay rights, those who flagrantly violate the institution of the Malay Rulers, including lying on the road blocking the path of the Raja Muda of Perak some time ago.

The MCA Youth must not, like they said in their 9.12.2008 statement criticising Professor Khoo Kay Kim on the one-school concept recently, call for the abolishment of the New Economic Policy - That kind of statement may invite similar calls against their citizenship, which was the quid pro quo for the Special Position of the Malays. And that’s not good for anybody.

It's not too late for them to be brought into the Bangsa Malaysia fold. At least for the most of them. No doubt those of the absconding British Overseas Citizens variety can get lost; the more the better, as we don't need and consider it detrimental to have such disloyal and unpatriotic so-called Malaysian citizens. But by and large, the "deviationists" can and should be explained, time and again, on the need to have a united and strong Bangsa Malaysia.

The Government must do its part. There'll be a time when we see either the existing or subsequent Government fully realising the need for such things as the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, taking a firm and resolute action on behalf of the majority of the people. The majority, as in many cases and in many countries, are the silent type.

Private citizens must also do our part and I fully support the initiative taken by the Demi Negara community in that direction. And I shall always try to write here and there trying to help make the others understand the basis for togetherness and the need for a cohesive and united nation in this country Malaysia.


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey KM, I wud have come in earlier if not for MC hogging the PC ;))

Unker got MBBS, PhD….
My Beautiful B***s’ Sensitive, Please handle Delicately!

So Stanford or Santa Cruz??

Gee, I just love your sense of humour thrown in between serious discussion. I don’t suppose a lot of people appreciate this gift of yours to keep your audience glued to their seats and keep coming back for more. I take note of your PG rated snippets..hahaha, itsy bitsy polka dot bikinis gummybears version, not the Linda Lovelace one. That’s y we need to have classified ‘For your eyes only’; ‘on a need to know basis’ sort of intelligence going round, true or not. Some people r just not matured enough to swallow cold hard truths.

Oh and the good old Cherry vanilla Dr Pepper, good drink but taste a lot like Breacol Cough Syrup lah. Strong enough tho to wash your budu down!


P/S – Hey Eagle Eyes. That picture not cabut bulu kertiak lah, itu gambar monyet tangkap kutu, squashed with fingernails then trus makan. Kalau u tak percaya gua, tanya itu expert oghang utan satD.

Anonymous said...

Apekk Yew kata - 'itu gambar monyet tangkap kutu, squashed with fingernails then trus makan. Kalau u tak percaya gua, tanya itu expert oghang utan satD'.

Woi, satD dah di senduk kaa?


Cenderawasih said...

unker yew,
I'm good and so happy right now.


I can't believe it, now I understand what happened to Eyes Wide Open(EWO), before he met a girl with bushy armpit.the girl gave him tight head lock hold.that's why he morphed to EWO.poor chap.

by the way, i dont do you know about KM favourite party move(or your favourite move)??

about azly rahman,I think he should undergo a conscious and mandated ubahjantina surgery.anyone?did someone mentioned about kapak before?maybe azly suffered permanent head damage to be exact, not kuldeep thingy.

abu, mca youth's words?sounds like DAP..

Mat Cendana said...

@Tommy Yewfigure
No hogging possible - I have TWO laptops now. Received a new Acer with Windows XP Pro last week. Install this and that and... it won't boot. Don't have the install CD so it's on the floor until I can find a XP Pro to reinstall.

Hmm, maybe it's better to get the RM5 version of Windows 7?... The new laptop comes with Intel dual core 2.1GHz, 3GB RAM and 250GB hard disk. Surely it can run Win 7(?)

satD said...

ni ape lu orang

"Gee, I just love your sense of humour thrown in between serious discussion"

Unker....r u sure ur not an Auntie

or r u in your gay costume today...tarak macho la Unker...

and wea got penyet kutu first...we take it raw....n alive...korean octopus shashimi sytle..minus the red sauce.....

So who wants to senduk me? Bring it on...I'll put a price on anyone to bring me half a testicle of the senduker....kalu perempuan..get her hubby punye...does 25K USD sounds ok to start with?

satD said...

Well folks the GuaMaluLayu High Priest Mr.Teapot cant even answer a straight question if he is a Muslim...

And of course being born probably out of wedlock....or did he "convert" and "re-convert" covertly after marrying the Ayah Pin woman....sheesh....yuck

I got no problems with other religion but with folks pretending to be Muslim and try to sesatkan orang Islam thats another story altogether....

Sweet Love said...

Salams all.

On The Nature Of Evil

In psychological terms, malevolent is an aberration of the ego. A malignant ego has an irresistible desire to reign over other egos. An antagonistic person knows that fear is the most efficient way to reign supreme over folks because fear brings about incapacitating fear. Folks who are stricken with fear can't take effective action to protect themselves and while they're in that state, a noxious person can do anything they need to do to them.

A healthy ego won't do that. A healthy ego is self-sufficient, relaxed, joyous in its natural state, and it has got a wish to help and serve others. A healthy ego doesn't have a need to reign supreme over and it won't purposefully inflict discomfort and suffering. The idea of ego domination has been practised throughout human history but, strangely it hasn't always been completely understood by the practitioners themselves.

This is the sick psychology of "noxious". In spiritual or spiritual terms, malevolent is an aberration of the soul.

Let us presume that God gave HIS kids the gift of free will. Responding to the gift of free will, all of the other angels exclaimed, 'Thank you, God, how pretty your present is!' . Their reply wasn't surprising as the angels were simply reacting as agreed by their true nature. Compare that to Lucifer's answer, "I will do anything I need to do now. Ok, fine. I would like to be God.' Lucifer's arrogance was the aberration. Lucifer's reaction to being outcast from the fun house was to dedicate his existence to wreaking as much havoc as possible.

We presume that God has an enormously superior intellect and certainly foresaw this possible end result. If there's one, it follows logically that "noxious" is part of the plan because otherwise the Almighty would have put a stop to it immediately.

There is a will in our universe that is infinitely stronger than our free will ....wallahuallam.

Having said all that, will this change anything at all? Only God/Allah/Tuhan knows.

My prayers for the maid and condolences to her family especially her children. Also, I wish that the evil perpetrators of this barbaric act will be tried for murder and not something else.

- zazaland

Anonymous said...

So the ANIMALS that tortured and murdered the poor maid are a Klang couple named Murugan 35 and Vanitha 29.

WTF is happening? How come only klings and chinks do this? Is this a pendatang only psycho problem, some sick old-pendatang killing new-pendatang thingy?

As for the Melayu govt., sampai bila??? Why allow these klings and chinks trigger trouble and fratricide with our Indo brothers?

I thot DN mentioned that Indo maids shud only be for Malay Muslims? Why allow the murderous klings and chinks hire them? Let the klings and chinks hire AND kill their own kinds.

I'm sickkkk of reading abt damn kling chink pendatang animals killing poor Indos!

KlingChink Buster

Langputeh said...

Tuan KM and DN forummers,

More support for SSS. Voices heard in parliament.

satD said...


"“The multi-stream schools can be retained at the primary level"

ini hamim samuri betui got no telur..

right there he contradicts himself..

How can Single Stream = Maintain MultiStream for Primary

Ini logic tak bole pakai punye.

Itu Dap goon
"Tony Pua (DAP-Petaling Jaya Utara) also agreed that all multi-stream schools be united into a single stream at secondary level so that racial unity could be achieved"

Ape cita mamat ni oso i donno...
Secondary school are already in One Stream (Funded by Govt of Course) the Jenis are all privately funded....

kencing sana kencing sini...

hancing betui parliment kita ni...

ape cita perak ooi....dengar ade tamby semangat nak pakai songkok sampai berebut dengan polis

Anonymous said...

I still see a few Chinese patients here and there coming in complaining of sakit kelapa.

Sometimes you wonder whether to laugh or cry.

Do they refer to coconut drinks as air kepala then?

By the way,where is DPP?
No sign of him commenting in the usual blogs.Must have an opponent to remain sharp.

By the way,KijangMas is very very sharp.Good for you.


NJ said...

Tuan KM & sidang DN,

At least the words "single stream (that is doing away with multiple streams)" have reached the Parliament.

I hope this will not be brushed aside just like that by the government, especially the MOE. I hope they will start to deliberate on it.

When deliberating, the "not-so-right" views by the politicians can be "corrected". No point of having multistream at primary level but have single-stream at secondary level because the young minds would have been formed to certain extent by that time.

Young minds should be "taught" to appreciate unity, having sense of belonging and patriotic when they first set foot in school.

But the things, the words of "single stream" has now reached the Parliament. That is an achievement.



msleepyhead said...

KlingChink Buster,

I know you're referring to things in the Malaysian context but maid abuse happens worldwide.

Here are just two examples:

You may want to change your name to KlingChinkPakArabSingaporeanEtc. Buster.

I could be wrong but my guess is that its simply statistics, merely because more non-Malays hire Indonesian maids, then of course higher incidences would occur in non-Malay households.

Same statistical interpretation goes to poor management of funds as released in the Auditor-General's Report, just because we know that most of the civil servants are Malays, even more so the top ones, do we say that all Malays are prone to mismanagement of funds.

And it will also be the same in other respect, Malays will be the highest in statistics for a number of things simply because they make up the biggest percentage of the population. Now if only they will step up and also be statistically significant economically, and take charge like the Tuan Tanahs so mentioned in this article, bundle that with the gentle, beautiful Nusantara values, this country will be able to forge ahead and be truly a lovely place to live in.

Unknown said...

Hey KijangMas

Looks like the SSS campaign may just bear fruition.

Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Would you like to consider Minister of Education post?

Just kidding ...

msleepyhead said...

An additional thought to the earlier comment to Buster is that again, in this case, there may be a clash of culture at play.

Indonesian maids are mainly, if not all, from the nusantara stock and Muslim. Hence their different cultural beliefs, practices, attitudes and so on. In a non-Malay household a different interpretation of the maid's behavior may occur due to miscommunication or other reasons. Although this does not justify violence, but for those already sick in the head, they may 'look' for such behavior as an excuse to cause physical harm.

And if you still think this is a racist issue then how can we explain snakeheads (, It is probably not so much different here with the number of illegal immigrants or those stranded at airports and such. It's all about supply and demand.

Anonymous said...

Msleepyhead, yes sure, maid abuse happens worldwide, just as many other things also happen worldwide. BUT we are talking about Malaysia here. We are not collectively responsible for the actions of the Lebanese or Saudis or Singaporeans or Martians or Klingons, BUT here in this country we must all jointly address this uniquely kling and chink disease.

And it's not a matter of '..merely because more non-Malays hire Indonesian maids, then of course higher incidences would occur in non-Malay households'. Ok, but Msleepy, the incidences of brutal maid attacks (torture, maiming, even murder) in Malaysia are virtually 100% perpetrated by non-Malay employers. What statistical derivative here? The evilness is not even distributed on a pro-rata basis. To use another statistical jargon, this is called a 'trend'. The trend towards maid abuse by the klings and chinks.

And about your 'funds mismanagement = malay bureaucracy' point, ok, one RM12 billion PKFZ fiasco perpetrated by the local MCA-Chinese triad scam is enough to dwarf the RM50 screw driver and RM10k laptop tales.

KlingChink Buster

satD said...

Go look and look at the "discussion" in parliment

page 40 onwards

Bingai punye discussion....Tony Pua actually took a swipe at MRSM...nasib baik ade Brehim Ali...

Brehim Ali should put forward a motion to deliberate further on the matter as he is the only one without a party hence does not need to succumb to "ethnic" group pressures as per other MP who are party members n need to toe the line of "power-sharing" formula

Yes i agree that it is a development (cant say if it is positive) but parameter of discussion must be VERY Clear so that the final objectives can be achieved....

Omong KM as MOE ....i think overqualified kut....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Msleepy, there IS definitely a clash of culture here, where communication between the Indo maid and the non/hardly-Malay speaking klings and chinks is reduced to the bare basics. Hence, I agree with DN that employers and maids must be compatible in terms of culture, language and religion. The klings and chinks simply must go find more suitable sources or make do without maids.

As for snakeheads, yes, that's another feature of the chinks. They are not only racist and cruel to others; they are double cruel to their own kind because they know the baddest/meanest creatures around are their own kinds. I'm no surprised at all. Even in our country's chink enclaves, the grills are thicker, gates locked shut, guarddogs galore, suspicious eyes behind curtains in the fortresses --- because the chinks are likely to prey on their own kind.

KlingChink Buster

satD said...

toksah belit sane belit sini la people....

Basic Human Rule...treat people nicely....

Let me ask you a simple question? Say you're a branch manager in a bank your clerk fails in his duty...
lu bantai dia ke?

Ke lu nak bantai dia tapi takut rules and regulation?

Its a basic principle of boss Vs workers.....they work for the money mostly...

So use the money as incentive or control mechanism rather than your fist, kettle, hammers, ciggies, knives......

Slavery is the thing of the past, the manner in which these people treat other humans are no different than the days when slavery was still cool....

When you cross that boundary of physical abuse or financial contract abuse and know that you could get away with such thing...thats when the system fails...

To start with workers must know their rights....policies must be introduced to act as control mechanism such as
-Annual foreign workers exit interview
-Effective complain mechanism
-Risk based supervision - eg: when maids of different religion/custom are being hired by an employer there must be additional monitoring procedure instituted (tumpang sekaki with the Medical Test for visa renewal for example)
-The role of the Indonesian Embassy must also be improved for them to assist in the protection of their citizens and also legal support for dispute resolution with Employers

dan lain lain lagi lah...

What i dont get is everyone is so interested in finding the cause but fails miserably in proposing a workable solution that can be enforced with minimum cost....

Sweet Love said...

Ms sleepy, it is not appropriate to talk about statistics here. This is like the IN thing nowadays in M'sia - to torture the Indonesian maids as much as possible....You can call it "fashion". Psychologically, the evil doers who are mainly non Malay Muslims are actually using these poor maids as proxies for the Malay Malaysians. (I agree with KM's insight on this). Hurting the maids physically gives them the satisfaction (in their mind) that they are actually hurting the Malays...and they get their orgasmic pleasure by just torturing these poor souls to their heart's desire. This is pure evil. Period. Read again my take on evil (previous comment). I think there's too much hate in their hearts for anything Malay, Nusantara etc...

To say that they don't understand each other due to the language problem is also a shallow excuse. Why can't, yes why can't these non Malay employers use people of their own kind to become their slaves instead? and 'torture' them till kingdom come....we'll see the outcry later on...

I wonder also if it is a good thing to teach these maids some kind of martial arts to defend themselves before going abroad to work. What about that Indonesia? You have to protect your girls when they are away from home.

- zazaland

Unknown said...

Sometimes being meek "encourages" the bully.

The value systems of different cultures often clash, which then results in presumptions being made.

Humility is highly valued in one culture but regarded as a weakness in another.

If you study carefully, KijangMas can sure "hantam" kow kow in English but when he writes in BM he sounds "gentler".

Sweet Love said...

Seeing what is happening now, with some apologists saying that the non Malay employers of abused maids had some kind of misunderstanding of the Malay/Indo culture/language, isn't it better for them (non Malays) to learn the language and understand the culture?

Isn't it better for their children to learn the National Language from young? To be able to consider themselves as Nusantarans instead of Chinese or Indians? Why are they still clinging to their forefathers' mother tongue?

Malay is the lingua franca of the Nusantara region, even Singapore, the Chinese-centric state is encouraging its non Malay citizens to take up Malay (voluntarily), what is stopping the non Malay citizens of Malaysia to improve or to learn THEIR national language or even to understand the Malay culture?

I think the SSS should be implemented ASAP. It is a good thing that a single stream system is even mentioned in Parliament.

To those parliamentarians, please give the Rakyats a break. You want unity, you have to start from young, in primary schools rather than in secondary schools. Think with reasons and facts not just trying to follow the politically correct speeches done by your parties' intelligentsias.

Bravo to Pak Brahim Ali.

- zazaland

NJ said...

Tuan KM & Sidang DN,

Prof. Khoo has been making statements after statements, the latest one being:-

Corporate Governance Has To Be Nurtured From Young which he specifically mentioned in the statement that this can be achived through education system

Allow me to quote:-

""Preaching to the adults is a waste of time. Adults already have certain ideas ingrained in their minds. Get the younger generation (through the education system)," said Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim."


""So, unless the government takes the step to correct the education system, it will be difficult to make changes," he added."

Eversince, DN was talking about SSS, and finally setup a petition for, and so happened on the date 13May, Prof. Khoo also issued a statement a day after the petition was launched, talking about the 13May incident and did slip in a statement to support SSS.

Since then, many statement by Prof. Khoo were issued from time to time, showing support to SSS whether directly or indirectly.

The latest bang, was his statement urging the govt to do away with multiple-stream where it was picked up by many bloggers and this time including from the opposition side as well like Nurul Izzah & Din Merican. And finally it went to the Parliament that now we are hearing the statements from MOE Minister (one of SSS very objective to have the education system to be revisited/studied in depth) who cannot "run" away anymore but to face this call.

Of course there some, shouts and barks. Remember Teeny Weeny? The same Youth Wing was making statement against Prof Khoo when he urged the govt to do away with multiple streams.

When things are going on the path toward realizing our dream, that is the dream of Bangsa Malaysia nurtured by proper education systems, there always people are to hamper this good efforts. Some shouts, some barks, some squeals and some somehow still want to think that there is agenda behind this, being very suspicious.



Anonymous said...

Salam kepada semua warga DN.

Saya merupakan pembaca lamancitra ini semenjak KM menulis tentang 'Bangsa Malaysia' tahun lepas.

Jarang saya memberikan komentar saya kerana kebanyakan idea saya sama seperti hulubalang-hulubalang DN yang lain.

Di sini saya ingin mencadangkan kepada warga DN yang mempunyai cara/pengaruh/hubungan dengan Prof Khoo Kay Kim untuk menghubungi beliau dan memberi sokongan kepada beliau untuk menggesa kerajaan melihat isu satu sekolah ini sebagai isu yang serius.

Bersama beliau mungkin anda-anda semua boleh berbincang, berwacana ilmiah dan merancang strategi untuk dipersembahkan kepada kerajaan kita. Dengan pengaruh Prof Khoo Kay Kim ini saya rasa mungkin ini akan memberikan perjuangan ini lebih anjakan.


Sekadar memberikan cadangan

msleepyhead said...

Thanks for the feedback, I have to agree to some extent that some of the cases may be purely race based hatred.

Maids are currently a form of cheap commodity. It all boils down to government regulation, because as we know in the kiasu segment of society, it's chikikuchiki as Unker Yew said and all men and women for themselves. A few years back there is the talk of masyarakat penyayang, whatever happened to that. So i'm with satD on a full scale government intervention to regulate the industry.

About the discussion on a single stream at parliament, even if it is only for secondary level, at least it's a start. It will be nice to see if anyone has the guts to change the course of the nation.

msleepyhead said...

Just read this via de minimis' sidebar.

Is it a racial issue this time or just some overzealous interpretation of the rule by some individual?

Why so guarded when it comes to education? Wouldn't the game change totally if non-Malays in national schools are allowed access to matrikulasi since their number is so small according to some (as most of them are in vernacular schools). Or is that another threat to Malay Special Positions? Anyhow, thought there was a 10% entry for non-Bumi's, maybe they should come up with a special category for 'half-bumis', that would solve some of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Tuan KM,

Saya yakin Tuan sepatutnya curahkan ilmu pengetahuan Tuan dalam kursus Hubungan Etnik yang diwajibkan kepada semua pelajar IPTA.

Ketika ini kursus itu umpama kapal tanpa nakhoda.


KijangMas said...

Dal said:-
“Dari perspektif "Robin Kembali" ini, nampaknya dapati, yang paling dominen ialah betapa pemurahnya si "Tuan Tanah" yang lumpuh dek ketata-tertibannya; dan betapa rakusnya si pendatang jenis Robin yang bermati-matian mengekalkan status 'pendatangnya' tapi, pada masa yang sama berlicik-licik-akal-kancil-Abu-Nawas menuntut menjelma menjadi "Tuan Tanah" sama.”

Ya Pakcik Dal, seperti yang di katakan oleh Omong di sini, suatu penyemarak ketidakserasian kaum di Negara kita ialah percanggahan budaya. Sifat kebangsawanan yang di muliakan oleh Orang Melayu -– tatatertib, sopan santun, tolak ansur, segan silu, lemah lembut, berbudi bahasa -- di tafsirkan sebagai kelemahan dan kedayusan oleh pihak bukan Melayu yang rata-rata berpegang kepada prinsip gua kuat, gua dapat; lu mau makan, lu kena lawan.

Fenomena ini jelas terserlah di medan politik, dalam bidang perniagaan, dalam hubungan tetangga, bahkan dalam setiap aspek tingkah laku dan interaksi antara Melayu dan Bukan Melayu. Si Melayu Tuan Tanah di didik supaya bersikap sabar dan peramah walaupun di sepak terajang, di caci dan di hina secara terbuka oleh si makhluk asing.

Suatu aspek yang menarik perhatian saya ialah evolusi reputasi Rumpun Melayu dalam imbasan pihak ketiga. Dari sudut sejarah, Rumpun Melayulah yang tersohor dengan sifat kebengisan, kehandalan, kelicikkan, keberanian, kekentalan dan keperwiraan semulajadi mereka, dimana sekumpulan kecil Melayu sudah cukup untuk mempengaruhi bahasa dan budaya suku-suku lain di mana jua Orang Melayu bertapak. Bahasa Melayu juga kekal sebagai bahasa perantaraan seluruh Nusantara hingga ke hari ini. Perwira Melayu (“lanun” dalam kacamata pihak ketiga) berleluasa gagah perkasa di setiap pelusuk Nusantara dan di geruni di ambang Samudra oleh lain-lain bangsa dan tamadun.

Jadi, persoalan nya ialah sejak bila wujudnya unsur ketatatertiban berlebihan ini? Dari ciri budaya suku apa? Kenapa? Adakah suatu revolusi minda di perlukan untuk menanam kembali jiwa perwira dan jatidiri positif di kalangan Orang Melayu negara ini? Haruskah mereka di suruh bersabar dan menghormati dan menerima kerakusan (harta benda) dan kejahilan (agama Islam) yang di tonjolkan oleh gerompolan makhluk asing ini seperti pendirian Nik Aziz Nik Mat?

Mari lah kita renungi bersama.

Terbeliak said...

Najib's latest feedback on SSS:

Quote - '"There is no final decision on the issue. As long as the people are not for it, we will not change the policy'.

So who are "the people"? The majority? The niche constituents?

Why is Najib resisting?

KijangMas said...

Wah Al-Subangi said"-
"made coffee n as as usual was glued to the post n never got the opportunity to take a sip until done reading, the coffee already cold :(."

Ooops Wah, .... this seems to be a recurring DN phenomenon. Ok lah people, the next looong post will have enforced breaks (maybe video interludes) for coffee, loo, ciggies and phone calls to broker/wifey/gf/bf/mil/milf plus a Bookie or Ah Long or two.


Kenn said:-
“A migrant who came to a land where there was already an established government, (like Malaysia) … - but refused to conform to the "way of life" of the locals will remain as "Pendatang" … - but willing "to become / blend with the locals" will become "Malaysian".”

Yes Kenn, that is the principle anywhere on earth. Indeed, an outsider's quest for reasonable conformity with the predominant majority is an ingrained human socio-anthropological trait, unless, of course, the non-conforming newcomers are bent on usurping the established order itself and rehash the society into their own preferred paradigm -– in which case the majority will begin to wake up and take action as in the case of Malaysia.

No organized polity, no nation can survive long without this social cohesion, common self-image and common aspiration.

Remember the booting out of Singapore?

Yes, it fundamentally boiled down to the inability of the Tunku and LKY to agree on the framework of this commonality that would define a future Bangsa Malaysia. LKY himself was actually well-equipped to be a role model of this embryonic Bangsa Malaysia, with his impeccable Bahasa Melayu and deep knowledge of Nusantaran culture. But his ingrained Chinese totokness -- made possible by the hospitality and sifat mengalah of Temasek’s Riau Malays -– preclude any form of accommodation with the pribumis, and ultimately LKY/PAP saw Malaysia itself as the promised land, the end game, the lebensraum for his excessively opportunistic resource-grabbing tribe.

Of course, we can indulge in a long discourse on the wisdom of Tunku’s actions, and I have my own thoughts on this, but that’s another story.


Hanif, thanks for visiting. Do share your thoughts here.


San Peng said:-
"The SSS is definitely a 'bala' to Robin, his handlers or the likes. But to those who love peace, harmony, etc. etc. the SSS is an 'ujian' for a better bangsa negara."

Yes sir. I'm beginning to sense lesser resistance from the general non-Malay populace to SSS as the logic dynamics underpinning the concept is self-evident and cannot really be coherently repudiated by the anti-unity bigots and lost souls. Hence, we can see greater political will on both sides of the great divide as the Wakil Rakyats grasp the sentiment of their constituents.


Sdr Apocryphalist, illuminating comment in ravishing England as usual. Thanks.


satD quipped:-
"Apo!.... your england make me go dictionary 3-4 times beb..."

Yup, ditto. My upcoming Dictionary of Blogolish will liberally quote the gems of ApoSpeak. Proceeds go to a charity of my choice: my wallet.

NJ said...

Tuan KM & sidang DN,

Najib's statment on single stream school as reported by Malaysiakini here


"PM: Sekolah satu aliran dilaksana jika dipersetuju rakyat"


antusss said...

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Awards of SSS!

SSS Good Award goes to:-

- Prof. Khoo Kay Kim
- Bloggers (Pro, Neutral & Opp)
- certain News media
- certain NGO, Groups & Individual
- Muhyiddin & a few politician

SSS Bad Award goes to:-
- MIC & Samy No Bulu No Value
- MCA & Teeny Weeny Youth Wing
- Dong Ziong

SSS Ugly Award goes to:-
- Najib

Not on the award list:-
- Keranda GAPENA

Cikgu Mat said...

Dari bibir memanda Perdana Menteri.

Bagaimana tafsiran Tuanku KM dan rakan2 sekelian?

KijangMas said...

Part 1

pakpandair said:-
“Judging by some comments though,there are some who failed to see that, at least as I understand it, KijanMas is not criticising all immigrants on racial lines. He is laying bare a perculiar human type of certain mentality and character traits. This is borne out by his point that it is not a question of time before you become a Malaysian but the change in your mentality and outlook.”

Salam and welcome, pakpandair. Excellent blog you got there.

The petty character attacks are more intense and to be expected as we smoke out these desperate little subversives from their dingy dungeons in the far reaches of cyberspace. Their oft-used ploy is to simplistically portray KM as a Chinese-hater and Indian-hater on par with their own pathological hatred of the Malays.

I find this laughable. If anything, I am the living embodiment of cosmopolitanism, with carbon footprints in many places across 16 time zones.

What differentiates these places from Malaysia?

Language and socio-cultural cohesion.

Yes, LANGUAGE has been the primary unifying factor in such places as Los Angeles and Bangkok and Jakarta and elsewhere. Plus reasonably sufficient cultural commonality that cuts across the ethnic and colour divide. In LA for instance, these people may be ever opinionated and disagree among themselves on many issues, BUT they are predominantly unilingual (by the 2nd generation) and staunch advocates and defenders of the intrinsic intangibles that define their American nationality.

Take LA County, the world's 20th largest economy, as an example. Its 10 million people (more than 42 of the 50 U.S. states) is easily the most ethnically-diverse anywhere on earth, with a ratio of 49% White, 11% Black, 10% Asian, 1% Native American, 24% from a hundred other races and 5% from a combo of two or more races. Out of this jumbled mosaic, 45% are further classified as "Hispanic," which is cultural and not race in the American context, and this group ranges from lilly white Castillians to Domenican Republic blacks. People of old English ancestry make up only 4% as they are swarmed by the new pendatangs.

BUT ..... this polygot of diverse, exotic peoples -- by the 2nd generation -- are fully immersed into the English speaking mom pop and apple pie American culture, bar none, and their cohesiveness amidst the rainbow of colours, shapes and sizes is impressive.

How and why?

UNIFIED SCHOOLS in One Language teaching common values to EVERY child from their first schoolday.

This is the commonality and shared specificities we need in our own country, hence my advocacy for the need to achieve social cohesion within our own multi-faceted cosmopolitanism, where the disparate ethnic groups of our Tanah Air possess sufficient socio-cultural affinities that will form the bedrock of our quest for national unity.

We simply do not have that in Malaysia right now, and the truth stands out like dogs balls for all to see as we go about our daily lives.

KijangMas said...

Part 2

I count many non-Malays as close friends. Some are childhood buddies. Where do you folks think I picked up my exquisite Queen's Hokkien and fine repertoire of choice Fukienesque expletives? In fact, I'm sure my pool of non-Malay friends far exceed the number of Malays genuinely befriended by the odd-dozen "I don't speak Malay maah" Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) sycophants infesting the few remaining borderline-coherent anti-Malay cybercesspools.

Again, KM is not against the non-Malays as a population segment; KM is against elements within this 30% minority who instigate their brethrens to question the essence of our nationhood, and infuse irrational, untenable political posturing based on exaggerated emphasis of foreign linguistic-cultural elements to the detriment of nationbuilding and social cohesion. These are the penderhakas targetted by KM. And the worst species in my book are their Malay collaborators, the pengkhianats, the eclectic collection of low self-esteem Malay Apologists (many overwhelmed by their non-Malay spouse’s dominant culture) and the biological non/pseudo-Malays masquerading as “Melayus” via quirks in the Constitution being used as Malay faces by the subversives to validate their anti-nationbuilding, anti-Malay agendas. Yes, these are the fifth columners who bad mouth our Tanah Air worldwide, and KM will pursue and expose and repudiate these running dogs and their masters to the bitter end.

You see, these anti-KM/DN elements failed to grasp or refuse to accept the fundamental contention that it is imperative for all MyCard holders to embrace a path towards genuine commonality via a common language and reasonably convergent behavioral and cultural essence. Only then can the Malay majority embrace and treat these people as equals, as a fellow rakyat of his ancestral Tanah Air. And yes, this is not time dependent. Length of stay on this land means nothing if one still unabashedly manifest foreign lingua-cultural markers for all to see. A 5th generation pendatang is still an alienised Malaysian as long as he/she remains outside of the mainstream culture and value system. And make no mistake, “mainstream” here refers to the Nusantaran culture that predominated our Tanah Air since the beginning of recorded history.

This alienised group, in their futile attempt to resist the self-evident principles, then conveniently equate KM as the mirror image of their bigoted anti-Malay selves. Indeed, the most rabid anti-Malay elements are the greatest haters of KM and the DN Community.

Unknown said...

Hey KijangMas

From what Najib has said about the SSS, he did not reject outright the concept of Satu Sekolah.

In fact, I take it as, him giving the rakyat the GREEN light to form a consensus.

If this is what the rakyat wants, he will implement it.

This way, he won't be accused of flexing his political muscle. I think he is quite shrewd, politically.

So I guess, it's time for car decals, stickers, and petition promo ...

msleepyhead said...


Glad you cleared the air on that matter and pointed out the elephant in the room.

Just to bounce opinions off your riff. Some perhaps already mentioned previously, but for the sake of continuity in discussion.

The American Dream is 'pursuable' for everyone irrespective of race and religion. As long as you're willing to work hard, you have a good shot at the whole shebang - white picket fences, etc... you know better than me. It is a modern ideal not one that is religio-racial-cultural centric, but rather universal values.

Their system rewards talent, hence they attract the top brains as there is no institutionalized positive discrimination or whatsoever, at least for the positions where it matters.

Anyone can be President of the US of A as long as you're born there. If your children are born there and your wive is citizen, they have a shot. Obama yo! (and we may have a future Malay American President)

Civil rights movement in the 1960s opened the door to a less dominating 'white supremacy' culture. The 'white' population as a whole knows where their roots, despite being 'Tuan Tanahs' if we follow your line of argument of establishing polity, external recognition, George Washington, declaration of independence, etc.. so the American ideal is not one based on the founding fathers' cultural practices or even the Native American ones, but that which is continually evolving and accommodating without the fear of being threatened or replaced.

I guess in the case of USA and Malaysia we're comparing apples and durian. Or to take another observation from nature we can say that the invasive foreign species which is more aggressive is now disrupting and changing the whole game for the native species who used to play by a different set of rules in their habitat. In the land of the blind the one eyed is king, but here comes a two eyed one.

The way I see it, your grouse is that the foreign species must play by the same rules in order to live harmoniously in its new habitat, while at the same time you also balance it with the 'penderhakas' amongst the native.

It really boils down to the 'Malaysian Dream' or ideal here. If you want it to be Nusantaran-Malay-Islam, then it is either through forced assimilation, becoming such a dominant one that fears no external threat (or even its own shadows) but is accommodating and fully confident that its rich, cultural legacies can bring it forward into the future.

You have to admit that when there are institutionalized mechanisms to protect/help/give privilege to the majority against the minority (because they are perceived as 'stronger', and opinions to justify it like the Chinese and their thousand year old civilization, as if it's encoded in the DNA; I also wonder if the Hispanics feel daunted by the white's European legacies), it does make one wonder what is the incentive for the minority to abandon their 'stronger' self-identity and assimilate into the majority one apart from it is the right thing to do? and they would get housing discounts, the chance to be PM and such..

San Peng said...

@ msleepyhead;

" .. it does make one wonder what is the incentive for the minority to abandon their 'stronger' self-identity and assimilate into the majority one apart from it is the right thing to do? and they would get housing discounts, the chance to be PM and such.."

Owww how presuntious of you ... as if that "weaker majority" would care to provide the likes of Robin, EWO, DPP, MHeart, Vinan, Konek ... any form of incentives. The only incentives fit for these alienated Malaysian pendatangs are the boot a few drops of warm spittles.

Your bait with whatever brand of Americanism seems failing to sell. Simple folks have no need of sofisticated red herrings. People may not grasp your drift .. but it could be senced ... from a hundred miles away ... because the do come across your trail elsewhere.

msleepyhead said...

@San Peng,
I hope you didn't miss the forest for the trees, to paraphrase that idiom.

Americanism? I'll leave that one to KM.

My point is, pardon my long winded earlier post, what works for America does not necessarily apply here. America has its share of disunity but on the whole it works for them as they are leading in many respects in terms of a modern country.

If you've followed my comments here and elsewhere then you'll know that I'm for unity and the SSS. There are enough birds of a feather here, so I'm just sharing a different opinion and point of view, a black sheep if you will.

Anonymous said...


how about comparing Malaysia with China

and the way China handle her minorities

Anonymous said...

Memang lu punya penulisan gua bagi A+ Bro. Serius! Gua tak pernah jumpa lagi penulisan macam ni. Gua dah banyak baca blog. Tak ada satu pun yang gua ambil port. Tapi lu berjaya bagi hua baca sampai habis. Ulang pulak tu. Lu memang something Bro! Gua salute lu.

Anonymous said...

Betul tu KijangMas. Yang anti DN ni memang mereka tu yang rasis. Sebelum wujud blog DN ni, mereka dah awal-awal serang segala macam yang ada kaitan dengan Melayu. Tengok je lah dalam blog-blog mereka. Bila mereka pertikai hak Melayu...mereka cakap itu hak asasi, hak bersuara...bila Melayu bangkit pertahan hak...mereka label, itu rasis. Kah kah kah...itulah dia si ultra kiasu! Jangan bimbang...kita bangkit luku kepala ultra kiasu ni. Kalau dapat je cam, jumpa mana-mana kita pakat campak dalam laut! Kalau ada sesiapa ada identiti blogger ultra kiasu ni dedah di sini. Ada la ubatnya nanti. Dah lama tak sepak ultra kiasu. Kalau dapat gambar dan alamat rumah lagi bagus. Senang kerja aku.

Anonymous said...

Ms sleepyhead, unity and SSS? I sense you're more for a Chinese hegemony. Yeah, let's compare M'sia's treatment of its minorities and China's treatment of theirs. Guess what happen to those majority, colonialist Hans who killed the Uighurs? The minority people got condemned to death but where are the Han's perpetrators?

Let's not forget about China being always a colonialist country, it imposed its culture, language, ideals etc onto anyone.... ....I guess this is THE Chinese trait, ingrained into them, part of their DNA so to speak since eternity. It took the Indonesians and the Thais to impose a forced assimilation to get the Chinese to change their ways. Not to forget that in the West, the Chinese have to adapt to the local culture, if not there is no way that they can be accepted. Incidently, this sense of self alienation (for the diehards, Chinese totoks) gave birth to Chinatowns all over the world...

Also, you said that you're a black sheep ...I sense that the opposition use all kinds of ways to "invade" DN. When other methods proved not to be working (with the likes of Vinnan, EWO etc), they use a woman instead.....

Yes, san peng....I sense something brewing....

Anonymous said...

Folks, pls read this:

There are 3 maid murderers here, how come only 1 is charged. The other 2 should also be charged. Got any behind the scene agreement is it?

Naif said...

Hey KM, I'm interested in hearing your comments regarding the recent arrest of to give your 2 cents ($2000 should be more like it) worth?

Terbeliak said...

People, see what these pendatangs do once they have the upper hand in a foreign land?

Total intolerance is their hallmark. Total annihilation is their solution.

In Malaysia, you want to apply some more Melayu budipekerti and tolak ansur and hormat menghormati and sifat mengalah on these mutants of the human species? Learn what happened to the Uighurs and Tibetans and Singapore Malays. Before it's too late.

May God have mercy on the Uighurs of East Turkestan!

KijangMas said...

msleepyhead (Oct 14, 2009 11:22 AM) said:-
“... a most important point from the posting is that it's not really who came first, but who did what with the land? ... Could we also apply the same to the newer pendatangs, who grabbed the economic opportunity as the Malays for one reason or another does not seem to be interested in it just like the Orang Asals are not interested in establishing empires?”

Msleepyhead, "could we also apply the same" what?

Where is the similarity? Nation Founding is not the same as Resource Grabbing.

“Grabbing economic opportunities” and being “the first to establish organised polities over the land” are different things. If anything, the economic opportunities arose due to the existence of organized Malay statehood, with its semblance of structured governance under the purview of dominant rulers and assorted regional chieftains.

The economic opportunity grabbing pendatangs did not govern the land, or partake in communal activities for the common good of the citizenry -– public works projects, organized armies, rule of law, bureaucracy ... the works. The “economic opportunity grabbers” were just petty cream skimmers who typically capitalize on legal, administrative and enforcement disconnects prevalent in that era.

The same resource grabbing phenomenon occurred on a much larger scale during the California Gold Rush of the mid-late 1800s. Over a hundred thousand Chinese coolies swarmed California’s Sierra Nevada foothills before the Gringos and Chicanos and native tribes knew what was happening. But unlike the Malay States, these “earlier" and native Californians acted decisively and rounded up and shipped back 99% of these Chinese gold miners (plus thousands of Chinese transcontinental railroad workers), with the negligible residual boxed in urban squalor which later gave rise to San Francisco’s Chinatown. Violent anti-Chinese riots in the Western U.S. and Canada effectively curbed Chinese immigration to North America.

If the North Americans had not taken action then, Mandarin would have been the dominant language today in the resource-rich western coastal belt from LA to Vancouver.


BaitiBadarudin said:-
"I didn't realize how much i miss malaysian weather, cuisine, charms, even its appallingly silly raya tv programs until I've been away some time"

For me, it’s the food.


Jitu said:-
“Let's talk about the British Overseas Citizens (BOC) Alienised Malaysians ... who carried Malaysian passports, went to UK, tore their passports, renounced their Malaysian citizenship, asked for permanent stay, were refused and are now stranded, becoming stateless … They demonstrated on London streets recently, bad-mouthed Malaysia ... They must not be allowed back into Malaysia at all costs ... Let these traitors rot in Britain. Good riddance. It's not our problem any more. We have so many other problems and we have work to do in respect of the other Alienised Malaysians still in the country.”

Agreed. In fact, in my book, these scums don’t exist. Nothing to deliberate. Nothing to speculate. Nothing to postulate. There is a strict cut-off point on matters of Kerakyatan. The moment one stepped over the line -– by renouncing one’s citizenship and loyalty to the Raja dan Negara and bad-mouthing our motherland on foreign soil -– all bets are off. High treason has been committed. Game over.

The Malaysian government itself is bound by the Constitution on this matter. There is no such thing as "regaining" citizenship. Hence, ignore the silly comforting lines by Anifah Aman (on a matter not even under his ministry's purview) and the anti-anything political party-wannabe known as the Bar Council. One cannot drift in and out of citizenship anywhere on earth.

These scums are history.

Anonymous said...

tuan golddeer perkasa..
i adore you.your revealing mindwork are undeniably the most effective to counter those unpatriotic alienised "foreigner wannabe chinese" arguements in all out played them only in single strike.seriously i want to be one of your apprentices.


Anonymous said...


Been away for a bit and good to know that single stream education is spoken in Parliament and the PM talks about SSS in terms of the will of the people.

No cause for celebration yet as determining the will of the people may be at issue. Cautious optimism may be in place.

Politicians politicise any issue despite however much they say they don't. Issues are their bread and butter, their life, their way of getting votes, their basis for clinging to positions and power.

No doubt democracy is the will of the people but it is often a convenient and safe way to deal with any issue by saying let the people decide. But then, where is leadership? What is leadership?

Leadership simply means "lead". For politicians with any mettle ("ballism" is used in one earlier comment, "testicular fortitude" are the more polite and striking words used by you, though not necessarily understood by politicians!), theirs must be the job of determining the goodness of a proposition, deciding on it, then explaining to the rakyat the need for it.

Theirs should not be the job of pandering to the rakyat's wishes. Carried beyond a certain extent, saying the rakyat knows best, letting the rakyat decide on issues may even lead to anarchy. That's the kind of stuff revolutions were made of. In that kind of situation dictatorships of the masses may even emerge. Of course, this country and our rakyat are far from that situation and that level. But the point is: the rakyat has to be led.

Lead by informing them what needs to be done - the Information and Mass Media Ministry has vast resources. Lead by guiding them - not the Sukarno guided-democracy way, but by showing them the good from the not-so-good and the bad.

Enough has been said about the good of the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) Proposal. Wakil Rakyat have spoken about it in Parliament, though with varying adequacy of knowledge on the subject. Now the PM invites the rakyat to air their views in his 1Malaysia blog.

One wonders what next. What measure the PM would use in determining the wishes of the people. What yardstick he would use in doing so.

Of course, there would be multifarious comments, memos and lobby papers submitted. By all sorts of interested parties and vested interests. Precisely how to tell which and how many constitute the majority wishes remain the all-important question. There's no such thing as votes involved. Nobody can actually tell which or what are the wishes of he rakyat in that instance.

Why then not the PM choose referendum as the best and most reliable way of determining that? This single education stream is important enough for money to be spent to organise and implement a proper referendum. It's national enough an issue. It's been a problem for over 50 years. All the Education Policy reviews and Reports in the past have pointed to the need for unity.

There has been no semblance of integration and the emergence of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia in this country. All attempts at bringing about integration, a sense of belonging and a feeling of loyalty to the country have been tried; Rukun Negara, goodwill committees, civic organisations, neighbourhood groups have been in and out of existence for half a century now. Yet racial polarisation has been on the increase.

The PM should now try the referendum way. You have advocated for it and I fully support it. Let us now urge others to join us in calling upon the Government to go the referendum way. It's the fairest and most visible way of determining the wishes of the people. The results of the referendum would give the mandate - and negate any criticisms, grumblings and unjustified resentment - for the Government to implement the SSS Proposal.

We believe there is a silent majority out there supporting SSS. Opponents of course cry otherwise. And the safest thing for the Government to do is go the referendum way.


San Peng said...

@ Msleepyhead

Could you care to elaborate the in-between-the-lines insinuated meaning of these lines of yours, .....

" .. what is the incentive for the minority to abandon their 'stronger' self-identity and assimilate into the majority one apart from it is the right thing to do? and they would get housing discounts, the chance to be PM and such.."??

To me ... you bait us ... you lull us with SSS by "agreeing to it", but at the same time you "silently" infiltritate in your paramount agenda ... vis "The Chinese Supermacy" here on Tanah Melayu ... the Ketuanan Cina .... yes ... that's your agenda.

msleepyhead .... your trail that you blazed across the blogosphere ... has smoked you out.

Speak your tongue straight ... don't camouflage or forked it ... Just change "stronger" to "superior" in your above lines ... and ... then one has to only compare you here in DN with you in JMD etc etc etc

Lipan Bara said...

Yeah! We have done our part. We have voted them in. We have chosen them the the leader. Now lead. Why shove the plate back to us when it comes to SSS for eg. What are they there for. Shirking? Fantasizing? Sloganising?

Action. We want action. Lead as you menteris are meant to. Do what you are all meant to do. Act. Stop talking.

msleepyhead said...

@Anon (November 3, 2009 12:42 AM)
First, why not pick a nick for easier communication. America was brought up in reference to KM's November 1, 2009 1:44 PM comment. China's treatment of its minorities is there for the world to see. Yes, Malays are a much, much more gracious host and that is the predicament. The foreign-native species example above is a good observation in nature, where there foreign ones gobble up resources while the native has overtime established a harmonious relationship with its habitat.

I enjoy KM's writings, and as mentioned over and over, just trying to play the antagonist to KM's protagonist in his blog. I do agree with his writings, especially the 'elements within this 30% minority who instigate their brethrens to question the essence of our nationhood, and infuse irrational, untenable political posturing based on exaggerated emphasis of foreign linguistic-cultural elements to the detriment of nationbuilding and social cohesion.'

Instead of just showering salutations to KM on his excellent writeup, I chose to bring up alternative viewpoints as to why this is happening in our country (like the clash in culture, different ideas of what success is, etc.) and perhaps get a counter to that, as with the excellent Maju in the previous post, he shared great insights such as the role of Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in the 19th century.

KM said in his blogger profile that who he and where he is does not matter, for as long as the cause is right for the betterment of the country. Before someone brings up the how-amok-got-into-the-dictionary story again, would be great if you were to counter thoughts with more thoughts rather than threats of the boot.

msleepyhead said...


Agreed that nation founding is not the same as resource grabbing. Perhaps, they still see themselves wanting to go back to China or unsure what will happen to them in a new nation, so 'grab' as much as possible. But the same excuse can't be applied now, with full fledged citizenship, being at least first generation Malaysians (born, bred, schooled in this country post Merdeka), so we will see how this generation of Malaysians act in the years to come. Some if not most of the elder leaders in Dong Jiao Zong for example may not even be born here, so their conservative world-view can be expected of them.

The economic opportunity grabbing pendatangs did not govern the land, or partake in communal activities for the common good of the citizenry -– public works projects, organized armies, rule of law, bureaucracy ... the works. The “economic opportunity grabbers” were just petty cream skimmers who typically capitalize on legal, administrative and enforcement disconnects prevalent in that era.

Come on, this can't be a hundred percent true. There were droves of non-Malays in the civil service during pre- and post-Merdeka, but not so much today. There clearly is a disconnect, because in some respect, again speculative, they know the best they can become is merely race-based community leaders as per the current political standing in Malaysia. The reason why we're observing this is because the ones (non-Malays) that truly want to contribute to nation building has no clear avenue but again through this race based political system, so they merely 'speak for their people'. (I really, really hate to bring in politics into the discussion because then it will attract even more of those whose sole contribution to this forum is to decide if this commenter is anti this or that.) I think the present political system selects for that so much so that we see the likes of Wee as Deputy Education Minister 'speaking for his people' when he's supposed to be speaking for the whole country.

@Maju, welcome back.

Semerah Padi said...

Tuan KM,

Pengkhianat haram jadah, sememangnya pendatang di negara ini menyalak :-

"...... Malaysians must accept the fact that Malaysia is a "multi-national state" (a state which contains two or more ethnic groups as identified by religion, language, or colour) and not a "nation state" (the concept of one country, one race, one culture, one language and a single stream school system)...."

(petikan dari sini)

Multi-national state? Jadi Malaysia ini Malay-national state, indian national state, chinese national state to say the least? Haram jadah! Kalau begitu suruhlah PM buat perayaan-perayaan sambutan hari 31 Ogos, berapa haribulan hari Negara China dan berapa hari bulan hari Negara India. Kita lihat sejauhmana Najib nak play-safe lagi.

Anjing kurap ini sudah bengong (ataupun sememangnya pengkhianat negara) dengan "ancestral origin" dan "multi-national state". Mana ada negara lain dalam sesebuah negara dalam dunia ini? Mana ada frasa "multi-national state"? Memanglah mereka ini pengkhianat negara Malaysia kerana cuba mengiktirafkan mini China dalam negara Malaysia.

Terang-terang si pengkhianat ini menolak "nation state", yang konsepnya satu negara, satu bahasa, satu bangsa (seperti yang mereka tulis sendiri di atas) dan 1Malaysia. So, nak main play-safe lagi ke wahai Najib?

"Negara ini Negara Malaysia!"

Semerah Padi

msleepyhead said...


Somehow thought of your Pattani blog when watching it.

China's 'buying' over of nations is scary. Malaysia is mentioned in it. While we bicker over nation building and the education system, the world moves ahead.

Welcome to a new geo-politico-economic era!

Anonymous said...


Are you being used by somebody ?..

"Peng San"

Naif said...

Suddenly theres a lot of talk in the blogosphere about the need to implement a single stream school system.

Even Tun Dr.M is throwing in his support:

Things are getting interesting for sure. Kudos to Tuan KijangMas for being the first to raise this pertinent issue.

San Peng said...

Yes, Mr Anon Peng San, msleepyhead is that and more. He is also being used by something. He is part of that something. He is a determined bloodhound. One could feel the smoothness of his methods and his handlers. Yes, this msleepyhead is a very smooth trickster.

The reason he suddenly change the flow of engagement on him by saying ".... China's 'buying' over of nations is scary. Malaysia is mentioned in it. While we bicker over nation building and the education system, the world moves ahead." ... yes .. is to throw his pursuers off his target and to test whether his pursuers sence his motives ... the lame ostrich act ... such as while the Ketuanan Cina is buying over the Tuan Tanah together with his Tanah Air, these Malayus are made to bicker over lesser things etc etc. His method is to change the beat when the floor starts to dance to the tune.

Now silently this Ketuanan Cina is gloating, "You blokes go on bickering over this petty education thing, which we deliberately caused by stirring the vernacular smoke screen; while we the Ketuanan Cina take over your Tanah Air like taking the candy off of a baby's hand. Let them discuss themselves silly so as to free our hands with our timetables unhindered."

He is glorifying China and everything Chinese while at the same time insignificanizing Tanah Melayu and everything Melayu, and he is good, no slick, at lining his words with sweet-honey to look seemingly in agreement with the bickering crowds.

Yes, msleepyhead we enjoy smoking out smoked red herrings.

msleepyhead said...

@Peng San,

Aren't we all being used by someOne, the One, Him,...but I'm not the only one, He works in mysterious ways through many others.

@San Peng,
Almost thought you guys were one and the same schizo. Thanks for the devoted posting especially dedicated to smoking out red herrings. Whateverlah, you know. I drop by here and other places like JMD, SatD's, etc. because I truly believe there's substance in the writings, not the usual emotional, poo-stirring stuff elsewhere. The fact that I use a consistent handle everywhere speaks for itself.

And I thought it was Nusantaran to speak with grace, turns out that that can be turned against you and be seen as sugar coating or menanam tebu di bibir. Again whateverlah, we all know who we are. Some people are interested in issues, some with personality. Let's all take a chill pill and cut back on the paranoia. Relakslah, brader!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi KM, tumpang lalu, bosz,

San Peng, u know what’s the problem with society nowadays? There’s too much animosity, suspicions, paranoia, mistrust, etc. People tend to forget about the good old honest to goodness approach, to unconditional friendliness.

I had always approach life with an open mind, with common courtesy & be polite to strangers and yet I can sense that they are apprehensive in the back of their mind that ‘hey what’s this bastard up too? Is he going to con me, pick my pocket, sell me life insurance, etc..That’s fine, be alert but not to be alarm lah. You must always give the benefit of the doubts to others until he shows his true colour. See lah how KM & I get along so well, tho at the back of his mind he still think I intend to ‘koa sua’ his girlfriend and free load at his Santa Monica crib…heheh. So as long as I’d yet to do that, he’s still very buddy2 with me lah. You see the point here? Innocent until proven guilty – nothing new what.

Anyway, my main point is not to be overly consumed by angst, prejudice, tots of hidden agenda. Approach discussion, meetings, negotiations whatever with and open mind & remain focus on your objective. Learn to compromise, give & take and you will come to an amicable solution to any problem. Think; ‘Do you come here with a solution or are you part of the problem?’ Mind you msleepyhead is up til now still on your side, why u want to push her over for?

Enuff said, hey KM, do u think I’ve got a mid life crisis? A lot of makciks thinks I do :((



P/S – Life is meant to be beautiful & short; so don’t waste it with all the negative. Don't remain a miserable sod!

Anonymous said...

This Dong Zong racist loonies must be confronted and exposed for what they are.

All true Anak Bangsa Malaysia MUST rise against them. Write your thoughts to the media like this.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia Unite Against the RACIST Dong Zong!

KlingChink Buster

San Peng said...

@ msleepyhead and Tommy Yewfigure;

Same food different taste is the failings of tastebuds in the tongue?

Or is it because of the different mouth-wash used?

Anonymous said...


Long time we have not crossed paths - we never crossed swords, did we?

I always like it when I see you commenting. You are the sobering influence on everybody, though not when you repeatedly P.S 1-2 friends!

I wish there are more people like you around, not looking at things from a narrow perspective like the the Dong Zong people. Hope I've read you correctly here - at least that's the impression I have of you, my friend. You have traveled places and usually that kind have a wide perspective of things. Including the casinos and those who raise their apparel to show their Achilles heel at the Black Jack table!

I agree with most of the things you say but if you go to meetings with an open mind, the Japanese would have swiped out your plans and your company reserves flat out, my friend.

Dong Zong doesn't appear to have an open mind and dealing with them with an open mind would end up with many nations in a state in Malaysia! Whatever that means! It'd be nice to get everything we want or to live in Utopia but the sad fact is that it never exists. People need to be told, persuaded, told again and ...

Sometimes I see the points msleepyhead tries to put out but perhaps her manner and timing of saying them open herself to be pounced upon. For example, on "China's buying over of nations", she could have stated her stand clearly on that, so that readers could see whether she herself does not subscribe to that idea. The way she said it led people to shoot the messenger, even if her intention was just relaying the message.

The same whenever she provides links to articles that are not mainstream, at least to the mind of the Demi Negara community. Just providing the links without stating categorically where she stands on those issues would lend her into being lumped as belonging to or supporting those groups.

Cheers mate. Just trying to do the same as you did - sobering up situations, though I have myself been "speaking under the influence" on a few occasions! Promise I won't place my bets on the Roulette table while "under the influence" though I will confess having driven around Las Vegas while under the influence (once told by the traffic cop that he could put me behind bars - don't ask me how I got out of that one!).


Samadian '81 said...

Haiya, I posted a nice note on that Apek Tua Bernard "Zollo" Khoo's blog but the old chicken shit didn't approve lah.

Where got fleedom of explession with these Chin Peng sympathisers.

Only syiok sendili lah this Communist felon.

San Peng said...

Who or what one has to believe to when she (msleepyhead) or her buddy claim that she is on a particular side singing the Negara Ku, but she is humming a tune foreign to the National Anthem? To believe her tune or her claim?

When this happens, how laaa?

San Peng said...

When msleepyhead's buddy claim that she's on one's particular side singing the Negara Ku, one also discern that she is actually heard humming a tune foreign to The National Anthem claiming that is the National Anthem, how laaaa to watershed ones conviction of her leaning? Same end or the opposite end of the pole? The way she curry or goreng her words makes mouths waters.

Pala Otak Hang said...

Aku pun dah lama perasan si KepalaMengantuk tu cakap berbelit-belit, jarum dia bukan main halus. Bila dah kena corner, dia kata orang lain yang tak paham bahasa padahal dia tu yang tak tau berbahasa. Orang macam tu, INI je obatnya!

Lipan Bara said...


You said, "... Aren't we all being used by someOne, the One, Him..."

Terbalik hang ni. He never uses anything for any need. He just gives everyone the freedom to chose either to obey or disobey Him. By claiming that you have misused Him. Don't you know Him?

All over the world either people "under-utilise" Him or misused Him. Almost all never give Him the best, some not at all, some just one pisang or two oranges thrown under some palm or tree, some just use Him as a front for his party claiming to be the most godfearing species under the sun

msleepyhead said...

Thanks for sticking your neck out on that one. Want to engage in frank debate also kena suspect as China sympathizer. Just thought it's good to know what is in the other side's head if we want to bring them over to our side.

Thanks for the advice. Will state my stand clearly on matters from now on.

@San Peng,
Is candour dead? Can't we debate over the issues impartially. Even if I were guilty in San Peng's court of law, you should point out the flaws in my argument. What kind of propaganda is there to spread? It is the paranoia on both sides which are causing disunity at the moment.

@Lipan Bara,
Agreed. I shouldn't have involved Him for any justification whatsoever.

msleepyhead said...

Going to give my take on Dong Zong.

Firstly, their trying to preserve status quo (according to Google's translation of their statement). They could have kept quiet, since PM said nothing will change unless the people wanted too, so it can only mean that they are stating their stand loud and clear.

Can you blame them? They've been around for years trying to 'protect' their way of doing things. Their organization is huge from bottom up. Many, if not all, of the old schools were established from their own pockets. With money, blood and sweat invested, it's no wonder there is a strong sense of attachment. To nationalize these schools will mean 1) DZ will be moot. 2) the directors/leaders/chairmen/etc will now have no role to play. 3) in this country where racial identification still plays a major role, there is no one 'to speak' for the Chinese community in terms of education. (This is far fetched but it's a little bit like asking for any of the raced based political parties to open up their membership to all Malaysians)

I guess the wise Prof Khoo is 'regarded' as the 'pengkhianat bangsa' as KM so often mentioned, only in this context it is the Chinese Malaysian bangsa. My guess is, Prof Khoo is speaking from the Malaysian standpoint, he doesn't identify himself with the Chinese community or Malay, as obviously he is not. He is one of those who has already crossed over so to speak. As commented in JMD some time ago, there are those of us who are in a limbo because we are neither here nor there. Now, someone like Prof Khoo has to choose, whether he wants to be Malaysian first or Chinese Malaysian, and he chose the former, putting the nation above cultural identity but still the system identifies him as a Chinese because of the current status quo.

So now, when people say that DZ should join the one school system because Prof Khoo also said so, are they giving weight to his words because he is a Chinese himself and therefore somehow calling out to his community? Because that would be an irony.

It's not really the PM has no guts to implement a one school system, DZ has stated their stand, if it were done, it's only probably by force ala the Constitution and that will likely lead to protests and further destabilization of the country. Unless we allow them an escape route, go private or something.

Will be great to hear your thoughts for a change.

Tommy Yewfigure said...


Glad u like my ‘drunken kung-Fu’ comment. No, we don’t need to cross sword, after all I’m from the make love not war, Peace era. And TQ for taking the time & effort to write me a response, I’m indeed humbled especially coming from one of your stature. I’m happy so long as u r happy.

Japanese, American, Chinese, Indian, Arabs, Russians make no different in any meetings or negotiations, if you don’t like their conditions and if they behave like pricks, just stand up & walk off with your head held high & your dignity intact, of course lah by way of simple courtesy protocol ‘Thanks but no thanks’, habis cerita. You must know when to hold them, when to fold them. I rather have a ‘happy meal’ at McDonald then a ‘doggie meal’ at the Ritz Carlton. Sound a bit of a humble sort of arrogance (oxymoron) huh..heheh.

San Peng, do I look like I care or lose sleep over what u think of me? Will it affect my livelihood or lifestyle? Smart arse remark like yours normally goes into the shredding machine. You know why every government got ‘Classified Secrecy Act’, u know the one u see in spy movies stamped ‘Top Secret’, ‘For your Eyes Only’, it’s because foot soldier like u would not be matured enough to handle the truth. And note how I address this message to u as an individual and on this particular current issue and not on other members of your family, race or religion or what u did last summer? This is called ‘class’ if u know what I mean, or at least that’s how I look at it. U agree or disagree is up to u.

I supposed u get some sort of a sexual gratification by taking a poke at me or msleepyhead but I do hope u don’t think about me when u ‘ta fei kei’, that’ll be a real worry!

Sorry KM, I hate myself when I behave & carry on like your mate ‘HK Bus unker’, sometimes u can’t help shooting down tall poppies. I meant to San Peng lah not u Dot.(I would want to get on your wrong side).

Have a good weekend all & go spend some quality time with your families.


P/S – I had learnt from a very young age that if u treat people with respect, be nice & polite; u’ll be duly rewarded. Childhood school friends always asked me why the Pakcik always give me an extra goreng pisang & not to them. I said it’s becoz I’m a ‘Leng Chai’ what….heheh.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Sorry Dot, that shud be;

"I WOULDN'T want to get on your wrong side."

Yeh, I don't want to mess with the DotMan's silat!

KijangMas said...

People, I just have to share this gem from my bud Naif in my FB page: "im going to make a wild guess and say "tommy yewfigure" is actually a fictional character made up by none other than u lol."

Hmmm ... interesting. Any thoughts?

KijangMas said...

NJ said:-
"Saya berharap agar Pak Menteri Anifah Aman berjaya membantu BOC ini untuk mendapatkan taraf kerakyatan British ... BOC benci Malaysia dan nak jadi rakyat British. Kalau mereka berjaya, kurang la sikit bilangannya orang-orang yang kononnya bergelar rakyat Malaysia (hanya pada gelaran), tetapi, hati perutnya langsung tiada ciri-ciri orang Malaysia."

Sdr NJ yang budiman. Kerajaan harus buat suatu pakej "exit" buat makhluk-makhkuk sebegini. Carilah negara-negara lain yang sanggup menerima mereka. Kita namakan nya program Malaysia No More My Home.


Semerah Padi said"-
"At least these BOC have the guts to leave Malaysia. What about others, the pseudo-Malaysians who are still roaming around this Tanah Melayu stirring unrest among MALAYSIANS? Embrace Malaysia or GET LOST!"

Agreed. At least these tongkang-load of alienised souls actually walked-the-talk and hauled their unwashed butts out of our Tanah Air with zero chance of returning as a rakyat. BUT not the others, the social pests that induce stress and inflict pain and instill confusion in the daily affairs of our nation. These are the ones that need to git the BOC way.


Barubhasa Al-Jawiyun said:-
"Who is there to blame but themselves? They behave like "PENDATANGS", they be-fit "PENDATANGS". Their elder generation had long left India and China, and these "lost" indians and chinese are using the "birth place" ticket in their noisy-but-hollow-tin-can claim of being Malaysian. They ignore the fact Malaysians can see right through their skin that their heart and soul remained firmly stuck to India and China."

Yes, this is actually a self-inflicted social malady that leads to the self-fulfilling prophecy of being scorned and viewed as nothing more than local-born "foreign nationals." Really, what do these people expect? How else should the natives and naturalised Anak Bangsa Malaysia view and treat them?


Omong said:-
"In Malaysia, the government are not duty-bound to allocate funds for the vernacular schools (VS) ... The SSS campaign is a noble initiative as it is basically an INCLUSIVE concept. The other OPTION is to quietly channel funds into SK by getting great teachers and a dynamic curriculum plus a reliable assessment method ..."

Yes, the other option is to just ignore these non-integrated residuals of our society.

We have given them 52 years. Over a half-century to rise from their wretched alien existence and become patriotic productive rakyat Malaysia who will die for their Tanah Air and contribute to nationbuilding.

But after 52 years, what have become of most of these people? Are they more Malaysian now? Amenable to partake in a meaningful discourse in Bahasa Melayu? Able to appreciate the subtle nuances of the country's Nusantaran cultural essence? Haiyah, forget all those stratospheric wishlist. Let me ask: After 52 years, are these people able to sit next to a real Malaysian without cringing on the verge of defecating like a lost hooker in a monastery?

The answer to all these is No. None of the above. The gap has never been wider, indeed irreconcilable.

So yes, perhaps its time to just ignore these ungrateful beings and focus on enhancing the human capital potential of the silent majority. Let these aliens scrimp and scavenge on society's fringes and in their little enclaves while we forge ahead with the able and the willing.

Anonymous said...

Dong Zong has to realise and accept the fact that vernacular schools, by their largely non-multiracial composition, are not conducive to fostering a sense of togetherness and the feeling of belonging to society that is so necessary for bringing about unity in this country.

Now, don't give me the crap about NEP being the cause of disunity because that line of argument completely ignores the Special Position of the Malays and reflects utter ingratitude for the citizenship right of the non-Malays.

That the vernacular schools have been around since Merdeka must also not be used as an excuse because it shows ignorance or stubbornness in the face of increasing polarisation among the communities in recent times, partly because of their existence.

Aren't the Dong Zong people products of such schools? If so, how else can you describe the refusal to conform to mainstream thoughts, ideas and policies? And what the hell are they talking about by saying "multi-national state" or whatever? A state within a state? Or many states within each of the already many states in the country? A mixed vegetable soup country? Where on earth has a "multi-nation state" existed?

The Dong Zong people should visit Papua New Guinea where the Chinese are being resented even for doing small businesses like sundry shops in a country that has been independent for over 30 years. Then they should realise how lucky they have been all this while in this country and perhaps become more amenable to integration efforts aimed at bringing about unity in this country. And nobody talks about assimilation all this while in Malaysia. The Dong Zong people should therefore be grateful, become reasonable and not extremely selfish.

By the same token, the fact that they have invested hard-earned money to put up the vernacular schools must not be used as a reason to go on their cocooned existence endlessly. If that reasoning is allowed, many others can do all sorts of unwelcome activities and the country will go to the dogs.

It is very shallow and not rational thinking if, faced with the need to integrate, the Dong Zong people resist nationalisation of schools because of wanting to retain their directorship and chairmenship of school committees. It is selfishness of a very high order. It must be a tendency emanating from the very school system that they have been products of. It is clearly not a good system because the country wants magnanimity from its citizenry for the sake of much-needed national unity and social cohesion now.

Your premise is utterly lopsided if, under the singular system, you talk about speaking for the Chinese community in terms of education. It presumes that the national system must cater more to one community than to others. It also reflects an unwillingness to accept the aim of producing a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia with one set of common values imparted and developed
in one system of schools. If that is the case, then it is a no-no. If not, the Dong Zong people can even be represented on the boards of national schools, on the Parent-Teachers Associations and other committees to speak for the interest of all communities, not just a particular one.

Of course, as the SSS people have said, the teachers and all the salaried personnel of the vernacular schools can be absorbed into the national schools system and do not have to fear any loss of job or income.


Anonymous said...

Hey KijangMas

I personally think that you are not Tommy Yew.

He said, "I had learnt from a very young age that if u treat people with respect, be nice & polite; u’ll be duly rewarded."

This is the opposite of what had been the premise of debates in DN.

The Malays treat people with respect but they are not duly rewarded; worse they are penalised.

So I'm gonna conclude that you are two different people.

When he replied to the others in support of msleepyhead, I also 'sense' his pain.

Unknown said...

Forgot to post comment with nic for Anon@November 7, 2009 7:59 AM

my apologies ...

Anonymous said...

Kijangmas, what do you think of this Bernard Khoo fellow? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Anon November 7, 2009 7:59 AM

...When he replied to the others in support of msleepyhead, I also 'sense' his pain.

This pain can easily be remedied..

Go out, contribute something however little, for the betterment of this Nation, charity, community, voluntary involvements, orphanage, old folks home or hospitals, then this pain will definitely heal by itself..

Jangan asyik ingat segalanya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri saja.. ini satu penyakit yang tidak dapat diubati selamanya..

Cheers to Unker Yew and msleepyhead, why wait.. try this week, I guarantee you will be a better person by next week.


satD said...

hey omong .....without d second comment pun gua boleh budget lu punya trademark intro "hey KijangMas!"...

unker ape cita got new picture ic..nice one....

msleepyhead said...

Your absolutely right. And also as the others have commented, if it weren't for the 'hospitality' of the Malays, these guys wouldn't be free to capitalize on the unexplored economic potentials in Malaya. It's not only in Papua New Guinea or Malaysia, but just as much throughout the commonwealth, they start with their sundry shops and before you know it, they become 'Sugar Kings'. An interesting phenomenon in itself, and just as much as how it is painstakingly, meticulously built, sen by sen. Plenty of rags to riches story to go around, not instant millionaires through proxies by Uncle G's AAP.

Not going to give any more justifications/excuses as there are plenty of thoughts already about DZ in the blogosphere. Just want to add, that according to this,

we can see their intraweb, they are interlinked, and taking down DZ, would be something akin to tearing out a limb of a bigger entity. It would not be far off to think that most of them are also members of MCA (btw, maybe that's why people keep referring to themselves as Malaysian Chinese and not the other way around, because of the MC).

So there you go, taking on DZ, will see us taking on HZ, JZ, ACCCIM who are all behind the scene, not forgetting MCA. From my limited readings, they do appear to be operating on a whole different track than MOE's. Pardon my earlier naivety, they seem autonomous, no wonder they're trying hard to preserve themselves.

It all really comes back to the Malays as mentioned before, you've got the numbers, and along with the other natives in East Malaysia, you will form an even bigger coalition to overcome this very organized minority. Start with that, and we might go somewhere. And to make it better, be generous enough to take care of the non-Malays that have gone through the national school system, do not make them dislike their national school experience that they revert to sending their children to vernacular schools. satD has already written in detail in his blog that their system is unconstitutional.

My take is, the people who actually care here, Malay or otherwise, who are pressing for the SSS and national unity are in the minority. I may be wrong, but for the general Malay, as long as the status quo remains, they are favoured or 'taken care of' through the provisions in the constitution, policies, 'career-friendly' environment in the civil service, scholarships, housing discounts, etc.. they couldn't care less nor even know of the existence of DZ.

Cheers everyone, let us continue doing what we can.

@ngnglee, Thanks!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Bosz, unker feel so ‘chi kek’ lah, reading some of this stuff here, feel like I’m wasting my time. ‘Si beh thao theah’, ‘lum pah pah lan’ tu-lan sort of feeling, u know.

N.B. Naif, I’m Clark Kent & KM is superman coz he loves to wear his underwear inside-out, hahahaha!

Hey Anon November 7, 2009 7:59a.m (San Peng??), no lah I don’t feel any pain for msleepyhead, I was only trying to get into her pants lah! heheh. And that’s the kind of response u usually get when u pass a silly smart arse comment like u did earlier. Do u realised that; that naïve innocent remark of yours had defeated the whole SSS concept & our buddy NJ’s motto of 1Bangsa, 1Negara, 1Bahasa message?

How do u expect the others to buy your idea if u yourself is not ready/ mature enough for it yet?

Do u know why most government & major organisations have to spent millions to engage or appoint official P.R consultants to be their public spokesperson? Now u had given Vinnie the dppookey & EWOyore the donkey a field day, LOL all the way to their bank, so to speak. Sigh, It’ll be a very sad day for this world we live in if every individual only feel the pain of his/her own kind.

Hello Tongkang, how’s your amah? Hey Tommy had been giving to lots of charitable organisation oreadi what, Red Cross, Red Crescent, World Vision, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Good Samiritan & many more that I care to remember. Nothing big to brag about lah, only small nominal amount that I can afford. But however there’s a bit of selfish rationale there on my part too in doing so coz I believe in kama and that ‘lady luck’ will be forever with me in my other ‘activities’& general lifestyle. I don’t think that’s a bad reason what; a win-win situation for all concerned. Do u still think I’m not doing it for the right reason?

Salam satD, apa macam? Lu jangan kasi gua itu 3 macam response ok? Hey u know what, sometimes I get less stress & more soul satisfaction from hanging around with the makcik bloggers than with some shallow / small minded pricks here. What say u, bro? That nic picture is specially meant for Nostradamus…hahaha.


KijangMas said...

Aku said:-
"I'm sick and tired of these narrow-minded, half-baked pseudo-intellectuals, claiming to know history and their constitutional rights, putting out half-truths dug out from ever-changing Wikipedia ... or concocted by their own deluded and self-serving minds, twisting facts to serve their own ... even subversive purposes ... Not much we can do about them except shout at the top of our voices when they appear here. And shout we must ... We must not let them get away with saying whatever they like without being told who and what they are. If they are pendatang, as indeed they are, we will shout aloud that they are so. If they are rude, insulting and twisting the facts of history, we tell them in no uncertain terms ..."

Aku, the Malays are still new to this game of kurang ajar-ness and mind-numbing all-encompassing crudity as manifested by the pendatangs.

Basic decency and good manners are our hallmarks, and our society has not yet reached a level where we applaud and hero-worship senile old farts who spew childish profanities (in this case at Malays and Islam, shrouded as "UMNO" of course). Obviously, a trip up Bukit Aman has not deterred this old SOB, who seemed determined to be a martyr of the alienised subversives.


MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73 said:-
“During the dialogue, the panel members spoke in Malay, whilst all the rseidents who raised questions, issues and comments from Chinese residence spoke in English. None of the Chinese residence speoke in Bahasa Malaysia ... One of the residence, an Ah Pek spoke in English, brought up the issue insinuating that MBSA only do fogging once in a blue moon ... MBSA representative explained in Malay that MBSA "hanya kan melakukan fogging bila ada kes demam denggi di kawasan tersebut. MBSA tidak akan buat fogging kerap kali kerana di khuatiri nyamok akan menjadi kebal akibat dari fogging yang kerap kali" ... I do not know weather its bebal or not understanding, the next few Ah Peks voice up the same issue why MBSA did not do more frequent fogging....Its time like this, I hope that these Ah Peks be exported back to Mainland China or go to be the subject of Her Majesty the Queen.”

This lost in translation phenomenon happens all the time. The anti-Malays’ determined stand to downplay and vilify the national language made them language retards. This causes confusion and misunderstanding between these people and the social mainstream, and this state of confusion makes them resentful of the system, the larger society, indeed, the country. See the cycle of pain inflicted by these people on themselves? Oh, of course, as usual they would blame it on the Malays. The reasoning? Where got reasoning or logic with this bunch? Whatever comes out of their rear ends would be accepted as “facts” in their self-destructive orgy of hate and social destruction.


Kama said:-
"Good Lord, KM, your rebuttals leave me breathless..!"

Thanks for visiting Kak Puteri. It would be more fun if the subversive dissenters have the courage to show their faces here and partake in a cyberslugfest with our Knights. But no, these cowards chicken out and are now reduced to hantaming KM/DN in obscure, purpose-built cesspools.

One thing I hate are cowards and pengecuts. These pimple-faced SJKC and SJKT softies just couldn't stomach the thought of being pummelled to curried slime here or on the streets.

KijangMas said...

Tommy Yewfigure said:-
“Blardy LA airport gave the same ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ treatment to my main man David Beckham, 4 days ago.How u explain that lah. U got any problem there lately or not?”

Not really. It boils down to strategy maah. For instance don’t get in the same line as arrivals from poor Third World countries, the types who everyone know will never leave the U.S. once they got in. Also, go seek immigration officers who are not a pendatang him/herself. These types – mostly Filipino Americans – are most liable to give trouble at the counter as they themselves were on the same boat at one time and know all the tricks of the Pendatang trade. Then, of course, blend in. Immigration counters are not the place to “go native” and exhibit attire and traits alien to the host country.

Personally, I’ve not really encountered any immigration nightmare in the U.S. But I have my share of horror stories elsewhere. I once “sneaked” into Laos for lunch across the Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River from Nong Khai, Thailand at the invitation of a high ranking Laotian official. Didn’t get my passport stamped as our convoy whizzed past that Communist country’s custom’s checkpoint. A few tom yam kung too many later, made my way back to the Thai side only to face a ten-foot steel gate with Thai army M-16s trained from fortified pillboxes. Closed! Didn’t bother to return the next day and ended up being an illegal alien in Vientiane for a few days to enjoy the fascinating sights and sounds of that hermit nation. The resemblance to Kelantan is uncanny – the food, the people, the culture, except that they are Buddhists.

Unker yew added:-
"My friend’s son is having a whale of a time at Malibu’s Pepperdine University but I heard LA is going bankrupt, true or not?"

Whoaa. Pepperdine? That’s my neck of the woods lah Unker, my old happy hunting ground for the polka dot bikini kind. Why your friend spoil the kid by sending him to this expensive Vacation U on a MaPa scholarship? Tell your friend, KM said his young punk should first go to an el cheapo state U in the Dakota Badlands or the Mississippi swamp, and then come to the West Coast and pay his own way in graduate school. Barulah appreciate the SoCal scene.

As for LA going bankrupt, well, it’s now the era of belt tightening after a decade of excesses, where my friend’s three-room ramshackle cottage on a postage stamp size lot in Redondo Beach was sold for almost a million dollars, and where every LA property owner was technically a millionaire (in home equity) and proceeded to take out home equity loans to finance spending sprees on cars, trucks, superbikes, giant TVs, new lovers, vacations, ten-speed dildoes, ... the works. When the market collapsed a couple of years ago, these people got in serious trouble, with their assets “underwater” and their jobs dissipating in thin air.

It was and still is foreclosures galore. And along came KM in his Hummer II with wads of dinero to scoop up these distressed assets at 30 cents to the dollar, rehab them and push it to cash-rich Asian immigrants at 300% markup ... but that’s another story.

More Yew:-
"Do u know in his younger days, KM fav party move is to put his other palm under his armpit & make all those disgusting farting sound effects by pumping it :).”


And now imagine doing that on roller blades and smokin’ a cigar with a stoned topless 18-year old in polka dot bikini on your back at the same time?


Mek Setiu said:-
“Whooaaa, what's with all these kinky 18SX stuff?”

Little bit o.k. lah Mek. One cannot exist on hantaming the subversive pendatangs only lah. I mean, how many times can one whack the likes of Zollo de Cheenah Bootah and the Teapot Keralan with a Malay name? One tracked mind is bad for health. Anyway, subversive-whacking is tiring business. Some cyber R&R is recommended.

Anonymous said...


I want to assure you that the Malays are mostly kind and good natured people, but expect that they not be taken for granted or exploited by others.

We need to live peacefully and happily in this country but, as already said by so many people so many times, all communities must acknowledge the Social Contract, respect and live by the Constitution. Once these happen, this country is a better place for all of us.

We know that the Chinese work hard, save, and many succeed in business and wealth acquisition. The Chinese knew such things as weights and measures, and numerous other aspects of trade and business long before the Malays did. Any help the Chinese can give the Malays in achieving business success is welcomed. But it's completely unacceptable to them if Chinese and others try to question, make fun or snide remarks about the New Economic Policy, which came from the Special Position of the Malays. Doing those may lead the Malays to question the quid pro quo - the citizenship right of the non-Malays, and we must avoid those in whatever way we can even as individuals.

Now, in wanting to understand the Chinese in this country and the Dong Zong people clinging to SRJKCs, may I, in good faith, put the following questions to you (and if you dunno the answers mebbe you can ask around for me):

1. What is the nature of the clan associations of the Chinese, the range of members, do the big towkays help the smaller businesses

2. Are all clan members ipso facto members of the associations, how much do they contribute to the SRKCs, are they per standard rates or according to financial ability

3. Are the SRJKCs run on clan lines, each SRJKC financed by the clan concerned

4. These may be sensitive ones but I'm asking in good faith: Are the clan associations and/ or SRJKCs connected to any of the secret societies and gangs. Are those secret societies and gangs run along clan lines.

I understand that in China they did, in early Malaya they did - e.g the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans in Perak, Selangor, etc. Even the DAP Exco in Selangor is alleged to be linked with the Underworld by their own colloeagues - one PKR State Assemblyman and one PKR MP.

I hope to have a better understanding of the situation. But I must caution you that to me, there does not appear to be any valid reason for the SRJKs not to be merged with the national schools.


satD said...

Unker .....gue OK OK aja dong...

Superman is the ultimate gay symbol ma..tights n underwear kat luar and all......awww sesuatu la you ni Unker.. i'm pretty sure bro KijangMas does not fall into that category...

Unker....whats going on...what happened to my old "gatal" kita punya fan-club proposal bungkus ka?

this makcik2 biz u operating me oso suspect already.....too many tell-tale signs of something lurking in the closet...

whoever u r...gimme back my Unker

msleepyhead said...

KM said:
"Aku, the Malays are still new to this game of kurang ajar-ness and mind-numbing all-encompassing crudity as manifested by the pendatangs."

And apparently they are catching up.

The youth needs direction, aspirations, people they can look up to. Space tourist? Puh-leaze. Asmawi? Siti Nurhaliza? Tun Mahathir? Who are current role models in this Tanah Air apart from celebrities and politicians from both sides. Anyone?

satD said...


Malays being Muslim must look at d prophet n d caliphs as their role models. Anyone else comes second

the value system must be realigned n d moral compass must be adjusted to reflect the core values. Malay n Islam cannot b treated as 2 different entities especially for Malaysian Malays

msleepyhead said...

Ya, we got to ask those type of questions and be brutally honest about it. Unfortunately, I'm not in their loop nor do I get their memos. I only knew they were huge and united from the Star report and other mainstream sources. I'm sure someone somewhere did a study on this and it may be in the archives of some university's library. Any Chinese/vernacular educational experts out there?

I am just as perplexed as you are about the whole thing. Looking at it now, they've been allowed to go off track by the ruling government for so long that I don't think there can be a 'soft landing' or gradual nationalization type of approach. As said, they're pretty autonomous with the backings of economic and political body(ies). I believe they can afford to go private if forced to, and may chose to do so based on their current stand. Missionary schools were different because of their altruistic aim from the start.

I guess a clear issue is basically the paranoia amongst them, can the government be truly fair, because being a Malay government, it has through the NEP, MRSM, Mara etc, exclusively taken care of the Malays first, and then the others later. I understand what you mean by the Social Contract, AAP, etc. and it's already in the constitution and there's no need to question it, but people generally don't get that. We here may discuss maturely about it, but out there it's a different thing altogether. People see and hear for themselves, whether true or not, the things that take place.

Will try to find out more on your questions? They are soalan2 cepu emas indeed.

There is no doubt about the Muslim Malays (or is it Malay Muslims), their identity, compass and guiding lights. My observation has been that the cultural background is just as important because the Asian/Nusantaran legacies have taken root for so many years, that we know many who can't get along with Pak Arabs (as they are fondly referred to here) despite they being of the same religion. Religion is universal, but the nuances in the practice of each community matters.

Anonymous said...


A short note -

Do read Kempen SSS (just google those words and the blog would appear) latest post - they are calling for a referendum and how the Government should go about doing it. There should be a soft landing via the referendum way.

By the way, KijangMas has written a long article about referendum in one of his earlier posts in Demi Negara - if I remember correctly. Just go to his archive and see if it is there. I know he won't allow anyone to hijack any of his articles. He would allow people to hijack his ideas for good purposes - that I'm sure he won't mind!


satD said...


you asked who? I provided who it should be....

Now you bring in cultural value system in defining role model...

Before we can go in-depth into what should constitute a role model the comprehensive value system must be reevaluated i.e. what is the current value system is it feudalistic in nature?

How different is the value system prior to Islam arriving into our shores?

Did the Malays embedded all the core Islamic Values into their value system and what happens when cultural Vs Islamic core values are at odds with one it biar mati anak jangan mati adat kinda thing sampai gua sanggup jadi kafir?

What happens if one is to take out all the core Islamic Values from the Malay value system....what is left?

Personally I have more questions on the matter and my current readings are only at the surface level of this complex evolving subject..

Phonont said...

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msleepyhead said...


A quick reply from Coltz at the comments section of (


I assume that the "clans" you are talking about refers to the "hometown associations" found in major Malaysian cities, divided largely along dialect and geographic lines (there are no other significant "clan-like" organizations other than your everyday trade guilds, by the way). Then these questions can be answered as such:

1. The clan associations used to be very significant, but are rapidly declining in importance in the recent decades. Today, membership has been mostly declining, and the financial aspects are mostly limited to scholarship for children of low-income members and cultural/festive associations.

2. No. And nothing clan-related. Hometown associations may help in organizing fundraising efforts of local schools, but the majority of school funds are either collected from students' parents as operational supplements on a flat rate, or raised directly abd voluntarily from local communities. DongJiaZong coordinates the testing and curricular standards of schools nationwide and sometimes coordinate fundraising efforts, but is large incapable of doling out funds itself.

3. No.

4. No. And it would be hard to imagine the seniors killing time with mahjong in the association buildings will be involved in any serious gangs, anyway.


Some researched info on clans from the Chinese Muslim Malaysian perspective ( I've posted this before and it also covers how in the early days there was assimilation but somehow those in the later generation reverted. Although KM speaks fondly of the Nusantara culture, like all cultures it is evolving by the day with the various influences the people are exposed too. One clearly dominant one is Arabic culture due to Islam.

Keep track here too: for other comments.

Thanks for the SSS update, truly a referendum will clear the issue.

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